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From the Editor Now is the perfect time to plan your summer trips and beyond – because you know what they say: work hard, vacation hard! We talked to a true cruise authority about going on one, about when to book, and how to do it right once you make the ship your all-gay resort for a full seven days. We also guide you to how to save your skin from drying out when jetting away on your fab vaca, and Darren Floro-Bryant gives you some tips on how you can keep or improve your fitness game while away. Even our wonderful columnists are in vacation mode! Jamie Kirk explains how you can take your worries with you and spin it positively, and Scott King recounts one of those magical road trips where everything could go wrong but never did. All that, along with Q Music, Screen Savor and a new edition of New Gay In Town, and we have a full issue of great reading for you - at your leisure!

Darren Floro-Bryant Scott King Jamie Kirk Branden Lee Gregg Shapiro John Walker


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6 | 04.11.18

Atlanta Opera’s Out of Darkness: Two Remain The Atlanta Opera presents Out of Darkness: Two Remain from April 5 – 15, 2018 in collaboration with Theatrical Outfit at the Balzer Theater at Herren’s. Composer Jake Heggie and librettist Gene Scheer‘s moving two-act opera centers on Holocaust survivors visited by ghosts of their past. In Act I, Krystyna shares her gripping story of survival with a journalist, and is helped by the ghosts of Auschwitz who were inspired by her written lyrics. In Act II, Gad Beck is visited by his first true love, the poet Manfred Lewin, who perished in Auschwitz. As Manfred implores Gad to remember and celebrate their love, the painful truth of their stories and fates emerges. The two-act opera is based in part on the true stories of two Holocaust survivors: the Polish dissident Krystyna Zywulska (1914-1993) and the gay German Jew, Gad Beck (1923-2012). The timing of the opera also commemorates the Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 11 and honors the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

The What, When and Where! What: Out of Darkness: Two Remain When: April 5 – 15, 2018 Where: Theatrical Outfit at the Balzer Theater at Herren’s 84 Luckie Street NW Atlanta GA, 30303 Tickets at or call 678-528-1500

8 | 04.11.18


Dvořák’s 7th Symphony LGBT NIGHT + POST-CONCERT RECEPTION Use code “ATLPRIDE” & a portion of proceeds will go to Atlanta Pride

APR 14


NEW GAY IN TOWN: Ignite The Spark By Branden Lee Branden Lee is a writer andactor now living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Twitter and Instagram @Brandeness. and watch Branden on his YouTube channel SexxxPerTease.

10 | 04.11.18

It is remarkable how quickly there can be a major turnaround in life. One week, or month, I can be pining away about heartbreak and love lost. Then suddenly I’m bombarded with guys. Going back on dates, and facing dilemmas of which of my friends with benefits I want to invite over. Then when not being able to choose between the two, just inviting both over. Not at the same time, of course.

It is important to take time to heal. I think I’m still in the healing process of my breakup. I don’t want to rush into a new relationship. I’ve been dumped by guys because they aren’t over their ex, and I don’t want to put someone else through that. I’m not over my ex. I can admit that. I’m getting over my ex. I’m in the process. I’m not fully there yet. I have started going on dates, but I know deep down I’m not ready for another boyfriend. I think I could be if I met the right guy, but I haven’t yet. I haven’t felt that spark with anyone new yet. I need to feel the spark as soon as I meet someone to know if I want to be with them. I know as soon as I meet a guy in person if I am into him. There’s no growing to get to like someone with me. It’s an instant, love at first sight. Maybe not love, but definitely intrigue. I’ve had nice dates with some nice guys, but I didn’t have the spark. I did have a spark for a crush, but he never texts me back, so that’s a lost cause. It does feel a bit harder dating again after having a serious relationship. I know my previous relationship

was a tumultuous, off/on, 6-month mess, but that’s still the most serious relationship, well only real relationship, I’ve ever had. My ex is the only boyfriend I’ve had, and the bar has already been raised for any new guy that will become boyfriend number two. I’ve had to move on from disappoint and heartbreak before; with every bad date, ‘he’s just not that into me,’ and rejection. It is different now. Moving on after actually knowing what it’s like to be in a real relationship. Moving on after knowing what it’s like to be loved. Moving on after realizing what it’s like to want to spend every second with someone and not ever be apart. I want that with someone new, but it seems even harder to find. Like guys are even easier to dismiss now because I just don’t see myself loving them as intensely as I loved my ex. I’m not declaring that I’ll never love anyone as much as my ex, because I know there is someone and possibly many future loves of my life. I don’t believe that there’s only one love of our life, but every phase

of our lives has a different love for that time period. Some do find one person for all their time periods, and others find multiple loves. I’ve enjoyed just hooking up with guys, more than the dates I’ve been on. Hooking up comes with no expectations, no feelings, and not needing them to ignite the spark. They’re just a fling. I don’t need them to fulfill me emotionally, physically, lovingly, or in any way really. Just to keep me company for a night, or even an hour. It’s just sexual fulfillment, and that’s easier to come by then finding the next love of my life. It’s definitely a long process of self-reflection and healing to make sure that I am ready to actually get back into dating. I feel like I’m heading down the right path. Knowing that there is someone else out there for me and that I am capable of feeling excited about new guys entire my life gives me hope. I have hope that a new man will reignite my flame, and give me that spark that makes me know he’s meant for me. | 11

Plane Vain By Mik Hyldebrandt

Getting on a plane is especially tough on the skin because the dry and poorly conditioned air will efficiently dehydrate your skin and make it look dull and, well, dry. But with a little prep and a few simple steps, you will arrive looking nice and refreshed.

