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“Get ready to rumble… it’s BEACH BUM, 2010!” By Debbie Brady Robinson

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The Tybee Breeze is a monthly publication that comes out on the 1st of each month and is mailed to all Tybee residents and is available in racks & outdoor boxes throughout the island all month long. It is also available to view in its entirety to perspective visitors online, as well as, mailed out to subscribers all over the U.S. The deadline to advertise is by the 15th of the month prior. Our goal is to provide a fun & entertaining magazine for all ages. If you would like to contribute by writing a story, letter to the editor, suggesting a story, or advertising, contact us using the information above. By submitting photos to the Tybee Breeze, you are authorizing the Breeze to use, reproduce and display photographs on our web page or in any advertisement. Some of the articles in the Tybee Breeze are fiction. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily those of the Tybee Breeze. The Tybee Breeze assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or omissions. All ads contained within the Tybee Breeze are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The Tybee Breeze reserves the right to edit or refuse any articles or advertising submitted to this publication © 2010.

Well, it’s “show time” ya’ll! That time of year when kids from 1 to 101 line the streets of Tybee for one colossal, “Tybee Time” kind of water fight! It has been said time and time again that the Beach Bum Parade brings out the child in all of us! It’s the one time of year when everyone let’s down his or her guard down and just turns into a kid again. Going on now for well over two decades, fellow Beach Bum’s and long time Tybeeites, Jiggs Watson and Jack Boylston have been organizing this event together from the get-go! Jiggs owns Tybee Insurance Agency, and Jack is a retired teacher. These two original Beach Bums have been putting this thing on, and have been friends so long, that it’s kind of like a marriage - they‘ve had their little discords along the way!

The Grand Marshal

Georgia State Representative, Mr. Burke Day

This year’s Beach Bum’s pack leader is one of the most humble, sincerest, and funniest guys you would ever want to meet! I’m speaking of our own, esteemed, State Representative, Mr. Burke Day! He’s 100% serious when it comes to his Public service, but this guy’s got a sense of humor that just can’t be beat! “It took awhile to get the cover shot,” says Sundi Marino, editor of the Tybee Breeze. “We could hardly pull Burke away from joking with the girls in bikini’s at the pool!” Burke Day is the perfect man for the job; Beach Bum Grand Marshall, 2010! Many of us, Burke Day’s devoted constituents, have been terribly disappointed by Burke’s recent announcement that he’s retiring from his role as Ga. State Representative. Burke has worked tirelessly for, we the people, a great many years! “I just felt it was time to step aside,” says

Burke. “I will always remain politically active, somehow; all cards are on the table. We’ll just see what future holds!” Burke’s Tybee early beginnings go way back! His grandfather was a preacher and rode the Marsh Hen train to and from Savannah to preach at the pulpit! What is your first recollection of Tybee, queries this writer? “Well, I heard this distant roar, I guess we were heading down the Tybee Road, when mother was pregnant… with me,” twinkles Burke! Now, that’s some memory! “We always came home to Tybee,” recollects Burke. “We stayed at Cobb’s Apts. before my parents bought the beach house; the old home place, where Sally and I live today,” shares Burke. I remember riding the Nancy Hanks train; I cried and wanted my Mama, but after that I became a real trail blazer,” says Burke! “I remember my father and I hitch hiking; Dad and I, and slept in the sand! Dads first car, an old Ford, creeped me out, I remembering looking out windows that were lined inside with road maps; I felt entrapped inside - like a body entombed, or something! Burke along with his one sister, and three brothers, spent every summer on Tybee. I remember the “Days Inn,” that your family owned, says this writer. “I worked there from below the ground up, says Burke. I started every morning at 7AM!” Burke, along with his wife Sally and family, have made Tybee their permanent home for twenty years. “It’s a weird thing,” recalls Burke, “out of the blue, during one particular trip to Tybee, some twenty years ago, I felt moved to register to vote. I decided to run for town council, and a question of eligibility came up. There is a minimum number of days that a candidate must be registered to vote before running for public service!” “I enjoyed Tybee politics,” says Burke; and, who knows, he might again! “Tybee politics is strongly opinionated, diverse, but respectful.” I like that, says Burke! “I think I have a power to someone else’s point of view!” You are one politician who is truly genuine when you say that you are a Public Servant, comments this writer. “Most politicians start out that way, but they forget why they’re there,” explains Burke. “I have an old faded note posted to my cubical in Atlanta. It says, ‘this is not my office, it’s only loaned to me by the voters!’ I Live by that motto; Power gets to the head of so many politicians, that’s what gets them into so much trouble. “I’ve always managed to keep Tybee Breeze


my balance,” says Burke! Do you think you’re going to miss your current political seat? “I consulted my wife, Sally, before and after,” says Burke. She has been extremely supportive from the beginning. I am very lucky to have Sally as my wife. She has been my right brain sphere; my soul mate in life and in politics. I can not envision ever achieving anything without her! My entire family has been supportive; I am extremely blessed!” “Making decisions is not new to me, but I can’t say that I‘m going to miss that. I want to yell at somebody else for awhile!” Any words for the wise regarding Politics in general? “Loosen up and laugh at yourself, everybody else does!”

The Queen Pam Smith

Pam Smith, married to Steve Smith, like so many Tybee residents, grew up during “Tybee Times in the 20th Century,” spent most summers here before moving to Tybee permanently, as a young teen. I love Tybee, says Pam, there are so many wonderful memories of growing up!” My fondest memories are of me and my brothers enjoying the beach and the ocean.” Her mother and siblings, with the exception of brother, John, all live nearby. Pam’s mother, Helen and her brother’s Teo and Mike Wilson (aka; Cat Fish/2009 Big Kahuna), all live on Tybee! Pam has worked at Doc’s Bar on Tybrisa Street (16h Street), for two decades! Prior to that she worked at the old DeSoto Beach Club. “Wow, as long time Tybee bartender I‘ve really seen some sights,” recalls Pam. “I remember one time, back in my DeSoto Days, when a lady came into the bar disrobed, proudly flaunting her stuff, and ...Continued Page 10

Keeping It Real

We have four new businesses on Tybee,somakesure to welcome them. Santiago’sMexi-Cali, ownedbyJames,has authentic Mexican food and it is so delicious! Hehasan awesomechef,Louis Castillo, that can do anything! Then we haveTybeeIslandChiropractic,behindHighTidesurf shop,stopbyandseeAnatogetthekinksworkedout. AlsobehindHighTideisthePiratePedicab.“Putyour booty in a Pedicab”and letGraysonorKylepeddle youaroundtheisland.And last,butcertainlynotleast, there’s Top Sail Bar and Grill,ownedbyKimandher Chong. Theyarelocated inLazarettoCreekMarina (where Groover’s use to be). They are open for breakfast,lunchanddinner,andonemustnotforgetthe fantastic view! A JCB 3CX backhoeloaderhit the road on a 26day,coast-to-coast fundraising“road trip”tohelprebuild Haiti.JCBhopesthe “Backhoe Across America”campaignwillbothremind Americans that Haiti’s long road torecoveryisonlyjustbeginning. TheystartedonTybeewithascoop ofTybee sand, (ummm, we need thatsand,pleasebringitback!)and drovetoSantaMonicaanddumped thesand. MajorBueltermaneven put aTybee Island city sticker on theloader.Tomakeadonationvisit We are fortunate enough to have another guest writer from WJCL, Casey Jones, write a story thismonthonpage9. andit’sthat timeoftheyearagain,chekoutpage 11, to see what Jeff Kirk says is in store for this hurricane season.


“Be Breezy... You’re on Tybee Time!” ~Sundi

Tybee Breeze

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Tybee Breeze

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Spring Renewal…! By Tommy Thompson I knew it was an ominous start to the day when I dropped my new favorite coffee mug back into the dishwasher. Not only did I break the handle off and crack my 2009 Christmas mug from Huc-A-Poos, but the perfectly good wine glass from last night’s dinner, shattered all over the clean dishes…@&#%....! Just about the time that I had rescued all of the glass shards from the depths of the dishwasher drain, I received a call from a perky young woman from the cemetery monument company. She informed me that the new granite markers we had ordered for our parent’s graves were to be installed today and that I had requested to be called about the delivery. It was true, I had requested last November to be called when the stones were to be delivered. However, on this April morning as I was folded up like a contortionist

leaning over the dishwasher door and reaching around to its inner recesses, it was a totally unexpected call. A f t e r grabbing my second favorite mug, the Home Depot one from Goodwill, I filled it with coffee and drove off to Bonaventure Cemetery to meet up with the delivery truck. We have several generations of Thompson’s buried in Bonaventure and I have visited there since I was old enough to walk. My father would make regular visits there and made it a point to take us kids along even after we all had kids of our own. However, in all of my years of visiting Bonaventure, I must have never been there in early April when the azaleas are in bloom. The impact of driving through those stately gates was breathtaking. White, red, pink, salmon hues had exploded everywhere you looked. For a short time in early spring this must be the most beautiful garden in Savannah. Some of the plants have already started dropping their blossoms which carpet the ground around them and others are still raging with color, welcoming in the rebirth of their new generations of nature’s beauty. The contrasts of the old stones, Spanish moss with the bright and vibrant azaleas seems like a very fitting way to welcome the rebirth of spring. My Mother was always tending her garden and I know she is feeling right at home here in the beautiful resting place. Now, to make it a perfect spring renewal day, I just hope Eric has an extra one of those 2009 Christmas Huc-A-poos’s mugs hanging around…! To view additional Bonaventure azalea photos go to: Tommy Thompson is a writer and photographer, who lives on Tybee Island.


Tybee Breeze

The Nine Lives of the Newsroom Casey Jones Anchor, WJCL/FOX28 TV A New Vision Television Station THECOASTALSOURCE.COM News people and felines are a lot alike...The fourlegged and twolegged creatures are curious, mischievous, cautious, sleepy, sometimes crazy and, of course, predators... Many of you know I am not a big fan of cats...The exceptions are kittens and extremely large, lazy cats...While I am a dog person by nature, cats are sometimes okay...Here comes the rest of the story... A few weeks ago, I saw a facebook posting and photographs from Sue Madden-Gallion...She has four feral cats that hang around her Signs by Design shop on Wilmington Island...She asked what she should name the cats...So I indulged by news narcissism and chimed in with the suggestion ‘how about Casey?’...One cat looked a lot like one we had as a family pet many years ago...A few other people posted suggestions about names, too...I

If I could give you diamonds for each tear you cried for me, If I could give you sapphires for each truth you’ve helped me see, If I could give you rubies for the heartache that you’ve known, If I could give you pearls for the wisdom that you’ve shown, Then you’ll have a treasure, mother, that would mount up to the skies That would almost match the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes. But I have no pearls, no diamonds, as I’m sure you’re well aware, So I’ll give you gifts more precious, my devotion, love and care. ~Author Unlnown

didn’t think much else about it... After dropping by to see Lisa Scarbrough and the crew from Coastal Pet Rescue during an adoption drive at Ace Hardware on Wilmington Island, I decided to pop in and see Sue while I was in the neighborhood...This is what I saw when I pulled up in front of her store... I was quite surprised...There’s Casey (me), Frankie (Frank Sulkowski/The Big Guy), Fairbanks (Lynn Fairbanks/ General Manager) and Jesse (Jesse Blanco/Fox 28 Anchor)...That certainly covers WJCL/Fox 28...You can see all the cats that now carry our names... The cats are part of The Milton Project...It’s a program operated through Coastal Pet Rescue... Volunteers trap, spay or neuter and then return the cats to their areas...Here’s an interesting tidbit of information I saw on the flier for The Milton Project: left alone for seven years, two cats can produce 420,000 cats...The group also estimates there are 50,000 feral cats in Savannah... I certainly hope curiosity doesn’t lead our namesakes into trouble where they have to cash in one of their nine lives...We want to see Casey, Frankie, Fairbanks and Jesse stay safe...I guess that is also a good wish for the human news crew at Abercorn and Television Circle...So when you stop by to see Sue, look around, and you might have a chance to say hey to the furry news crew, too... Tybee Breeze


pranced on out to the beach, just as naked as a blue jay; in broad daylight! That was a hoot,” recollects Pam! “There have been quite a few memories from my Doc’s years, naturally,” says Pam. “Sadly though, we’ve lost so many great people; but we‘ve still got some real treasures, too! I remember the day Ms. Sylvia came into the bar,” recalls Pam. “She scoped it out, and picked that table right next to the band stand just as you walk in the door. That was about a decade ago, and it has been her table ever since! Roy and the fellows keep a watchful eye on her! Wow, 101 years young and still counting; can you believe it! Ms. Sylvia is a genuine lady, and a true Tybee Treasure; I hope she’s around to entertain us with her good humor and maracas for another decade,” says Pam!

The Big Kahuna Tommy Solomon

St. Michael’s School “Shark News” “The Shark’s news for this month and the last of the school news comes with much sadness. Sixty one years of Tybee Tradition will be coming to an end on June 30th. By the decree of Bishop Boland for the Archdiocese of Savannah, St. Michael’s Catholic School will be closing after this year. The word came to faculty and parents on March 31st. Low enrollment numbers and a budget short fall are to blame. We thank the Tybee community from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support through the years. Without you all, 61 years of history would have never been possible. With sadness in our hearts we search for a place to take our children. We can only dream of a place the will show some resemblance of what we have experienced on Tybee. Unfortunately for our community the children’s laughter is fading and an era of sorts has come to an end. St. Michael’s parents know the utopia is gone. So as we move on again all we can say is... Thank You All and God Bless!”


Tybee Breeze

Tommy Solomon was born and raised on Tybee Island. “My granddaddy A.P. Solomon, used to own the water tower and the water system. He liked to say that ‘Tybee folks got their water from me, or in a bucket when it rained,’ laughs Tommy! My greatgrand daddy bought the first fire truck, and I’ve got the bell and another piece from that old truck - and it’s dated, 1909!” Tommy grew up on Tybee with his three siblings: Johnny, the oldies (who passed away of cancer at the age of 45, followed up Gloria, Chris, and then Tommy. Chris carried on the family Plumbing business from his Dad, and now Christopher, Tommy’s nephew is carrying on the family tradition! Tommy has one son, Tom, Jr., who has followed in his Dad (Tommy’s) line of work, too. Tradition is BIG in the Solomon family! Owner and operator of Solomon Tree and Landscaping, Tommy is quite the all around adventurer; he’s sort of Tybee’s own version of Harrison Ford’s character in Raider’s of the Lost Ark! Tommy has scavenged and found everything from Megladon shark’s teeth, (dating back millions of years) to a fifty foot long whale carcass, parts of which he donated to Tybee’s Marine Science Center! Tommy’s jeep actually played a staring role in the recent movie, The Last Song, that was filmed here on Tybee; “that is, until most of the scene ended up on the cutting room floor,” declares Tommy! This writer and the 2010 Big Kahuna, (a true-blue Tybee character, defined simply as e c c e n t r i c, in the book of ‘Webster’) go back just about as far as one can recollect! In fact, we were chastised for frolicking in the clover, along with a couple of our classmates, Johnny Price and Karen Harper way back in the early 1960’s! Sister Mary Terrance (our teacher and St. Michael’s school Franciscans Nun) made the four of us stand up in front of our first and second grade classmates, while explaining that it wasn’t nice for little girls and boys to roll in the clover together! I asked Tommy if he remembered that story while I was interviewing him for this article; and much to my dismay, he did not! However, he wasn’t the one who felt as if he was wearing the “scarlet letter;” that privilege was reserved entirely for the girls!



