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ark Seymour became a household name as the front man of legendary Australian band Hunters & Collectors in the 80’s and 90’s. The boy from Benalla became ‘the thinking women’s sex symbol’ with his good looks and ability to write songs that people could not only relate to but also connect with. “I have to be telling stories that matter to the audience,”said Mark Seymour. “They might love them, they might hate them but they connect with them somehow. Otherwise, for that time I’m on stage most people won’t travel with me unless they believe that what I’m saying has some kind of emotional truth. I have to find that little sweet spot and that’s the mysterious thing about song writing, you can sort of look at it from so many angles but until you find the sweet spot it just don’t come into being.” After Hunters & Collectors disbanded in 1998 Seymour went on to enjoy more success as a solo artist. He has released seven solo albums since then and three with The Undertow, his current band that he slowly put together initially to play gigs with him. Mark Seymour and The Undertow are playing two shows at the Sandhurst Club in ‘The Molly Room’, a travelling intimate band room, on Thursday 12 & 19 June. “I struggled for a long time to get the right balance, just musical chemistry in general,” said Seymour when asked about the beginnings of The Undertow. “We’re in a really good place at the moment working on a new record, where we just get in a room, somewhere in the suburbs and wrestle with my songs. It’s really creative, they’ve got a sound that’s very simple and clean, traditional roots rock and roll, but it’s my songs. There may be a couple new songs in the show, at least one. Its pretty political, every song has to make a political statement about some idea that I’ve got about life, myself and society I live in.” Seymour doesn’t only just write and sing about political issues, he is also an ambassador for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Australia’s largest advocacy and aid organisation for asylum seekers. “As a proud Australian, I believe we are a fundamentally generous, optimistic people who have the capacity to embrace the world around us in a positive and compassionate way. The idea that we should be suspicious of people arriving here uninvited, contradicts the very nature of our origins. We are a nation of immigrants,”said Seymour when pledging his support to the centre.


Hunters & Collectors song Holy Grail is synonymous with sport, in particular AFL, yet it was the plight of French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte, not sport, that Seymour had in mind when he wrote the song. “Hunters & Collectors were in the middle of writing and recording an album but the band were fighting. There were these huge ruptures in the group, and I pretty much wrote that song in the studio to try and galvanise people’s enthusiasm. I happened to be reading a book at the time about Napoleon’s march into Russia in 1812 which was a pretty incredible story, and that’s where the lyrics came from. A couple of guys in the group didn’t want the song on the album at all and it ended up a radio hit,” said Seymour. A passion and talent for music clearly runs in the family, Seymour’s daughters Eva and Hannah have a band The Seymour Sisters and have played a few gigs around the Mornington Peninsula. Seymour fans may already be familiar with Hannah’s voice, she provided vocals on the track Lorelei on the album Seventh Heaven Club released by Mark Seymour and The Undertow last year. “The one piece of advice I gave them, I said if you want to have a career you have to write your own songs or at least write a certain amount of them and they do actually write but they won’t play me anything yet because they’re too self conscious. They think I’ll be really critical but I’m dad so I just stay away from it, but they definitely have something going on, they’re fantastic singers and harmonise really well,” said Seymour. “At the end of the day success in rock and roll is 99% perseverance, you just have to be willing to work hard.” Mark Seymour is certainly working hard and will be touring across the country playing with The Undertow, as well as another reunion show with Hunters & Collectors supporting The Rolling Stones in New Zealand in November. Stayed tuned for the new album from Mark Seymour and The Undertow which will be released sometime next year. Mark Seymour and The Undertow will be supported by Monique Brumby (see page 38 for review of her latest album) in their performance at The Molly Room at Sandhurst Club on 12 and 19 June. Head to or call 0408 016 665 for tickets. JESSICA MILLS

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June 2014

It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through the year. The festival season is behind us, and winter is about to set in! Just when we’d usually expect the region to slip into hibernation - along comes the Mornington Winter Jazz Festival and enough music and arts in June to rival our summer holidays! Here at PEARL HQ we’re so thankful for the amazing team of writers, reporters and photographers that keep us up to date each month with everything that’s live and local in our own backyard, plus all the tips on what’s worth a trip uptown in the months to come. With the recent changing of the guard from one Simon to another here in the Editors seat, it’s hard for me not to mention the dedicated crew of contributors that I’ve worked even closer with, and of course, pay kudos to my talented predecessor Mr Simon Imrei. This month, on the eve of Mornington’s Winter Jazz Festival we catch up for a chat with last years festival faves FLAP on their welcomed return, and get a look at the final Festival Program for 2014 which is now boasting over 60 performances across the long weekend! Jess talks to Mark Seymour on the recent string of Hunters shows and his return to the stage with The Undertow at an exciting new local venue. Comedian Austen Tayshus talks to Matilda and keeps the ‘Australiana’ theme rolling long enough to catch a glimpse at The Angels as they kick off their 40th Anniversary Tour at Chelsea Heights with an old familiar friend. The interviews keep coming with pro-skater RJ Barbaro off the back of his recent win at the Bowlriders Jam, and the kids get glory when PEARL talks to both Justine Clarke and Hi-5 about their shows next month at FAC. We take a look at Peninsula Music Society’s Winter Solstice Festival, PLOS’s Oliver hits the stage, Arts Editor Andrea wraps up Art Red Hill and keeps us up to date with what’s happening across the board in Arts & Culture this month. BPM’s back with Reece Low plus the word on a super club for Frankston. We see tributes to The Beatles, The 80’s, Kiss and a battle of the Bruce Springsteen’s ready to ignite on the July 4th. Friday’s at The Dava are back, and things get a little saucy as Harba goes burlesque! Drop us a line on PEARL HQ if you know of something going on around town that we don’t…we doubt it, but please put us to the test! Bring it on! SIMON MILLS (Editor)

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Green Table and Billiards in Dandenong run by John and Debbie Zuciani is an affable and casual venue that caters to all genres of music. It originally started out as The Dutch Club, but when long time member Peter Highburg donated a whole bunch of music gear, because he wanted to get the club up and jumping again, it transformed into The Green Table. Thus manifesting his and the Zuciani’s mission statement: To keep the music going. Every Friday night is Open Mike night run by Michael Hatten with vocals/harp from Hoochy Coochie and Ric Jackson, drummer of Root Doctors and Magnetos. Muso’s are encouraged to perform originals, covers, electronic music, blues, country, or any other genre that rocks their world. Hatten, who runs Alenbenlo Music at The

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Hub in Dandenong, Jackson, Christian Armansin, ex base guitarist of De Je Vue and Santé Fe, along with Chris Morunga, NZ born lead guitarist from Unleaded, have been gigging together as the loose house band since last year. These talented guys have an awesome laid-back, naturally cool chemistry, are tight with a definite groove and undeniably worth the watch. Many regulars and newbies gig with them, as well as perform their own stuff too. Word is spreading that Green Table is a warm, friendly, down to earth place to meet,

network, jam and gig with like-minded muso’s. Often a $1.00 sausage sizzle, cooked on a small sizzle plate at the bar adds an old time pub atmosphere to the mix. Lately Joey Santos of 3 Stars and De Sun fame have been playing their signature Latin and funk tunes and are definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Saturday nights have been cranked up again with professional bands performing anything from metal, country, reggae, blues, R&B, to rock and roll.

In the not too distant future, Zuciani will run Ukulele group lessons. She has only been playing for six months but already the music bug has her tightly in its grip. “It’s such an easy instrument to learn and play. If I can pick it up quickly then anyone can,” she laughs good-naturedly. Green Table: 16 Balmoral Ave, Dandenong Contact Deb 03 97917057. Mel 90 F 10 3 Stars and De Sun Band. Contact Joey 95586803 Until next month... live well. TERRI LEE FATOUROS

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– THE ANGELS By Gary Bradshaw It has been 40 years since The Angels launched their assault on the rock n roll loving, hard rockin public of Australia. To celebrate that fact, the band have kicked off a tour that covers songs from their 4 decades of classic Aussie rock. The band has also released two commemorative albums, which include 80 tracks of studio and live versions of all the classics. Kicking off in Melbourne on the 30th of May, the tour will travel around the country and finish up in NSW at the end of August. These shows go for nearly 2 hours, and even being so long, it still leaves you wanting more. So many great tunes, it must be so tough to choose what gets played and what doesn’t. That is a luxury that few bands have, and is testament to the success over the journey that The Angels have enjoyed. I caught the first show of the tour, at Chelsea Heights Hotel. The band was tight, loud and finished the gig with a special guest: Bob Spencer. Bob joined the band for the encore songs, and looked like he had never left the band that he was a member of, from 1986 to 1992. Maybe some other members past may join the band during this tour? The setlist included all the songs you would expect, old and new. No Secrets, Fashion & Fame, Long Line, Face the Day, Am I ever Gonna see Your Face Again, Shadow Boxer, No Exit.. An extensive list of hits and memories!


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Everyone knew the words to nearly all the songs, even the younger folks banging their heads down the front. According to Rick Brewster, lead guitarist of The Angels, the band are organising a website dedicated to all the past members of the band, with each one getting to tell their story of their part inside the band. This will include all previous members, along with road crew, managers, maybe even a groupie or two! Well, maybe not the groupies, but such a band deserves to have their history told. After all, they are one of the most successful bands of our time. One of the reasons for the bands extended success was Doc Neeson. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Doc was a founding member of The Angels back in 1974, and contributed to the song writing with the Brewster Brothers over the years. Doc was best known for his screaming vocals, his energy on stage and his personal quirkiness. He would be known to come off stage, absolutely dripping in sweat, cool down as best he could and then settle in to read a classic novel. Doc was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2012 and fought long and hard to beat it. The tumour was removed during surgery, and he went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy before losing his valiant battle on June 4th 2014. Neeson’s career and his battle with cancer was the feature of the ABC’s Australian Story, titled A Very Good Rascal, last month. Rick Brewster was full of praise for his former bandmate today. “Doc stood out as one of a kind, a totally unique performer,” he said. “His feverish stage presence was unsurpassed yet beneath the public persona was a gentle soul. He leaves behind a wealth of shared memories – good times, hard times and the thrill of creating timeless music together… RIP Doc”

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oes anyone remember the first time they heard about The Killers? I certainly do. Apparently there was this new band singing about girlfriends being boyfriends and boyfriends being girlfriends or something like that and the rumour was they were all gay! That’s right, not just one of them, but ALL of them. This rumour sustained itself for sometime on my school bus, which was ironically called Bus Q. Anyway, it turned out that none of them were gay and that the lead singer Brandon Flowers was, in fact, a Mormon. At the time, their breakout single Somebody Told Me sounded like any good indie rock tune of the day. The year was 2004. Franz Ferdinand had released Take Me Out, The Vines had put out Ride and Modest Mouse were making ground with Float On. But The Killers turned out to be a little more than just another indie band. With the release

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of their second single Mr. Brightside they shuffled their way into popular consciousness and into the repertoire of every pub musician singing covers on a Friday night. Mr. Brightside was a smash and their debut album Hot Fuss became a seminal coming of age record for the 21st century. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Mr. Brightside, I mean, it’s a good song, but it’s not AMAZING, but when I used to play little pub gigs, people would violently heckle us if we didn’t pull out Mr. Brightside. There are a handful of songs from the 2000’s that have garnered this kind of obsessive allegiance Mr. Brightside is one of them. And to top it all off they appeared on The O.C. Remember that old gem of a show? …. ahhhh to be young. As the quartet provided the sound track to yet another one of Ryan and Marissa’s awkward run-ins, they sealed their place in our lives. I understand that I’m narrowing my audience at this point to anyone who went to high school in the 2000’s, but you’ll have to forgive me this one time. As the years have gone on, The Killers have moved further away from the bombastic burst of youthful melancholy that holds Hot Fuss together. The albums that followed Sam’s Town and Day and Age - are fantastic and arguably better. But lyrically, Flowers has positioned himself as some kind of

crossbreed of Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash; an American storyteller revealing tales about Cadillacs and the open Nevada desert. Sometimes I think he just puts random words together on bandnamemaker. com and then inserts them into his lyrics. Their last album Battle Born was pretty weak, for a band so sure in its melodic path it was confusing to hear what they were trying to create. It wasn’t ambitious and it just didn’t sound good. This month Hot Fuss turns 10 years old - Yep, it’s been that long. At the album’s peak, All These Things That I’ve Done, Flowers sings ‘I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier’.The Killers have always been a rock n’ roll band with soul, but they lost that soul on their last album - Lets hope they find it again. Happy Birthday Hot Fuss, hip, hip hooray!

Kog Ravindran is a writer, occasionally sings for Melbourne band, The Scarecrows and currently has his debut solo EP Barricades out in the world. Find out all about him at or check him out on Triple J Unearthed. KOG RAVINDRAN

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RJ RO A B R A B NAME: RJ BARBARO AGE: 28 Years Rolling: 24 SPONSOR(S): Creature, Bones, Vans, Independent, King of Nothing clothing, Rust & Regret jewellery and Beach Burrito Co. Hometown: Fremantle, WA Favourite Skate Spot: Lincoln City, Oregon Music: Anything that isn’t Bieber, Brittany Spears or any of that whack shit. Love the Wu, R.L Burnside is a fave, something I can wobble to when I’m pissy! Favourite Skaters: Sky Siljeg, Rion Linderman, Steeve Reeves, anyone of Team Black Out. PEARL: So RJ, you won the recent Bowlriders Australia Comp at Frankston and now your hanging on the Peninsula, what brought this about and what do you think of the Peninsula and Melbourne Skate scenes? BARBARO: I came down to meet up with an old mate, Matty Tailz who rips and is an amazing artist. He asked if I wanted to skate that night, beer provided, that was the big hook!! I met the crew down there and a few I haven’t met before. A one night stay turned into over a month and we are still down here working and chillin’. It’s so rad down here, reminds me of Margaret River south of my hometown. The scene over here in Melbs is a bit more hectic than the slower life I prefer or have been living the past year or so but the facilities are here so that’s good. PEARL: You were a clear standout at Shed Nine’s “After Dark on the Park” Balnarring Bowl Jam that attracted around three hundred skaters and spectators, tell us about that night? BARBARO: We hung out at Shed Nine prior and had a ‘few’ warm up brews before hand. All jumped in the van and took off, rolling in a bit late but was surprised to see the crowd at such a small low key joint. Was a great turn out. Heaps of little frothing groms and the old fellas from Moss dropped in and showed everyone how they did it back in the day.

PEARL: How long do you plan to hang on the Peninsula and where to next? BARBARO: Jess and I are gonna hang out a while longer. She is working at the shop and I’m back on the tools with some good crew, life’s good down here. The plans have changed. We are gonna travel Australia now and probably head back home. PEARL: Who are your favourite local skaters? BARBARO: Locals? Matty Tailz for sure! Little Zepp Heyes is killing it, he is heading to Woodward this week. Jayden Thompson is ripping too. PEARL: Your girl Jess is a tattooist; tell us something about some ink she gave you? BARBARO: She tattooed ‘Fruity Lexia Goon Lord’ on my leg. My mate Morph was at our place in Perth for a few days and we drank like 30L or so of goon in a couple of days, and so it came about. PEARL: You told me that you’re planning on hitting the states next year, where would you like to skate there? BARBARO: I’ve skated Venice a lot, the Combi and a bunch of places but I still really want to skate Oregon some more and go hit Buckys bowl. PEARL: Any final words? BARBARO: Thanks to all the locals down here who have put up with us, Drew and Sal, Matty and Clauds and Eddy. Stay true to yourself, remind yourself of the important things in life. Family.



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For two years now I’ve been writing this column, and each month I’m forced to think about exactly which type of country music I’m going to focus upon this time round. I’m always spoiled for choice. Country music is a broad genre – and these days even Snoop Dog readily admits to country leanings. This month I’m able to keep it local and cover just about the

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With the worldwide success of Keith Urban as inspiration, it’s somewhat surprising that so few male, mainstream country artists in Australia have emerged in recent years. That could be all about to change, thanks to the arrival of Newcastle’s Morgan Evans. Morgan has the talent and the look to assume the Urban mantle, and if the crowds that flocked to his recent main stage performance at the CMC Rocks The Hunter Festival in the Hunter Valley are an indication, Evans is already well on the way. The festival was something of a launch for Evans’ new, self-titled album, which quickly shot into the official ARIA albums charts in the week that followed. The album, produced in Nashville by friend and fellow-Aussie Jed Hughes, is an upbeat and immediately-accessible collection of country rock songs, most of which the singer had a strong hand in writing. The response to the record has been humbling for Evans, but not nearly so much as his coveted invitation to perform at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry late last month. “Playing the Opry is something everyone

full spectrum of the genre, thanks to some excellent Victorian releases. I’ve known Harry Hookey for a little while. We met in Nashville, Tennessee in 2011 when we both attended the Americana Music Association Festival and Conference with Sounds Australia. I was surprised to learn at the time that Harry was a Melbourne boy, mainly due to the fact

who plays country music dreams of being able to do,� said Morgan. “Standing in that circle on the stage, playing where everyone from Hank Williams and Elvis Presley to Keith Urban has played, gives me chills just thinking about it!�. The performance was a highlight of the singer’s most recent Nashville trip for the CMA Festival – known as the largest country music festival in the world. Nashville has become something of a second home for the young star. “The first time I played there I was just starting out and just in awe of the whole scale of the festival�, Morgan recalls. “I’ve grown so much as a musician and performer since then and I just couldn’t wait to get out on the Riverfront Stage and play to that crowd again�. Back in Australia, Evans will visit Melbourne for special shows at The Hallam Hotel on June 19th and Revolver Bandroom on June 20th. These could well be some of the last chances to see this CMC Award-Winning artist in a small intimate environment and, not surprisingly, tickets are selling fast. Visit for more details. Lachlan Bryan

that I hadn’t come across him or his music before. When I saw him perform that year I thought he was pretty good, but when I saw him late last year in Tasmania supporting Busby Marou I was seriously impressed. It’s hardly surprising to see that Harry has now released his debut album, produced by Nash Chambers (Kasey’s brother) and featuring some of the most provocative artwork ever seen in Australian Country Music. The music itself certainly stretches the definition of country (which, incidentally, does not bother me at all), sitting somewhere between The Whitlams and Mumford and Sons. It has a contemporary feel, and the song writing and storytelling is sound. The album is called Misdiagnosed and is out now and available in good record stores. Another excellent Victorian (though actually a Brit by birth) is Justin Bernascone of Melbourne alt-country band The Stillsons. Justin’s new solo album, Winter Pick, features both his trademark fine acoustic guitar playing and world-weary troubadour voice. Notably, it also features instrumental tracks – not a common thing these days – but highly enjoyable nonetheless. Justin launches the album at The Thornbury Theatre on August 3rd. Equally strong instrumentalists are bluegrass champions The Davidson Brothers. Still young, The Davos are

BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL Live Samba Floor Show & Brazilian BBQ

21st of June at 6pm Tickets $75 G O RAND SATPENING JUN Fro E 28 comp m 6-8pm lim w entary ith tapa s

$! # #  ,*+- !!"!     ( "%((

%  (%)#(  &( !!( ' &&

After party from 8pm kick back with gentle electro beats by Dj Nickoroll LIVE MUSIC


677 Point Nepean Rd, McCrae, Tel: 03 59862100

Australian country music veterans with Golden Guitars and International Bluegrass Awards already under their belts. Their new album Wanderlust was recorded at Melbourne’s famed Sing Sing Recording Studios and will be launched at The Corner Hotel on Friday June 20th with special guests Sweet Jean and Fanny Lumsden (both worth the price of admission on their own). I haven’t yet heard Wanderlust, but if recent live shows are any indication expect some great traditional sounds, virtuosic playing and the unique Australian sense of humour that has always differentiated these guys from their nu-grass contemporaries. Finally, a very local recommendation: Americana Sweethearts (and column favourites) The Weeping Willows are returning to their old haunt at T’Gallant Winery on Sundays June 8, 15 and 22. The duo has been touring non-stop the last few months and will be in fine form! LACHLAN BRYAN Lachlan Bryan is primarily a singer/ songwriter. His third album Black Coffee is out now. He also moonlights as a gifted observer and music journalist, writing monthly for PEARL Magazine on all things folk/country/bluegrass. If you’ve got a new release, upcoming show or you’d like to get in touch with Lachlan, drop him a line at

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LACHY DOLEY GROUP Once in a while there is a new Blues Album that you just can’t stop playing. The Lachy Doley Group’s Live at the 303 (audio CD from DVD) is on high rotation right now and I thoroughly recommend it to all that like a big Blues Hammond organ sound - Ten great tracks.

SUPPORT LIVE BLUES MUSIC VENUES This month’s special mention goes to the Chandelier Room in Moorabbin (the BIN) who have been featuring an array of live Blues music on Saturday nights lately with no less than Mr Black & Blues, the Justin Yap band, SI Compadres, Wilson & While, Electric Larry and Troy Wilson to name but just a few.