Prepare For Departure Makes sense that if your skin isn’t well nourished to begin with, it will struggle even more once airborne. Make sure you moisturize properly in the days before a trip – that means day and night after cleansing your skin. Anthony All Purpose Facial Moisturizer, $30

Mid-Flight Maintenance Eyes UP The eye area is where you first show signs of fatigue and dehydrated skin. The delicate tissue can get puffy, and you can develop dark circles that make you look even more tired.

Your skin loses moisture quickly once you are in the air, so even on shorter flights, it is a good idea to give your skin some love mid-flight. A toner spray or thermal water seals in moisture effectively. Spray it on, and dab excess off otherwise it will evaporate and draw moisture out of the skin. Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist, $27

Clinique for Men Anti-fatigue Cooling Eye Gel, $32

Prepare For Landing Before the seat belt sign is turned on, make sure you splash some cold water on your face or use a face wipe to remove dirt and oil. Every Man Jack® Fragrance Free Basic Cleansing Face and Body Wipes, $6 Rebels Refinery Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer, $9

12 | 04.11.18

Stay Hydrated

Your whole body gets dehydrated even after a short flight. You can feel it with other bodily functions too, but it shows very clearly on your skin, which can look dry and brittle. Stay hydrated with water only on long flights and avoid alcoholic and fizzy drinks entirely.

Good Boys take their Mothers to Einstein’s...

& Bad Boys take their Mothers to Joe’s On Juniper!

Either way, make her proud and take her out this Mother’s Day! visit to make a reservation

Just Cruise By John Walker

Photography by John Walker 14 | 04.11.18

Going on a cruise is gaining more and more momentum in the travel industry – and with good reason, because a good cruise offers you incredible destinations, great food, engaging activities, and the best party nights imaginable – all in the company of new and old friends to create everlasting moments. Peach talked to cruise authority and travel expert, John Walker, about his experiences and the best way to plan a cruise. We just returned from our 15th all-gay Atlantis cruise for a 50th Birthday Celebration. The exotic Southern Caribbean cruise was March 18-25, and the ship left out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and cruised to Barbados, Martinique, St. Lucia and St. Marteen. Sunny and sultry weather followed the ship for seven days. A cruise is an incredible way to enjoy your friends filled with amazing emotional moments with a touch of wild times. Year after year these cruises bring back repeat guests, old and new friends unite and create a bond that is unmatched. Once you try this vacation experience, you will be hooked. An Atlantis all-gay cruise is more than a vacation. An Atlantis cruise is a perfect way to visit exotic locations, enjoy incredible cuisine, take on Broadway shows and experience the absolute best-produced parties at sea. For one week, the entire ship is just for us. The gay cruise fare includes your room for seven days, all meals, all entertainment and each party. The entire week of activities onboard are customized for the gay traveler who will be thrilled to see surprise superstar guests like Pam Ann, Miss Richfield 1981, and

Broadway sensation Jennifer Holiday take over the ship’s theater. Every day – or night rather – the top deck of the ship is transformed into a nightclub that rivals a night in Ibiza with lasers reflecting off the starry moonlit sky and the waves of the deep blue sea. You will be amazed to see top international DJ’s rotate throughout the week, and you will dance the night away more than once. A cruise is a perfect destination for friends looking for quality time and bonding. Special moments include daily breakfast served on the verandah with sweeping ocean views to viewing spectacular sunsets while discussing special memories. The Dining Room on the ship can seat large tables of 12, and it is a perfect way to regroup, laugh, and listen to each other’s daily escapades and adventures. The ship will travel to 3-4 islands within seven days and dock for 8-10 hours. These port days allow you to break away and explore on your own or with a smaller group excursion. Excursions range from beach breaks, culinary tours, hiking, scuba diving or just getting lost in the waterfront towns. As a special addition to our cruise experience, and to celebrate the birthday boy, we chose to charter a private boat to sail around St. Lucia. This special day included breathtaking views of the volcanic Piton Mountains while being served tropical cocktails and finger foods. Spending the day with close friends on a remote island was the ultimate way to create an everlasting moment for us all. | 15

How to Cruise It Right Photography by John Walker

The cruise ship will be your floating resort for seven days, so you need to prepare for the different destinations, activities, and parties ahead.

