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No OCP amendment re: building height/3






The Gateway 105A-4200 Beach Ave K 100 Peachland, BC V0H 1X6 K 29.8

Bliss dumps plastic straws VIEW STAFF Plastic straws no longer suck at Bliss Bakery. All five locations have replaced their plastic straws to give customers two environmentally-friendly options — biodegradable paper straws, or reusable bamboo straws. “When we recently learned that the recyclable straws we have been using are not actually recyclable in the Central Okanagan Regional District we knew we had to offer some alternatives” said Bliss owner Darci Yeo. “We have all seen enough pictures of turtles with a straw up their nose, or floating islands of plastic; we want to be part of the change to make things better.” Paper straws are available for free and bamboo straws cost $1 on their own or $3 with a sleeve. The bamboo is sourced from Balinese artisans who grow it pesticide-free in a completely organic environment in the north of Bali. “They are carefully selected taking into account the size and age of each bamboo tree, and are cut accordingly to ensure the safety and well-being of the plant itself,” according to Bliss’ press release.

People of Peachland/6

Aspiring Journalist /8

It’s fire season Please be fire smart when you are camping and enjoying our beautiful forests and back country.



JULY 13, 2018


Peace Concerts commence DAN WALTON EDITOR

Free entertainment from Peachland helps shelter families around the world who find themselves living in disaster. That’s thanks to the Rotary Club of Peachland, which will be hosting another four Peace Concerts this summer. Admission to each show is a reasonable $0, though the audience is encouraged to make a donation into the hat that gets passed around. Each ShelterBox costs $1,200. Units contain different tools and items depending on which part of the world they will be deployed to. Over the years, local Rotarians have raised enough money to purchase 43 ShelterBoxes, and their club has just 32 members. It’s fascinating for donors to track their ShelterBoxes. Each unit on has a registration number, which shares information on the status and location of every individual box. Recently, ShelterBoxes have been deployed to Guatemala after a volcano; Kenya due to flooding; and the Philipenes for severe tropical storms. Each box comes with a high quality tent which can shelter 8 – 10 people. They have essential items like a stove and utensils, as well as kits for children, such as colour books and crayons. “They also have kits that contain


“My favorite part is seeing our regular guests happy.”


the essential tools to start repairing and rebuilding homes right away,” said local Rotarian Peter Behnke. To ensure the best results, “A group of volunteers will go out with the ShelterBoxes and help with the setup; deliver the boxes to the town’s they’re needed,” Behnke said. He said the organization carefully assesses every disaster before deciding to deploy the ShelterBoxes. Those who are curious about what a ShelterBox looks like up close, there will be one set up at Heritage Park during the next Peace Concert on July 15. “Seeing one – the size of the tent and the different types of things that are included in the box – it’s exciting. People are surprised with how much will fit into this box,” said Behnke. He added that Canadians are fortunate to have Red Cross and so many social supports in the event of a disaster, so it’s unlikely that ShelterBoxes will be deployed in Canada. “They’re usually sent to countries that aren’t very well equipped to deal with these situation.” The first Peace Concerts of 2018 will be COD Gone Wild, which starts at 4:30 p.m.on Sunday. The following week, July 22, will be Flint and Feather. Kelowna Opera will be performing on Aug. 12, and the final show of the season will be Country Classic with Marty Edwards and Pam Ferens on Aug. 19.




Catherine Graham traveled to Kamloops last Saturday to represent Peachland in the annual pageant.

Troy, Team Member from Vancouver, BC


Not only is Troy a Special Olympics champion, he’s a champion of his community, too. Troy has won gold medals in powerlifting and track & field. Working at Tim Hortons has helped him build the confidence that he credits with his athletic success. Now Troy tries to give back to his community by doing the little things, like holding the door open for customers and putting smiles on people’s faces. Not only does Troy love the food he serves, he loves the people he serves it to as well.

FISHING™ FOREVER July 21, 2018 11 am

Heritage Park

Thank you, Troy. And thanks to all those who make our community stronger.

Beach Ave Peachland Sportsmen’s Association FO R C O N S E RVAT I O N O F FI S H A N D W I L D L I FE

An innovative program of the BC Wildlife Federation uniquely developed for Persons with Disabilites

for information call

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JULY 13, 2018



Province gets deeper into drug trade Council rejects three storey recommendation The provincial government has weed dealers now. Through the Liquor Distribution Branch, the government made deals with 31 marijuana growers who will be hooking them up with more than 150 different strains. The beautrocrats claim their bud will be competitively priced. However, governments have a very poor track record of offering anything at competitive prices, and dispensary weed of

equal quality currently costs 25 to 50 per cent more than it does from a private dealer. Nevertheless, the government seems to think their weed business will wipe out the black market. “The volume, variety and quality of our product assortment speak to the LDB’s commitment to working towards eliminating the illicit market,” said Blain Lawson, LDB’s general manager and CEO.

Greyhound calls off the dogs VIEW STAFF Greyhound Canada announced it is discontinuing service in Western Canada, except from a single route from Vancouver to Seattle. “Greyhound’s decision to completely eliminate service in Western Canada by Oct. 31, 2018, is hugely problematic for people who depend on Greyhound in the Interior, Sea-to-Sky, and to get to and from Alberta,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “This move will leave people with limited options to get around, and this will likely impact the most vulnerable.” Trevena called it unfortunate that nobody from Greyhound

communicated the company’s intentions with the government before ceasing operations. “At no point did Greyhound reach out to me, or my staff, to have a conversation on solutions to keep people connected - something I would have expected, given their long history in this province.” In the coming weeks and months, she will be meeting with other organizations that may be able to fill the void. “In the meantime, I hope that other local, private operators will see an opportunity to bring a badly needed service to the parts of the province most affected by Greyhound’s decision.”