NICOLE NEHEMIA Last month’s “Supporting Women in Blues” meeting at the Royal Standard Hotel featured the talented Nicole Nehemia (pictured) sharing her personal musical journey. Nicole performed some of her Safari Motel set list as a capella tunes demonstrating her natural talent and how far she has now come across a broad mix of musical genres. As we have now come to expect at these “Supporting Women in Blues” (SWIB) events, Nicole delivered an extremely personal story with passion and honesty and her humility was an example to all. As a devotee of the Blues, Funk and Soul crossover styles Nicole has now really come of age and I would expect that 2014 will be a breakout year for this lady.

YOUTH IN BLUES Youth in Blues is an initiative of the MBAS, held annually to encourage the next generation of Blues musicians. The Youth in Blues Program aims to help budding young Blues musicians and vocalists gain confidence and experience with the


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guidance and mentorship of established Blues musicians and music industry professionals. This Program offers young people a place to show their musical talent in a fun, encouraging and learning environment with like-minded Blues music supporters. Renowned Bluesman Wayne Jury Will Be presenting these sessions. The Youth in Blues program for 2014 will be held fortnightly over 5 sessions from Saturday 17th May 1pm-4pm at the Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William St, West Melbourne.

WINTER BLUES FESTIVAL The Winter Blues Festival held in Echuca on 25, 26 & 27 July 2014 has announced this year’s line-up. Please see http://winterblues. for more details. Great line up, great town, great festival and it’s free. Get along this year if you can for 3 days of great Blues music.

PENINSULA BLUES CLUB Following a tribute to Howlin’ Wolf, the patron of Peninsula Blues Club Mr Alex Burns returned as the feature artist for the meeting on May 11. The next PBC meeting will be held on Sunday June 8 featuring Stevie Paige and an all women house band the MOJO Sisters with Christine Manetta (vocals), Julie Noble (harmonica), Michelle Johns (keyboard), Eva Kourtes (Guitar) and Emily Car (Drums). For more details please check out Peninsula Blues Club on Facebook.

DON’T MISS Andrea Marr’s new band Soul’D Out. Until next month, let’s keep the blues alive and support our local artists. Greg writes monthly for PEARL on all things Blues. If you’d like Greg to review your release or you know of something happening in the Blues world please drop him a line at: blues@ or GregFisherBluesIllustrated. Greg can also be heard every Tuesday between 12-2pm on 88.3 Southern FM as the host of the all Australian Blues Illustrated show.

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t’s been 30 years since Australiana took Australia - and indeed the world - by storm. Boasting an array of Australian puns, the comedy single broke a number of records at the time. Australiana topped the charts for eight weeks in 1983, became the first spokenword record to receive high-rotation on FM radio, and became the highest grossing Australian single ever. To celebrate 30 years of the landmark hit record, Austen Tayshus has re-released Australiana digitally via iTunes, and commenced a massive 300-show tour around the country. Ahead of his July show at the Westernport Hotel, the confronting and provocative comedy legend chats to PEARL about the success of larrikinism and complexities of satire.

“At the time of Australiana’s release there was a strong wave of nationalistic patriotism and it had a lot to do with winning the America’s Cup, the success of Men at Work and Crocodile Dundee. All of that collaborated to make that a very patriotic time I think, and of course the fact that Australiana is not only quintessentially Australian, but also very funny. All of those things conspired to make it an across the board success because it appealed to dumb idiots and also very smart people.” With Billy Birmingham penning the spoken track and Tayshus developing the oneliners into a routine through performance, Australiana thrust the comedian into the spotlight, something Tayshus says he never expected. Indeed, the larrikin humour of Australiana is not typical of the performer’s stand-up routine, his much edgier material proving a little harder to swallow for mainstream audiences. “I split with Billy Birmingham in 1984 because fundamentally, we don’t have that much in common. I’m much more interested in shaking it up, upsetting people and challenging the status quo. I’m into satirizing culture and just being a troublemaker. That never sat too well with him.” In his bid to shake things up, Tayshus has polarized many audiences and critics; something he says is typical when it comes

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INTERVIEW to the reception of satirical humour in Australian culture. “Just look at Chris Lilley - who’s like my grandson really - or Sasha Baron Cohen. People like us are always misinterpreted. What Chris Lilley is doing is just pointing out all the things that are wrong with this culture – the attitudes towards immigration etc. He may appear to be racist but I think it’s just the opposite. Similarly, I made a routine called Highway Corroboree, which was about Aboriginal people and really took this piss out of white people. A lot of Aboriginal people misconstrued it and thought I was having a go at them when I wasn’t. It’s really the art of satire, that’s what I’m into. Pushing the boundaries right to the edge, further than anyone else can,

that’s what I’m on about.” 30 years is a long time to be in the stand up game and still have audience members walk out of shows in shock or appal. It’s natural to wonder if the misconstruing of his comedy as tasteless frustrates Tayshus, or whether the mantra of ‘you get it, or you don’t’ keeps the comedian going. While the provocateur has been candid in stating that he likes to push the audience as far as possible - if it means pushing them out the door, that’s great – he also admits that any criticism does hurt. “Whenever you take something on it becomes a more difficult road, but that’s why you do it. That’s why artists are so important in a culture. The Court jester was always there to keep the King honest. If

you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!” For those who like a little heat, Austen Tayshus will be performing at Westernport Hotel on Saturday July 5. The show will be presented by The Molly Room, a revolutionary ‘travelling venue’ concept that takes independent club’s spaces and transforms them using the same ‘theme’ and decorative elements. The harbouring venue is taken to a new level of luxe, enhancing the experience of both patrons and artists alike. For more information and tickets head to


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with SIMON PETOCHIO  GOOD FORM to our local vet for making a house call on a Sunday to clip old Raggedy-Anne’s claws. Poor thing was getting caught up in the rug. We really appreciate it. Grateful, Hastings  POOR FORM to selfish parents who come up with ridiculous new-age names for their children just to be “different”. These poor kids will not appreciate the gesture; they will resent you for the rest of their lives. Milkshake-Poodlefart McGee, Frankston  POOR FORM to my arms. My wife won’t allow me to sleep on my back due to my snoring, but I find it impossible to get comfortable lying on my side due to these two unwieldy protuberances. I often wish I could detach my arms at the shoulder. I could store them under the bed and enjoy roly-poly freedom throughout the night. Barry Humble, St.Andrews

If you’re at the Frankston Arts Centre this month or just in the area, slide into Humdinger for a pre and/or post show nibble and drink. Described as ‘dude food’, this diner provides a relaxed atmosphere where people can enjoy food they love. Think burgers, sliders and wings, food you can pick up, use your hands, and tear apart; all whilst sipping on a cold beer.

This place could easily become your new guilty pleasure. Eating food your Mum always said was bad for you and, with a bar stocked with some of the best spirits around, Humdinger brings the world famous Melbourne bar scene to Frankston and the Peninsula. If you’re after a dining experience far away from asking for the bill delivered inside a black leather folder then head to Humdinger, 101 Young St, Frankston. For menu go to SIMON BURKE

 POOR FORM to our son, Milkshake-Poodlefart. Your mother and I sacrificed a great deal to raise you and little Banana. Things were tough for us, and neither of you have ever appreciated it. Why can’t you be more like your big brother Dan? Daniel and Sue McGee, Frankston


 POOR FORM to my husband and his infuriatingly impractical solutions to everything. When he’s not snoring the house down, he’s tossing and turning and moaning about his stupid non-detachable arms. If they were detachable, Barry, I can tell you they would not lie under the bed for long. I would take them out nightly and use them to clobber you senseless in your roly-poly sleep. Beryl Humble, St.Andrews


 POOR FORM to my cruel son. It’s not my idea of a pleasant Mothers’ Day to have you and your degenerate veterinarian friend get rotten drunk on my sherry and then forcibly clip my toenails. Please don’t visit me next year. Anne Krum, Hastings

 POOR FORM to my physiotherapist. If I needed someone to show me stick-figure drawings and treat me with disdain I’d have given the $165 dollars to my three-year-old. Gretel Vag, Mornington  GOOD FORM to the wonderful Federal Budget. I haven’t felt this proud since we built the Death Star. Let the hatred flow through you! Darth Vader, Dark Side From tiffs and turmoil to good blokes and great moments, tell us about the good and bad stuff happening around town in our ‘Good Form / Poor Form’ column! Email Simon at goodformbadform@ with your story!


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She gave it a good shot. She was telling me about how the needy are not having their needs met and how the starving were living in their space of famine. I could feel her emotion and her concern. I was not really buying into it because we do not have a food shortage. What we have is poor food distribution. “Do you know that Australians throw away 20% of the groceries that they buy?” I said “What?” She replied. I don’t think she wanted me to interrupt her story. “Up to 40% of the average household bin is food.” I continued. I could see she was stumped for words. Her story that she tells so often was not going the usual way. Welcome my world. “The wastage over one year is enough to feed an average household.” I said “But what about the starving people in Africa?” She asked. This was going to get me going. “The British farmers have moved in there and have taken all their fish and are now farming ‘perfect beans’ over there for the supermarkets.” I told her. “Thanks God for that!” She exclaimed. “Really...” I said “Do you know what happens to the ‘not so perfect’ beans that are not straight

enough for the Woollies and Coles of the world?” “No.” She said. I could see she was speechless. “Well they get thrown away or are fed to cattle.” I continued. “They do not get fed to the starving over there in any shape or form. In fact here in Australia 40% of the organic foods get rejected by the supermarkets because the potatoes are not round enough, the apples have blemishes on them, the beans have spots and we support that by buying these ‘perfect’ foods.” I could feel my emotions rising now. Do not even get me started on seasonal foods! “Do you know the people who waste the most food?” I asked her. “No.” She started shrinking. “People aged 18 to 24, those with an income over $100,000 and families with children.” I was on a roll. “ Do you have a compost? Do you have chickens? Do you know the legal implications in Victoria for passing on old food?” Deep Breath out. Another staff member came in to save the poor lady. AHHHGG.


What Famine?

Raw on Rye Tea Wholefoods the place for REAL Healthy Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free Foods. Come visit us for Organic Veggies, Workshops, Natural Health Consultations, Raw Food Classes and more. Find us on Facebook, email: or ring 041894065 For info, find them on Facebook or contact planter@ or 0418 940 653.

Musings, Meanderings & Nonsense

There is rarely a time when you venture to the main hub of Mornington and you don’t see a classic car. They usually drive in packs. And if you do miss the Sunday line up of club cars parading themselves shamelessly up and down Main Street, then you’ll probably be greeted by the deafening roars of a Harley Davidson flock, consisting of 50 year old mid-life crisis men because they’re usually the only people who can afford Harleys through legal means. The stylish older man (STO) is a Mornington must have. Never have I perused the shops or grabbed a take away coffee without strolling past the STO. There is always one walking around Mornington during the daytime, they’re like non-playable characters on a PS3 game; they just pop up from time to time. The average STO is usually in his 60s, probably named Richard and wears boat shoes. Perhaps he has a funky yellow Swatch watch and appears as though he lives part time in Capri. It is the desire of most men to one day become the ‘STO’ but unfortunately only a few get to live the dream.

Of course you can’t enjoy a day in Mornington without a guest appearance from Mr Yappy. Now Mr Yappy is a term for a dog that is usually miniature in size, and ugly, and probably white. Technically scientists have labelled Mr Yappy, (or known by it’s owner as Susiewoozy, Sweet Cheeks, Missy or any other particularly annoying name) as a canine but I theorise these dogs are more like barking rat-ferret hybrids. These yappy pets are usually accompanied by a female who walks at an incredibly, unnaturally slow pace. Mr Yappy and his cohorts are continuously disturbing the peace of Main Street as they share their vocal chords at the sight of leaves. Larger and more intelligent dogs, people under the age of 25, and dust usually sets them off also. Whether it’s a shop, cafe or post office there’s always someone in there that you recognize. And I’m not talking about a chance encounter with a colleague, school friend or your hairdresser. I’m talking about a random stranger you always see ‘around’. As if there is some sort of cosmic joke that keeps bringing you together in unusual places, and makes both parties feel mildly uncomfortable when you see them in a coffee shop the day after they saw you buy your grandfather’s haemorrhoid cream. No one should ever see you buy haemorrhoid cream. Alexis Collier writes monthly for PEARL on whatever springs to mind really. If you’ve got any feedback about any of her columns, drop us a line on Facebook at pearlmagazine.


If you are a local of Mornington there are a few things that you see every time you set foot on Main Street. I suppose you can call them quirks, happenstance or community parallelism - It’s very likely I am now just throwing words in your face for no good reason - and I, very dutifully have written down a handful of these Main Street occurrences, because quite frankly I don’t have any decent hobbies or a social life.


THIS MONTH: Exposed: Mornington’s … with Alexis cultural, mildly creepy quirks.

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“The idea for an online network came from the Matt Harrison teaches at Frankston’s Guitar Village consultation the Council had with the arts community and isn’t shy of encouraging his students to create during the development of the Arts Strategy - it was profiles in the new artistic space. “Young musicians the arts community that suggested it,” Robin Batt of need to be open and talkative”, he says. “That is their the Frankston Art Centre says. first step”. The Edge is free and is aimed at designers, “The Edge will provide a great platform for artists performers, producers, musicians, photographers, to connect with each other, be part of a creative sculptors, theatre groups, dance schools, galleries online community, and get their talents known. It will maximize local artists’ exposure, promote and the like. Its easy steps allow artists to upload rehearsal spaces and cultural experiences in the area, their details, links, photos, and videos to showcase and advertise auditions, grants, collaborations and their artistic talents. With its five key sections – workshops” she says. Artists, Spaces, Cultural Organisations, Events and Opportunities, The Edge is easy to use and to So far, the response since its launch at Cube 37 has navigate. It also instantly connects with local creative been positive. individuals and networks. Local singer-songwriter Matt Harrison says forming For more information go to or sign relationships with other like-minded individuals and up for an e-newsletter to keep informed of all the sharing work has been an integral part of his craft and creative opportunities and events within the region. “always will be”. “I think socialising with other musicians and figures in the industry is an absolutely The Edge is free and easy to navigate. Uploa The Edge showcases individual artists of mandatory step to becoming professional your details, photos and videos to showcase all genres, arts organisations, community artistic practice, events and opportunities an at what you do. Even if you produce art for groups, venues, galleries and creative \RXUSURƬOHWR\RXURZQZHEVLWHDQGVRFLDOP platforms. businesses. recreational purposes, sharing your talent The Edge also provides an e-newsletter of al and absorbing what others do around you Whether you’re a designer, performer, producer, creative opportunities and events in the regi musician, photographer, sculptor, theatre group, only allows for your skills, knowledge and &UHDWH\RXUSURƬOHQRZRUVLJQXSWRWKHHQ dance school, gallery, arts lover or a venue to stay connected with the thriving arts scen presenting the arts, The Edge is for you. craft to evolve”. In relation to his own musical endeavours, Harrison says the “more people I meet, the more opportunities I’m given for gigs, FURTHER DETAILS: 03 9784 1896 recording sessions and exposure”. The Edge EDGEARTS.COM.Au “has become another great avenue I can use to communicate”, he says. Cover detail: Revelations of a Pale Day…Monkey M



By Tarah Miller I like to give artists the pleasure of meeting one another. On the way to the surf, I introduce musician Chuck Berry to the members of The Beach Boys. And as he throws his anger towards them for ripping off his guitar riffs, I introduce him to Eva Cassidy. He takes a liking to her as her sweet voice begins to soothe the tense atmosphere. This is up until the boys of Alt J interrupt, and everyone realises they’ve been morphed into one skewed, eclectic playlist. You see, that’s the beauty of records, and that’s the beauty of technology. At the touch of your fingers you’re given the chance to bridge the gaps within music - gaps that are otherwise bound apart by time, space and genre. Bridging gaps is essentially what the Frankston City Council had in mind when devising their plan for The Edge: a digital hub that strives to bring artists together. However, this hub does not focus on musicians alone. Rather, it is a digital outlet for individuals of all art forms. It is an online artistic space for every creative individual of “Frankston City and beyond”, to share and communicate their work. Launched in April 2014, The Edge aims to offer an online one-stop shop for local artists as well as arts related activities, events and opportunities. The idea of creating a digital hub for artists was initially brought about by members of Frankston’s artistic community themselves.


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Bring out the face paint and prepare to rock ‘n’ roll all night when the ultimate Kiss tribute show, Kiss Thiss hits the Somerville Hotel on June 27. This is a free event so a lack of funds is no excuse to miss this amazing group who capture the excitement, energy, outrageous costuming & make-up of a superstar band. Hits such as, I Was Made For Loving You and Sure Know Something as well as an entire catalogue of Kiss songs are featured at various shows. Touring nationally around Australia, the crowd reaction is always electric as the band deliver an outstanding portrayal of high energy rock ‘n’ roll. It is for that reason Kiss Thiss have become the first choice of Kiss fans Australia wide. Kiss Thiss, Somerville Hotel 84 Station St, Somerville June 27. More info at SIMON BURKE


Renowned as one of the most prolific songwriters in Australian Rock, Paul Woseen has spent the past 25 years as the bassist, songwriter and backing vocalist with legendary Australian rock band, The Screaming Jets. Woseen’s prolific song writing has made him, since day one, the backbone of a wide landscape that runs through the band’s lyrical content, as it is served up through a clever union of verses and hooks that speak to us all. Not only did 2013 see the Jets back out on the road, playing to sold-out venues across the country on their “Real Deal” tour, it also marked the release of Paul Woseen’s debut Solo Album ‘Bombido’. On Sunday June 29th, Seaford Hotel presents Sunday Blues from 2pm featuring Paul Woseen in his exciting solo acoustic format, mixing a blend of Jets hits and the songs that influenced him along the way! Woseen joins the long list of feature artists in rotation for Sunday Blues including Jimi Hocking, Phil Para and GeoffAchison. Paul Woseen, Seaford Hotel 362 Dandenong-Frankston Rd Seaford June 29. More info at SIMON MILLS


Pop down to Studio Seven inside the Mornington Indoor Sports Centre for fortnightly, over 28’s entertainment this June. This event will feature live music and a night full of Aussie rock & hits from the 80’s and 90’s. The first band of the month, Old Direction, perform on Saturday June 14 & cover all bases when it comes to classic 80’s Aussie rock as well as much more. Two weeks later, band Rush Decision patiently deliver the best rock covers from the last three decades for a night filled with great music & great company. Also on the night, there will be free entry, wood-fire pizza & great drink promotions so make sure you bring your dancing shoes as these two acts rock the roof off. Mornington Indoor Sports Centre, 7 Milgate Drive, Mornington. For more info go to morningtonindoorsportscentre. SIMON BURKE

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Once the Friday night live entertainment icon for anyone within striking distance, The Dava played host to some of the biggest party nights, karaoke comps, rocking bands and rooftop rendezvous. Live music is back to Friday’s with the Dava playing host to a revolving roster of local live performers each week. Curl up in the club bar and shake off that winter chill with early birds making the most of the “Make your own Cocktails” promo running between 8pm-9pm. This month sees Safari Motel alternating with Andy Phillips & The Cadillac Walk treating music fans to a great mix of live blues, funk and soul. With many more exciting acts on the horizon, keep an eye on the gig guide or visit the Dava’s website for further updates! Live music @ The Dava, 614 Esplanade, MtMartha. SIMON MILLS

Nostalgia is back big time when Rewind 80’s comes to town and that is exactly what will happen at the Seaford Hotel on June 28. Australia’s most experienced and professional 80’s tribute band bring back glamour, head flicks and synthesisers for a night of retro hits, cherry lips and high kicks. Rewind 80’s perform tunes from one of music’s most iconic eras with the multipiece live band playing homage to the rock, pop and new romantic bands that had you screaming in front of a television set as you watched. This glitzey, glittery act play hits from Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Guns ‘n Roses and much more leaving audiences hooked because they just can’t get enough. Unwind at Rewind 80’s, Seaford Hotel, 362 Frankston-Dandenong Rd Seaford., June 28. For more info visit theseaford. SIMON BURKE

ROCKABILLY SUNDAY’S The Pier Hotel has some great rockabilly bands coming up every Sunday over June in Flanagan’s starting with Atomic Hi-Tones coming to town on June 15th. These guys have a repertoire that crosses six decades of inspiration combining with awesome vocals and a powerful sound that bring an event to life. The following week will see regular favourites Itchy Fingers take to the stage with some great vocals, fantastic wailing solo’s and smooth bluesy tones guaranteed to get you shake rattle and rollin’. Sunday June 29 Australia’s high priests of rock, The Detonators are back with their lethal combination of roots, rockabilly and early rock n’ roll. Once invited by Cold Chisel to play support for their sold out shows at Rod Laver Arena, and have never looked back!. Make sure you got your dancing shoes and drinking arms ready for a good time Detonators show! June at Flanagan’s Irish Bar at the Pier Hotel, 508 Nepean Hwy Frankston. For more info go to Simon Mills

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WONDERFUL WINTER SOLSTICE The Winter Solstice (Midwinter) has been celebrated over thousands of years in the northern hemisphere as a time of rebirth. Our ancient forebears celebrated this turn of the seasons with festivals, feasting, singing, dancing and erected the major stone at Stonehenge to point to the mid-winter sun. We don’t quite go this far but, for several years, Peninsula Music Society has been marking the winter solstice with a weekend festival of three concerts of fine music to suit many tastes. Complimentary Box Stallion wine and Red Hill Cheese from 6:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights add to the festivities. Be wowed. On Friday 20 June at 7:30pm, we have a new artist from the Old World in Nemanja Radulovic, an electrifying, young French-based violinist, who has thrilled audiences around the world. He has been


PEARL Magazine  June


described as one part pop idol, two parts Lisztian Romantic heroism (The Australian 2012) and has recently scored an exclusive global recording deal with Deutsche Grammophon. He will join local favourites, Ensemble Liaison for an exciting evening of gypsy passion which includes works by Haydn, Khachaturian and Williams. Hold on for an emotionally-charged program of music brimming with virtuosity and beauty. Experience something new. Saturday 21 June at 7:30pm features Australian Octet, the new flagship ensemble of the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. Unique in Australia’s musical life, the Australian Octet is dedicated to performing music for five to eight strings. Eight of our country’s most eminent string players have been brought together to form the Octet under the leadership of renowned

Director William Hennessy. The program includes works by Shostakovich, Brahms and a work by Richard Mills performed as part of its world premiere season. Be enchanted. On Sunday 22 June at 2:30pm the flamboyant, brilliant young pianist, Stefan Cassomenos whose performance have been described as ‘a model of clarity, depth of expression and irrefutable musical logic’ (West Australian, April 2013) will enthral you on the Society’s Schimmel Concert Grand with Liszt’s romantic masterpiece, the Grand Sonata in B minor, together with works by Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Ligeti, and Vine. All in the great acoustics at the Peninsula Community Theatre where FREE PARKING makes it all so easy! Tickets (around $40) from Farrell’s Bookshop, Mornington;

Robinsons Bookshop, Frankston; the door from one hour prior to concert or by phone 9789 8392. The Peninsula Music Society was established in 1962 and has a long history of presenting fine music concerts on the Mornington Peninsula featuring leading Australian and international artists. Seven professional concerts are presented each year in the Peninsula Community Theatre, a venue whose acoustic is acclaimed by musicians and audiences alike. PMS also conducts student support and education activities to encourage young local musicians. These activities include a bursary competition for tertiary and secondary students, workshops and master classes. The cost of the student support and education activities is met through the generosity of sponsors, donations and PMS itself. For the past few years, total bursary award money has been $20,000.

