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GaBi lite GaBi lite. The easy way to LCA.

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g ab i l i t e – t h e e a sy way to lc a

g ab i l i t e – l i t t l e e f f o r t, b i g p o t e n t i a l

g ab i l i t e – v e r s i o n s / d ata b a s e s

The importance of Life Cycle Assessment in product development is intensifying. An increasing sensitivity for environmental questions and economic efficiency is setting high demands. Meeting these requires expert LCA competence.

The combination of long term experience in LCA and software development sets the foundation of this streamlined tool, which combines a user friendly interface and high-quality, time-tested LCA methodologies.

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This makes GaBi lite an ideal tool for educational purposes, both in academia and industry.

All versions are founded upon the extensive, internationally recognized GaBi 4 databases.

Naturally a transfer to the standard expert LCA software, GaBi 4 is possible at any time.

Standard environmental impact categories and evaluation methods included.

Or GaBi lite – the software that makes your first eco-balancing easier. GaBi lite offers a simple way to calculate life cycle results. Following pre-defined paths, it is application-oriented, clearly laid out and therefore ideal for beginners, enabling anyone to complete a first LCA in a short time.

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Talk to us about your Life Cycle Assessment and experience the power of GaBi lite for yourself. Send an e-mail to:

GaBi lite’s unique characteristics and reduced functions mean you can’t go wrong. More complex analyses can subsequently be explored using GaBi 4. GaBi lite supports multiple LCA’s. • Analysis of a process • Analysis of a product • Comparative analysis of products or processes

g ab i l i t e – step by step The GaBi lite assistant guides you every step of the way to your results – specialised knowledge of complex LCA modelling is not necessary.

Product analysis

Identify the product’s component parts

Specify properties of parts: • material • transportation • manufacture • end-of-life

Specify relevant inputs and outputs during use phase

Choose how results should be displayed

The balance is finished and ready for exporting, for example, into MS Word.

GaBi lite is a product of:

Sustainability, from consulting to software. Sustainability awareness is the road to long-term corporate operation and a vibrant environment. PE INTERNATIONAL has been steadily guiding companies all over the world along this road since 1989. Today, PE INTERNATIONAL is the international market leader in strategic consultancy, software solutions and extensive services in the field of sustainability. Serving market leaders around the world, PE has offices in Stuttgart, Vienna, Copenhagen, Manchester, Tokyo, Taipei, Perth, Boston and Kuala Lumpur. PE INTERNATIONAL provides conscientious companies with cutting-edge tools, in-depth knowledge and an unparalleled spectrum of experience in making both corporate operations and products more sustainable. Applied methods include implementing management systems, developing sustainability indicators, life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprint, design for environment and environmental product declarations, technology benchmarking, or eco-efficiency analysis and emissions management. Moreover, PE INTERNATIONAL offers two leading software solutions, with the GaBi software for product sustainability and the SoFi software for corporate sustainability. Over 500 companies and institutes worldwide put their trust in PE INTERNATIONAL’s consultancy and software, including market and branch leaders such as Alcan, Allianz, Bayer, Daimler, Deutsche Post/DHL, Rockwool, Siemens, Toyota, ThyssenKrupp and Volkswagen.

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