Booking Use an Authorized Travel Agent There is no fee for an experienced travel agent, and their rates are exactly the same. Agents can help give honest advice on destinations, the ship experience, and useful planning tips. Travel Agents also help the guest not deal with the booking process, and the client will enjoy direct contact with the agent over calling a 1-800 hotline. Book at Least 8 Months In Advance You want the best pricing and the best cabin locations, so plan this trip well ahead. If you book through a travel agent, they will also help keep you on track with deadlines and send you reminders. Agents also know the best cabin locations and room layouts. John Walker is Cruise and Tropical Resort Vacation Specialist for DreamVacations. com. Start your next dream vacation by emailing or calling 404-593-9618. 16 | 04.11.18

Preparation Expert packing skills are needed so you can look and feel your best. Here a few tips on what to bring. The Essentials Bathing suits, tank tops, and flip-flops are perfect for each day. Polo shirts and nice jeans are perfect for dinners on the ship. The Parties There is a party every day, and they are all themed. You can go all out and let them have it with a costume for all the parties - or you can just be yourself and enjoy the scenery. Party themes range from Military, Disco and White party to Glow and Jungle themes. The Extras Include items like air freshener, magnetic hooks, and hand sanitizers. Add a dry erase board for your cabin door – decorating your cabin door is a must as it is your chance to show off where you are from and find your friends on the ship.









Go to for free membership and help save gay Georgia



Lean Times By Gregg Shapiro

Since his 2011 breakout movie “Weekend,” gay filmmaker Andrew Haigh has never ceased to surprise us. His acclaimed, albeit short-lived, HBO series “Looking” led to a 2016 movie of the same name that perfectly (and heartbreakingly) tied up any loose ends. In between the “Looking” series and movie, Haigh’s film “45 Years” was released to positive critical reception and earned lead actress Charlotte Rampling an Oscar nomination.

present when the attack occurs and is badly shaken by the experience and by realizing that his father almost died. With Ray in the hospital for an undisclosed period, Charley is now the only one earning a living, and his father encourages him to keep working. Del introduces Charley to Bonnie (Chloë Sevigny), a jockey, who rides Lean On Pete to victory in a race. But it’s obvious that Lean On Pete is slowing down, and Del has no patience for that.

Where “45 Years”, a movie about the damage a ong-held secret can inflict, was appropriately claustrophobic, Haigh’s latest offering “Lean On Pete” is as wide-open as the prairie, mountain range, and desert that Charley (Charlie Plummer) crosses to get to his self-imposed destination. Raised by his irresponsible single dad Ray (Travis Fimmel), after being abandoned by his mother as a child, 16-year-old Charley is definitely the adult in their household. A promising high school athlete (football and track and field), Charley relocates to Portland, Oregon from Spokane, Washington when Ray gets a job there.

Just as things are going well for Charley, who travels around the region with Del, taking care of the horses, a series of unfortunate events start taking place. To begin with, Ray dies. Charley, who has been afraid to stay in their house alone since the attack, has taken to sleeping in the stables. This only increases his attachment to Lean On Pete.

Ray is the only relative with whom Charley has any relationship. He lost contact with Ray’s sister, his Aunt Margy (Alison Elliot), after the two adults had a falling out. Regardless, Charley carries a picture of him and Margy, from when he was much younger, in his pocket. On one of his runs, Charley discovers a horse track. It’s there that he meets horse trainer Del (Steve Buscemi) who offers him a job. Charley’s a quick study and, even though he’s never worked with horses before, he develops into a good employee. Charley grows fond of one horse in particular, Lean On Pete. He’s also dismayed by the treatment of a few of the horses and takes it badly when he learns that some of the less healthy and fast horses are sent to Mexico for slaughter. Just as some stability takes hold in his life, Ray is brutally beaten up by the husband of the married woman with whom he is having an affair. Charley is

18 | 04.11.18

When the horse loses an important race, his fate is certain. Del won’t listen to reason, and Charley does the unthinkable. He steals Del’s truck, along with the horse trailer with Lean On Pete inside. And, so begins Charley’s odyssey to find and reconnect with his Aunt Margy in Wyoming. To say anything more would spoil the various occurrences that shape Charley’s life and the film itself. Young Plummer (who also played John Paul Getty III in “All The Money In The World”) is exceptional. He appears in almost every scene and is never less than completely believable as the teen on a journey to whoknows-where. This is not your average a-boy-and-hishorse movie, so it would be wise to be prepared for some of the more startling and upsetting moments. “Lean On Pete” wins, places and shows.

peach rating: 3.5/5 Peaches: Ripe peach

Taking Your Fitness To Go! By Darren Floro-Bryant

Sometimes sticking with a workout routine while in your own environment is hard enough. You follow a schedule, you’ve committed to a fitness routine, you’ve bought the gear, or you’ve paid for the membership – and then you get pulled away for travel. Many times it is for work, and other times it is personal, but in either situation, how do you make your fitness routine fit into your suitcase? Several factors may impact your ability to work out while traveling. Time constraints can make it difficult to continue your workouts while on the road. If you’re traveling for work, you are often at the mercy of a strict itinerary, business functions, and long dinners. When traveling for personal reasons, you have to account for your travel mates timetables and expectations. If you want to keep up your fitness routine while on the road, plan it in advance as part of your schedule. It may mean you have to get up an hour early to hit the hotel treadmill or go for a run around the city you’re visiting, but you’ll have to put in the extra time and effort. 20 | 04.11.18