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After selling out two debut shows at Harba Upstairs, the provocative, cheeky and sexy This Is Burlesque will return on July 4 & 18. The show is the brainchild of burlesque starlet Jessabella who realised how much the Peninsula needed some good, old fashioned, live entertainment. Explore characters such as the jilted bride, the jungle queen, the vamp, the censored princess, the obsessed lover, and the haunted fortune teller to name a few during a performance that will captivate an audience. Jessabella herself has sung with multiple bands and solo on stages such as Revolver Upstairs, The Regal Ballroom and the Espy, appearing at iconic St Kilda events such as A Day By The Green and Goddess. With an abundance of stage experience, Jessabella has used that knowledge to create an act showcasing many different subgenres of burlesque in a show that promises education, laughter, wonder, and delight, enjoying the darker sides to both art and music. This is an art that Melbourne has been well associated with internationally for it’s innovate and creative approach to a long-time art-form as well as housing some of the finest burlesque performers in the country. There’ll be something for everyone to enjoy at This Is Burlesque so open your heart and your mind and prepare for a show unlike anything

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FANTASTIC 4 seen in Mornington before. Get your tickets soon as they will sell quickly at or go to Harba Bar and Grill 786 Esplanade, Mornington. SIMON BURKE

Melbourne’s coolest quartet, The Jackson Four, are set to jazz up the Heritage Tavern in Balnarring on June 22. The band have been on the rise in 2014 proving a major hit at festivals such as The Mordialloc By the Bay Festival and The Eltham Jazz Festival. Their soulful blues, jazz and swing music has had audiences across Victoria hooked on their infectious dance rhythms and have

proved a big hit at all venues. Centred around the Hammond B3 organ, their style is in keeping with the classic jazz masters of the 50s and 60s and feature a range of material from great soul, blues and swing to Amy Winehouse and their own unique soul jazz take on modern pop classics. Catch the quirky quartet at the Heritage Tavern 3059 Frankston-Flinders Road, Balnarring, June 22 from 3pm.

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Contact Jen Matthews on 0431 052 006 or or Rachael Campbell on 0421 644 225 or




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Flanny’s finale for fudge




















PEARL Magazine  June


For more than a decade local cover band FUDGE has been a Saturday night institution for partygoers visiting Flanagan’s at The Pier Hotel. Commencing their weekly residency back in July of 2003, Jordan and his extensive crew of band mates have seen thousands upon thousands come and go, including revellers, staff and management… making them the longest serving of all on the block. The new SuperClub format combining the Pier Hotel & Davey’s launches in July, bringing the curtain down on one of the most significant residencies in local history. Eleven years in one room is a testament to Jordan Mills and his list of dedicated musos including Cam Brown, Scotty Hotpants, Rhys Warden and past FUDGE members Jason Dean, Simon Imrei and Nat Allison. It’s not easy cracking some of the bigger local stages for an up and coming band…but to stay on top for a decade is a credit to them all! Join FUDGE and their extended family for their Flanagan’s Finale on Saturday 28th June and visit for updates!


Baha Music Bar in Rye welcomes an exciting, up and coming Australian act in Little Bastard on July 5. Touring their self-titled debut album, the band can be found indiscriminately jumping on raised platforms with reckless abandon and have rapidly become one of Australia’s most entertaining and undeniable live acts. Having released two highly rated singles from the new album, High For You and Be My Kind , the mighty seven piece punk-string band will no doubt be putting on a scintillating showcase performing an album they smashed out in eight days with their no-bullsh*t approach. The hype IS justified having received great

SOUL Beats

reviews form STACK, Tone Deaf and Rolling Stone with their song-writing described as highly impressive and played with power packed enthusiasm. These guys are raring to go. Having recently toured with, Sticky Fingers, Wagons, The Snowdroppers, and playing festivals such as The Hills Are Alive, Peat’s Ridge, Secret Garden, Boogie, Gum Ball and Cherry Rock its safe to say they are a road-hardened act. Armed with a swag of new album tracks, Little Bastard may send the audience home a little out-of-whack but thoroughly energised, even if the hang over the following morning says different. Check out Little Bastard at Baha, 2203-2209 Pt Nepean Rd, Rye. Gigs are 10 dollars at the door. More info at SIMON BURKE

Melbourne’s best and most authentic Beatles act Rubber Soul will twist and shout at the Frankston Arts Centre on June 13. This great dinner and/or show option is perfect if you just want to sit back and relax or dance the night away to a band who are dedicated to recreating the look and sound of The Beatles music live. Formed in 2001, Rubber Soul bring a wealth of experience in the music business having played together for many years in various original and cover outfits. It is this knowledge which helps the band painstakingly reproduce each note and every harmony to ensure it remains faithful to the original. Most importantly, these guys are life long Beatles fans, having toured nationally and internationally and it’s from that perspective Rubber Soul has sought to bring a totally authentic Beatles experience to the legions of other Beatles fans everywhere. This is not a tribute act, it is the music of The Beatles sung and played like The Beatles played them, 100 per cent and full of energy. They have played at Crown, Fed Square and famously appeared on ABC TV’s ‘Spicks & Specks’ quiz program and each time their instrumentation and their presentation was spot on. Catch Rubber Soul at the Frankston Arts Centre,27-37 Davey Street, Frankston, Friday June 13. Ticket info artscentre. bayside & mornington peninsula



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Halen style stage charisma with explosive glam rock. Their claims to be the best aren’t built on hype but on a solid reputation that continues to grow. See them for yourself Fridays at Daveys Hotel, 510 Nepean Hwy and Saturdays at the Hallam Hotel, Cnr Princes Hwy & Hallam Road. More info go to and Both nights over 28s. SIMON BURKE





If you like awesome hair and copious amounts of glitter then you’ll love Stand and Deliver. Renowned as Australia’s greatest 80s tribute show, they have been attracting crowds for many years to venues throughout Melbourne. Wherever the show goes it brings 80s rock inspired entertainment and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. The five-piece band inspired by the era that brought us spandex and hair spray overuse, provide the ultimate show in combining Duran Duran-Van

bayside & mornington peninsula


s a 22 year-old who isn’t a tradie, I feel as though the prospect of buying my first home is almost impossible. Honestly, just thinking about having a mortgage was enough to make me research into the life of a hermit and reflect upon what my amateur Scout training could lend to surviving in the wild. Fun fact, there is actually a wikihow article entitled How to Be a Hermit that conveniently breaks up the discussion into Finding What’s Right for You, Getting Prepared and Reaping the Benefits and Making the Sacrifices. Turns out that I’m probably not cut out to be a hermit. As for the Scout-survivalist scenario, whilst I’d like to believe it would go a little like Wes Anderson’s vision in Moonrise Kingdom, a more logical version of myself suspects it would end up being more like Cast Away (in this scenario I am Winston, the ball). Luckily, when confronted by the same predicament as myself, some more innovative folks have put their thinking caps on, edging the ‘tiny house’ movement ever closer to the mainstream. Building smaller, livable dwellings is certainly not a new thing, with pioneers like Lloyd Kahn pushing the mind-set since the ‘70s. Sure, it’s a big part of the Australian dream to have a sprawling abode, but it’s also a big Australian thing to be reminded that a man’s home is his castle, no matter how big or small. From shipping containers to whimsical tree houses, futuristic prefabs, rustic cabins, homes on wheels and the permanently fixed, there is some serious architectural innovation going on worldwide. Of course, tiny-house living has its trade-offs, but aside from the huge bonus of saving money, there are other benefits that go with the scaled-down life. Every space becomes simpler, less chaotic and free from all but that is essential and you are forced to spend more time outdoors, engage with the outside world and be a part of your community. It might seem extreme, but so is the vicious cycle of working all day to pay for a home you seldom inhabit. These images from Protohaus and The Tiny Project may just have you reconsidering the space in that cupboard under the stairs… MATILDA HEGGIE

Who’s the Boss?

If you’re into American rock, then you have a very tough decision to make this July 4 as two acts play tribute to legend Bruce Springsteen on Independence Day. Both Thunder Road, The Aussie Springsteen Show (Hallam Hotel) and Born To Run, The Bruce Springsteen Show (Longbeach Hotel) will perform at separate venues as music lovers are spoilt for choice. If what you’re looking for is a hard rockin pub night of Springsteen then head down to the Hallam Hotel. With a line up of seasoned and professional (Peninsula) musicians boasting a repertoire of over 30 songs, Thunder Road is dedicated to enjoying and sharing Bruce’s music in a live setting. The group captures the classic Springsteen sound, and remains true to the spirit and energy of the music, while delivering the songs with the passion and conviction of the Boss. Keeping the American theme rife for the 4th July, Thunder Road is joined on stage by Scarecrow for a bonus John Cougar double bill, live and loud! For those keen to kick back and watch the Boss rock, then the Longbeach Hotel presents something a little different but no less spectacular. This dinner and show option features Born to Run, a proven success with the Swedish public already. There are millions of people who love the music of Bruce Springsteen and love to see it played live. When the real Boss aint in town - Born to Run are. The choice is yours. Good Luck. Thunder Road, Hallam Hotel, Cnr Princes Hwy & Hallam Rd Hallam July 4, Tickets $21 from Ticketmaster or at the venue. Born to Run, Longbeach Hotel, 380 Nepean Highway Chelsea, July 4, ticket info at

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JUNE 5 - JULY 2, 2014

THURSDAY JUNE 5TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin),David Huxtable. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Live Music. 6:30pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Showcase w 3 live acoustic acts&resident band Dawkins. 8:30pm Flanagans(Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Cirque Mother Africa. 8pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Grand Hotel (Frankston), Unique Thursdays (w Resident DJs). 8pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Karaoke Rock Star. 8pm Harba(Mornington),Bennsong. 8:30pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7pm Rye RSL (Rye), Tru Tones. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Fudge. 7pm FRIDAY JUNE 6TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin),Milan Perkins. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Anton. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington),Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Mick Read. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington),FriBays(RnB Room [Downstairs] &JDG, Holly J& Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington),The Party Animals. 9pm Beretta’s (Langwarrin), Rob &Tarquin. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Commonfolk (Mornington), Friday Focus w live music. 6pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 9pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm Dava Hotel (Mt Martha), Safari Motel. 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston),Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). Flanagans(Frankston), The Party People Karaoke. 8pm Frankston RSL (Frankston),Babba. 9pm General Wine Lounge (McCrae), Grant Miller. 7:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), DJ’s T Dubb& Mick D. 9pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Blue Light Disco. 6pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Million Dollar Riff. 9pm Harba(Mornington), Rob Papp & Renee Prue. 5pm Lucky 13 Garage(Moorabbin), Kiss The Vyper, Audemia, Spook The Banshee. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Mae Parker & The King Beats. 9pm MordySupper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Mornington),Sarah Rzek. 7pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly&Scuzzi. 10pm Rose GPO (Rosebud), Mark Andrew Legends Show. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Morning Melodies (w Rick Charles - 9:30am) & Karaoke Fridays (9pm).


PEARL Magazine  June


Seaford RSL (Seaford), Rob Foenander. 7pm Soundbar(Rosebud West),Jarrod Shaw. 8:30pm Trims (McCrae), The Warrains. 6:30pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Scott Hunter. 7:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Tom Baeppler. 9:30pm SATURDAY JUNE 7TH @260 (Edithvale), Brian Robinson. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter),Dons Party. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob &Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington),JexSaarelaht Quartet (3.30pm) & The Dirty Boogie Band. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Jules Bolt with Wild Honey Pie & Alexis Naylor. 8pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington),Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm Dandenong Market (Dandenong), Yatiri. 10am Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans w Fudge & DJ Craig. 8pm General Wine Lounge (McCrae), Maddy& Bella. 7:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Saturday Sessions w Stuart Wyatt from 3pm followed by Sonic Expedition. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Harba(Mornington), Michael Buble Tribute Show. 7pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Kelvin & Heidi (1pm) Nick Charles & Doc White. 6pm Hotel Sorrento (Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Lazy Joes (Rosebud), Jay McLean.7pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Charlie Brown Duo (3pm) & Jake Flynn and Liam Clapp. 8pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Flying Saucers & Killer Antics. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Soul Blue. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm Mornington On Tanti(Mornington),Bennsong. 1pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Live Music. 7pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Joost Solo. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Royal Hotel (Mornington),Joe Laff. 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), Cop This. 7pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin),Absolutely 80’s. 9pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Lloyd Poole. 7:30pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville),Familyoke. 7:30pm Sorrento-Portsea RSL (Sorrento), Ross D Wyllie Revue.7pm

Soundbar(Rosebud West),Andy Phillips and The Cadillac Walk. 8:30pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),Mojo Pearls. 12:30pm The Winey Cow(Mornington),Bennsong. 6pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Bonsai Trio. 9:30pm SUNDAY JUNE 8TH Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Beach 162 (Frankston),Capel Sound. 2:30pm Beaches (Mornington),Kone Express (2pm) & Flap. 5pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc),Sunday Sessions. 5pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Rewind 80’s. 8pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Jason Dean. 2pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston),Peking Duck. 9pm Dandenong Market (Dandenong), Multi-cultural performance. 10am Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessionswith Chris Doheny. 4pm Flanagans(Frankston), Rockabilly. 12pm Frankston Bowling Club (Frankston), Stevie Paige. 6pm Frankston Library Lounge (Frankston), Chris Newman. 1:30pm Frankston RSL (Frankston),Jo Galea Band. 2:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Holy Jazz with Charlie Brown Band from 3:30pm followed by DJ T Dubb + Guests. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Voodoo Surf Gods. 8:30pm Harba(Mornington) Sarah Gardner. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), Warrains. 3pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Mamma’s Mountain Jug Band. 1pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Steve Romig (2pm) SantiCastano (5pm) & Robb Papp. 8pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), The Noisy Johnnies. 2:30pm Mentone Hotel (Mentone), Jessie James + Resident DJ. 9pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Brownie & The Guardsmen. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Mornington), Blues Mountain. 2pm Pier 10 Winery (Shoreham),James Vincent. 1pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kingsley George Band. 2pm Portsea Hotel (Portsea), Annual Snow Party. 9pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Red Hill Bakery Jazz Band. 1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Liz Bradley. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford),Andy Phillips Duo. 2pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Andrew Rigo. 1pm Side Street (Mordialloc), Ripple Effect. 4pm Soundbar(Rosebud West), Blues Mountain. 8:30pm Steeples (Mornington), Paul Chox. 1pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),Live Music. 12:30pm The Winey Cow (Mornington),Bennsong. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Sunday Sessions. 3pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo),Jimi Hocking. 5:30pm MONDAY JUNE 9TH – QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY Harba(Mornington) Charlie Brown Band. 3pm

Mornington Race Course (Mornington), Live Jazz. 11am Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Robb Papalado. 1pm TUESDAY JUNE 10TH Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Robb Papalado. 1pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Fame Trivia. 7:30pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY JUNE 11TH @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic. 6:30pm Balnarring Hall (Balnarring), Balnarring Muso Night. 7pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Trivia. 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm Harba(Mornington) Andy Phillips & Nicole Nehimia. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia. 7:30pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville), Morning Melodies (w Steve Lawson). 10:30am THURSDAY JUNE 12TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin),Simon Phillips. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Live Music. 6:30pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Showcase w 3 live acoustic acts & resident band Dawkins. 8:30pm Flanagans(Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Grand Hotel (Frankston), Unique Thursdays (w Resident DJs). 8pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Karaoke Rock Star. 8pm Harba(Mornington),Bennsong. 8:30pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7pm Rye RSL (Rye), Silhouettes. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Guilty Party. 7pm FRIDAY JUNE 13TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), David Huxtable. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Wayne & Wayne. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter),Rob Foenander. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington),FriBays(RnB Room [Downstairs] &Ryan Riback, Bray Hodge& Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington),$ingle Income. 9pm Beretta’s (Langwarrin), Rob &Tarquin. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 9pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm Dava Hotel (Mt Martha), Andy Phillips & The Cadillac Walk. 9pm

bayside & mornington peninsula

JUNE 5 - JULY 2, 2014

Daveys Hotel (Frankston),Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). Flanagans(Frankston), The Party People Karaoke. 8pm Flourish Café (Frankston), Gavin Lidelle. 7pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Rubber Soul The Beatles Show. 7pm General Wine Lounge (McCrae), MishWookey& Lu Thompson. 7:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Rhys Crimmin. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Eastwood Ravine. 9pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Hard Rock Garage. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Rockerfellers. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Jack Daniel Solo. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly&Scuzzi. 10pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Karaoke Fridays. 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),Mick Read. 7pm Soundbar(Rosebud West),Barefoot Bruce. 8:30pm Trims(McCrae),Robb Papps. 6:30pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Scott Hunter. 7:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Paul O’Rourke. 9:30pm SATURDAY JUNE 14TH Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter),Feelin Groovy. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob &Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington),After Hours. 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Jacqui Walker Band with Nicolette Forte & Down South Dukes. 8pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington),Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans w Fudge & DJ Craig. 8pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Sonic Expedition. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Robb Papalado. 1pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), High Octane. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Joe Matera Trio. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm Mornington On Tanti (Mornington),Bennsong. 1pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Live Music. 7pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Joost Solo. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm

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Rose GPO (Rosebud), Safari Motel. 8pm Royal Hotel (Mornington),Tim Morrison. 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), Vincents. 7pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),Craig Dare. 7:30pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville),Familyoke. 7:30pm Soundbar(Rosebud West),Matt Katis. 8:30pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),Chris Genoux. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo),Pierce Brothers. 9:30pm SUNDAY JUNE 15TH Arthurs Seat Hotel (Arthurs Seat), Open Mic. 1pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Sunday Sessions. 5pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Deep House Open Decks. 4pm Beach 162 (Frankston),Pete Miller. 2:30pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Ricky Wood. 6pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Dylan Boyd. 2pm Dandenong Market (Dandenong), The Strand. 10am Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Frankston RSL (Frankston),Itchy Fingers. 2:30pm Harba(Mornington), The Rock Dogs. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), Detonators. 3pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana),The Incident. 1pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Live Jazz. 2pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Sunday Sessions. 3pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Jennifer Lee Band. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Mornington), Good Morning Blues. 2pm Flanagans(Frankston), Rockabilly. 12pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Rhys Crimmin. 5pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), The Incident. 1pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent Trio. 2pm Pier 10 Winery (Shoreham), Mojo Pearls. 1pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Red Hill Bakery Jazz Band. 1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Sean Harvey. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford), Jimi Hocking. 2pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),Ian Duchesne. 1pm Side Street (Mordialloc),Eliantro. 4pm Soundbar(Rosebud West),Dan Calabro. 1pm Steeples (Mornington),Jason Dean. 1pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),The Weeping Willows. 12:30pm The Winey Cow (Mornington),Bennsong. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Sunday Sessions. 3pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), The Hornets. 5:30pm TUESDAY JUNE 17TH Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Fame Trivia. 7:30pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm

