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erforming around this country with fervour since the 90s under the moniker of George, Elixir, The Captains, and with chamber orchestras, ballets, and most recently with a circus, Katie Noonan is known as talent personified. This June, Katie - and THAT voice - is set to return with the gentlemen of Elixir for the Mornington Winter Jazz Festival. Noonan took some time to share her unique experiences in life and the music world with PEARL in the lead up to the very special show.

and life partners. It takes us back to being purely musicians. We were always about music before anything else. PEARL: You are considered quite a role model, as a singer, as a musician and as a woman. Do you ever make decisions or career moves with that in mind? NOONAN: No… Early on, people would tell me really extraordinary things about their life, about how a song may have influenced them to make a decision or had some effect. That was a very beautiful thing but also a very profound thing. So I did realise that being a musician comes with a certain responsibility that I took quite seriously. Also, I guess as a woman in an industry that is predominantly male, I’ve always been aware to ensure that gender is completely irrelevant. When I was making my way as a working mum with breastfeeding children, it was difficult to explain to people that I need to take a break every couple of hours to feed my child, and making that fit into a company promo schedule was a challenge! I remember thinking to myself: “oh, I hope this gets easier for other women”.

PEARL: Elixir is such a fitting name for what you do. Can you remember who thought of it and how it came about? NOONAN: Not really! I think it was me, but it was such a long time ago. We were originally known as “Succubus” which was not very suitable! We got over that name pretty quickly. The idea of Elixir, first of all, is that it’s Australian poetry set to music. We are writing our next record with Michael Leunig. PEARL: I’m sorry, did you say Leunig? NOONAN: Yeah, which should be fun! He’s obviously known very much as a philosopher and a cartoonist and artist but I find his poetry really inspiring and deeply beautiful. PEARL: Can we expect to hear some of this new material at the Mornington Winter Jazz Festival show or more of our old favourites? NOONAN: I’d definitely say we’ll be playing some new material. In fact this weekend we are writing and demoing with Elixir, we’ll be delving back into that world again.

PEARL: If you could impart one piece of wisdom to another musician, what would it be? NOONAN: To be as unique as possible and to sound as unique as possible because that is your strongest asset. Comparison is erroneous and not conducive with creating art. Art should come from a place of purity.

musician I did realise that being a onsibility... comes with a certain resp

To hear Elixir’s amazing art with Noonan’s majestic voice in real life, head to The Grand Hotel in Mornington on Sunday June 8. You can get tickets and find more info on the Mornington Winter Jazz Festival in general at www.

PEARL: Zac Hurren in Elixir is also your husband, what’s your favourite part of having a working relationship with your partner? NOONAN: It’s wonderful to escape the routine and domesticity of being parents


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May 2014

Well I suppose you could say the secret’s out. Those of you that keep a keen eye on our credits and intro page each month would notice the Mornington Peninsula News Group logo, alongside the PEARL and Facebook ones, with this edition being the first of our new partnership! A little over 12 months ago, PEARL expanded into a new office, introducing a bunch of new faces to our pages and new events-based initiatives like the PEARL Kombi, Marquee, Preview App, Drone and most recently our brand new PEARL HQ interactive website. Now, alongside MP News Group, PEARL will have the team on board and means to grow even faster and reach many more readers each month, making the future an exciting prospect on a number of fronts. This edition, we feature all the upcoming highlights of the second Mornington Winter Jazz Festival, including our chat with Katie Noonan (of Elixir and various other formats). We hear about the brilliant Paul Kelly – The Portraits exhibition coming to Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, talk to Carus Thompson ahead of Mornington Brewery and Westernport San Remo dates, wrap up the Bowlriders Jam from last month and chat to young DJs Jebu and Jiggers. Youth news, reviews, Andrea’s Arts and Stage/Screen section and all our columnists are back once again, with newcomer Ian Pav on board for our industry section as well. We also take a look at a few events coming our way to Red Hill Brewery, Portsea Hotel and Mornington Brewery as part of the annual Good Beer Week, and look at Queens Birthday weekend entertainment coming up in early June. Enjoy the May edition and, as we always say, keep your eyes firmly focused on Facebook, as well as PEARL HQ for all the stories and exclusive content coming each month! Those looking to contribute photos and stories, you can also submit your own contributions, straight to PEARL HQ for publishing online. Calling all bloggers…! SIMON IMREI (Editor)

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The toppings are: Traditional: ham, tomato, cheese Bolognese: ham, Bolognese sauce, cheese Hawaiian: ham, pineapple, tomato, cheese Barbecue: ham, BBQ sauce, onion, cheese Avocado: ham, tomato, avocado, cheese Aussie: bacon, tomato, egg, onion, cheese Mashie: mashed potato, gravy, cheese Nacho: corn chips, guacamole, salsa, cheese Bad Boy: bad boy chips, sweet chilli sauce, sour cream, cheese Mexican: salami, tomato, capsicum, jalepenos, cheese Satay: satay sauce, capsicum, cheese Garlic Prawn: shrimps, creamy garlic sauce, cheese


What happens when you blend folk, blues roots, hill country, funk, and add a touch of grunge edge to the mix? You get a unique outfit called The Swamp Box. Maria Cassar (vocals/ guitar) and Ross Gregory (slide/lead guitar/ vocals) are the core duo; with additional regular swamp dogs Matt Short (drums) and Jamie Green (bass). Having a sound like no other, their vibe, energy and performance are definitely worth checking out. Cassar, a trained psychologist, imbues a cathartic resonance in voice, mannerisms, and body language and radiates an enormous presence. “I allow myself to be a vessel for people’s energy and feel it through my music, it’s like a spiritual experience.” Gregory, on the other hand, originally coming from metal bands, brings his nuance of metal tinged with Native American beats, quite the contrast. Says Cassar: “Rosco and myself were originally a duo playing swampy music with lots of slide blues guitar and stomp box (percussions with his boot) while inviting other talented musos to throw their sound into the mix. However, our sound has and still is morphing and changing constantly.”

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For Cassar, it’s about sharing and bringing in melody and sound while involving people’s actual music space into the performance. Eventually as they fine tune their sound, The Swamp Box plans to write and perform originals and incorporate different influences and put their individual stamp on songs in the process. Gregory plays a 1932 Stella and Cassar has a little 67 Martin guitar. Often songs seem to magically transmute through their instruments and people say “where did that song come

from?”, to which Cassar replies: “I don’t know, as often the instruments dictates what sounds come through.” Between them they have a lot of life experience. Cassar at age 19 was busking in Scotland and gained an international ambiance to her work, while Gregory did the hard yards of metal, punk and then some. They originally met at a music party, jammed together and clicked. Some time later Gregory asked her to do vocals with him at a local gig and it’s been happening ever since.

They now have a monthly residency, on the first Friday of every month at Sound Bar in Rosebud. Ultimately The Swamp Box dream is to play to a large audience in Mississippi. By the way they are going, it probably won’t be too far off. Check The Swamp Box out on Facebook, and for inquiries call Gregory on 0439 449 434. Until next month... live well TERRI LEE FATOUROS

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– THE PORTRAITS, PHOTOS & STORIES From the beginnings of rock’n’roll, photography has played a vital role in documenting rock music, as well as conveying the essence of musicians, their songs, character and distinctive stage presence.

From May 23 until July 20, the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery will play host to Paul Kelly & The Portraits, an exhibition that brings together the works of industry photographers, artists, pieces from the National Portrait Gallery’s collection and loaned works. Combining candid, live performance and studio shorts the images in the exhibition capture the multi-faceted nature of Paul Kelly’s life and career from the 1970s onwards. The touring exhibition is presented by the National Portrait Gallery in conjunction with Shark Island Productions and the support of The Caledonia Foundation. Shark Island Productions is an award-winning, independent documentary house based in Sydney, hosting screenings and establishing communities of influence around the art of documentary filmmaking and storytelling. Cosupporting, The Caledonia Foundation is a private philanthropic organisation that seeks to make a sustainable difference to improve the lives of young Australians through creative community partnerships. Both institutions were keys supporters of the awardwinning documentary and insight to the musician’s life

Paul Kelly – Stories of Me (2012), which will screen in conjunction with the exhibition. In addition to pulling back the curtain on one of Australia’s bestknown yet highly mysterious musicians, the works of the exhibition and acclaimed documentary will serve an educational role. The exhibition’s launch last year coincided with the release of a range of educational resources to help secondary school teachers better utilise Kelly’s work in teaching English and music. Indeed, it cannot be denied that Paul Kelly’s work has contributed significantly to an understanding of Australian culture, his words and music marking out our country’s landscape and people for more than 30 years. His songs have been described as landscapes in their own right, as they chart not just the physical terrain, but the emotional landscapes he and his contemporaries have walked through. While Paul Kelly – Stories of Me strives to dig deeply into what makes Kelly tick, the portraiture exhibition leaves much room for interpretation. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of seeing the collection of portraits or depictions is that for most part, Kelly remains an enigma. Rather than telling us who the man behind the music is, every portrait gives the viewer a glimpse of Kelly as perceived or captured by each unique artist within the exhibition.

John Campbell, Paul Kelly 2004 Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

Peter Hudson, ‘Words and Music’, Portrait of Paul Kelly 2007 Collection: Maureen Ritchie

Jon Lewis, Paul Kelly 1986-88 On loan from the National Museum Of Australia

Peter Brew-Bevan, Paul Kelly 2007 Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

Martin Philbey, Paul Kelly 2007 Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

The artists of varied background and relationship to Kelly include Greg Noakes, Wendy McDougall, Tony Mott, Martin Philbey, Liz Reid, Peter Brew-Bevan, Bleddyn Butcher, Jon Campbell, Peter Hudson, Stu Spence and Jon Lewis. In contrast to the still portraits of Paul Kelly dating back to the late 1970s stands a newly commissioned digital video portrait of Kelly by writer, director and cinematographer Warwick Thornton, with funds provided by Ian Darling in 2013. Tickets for Paul Kelly & The Portraits can be purchased through the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. As part of the exhibition, the MPRG will present Paul Kelly – Stories of Me at the Mornington Cinemas on Tuesday July 15. MATILDA HEGGIE


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Mu sic Between The Lin es... A LEFT OF CENTRE LOOK AT ALL THE RIGHT THINGS, WITH KOG it became the fastest-selling British album of all time. They had dethroned The Beatles and their legendary producer George Martin blessed Noel Gallagher as the greatest

melodist of his generation. To understand the importance of Definitely Maybe you need to listen to what was dominating the British music scene at that time - Suede. If you don’t


know who Suede are, consider yourself lucky. Definitely Maybe is a wash of distorted guitars, soaring sing-a-longs and a defiant working class attitude. Additionally, in order to appreciate the Oasis story, you need to comprehend the drudge of working class Britain under the rule of Margaret Thatcher. Oasis were not your typical pop stars. They came from the same unemployed families and government housing estates as their fans. When Liam Gallagher sang ‘Is it worth the aggravation, to find yourself a job when there’s nothing worth working for?’ on Cigarettes and Alcohol, he meant it. They had both the ambition and the arrogance to will their way out of their living circumstances. Can you imagine the five of them, at a local pub in Manchester singing ‘Tooniiiiiiiiiiiiiiigt I’m a rock ‘n’ roll star’ to a pub audience of six people? It’s both hilarious and inspiring. Definitely Maybe is getting a special rerelease this month to celebrate its 20th birthday. If you see it, grab it and before you head out on a Saturday night pop it on and prepare to get real rowdy. Kog Ravindran is a writer, occasionally sings for Melbourne band, The Scarecrows and currently has his debut solo EP Barricades out in the world. Find out all about him at or check him out on Triple J Unearthed. KOG RAVINDRAN

Win 2 tickets to Bell Shakespeareʼs Henry V on 15 July. Quote “Pearl” when booking to go into the draw. Closes 28 May.

Circa acknowledges the assistance of the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

03 9784 1060 Box Office:

WEDNESDAY 14 MAY @ 8pm On a floating white diamond stage, seven extraordinary acrobats bend, fly, contort and hang in this full-throttle ride to the limits of the human body. Circaʼs Helpmann Award-winning ensemble creation “S” is sinuous, seductive, sophisticated, sensual and savage. Featuring the intoxicating music of the Kronos Quartet, the world-renowned Circa ensemble creates a symphony of bodies in “S”.

Darcy Grant Photography


o most of the world, Oasis are the band who gave us Wonderwall. Full stop, the end. P.S. The Gallagher brothers are wankers. But if you’re an Oasis fan or were around in England during the mid-90s, they were much more than this. To this day, when the British music press talk about iconic British bands, Oasis are mentioned in the same breath as The Kinks, The Sex Pistols and The Smiths. Some of you may be bewildered by this comparison - but it’s the truth. It’s important to understand the use of the word ‘British’. It denotes the fact that these bands meant more to the British public than they did to the rest of the world. To this day, Oasis are revered in parts of Great Britain as demigods and since their split in 2009 they are continually offered ridiculous sums of money to reform for a tour. To this day, their 2006 show at Melbourne’s Festival Hall is the greatest gig I have ever been to. They were

nothing short of a rampaging mess of rock ‘n’ roll beauty. Most of you I’m sure have been exposed to their second album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?. It was both the pinnacle of the band’s career and the entire Britpop scene of the 90s. It sold close to 22 million copies worldwide and contained such hits as Don’t Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova, Morning Glory and Wonderwall of course. The year was 1996, there were bust ups, break ups, a string of number one singles and a historic gig at Knebworth Park in front of 250,000 people over two nights. By the end of it all, Oasis were on top of the world and there was only one place to go - and that was down. Their next three studio albums hovered somewhere between bad and shit, but there were a few gems here and there to keep the loyalists loyal and their cult following alive. But if you ever sit down and talk to a real Oasis fan, they will almost always tell you that their favourite Oasis album is their debut release Definitely Maybe. There isn’t a single song on that album that is still played on Australian radio, but at the time of its release 20 years ago,

Tickets: Member $32, Full $38, Conc $34, U30 $30, Splash $25, Group 10+ $33 Duration: 85 minutes, no interval Pre-show dining: 03 9784 1071 Warning: Strobe lighting Frankston Arts Centre is a Business Unit of Frankston City Council

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gully ad e h l e ste NAME: Gully Steelhead AGE: 14 LIVES: Rye & Bali SPONSOR(S): ShedNine, Carve, Zion, Vanda, 3D Fins and Mum ‘n’ Dad. beats: Old School Hip Hop other interests: Skating, Travelling, Girls PEARL: Tell us about growing up on the Peninsula, surfing and skating? STEELHEAD: Growing up on the Peninsula has been AWESOME! Until the end of last year I lived in Cape Schanck, but spent every day in Rye hanging with mates and surfing. At the start of last summer we moved to Rye/St Andrews just near the beach, which I am stoked on! It’s perfect now, as I have my bike set up with my board racks so I can ride to all the breaks along the coast without having to bug Mum. I’m always asking her to drive me to where the waves are. All the crew down here are so supportive and fun, they always make you feel good about yourself and they all know how to crack a joke! PEARL: When did your parents decide to move to Bali, skipping the winters for half of each year? STEELHEAD: In 2011 my family and I went on a holiday to Bali to surf and visit our really close family friends who had moved to Canggu from Oz a few years earlier. Three days after we got there, our friend had a


stroke, so we stayed in Canggu to help look after her daughter. In our time staying there we found it hard to leave because we’d met so many awesome people who had made us feel right at home. When we got back to Oz it was the middle of winter and we thought: “Let’s spend our winters in sunny Bali!”. So the next year we tried it and it worked out a treat! Ever since then we have been spending our winters over there with an awesome bunch of people! PEARL: How has this affected your surfing? STEELHEAD: Because of the weather and the consistent waves in Bali, it makes it a lot easier to improve my surfing. Also getting the chance to surf with all the amazing surfers that travel to Bali for the pumping waves makes you want to improve and get as good as them. PEARL: Tell us your favourite Indo short story? STEELHEAD: My favourite Indo story is when Dad and I spent a month on two different boats throughout the Islands of Sumatra, surfing, eating, sight-seeing and sleeping. We travelled from the Mentawais though to the Telos, and after the Telos we went up to Nias. We then ended our trip in the Bankyak Islands with pumping waves! PEARL: What do you want to do when you grow up? STEELHEAD: I never want to grow up! EDDIE WEARNE / SHEDNINE


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BIG BOWL SUCCESS IN FRANKSTON The 2nd annual Bowlriders Australia Big Bowl competition visited the Frankston Skate Park on Sunday April 13 as riders from all over the country converged on the Frankston Big Bowl in front of a sell-out crowd who witnessed some of the best skating Australia has to offer. Proceedings kicked off with the Masters division, consisting of bowl skating royalty including Billy Harrison, Luke Foster & Tom Flaherty. Luke Foster showed no signs of slowing down, throwing down his full swag of tricks including a massive F/S Rock in the deep end and extended statue-like Inverts that would have been impossible to take a bad photo of! The Groms were up next and they gave us a glimpse into the bright future of Aussie bowl skating with young ripper and eventual winner Ryan Helm knocking

music  arts  events  entertainment

out Kicky B/S indys whilst little legend Zepp Hayes was smashin’ huge B/S 5.0s over the death box! On to the main event, the Open division; where loads of cash, and more importantly glory was on the line! This was undoubtedly some of the best skating that the Frankston Big Bowl has ever had the pleasure of receiving. All of the riders put on an absolutely clinical display! Local rider Jimmy Moore blew the lid off the joint with his massive F/S Blunt in the deep end whilst Trevor Ward was throwing down massive Rodeos but the day belonged to R.J who never looked like losing it from start to finish! Organisers and those there give big thanks to Daniel Kirk from the Bowlriders crew for all of his hard work in promoting and running the event. We’re already looking forward to next year!

RESULTS GROMS 1st - Ryan Helm (NSW) 2nd - Jedd Mckenzie (NSW) 3rd - Zepp Hayes (VIC) 4th - Jesse Abrahams (VIC)

MASTERS 1st - Luke Foster (VIC) 2nd - Billy Harrison (VIC) 3rd - Luke Jones (NSW) 4th - VB-Man (VIC)

OPEN 1st - R.J.Barbaro (VIC) 2nd - George Richards (NSW) 3rd - Trevor Ward (VIC) 4th - Matt Katai (NSW) 5th - Jackson Bogaerts (NSW) 6th - Jimmy Moore (VIC)

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much live country music to talk about! I’ve waxed lyrical enough about the great Bob Dylan on these pages, so it would be wrong of me to devote any more space than is absolutely necessary to plugging the ‘Bob Dylan Birthday Weekend’ gigs that are taking place at the Caravan Music Club in Oakleigh from May 9 through 11. ‘The Bobheads’ are the hotshot tribute


BLUES Illustrated


GEOFF ACHISON & THE SOULDIGGERS In front of an adoring crowd on Sunday March 30, Geoff Achison and The Souldiggers celebrated their 20th anniversary concert at the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda. Geoff Achison, Mal Logan (keys), Roger McLachlan (Bass) and Gerry Pantazis (drums) came together to film a commemorative DVD of the occasion. In Geoff’s own words the band came to bottle some of the highlights of their last 20 years and with four great sets of music covering the period 1994 – 2014. The crowd was treated to an exemplary performance by four great musicians at their best.

REBECCA DAVEY If ever you want an example of how to study and learn your craft, Rebecca Davey (pictured) exemplifies it all. A totally captivated audience sat in awe at the ‘Supporting Women in Blues’ meeting at the Royal Standard Hotel on March 19 with no one wanting to miss a word as Rebecca Davey began to talk of her personal musical journey towards the Blues. Davey delivered an emotive speech with passion and an honesty that was refreshing; in fact it was inspiring. Amidst the oration, she delivered two acapella tunes with impeccable timing and class - this lady can sing. As a devotee of the blues styles that emanate from the 1920s-1930s, Davey tells a fascinating story of growth, influences and determination as she embarked on her goal to sing the blues. This was one of those special and memorable moments that you occasionally


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band making the music at each show – a ragged collection of Melbourne music scene stalwarts Ash Naylor, Steve Hadley, Peter Luscombe and Bruce Haynes along with special guest singers Chris Wilson, Shane Howard, Deborah Conway, Liz Stringer, Ross Hannaford, Mick Thomas, Suzannah Espie, Lisa Miller, Charles Jenkins, James Griffin, Van Walker, Gallie and more. Needless to say, I’ll be making it along to at least one of the shows (though not the one on the 9th, as my own band The Wildes are playing in Coburg at The Post Office Hotel). But I wasn’t planning to go on about Bob Dylan. Instead I’ll turn my attention to another artist to whom I am rather biased – Tamworth-bred songstress and fourtime Golden Guitar nominee Aleyce Simmonds. Aleyce’s 2013 album Believe continues to light up the country music charts, and she is heading to Victoria for three full-band shows at the end of the month. Revolver in Prahran, Melbourne’s new country home, plays host on May 30 whilst Nar Nar Goon Hotel (May 31) and The Commercial Hotel in Koroit (June 1) round out the tour. Look out for special guests at the Revolver show, including PEARL contributor Louise MacGregor and editor Simon Imrei opening the show with their duo After Meridian, with yours truly on keyboards.