From council on Tuesday Fringe Area Referral - Central Okanagan West Electoral Area Cl-1802 To Permit A Public Recreation Site Be Built To Provincial Standards

Council received an RDCO referral from Front Counter BC (CL 18-02) to develop a public recreation site to provincial standard to manage the existing and dispersed recreational use at Glen Lake South on land legally described as all that un-surveyed Crown Land in the vicinity of Glen Lake South, Osoyoos Division of Yale District. Council requested that recommendations from the Peachland Watershed and Source Protection Plan (Golder & Associates, 2010), including restricting the use of gas powered boats at Glen Lake, and Best Management Practices to protect source water be followed; and that the project is designed to ensure no sediment enters any watercourse during or following construction.

Union Of Brisith Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) 2018 Minister Meetings

Council directed staff to arrange the following appointments at UBCM: • Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Claire Trevena and Premier Horgan Re: New Monaco access from Highway 97; Re: Highway 97 and Trepanier Traffic Light, Highway 97 speed reduction • Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Michelle Mungall Re: Recent mining proposals in the Peachland Community Watersheds • Transportation and Infrastructure Critics, Jordan Sturdy and Michael Lee Re: New Monaco access from Highway 97; Re: Highway 97 and Trepanier Traffic Light, Highway 97 speed reduction


Despite overwhelming support from the public, no new red tape will be preventing another new development from exceeding three storeys in Peachland’s commercial core. At Tuesday’s council meeting, a staff recommendation was struck down to limit building height in the commercial core to three storeys of 13 metres (whichever is less). After the public hearing on June 5, staff reported that “public comment on the proposed amendment was clearly expressed.” Five-storey opponent Randey Brophy said 120 people attended the public hearing, and all of the 30 speakers were in support of building height restrictions. The vote was 5 – 2. Couns. Mario Vucinovic and Terry Condon voted in favour of building height restrictions. In March, they were the same two councillors who voted against the controversial OCP revision to suit the five-storey design of PeachTree Village. The five who voted against the restrictions were mostly concerned about deterring development. If the local government restricted other developers from exceeding three storey maximums after making an exception for PeachTree, then “we’ve opened the door just to slam it shut,” said Coun. Pam Cunningham. According to Coun. Mike Kent, it’s important to support the redevelopment of the downtown, and in order to do that, sometimes unpopular decisions have to be made. The proposed restrictions would limit a potential developer’s chances of success in Peachland, he argued. Coun. Vucinovic – who initially supported PeachTree at five storeys – said his position changed because of the overwhelming feedback he receives from the public. He said about 95 per cent of emails he gets on the subject are opposed to exceeding three storeys. Changing the civic code should be done by the public, not seven people at the council table, said Coun. Terry Condon. Condon was against five storeys on Beach Avenue from the beginning. Coun. Keith Thom said PeachTree will be a litmus test for the District, to see whether it really will serve as a catalyst for development in the downtown. But not if potential investors get inspired by the success of PeachTree only to find out that new height restrictions had been put in place. Mayor Cindy Fortin acknowledged the public’s desire to preserve a “small-town feel,” but she believes Peachland will still maintain that

vibe without tightening building height restrictions. Fortin said some people wish to see Peachland imitate a European style of urban design, but she said the community should form its own identity After a conservation Coun. Peter Schierbeck had with a potential investor, he was convinced that a three storey hotel on Beach Avenue would not be considered viable to any developer. There remains skepticism about whether or not the project will actually break ground. The spring of 2016 and fall of 2017 have both been cited by the developer as hopeful start dates. It cleared its final hurdle in March, but planning director Corey Gain said no applications for development permits have been submitted yet.

Peachland MLA Office MLA Dan Ashton or staff will be at the Chamber of Commerce each Wednesday afternoon. Drop ins welcome or call 250-487-4400 for appointments


Visitor Information & Marketing Services

The District of Peachland invites expressions of interest from notfor-profit organizations to operate, manage, supervise and maintain the Visitor Information Centre in Peachland, BC, located at 5684 Beach Avenue. The term of the services is intended to be from March 1, 2020 to February 29, 2024. To view the complete Request for Expression of Interest, see or contact for a copy to be sent to you. Deadline for submissions is 2:00 p.m., July 24, 2018.

VINTAGE VIEW MEDICAL is pleased to announce

Roelof Stals Lilian Shyman Family Doctors

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Patrick Bell

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• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law 13211 N. Victoria Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

1-800-663-0392 • 250-494-6621 • 250-492-8137



JUNE 13, 2018




QuoteWeek of the

Dan Walton Editor

Tracey Woodward Advertising Sales

“Seeing one – the size of the tent and the different types of things that are included in the box – it’s exciting. People are surprised with how much will fit into this box,” — LOCAL ROTARIAN PETER BEHNKE ON SHELTERBOX, SEE PAGE 2

Peachland Annick Stoltz

Office Administrator

Mary Kletchko Associate Publisher


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The real goal of electoral reform

demands that the elected members role is to solely support party platforms and policies no matter what the representative may personally think or feel on an issue. Thus you as a constituent are robbed of true democratic representation under this system. We are further robbed of representation by FPTP when it is shown that in the last three elections governments were elected with a 43.4% average of the total vote, which means that 56.6 % of the electorate are unrepresented. This majority gets only fringe seat onlooker rights and have no weight in government decisions. These extremes need to be adjusted through a new system that lowers the power of the party leadership few and raises the power of elected members of the legislature. Free voices are absolutely essential to good decisions and progress, for innovative solutions to long standing neglected problems, and we are bereft of this. I am sure that people are not so naive as to think that politics can be all sweetness and light,

