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Tybee 's Ocean Rescue Team Stay Smart! Stay Safe! Stay Alive! By Janice Bentley

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With the warmer temperatures and sunny weather, the beach at Tybee Island is a place for fun, recreation and relaxation for many in the area and for those who travel distances great and small to enjoy our beaches and all Tybee has to offer. School will be out soon; vacations will be in full swing; and Tybee will host thousands who will spend a day, a weekend, a week or even longer playing in the sand and surf on Tybee.

Street, 14th Street, 3rd Street and two towers at North Beach area, for a total of ten. Each tower houses two lifeguards. The most dangerous areas are near the pier (with no swimming allowed within 50 ft), and at the south end from the pier to the jetties. This area also tends to be the most populated due to the attraction of the pier, restaurants and shops as well as the island’s largest parking areas with the lots at 14th Street – 18th Street (Strand area).

Unfortunately, the beach is not as carefree as it sounds or looks. Along with your beach gear, sunscreen, snacks and beverages, each beach-goer, especially adults and parents with children, need to be aware of the dangers at the beach. The beach is an ever-changing environment with strong crashing waves, tides which rise and fall, variable winds and shifting sands affected by the elements called Mother Nature. The ocean is not a finite environment like a pool with specific depths, visible boundaries and a relatively small space, but one with forces that are unseen, often unrecognized and not acknowledged and respected.

Undoubtedly, the most danger on Tybee is from “rip tides” or “rip currents.” Rip tides are described as a strong flow of water, which is usually in a swirling pattern. These tides produce a great deal of energy, and make it difficult for swimmers to get back to shore. This powerful flow of water can pull even strong swimmers into deep water. If caught in rip tides (rip currents), relax and swim toward the shore at a 45-degree angle until you are free of the current. Do not fight the current, or you will tire yourself out and be unable to swim to safety. If the currents are strong, Tybee Island is extremely swim parallel with the fortunate to have a great team shoreline, then swim of lifeguards who form Tybee’s diagonally toward the Ocean Rescue, who work under the shore. If you are not able direction of Tybee’s Fire Department. to swim out of the currents, These committed young men and women call or wave for help. are all certified lifeguards, but also must pass strenuous physical tests specific In speaking with Chief Skip Sasser of the to ocean rescue efforts. Our Ocean Tybee Island Fire Department, he admits Rescue team is comprised of committed that we couldn’t have a better group of professionals, approximately 35-40 in lifeguards on our beach. They are very number, who diligently monitor our close to obtaining national certification beaches from May through September by the National Lifeguard Association for to help prevent injuries and drownings, Ocean Rescue, and each lifeguard must as well as provide rescue services, if possess the skills and training necessary needed. Lifeguard stands are located to ensure that we have the very best on the beach at 18th Street (2 towers), protecting us at the beach. Many of these 17th Street, and 16th Street with a tower young men and women have returned to positioned on each side of the pier, 15th ...Continued Page 4 Tybee Breeze


the lifeguard jobs every summer, but still must pass the physical tests and maintain their lifeguard status. Many of the lifeguards are also employed (Savannah Fire Department) or are students at SCAD or medical students at Mercer University School of Medicine at Memorial in Savannah. With the fantastic support by Tybee’s City Council, City Manager and Mayor, the appropriate equipment to assist in their jobs have been provided. There are two jet skis; one is positioned at the North Beach and one at the South Beach area, which are available to assist with rescues and searches. Each lifeguard stand has VHF radios for constant communication with each other and with the lifeguard office, jokingly called the “Lifeguard Shack.” This allows for them to receive reports of impending bad weather approaching the area and to provide alerts of hazardous conditions on the beach and in the water. Also, this communication allows for notification if back-up or additional assistance or equipment is needed for rescue efforts.


Tybee Breeze

Mayor Jason Buelterman, an avid surfer, is a strong supporter and understands the dangers. “Ocean Rescue does a superb job of ensuring that Tybee residents and visitors can enjoy a safe visit to our newly renourished beach. As the only accessible beach for a growing region, we are inundated with folks in the summer, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. We also have an island that is unfortunately very conducive to rip currents. Given these circumstances, the City has in recent years tripled the budget for our ocean rescue efforts, but there is only so much that we can fund. Therefore, we have approached Chatham County to develop a partnership that will hopefully allow us to continue to expand the hours and coverage of our beach, especially on busy weekends.” Although there were no drownings in 2008, the ocean rescue team was busy during the 2008 season (April – September) and were involved in 74 water rescues, 140 water assists, 352 public services which includes assisting the elderly, handicapped to/from beach and providing wheelchair assistance, etc., and helped in locating 181 lost persons, as well as other activities including medical assistance, fights, etc. This year has started off being much busier, and with a tragic drowning in April. To keep from being a statistic this year, please read and follow the safety information below. When in doubt about the conditions on the beach and in the water, don’t hesitate to ask the lifeguard for information or assistance. Meeting the lifeguard on the beach is definitely preferred to meeting him in the water as a rescue!

Ocean Safety Tips 1. Learn to swim. The ocean is powerful and can be difficult to navigate. Do not enter the ocean unless you know how to swim. Do not rely on flotation devices, such as rafts or boogie boards in place of actual swimming ability. If you fall off of the flotation device, but do not know how to swim, you could be in serious danger. 2. Swim near a lifeguard. According to the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA), the odds of drowning at a public beach are nearly five times as great without lifeguard supervision. 3. Protect your head and neck. Never dive into the ocean headfirst – it is a leading cause of head and neck injuries, and can lead to paralysis or even death. Always enter the ocean feet first. 4. Never swim alone. Always swim with a buddy and never swim alone. 5. Obey all posted warning signs and flags. Signs and flags alert you to ocean safety conditions. For clarification, ask a lifeguard what the flags mean and what you should do to be safe. Also, ask the lifeguards about the current ocean conditions before you or your children enter the water. 6. Never turn your back on the ocean. Even the smallest wave can knock you over and cause injury. 7. Learn about rip currents and how to get out of them. Many ocean rescues are due to people getting caught in rip currents, which pull you away from the shore and into deeper water. Do not fight the current. Swim parallel to shore until you can safely get to shore, or call for help. 8. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Alcohol and drugs can impair your judgment. Also, alcohol lowers your body temperature and often plays a significant role in drownings. 9. Beware of trash and broken glass. Your bare feet are perfect targets for broken glass and other trash. Keep your shoes on when walking from your car to the area of the beach where you set up. 10. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you and your family from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Apply several times during your day at the beach, especially after spending time in the water.

Keeping It Real We are moving forward right into summer, as you will see in this June issue; I told you the cover would be yummy! Speaking of Happy Father’s Day! yummy, I photo by Just Julia. stopped into Groover’s at Tybee Island Marina and had a shrimp salad sandwich and it was delicious! Go see Big Daddy Groover and ask him for some sea spiders!? I would like to give a big thank you to Michael Sullivan and WJCL/ FOX28 for continuing to give the Breeze exclusives on what’s going on throughout the year and what to expect each year during hurricane season, so that we can be prepared. Check out page 15 for Chief Meterologist Jeff Kirk’s predictions for this year’s hurricane season. Also, turn to page 13 where senior producer Pearl Fyderek shares her first time visit and experience on Tybee Island. Welcome to our new columnist Jody Buelterman, page 29, who will be doing a column each month called Mommy Minutes... The Joys of Island parenting. Please send info and pics of moms, dads and grandparents with your child or grandchild to Jody or to info@ “Be Breezy... You’re on Tybee Time!” Sundi Tybee Breeze


MISS TYBEE TURTLE AT HOME IN GEORGIA VISITOR’S CENTER! Hi Everyone, Thanks to Cullen and the Historical Society, we now have Miss Tybee Turtle at the St. Mary’s Welcome Center in Kingsland, Georgia! Mel, Richard and I delivered her and the ladies were thrilled with her! Tybee will be well represented with her presence and lots of new rack cards. We would like to send out a big thank you to Shannon (Sundi’s husband) and his team for refurbishing her! He did a great job, if you see Shannon, thank him for all of his hard work in restoring her. This was all done at his shop, Wheels-N-Steel, in Thunderbolt!