WEDNESDAY JUNE 18TH @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic. 6:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Trivia. 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia.7:30pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin), Morning Melodies w Aurora Mackrill. 11am THURSDAY JUNE 19TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin), David Huxtable. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Live Music. 6:30pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Showcase w 3 live acoustic acts & resident band Dawkins. 8:30pm Flanagans(Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Grand Hotel (Frankston), Unique Thursdays (w Resident DJs). 8pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Karaoke Rock Star. 8pm Harba(Mornington),Bennsong. 8:30pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7pm Rye RSL (Rye), The Chordettes. 7pm Sandhurst Hotel (Sandhurst), Mark Seymour - The Molly Room. 8pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Guilty Party. 7pm FRIDAY JUNE 20TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin),Simon Phillips. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Ange& Justin. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), James Vincent. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington),FriBays(RnB Room [Downstairs] &Al Blaze& Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Fudge. 9pm Beretta’s (Langwarrin), Rob &Tarquin. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 9pm Cube 37 (Frankston), Moondance – Van Morrison Tribute Show. 8pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm Dava Hotel (Mt Martha), Andy Phillips & The Cadillac Walk. 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston),Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). Flanagans(Frankston), The Party People Karaoke. 8pm General Wine Lounge (McCrae), Grant Miller. 7:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), John DeLord Project. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Million Dollar Riff. 9pm

Harba(Mornington) Cath Jamison – In 2 Minds. 7pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Hard Rock Garage. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Dirty Laundry. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm Mornington On Tanti (Mornington),Bennsong. 6pm Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Mornington),Carus Thompson. 7pm Peninsula Community Theatre (Mornington), Winter Solstice Festival w Ensemble Liaison. 7:30pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Jack Daniel Solo. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly&Scuzzi. 10pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Karaoke Fridays. 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),Richard Evans. 7pm Soundbar(Rosebud West),Devoid of All and Guests. 8pm Trims (McCrae),Jay Maclean. 6:30pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Scott Hunter. 7:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Paul O’Rourke. 9:30pm SATURDAY JUNE 21ST @260 (Edithvale), Not Dead Yet. 7pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter),Rocks N Roses. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob &Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington), Size Matters. 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Justin Yap with Eva McGowan & The HoochieCouchmen. 8pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington),Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Cube 37 (Frankston), Moondance – Van Morrison Tribute Show. 8pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm Dandenong Market (Dandenong), Yatiri. 10am Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans w Fudge & DJ Craig. 8pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Sonic Expedition. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hotel Sorrento (Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Kingston City Hall (Moorabbin), The Man In The Mirror. 8pm Lazy Joes (Rosebud), Jay McLean. 7pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), High Octane. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Fused. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm Mornington On Tanti (Mornington),Bennsong.1pm

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JUNE 5 - JULY 2, 2014

One Fourteen (Mentone), Live Music. 7pm Peninsula Community Theatre (Mornington), Winter Solstice Festival w Australian Octet. 7:30pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Joost Solo. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Royal Hotel (Mornington), Angela. 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), Dalton Gang. 7pm Sandbelt Hotel (Moorabin), Roy Orbison & The Legends of Rock. 6pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),June Newman. 7:30pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville), Familyoke. 7:30pm Soundbar(Rosebud West), Heidi Luckhurst. 8:30pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),Calmer Miles. 12:30pm SUNDAY JUNE 22ND Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Sunday Sessions. 5pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Deep House Open Decks. 4pm Beach 162 (Frankston),Live Music. 2:30pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Piano Man Duo. 2pm Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Flanagans(Frankston), Rockabilly. 12pm Frankston Library Lounge (Frankston), Mojo Pearls. 1:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Ben Smith. 5pm Harba(Mornington), Sarah Gardner. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), The Jackson Four. 3pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana),Raw Silk. 1pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Live Jazz. 2pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Sunday Sessions. 3pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Party Animals. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Mornington),SOHO!MOJO. 2pm Pier 10 Winery (Shoreham), Jay McClean. 1pm Peninsula Community Theatre(Mornington), Winter Solstice Festival w Peppercorn Piano Recital. 2:30pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), James Vincent Trio. 2pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Red Hill Bakery Jazz Band. 1pm Rosebud Memorial Hall (Rosebud), Southern Peninsula Concert Band Heritage Concert. 2pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Liz Bradley. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford),Rob Papp Duo. 2pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),Paul Varney. 1pm Side Street (Mordialloc), Simon Sulivan. 4pm Steeples (Mornington), Paul Chox. 1pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),Live Music. 12:30pm The Winey Cow (Mornington),Bennsong. 12:30pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Sunday Sessions. 3pm TUESDAY JUNE 24TH Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Fame Trivia. 7:30pm


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Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY JUNE 25TH @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic. 6:30pm Balnarring Hall (Balnarring), Balnarring Muso Night. 7pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Trivia. 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm Harba(Mornington) Geoff Achison. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia.7:30pm THURSDAY JUNE 26TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin),Simon Phillips. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Live Music. 6:30pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Funky Bunch Trivia. 7:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Showcase w 3 live acoustic acts & resident band Dawkins. 8:30pm Flanagans(Frankston), Bedrock & DJ Chris P. 8pm Grand Hotel (Mornington), Grand Trivia. 7:30pm Grand Hotel (Frankston), Unique Thursdays (w Resident DJs). 8pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Karaoke Rock Star. 8pm Harba(Mornington),Bennsong. 8:30pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Trivia Night. 7pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Open Mic Night. 8pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Trivia Night. 7pm Rye RSL (Rye), Rainbow. 7pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Fudge. 7pm FRIDAY JUNE 27TH 2 Brothers (Moorabbin),Jame Forbes. 7:30pm @260 (Edithvale), Home Brew. 6:30pm Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter), Peter Thackrah. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Live Music. 9pm Bay Hotel (Mornington),FriBays(RnB Room [Downstairs] &Priestly Sisters & Guests [Upstairs]). 9pm Beaches (Mornington),Single Income. 9pm Beretta’s (Langwarrin), Rob &Tarquin. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Live DJs (On The Balcony). 4pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Surrender Fridays. 9pm Dava Hotel (Mt Martha), Safari Motel. 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston),Bayside Over 28s with Stand And Deliver. 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Scotty Gardner (9pm) & Every Avenue (10pm). Flanagans(Frankston), The Party People Karaoke. 8pm General Wine Lounge (McCrae), MishWookey& Lu Thompson. 7:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Soul Mummas. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Eastwood Ravine. 9pm Harba(Mornington) Robbie Williams Tribute Show. 7pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Hard Rock Garage. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Ravens. 9pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Our House. 8pm

Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Jay McLean. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Olly&Scuzzi. 10pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Karaoke Fridays. 9pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),John Zammit. 7pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville), Kiss Tribute Show. 9pm Soundbar(Rosebud West),Sugatree& Guests. 8:30pm Trims Restaurant (McCrae),Mellere. 6:30pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Scott Hunter. 7:30pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo), Paul O’Rourke. 9:30pm SATURDAY JUNE 28TH Backyard Bar (Mornington), Backyard Karaoke. 9pm Beaches (Mornington),Shazam. 9pm Baxter Tavern (Baxter),In Like Flynn. 7pm Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), 23 Past. 9:30pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), DC Saturdays (w DJs Code Luke & Benny Watt [Upstairs] and Rob &Tarquin live w DJ Chris P [Downstairs]). 9pm Chandelier Room (Moorabbin), Jenny Biddle with The KhristianMizzi Trio & Steve Romig. 8pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights), HQ Saturdays (Over28s). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Saturdays (Nightclub w Guest DJs). 9pm Cruze Club @The Grand Hotel (Mornington),Cruze Saturdays (w Resident DJs). 9pm Dance Nightclub @ Zagames(Berwick), Almost Famous Saturday’s. 9pm Daveys Hotel (Frankston), Quench Saturdays (w Live DJs). 9pm Deck Bar (Frankston), DJ Lukas Brock (9pm) & Guilty Pleasure (10:30pm). Flanagans (Frankston), Saturday Shenanigans w Fudge & DJ Craig. 8pm Frankston RSL (Frankston),Pink Experience. 8:30pm Fig Tree Gallery (McCrae), Grand Opening with live Music. 7:30pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Sonic Expedition. 9pm Hallam Hotel (Hallam), Sound City Over 28s (w Stand & Deliver plus Ozzy on the decks). 9pm Hotel Sorrento(Sorrento), Tim Morrison. 8pm Lazy Joes (Rosebud), Memphis Nights – Elvis Tribute. 7pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), High Octane. 8:30pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Blue Dog Cruiser. 9:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Live Music. 8pm Mornington On Tanti (Mornington),Bennsong. 1pm One Fourteen (Mentone), Live Music. 7pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Joost Solo. 7:30pm Rosebud Hotel (Rosebud), Josh Roydhouse. 7pm Royal Hotel (Mornington),Scott Hunter. 8pm Rye RSL (Rye), Legend. 7pm Sandringham Hotel (Sandringham), Band-aoke (w Andrew Hoskings ). 9pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Flyin Saucers. 9pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford), Rewind 80’s. 7pm Seaford RSL (Seaford), Wayne Monger. 1pm Social (Mornington), DJ Matt Horner. 10pm Somerville Hotel (Somerville),Familyoke. 7:30pm Sorrento-Portsea RSL (Sorrento), Keith White. 7pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),Mojo Pearls. 12:30pm SUNDAY JUNE 29TH

Bay Hotel (Mordialloc), Sunday Sessions. 5pm Bay Hotel (Mornington), Deep House Open Decks. 4pm Beach 162 (Frankston), Live Music. 2:30pm Cerberus Beach House (Black Rock), Sunday Sessions. 6pm Cove Hotel (Patterson Lakes), Paul Chox. 2pm Dandenong Market (Dandenong), Gavin Chatelier . 10am Deck Bar (Frankston), Acoustic Sessions with Chris Doheny. 4pm Flanagans(Frankston), Rockabilly. 12pm Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston), Soweto Gospel Choir. 5pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Millington. 5pm Harba(Mornington), Rock Dogs. 5pm Heritage Tavern (Balnarring), Live Music. 3pm Hickinbotham Winery (Dromana), Jay McClean. 1pm Leaf & Bean (Mornington), Jackson Durham Duo. 2pm Longbeach Hotel (Chelsea), Live Acoustic. 2pm Lucky 13 Garage (Moorabbin), Sunday Sessions. 3pm Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc),Covering Addicts. 4pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Cheeky Sunday Sessions. 4pm Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Mornington), Todd Cook. 2pm Pig & Whistle Tavern (Main Ridge), Kingsley George Band. 2pm Red Hill Baker (Balnarring), Red Hill Bakery Jazz Band. 1pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Sean Harvey. 2pm Seaford Hotel (Seaford),Paul Woseen – Screaming Jets. 2pm Seaford RSL (Seaford),James Vincent. 1pm Side Street (Mordialloc), Simon Sulivan. 4pm Steeples (Mornington),Dylan Boyd. 1pm T’Gallant Winery (Main Ridge),Calmer Miles. 12:30pm The Winey Cow (Mornington),Bennsong. 12:30pm Trims Restaurant (McCrae),Jazz & Shiraz w The Usual Suspects. 12pm Westernport Hotel (Hastings), Sunday Sessions. 3pm Westernport Hotel (San Remo),Geoff Achison. 5:30pm MONDAY JUNE 30TH Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Morning Melodies w Alex Kyle. 10am TUESDAY JULY 1ST Mordialloc Sporting Club (Mordialloc), Fame Trivia. 7:30pm Sands Hotel (Carrum Downs), Trivia Night. 7pm WEDNESDAY JULY 2ND @260 (Edithvale), Turnaround Mic. 6:30pm Beaches (Mornington), Karaoke Kool. 9pm Chelsea Heights Hotel (Chelsea Heights). Hump Day Project (w Guest DJs). 9pm Continental Hotel (Sorrento), Conti Trivia. 9pm God’s Kitchen (Mornington), Gods Kitchen Trivia. 7:30pm Mordy Supper Club (Mordialloc), Mordys Least Shit Trivia.7:30pm

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a national headline run of ‘Kobe’ single tour dates this June. Yeo- Northcote Social Club, Northcote Friday June 6, Doors 8:30pm $15

connected with the song! With an EP in the works for later in 2014, I Want You Back may only be the beginning for Dean Lewis, but with this as a sign of things to come, Dean will truly be an artist on the rise and one to keep your eye on.Definitely on the radar as an artist to watch in 2014 as he picks up the attention of music blogs from LA to London. As Lewis heads back in to the studios to record some brand new tunes, his single is available to purchase now on iTunes. We look forward to Melbourne dates soon! Youtube - Twitter -


Exciting Perth newcomer Anna O is set to impress with her new single, Hibernation and debut EP, When The Winter Came which was released earlier this year. Fans of artists such as Kimbra, Lorde and Jessie Ware should all keep an ear out for Anna O, as she bursts on to the scene with her edgy and catchy keys driven tune, Hibernation. With an instant hook and a notable melody, Anna O’s bold vocals draw you in and will leave you singing the song long after its end. With a hugely hyped live show, Anna O is amped to take to the stage and share her new material. “I can’t wait to get out of the studio and start playing my songs to people. I’ve got a DJ opening for me and I’m pumped to make it a slamming party,” enthusesAnna O. Teaming up with Bec Laughton on the rest of her tour is set to introduce her to appreciative East Coast audience’s. Anna O w/- Amistat Tuesday June16 Toff In Town, Swanston Street, Melbourne Doors 8:30pm Espy Front Bar Saturday June 21 Doors 8pm

PLAYING PRETEND 8 piece Brisbane Polynesian ‘soul, reggae, dub’ band CHOCOLATE STRINGS are stepping it up a notch with their latest single PLAYING PRETEND and an exclusive Melbourne release party. Formed in the boroughs of Brisbane, Chocolate Strings, often referred to as ‘The Strings’, have over the years established themselves as East Coast festival favourites for their thumping soul, funk and reggae inspired hits. This motley orchestra of 8 is always guaranteed to get everyone out on the dancefloor.Heading up their powerful vocal harmonies are three female South Pacific Islander singers; Nikki Loa McWalters, Ofa Fanaika and Nia Falekakala from Papua New Guinea and Tonga respectively. Their latest single PLAYING PRETEND, inspired by the sounds of Michael Kiwunuka, registers as a score of dreamy neo-soul arrangements strongly focused on melodic harmonies mingled with flavours of Mo Town and old school soul. On the B-side of this single POLYAMORY delivers another rich traditional Polynesian inspired doowop hit, which rounds out their last single release before their anticipated full album release later in 2014. Chocolate Strings w/- The Afrobiotocs, Nahualti Sound System (DJ SET), Black Jesus Experience, Cyclo Timik, Captain Ruin - Thursday June 5 Secondstory Studios, 159 Sackville Street Collingwood. Doors 8:pm $20

Archer The Workers Club, Gertrude Street Fitzroy June Residency 15, 22, 29. Doors 7:30pm $10

KOBE To celebrate the release of his latest single Kobe, which has amassed almost 50,000 plays on Soundcloud in the two weeks since release, enigmatic Melbourne producer/musician Yeo is setting off on a national tour.In October last year, Yeo presented yet another incarnation of his career- defining musical evolution in the form of a lo-fi, proto-R&B jam called Girl, it was met with instantaneous approval from countless blogs the world over as well as drawing praise across-theboard among the taste- making jocks at triple j. Having spent the summer touring alongside Ngairre, Fractures and most recently Glass Animals (UK), Yeo reveals the second offering from his forthcoming debut EP, the infectious Kobe. Produced by Yeo and mixed by Phil Threlfall, Kobe captures much of the aesthetic of the Girl, wrapped into an intellectual pop song with significant

ear-worming capabilities.The release of Kobe comes hot the heels of Yeo’s maiden international tour dates courtesy of an invitation to showcase at Canadian Music Week 2014 ahead of

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SING SONG MAN Archer, according to Archer, is an old-time sing song man. Others note that he’s an ‘outsider’. He lives out there for sure, somewhere, no fixed address, anywheres or nowhere. Archer is hard to pin down. Born in North Carolina, just short an hour from the Appalachian mountains, he’s found a roaming home in Australia. He busks, works on farms, labours, and at present he hails from deep in the Victorian countryside. He plucks guitar, writes and plays country bush blues, and every new song from Archer sounds 100 years old. Archer’s music is stripped back and simple, sparse. There is no adornment, so all you get is the song and his big, booming voice. His influences skip back generations to the traditional country singers. Tex Morton, Smilin’ Billy Blinkhorn, guys like that. He learned to sing up North, with the Pacific Islanders.He’s a musical drifter, picking up stories wherever he goes, polishing them into honest songs. There’s a sense with Archer that his music exists outside of time. Which makes sense, because he exists outside of place.Don’t miss these rare city performances by Archer.

ONE TO WATCH Sydney based singer/songwriter, Dean Lewis released his debut single I Want You Back early 2014. Lewis say’s the song allows the self-described alternative-pop artist to demonstrate not only his unique vocal ability, but his undeniable ear for melody and the ability to create a captivating pop song!Accompanying the single is an artistic lyric video that will not only draw you into the song, but also allow you to feel every honest and heartfelt word, and it shows, as people have quickly

FROM LEMONS COMES LEMONADE Realising their talents at home, brothers Zech and Eze Walters looked to friend, Bowen Purcell, to provide the driving beat behind their tales of life, love and lemons to form, the now well known,

WOODLOCK. After only a short stint of writing and playing the trio bought a caravan, painted it up, got it somehow registered and decided to go on an adventure up and down the east coast taking their music with them to the streets of both rural and capital cities.After captivating crowds in the street they found themselves in a recording studio on the sunny coast and before they knew it they had an EP in their hands.Now based in Melbourne, the Woodlock boys have continued to play the streets. After gaining some great recognition and creating a strong following from tirelessly busking at every corner of the Melbourne CBD, Woodlock are starting to take their sounds from the street to the stage.Since releasing their first EP titled ‘Lemons’, Woodlock have worked hard to perfect the sounds crafted in the studio to a live setting. Focusing on strong, energetic and creative live shows to take their performance to the next level. There is nothing but excitement and hype building around these three country boys! Woodlock Shebeem, Manchester Lane Melbourne Wednesday June 25 Doors 7:30pm $10

HOME IS WHERE HE IS Country/Folk darling Brooke Russell has been taking Melbourne by storm with her band The Mean Reds, and this is set to continue this coming June as Russell and the band team up with Nashville-acclaimed Americana act, Bill Jackson, accompanied by accomplished multiinstrumentalist Pete Fidler and Folk singer/ songwriter Josh Forner, for what promises to be a memorable night of music which pulls at the heart strings. Originally from Perth, Russell has taken on the burgeoning Melbourne Country music scene that is only second to Tamworth like a steam locomotive. Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds debut album Poor Virginia out now and available on iTunes. Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds w/- Bill Jackson, Pete Fidler and Josh Forner Grace Darling Hotel, Smith Street Collingwood Wednesday, June 4 Doors 8:30 PM $9

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RETURNS TO THE M O R N I N G TO N WINTER JAZZ FESTIVAL 2014 Chances are you have heard of FLAP, probably from a friend who saw them live and is now a die-hard fan. Or perhaps YOU are the one who saw them live and now spreads the word. It’s not the sort of music you hear on commercial radio, with its banjo and horns and lilting lyrics with a sense of humour. But this is a band building a huge fan base by simply being fantastic, and working hard at it. From touring Europe with The Cat Empire, back to the Mornington Winter Jazz Festival by popular demand, Eamon McNelis shared with Pearl some of FLAP’s tales from the road. PEARL: how did you guys form FLAP? FLAP: Ah, it was at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2006, maybe it was 2009… Jess was jamming with mark in the Green room, late one night. I was living with Jess at the time and I very quickly got roped in. And someone said “We should start a band!” Pearl: FLAP. What a name… Where did that come from? FLAP: Well, that same night there was a bird struggling against a

head wind, desperately trying to get somewhere, and Jess yelled out at it FLAP! And it was more an instruction for life. You know, it doesn’t really matter if you’re not getting anywhere, you just have to keep going, flapping. PEARL: well, you guys are known for your party atmosphere and energetic stage shows, how do you maintain that vibe show after show? FLAP: Drinking helps (laughs). No really I think we just feel like it’s our job to bring it and we take that really seriously. PEARL: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? FLAP: Well my girlfriends in the circus, so I think I’d like to do some writing for music for them to perform to. PEARL: You guys seem to be on the road a bit. Does everyone get along super well? Or do you just avoid each other in the AM? FLAP: Ha ha, we have to definitely, or we’d kill each other! No we generally do get along great, but you find ways of getting around. Like I read 35 books while we were on our last international tour.