Well, it seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for another hurricane season. That was 2009, which turned out to be nice and quiet. Boring is not always a good thing, but when it comes to hurricanes, boring is what we like to see. This year, however, looks like it could be much more active than last year. In the summer of 2009, an El Nino began to develop in the Pacific Ocean. This is when water temperatures become warmer than average in places, particularly off the west coast of South America. The phenomenon causes changes in weather patterns worldwide and for us it usually does two things: it causes more westerly wind shear in the tropics during hurricane season and we tend to see heavier rain amounts during the winter. Hurricanes have a harder time developing and maintaining intensity when encountering those westerly winds in the upper atmosphere. Indeed, we did see a lot of wind shear in the tropical Atlantic during the late summer and fall of 2009, which resulted in just 9 named storms. Hurricane season was then followed by quite a bit of rain this past winter. If the El Nino could continue this summer, that would be a good thing. But all indications are the El Nino will completely fall apart (it’s already weakening) and become a non-factor for this hurricane season. Since we are about 15 years into an active 25 year cycle of tropical activity in the Atlantic (called the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation), the falling apart of the El Nino by itself should mean an increased number of named storms over last year. But there are other factors to consider as well, and one of those is the correlation of sea surface temperatures in the Tropical Atlantic (areas mainly between 10 and 25 degrees latitude) to those in the South Atlantic (Gulf of Mexico, waters off the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Coast). When water temperatures in late winter/early spring are above normal in the Tropical Atlantic

and below normal in the South Atlantic zones, studies show that from August to October there tends to be higher than average water temperatures in the tropical formation areas and below average pressures. Remember, tropical systems are areas of low pressure that feed off of warm water. So, when pressures are expected to be below average and water temperatures are likely to be warmer than normal, those are additional positive indicators of an active hurricane season on the way. Forecasters from Colorado State University, including Dr. William Gray, issued their most recent forecast in April. Their forecast is for 15 named storms, 8 of them becoming hurricanes, and 4 of the hurricanes achieving Category 3 or higher status. The long-term average is 10 named storms, 6 becoming hurricanes and 2 of the hurricanes reaching major status. Based on past seasons with similar characteristics leading into them, some analog years for this season include 1958, 1966, 1969, 1998 and 2005. You can view tracks from those years by going to www.nhc. and clicking on Seasons Archive in the left hand column. Then scroll down to Past Tracks of Tropical Cyclones. You will notice that 2005 was a much crazier year than those other years. It should not be as active as 2005 but if you take the average of all 5 of those seasons, there should be at least a couple hurricane landfalls on the U.S. Coast. So it looks like the Future Trak weather team will be busy watching the tropics this season, especially between August and October. As we get into the 2010 hurricane season, make sure to keep it tuned to WJCL, Fox 28 and for all the latest information as tropical systems develop. [Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.]

2010 Hurricane Names Alex Bonnie Colin Danielle Earl Fiona Gaston Hermine Igor Julia Karl Lisa Matthew Nicole Otto Paula Richard Shary Tomas Virginie Walter Tybee Breeze


JustPunishMe AndCallMeaBum! By Judy O’Neill All of my loyal readers (Yes, I mean all three of you) will remember that I mentioned in a previous article called “House Arrest” that our house was irritated with us for going away and leaving it alone for a few days. Well, folks, it’s happened again. We got brave. We went out of town again for a few days. I mean everybody needs a little spring break vacation. Right? And although we live in a Spring Break Destination, where you live and work is where you live and work. So, sometimes you just need a change of scenery. And once again the house sent us the message: If you leave, I will punish you. Here’s how this time. The shelf in the laundry room separated from the

wall. The new air conditioner compressor we had to get after our last trip decided it would work only in heat mode and that there would be no cool air no matter how “flashy” I felt. My favorite antique lamp exploded when I turned it on. (Well, it was just the bulb but it sounded like the whole lamp.) And those darn dust bunnies from last time invited the Yellow Pollen Plague to infiltrate. Kinda puts a damper on the ole wander lust. Now, on a lighter note, and completely switching subjects and doing some major digressing.... It’s BEACH BUM TIME! Way back last century around 1987, a bunch of us “thirty somethings” (give or take) liked nothing better than to dream up ways to have fun. We never took the fact that we were a softball team seriously. Anyone who saw us play knew we were just goofing around. We were easily amused (still are) and could sit around the old DeSoto and think up fun things to do. Thinking ‘em up was half the fun. We might ride around in the back of a truck, children included, towing a big balloon that one Bummette had talked a car salesman out of. We might close down the bar, “kidnap” Sally Pearce, Bum Queen I, and go to the Char Broil for late night burgers (children not included). We might invade a friend’s home and play Gypsies in the Palace in their hot tub. We might cram too many people in a little convertible and cruise around ‘til local law enforcement told us to go home (or else). But what we did that had a really lasting impression and is our BUM LEGACY is dream up the Beach Bum Parade. It was to be a simple “Homecoming Parade” that all of us original Bums would take part in to celebrate the Last Locals’ Weekend before the tourist invasion. Little did we know how things would grow and change. Although many of us originals can rarely stay up past our usual bedtimes any more, the little parade formed by a group of friends who refused to grow up and tried not to ever take things too seriously is a GIANT and wet event that we could never have pictured it becoming. So Beach Bums, old and new, unite and celebrate Tybee and the life all of us Bums love. Judy O’Neill has written for the Breeze for the past seven years. She was named “Best Local Columnist” at the 2008 and 2006 Breezy Awards and “Best Local Real Estate Agent” at the 2005 Awards. Judy and her husband John have lived on Tybee since 1983 and own Tybee Island Realty. She can be reached for comment at


Tybee Breeze

Tybee Theatre Camp for Kids 2010

Summer Educational Arts Program June 14th - 25th Mon. - Fri. 9am - 3pm Kids from 6-16 are invited to join us for a very exciting 2 week Acting Camp this summer on Tybee, in the Tybee Arts Association’s Firehouse Arts Center. Come join Directors Renee’ DeRossett and Kim Trammell Schneider for a very different and exciting kind of summer camp this year. This camp will focus on more than just the basic fundamental skills of acting. Our Summer Theatre Camp will concentrate more on the whole artistic process of the actor. Campers will be given the unique opportunity to learn the craft of acting by studying the techniques and tools used in developing the many physical and mental talents of the actor. With a final performance at the end of camp, we will work on preparing these young actors for the performance with acting lessons, techniques, mental and physical theatre exercises, theatre games, improvisation, auditions, rehearsals, a performance and MORE! They will get hands on experience working on the stage, auditioning for a part, preparing for the role, and character development and motivation. There will be practical and actual application in the development of many aspects of performance and preparation of performing theatre. The camp is designed to encourage creativity in the aspiring actor in every kid. They will have the opportunity to experience just about every aspect of putting on a production. They will learn how to work together as an ensemble cast, how to break down a script, and understand the Director and the blocking directions. Director Renee’ DeRossett has worked as an Animal Wrangler in the film industry for many years; therefore, the final camp production of “Charlotte’s Web” will have live animals in the

performance. Campers will learn how to work with animals on a stage or film set. They will learn not only how to work with animals on a stage and how to present them, but also how to care for them, protect them as well. Summer theatre camp on Tybee means... kids of all ages coming together to learn and experience the many different aspects of the “art of theatre” Tybee style! They will spend their days inside and outside... working and playing on the stage, behind the scenes, and on all the beaches, parks and sprinklers that Tybee has to offer! It doesn’t matter whether your child has acting experience, or if they’ve never been on a stage before, kids of all ages will come away from this camp with the tools and knowledge they will find helpful in whatever path they take in life. So, make your plans now for this Summer and call us soon... Space is limited! Accepting applications now for our 1st session. Cost of camp = $250.00 For more information Call Renee’ DeRossett (912) 596-4992 or email or Kim Trammell Schneider (912) 228-0357

Tybee Breeze


...On the beat with Tybee Police Chief Jimmy Price & Major Chris Case

“ Welcome to TY-B. Please obey all laws and rules of the beach to make TY-B a better place to visit and live. Have a good day.” --Chief Jimmy Price All In The Family, the Sequel In our last column we detailed the sad story of a father and son both arrested for DUI on the same evening at the same time. Now we have the sequel-mother and daughter. Officer Powers had stopped a weaving driver near Campbell and Highway 80. After the usual questions and clues, the female driver was arrested and taken to the station for processing. On the Intox 5000, she blew a .279, over three times the legal limit. After fingerprints and mug shot were done, she was allowed to phone someone to come and bond her out. She called her mother. This was not a very good choice. Mom arrived after a while and entered the station. In the lobby, Officer Powers confronted her, and tried to make sense out of what she was saying. She reeked of adult beverage, had trouble keeping her balance, and finally sat down on the floor to explain that she was there to bond out her daughter. Powers glanced out the door and saw her car parked crosswise over two parking spaces. After the usual questions and clues, she was arrested for DUI, but without handcuffs because she was already at the station. On the Intox, she blew a .243, also over three times the legal limit. We’ve had Drive-Up DUIs before, but never a Mother-Daughter combo, or even a Father-Son combo. This was a first. Now we’re waiting to see what new family combinations will appear: Husband and Wife? Brother and Sister? The possibilities are almost endless. College Educated Dumb Criminal Officer Sullivan was in the 16th Street Parking Lot, half an hour before noon. A man approached and said that he worked at one of the local bar-restaurants, and that one of the business’s chairs was tied to the roof of a car two spaces over. They looked and sure enough, a gray Ford Contour was there with what appeared to be one of the bar’s outdoor chairs secured to the top. The driver was at the pay station getting his parking ticket. He returned to place it on the Ford’s dashboard, and the officer asked him about the chair. The chair, he said, was a family heirloom which his father got while serving in the Navy twenty years


Tybee Breeze

before and which they used for sitting on the beach. The chair looked brand new. He stuck to this story even after the owner of the business arrived and positively identified it as one of his chrome and plastic outdoor chairs, and that one was missing from the sidewalk in front of the bar. The bar owner offered to take the chair back and not prosecute, but the thief still denied it was stolen. Officer Sullivan finally offered to call the man’s father and confirm the story, and at this point the man, a 20-year old college student, broke down and admitted to taking the chair a couple of hours earlier. He was arrested for Theft by Taking. This student obviously flunked Thievery 101, which teaches: steal something, hide it, leave the area. Sign Rage On March 21, at a few minutes before two in the morning, Officer Millikan watched from his patrol car while a male left one of the bars, shouting obscenities and waving his arms about. Going to a sidewalk sign set up outside the business, the man kicked over the sign and then began to jump up and down on it, still shouting obscenities. He was obviously not pleased with the service he had received inside. Millikan walked over and arrested him for disorderly conduct. It’s always easier when they break the law right in front of you. Parking Lot Rage, or Father - Son Drama II An onlooker called us at about three in the afternoon to report an interesting situation in the 14th Street Parking Lot. Officer Sterrett responded, and got the whole story: A 17-year old female was standing in an empty parking place to “hold” it for a friend while the friend went around the block to come at it from the right direction. A 37-year-old male driver of a Chevy Blazer thought the space was empty and attempted to pull into it. The female blocked his way. The driver, with his 17-year old son in the front seat with him, cursed the female out and inched his car forward until he bumped into her. She stepped back, but refused to leave. He crept forward again, hitting her again, she stepped back and then he did it a third time. This time she stepped aside and he moved all the way into the space, running over the girl’s left foot as he did so. The driver now left

to pay and get his parking receipt. While he was doing this, Officer Sterrett arrived. The female had no significant injuries, but there was an undeniable tire track across the top of her left shoe. The driver returned, and Sterrett got his side of the story. He denied bumping the girl or running over her foot. About this time, the onlooker who had called us in the first place called down from the balcony of his hotel room to say, in so many words, “He’s lying. She’s telling the truth.” Sterrett applied the handcuffs. While the offender was being put into the back seat of the patrol car, the son approached with much profanity and waving of arms, refusing to calm down, so Sterrett arrested him, too. At the station, the driver was booked for felony Aggravated Assault and the son for disorderly conduct. The driver went to the county jail. The son bonded out from TIPD but not before the Chevy Blazer was towed from the scene. EMS examined the girl’s sore foot, finding no broken bones. The onlooker agreed to give a written statement of all that he witnessed. After the Blazer was towed, the girl and her friend got their parking space. No Good Deed... On March 30, officers were called to a south end establishment on a report of a man and woman refusing to leave after becoming drunk and disorderly. (The female had fallen off her barstool, knocking over other tables and chairs.) When the officers arrived, the couple was starting to get into a car parked on Butler Avenue. The officers talked to them, finding them far too intoxicated to drive, and offered to call a cab that would take them to their hotel room. They agreed to this arrangement, and the man thanked the officers for their assistance. He told them he was a Chief of Police in Tennessee, and if they ever needed a job, all they had to do was call. The pair got into the cab and left, and the officers cleared the scene. Officer Sullivan drove down Tybrisa to the Strand, then around the block and north on Butler. As he did so, he spotted the alleged Tennessee police chief walking south toward his parked car. By the time Sullivan turned around, the man had reached his car, gotten in, started it up, and pulled into traffic. Sullivan turned around on him, pulled him over, and shortly thereafter made the ride to the station where the “chief” blew a .156 on the Intox, almost twice the legal limit for blood alcohol content. When asked why he hadn’t stayed in his hotel room, he said that his wife was “bitching at him” to bring the car back. Drinking Till You’re Stupid isn’t against the law, but maybe it should be. 10-42 The Beach Bum Parade is coming up soon. Have a great time, get really wet, and remember Rule Number One: Police officers are not part of the festivities. In other words, hose an officer, go to jail. That’s it for this month. See you next time.

The Top 10 Rules of Bicycle Safety 1. Always wear a helmet – the law for riders under 16, for every ride, and use lights at night. 2. Conduct an ABC Quick Check before every ride 3. Obey all traffic laws: ride with traffic, on the right, with slowest traffic farthest right 4. Ride predictably and be visible at all times 5. At intersections, ride in the right-most lane that goes in your direction of travel 6. Scan for traffic, and signal lane changes and turns 7. Be prepared for mechanical emergencies with tools and know-how 8. Control your bike by practicing your bicycle handling skills 9. Drink before you are thirsty, and eat before you get hungry 10. Have fun! Tybee Breeze


Report By Chris Wesseling Like most end-of-the-road towns, stability is contrary to the nature of our beautiful island. The Tybee co-ed softball league, playing Monday nights at Jaycee Park from late March through November, has embraced change by ushering in two new teams this year. After finishing back-to-back seasons in the cellar, Fannies went from trying to scrape together five girls and five guys each week to unceremoniously dropping out of the league. Stepping in to fill the void is the return of the infamous bottom-dwelling Breakfast Club squad that held a death grip on last place before a self-imposed two-year hiatus. Although Breakfast Club has picked up where they left off in 2008, beginning the season 0-3 with three blowout losses, Pirate Pedicabs Grayson Powell sees light at the end of the tunnel. “We’re a first year team,” explained Grayson, “so we don’t have positions figured out yet. Give us two seasons – until next spring – and we’ll be winning.” Note to Grayson: it’s true what they say about too many beers and false confidence. Joining the league for the first time this year is the Ocean Rescue squad, off to a rocky 1-2 start while shedding their sea legs in the early going. The lone highlight in the first month was a 5-4 victory over Titan Advertising that stands as a monument to offensive futility. Titan, still in transition after unloading the Coast Guard name and most of the players on the spring 2009 championship squad, must also deal with the loss of their shortstop and fearless leader Jim Bodenrader. “Chief” recently underwent season-ending surgery to repair a torn ACL and meniscus suffered in an exhibition game three weeks before the start of the Tybee season. Though his team is off to a tail-spinning 0-4 start, Bodenrader seems far more concerned about the doctor’s orders keeping him off the surfboard for six weeks. A fixture in the league since Magnum P.I. celebrity look-alike Joel “You Ain’t Tybee” Anderson was in his prime, the Jailbirds are trying to find the right note between contending and rebuilding this season. Coach Bubba Edgerly lost his best power hitter when veteran Matt Martin jumped ship to the rival Café Loco squad, forcing the Jailbirds to rely on young legs in a 2-1 start. With the Clown Prince of Softball, Tony “FU” Voigt, returning from minor foot surgery and cannonarmed Travis Israel coming out of retirement, the Jailbirds should stay competitive all season. Behind sterling defense and the aforementioned Martin acquisition, Café Loco is clicking on all cylinders in an impressive 3-1 start. The lone loss came in Week 1, when pitcher Wally Hattrich’s absence caused team morale to swoon. A pop-up artist at the plate, Wally admits to bringing nothing to the table other than said