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Natalie Gordon

The Marshall Tucker Band Will Be Back! For The 5th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest Oct. 8-10, 2009 - South Beach AHOY MATES! Swashbucklers of all ages will be converging on Tybee Island to participate in the 5th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest! Featuring a Buccaneer Ball, Pirate Victory Parade, Free Live Entertainment, Costume Contest, Children’s Activities and the Thieves Market filled with treasures, grog and grub! For more details, please visit: http://www. Just so you know... There will be a tent (66ft. x 150ft.) that will cover the stage so that not even the least bit of drizzle will keep the bands from playing or the beer from flowing. Arrrrrgggg...... See you there!

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Modern Maturity

By Judy O’Neill

Remember these words? Oh, grow up. Act your age. Don’t be so immature. You’re just being childish. Well, folks. Guess what. I think I’ve matured and I’m acting my age and it’s downright scary, if not depressing. You know you’ve “grown up” when… You go to your local watering hole and wonder if some of the people in there are even old enough to drive much less drink. You and your friends discuss the early bird specials offered at various restaurants in the area. And then, you actually take advantage of those specials. You don’t like to be out after dark because driving at night bothers you. You just don’t get that Geico money-witheyeballs ad. And, even if you do, you think it’s stupid. Some mornngs you just want to slap the Today Show’s Ann Curry when she uses that soft, overlyconcerned, kind voice in an interview. Other times, you have to switch channels because there’s just too much

screaming going on during the live crowd shots. And, continuing with the Today Show, you find you just can’t take a live music concert of any sort that early in the morning. Case in point, Mariah Carey was once on and did one of her ultra high-pitched screams (aka notes). I almost dropped my coffee cup diving for the remote. Holy cow! Instead of humming along to the music in stores, you’re looking around to see if you can ask anyone about turning down the volume. At the mall, you consider avoiding the Food Court because of all the crying children. You get the senior discount without asking, even if you’re not old enough to get it yet. You dress for comfort instead of style. You look in the mirror and think “that will do” instead of “do I really want to wear that.” You refuse to take anyone seriously who says “you know” more than once in a brief conversation or TV interview. The car your child drives costs more than the house you were living in when she was born. You finally understand the words to a hit song, but you still don’t get it. You take offense when your doctor says, “At your age….” You take issue with guys wearing hats indoors, especially in restaurants not at the beach. You find that you don’t particularly like it when someone you don’t know (the telemarketer type) calls you and uses your first name. What’s more, you find you appreciate it when really young folks say “Yes ma’am/ sir and no ma’am/sir.” You get really upset when they rearrange your favorite store. I can’t find anything in my once favored Publix anymore. Last time I went, everything was backwards, making me feel a little dizzy. It was freezing cold, had extra loud music, and gave me a terrible headache. I didn’t get to half of what I needed to buy. Rearranging the store does NOT make me stay longer and buy more. Longtime Tybee resident Jim Fabrikant was there too and told the store manager that he considered all that rearranging a form of “elder abuse.” I agree. (Heck. I’m still confused at Wal-Mart and that store got changed around several years back.) So, fellow grown ups, have you had any of these mature experiences lately? If so, quit acting your age and go down to beach and splash in the waves a while. That will help your outlook on life. Judy O’Neill has written for the Breeze for the past six years. She was named “Best Local Columnist” at the 2008 and 2006 Breezy Awards and “Best Local Real Estate Agent” at the 2005 Awards. Judy and her husband John have lived on Tybee since 1983 and own Tybee Island Realty. She can be reached for comment at


Tybee Breeze

Greetings from the Tybee Island Fire Department. As we roll into the beginning of Summer we are reminded of the dangers of multiple things ranging from weather, ocean currents and increased traffic. In this issue we’ll talk about these issues and how to deal with them. The department had a relatively quiet month until the tragic accident on Highway 80 during an afternoon storm. Our department was requested as mutual aid to the Southside Fire Department after they determined just how severe this accident was. Our department responded with four vehicles to assist in extinguishing the three cars on fire and extrication. Once on scene we helped put the fires out and went back in service quickly to provide coverage to Tybee. Severe weather was possibly a factor as a cause for this accident. A combination of heavy rains and lightning played a role not only in the accident but also with the efforts on scene. Please remember that these storms can pop up very quickly causing standing water on the roadway and bright flashes of lightning. Please slow down and turn on headlights during these storms. Traffic is also increasing with the summer months. Please keep this in mind when traveling on and off the island. Our Ocean Rescue Division has seen record numbers in a very short amount of time indicating what we all feared, a very busy summer. Calls ranging from swimmers in distress, medical calls, fights and lost children have kept the guards on their toes and quite frequently entering the water. The division had a near drowning in early May next to the pier. The guards pulled the gentleman out of the water and began resuscitative efforts until Medstar arrived and transported the patient to the hospital. The gentleman made a full recovery and had nothing but good things to say about the Ocean Rescue staff. Keep in mind that it is always safest to swim in the presence of a lifeguard and always know your swimming abilities. In closing we want to wish everyone a safe and happy summer. Tybee Breeze


These snippets are based on a large record book kept in a safe at City Hall containing the handwritten minutes of council meetings and other happenings in the Town of Tybee from 1887 until 1925.  I have tried to find those items that will be of the greatest interest and amusement to Tybee readers of a century later.  I include many names since it was apparent from the start that a lot of Tybee folks of today will know, indeed be related to, some of  these people of yesteryear.

Written by Bernie Goode

Back to Town Business My last three articles were spent discussing the death and burials of two German sailors in particular and Tybee cemetery matters in general. But now it’s time to return to Town governing affairs. Depending on how the spirits move me, I may return to some more cemetery stories later. Following the unprecedented January meeting of 1898, Tybee Council next met on March 31, 1898. “The following qualified voters were appointed Managers of the Election to be held Monday April 4th 1898 – F. W. Stover, W.J. Lindsay, Wm Bohan – Jas Noble & Robt Hunter Alternates.” The only other business reported was Councilman Blun’s reading of the quitclaim deed to transfer the beachfront land south of Center Street from the Town to the Central of Georgia Railway “for pavilion purposes.” At Council’s next meeting, April 4, 1898, incumbents Mayor Butler and Councilmen Blun, Lovell, Solomon, Kehoe, Ryals, and Dixon, were sworn in for another two-year tour of duty following their unanimous and unopposed election. All but Ryals received 19 votes. Ryals got only 18 votes. Maybe he felt it was not proper to vote for himself. Regrettably for me, F.W. Stover was reappointed as Clerk of Council. His penmanship, marginal from the beginning many, many years earlier, has deteriorated in direct proportion with his aging. Other than the usual litany of annual ordinance adoptions for taxation, licenses, committees, and the like, the only other business taken up at the April 4 meeting was instructing the Clerk of Council to order one [?] of lumber from the lowest bidder for use in street walk repairs. Not much was recorded for the next meeting of council held on April 29, 1898. John Poindible (?) was elected Chief of Police and Custodian of the Cemetery. Just kidding about that second duty – for those of you who read and remembered last month’s article on cemetery responsibilities.