In addition to time constraints, another significant factor to consider is accessibility to fitness equipment. Whether it be at your hotel or a nearby fitness facility, you won’t be at your home gym so changes will need to be made. Below are some suggestions to help keep you on track. Onsite Fitness When you’re looking for a hotel, find out if they have a fitness center onsite. Check the hotel website to get an idea of what they provide. If the website doesn’t provide any pictures, call the hotel and ask what equipment they have in their fitness centers. Quite a few hotels have small fitness centers with very limited, but effective equipment to keep you active. Knowing what the hotel provides will allow you to plan in advance and make some adjustments to your fitness routine. If the hotel you’re looking at doesn’t have a fitness center or it doesn’t meet your needs, ask if they partner with any local gyms or fitness facilities. Also, since your available time may be limited, check out the hours of operation for all of these

options; you will most likely have to fit your workout in to accommodate your work or vacation schedule. Off-Site Fitness If you belong to a large gym chain, check to see if they have a facility close to where you are staying. If not, ask if they are affiliated with other chains that allow their members to train at when traveling. If the answer is no to both options, look online to see what gyms are in the area and call ahead to see what their rates are and if they offer any special deals for travelers. Also, check with your employer, they may have a benefit that covers drop-in fees at fitness facilities for employees that travel. Try Something New Another great opportunity is to see if there are any independent gyms or smaller boutique facilities in the area that you could check out. This is a fantastic way to add a little variety to your fitness routine and potentially get some new ideas to take back home with you to add to your current fitness routine. If you’ve never tried a Spin class, or a HIIT class, checkout what is close to where you are staying and give something new a chance. In-Room Exercise If none of these options are available, there are some great bodyweight routines you can do in your room. You can either talk with your trainer, ask a fitness professional to design a program for you, or search the internet for ideas. There are also some great fitness-based apps for your mobile phone now that can help you figure out a quick bodyweight program while on the road. You can even intensify these programs with minimal pieces of equipment that

easily fit in your suitcase (i.e., resistance bands, jump ropes, leg bands) Get Out There Exploring a new city is a great reason to get off of a treadmill and out of the gym. You can find walking paths on-line or if you’re in a hotel, ask the concierge. If you are a runner, check online for local running groups in the area where you are traveling. They will often allow you to join their group for the duration of your stay or give you some great safe routes to run. This is a great way to get to know a new city; you will see things that you may miss out on when driving around in a car. Get in contact with a running club in your own city to make some connections. Take a Break Finally, as mentioned above, time constraints are often a challenge when traveling. This may be the ideal time to give yourself a break from your regular fitness routine. All workout routines should include a rest period, and this may be a perfect opportunity to dial back the intensity of your workouts to prepare for the limitations you may have to encounter. Take some time to research your options and plan accordingly. As you can see, there are many ways to adapt your fitness routine while on the road, even when your time is not your own. It just takes a little planning, some small changes to your expectations, and perspective to make it fit. Darren Floro-Bryant has worked as a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness Coach, and Personal Trainer for more than 25 Years. He also owns DFB Fitness and Foundation Fitness, operating out of Gravity Fitness. / | 21


22 | 04.11.18 | 23


24 | 04.11.18



friday, may 4

jack white

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Jamie was raised in Nashville, TN but felt right at home after moving to Atlanta just over a year ago. He’s a nurse practitioner by day, but by night he is an aspiring party promoter, having recently launched “Sugar,” Atlanta’s newest tea dance, with his business partner Sean Karta (together known as Beyond Productions). He loves traveling and meeting new people, but also loves laying on the couch with his boyfriend, Neon, catching up on TV shows and eating Sour Patch Kids.

Jamie Williams

MORE LOVE FOR ALL Love as an Art Form: 30 Days to Deeper Love is a glimpse into the journey of Aaron Lee Harris asking the question “What does love require of me?� The art contained in the book chronicles his journey over the years to deeper love for God, himself, and others through his art. This book has been a labor of love for Aaron and he knows this book will encourage you, challenge you, and move you. Will you take the 30-day challenge for deeper love?

Get your copy of Love as an Art Form: 30 Days to Deeper Love NOW! Just go to and order yours now - use code PEACH20 at checkout for 20% off your entire order!