PEARL: Eerm, how long were you on tour for? FLAP: About a month that time, doing a lot of jazz festivals. But when we were supporting the Cat Empire on their European tour that was hectic. We’d drive all day, play a show that night, find somewhere to sleep for a bit, wake up, have a coffee and drive again. It was amazing. We played some great shows, like the Brixton Academy in London to 5000 people. It was terrifying but very fun. PEARL: So the Mornington Jazz

Festival again! What are you most looking forward to this time? FLAP: The big venue! Its like we’ve had an upgrade! It’s very exciting. We are gonna crank out our greatest hits about drinking and dancing and other pursuits! If you are keen to be in the audience when FLAP brings the party to Mornington Winter Jazz Festival on June 8, you can get tickets and more info from www.mornintonjazz. Louise MacGregor

Live Jazz Cinema First For Mornington Fresh back this week from a month of festival dates in Europe, Melbourne’s own inimitable legend of the trumpet, Scott Tinkler, brings his ground breaking quartet featuring none-other than Paul Grabowsky on piano, for 2 intimate Mornington Winter Jazz Festival shows in the Mornington CINEMA on SATURDAY JUNE 7 at 1pm and 4pm. The iconic Main Street cinema transforms in an ideal live performance studio, perfectly catering theses two stars at the forefront of Australian Jazz. This is a rare opportunity to be up close and personal with one of Australia’s most outstanding jazz ensembles, in Mornington’s newest intimate jazz venue that will surely set the standard for year’s to come! Very limited (and comfortable) seats so don’t miss out!” Scott Tinkler Quartet, Mornington Cinema, Main St. Tickets MARTY WILLIAMS


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FESTIVAL PROGRAM at a glance *Venue times and prices subject to change. Please check the website for regular updates

FRIDAY JUNE 6th VENUES Afghan Marco Polo Restaurant, 9-11 Main St, 5975 5154 Assaggini, 1C Albert St, 5973 5791 Beaches of Mornington, 55 Barkly St, 5975 0966 Biscottini, 157-159 Main St, 5977 0617 Brass Razu, 13 Main St, 5975 0108 Brooklands of Mornington, 101 Tanti Ave, 5973 9200 Café 115, 115 Main St, 5975 1714 Gods Kitchen, 53 Barkly St, 5976 3836 Grand Hotel, 124 Main St, 5975 2001 Harba Oyster Bar & Grill, 786 Esplanade, 5975 1183 High Tea in Paris, Shop 12/ 9 Blake St, 5915 2787 LaMonicas, 67 Main St, 5976 3198 Leaf and Bean, 52 Main St, 5975 2403 Manhattan in Mornington, 2/55 Barkly St, 5976 4867 Mornington Central, 78 Barkly St, 5976 1299 Mornington Cinema, 1 Main St, 5975 5141 Mornington Historical Railway, Moorooduc Highway, cnr Two Bays Rd, 1300 767 274 Mornington Library, 8 Vancouver St, 5950 1820 Mornington Masala, 1E Albert St, 5975 7377 Mornington Park, Schnapper Point Drive, 5975 4522 Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, 5975 4395 Mornington Racing Club, 320 Racecourse Rd, 5975 3310 Onde, 1 Barrett Lane, 5976 1224 Peninsula Grange, 431 Racecourse Road, 5975 5267 Restaurant Soy, 25a Main Street, 5975 5311 The Bay Hotel, 62 Main St, 5976 2222 The Counting House, 787 Esplanade, 5975 2055 The Rocks, 1 Schnapper Point Drive 5973 5599 The Royal Hotel, 770 Esplanade, 5975 8555

5pm 5pm 7pm 7pm 7pm 8pm 7:30pm 10pm

for tickets **Mornington Library After Dark Performances are FREE however BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL visit to book.

The Black Kettle Harba Oyster bar & Grill The Rocks Restaurant Soy Onde Brass Razu Café 115 Café 115

Jazz Makes Me Happy Hour! Cocktail Hour with Rob Pappalardo & Renee Prue HETTY KATE (dinner & show) Jazz Fusion with Pete Kaighin & Guitar Sounds in Little Italy with Lorren Chioddo Jazz & Shiraz with The Cat and The Fiddle Michelle Nicolle Quartet (dinner & show) OMELETTE feat Ronny Ferella, Jordan Murray, Geoff Hughes & Tom Lee

Free Free $88 Free Free Free Free Entry $10

MPRG Main Street Market Bank of Melbourne Marco Polo Laneway Peninsula Grange Mornington Park High Tea in Paris Mornington Cinema Counting House Gods Kitchen Beaches of Mornington Mornington Cinema Leaf and Bean MPRG Harba Oyster bar & Grill Afghan Marco Polo Mornington Masala Mornington Library Assaggini Leaf and Bean Brass Razu Beaches of Mornington

Paul Kelly & The Portraits and 2014 National Works on Paper Market Grooves - Face Painting, Kids Activities, Roving Musicians Bank Beats with Cantango Live Painting and Jazz in the Laneway Jazz & Swing - Royal Australian Navy Band & Swing Dancers Rockin’ Rods In The Park High Tea With Jazz with Stuart Wyatt SCOTT TINKLER QUARTET feat PAUL GRABOWSKY Maddison Wilson Saturday Series with Stuart Wyatt JEX SAARELAHT QUARTET SCOTT TINKLER QUARTET feat PAUL GRABOWSKY Charlie Brown Band VINCE JONES Up Close and Personal THE BUBLE EXPERIENCE (dinner & show) Afghan Jazz Experience with Stuart Wyatt Jazz In Mumbai with Madison Wilson After Dark Series: Jason Chalmers Trio + Steve Warner & Cantango Saxy Saturday with Charlotte Jane Jake Flynn and Liam Clapp Jazz & Shiraz with Laura Cacialgi & Martin Bonett Dirty Boogie Band

Free - $4 Free Free Free Free Free Free $45 Free Free $25 $45 Free $50 $70 Free Free Free** Free Free Free Free

Salve The Soul Band Paul Kelly & The Portraits and 2014 National Works on Paper Live Street Entertainment Mornington Historical Walking Tours JAZZ AT THE STATION Brekkie Jazz with The Charlie Brown Band TEMPO ON TANTI Steve Romig KONÉ EXPRESS Sunday Market with The Gary Watling Duo Holy Jazz! with The Charlie Brown Band Wilbur Wilde VINCE JONES FLAP! Santi Castano Gary Watling Quartet feat Marley Warren + Steve Romig & Rob Pappalardo Soulful Sunday with Laura Cacialgi & Martin Bonett La Jazz at LaMonicas with Stuart Wyatt Warren Wicks ELIXIR feat KATIE NOONAN

Free Free - $4 Free from $5 $5 - $16 Free $5 Free $15 Free Free Free from $10 $20 Free Free** Free Free Free from $25

SATURDAY JUNE 7th 9.30am - 5pm 10am - 2pm 11am - 1pm 11am - 2pm 11am - 2pm 12pm 12:30pm 1pm 3pm 3pm 3.30pm 4pm 5pm 7pm 7pm 7pm 7pm 7pm - 9pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 9pm

SUNDAY JUNE 8th 8pm 9.30am - 5pm 10am - 3pm 10.30am & 1.30pm 11am - 4pm 11am 1pm 2pm 2pm 2pm 3.30pm 4pm 4pm 5pm 5pm 5pm - 7pm 7pm 7pm 8pm 8pm

St. Marks Church MPRG Main Street Mornington Old Post Office Museum Mornington Historical Railway Biscottini Brooklands of Mornington Leaf and Bean Beaches 115 Café God’s Kitchen The Bay Hotel Grand Hotel Beaches Leaf and Bean Mornington Library Assaggini LaMonicas Leaf and Bean Grand Hotel

MONDAY JUNE 9th 9.30am - 5pm 10.30am & 1.30pm 11am - 2pm 11am - 6pm 11am - 6pm 3pm

MPRG Old Post Office Museum Mornington Central Mornington Racecourse Mornington Racecourse Harba Oyster bar & Grill

Paul Kelly & The Portraits and 2014 National Works on Paper Free - $4 Mornington Historical Walking Tours from $5 Muso’s in the Mall with Steve Warner & Cantango Free Queens Birthday Race Day - Family Picnic Race Adults $12 Under 15 Free Wilbur Wilde Live on the Lawn Free Jazz Festival Wind Down with The Charlie Brown Band (free entry for festival performers) $10



EMERGE FESTIVAL Celebrate multiculturalism this June 15 and head to Fitzroy Town Hall for the Emerge Festival. Hosted by Multicultural Arts Victoria, the Emerge Festival is a good ol’ fashioned all-day block party honouring the United Nations’ World Refugee Day. Offering three stages of non-stop world music, it is sure to be a cultural extravaganza not to be missed.


Melbourne International Singers Festival and Melbourne Eisteddfod June 4 - 9, Melbourne (Federation Square) World Environment Day June 5, Across Australia (Various)


...with Heidi Bond

LIFE IS A CABARET From June 19 – July 6 get a little cabaret into your life and come along to the Melbourne Cabaret Festival. With over 30 different shows on offer, there is truly something for everyone. And it all kicks off with a larger than life Opening Night Gala hosted by London Cabaret royalty ‘Spanky’. Check out venue and program details at

SOUNDWAVE 2015 Rumours are flying, cities are shuffling and bands are already committing to the 2015 instalment of Soundwave. Promoter AJ Maddah has tentatively confirmed metal heavyweights Ne Obliviscaris for the metal/punk rockathon, which is likely to kick off in Adelaide due to event conflicts elsewhere. Stay tuned for more line-up info PEARL-ers or see www. for details.


PEARL Magazine  June


A festival for the eyes, the Gertrude Street Projection Festival is one like no other – and may be difficult to spot. From July 18 -27, Gertrude Street Fitzroy will transform into an illuminated outdoor gallery, displaying the projected works of various international and local artists. But keep your eyes peeled, some projections may appear in the most unusual of places.

This Queens Birthday weekend is all about Jazz. From June 6-9, Mornington will be a flutter with trumpets, slow backbeats and sultry voices to ease those long weekend blues. Main Street restaurants, cafes and bars are joining in the festivities and playing host to performers entertaining all ages. See for program details

WANT TO PLAY AT SPLENDOUR? Missed out on a coveted Splendour in the Grass ticket? Get in legally this year and upload your bands’ demo to the Triple J Unearthed website for your chance to open proceedings on Amphitheatre main stage, with flights and accommodation also included. Enter before June 15 and check out www. for details.

Melbourne Writers Festival Augt 21 - 31, Melbourne Poison City Weekender Festival Aug 22 - 24, Melbourne

Mornington Winter Jazz Festival June 6 - 9, Mornington (Various)

Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston Aug 23 - Sep 6, Frankston (various venues)

Flinders Art Show June 6 - 9, Flinders (Flinders Community Hall)

Frankston & South Eastern Wine Show 2014 Aug 31, The Briars Mount Martha

Woodend Winter Arts Festival June 6 - 9, Woodend (Various)

Melbourne Underground Film Festival Sep 12 - 20, Kensington

National Celtic Festival June 6 - 9, Portarlington (Various)

Melbourne Fringe Festival Sep 17 - Oct 5, Melbourne (Various)

Trails, Tastings and Tales Food & Wine Festival June 6 - 9, Various wineries in the Glenrowan Wine Region

Guildford Banjo Jamboree Sepr 19 - 21, Guildford (Town Centre)

NAIDOC Week July 6 - 13 Mornington Peninsula Winter Wine Weekend Festival June 7 - 9, Mornington Peninsula (Various) Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Festival June 8, Mornington (Peninsula Community Theatre)



Bayside Literary Festival June 14 - 16, Bayside City Council (Various) Melbourne Cabaret Festival June 19 - July 6, Melbourne (Various) Mildura Writers Festival June 17 - 2, Mildura (Various) Winter Solstice Festival June 20 - 22, Mornington (Peninsula Community Theatre) Kilmore Celtic Festival June 27 - 29, Kilmore (Sydney Street) (Various Venues) Melbourne Magic Festival June 30 - July 12, Northcote (Northcote Town Hall)

Frankston Relay For Life Midnight Marathon Sep 20, Frankston Ballam Park Athletics Track) Hinterland Scarecrow Festival Sep 20 - Oct 19, Mornington Peninsula Mildura Country Music Festival Sep 26 - Oct 7, Mildura (Various) Darebin Music Feast Oct 8 - 19, Darebin City Council Area Melbourne Festival Oct 10 - 26, Various venues throughout Melbourne Anglesea Music Festival Oct 16 - 18, Anglesea (Various) Main Street Festival Oct 19, Mornington (Main Street) Cuban Jazz Festival Oct 20, Yarra Valley (Rochford Winery) Camperdown Cruise Oct 23 - 26, Camperdown (Main Street) Mt Eliza Art Show Oct 24 - 26, Mt Eliza (Mt Eliza Nth Primary School)

Leaps And Bounds Music Festival July 4 - 20, Melbourne (Various)

JamGrass Festival Oct 31 - Nov 2, Thornbury (Thornbury Theatre)

OZ Comicon July 5 - 6, Melbourne (Royal Exhibition)

Maldon Folk Festival Oct 31 - Nov 4, Maldon

Derinya Art Show July 18 - 20, Frankston (Derinya Primary School)

Wangaratta Jazz Festival Oct 31 - Nov 3, Wangaratta

Gertude Street Projection Festival July 18 - 27, Fitzroy (Gertrude Street)

Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival Nov 6 - 9, Bendigo

Winter Blues Festival July 25 - 27, Echuca-Moama

Beechworth Annual Celtic Festival Nov 7 - 9, Beechworth

Mornington Bay Run July 20, Mornington (Mornington Park)

Melbourne Music Week Nov 14 - 23, Melbourne (Various)

The Age Run Melbourne July 27, Melbourne (Federation Square)

Scorcher Festival Nov 17, Brunswick (Brunswick Hotel)

Melbourne International Film Festival July 31 - Aug 17, Melbourne (Various)

Queenscliff Music Festival Nov 28 - 30, Queenscliff

Kelly Country Pick Aug 14 - 17, Beecworth

Phillip Island Jazz Festival Nov 21 - 23, Ramada Resort, Phillip Island

bayside & mornington peninsula

GIGS/TOURS IN 2014 JUNE 2014 Mary Stallings (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Thurs Jun 5 Liars (Corner Hotel). Thurs Jun 5 Coroner (The Hi-Fi). Thurs Jun 5 Will Sparks (170 Russell). Thurs Jun 5 Sukaro Gypsy Jazz Band (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Thurs Jun 5 The Furbelows (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Fri Jun 6 Joshua Redman Quartet (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Fri Jun 6 Monique di Mattina& James Sherlock (Bennetts Lane). Fri Jun 6 Safia (ShebeenBandroom). Fri Jun 6 Potatoe (The Hi-Fi). Fri Jun 6 Twin Beasts (Corner Hotel). Fri Jun 6 Armin Only (Hisense Arena). Fri Jun 6 & Sat Jun 7 Alinta& The Jazz Emperors (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jun 7 Django Bates Beloved (Bennetts Lane). Sat Jun 7 In Hearts Wake (Corner Hotel). Sat Jun 7 Celtic Thunder (The Plenary). Sat Jun 7 Irwell Street String Band with Hetty Kate (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jun 7 Wagons & Jonny Fritz (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jun 7 Derrick Hodge & Chris Turner (Forum Theatre). Sat Jun 7 Davi sings Sinatra (Palais Theatre). Sat Jun 7 Holeandcorner (Shed 14 Docklands). Sat Jun 7 DMA’s (ShebeenBandroom). Sun Jun 8 Ross McHenry Future Ensemble (Bennetts Lane). Sun Jun 8 Joe Camilleri with Garland Jeffreys, Black Sorrows & Daniel Champagne (Corner Hotel). Sun Jun 8 James Blunt (The Plenary). Sun Jun 8 Adnan Sami (Palais Theatre). Sun Jun 8 TLC (Palais Theatre). Wed Jun 11 ScHoolboy Q (Forum Theatre). Wed Jun 11 Laura Pausini& (Rod Laver Arena). Thurs Jun 12 La Dispute (Corner Hotel). Thurs Jun 12, Fri Jun 13 & Sat Jun 14 Chet Faker (Forum Theatre). From Fri Jun 13 - Mon Jun 16 [4 shows] Shelley Segal (Northcote Social Club). Fri Jun 13 Coone (Trak Lounge). Fri Jun 13 The Randy Anderson (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Fri Jun 13 The Love Junkies (ShebeenBandroom). Fri Jun 13 Cannonball (Bennetts Lane). Sat Jun 14 Psyroptic (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jun 14 The Beatle Boys (Festival Hall). Sat Jun 14 Zac Waters (Prince Bandroom). Sat Jun 14 The Hard-Ons (Corner Hotel). Sat Jun 14 Dragon (Palms at Crown). Sat Jun 14 Raleigh Williams (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jun 14 All The Colours (ShebeenBandroom). Sat Jun 14 Carcass (170 Russell). Sun Jun 15 Bastille (Festival Hall). Sun Jun 15 Band of Skulls (The Hi-Fi). Tues Jun 17 The Bronx (170 Russell). Tues Jun 17 Maxim Rysanov (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). music  arts  events  entertainment

Tues Jun 17 Caroline Nin (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Thurs Jun 19, Fri Jun 20 & Sat Jun 21 Yvette Johansson & Joe Ruberto Trio (Bennetts Lane). Fri Jun 20 Morgan Evans (Revolver Upstairs). Fri Jun 20 Graveyard Train (170 Russell). Fri Jun 20 Eddi Reader (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Fri Jun 20 Woodluck (ShebeenBandroom). Fri Jun 20 Northeast Party House (Corner Hotel). Sat Jun 21 Glenn Shorrock& Brian Cadd (Palms at Crown). Sat Jun 21 Vince Jones (Bennetts Lane). Sat Jun 21 Swing Train feat. Gianni Marinucci&Hetty Kate (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jun 21 Earth (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jun 21 Jess Davidson (ShebeenBandroom). Sat Jun 21 Gypsy Rondo (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Mon Jun 23 The Callaway Sisters (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Wed Jun 25 Keith Urban (Rod Laver Arena). Wed Jun 25 & Thurs Jun 26 The Crimson ProjeKCt (The Hi-Fi). Thurs Jun 26 Melanie (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Thurs Jun 26 Pierce Brothers (ShebeenBandroom). Thurs Jun 26 & Fri Jun 27 Pseudo Echo (Corner Hotel). Fri Jun 27 The Paper Kites (Athenaeum Theatre). Fri Jun 27 Hot Dub Time Machine (170 Russell). Fri Jun 27 Renee Geyer (Bennetts Lane). Fri Jun 27 & Sat Jun 28 Katchafire (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jun 28 Mondo Rock (Palais Theatre). Sat Jun 28 Strange Tenants (Corner Hotel). Sat Jun 28 Tamara Kudlin (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jun 28 The Creases (ShebeenBandroom). Sat Jun 28 Boney M (Palms at Crown). Sat Jun 28 & Sun Jun 29 Story Of The Year (170 Russell). Sun Jun 29

JULY 2014 Bell X1 (The Hi-Fi). Thurs Jul 3 Janis Siegal (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Thurs Jul 3, Fri Jul 4 & Sat Jul 5 Saskwatch (Corner Hotel). Thurs Jul 3 & Sat Jul 5 Linda Cable (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Fri Jul 4 Crooked Colours & Deja (ShebeenBandroom). Fri Jul 4 The Holidays (The Hi-Fi). Fri Jul 4 Cookin’ on 3 Burners feat. Daniel Merriweather (Corner Hotel). Fri Jul 4 Little Bastard (Northcote Social Club). Fri Jul 4 SCNDL (Prince Bandroom). Sat Jul 5 Elly Hoyt (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jul 5 Mark Wilkinson (Forum Theatre). Sat Jul 5 Violent Soho (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jul 5, Sun Jul 6, Fri Jul 18 & Sat Jul 19 Gareth Emery (170 Russell). Fri Jul 11 Remi (Corner Hotel). Fri Jul 11 Thumpers (Northcote Social Club). Fri Jul 11 Holly Holly (ShebeenBandroom). Fri Jul 11 Fem Belling Qunitet (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jul 12 The Angels (Palms at Crown). Sat Jul 12