Tybee Breeze

Messrs Graham, Wortham, Bohan, and Naylor were granted licenses to retail liquor for the ensuing year. The meeting of July 14, 1898, was primarily dedicated to the treasurer’s annual report and to selling land in the gap between the Beach Lot # 100, Ward 5, and the Strand, as established by the Town in 1892, for 10 cents per running foot. This lot was located half way between Tybrisa (then 16th) Street and 17th Street extending from Butler Avenue (then Main Street) to the beach. This would be the last council meeting of the year, the likely reason being the hurricanes that struck the island later that year. On August 31, 1898, a small but vicious hurricane passed over Tybee with a maximum wind velocity of 84 mph. Roofs were ripped off houses and extensive flooding occurred. The following October a Category 3 hurricane hit the coast of Georgia between Brunswick and Sapelo Island with Tybee taking some damaging wind and water on the north side of the storm. This was the last major hurricane to strike the Georgia coast with some experts believing the reason to be “sheer luck.” I was hoping Council would have something to say about the 1898 storms when it next met on April 25th of 1899, but such was not to be. The first meeting of 1899 was dominated by setting up the ordinances, committees, license fees, etc. for the year. J. Lightbody was elected Chief of Police. Sadly for me, F. W. Stover was once again appointed Clerk of Council, lousy penmanship notwithstanding. Being that typewriters were first marketed in 1873, I wonder why Tybee would not begin using one to record its Council meeting minutes until the 1920s. Economics and/or job security I suppose. Besides, I would not have the thrill of finally deciphering some important word written by Mr. Stover. By the way, readers with questions, corrections, or comments are encouraged to write me at

By Jason Buelterman Mayor of Tybee Island Summer time has officially arrived. Tybee has been exceptionally busy thus far this year and it goes without saying that things will only get busier as the kids get out of school and the temperatures go up. The slow economy has, like in 2002, actually brought more folks out to Tybee. I hope you will put the Hurricane Awareness meeting on your calendar for June 15 at 7:00 PM in the Gym. The event has been planned to educate the public about the risk of hurricanes (and tornados). It is being done in conjunction with the Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA). We will have a special guest from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) speaking specifically about the threat of storm surge in our area. I hope you can come to the meeting as it will provide critical information about preparing for hurricane season. While I try to stay out of court proceedings on our Island, I would like to commend Judge Sheer for taking a tough stand against the two individuals who decided it would be a great idea to steal turtles from the Marine Science Center. By setting such a high bond in the two cases, he made it abundantly clear that such criminal activity is absolutely unacceptable. The month of May saw traffic on Highway 80 to Tybee restricted on multiple occasions. On Saturday, May 9, traffic was backed up headed westbound due to an accident. Then on Monday, May 11, there was an accident with multiple fatalities that shut down traffic in both directions for over 6 hours. I was headed off the island right before the accident and watched as our police and fire departments responded to the accident. It was in the middle of one of the worst lightning I have ever witnessed. Our folks did not hesitate putting themselves in danger and doing whatever they could to lend a helping hand. Meanwhile, 16 of our Island’s public school students were stranded on a bus headed back to Tybee. Special thanks to Coastal Middle School Principal Kerry Coursey for stepping up and offering a safe place for these students until the road was opened back up later that evening. Our community has been divided for many years on the issue of whether or not we ought to four lane the road. An article that appeared shortly after the tragic accident indicated that the reason the State Department of Transportation did not fund the project back in 1999 (when the project was supposedly close

to actually happening) was because Tybee residents were not completely supportive of the project. This assertion is ridiculous. Every time I have approached the DOT about widening the road or the replacement of the bridges, I am told that it is irrelevant what I think, what the City Council thinks, or what residents think about the project. It will happen or not happen based on DOT funding issues, not on the whims of the Tybee public. For one thing, the DOT operated at the time in an apolitical manner. That is to say, they don’t take into account the opinions of politicians or the public when making decisions about how to spend state-allocated resources. Secondly, the Tybee road is not in the City of Tybee’s jurisdictional boundaries. Due to frustration amongst our state elected officials with the processes and procedures of the DOT (just about every state legislator and senator has a transportation problem in his or her district that he or she feels is not being fixed), in the 2009 state legislative session, the legislature passed and the Governor signed into law a bill which gives state elected officials more power in determining how taxpayer dollars are spent on our transportation system. Therefore, I believe that it would be logical for us as a community to develop some kind of consensus moving forward on this issue. I do support the four laning of the road and have been lobbying aggressively for the replacement of the bridges in light of the fact that money for bridges has become increasingly available in the wake of the bridge collapse in Minnesota a few years back. The current plan the DOT has on the books for the four laning, however, is dated and does not take into account the lessons learned from the intense hurricane seasons of 2005 and 2006 when raised roadways were wiped out while lower lying roadways were left intact. Such alteration of the plan would have the added benefit of lessening the environmental impact and reducing the cost of construction. But I am certainly not an expert on this issue and like you have lots of questions that need to be answered. In the next few weeks, we will be approaching DOT officials to get some answers to the multitude of questions that many of us have about this project. If you have any comments or questions you would like addressed, please let me know and I will follow up. I will do my best to keep everyone apprised of any developments on this issue. This is particularly frustrating because it is out of our jurisdiction and in many respects out of our control. But the County Commission has taken notice of this issue and will be getting involved as well. Sorry I couldn’t touch on more issues this month. Have a wonderful month and I hope to see you on the 15th. Mayor’s Night In is June 9th from 6 until 8PM. Please call Vivian Woods at 786-4573 ext. 103 for an appointment. As always, feel free to contact me at 786-4573, ext. 108 or via e-mail at See you around town. Tybee Breeze


Dear Fran, My wife and I are visitors to your beautiful island four months a year, and we adopted a crow in February. We named him Horatio and he came to visit almost every day, naturally looking for a handout. I see he (or she) was in the favorite pets section of the April issue of the BREEZE and was named Edgar. Just wanted to let you know that we like the name Horatio better. Keep an eye out for our banded feathered friend. Best regards, Frank from Sparks, MD Dear Frank from Sparks, That bird is everywhere and he’s quite the charmer with quite a number of aliases. When Holly of Holly B.’s Collectibles had a shop on the Pier, there was crow named Al who visited daily for treats and attention. Could all these cute, feathered con artists be the same bird under different names or is there a whole banded group of them? Something to crow about, Fran Dear Fran, Isn’t it Tybee etiquette that if you walk your dog, you clean up after he does his business? Someone should tell a certain bulldog owner around town that it is not cool to not pick up his pooch droppings. What is the appropriate etiquette to let someone know to do this? Thanks! Pooped Out Dear Pooped, Ooooh, that stinks. Literally. Maybe he’ll read this and get the message. Otherwise, you could be s%#$ out of luck. Hope things improve, Fran Dear Fran, Something has been bothering me for a while. Why is there Braille on the sign at the bank’s drive-thru teller window? The more I think about it, the more worried I get. Think about it, H. Keller Dear H. Keller, Whoa. That is a true mystery. I’ll SEE if I can find an answer. Anybody got any ideas? Fran Dear Fran, It’s a good thing my Aunt Sadie isn’t around anymore. She used to walk around the stores and places talking to herself. People always thought she was nuts. Now people walk around looking like they’re talking to


Tybee Breeze

themselves when they’re on those handsfree Blue Tooth things. Ain’t life strange? Just a comment, Moe Torowla Dear Moe, I still think it looks weird to walk around talking on those things. I never know if the people are nutty like your Aunt Sadie, are talking on the hands-free phone thing, or are talking to me. It’s really embarrassing when I stop and answer them and they look at me like I’m the one who’s nuts. Some things should be private, Fran Dear Fran, I thoroughly enjoyed the Beach Bum Parade again this year. My cousins and I use it every year as a car wash. We take turns driving our two trucks and car around the island just before the parade starts. When we blow our horns at people, they squirt us, and the trucks and car get rinsed off real good. This year we put Uncle Leroy’s dog in the back of one of trucks so he could get a bath. (We’re still trying to find him.) Concerned with conservation, Sandy Waters Dear Sandy, The car wash idea is interesting. My husband Fred puts all the porch furniture in his old truck that day so it can get a good washing. That way all that water is put to other uses and he doesn’t feel as wasteful. I think your Uncle Leroy’s dog was spotted hiding back under his house. Check there. (And, by the way, the dog washing idea was NOT a good one.) See you next year, Fran Dear Fran, The drivers on your island don’t know their you-knowwhat from a hole in the ground. Every time I’m leaving Tybee, I get in the left lane so I can speed around all the slow pokes, and then some idiot going real slow decides to make a left turn into one of the businesses. It’s real frustrating. In a Hurry, Speedy Carr Dear Speedy, You’re the one who’s the idiot. I’ve been in front of drivers like you and I just go slower and slower the closer you get. This is a little town and the left lane is more often the slow lane than the fast lane. You should come to Tybee to relax and slow down. If you can’t do that, go some place like Daytona and make believe you’re a NASCAR driver. Back off! Fran You can write me anytime you like at