reason, study of issues, and the application of methodical intellect to It is not so much a better method accomplish everyday governance. of accounting votes and assignment Parties yes, compete yes, but to a of seats system that people want in healthy and smart degree, not deelectoral reform. What people really structively so. If there is merit in the present want to see is a fundamental change in the mentality and the culture of system it is very hard to see. The the current system toward some- legislature has been made to be a thing that replaces domination by useless thing and laws are written cynical partisan warfare and grat- and announced in advance and are ing rhetorical assaults, a useless, never altered in the legislative procartoonish legislature, double talk cess. We have to watch this painful, answers to simple questions and empty process as if it had some real politically stilted decisions. It needs meaning, but the harsh reality is to be, and it can be, replaced with that the legislature could be gone tosomething that is based more on morrow and nothing would change. The iron fist militancy of party discipline robs the public of Dear editor: democratic Despite council having approved a new Official Com- representamunity Plan envisaging a three storey height limit for tion because party buildings between Beach Avenue and Waldo Way, at its the meeting on July 10th, council rejected a staff proposal leadership to match that policy with an amendment to the C2 zone that would incorporate those height restrictions and help ensure that the policy has “teeth”. Couns. Condon and Vucinovic were lone voices supporting the intent of the staff recommendation. Dear editor: Even more disturbing was the sentiment expressed by Mayor Fortin, Couns. Keith Thom, Mike Kent, Pam CunRegarding Doug Gains recent Letter to ningham and Peter Schierbeck (those in opposition to the the Editor, of course Doug is entitled to his recommendation) that it might well be desirable to have own opinion, but he is not entitled to his even more PeachTree-type developments fronting Beach own facts. Avenue if that is the best way to ensure that downtown Calling Proportional Representation revitalization occurs and is profitable. risky, unproven, and undemocratic would So, now we know: for those councillors unwilling to sup- be surprising to the citizens of the majority port the staff recommendation, the new OCP is irrelevant; of the world’s 33 most robust democracies the consistently expressed preferences of the community (with populations of at least two million as reflected in the Downtown Sustainable Plan and at in- people) as only six have a majoritarian numerable public hearings are irrelevant; and, catering system such as First Past the Post for electo the interests of potential developers is of paramount tions to the legislative assembly. importance. For example, Blais and Loewen (2007) It is time this council learned that it was elected to rep- found that citizens in countries with PR resent the community - not to tell it what is best for it. are more satisfied with their democracy Yours in disgust, and that elected officials were more responsive to the electorate. Keith Fielding PR does not lead to instability. Doug Peachland claims that “Greece has had more govDear editor:

Council denied will of the people

but certainly a method to provide a better balance to our status quo is vital to better governance. Also be aware that there are certain vested interest groups that are trying a full court press to defeat any change. They use scare tactics and try to create uncertainty and are betting that we have no courage. They are not saying who they are when they buy expensive media and use cover names, but you can probably guess who they are. So British Columbians, if you believe cooperation is always better than conflict, you will have a chance to make comprehensive, remedial change in the upcoming referendum on electoral reform. You are indeed obligated as citizens to do your part. This is not a tiny, optional exercise but one vital to your own interests given the enormous bearing of government in your daily life. I am afraid this is your last chance and you should treat it accordingly. Roy Roope Summerland

PR opponents trying to muddy the waters ernments that anyone.” Among OECD countries using PR—our peers, of whom over 80 per cent use proportional systems—elections are no more frequent than elections in Canada. From 1975 to 2015 Canada has had 13 federal elections while for the same time period there have been only eight elections in Greece. I hope that the example of Trump (elected by First Past the Post) trying to control opinion by the use of fear and denigration will not spread to Canada. Before you complete the Electoral Reform Referendum ballot, please remember there is much fact and information to be found on the internet, which will help each of us decide on the PR system we prefer. William Stocks Peachland


JULY 13, 2018


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Correcting Mr. Bunce Dear editor: Re: Mayor and council handle tough decisions well, July 6 Allow me to correct you Mr Bunce. There were no “half truths and non truths” as you claim in my letter of June 22. However there were a number in your July 6 letter. You claim that “300 do not represent the majority of Peachland residents.” Which 300 are you referring to? 300 of the 520 Peachlanders who opposed 5 storeys on Beach avenue back in last Septembers petition? Or 300 of the 340 who voted, by a show of hands, not to change the OCP from a maximum of 3 storeys on Beach avenue at one of the largest public hearings in Peachland history January 30 ? 603 voted for the current Mayor; far more Peachlanders than that have already gone on record in the past 9 months, over and above the 520 last September, as saying they are opposed to more than 3 storeys on Beach Avenue and that for them it is an election issue. Mr Bunce would have us believe that the results of public hearings don’t count unless the majority of the voters list shows up. That of course is nonsense. Thankfully, after numerous meetings, rallys and two public hearings, Planning and Council seems to have listened. As a result of continuous public demand a motion was suggested by Planning June 14 and unanimously passed by Council June 26 to amend the zoning bylaw “to limit building height at the Beach Avenue frontage on properties located between Beach Avenue, Waldo Way, Princeton Avenue and Sixth Street to 3 storeys or 13M, whichever is less.” The minutes of the June 26 council meeting also say “it was intentional to have heights of buildings removed form the Official Community Plan because the OCP is a policy document. The zoning bylaw regulates building heights. “ While, like most concerned, I am grateful for this news, the well justified cynicism I have of the current civic governments past behaviour on this issue notes that had it remained in the OCP, any changes to the subsequent building height would have required a public hearing. Nevertheless, you are demonstrably wrong Mr Bunce with respect to the effect of public hearings. You are also wrong in your views regarding the inappropriate comment left by a non FOBA member living in the Lower Mainland on the public FOBA Facebook page in mid February. A comment immediately disavowed by FOBA. Mr. Bunce says of the woman who made the comment “while she may not have been a member of FOBA, he is sure I had conversations with her prompting her to complain.” Again untrue. The logic doesn’t even make sense. That is like saying that anyone who knows Mr Bunce is somehow responsible for any subsequent comments that Mr Bunce makes. More importantly, there were no personal conversations from me prompting this person to make this inappropriate comment. I was on vacation in the US with my wife and wasn’t even in the country for weeks prior to the comment being made. I am not responsible for that comment, nor is anyone in FOBA. Randey Brophy Peachland Editor’s note: Letter was cut in half. Part two will be in next week’s paper

