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Pearson’s Suite of Digital Teaching and Learning Solutions

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About us We believe in learning. All kinds of learning for all kinds of people, delivered in a personal style. We believe in its power to change lives, to open doors, to break down barriers, build societies, and offer hope and possibility. Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people.

Pearson is the world’s leading education company, offering collaborative teaching and learning solutions for traditional and blended learning environments. Our award-winning educational technologies from EQUELLA, Fronter and Powerschool are used by millions worldwide because we ensure our products are easy-to-use, client-driven, scalable, and reliable.


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A sample of our proudest achievements: Fronter 2009, 2007, 2006, 2004 European Seal of E-Excellence Award, Gold 2008 European Seal of E-Excellence Award, Silver British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) CertiďŹ ed Learning Platform Services Supplier

EQUELLA 2010 IMS Learning Impact Award - Gold, DeVry University 2010 IMS Learning Impact Award - Bronze, Tasmanian Polytechnic 2010 Tasmanian Export Award Winner 2009 APICTA Award, eLearning 2009 IMS Learning Impact Award, Best Institutional Repository, Coventry University

PowerSchool 2002 CODiE Winner 2003 CODiE Winner 2005 CODiE Winner 2005 Media and Methods Winner 2005 Tech and Learning Winner


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Student Information Systems

eSISjx Enterprise SIS that comes with a full Arabic interface, capable of country-wide deployment

eSISjx gives enterprises the power they need to meet the needs of the 21st century learner by providing one of the world’s leading web-based data management solutions. eSISjx is unique in that it can be configured to best suit the needs of any organization, regardless of size, whilst remaining easy to maintain on any scale. eSISjx allows organizations to manage basic student information and complex reports as well as guiding data driven decision making. eSISjx can transform your K-12 enterprise through its: ■

Single Student Record System, allowing you to track student information through a unique student ID number

Data integrity, letting you easily validate student cross enrolment and registration at a single school, with prior schools automatically verified

Complete maintenance of student biographical and educational data

Master schedule capabilities

Complete student credit history

Automatic maintenance of student diploma status

Customizable student attendance

Adherence to Standard Student Testing requirements

Online parental maintenance of school and student information

The breadth in functionality and the scope of the product allowed us to do a lot of things which districts previously had to do with several products. It’s a particularly good product for organizations that are operating at the state or provincial level because of the special capabilities to be able to operate with multiple stake-holders.” Andrew Macauley Director of Common Business Initiative British Columbia Department of Education


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Student Information Systems

A thoroughly integrated solution for American and IB curriculum with less than 100,000 students

PowerSchool is the world’s fastest growing and widely used web-based student information system, helping teachers and administrators run their schools more effectively and allowing parents to keep track of their children’s progress. The winner of five prestigious awards, PowerSchool has been the first choice for educators around the globe – supporting more than 9.4million students in over 50 countries. PowerSchool incorporates over 150 pages and thousands of functions – making it the most complete feature set of any student information system available on today’s market. The elegant and simple interface of PowerSchool makes it accessible to all users, regardless of technical skill or ability. PowerSchool offers a host of unique features, including: ■

PowerTeacher – a new web based grade book

ReportWorks – a web based custom report development tool

Address management and boundary validation with Google Maps

iPad, iPhone and Google Android access

Graduation planning tools

Master schedule builder

We chose PowerSchool because of its robust features, easy to use interface and customization capabilities Vinit Pathela Senior Business Analyst Qatar Foundation, Qatar


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Student Information Systems

e1 Ideal solution for management, teaching, and learning in British curriculum schools

manage teach learn… e1 has been designed from the ground up to support the entire education process in primary, secondary, independent and special needs schools. e1 is an integrated education management system that combines administrative functionality with the ability to plan curricular activities, execute learning plans and measure performance. Its simple webbased delivery allows managers, teachers, pupils and parents access to the information and resources they need, whilst the centrally hosted database allows information to be gathered and shared seamlessly and securely.

Whole School Management Pearson Phoenix e1 delivers the information and the functionality to efficiently manage all areas of school operations, administration, resources and activities. Facilities for information management processes such as pupil records, attendance, examinations, timetabling, incidents and personnel are all catered for. Data can be imported from commercial management information systems and fields can be customised to accommodate school specific data such as extra curricular activities.

e1 interfaces with statutory bodies for data transfer including returns for School Census (English Primary and Secondary), ScotXed and Unitary Awarding Bodies.

can be imported from all leading commercial packages or schools can simply enter their timetable manually. Teaching sets can be linked to teaching plans consisting of units, lessons, activities and associated resources, allowing for the individual tailoring of lesson plans for the specific needs of each pupil. Resources can be of any electronic medium and additionally teachers can schedule their activities and allocate homework, assessments and resources.