Stranger to the Shore…. By Pearl Fyderek

I have yet to talk to someone who calls Tybee home

Senior Producer, WJCL/ FOX28 who doesn’t enjoy what they have. Restaurants where and Stranger to the Shore no more everyone knows your name, and a community where THECOASTALSOURCE.COM) everyone is family. And during the hot summer months,

I’ve been to many beaches in my life. My grandparents are in San Diego, so I grew up with summers on the Pacific, my parents and I took yearly summer trips to Mexico Beach, Florida, St. Simon’s Island, the Bahamas, and I just moved to Savannah from Norfolk, Virginia just a stone’s throw from Virginia Beach. So when I moved down here I knew we’d eventually make it to Tybee Island. Working with Michael Sullivan at WJCL, I hear about Tybee on a regular basis. So, I wanted to see what the fuss is all about. A few weeks ago I packed my family up, grabbed the sunscreen and towels and we trekked to the beach, unsure what we would find. It was definitely not what I was expecting. Thinking I’d see a commercialized beach full of tourists and souvenir stands I was greeted with a quaint, colorful community. Yes, there were bikini baring sunbathers worshiping the sun, but more than that, it was a welcoming retreat.

they welcome every tourist to their island treating them as friends. From my experiences, most beaches that become overrun by “inlanders,” look at the tourist season with dread. Locals head to “private” beaches, and see the crowds as a way to bring in money and headaches. Not Tybee Island. The annual Beach Bum parade is an exciting party used to roll out the welcome mat to the Island. This is something that I’ve never heard of anywhere else, and something I don’t want to miss. I’m not sure how often I will be able to make it to the beach this summer, but, I know that when I arrive and get out of my car, it won’t be as an outsider. And while residents won’t know me by name—they’ll treat me like I never left.

It has to be tough on residents, the traffic and crowds, but every local was friendly, helpful and having as much fun as the visitors. I’ve always wondered if people who live in interesting cities and tiny towns appreciate what’s around them. Sometimes the daily grind takes center stage over enjoying the natural beauty around you, or landmarks that draws crowds. But, that isn’t true with Tybee residents -- they love their island and everything it has to offer.

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Well, it’s that time of the year again. When you live on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast of the United States, six months of the year is spent watching the seas in hopes a monster does not come rolling ashore. Many years someone in the United States experiences a catastrophe from a landfalling hurricane. Last year, it was Hurricane Ike in Texas and Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana. What will this year bring? In order to get an idea of what may happen this hurricane season, we need to look at several factors that normally have an influence on how many storms will form. For one thing, we remain in the warm cycle of the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO). This is a 25 to 30 year cycle where the water temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean are naturally a little warmer than the longer term average. Since hurricanes feed off warm water, we expect more storms during this period of time. This recent warmer water cycle begain in the mid 1990s, right when hurricanes started becoming more frequent. We can expect to be in this warm cycle for at least another ten years. Each season we talk about whether we’re in a La Nina or El Nino phase or neutral (neither). Indications are we will be entering a weak El Nino phase, when the waters off the west coast of South America warm up some. This tends to correlate to higher wind shear over the tropical Atlantic during hurricane season, which can reduce the 14

Tybee Breeze

number of storms. Since it is only expected to be a weak El Nino, there may not be too much of a disruption; but at least it’s not a La Nina, which makes hurricane formation easier. Another thing that can contribute to disruptive wind shear would be if pressures become higher than normal in the central and eastern Atlantic during the tropical season. Indications are this may happen, which would enhance low-level easterly trade winds, usually resulting in more shear. The enhanced trade winds can also cause more dust to come off the west African coast, which can slow down storm development. When you add up the above, it’s not looking like a high number of storms this year. Forecasters at Colorado State University, including Dr. William Gray, issued their most recent forecast in April. They’re calling for 12 named storms and 6 hurricanes, with 2 of the hurricanes reaching category 3 strength. This forecast is lower than the preliminary one they put out last December. To view their entire forecast on the web, go to http://typhoon.atmos.colostate. edu. Now, numbers aren’t as important as where the storms go after they form. Meteorologists like to look at analog years, those being years where worldwide conditions looked similar, to try to get an idea of not only the number of storms that may form but any patterns of where they went afterwards. Some of those years lining up for this hurricane season include 1951, 1968, 1976, 1985 and 2001. You can view those

2009 Hurricane Names Ana Bill Claudette Danny Erika Fred Grace Henri Ida Joaquin Kate Larry Mindy Nicholas Odette Peter Rose Sam Teresa Victor Wanda

years yourself by going to and clicking on Seasons Archive in the left hand column. Then scroll down to Past Tracks of Tropical Cyclones. There were some notable landfalls on the Gulf Coast and the East Coast to our north, but nothing real close to us. We were affected a few times by heavy rain from tropical storms coming out of the Gulf or up through Florida. I’ll mention one more thing; the last time we entered the final ten years of the warm AMO in the 1950s, there was an uptick in the number of systems that made landfall on the East Coast, including the Northeast. There weren’t necessarily a lot of storms overall, but there was an increase in destruction up and down the East Coast, including Florida. That’ll be something to keep an eye on for this year and the next several years. The most likely time for East Coast landfalls is from late August through early October. We’ll be watching. [Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.]

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...On the beat with Tybee Police Chief Jimmy Price & Major Chris Case

“ Welcome to TY-B. Please obey all laws and rules of the beach to make TY-B a better place to visit and live. Have a good day.” --Chief Jimmy Price The Trey Alley Cohort. At the start of 2009, the Savannah Technical College opened up a new police academy. Over a 17-week, 680-hour course of studies, they produce highly qualified, fully certified police officers ready to hit the streets running. The second class is scheduled to graduate on August 14, 2009. In that class is one of our part time jailers, Shannon Brown. The Savannah Tech police academy, from its very first class, instituted an interesting and moving tradition: each class selects the name of a Georgia officer who died in the line of duty, and memorializes that officer with his or her name. Thus the first class to graduate was the Mark MacPhail Cohort, and the

second class will be forever known as the Trey Alley Cohort. Shannon grew up on Tybee Island and knew Trey well. For those of you new to Tybee, Trey Alley worked as TIPD’s Criminal Investigator from 1992 to 1999. On April 12 of that year, he and Investigator Mike Hogan spotted a car with felony suspects in it. After stopping the car, the suspects fled and were pursued by Trey and Mike off the island. On Highway 80, a quarter mile past Fort Pulaski, the suspects forced Trey’s car off the road and into a palm tree. In the resulting crash, Trey died and Mike suffered severe injuries. The criminals escaped, but were all apprehended within a week. The driver is now serving time for homicide. Shannon was instrumental in the selection of Trey as their class memorial. Special coins with the class’s emblem on one side and Trey’s name and agency on the other will be produced and distributed to people important to the class, starting with Trey’s family. One will come to TIPD, and we will find a special place to display it. It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since that awful day in 1999. Trey will never be forgotten by those of us who worked with him, and it’s nice to know that others will remember him also. Hurricane Season. If it’s June first, then hurricane season has begun. One of Major Case’s daily rituals after June 1 is to check one of several websites for developing tropical storms. One of the best is www.wunderground. com/tropical, and another good one is www.nhc.noaa. gov. It’s always good to get a healthy head start when it comes to hurricanes. The city’s emergency manager is Jimmy Brown, in an office in the old school. We have already had several meetings with him, department heads and the city manager as we fine tune the city’s basic hurricane plan. Every year this plan gets better developed as we try to anticipate what will be needed to evacuate the city, and return to a possibly devastated island. Our plans include getting all of our front-line patrol vehicles