No comment on Trudeau’s groping allegation



I have been asked by a number of citizens to comment on the re-emergence of an 18 year old editorial from a Creston, B.C. newspaper that was written by a reporter who at the time stated she was groped by Justin Trudeau. Many news organizations both inside and outside of Cana-

da have now reported on this alleged incident and many have taken issue with the response from Mr. Trudeau. The common criticism against our Prime Minister is that he has used a double standard by not holding himself to the same zero tolerance principle that he has held to other members of the Liberal caucus while facing similar circumstances. From my perspec-

tive, I have had a long standing policy to not comment on the conduct of other members of Parliament past or present. At this time I see no need to change my position on matters like these and will not comment further. Instead this week I am going to focus on something the Liberal Government has done that I agree with and support. This week the Liberals announced that

mustard made in the United Stated would be removed from the tariff list. Why do I support

this decision? In short because Canada is the largest producer of mustard seed in the world.

please don’t

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Pet of the Week

Email a picture and description of your pet to

South Okanagan/Similkameen SPCA


Joseph Mario

NOV 21, 1934 – JUN 26, 2018

Peachland lost a good fly fisherman and an even better person. Joe Driussi passed away after a brave and lengthy battle with cancer. Joe was born dirt poor in Northern Italy. As a child he literally farmed, hunted and fished to put food on the family table. A gifted athlete he got his first taste of travel playing soccer professionally in Italy before emigrating to a better life in Canada. Joe was the epitome of “Tall, dark and handsome” and he swept a beautiful young English girl off her feet after arriving in Ontario. Together they married, travelled west to Rutland and finally settled in Peachland. They raised a daughter and son and built a wonderful life together in their new home town. Joe and Sue give selflessly to the community through a number of volunteer efforts and Joe was an honorary life member of the Peachland Lions. As a testament to his character I never heard Joe speak poorly about anyone. God knows I gave him ample opportunity! My wife and I were lucky enough to be taken under their wings when we first moved to Peachland. They are caring and generous and we are fortunate to be considered part of their large community of friends. Our weekly fishing adventures are one of my fondest memories. We will continue to share fabulous meals with Sue and your place will always be in our hearts. We will miss you Joe. RIP compaesano. ~ This tribute by good friend Steve Sweeney ~ Thank you Steve for this beautiful tribute. We, his children and grandchildren, love by his teachings every day. We can only stand to live without him because he lives within us and through us. Your love for our Dad lifts our family through this difficult time. ~ Written by son, Chris Driussi Joe and I, his wife Susan, were together for 59 years, 54 of them married! We started out as two and then we became a family….daughter Lori (Jillian), son Chris (Kimmy) and their two daughters, Chloe and Keili. We were all together when Joe passed and we will cherish all the times, good and bad, we had as a family. A new chapter has begun. A part of my soul went with you but you will be forever in my heart. Ciao mio amore. NO SERVICE BY REQUEST.

Name: Brooks Age: 1 Years ID 464307 Dog - Male German Shepherd / Mastiff

Brooks is a sweet big boy who came into the SPCA as a stray. This one year old needs to go to

a home that is willing to teach him some manners! Currently Brooks is quite mouthy and jumps up when he is excited as a result, we would like to find him a home without small children. He would love an experienced family that is active and has lots of time to give him attention.

Sponsored by:

My Best Vacation Ever? Rose Valley for Cats Only Boarding, of course! For peace of mind and a happy cat, call:

West Kelowna’s Full Service Small Animal Hospital 112-2476 Westlake Rd., West Kelowna V1Z 2V2 Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm




HERE FOR SENIORS Catering to the fine senior citizens of Peachland

Tenant Selection for Residences on 6th Street DISTRICT OF PEACHLAND The Peachland Seniors’ Support Society Board of Directors has appointed a Tenant Selection Committee made up of some members of the Board, as well as some members of the community. Community members were chosen on the basis of their work with, and understanding of, the challenges faced by seniors. The identity of the members of the Selection Committee will not be made public. Each member of the Selection Committee will sign a Confidentiality Agreement, committing to not revealing any personal or confidential information they deal with. The Selection Committee will be scoring all eligible applicants on a list of criteria. The criteria include the need for housing due to personal circumstances (health, financial, family, imminently homeless, etc.), completeness of the application and

being a current resident or former resident of Peachland. The deadline for applications for this initial intake will be August 15th. Applications received after August 15th will be considered for inclusion on the wait list. The Selection Committee will begin its work towards the end of August or early September. Once decisions are made on tenant selection, applicants will be notified. If an application is initially unsuccessful, the applicant may have their name placed on the wait list (if qualified). Project completion/move in is currently slated for February, 2019. If you are interested in applying to become a tenant of the 6th Street Peachland Seniors Housing you can pick up an application at Peachland Wellness Centre, 4426-5th Street, or at the District of Peachland office, 5806 Beach Avenue.


arrangements Bronze & Granite Cemetery Markers

Ray & Kelly Hanson

Owners - General Managers

PEACHLAND: 2541 Churchill Road, West Kelowna V4T 2B4

We are here to serve and support you and your family with sensible solutions that are safe, secure, and Simple.