The Melbourne Folk Club is an exciting new development happening in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Carlton, hosting the best established and upcoming alt-country, folk and country blues singer-songwriters. In May alone you can catch Sal Kimber, Brendan Welch, Sweet Jean, Grand Salvo, Marlon Williams, Mick Thomas and Suzannah Espie. The venue is Bella Union at Melbourne Trades Hall, and the shows happen each Wednesday from 8pm. Country is strong south of the NSW border these days – and it’s a good thing too. If you’re looking ahead to the winter that awaits us do not fear – even down here on the Peninsula the country sparks will be flying – thanks to a visit by Sydney’s raucous Little Bastard to Baha Tacos in July. But more about that next time around… LACHLAN BRYAN

Lachlan Bryan is primarily a singer/ songwriter. His third album Black Coffee is out now. He also moonlights as a gifted observer and music journalist, writing monthly for PEARL Magazine on all things folk/country/bluegrass. If you’ve got a new release, upcoming show or you’d like to get in touch with Lachlan, drop him a line at countryfolk@

experience in the music world. Thank you.



The Odd Stops, a new trio consisting of Nicole Nehemia on vocals, Jason Nehill on the bass and Peter Hayden on percussion.

Come along and help the homeless on Saturday August 9th. Nine sensational acts will play at the Williamstown RSL, 128 Ferguson St, Williamstown, doors open at 2pm with bands appearing from 3 – 11pm. A huge line up consisting of The Ruby Rogers Experience, The Detonators, Chris Finnen, Phil Manning, Doc White and Si Compadre, Dreamboogie, Dan Dinnen, Blue Heat and Sweet Felicia and the Honeytones. $30 entry and all money and donations raised go to Melbourne’s homeless.

Until next month, let’s keep the blues alive and support our local artists. GREG FISHER

BLUES MUSIC GROUP The Blues Music Group is a non-profit music program for novice adult musicians with a view to assist the development of their skills and confidence in playing in groups and ensembles. Workshops are held on a regular basis around Melbourne and details of the venues for each workshop are announced on the Blues Music Group website www. Get along and join some likeminded blues musicians.

PENINSULA BLUES CLUB The April meeting opened with the house band performing a tribute to Muddy Waters. Julian Bryne and Aaron Gillet (ex-Catfish Voodoo) followed as the feature act with an amazing harmonica performance by Aaron accompanied by Julian on vocals and acoustic guitar. You can always tell when your Blues club has come of age when Greg Dodd and Jesse Valach drop in for a jam. Congratulations to all the performers who participated in the jam sets that followed. The next PBC meeting will be held on Sunday May 11. For more details check out

Greg writes monthly for PEARL on all things Blues and if you’d like Greg to review your release or you know of something happening in the Blues world please drop him a line at: or GregFisherBluesIllustrated. Greg can also be heard every Tuesday between 12-2 pm on 88.3 Southern FM as the host of the all Australian Blues Illustrated show.


Normally I have the luxury of devoting at least part of my monthly Pearl column to answering the big questions in country music, musing on the work of the great masters or peppering my paragraphs with insightful witticisms o fans and followers of this simultaneously exalted and maligned genre. Not so this month – thanks to the fact that there’s simply too

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here is a buzz about Andy Phillips and deservedly so! His profile has risen quickly to become one of the hardest working and most talked about local blues artists to come on the scene this last year. After every show, people blown away by his performance often ask, who is that guy? Phillips is a largely self-taught guitarist from country NZ, who showed a natural talent for music and art from a young age. Isolated on a farm for most of his youth, Phillips found solace in his guitar, playing daily for hours on end. As soon as he could, he headed off out into the world to pursue music with a passion. After living in Sydney and London, he moved to Melbourne and without knowing it at the time, settled in among the hotbed of extraordinary international blues talent on the Mornington Peninsula (Jimi Hocking, Phil Para and Geoff Achison to name a few). Here he was happy and was a regular at local jams and played sessional guitar with various bands. However it was after a trip to Austin, Texas in 2012 that everything changed for him. During his trip to Texas, Phillips was deeply inspired by the music, soaking up the Texan blues like he had played it his whole life, jamming at legendary venues in Austin such as Maggie Maes, Antones and Friends On 6th St. and ‘blowing the doors off’ the Austin Blues Club. By great luck and chance, he was invited one night over Halloween to play on a guitar previously owned by his idol Stevie Ray Vaughan and played it with the Alan Haynes band. This sparked his interest once again in the Blues and upon his return to Oz he quickly formed his own band Andy Phillips & The Cadillac Walk, with him as the front man (singer, songwriter and guitarist).

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Phillips is known as a cool, likeable, laid-back dude, who can play the hell out of a guitar. To listen to him perform is to be truly transported. If you closed your eyes you can imagine being in an authentic blues bar or juke joint down Southern USA. A typical Cadillac Walk show incorporates traditional deep bourbon soaked blues numbers all the way through to shake it up, rock it out numbers, plus transcendent guitar solos and some cool antics such as playing guitar behind his head! His energetic and exciting band The

Cadillac Walk is now a regular on the festival and gig circuit and you can catch a gig most weekends. Phillips takes nothing for granted, showing a humility and gratitude for being able to simply play his guitar. He couldn’t care less whether he is jamming with a few friends in the garage or performing at a large festival. It’s all equally good. Music is his life and he lives and breathes it as every true musician does. He says he has no choice, it is in his blood and he

is destined to sing and play guitar for as long as he can. In addition to gigging, Phillips teaches guitar privately to intermediate guitarists wishing to enhance their skills and enjoys mentoring a small group of students at a school in Hastings. Phillips is currently writing his first original blues album due out later this year. For more information check out www. MONIKA NARELLE

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Australian troubadour Carus Thompson has performed extensively across Europe and Australia over the last decade. He is now heading to Mornington and San Remo this month, bringing his blend of folk rock to a series of free acoustic shows. Thompson, a talented live performer first shot to fame with the release of his album Acoustic At The Norfolk over ten years ago. Since then he has released studio albums Caravan and Creatures Of Habit, as well as Three Boxes and Long Nights Are Gone, which were recorded with The Three Believers. Nine years after the release of his first live acoustic album – in 2012 - Thompson released Acoustic at the Norfolk II. PEARL’s Jessica Mills spoke to Thompson about his upcoming performances, journey as an artist so far and what he has planned for 2014 and beyond. PEARL: You’ve spent a lot of time touring around Europe before your recent indefinite return to Australia after the birth of your first child. How does playing in Australia, back on your home turf compare to playing overseas? THOMPSON: The crowds in Europe are really respectful, they really want to hear the songs and all the words, it’s pretty intense, you’ve got to rev them up a bit. Whereas Australians come from that pub rock culture that they start with that raucous energy and are quite loud. PEARL: As a singer/ songwriter where does your inspiration to write songs come from? THOMPSON: I started writing songs when I was 12 and I’m 37 now so I’ve been doing it for a long time (laughs). People sometimes ask does song writing get easier and it actually gets harder. When you’re younger everything is about yourself, but as you get older you’re not the most interesting thing in the world. You become a lot more open and the good thing about touring is that you get to meet people after the show and they tell you about their life, which is raw material for songwriters. You have to keep coming up with ideas that are real enough. I wrote a song the other day about Avondale Heights and Sunshine... I’m inspired by human stories I guess. PEARL: You’re currently writing songs, are you working towards releasing a new album soon?

THOMPSON: For me it’s always stages, you do have a period of writing, you record the album then you have a couple of years when you go out and get the album out there touring. At the moment I’m working on getting the best 10-15 songs together that I can and playing lots of gigs at places like the Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Westernport Hotel, these smaller bar gigs which are really cool because you get to play to lots of different people and try out new songs. We’re expecting another baby in July so next year is more likely for a new album. PEARL: Has becoming a father and husband influenced your music at all? THOMPSON: It hasn’t influenced my music but it has influenced by song writing. Empathy is a really good thing for a songwriter. Having empathy for the common man and understanding about the simple things in life - because that’s what you’re trying to do in a song, make the personal universal. People love songs because they can see their own experiences so the more experience you have as a person the more you can bring that stuff into it. It’s very hard to write about stuff if you haven’t experienced it so once you’ve had a child it just opens it up and you can understand a lot more of what families go through which means you can write about it. PEARL: What made you decide to do a follow up version to your first Acoustic at the Norfolk album? THOMPSON: The first one I did basically unrehearsed. It was just an idea and the recording came out so good that when I released it broke open everything for me. Then I went on to do bigger sort of band records and ten years on I’d written a lot of songs since that first live album. I played live so much and playing live is a big part of what I do, “the real Carus experience” if you like is really in the live setting so I thought I’ve got all these songs from the later album, maybe I’ll give it a go and people were so excited. It was a nice way to bookend the beginning of my career and the middle of my career. Carus Thompson plays the Mornington Peninsula Brewery on May 16 and Westernport Hotel San Remo on May 30. For more information, head to www. JESSICA MILLS



• Cater for Functions and Parties • Corporate Bookings • Lounge Area for Tea & Coffee

3 COURSE SET MENU -$75 PER PERSON - includes complimentary omplimentary glass of wine

Enjoy Mother’s Day on the Waterfornt! 14

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TRADING HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday, Lunch 11.30am to 3pm Dinner 6pm to 9pm


bayside & mornington peninsula


 POOR FORM to all them old bags what clapped when the Met cops held me down and twisted me arm half off. S’not my fault if Craig pocketed me last five bucks, is it… How’m I supposed to buy a ticket with no dosh? Noppa, Frankston

 POOR FORM Dude, you are such a prawn-head. The dunny roll was paid for by the dudes what own Chooky Wooky Chicken. And you did snap me one – that’s why the transit cops came over in the first place! Craig, Frankston  POOR FORM Mate, I’ve smashed that many chicken burgers there – I practically own the joint. Think about it, idiot. Noppa, Frankston  POOR FORM YOU think about it! I’m not thinkin ‘bout nothin! Craig, Frankston  POOR FORM Exactly, mate. Your brain is so fully full of nothin it’s not funny. Noppa, Frankston

Yamazaki is Suntory’s flagship single malt, multi-layered with fruit and




 POOR FORM Noppa, I didn’t take no five bucks, ya dumb arse. You had a bit of bog roll hangin out the back of ya daks – I just brushed it off for ya – doin you a favour, dude. Craig, Frankston  POOR FORM Bog paper doesn’t grow on trees, you dopey nob-shiner – who d’ya reckon paid for it? Touch my arse again, I’ll snap ya! Noppa, Frankston

Mizunara aroma. From Yamazaki was born the surprising, delicate yet profound experience of a Japanese single malt. Spiritual and deep, its signature multilayered taste is highly praised by whisky connoisseurs all over the world.

Hakushu is born straight from the untouched forests, mountains, and pure waters of the Southern Japanese Alps, it is no wonder that Hakushu is a “green and fresh” whisky, praised by the most curious whisky connoisseurs and lovers of gastronomy. Its crisp and vibrant feel and Mountain Smokiness, enlivens and liberates your senses, this is truly a unique experience.

The legendary Hibiki represents true harmony. The enigma of perfection, the paragon of the art of whisky and the art of Japan’s artisans. Hibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese, speaks to the soul and emotions of the most discerning whisky lover. Numerous types of pure single malt whiskies ageing in various types of casks, including Mizunara, a very rare Japanese oak, all combine to create a full orchestra of flavours and aromas. Sea Breeze Cellars Bottle-O is the only place outside of the city to stock the Suntory Japanese Whisky range, so discover it for yourself at 244 Boundary Rd in Dromana. For any info on products or events, head to SeaBreezeCellars or phone 5987 0877.


 GOOD FORM to the transit police who restrained and arrested two fare evaders at the train station. My fellow commuters and I applauded the swift action of the officers, so relieved were we to see the back of those moronic louts. Eva Braun, Chelsea

Following along from the huge Easter offerings at Sea Breeze Cellars in Dromana, Ray and the team are now offering the exclusive and much sought after Suntory Japanese Whisky range. The history of Japanese Whisky is the history of Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory. In 1923, Shinjiro Torii envisioned a whisky filled with the essence of Japanese nature and hand-crafted by artisans through a patient process of enhancing the work of nature, to create subtle, refined yet complex Japanese Whisky.



The story behind Suntory

 POOR FORM What are you a mind reader now? Craig, Frankston  POOR FORM Yeah, maybe I am! What’s it to you, dickhead? Noppa, Frankston  POOR FORM Nothin’s nothin to me, bog-roll arse! Mind your own business! Craig, Frankston From tiffs and turmoil to good blokes and great moments, tell us about the good and bad stuff happening around town in our ‘Good Form / Poor Form’ column! Email Simon at goodformbadform@ with your story!

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17th - 25th May Share 200 events TIX on sale now


EXCITEMENT BREWING FOR GOOD BEER WEEK Good Beer Week 2014 officially launches this month, with 200 unique craft beer events over nine froth-filled days. Described by international brewers as “the best beer week in the world”, the fourth annual Good Beer Week will run from 17-25 May in venues across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Many events take good beer out of its usual haunts and instead pour it into new and sometimes unexpected spaces, aided by the arrival in Melbourne of many of the local and international brewing industry’s biggest names. The festival has grown almost 400 per cent since launching in May 2011, with the organisers looking forward to welcoming craft beer loyalists, foodies, home brewers and newcomers to better beer. Anyone interested in having a good time with a good beer in hand is welcome.

The festival team has curated a diverse program of events, from street parties with free admission to exclusive, highend degustations that showcase stars of the brewing and culinary worlds. The eclectic program caters for and features events from around Geelong, the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and the Dandenongs, Ballarat, Bendigo and the High Country, as well as all parts of Melbourne. Good Beer Week 2014 is Australia’s most exciting celebration of beer, bringing together brewers and beer lovers from five continents. The festival is a chance for people to gather and celebrate the renaissance that beer is enjoying globally.

Festival director James Smith said: “Craft beer has moved from the shadows into the Australian mainstream in the past few years and we’re delighted that Good Beer Week has been part of that movement. “Every year we have welcomed new venues and new guests to the festival and this year is no different, with everything from comedy and surfing to crafts and live music lined up to entice people along. “With pretty much every brewer in Australia and guests from New Zealand, Japan, Lebanon, Europe and the US along for the ride, it promises to be a fantastic celebration of the best of the beer world.”

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To celebrate the arrival of WA’s Colonial Brewing to the Mornington Peninsula, the Portsea Hotel is hosting the Portsea Lord of the Beer competition. Colonial Brewing will battle it out with Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula and Hickinbotham breweries in pursuit of this sought-after title. You are invited to enjoy the views of Port Phillip Bay while tasting a range of beers from each competitor, matched to nibbles. Vote to have your say on who will be crowned Lord of the Beer 2014.




Wrap up Good Beer Week in the best possible week with a chilled out surf session. Join the surf obsessed crew of brewers at Red Hill for a surf at a secret peninsula surf spot. Suitable for complete beginners or experienced surfers, all instruction and equipment provided by East Coast Surf School. Our surf session will be followed up by a private visit to the brewery for a casual bbq and beers. Surf with The Brewers. Sunday 25th May 9:00am - 2:00pm. $70.

PEARL Magazine ď ¸ May


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True Star Wars fans live, die & eat by the trilogy. Check out the creative ways these fanatics have turned their favourite movie series into food.




R2-D2 made entirely out of cheese, Yoda pizza, Jabba the Hutt birthday cake, watermelon Death Star. source: may-food-force-be-you-star-wars-inspired-dishes

“Flame retardants!” I responded. I was surprised too. “Yer,” he said. “I saw it on the telly.” The telly hey, I am sure everything thing we see on the telly and read in the newspaper must be true. Not. “We do not have TV,” I said. “We watch movies though we do not plug into mainstream telly. Too much brainwashing going on for my liking.” I was thankful for that. “That is what they said on this show,” he started, “that the number one toxin that showed up in breast tissue, was flame retardant.” “That doesn’t surprise me you know. We spend a large percentage of our lives sleeping in bed and now all mattresses and foam items, including pillows are sprayed with flame retardants,” I told him. “As we snuggle into our pillows we breathe it in every night. When I got a new bed a few years ago, it took me ages to find the right mattress.” “What did you do?” he asked. I was glad he was interested. It meant he was taking it all in. “I paid to have a mattress specially made, it was made with organic cotton top and bottom, with latex in the middle. My husband swears every time I have to move the bed as the mattress is very heavy, though every night

when I am in my bed, it is heaven. It cost me, though my health and wellbeing is worth every cent.” “Good idea,” he said. “Old mattresses have not been sprayed,” I informed him. “In fact recent studies have linked these flame retardants, or PBDEs as they are also known, to damaging babies in the womb and linked it to poor or faulty nerve development in young children. Scary, hey?” “So what do you do?” he asked. “Same as for most things: be educated and go organic or 100% chemical free and sleep safe.” He nodded his head. I could see this man might well be making some changes. Raw on Rye Tea House is the place for real Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and Diary Free Foods, now with a Healing Centre offering many modalities of complimentary Health & Wellbeing services along with wholesome organic and live foods. They’ve recently moved to 2347 Point Nepean Rd in Rye. For info, find them on Facebook or contact or 0418 940 653.

Musings, Meanderings & Nonsense

THIS MONTH: Why was the internet created? … with Alexis THE QUESTION FINALLY ANSWERED!

malaysian mum makes meals magical Self-taught culinary creative and supermum, Samantha Lee became an internet sensation after uploading photos of her pop culture-inspired kids lunches to Instagram. Source:



PEARL Magazine  May


“To bring together a network of information that people all over the globe could access and enjoy.” “So lots of men could look at nudey pictures of surgically enhanced females.” “To make breakups longer and harder because now we can stalk them on the internet to catch up on their every move and happy selfies with their new girlfriend.” Well, all of your possible answers are wrong. I am here to inform you of the true and fathomable reason as to why the Internet was created… …To make a woman’s feet hurt less. I know, you’re probably screaming out right this moment with exclamations of “WTF?” or “LOL!” or any other menial acronym to reduce word articulation by 80%. Don’t worry, I do it too, it’s a vice we all secretly enjoy. Nevertheless, this is the answer as to why the internet was created. You see, since the beginning of mankind, women have rarely been able to make a decision without comparing. Cavewomen would wander through the different nomadic tribes and select a decent mate for her future offspring; she would compare men by their strength, ability to hunt and their balding patterns. Women are continually comparing and weighing decisions, this gender stereotype is of course directly connected to shopping. When was the last time you, dear lady reader, went into a shop, looking for a swimsuit, or work outfit and selected the first thing you saw, and bought it? Nope, nope-ity, nope. You scoured the shop,

tried a couple of things on, left the shop, went into the next shop, tried nothing on, went into another shop, completed this process three or four more times, returned to the first shop to the first outfit you tried on, and then instead of coming out of said shop with a swimsuit or work outfit, you bought a hat, matching bag, new stockings and a shoe horn. The point is, after all of that, you are exhausted. A man looking for a scarf goes into a shop, sees a scarf, buys it in black because it will go with everything and then leaves the shop and doesn’t return to the shop until he needs new boxers. He doesn’t start analysing if the scarf will go with his navy blue autumn season blazer. And thus the internet was born, women can compare shopping items by having twenty Internet Explorer tabs open concurrently so they can purchase their wardrobe without gaining twenty blisters on their feet. The internet has saved millions of shoulders from the pain of carrying heavy handbags full of aspirin, tampons and kitchen sinks. The ‘age of the internet’ has ensured women are free to um and ah for hours over a leopard print skirt valued at $67, whilst we lounge in our trackies, and no moody shop assistant is going to huff disapproval our way, or suggest we are wasting their precious, precious time. #truestory Alexis Collier writes monthly for PEARL on whatever springs to mind really. If you’ve got any feedback about any of her columns, drop us a line on Facebook at pearlmagazine. ALEXIS COLLIER bayside & mornington peninsula




The Deck Bar have just added a familiar voice to their Sunday sessions with Chris Doheny performing a live acoustic set downstairs to accommodate the colder evenings. Chris is well known for More Than A Game, the powerful and distinctive theme song for Channel Nine’s The Footy Show for which he has received many awards and accolades. The footy will be live on the big screen all day with Chris beginning his set at 4pm. Chris has carved himself a unique place in Australian rock history with multiple Australian Top 10 chart singles created by his burning passion to entertain and the unmistakable quality of one of Australia’s most recognisable rock voices. With his vast repertoire of music, audiences are guaranteed to be left wanting more. Chris Doheny will play 4pm on Sundays at Deck Bar weekly, at 2-4 Davey Street in Frankston. Head to www.thedeckbar. for more info. SIMON BURKE

The call is out to all budding songwriters to come up with something new and original to WOW the judges in this year’s Peninsula Folk Club Annual Songwriters Contest on June 1. The competition gives contestants a chance to perform songs they have written themselves. It must be an original, not a parody and composed in the last 12 months.