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to safety, as well as essential communications gear, computers and important files. We have plans for returning by boat to the island if Highway 80 is blocked, and we could be up and operating within hours of the passage of the storm. Here’s hoping we never have to. Dangerous “Toys.” Recently, a Los Angeles, California sheriff’s deputy shot and badly wounded a 15-year old boy who pointed a toy gun at him. The “toy gun” was actually a replica--a plastic and metal gun exactly resembling a real 9mm semiautomatic handgun. The deputy had no way of knowing it wasn’t the real thing, and the shooting was judged as justified. The teen is expected to make a full recovery. Recently, one of these replicas was found and turned in to us here at the station. It is entirely harmless but absolutely realistic. You don’t realize it isn’t the real thing until you pick it up and discover that it’s mostly plastic. The slide, trigger and hammer all operate exactly like an actual handgun. It even has a magazine and magazine release that operate like a real gun. We can’t think of a worse “toy” to be in the hands of a child, especially a child whose judgment and common sense might not be up to the level of an older person. Dangerous “Toys”, part 2. Two teenagers from Michigan found plans on the internet for converting a disposable camera into a functioning stun gun. They made one. They took it to school. They shocked several of their friends, all in the spirit of a harmless gag. Now both are facing felony weapons charges, because stun guns are serious weapons, not toys. They cause no physical injury, but incapacitate the individual with seizure-like muscle contractions, accompanied by overwhelming pain. (Ask any of our officers who have been tasered as part of their training.) After they settle the criminal charges, the teens’ parents will probably face civil law suits. Some better parental oversight on internet usage might have prevented this little drama.

Officer Powers: “On 04/16/09 I was at the Police Station walking to my vehicle, when I heard a males voice yelling. I looked over towards the camp ground and noticed a male walking across the parking lot of the police station to the street. Once the male got to the street, I noticed that he had a sway to his walk. The male walked towards a camper parked off Van Horn and I knew that the camper was not his. I told him to stop and I approached him. Once I was speaking to him I noticed he had bloodshot eyes and a slurred speech. I asked the subject how old he was and he advised that HE WAS 19. I asked him where he lived and he said South Carolina. He then asked me what the problem was. I tried to explain to him that he was intoxicated and under 21. He stated I AM AT THE BEACH, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT. The subject was arrested and walked to the Tybee Island Jail. The subject was put in a holding cell and went straight to sleep. Subject was later released on subpoena. Nothing further.” 10-42. We offer our profound thanks to Cousin Vinnie’s Pizza, Pizza on Wheels, and Papa’s BarB-Que for providing us with outstanding food on Saturday, May 2nd. It was a busy day for us as the unpleasant event known as Orange Crush came back from the dead. Having the supplies at the station saved a lot of time and effort, and made our job a lot easier. Please patronize these businesses for their strong support of local law enforcement.

That’s it for this month. See you next time.

What’s Wrong With Underage Drinking?

From incident report 2009040869 by Senior Tybee Breeze


St. Michael’s School “Shark News” Tybee Branch Library 405 Butler Avenue, Tybee Island Phone: 912-786-7733 Fax: 912-786-7734 Hours: Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays 2-6; Tuesdays 10-8; Wednesdays 10-6 Branch Manager: Laurel Beecher Powers

Thank you, Joel Solomon, owner of Cafe Loco for sponsoring the St. Michael’s Girls Basketball Team Awards Banquet!

Check out the new arrivals at your Tybee Branch of Live Oak Public Libraries: Fiction “The 8th Confession,” by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro “BoneMan’s Daughters,” by Ted Dekker “Deadlock,” by Iris Johansen “Home Safe,” by Elizabeth Berg “Laura Ryder’s Masterpiece,” by Jane Hamilton “Loitering with Intent,” by Stuart Woods “Look Again,” by Lisa Scottoline “The Perfect Poison,” by Amanda Quick “Pygmy,” by Chuck Palahniuk “Road Dogs,” by Elmore Leonard “Stone’s Fall,” by Iain Pears “Tea Time for the Traditionally Built,” by Alexander McCall Smith Non-Fiction “Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist,” by Michael J. Fox “I’ll Scream Later,” by Marlee Matlin “Just When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg,” by Kathie Lee Gifford “Mommywood,” by Tori Spelling “Perfectly Imperfect,” by Lee Woodruff “Priceless Memories,” by Bob Barker “Red and Me: My Coach, My Lifelong Friend,” by Bill Russell “Resilience,” by Elizabeth Edwards “Showing Up for Life: Lessons from a Life Well Lived,” by Bill Gates, Sr. “Start Where You Are,” by Chris Gardner To check availability of any of these titles, visit our online catalog at For a schedule of all events this summer, stop by the Tybee Branch Library or visit


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Pictured here (back row): Christy Cook, Alden Murphy, Kelsey Sheffield, Phyllis Whitten (front row): Joel Solomon, Coach Kelse Palko, Rachel Schafer, Katie Saunders (kneeling): Brandy Strickland Not pictured: Coach Thomas Dunlap, Caroline Clark, Valerie Kimes, and Summer Price Thank you, Thomas and Kelse, for your excellent leadership! April 26th was a very special day for these children. They received their First Holy Communion at St. Michael’s Catholic Church. From left to right: Ella Murphy, Christopher Fobes, Aubrey Heidt, Bailey Smith, Alexandria Solomon Special thanks to Mrs. Dibenedetto and Sister Terentia for preparing the students for this special day!

Kentucky Derby Party! The American Legion held their annual Kentucky Derby Hat Contest. 1st place went to Ms. Jane Lindner, 2nd place went to Dorthey Breakston, and 3rd place went to Marlene Tomlin. Congratulations ladies you were all very lovely and had some very interesting hats!

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system has been used for years and is proven to work one hundred percent of the time! Don’t let this opportunity get away.

Ole Slo is in a bit of a celebratory mood this month. Final negotiations are under way with the publisher for my new book, Why I Can’t Do That Right Now: A Husband’s Guide to Excuses for all Seasons. Ladies, why not delight your man for Christmas with a surprise copy of this valuable resource. And girls, there is an upside for you in all of this. Imagine not having to listen to those old, tired, lame excuses anymore when you ask him to do a small chore. No more, “I’ll do it in a minute” or “I’m right in the middle of something” (which means he is scratching some hard to get to part of his body). No ma’am. And, guys, this

Lights, camera, action! Well, I hope ya’ll are ready for another movie shoot on Tybee. This month will see a lot of “Hollywood magic” as the latest Hannah Montana film sets up camp at the beach. Those of you have landed parts in the production know who you are. The rest of you are on notice: Don’t come up to me and say you’re an actor. I’m excited that a family film is being produced here. This should be fun. However, we have other fish to fry this month. Our friend Bob Handelman from Ohio, who, by the way, has had a home here and has spent considerable time here for fourteen years, just purchased his first pair of “Flip-Flops”… ever! How does something like this happen without making Ripley’s Believe It Or Not? And just so everybody is clear on this: Bob is one of the good Yankees. Have a great summer and remember: Don’t steal our turtles and try not to throw up in any of our restaurants or bars.