2541 Churchill Rd. West Kelowna V4T 2B4 • By appointment please

JULY 13, 2018



People of Peachland Dora Stewart



ow that Dora Stewart is 90 years old, nominated for Citizen of the Year at the 2018 she’s been in Peachland for one-third Civic Awards. Dora’s parents immigrated to Canada from of her life. It was nearly 30 years ago when she moved Eastern Europe in 1911; they were living in a to town. Her new grandchildren were living in country that dissolved after the First World Peachland, and having recently retired from War. One reason they decided to move was the Ontario Art Gallery in Toronto, she decided for the offer of free land, which drew them to southern Alberta where they settled on a farm. it was time to be closer to family. Dora didn’t want to take The community benthe family farmefits immeasurably by We embraced the notion over ing business, but one of the amount of activism in Dora’s DNA. Since that you live in a way so her brothers did, and he worked the farm from moving to Peachland in that you help to make the time he was 13 until 1989, she helped to save 93. the historical schoolthe world a better place. heAswasa youngster, she was house from demolition; founded the Peachland Residents’ Association; raised in a large family where “We embraced and advocates as a staunch steward of the lo- the notion that you live in a way so that you cal environment. And it was an environmental help to make the world a better place,” she said. issue – the colony of yuma bats in the attic “And we recognize that there’s no better way – that managed to save the school in the early to achieve that than to work in the spirit of the 2000s, and the same building began housing common good.” One area of local improvement she notices is the Peachland Art Gallery after the building the static population at Peachland Elementary was restored. “Many people had the idea that the school School. “It’s pretty constant; could be a little upward. was not worth rescuing,” she recalls. “They carWhich means we continue to attract people ried out an active campaign to demolish it.” But a powerful campaign was run to make that are closer to retirement.” Younger people help to keep Dora up to speed sure the local landmark would continue to stand tall. Former Mayor Keith Fielding initiated an on what’s culturally relevant – it was her chilactive residents group; there was very generous dren who introduced her to the Beatles back in amounts of cash and labour, equipment being the 1960s. When she was a young woman, fresh out of donated by residents; and the provincial govhigh school, Dora became a British Columbian ernment picked up a big chunk of the tab. Her community involvement was recently for the first time. She travelled to the province acknowledged by Peachlanders when she was from Alberta to visit the Steveston Salmon Festival in 1945, and ended up finding her first job with BC Packers Ltd. “I went for a holiday and heard there was a job opening and got it. The way young people used to do things. It was exciting compared to my life as a farmer’s daughter.” Over the next 44 years (pretty much the entire Cold War), she started a family and continued her career throughout several communities across Canada before making Peachland home. Dora has another 10 years before she turns 100, and before then, she still has a few items to knock off her bucket list. “I’ve always wanted to go to Asia. And it’s a breeze to travel now that they push us around in wheelchairs at the airport.” Everybody who considers themselves a friend of Dora’s is invited to a party this Saturday to celebrate her 10th decade. It’s being hosted by LindaLea Klippenstein, and will take place in the clubhouse at Lakeshore Gardens between 2 and 4 p.m.


JULY 13, 2018



Bass Coast



We are clearing all inventory to get ready for our new location.


EVERYTHING large collection of






HURRY IN for Best Selection 12-2483 Main Street, Westbank


Looking to sell or buy a home? Give me a call!

check us out on DAN WALTON EDITOR

It’s pretty therapeutic to dance until the sun comes up for three days in a row. Although the festival is a bit of a drive from Peachland, it’s one of the most innovative and culturally significant events in the country. Hundreds of artists travel from around the world each year to turn Merritt into a profound playground for adults. There were free roller skate rentals for the roller rink; a lazy river to float down during all the sunshine; a party in an outhouse; nets hanging from the trees to lounge

in; and tons of curvature at the Twerkshop. One fellow said to me, “Even when the music’s mellow, there’s so much bass coming from the speakers you can’t help but love it!” Even politicians realize how cool it is – the Ministry of Tourism dropped $45,000 into the organizer’s marketing budget. “This special event is a great asset for the City of Merritt, and I’m proud our government is supporting it,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. The price of admission isn’t wasted on the mediocre artists we hear everyday on Top 40 radio – only the profoundly talented gravitate their way into Bass Coast.

Got Household Hazardous Waste? (Look for explosive, flammable and poisonous symbols.)

• Household products Only! • All commercial/industrial grade products subject to a fee • No leaking containers please! • Limits and fees may apply

For safe disposal year round take it to the

Battery Doctors 1972 Windsor Rd, Kelowna



For info call or visit



JULY 13, 2018


Student reporter joins the ranks DAN WALTON EDITOR

Netelenbos (nee Bell) Karen Alison 1960-2018

Our extraordinary devoted mother and loving wife passed away on Thursday, July 5, 2018 at Kelowna General Hospital, British Columbia. Born in New Westminster on April 12, 1960, Karen excelled in many individual and team sports. She was also amazingly artistic, creating original works of pottery and arts and crafts projects. Before raising her family, Karen worked at the Calgary Police Service records section where she met her husband Jon. The most important thing in Karen’s life was her family. A resident of Peachland, BC since 2014, Karen cherished family excursions and holiday celebrations. She would so often say, “Family is everything.” At 58, she is survived by her dear husband Jon; children Nicole, Nathan (Jodi) and Nadine (Laine); grandsons Jack and Weston; loving parents Ray and Mary Bell; siblings Nancy, Cliff and Diane; nieces and nephews, and many more extended family members. The family wishes to thank the nurses of KGH 4 West who showed incredible compassion and empathy in delivering palliative care services to Karen. By request there shall be no service. To view a photo and video tribute or send a message of condolence to the family, visit the Everden Rust Funeral Services & Crematorium site at 250-860-6440

Peachland’s number one newspaper is offering fresh new perspectives on local news and events thanks to contributions by Joshua Oggelsby, an aspiring photojournalist who will be starting Grade 12 in September at Summerland Secondary School. Readers may have noticed a spread of his compelling photos from the local Canada Day celebrations Page 6 of the July 6 Peachland View. Last year, through a Grade 11 photography course, Oggelsby became technically inclined using cameras of a professional standard. He was attending high school in Ottawa at the time, and only moved to Peachland with his family last December. “I find it relaxing to go out with a camera to take photos of anything I can make a subject out of,” he said. “It’s different from homework and sports, you can go outside and enjoy something creative.” Oggelsby’s family made the big move from Ontario to B.C. after his dad retired from the military. They already admired the prov-

ince from previous visits, and they also have family in the area. The military offered a travel allowance, but it came with conditions that required the trip to take a little longer than necessary. So the family took seven days to cross four provinces, and had the most memorable stops in Jasper and Edmonton. Compared to Ottawa, Oggelsby appreciates how the weather is nicer in Peachland and the pace of life is much more relaxed. He said the curriculum is mostly the same at both high schools he attended, but one big difference is the population—Summerland Secondary has around 400 students, whereas his previous school had 1,300. What he misses the most about Ottawa is the extensive bus system. “You could literally just hop on the bus and go anywhere in the city.” During the Canada Day celebrations, he was thinking about how a city as big as Ottawa could never have a parade like the one in Peachland. After just eight months of living here, he found himself recognizing many local faces among the Canada Day crowds. After graduation from

But he isn’t waiting for college or university to gain a foothold in journalism — keep a lookout for Oggelsby’s name in upcoming issues of the local paper.