One of Australia’s instantly recognisable and most loved chamber music ensembles, the Flinders Quartet, perform at the St John’s Anglican Church on May 9. Designed to highlight the artistry of the group for imaginative interpretations, this special program engages core repertoire by masters of the string quartet. If you prefer classical music with a touch of piano, Trio Anima Mundi play the Peninsula Community Theatre on May 17. This group have been presenting concerts that bring an eclectic mix of repertoire from the great masters to little-known works and explore a rich and diverse range of piano trios. Trio Amina Mundi perform at Peninsula Community Theatre, Wilsons Rd, Mornington, on May 17 with tickets available Farrell’s Bookshop Mornington and Robinson’s Bookshop Frankston, or at the door. Flinders Quartet perform at St John’s Anglican Church on May 9 from 7pm. For enquiries and bookings, call Russell Kenery on 0412 585 797.

The Dingley Hotel boasts a great line up of entertainment during May with the main highlight being a dinner and entertainment package featuring Rubber Soul The Beatles Show on May 24. Rubber Soul have long been dedicated to recreating the look and sound of The Beatles music live. They preserve the original enthusiasm, excitement and spirit of the songs. Captain Spalding play in the Sports bar on May 18, one of Australia’s most renowned bands providing classic dance tunes and swing favourites with a unique brand of engaging humour and fun. If that’s not enough you can laugh yourself hoarse at Bizarre Gazzard Comedy Hypnotist on May 2. A hypnotist combined with a true blue Aussie larrikin in a show full of music, costumes, comedy and props. The Dingley International Hotel is located at 334-348 Boundary Road in Dingley. For ticket info, call 9551 8344 .





Frankston Arts Centre will stage the beautiful St Cecil Mass on May 25. Charles Gounod’s Messe de Sainte-Cecile will captivate lovers of choral music with Opera Australia performing this wonderful Mass. This music brought Gounod to the attention of all of Paris with Ave Marie being the most famous of the French composer’s work. In 1854, Gounod completed the Saint Cecilia Mass. This work was first performed in its entirety in the church of St. Eustache in Paris on Saint Cecilia’s Day, 22 November 1855, from this rendition dates Gounod’s fame as a noteworthy composer. This ethereal and exquisitely beautiful music, performed also by the Mornington Peninsula Chorale and Frankston Symphony Orchestra, bring to life a masterpiece with experts from Bizet’s Carmen suites completing the concert. St Cecil Mass takes place on May 25 at Frankston Arts Centre, Davey St, Frankston from 2.30pm. For bookings, phone 9784 1060.

SIMON BURKE music  arts  events  entertainment

The RoseGPO Hotel will host some great acts over May beginning with acoustic folk rock performer Paul Dillon and his wide ranging style on the May 9. May 10 sees the James Vincent Trio perform jazz, swing and much more on classical guitar, double bass, drums and trumpet. Next up on May 16 Josh Roydhouse will play some great, finger picking acoustic songs from Cat Stevens and Neill Young. The following night, the Marty Williams Experiment showcase some delightful acoustic, pop and folk rock with Bare Bones, the Bryan Adams tribute taking to the stage on May 23. Get energised with some feel-good reggae, country, folk music on May 24 as the Warrains perform before Trudy and the Saturday Cowboys finish the month on May 31 playing some retro-countrycabaret with a rock edge. The RoseGPO is at 1003 Point Nepean Rd in Rosebud. More info at www.rosegpo.


The songwriter doesn’t have to perform the song but can nominate another person to play it using an acoustic instrument. Prizes include a Tanglewood guitar for first place, three hours studio time for second and a gift voucher for Guitars and Things who sponsor the event. The number of entries is limited to 20 and cost is $10 for non-members Peninsula Folk Club next meets at cnr Yuille and William Streets on Frankston June 1 from 5.30pm-9.30pm. For any enquiries, email coffeecubby@bigpond. com or phone 9789 3306. SIMON BURKE

MAKE A PIG OF YOURSELF The Pig and Whistle have some hectic weekends coming up in May with bands playing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. James Vincent will play both solo and trio shows starting on May 2 and following on May 11 performing jazz cross-over to popular music. On Saturday, Australian singer/ songwriter Jay Mclean performs before a Sunday arvo session with Kingsley George Band showcasing an exceptional vocal quality and diverse singing ability. The following week has more must-see acts including Joost and Jack Daniel as well as Mother’s Day lunch and dinner with mums receiving a complimentary glass of wine. These acts will rotate throughout the month so you will have every opportunity to catch them again and again. The Pig and Whistle is located at 365 Purves Road, Main Ridge. Visit www. for more info and booking availability. SIMON BURKE

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D O O F A E S & BLUES AT SEAFORD Para on May 4. Phil draws from a diverse range of music with blues, jazz, Latin and rock influences fusing into a style of his own. His performances combine original music with covers to create an exciting stage show that never fails to enthral.

Get down to the Seaford Hotel this month for blues music and seafood specials every Sunday in May. The kitchen is open all day every day to enjoy daily seafood specials and for the first time, Local Tastes featuring the Peninsula’s best seafood fresh from the local bays. Live blues entertainment will be on show every Sunday afternoon starting with Phil


PEARL Magazine  May


The following week sees Matt Dwyer perform. The multiaward winning, Dwyer is a singer/ guitarist/ songwriter who takes all the elements of blues, jazz, swing and rockabilly to make a unique style of good time house rockin’ party music. When May 18 comes, it’ll Jimi Hocking in his element, live on stage with a combination of banter and story-telling, wailing guitar and mandolin with superb song writing and performance makes Jimi one of the ‘must-see’ acts in blues today.

Wrapping up the month on May 25 is Club DeDiddy, a trio featuring Diddy Reyes who was seen recently in TV’s Melbourne Housewives, before Paul Woseen takes the stage on June 1. A unique singer and bass guitarist taking inspiration from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and AC/DC, Woseen is a member of the seminal 80s/90s rock band The Screaming Jets. See it all at the Seaford Hotel, 362 Frankston-Dandenong Rd in Seaford. For more info on other events at the Seaford, visit SIMON BURKE

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Ask your dad for his favourite jacket from before you were born and head down to the Chelsea Heights Hotel on May 24 for the Absolutely 80s show. Then, don the shoulder pads and lather on the hair gel as Australian 80s pop legends deliver a jam-packed 2 hour show full of their hit songs. This great night of nostalgia will first feature Brian Mannix with Uncanny X-Men who formed in 1981 and supported acts such as Cold Chisel and Rod Stewart. Also on show, Scott Carne from Kids In The Kitchen, who enjoyed considerable success during the 1980s showing influences of New Romantics groups such as Ultravox with the tendency of front man Scott Carne to pronounce words such as “too” and “do” as if these had two syllables. People will remember Dale Ryder and Boom Crash Opera being a powerful live act and having a string of hit singles in the 80s and 90s as well as David Sterry and Real Life with their hit record Send Me An Angel. The venue has also saved a date on May 30 for Australian band Angels touring for their 40th Anniversary. After four decades of hits the band are hitting the road for an extensive Australian tour so make sure you get down to at least one of these great gigs. It all happens in May at Chelsea Heights Hotel, cnr Springvale Rd & Wells Rd in Chelsea Heights. Tickets from Ticketmaster or the venue. SIMON BURKE



Friday 6th June TWO COURSE & SHOW $65 (Matinee Show)

1003 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud Ph: 5982 3200 • music  arts  events  entertainment





Previous artists to grace The Lineup’s stages include Playwrite, Wishful, Snowy Belfast, Jackie Sannia, Kodo Motif, Ergonomic Poncho, Ricki and the Rants, Leagues, Collision, Midnight to Monaco, The John Pistols, Sam Saunders & Max Rowe and Sophie Ricca. The Lineup will take place on Sunday the May 11 from 6pm at Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre, Davey St, Frankston. For more information, contact Sally Baillieu at The Little Theatre Company on

1:30 - 6pm




PEARL Magazine  May







Reyne is a Peninsula boy, as well as being renowned as the former Australian Crawl lead singer, an acclaimed solo artist and recently recipient of the Order of Australia Medal for his service to the Performing Arts. Having Reyne as both a patron and an amazing role model for the young musicians participating in The Lineup is once again a pleasure and a privilege for organisers.

Joining them on stage will be Black Pepper, partnering local vocalist Ella Cannon and her brother Jack on guitar with an amazing international backline who fuse funk and soul with a little Mexican salsa. Sian Crowe from Peninsula School will be bring smooth soulful lyrics with some tasty guitar licks provided by Jack Cannon. Collision from Woodleigh returns to show us what’s new in their playlist and Billy Goats Gruff, also a Woodleigh band, will be the surprise new package of three in addition to new band The Revelry Rats who will perform their debut live set.



The Lineup will return to Cube 37 again in May to showcase more young up and coming musicians around the Mornington Peninsula. Presented by the Little Theatre Company and hosted by James Reyne, The Lineup encourages aspiring musical artists from across the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston regions and gives them an opportunity to perform and mix with more established artists from whom they can learn skills, form friendships and develop a nurturing musical network.

This time Foreign National will headline the event; a Melbourne band consisting of several local musicians from the area. Having leapt to amazing heights since their 2013 debut, the band have wowed fans as far away as Istanbul, London and LA, with two singles out already and a recent month long residency at Toff in Town.





Steeples Mornington has a host of live Sunday acts coming up during the month of May. Enjoy all day dining with live entertainment running from 2pm, capturing Steeples’ exciting new Bistro and Alfresco Deck experience, perfect for that long lazy lunch or a musical Sunday sip. On May 4 Liz Bradley, a gifted solo singer and guitarist who loves to entertain an audience performs. Having played in many different bands, Liz has found that solo acoustic suits her best and with her wide vocal range audiences are in for a treat. Following on May 11 and June 1, Dylan Boyd shines as a solo acoustic act with nearly 15 years’ experience playing in Melbourne. Dylan’s extensive experience in playing live allow for him to read a crowd and make the right song choice. Next week, Jason Dean piano man, familiar to local fans for many years as part of legendary party act Spin, performs. When he’s not touring with international tribute show Bjorn Again, Jason performs monthly at Crown Casino alongside Dylan Boyd as part of the popular Piano Man duo. Paul Chox, whose style has been compared to Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice and Brandon Boyd, will perform on May 25. He always delivers an authentic performance, making cover versions his own. Steeples Mornington is at the corner of Racecourse Rd and Tyabb Roads, Mornington. For further info, call 5976 0700 or visit SIMON BURKE

bayside & mornington peninsula

CATCH TIM MORRISON LIVE The iconic Hotel Sorrento hosts great live, local music every Saturday night from 8pm and in May the venue will welcome Tim Morrison. Tim has become a household name over the past couple of years after appearing on The Voice, gaining immediate attention and becoming one of the top four finalists on Delta Goodrem’s team. Before Tim decided to move in a solo music direction, he performed in the band Trial Kennedy. Once touted as the next big thing in Australian music, the band also received great praise for their debut album New Manic Art with some critics claiming it should have been nominated for album of the year. If you’re looking for something a little different, Hotel Sorrento’s trendy underground Cellar Bar


PEARL Magazine  May


will host two local winemakers for a unique tasting event on May 31 as part of the annual Taste of Sorrento Festival. Winemakers from Portsea Estate and Foxeys Hangout will talk about their wines and provide tutored tastings for guests. Ticket price of $55 includes a complimentary souvenir tasting glass, comprehensive gourmet canapés and cheese tasting and a lucky door prize on the night. You can also catch live entertainment in the Cellar Bar and Limeburners Bar until late along with footy on the big screens. Hotel Sorrento is at 15 Hotham Rd in Sorrento. Phone 5984 8000 for more info or go to for wine tasting tickets. SIMON BURKE

bayside & mornington peninsula

op h s y l n ty T h e o of the ci e ng de outsi t h e f u l l r a VE rs with I S U L EXC reeze Cella ab to Se


Yamazaki is Suntory’s Áagship single malt, multi-layered with fruit and Mizunara aroma. Spiritual and deep, its signature multi-layered taste is highly praised by whisky connoisseurs over the world.


Hibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese, speaks to the soul and emotions of the most discerning whisky lover.


Hakushu is born straight from the untouched forests, mountains, and pure waters of the Southern Japanese Alps, it is no wonder that Hakushu is a “green and fresh” whisky, praised by the most curious whisky connoisseurs and lovers of gastronomy.

hosted by

James Reyne


Sunday Fore gn NatMay onal 11 Starring; Starring;

l Foreign National Black Pepper Collision Billy Goats gruff The Revelry Rats sian crowe


a 6pm


Tickets Adults conc

$25 $20

Cube 37 Davey St Frankston

Bookings: ph 03 9784 1060

Queen’s birthday weekend sees the infamous Portsea Hotel Snow Party freeze over on Sunday June 9, with this year promising to be bigger than ever. The day is split into two, daytime is for families wanting to give their kids their first glimpse of snow without driving for miles, and night time is for the party goers with the best local line-up presented to date. A DJ cast starring Five Time, Trouble in Paradise and Kinky Karma (more TBC) pump out music all night long to a crowd of over a thousand people at an event that’s in its 10th year. This time round more snow, even more drink promos and prizes make for an exciting event sponsored and supplied by local businesses Trigger Bros Sorrento (snowboard & snow apparel), Mt Hotham (lift passes), Electric (snow goggles), Carlton Dry (snow gloves, sunnies & beanies), Corona (snowboards). It’s $10 at the door after 9pm but if you wear your best furries and fuzzies entry is free. The Queen’s birthday weekend is seen as the season opener for Victorians and their love of snow, so if you don’t have a chance to get to the slopes this year this party is a great opportunity to numb your fingers in the snow. Portsea Hotel Snow Party takes place on Sunday June 9 at 3746 Point Nepean Road, Portsea. For more info call 5984 2213 and keep an eye on their website for updates. SIMON BURKE

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rabbing your slightly dubious friend by the wrist, you say: “Trust me. It’s just down here past that dumpster.” It sounds like the start of a grizzly horror film but in actual fact, it’s something heard on the streets of Melbourne all the time. On an average night, you could be navigating the alleys of China Town to the infamous bar that serves cocktails in syringes, checking out Rone’s latest street art wonder, or preparing to scale several flights of stairs to the local rooftop bar. Melbourne is a city bursting with hidden gems, and the challenge of finding them makes the reward that much greater.

Riding the rails out to Hawthorn one evening I overheard a conversation between youths. Two boys were explaining to a friend that their Friday nig night plans consisted of navigating the underbelly of Melbourne - quite literally - by means of tunnels rather than boutique bars. Further research into the topic suggests that exploration of the tunnels under Melbourne is by no means a new feat, with the questionably legal group, the ‘Cave Clan’ staking their claim on the tunnel network from the early 80s. The Cave Clan regard themselves as a discovery club of sorts, dedicated to exploring and uncovering the urban caves, chambers, mines, natural tunnels, unnatural tunnels and storm drains throughout Melbourne. The clan’s playground territory includes the vast network of tunnels and drains which were chiefly designed to carry out the canalization of rainwater, and is completely separate from the sewer network. Many of these stormwater drains in inner Melbourne follow the paths of former creeks. Entrances to a drain usually start at a waterway such as a canal, creek, river, lake or beach. Although information regarding the Cave Clan and their specific discoveries is scarce, the group’s website makes a clear point of stating the illegality of entering drains and the danger of exploring tunnels in or post-rainy conditions. The group can be contacted for more information via their website www.caveclan. org.

The Pier Hotel welcomes an exciting month of May with a raft of live entertainment and promotions. Australian favourites British India play on May 10, touring their new album Controller followed by Australian, progressive rock band Closure In Moscow on May 27. The biggest Thursday night on the Peninsula continues in Flanagan’s Irish bar, with legendary drink offers and sensational party band Bedrock with DJ Chris P providing great tunes. Resident DJ Ontime pumps out commercial house and RnB downstairs and prizes are also up for grabs. Want More? Sing the night away at Friday Karaoke before Saturday Shenanigans provides the perfect party atmosphere each Saturday. Music comes care of the Peninsula’s best covers band, Fudge, with drink promos and cash giveaways also on board. Also make sure to keep your eye on Facebook for all the latest on the huge Bada Bing Fridays in Pier Live. The Pier Hotel is at 508 Nepean Hwy in Frankston. For ticket info and enquiries, visit or call 9783 9800 SIMON BURKE





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“we’ve got it all”

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334-348 Boundary Road, Dingley

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enjoyed multiple award nominations. Their third studio album Beautiful Wild was released in April and see the lads head over for a tour of the UK. Bonjah, with special guests, The Corner Hotel, Richmond, May 9 Doors 8:30pm $20.00.

IT’S “LIKE THIS” Simply watching Al Parkinson perform, you immediately feel like she is an old friend. Her relaxed presence and hilarious on stage banter is the perfect complement to her soulful voice and wonderfully constructed songs of love and loss. Parkinson has shared the stage with some of Australia’s most highly regarded acts including Matt Corby, Liz Stringer, Bonjah and Jordie Lane. She has also secured international supports with David Ryan Harris (USA) and Ryan Keen (UK), to name a few. Like This is the first release from her long awaited debut album which will have a special launch May 17. It’s about those moments when someone makes your day go “from like this, to like this”. We all know about that - right? Al Parkinson, The Aviary Creative Hub, Johnston St, Abbotsford, May 17. Details for launch tickets at alparkinsonmusicpage

UK BOUND BONJAH have been a band since 2006 when armed with nothing but guitars and backpacks, the high school friends booked a one-way ticket from New Zealand to Melbourne. Struggling to find a gig the band set up and played on the streets, selling albums and living off Weet-bix and canned peaches. BONJAH soon had shows booked, toured extensively and built a loyal following earning a reputation as being a hard working and explosive live act. Eight years on and BONJAH have sold over 25,000 records independently, sold out shows around the world, played many major festivals and music  arts  events  entertainment

commercial radio stations everywhere, this talented young singer/songwriter from the UK is headed back Down Under for a select number of dates...Do you have your tickets? Gabrielle Aplin, with special guest D At Sea. The Toff In Town, Melbourne CBD, Saturday May 31. Doors 8:30pm $33.00.

FREE OF FEAR Put it on the company card. Too much is never enough. Think nothing. Feel everything. Pleasure is good. Fantasy is truth. Experience Australia’s Client Liaison. Given their shared appreciation for storytelling and dignified belief in the Australian identity, Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan naturally found themselves writing music together. From the studio to the top end of town, Client Liaison’s sound plays out like a long lunch followed by a round of cocktails. Client Liaison are described as international in flavour, cosmopolitan in style. Free Of Fear 12” vinyl available for pre-order, including That’s Desire as well as remixes by Com Truise & Knightlife. Client Liaison, with Sleep D. Saturday May 10, Northcote Social Club, Northcote. Doors 8:30pm $20.00.