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By: Paul DeVivo It is time to “bite the bullet” and deal with the #1 issue facing Tybee, parking and the traffic issues it creates. Summer is just starting but if you have ridden around Tybee on a weekend day during the last few months you have seen traffic backup along Butler for blocks and blocks and tourists endlessly circling in vain for an empty spot. Our island is being inundated with visitors… a problem other towns would love to have given the recession. There is no doubt in my mind if we would have dealt with our parking problems by now our local businesses would be doing much better. You can’t spend money in a shop or restaurant if you can’t find a place to park. A combination of a parking garage and an island shuttle is needed to solve the problem. It will take years to plan, secure the funding, acquire the land, and eventually complete the construction of this project. It is no longer a question of feasibility, but


Tybee Breeze

of necessity. The traffic backups are a huge safety issue and the revenue being lost is too large to even calculate. This should be considered a public relations and safety crisis and treated as such by Tybee’s elected officials. I hope that as we move into election season that our politicians will gather the political will necessary to step forward and tackle this enormous issue. Maybe a task force should be created to deal with this problem in the same way the Beach Task Force helped Tybee to acquire the funds for beach renourishment. We now have a big, new beach but no where to park all the people wanting to visit it. If City Council was able to find 7 million dollars in a very short period of time to purchase a campground in order to save some trees, it seems to me they should be able to find a solution to this problem. Of course “This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.” Visit, Tybee’s new website where anyone can voice their opinion and comment on the opinions of others. Come sound off on this issue and answer the “Should a parking garage be built” Poll.

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23rd Annual Tybee Island Children’s Fishing Tournament Saturday June 13th Take a Kid Fishing This Month Another ice cream season has begun and if you’ve been waiting on the fish to start biting you’re about a month late. May has been a good inshore month with trout, redfish, flounder, whiting, spanish, blues and bonnethead sharks landed. Big row trout have turned on full throttle in May and will only get better in June. Along with these big trout are some healthy looking juveniles 9” to 11” in length. Take care in releasing these fish as they are tender


Tybee Breeze

and will grow up to be some of our fall keeper fish. These trout are being caught all over. They can be found in the Savannah River down to the sounds. In June we should see these fish start to concentrate more Kenneth Driggers with a toward the sounds Big Boy Red! and river entrances. My bait of choice for trout, of course, is live shrimp followed by 3 to 6 inch finger mullet, then pollywogs and small pogies. Local flounder are showing up inside in good numbers again this year. I have had numerous incidental catches of flounder on most of my May trips. If flounder is your gig, grab some mud minnows or live shrimp and head out to your favorite spot. THEY’RE HERE! Redfish in June should be a no brainer. Catch these guys just about anywhere there is an oyster shell. They will be rooting around for small stone crabs and fiddlers. Try on top of the shell beds as the tide rises, then up in the grass behind the shells at high water. Shrimp, finger mullet, menhaden, and then mud minnows are my choices of bait. Small composite sharks have moved inshore and have been a good target when the trout and reds have not cooperated. I have been doing well at the mouths of medium sized creeks that shoot off of the main rivers. Maybe your old crabbing hole at mid-tide is your best spot, since their favorite bait is small blue crabs. Bonnetheads are mostly what we are catching. They are often mistaken for hammerheads because of their flared flat heads. But, our bonnetheads don’t grow nearly that big, only reaching maturity at about 5 ft. Small composite sharks must be 30” total length to keep and a there is a daily limit of 2 per person. My favorite way to prepare bonnetheads is to filet and cut into small chicken finger size strips. Soak them in butter milk with a little hot sauce for a few hours. Then batter them with Zattarain’s seasoned fish fry and deep fry.

Local Baits I have just started casting in the heads of small creeks for shrimp. By mid June with a little rain to help these guys grow up there should be plenty of bait shrimp. If casting is not your idea of fun then head to Hogan’s Marina on Wilmington Island and visit Joey’s Bait House. George and Joey Rentiers tell me they will have plenty of shrimp in June. If any one has seen a turtle cross the road, please call George and tell him winter is over and it’s time to go to work! Another great source for bait is Ray at Tybee Island Bait and Tackle at Lazaretto Creek. They generally have shrimp, wogs and Brother Jo Jo caught his First fiddler crabs. on a Mud Minnow! Shrimp are on the top of the food chain out here. Got live shrimp for bait? Chances are you won’t need to stop by the seafood market on the way home. Shoot the bubbles to these guys right away to keep them kicking. Small mullet are next on the list for live bait, called finger mullet, 2 to 6 inches in length are trout candy this time of year. Reds, flounder and sharks love this saltwater candy as well. Fish finger mullet just as you would a live shrimp, on top drift fishing or on the bottom, rig up Carolina style. Catch these small mullet throwing a cast net on the beach front, inlets around sandbars, or mouths of small feeder creeks at low water. Mullet is a very tender bait that needs to be aerated immediately

after catching in order for them to stay alive. Pollywogs work about as well as finger mullet for bait and are much more resilient. Fish them just like a mullet. Hook them in the bottom jaw first and then up between the eyes. Catch these guys in small tidal creeks in a minnow trap using cat food, potted meat, or some type of bread for bait. Small menhaden (pogy) 3 to 6 inches are great bait for sharks, trout and reds. Look for these guys in large pods popping the top of the water in major waterways and open sounds. Get up wind and up current from the pods, cut your motor and drift into the school to make sure not to spook them. Use a heavy weighted net so it sinks quickly for best results. Menhaden are very hard to keep alive. So don’t try and put all 6 thousand you caught on that perfect cast in your small bait well, they just won’t make it. Keep 25 or so and be happy to have them alive. This is a killer live bait, hook’em though the eyes. Good luck, see ya in the river, -Capt. Stan About the Captain Captain Stan Allen (alias Fred) owns and operates Marshland Inshore Fishing Adventures, a local guide service that runs out of Chimney Creek Marina (The Crab Shack), on Tybee Island. Captain Stan has been a Tybee resident for over 20 years and serves the local community as a volunteer for the Fire Department and Marine Rescue Squadron. Questions????? Write to CAPTSTANS@BELLSOUTH.NET or visit our website at WWW.MARSHLANDADVENTURES.COM. Call 912-786-5943.

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CSIDESURF IS WHERE THE NET WORKS!!! Let’s say you really like your coffee. It might be that first cup in the morning. It might be a latte or a cappuccino that you crave. It might just be a good, straight shot of espresso. Well, if you really like your coffee, then Csidesurf, on Tybrisa, is the place for you. After your morning walk by the beach, for your afternoon pick me up, or with one of our fresh baked biscuits and muffins, the coffee is great. This is fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee goodness. It doesn’t come from a mix or premade out of a can. It stands up to ice and it can be flavored eight ways. This coffee can be topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! Of course, the internet and coffee go together like, well… bits and bytes! Csidesurf has the internet on tap for you. You can use our computers in the store or bring your own laptop in. Sit inside at our friendly, funky tables or outside at our little café. Check your email, surf some sites, read the news or attend a webinar. We also offer printing, faxing and a private office for the business person away from the office.

round it all out. New lunch items are added all the time and there are samples of new items on a regular basis. Our light breakfast menu still includes sausage biscuits, biscuits and gravy and several baked goods. Csidesurf is located at 22 Tybrisa and is open seven days a week. We are there for the early beach walkers at seven a.m. each morning. Our lunch starts at 10:30 am and lasts through the afternoon. This is where the net works! Hope to see you soon! Monty Parks

Coffee and the internet. What a great combination! In addition, there are over forty of the most popular video games available. There is an Xbox 360, a Wii, and a PS2 for gaming fun. We have Guitar Hero champions and Halo 3 Champions that will take on all challenges. Come on in and get owned by our local champs. We are also here to assist you with computer problems and questions. We do repairs, help with technical questions and even do some training. Call us at 912-786-9312 to check out our services. Last, and some say best, is the new lunch menu. We have a great chili dog, ham and cheese melt, turkey and swiss melt, and the roast beef/cheddar melt. Iced lemonade, ice tea and cold soft drinks Tybee Breeze


Bum” Parade. Sitting on “the porch” as always we have escaped serious drenching but it caught up with us this year. Several participants left their floats and attacked “the porch” surprising us and several of our guests. We had warned them in advance but they decided to watch the rest of the parade from inside.