THE WHO/WHAT/WHERE WITH TRACY COATES Shelley Segal (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jul 12 White Summer (Toff In Town). Sat Jul 12 Tankard (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jul 12 Lorde (Festival Hall). Tues Jul 15 & Wed Jul 16 Dan Sultran (Forum Theatre). Thurs Jul 17 The Beards (170 Russell). Fri Jul 18 Julia Messenger Band (Bennetts Lane). Fri Jul 18 Clare Bowditch + Adalita (Corner Hotel). Fri Jul 18 Something For Kate (Forum Theatre). Fri Jul 18 & Sat Jul 19 Hetty Kate (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall). Fri Jul 18 & Sat Jul 19 High On Fire (The Hi-Fi). Sat Jul 19 Dune Rats (Corner Hotel). Fri Jun 20 Corrosion Of Conformity (170 Russell). Sun Jul 20 Asgeir (Forum Theatre). Tues Jul 22 London Grammer (Festival Hall). Tues Jul 22 Kelis (Prince Bandroom). Tues Jul 22 Sky Ferreira (Prince Bandroom). Wed Jul 23 Lily Allen (Festival Hall). Thurs Jul 24 The Acid (Northcote Social Club). Thurs Jul 24 Pelican (The Hi-Fi). Fri Jul 25 Metronomy (Forum Theatre). Fri Jul 25 Phantogram (Prince Bandroom). Fri Jul 25 Grouplove&MikhaelPaskalev (170 Russell). Fri Jul 25 The Wild Feathers (Northcote Social Club). Fri Jul 25 Hetty Kate (Paris Cat Jazz Club). Sat Jul 26 Darlia (Northcote Social Club). Sat Jul 26 Skates (Corner Hotel). Sat Jul 26 Patrick Roberts (Palms at Crown). Sun Jul 27 The 1975 (The Hi-Fi). Mon Jul 28 Foster The People (Palais Theatre). Mon Jul 28 Future Islands (Corner Hotel). Mon Jul 28 Jungle (Corner Hotel). Tues Jul 29 Wild Beasts (Prince Bandroom). Tues Jul 29 Ben Howard (Palais Theatre). Wed Jul 30 First Aid Kit (The Hi-Fi). Wed Jul 30 & Thurs Jul 31 Broods (Corner Hotel). Thurs Jul 31

AUGUST 2014 Ultrafox feat. Julie O’Hara (Bennetts Lane). Fri Aug 1 Sleep Makes Waves (Corner Hotel). Fri Aug 1 A Great Big World (170 Russell). Sun Aug 3 Neurosis (Corner Hotel). Thurs Aug 7 Neurosis (The Hi-Fi). Fri Aug 8 Body Jar &Samiam (Corner Hotel). Sat Aug 9 Hanson (Palais Theatre). Sat Aug 9 Kasabian (Festival Hall). Sat Aug 9 Hanson (The Hi-Fi). Sun Aug 10 Peking Duk (Corner Hotel). Thurs Aug 14 & Fri Aug 15 Bob Dylan (Palais Theatre). Mon Aug 18 & Tues Aug 19 Anathema (Corner Hotel). Sat Aug 23 Marina Prior (Arts Centre, Playhouse Theatre). Sat Aug 23 Lady Gaga (Rod Laver Arena). Sat Aug 23 & Sun Aug 24 Kid Ink (The Hi-Fi). Sun Aug 24

The Used + Taking Back Sunday (170 Russell). Mon Aug 25 & Tues Aug 26 The Dandy Warhols (Corner Hotel). From Mon Aug 25 to Wed Sept 3 [5 shows] Queen & Adam Lambert (Rod Laver Arena). Wed Aug 27, Fri Aug 29, Sat Aug 30 La Coka Nostra (Prince Bandroom). Thurs Aug 28

SEPTEMBER 2014 ONWARDS Boy & Bear (Palais Theatre). Fri Sept 5 The Aston Shuffle (Corner Hotel). Fri Sept 5 Kaylens Rain (Revolver Upstairs). Sat Sept 6 Biffy Clyro (Palais Theatre). Sun Sept 7 Anberlin (Forum Theatre). Tues Sept 9 Kanye West (Rod Laver Arena). Tues Sept 9 & Wed Sept 10 Anberlin (170 Russell). Wed Sept 10 Canniball Corpse (170 Russell). Fri Sept 12 360 (Festival Hall). Fri Sept 12 Robbie Williams (Rod Laver Arena). Tues Sept 16 & Wed Sept 17 Tina Arena (Palais Theatre). Wed Sept 17 & Thurs Sept 18 Justin Timberlake (Etihad Stadium). Thurs Sept 18 & Fri Sept 19 Joe Bonanassa (Palais Theatre). Fri Sept 19 Ingrid Michaelson (Corner Hotel). Sat Sept 20 Andrea Bocelli (Rod Laver Arena). Sun Sept 21 Rebel SoulJahz (The Hi-Fi). Fri Sept 26 Veruca Salt (Corner Corner). Fri Sept 26 & Tues Sept 30 F-Deluxe (Corner Hotel). Thurs Oct 2 Sepultura (170 Russell). Fri Oct 3 Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 3 Bonjah (The Hi-Fi). Sat Oct 4 Anh Do (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 10 Linda Gail Lewis (Corner Hotel). Sat Oct 11 Andrew Strong & The Commitments (Corner Hotel). Sun Oct 12 Rick Springfield (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 17 Celtic Legends (Palais Theatre). Fri Oct 31 & Sat Nov 1 Rolling Stones (Rod Laver Arena). Wed Nov 5 Gorguts (Northcote Social Club). Fri Nov 14 Accept (Corner Hotel). Sat Nov 15 Katy Perry (Rod Laver Arena). From Fri Nov 14 to Wed Dec 10 [8 shows] Toxic Holocaust & Iron Reagan (The Hi-Fi). Sun Nov 23 Passenger (Palais Theatre). Sat Jan 17, 2015 Roxette& Boom Crash Opera (Rod Laver Arena). Fri Feb 20, 2015 The Eagles (Rod Laver Arena). Sun Feb 22, 2015 Rumoured concerts: Foo Fighters

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Studio and Production Services IAN PAV HAS 37 YEARS INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Linking with some of the best in the business and utilising a range of facilities we can service our clients along the East Coast of Australia & the Pacific rim providing face to face and skype/internet based services.

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Industry that is an essential reference for music business students, artists and people already working in the industry. Currently Andrew practices law for Melbourne media and intellectual property firm Gibsons Solicitors, writes about music and the music business for The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Rhythms and The Music Network and lectures in music business at JMC Academy. Opening the door. This is the workshop that you may not want to miss! If you are a musician, music student, tertiary student studying Music Business, artist wanting to understand the industry or you have a dream to work in the industry this workshop could help you get a foot in the door. “It would be impossible for an artist of industry student to get access to all the key people in the industry for a one-on-one download of their knowledge and experience”, said Andrew Watt. “Welcome To The Jungle – both the book and the workshop - bridges that gap and it’s fantastic that the Frankston Arts Centre was able to bring this Workshop to Cube 37” To celebrate the launch of the book Andrew is holding a special Workshop event in Frankston Sunday 22 June Cube 37 Frankston Arts Centre $25.00 inc GST BOOKINGS: Workshop bookings can be made at or on 03 9784 1060 MELINDA RANSOM

Everyone has heard the saying ‘Opportunity knocks’ right? When you hear that you think ‘Where’s the base drop?’ Well you are a prime candidate for the Welcome to the Jungle workshop. Join Andrew Watt a Seaford based entertainment and media lawyer, writer and educator. He has just written and released an anecdotal textbook entitled Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in Australia. Written for the Australian music industry. Andrew combines unprecedented interview material with his own firsthand experience as an artist manager, venue owner, lawyer, publisher & music business lecturer, Andrew Watt has compiled an invaluable guide to the Australian Music

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FROM THE SONG TO THE SALE - PART 2 tips in the recording business... What ‘finished’ means varies with each project,but there are things you need to consider regardless.

1 with IAN PAV So you have the songs and enough initial buyers– are the songs ‘recording ready’? While the emotion and visual elements in live gigs allow things to flow a bit, on a recording the song has to live and connect purely by what people hear. Unless you have money to afford extra studio time ‘working things out’, songs should be developed, ‘finished’and practiced beforehand.

. Is the song arranged to maximise its potential? A great song is a great song even if just played with voice and guitar, but more may be needed. A well produced song, whether simple or complex is one where all the elements support and enhance the message and emotion of the song. If you’re a 4-chord guitarist I don’t care what you ‘hear’ in your head, it will probably come out folk or rock. You may need help getting songs to be their best and ‘commercial’ (a good producer may hear things you don’t, include, add or remove stuff). You need to ensure the production ‘fits’ the expectation of intended buyers.


. The end result needs to be ‘market’ appropriate. For example, if you hope your song will

be played on commercial radio... The length needs to be around 3:20 minutes (esp. pop, country). The catchy hook needs to be repeated often (but not be a repetitive song) The chorus needs to be heard within the first 30-60 seconds. There are certain ‘forms’ that are expected in most genres. Of course, there are exceptions. Jazz, classical, live gig recordings being examples. However on popular radio songs of the length of Bohemian Rhapsody and American Pie are not the norm. If you decide something different for your recording, maybe ‘radio edited’ versions are needed?


. All this means time, thought, preparation and planning. Maximising what you can do for the money you can afford to spend and in consideration of the sales you will make. And all before you set foot in the recording studio - but it will be worth it.


. A commercial recording needs to have what I call ‘relistenability’. Your recording needs to sound good enough that buyers want to play it again and again.This is important, as that buyer will be more likely to purchase your next CD, tell others and come to more gigs.

With 37 years experience in the industry, Ian Pav is a producer, mentor and owner of PavMusic (studios and production). Recently moved to Rosebud and building his new production studio there, Ian is now looking to work with clients around the Peninsula as well as his ongoing clientele around Australia and overseas. You can see more or contact Ian via

...with Ray McGrotty (Record City)

STRAIGHT AS A DIE Matt Taylor When Aussie blues legend Matt Taylor departed from Australia’s premier blues rock band Chain in 1971 he went off to live on a farm in Beechworth (Victoria) where he began writing songs about nature and the search for a more spiritual existence. He released his first solo album Straight as a die in August 1973. The album opener, Mother Nature is a moderate tempo 12 bar blues foot-tapper which lyrically sets the tone for the album with Taylor singing about a new set of values.


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Brisbane to Beechworth is one of my favourite tracks on the album. It basically tells the story of his journey leaving his home in Brisbane to go and live in Beechworth but letting us know that he still dreams of Queensland every now and then. Simple decision is a slow ballad featuring an acoustic steel guitar and reminds us that we indeed do have a simple decision to make. To do right and be good to one another. We’ll never be the same again is a faster and more desperately pleading song about how we have destroyed our planet, and god has decided to punish us by turning everything off. Next up, with a track called Chickens he gives a jab to the multi–national corporations, in particular Colonel Sanders for exploiting chickens. ‘Chickens are not normal, they only live so we can give our money to Colonel Sanders’ Hall of fame is a slow sad blues dirge while Krishna loves you too is a more up tempo song which reveals he has found some spiritual comfort and meaning in his life. The album closes with an interesting instrumental called Dance which features harmonica and tabla. From a session around this time, I remember when I was young was issued as a single which became a big hit but was not included on the original album, however in 1997 it was included as a bonus track on the CD reissue. Straight as a die is a brilliant album in which Taylor is joined by his ex Chain buddies Barry Harvey (drums), Barry Sullivan (bass) and Phil Manning on guitar. Both the vinyl and CD versions are currently unavailable so you will need to hunt up a second hand copy, and you should, it will be well worth it. Straight as a die is still one of my favourite Aussie albums ever! Ray McGrotty is the owner/manager of Record City Collectables, 433 Nepean Highway, Frankston. Record City stocks a vast array of memorabilia, cassettes and vinyl, rare and unseen releases as well as current favourites. If you’d like to suggest a Classic Cut, drop him a line at classiccuts@ RAY McGROTTY

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Every Kingom

... Like Clockwork

Live Versions




Every Kingdom’s first track, “Old Pine” begins with Howard on the guitar. Immediately, it takes me to him: sitting somewhere semi casual, probably in a home studio in the English countryside or in a suburban town. Sometimes throughout the recording you hear the scratching of strings, the movement of his fingers, and an imperfect slide from one note to the next. At 2:02 and 2:08, there is a squeak of what is possibly a bung string or a chair. This is what makes “Old Pine”, along with the entire album perfect; it’s imperfection. The record is extremely raw, and extremely honest. After the lapped acoustic opening, harmonised vocals of Howard and band member India Bourne begin. I am then taken from the humble studio to the sea, as the lyrics begin: “hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags, I’ve come to know that memories, are the best thing you ever had”. From the start, “Old Pine” ignites a sense of time and place. It prompts you to really delve in and feel its current. This goes for all the tracks on the British musician’s 2011 debut album “Every Kingdom”. Every song on the record takes you somewhere; you fall in love, you contemplate life, death, spirituality, you feel happiness and you feel salt on suppressed wounds. Ben’s album is well balanced - musically and lyrically. The complexity of his guitar picking and musical arrangements reflect the complexities of his lyrics. The harrowing cello in his tracks compliments the deeper and sometimes darker lyrics, while the songs predominately of major chord structures, stand alongside often, uplifting lyrics such as “keep your head up, keep your heart strong”. The song titles on paper alone are beautiful: “Only Love”, “Gracious”, “Promise”, “Everything”. However they are only the beginning of close to an hour of music that’s bound to grab your heart. Ben won a Brit Award for “British Breakthrough Act” last year. In 2014, he is playing at Splendour In The Grass (Byron Bay) and headline sideshows around Australia in the mid-months of the year. His sophomore album is set to release in the later months of 2014. So, until then, fall in love with his music, buy Every Kingdom in iTunes or on CD (it makes for a great car record) and get prepared for new tracks with possibly an evolved, more ambient sound. TARAH MILLER

A special “record day” release, the Live Versions are songs taken from one of the bands recent US shows (they don’t get specific on where exactly). It opens as every live LP should, with a crowd going nuts. The set list is really cool, it’s not loaded with hits, and they balance the old and the new playing five out nine from there latest album Lonerism. Elephant is probably the only noticeable song missing, with it being such a big recent tune for them, but they do say in the liner notes that the show is actually over an hour long, but could only fit 40 minutes on vinyl, so they made some cuts. They’re a psychedelic rock band so the live versions are pretty interesting and awesome to listen to. They’re also known for having a good live show, and it comes through how tight they play together.

It’s been a long time between drinks for the Queens Of The Stone Age crew. The saying, “good things come to those that wait”, has never been more accurate for QOTSA fans. …Like Clockwork, their sixth studio release, is undeniably one of their best. It’s energetic, dark, moody and truly beautiful. Joshua Homme can do no wrong. His lyrics are deep and masterful only further showcasing his brilliance. The man is cool and he knows it. From the opening track, Keep Your Eyes Peeled, to the outro, …Like Clockwork, you are engulfed in thick guitar riffs, rolling drum beats and ominous keys. There isn’t a song that you feel like skipping. Albums like this are too few and far between.




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Canadian, folk-rock quartet, Current Swell, has unveiled their latest gift to man, Ulysses. A collection of songs so infectious you want to play them over and over again. On first listen the title-track, Ulysses, sounds like something straight out of the Marcus Mumford catalogue. This only last for a fleeting moment as Keys To The Kingdom, takes you in a completely different direction. The music has this real groove element to it. There are moments of folk-induced brilliance as well as toe-tapping rock that stand and deliver. It’s a bunch of styles all mixed in together that hits all the right places. There’s some real talent in this group. The music is fun and exciting, a real joy to listen to. HADYN LEVETT

Monique Brumby


Two-time ARIA award winner and music extraordinaire, Monique Brumby, has released her fifth studio album. The self-titled effort sees Brumby reach exciting new heights. It’s creative, raw and full of passion. The fact that the better half of the album was recorded in the spare room of her Melbourne house, using a make-shift vocal booth, really allows you to appreciate the lengths she’s gone to and the final product. This album has so much more to give than just its production quality. The music is soothing in a way. Each song has its own voice, holding its own against a raft of exciting material. The single, Silent Hill, is cool and suave, setting the tone for what follows. It’s perfect music for a Thursday night kickback with a glass of wine in hand. HADYN LEVETT

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May was a month of cultural stimulation across all artistic fronts starting with another outstanding Art Red Hill opening. I had the immense pleasure of meeting judge, Susan McCulloch, a legend in the Australian art world. Read Thrill on the Hill in the arts section for further information. Frankston Theatre Group’s The Diary of Anne Frank, producing both tears and laughter, blew me away. Words By The Bay (Bayside Literary Series) poetry workshop with the brilliant Claire Gaskin inspired me and I carried that enthusiasm into my own quarterly Poetry For Page or Stage workshop at the Frankston Library. McClelland Gallery wows crowds with two new travelling exhibitions - hands down the best gallery value for the price of gold coin donation (or more if you’re keen to support an amazing arts venue). Finally, David Williamson’s Managing Carmen at the Frankston Arts Centre had me laughing my head off then walking away pondering the deeper meanings in the game of life. If I can fit all of that into a month without breaking a sweat, surely you can too. Enjoy your cultural landscape. Read on to see what’s up next. Contemplatively, Your Arts Editor


When Jenny Riddle and husband Danny moved from Aspendale to Red Hill in 2002, pieces of a larger puzzle seemed to fall into place. By coincidence or serendipity, they purchased their new home from a local artist so the property included an artist’s studio. That artist encouraged Riddle to submit her paintings to annual art event, Art Red Hill and to consider showing her work to Manyung Gallery. She’s been exhibiting at both ever since. This year Riddle won Best Visual Image at Art Red Hill, an accomplishment made all the more impressive because it was judged by superlative Australian art writer, publisher and curator, Susan McCulloch who chose Riddle’s work from a vast and impressive field because “It was evocative of the Peninsula, was beautifully resolved and had a wonderful sense of atmosphere.” Their tree change decision certainly landed Riddle in the right place. In addition to being an artists’ enclave, the surrounding coastline and verdant rolling hills provide the inspiration for her subject matter. In fact, the couple chose Red Hill because they loved coming up to the Hinterland to hike, bush walk and to be closer family. Exploring open spaces, breathing fresh air and getting lost in the big sky provides Riddle with ample artistic stimulation, but it’s the way she translates the landscape that makes her paintings so transcendent. Paddocks breath, stillness permeates and the very atmosphere of place envelops the viewer. When she found out her beloved sister, Andrea, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, painting helped her cope with her sister’s illness taking her to another place both literally and


PEARL Magazine  June


figuratively. During that illness, Andrea emphasized to her sister the importance of following her passion. Riddle had studied art and design after high school, but chose instead to work in visual merchandising creating store windows for Myer. When that field became more corporate and less creative, she decided to take her sister’s advice and shift back to art - painting, exhibiting and illustrating the children’s books her father, Gerry Lane, had written. When her sister died, art brought catharsis. She found peace, solace and healing through connecting with the land expressing the emotional release it provided. Working intuitively, she could take in a scene and translate it into feeling. Viewers and patrons also seem to find a healing peacefulness in her paintings. They are not just beautiful to look at; there is something deeper in them. It is poignant to find peace in any practice, but to be able to pay that forward is a real gift. The first time she saw a J. M. W. Turner exhibition, she wept for the overwhelming emotion she felt standing before his immense emotive images. Seeing the suffused light, endless skies and moody atmosphere of her land and seascapes, the influence is clear, but Riddle’s paintings are distinctly Peninsula based. Some of the trees may be European, but the landscape is clearly Australian. Delving beyond what the eyes can see, her paintings must be experienced. You can get a glimpse online at: http://, but it’s best to enjoy them in person. To see some of her work yourself, request a viewing at Manyung Gallery in Mt. Eliza. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

A beautiful land Full of peace and love No war at hand About what’s up above People are free Of colour and race To be you or me Without a disgrace But with no desire In morning to see Rampage and fire Smoke and debris I woke to a place Where killing’s defended Split by race And money depended People are drilling While bloods been spilling Nothing’s fulfilling In the name of love they are killing Countries at war Over stones and sticks Is it worth killing for Is this politics Don’t sow what you reap You set fires to lands How can you sleep With this blood on your hands You see what I mean This place is a mess Back to my dream Where there is happiness Will we all end Cold and alone As a result no friends . The death of our own What will it take for us to see We are our only enemy.

D o w n f a L L of Humanity

© 2014 Adam Stephen (19)


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Wine Bar + Art space = Fig Tree Gallery



Mish Wookey opened The General Wine Lounge in June 2013 with the vision of a welcoming wine bar featuring live music, events and art exhibitions. She has achieved all of this except the art exhibitions, but as of June 28, a permanent space called the Fig Tree Gallery will launch within the venue. Prominent local artist Gabrielle Leonard will curate monthly exhibitions, starting with Chisolm Visual Arts students and then branching out to include other local artists. Leonard has been a photographer in a professional and artistic sense for most of her career, but has gone back to study further at Chisolm. Some of her work will also feature in later exhibitions. Wookey, who has an events management background including running exhibitions with Art the Movement, said that she had always wanted to exhibit Leonard’s work. So to have her on board as the regular curator is very exciting. The Fig Tree Gallery Launch is on Saturday June 28 from 6pm-8pm at The General Wine Lounge, 677 Point Nepean Rd, Mc Crae. After party from 8pm will feature electro DJ Nickoroll.