Grade 12 at the end of the next school year, Oggelsby wants to pursue an education in journalism, and is considering programs at both Okanagan College and UBC.


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JULY 13, 2018





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Places of Faith Peachland United Church

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

Sunday Services Contemporary Worship Service 9 a.m.

Traditional Worship Service 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School 10:30 am

250-767-2206 “Let Us Worship Together”

Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Tuesday Morning

9:30 a.m. Study, Coffee & Conversation Office Hours 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday

We are wheelchair accessible

Sunday Worship 2 pm

Lake Ave at 13th St 250-767-9237

with Pastor Steve Hobbs 250-460-2555

Sunday Mornings

for more information call John 250-767-2221

Wednesdays Sept to May

Rev. Robin Graves

Ages 3 through Grade 6


4th Street & Brandon Ave


10:30 am

Sunday Morning Service 10 a.m.

Pastor: Ian McLean

4464 4th Street

(St. Margaret’s Anglican Church building)

all are


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Ladies Bible Study 9:30 am Dr. Gord Denison PASTOR

NOTICES: Weddings, engagements, birth announcements, cards of thanks, and other notices (min. charge) $15.00 plus GST up to 30 words, 20¢ each additional word.

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JULY 13, 2018

Local Events and Activities Send the information for your Peachland event to

Peachland Farmers and Crafters Market- Every Sunday from May 27 to Sept 30, 10 am to 2 pm at Heritage Park. BEEPS Summer Events: Bat Chats 10:30 am & 2:30 pm on both Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Visitor Centre; Bat Counts - Friday nights in front of the Visitor Centre at sunset. Peachland Little Schoolhouse presents local fabric artist Colleen Adderley. Her art show and sale runs


FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

YOGA (RESTORATIVE) 8 am, $5 Drop in 50+ Activity Centre 


Community Centre  

PICKLEBALL (1.0-3.5) 9-11 am,  Community Centre 

VARIETY SINGERS 9:15 am Drop in from June to Sept.,  50+ Activity Centre 


50+ Activity Centre


Peachland Wellness Ctre Returns Sept 10th 

TAI CHI noon, 

50+ Activity Centre by donation 

MEDITATION GROUP 11:30 am-12:30 pm, 


LINE DANCING 7 pm, $4 Drop in

50+ Activity Centre

Peachland Wellness Ctre Returns Sept 11th 

POUND 7:15-8:15 pm, 


CHESS 1:15 pm, 

FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

Community Centre



FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

FLOW YOGA 8 am, $5 Drop in

YOGA (BASIC BEGINNERS) 8 am, $5 Drop in

Community Centre

50+ Activity Centre

50+ Activity Centre

FLOW YOGA 9-10 am, 

PICKLEBALL (1.0-3.5) 9-11 am, 

4th Street Place

Community Centre

MID-WEEK STUDY AND CONVERSATION COFFEE 9:30 am,  St. Margaret’s Anglican Church 


Community Centre

PICKLEBALL (1.0-3.5) 1-3 pm, 

MEN’S COFFEE & CRIB 1-2:45 pm, 

AA 12-1 pm, 

Peachland Wellness Ctre Continues through the summer 

SOCIAL BRIDGE 1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre 

YOUTH DROP IN 3:30-8 pm, 

SPIN, CORE, STRETCH 5:15-6:15 pm,  Community Centre


at the Little Schoolhouse

Community Centre

Peachland Wellness Ctre 2nd & 4th Wed Returns Sept 12th  

50+ Activity Ctre Returns Sept 8th

MAHJONG 1:15 pm, 

MINI MOVERS YOGA Registered only 10-10:45 am,  WELLNESS CIRCLE  10 am-12 noon, 


50+ Activity Centre Returns Sept 17th

50+ FITNESS 9:15 am, $5 Drop in. Please bring a mat.  50+ Activity Ctre 

50+ Activity Centre


SUNSHINE SINGERS 1:15 to 2:15 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre Returns in Oct

Peachland Wellness Ctre Continues through the summer

Community Centre

July 12-14. Call 250-300-6215 to register for one of her free workshops on July 14: Motion Quilting, 9-11 am and Thread Painting, 12 noon-4 pm. 50+ Centre: Passion 4 Art Annual Art Show & Sale - July 21st and 22nd from 10 am - 4 pm. Free Admission at the 50+ Activity Centre. Bingo - Thursdays at 6:45 pm. Grand Vienna in Bloom Event Sunday July 22nd from 4 pm to 7:30 pm. Enchanting curated music for summer’s

MINI MOVERS YOGA Registered only 10:30-11:15 am, 

Cousins Park

DEMENTIA CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP 10 am to 11:30 am  Peachland Wellness Ctre  To register: 250-767-0141 

50+ Activity Centre  

COFFEE GROUP 10:30 am, 

Peachland Youth Centre, Grades 7+ 

50+ Activity Centre, every 2nd & 4th Wed, Drop-ins Welcome 

50+ Activity Centre


50+ Activity Centre

TWEEN DINNER NIGHT (AGES 9-12) 4-7:30 pm 

Boys & Girls Clubs

WRITERS UNBLOCKED 6:30 pm,  Peachland

Wellness Centre. First Wed of the Month Ends June 6th until further notice 

Pick up available at Peachland Elementary School

TAI CHI FOR WELLNESS 50+ FITNESS  9:30 am,  9:15 am, $5 Drop in. Heritage Park Hosted by Please bring a mat.  Peachland Wellness Ctre. Beginners and newcomers welcome, Returns August 23rd

BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT 10 am-12 pm,  Peachland Wellness Ctre  Continues through the summer

IRON & SILK 10:45 am 

50+ Activity Centre Returns in September


Gasthaus Restaurant. Everyone welcome 

Royal Canadian Legion #69, 4407-2nd St.