Tybee Breeze

morale, $500 bats, and wee little beers that make his hands look huge. Any overview of the Café Loco squad would be incomplete without mentioning the best pure fielder in the league – Candace Buckley’s forehead. Candace’s noggin hasn’t missed a ball in three years. After laying torch to the league to the tune of a 31-3 record in 2007-08, Huc-a-Poos finally came back to the pack, finishing in second place in both the spring and fall leagues last year. The “Over-the-Hill Gang” started out hot, pasting the Jailbirds behind leadoff hitter Stephen Hines and 66-year-old physical marvel John Pomeroy. The Poo Crew followed up that offensive explosion by laying an egg against Café Loco the next week, turning up the pressure for an April 26 grudge match against first-place Sting Ray’s. Unable to lure players from a championship Huc-a-Poos squad, Sting Ray’s owner Li’l Ray (also known as “Li’l Steinbrenner”) imported Scott Reed from A.J.’s/Café Loco to round out an already strong roster two years ago. Li’l Steinbrenner has since added the team’s “glue” -- hard-hitting third baseman Zach Hillard – to original members Drew Alexander (“It’s a powerful name, isn’t it”), Bubby Aguilera (“First at-bat, first pitch – ‘yard’ ”), and Whitney Lane (“The only base our hitters need is home plate”). The revamped lineup has raced out to a dominant 4-0 start, prompting Drew to promise new “firecracker uniforms” for the upcoming titanic clash with perennial power Huc-a-Poos. Somewhere deep in the South Pacific, Li’l Steinbrenner is rubbing his hands together and cackling with glee in his hollowed-out volcano. Dr. Gustave “Stavie” Kreh, a well known Savannah pediatrician, and photographer has been taking photos of Tybee for many years. He had an idea to put those photos together and make a coffee table book. He found a creative designer, “Spaghetti Rich” Sestili, to donate his time and put this book together for him for a good cause. All of the profits go toward two main charities: The Chatham Academy at Royce Center for Children, Savannah, Georgia, and The Marine Science Center of Tybee Island. The book has been getting wonderful reviews for its overall beauty of photography and color reproduction as well as the depiction of the culture and history and beauty of the island. You can order the book on their website, www., or at, Atlantic Beacon Gallery, Gayle Boylston’s Gallery by The Sea, and other locations throughout the island.

These snippets are based on a large record book kept in a safe at City Hall containing the handwritten minutes of council meetings and other happenings in the Town of Tybee from 1887 until 1925.  I have tried to find those items that will be of the greatest interest and amusement to Tybee readers of a century later.  I include many names since it was apparent from the start that a lot of Tybee folks of today will know, indeed be related to, some of  these people of yesteryear.

Written by Bernie Goode

Four Council Meetings in Three Years Officials of the Town of Tybee held their first and only meeting of 1901 on April 11th. The usual first meeting of the year business was conducted with the adoptions of license fees, committee assignments, taxation ordinances, rules, staff appointments, etc. The attention paid to alcohol remained high. “Section 5. Any person desiring to sell malt, vinous, spirituous liquors – or beer the product of any brewery within the corporate and jurisdictional limits of said Town shall make written application to the Mayor and Councilmen thereof which must be accompanied by the written consent of four of the nearest bonafide property owners where it is proposed to sell the same – and if said application is granted – the Clerk of Council and ex officio Treasure – of said Town is hereby authorized and directed upon the payment of the sum of one hundred dollars – by said applicant to issue him a license therefor and if any person shall sell malt, vinous, spirituous liquors or beer the product of any brewery without obtaining a license as aforesaid shall be liable to a penalty of not more than one hundred dollars for every day such person may sell or be imprisoned for thirty days or both.” A hundred dollars in 1901 would be worth about $2500 today. Council met twice in 1902. The first meeting held on April 7th announced the winners of the biennial election held that day. By 12 votes each all incumbents but one were returned to office. Wm Stillwell replaced G.M. Ryals on Council. No indication was given on whether Mr. Ryals ran for reelection. The treasurer’s report submitted at that meeting for FY 1901 included such disbursements as: $626 for streets and lanes, $440 for the police which included $8.70 for meals for prisoners, $59 to maintain, insure and provide water to the public pavilion, $82 for lights and lighting, $108 for drainage works – cutting weeds and cleaning ditches, $55 collecting garbage, and $350 to pay the Town attorneys and Clerk of Council. Other business included “Robert Hunter was granted permission to build dwelling on Garden Lot #2” (on the railroad near McKenzie and Bay streets) and “a communication from the Tybee Beach

Company was received in regard to the taxes on their property – same was referred to the Committee on Assessments.” The second and final meeting of Council in 1902 was held on July 22. Receipts for the year ending April 30, 1902 included $1583 for property taxes, $615 for licenses, $49 for Police Court fees, $226 for sale of beach extension lots, and $18 for sale of pipe. Other business consisted of a request from newly elected Councilman Stillwell and others to extend the boardwalk along the railroad to Chatham Avenue, a motion directing the Street and Lane Committee to investigate “about W.R. Wilson erecting a piazza on 16th Street,” and a motion ordering a street lamp be erected on Chatham Avenue near Pat Grogan’s property. Council would meet only one time in 1903 – April 14th. Liquor licenses were issued to the Hotel Tybee, Naylor Farms, South End Hotel, and Point Station. The usual first of year business was conducted. An unusual selection process occurred for the Chief of Police position: “On motion of Councilman Dixon, 2nd by Councilman Kehoe, it was moved that the Mayor cast the ballot for the Chief of Police. The Mayor preferred not to cast the ballot. It was then moved that ballots be cast by the councilmen. There were four ballots cast. The Mayor counted the ballots as follows – Robt Hunter 1 vote – Arthur Raven (?) – 3 votes. It was ordered that Arthur Raven (?) be elected Chief of Police at 40.00 per month salary.” The Mayor was authorized to have the Town Hall roof repaired and “to purchase a new wagon harness for use with horse in building plank walks, etc.” “On motion, the Clerk of Council was instructed to call the attention of the following property owners to the ordinance relative to surface (?) privies and have the Chief of Police to see they comply with the terms of said ordinance – J.H. Ruwe – Geo Wortham – Mrs. Campbell and Est. of George Parish.” Bernie Goode has been writing for the Breeze for four years. Readers with questions, corrections, or comments are encouraged to write Bernie at Tybee Breeze


Operation ROE (Release Over Eighteen)

can see the importance of letting the big ones go to help make up the egg numbers. At this writing (April 15th) only a few sea trout are being caught along the coast, but it’s early yet and March and April are typically not big sea trout months anyway. But May and June are and we will know much more about how bad or not so bad things are by the end of May. I’ll keep you posted as I see it happen on the water from a fishermen’s point of view. Mean while lets ROE (release over eighteen) until the spawn is over in August.

Lots of talk about that first hard cold snap in mid January killing some sea trout along the Georgia coast. A coalition of angler supported conservation groups, including CCA Georgia and the DNR, are asking Georgia saltwater fisher men to release sea trout over 18 inches. About 94% of sea trout over 18 inches are female one DNR study shows. Operation ROE is strictly voluntary. No doubt that this Fishing Reports winter’s cold killed a lot of fish While the sea trout and along the Atlantic seaboard shrimp may be in trouble this and all the way around to the year, the rest of our fragile gulf coast of Texas. I spoke eco system seems normal to a friend today over in Texas and on the surface, late, but normal. Paul and sister Marianne wacked he confirmed a trout kill out there. Glass minnows are in, mullet are ‘um good on Easter Sunday. Another group of my friends just moving, pogies are flicking the got back from Boca Grande, Florida (Down below water top, wogs are healthy and I’ve seen some nice Tampa) and their guide estimated that up to 70 % white shrimp in the Sapelo River. So lack of bait is of the local snook had been wiped out due to cold one excuse we can’t water temperatures. He also said that in thirty years use for not catching of fishing there he had never seen so many sea fish, baits look good, trout. They had caught over 200 sea trout in one just going to have to day between 20 and 24 inches. Go figure, Mother wait and see about Nature? the shrimp. We had this same cold weather hit us back Redfish in 2001 and it too killed a lot of trout. However, they have been the go made a quick recovery as I remember it. Operation to fish as they are ROE will surely help speed up this year’s recovery for every spring. Most of spring fishing in 2011. Studies show that most of the the schools we have fish that die due to extreme cold water temperatures been working range are the smaller fish. “An 18 inch female sea trout from 17 inches to has the potential to produce almost 18 million eggs 26 inches (6lbs). during spawning season. That is almost five times The bite has been the egg production of a 14 inch trout, “said Spud on wogs and mullet Woodward, director of DNR’s Coastal Resources on the live side and Division. So if the cold got most of the little guys you we have caught um Mother nature at work 18 Tybee Breeze

on spinner baits and soft plastics on the artificial end. Don’t forget the pogies, it a hot spring bait. This is also a good time to stick your nose out front on the bars for some big bulls. F l o u n d e r catches have been good for this time of the year; we have landed some fatties over 17 inches and lots of small fish. All have come on soft plastics and pollywogs. A cold days reward! South channel and the Savannah River have been most productive. Sheapshead have also been caught in good numbers around the north and south jetties. Near shore action has been most productive around wrecks and reefs. Dock and bridge fishing should pick up this month as a lot of these fish will move inside. Fiddler and mud crabs are best baits, but don’t forget to try a shrimp; they do love a fresh shrimp. Whiting have moved in and are being caught in large numbers off Tybee’s piers, Lazaretto, Back River and beach front, all areas have been very good. Summer trout have also shown their faces along the beach front. A variety of Small Composite sharks have also begun to cruise the beach and by May the bite will be good on the inside as well. Cut bait works best here, shrimp, squid or mullet. That’s about all for now, catch ‘um and release ‘um, don’t freeze ‘um.

I’ll see ya in the river, Capt. Stan About the Captain

Captain Stan Allen (alias Fred) owns and operates Marshland Inshore Fishing Adventures, a local guide service that runs out of Chimney Creek Marina (The Crab Shack), on Tybee Island. Captain Stan has been a Tybee resident for over 25 years and serves the local Community as a volunteer for the Fire Department and Marine Rescue Squadron Tybee Breeze


Emily Brennan fundraiser at the Crab Shack By Tommy Thompson A fundraiser was held at the Crab Shack on Tybee to benefit Emily Brennan. The nine year old forth grader is suffering from a rare chronic nerve pain disorder (Visceral Hyperalgesia). The Crab Shack hosted the event; a BBQ dinner was prepared and served by the Marine Rescue Squadron - Tybee 1A. There was a silent auction with many wonderful items to choose from, a 50/50 raffle, door prizes, a bake sale, and live music. The Tybee community turned out and packed the house in support of the Brennan family. The fundraiser was a huge success and a good time was had by all...!


Emily Brennan and her family would like to send many thanks to all who participated in the recent fundraiser held at the Crab Shack. The day was so much more than we ever dreamed it would be, and we are filled with so much gratitude to everyone who donated their time, silent auction items and attended the event. What a success it was! A special thanks to Belinda and Jack Flanigan, Jackie and Alan Burn, the Marine Rescue Squadron, Xi Delta Chi, Sherri Simmons,Sue, Colin Brookins, Cindy Solomon, Dave Roberts, The Tybee News, The Tybee Breeze and the businesses that donated silent auction items and food for the event, and the bands who donated their time. A whopping $34,000 was raised, and and it never would have been possible without the love and support of our family, friends and even strangers that make Tybee as special as it is. Thank you, thank you , thank you!!


Tybee Breeze

News From Your Tybee Island Post Office You can now sign up at and renew or manage your PO Box online. You can use your credit card to make a one-time payment or sign up for automatic payments so you never miss a due date. As always, payments can be made at the Post Office or mailed to the attention of the Postmaster. Please make checks or money orders payable to the US Postal Service and include your PO Box number and ZIP Code. If paying by mail, a receipt for your PO Box will be delivered to your PO Box. If your payment is not received by the due date, access to your PO Box will be blocked and caller services will be limited. If we have not received your payment by the 10th day after the due date, your PO Box service will be terminated, incoming mail will be returned to the sender, and, in addition to any unpaid monthly PO Box fees, you will be charged a handling fee to reopen your box. To avoid this inconvenience, we encourage you to renew on time. Each month we have an increasing number of customer who are disappointed to learn their mail has been returned and their boxes closed. Please understand that we have no control over this. Your box is automatically closed if payment is not posted. There is a fee of $15, in addition to the box fee, to reopen a closed box. After 30 days, the box cannot be reopened and you will need to obtain a new box and number.

Ole Slo took a little trip out to Sin City last month for some much needed R & R. For some reason I just couldn’t get used to the three-hour time difference. I remained on Eastern Time for most of the visit. Getting up at four-thirty in the morning in Las Vegas does, however, have some unique advantages. For instance, there is no line at the Starbucks in the lobby of the Golden Nugget at that time of day. Laugh if you must but at seven-thirty, plan on waiting a half hour. With coffee and a cigar in hand, I then made my way to the casino. Now, for those of you who have never experienced six in the morning at a casino bar, you don’t know what you’re missing. Picture this: The place is not very crowded at all; but the folks who are there are… WOW! Been up all night drinking and playing, then drinking some more. Saturday morning a young couple walked up and sat near me. Each had a Buwiza long neck, not their first of the night, er morning, I can assure you. I nodded good morning and it was then that the young lady looked at me and said, “Guess what.” I said, “What?” She said, “We got married last night.” I wished them the best and adjourned to the roulette wheel next to the bar. As I sat down, I heard the young bride telling another guest: “Me and Dave got married last night.” The guest wished them well, and at that point the groom leaned over to his new wife and said, “Baby, my name is Duke.” Ya gotta love Vegas!