The latest offering from Melbourne outfit Second Hand Heart is organic and otherworldly. Written late at night, Damnesia is layered with piano musings, floating guitars and echoed percussion. The single Damnesia pulls in to a shadowed obscurity before it opens to light ethereal spaces. SHH have garnered themselves critical acclaim with their recent releases, a favourite of community radio presenters nationwide. After SHH’s performance at 2013’s Melbourne Music Week with support from the string section of the MSO, the band’s debut album Tides is definitely one of the most anticipated of the year. Second Hand Heart, with special guests at Shebeen, Manchester Lane, Melbourne. Doors 8pm $10.


Gabriell Aplin’s rise on the international music scene has been a journey in the making. From fans first coming across Aplin on YouTube singing covers in her bedroom to having seen her grace the stage alongside Ed Sheeran on his first Australian tour in 2013. Signing with Parlophone and recording her debut album English Rain is set to make her a household name. Having received her first Australian radio airplay on Southern FM, Melbourne to now being played across


The highly anticipated release of Nobody’s Somebody sees Susy Blue traverse the

musical landscape from the circus cabaret folk of previous releases, and venture towards a grittier and heavier sound. Diverse and ever evolving, producer Shane O’Mara (The Audreys) replaced banjo with electric guitars and added eclectic instrumentation from smashing glasses, Indian drums, Balinese gamelan to baritone sax, creating a fresh new and bold Susy Blue sound. Susy will be playing East Coast tour dates through May to showcase her new album. Susy’s sound is vintage vocals, honeyed harmonies and charming tales. Baby I’m Bored is the first single to drop and is getting widespread radio airplay. Susy Blue with The Twoks, The Toff In Town, Swanston Street Melbourne. Sunday May 18 Doors 3pm Matinee $13.00.

INDIE POP’S NEW VOICE Whilst recording with Producer Josh Barber in bedrooms across Melbourne throughout 2013, Yuko Nishiyama aimed to keep as much of the raw spirit of her music as she could. After recording at home, Yuko took her music to Nashville in the USA to be mixed by Rob Feaster (Whitney Houston, George Harrison). Returning to Melbourne, she mastered the album with Lachlan Carrick (Gotye). Nishiyama’s debut single Heart Of Daisies combines lashes of strings and driving rythms, hypnotic layers of instrumentation and harmony and the purest vocals. The song itself is her response to a close friends struggle to find love, Heart Of Daisies is a glimpse of what is yet to come from a strong new voice for the Australian indie pop scene. Yuko Nishiyama, with Little Dreamer & Lanks. The Toff in Town, Swanston Street, Melbourne. May 8, Doors 8pm $15

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MAY 3 - JUNE 4, 2014

SATURDAY MAY 3RD @260 (Edithvale), Brian Robinson. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Dons Party. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob & Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Shazam. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Mr Black & Blues plus The Bean Project & John Crosbie. 8pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington), Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans (w Fudge & DJ Craig). 8pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Buddy Holly The Concert. 8pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Neil Diamond Tribute Show. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Kelvin & Heidi (1pm) Geoff Achison & Adrian Keating. 6pm Hotel Sorrento, (Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Fiona Lee Maynard & Her Holy Men and Burn In Hell. 8pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Fused. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Dirty Laundry. 7pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Jack Daniel. 7pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Royal Hotel (Mornington), Peter Zoch. 8pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin), Diesel & Band. 9pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Mike Elrington. 8:30pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Mojo Pearls. 12:30pm Rye RSL (Rye), Cover Up. 7pm Zagames (Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm


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SUNDAY MAY 4TH Atrium (Safety Beach), Live Music. 2pm Beach 162 (Frankston), Joseph Shubert. 2:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Rhythm & Blues Revue. 2pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 5pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Olly & Scuzzi (In The Sportsbar). 5pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Dylan Boyd. 2pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Sunday Sessions. 2:30pm Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Jay, Ray & Friends. 2:30pm Harba (Mornington) Sarah Gardner. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), Nick Charles. 3pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Live Jazz. 3pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Lost Patrol. 3pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Sunday Traders. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Morn Pen Brewery (Mornington), Mike Elrington. 2pm One Fourteen (Mentone), The Lazy Boys. 2pm Frankston Bowling Club (Frankston), Peninsula Folk Club. 5:30pm Pier 10 Winery (Shoreham), Renee & James. 1pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kingsley George Band. 2pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Live Jazz. 1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Sunday Unplugged. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford), Phil Para. 2pm Steeples (Mornington), Liz Bradley. 2pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Weeping Willows. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Cobra 45’s. 5:30pm TUESDAY MAY 6TH Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY MAY 7TH @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic. 6:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm

Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia. 7:30pm THURSDAY MAY 8TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Robbie McVean. 6:30pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), ‘Plugged In’ Showcase w Toni Watson, Sam Wyatt & Dawkins. 8:30pm Flanagans (Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Grand Hotel (Frankston), Unique Thursdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Harba (Mornington), Club Chic Over 28’s with Sean Harvey, Bonsai & Pete & Joel Duo. Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm 7:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7pm Rye RSL (Rye), Silhouettes. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Live Music. 7pm FRIDAY MAY 9TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Captains of Cliche. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Rene Diaz. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), FriBays (RnB Room [Downstairs] & Ryan Riback, Courtney Mills & Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Fudge. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Karaoke Kool (In The Sportsbar). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). Flanagans (Frankston), The Party People Karaoke (8pm). General Wine Lounge (McCrae), Grant Miller. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Eastwood Ravine or Million Dollar Riff. 9pm Harba (Mornington) This Is Burlesque. 7pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), 80’s On The Edge. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm

Morn Pen Brewery (Mornington), Acoustic Cats. 7pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Raw Brit. 8pm Pelly Bar (Frankston), Bada Bing Hard Metal. 8:30pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kevin Joost. 7pm Rose GPO (Rosebud), Paul Dillon. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly & Scuzzi (w DJ Clay). 10pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabbin), Bedrock (w Superfly DJ’s). 9pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Karaoke Fridays. 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Steve Warner. 7pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), The Baudelaires & Leopard Slugg. 8:30pm Trims (McCrae), James Vincent. 6:30pm Zagames (Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm

SATURDAY MAY 10TH @260 (Edithvale), Not Dead Yet. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Diamantina. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob & Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Party Animals. 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Justin Yap Band, Troy Wilson and Electric Larry & Matt Katsis. 8pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington), Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans (w Fudge & DJ Craig). 8pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Terry Hart. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Rob Pappalado. 4pm Hotel Sorrento, (Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Men Of Leisure. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Size Matters. 2pm

bayside & mornington peninsula

MAY 3 - JUNE 4, 2014

Pier Hotel (Frankston), Mercury White & British India. 8pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Jack Daniel. 7pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Rose GPO (Rosebud), James Vincent Trio. 8pm Royal Hotel (Mornington), Scott Hunter 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), Munster Terrace. 7pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Ian White. 7:30pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Safari Motel. 8:30pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Chris Genoux. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), 1927. 8:30pm Zagames (Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm SUNDAY MAY 11TH – MOTHER’S DAY Atrium (Safety Beach), Live Music. 2pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 5pm Beach 162 (Frankston), Ripple Effect. 2:30pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Olly & Scuzzi (In The Sportsbar). 5pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Jason Dean. 2pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Sunday Sessions. 2:30pm Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), The Line Up Hosted by James Reyne. 6pm Frankston Library Lounge (Frankston), Mojo Pearls. 1:30pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Ian Rickard. 2:30pm Harba (Mornington), The Rock Dogs. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), Mamma Sass. 3pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Mama’s Mountain Jug Band. 1pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Live Jazz. 3pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Jam The Funk. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Morn Pen Brewery (Mornington), Backyard Brew. 2pm Frankston Bowling Club (Frankston), Open Mic Blues Jam. 6pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent Trio. 2pm Pier 10 (Shoreham), Jay McLean. 1pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Live Jazz. 1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Liz Bradley. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford), Matt Dwyer. 2pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Andrew Rigo. 1pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Live Music. 4pm Steeples (Mornington), Dylan Boyd. 2pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Lindsay Fields. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Dead Kings Quartet. 5:30pm TUESDAY MAY 13TH Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY MAY 14TH @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic (For Original Artists). 6:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm

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Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia. 7:30pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville), Morning Melodies (w Brian Muldoon). 11am THURSDAY MAY 15TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Robbie McVean. 6:30pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), ‘Plugged In’ Showcase w All Day Weekend, Ben Jansz & Dawkins. 8:30pm Flanagans (Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Grand Hotel (Frankston), Unique Thursdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Harba (Mornington) Club Chic Over 28’s with Rich Dabbs, Momentum & Audio Gallery. 7:30pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7pm Rye RSL (Rye), The Chordettes. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Live Music. 7pm FRIDAY MAY 16TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Home Bren. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), James Vincent. 7pm Beaches (Mornington), $ingle Income. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), FriBays (RnB Room [Downstairs] & Priestly Sisters & Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Absolutely 80’s. 8pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). Flanagans (Frankston), The Party People Karaoke (8pm). Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Gallaher & Parente. 10:30am Frankston RSL (Frankston), Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen Tribute Show. 7:30pm General Wine Lounge (McCrae), Lu Thompson w special guest Mish Wookey. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Eastwood Ravine or Million Dollar Riff. 9pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Real Thing. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm Morn Pen Brewery (Mornington), Carus Thompson. 7pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Big And Horny. 7pm Pelly Bar (Frankston), Bada Bing Hard Metal. 8:30pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kevin Joost. 7pm Rose GPO (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse Acoustic. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly & Scuzzi (w DJ Clay). 10pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin), Bedrock (w Superfly DJ’s). 9pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Karaoke Fridays. 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), John Unitt. 7pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Jamroots. 8:30pm Trims (McCrae), Mojo Pearls. 6:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Tyson Hodges Trio. 8pm Zagames (Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm

SATURDAY MAY 17TH Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Copyrite. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Club Tequila. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob & Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), The Hoochie Couchment and Special Guests. 8pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington), Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans (w Fudge & DJ Craig). 8pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Roy Orbison & Del Shannon in Concert. 8pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Yellow. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hotel Sorrento, (Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Sarah Rzek Band. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Mid Life Crisis. 7pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent Trio. 7pm Rose GPO (Rosebud), Marty Williams Experiment. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Royal Hotel (Mornington), Live Music w Ange. 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), Joe Galea Band. 7pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), June Newman. 7:30pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Moonah Ripp. 8pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Mojo Pearls. 12:30pm Zagames (Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm SUNDAY MAY 18TH Arthurs Seat Hotel (Arthurs Seat), Open Mic. 1pm Atrium (Safety Beach), Live Music. 2pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 5pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Sundays @ The Bay (w Shanakee). 4pm Beach 162 (Frankston), Fat Cats. 2:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Luke Batty Foundation Funraiser, 4 Bands. 2pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Olly & Scuzzi (In The Sportsbar). 5pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Dylan Boyd. 2pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Sunday Sessions. 2:30pm Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Wendy Stapleton. 2:30pm Harba (Mornington), Sarah Gardner. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), Bag O Nails. 3pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Leigh Sloggett. 1pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Live Jazz. 3pm

Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Mahogany Neighbourhood Centre (Frankston North), The People Place Music. 1pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Jennifer Lee Band. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Morn Pen Brewery (Mornington), Blues Mountain. 2pm One Fourteen (Mentone), The Lazy Boys. 2pm Pier 10 (Shoreham), James Vincent. 1pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kingsley George Band. 2pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Live Jazz. 1pm Royal Hotel (Mornington), Grand WaZoo. 3pm Rye Hotel (Rye), Shiraz & Jazz. 1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Sunday Unplugged. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford), Jimi Hocking. 2pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Ian Duchesne. 1pm Steeples (Mornington), Jason Dean. 2pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Calmer Miles. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Jack on Fire. 5:30pm TUESDAY MAY 20TH Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY MAY 21ST @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic (For Original Artists). 6:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia. 7:30pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin), Morning Melodies w Col Perkins. 11am THURSDAY MAY 22ND 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Robbie McVean. 6:30pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), ‘Plugged In’ Showcase w Kate Maclachlan, Bec Campbell & Dawkins. 8:30pm Flanagans (Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Hairspray – The Peninsula School. 7pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Grand Hotel (Frankston), Unique Thursdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Harba (Mornington) Club Chic Over 28’s with Sarah Rzek, Feelix Player & Pete & Joel Duo. 7:30pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7pm Rye RSL (Rye), Rainbow. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Live Music. 7pm FRIDAY MAY 23RD 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Wayne & Wayne. 6:30pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), FriBays (RnB Room

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MAY 3 - JUNE 4, 2014

[Downstairs] & Holly J & Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), John Cosgrove. 7pm Beaches (Mornington), Munster Terrace. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Karaoke Kool (In The Sportsbar). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 4pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). Flanagans (Frankston), The Party People Karaoke (8pm). General Wine Lounge (McCrae), Grant Miller. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Eastwood Ravine or Million Dollar Riff. 9pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Rusty Nails Feat. Rob Kirk. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm One Fourteen (Mentone), 80’s On The Edge. 7pm Pelly Bar (Frankston), Bada Bing Hard Metal. 8:30pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Jay McLean. 7pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly & Scuzzi (w DJ Clay). 10pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin), Bedrock (w Superfly DJ’s). 9pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Karaoke Fridays. 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Dean Sands. 7pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville), Ultimate 90’s Experience. 9pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Rob Papp. 8:30pm Trims Restaurant (McCrae), Rossco G. 6:30pm Zagames (Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm SATURDAY MAY 24TH Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Bosly. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Class Action. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob & Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Johnnyboy Ginger, Alex Legg and Davy Simony. 8pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington), Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans (w Fudge & DJ Craig). 8pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Sunny Hawkins. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hotel Sorrento, (Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Kings Of Oz. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Live Music. 7pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kevin Joost. 7pm Rose GPO (Rosebud), The Warrains. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Royal Hotel (Mornington), Dylan Boyd. 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), Shanakee. 7pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm


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Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Diddy Reyes and the Blues Maniacs. 8:30pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Sergio Ercole. 12:30pm Zagames (Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm SUNDAY MAY 25TH Atrium (Safety Beach), Live Music. 2pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 5pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Moktoberfest w Andre McMillan, Kames Ducca, Daniel Jenkin, Ben Jansz, Barefoot Brucey & DJ Code Luke. 3pm Beach 162 (Frankston), Live Music. 2:30pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Olly & Scuzzi (In The Sportsbar). 5pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Piano Man Duo. 2pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Sunday Sessions. 2:30pm Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), St Cecilia Mass. 2:30pm Frankston Library Lounge (Frankston), Souled Out. 1:30pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Captain Spalding. 2:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sunday Session with Nia Robertson, Hank’s Jalopy Demons, Andrew Swift & The Rattlesnake Choir & The Prairie Oysters. 2pm Harba (Mornington), Rock Dogs. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), Jimi Hocking. 3pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Live Jazz. 3pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Party Animals. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Morn Pen Brewery (Mornington), Todd Cook. 2pm One Fourteen (Mentone), The Lazy Boys. 2pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent. 2pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Live Jazz. 1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Sunday Unplugged. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford), Club De Diddy. 2pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Paul Varney. 1pm Steeples (Mornington), Paul Chox. 2pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), The Weeping Willows. 12:30pm Trims Restaurant (McCrae), Usual Suspects. 12pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), The Acfields. 5:30pm TUESDAY MAY 27TH Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY MAY 28TH @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic (For Original Artists). 6:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia. 7:30pm THURSDAY MAY 29TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Robbie McVean. 6:30pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), ‘Plugged In’ Showcase w Aimee Chambers, Joshua Andrew & Dawkins. 8:30pm

Flanagans (Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Karaoke Competition. 8:30pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7:30pm Rye RSL (Rye), Swing Masters. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Live Music. 9pm FRIDAY MAY 30TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), Live Music. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Short Note. 7pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Rob Foenander. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), FriBays (RnB Room [Downstairs] & Samual James, Courtney Mills & Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Fudge. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), The Angels. 8pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). General Wine Lounge (McCrae), Lu Thompson w special guest Mish Wookey. 7:30pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Eastwood Ravine or Million Dollar Riff. 9pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Alex Formosa Band. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Takin’ Cover. 8pm Pelly Bar (Frankston), Bada Bing Hard Metal. 8:30pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent. 7pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly & Scuzzi (w DJ Clay). 10pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin), Bedrock (w Superfly DJ’s). 9pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Karaoke Fridays. 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), John Zammit. 1pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Devil Monkey. 8pm Trims (McCrae), Jay McLean. 6:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Carus Thompson. 8pm Zagames (Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm SATURDAY MAY 31ST Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Take Cover. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob & Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington), $ingle Income. 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Sub Rosa, Jarrod Shaw and Special Guest. 8pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington), Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans (w Fudge & DJ Craig). 8pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Todd McKenney sings Peter Allen. 8pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Steve Hawkins. 7:30pm

Grand Hotel (Mornington), Live Music. 7pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hotel Sorrento, (Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Hey Gringo. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kevin Joost. 7pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Royal Hotel (Mornington), Live Music w Ange. 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), The Original Mustangs. 7pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings). 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Wayne Monger. 7:30pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Soundbar (Rosebud West), Bag O Nails. 8pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Lindsay Fields. 12:30pm Zagames (Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm SUNDAY JUNE 1ST Atrium (Safety Beach), Live Music. 2pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Karaoke Night. 9pm Beach 162 (Frankston), Live Music. 2:30pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Olly & Scuzzi (In The Sportsbar). 5pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Paul Chox. 2pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Sunday Sessions. 2:30pm Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), The Glenn Miller Orchestra. 2:30pm Frankston RSL (Frankston), Live Music. 2:30pm Harba (Mornington), Sarah Gardner. 5pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Live Jazz. 3pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Morn Pen Brewery (Mornington), Ryan Luckhurst. 2pm Peninsula Blues Club (Frankston), Live Blues Music. 6pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent. 2pm Red Hill Bakery (Balnarring), Live Jazz.1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Sunday Unplugged. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford), Paul Woseen (Screaming Jets). 2pm Steeples (Mornington), Dylan Boyd. 2pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge), Calmer Miles. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), BBQ Bob. 5:30pm TUESDAY JUNE 3RD Mordialloc Supper Club (Mordialloc), Trivia Night. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY JUNE 4TH Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia. 7:30pm


Thursday June 5 bayside & mornington peninsula


EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD COFFEE Melbournians thrive on coffee. To learn more about how to construct your favourite latte, come and join hundreds of coffee fanatics at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Egg on Melbourne’s best baristas at the latte art competition, take part in cup tastings and learn which blends suit even the harshest palate. From May 15-18 at the Melbourne Showgrounds, tickets available now.


...with Heidi Bond


The largest celebration of Celtic culture in the southern hemisphere, The National Celtic Festival, is set to return to the idyllic surrounds of Port Arlington in Victoria from Friday June 6 to Monday June 9. With tickets now on sale, the line-up will include Barrule (Isle of Man), The Druids (IRE), Heartstring Quartet (UK), Fèis Rois (Scotland), Mairead Hurley (IRE), Fiona Ross (Scotland) and a host of Australian acts as well. More info and ticket purchases at www.

PURE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ May just might be unofficial Jazz month of 2014, with the launch of the Stonnington Jazz festival on May 15. Over ten days the crème de la crème of Australian Jazz music will perform in various venues south of the Yarra River, showcasing some phenomenal talent. Tickets on sale now, see www.

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From May 30-June 1 the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the Good Food and Wine show. Showcasing the enviable food and wine culture Melbourne has to offer, the event will seek to educate patrons via tastings, forums and presentations from the best ‘foodies’ around. See for event details

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL Anime enthusiasts can rejoice – the Melbourne International Animation Festival kicks off June 19. Come and celebrate over 400 recently released historical and retrospective animation from around the world at the AMCI with a myriad of screenings, workshops and presentations. See for more details.


After months of speculation, the highly anticipated Splendour in the Grass line-up is out. As rumoured, Outkast will headline the three-day Byron Bay festival – returning from a ten-year hiatus. London Grammar, Lily Allen, Angus and Julia Stone, Foster the People, Violent Soho, Two Door Cinema Club and Ben Howard will also perform. Tickets on sale May 2, get in quick PEARL-ers.