FLOW YOGA 9-10 am, 

DROP IN (6-12 YRS) 1-4 pm, 

4th Street Place

Boys & Girls Club


YOUTH ZONE (AGES 13+) 4-8 pm, 

Community Centre

Boys & Girls Club



Bargain Bin

MEN’S COFFEE & CRIB 10 - noon, 

Peachland Wellness Ctre Continues through the summer 

AA 12 pm, 


ENERGY FOR WELLNESS 50+ Activity Centre  1:00-2:30 pm,  Peachland Wellness Ctre  ART CLUB  12 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre

the Little Schoolhouse

YOUTH BOXING CLUB 6-8 pm,  4th St Place 

LIONS DEN MEETING 7 pm,  4440 5th St.  every

2nd & 4th Wed, Contact: Gary 250-767-3491

50+ Activity Centre

3rd Thur of each month, Returns Sept 20th.

PICKLEBALL (3.5+) 1-3 pm,  Community Centre 

MEAT DRAW 4-5 pm, 

Royal Canadian Legion #69, 4407-2nd St.

CENTRAL OKANAGAN HEALTHY TEENS (AGES MODEL RAILWAY 13+) 4-7 pm,   COMPANY GROUP  7 pm,  Peachland Museum  Boys & Girls Club 


Community Centre

YOGA (FOUNDATIONS) 8 am, $5 Drop in PEACHLAND UNITED CHURCH  9:30 am-3 pm 

LEARN TO FLOW YOGA 5:30-6:30 pm, 

Community Centre

BINGO 6:45 pm 

50+ Activity Centre (doors open 5:30 pm) 


FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

Bargain Bin


Community Centre


MEAT DRAW 3-5 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre


50+ Activity Centre

PICKLEBALL (1.0-3.5) TWEEN DROP-IN & OPEN GYM (AGES 9-12)  1-3 pm,  3-8 pm, Boys & Girls Club  Community Centre 

delight in garden oasis with traditional full course Viennese Schnitzel dinner. Held at Ad Lib Art Gallery 3063 Bridlehill Drive, West Kelowna. RVSP to 250-768-1404 $45.00 per person. Red Cross Swim Lessons & Advanced Aquatics - Swim lessons running Monday-Friday mornings and various lifeguard courses running throughout the summer at Swim Bay. For more information or to register, please contact the Peachland Community Centre at 250-767-2133.

YOGA (BEGINNERS) 10:30 am, $5 Drop in

50+ Activity Centre

LADIES COFFEE & CRIB 1-2:45 pm, 

Peachland Wellness Ctre Continues through the summer 

FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre


Peachland Wellness Ctre Excluding Long Weekends Returns Sept 9th  




PICKLEBALL (1.0-3.5) 1-3 pm, 

Emmanuel Church, Westbank


PEACHLAND BAPTIST Service 10:30 am, Fellowship 11:30 am, 

Community Centre  

Peachland Library

4204 Lake Ave.

TWEEN DROP IN (AGES 9-12) 4-8 pm, 

THE PEACHLAND WALKING CLUB 1 pm, for details visit 


MEAT DRAW 2-4 pm, 

Boys & Girls Club

FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

Royal Canadian Legion #69, 4407-2nd St.



Bargain Bin

CARPET BOWLING 10 am,    50+ Activity Centre Returns Sept 8th

Meeting at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church


JULY 13, 2018


Music at the Rotary Pavilion • Heritage Park, Peachland Jul 15 Cod Gone Wild Jul 22 Flint & Feather

Rotary Club of Peachland

4:30 pm 4:30 pm

Aug 12 Opera Kelowna 6:00 pm Aug 19 Marty Edwards & Pam Ferens 7:00 pm

Food Kiosk opens 1 hour before show time • Bring your own chair!

Peace Concerts in the Park OPINION

Movie Night just around the corner Share your photos and stories PATRICIA BARROWS

Ever wanted to see your name in print? If you have some beautiful photos or a story about your summer adventures in Peachland, consider sharing them with the rest of Peachland. If we publish your submission, you will receive credit for your photo or story. Send them to editor@

OKANAGAN BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS - PEACHLAND Now that school is out, the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in Peachland is in! We have begun our summer programs including fun theme weeks, out trips, skill building workshops, dinner nights and more. Full day camps run Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and some of the exciting things planned in July include a trip to Planet Lazer, Summerland spray park, and Wibit right here in Peachland. Pre-registration is required so please contact the Club for rates and to register We are also offering a variety of drop-in recreational activities for children and teens, many of which are low cost or free with a $10/ year membership. Programs include Monday out trips, Swim Bay Beach Days, Whiz Kid Workshops, Tween Dinner Night, Garden Club and much more! We ask that families pre-register for our trips and workshops as space in these programs is limited. Membership packages can be picked up at the Club any time and summer program calendars are available at the Club and on our Facebook page. After a day in the sun, spend a summer evening watching a movie outdoors with the family. On Friday, July 27th we will be part of the 4th annual Peachland Movie Night! Located at Cousin’s Park beside the Peachland Boys and Girls Club, we will have Hawaiian themed activities and entertainment before the main attraction, ‘Moana’ starting at dusk. There will be concession items available for purchase. Suggested admission is a donation of $3/person or $10/family and proceeds

will help support programs and services offered by the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in Peachland. This event is made possible by the generous donations from sponsor groups, visit to find a list of sponsor establishments and more information about this exciting event. Dreaming of a fantastic getaway? The Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in Peachland is holding a raffle fundraiser for a Gift of Flight - a WestJet Voucher for a return flight for two anywhere WestJet flies! Raffle tickets are available from Club staff for only $20, and the draw will be held at our Movie Night on July 29th. All proceeds stay in the community and go towards Peachland Club programs and services. Take a moment to visit the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club website at to learn about the great programs, services, employment and volunteer opportunities and special events offered across the Valley. Our Facebook page, Okanagan Boys and Girls Club Peachland, includes program information and some of the fun things we’ve been up to. We can also be reached at 250-767-2515,, or come by the Peachland Club at 5684 Beach Avenue any time!