As a reminder, your account information must be current. If your physical address or other pertinent information has changed since you applied for your PO Box, please ask a Retail Associate at your Post Office to update the filed copy of your PS Form 1093, Application for Post Office Box Service. Tybee Breeze


Dear Fran, I am getting my body ready for your beach and want to know if high heels will go with my multicolored thong to effectively promenade along the Tybee Boardwalk. I’m practicing walking on a daily basis. Ciao! Lady Goo-Goo Dear Goo, High heels are appropriate with ANY swim wear if those heels are actually high-heeled flip flops. Why don’t you visit and practice your walking in front of Fannies on the Beach each day. There are those there who can rate you and make suggestions as you promenade along. That’s about as close to a Boardwalk as Tybee has anymore. Prance on, Fran Dear Fran, Every time I walk by Benny’s and primp and make bathing suit adjustments in those wonderful street side mirrors, I hear whistles and calls coming from inside the bar. Do they have some kind of special entertainment or floor show that I might enjoy? Just wondering, Buffy Beautamus Dear Buffy, One day soon you must drop into Benny’s and sit on one of the bar stools by the front windows. The insider sights from there are abundant, entertaining and often amazing. And I, too, really love those mirrors they’ve thoughtfully provided for those of us who enjoy a little regular primping when we’re out and about. Always a fashion plate, Fran Dear Fran, What’s up with all this Beach Bum stuff? Where I’m from bums are outcasts and ignored. Here you’re honoring them??? Is this that Tybee Quirky thing you’re so proud of? Sincerely, Biggann Meen Dear Biggann, Yes! You have stumbled upon part of Tybee’s charm. Beach Bums rule on the island. FYI. A BEACH BUM is a different species from your average ordinary bum. Join in our Beach Bum weekend and you’ll leave with a different outlook... if you leave at all. Quirkiness can be contagious. Bums Forever! Fran 22 Tybee Breeze

Dear Fran, My husbin and me wonted to inter the Tibee Iland Speling Bea, but no body ast us to bee on there teem. I tole my son’s teacher that we wood be reel happie to pertisipate but she wernt reel sure why we wernt ast to hellp. Dew you theenk we shude put hour names in now fer next yeer? Yores trueley, Maybelline & Moe Dear Maybelline & Moe, By all means. You should go ahead now and prepare for next year. Might I suggest some evening classes? You might even profit from those ESL courses offered in various locations. Better luck next year. Thanks for volunteering, Fran Dear Fran, Tybee rocks! You have the best events. I loved the Tybee Wine Festival and didn’t even get really upset when the organizers asked me not to bring in my own bottle of Boone’s Farm. And, you know, I’m soooo glad I didn’t because that festival had some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted. Let’s do that again! Cheers to you all, Bubbles MaGee Dear Bubbles, You’re always the life of any party. But you’re right. The wine festival was spectacular. To your health, Fran Dear Fran, I love the TYBEE BREEZE publication. My favorite column each month (besides yours, of course) is the one written by the policeman. I think it’s a hoot that y’all tell stories about who gets arrested and ticketed. Next time I’m on Tybee and misbehave, I hope I get stopped by whoever writes all those stories. It would be a little like being on that COPS TV show. Cuff me anytime, Outlaw Jones Dear Outlaw, I’m sure all the officers are looking forward to your next visit. Film at eleven, Fran You can write me anytime you like at

Coastal Kids



at the Tybee Island Marine Science

Pre-K-K Age 4 and up Mini Beach Explorers Young campers Upcoming

A view from the porch of the Lighthouse Inn – Yes there is life on the North end of the Island and we will try to let everyone know what is happening with this end of the island from “the porch” and from our wonderful guests.

We appreciate…

We just wanted to thank you for making our first experience at a B&B a time we will both treasure the rest of our lives! The warmth and kindness we felt will be cherished always. We can’t wait for our next visit! Give Artie a kiss and a hug from us and keep the lights on for our next visit. We are both sending you our love and thanks for the best 4 days we ever had! Griff and Rhonda, Loganville, GA


This is an awesome Place. We haven’t had this much fun since we covered ourselves with honey and went to the petting zoo! A true southern treasure! We’ll be back. Neil and Naomi, Tucker, GA Wunderbar and danke!!! Elizabeth and Jurgen, Stutgart, Germany Nothing short of delightful can describe our stay on Tybee. Susie, Stuart and Artie (the poodle) are wonderful warm hosts. Thank you so much for making our adventure so memorable. See you next year. Dee and Jim, Bowling Green, Ohio

are introduced to many sea creatures as they make friends and have fun! Campers will hit the beach to learn about sea shells, sand and stones. Learn about “fintastic” fish, touch amazing creatures that live under the sea, and design a home for a hermit crab. June 14, 16, 18 (MWF) from 10–11:30

Ocean Commotion

Discover the wild world of the ocean through fun investigations and activities. Take an exciting journey along the seashore. Sift through the soft Tybee sand and visit undersea homes. Learn how different ocean animals move and survive in the ocean. Explore the commotion of the ocean! July 5, 7, 9 (MWF) from 10–11:30

Grades 1-2 A Hidden Universe Discover the world Upcoming

through a microscope! Have you ever really seen seaweed? Looked plankton in the “eye”? Encountered a part of the Georgia Mountains on our own Tybee beach? Visited a whelk shell’s Thank you so much for opening your home and hearts nursery? Get an “up close and personal” view of to us. We truly enjoyed our time on Tybee Island. You this hidden universe! two serve others with amazing grace and patience. When life becomes crazy and we are in need of a June 21-24 (M-Th) from 10–12:30 relaxing vacation, we know where to come for a relaxing home – The Lighthouse Inn. May you continue to be blessed in the future. Cody and Kelly, Cannburg, IN Our first trip to Tybee yet you both made it feel like coming home! Our hearts and minds were refreshed and thank you so much! We can’t wait to return! John and Jan, Ontario, Canada Thank you all, Susie & Stuart, Lighthouse Inn - 912 786-0901

Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Take a peep into the deep! Learn about all types of fish and their body parts. Find out what arthropods inhabit the seas. Discover what you can do to help loggerhead sea turtles. Learn to identify shells and the animals that live in the salt marsh. July 5-8 (M-Th) from 2–4:30 Choose a Sea Camp based on the grade your child will be entering in the fall. Tybee Breeze


Tybee Branch Library 405 Butler Avenue, Tybee Island Phone: 912-786-7733 Fax: 912-786-7734 Hours: Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays 2-6; Tuesdays 10-8; Wednesdays 10-6 Branch Manager: Laurel Beecher Powers Check out the new arrivals at your Tybee Branch of Live Oak Public Libraries: Fiction “Beatrice and Virgil,” by Yann Martel “Blue-Eyed Devil,” by Robert B. Parker “Burning Lamp,” by Amanda Quick “Dead in the Family,” by Charlaine Harris “Deliver Us From Evil,” by David Baldacci “The Double Comfort Safari Club,” by Alexander McCall Smith “Heart of the Matter,” by Emily Giffen “Hannah’s List,” by Debbie Macomber “Innocent,” by Scott Turow “Lucid Intervals,” by Stuart Woods “The Map of True Places,” by Brunonia Barry “Savor the Moment,” by Nora Roberts “This Body of Death,” by Elizabeth George “Till You Here From Me,” by Pearl Cleage

Non-Fiction “The Council of Dads,” by Bruce Feiler “Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes,” Joyce A. Meyer “Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future,” by Michael J. Fox “Flat Belly Diet! Family Cookbook,” by Liz Vaccariello & Sally Kuzemchak “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts,” by Pam Grier “A Game of Character,” by Craig Robinson “Happy: Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life,” by Ian K. Smith “Hellhound on His Trail,” by Hampton Sides “The Last Stand,” by Nathaniel Philbrick “Put on Your Crown,” by Queen Latifa “Spoken from the Heart,” by Laura Bush “Sports from Hell,” by Rick Reilly “War,” by Sebastian Junger To check availability of any of these titles, visit our online catalog at 24

Tybee Breeze

Tybee Breeze


THANK YOU! The 2nd annual Tybee Island Wine Festival huge success! We will net around $27,000 after expenses for the theater, which is more than double the 1st year. There were over 500 people who bought tickets and we probably turned away 100 people at the door. Next year we will stress that people will need to buy tickets in advance. Thank you to all who made the day so successful for the Tybee Post Theater: Our Sponsors, Donors, Volunteers and especially those that purchased tickets and attended the wine festival. Many thanks to over a 100 volunteers who gave their time and talents to make this event a reality. Many thanks to our silent auction donor’s and for our In Kind Donations. A complete list of all donors is posted on our webpage www.

Please support our major sponsors:


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A New Way to Look at You Tybee Island YMCA and Recreation Department By Hillary Brodofsky - Executive Director

Are you ready for summer yet? We are. For the kids, ages 5 to 15, we’re offering 11 weeks of summer day camp between June 14 and August 27. Also on tap are field trips to the Jacksonville Zoo and Summer Waves on Jekyll Island. For those who aren’t quite ready to hit the beach just yet, we have swim lessons for ages 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 in July and August. For those who are ready to hit the beach, ages 7-16, we have surf (an unprecedented 6 sessions) and kayak camps. New this year, for ages 12-17, we’re offering two kite boarding camps. If last year is any indication, all camps will fill up soon; please do not put off signing up. Come by the front desk in the gymnasium for complete information and to register your children. But what about the really big kids, like you and me? Well, water aerobics starts back up on Tuesday, June 1. We’re back in the pool at the River’s End Campground on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-10 AM, and Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-7 PM. We’ve also got a couple of new on-land aerobics classes you might want to try out: Pilates at 7 AM on Tuesdays and Kickboxing at 5 PM. If you’re not a member, guest passes are available at the front desk. If you are a Tybee resident over 60, you can take any of the Tybee Y’s aerobic classes at no charge, courtesy of the City of Tybee Island.

Last month, the Y E E P I E S / A c t i ve Adult League took a memorable field trip to Old Fort Jackson. (Did you know that it is the oldest standing fort in Georgia?) Among those who made the trip, left

to right, were Bobby Orr, Carole Pawlikowski, Mimi Rissman Kimberly McKaskle, AAL Coordinator, and June Patenode. A large contingent of AALers also attended the Tybee Art Association’s production of “The Curious Savage” and ate at Charly’s afterwards. On Saturday, May 8 the seniors group will be attending the Scottish Games at the Bethesda. If you’d like to go with them, call Kimberly at 786-9622. The Y was pleased to both host and participate in the 2nd Annual Tybee Island Spelling Bee, held on April 28 in the gym. This entertaining and edifying event raises scholarship funds for the island’s youth and challenges the minds of all the contestints, I mean contestants. Speaking of fundraising, thanks to all of you who contributed to our Priceless Gifts Campaign, which officially ended a month ago but unofficially keeps on going year round. This year, we raised $23,000, a remarkable figure considering the state of the economy. The Tybee Y family would like to ask you to keep in your prayers Jon Beckett Nelson, the son of Patrick and Amanda Nelson. Patrick was a very popular summer day camp counselor for us two years ago and has stayed in touch with a number of our staff since moving back to Tennessee. In early April, Jon Beckett, then 6-months old, was put down for a nap on a bed by his sitter and 30 minutes later was found wedged between the headboard and the mattress. Due to lack of oxygen, he has brain damage. Many people have asked how else they can help. The “Jon Beckett Nelson Benefit Fund” has been set up and donations may be mailed to SunTrust Bank, 222, West Madison St., Pulaski, TN 38478. Finally, please be advised that we will not have a Family Skate Night on Friday, May 21. Instead, we’ll have it one week later on May 28 from 6 to 9 PM. See you there. Thanks for supporting the YMCA, Tybee YMCA Hours of Operation Monday – Thursday - 5:30 AM – 9:00 PM Friday – 5:30 AM – 8:30 PM Saturday – 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Tybee Breeze


The Tybee Island Garden Club dedicated their Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker on April 17, 2010. The marker is located at the Tybee Veteran’s Memorial Circle of Freedom Monument. The Blue Star Memorial Program honors all men and women who had served, were serving, or would serve in the armed services of the United States. The program has been a project of the


Tybee Breeze

National G a r d e n Clubs since 1945. The Tybee I s l a n d G a r d e n Club has been active on Tybee Island for 50 years. The club is pleased to have the Blue Star Memorial Dedication during our 50th year of service to the island. The Tybee Island Garden Club would like to thank the Tybee Veteran’s Memorial Circle of Freedom, the American Legion Post #154 and the City of Tybee Island for all of their assistance in making this dedication possible. Legend for Group Picture: L to R: Janice Thiese, Garden Club of Georgia, Tybee Island Garden Club Members Mimi Rissman, Irene Williams, Wanda Doyle, Carl Looper, Beth Smith, Anita Woodard, Julia Witt, Jennifer Von Ohsen

Beth Smith, President, Tybee Island Garden Club

The God Abouts Senior Adult Ministry

The God Abouts Senior Adult Ministry of Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church, Tybee Island, held their annual “Spring Bonnet Fashion Show� Tuesday, March 16th at noon in the Fellowship Hall. One hundred and twenty friends gathered, many of them wearing their prettiest chapeaus, to enjoy a delicious lunch which was provided by the ministry. Everyone enjoyed fried chicken, pork loin, butter beans, carrots, potato salad, rolls, and of course, lots of delicious desserts. Entertainment was provided by The Belles and Beaus. The wonderful judges, Sandra Eddington, Virginia Anderson, and Betty Fox, had a difficult time choosing the best hats.

The winners were:

Best Hat Judy Hutchinson Funniest Hat Tom Hutchinson Most Unique Hat Linda Burke Craziest Hat Diane Ritchey Oldest Hat Patricia Gibbs (her bonnet was 80 years old)

The God Abouts are planning a Saturday day trip May 22nd to see and hear The Gaithers in concert in Columbia, SC. The all inclusive cost will be $129 each. If you are interested in going on this trip or learning more about The God Abouts, please contact Betty or Jurell Davis at 897-2364. The next meeting of The God Abouts will be Tuesday, June 15th, in the Fellowship Hall of Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church, Tybee Island. Saturday, May 15th, The God Abouts will travel by chartered bus to Columbia, SC, to attend a concert featuring The Gaithers. To sign up for this trip or to learn more, please contact Betty or Jurell Davis at 897-2364.

Our God Abouts meetings are always the 3rd Tuesday of each month. For more info. please contact Betty or Jurell Davis at 897-2364 Make a Friend...Be a Friend...Bring a Friend Tybee Breeze


(Photos courtesy of Tybee Island Historical Society) HAPPY NATIONAL PRESERVATION MONTH! May is National Preservation Month! The theme this year is “Old is the New Green!” Tybee has seen much change over the years and we all know preservation is good for the community and the bottom line. Confidently we can say preservation is important with long term planning in terms of development for a sustainable environment and economy. Take a look around at the historic home


Tybee Breeze

and buildings that are here and appreciate those that are reinvesting in keeping Tybee’s heritage alive! Speaking of history, did you catch yourself reminiscing about the “old” amusement park when you saw the Carnival at the Seafood Festival? All the volunteers that helped with Chatham County’s Seafood Festival worked long and hard to make sure it was fun for you and all the guests that came to the Island. Thanks to Dean and Chatham County for giving the restaurants this opportunity to really come together to showcase all Tybee has to offer with their variety of foods. And last, but not least, the music they provided on the Pavilion was fabulous! During April, your BHT held another Community Visioning Workshop. Thank you to all that came out to hear about the what your Board of Directors and Committees focusing on the 4-points have accomplished for Tybee’s businesses, residents and guest over the past year. Economic Development within the context of Historic Preservation is an ongoing process to benefit the community. By continuing to work together and pulling our resources, we can be even more effective. The feedback received from attendees that evening and survey responses will help continue positive improvements throughout the corridor for the better of the Island. The most recent piece of information going out is “Keep Tybee Tidy!” You will see this flyer in store windows and hopefully you will help spread the word that litter is not acceptable. Respect for the land and our beach is important! Third Thursdays on Tybee, a BHT Initiative, was another success with Lacey Caldwell performing at the Tybrisa/Strand Roundabout April 15! Lacey’s award winning vocals entertained and amazed all that came down front to hear her. The series over the past three months was brought to you by Tybee’s Better Hometown Initiative and was made possible by the City of Tybee, Georgia Council for the Arts, the City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs/

Leisure Services Bureau and generous contributors. And due to the positive response, the outdoor musical performances will continue! That’s right, look for another listeners delight at the Roundabout May 20! If you would like to be a sponsor or contribute to see Third Thursdays on Tybee continue to succeed just contact me for information.

automotive care! While you are enjoying the Island life, remember to take advantage of the variety of natural and cultural experiences from the waterways to high in the sky. It’s all right here on Tybee! Please feel free to contact members of the Better Hometown Board of Directors or me with suggestions, concerns, or to help. Contact information for the Board can be found on the City of Tybee Island’s website. Here’s to you and the whimsy of Tybee! Chantel 912.786-4573 ext. 123

Original artistic concept by Carlene Shuler Brown

Tybee’s BHT Vision Statement (adopted 4/14/09): To improve the quality of life for those that live, work and visit Tybee Island through a healthy business corridor and enhance the cultural experience while preserving the community’s barrier island heritage.

Remember, while you are out enjoying this island paradise, “Buy Local Tybee.” Tybee has over 35 cool spots to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger; more than 30 shops to find everything you must have from whimsical art to sunscreen to deli meat and personal services from hair care to

The Mission of the Tybee Island Better Hometown Program is to: facilitate efforts to revitalize, redevelop and enhance the business corridor; create a sense of place and improve the quality of life for residents, business owners and visitors using the Main Street Four Point Approach; encourage quality economic growth and development while preserving Tybee Island’s unique architectural heritage; support and encourage the arts as a cultural endeavor and economic engine on the Island.