Why should taxpayers fund sculptures along freeways, artwork at train stations, or workshops and talks at public libraries and galleries? Mosaics? Murals? Poetry? Who cares? Who has time for that? Public art is a waste of money! Or is it? In fact, much public art is privately funded for the enjoyment and inspiration of all people, not just those who have money to buy art or access galleries. Public art promotes joy, curiosity, debate and beautification. Workshops & talks are food for the mind and salve for the soul. Public art is the ultimate in democracy – a call and response - stimulation and engagement for all. What do you think? Share your views on our PEARL facebook page or send your own topic idea to Have your say on our Facebook page or send your own hot topic to:





This gripping new production of Henry V from director Damien Ryan explores the rite of passage that violence and conflict offer as a threshold to manhood and confronts the fact that – for all the horrors of war – true courage and brotherhood can inspire remarkable achievements. Tickets: Member $55, Full $66, Conc $62, U30 $30, U16 $16, Splash $25, Group 10+ $57 Pre-show dining: 03 9784 1071 Warning: Please check website or box office for warnings

03 9784 1060

Box Office:

Win 2 tickets to Rachel Bergerʼs Hold the Pickle on 28 August. Quote “Pearl” when booking to go into the draw. Closes 16 July. Frankston Arts Centre is a Business Unit of Frankston City Council

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May was a big month for film. As Cannes Film Festival did its thing in France and we watched from afar, the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival created an exciting buzz locally. The great thing about the HRAFF is that you always leave the cinema feeling really glad you saw that film and you are better for it, smarter, funnier, more attractive. I’m not even joking! Things kicked off with a powerful screening of The Square. This story of ordinary people living in an extraordinary time scored Egypt its first ever Oscar nomination this year. The reality of the 2011 Tahrir Square protests was summed up by Aida Al Kashef, “Everyone knew that if you were there you were prepared to die,” but it is hard to get a real sense of this from just a glimpse of footage on the news. This film takes you right inside the events and the camera is an important part of the action too, connecting the viewer to the film in a remarkable way. Also the cast is littered with Egyptian movie stars and handsome musicians, which no one was complaining about. Another festival highlight, Internet’s Own Boy, brought us the story of Aaron Swartz. A young computer genius, he was authoring code in primary school and co-founded Reddit at 19. He wanted to make the world a better place and shunned Silicon Valley in favour of hacktivism and social justice. Sadly he faced up to 35 years jail on questionable charges and took his own life in January 2013, aged 26. I loved getting a glimpse into this exciting mind, so alive to the risks and possibilities and magic of the digital age. A tragic loss but his work will live on through his many friends and fans. Closing night film Rich Hill gave a heart and soul to those who are often written off as white trash. It’s like an honest glimpse into the world that Kurt Cobain famously grew up in, complete with over-medicated and misunderstood kids and their parents struggling to get through the day. The


Children’s performers bring an extraordinary and mesmerizing energy to the stage. Hi-5 have been hypnotizing kids with their

high-energy song and dance routines for years largely because the young performers who embody Hi-5 are totally committed to the entertainment and happiness of their young audiences. Their latest show, Hi-5 House Hits is even better because their fans have voted for the songs they want in this show. Speaking with Hi-5 entertainer, Lauren Brant, I really understood the exceptional level of dedication that goes into their work. A typical year for Hi-5 involves filming 45 television episodes over ten or twelve weeks, recording CDs, doing extensive photo shoots, public relations junkets, touring nationally and internationally and giving their time to raise funds for the disadvantaged or bring childhood dreams

to life though the Starlight Foundation. Brant, a native of South Africa, said she came out of the womb singing and dancing. From the age of three her arts journey began. Now an accomplished dancer, singer, actress, model, and choreographer, she’s also about to launch her own Hi-5 based fashion line, Loli Boli, so kids can dress up as their favourite Hi-5 characters. Infectious spirit, super fitness and talent to burn make Hi-5 a rightful phenomenon. So go watch the big wheel spin to see what songs they’ll put in Hi-5 House Hits from Live Nation Entertainment at Frankston Arts Centre Friday, July 11 at 10 am and 12:30 pm. Bookings on 9784 1060 or


Peninsula local Arthur O’Bryan


 

  

amazing music and cinematography paint a haunting picture of modern day America which seems to have strayed so far from the land of opportunity for all. This film got off the ground thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and it is such a testament to the merits of crowd funding in the arts. Do we even need Hollywood these days? After so much worthiness, I will be kicking back with some TV this month, Game of Thrones and maybe even When Love Comes To Town. What will you be watching? Let me know! Penny Ivison writes monthly for PEARL on film & TV. If there’s anything you’d like to let Penny know about that’s happening in the Bayside or Peninsula area in 2014, you can find her on twitter on @pipsicedtea or email her at

Local boy and award winning actor Mike Fletcher returns to the stage this June at the Frankston Arts Centre for PLOS Musical Productions (PLOSMP) season of Oliver. Many will remember Mike for his role playing Patsy the noble kings assistant in PLOSMP’s production of Monty Python’s Spamalot and his award winning cameo performance as the gaol guard which saw him receive a Victorian Musical Theatre Bruce Award. This time however, Fletcher plays Fagin in this rendition of Charles Dickens’ famous novel. Fagin is the leader of a group of children whom he teaches to make their livings by pickpocketing and other criminal activities, in exchange for a roof over their heads. This is once again an exciting opportunity to

Cranky curmudgeon, Monk O’ Neil, pontificates with wit and wisdom from his remote Aussie shed ruminating about his less than ordinary life. Actor Wayne Pearn is set to reprise the iconic modern-day Lothario from Jack Hibberd’s classic and arguably best monodrama, A Stretch of the Imagination.

PEARL Magazine  June

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 

please Mike, can i have some more



see Mike enjoying the challenge of bringing to the stage a character with many facets and making a role his very own. He will also be teaming up with Cameron Sweatman who plays career criminal Bill Sikes as well as the 22 children that make up Fagin’s gang. Mike is joined by Fintan McCrave, an 11 year old from Mitcham playing Oliver and a young man making his big stage debut. Last year Fintan played the lead role in his school Blackburn Lakes production of Aladdin and is no doubt thrilled to have been successful in being offered the chance to take on another role. Catch Mike and Fintan at the Frankston Arts Centre, Corner Davey and Young Streets, Frankston, June 20- 28. Ticket info at SIMON BURKE

has arranged this performance to raise funds for Somers Pre-School. Everyone involved, including the playwright, have forgone royalties and volunteered their time to bring Monk O’Neill out of the mothballs to regale his audience with a philosophical soliloquy expounding on his wild and eccentric adventures through a life well lived.

For a really good laugh see A Stretch of the Imagination for its one-day only performance at the Coolart Wetlands on Saturday, June 7 at 3pm. Warning: Not suitable for children under 15! Bookings on 5983 1657 or 0438 598 997 or artyo@

ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS bayside & mornington peninsula

THRILL ON THE HILL Every year I think to myself “this show just can’t get any better”, but it always does. Art Red Hill is an evolving show; that’s what keeps it interesting. The Montalto Principal’s Lounge showcased diverse Aboriginal art with the added bonus of including this year’s judge, the incomparable Susan McCulloch and her delightful daughter Emily McCulloch Childs on hand to answer questions. Red Hill Consolidated School mum, Jenny Riddle won Best Visual Image with her poignant peninsula landscape Eastern Grey Rise. The schoolchildren’s work on artists’ palettes

was spectacular and the addition of street art was excellent. Instrumental guitar, imbibing Red Hill Brewery Ale and rubbing elbows with fascinating artists and keen patrons was a true delight on a gorgeous night. All work was beautifully displayed and the gift shop just keeps getting better. Can’t wait to see next year’s show. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS


Waldemar Seybold was an eleven-year-old boy in 1945 at the end of WW2. Russian soldiers were billeted at his home during the occupation. The largest of those soldiers, who Seybold described as a big bear of a man, was quiet and kind. Upon leaving, he asked Seybold’s mother if he could give her son a 4 x 5 camera he had found in the rubble of a demolished town. This is how his photographic journey began. In 1956 Seybold fought in the Hungarian Uprising and fled Hungary as a political refugee. He enjoyed many new freedoms, but none more than the opportunity to listen to his favourite music – jazz. Under communist rule, contact with western culture was a risky and decadent business; radio was restricted. Fast-forward to 1964 when he saw Louis Armstrong at Festival Hall and his passion for jazz gig photography was born. Seybold met many great musicians of the old guard, such as John Sangster and Nat Adderly whom he loved as much for their friendly personality and gentlemanly ways as music  arts  events  entertainment

MUSICAL SPARK IN JUSTINE CLARKE Justine Clarke is taking her musical magic on the road with her latest show, I Am A…Band. Building on her previous blockbuster concerts, this show focuses on the band exploring the amazing range of sounds produced by musical instruments, traditional and otherwise. Clarke enthusiastically encourages her young audiences to dance and sing with the message that with a bit of imagination, they can be anything. Clarke began acting as a child following in her mother’s footsteps. She’s now an award-winning actress, consummate children’s entertainer and phenomenally diverse performer. A long-standing presenter on Playschool, she’s also starred in several Australian films and brought numerous television characters to life, most recently playing Bernadette in ABC 1’s Time of Our Lives. Her stage and screen credits are extensive, but right now she’s the Pied Piper of her own musical journey. What Clarke loves about live shows is “the immediacy of the response, the complicity you have with an audience, the energy that both performer and audience exchange and especially with music, the celebration,” she related. Her shows are always an imaginative colourful celebration of childhood through music, song and movement bringing heart and soul, bright and bold. It’s no wonder she’s so well loved.

Grab the kids then go move and groove to familiar tunes with Justine Clarke’s I Am… a Band brought to you by Live Nation Entertainment at Frankston Arts Centre on Tuesday, July 8 at 10:30 am. Bookings on 9784 1060 or ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS


for their talent, but when Seybold met Bob Sedergreen, all the images came together because Sedergreen loved Seybold’s work. Through friendship and mutual professional admiration, windows were opened onto the world of jazz greats in Australia. Pushing the boundaries of technical prowess became a game among the other ex-patriots he worked with in his day job at the State Electrical Commission. Three were keen photographers whose enthusiasm and inventiveness helped build each others technical skills. This was crucial because Seybold wanted to photograph the music as well as the musicians, which is a hard call, even for a talented photographer. His skills speak for themselves in Seybold’s latest exhibition All That Jazz – Australian Legends and Friends at Cube 37 (Frankston Arts Centre) until June 14. Don’t miss this photographic journey through the lives and music of the greatest jazz musicians to ever hit our shores. ANDREA LOUISE THOMAS

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WHAT’S HAPPENING IN ARTS & CULTURE... Your guide to Arts & Culture events on the Peninsula & Bayside in June• Send all listings to Andrea (Arts Editor) at LITERARY ARTS AND ARTS LECTURES: MORDIALLOC WRITERS’ GROUP Tuesdays at 8pm @ Mordialloc Neighbourhood House (Mordialloc) 9587 8757 SOUTHERN PENS Wednesdays at 1 pm @ Rosebud Library (Rosebud) Kaye 5985 6773 MORNINGTON WRITERS’ GROUP Fridays at 10 am & 7:30 pm @ Albert Street Community House (Mornington) 5975 4772 PENINSULA POETS First Saturday of the month at 11 am @ Mornington Peninsula Library Meeting Room (Mornington) Contact: Andrea 0435 120 297 or WRITER’S BLOCK MEETING Fortnightly on Saturdays at 10 am (June 14 & 28) @ Cube 37 at Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Contact: Fran 0438 890 217 or FELLOWSHIP OF AUSTRALIAN WRITERS, PENINSULA BRANCH Third Sunday of the month at 1:45 pm @ Albert Street Community Contact House (Mornington) Contact: READINGS BY THE BAY Last Sunday of the month at 2pm Mordialloc @ Neighbourhood House (Mordialloc) 9587 8757 mairi@ MORNINGTON LIBRARY SERVICE LIVE ‘N’ LOCAL READING SERIES Thursday, June 5 at 5:30 @ Mornington Library Meeting Room (Mornington) Bookings: 5950-1820 WORDS BY THE BAY LITERARY SERIES: POETRY WORKSHOP BY MOORLEIGH U3A’S BARRIE SHEPPARD Wednesday, June 11 from noon to 1:30 book launch from 1:30 to 2 pm @ Brighton Library (Brighton) Bookings: www. MPRG PRESENTS: ‘IN THE SPOTLIGHT’ PAUL KELLY & THE PORTRAITS ILLUSTRATED LECTURE Wednesday, June 11 5:50 for 6 pm start @ Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (Mornington) 5975 4399 www. AUSTRALIAN DECORATIVE AND FINE ARTS SOCIETY TALK: EGYPTOLOGY WITH DR. JANET DAVEY Friday, June 13 at 5:30 pm at Peninsula Community Theatre (Mornington) @ Peninsula Community Theatre (Mornington) or MPRG FRIENDS PRESENT: DRAWING THE HEIDE CIRCLE: REFLECTIONS ON THE HEIDE HISTORY Monday, June 16 13:30 morning tea for 11 am start THE BLOOMSDAY SEMINAR ON JAMES JOYCE’S ULYSSES Monday, June 16 at 3 pm @ Brighton Town Hall (Brighton) NATIONAL WORKS ON PAPER FLOOR TALK PAPER TRAILS Thursday, June 19 at 11 am @ Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (Mornington) 5975 4399 www.mprg.

MPRG FRIENDS PRESENT: ART DECO: MELBOURNE & THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA Monday, June 26 13:30 morning tea for 11 am start @ Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (Mornington) 5975 4399 VISUAL ARTS: FLINDERS ART SHOW Opens Friday, June 6 from 7:30 to 10:30 pm continues Saturday, May 3 & Sunday, May 4 10 am to 5 pm @ Flinders Hall MANYUNG GALLERY PRESENTS EASTERN INSPIRATIONS Saturday, June 7 to Sunday, June 29 @ Manyung Gallery (Mt. Eliza) 9787 2953 BALNARRING PORTRAIT PROJECT Until June 8 @ Applestick Gallery (Balnarring) www. 0407 369 706 KINGSTON ARTS OPEN STUDIOS TRAIL Saturday, June 14 and Sunday June 15 @ various venues. Bookings: 9556 4440 or visual-arts CUBE 37 GALLERY PRESENTS: WALDEMAR SEYBOLD: ALL THAT JAZZ: AUSTRALIAN LEGENDS AND FRIENDS & JIM COAD: SET IN MOTION Until Saturday, June 14: Waldemar Seybold; Until Saturday, July 5: Jim Coad @ Cube 37 Gallery at Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) 9784 1896

PAUL KELLY AND THE PORTRAITS & NATIONAL WORKS ON PAPER Until Sunday, July 20 @ Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (Mornington) 5975 4399 www.mprg.mornpen.vic. MCCLELLAND GALLERY PRESENTS: CREAM: FOUR DECADES OF AUSTRALIAN ART & WAVES AND WATER: AUSTRALIAN BEACH PHOTOGRAPHY Until Sunday, August 3 @ McClelland Sculpture & Gallery Park (Langwarrin) 9789 1671 WORKSHOPS AND DEMONSTRATIONS: MONTHLY MANDALA WORKSHOPS 10 am to 5 pm on day of client’s choice @ Empowering Creations Healing and Art Centre. Bookings: Irene 0407 543 186 ART CLASSES WITH MARILYN RICHARDS AT DROMANA COMMUNITY HOUSE Wednesdays and Fridays 10 am to noon @ Dromana Community House (Dromana) www. ARTHAVEN ONE DAY MIXED MEDIUM WORKSHOP WITH MICHELLE CLEAVER Saturday, June 7 from 10 am to 4 pm Contact: Michelle 0417 425 116 or

CUBE 37 ART AFTER DARK PRESENTS PARSONS PHOTOGRAPHY & SET IN MOTION: JIM COAD Until Monday, June 16: Parsons, Tuesday, June 17 to July 6: Jim Coad @ Cube 37 at Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) 9784 1896

MCCLELLAND GUILD OF ARTISTS DEMONSTRATION WITH MAXWELL WILKS: PASTEL “ A STORMY SEASCAPE” Saturday, June 7 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm @ Studio Park @ McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery (Langwarrin) www.

TASKFORCE COMMUNITY CENTRE’S: THE ANCHORS OF HOPE Until Wednesday, June 18: Anchors of Hope @ G1 Gallery Kingston Arts Centre (Moorabin) 9556 4440 or www.

DARTS (DIGITAL ARTS) WORKSHOPS FOR YOUTH Saturday, June 7 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm: Space Odyssey @ Cube 37 (Frankston Arts Centre) Bookings 9784 1060

FAC CURVED WALL PRESENTS: JILAMARA TIWI ISLAND ARTS EXHIBITION Until Saturday, June 28 Jilamara on Curved Wall, Main Foyer @ Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) 9784 1060 www. LENTON PARR: AT THE STILL POINT OF A TURNING WORLD Until Sunday, June 22 @ Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre (Brighton) 9592 0291 OAK HILL GALLERY PRESENTS: MORNINGTON PENINSULA DRAWING & PAINTING GROUP Until Wednesday, June 25 @ Oak Hill Gallery (Mornington) 5973 4299 CELEBRATING NATIONAL RECONCILIATION WEEK Until Thursday, June 26 @ ARTrium Exhibition Space at Bayside City Council Corporate Centre (Sandringham) www. MORNINGTON LIBRARY FOYER EXHIBITION PRESENTS: TWO BAYS ART GROUP Until Wednesday, July 4 @ Mornington Library (Mornington) Enquires: Andrea Ebsworth 5950 1716 SCULPAK BY BRENDON PITTSOpens Friday, June 6 at 6 pm, runs until Saturday, June 28 @ G3 Artspace @ Shirley Burke Theatre (Parkdale) 9556 4440 or au/visual-arts

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PENINSULA ARTS SOCIETY DEMONSTRATION WITH VIVI PALEGEORGE: ACRYLICS Sunday, June 15 from 1:30 to 3:30 @ Peninsula Arts Society (Frankston South) 9775 2640

MLOC PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE Friday, June 13 & 14 at 8 pm, Saturday, June 20 & 21 at 8 pm, Sunday, June 15 at 5 pm & Saturday, June 21 at 2 pm @ Phoenix Theatre (Elwood) Bookings: BRIGHTON THEATRE COMPANY & BLOOMSDAY MELBOURNNE PRESENT: ULYSSES PRESTISSIMO Friday June 13 to Monday, June 16 at 8 pm, Sunday, June 15 at 2:30 pm @ Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre (Brighton) Bookings: PLOS MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS OLIVER Fridays, June 20 & 27 at 8 pm, Saturdays, June 21 & 28 at 2 pm, Sunday, June 22 at 2 pm, Wednesday & Thursday, June 25 & 26 at 8 pm THE MAN IN THE MIRROR: REFLECTIONS ON MICHAEL JACKSON Saturday, June 21 at 8 pm @ Kingston City Hall in the Grand Hall (Moorabin) Bookings: 9556 4440 or www.kingstonarts. MORDIALLOC THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS LOOT Thursdays, July 3 & 10 at 8 pm, Fridays, June 27, July 4, July 11 at 8 pm, Saturdays, June 28, July 5, July 12 at 8 pm, Sundays, June 29 & July 6 at 2:30 pm @ Shirley Burke Theatre (Parkdale) Bookings: 9587 5141 or www. BLACK TIE CATERING PRESENTS A MAGICAL EXTRAVAGANZA Monday, June 30 at 11 am @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060 JUM LEASD AND JESSICA WILSON PRESENT STILL AWAKE STILL! Thursday, July 1 at 11 am & 7 pm @ Kingston City Hall (Moorabin) Bookings: 9556 4440 or au/performingarts THE FAIRIES PRESENT: JUMP JUMP STAR Wednesday, July 2 at 11 am & 2 pm @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060 FILM:

IMPRO CLUB (IMPROVISATION/ACTING WORKSHOP) WITH CAROLE PATULO Saturdays from 1- 4 pm @ Southern Peninsula Arts Centre (Rosebud) Bookings: 5986 8204 www.

MOVIEHOUSE AT KINGSTON ARTS CENTRE Wednesdays at 10:30 am: June 4 O the Waterfront (1954), June 11 The Brother McMullen (1995), June 18 Too Much Too Soon (1958), June 25 It’s A Wonderful Life (1946), July 7 All That Heaven Allows (1955) @ Kingston Arts Centre Black Box (Moorabin) Bookings: 9556 4440 or www.kingstonarts.



