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OR Learn to shoot an arrow, build a fort, and become a heck of a whittler by week’s end?

Rush around the forest of the Willamette Valley foothills, waving a sword and role-playing with a group of your peers?


Would You


Pretend that you live somewhere far more exotic and dreamily faraway than the Pacific Northwest?


Rather ...

Are you Oregon proud, 100 percent Beaver state, the kind of person who wants to explore all the nooks and crannies of your own backyard?

Hit up your local parks and recreation department — Portland Parks & Rec, the North Clackamas Parks & Recreation Department, Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation and Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation all offer fantastic local camps.

Immerse yourself in a language camp at Schoolita Alegria, the FrenchAmerican International


French-American International School

ou know those games where you have

School or the German International School.

to decide whether you’d rather eat a

live snail or eat nothing but broccoli every



day for a month? (Go with the snail. Tastes

Psych! These are both Trackers, one of Portland’s most diverse camp options.

like chicken!). We’ve got a twist on that with our version of Would You Rather, summer

camps 2019 edition. Answer the questions to figure out which camp is right for you.


Spend a week getting up close and personal with the superstars of the animal kingdom — think zebras and giraffes and pythons?


Spend a week exploring the high desert of Oregon, learning about fossils, archaeology and native skills?

OR Brush up on your bona fides as a certified horse kid, by spending a week at riding camp?

OR Spend a week on the Oregon coast, investigating marine life, learning the secrets of the tides and gazing at the stars?

Collect moss, create natureinspired art and generally live out everyone’s boho, while-away-thosesummer-days fantasy while exploring a beloved state park?

OR Take shelter in a sun-dappled forest, splash around in a stream and bliss out to the sound of bird calls from above?

Make your way to the summer camp sessions offered by the Friends of Tryon Creek.

Hit the trail with the Audubon Society’s camps that wend through Forest Park.

Try a little bit of everything — cake-baking, letter-pressing, slipping and sliding, video-game design — you name it, it’s out there, sky’s the limit.

OR Do a weeklong deep dive into your particular passion, be it ballet, robotics, decorative arts or gymnastics?

Deep breath: Our favorites for all-purpose grab-bag camps include Steve and Kate’s, Portland Children’s Museum, Mittleman Jewish Community Center and YMCA Camp

Pick-your-poison from specialty camps at Oregon Ballet Theatre, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, or Oregon Gymnastics Academy.


Portland Children’s Museum

Learn how to save the world by inventing the next game changer, a la the polio vaccine or the wheel or, heck, sliced bread?


Check out the cool STEMinspired offerings at Camp Invention, which has locations throughout Portland.

March 2019



Psych, part 2! These are both OMSI camps — magical Camp Hancock in the desert and serene Camp Grey on the coast.

OR Learn how to live off the land and your wits in preparation for any future societal breakdown?

Sign up for a session of Hunter/Gatherer camp with Adventure Wild!



Sign up for a week at River Ranch summer equestrian day camp, with pony camp for smaller kiddos, and horse camp for ages 7 to 14. (Or go all in for horse-themed sleepaway camp at Royal Ridges near Yacolt, Wash.)

Audubon Society

Mix and Match: 1. E / 2. G / 3. B / 4. A / 5. I / 6. J / 7. C / 8. D / 9. F / 10. H

Two of Portland’s top private school campuses, Catlin Gabel and Oregon Episcopal School, offer academically enriching, and super-fun, summer experiences.

Up your theater kid cred with a summer intensive under the footlights, leaving you dreaming of Broadway days (and nights)?

OR Sweat it out on the soccer field, the cheers of hundreds of adoring fans ringing in your ears?

Check out the varied and inspiring offerings at Northwest Children’s Theater, Columbia Gorge School of Theatre or the Portland Drama Club’s musical offerings.

Shine up your shinguards for a sweaty, skills-intensive summer with BaxterSports, Portland Soccer Camp, Summer Skyhawks or i9 Sports.


Portland Drama Club

OR Have yourself a summer surrounded solely by super-strong, super-smart womyn?


Oregon Zoo

Check out the Oregon Zoo summer camps, to get behind the scenes with zoo animals and their


Go back to school way smarter than when you left?





Check out the grrrl power vibes at St. Mary’s Academy, Devi Girls Yoga, She-Wolf Adventure Camp, Alpengirl Camp or Math in Color.

Baxter Sports


March 2019


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Would You Rather (Camp Edition)  

Would You Rather, summer camps 2019 edition. Answer the questions to figure out which camp is right for you.

Would You Rather (Camp Edition)  

Would You Rather, summer camps 2019 edition. Answer the questions to figure out which camp is right for you.

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