YEAR 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987

Queen Pam Smith Joan Guyer Ms. Sylvia Gott Jenny Orr Diane Ring Mary Shepherd Gayna Bernstein Roma Harper Mable Edgerley Roe Fripp Julianne Meyers Sue Breazel Grace Cetchoviches Belinda Flannigan Corine Owen Iva Edmonds Francis McTeer Margo Grafton Mary Newman Loree Anderson “Shakey” Thomas Mildred Hobbs Sally Pearce Sally Pearce

Grand Marshal Tommy Solomon Jack Hogan Nickie Alexander Alan Missroon Jack Kingston Paul Jackson Walter Parker Jack Miller Eddie “Ralph” Crone Jimmy Burke Col. Jamie Hendrix “Rooster” Williams “Emo” Cetchoviches Freddie Anderson Johnny Jarvis Dr. R. P. McCullough Frank McTeer Richard Barry “Mac” McCusker Ara “Shorty” Hovespain Jack Youmans “Doc” Wall Ernest Hosti Bob & Betty Ann Davenport

Big Kahuna Burke Day Catfish Capt. Mike Scarbrough Mike Corbett Frank Schuman, Sr. Bill Dowell Jimmy Price Tommy Barlow Charlie Linear David Ring Dan Deloach Jodie Sadowsky Jack Flannigan Jimmy Brown George Rentier Rosco Williams None None Walter Mitchell None None Gordon Varnadoe None None Tybee Breeze


an irritation on the skin but are not known to carry any diseases. They can also thrive in a warm climate.

Shield backed bugs and stinkbugs


The term “bug” is generally used to refer to the whole of the insect family that include small invertebrates. Scientists that work and research in this field are called entomologists. Bugs are survivors for several millions of years and have made an adaption in their environment throughout. Bugs exist in all adequate habitats. Some are aquatic but most live on land. Some thrive on plant juices and some are major agricultural pests. There is an element for control within the food chain amongst themselves as some will prey on many other harmful insects. Another unpleasant bug trait of many of them is the built-in ability of giving off an offensive odor that can detour their enemies. Also, many of theses species are colorful in order for them to blend in with certain plant life to avoid predators or lie in wait for prey. Some of these bugs are not appealing to the taste as they feed on some plant life that are poisonous to other animals. Potential predators such as birds and other predatory insects are experienced by nature not to pursue these types of bugs. There are known to be approximately 4,500 North American species of bugs.

Back Swimmers and water boatman

These bugs are known with so many of the sort that harbor around pond and other water areas. They are both similar in profile but differ with their habits. Water boatmen bugs can move in an erratic movement right side up and are known to harbor around underlying vegetation. They feed on algae and water organisms. Back swimmers are less erratic in motion and cling to a water surface in a downward position. The back swimmers bite can be painful. They feed on small fish and tad poles.

Giant water bugs

These are the largest of water-bugs and are predatory. Tropical species can be as big in length as four inches. They are known to be aggressive and can attack frogs, fish and other insects. They are strong fliers and are attracted to any light.

Water Striders

Water striders are comparable to a stone skimmed of a water surface of movement. They resemble a small long thinned cricket; dark-colored with ‘V’ shaped legs. They move with a long oar striding motion on the surface of the water. There is only one group that frequent the surface of the open ocean. There are none of this species that will bite people.

Bed Bugs

These are small notorious family of insects that can be ½ inch long. They can live and breed in crack and crevice areas of any structure within the home, including mattress fold areas and bed springs. They emerge at night in small groupings. They are dark brown to red in color and can produce a bite on sleeping victims. Their bites can be


Tybee Breeze

These are known to be the highly familiar bugs of their kind and are prevalent in North America. They can be dull or colored brightly. Some of them feed on plants and some feed on other insects. They also can produce a pungent odor when disturbed.

Red bugs or stainers

These bugs can be large to medium-sized and can also be white and yellow in color. There are a few North American species that live in the southern states. One is the cotton stainer and can be a serious pest. This species can discolor any cotton plant life when it feeds and can greatly reduce the value of the crop and its harvest. They can also feed on hibiscus, orange trees and several other plants.

Plant or leaf bugs

These are most bugs in numbers that are of several hundred species in North America. The species measure approximately 3/8 inch long and can have a great detail of color. Most leaf bugs feed on plants but some can be serious pests.

Ambush bugs

They are most recognized by extensions by the abdomen and the not so nice appearance of their large forelegs. The color of these bugs are of a type of camouflage makeup. Their habits include nestling in flowers and can nip the odd bee or any unsuspecting insect within their reach.

Assassin bugs

This species are large in size and can be black or brown in color. They can vary in appearance but most have a narrow appendage. They mainly thrive on flowers and most foliage. A few can enter houses. They mainly eat other insects but sometimes bite people.

Scentless plant-bugs

These are plant feeders and they most prefer fields of weeds. One of the most common of this variety is the box elder bug that mainly live in trees. They can periodically enter households especially in the winter months.


They can be small to medium sized and can vary in shape and color. One of the more prevalent is the small milk weed bug. This is a large family of bugs. There is a small group of them that feed on other insects.

Until next time - Let’s work the bugs out! Johnny “the Bugman” Herald, Cox Pest Control

By Tammy Smith Tybee Sea Turtle Project Coordinator

Sea Turtle Season Arrives‌ By the time this article is published in the May Breeze, the 2010 sea turtle season will be underway. Sea turtle season began on May 1 and will run through October 31st. After mating, during the early part of the spring, males return to the open water, while female sea turtles are returning to our coast for the nesting. Females will come ashore at night in search of a suitable nesting site. If a nest site is selected she will carefully deposit her eggs into an egg chamber, cover the nest and return to the sea. The eggs will incubate for approximately 60-75 days. The hatchlings will emerge at night and make their way to the ocean for a 24-48 hour swim to reach the Sargasso Sea. By the end of August females are generally finished with the egg laying part. The period from mid-August through October focuses on the incubating nest and the hatchlings. Last season Tybee was visited by 9 loggerhead females and 1 possible green turtle. The average number of nests Tybee receives each season is usually around seven; however, last season we only had a total of three. The nesting numbers were down statewide last season. Hopefully this season we will see an increase in the total number of sea turtle nests.

6. Report any sea turtle sightings and strandings (deceased turtles that may wash up on our beaches) to the sea turtle coordinator, Tammy Smith at 912-484-3416, the Tybee Island Marine Science Center at 912-786-5917 or to any of the life guards or Police Beach Patrol on duty. In case you haven’t heard, the Tybee Island Marine Science Center has a new display for housing a live sea turtle. The exhibit is ready and waiting on the new resident. Hopefully we will be able to select a baby turtle from one of our Tybee nests this season for the wonderful new tank. Thanks to the staff at the science center for their hard work in completing the exhibit. It looks fantastic! Next month I will give you an update on the season and a full report of the Turtle Trot that will have taken place on April 24th and the sea turtle release. Thanks to the sponsors of this event, the volunteers who make this happen, and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for the bringing up a turtle to return to the ocean. For more information on sea turtles or the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project please visit the Tybee Island Marine Science Center! The center is located at 1510 Strand Avenue, Tybee Island, GA 31328. If you wish to donate, please call (912)786-5917, or visit the website at www. If you are interested in volunteering with the Sea Turtle Project, please contact the Center or send me an email at

As you visit the beach this season, there are many things that you can do to keep our turtles safe: 1. Pick up all litter left by you or someone else. Sea turtles can eat the trash that enters the ocean which is not a part of their diet. 2. Make sure that no obstacles are left on the beach. Beach chairs, toys, umbrellas, sandcastles, holes on the beach etc. can cause a mom sea turtle to avoid our beach and hatchlings to become stuck, unable to reach the sea. 3. Keep the beach dark! Any lighting that illuminates the beach can deter females from nesting and disorientate baby sea turtles as they emerge from the nest. Flashlights, camera flashes, and even cellophanes can light up the beach. If you live on or are staying near the beach, close all window blinds and curtains to help shield a television, a computer screen, lamps and overhead lighting from being seen. Even porch lights are a disturbance. 4. Do not disturb a nesting female if you are lucky enough to encounter her as she nest! Observe from a distance. 5. Do not disturb a nest or hatchlings as they emerge at night. You should not handle a baby hatchling! Those who work with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project are granted a permit to work with the turtles and their nests. Tybee Breeze


Hello Tybee Island! Lindsay and I hope that you’re having a great spring! It’s great to see Tybee coming alive after our dreary winter and seeing everyone so busy! It was fun to see Tybee’s float in the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade and we can’t wait for the “Beach Bum Parade”! Our Visitor Center numbers have been up and we had a 500 visitor increase by April 15th of this year over April 2009! We hope to continue with those increased numbers! Vicky attended the Southeast Tourism Society spring conference in Nashville at the end of March and couldn’t believe the interest in Tybee Island! People had read The Last Song and were looking forward to the movie! Folks seemed very upbeat seeing increased bookings over last year and the enthusiasm for tourism in general was very high! Eco-tourism has become more and more popular with all the natural beauty and adventure in our southern states. The Southeast Tourism Society consists of the thirteen southern states with representatives from all aspects of tourism. The seminars were very informative and a lot of fun was had at an opening night reception at Nashville’s Parthenon, and the next night a treat to the Grand Ole Opry featuring Trace Atkins! Vicky also visited all the Georgia State Welcome Centers along the way leaving Tybee Vacation Planners! It was a great trip! Speaking of the Tybee Vacation Planner, we are wrapping up the details, finalizing all the listings, and are very excited about our new fulfillment piece. Lindsay is working with Write to Work owner Arlene Distel on layout and design and is excited about the fresh new look. The new Tybee Vacation Planner will expand on eco-tourism opportunities on the island and include improved copy writing as this is Arlene’s specialty. Savannah and Tybee Island have also received more great coverage through publications like Southeastern Group Tour Magazine and their section on “Girlfriend Getaways”. Gender specific travel is very popular these days and guys don’t feel left out because there are plenty of “Mancations” out there too! The ‘Flip Flop” premiere was such a hit and kudos to the “Seaside Sisters” and all


Tybee Breeze

that helped to make it a fabulous night! The movie showed beautiful shots of Tybee and we all saw a few familiar faces throughout. Lindsay has been working with the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s UK office on a sweepstakes for The Last Song premiering in the UK on April 30th. Coastal Georgia is a hot destination with Europeans and our UK contacts have been very committed to capitalizing on the exposure this movie has given to Tybee. The sweepstakes will include a series of vacations to Tybee Island, Savannah and Atlanta with slightly longer stays on Tybee. It will be fun to have some more international visitors to the island! The Tybee Island Seafood Festival and Carnival had a great crowd with lots of rides, good food, and lots of dancing on the pier with the “Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love” bringing down the house Saturday evening! I think this will be an annual event for years to come! The

Tybee Island Wine Festival to benefit the Tybee Post Theater looks to be a lot of fun with the added Oyster Roast on Friday night at Marlin Monroe’s along with the actual wine tasting festival on Saturday at the Tybee Lighthouse grounds. Another fun event will be the 6th Annual Turtle Trot and 5K beach Run on April 24th to benefit the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project and a great kick-off for Coastal Georgia’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season! Our last great event for April brings the SCAD Sand Art Festival on Saturday the 30th. The month of May will be busy as we gear up for our Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade and EVP Pro Volleyball Tour on May 21-22nd. The tournament will be held on South Beach and get

there early to get a good seat! The Georgia Coast Travel Association and the Savannah Convention and Visitors Bureau will host a FAM (familiarization) tour in July for over 50 group tour operators and tour planners. Tybee will be hosting the opening reception and we look forward to showcasing our beautiful island to these folks as they will be traveling from all over the country to visit our area. Lindsay and Vicky attended the Tybee Better Home Town community visionary workshop in April. Several folks attended and Better Home Town received a lot of good feedback as we get ready to swing into the season. The two main topics seemed to be parking and public safety. Many things have been done to beautify Tybee Island and it just keeps getting better and better! The annual “Georgia on My Mind Day 2010” will be held Friday, May 7th from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM at the I-95 Georgia Welcome Center just south of the South Carolina/Georgia line. This year’s “Georgia take me away…to Paradise” will be a fun event where folks in the hospitality industry can come out and promote their hotels/motels, restaurants, and attractions along with any special promotions. This is a great event to showcase your business and all that it has to offer. Please bring your table and chairs and contact Dot Davis to reserve a spot. Dot can be reached at 912-963-2545 or 912-963-2546. E-mail: Savannah@ Please feel free to call us at 912-786-5444 or come by our office above the Tybee Island Visitor Center anytime. We want your feedback! Have a great Tybee day and get ready for SUMMER! Lindsay Fruchtl Marketing Coordinator 912.786.5444

Vicky Buck Sales/Operations Coordinator 912.786.5444

TYBEE “DAC” KIDS FISHING TOURNAMENT MAY 8th 2010 9am - 3pm at Tybee Island Marina DOCK & BOAT FISHING Rod-n-Reel and Cast Net Casting contests & Fishing for Ducks for prizes. AGES: 0 - 6 and 7 - 13 REGISTER NOW!!! TYBEE ISLAND BAIT & TACKLE Saturday, MAY 8, 2010 Morning Activities: 9am - Capt. Meeting 9:30am - Goodie Bags Handed Out! 10am - Fishing Begins Afternoon Activities 2pm - Fishing Ends 2:30am - Weigh-in Over 3pm - Awards & Door Prizes

puttanesca sauce This has to be one of my all time favorite sauces for pasta. Puttanesca sauce gets its name from the Neopolitan prostitutes who are said to have created the dish “Pasta ala puttanesca.” The word puttanesca is derived from puttana, a colloquial term for prostitute. There are lots of stories about how these women began making this dish. It’s been said that the women were short on time and this dish was both quickly put together and ingredients commonly found in the larder (brothel) on any given day. Another story is that the sauces rich fragrance would entice “customers” to come to the brothel, enjoy the food and stay for the entertainment, so to speak. Regardless of how the name came about, it is a wonderful pasta sauce and very simple to make. I recently served an uncooked version of this sauce at the Tybee Wine Festival. So many tasters asked for the recipe I decided to repeat it in the May issue of the Breeze. Don’t let those anchovies scare you! They add a lot of depth to the overall flavor of this sauce; you honestly won’t be able to tell there is any fish in it. Add a protein such as shrimp etc. here are the ingredients: 1 lb. tomatoes, finely chopped 1/2 cup Kalamata olives, pitted and chopped 2 tbsp. drained capers chopped (or whole) 1/3 cup chopped fresh basil 1/2 cup chopped flat leaf parsley 4 anchovy fillets finely chopped 3 cloves garlic chopped 1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes 2 tbsp. red wine vinegar 6 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 lb. pasta of your choice (I used med. shells) here’s how to put it together: Stir all the ingredients except the pasta in a large bowl. Cook pasta in a 6 to 8 qt. pot of boiling salted water until al dente (done but still some texture). Reserve 1 cup of the cooking water and drain pasta in a colander. Add hot pasta and 1/3 cup cooking water to sauce and toss to coat, add more water if necessary. Season with salt and pepper to taste. You could let the pasta cool to room temp. before adding to sauce. Add a protein such boiled shelled shrimp or chicken and maybe some parmesan cheese. This is a perfect warm weather dish so, try and enjoy!