Sisters of Spring and Summer By:Gregg Shapiro For a while there, with each new album, P!nk seemed to be moving farther away from the artist she was on Can’t Take Me Home and M!ssundaztood. The Eminem duet on “Revenge” from her latest album Beautiful Trauma (RCA), maneuvers her back to her rapping/singing roots. Regardless, P!nk has definitely found another niche for herself in the arena-sized power ballad, represented here by “But We Lost It”, “What About Us”, “Wild Heart Can’t Be Broken”, “For Now” and the title tune. P!nk hasn’t turned her back on the dance-floor as she demonstrates on “Secrets” and “Where We Go”. Does anyone else think it’s strange that Kelly Clarkson, the winner of a TV talent show (American Idol), is earning her keep by sitting in judgment of others on a TV talent show (The Voice) on another network? Especially since, after a far-too-short retirement, the tacky AI recently returned to network television. It feels like a step backwards, especially after releasing the vibrant Meaning of Life (Atlantic). Steeped in soul with an ear cocked towards retro sounds, Meaning of Life effortlessly expands Clarkson’s considerable palate on songs such as “Medicine”, “Heat”, “Cruel” and “I Don’t Think About You”. Clarkson even goes for some Beyoncé-style bombast on “Whole Lotta Woman”. Like the abovementioned Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry has found a place for herself at the judges’ table on a TV talent show. That’s probably for the best. Derided and dismissed when it was first released, Katy Perry’s 2017 disc Witness (Capitol) was an uneven electro experiment. The best tracks, including “Déjà vu”, “Swish Swish” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Bigger Than Me”, “Bon Appetit” featuring Migos and “Chained to The Rhythm” featuring Skip Marley, were respectful of the dance-floor. The other songs needed more consistent beats and less stripper-pole sleaze. Demi Lovato’s song “Sorry Not Sorry”, from her Tell Me You Love Me (Island/Hollywood) was one of the inescapable anthems of the last half of 2017. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the disc lacks the punch of “Sorry…”, putting Lovato in the unenviable position of being indistinguishable from her contemporaries. Exceptions such as “Hitchhiker”, the distracting “Concentrate” (Coldplay mention aside) and the dance-oriented “Sexy

30 | 04.11.18

Dirty Love”, illustrate that there’s more to Lovato than meets the ear. Neo-soul diva SZA (aka Solana Rowe) doesn’t mince words on her major-label debut Ctrl (RCA/TDE). When they are her words, as in the raw and honest opener “Supermodel”, the frustration of the man-sharing “The Weekend”, the self-doubting “Drew Barrymore” or the daylight burning in “Broken Clocks”, she has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter,laying herself and her emotions bare. She also finds a way to balance graphic sexuality with female empowerment on “Doves in the Wind”. When they are the words of her elders, shared in spoken snippet throughout, they are more pearls of wisdom to complement SZA’s. It’s hard to believe, but next year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Lisa Stansfield’s 1989 debut album Affection. In addition to introducing us to her powerful vocals and way with a dance track, the album earned Stansfield a couple of Grammy Award nominations. Deeper (earMusic), Stansfield’s first new album in five years, finds her working in the same blueeyed British soul vein, with highlights “Twisted”, “Everything”, “Hercules”, “Never Ever” and a reverent cover of The Family Stand’s “Ghetto Heaven”. No matter your age, an encouraging word from Dolly Parton can make anyone’s day better. Described as her “first children’s CD”, I Believe in You (Dolly/RCA), featuring a new arrangement of her autobiographical tune “Coat of Many Colors”, as well as uplifting songs about friendship (“Together Forever” and “A Friend Like You”), parents (“I’m Here”), determination (“You Can Do It”) and fortitude (“Brave Little Soldier” and “Chemo Hero”). The anti-bullying number “Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny” is a standout and the colorful “I Am A Rainbow” will no doubt have a special place in the hearts of LGBTQ listeners of all ages. Sales of the CD “go to putting more books into the hands of more children.” P!nk performs on April 21 at Philips Arena, and SZA performs on May 25 at Lakewood Amphitheatre.

Happy Trails

Or How to Paint a Town Gay Without Involving Law Enforcement By Scott King

Gather ‘round, children. Grandpa has a tale to tell. One of the Bush Bros was President. Brokeback Mountain was getting all the Oscar buzz. We were bored. My best friend and I had made friends with this amazing couple that we met through a Very LAMBDA Christmas. It was totally Fab Four gurrrrl. One of us was from Mississippi. He was like y’all should come down and stay at my memaw’s cabin. We can go fishin’ and drink beer and seduce some rednecks. I was like that sounds like the most fun thing that I will ever do. Four alpha bitches in one room planning? We made it happen. We got to town. It was a tiny little border town called Natchez, which we quickly renamed Snatchez. It was a Friday afternoon. Saint Patrick’s Day, of course. We were blasting a track called “Rape Me” by a band called The Nirvanas. All four of us were rocking out, being happy and gay. At the first traffic light off the highway, we looked to our left. There was a car full of LADIES. They were excited and a bit starstruck to see four very tall gay people. They couldn’t make eye contact. We understood. The local member of our group, Tony (fab 4), decided we should commence the evening by drinking margaritas with his parents. On a high Irish holiday. Tony’s dad told me I reminded him of Peyton Manning. I told him to go long. Real long. We next went to an Irish pub on the waterfront. Turns out we were actually in a generic straight bar with an Irish sounding name. We asked how much for a car bomb. The bartenders would have had to have known what that was to have been offended. We told them how to make it. They lined them up and charged us $2 a pop. We ended up ordering four rounds. Everyone in the bar watched us get really drunk, really quickly. It was fun. Ten minutes later, all four of us took turns puking behind the dumpsters out back. There is a picture of me (fab 1) and Andy (fab 3) holding Jamie (fab 2) up as he tries to regain his balance after catharting. I have this picture framed. The next day, we took it easy. We went to Walmart. We got lots of barbecue and beer. We went fishing. I caught a fish and held it in my hands. Let It go and felt the life come back into its gills or veins or whatever as it flopped away. It was very spiritual. That night we ate said barbecue and drank said beer and listened to a country radio program

