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Group Decision Making

Four Functions of Effective Decision Making 1) 2) 3) 4)

Analysis of the Problem Goal Setting Identification of Alternatives Evaluation of Positive and Negative Characteristics

My Experience With Group Decision Making OBSERVATIONS • • •

Staff Sr. Staff Meetings Board of Directors/Executive Committee/Committee

1) Organization policies and direction 2) Finance 3) Marketing and Communication Strategies 4) Layoffs 5) Vacation Time Accrual 6) What color the company logo should be 7) Do we need to provide bottled water at committee meetings 8) Should the event invitations be emailed or snail mail 9) Should there be cake for everyone’s birthday

The Key!

• Communication is best when it does not distort the free flow of ideas. • The failure to recognize a potential threat when one really exists. heory2720/

Computer-Mediated Communication and Group Decision Making: A Meta-Analysis Boris B. Baltes, Marcus W. Dickson, Michael P. Sherman, Cara C. Bauer, and Jacqueline S. LaGanke Wayne State University

• Encouraging researchers and practitioners to exercise significant caution when investigating and adopting computer-mediated means for group decision making. • Computer-mediated communication may be an efficient and rapid means of disseminating information, but the research suggests that it is not the most effective means of making group decisions. • While researchers must begin to attend to the increasingly common media of electronic mail and videoconferencing, managers must make the decision as to whether the cost savings in travel expenses and time outweigh the potential decrements in quality of decisions reached.

Hidden Agendas Politics

Function-Oriented Interaction Coding System (FOICS)




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Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making

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