Hope you enjoy! Chef Espy ~ Hunter House Sighs or Moans - Tybee Breeze


Aging Gracefully? By Alaina Loughridge After having done a diet introspective last month, I was quite pleased with myself for having established a quality life goal of self-improvement (shaky as it may seem). But just this very day, I had a chance encounter on Butler with an acquaintance, wherein I had an epiphany that at the ripe old age of 36 (no, I’m not gonna lie), not only does your body and metabolism change, but other changes occur in such a way that you notice immediately. But simultaneously, you take notice of things that have changed over the course of time and you wake up one day going “What the hell happened to me?” Along with your metabolism turning into a big slug another unsettling change (and depending on your DNA, you may have noticed this at a younger age) is gray hair. WHAT? Dude. One day I woke up and I had a skunk patch on the back top of my nog. For those who are unfamiliar with the dynamics and characteristics of gray hair let me expound: Grey hair is both good but mostly bad. Grey hair is wiry and straight and tends to poke out the most awkward angle. Grey hair is taunting.

Grey hair is a sign of wisdom and experience. Grey hair is ornery. Grey hair is not easily pluckable. The cure? You have a couple of options: go with educated and distinguished, edgy and en vogue or blonde. Either that or being so tall no one sees that top of your noodle. Dying your hair is so acceptable in this day and age people are more surprised that you don’t than when you do. When I went from brown to blonde in one day, more people commented on my hair than when I pole danced at the Sand Bar. Is that good or bad? Hmm. Just kidding, I have never pole danced … at the Sand Bar. Another noticeable change: An overwhelming desire to mock those younger that have never heard of Aldo Nova, Styxx, Molly Ringwald, Demi Moore (preAshton Kutcher), an overwhelming desire to idolize The Doors and The Beatles (even if they weren’t your era), and helpless need to reminisce about your own youth and the decisions that were and were not made. Ah, the contemplation and regret of the ‘road not taken.’ The realization (shock) of getting older mixed with the knowledge of being older is a bittersweet cocktail (it blows). Although after having witnessed Spring Break 2010, I’m not sure what to think: Did I actually act like that in public? Did I wear that? Did I have all those piercings? Nope (and thank God for that). I have passed into another era. Generation X moving into second place. Kinda hurts. Lesson to be learned here is ‘suck it up buttercup’ because as we grow older, in our learned wisdom we discover how stupid we really are. I foresee therapy in the near future.

The Last Song: Well … hmm. I’m not quite sure what to say about this movie, which, as you know, is unusual for me. For those of you who have been living not on this planet, The Last Song was filmed on Tybee last summer. Starring Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston, this was billed as Miley’s ‘breakout’ movie. I thought the scenery was fantastic (although I do believe I’m totally biased). However, the acting was ugh. Everyone must have met for the first time on the set. There was no chemistry and it seemed stilted and obvious. I so want to say many good things about this film, but I am suffering from nice adjectives withdrawal and I just can’t do it. I’m going leave you with this: I heard Miley, Greg and Kelly were all very friendly during their stay here. I give this movie 4 virgin strawberry daiquiri’s and one rum runner from Tybee Time because it helps if you drink as you watch. Oh, bring a box of tissue too. You will need it. The Shawshank Redemption: This is simply the best movie ever. Granted it involves prison “situations”, murder, inappropriate relations, and various other unsuitable behaviors. However, Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins should have won Oscars for this movie (it just missed Best Picture to Forrest Gump). Released in 1994, the story line is Tim Robbins character being committed to life in prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. There he meets Morgan Freeman (best actor ever!). He’s the man that ‘can get things.’ One of the first things Tim gets is a rock hammer. The second is a poster of Rita Hayworth. The two go hand in hand. I’m not going to spoil this for you. If you would rather read it, Stephen King wrote the book titled “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The movie was better than the book though (sorry Steve). I give this movie 5 bottles of Jameson because I can.


Tybee Breeze

By George Walker Commander Congratulations to James LaFavor who is Legionnaire of the Year for Post 154. James has worked very hard for the Post and has been responsible for getting our Saturday horseshoes back on track. His work can be an example for everyone to follow. Congratulations also go to Officer Charlie Powers for being selected Officer of the Year for the Tybee Island Police Department. Chief Price had high praise for Officer Powers work as an officer on Tybee. We all appreciate the continuing efforts of every member of our Police Department. Thank you all. The flag raising ceremony for the Tybee Island “Circle of Freedom” War Memorial was well attended and went well. We still have a lot of work to do before completion but we’re getting there.

American Legion Post 154 Tybee Island, GA If you haven’t seen the Memorial just take a look in front of the YMCA on Butler Avenue. It looks great. Mother’s Day is on the 9th this year. Once again we will be having “Steak Dinners” at the Post. Please sign up by calling the Post after 5:00pm between now and the 7th. You may get a take-out or eat in as a family. We have plenty of room. Bingo is on Friday’s at 8:00pm. Cards go on sale at 7:15pm. Horseshoes will be Saturday evenings at 7:00pm. Both events are open to the public and everyone is invited to participate. We continue to look for new members. If you’re interested in the Legion, Ladies Auxiliary or Sons of the Legion call the Post (786-5356) for information. The Legion and Auxiliary meet on the

For God and Country George Walker Commander American Legion #154

Auxiliary Unit #154 Hello Auxiliary members and Breeze readers, The Legion Family hosted the 61st annual Easter Egg Hunt in JC Park that was attended by about 200 egg hunters with families. Everyone had a great time and a special visit was made by none other than the Easter Bunny. Thank you to all the members who took time away from their families to come out and volunteer to make this event such a success! May 2 will be the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby and the Post is having a Kentucky Derby party in the Canteen with doors opening at 5. Ladies, decorate and enter your Kentucky Derby hat in the hat

competition for a wonderful prize. This year hats will be judged on creativity and execution of the theme. There will be some other opportunities for your enjoyment so come on out! We are still collecting recipes for our cookbook. Please help us make this project a success by making your contribution and get your name is print. May 31st is Memorial Day which commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in military service to their Country. We are often so busy enjoying the long weekend that we forget the true meaning of the holiday. Auxiliary Unit 154 will be hosting a wreath launching on Memorial Day for the State of Georgia Auxiliary. Special recognition and thanks goes out to Wanda Kendrick who is chairing this ceremony for the State Auxiliary. We have many fun events that are going on at the Legion and urge you to participate. Take time to remember the reason for the Memorial Day holiday.

For God and Country Kaye C. Dowell President American Legion Auxiliary Unit 154 Tybee Breeze


Tybee Marine Rescue Mission Reports March 25th 2010 Mission Type: Lucky Dog Boat found in Lazaretto Creek abandoned? No wait... what is that? Man Overboard? That water is 50 degrees! Angler was having a bad day. (may actually now, prefer to be at work?) One of our members spotted this situation returning home. Apparently this captain had lost his propeller, and decided to follow the bank and drag his boat back to the landing. We gave him a little help. About a two mile tow, and now Mr. Nesbit has a new BFF. Lots of stuff going on this month, we helped the

Veterans dedicate the Awesome New Memorial, cooked some beans for Miss Emily, and fried some fish for “ Biggun.” We had WAY over 400 man/hours in these endeavors. We would like to thank EVERYONE who donated time, gifts, food, and money to all of these Benefits. I wish I could name them all but Sundi couldn’t afford the paper. I did take a couple of pictures to share so Enjoy!!! J.L. Solomon, Public Information Officer

Food til 2:45am Everyday! VOTED BEST HAPPY HOUR, BEST HAMBURGER & BEST WINGS! Raw or Steamed Oysters by the Dozen Anytime!!! (not for take out)

Snow Crab Legs $1225 l lb. SEAFOOD SANDWICHES

Hamburger... $7.50 Cheeseburger... $7.75 Chicken Fingers... $6.75 Grilled Chicken Sandwich... $7.25 BBQ Grilled Chicken Sandwich... $7.25 Fried Chicken Sandwich... $6.75 The “Sun Dogg” Hot Dog... $5.50 Steak Sandwich... $8.75


Grilled or Fried Chicken Salad... $6.25 Hamburger Salad... $6.75 House Salad... $3.75 Side Salad... $1.50



Dz. Oysters - Raw... $6.00 or Steamed... $6.50 Snow Crab Legs 1 lb... $12.25 or 2 lbs... $22.75

WINGS Hot, Mild, Lemon Pepper, BBQ, Teriyaki or “Said Something Bad About The Cook’s Mama”... $6.50 MUNCHIES Basket of Fries... $3.00 Basket of Onion Rings... $3.25 Egg Rolls... $5.00 Fried Cheese Sticks... $5.00 Jalapeno Poppers... $5.00 Chips & Salsa... $3.00

HAPPY HOUR 4-7PM MON-FRI (Excluding Holidays)

$4 WINGS Basket of Ten (Dine In Only) ........ ATM Inside

sPorts Bar & Grill

HWY 80 • TYBEE ISLAND • (912)786-8966

Open Every Day of the Year! Monday-Saturday 4pm-3am • Sunday 12:30pm-3am


Tybee Breeze

Soldiers, Teachers Give School Supplies to Local Children 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division

[The following story was printed in the DVIDS News. News from the Field.]

Their backpacks were torn and frayed, the flaps hanging open with books peeking out from broken zippers; they were the lucky ones. The rest of the children clumsily carried everything in their arms and against their chests as they ran inside the gates of the small school in Khandari, a rural area northwest of Baghdad. With a delivery of new backpacks to hand out, Soldiers from 422nd Civil Affairs Battalion and the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment “Manchus,” followed closely behind the children as they filed into their school Mar. 17. Children packed together in line, eagerly waiting as the local contractors heaved large bags stuffed with backpacks through the gate. The first group of schoolchildren was wary upon first seeing the American Soldiers led by 1st Lt. James Hester, a civil affairs team leader with Company B, 422nd CA Bn. “The headmaster brought [the children] out and said, ‘We’re going to bring the first graders out because they’re scared of Americans,’” said Hester, a Tybee Island, Ga., native. After seeing that the uniformed visitors were there to help, the children smiled and gladly accepted the gifts without any concern about whether they were from Americans or Iraqis. A Nahia council member, alongside school workers and Hester, pitched in to distribute 600 backpacks to the children. The backpacks, purchased with Commanders Emergency Relief Program funds, contained notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, crayons and markers. “We donate school equipment to students so they can function at a higher level [in] school,” said Hester. Even though the school year was ending soon for the students, the backpack and school supply donation helps set them up for their futures and to encourage them to continue learning, he explained. Watching from behind a gate at the entrance of the school, Spc. Jared Bower, a 4th Bn., 9th Inf. Regt., team leader escorting the civil affairs Soldiers was among the few Soldiers on the ground at the backpack donation

site and said he saw smiles on both students’ and teachers’ faces. “[The children] probably don’t have supplies,” said the Louisville, Ohio, native. “Now teachers won’t have to worry about what [their students] are going to write on or write with.” Bower and several other 4th Bn., Soldiers regularly provide security and assist through humanitarian aid drops with 422nd. Hester praised the Manchus for their support of 422nd in being able to continue providing Iraqis what they need and said he believes they are leaving a lasting impression on the local people. “It’s a long lasting reminder of the Manchu Battalion and the things they’ve done in the area to try to promote a better sense of government,” said Hester. Hester explained that when the government of Iraq and U.S. forces do projects that improve civil capacity, such as opening a water treatment facility, it might not always be noticed by the children. Whereas humanitarian aid for children helps show them their government cares even for them. “Today, they saw someone doing something good for them specifically,” said Hester. With their new backpacks hanging from their backs, apprehension gone, the school children smiled as they headed back to class.

Ship’s Log May 2010 Lacey Alexis Caldwell The reining Teen Miss Chatham County Forestry, Competed Jan. 30th in the Chatham/Bryan County Forestry Pageant. She is now the Miss Chatham County Forestry. Lacey won prettiest smile, Interview and Speech for Chatham County. She received the awards for photogenic and dress in Bryan County. She also won the Speech & Interview for Bryan County. Lacey will compete in Tifton, Ga in June in Forestry State Pageant. This consists of 3 days of practice, Speeches, Interviews and the Ball. The final evening is the Pageant. Lacey says she is proud to represent her county and hopes to be a good role model for other young women. Tybee Breeze


By Julia Pearce Mallory turned 75 on Marlin Monroe’s deck. He was joined by a large part of the island. Here he p o s e s with his stepdaughter Simone and Bird-Lady Gloria. This is Justin aka Beef Cake he works at Marlin Monroe’s. Marlin’s is known for the view. Heber and Mallory, two wonderful “old-school” nerds, talk about parallel universes and black holes. Hey Friends and Family, I had a Grande Birthday! I spent the whole day on Tybee Island like a tourist. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner out, and was in bed by 10pm. That’s my youth showing. To all my friends that showed up during the day at these various establishments on a Tuesday, (don’t you people work?) thanks for the cards, gifts and food. To all my family and friends physically absent, thanks for the e-mails, facebook greetings and phone calls...I like you people! Me, Mallory and our friend/church member Dr. Charalee at dinner...just before beddie-bye. Ain’t we cute? Mallory Pearce took his wife on a three day cruise to the Bahamas. Where is his wife? Sweet Kathy Brown has skills on and off the water. Mixologist a n d Seafaring wretch! S a r g e , Tybee’s own personal security guard. Tybee’s own Sandman strikes a g a i n . Sandman is excited about his art form. Sandman will be out of commission for a few months for surgery. Let’s remember him in our prayers.


Tybee Breeze

He needs to heal quickly and return to the art we love. Celebrity sighting, Tom Selleck and his Tar Heel Wife at the “1st 37th Annual Seafood Festival.” John and Judy ‘B’ chillin’ out at Seafood Festival on the Walter Parker Pier. The other John a n d Judy ‘O’ w e r e a l s o spotted on the pier and J o h n looks like Mr. Mafia. Leather jacket in 80 degree weather, smoking a cigar, can you spell hitman? Sherri Simmons on the pier, and she has lost quite few pounds. Doesn’t she look stunning? Let’s all sign up for Sherri’s weight loss program. I think it involves dancing and cocktails. Roy is the house band at Doc’s. What a talented man. Whenever I walk in he plays “Fine Brown Frame,” how cool is that? Lady Charlene and Jerry Beacon at Docs. Junya a n d Denise are a son and mother team. Currently they use their culinary skills at Gayna’s. Stop in for some low country soul food. Denise and Junya have provided excellent meals all over Tybee, from Fannie’s to North Beach Grill. Speaking of Gayna’s these ladies were singing on a recent Friday night. They all had been over-served. If you need a break from the routine try Gayna’s on a Friday or Saturday night. The talent show is entertaining to say the least. With a little more structure we may have the old Desoto Talent Show reborn. I’ll send Johnny O in his leather jacket to check it out...stay tuned.

Ester, at poolside, holding court with Roma and Mandy. Check at Mandy’s jewelry she found some unique pieces at Seaside Sisters. The Old Fart Motorcycle Club has impressive members like the Chief of Tybee’s Finest – Jimmy. John Hunter of the Hunter House a n d lovely Bond… that’s A n n Bond, were out for a night. Espy is the Master Chef at the Hunter House, but stop by ask for the “Patrick.” Speaking of cold beer, one sunny afternoon, guess who walks into Benny’s? None other than Jack Nicholas! Apparently he plays pool there very often. The locals call him Steve. Floyd Adams former Mayor of Savannah and Tybee’s own Cigar Phil seen here discussing world politics. Doc’s had a toga party and it was a very interesting and fun night! All dressed up are Peggy, Rob, Pam and friends.

2010 Beach Bum Parade Friday, May 21st 6:30PM

Staging Location: North Beach Parking Lot Time: Arrive No Later Than 6:15PM Entry Fee: $35.00 **Get your application in as soon as possible, since we limit the number of parade entries.**


Participants and Spectators are reminded thaT Water balloons and pressure washers are dangerous and are not permitted; absolutely nothing is to be used in water guns but water. Remenber that the parade starts at 6:30 p.m. Please, there will be no squirting water before that time, since people check into hotels and have business on the island before that time and you can be prosecuted or sued for damaging or destroying personal property.