Performance Management Enabling pupils to realise their full potential is key to maintaining excellence in schools.

e1 not only provides a powerful and flexible framework for recording, analysing and reporting on pupil performance, but it also interacts with performance data, suggesting meaningful targets for individual pupils using national benchmarks, prior attainment and the teacher’s professional judgement. e1 proposes routes for ‘value added’ and makes teachers aware of pupils who fall below their projected targets. Performance Management can be performed at any level including whole school, group and individual pupils.

Communication Tools

e1 is packed with a wealth of

A powerful set of tools allows curriculum managers to create and populate teaching sets using options, model groups or simple sub-division of larger sets. The timetable

communication facilities including instant alerts, task schedulers, diary and e1 mail. e1 is accessed using unique log on details, meaning the pages are personalised and


Curriculum Organisation

the information viewed is immediately relevant to the individual user. Personalisation enables a user to communicate quickly and efficiently with selected individuals or groups of users. For example, teachers can set differentiated homework and assessments for individual pupils and the pupils themselves can support their performance by accessing learning resources, assignments and assessments through e1. At home, parents can be better informed about their child's education and participate in the learning process through access to performance data, school activities and homework, whilst their child can login to e1 to remotely engage in lessons and complete and return assignments electronically.

Curriculum Content Planning

e1 provides a user friendly environment to develop, deliver and evaluate learning activities from a curriculum and course delivery plan level through to teaching plans and individual pupil lesson plans. The system utilises external resources such as National Curriculum, schemes of work and syllabuses which can be customised at every level to make them teacher or pupil specific. The integration of online learning materials from existing resources, teacher created content or commercial providers enables teachers to deliver engaging lessons and share resources – saving wasted time and duplicated effort. what can e1 do?

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Schools Content and Learning Management Systems


EQUELLA: ‘Content Without Limits’ is a centrally managed portal to share, create, and manage content across an institution(s)

EQUELLA is a powerful Digital Repository that is revolutionizing the way institutions search, manage, and create content online. It can be implemented as a single repository for research, libraries and learning objects in all types of academic institutions, including schools, community colleges, universities and state systems. EQUELLA is also deployed for copyright resource collections, research materials, managing and exposing materials through web sites and portals, content authoring, workflow, institutional policy and document management. ■

Create, store, manage and share multiple types of educational content from a single learning object repository – ideal for research, libraries, and learning objects

Discover, classify, and compare digital learning resources in a managed content environment

Seamlessly integrate with popular course management systems

Access multiple types of learning objects, from documents and streaming content to copyrighted materials and periodicals, regardless of where the content resides

Give online users the same experience as on-campus users, and give access via mobile devices

We found the maturity of the EQUELLA solution enabled us to quickly achieve our goals and helped reduce the risk of implementing a large scale project. Our organization was impressed with its features, functionality and flexibility, as well as its seamless integration with existing repositories and course management systems. Scott Leslie, Client Services Manager, BCcampus


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Schools Content and Learning Management Systems

A blended learning platform used to enhance personalized learning, communication, and assessment in the classroom

Fronter is a leading, easy-to-use platform for learning and collaboration. Schools, colleges and universities worldwide are selecting Fronter for its user-friendliness, innovation, stability and scalability. This award winning platform has been developed in close cooperation with users around the world and features a comprehensive set of tools to help you increase involvement and raise standards while saving time and money.

You could say there was a silent revolution here when we started using Fronter to improve communication. When we look at statistics of how Fronter is being used, there has been a significant improvement demonstrated now by a tremendous amount of traffic between the faculty and students.

Save time with navigation and design that is intuitive and user friendly

Discover the advantages of product development that is steered by continuous input from the education community

Enjoy access to nearly 100 web-based tools and modules that make it easy to learn and collaborate online

Count on our comprehensive support structure for a quick response to questions

Easily master the basic skills needed to implement and use Fronter via simple e-courses and professional trainers

Michael Moulton, Head of the Learning Centre, Norwegian University of Life Sciences


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Schools Content and Learning Management Systems

Pearson Resource Gateway Enables access to digital resources to use within the teaching and the blended learning environment

Find resources quickly and easily – by keyword, by key stage and subject, or by objective ■ Play the resources you own in Fronter ■ Preview all resources for free ■ Share resources with your pupils and fellow teachers ■ Save links to resources in your rooms or plans ■

Integrated with Fronter Share content with your pupils and fellow teachers by saving links to play resources within your platform. Using Fronter’s tools, you can then plan and allocate work to individuals or groups of pupils to personalise their learning and meet their specific needs.