Next Wave Festival, April 16 - May 11, 2014, Melbourne (Various)

World Environment Day, June 5, 2014 Across Australia (Various)

Bright Autumn Festival, April 25 - May 4, 2014, Bright (Various)

Mornington Winter Jazz Festival, June 6 - 9, 2014, Mornington (Various)

Art Red Hill, May 2 - 4, 2014, Red Hill (Red Hill Consolidated School)

Woodend Winter Arts Festival, June 6 - 9, 2014, Woodend (Various)

Groovin’ The Moo, May 3, 2014, Bendigo (Prince Of Whales Showgrounds)

National Celtic Festival, June 6 - 9, 2014, Portarlington (Various)

Puffing Billy Great Train Race, May 4, 2014, Belgrave (Station) Annual Kellybrook Cider Festival, May 3 - 4, 2014, Kellybrook (Kellybrook Winery) Kingston Harvest Festival, May 10, 2014 Carrum (Roy Dore Reserve) Beechworth Music Festival , May 10, 2014, Beechworth (Madman’s Gully Amphitheatre, Mayday Hills) Break The Ice, May 10 - 11, 2014, Lilydale (Showgrounds) Mother’s Day Classic, May 11, 2014 Melbourne (Alexandra Gardens) Stonnington Jazz Festival, May 15- 25, 2014, Stonnington (Various) Hits & Pits Festival, May 17, 2014 Melbourne (Hi Fi) Great Ocean Road International Marathon, May 18, 2014, Great Ocean Rd (Various) Good Beer Week, May 17 - 25, 2014, Melbourne & Regional (Various) La Fiera Italian Festival, May 20-25, 2014, Myrtleford (Various) St Kilda Film Festival, May 22 - 31, 2014 St Kilda (Various) The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, May 23 -25, 2014 Carlton (Royal Exhibition Building) Cherry Rock 2014, May 25, 2014 Melbourne (Cherry Bar) International Cool Climate Wine Show, May 27, 2014, Mornington (Racecourse) Taste Of Sorrento, May 29 - June 2, 2014, Sorrento (Various) Melbourne International Jazz Festival, May 30 - June 8, 2014, Melbourne (Various)

Trails, Tastings and Tales Food & Wine Festival, June 6 - 9, 2014, Glenrowan Wine Region (Various wineries) Winter Wine Weekend Festival, June 7 - 9, 2014, Mornington Peninsula (Various) Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Festival, June 8, 2014, Mornington (Peninsula Community Theatre) Bayside Literary Festival, June 14 - 16, 2014, Bayside City Council (Various) Melbourne Cabaret Festival, June 19 -July 6, 2014, Melbourne (Various) Mildura Writers Festival, June 17 - 20, 2014, Mildura (Various) Kilmore Celtic Festival, June 27 - 29, 2014, Kilmore (Various) Melbourne Magic Festival, June 30 - July 12, 2014, Northcote (Northcote Town Hall) Leaps And Bounds Music Festival, July 4 - 20, 2014, Melbourne (Various) OZ Comicon, July 5 - 6, 2014, Melbourne (Royal Exhibition Building) Gertude Street Projection Festival, July 18 - 27, 2014, Fitzroy (Gertrude Street) Winter Blues Festival, July 25 - 27, 2014, Echuca Moama (Various) Mornington Bay Run, July 20, 2014, Mornington (Mornington Park) The Age Run Melbourne, July 27, 2014, Melbourne (Federation Square) Melbourne International Film Festival, July 31 - August 17, 2014, Melbourne (Various) Kelly Country Pick, August 14 - 17, 2014, Beechworth (Various) Melbourne Writers Festival, August 21 - 31, 2014 Melbourne (Various)

Mornington Peninsula Winery Walk, May 31, 2014, Red Hill (Recreation Reserve)

Poison City Weekender Festival, August 22 - 24, 2014, Melbourne (Various)

Wooden Music Festival, June 1, 2014, Newport (The Substation)

Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston, August 23 - September 6, 2014 Frankston (Various venues)

Melbourne International Singers Festival & Melbourne Eisteddfod, June 4 - 9, 2014, Melbourne (Federation Square)

Frankston & South Eastern Wine Show 2014, August 31, 2014, Mount Martha (The Briars)

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6-9 JUNE 2014 WILBUR WILDE’S WINTER WEEKEND Despite his rock background, Wilbur is first and foremost a jazz player. A renowned Australian saxophonist and vocalist, Wilbur Wilde rose to fame with the bands Ol’55 and Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons, but has a vast array of other names he’s been associated with and contributed music to, including Skyhooks, Elvis Costello, Renee Geyer, Glenn Shorrock, Dragon, James Reyne, Dire Straits and more. Many would know Wilde better from pursuits other than mainstream music, with his hugely popular Hey Hey It’s Saturday persona exposing him to many fans young and old, as well as appearances in The New Rocky Horror Show, on many major brand advertisements, breakfast radio with 3UZ and

Gold104 and television appearances on Countdown, The Flying Doctors, Blankety Blanks, Getaway, Postcards and more. With this range of roles behind him, Wilde has concentrated more recently on his long-time love, jazz, and following his appearances at last year’s inaugural Mornington Winter Jazz Festival, he’s set to return to The Bay Hotel on Sunday June 8 from 4pm and also will appear as part of the Mornington Racing Club’s Queen’s Birthday Picnic Races on Monday June 9. Running from 11am until 6pm, general admission tickets will be available at the gate (Adults $12, Concession $8 and under 15yrs free). See Wilde at The Bay (62 Main St, Mornington)

SOUNDS BY THE SEA WITH HETTY KATE “A charismatic and technically gifted vocalist whose gorgeous timbre carries echoes of Peggy Lee, June Christy and Julie London” Chris May – All About Jazz (USA) Born in England, and raised in Melbourne, you’ll often find Hetty Kate compared to a young Peggy Lee or Doris Day and present day chanteuses such as Stacey Kent and Silje Nergaard. Her pure tone and sweet swinging style has led her to perform in many beautiful countries around the world with her own bands and also as a featured vocalist alongside established jazz groups. Beginning her musical education in England with copious amounts of classical piano and less substantial amounts of violin, Hetty’s parents lit the embers of her imagination by taking her to see West End musicals, playing Doris Day records and Gene Kelly movies. After arriving in Australia, Hetty began classical singing lessons, and as music gathered her in its embrace, she became interested in contemporary music and the melodies of her childhood, The Great American Songbook. Formal studies continued with wonderful vocal coach Susie Ahern (John Farnham/Kylie Minogue/ Renee Geyer) and celebrated Melbourne Jazz pianists Steve and Bob Sedergreen which, interspersed with frequent trips to New York, led to Hetty’s performing debut in 2007. Since spending four years travelling and performing across Asia, South America and Europe, Hetty has become a fixture of the Melbourne vocal jazz scene – performing with her own bands and as a guest of Gianni Marinucci (Swing Train / Nonet) and more recently Australia’s own jazz icon James Morrison. She also often performs as a front-woman for big bands in Melbourne, and can be seen on stage with The Pearly Shells Swing Orchestra, The B# Big Band and Daryl McKenzie’s Jazz Orchestra, and when in Hong Kong she’s always thrilled to join ‘The Stray Katz’ Big Band. Hetty has a masterful way with lyrics, bringing them to vibrant and exciting life as if each were an expression of her own private thoughts. Since her debut, she has released four albums and is thrilled to offer two new recordings in 2014, one of which she’ll launch at the Mornington Winter Jazz Festival in a very special event at The Rocks (at Mornington Pier) on Friday June 6. The evening will commence at 7pm with tickets to include a twocourse set menu dinner and cocktail on arrival, before the show. They’re only available online, so make sure to grab yours now at


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on Sunday June 8, and again at the Mornington Racecourse (cnr Racecourse Rd & Morn-Tyabb Rd, Mornington) on Monday June 9. Tickets and Full Event Details available at and race information at www.

LOOK OUT FOR SASKWATCH Following their performance at this year’s Mordialloc Food, Wine & Music Festival, indie-soul band Saskwatch have decided to venture further south, set to appear at this year’s Winter Jazz Festival. On a pit stop in between gigs on their national tour, the Melbourne 9-piece earned their reputation as one of the city’s most electrifying live acts with ecstatic horns, one of the tightest rhythm sections in town and soaring vocals. Their debut album Leave It All Behind and the lead single Your Love gained national airplay and saw them appear on international stages, as well as at premier festivals back home. Now, in conjunction with their latest album, Nose Dive, out now through Northside Records/ Remote Control, Saskwatch have hit the road again after time off busily recording and will bring their new tunes, including the recent hits Hands and Born To Break Your Heart to Mornington. Supporting Saskwatch will be one of last year’s festival’s great successes; Flap! The quirky Melbourne Jazz outfit received an entirely unexpected Australian Jazz Bell Award, released a new single and toured the country with one of Australia’s most successful exports last year, and have showed no signs of slowing down since. Known stylistically as a mish-mash of genres including: traditional 1920’s jazz, calypso, English folk and Gypsy Brass, festivalgoers will no doubt remember the captivating Beaches show last year. See them alongside Saskwatch in a truly special doublebill this Queens Birthday Weekend. Full details of the show will be released imminently, so make sure to keep your eye on for all the announcements and details. While you’re there, grab some tickets to the wide variety of other live entertainment and activities on offer across the weekend. It’s sure to be a festival bigger and better than last year, which off the back of a cracker first year will be no mean feat. bayside & mornington peninsula

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6-9 JUNE 2014 OVER 30 FREE & TICKETED EVENTS A dynamic Jazz program featuring:








Enjoy Mornington as it comes alive with: FREE LIVE MUSIC in Venues across Mornington MUSIC AFTER DARK at Mornington Library

MARKET GROOVES at Main Street Market

JAZZ AT THE STATION at Mornington Historical Railway

NATIONAL WORKS ON PAPER at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY RACE DAY at Mornington Racecourse

ROCKIN RODS Hot Rod & Custom Car Cruise at Mornington Park

Tickets & Full Program of Events at


6-9 JUNE 2014 SASKWATCH IN THE LANEWAY Making a pit stop in between gigs on their National Tour will be the one and only Saskwatch who are sure to bring the house down performing the latest hits from their recently released Album – Nose Dive. Supporting them are Melbourne Favourites and winners of Best Traditional Jazz Album at the last Jazz Bell Awards - FLAP! Tickets and Full Event Details available at




Despite his rock background, Wilbur is first and foremost a jazz player. A renowned Australian saxophonist and vocalist, Wilbur Wilde rose to fame with the bands Ol’55 and Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons.

Exquisite in every way Katie Noonan is headlining at The Grand Hotel on Sunday 8th June with her band Elixir. While Katie is the obvious public focal point, Elixir is a trio of musical equals with Melbourne-based guitarist Stephen Magnusson, a major solo recording artist in his own right and Katie’s husband Zac Hurren providing mellifluous, lyrical saxophone lines, which are as distinctive a feature of the Elixir sound as Katie’s sublime vocals themselves. Tickets and Full Event Details available at



“…only one in a hundred actually makes the grade [as a jazz singer]. In this country, Jones remains the benchmark.” – John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Back by popular demand Australia’s leading jazz vocalist, Vince Jones will be performing at two unique shows throughout the Mornington Winter Jazz Festival. A remarkable interpreter and composer of songs in a contemporary jazz style, Vince Jones has a style that appeals equally to listeners and his musical peers. Vince Jones will perform at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery on Saturday 7th June in a boutique style show, and in full glory at The Grand Hotel on Sunday 8th June.

With a range of roles behind him including musician, actor, radio broadcaster, public speaker, television presenter/producer/writer, music producer and director, Wilde has concentrated more recently on his long-time love - JAZZ. A crowd favorite Wilbur is back in Mornington this year to perform at The Bay Hotel on Sunday 8th June and once more at The Mornington Racing Club – Queens Birthday Picnic Races on Monday 9th June.

Tickets and Full Event Details available at

Tickets and Full Event Details available at

Table Dine In - mention this coupon ( 1 per table ) 10% Discount per

Excellent Service Easy Parking Fully Licensed and BYO Take Away and Restaurant

Debuting her new album The Rocks Mornington

Open 7 nights from 5pm

Authentic North Indian and Tandoori Cuisine



5975 7377

1e Albert Street, Mornington






Join us to celebrate the 2014 Mornington Winter Jazz Festival Saturday Evening 7th June Dinner & Show $70 Show only $35 786 Esplanade Mornington Ph 5975 1183 BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Aperitivo, Dinner & Show with Cocktail on Arrival $88 Friday 6th June 7pm dinner, show commencing at 8.15pm Tickets and Event Information available at

Ti ck e t on sa s le



JEX SAARELAHT QUARTET â€œâ€Śpiano solos developed so astutely as to suggest he improvises with the big picture in mind, as well as what we might call the ‘extreme present’. Whatever the case, ravishing lines routinely tumbled from the keyboardâ€? – John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Pianist/composer Jex Saarelaht has performed and recorded with an astounding A to Z of Australian and international musicians; from RenÊe Geyer, Vince Jones, Chris Wilson and John Butler, to Sheila Jordan, Eddie Henderson, Camille O’Sullivan and Steve Lacy. Jex is Live on the piano at Beaches on Saturday 7th June. Tickets and Full Event Details available at

HETTY KATE w i t h


“A charismatic and technically gifted vocalist whose gorgeous timbre carries echoes of Peggy Lee, June Christy and Julie London� Chris May – All About Jazz (USA)

Debuting her new release album this very special event at The Rocks on Friday 6th June is one not to be missed. Hetty Kate is impeccable, often compared to a young Peggy Lee or Doris Day and present day chanteuses such as Stacey Kent and Silje Nergaard. Hetty has a masterful way with lyrics, bringing them to vibrant and exciting life as if each were an expression of her own private thoughts. Her pure tone and sweet swinging style has led her to perform in many beautiful countries and now we are lucky enough to have Hetty at the 2014 Mornington Winter Jazz Festival. Tickets and Full Event Details available at





“Australian Jazz singing doesn’t come any better than this‌â€?

Melbourne-based trumpeter Scott Tinkler is internationally recognised as an exceptionally powerful, daring and original improviser. Winner of the National Jazz Awards in 1996, he has worked with Paul Grabowsky in various combinations of this incredible quartet since 1992. They have released several albums including The Back Of My Head and Live. This very special show will be at one of the most unique places in town the Mornington Cinema on Saturday 7th June.

- The Weekend Australian

Dinner & show on Friday 6th June at CafÊ 115 with the Internationally renown Michelle Nicolle Quartet followed by Melbourne contemporary Jazz fusion exponents Omelette featuring Ronny Ferella, Jordan Murray, Geoff Hughes & Tom Lee. ADMISSION FREE BEFORE 9PM Dinner Menu Available – For more details visit

Tickets and Full Event Details available at




Wine, beer, food, coffee... sit, relax, chat... Wine Bar


Small Tastes

Mornington Winter Jazz Festival Presents‌ OPENING HOURS

holy jazz! hot as hell! Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th June From 3pm

Free Entry Gods Kitchen 53 Barkly St Mornington 5976 8666

Wednesday - Friday 11am till late Sat - Sun Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner 1c Albert Street, Mornington


ph: 5973 5791




> Wines by the glass > Range of local and international beers > Fireplace > Food served all day and evening > Open from 12 noon until late

13 Main Street, Mornington 3931 Telephone: 03 5975 0108 Email:


6-9 JUNE 2014 MARKET GROOVES A special Main Street Market will be held on Saturday 7th June 9am to 2pm. The market will showcase the fantastic quality homemade, home grown and home baked goods the weekly Main Street Market is famous for while celebrating music and art with live roving musicians, live street artists and buskers on street corners, in cafes, restaurants and shops. ‘Market Grooves at the Main Street Market’ is not to be missed! For details visit

ROCKIN’ RODS IN THE PARK: JAZZ AT THE STATION Step back in time to a bygone era, take a ride id on a h heritage i train i and d enjoy j lilive music at the station! At the Historical Mornington Railway there are both Steam and Diesel heritage broad gauge locomotives and passenger cars operating between Moorooduc and Mornington on Sunday 8th June, Queen’s Birthday Weekend. First train departs Moorooduc Station Moorooduc Hwy, Cnr Two Bays Rd Ph 1300 767 274 at 11am then12.15pm, 1.45pm & 3pm (Melways 105 K9). Visit for more details

Head down to Mornington Park on Saturday 7th June and feast your eyes on some of Melbourne’s finest vehicles at the Pre ’75 Vintage, Custom and Hot Rod Meet. The whole family will enjoy exploring these timeless classics including street rods, American & Australian Muscle Cars, Classics & pick-up trucks. Visit for more details


QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY RACING Topping off the Jazz Festival weekend are the Mornington Racing Club’s Queen’s Birthday Races on Monday 9th June. There’s plenty to do for the whole family with live Jazz in the Grandstand and a host of Free kids activities including an Animal Farm, Face Painting, Jumping Castle and the Maraca Decoration Village. General Admission and Corporate Dining Packages are available. Visit for more details

Music After Dark

At Mornington Library

Our Library is pleased to celebrate the 2014 Mornington Winter Jazz Festival with a showcase of amazing local musicians. Come and enjoy two free evenings of ‘improvisation in the round’ with talented artists. Saturday 7th June 2014, 7pm-9pm Jason Chalmers Trio will be joined by Steve Warner & Cantango

Explore yourself or take a guided tour around Main Street Mornington to discover the history of the former Schnapper Point fishing village. Browse in boutiques and stop at the old bank to withdraw beer, wine and cocktails. See Victoria’s oldest courthouse and adjoining lock-up, and embark on a historical adventure. Guided walks depart from the Old Post Office Museum on selected days. Visit for more details

Mornington Library present the Jazz After Dark Series of FREE CONCERTS FREE Event – Bookings Essential via Festival Website SATURDAY 7TH JUNE 7PM – 9PM @Mornington Library

>6Ă&#x2030;H 8IDG > K >:H  ; D : AA:G C 6 D <   I I > G K>H >C<6 :M8>I I H D B

JASON CHALMERS TRIO The Jason Chalmers Trio making beautiful sounds on the sax backed by an equally talented double bass player and drummer.

Sunday 8th June 2014, 5pm-7pm Gary Watling Quartet feat Marley Warren on Vocals will be joined by local performers with Steve Romig & Rob Pappalardo Duo

STEVE WARNER & CANTANGO With a guitarist, singer and violinist, Steve Warner and Cantango bring you European Cafe music, Gypsy Jazz, Celtic, Elizabethan, Swing and Latin

()C7OĂ&#x2026;(&@KBO(&'* EVja@ZaanI]ZEdgigV^ih 6CVi^dcVaEdgigV^i<VaaZgnidjg^c\Zm]^W^i^dc


Where: Mornington Library, Vancouver Street Enquiries: Mornington Chamber of Commerce Ph: 03 5975 4522 | E:

Bookings Essential & FREE via


SUNDAY 8TH JUNE 5PM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7PM @Mornington Library GARY WATLING Quartet ft MARLEY WARREN on Vocals Guitarist Gary Watling and vocalist Marley Warren embrace Jazz as an improvising platform, their shared passion for other contemporary styles draws from the rich repertoire of jazz standards and American music. STEVE ROMIG & ROB PAPPALARDO DUO A dynamic duo just â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;doing their thing.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; The pair bring vast experience and toe tapping fun with their Library After Dark Blues Showcase.