We had a wonderful time staying here at your place. It was relaxing to be able to come home each day (to a home) and be greeted by such wonderful people! Thank you for such a great visit and we hope to stay with you again! Dan and Valerie, Pittsburg, PA

A view from the porch of the Lighthouse Inn – Yes there is life on the North end of the Island and we will try to let everyone know what is happening with this end of the island from “the porch” and from our wonderful guests.

They’re back…

And thank goodness they are. We all love our visitors to our island and they keep us going so all the hassles, such as a trip to Tybee Mkt, a loop around the island or a stop at Chu’s, are worth it. Be nice and smile at them all no matter what is lurking in your heart. Also slow-down, especially on Meddin Dr. where we locals, that know where we’re going, speed around the tourists that don’t. Careful!

Wet again…

We got wetter this year than ever during the “Beach

A place that makes you feel at home ten seconds after coming in the front door of a place to which we want to return. Thank you both for good food, good talk and a fabulous “art gallery.” And thanks for the glasses! (Eliot had lost a pair of reading glasses and Stuart gave him a pair from our drawer of various strengths of bought and found glasses.) Jan and Eliot, San Jose, CA A very welcoming place! We enjoyed your company and great “at home” atmosphere. May God bless you both. Dan and Elaine, Raleigh, NC Thank you for the great hospitality and the restful stay. We could not have found a more perfect place to spend our Honeymoon. We hope to be back soon. Jared and Inger, Athens, GA What a wonderful and relaxing place you have here – wonderful island and beach, great food and fantastic company “on the porch.” I think we solved all the problems of the world with our evening chats! Please keep the “front porch” movement going! Thank you for a lovely visit. Karen and Rick, Portland, Maine We really enjoyed our all-too-brief stay at the Lighthouse Inn. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality (and breakfasts!) We will most-certainly be back. Michelle and Saul, Boston, MA

Thank you all, Susie & Stuart

Photos by Jim Glass

Beach Sweeps - A Family Affair


Tybee Breeze

Shout Outs! Happy Father’s Day! The day my daughter was born, I called my mom and told her we had a baby girl. There was silence on the phone and she then told me something I will never forget! She said, in the most serious tone I have heard since my high school years, “Your husband has now fallen head-over-heels in love with another woman!” As a self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl myself, I knew she was right. Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

By Jody Buelterman Greetings Tybee Breeze readers! Back in May I had the pleasure of running into our very own Sundi at the American Legion while there celebrating the anniversary of the Marine Rescue Squadron. During a conversation regarding our children she asked me to write an article about parenting on Tybee. Get out! As a new mom myself, I certainly do not feel as though I can give advice in this article but rather, I would love to celebrate parenting, island families, and tips/info passed along to help us all be great parents. Here we go!

Can You Relate? My husband and I are blessed to have a daughter who will turn four at the end of the summer. We both enjoy our careers and work full time. Our typical day starts around 5:30 a.m. (if we don’t hit the snooze button 5 times) and I am usually the one who passes out from exhaustion by 10 p.m. (and that’s staying up late) One routine in our life that, from the outside, has all of the makings of a comedy show, is bedtime. Can you relate or do you remember “Mommy, can I have a drink of water?” or “Daddy, can you find my bunny rabbit?” Literally twenty questions come bellowing down the stairs until the sweetie finally dozes off. I’m somewhat amazed at her creativity even when I am on the verge of seriously annoyed. Oh, and don’t let me forget to share the endless pitter patter as she runs back and forth to the bathroom to potty like a big girl. I fear one of these days, while sitting in an important meeting at work, I am going to just get up and run down the hall while telling my colleagues, “I am going to the potty like a big girl, I’ll be right back!” The persistence we encounter every evening leads me to believe our toddler will have a future in sales. And, one of these days, when yet another vendor calls me at work, I will get up the nerve to ask them about their bedtime routine as a kid. I laugh to myself sometimes when I remember waiting for the day my baby would just say one word. And now, I ask myself, who taught her how to negotiate at the age of 3? Can you relate? If you have a funny story or tips on bedtime routines, please be sure to send them my way so we can use in future articles….just to prove we can all relate!

Here’s to all the daddies, papas, grandpas, great grandpas, uncles, godfathers, etc.! Thank you for reading to your child, singing a song, changing a diaper, offering advice, sending money, coaching the team, fixing the car, waiting up at curfew, and MUCH more!

Girlfriends & Advice This month I decided to gather some parenting advice from some of my fellow working moms. Enjoy! • When grocery shopping, be sure to find one little thing just for you. Whether you indulge in a magazine, candy bar or an adult beverage, find something you can relish when the house is quiet. • The website, has a lot of great money-saving offers. • Looking for something fun to do with kids at the beach? Go to the dollar store and find some little kid treasures. Bury them in the sand and send the kids on a pirate scavenger hunt. One of my friends did this for a birthday party and the kids had a blast…until one child hid her car keys! • Did you know that you could wire money from any Wal-Mart to another? If you need to get money to your kids you can send it via Wal-Mart’s service and they don’t need to have ID to claim the dinero. Great if you have kids in college or in my case, a husband who lost his wallet! Until next time, keep your hands to yourself, eat all of your veggies, learn a new word, and enjoy life! Please send your ideas, tips, and other mommy moments to We want to hear from parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who has something to share about being involved with children!

Mother & Daughter Susan & Hannah Boblasky photo taken by Mom/ Grandmother Margaret Paslawski

Send in your parent/grandparent and/or child/ grandchild photos to to become the featured photo of the month. Tybee Breeze


Jack. Roma and Batman were honored with lifetime awards. By the way, Jiggs, hope you’re feeling better! The Beach Bum Parade was a huge, wet success and a good time

By Joni Woodcock FACT: We all know that the favorite pastime on Tybee is DRINKING (unless you are in denial)!!! It’s a really good idea to call the CRAB CAB after enjoying a few frosty adult beverages at our fine local establishments. If you’ve ever experienced a breathalyzer, you know what I mean! I have come up with a couple of ideas that would save us partiers a lot of grief. . . like a purse or wallet with a breathalyzer that would deny you access to your keys and debit card. How about a phone you had to blow in to prevent those drunk dialing/texting incidents in the middle of the night? If you’re guilty, raise your hand!!! Catfish had a blast at his “Quarternation” party where the blues band “Hitman” literally rocked the building off its foundation! Tommy, when is the band coming back? That was cool!!! The Beach Bum Coronation took place at Marlin Monroe’s with a packed house. I snapped a photo of two of the original bums, Jiggs and


Tybee Breeze

was had by most people. I understand a few folks got out of hand! I caught up with s o m e l o c a l g u y s and dolls gearing up for water warfare. Guess who this is? Our thoughts and prayers go out to Queen Roma, who recently underwent surgery. We wish her a speedy recovery so she can be back on her corner in front of Fannie’s. Claire and Jimmy celebrated both Jimmy’s birthday and their 28th anniversary on the same day. How impressive is that? You never know who you might see on the stripper pole at the Sand Bar. Nice guns, D e b ! W e w e r e enjoying the Jell-O shooters that Gisela prepares so well. Speaking of risqué business... Island pharmacy will soon feature an adult novelty and gag g i f t selection. Fantastic! No more having to

drive to DeRenne Avenue! Polly and Peggy told me you can also get a liver function test done there. Do we really want to know that on Tybee??? I s l a n d Dentistry held a Barbeque and party in their parking lot. Dr. Owens had his staff from both his local and Atlanta offices as well as family and friends present. Look at Dr. O’s dog smiling for the camera! I ran into Sting Ray Rogers and his cousin Andrew the other night. Ray recently won a fishing tournament and was featured on ESPN2. Dean had a free concert on the pier last

Espy was at the Quarter after attending a recent event featuring food from several different Tybee restaurants and over 100 bottles of wine. He looked in relatively good condition from tasting all that wine! I went to Mother’s Day dinner with the Hiers/Cowart

clan at AJ’s with babies in tow. The food was to die for as usual. Sarah was our server, who is expecting in a few weeks as well. Must be something in that Tybee water. It will make you crazy or pregnant. John and Jan celebrated their first anniversary at Bennie’s. Congratulations!

month featuring The Tams. All proceeds are going to the Tybee Island Veteran’s Memorial and the Tybee Beautification Association. Check out these cuties! I snapped a photo of Julie and Thea playing darts at Bernie’s. I think the guys were having trouble concentrating! Doug and friends stopped into Huc-A-Poo’s for a f e w c o l d o n e s before h e and Allyson got married. The reception was held at the Poo. Best wishes to you both! Tybee Breeze


I caught Simple Like That catching a little nappie-Poo after a hard night at the office. We’ll make you famous! Alright, Tybee, it’s summertime and THE HEAT IS ON!!! Let’s get out there and make some news! If you have any tall tales or events, contact me at

The Sand Bar’s New Outside Deck The Sand Trap is Now Opened!! The Miller Lite Girls stopped by to Celebrate the Opening with Danny and Gisela! Go by and Check it Out!