Shop for Resources In addition to the free content in ‘My Library’ there are many other titles available within the Pearson Resource Gateway Shop. ■

Spanning the Primary curriculum

Available from just £30 each

Preview every resource in full for free

Use Resources in My Library All your free and purchased resources are available for you to find quickly and easily within “My Library”.


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Digital Content

SuccessMaker A research-based Reading and Math instructional application for K-8 which enhances student performance

SuccessMaker is educational software singularly focused on you. Ask any group of students how they like to learn and you won’t hear “we” in the response. You’ll hear things like “I like games,” or “I don’t like to read.” Ask a group of educators what their biggest challenges are, and you’ll get a variety of responses. How do we know? We’ve been asking learners and educators for nearly 40 years what’s important to each of them and we built our program around it. Today, SuccessMaker is educational software that differentiates and personalizes K-8 reading and math instruction better than any other program on the market. Every aspect of SuccessMaker is singularly focused on the individual needs and desires of real students and educators.

Real-world Implementation When implementation guidelines don’t match classroom reality, even the best-designed programs won’t get used. Your schedule is tight, ramp-up time is short, bandwidth and IT infrastructure may be limited, but the stakes are still high. You need a program that will work in the world you live in, not just a perfect one. We’ll work with you to design an implementation plan that delivers measurable achievement gains within the limitations of your schedule. And because instruction, practice, reading passages, and assessment are all integrated into the program experience, you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple program components. Additional options like before- and after-school labs and districtsupported home access can expand the reach of your implementation and provide opportunities for extended learning. SuccessMaker also offers the flexibility to scale your implementation to meet your technology needs as they change.


Support your English language learners in a private learning environment where they can test their skills, repeat instructions, and build their confidence without anxiety.

Empower students to make meaningful progress with a variety of supports that make them active participants in the learning process.

Develop cognitive academic language proficiency and expand content area knowledge with curriculum that integrates social studies and science into reading lessons and exposes English language learners to critical grade-level vocabulary and concepts.

Inform your decision making with performance data available on demand to show teachers, administrators, and parents that the program is working.


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Digital Content

NovaNET An alternative solution for customized learning across curricula

Web-based, state-of-the-art platform Prescriptive and customizable curricula Learner-centric instructional design Best-in-class content Robust student and class management tools ■ Pearson’s comprehensive services and support ■ Backing of the world’s largest educational company ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Curriculum Math Pre-Algebra Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Trigonometry Social Studies U.S. History U.S. Government Geography

Web-Based Platform

Study Plans

The Pearson Learning Platform, a brand new, webbased learning management system is unlike anything else on the market. It combines rigorous, complete, and engaging NovaNET Courseware with robust testing, customization options, a variety of study plans, and a library of reports. This new platform is completely hosted by Pearson and accessed using a standard Internet browser, so there’s nothing to install locally, and we take care of the data, service, and support.

When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. The Pearson Learning Platform offers three unique learning models: Open, Sequential, and Prescriptive. Assign the study plan that’s right for your student.


English II

The learning management system allows for vast amounts of customization. From setting the mastery level for a class to creating coursespecific discussion forums to adding your own content, we have your needs covered. Select the preferences that are right for your school or district.

English III


English IV

It’s your data, and we know you need access to it. Choose from one of the pre-configured reports on student activity, performance, or progress or customize one and save it for later use. Reports can be exported to common file types for easy sharing of data.

World History Economics Language Arts English I

Supplemental English Science Physical Science Earth/Space Science Environmental Science Biology Chemistry

Open Students can progress through the material in any order. This study plan is excellent for remediation, because students can navigate to where they are having trouble or need more assistance.

Sequential Students move through the content in the exact order specified in the study plan. This works well for credit accrual or meeting seat time requirements. It is also common in disciplines where there is a need for students to have mastered one area before moving on to the next.

Prescriptive Students move through the course as prescribed for them by the learning management system. Through the use of a pre- and post-test, the system identifies what areas an individual student has mastered, down to the objective, rather than overall course level, and it assigns content for areas that have not yet been mastered. This study plan is ideal for credit recovery, dropout prevention, and alternative programs.



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Digital Content

Ellis Academic and Ellis Essentials A comprehensive English Language Learning solution

ELLIS helps you meet the most profound challenges of English language learning. It is your solution for moving every student toward fluency. Leveraging the power of technology, the program equips students to communicate confidently in every environment. Provide a continuum of learning from grade 3 to high school and beyond. For ease and continuity, ELLIS consists of two complementary products, ELLIS Essentials and ELLIS Academic. Both employ the same methodology. Each addresses a specific age spectrum and has unique delivery options. Together, they offer you a seamless, end-to-end solution for providing English language instruction.