8^k^XGZhZgkZ!9jcchGdVY Bdgc^c\idcK>8(.(& DeZcIjZhĂ&#x201E;Hjc&%VbĂ&#x201E;*eb E]dcZ/%(*.,*)(.* lll#beg\#bdgceZc#k^X#\dk#Vj

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HiVgh^ci]ZG^kZg/?Zhh^ZIgV^aa 6CVi^dcVa<VaaZgnd[6jhigVa^Vidjg^c\Zm]^W^i^dc

GIGS/TOURS IN 2014 MAY 2014 Action Bronson (Corner Hotel). Thurs May 1 Nick Kingswell & Alex Gibson (Revolver Upstairs). Thurs May 1 Russian Circles (The Hi-Fi). Thurs May 1 Disclosure (Forum Theatre). Thurs May 1 & Fri May 2 Thundamentals (Corner Hotel). Thurs May 1 & Fri May 2 Michael Buble (Rod Laver Arena). Thurs May 1, Sat May 3 & Sun May 4 The Wolfe Brothers (Revolver Upstairs). Fri May 2 Rebecca Mendoza Quartet (Bennetts Lane). Fri May 2 New Travellers (The Espy). Fri May 2 Stonefield (Prince Bandroom). Fri May 2 The Jezabels (Palais Theatre). Fri May 2 DJ Premier x Pete Rock (170 Russell). Fri May 2 The Presets (The Hi-Fi). Fri May 2 Bally Sagoo (Trak Lounge). Fri May 2 D R I (The Hi-Fi). Sat May 3 Julia Messenger (Bennetts Lane). Sat May 3 Robyn Hitchcock & Steve Kilbey (Arts Centre, Playhouse). Sat May 3 The Furbelows (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat May 3 Sydonia (The Espy). Sat May 3 5 Seconds Of Summer (Palais Theatre). Sat May 3 & Sun May 4 Ball Park Music (Corner Hotel). Sat May 3, Sun May 4 & Mon May 5 Kanye West (Rod Laver Arena). Tues May 6 Children Of Bodom (170 Russell). Wed May 7 B.A.P. (Festival Hall). Thurs May 8 Dizzee Rascal (Palace Theatre). Thurs May 8 Origin (Corner Hotel). Thurs May 8 Daniel Champagne (Northcote Social Club). Fri May 9 Petula Clark (Hamer Hall). Fri May 9 Arctic Monkeys (Rod Laver Arena). Fri May 9 Kings & Queens (The Espy). Fri May 9 Cut Copy (170 Russell). Fri May 9 Temples (Corner Hotel). Sat May 10 Elly Hoyt (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat May 10 Misery Signals (The Espy). Sat May 10 The Perch Creek Family Jugband (The Hi-Fi). Sat May 10 Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Sat May 10 & Sun May 11 Harrison Craig (Palms at Crown). Sun May 11 Celtic Thunder (Princess Theatre). Tues May 13 Rufus (Palace Theatre). Tues May 13, Wed May 14 & Thurs May 15 Dustin Tebbutt (Northcote Social Club). Wed May 14, Thurs May 15 & Fri May 16 The English Beat (Corner Hotel). Thurs May 15 Septicflesh & Fleshgod Apocalypse (The Hi-Fi). Fri May 16 Anthony Callea (Palms at Crown). Fri May 16 music  arts  events  entertainment

Elly Hoyt (Bennetts Lane). Sat May 16 DZ Deathrays (Corner Hotel). Fri May 16 Bliss N Eso, Horrowshow & Seth Sentry (Flemington Racecourse). Fri May 16 Fem Belling Quintet (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat May 17 Dennis Locorriere (Palms at Crown). Sat May 17 The Cactus Channel (Revolver Upstairs). Sat May 17 Jonny Craig (Corner Hotel). Sat May 17 Ms Lauryn Hill (Palais Theatre). Wed May 21 Lauryn Hill (Hamer Hall). Thurs May 22 Frente & Maples (Arts Centre, Playhouse). Thurs May 22 & Fri May 23 Vance Joy (Forum Theatre) Thurs May 22 & Fri May 23 Brittany Pavolo (Revolver Upstairs). Fri May 23 Darren Percival (Palms at Crown). Fri May 23 Vance Joy (Forum Theatre). Fri May 23 Architecture in Helsinki (170 Russell). Fri May 23 Frenzel Romb (Corner Hotel). Fri May 23 MidLake (Corner Hotel). Sat May 24 Sex On Toast (Revolver Upstairs). Sat May 24 Mango Groove (Forum Theatre). Sat May 24 Kingswood (The Hi-Fi). Sat May 24 One Night Of Queen (Palais Theatre). Sat May 24 Things Of Stone & Wood (Northcote Social Club). Sat May 24 & Sun May 25 Casey Donovan (Bennetts Lane). Sat May 24 & Sun May 25 Janelle Monae (The Plenary). Mon May 26 The Waifs (170 Russell). Tues May 27 We Are Scientists (Corner Hotel). Wed May 28 Martin Taylor (Bennetts Lane). Thurs May 29 Propagandhi (Corner Hotel). Thurs May 29 & Fri May 30 Gary Numan (The Hi-Fi). Fri May 30 Charles Lloyd Sky Trio (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Fri May 30 Apia Good Times Tour (Palais Theatre). Fri May 30 Aleyce Simmonds (Revolver Upstairs). Fri May 30 Operation Off-Beat (Prince Bandroom). Fri May 30 Glenn Miller Orchestra (Hamer Hall). Fri May 30 & Sat May 31 Royal Blood (Corner Hotel). Sat May 31 Stonefox (Revolver Upstairs). Sat May 31 Ellie Goulding (Festival Hall). Sat May 31 Gabrielle Aplin (The Toff In Town). Sat May 31 Julie O’Hara (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat May 31 The Bootleg Beatles (Princess Theatre). Sat May 31

JUNE 2014 Naturally 7 (Elizabeth Murdoch Hall). Sun Jun 1 Dru Hill (Trak Lounge). Sun Jun 1

THE WHO/WHAT/WHERE WITH TRACY COATES Timeline (Hamer Hall). Mon Jun 2 Larry Carlton Quartet (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Wed Jun 4 Mary Stallings (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Thurs Jun 5 Liars (Corner Hotel). Thurs Jun 5 Coroner (The Hi-Fi). Thurs Jun 5 Armin Only (Hisense Arena). Fri Jun 6 Sat Jun 7 Celtic Thunder (The Plenary). Sat Jun 7 Irwell Street String Band with Hetty Kate (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jun 7 Wagons & Jonny Fritz (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jun 7 Derrick Hodge & Chris Turner (Forum Theatre). Sat Jun 7 Davi sings Sinatra (Palais Theatre). Sat Jun 7 Holeandcorner (Shed 14 Docklands). Sat Jun 7 James Blunt (The Plenary). Sun Jun 8 Adrian Sami (Palais Theatre). Sun Jun 8 TLC (Palais Theatre). Wed Jun 11 Laura Pausini (Rod Laver Arena). Thurs Jun 12 La Dispute (Corner Hotel). Thurs Jun 12, Fri Jun 13 & Sat Jun 14 The Beatle Boys (Festival Hall). Sat Jun 14 Dragon (Palms at Crown). Sat Jun 14 Chet Faker (Forum Theatre). Sun Jun 15 Carcuss (170 Russell). Sun Jun 15 Bastille (Festival Hall). Sun Jun 15 Band of Skulls (The Hi-Fi). Tues Jun 17 The Bronx (170 Russell). Tues Jun 17 Graveyard Train (170 Russell). Fri Jun 20 Eddi Reader (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Fri Jun 20 Glenn Shorrock & Brian Cadd (Palms at Crown). Sat Jun 21 Earth (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jun 21 Keith Urban (Rod Laver Arena). Wed Jun 25 & Thurs Jun 26 The Crimson ProjeKCt (The Hi-Fi). Thurs Jun 26 Melanie (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Thurs Jun 26 Pseudo Echo (Corner Hotel). Fri Jun 27 The Paper Kites (Athenaeum Theatre). Fri Jun 27 Mondo Rock (Palais Theatre). Sat Jun 28 Strange Tenants (Corner Hotel). Sat Jun 28 Boney M (Palms at Crown). Sat Jun 28 Tamara Kudlin (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jun 28 Story Of The Year (170 Russell). Sun Jun 29

Shelley Segal (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jul 12 The Beards (170 Russell). Fri Jul 18 Hetty Kate (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Sat Jul 19 High On Fire (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jul 19 Corrosion Of Conformity (170 Russell). Sun Jul 20 Pelican (The Hi-Fi). Fri Jul 25 Hetty Kate (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jul 26

AUGUST 2014 Andrew Strong & The Commitments (Corner Hotel). Sun Aug 3 Body Jar & Samiam (Corner Hotel). Sat Aug 9 Hanson (Palais Theatre). Sat Aug 9 Lady Gaga (Rod Laver Arena). Sat Aug 23 Anathema (Corner Hotel). Sat Aug 23 Marina Prior (Arts Centre, Playhouse Theatre). Sat Aug 23 The Dandy Warhols (Corner Hotel). From Mon Aug 25 to Tues Sept 2 [4 shows]

SEPTEMBER 2014 ONWARDS Kaylens Rain (Revolver Upstairs). Sat Sept 6 Biffy Clyro (Palais Theatre). Sun Sept 7 Kanye West (Rod Laver Arena). Tues Sept 9 & Wed Sept 10 Robbie Williams (Rod Laver Arena). Tues Sept 16 & Wed Sept 17 Tina Arena (Palais Theatre). Wed Sept 17 & Thurs Sept 18 Justin Timberlake (Etihad Stadium). Thurs Sept 18 & Fri Sept 19 Andrea Bocelli (Rod Laver Arena). Sun Sept 21 Rebel SoulJahz (The Hi-Fi). Fri Sept 26 Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 3 Anh Do (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 10 Rick Springfield (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 17 Celtic Legends (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 31 & Sat Nov 1 Rolling Stones (Rod Laver Arena). Wed Nov 5 Accept (Corner Hotel). Sat Nov 15 Katy Perry (Rod Laver Arena). From Fri Nov 14 to Wed Dec 10 [8 shows] Toxic Holocaust & Iron Reagan (The Hi-Fi). Sun Nov 23

JULY 2014 Bell X1 (The Hi-Fi). Thurs Jul 3 Linda Cable (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Fri Jul 4 Little Bastard (Northcote Social Club). Fri Jul 4 Saskwatch (Corner Hotel). Fri Jul 5 Janis Siegal (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Fri Jul 5 Violent Soho (The Hi-Fi). Fri Jul 5, Sat Jul 6 & Fri Jul 18 Remi (Corner Hotel). Fri Jul 11 The Angels (Palms at Crown). Sat Jul 12

visit  like us at 45

SORRENTO-PORTSEA RSL engagement policy. FUNCTION ROOM: Our rooms can hold over 200 people. We conduct community fundraising events, anticancer promotions, Pink Ladies Day, 18th’s & 21st’s, Anniversaries, Memorials, Wakes, Parties, Sporting Group Functions (including Football Clubs, Indoor Carpet Bowls, Nautical Marine Annual Fishing Competition, Southern Peninsula Angling Club, etc). IN A NUTSHELL: This is the most warm, family friendly club on the Peninsula, with meals and drinks at reasonable prices and new members always welcome.

WHAT: Sorrento Portsea RSL and Sorrento Thai restaurant.

BBQ night, with a great Porterhouse steak, sausage & salad from only $15 per head. Feel free to come down on a Sunday for a sip and sometimes free live music – see website.

WHERE: 1-3 Hurley St, Sorrento WHEN: Restaurant open for bookings and takeaway, Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm til late (Dinner) and Thursday to Sunday (Lunch).

Sorrento Portsea RSL is located at 1-3 Hurley St, Sorrento 3943. For more details, make sure to visit www.sorrentoportsearsl. com or call 5984 2886.

WHO: SPECIAL EVENTS: ANZAC Day and Australia Day are our signature days. There is no better place to be on the Peninsula to pay your respects than at the family friendly Sorrento Portsea RSL. COMMUNITY: We are a not for profit organisation and live up to our mantra to care for our veterans’ welfare and that of the whole community. We’ve also built some great local network partnerships through our extended community have built a great local reputation, filling a special niche market, with excellent reviews.

WHO: Come and meet our president John Prentice and partner Jenny. They will make you feel right at home in the unique friendly club. The bar staff and band of helpers are all local volunteers and are there for one reason: “Lest We Forget”. FOR THE HUNGRY PEOPLE: Sorrento Thai are experienced operators and


PEARL Magazine  May


LIVE MUSIC: The Sorrento Portsea RSL continues to bring a great mix of music to the Peninsula, including Normie Rowe, Shanakee, Goofyfooter and more. Check out our website for updates and coming events at FRIDAY NIGHT: Friday night is ‘Members Night’, every week, with great raffle prizes and cool drinks from 5pm. The last Friday night of the month is our

bayside & mornington peninsula


CALL MATTHEW 0437110710 1-3 Hurley Street, SORRENTO



Mentor Music Adviser

Song Assessment Service

Studio and Production Services IAN PAV HAS 37 YEARS INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Linking with some of the best in the business and utilising a range of facilities we can service our clients along the East Coast of Australia & the Pacific rim providing face to face and skype/internet based services.

Singing, Guitar & Piano lessons BOOK NOW for our Songwriting Workshop !!

music  arts  events  entertainment

visit  like us at 47

FROM THE SONG TO THE SALE tips in the recording business...

with IAN PAV So you have written some songs and ready to record, are you? Over this series of articles we will give some insights into the production process from start to finish. Let’s start with the basics… . “Why record?” A memento? A demo to get gigs? Commercial sale? Really


understanding the purpose of recording helps you put the rest of the process in context. While a memento for family might involve a quick lay down with just you and guitar, a full commercial production with session players, good equipment, etc is obviously more complex. Let’s presume it will be a commercial release. Before anything else, more questions. . “Are the songs going to sell?” Who has told you they’re good? Family and friends like to be nice, not always critically constructive (just look at some who audition for X-Factor or Idol). Do the songs ‘fit your genre’? Have you run them past experienced people in the business that will give you straight answers? Have you played them at many gigs and seen really positive reaction? It’s the reaction of the audience rather than what’s said that gives the true indication. If the answer is ‘no’ to the last two questions then you are probably not


ready. There may be possible changes or even reworking from scratch required. If yes, next question. . Are there enough possible sales to make money? Are you gigging heaps with the opportunity to sell CDs? 98% of artists still sell 98% of product as a result of gigs. If you are not gigging often, I would strongly suggest not doing a commercial recording yet. No one wants 400 CDs of the initial run still under their bed in 5 years. Do you have enough people coming to your gigs? Do you have enough ‘real’ following engaging with you, not just ’likes’, on social media? Do not count family, friends, and associates, those you know. Count only those who will definitely buy (after giveaways). Work out people that come to gigs specifically to see you and interact on media. Of those estimate how many engage in the music, ask about a CD, etc – be real… then halve that! If that result isn’t at least 150-200 then you


probably need to wait, do some singles or be prepared not to break even on your investment for 2-3 years. If all that is covered, you’re ready to consider the possibility of doing a commercial recording.

With 37 years experience in the industry, Ian Pav is a producer, mentor and owner of PavMusic (studios and production). Recently moved to Rosebud and building his new production studio there, Ian is now looking to work with clients around the Peninsula as well as his ongoing clientele around Australia and overseas. You can see more or contact Ian via about Marilyn Monroe from whom the band’s front woman Deborah Harry crafted her image. The name Blondie was focused around Harry, who would apparently daydream as a child about Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe being her birth mother.

...with Ray McGrotty (Record City)


Parallel Lines was the third album from US new wave band Blondie, released in September 1978. The album went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide and was the first of their albums to be produced by Australian born Mike Chapman, the driving force behind such artists as The Sweet, Smokie, Racey and Suzi Quatro, to name a few. Although Blondie were originally marketed as a new wave band, Parallel Lines was a brilliantly produced pop album, which gave the band the kick that they needed for their ultimate success. The album went to number 1 in the UK, number 6 in the US and reached number 2 in Australia.


PEARL Magazine  May


When the two tracks Sunday Girl and Heart Of Glass were released as a single, it immediately made its assault on charts all around the world and reaching number one in many of those countries including Australia. Other tracks include originals Pretty Baby, I Know But I Don’t Know, 11:59, along with Will Anything Happen and a cover of Buddy Holly’s I’m Gonna Love You Too.

opened doors for a whole wave of female fronted bands to follow. Ray McGrotty is the owner/manager of Record City Collectables, 433 Nepean Highway, Frankston. Record City stocks a vast array of memorabilia, cassettes and vinyl, rare and unseen releases as well as current favourites. If you’d like to suggest a Classic Cut, drop him a line at RAY McGROTTY

Ironically the final track, Just Go Away, is a complete lyrical turnaround from the album’s second track about stalking.

It’s full of catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, so much so that six of the album’s tracks were issued as singles. Hanging On The Telephone is the opening track, originally written and recorded by a Los Angeles band called The Nerves in 1976.

Everything about Parallel Lines is memorable, including the cover which has the band members wearing black suits, white shirts and black ties while Debbie Harry stands in front dressed all in white.

One Way Or Another is a song about stalking and is one of the 9 original tracks featured, as is the following track Picture This. Fade Away And Radiate was written by lead guitarist Chris Stein and is a song

It’s a truly great album from a dynamic band who are remembered as being pioneers of punk and new wave. A band who bayside & mornington peninsula

Send all review material to : Attention: The Editor PEARL Magazine | 5 Bennetts Rd, Mornington, Vic, 3931

Hadyn H adyn levett’S levett’S


Xylouris Ensemble (INDEPENDENT) Luckily music crosses the language barrier, because there are very few words I can understand on this album, even the name I needed help with, Aera (Air). The Xylouris Ensemble are a multigenerational band from Melbourne, playing mostly instrumental music. Founded back in 1990, they do their own take on traditional Irish and Cretan music. The instrumentation is really cool, with lutes and lyras and a bunch of other instruments I’ve never heard of (e.g. tonbak, lafta). The track Helidonaki – Rizitiko has haunting vocals, sung acapella by Dee Hannan. Round and Round has that Irish sound where you can easily see Guinness being knocked back and visualise people dancing. The musicality across the album is quite astounding. MATT RIPPON


Jeff Lang’s title as ‘guitar virtuoso, dynamic songwriter and captivating live performer’ cannot be argued. Across his 14-album career, he’s more than proved his worth in all areas, and now comes another exponent of diversity and expression. This record hints to more than a few genres, from the quirky entrée to the album, Watch Me Go, through the lush tremolo guitar of the almost Van Morrison-esque People Will Break Your Heart, the sparse country shuffle of This City’s Not Your Hometown Anymore and the middle-eastern tinged Pull Of The Drift, Lang is on song with his guitar chops and pulling you into different worlds with each section, let alone each song. No matter what’s happening musically though, he seems to effortlessly lay his smooth, disarming vocal over the whole record, gluing it all together with his imprint. Highlights for me are the epic and cinematic Standing On The Shore and the funky Butler-esque rootsy skip of I Want To Run But My Legs Won’t Stand. WALTER BENELLS


Melbourne Singer-songwriter Susy Blue is releasing her anticipated new album Nobody’s Somebody. Chock full of amazing vocals, interesting songwriting and a whole lot of different genres, the LP delivers on being a good listen from start to finish. Murder Bolero sweeps open the album with a dark gypsy sound, the track feels like a dramatic mini opera, evoking a lots imagery. It goes upbeat next on the calypso tune Wish In My Dish. Gone Now with its driving rhythm takes us into country territory, but we’re brought back with the sinister surf track Baby I’m Bored, which has some cool guitar, as do a lot of the songs. The back half of the album keeps up the pace of genre hopping, Hopefully I’ll Die takes us back to an upbeat rhythm, with Susy’s vocals sounding extra amazing. Soft strings carry the album out on a cloud in Almost Love You. MATT RIPPON


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Rollo Ellis has unveiled his brand new album Songs From Under The Stares At The Solitary Elephant Mourning The Blindness Of Humanity and it’s as beguiling as he is. There’s a real sense of doom and gloom in a lot of the tracks. It’s raw, open and extremely captivating. It’s not something you can just play in the background. It requires full attention. It deserves your full attention. Ellis’ music and lyrics have a comparable tone and essence to that of Nick Cave. There’s also a dash of Tim Freedman in there too. For some reason The Floor, The TV And The Phone sounds like something that came off The Whitlams’ Love This City album. Stand out tracks are Look Out, Magpie and Ghosts. HADYN LEVETT

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Old school rock has been reinvigorated by The Birds Of Satan and their self-titled debut album. Originally forming as a cover band, The Birds Of Satan consists of none other than Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters fame as well as Wiley Hodgen and Mick Murphy. Taking their inspiration from the bands they covered such as Van Halen, Queen and Black Sabbath, this album is packed full of good old fashioned, solid rock tunes. The opening track is a 9-minute epic homage to the rock gods of past and present. Other stand-out tracks include Pieces Of The Puzzle, which has some classic Foo Fighters flavour and the Aerosmith-esque ballad Too Far Gone To See. If you are a Foo Fan, this one is for you.


Canadian singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega has released her latest album Tin Star, earning her another gold star on her list of achievements. At first glance you assume the album will be as country as can be. However, when you get into it, you realise that it’s not as country sounding as once assumed. It’s actually quite beautiful. It’s the softer, more fragile songs that are the pick on this album. Songs About is a great way to cap off a fairly solid effort. It’s songs like this that make it worth the listen. If each song was just Ortega, her voice and a piano or guitar it would have been a hole in one. There’s parts where it feels as though there’s too much. Getting back to the basics would have done the trick.