ROKITZ ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS CIRQUE MOTHER EARTH Thursday, June 5 at 8 pm @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060

CASEY WINTER ARTS FESTIVAL Saturday, June 14 10:30 am to 4:30 pm arts workshops @ John Twist Hall Haileybury (Berwick) winterartsfestival

GO AWAY MR. WORRYTHOUGHTS Friday, June 6 at 6 pm @ Cube 37 The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060

CUBE 37 PRESENTS: LIGHT UP WINTER Thursday, June 26 at 4:45 starting @ Frankston Library (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1896

WULAMANAYUWI & THE SEVEN PAMANUI Thursday, June 12 at 11 am & 6 pm @ The Frankston Arts Centre (Frankston) Bookings: 9784 1060 au & Saturday, June 14 at 2 & 7 pm @ Kingston City Hall in the Grand Hall (Moorabin) Bookings: 9556 4440 or www. (Free craft workshop 1/2 hr. before show)

Listings are at the discretion of the Arts Editor and based on information available at press time. Listings need to be brief and current. It may not be possible to fit everything in, but we’ll try if we know it’s on. Send information to: artseditor@ by the third Monday of each month. Advertisers are considered first for editorials. Ads in Pearl are inexpensive. Call 5906 5775.

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JUNE 2014


1 Edge Of Tomorrow (JUNE 5TH) Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton The Fault In Our Stars (JUNE 5TH) Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Laura Dern Grace Of Monaco (JUNE 5TH) Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella Blended (JUNE 12TH) Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Joel McHale The Rover (JUNE 12TH) Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy How To Train Your Dragon 2 (JUNE 19TH) Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson 22 Jump Street (JUNE 19TH) Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Dave Franco Step Up: All In (JUNE 19TH) Briana Evigan, Alyson Stoner, Ryan Guzman The Two Faces Of January (JUNE 19TH) Oscar Isaac, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen Tinkerbell: The Pirate Fairy (JUNE 19TH) Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hiddleston Transformers: Age Of Extinction (JUNE 26TH) Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer Calvary (JULY 3RD) Brendan Gleeson, Chris O’Dowd, Kelly Reilly Earth To Echo (JULY 3RD) Astro, Teo Halm, Reese C Hartwig Jersey Boys (JULY 3RD) John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, Michael Lomenda Rio 2 (JULY 3RD) Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg,


PEARL Magazine  June



Bayside City Council are taking submissions of artwork this month for the 2014 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition. Submit your artwork at the Bayside City Council’s Corporate Centre between June 10 and June 20. The artwork will be on display at the ARTrium Exhibition Space at the Bayside City Council’s Corporate Centre from July 2 to 31, with the celebration night on Wednesday 16 July. More details of the celebration night coming soon. For more information or to register for the event, contact Adam on 9599 4622, or email


Bayside Youth Services and the Boombox FReeZA committee are gearing up for another incredibly entertaining Battle of the Bands. The battle will be held on August 15 at the Brighton Town Hall, where multiple artists will battle for the chance to progress through all battle rounds in order to win the final FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands. If you are in a band or a solo performer, aged between 10 and 21 years of age, and live, study or work within the City of Bayside, register now for your chance to compete in this year’s battle. Applications for the annual battle are open until June 16 so get in quick! Bayside Youth Services, with the support of the Bayside FReeZA youth committee, has been running battle of the bands for over a decade, with the winners from last year, ‘Osaka’, representing Bayside on the Push stage at the St Kilda Festival. To register, complete the application form at www.bayside. For more information contact Emily on 9599 4622, or email her at


Frankston Freeza Committee, Fresh Entertainment, have opened its studio’s doors to the local musicians in need of a space to record their tunes. The studio is open to absolutely all music groups and solo artists, with opening hours typically 1pm to 6pm weekdays, however these hours may vary to suit the needs of the project. Fresh Entertainment is able to provide engineers to work with, who are either experienced or currently studying. The studio is located on Ebdale Street in Frankston, and because it is a Fresh Entertainment Youth Committee initiative, it is only available for use by young musicians. For bookings and enquiries, contact Chris Hoffman at chris.hoffman@, or message the Fresh Entertainment Facebook Page,


Looking for something to do after school? Check out the Frankston Hangouts this term to see what activities they have to offer! Various activities, most of which are free, are on offer this term at all the Hangout locations, including Carrum Downs, Frankston North, Frankston South, Karingal, Langwarrin and Seaford. Activities include golf, hip-hop classes, cooking, games, movie evenings, art, visits to local attractions like Strike and Skateworld, song writing, music group, drama groups and more! They are also planning school holiday activities for young people aged between 12 and 17 years of age, such as Gravity Zone, ice skating and go karting. For bookings and more information phone 9768 1366, or like their Facebook page,


Kingston Youth Services and Freeza group, FUSE Productions are on the lookout for bands and artists to compete in their annual FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands Heat. The heat will be held on August 1, with prizes up for grabs and winners proceeding to the regional finals! Applications must close on June 16 so apply now for your chance to win. Online applications can be submitted at For more information, contact Kingston Youth Services on 1300 369 436. bayside & mornington peninsula


THE BALNARRING SKATE PARK LAUNCH AND SKATE/BMX COMPETITION Mornington Peninsula Shire Youth Services and the Impakt Freeza committee engaged the services of the awesome YMCA’s Victorian Skate Park League to run one of their Skate/BMX competitions. It was also a great opportunity Mayor Cr Antonella Celli to officially launch the Balnarring Skate Park which was funded through the the Shire’s Skate & BMX Strategy capital works implementation program. The skate park is cost approximately $375k to construct and was finished 27 February 2014. The Shires skate park in Mt Eliza is lit using a timer system that operates until 9.30pm at night. The Shire proposes a similar operational model at Balnarring Skate Park. Go to Your_Say/Balnarring_Skate_Park_Lighting if you want to have a say!

First place in each of the divisions were: BMX: Rhys Rogers under 12’s, Charlie Gruby under 16’s and Jai Bradley Open SKATE: Zepp Hayes under 12’s, Isaak Godfrey under 16’s and Geoff Cook claiming 1st in the open. The skate heats saw the largest skate numbers in two seasons with a massive 46 competitors.


Hey you are you a young muso on the Mornington Peninsula, are you a solo performer or in a band? Sign up to our bands register so we can let you know of any opportunities coming up to perform locally. We are often looking for musicians under the age of 25 to represent the amazing talents young people have, so register now! So look for the link on the page

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NATIONAL YOUTH WEEK SHORT FILM COMPETITION National Youth Week is a nation wide celebration of young people, their talents and contributions to their communities. This year’s theme was “Our Voice, Our Impact” and with that in mind Mornington Peninsula Shire Youth Services decided what better way to share a voice and make an impact than through making a short film. The topics for the films were to be around bullying/ resilience, personal safety/self harm and seeking support/help with the aim of helping raise awareness about these issues for young people.

The short films that won the 2014 National Youth Week Short Film Competition were: 1. Hanging by a Thread 2. In My Shoes 3. Choices All films were equally great in raising awareness of the issues affecting young people and the whole project was a great success. Thankyou to all who were involved! A selection of the short films will be on the Youth Services website shortly

Friends, family and filmmakers were all invited to come to a special screening an awards ceremony where all the films were shown and the winners were announced.

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eing one of our country’s most renown enown producers, this man has had his feet rooted on the ground round since the early days off Melbourne sound. Spinning records ords weekly at residencies both in Melbourne and nationwide it’s not hard to see why industry figures such as Deorro, Hardwell, well, Laidback Luke, Sidney Sampson, Porter Robinson Chuckie uckie and TJR are huge supporters of his music. The man is Reece eece Low. 2013 saw his debut entry into the annual ITM awards wards where he was polled at number 24 in the top 50 artists ts in the country. So far this year he has welcomed a daughter ughter into the world, Kayleigh, as well as a top 10 place ace in the Beatport charts with his track ‘Slapjack’ k’ with Henry Fong, released on DoornRecords. s. With an Australian tour about to kick off this month Reece shows no signs of stopping his musical movement anytime soon. PEARL: How did the career in DJing begin? RL: I have always been musically influenced since I was very young, playing ng the guitar and drums from a young age. I was always looking for a breakthrough to o being an artist in the music industry and Electro o House was that breakthrough. After being at a local ocal party I watched a mate djing and I was instantly interested. ed. I was 17 when I brought my first set of decks (CDJ 800’s with a DJM 800 Mixer) it wasn’t long after that I wanted to learn n more about how the music was produced, so I brought my first copy of Ableton Live and jumped straight on Youtube and taught ght myself how to use it. PEARL: When do you think your careerr really started gaining momentum? RL: My career as an artist has picked up a lot quicker than I imagined. It wasn’t until 20102011 I started earning a small income off djing a couple of different clubs in the Melbourne CBD on a weekly basis. I think in the last two years my career has really taken off, flying nationally every week and now playing internationally.

PEARL: How would you describe your sou sound? und? lot of people only see me as a RL: This is a great question because a lo ‘Melbourne bounce’ producer but this isn’t the case. Yes, I may have originally started my career writing tthat genre and I still occasionally think now I have progressed more do write a bit of bounce but I th progressive/electro/bounce. I still like to keep some towards progressive/elec Influence but I’m heading towards that sort of ‘bounce’ ounce’ In festival vibe, big kicks, drivey leads and bigger festi bi chords. big cho PEARL: Voted at number 24 in P last year’s ITM top 50 artists in Australia what was that like? A Are you hoping to climb closer to A number one this year? n RL: Being voted at any position in the R 50 is an amazing feeling let alone Top 5 T expect a spot in the last year’s poll to #24. I didn’t ex got the phone call from my manager I be honest and when I g b was over the moon. I will be attending this year’s ITM Awards w higher up the poll. It’s going to be to hopefully see my name h artists in the Top 50. hard with so many other great a h P PEARL: In terms of touring are you hitting the road soon? ‘Slapjack’ Tour coming up in June. RL: Yes, I have the Australian ‘S R Henry Fong’s newest release ‘Slapjack’. The tour is based on mine & He T The track was released May 19 on one of the biggest labels in EDM T ‘‘Doorn Records’ a sub label of Spinnin Records so that should be awesome fun. a PEARL: Can fans expect more collaborations or new tracks this year? collaborations and new originals. I’ve RL: This year is full of collabo finished a new co collaboration with fellow Melbournian recently just finished Joel Fletcher which should be a big release, I also flew up to Sydney recently to work in the studio with one of the artists behind the hit ‘Tsunami (Jump)’. We’ve started our collaboration and should have a release ready for later in the year. I’m also working with Chardy, Stevie Mink and Timmy Trumpet to name a few. Henry Fong and I are starting our follow-up track for ‘Slapjack’ soon, which should also be another big release. JESSICA TAYLOR

DAVEYS QUENCH RACHEL WALKER PHOTOGRAPHY music  arts  events  entertainment

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TRAC K RE VIEW S Humpday Project Farewell


Mammoth (Original Mix) - Moguai, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike This is one of those records that will never get old to me, and I never want to end. With a minute fifteen build from the very get go, it just keeps on bringing more and more energy as the track progresses. “Ear-tingling” pads and perfected synths all inevitably come together and build up into a high intensity “big room sound” drop, this is one track that will get anyone off their seat - You will be humming for days after hearing it. Zunami (Original Mix) - Merk&Kremont Merk&Kremont have to be one of my favourite artists at the moment with their sound revolutionising the way I see the genre that they are dominating. They are doing this, in my opinion, by mixing what some may call “bounce” “progressive house” and “big room” all together for a sound that is ready for any stage, while creating their own genre at the same time. This is a set favourite of mine and never disappoints.

After almost 3 years at the top of their game, the crew down at the Chelsea Heights Hotel has closed the doors of Humpday Project for the last time. After much deliberation, Jason Saphire (Director of Fun Ticket Entertainment) decided it was time to pull the plug on his beloved Wednesday night. In a special meeting he gave a passionate speech about the club night many thought would never succeed and how it surpassed even his own expectations. He described Humpday as his home away from home and expressed great sorrow at its closure, but promised plenty more in store for the partygoers of bayside & the peninsula. On behalf of Fun Ticket Entertainment, BPM and all those that have been involved, or attended Humpday-Project Wednesdays over the past 3 years; I would like that say thank you for playing your part in not only making this club so successful, but also for helping to create so many wonderful nights and memories that none of us will forget.

Eva Simmons - I Dont Like You (Meltek Remix) This is the type of track you can play pretty much anywhere and you and everyone else (especially the ladies) will be singing their hearts out. Meltek delivers a spot-on chord progression throughout the whole track along with uplifting pads and risers infused with Eva Simmons amazing voice to give you a rogressive masterpiece. His Deadmau5 and Porter Robinson mashed influence shines through in this track creating a certain vibe about it that makes you just want to smile. Surecut Kids - Bust Up Da Place (Lefty Remix) Melbourne local “lefty” and coincidently one of my good mates, steps up the bar again (he has been making a habit of this lately) with this new unreleased remix for Surecut Kids. This Remix starts off with with a melody that captures your ears and is automatically stuck in your head. The breakdown in this remix is what grabbed my attention; a slow, Rastafarian sounding beat with Surecut Kids vocals giving it a unique Jamaican feel I hadn’t heard in a track in this genre before. Modest Life –RÜFÜS Rüfus don’t just make “deep house” in my opinion, they take it to the next level. The Vocals in their track “Modest Life” literary take you on a journey. You’ll find yourself singing at the top of your voice and you won’t even mean it or realise you were doing it. This track will make you feel like you’re 18 and it’s summer all year long.


Davey’s Serves Up Peking Duk Aoki and A-Track just to name a few. Peking Duk have released two singles, both of which have hit #1 on the ARIA Club Charts and have also featured in the Australian Single Charts. Ch harts. In 2013, Peking Duk placed 5th in the InTheMix Top 50 0 competition and a an d have toured Australia, Asia and North N No rth America. Australian A Au stralian audiences have enjoyed their sets at such h ffestivals estivals as Falls Splendour Festival, Sp S lendou ur in the Grass, Parklife Music Festival, Shore Thing and Big Day Out..

“Peking Duk does not only taste good, but it sounds even better!” – Tommy Trash Just back from Groovin’ The Moo they’ve been topping the ARIA Singles Chart and the ARIA Club Chart with their track “High” featuring Australian vocalist Nicole Milla. Catch the boys at Davey’s Sunday 8 June from 9pm with supports Jane Daffy and Zane Zero. Davey’s, Davey Frankston. St F rankston o . Simon Mills



Australian electronic music duo Peking Duk will burst into Davey’s Sunday 8 June for Queens Birthday long weekend. DJ producers Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles both came from live music backgrounds to form their unique electro house, indy-dance act in 2010. The pair first gained attention when releasing their Passion Pit bo bootleg remix in May 2012. Since then they have opened artists Example for arti tists such as Exam ample and The Bloody y Beetroots and are supported artists by huge artist ts such as Tiesto, Steve

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PHOTOS BY NATHAN DORAN 1. C’mon, tell us about yourself… I’m a craft beer enthusiast who supports this habit by DJ’ing and writing shitty club tracks.

2. So how did it all begin? I saw Chemical Brothers play a festival at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and it rocked my world. I instantly fell in love with electronic music! Before that I used to listen to blues roots type stuff - Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson and all those guys. Pretty abrupt transition haha! 3. Who are your influences? I like to take influences from so many places, but at the moment I love Jack Beats, anything on Dirtybird and Diplo’s Instagram. 4. Who was your inspiration on your way up? I would have to say: Daft Punk, Justice, Crookers and anyone else who were making those FrenchElectro bombs. I would say Diplo’s Instagram again, but I don’t think he had one then. 5. Where are you playing at the moment? I was doing Wah Thursdays for a few years with the legends Nick Kennedy & Luke Montgomery but


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I took a step back to put more time into my productions. On a Saturday I do Anyway, Circus & Mynt Lounge on rotation, plus a few other guest spots. I’ve been doing a bit of travelling lately, which has been a lot of fun! It’s good to check out the vibe in other cities and see what the rest of the country is doing.

6. Did someone show you the tricks of the trade or are you self-taught? In terms of production, I learnt everything I know from YouTube tutorials and a few publications like Computer Music & Future Music magazine. I would literally spend hour upon hour a day watching tutorials; I can’t stress how helpful they have been. The best thing about it is that there are no rules! The one point that has always been stressed to me is that regardless of how you did it, if it sounds good, it is good. 7. What part of producing do you find the most challenging? Writing music haha. I’m not musically trained in anyway, I am taking courses at the moment, which is helping, but for the most past I just write stuff out on the piano roll until I get something I think is tight.



Take Ten with Torren Foot

A Professional Panty Dropper / Jump To This Records

8. Have you got any new tracks in the brew or any big things coming up? Yeah I’ve got a couple of originals that I’m really excited to put out, I’m just waiting for everything to fall into place. I’ve been dropping them into my sets, and they’ve been getting a good response, so I’m looking forward to their releases. 9. Favourite track of all time? This is such a hard questions, because I have so many favourite tunes, but a track that always makes me smile would have to be Womack & Womack - Teardrops. It’s just an absolute jam; I imagine a lot of panties have dropped to that over the years. 10. Best club gig & why? This is a hard one as well haha we’re blessed with so many amazing clubs in this country, but for sheer size, I would have to say the Palace (RIP) main room for Anyway. Just to think of the amazing artists that have stepped onto that stage over the decades is pretty special. 11. P.S? Rolling with the Love That Music Crew is super rad; those dudes know how to party!

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MIX TAPE OF THE MONTH MANIK Daily Dose Radio 1xtra Mix M A N I K is a New York City born and bred music producer who’s tastes reach beyond the dancefloor – with an innovative sound that covers all genres. His diverse synths and analog gear mimic Electronica, House, Deep House, Nu-Disco and Acid.

RECOVERY COLLECTIVE Today marks the day of a collective landing, bound to cast its own shadow within the diverse underground music culture - this is the road to recovery - it’s game time.

Keep your eyes and ears on au and recoverycollective.

The side project of two local gents - kept on the hush for a little while now: Recovery Collective is a brand-spankingnew Melbourne based, electronic Record Label - with the aim of being a platform to release quality Deep House, Techno and Minimal music from great and talented, undiscovered up and coming producers worldwide.

Palace Theatre Closure, but Anyway moves on .....…



Late last month, Melbourne’s most iconic music venue shut its doors to the public. According to the venue, the landlord had made the decision to demolish the venue to make way for a new $180 million, five-star hotel and apartment complex in its place. For the past year, Anyway had brought a super-club atmosphere to the Palace, the weekly club night pairing local and international acts like Digitalism and Alison Wonderland with flamethrowers, dancing LED robots, indoor fireworks and more top-level production. It’s been a long road to this point for the embattled Palace, but the Anyway crew made sure that the send it off in the style that it deserves, with Molly Meldrum ending up on stage singing Living On A Prayer to thousands – Anyway… the next chapter for the iconic Saturday night has relocated to another one of Melbourne’s well known venues, The Bottom End – and are prepared for the next chapter. JIAY MILLS

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SUPERCLUB FOR FRANKSTON Saturday nights in Frankston will never be the same again as Davey’s and Pier Hotel join forces to form SuperClub Saturdays! Boasting two clubs for the one cover charge, SuperClub presents five rooms of entertainment linking the Pelly Bar/Flanagan’s famous Cherry Red concept with Davey’s Quench. Prepare the BIGGEST night ever to hit Frankston as SuperClub rolls out the headliners for opening night including DJ’s Joel Fletcher and Uberjak’d plus Red Ink make it home from tour in time to take top spot in the band room. Joel Fletcher is currently on tour in Europe with Will Sparks and will arrive home to his new track, Loco, with Seany B, achieving gold certification for sales by ARIA. Uberjak’d joins the bill alongside Fletcher mirroring their consecutive efforts mixing Ministry’s Clubbers Guide 2013 and 2014 respectively, ensuring dance fans are in for a treat backed by a killer list of supports including Kitty Kat, Press Play, Veli, Shameless and many more. Bringing original indy bands back to a weekly rotation, local rock stars Red Ink return home also from an extensive European tour to complete the SuperClub opening night lineup. With a new self-titled album recorded in Berlin featuring their latest single ‘Going Insane’, Jon, Brendan and the boys celebrate their return with their first hometown show this year. With more than a dozen DJ’s in the mix, and a roster of live original bands taking the stage each week, punters will get more mileage out of a single stamp on their wrist than ever before. Register online now for your VIP Invite for the Grand Opening of SuperClub Saturday’s on July 5th. SuperClub Saturdays, Davey’s & Pier Hotel, Davey St Frankston. Ph 9783-9800 Info visit SIMON MILLS











Fribays, Fribays, Fribays! Halfway through the year and Friday Bays is still flying! Full capacities and record-breaking numbers every week - this month will be no different. Our usual local superstars will be in full force this month along with Fribays playing host yet again to some of Melbourne’s biggest acts in the business with JDG and Holly J being a few special mentions! The Bay Hotel will be rocking all through June! See you there! Bray Hodge

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PEARL Magazine (Issue 28 - June 2014)  

PEARL Magazine (Issue 28 - June 2014)