Before a student even begins, ELLIS proactively removes barriers to learning. Non-English speakers face plenty of everyday obstacles to learning the language. With ELLIS, you provide a safe haven – a computer-based environment that eliminates typical roadblocks.

Ellis Academic

Pre-assessment levels the playing field

The audience: Elementary students, beginning at the grade 3 level

The student sets the pace

Age relevance: Contextual situations address familiar activities such as riding a school bus or going to a store. Multimedia content includes graphics and interactive techniques appropriate to younger learners.

Lesson navigation is clear and simple

Native Language Guides translate as needed

Deployment option: ELLIS Essentials is computer-based for use in-school only. Printable curriculum materials allow students to take learning home for important family support.

Instruction begins with written and spoken analysis. Learners are taught words and concepts from the preceding video in context and will be able to listen to and record words. The lesson returns to the video to

Ellis Academic

reinforce the objectives.

The audience: Middle school, secondary, and adult learners

The audio can be manipulated

Age relevance: Contextual interactions range from meeting people to events such as going to the doctor or studying to get a driver’s license. Multimedia content includes graphics that address all ages in your classrooms.

Learners record and play back their voices

Deployment option: ELLIS Academic is accessible via the Internet, an important option for older learners whose family and work situations may make classroom use impractical.

ELLIS combines the best of instructional models for language learning. Lessons follow a predictable instructional sequence known as Watch-Learn-Practice-Play/Perform that captures and repeats the natural process by which language is acquired.


Students respond to ELLIS because it understands how they think and learn.

Watch presents videos of language in context

Learn analyzes the words and concepts in the lesson

Practice solidifies the learning with engaging activities

Play/Perform stimulates learners to use their new skills.

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Lesson Planning and Whole-Class teaching

ActiveTeach An online teaching and learning resource which is aligned to the national standards

ActiveTeach is a powerful electronic learning resource that combines innovative teaching materials with the flexibility to introduce your own resources – providing you with the perfect solution for seamless lesson planning and exciting whole-class teaching. ■

Ease seamless lesson delivery - project, zoom, highlight or annotate or key areas of the Student Books and listen to the audio from direct links on screen.

Build your own lessons - explore the range of interactive activities, worksheets and video clips in the resource bank.

Provide for effective personalised lesson planning - add in your own resources to create lessons and schemes of work to suit you and your students.

ActiveTeach wrapper The ActiveTeach ‘wrapper’ is the environment that contains the ActiveBook object(s), menu screens and glossary screen. It has a navigation bar at the top containing tabs. Features include: Standard tabs – Any number of tabs (space permitting) can be placed in the top navigation bar. Each tab points to a content screen (ActiveBook object, glossary, menu screen etc.) Dropdown tab lists – The top navigation bar can also contain dropdown lists containing tabs. This maximizes the use of space but is more complex for the user. Multiple instances of the content screens – It’s possible to have any number of ActiveBook objects, or one and two column menus. Glossary and Find Resources are only used once per product Teacher and student views (i.e. ActiveTeach and ActiveBook) – The same product can be opened as ActiveTeach (for the teacher) or as ActiveBook (for the student – not to be confused with the ActiveBook object). This means that: ■

Some tabs will appear for the teacher only and not appear for the student

Some asset links will appear for the teacher only and not appear for the student


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Lesson Planning and Whole-Class teaching

ActiveBook (e-book) object The ActiveBook is a digital module that contains book pages. These pages can be turned from page to page like a physical book. They also have additional interactive features. Features include: Tool tips – Items in the bottom navigation have tool tips, visible on rollover, that provide further detail about the item’s functionality. Page forward and back buttons – Navigate forwards and backwards in the ActiveBook. Page number field – The user enters the correct number and presses enter/go. The ActiveBook opens at the correct page Contents popup – This lists all the chapters/units/topics in the ActiveBook. The user can click on these directly to navigate to the appropriate page History button – Clicking this takes the user back to previously viewed pages Zoom area forward and back buttons – If a user clicks on a zoom area on the page, it expands that part of the page to fill the application window. The page navigation is replaced by the zoom navigation. i.e. the user can navigate directly from one zoom to another (forwards and backwards), bypassing the need to return to the full page view GoTo links – These links open the ActiveBook at a different page. Useful for contents tables. Digital asset links – Flash files open in a popup window. These can be simple activities like multiple choice, drag and drop etc. animations, or complex scripted simulations. Video files open in a popup window. Controls for play/pause are available. In addition the user can drag the icon on the control bar to move the play position manually. Office documents (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) External files can be launched from the links on the page. These open in the associated program outside of the ActiveBook


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Digital Teaching and Learning Solutions  

Pearson’s Suite of Digital Teaching and Learning Solutions