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Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Its common denominator is a spark – that moment of clarity and uplift that motivates people to want to be better and do better. This year the arts have provided me many of these moments. Recently I interviewed Melbourne novelist Elliot Perlman and then heard him speak at Montalto Olive Grove and Vineyard in Red Hill. He was so filled with passion and ideas that the whole room was abuzz. He was like a literary Pied Piper and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Similarly, in seeing David Williamson’s When Dad Married Fury, it was so packed with ideas that the audience was still unpacking them well after the performance. Frankston Arts Centre just launched The Edge, a website promoting the many talented people of the Bayside and Mornington Peninsula encouraging creative collaboration. Its passionate promoters got everyone enthused. Coming up this month are new exhibitions at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery and Art Red Hill. Frankston Arts Centre has a crackerjack line up this month and Frankston Theatre Group will awe audiences with The Diary of Anne Frank. See something and be inspired. Contemplatively, Your Arts Editor

Cream Rises AND Water Waves

Travelling to McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery are two exhibitions that illustrate and celebrate modern Australian identity through art and images from post-Second World War to present. From Rockhampton Art Galllery is the cream of the crop in their collection of Australian modernist paintings. Cream: Four Decades of Australian Art covers a period between 1940 and 1980 illustrating a shift from euro-centric art to distinctively Australian style and content. Featuring a who’s who of Australian artists from Grace Cossington-Smith and John Brack to Margaret Olley and Sidney Nolan and everyone in between, this is a must-see perspective on the shifting landscape of modern Australian art. In another illustration of our national identity Waves and Water: Australian Beach Photography, on loan from Sydney’s Australian National Maritime Museum, features photographs from 1930 to present day captured by seven of Australia’s most celebrated beach photographers. From Max Dupain’s iconic black and white Sunbaker (1935) to Narelle Autio’s spectacular present day underwater ocean swimming images in vibrant colour, this exhibition is a celebration of beach culture with varied perspectives on the ways Australians enjoy the sea. Cream and Waves & Water are on exhibition from Sunday, May 11 to Sunday, August 3 at McClelland Sculpture Park & Gallery (Langwarrin) Entry by donation. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. 9789 1671 www. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS


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Eye in the lens Max Dobson might look like your average tall lanky 17 year old, but there is more to him than meets the eye. In fact, what makes him different is his eye, his eye for photography. While almost anyone can take a good photo through fortunate timing, terrific subject matter or good technical skill, not many have that instinctive gift for visualizing the perfect shot and that’s what sets Dobson’s work apart. His adventures in photography began one fateful school holiday in Queensland when his parents bought their twelveyear-old son an underwater camera for Christmas. Wasting no time at all he dove straight into the hotel pool and started shooting. He’s been diving in literally and figuratively ever since, as his favourite subject is waves. He spends a lot of time in the surf down at Shoreham and Flinders. Donning a set of fins and a camera on a surfboard leash, Dobson swims out or jumps off the rocks and waits for that perfect shot. It might take thirty minutes or four hours, but he’s patient and curious enough to wait and see what develops. Surf photography is very physical. He loves how involved he has to be in it to capture that perfect angle or wave. It’s time consuming, but totally engaging. Starting out with the almost limitless virtues of a Go Pro camera, Dobson was hooked. While he loves its compactness and how quickly the Go Pro can reel off shots, he ultimately prefers the larger SLR camera and all he can achieve with it. Being a body boarder sparked his interest in seascapes and surf photography, but it’s not his only subject matter. Skateboarding is another of Dobson’s hobbies and he has taken some amazing skating photos at local skate parks. He’s also capitalized on travel opportunities with his family. When travelling to Thailand last year they got caught up in the Bangkok protests and Dobson managed to photograph some extraordinary moments. He also took a number of great portraits. From vast landscapes to minute detail, he’s got the

knack for picking up just the right elements for breathtaking images. Despite being a busy Year 12 student at Dromana Secondary College, Dobson makes time to pursue his love for the lens and he’s got his eye on the future. He hopes to travel the world taking photos and possibly getting an advanced degree, but he’s got to tackle Year 12 yet and that’s a challenge in and of itself. See Dobson’s photos at his Max Dobson Photography facebook page or his ever evolving new website www. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

She sings the body electric Blood meets electricity Touch bringing more than static where skin is memory stained forever and that could never be regarded as sin She sings the body electric

Short circuit to sweetness where wordless breath speaks for itself Tinted Scented Sweet © 2014 Andrea Louise Thomas

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National works on LONG WEEKEND IN ART paper unfolds


Annual Flinders Art Show has featured the finest painters, printmakers and illustrators from the Mornington Peninsula and beyond every Queen’s Birthday weekend for 47 years, yet it improves on every showing.

Showcasing artists who work with or on paper traditionally or in novel explorations, the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s biennial National Works on Paper exhibition unfolds May 23.

Over 350 entries vie for numerous specialist prizes. Entries are judged by some of the finest professionals in the Melbourne art world. This year welcomes a new prize, the Bendigo Bank Award for Emerging Young Artists (1830 years old.) acknowledging fresh talent. Another new initiative is the Little Gems Prize for works 20 x 20 cm offering affordable original artwork on a compact scale.

One of Australia’s most prestigious awards and acquisitive exhibitions of its type, this year the gallery received over a thousand entries from contemporary artists in printmaking, drawing, painting, digital prints, and paper sculpture. Judges narrowed entries down to a shortlist of 67 artists from all around Australia. Official opening and announcement of award and acquisitions takes place Saturday, May 24 at the MPRG. NWOP runs from May 23 to July 20 at The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, Mornington 5975 4395, www.

Volunteer art committee members, local businesses and community organizations work tirelessly to promote the art and artists while raising much- needed funds for Peninsula charities. It’s a winning combination. Opening night is Friday, June 6 from 7 -10pm. Show continues Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm and Monday from 10am to 2pm. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS


Art is meant to inspire us, to get us thinking, feeling and sometimes leave us reeling. It might provoke laughter, trigger anger, spark sadness or reflect madness. One thing is for sure, no two people will respond the same way to the same work so it’s difficult so say art inspires all. Like sex and politics, human response to art is a highly controversial topic. Hot or not, it certainly gets tongues wagging. One person’s art is another person’s eyesore. Hopefully people will be inspired by art, but even ire is a response. Have your say on our Facebook page or send your own hot topic to:



David Williamsonʼs

managing carmen TUESDAY 27 MAY @ 8pm*

Win 2 tickets to Bell Shakespeareʼs Henry V on 15 July. Quote “Pearl” when booking to go into the draw. Closes 28 May.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

AFL player. Brownlow medallist. Cross dresser. Acclaimed Australian playwright and National Living Treasure David Williamson delivers another hilarious football story – this time, with a twist.

03 9784 1060

Box Office: In spectacular form, Managing Carmen takes a satirical look at the characters behind the nation’s favourite sport: greedy sports managers, champion footballers, bimbo girlfriends and notorious tabloid writers.

* Captioned performance

Tickets: Member $40, Full $51, Conc $47, U30 $30, U16 $16, Splash $25, Group 10+ $42 Duration: 140 minutes, including interval Pre-show dining: 03 9784 1071 Warning: Contains strong language and adult themes. Not suitable for children. Frankston Arts Centre is a Business Unit of Frankston City Council

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WHAT’S HAPPENING IN ARTS & CULTURE... Your guide to Arts & Culture events on the Peninsula & Bayside in May• Send all listings to Andrea (Arts Editor) at LITERARY ARTS AND ARTS LECTURES:


MORDIALLOC WRITERS’ GROUP Tuesdays at 8pm @ Mordialloc Neighbourhood House (Mordialloc) 9587 8757

ART RED HILL Opens Friday, May 2 from 7:30 to 10:30pm continues Saturday, May 3 & Sunday, May 4, 10am to 5pm @ Red Hill Consolidated School (Red Hill)

SOUTHERN PENS Wednesdays at 1 pm @ Rosebud Library (Rosebud) Kaye 5985 6773 MORNINGTON WRITERS’ GROUP Fridays at 10 am & 7:30 pm @ Albert Street Community House (Mornington) 5975 4772 PENINSULA POETS First Saturday of the month at 11 am @ Mornington Peninsula Library Meeting Room (Mornington) Contact: Andrea 0435 120 297 or WRITER’S BLOCK MEETING Fortnightly on Saturdays at 10 am (May 10 & 24) @ Cube 37 at Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Contact: Fran 0438 890 217 or FELLOWSHIP OF AUSTRALIAN WRITERS, PENINSULA BRANCH Third Sunday of the month at 1:45 pm @ Albert Street Community Contact House (Mornington) Contact: READINGS BY THE BAY Last Sunday of the month at 2pm Mordialloc @ Neighbourhood House (Mordialloc) 9587 8757 mairi@ LIVE ‘N LOCAL LITERARY READINGS Thursday, May 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm @ Rosebud Library (Rosebud) 5950 1230 POETRY FOR PAGE OR STAGE WRITING/PERFORMING WORKSHOP WITH ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS Monday, May 5 at 6pm @ Frankston Library (Frankston) Free, but please make a booking: 9784 1020 POETRY PEOPLE OPEN READINGS Saturday, May 10 from 2 – 4 pm @ Rosebud Library (Rosebud) Contact: Theresa O’Dea 0416 866 699 AUSTRALIAN DECORATIVE AND FINE ARTS SOCIETY TALK: IT’S NOT JUST TCHAIKOVSKY WITH NIGEL BATES Friday, May 16 at 5:30 pm at Peninsula Community Theatre (Mornington) @ Peninsula Community Theatre (Mornington) or BAYSIDE LITERARY SERIES PRESENTS: WHO SAYS ULYSSES IS TOO DIFFICULT TO READ? A GUIDE TO THE PERPLEXED READER OF JAMES JOYCE’S MASTERPIECE Sunday, May 18 from 2 - 4pm @ Brighton Library (Brighton) BAYSIDE POETRY GROUP PRESENTS: SIXTH ANTHOLOGY LAUNCH Tuesday, May 20 from 6 – 8 pm @ Beaumaris Library (Beaumaris) BAYSIDE LITERARY SERIES PRESENTS: BY THE BOOK: A READERS GUIDE TO LIFE WITH RAMONA KOVAL Thursday, May 22 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm @ Brighton Library (Brighton)

MCCLELLAND GUILD OF ARTISTS OPEN DAY Saturday, May 3 from 10 am to 4 pm @ Studio Park at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery (Langwarrin) www. ANNUAL TEAPOT EXHIBITION AT STUDIO @ FLINDERS Until Sunday, May 4 from 10 am to 5 pm (Closed Tuesdays & Thursdays) @ Studio @ Flinders (Flinders) www. CUBE 37 ART AFTER DARK PRESENTS: PAPER DOLL BY RACHEL ROSS & BOX HEAD BY JESSICA SPRAGUE Until Sunday, May 4: Paper Doll, Monday, May 5 to Monday, May 26: Box Head @ Cube 37 at Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) 9784 1896 GRANARY LANE ARTISTS, THE BODY REMEMBERS BY AVEN HODGESS & TASKFORCE COMMUNITY CENTRE’S: THE ANCHORS OF HOPE Until Tuesday, May 6: Granary Lane Artists; Opening Thursday, May 8 from 6-for 8 pm running until Tuesday, May 27: Aven Hodgess; Opening, Thursday, May 29 from 6- 8 pm and running until Wednesday, June 18: Anchors of Hope @ G1 Gallery Kingston Arts Centre (Moorabin) 9556 4440 or FAC CURVED WALL PRESENTS: 13-STOREY TREE HOUSE ILLUSTRATIONS: TERRY DENTON & JILAMARA TIWI ISLAND ARTS EXHIBITION Until Saturday, May 10 Terry Denton; Wednesday, May 14 to Saturday, June 28 Jilamara on Curved Wall, Main Foyer @ Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) 9784 1060 www.thefac. MANYUNG GALLERY AT SORRENTO PRESENTS: A CELEBRATION OF ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND WONDERFUL Until Sunday, May 11 @ Manyung Gallery at Sorrento (Sorrento) 9787 2953 MORNINGTON LIBRARY FOYER EXHIBITION PRESENTS: LISA SAINT JOHN Until Saturday, May 17 @ Mornington Library (Mornington) 5950 1820 DAX CENTRE’S HEALING CHILDHOOD TRAUMA Until Tuesday, May 20 @ G3 Artspace @ Shirley Burke Theatre (Parkdale) 9556 4440 or au/visual-arts

CUBE 37 GALLERY PRESENTS: ALEX GARDINER: 2 SIDES 2 LIFE & WALDEMAR SEYBOLD: ALL THAT JAZZ: AUSTRALIAN LEGENDS AND FRIENDS Until Saturday, May 24 Alex Gardiner; Waldemar Seybold opens Wednesday, May 28 to Saturday, June 14@ Cube 37 Gallery at Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) 9784 1896

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SOUTHERN PENINSULA PLAYERS PRESENTS: THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES Thursdays, May 8 & 15, Fridays, May 9 & 16, Saturday, May 17 at 8 pm and Sunday, May 18 at 2 pm @ Rosebud Memorial Hall (Rosebud) Bookings:

MCCLELLAND GALLERY PRESENTS: CREAM: FOUR DECADES OF AUSTRALIAN ART & WAVES AND WATER: AUSTRALIAN BEACH PHOTOGRAPHY Opens Sunday, May 11 runs until Sunday, August 3 @ McClelland Sculpture & Gallery Park (Langwarrin) 9789 1671

RUSSIAN BALLET TOURING PRESENTS: IMPERIAL RUSSIAN BALLET COMPANY’S DON QUIXOTE Friday, May 9 at 8 pm @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060


THE MAN THEY CALL BANJO Saturday, May 10 at 7:30 pm @ Chelsea Yacht Club (Chelsea) Bookings:

MONTHLY MANDALA WORKSHOPS 10 am to 5 pm on day of client’s choice @ Empowering Creations Healing and Art Centre. Bookings: Irene 0407 543 186 MCCLELLAND GUILD OF ARTISTS AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Wednesdays from 12:30 pm to 3 pm @ Studio Park at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery (Langwarrin) www. ART CLASSES WITH MARILYN RICHARDS AT DROMANA COMMUNITY HOUSE Wednesdays and Fridays 10 am to noon @ Dromana Community House (Dromana) www. MCCLELLAND GUILD OF ARTISTS DEMONSTRATION WITH HELEN COTTLE: ACRYLIC “A RAINY CITYSCAPE” Saturday, May 3 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm @ Studio Park @ McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery (Langwarrin) www. DARTS (DIGITAL ARTS) WORKSHOPS FOR YOUTH Saturdays from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, May 3: Feral Video Art Workshop; May 17: T-Shirt design; May 31: 3D Animation @ Cube 37 (Frankston Arts Centre) Bookings 9784 1060 PENINSULA ARTS SOCIETY: DAY OF DEMOS (DEMONSTRATIONS) Sunday, May 18 from 9:30 am to – 3:30 pm @ Peninsula Arts Society (Frankston South) 9775 2640 www. IMPRO CLUB (IMPROVISATION/ACTING WORKSHOP) WITH CAROLE PATULO Saturdays from 1- 4 pm @ Southern Peninsula Arts Centre (Rosebud) Bookings: 5986 8204 www. THEATRE:

DIANNA HONE’S PARADISE EXHIBITION Until Thursday May 22@ ARTrium Exhibition Space at Bayside City Council Corporate Centre (Sandringham) www.



Until Sunday, May 11 Behind the Lines, Artlines & Signature Style; Friday, May 23 and run until Sunday, July 20 Paul Kelly and the Portraits & National Works on Paper @ Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (Mornington) 5975 4399

MORDIALLOC THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS TALKING HEADS Thursdays, May 1 & 8 at 8 pm, Friday, May 9 at 8 pm, Saturday, May 10 at 8 pm, Sunday, May 11 at 2:30 pm @ Shirley Burke Theatre (Parkdale) Bookings: 9587 5141 or FRANKSTON THEATRE GROUP PRESENTS: THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK Fridays, May 2 & 9 at 8 pm, Saturday, May 3 at 2 pm and 8 pm, Saturday, May 10 at 2 pm @ George Jenkins Theatre (Frankston) Bookings 1300 665 377 MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL ROADSHOW Sunday, May 4 at 8 pm @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060

S CIRCA Tuesday, May 14 at 8 pm @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060 MELBOURNE FRINGE ON TOUR: CANNONBALL & MILLION DOLLAR TEGAN Saturday, May 17 at 8 pm @ Shirley Burke Theatre (Parkdale) MORNINGTON CEF PLAYERS PRESENTS: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Saturday, May 17 at 8 pm @ Bellamy Hall, St. Peters Church (Mornington) Bookings: HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPANY PRESENTS: MADEMOISELLE Friday, May 23 at 8 pm @ Shirley Burke Theatre (Parkdale) GO AWAY, MR. WORRYTHOUGHTS! Saturday, May 24 at 6 pm @ Cube 37 at Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060 au HIT PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: DAVID WILLIAMSON’S MANAGING CARMEN Tuesday, May 27 at 8 pm @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060 PATCH THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS: MR. MCGEE AND THE BITING FLEA Friday, May 30 at 11 am (schools) & 6 pm (Auslan) @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060 FILM: MOVIEHOUSE AT KINGSTON ARTS CENTRE Wednesdays at 10:30 am: May 7 Hail the Conquering Hero (1944), May 14 Our Town (1940), May 21 Springfield Rifle (1952), May 28 The Awful Truth (1937) @ Kingston Arts Centre Black Box (Moorabin) Bookings: 9556 4440 or www. CULTURAL DIVERSITY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Opens Wednesday, May 21 at 7 pm @ Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Chambers (Mornington) runs againon Sunday, May 25 from 2 -4 pm @ Dromana Community Hall (Dromana) Bookings: 5950 1689 Listings are at the discretion of the Arts Editor and based on information available at press time. Listings need to be brief and current. It may not be possible to fit everything in, but we’ll try if we know it’s on. Send information to: artseditor@ by the third Monday of each month. Advertisers are considered first for editorials. Ads in Pearl are inexpensive. Call 5906 5775.

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Films make you feel something and emotions teach you stuff, so the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (May 8-22) will make you better at life. Who needs annoying internet quotes like ‘You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce’ for motivation when you can just go to the movies. And if my rambling doesn’t convince you then take it from HRAFF patron, Margaret Pomeranz: “Film and the arts have so much power to influence the way we see the world, to heighten our awareness of the plight of those in our community and in the world community.” For the computer geeks there is The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz. By the time he was 19, Swartz was co-founder of Reddit and had authored lots of important sounding pieces of code. A child programming prodigy, he’d won numerous awards before he was 15. As he got older he was an admired advocate for freedom of information and online activism, but in 2011 he was charged for releasing government documents and faced long jail time. Tragically he took his own life in 2013, aged just 27. A must see film of our times. Take your political mates to see The Square. Nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar this year, this is the opening night film. It follows a small group of Egyptian activists united against their corrupt government. Everyone will be inspired by this topical story of people power, political or not. With your lover on date night you could see Love Sex Senior because if you are planning on being together long term this will be you guys one day – wowsers! For a mother’s group movie night there is Breastmilk. Understandably, you may want to to avoid the topic of babies on a night out, but it cannot be denied that there are some strong opinions regarding breastfeeding doing the rounds. This film explores why something so everyday has become so contentious. Could make for better conversation than whose baby has learnt to roll over first.