34 | 04.11.18

called Solid Gold Saturday Night. Tony had a cisgendered heterosexual female friend. She was a local. She kept saying, “Y’all are blowin mah MIND!” It was the best night of my life. Until the next night. That night was slightly better. We had a nice dinner and were driving around town checking out all the Antebellum architecture. We were going to get up early in the morning and head back because some of us had to work hello gurl. All of a sudden, Tony pulled off the road. “I’ve always wondered about this one bar,” he said. We parked. We walked up the wooden steps and entered through the screen door on the porch. Inside the parlor, there was an oil painting of Marilyn Monroe and a lithograph of James Dean. I turned to Jamie and said, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” The place was populated by three guys, one girl, and a very cute bartender. I’m guessing it was the only gay bar within a hundred miles. The girl asked us, with classic barfly panache, “Are y’all in a band?” “Yes,” we replied. “We are. We’re the fucking Beatles.” We took the bar home with us. Almost all of them. One guy drove off in his car after Jamie gave him a hand job in what turned out to be the parking lot of the Baptist church next door. One day soon Jamie is going straight to hell. I ended up spooning all night with the bartender. His name was Bubba. He was a veteran of both the gay and non-gay rodeos. We quickly dubbed him Brokeback Bubba. The next morning, Bubba hugged me goodbye and said, “Thank you for visiting our town.” We hit the road, and Tony pointed out that in Louisiana, there was no open container law. We crossed the border, went to a drive-through liquor store, and enjoyed our 32 oz. bloody marys all the way home. That, my friends, it’s how you break all of the rules but none of the laws of this great, great country of ours. USA is #1. Bon voyage! Scott King is an Atlanta-based writer, consultant, and political activist. He enjoys tennis, hiking, rock concerts, and having drinks with friends. He is currently working on a novel about a hooker with a heart of Bitcoin.

You CAN take it with you By Jamie Kirk

Taking a vacation is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Vacations can be relaxing, stressful, rewarding, cheap, or expensive! But most of all vacations can be needed. Traditionally even as children, we have been taught that vacations are “breaks” or “escapes” from reality. They tend to happen when we were out of school or celebrating a holiday. Vacations have most always been positioned as a time to let it all go and leave all your cares behind. I would like to shift our thinking just a bit, just to see if we can actually do some internal work while basking in the sun. It is so very important that as vacations are planned, deposits are paid, and group trips begin to come together, that we keep on the forefront of our brains that life will not stop just because we are in Bora Bora. When the plane hits the tarmac back in our home city, our issues and concerns hit the runway with a loud thud. The type of thud that you hear when your upstairs neighbors’ flat screen falls off the wall, due to poor mounting (oops, I digress). So even though we may come back nice and tanned, souvenirs for friends and tons of selfies, the truth of the matter is that our LIFE is waiting to be picked back up. LIFE wants to be picked up right where you left it. LIFE will not go away just because we did. LIFE crap (good and bad) is still waiting to be tended too. So why not take LIFE with you and sort it out. The point I am trying to make is that I believe we need to take our troubles, issues, concerns, problems and money woes with us on vacation. Instead of throwing caution to the wind, maxing out our credit cards, renting a convertible instead of a compact car, we exercise care and control while on vacation so that we don’t get further behind the eight ball, in whatever area we need to focus. Making 36 | 04.11.18

sure we do an inventory of LIFE stuff and making a checklist to take with us should not be ludicrous, but welcoming to meet and greet our situations head-on with solution tactics. This kinda sounds ridiculous but let me explain my logic. When we are on vacation, we should be mostly away from the reminders. Away from the late payments, childcare concerns, family drama, car repairs, dental woes and someplace that is unfamiliar and feels like a million miles away. But taking our baggage in our luggage (I like that), we can sort things out in a calming and serene environment. We can be quiet and strategically come up with a plan B or even a plan C to execute. I realize the key to a vacation is to leave our troubles behind, but each unaddressed area in our life will be waiting for us at baggage claim. When we can be still and silent, we allow the answer to come to us. We can see options more clearly and not feel so overwhelmed. There is power in the stillness of our thoughts. I think that the best approach is to actually have an approach on how to handle our little life wrinkles. What better time to sort out our life, than when we are on vacation. The definition of vacation could (should?) be altered from “the action of leaving something one previously occupied,” to “the reaction of responding to something one previously experienced with a calming approach and calculated measures to address or resolve.”