HOURS & SERVICES MON-FRI: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm SAT: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Veterinary Medical & Surgical Services Vaccinations & Examinations • Veterinary Pharmacy Onsite Ultrasound, Lab & X-Rays • Free Exams for New Pets CAT ONLY BOARDING FACILITY


112-2476 Westlake Rd, West Kelowna V1Z 2V2

A PEACHLAND WELLNESS CENTRE (PWC) FUNDRAISER Supporting the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) Programs & Services


Club Member of the Month Brynn has been a member of the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in Peachland since 2014, attending Preschool, After School and Day Camp programs. Her favourite colour is pink, favourite animal is a racoon and she loves the beach. Outside of the Club she plays soccer and is in Sparks. While at the Club, Brynn can be seen playing with friends, making crafty projects and helping staff tidy up after messy activities. Brynn is very organized and is one of the biggest helpers in Club.  She is imaginative and artistic and this can been seen in her various creations and art work. She has great sense of humour and a fun, silly side as well. Brynn gets along well with other kids and is quick to take part in a variety of different activities. She makes friends easily with her upbeat personality and wide range of interests, even surprising the older kids with her awesome soccer and floor hockey skills. We are very happy to recognize Brynn as our Club Member of the Month!


Please support our generous Sponsors who make this event possible.

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Beautiful Lake Views



MLS® 10161818





JULY 13, 2018 page 12

#105 4460 Ponderosa Drive


6$ 7

,9 79 3 $

767 7771 •


204-4450 Ponderosa Dr - Panoramic lake and mountain

views from this TOP FLOOR 2 bed / 2 bath town home. Vaulted ceilings, skylights, open concept plus many updates including flooring, countertops, bathroom fixtures, and light fixtures. Move in ready!

MLS® 10161048

UNOBSTRUCTED LAKE VIEWS IN PEACHLAND! Renos and Updates are done. Move in to this gorgeous home and enjoy the views. This home has 3 beds and 3 full baths–master on main level; 2 beds and a full bath down. Level Entry into the homes main level. Enjoy your hobbies in a 13x21 work center, plus a cold storage room and a bonus storage room 11x12 downstairs. Two viewing decks, one on each level to enjoy a morning coffee or late night dinner. Well cared for Strata Complex, attention to detail throughout. Rarely do these units hit the market.

6439 Stuart Crescent

MLS® 10160929 SPECTACULAR LAKE VIEWS—NO POWERLINES! This walk out rancher has many updates incl new kitchen, flooring upstairs, bathrooms, deck & roof and almost new windows. Still a couple things left to do. Master and 1 more bedroom on the main level, a massive deck with glass to take advantage of the extensive lake views! Downstairs has a 1/2 bedroom suite with full kitchen and bath—just under 1000 sq ft, also with great lake views. MUST SEE! Book your showing right away.

Real Estate Professional






6070 Somerset Avenue - Beautiful quiet location

with breathtaking views for your dream home in sunny Peachland. Bring your home design & enjoy peace & serenity all year round from the sunrises to sunsets, and of course the sparkling lake and majestic mountains. Hard to find a large building lot 0.32 acres for this price in such a fantastic community. Walkable distance to downtown Peachland with all the amenities you’ll need. Seller has topography report end elevation MLS®10148360 survey to include on completion.

Penthouse - BIG lake views

3 bedroom1748 sq ft $729,900 MLS 10159493

Call Debra Kelly


C: 250.864.6891



Private Lakeshore Estate $3,800,000

Craftsman home with 6 bedrooms MLS 10133160

778 918 4386

Real Estate Update BY DEBRA KELLY

MLS®10161189 334,888 #2303-3843 Brown Rd West Kelowna TWO PARKING STALLS INCLUDED!! This lovely Mira Vista suite is like brand new and spotless! Granite and Stainless appliances, Two bedrooms PLUS den, two bathrooms, extra large storage room, lakeview from the outdoor pool and hot tub, workshop, guest suites and amenities building. All this is walking distance to everything you need in Westbank Centre including shopping, fitness, medical, transit etc. Furniture package also available! $

Sandy250-718-2761 Chevallier Realtor

June market stats see the fourth erage prices have yet to shift and President Marv Beer. month in a row with a lower usually the last indicator to shift For your local Peachland update, number of sales by 22% and a as sellers adjust to the changing contact Debra at 250-864-6891 or higher number of listings from conditions,” comments OMREB through this time last year. “After the highs of the last few years, a shift towards June 2018 vs June 2017 a more balanced market is a natural and welcome TYPE OF HOME 2018 2017 % CHANGE progression, although Residential $716,274 $672,688 +6.48 the current trend may be somewhat amplified Townhomes $489,712 $455,748 +7.45 by government intervenCondo $351,281 $334,855 +4.91 tion in the form of new mortgage rules, interest OUR BUYERS ARE FROM: Sellers receiving 97.49% of list price 52.8% Okanagan rate hikes, and the loom21% Van/Lower Mainland Takes 52 days on average to sell (48 DOM last year) ing speculation tax that 7% other BC 9.8% Alberta **PEACHLAND could impact Kelowna 5% Other Provinces 10 Single Family homes sold in June—average price $623,140 3.5% Outside Canada and West Kelowna. Av-

Kelowna & area Market Update