ORGYof ridicule Savage social observations and acerbic wit abound in Michael Dalley’s cabaret satire Mademoiselle. Together with co-deviser, Paul McCarthy, they embody a pair of bitchy effeminate butlers gone made when their boss, Mademoiselle, goes out for the evening. It’s a show so hysterically caustic that some audience members felt guilty for loving it. How could you resist? Described as a gothic camp musical with piano accompaniment by John Thorn, the perpetually mispronounced pianist,

this show pokes fun a wide variety of politically incorrect topics with equal opportunity nastiness and gutsy glee. No one is safe from this lampooning pair. Rude, crude and socially unacceptable, any sense of social decorum must be left at the door lest ye be at the behest of the jest. Rummaging through rubbish, relishing the lowest common denominator and taking no prisoners, this pair is sure to offend and that’s half the fun. To see butlers really go to town taking everyone down, don’t miss this outrageous comedy on Friday, May 23 at 8 pm at Shirley Burke Theatre in Parkdale. Bookings: www. or call 9556 4440. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

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And locally, on May 21, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Chambers will be transformed into a cinema, screening a series of short films that celebrate cultural diversity (in honour of World Day for Cultural Diversity). Entry is via gold coin donation and there is free popcorn. They had me at free popcorn, but this is a great opportunity to see some eye opening films that you won’t find at the local Hoyts. The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival runs May 8 – 22 at ACMI and other city venues - Penny Ivison writes monthly for PEARL on film & TV. If there’s anything you’d like to let Penny know about that’s happening in the Bayside or Peninsula area in 2014, you can find her on twitter on @pipsicedtea or email her at

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S for spectacular Fusing contemporary dance, acrobatics and circus skills, award-winning Australian group Circa, perform breathtaking physical feats that boggle the mind and capture the imagination keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Artistic Director Yaron Lifschitz creates incredibly imaginative visual narratives with choreography so mesmerizingly beautiful it’s often referred to as physical poetry. “S” is their latest spectacular performance piece celebrating the curves, sinuousness and plurality of its namesake letter. Seven acrobats flip, twist, hang, tangle and fly through the air challenging the limits of the human body. An intoxicating musical soundtrack by the Kronos Quartet harmonises perfectly in a symphony of sound and body. Originally from Brisbane, these young performers have toured the globe entertaining audiences in over 20 countries. Sold-out performances worldwide necessitated training a second

troupe to keep up with demand. Their latest touring company includes former Bayside local, Brittanie Portelli, whose background in aerobic gymnastics and childhood interest in circus brought her to Circa. Audiences can see her fly in “S”. Emotionally evocative and physically inspiring, “S” is a unique performance sure to captivate its audience at the Frankston Arts Centre, Tuesday, May 14 at 8 pm. Bookings: or call 9784 1060. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

SHERLOCK HOLMES ON THE SOUTHERN PENINSULA Unravelling a classic mystery in a modern setting and taking the audience on a suspenseful terror-filled journey where death beckons at the door, Tim Kelly’s The Hound of the Baskervilles is sure to have audiences perched on the edge of their seats when the Southern Peninsula Players present this spine-tingling play. Directed by acclaimed local

music  arts  events  entertainment

actor, John Jenkins and featuring both familiar faces and budding new thespians, the Rosebud Memorial Hall will be transformed into Baskerville Hall where someone has summoned the dreaded hound, but whom? Can Sherlock Holmes save Sir Henry from the sinister family curse? Will his love for Kathy end in tragedy? Will the supernatural descend on the

hall and all who dwell there? There is only one way to find out… See Southern Peninsula Players reveal all at Rosebud Memorial Hall Thursdays, May 8 and 15, Fridays, May 9 and 16, Saturdays, May 10 and 17 at 8 pm or Sunday, May 18 at 2 pm. Bookings: ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

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MAY 1 - JUNE 5 12-12-12 (MAY 1) Jon Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger Bad Neighbours (MAY 8) Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron Belle (MAY 8) Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson Chef (MAY 8) Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson Healing (MAY 8) Hugo Weaving, Don Hany, Xavier Samuel Godzilla (MAY 15) Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen The Broken Circle Breakdown (MAY 15) Veerle Baetens, Johan Heldenbergh, Nell Cattrysse Broadway’s Romeo And Juliet (MAY 17) Orlando Bloom, Condola Rashad Son Of God (MAY 22) Diogo Morgado, Amber Rose Revah, Sebastian Knapp X-Men: Days Of Future Past (MAY 22) Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender Warren Miller’s Ticket To Ride (MAY 28) Seth Wescott, Ted Ligety, Julia Mancuso A Million Ways To Die In The West (MAY 29) Liam Neeson, Seth MacFarlane, Charlize Theron The Trip To Italy (MAY 29) Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Marta Barrio Edge Of Tomorrow (JUNE 5) Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton Grace Of Monaco (JUNE 5) Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella The Fault In Our Stars (JUNE 5) Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Willem Dafoe


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Frankston Freeza Committee, Fresh Entertainment, are calling for applications for the annual Battle of the Bands. Fresh Entertainment will host three heats, where winners will walk away with cash and prizes, and of course proceed to the regional finals! The first heat will be held on July 5 with Set The Score headlining the event. Heats two and three will be on July 12 and 19. These heats will be held at the Seaford Community Hall where past battles have been held, with winners including Myyth, The Fuzzbirds, Blackwater Riff and Astral Flight. For more information and how to enter, contact Chris Hoffman at Fresh Entertainment on 9293 7110, or email

GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CREATIVE SIDE Bayside City Council is teaming up with Hot Paint for five interactive introductory street workshops where participants can expect to learn the art of street. This free event gives you the opportunity to create your own pieces on canvas. The workshops are open to young people aged between 14 and 18 years old, who will have the chance to enter their work into the upcoming annual Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition. Workshops

will be held at the Peterson Youth Centre in Highett on the Tuesdays of Term 2, May 27, June 3, June 10, June 17 and June 24, between 4pm and 6pm. Places are strictly limited so get in quick! For more information or to register for the event, contact Adam on 9599 4622, or email acarter@bayside., visit www.casey.vic., or contact City of Casey Customer Service on 9705 5200.

RAVE REVIEWS FOR S.E. LEAGUE EVENTS Last month, YMCA Victoria and Bayside Youth Services hosted the second heat of the South Eastern Skate Park Competitions. Nicole Daff brought her son down to have a scoot and watch the competition. She says: “These events are great, they’re all great kids and they’re pretty respectful. It’s good exercise and to have it somewhere local at a little skate park is great for the area.” Nine-year-old skate enthusiast, Kai Lawton, has been skating since he was 6, now skating with his younger brother Julian, and is determined to continue to skate for the rest of his life. He says, “I skate better with people cheering me on and it’s fun. It’s good when you learn new tricks.” His mother, Caroline, says it’s a great day out for the parents too. Kai won second place in the 12 and under skate section on the day. With a tremendous turn out of over 300 spectators and competitors, the event was a great success. Nick from the YMCA said: “Punters were treated to a free BBQ, drinks, fruit, chocolate and lollies as well as a DJ whom smashed out classics all day long, courtesy of the Bayside Youth Services.” For more information about future heats for the South Eastern Skate competitions, visit bayside & mornington peninsula






May 24

CHELSEA Skatepark ELSTERNWICK Skatepark WARRAGUL Skatepark THE SHED Skatepark PAKENHAM Skatepark WONTHAGGI Skatepark KNOX Skatepark BOX HILL Skatepark DANDENONG Skatepark BALNARRING Skatepark

May 31


June 7

JUNCTION Skatepark

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Are you a parent under 25? Do you want to meet other parents your age? Come join in our playgroup full of fun!

Come and join us for a FREE playgroup session each week. You can meet other young parents, have fun with your children participating in loads of activities and find support and information on parenting WHEN

Tuesdays 1:15—3pm

WHERE Wallaroo Community Centre 6 Wallaroo Place Hastings PHONE 5950 1635 WEB nourishandnurture

Battle Of The Bands will take place on August 15 @ Peninsula Community Theatre, in Mornington. Any young musos/bands out there, keep your eye out in the next edition of PEARL Mag and Impakt Freeza’s Facebook ( impaktfreeza) to find out how to register!

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‡%0;UHJRDP ‡6NDWHUHJRSP 12 & Under, 16 & Under, Open Male & Open Female

COMMUNITIES THAT CARE “Improving the health and well being of children and young people living on the Mornington Peninsula.” Did you know that according to the 2012 Healthy Neighbourhoods Schools Survey, 25% of young people on the Mornington Peninsula have depressive symptoms? 1/3 of students surveyed reported being recently bullied? 1/3 of year 7 students have previously consumed alcohol? Do you want to improve the healthy development of children and young people on the Mornington Peninsula? Then your local Communities That Care group is for you. If you can spare 4 hours per month for a 15-month period please contact Eliza on 0418 594 642 or For further information go to Communities That Care workers Eliza MorningtonPeninsulaCTC Anthony & Rebecca Popplewell

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he year 2002 brought us classic hits like Without Me by Eminem, Rapture by Iio and Hot In Here by Nelly, but for Jebu at the age of eight, the track that stuck to him like glue was Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction. Fast forward to today and he is playing shows all over the country and making his mark in the world that is progressive house. Steve Angello has signed a few tracks to his label Size, as well as dropped Jebu’s recent remix of Galantis’ You at the EDC music festival in Mexico. This support speaks wonders and is just a sign for things to come. PEARL: What was it about Satisfaction that resonated with you? JEBU: The track was different, especially compared all the popular music back then. It had a lot of energy about it and it stuck with me for ages. A few years later I finally figured out what genre it was. PEARL: So how did DJ’ing and producing come into the picture? JEBU: I got into DJ’ing ‘through’

producing. I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop, then one day I stumbled across a music production program called FL Studio. I started putting some beats together and at first it wasn’t any particular genre, but it eventually turned into house music. I always thought if I was going to DJ, I wanted it to be because of my music. From there a did a few

and write music and I started working a track, which came to be Kukatu (out now on Steve Angello’s Size record label). Ivan came in the studio that I was working in to collect a keyboard and asked me what the track was. We talked a bit more and he asked me to email to him. Then we decided started working on it together a few weeks later. For

day I I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop, then one ram called stumbled across a music production prog ther... it FL Studio. I started putting some beats toge ic. eventually turned into house mus house parties, finished year 12 and two days after my 18th birthday I played my first gig at Humpday!” PEARL: You have collaborated and brought out a few tracks with Ivan Gough. How did you two start working together? JEBU: I was at a writing camp where producers and singers come together

the last year, he’s been mentoring me and we’ve done a few tracks together. We work on a lot of records together now and do a heap of co-writing with other artists. PEARL: How would you describe your sound? JEBU: You could say the stuff I write is more of a festival house sound. When I wrote Kukatu, I made it with a festival

setting in mind. I didn’t care if it didn’t get played anywhere else; I imagined it being played at Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival in Miami. That’s where my sound comes from. I always imagine the bigger picture when I’m writing tracks. Right now, I’m trying to bring back house grooves to the scene. Less loud EDM and more house. PEARL: What else can fans expect from you this year? JEBU: Fresh, different and interesting house music, as well as much more touring around the country. Listen to Jebu’s tracks online now via and for more information, visit officialjebu, or find him on BeatPort. JESSICA TAYLOR

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The cold season is well and truly upon us, but do not despair, because thing’s are only just starting to heat up at Humpday Project Wednesdays! Some people say that if you have a product that works you should stick with it, but the Humpday crew have a different philosophy; evolution, adaption and change. It has become an all too common practice throughout Melbourne clubs in recent times, to leave successful products unchanged and push them until they become stale, repetitive and ultimately become unsuccessful. The team down at Humpday understands a successful nightclub is built on more than the success of one product. It takes a keen understanding of your audience, and involves constant evolution to keep up with our everchanging music scene. It’s one of the dynamic differences that set’s Humpday Project Wednesdays apart from other club nights. True to their style they have added 2 unique residents for the winter season, the commercial queen Miss Courtney Mills and Prince Of Wales night club’s hottest DJ duo; The Priestley Sisters! Add to this a handful of talented new young guns, a select group of Melbourne’s elite, and the ever-reliable crew, you are left with an irresistible recipe for an unforgettable month of May. CHRIS HOLDING

still to this day is always the one to fix any technical difficulty I may have.” – and still to this day he uses the same Sonar program as he did years and years ago to make his rock songs. “I got my first club gig at a little venue in Fitzroy called First Floor 393, exactly a year ago as of Anzac Day Eve.” Influenced by many artists for many reasons including innovation, melodies or simply just their talent in the studio; Deorro with the melodies, Reece Low and his pristine production, Will Sparks’ unique talent and many other artists including Tom Clayton, Swedish House Mafia & Samual James just to name a few have always captivated Jiggers to become who he is today. “I was never a big clubber. I always preferred to stay home in the studio…” which pushed his early inspirations to be more production based rather than the vibe in a club. “But I’d have to say the DJs that influenced me


with Kids Table

Boris Brejcha – Internal Pressure Creep (Original Mix) [Harthouse] I’ve been given this track a working for a while now; released in 2006 on Harthouse, this track defines what I love about Boris Brejcha; acidy hits, percussive rolls, a lot of movement, a haunting melody, subtly vocal samples, sweeps & more than anything a tight gritty bass line. One of my favourites from the masked man’s back catalogue - I can’t recommend this enough! Jens Lewandowski – Back Again (Original Mix) [Moonplay Records] ‘Back Again’ really represents what I love about minimal; it takes the simplicity of stripped back music and focuses on the emphasis of each sound. Stand out parts for me were the groovy rides, deep sub bass, false builds, dark pads and a soul searching vocal; it’s one of those tracks that by the second time you’ve heard the hook it has you singing along with it under your breath without realising it; all round a great addition to your arsenal. Motez – Promise Me (Original Mix) [Club Sweat!] Motez is a relatively new house hold name in the Australian club scene – having really hit his mark in 2013 with an ammunition of originals, remixes and edits the South Australian has cemented himself as a talent which looks to back up his recent success into 2014. ‘Promise Me’ is a bass house wonder with an amazingly hooky vocal; channelling a Duke Dimont vibe; Motez beautifully brings a piano stab melody unified with accompanying Caribbean drums; this is an instant hit. Charlie Fanclub – Splash (Original Mix) [Green Fetish Records] Splash is one of those tracks in your library that keeps on giving – it’s developing main synth stab really grabs you before launching into a winding build followed by a pitch dropping roll to release the tension; complimented with a crowd capturing second glitchy club drop this is a track that creates a lot of movement within a room and an atmosphere that demands movement from the crowd. Xpansul – Lonesome Cowboy (Original Mix) [Discos de Lata] This track is absolutely euphoria for me; with a break down that captures your mind; creating an atmosphere of vulnerability and innocence; it gently lets you down telling you it’s all ok with a groovy tech drop and a gutter acid stab that makes you want to move freely again.

to start trying to make my name in the clubbing industry are Darkfrance & Bombs Away... seeing the vibe they gave off made me so badly want to get up on stage!” You can catch the man in the flesh playing at Cloud Nine, Wah Wah Lounge, Noizy Neighbours, Dakota, Korova and even the out-of-town gigs such as Ballarat, Bendigo, Warragul and more. “My favourite club gig to date would have to be Cloud Nine’s 1st birthday versus legend Matty Lincoln. The vibe on that night was phenomenal!” There’s a few big things in the brew that he’s really excited about, including collaborations with Press Play, Tom Clayton, Wally, one with a rapper, one with a vocalist and a remix for Brooklyn Fire Records – all waiting for the go-ahead from the record labels before they’ll be up on www.soundcloud. com/jiggers101 - watch this space. JIAY MILLS


Born into a musical family, it came as no surprise that Jiggers’ ambitions lay with music. At only 20 years old, he has a strong background of making music, from being a diehard rock metal fan and making it as a kid, to producing EDM from the age of 17, and influenced by the music at house parties which gave him his kick start – and he ain’t stopping anytime soon. “I’m a self-taught DJ & Producer, but my dad who is also a musician showed me around the studio and

The lineup has dropped for Australia’s Biggest Music Festival in North Byron… and wow-wee, we are definitely impressed! Outkast (Only Aus Show), Two Door Cinema Club (Only Aus Show), Lily Allen, Interpol (Only Aus Show), Foster The People, Angus & Julia Stone, City And Colour, London Grammar, Vance Joy, Darkside (Only Aus Show), RÜFÜS, Ben Howard, Kelis, Metronomy, Hoodoo Gurus, Chvrches (Only Aus Show), Grouplove, The Jezabels, Tune-Yards, 360, Wild Beasts, Danny Brown (Only Aus Show), Illy, First Aid Kit, Violent Soho, Ásgeir, Spiderbait, The 1975, Ball Park Music, Art Vs Science, Buraka Som Sistema (Only Aus Show), The Preatures, Parquet Courts (Only Aus Show), Sticky Fingers, Peking Duk, Sky Ferreira, Future Islands, Courtney Barnett, Phantogram, DZ Deathrays, Skaters, Gossling, Jungle, The Strypes, Hot Dub Time Machine, The Kite String Tangle, Ry-X, Mikhael Paskalev, Wave Racer, The Acid, Saskwatch, Kingswood, Circa Waves, Broods, Dustin Tebbutt, The Head And The Heart, DMA’S, Darren Middleton, Little May, Darlia, D.D, Dumbo, Tkay Maidza, The Creases, The Wild Feathers, Chrome Sparks, Fractures, Mas Ysa, Nick Mulvey and the Triple J Unearthed Winners. Plus DJs & Producers: Nina Las Vegas, Yacht Club DJs, Motez, Touch Sensitive, Indian Summer, Wordlife, L D R U & Yahtzel DJs, Cosmos Midnight, Sable, Kilter, Basenji, KLP, Fishing DJs, Paces and Charles Murdoch. Head to for more info on tickets, camping and event info – see you there! JIAY MILLS


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THIS IS CRUZE… AND THIS IS CHARDY! If you’re not backing up the last few crazy long weekends with another few crazy weekends… you’re definitely doing it wrong. Making his much anticipated return to praise the decks: the man, the legend that is… Chardy. Already kicking the year off with a bang, releasing a few new records including a few with Stevie Mink, the launch of his brand new string of podcasts The Chardy Show and bringing down the house at CRUZE on the 24th of this month – be there… why not? Also topping off the roster for the month of May, Steve Lako has his CD Launch on the 3rd and the return of Jiay Mills on the 10th – accompanied by our much loved residents Zac Masters, Tait Paulding, Joel Freeman, Steve Lako, Jordie Finch, Matt Slaz, Mark Fisher and last but not least… Ceej. CRUZE is definitely the place to be on a Saturday night, come in and see for yourself… with a huge dancefloor, amazing lineup of DJs spinning all your favourite beats, and the tastiest drink specials in town – why would you want to be anywhere else? JIAY MILLS

FORTHCOMING ALBUMS FROM YOUR FAVOURITES This year, a few panty-droppingalbums will be released by some of your favourite artists – and you definitely don’t want to miss out on these. UK Bass House duo Bondax will be releasing their eagerlyawaited ‘really refreshing’ ambient soundscape debut LP later this year… “When you sit down and listen to this album, hopefully you won’t think it sounds like anything you’ve heard before.” Minimal/techno god Plastikman is set to release his first album in over a decade – set to hit the shops later this year. Elite troll, yep you know it… after completely clearing his Soundcloud and deleting every track comprising of 14,500,000 plays Deadmau5 has a new two-disc 25-track album on the horizon – set to take the world by storm, and it will be released very, very shortly.

Following the records first single ‘Sea of Voices,’ sitting at 1,000,000 plays in a month; Porter Robinson will be backing the teaser up with his debut album ‘Worlds’ any time now. Good news, techno fans: Turbo Recordings mastermind Tiga has a new album on the way. In December last year, he told Thump he was “putting the finishing touches on the LP”, and chances are it’s not too far off. Knife Party fans, get ready: The duo’s first full length album is set for release later this year. The duo took to Twitter to announce that brand new material was on the way from both Knife Party and the duo’s drum’n’bass project Pendulum. We will keep in touch via www., keep your eyes and ears peeled. JIAY MILLS




A new super-club experience is set to open in Melbourne’s southeast, bringing the dance floor to your doorstep. Empire Club is here to prove night life is better in the ‘burbs. Empire will open Thursday 1 May in Narre Warren: an unrivalled night out, minus the high-priced taxi fare, which is here to prove the nightlife is better in the burbs. The venue is the brainchild of music industry entrepreneur Nick Foley; partnered up with acclaimed DJ and producer Andy Murphy, nightclub specialist Danny Grant and festival merchandise kings Kent Kingsley and Marcus Baldwin. The group bring together decades of experience in running, DJ’ing and promoting at events, to create the ultimate nightclub experience in the suburbs.

What does it take to build an Empire? Long-time friends with a love of music and the desire to reinvigorate suburban nightlife.. It s a natural progression for the group, each with their own It’s skills and talents that have combined to build Empire from the ground up. Once home to a dilapidated pool hall, the 800-capacity venue now houses a world class sound and lighting system with impressive amenities to match. From the freshest hip hop acts, to ground breaking electronic artists and the hottest touring rock bands; the live entertainment venue will welcome national and international talents alike. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm to 3am. Empire is coming.

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