Jamie Kirk works for a software company and is a certified spinning instructor. He also enjoys yoga, swimming, bicycling and running. He aspires to start a blog about what we put in our bodies not only fuels our body but our mind and spirit as well. Follow Jamie on IG @tysonsdad

Apr 11 – Apr 18

Stars Party & Silent Auction

Atlanta Leather Pride + SWEAT Party

The one-night-only and one-of-a-kind fundraiser brings A weekend dedicated to the leather and kink commuyou the best of the Atlanta restaurant scene and a fabu- nity with BDSM workshops and demos, a beer bust lous silent auction benefiting the Jerusalem House. BBQ, the Mr. and Ms. Atlanta contest, and of course, the big celebratory SWEAT party Saturday night feaThursday, April 12, 6-9 pm turing DJ Neon the GlowGoBear. Full schedule at

The Biltmore Ballrooms

April 13-15 Atlanta Eagle


Atlanta Symphony LGBT Night Join the Atlanta Pride Committee for a special LGBT Night at the Symphony where they will play Antonín Dvořák’s 7yh Symphony. A post-concert reception will take place at Table Twelve Eighty Lounge. Tickets available at

April 14 The Atlanta Symphony

Fairway to Equality Golf Outing

The Armorettes Show

Join the Human Rights Campaign for the inaugural Fair- Join the Armorettes at their fabulous show at Oscars and way to Equality Golf outing. Your ticket (starts at $75) experience why they have been voted best in Atlanta includes golf, light breakfast & lunch hors-d’oeuvres, drag over and over again. prizes, a gift bag and an annual HRC membership or reSunday, April 15 newal. More at

Sunday, April 15 Cross Creek Golf Club 38 | 04.11.18

Oscars Atlanta


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44 | 04.11.18

As a part of our mission to help friends keep friends, we are opening our doors in 2018 to anyone needing to get their pet vaccinated and heartworm tested. Not only is this a great deal for you, it is also a fundraiser for PALS Atlanta!!

Vaccine Clinic Pricing Full veterinary exam - FREE Dog or Cat Rabies Shot - $15 Dog or Cat Combo Shot - $15 Bordatella vaccination (dogs only) - $15 Heartworm testing (dogs only) - $25 Full year supply of heartworm medication AND a full year of flea/tick preventative - $100 (requires current negative heartworm test)



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I’m shopping on FB for my husband! Asking for a friend: have you ever felt your boyfriend is having an affair… with his food? Me: Mmmmm, what’s on the buffet line? Him: I think chicken, Mac-n-Cheese, broccoli…

I’m desperately trying to find the social media check-in line at the airport!

Me: No, look at that sexy man in line Him: Why? What is he getting?

My therapist told me to write letters to the people I hate and then burn them. Did that, but now what do I do with the letters? My cousin referred to me as the black sheep of the family. Girl, I’m the damn tie-dye sheep of the family, ok? Deal.

It’s cute when you can’t come up with a valid argument and start doing personal jabs instead. Cute.

I don’t have enough time or crayons to explain myself to you.

No need for squad goals when you have that one friend who will jump through fire and water with and for you!

56 | 04.11.18

58 | 04.11.18

ARIES (MAR. 21 - APR. 19)

LIBRA (SEP. 23 - OCT. 22)

Weariness may have you feeling a bit listless this week, Aries, and you’re likely to want to stay home in bed rather than go anywhere. This goes against your normal inclination, so you could be tempted to bite the bullet and get out in spite of your malaise. Don’t fall into this trap. Get some rest so that when you absolutely have to go out, you’ll be your old self again.

Your mind may be going a thousand miles an hour. You might be inundated with new ideas and information that could cause mental overload. Write it all down if you can. You’ll want to refer to it later. It might be advisable to then go out for a walk or other exercise. This intellectual overload could produce excess nervous energy that you’ll need to work off.

TAURUS (APR. 20 - MAY 20)

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 - NOV. 21)

A lover or close friend may seem to have dropped out of the picture, and this could have you worried, confused, and wondering if this person isn’t interested in continuing a relationship with you. Don’t let your insecurity get the best of you. The person has his or her troubles and will eventually want a strong, sympathetic shoulder to cry on. You’re likely to be that person!

Worries over the situation of a lover or close friend who seems depressed could plague you this week, yet you may hesitate to contact this person and ask what’s wrong because you don’t want to intrude. Nonetheless, you should. All is not as bad as it seems, and your concern will be appreciated. Tonight get some much-needed rest. You’ve been working far too hard.

GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN. 20)


Career interests may be short-circuited by gossip, rumor, and office politics. Someone has an agenda and isn’t likely to care too much about the effect on others’ lives of any underhanded dealings. If you hear about such goings-on, Gemini, do what you can to stop them before they get out of hand. That way you can protect your and your colleagues’ career interests.

A family member may be depressed and not up for talking about what’s wrong. His or her mood could spread to everyone else, so it might be a good idea to ask what’s wrong. Point out that moods are contagious! Don’t force the issue, Sagittarius. That would be worse. A number of calls could interrupt your work, which you might find irritating. Don’t be afraid to let voicemail get the calls.