Water assault on an officer will result in arrest. Return to Tybee Insurance (or) Call Jiggs Watson at 786-5541 or Mail To:Beach-Bums-R-Us P.O. Box 774 Tybee Island, GA 31328 Checks Payable To: Tybee Island Beach Bums In consideration of the Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade, committee and sponsors allowing my organization or persons entered as a parade participant, I hereby covenant the parade committee and sponsors of and from all claims resulting from bodily and personal injuries, damages to property, and the consequences thereof resulting from participation in the parade.

Signature__________________________________ Date______________________________________ O r a n g e Crush on Tybee was manageable and interesting to watch. The cars were cool. No one was injured, and the girls looked like Annette Funicello, only darker and less clothes!

Name of Organization, Business, or Individual(s) __________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ Name & Telephone # of Contact Person __________________________________________ Type of Parade Entry __________________________________________ Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

Washed Ashore


A-J’s Dockside Are you looking for a great place to eat that’s on the water where you can enjoy some of the finest food on the island? A place where you can kickback, relax, & enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the dolphin’s play in the Back River? A place where you can watch some of the best sunsets North of Mallory Square? Come to 1315 Chatham Ave. on the back-river. We’re just the place you’re looking for. Voted Best Outdoor Dining & Best Martini 2009! Live Entertainment Fri. Sat. & Sun. Call 786-9533 for info. Ask about nightly dinner & drink specials, Happy Hour Daily 5-7pm.


Email announcements to: Art announcements to:

may 2010

the pink roofed restaurant on Strand near 17th St. (3 stories high) 2 openair decks in the sky for an incredible beachfront view. Our Sun. Brunch & Our House Band, Breakfast Club The Christy Alan Band, Won Winner of 19 consecutive “Best Best of Tybee! And we boast the Breakfast” awards. Free wireless w/ best frozen drinks on purchase. We are centrally located can bet your Fannie! Live music is in the heart of the commercial district Thur. 7-10pm with Randy “Hatman” at 15th & Butler. Voted Best Smith. We’re open for lunch & dinner Breakfast 2009! everyday. 786-6109 for take-outs. Coldest Beer 2008 & 2009! Voted Best Karaoke 2009! It’s a Tybee Thang! 1517 Butler Ave/ Downtown Tybee 786-0121.

Doc’s Bar Live Music Fri & Sat 9pm - till, Sun. 6pm - 10pm . Tue. $1.50 Domestic Beer. Every Sunday Night Shag Contest. Great Food! Good Fun! Beach, Boogie, Blues, & Buffett American Legion Music. Doc’s Bar is the Oldest Bar Each week we have line dancing On Tybee, And Still The Center Of on Wed. night 7pm, Bingo on Fri. The Universe. Celebrating Our 61st night at 8pm & horseshoes on Sat. Anniversary. Voted Best Place to 7pm. Voted Best Overall Bar Listen to Live Music 2009! 2009! Call 786-5356 for more info. Best Local Musician 2009 Roy Swindelle. Join Us On Bernie’s Oyster House Facebook. We offer a variety of food: sandwiches, chowders & seafood. Dolphin Reef Oceanfront We have a full service bar. Come Restaurant & Lounge join us & try one of our famous Located in the Ocean Plaza Beach Mason Jar Bloody Mary’s. Join Resort, Oceanfront at 15th Street, us on our outdoor patio & fire pit! the award winning Dolphin Reef We have T-shirts, koozies & shot Restaurant and Sports Bar is the glasses. Fri.- Sat. nights from perfect place for you and your family 6-10pm we have live music. Happy and friends to relax and enjoy a Hour Specials Mon.-Thur. 4-7pm, breathtaking view of the Atlantic 25¢ oysters (raw only) & 12oz. Ocean along with superb American draft beer for $2. We have a great cuisine with an emphasis on fresh staff that is always ready to please. seafood. Upon your arrival you Voted Best Bloody Mary will be treated to a trendy, unique 2008 & 2009! Call 786-5100 for underwater themed ambiance which take-out & more info. If you are in will make your dining experience Historic Sav. Stop & visit our other memorable. Be sure to try their new, Bernie’s located at 115 E. River St. recently installed all-you-can-eat Tybee Beachside Buffet on Fri. & Sat. Benny’s Tavern nights. After an enjoyable meal you The Coldest Beer in America! can relax and catch the game or race Happy Hour Mon. thru Fri. 10am– on one of their many high-definition 7pm. Mon. Wii Bowling 7:30pm. TVs in the new Seaside Sports Bar. Tue. Open Pool Tables. Wed. pool Happy hour is held every day from tournament with Chris 7:30pm. Sat 3-7pm. Dolphin Reef is the perfect Pool Tournament at 2:30pm with location for your banquet, reception, Ms. Molly. Tue. & Thur. Locals night- or other special event and is open Happy Hour 8-10pm. Karaoke Fri., daily for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Sat. & Sun. nights. Big screen TV The only thing more spectacular than on for all events. Cupcake is on the their food is the view. grill-Call for specials! Come Party with some of Tybee’s Characters: Fannie’s ON THE BEACH Tess, Linda, Rita, Joanne, Bobbie Celebrating 18 years of Food, Fun & & Chris. Free Wi-Fi. Voted Spirits...Oceanfront! You can’t miss

order. The view is great from our front porch & the entertainment is priceless. Local beer battered shrimp & steaming buckets of oysters are just the start of a fun packed visit. Children are always welcome & the Trout Treasures (kid’s fish dinner) is the most requested item. If it’s steaks or chicken the land lover in your group craves we offer hand-cut rib-eyes, filets & a grilled chicken breast or better yet chicken fingers. Nothing pre-battered or pre-cooked in our kitchen-Chef Greg offers a Gayna’s Pub & Outback Cafe Happy hour daily 4-7pm. karaoke pasta special & local catch daily. every fri. & sat. night. VOTED We strive to provide the service you BEST KARAOKE 7 YEARS expect at the prices you can afford. IN A ROW! Taco tues.--taco’s No reservations needed. VOTED $2 (dine in only) margarita’s--$3, BEST RESTAURANT corona--$3, cuervo shots--$3. wed. SERVICE 2008 & 2009. nights---twister game w/$1 jello shots. Check out our website at www. very funny to see! thurs.---caribbean for more night---jerk chicken sandwich w/red info. We look forward to serving ya! beans & rice--$6, red stripe beer $3, well rum $2, all call rums $3, The Quarter Sports mojitos $4 Sun. nights---jack corner Bar & Grill card game--win drinks! food hrs.- “Tybee‘s little local dump with a --mon.-thur. 6pm-12am, fri. & sat. real big attitude.” Locally owned & 6pm-2am, sun. 4pm-12am. full menu operated since 1990. THE place to & homemade cooking specials. bar be for sports, food, fun and “Licka open daily 4pm-3am. $2 domestic Drinks” on Tybee. Dish Network bottle beer & $2 16oz. domestic draft Satellite for those hard to find everyday-open till close. located at games. Pool tables, dart boards… hwy 80 & campbell ave. call 786- and have I mentioned FOOD? From 7707 for take-out order & more info. burgers to snow crabs, we’ve got it. Get here early for our Happy Hour Huc-A-Poo’s Specials like $4 wings 4-7pm Mon.Where the Mind & Spirits Meet! Open Fri. Raw & Steamed Oysters by the daily for lunch & dinner 10:30am– dz. Open Mon.-Sat. 4pm-3am & Sun. until. Located off Hwy. 80 in the shops 12:30pm-3am. That’s also the hours at Tybee Oaks. Mon. nights we have we cook, so early or late we’ve got darts! Join us Thur. nights for corn- you covered. See our menu in this hole tournaments. Live entertainment magazine. Voted Best Burger Fri. & Sat. nights (depending on 7 years in a row! Voted Best who’s here). Voted Best Pizza Wings for 6 years! Voted 2009! Call 786-5900 for more info. Best Happy Hour 2 years in a row. Under 21 allowed until 9pm. Hunter House For to-go orders call 786-8966. Elegant dining with southern charm and a beach atmosphere. Four Rock house rooms of fine dining. Voted Best May Entertainment Line-up: *CWL Chef on Tybee for 7 years! Entertainment Karaoke every Sun. Voted Best Steak 2009! For 6pm Mon. & Tue. 8pm. *“Shake reservations call 912-786-7515. your Tail” Thur.-every Thur. (unless Located at 1701 Butler Ave. www. we have a band) - 10PM. *Sat. May 1st-The Sunday Project 9PM. MacElwee’s SEAFOOD Looking for the place to watch ships sail? Join us at MacElwee’s where the freshest seafood is prepared to

*Mon. May 3rd-Peter V. 5PM. *Wed. May 5th-Sam Adams Band 6pm. *Fri. May 7th-Private Party 8pm-12am. *Sat. May 8th-A Nickel Bag of Funk 8pm. *Mon. May 10thTybee Breeze





upcoming events

Peter V. 5pm. *Wed. May 12thSam Adams Band 6pm. *Thur. May 13th-Tubby Love 9PM. *Fri. May 14-Charlie Garrett Band 9pm. *Sat. May 15th-Trustkill Recording Artist: His Name Was Iron wsg/ Rumour Has Wings. *Mon. May 17th-Peter V. 5pm. *Wed. May 19th-Sam Adams Band 6pm. *Thur. May 20th-Come On Go With Us w/Glossary 9PM. *Fri. May 21st-Tybee Beach Bum Parade-Rock 106.1 & Budweiser Presents: Jacob and the Good People w/electricparK. Make you own Swim-suit Contest, Register at *Sat. May 22nd-String Theory 9pm. *Mon. May 24th-Peter V. 5pm. *Wed. May 26th-Sam Adams Band 6pm. *Fri. May 28th-Rock 106.1 & Jagermeister Present: Soul’s Harbor wsg/Brokn Tyme & Rumour Has Wings 8pm. *Sat. May 29thFilthy Gamble 9pm. *Sun. May 30th-Outta Your Element 9PM. *Mon. May 31st-Peter V. 5PM.

catering needs. Our upstairs deck is now open to rent for parties! Come & enjoy a great atmosphere with the best Tybee has to offer in food & the friendliest staff on the island. Voted Best Family Friendly Restaurant 2009! Call 786-5520 for more info.

until Midnight! Happy Hour Mon.– Fri. 4-7pm $1.50 draft beer, $2 domestic longnecks & $2.50 well drinks. Sam Adams & Friends play every Sunday 6pm - til. Come have a great meal and a great time with our fun-loving, kick-ass bartenders and awesome cooks! 786-6593.

includes 3 seperate races: The Tybee River Race, The Little Tybee Challenge, and The Race Across the River. The races are a benefit for the Tybee Island Marine Science Center and nonprofit marine science education facility on Tybee Island.

Sting Ray’s A local favorite-Tybee’s home for blue crabs, beach music & beer! Come join us, you’ll be happy you did, as the tradition continues with the Ray’s serving you with great pride their best & freshest award winning seafood. Voted Best Seafood 2009 & Best Margarita for 3 years! Come sit down with us in a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere on our outdoor dining deck that is the perfect location to watch anything from bands, parades to people watching on Tybee. Or join us in our adjacent indoor dining room for even more comfort & fun. Live music 7 nights a week Fri & Sat 7-11pm & Sun-Thur 6-10pm. There are many favorites on our menu with a variety of seafood selections. Gift Certificates make the perfect gift & they are always available. Open 7 days a week 11am–until. Call 912-7860209 for more info.


The Sand Bar Tybee’s #1 night hotspot. The Sand Bar is popular for its theme nights & Gisella (G) makes the BEST G-ELLO SHOTS (VOTED #1 IN 2009) you will ever taste. Happy Hour is Mon-Fri 5-8pm. We are open till 3am 7 days a week. SandA-Licious kitchen is open till 2:45am 7 days a week. Sit out back on our outside deck THE SAND TRAP & enjoy the sun or stars with a cocktail. Mon. is dart night. Tues & Thurs it’s Texas-Hold’em tournament night 8:30 (daily prizes) Wed. is ladies night & Crab races. We have the islands best pool table and the only FOOSBALL table on Tybee. Strange things happen after dark; you might get lucky & see a show on their famous Stripper’s pole. When the sun goes down this place is sizzlzzing hot. Come in & say hi to the friendliest & hottesssst bar staff on the Island. The Sand Girls will always keep a smile on your face. 1512 butler ave. 786-8304. Spanky’s BEACHSIDE Seafood, Seafood & A Lot More! You can’t imagine! Come in & check us out! Tybee’s Best Seafood (Shrimp, Grouper, Scallops & Mahi) Fresh & Local Hand cut steaks, Pasta, Huge Hand Pattied Burgers & the BIGGEST Chicken Sandwich in Georgia! Call for prices on party platters & all your


Tybee Breeze

Tybee Time Cool off at Tybee Time! Specializing in Frozen Cocktails. Voted Best Daiquiri 2004-2009! We have 10 different daiquiri machines. We have 13 TV’s! We are THE HEADQUARTERS for all current sporting events! Every hour is happy at Tybee Time! Come get you some! Open 7 days Noon-3am. 912-786-7150. Windrose CAFÉ Soon to celebrate 14 years in business (and they said it wouldn’t last!) Voted Best Cheap Lunch 4 years in a row! Weekday Southern Style lunches, featuring: Mon. - Chicken fried chicken or meatloaf; Tue. - Turkey and Dressing or Salisbury Steak; Wednesday - Pot roast or Fried Pork Chop; Thur. - Southern Fried Chicken or Livers or Gizzards or Baked Ham; Fri - BBQ Pork Plate. Saturday and Sunday features homemade soups. We also have our regular menu everyday including killer hamburgers, crabcakes and much, much more! Kitchen opened Sundays

May 15th,-Tybee 500 Sail Race. The Tybee 500 is a 500-mile Catamaran Race from Islamorada, Florida, to Tybee Island, Georgia. The race ends on Saturday, May 15th on Tybee Island. Leg 1 – Islamorada, FL to Hollywood Beach, FL. Leg 2 – Hollywood Beach, FL to Jupiter Beach, FL. Leg 3 – Jupiter Beach, FL to Cocoa Beach, FL. Leg 4 – Cocoa Beach, FL to Daytona Beach, FL. Leg 5 – Daytona Beach, FL to Fernandina Beach, FL. Leg 6 – Fernandina Beach, FL to Tybee Island, GA. www. May 21st, - Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade. An annual event that is much anticipated by the locals on Tybee Island. The Beach Bum Parade might surprise the unsuspecting visitor. Like most parades, there are floats pulled behind cars and trucks. Unlike most parades, however, the floats, often trailers or boats, are filled with water-throwing paraphernalia. Spectators, lined up along the parade route on Butler Avenue, are armed with buckets, squirt guns and hoses. What results is an all-out water war for fun loving beach bums of all ages. The parade is followed by activities at many of the local businesses.

June 5th 10am-4pm Tybee Island Tour of Homes. This year’s homes feature a wide variety of large and small, old and new- but each completely unique in both character and design. Our luncheon at Sundae Cafe will be $30 in advance and $35 day of the tour. This event will take place RAIN or SHINE. Any additional questions, please contact: Viviane Dubuc 912-7867704 or viviane.dubuc@comcast. net. Tickets are available on Tybee at Gallery by the Sea 1016 Highway 80 912.786.7979, the Irene Sullivan Gallery on Tybrisa St. 912.786.6786, the Atlantic Beacon Gallery at the end of Highway 80. 912.786.9386, or at Hope House 214 E. 34th St. 912.236.5310. New for this year: After Tour Happy Hour at Huc-aPoo’s 1213 East Highway 80 from 4-6 pm with special proceeds from the bar to benefit Hope House. For more information: visit www. June 26th 7pm - SOCK HOP for the Mlton Project. “Hang in There” benefit for Tybee’s feral cats. American Legion, Tybee Island

Announcements Tybee Island Belly Dancing Classes By Cybelle Director/Instructor ECLYPSE Fusion Belly Dance at The Tybee Island Arts Center. Monday Nights 6:30 - 8pm. Tybee island Art Association Members $17 Non Members $20. To make a reservation contact Cybelle (912) 4141091. http://cybellefusionbellydance.