CANCER (JUN. 21 - JUL. 22)


Perhaps you’ve been planning a trip or a return to school for a long time. However, Cancer, a rather disturbing letter or phone call could jeopardize your plans and leave you teetering on the edge of disappointment. If you look at the situation carefully, you may find that it doesn’t set you back that much. You can take care of it without sacrificing what you want.

Misinformation might spread through your extended family or neighborhood and cause unnecessary upsets among those involved. Don’t accept at face value any gossip or rumor you hear today until you check it out yourself, Capricorn. It could turn out to be a tempest in a teapot. This isn’t a good time to plan or take a trip of any kind. Delays or mishaps could result.

LEO (JUL. 23 - AUG. 22)

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 - FEB. 18)

Seemingly bad news about your financial situation could throw your usually even-keeled nature off kilter. Look into the matter carefully before panicking, Leo. There may have been a computer error or other mistake, or perhaps someone confused you with someone else. Take steps to rectify the blunder. It’s a drag, but you’ll be relieved to know that all was better than it seemed.

Misinformation regarding money could come from someone who has a stake in your believing whatever you’re told. This could be a banker, creditor, investment counselor, or even a close friend or relative. Whoever it is, Aquarius, don’t accept what this person says at face value. Look into the facts of the situation yourself before making any decisions about what you need to do.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 - SEP. 22)

PISCES (FEB. 19 - MAR. 20)

An unpleasant situation could arise. Your first reaction may be to protect those closest to you from the truth. You could be tempted to lie or at least avoid mentioning the situation. Don’t give in to the temptation, Virgo. Your desire to shield loved ones is understandable, but it could cause problems. You can’t protect people from everything. Most people prefer to know the facts.

Someone close to you may not be totally honest. This person could be avoiding telling the truth or hiding something from you in order to protect you. Trust your instincts, Pisces. If someone tells you something important that doesn’t ring true, check it out before accepting one person’s word. This isn’t a vicious deception - only a protective one. But shielding someone from the truth can sometimes backfire!

WHAT happened was . . .

What Happened Was... Trouble in the love department? With sex? Or just people in general? Send us your queries, questions, and problems, and we’ll give you the answers served straight up and with a little ice. I’m in a loving relationship, but I’m experiencing a loss of interest in sex. It’s not that I don’t like or can’t do it, it’s more that I just don’t have the desire to get down and dirty anymore. I love just cuddling and kissing and being close, but I really don’t need to get off. My partner sort of understands but he will also get very sexually frustrated with me. What do I do?

Sincerely No Hands Down My Pants Dear No Hands Down My Pants Sex drive fluctuates all the time – sometimes it’s just not a priority and others it’s the only thing on the mind. Those fluctuations can certainly vary in time, length, and intensity. There are, of course, many other aspects to consider in your scenario: are you feeling emotionally distanced from your partner? Are you sexually attracted to others? Do you feel desire when you are on your own? Do you masturbate? These are all questions you need to consider before brushing this off as merely not having an interest in sex anymore. You also have to consider that you could be suffering from low testosterone which can definitely manifest itself as a missing sex drive – get yourself checked out! You know that a relationship is based on compromises and give and take, but if you are checking out from an important part of it, you are potentially jeopardizing the entire partnership. Is that really what you want? Is that maybe why you are subconsciously waning off sex? Do something about this whether it is a doctor’s appointment or a therapy session and don’t just let this slide into nothingness.

Dear Remissed Connection At least you have the sex – after everything is(n’t) said and done, you do have that to share. Maybe this relationship is not supposed to move beyond the physical? Maybe you need to dig a little deeper to find a common interest? Maybe you (both) need to expand your minds a little bit and take an interest in what the other person is doing! Then again, if there isn’t a connection, there’s no need to force it. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to happen.

I have this thing about socks, and my boyfriend is making fun of me for it. I just think socks are sexy, and I want to wear them when we have sex. But my boyfriend teases me and calls me a pervert because I just really get turned on by them. I don’t want to let this go, but his comments are starting to get to me. How do I change this scenario so we can both enjoy it?

Sincerely Socked by the Power Dear Socked by the Power What you have is a fetish. A strong, sexual desire linked to a specific object that may not be traditionally considered sexual. For you that fetish is socks – and there is nothing wrong with that! What there is something wrong with is your boyfriend ridiculing you and making you feel insecure about the whole thing – that is by no means fair, and he should stop immediately. He may think your fetish is strange or unfamiliar to him, but dig a little deeper, and there are bound to be objects or parts of the body that he fetishizes himself. His fetishes may not stand out as much because they are considered a traditional sexual object (like chest, ass, or penis), but it does not change the fact that it is a fetishized object of desire. So, tell him to put a sock in it, and start talking about your innermost desires instead – if things go right, this could be an interesting journey for both of you.

I met this guy, he’s really hot and all, but I struggle to find things we have in common. When we go on dates, the only common ground we have is to be amused by how few interests we actually share. One thing works; the sex. But I do want to find some overlap of interests before we take this any further – what can I do to see them?

Sincerely Remissed Connection


60 | 04.11.18

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