May 22nd, - EVP Tour ProAM Beach Volleyball 7am South of the Walter Parker Pier & Pavilion. The EVP is excited to host our very 1st EVP Pro Tour event of the 2010 season on Tybee Island. The best one day event on the planet–featuring the top “Poster” athletes & free agents. You can not miss this inaugural event on Tybee Island.For info. Trinity Chapel United visit: Methodist Church will upcoming events present The Holcombes of Bloomingdale, Georgia, in a June 1st - Tybee Kayak Southern Gospel Concert at the Race. 12th annual event Trinity Chapel United Methodist



Church, located at 10th & Butler. The concert is May 15th 6-8 p.m. Refreshments will be served during intermission and a love offering will be taken to promote the ministry of The Holcombes.


churches ALWAYFSREE!

teach each other techniques & in general just have fun. We are also working on charity projects, such as helmet liners for the troops, preemie caps, etc. 2nd & 4th Wed. evenings at 6:30pm. We also meet the 1st & 3rd Thurs. at 6:30pm. The Atlantic Beacon All Points Cafe, 22 Tybrisa (16th) Gallery, & Hall of Frames Street, Tybee. Contact Sandi 786custom framing, AMERICAN 4228 or MADE, The Island Way! Representing 100 Local & Tybee Knights Chess & Regional Artists! 1604 Butler Ave. Checkers Club Meetings 912 786-9386. Wed. 6:30-8pm at All Points Cafe on Tybrisa. For more info: William Savannah High School at 604.8667 or soiamwilliam@ Class of 1970 40th Reunion Sat., June 26th, 2010 Red Gate Farms 6pm-10:30pm The Adult and Community Sav., GA Cost $30pp. Dinner will be Education @ Royce catered. BYOB (mixers available). Learning Center (ace). Music by TRIPP WEST. Checks Tybee satellite has resumed for payable to: Savannah High School the 2010 year. Get prep for the Class of 1970. Address-455 Mall ged, ghsgt, asvab, cdl(written), Blvd #59 Sav., GA 31406. Memorial firefighters & other test. Classes service on Sun. June 27th Wesley are held at the old ymca building Gardens Chapel 9am Rcptn. 5–7pm Mon.-Wed. For more info immediately following- Frosty Felton contact Khani Morgan 354-4047. Playground. Contact 912-355-4608 the Tybee Light Station or & Museum is available to rent Purls By The Sea - We knit, for special events. We can host we crochet, we stitch, whatever- any event from 20-400. If you -all levels of experience from are interested please call 912-786advanced to beginners. We work 5801 or email tybeelighthouse@ on our projects, share ideas, exchange patterns & resources,

the chatham county Chapel by the Sea s.a.l.t. (Seniors & Law Baptist Church Enforcement Together) Reverend David Laughner council wants you to know that Services: caution & care must be used Sunday School 9:45am when hiring a caregiver. In GA it is Sunday Morning Worship 11:00am illegal for a caregiver to threaten, Sunday Evening Worship 7:00pm intimidate, or financially exploit a Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm Butler Avenue at 9th Street vulnerable adult. To learn more Tybee Island, GA 31328 about safety tips for selecting a 912-786-4647 or caregiver please call, 236-0363.

Castaways Classifieds Always Free!

Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church Reverend Andy Lamon Sunday school is at 10am Sunday Worship is at 11am 911 BUTLER AVENUE, TYBEE ISLAND, GA 31328 For more info contact the church office at (912)786-4491 Special Worship Services: Sunday closest to Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day at the pier at 8:30am. All encouraged to attend!

To place an ad in Castaways Classifieds, please e-mail Classifieds are rotated each month and are available on a first come first serve basis limited to space.


Help wanted

1st class office space-1010 HWY 80 Suite 5-3 private offices, kitchen, reception, marsh view, elevator, parking, conference room $1500/mo. Small private offices may be available starting at $435/mo. util. inlc. Call Amy at 786-5853

Just Julia in home care now hiring Cna’s 786-0819

Small efficiencies apartments, just right for working people. Call 441-2066 or 786-0776. Space for rent at 15 Butler Ave. 500 sq. ft. 912-786-9087

Looking for “Crabettes” Part-time, flexible hours, clean MVR, Drug/ Alcohol Free. Call 912-786-CRAB (2722)

Situation wanted Mature, responsible woman desires a home to clean. Please call Felice 472-4232. References available.


CRCT Prep/Tutoring by Certified for sale Teacher with Master’s degree. $12/ hr. Tybee Resident. Call Claire at CHEESESTRAWS - Homemade. 404-583-0429. 20dz., $30 Call Bill 912.655.6342

Babies Don’t Come With Instructions. Love babies? this volunteer opportunity is for you! The first steps parents of newborns program pairs volunteers with new families in the hospital setting to provide emotional support, parenting education materials, and referrals to community resources. Volunteer training & all materials are provided. For more info. about the first steps parents of newborns program call 819-6911 or 8196910 or Let’s play Mah Jongg!!! Mah Jongg is an ancient chinese tile game of strategy and luck. The tiles are like a deck of cards. There are 3 suits, winds, dragons, flowers & jokers. The goal is to gather tiles in a pre-determined sequence to form a winning hand & call “Mah Jongg.” Beginners welcome ~ we are happy to teach & it’s easy to learn. Men, women, young, old, singles & couples. If you enjoy playing card games like rummy & poker, you will love this! Wed. from 6-9pm on Tybee. Please call Mary at 740-590-5164 or e-mail Coastal Fitness & Wellness expanded its business to Tybee Vacation Rentals 1010 Hwy 80E. Now offering Special Gifts of Wellness, Outstanding Customer Service & affordable rates. Specializing in Body Work for Pain management & Pilates, Core & Power-sculpting sessions in a private “clean” environment. Call today & make an appt. for a free consultation with Edie Mercado @ 224-8525 or

Just for kids Live Oak Public Libraries presents Ellen O’Leary Acorns Storytime at the Tybee Library for children ages 0-4, Tues. at 11am. Please call 912786-7733 for more info.

God About’s Senior Ministry is on the 3rd Tue. of each month. All Saints’ Episcopal Church *All Are Warmly Welcomed* The Rev. Canon Jack Nietert, Vicar. Tybee Island invites you to worship with us Sunday at 10AM followed by a social hour at 11AM We are located at 804 Jones Ave., two streets west of Butler Ave; please call 786-5845 for more information or visit our website: St. Michael Catholic Church & School Father Thomas J. Peyton Mass and Confessions Schedule: Saturday: Vigil – 6:00 PM Sunday: 8:00 & 11:00 AM Daily: 8AM Mon-Fri. 9AM Sat. Confessions: 5:00-5:45 PM on Sat. or By appointment. 801 Butler Avenue, 912-786-4505

Tybee Church “Mayberry by the Sea” Flip flops & smokers welcomed. Every Sunday morning 11am-12pm at The Windrose. Easter Service at 11am Encouragement, worship music & prayer. All included.

MEN BEHIND THE SCENE Men’s Inter-denominational Prayer Breakfast the 1st Sat. of each month 9am. Call Jim Monaghan 897-2666 for more info. Tybee Breeze




DARNEST things! the

My daughter asked me if she could go outside and play with the boys? To which I replied, “No, you can’t play with the boys, they’re too rough.” She was quite for a few moments and then asked,

“If I can find a smooth one, can I play with him?” -Jenny age 5

Send your kids funniest line & pic to


The Road Ends Here! If you would like to announce a birthday, anniversary, newborns, congratulations, loss of a loved one, etc. Please e-mail to Deadline for submissions is the 15th of each month. If you have pictures to send with your announcement please send file in .jpg format. Questions??? Call 786-8986


Tybee Breeze

No legs have I to dance, No lungs have I to breathe, No life have I to live or die And yet I do all three. What am I?

april Riddle & ANSWER: With pointed fangs it sits in wait, With piercing force its doles out fate, Over bloodless victims proclaiming its might, Eternally joining in a single bite. What am I? Answer: I’m a Stapler.

The answer key will be published in the next edition.

Down 1 Cemetery Tommy’s pics are from? (11) 2 May is national what month? (4) 3 Alaina is upset about this kind of hair? (4) 4 Owns trree service on Tybee? (5,7)

Across 3 Old is the new what? (5)

5 Bartender at Doc’s for 20 years? (3,5)

4 This season begins now on Tybee? (6)

7 If you don’t pay your P.O. Box fee at the Post Office on time it will be? (6)

6 Judy O’Neill is a what? (3)

7 Coming this summer at the YMCA for kids? (4)

9 This blue marker in Memorial Park? (4)

10 This sport is played on Monday nights in JayCee Park? (8)

8 Ole Slo just got back from? (5)

12 Number of council meetings in three years? (4)

11 Motorcycle club on Tybee? (3,5) Did you know the answers to the Pirates Puzzle crossword can be found in the Tybee Breeze itself? So if you’re having trouble, look through the stories again!!

Pirates Puzzle Answer APRIL 2010


Insert numbers until each row, column and 3x3 box contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once.

Rating Level - Medium Tybee Breeze


Starfish Scopes MAY 2010 3-Bonnie Ates, Tristian Kole McLellan & Kaitlynn Marlow, 4-Renee DeRossett & Danny Hitchings, 6-Lacey Caldwell 7-Ryan Bentley, 9-Bobby Ray Kitchens April Moore, Amanda Kellam & Robbie Wood 11-Henry Smith & Freda Rutherford 13-Steven Platke’s & Jennifer Wittendorf 15-Linda Moore, Mike Crawford, Hannah Burnsed, Megan Thurkins & Mary Hogan, 20-Walter Parker 22-James Ray, 23-Jason Bragg 24-Gavin Ates & Pete Ryerson 25-Theresa Fitzgibbon, 26-Pam O’Brien & Adam Thran, 27-Larry Otto & Michael Bodine 28-Gloria Bennett, Denise Woodard, Staci Folker & Jackie Cary, 29- T.O. Wilson 30-Brandon Moore & Bill Duane 31-Fred Anderson & Vivian Maxey

5-Mary & Espy Geissler Mark & Marcia (Smith) Padgett Tommy & Weazy Sullivan 10- David & Lynda Stoller 18-Glenn & Nalene Conway

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) The thought of you losing your mind is making you lose your mind. If you ever get out of that hole, the chances are that you’re still going to be a neurotic plague of badness. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Wednesday will be a good day for you this month, but which Wednesday in particular is up to you. Cancer (June 21 - July 22) There are lots of ideas screaming to be let out of your head. Let them free, and they’ll scream in other people’s heads too! Leo (July 23 - August 22) Your children will return, but they’ll be unnaturally quiet and good-natured. Eventually, you’ll discover how the switch was made. Virgo (August 23 - September 22) You will get a new job, soon, in which you’re most important activity will be to periodically “jiggle a little thingy.” While it will pay well, this will prove to be somewhat awkward to explain at parties. Eventually you will hit on the ploy of saying you sell insurance. Libra (September 22 - October 22) You’ll find more, and very “interesting,” uses for cocktail umbrellas today. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Your desire for more money will never come true unless you get off your butt and do something. If you lose money you can be assured that the nature of human kindness will mean you never see it again. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) If you want to ride your bicycle, then by all means do it. But I refuse to be held responsible for any consequences. Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) The computer you are trying to access has forbidden you entry as it deems your horoscope too scary. The media will try to control your life today. Many congratulations!


He was hit by a car here on Tybee. He was a good cat and a Gator fan. Rest in peace sweet kitty. You will be missed! Love, Joni & Ricky


Tybee Breeze

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) In a rather bizarre and unfortunate turn of events today, your lips will go ballistic and your Ziggy Marley accent will kick in. You will be comforted to know that those are simply the first two signs of a “spaz attack,” which is more common than most people realize, and usually non-fatal. Pisces (February 19 - March 20) You are not a sham, nor are you a mockery. You are you. When things are looking down, sit yourself down on the nearest swiveling chair and spin. If that doesn’t raise a smile, then I’m all out of ideas. Aries (March 21 - April 19) A picture frame will feature highly in your day today and will probably make you feel like you’d never gotten out of bed. You’ll probably end up going back to bed as soon as mishaps start happening to you.

By Joni Woodcock I’ve been hearing for years that Tybee tap water will make you crazy or pregnant and I wonder if it might be true! Some of my friends out there (and you know who you are), have experienced both at the same time. I consulted Ricky at the water department and he says there have been outbreaks of these conditions all over the island. . .and now I hear that Jerome has twins on the way. . . Of course the big buzz has been the release of “the movie,” and I have never seen this many people in my life! Tybee did the premier in typical Redneck Riviera style. (Confidential to Boston: You said that like it is a bad thing. We don’t care!) The “Tybeewood” premier party ended up at Huc A Poo’s & Eric says it was the best event ever. He used Paxton & I like circus monkeys, but we didn’t mind & everybody had a HUGE time! Dean is opening a new bar called Nicky’s 1971 & we will have one more watering hole to quench o u r insatiable thirst. I asked him if he was going to bring back pudding wrestling & he said it’s a good possibility. If you haven’t experienced pudding wrestling, you have missed something. Erika Barlow had a

We had several fundraisers on the island this past month. There was a benefit at the Crab Shack for Emily Brennan who suffers from Visceral Hypergesia. The American Legion sponsored a benefit for Brian “Biggin” Cail, of Sting Ray’s fame, who told me he is almost done with his treatments for cancer. You GO BIG BOY!!! Huc’s had

a benefit for the Fresh Air Home complete with putt putt golf on the beach. T.O. won a ladies Jagermeister shirt and sported it for all to see. This brings me to my next subject, Tybee ...Continued Page 50

big birthday blowout at the Quarter, complete with the blues band Hitman. She & Tommy were cutting the rug and enjoying themselves immensely!!! Tybee Breeze


Fashion No-No’s. Hutch, you’ve gotta be kidding me!!! It’s like a trainwreck, you can’t help but look!

Virginia & JJ exchanged vows in celebration of their commitment as Life Partners. Sam Adams provided the service and everyone looked especially nice for the occasion. M i s s Scarlett is back from roaming the globe and you can catch her at Gayna’s to get the details! We’ve had a couple of very interesting bands lately that really stirred my fancy. Tubby Love was in from Boston & the lead singer is the son of Tybee’s own Becka & Stuart Terrett. Dusty Lightswitch from Athens was breaking it down at the Rock House. T. Wong & Lee were there & Lee gets the “Blindfolded with Dental Floss” award for the month. Stephanie a n d Shannon, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t want to wind up in the “We’ll make you Famous” photo! We could have made Saturday M a r t i n i famous, but no one had a camera but her, and we can’t show the one’s of Charissa!


Tybee Breeze

Kyle and Grayson are providing a new service to the island, the Pedicab. One is a Cancer and one is a Capricorn and they both say they like toes!!! I have never liked grits in my life until I had breakfast with Jim and Brandon at All Points Café. The shrimp and grits kick butt and the prices are reasonable. It’s a great cure for a hang-around! Brandon and his band, “BluSuede,” were playing at Lighthouse Pizza and they were kind enough to let me step in for one. Its spring time and love is in the air! Stacy & Lannie were at Doc’s living it up and Skip & Diane were at the Quarter for a couple of cold ones! W h i c h brings me to the Drunkenese word of the month... Touron, and I think that, too, is self-explanatory. They can be found traveling backwards on 16th Street or Tybrisa to a touron. I’d like to give the Crab Cab a special THANK YOU for keeping my a@# out of jail. If you guys have any e v e n t you need covered, remember, we can’t cover it if we don’t know about it! Come by and see me at the Poo, and if we don’t have a story, we’ll make one up!

Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

May 2010 Tybee Breeze  

May 2010 Breeze

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