OH, I WISH I WERE AN OSCAR MAYER WEINER! Oscar Mayer brought their Wienermobile to Savannah to celebrate Oscar Mayer’s 125th anniversary. The Wienermobile was at several Wal-Marts and toured Savannah and Tybee. The drivers of the Wienermobile are known as “Hotdoggers,” and they help fans “relish” their experience by taking their pictures with the Wienermobile. “The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been spreading miles of smiles across America since 1936 when Carl Mayer, Oscar Mayer’s nephew, first introduced the Wienermobile. Everyone who sees the Wienermobile up close receives a world famous Oscar Mayer Wienerwhistle, which have been around since 1951. To add to the joy surrounding the Wienermobile, in 1963 Oscar Mayer created the “Oh I Wish” jingle which has been sprouting dreams of becoming an actual hot dog in the minds of consumers for more than 40 years. “

Drink Of The Month By

Tybee Hurricane

Ready to have a good time? Visit Sting Rays! Chill on our deck with this perfect summer drink or if you can’t make it out try mixing up your own. Instructions: Ingredients: 1 Shot of Mailabu Coconut Rum Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well. Strain into a 1 Shot of Creme de Bannana chilled glass or serve on the 3 oz. Pinapple Juice rocks. splash of Grendine Drink Of The Month by: Nikki Reynolds of Sting Rays If you’d like to submit your favorite drink for Drink of the Month, send concoctions to


Tybee Breeze

Wolverine – Origins:

Hugh Jackman must have paid his personal trainer a s#$tload of money, because he looks freaking amazing! This movie totally ties in with the first three X-Men and explains a great deal about Wolverine’s past history. My biggest problem with this movie is that Wolverine’s brother’s name is Victor and I kept thinking, “What’s your vector, Victor? What’s your clearance Clarence? And don’t call me Shirley.” Obviously, that’s my own problem. Anyhoo I digress. The end fight is positively spectacular! It’s definitely worth your time to check this movie out. Oh, did I mention that Hugh Jackman looks amazing! I give this movie 2 bottles of Gentlemen Jack (because it’s pretty damn good), 2 bottles of regular Jack (because that’s also yummy) and 1 bottle of Northern Lights (because “What’s your vector Victor?”)

Cape Fear – The Original

Y’all know I love Gregory Peck (think Roman Holiday). He did say my favorite line of all: “she couldn’t bite through a doughnut.” However, this movie is dull, dull, dull. I’m assuming in 1961 this movie was pant sh#$ing scary. In 2009: Ugh. Considering I watched this movie with 3 other people and 20 minutes later I was sitting all by myself, I’m more than disconcerted. Even the dogs left. Basically, good guy (attorney – yeah, whatever) versus bad guy who was “wrongly convicted” (yeah, whatever). So, maybe you’re suppose to be scared of Robert Mitchum, but he looks so damn dapper in his striped shirt and panama that it’s hard to be scared of him. Besides, all attorneys need to be wearing rain coats at the bottom of the ocean anyway. No wonder the “Simpsons” mocked this movie: You can only make it better with your imagination. I give this movie 1 bottle of Knob Creek (because it is Gregory Peck), 1 bottle of Jim Beam (because I feel so damn bad), and 3 bottles of Kentucky Gentlemen (because Gregory Peck so let me down). And, by the way, that much whiskey is sooo bad for your liver (and your memory).

Tybee Breeze


You Heard it in the Breeze... by Debbie Brady Robinson

“It’s a Wrap!”

The T-Shirt reads; “I survived the 2009 Tybee Beach Bum Parade!” It’s a wrap, or… did they say, “A Bum Wrap?” Tybee is a little Island; it’s inner circle is close knit, much like a family. There is always a bit of behind the scenes drama about which all are not aware. Everyone likes to feel that they’ve been given credit, where credit is due. Otherwise, emotions tend to flare - as my brother likes to say, “I’ve got feewings, you know!” People, as is the case in all families, get their feelings hurt from time to time. It’s often not even intentional, sheer oversight, lapse of memory, or old fashioned stage fright! Yours truly happened to be painting, in my home studio, one morning shortly before the Beach Bum parade, with an ear tuned

IKE MAXWELL RIDES HIS MOTORCYCLE ACROSS AMERICA ON HWY. 80! Ike began his trip on May 8th, at the Hwy. 80’s end sign on Tybee Island. He dreamed of riding across America on Hwy 80 when he was a little boy in school in Columbus, GA. Hwy. 80 ran in front of thew school and was only built 10 years before and was the first transcontinental highway. So it seemed fitting that when Ike turned 80 he would make the trip. Here are some interesting facts for you: His trip is called 80x5, which is - US 80 (from the Atlantic to the Pacific) - He is riding on a BMW R80ST motorcycle - At 80 mph indicated (where legal) - Returning on Interstate 80 - At age 80 Ike began his trip on May 8th, and it ended on May 24th, 2009 in San Diego.


Tybee Breeze

loosely to the television in the other room. WTOC had been heavily advertising that the Mid Morning Live show, with “Sonny and Jodi,” would be doing a feature on the Beach Bum Parade. The repetitive mentioning of the fact that the “Big Kahuna” was going to be on the program filled me with excitement and anticipation. The image of Mike “Cat Fish” Wilson, flashed in my mind’s eye, resulting in an involuntary outward chuckle! I could already envision Cat Fishs appearance on screen; Fu Manchu whisker-like mustache, infectious laugh and cantankerous affability, completing my mental caricature of this genuine Tybee character! Imagine my surprise when I rushed to the set to see the show for real; why there was no Cat Fish Mike Wilson at all. No, not a single member of the 2009 Beach Bum court of dignitaries was anywhere in sight - nor was there a mere mention of any of the three; Jack Hogan, Grand Marshall; Joan Guyer, Queen; or Mike (Nolan, Cat-fish) Wilson, the 2009 Big Kahuna! I must admit; yours truly became a little steamy under the collar herself! Taking a moment for a little retrospection, I started to think about it. How many times has it happened that this writer has forgotten to mention someone or something of great significance; plenty I assure you! First of all, if you are as naturally verbose as yours truly, half of what you say or write ends up on the cutting room floor! It just so happens that I recently made my own apologies to Jiggs Watson for the “Bums the Word” article in last month’s issue; I completely forgot to mention that Jiggs Watson and Jack Boylston were the original organizers of the “Bum’s Parade,” some twenty-one years ago! It‘s a fact, we all simply slip up from time to time. We either wish we had said more, but more often than not, we find ourselves filled with regret for prematurely hitting the all too familiar send button! It’s sort of like jumping out of a window and deciding that you’ve changed your mind - too late… it’s Sayonara Baby! … But I digress, as usual; allow me to lead one back to Mid Morning Live with Sonny and Jodi, and the absence of the 2009 Beach Bum Court of dignitaries. Jack Boylston, along with Gordon Varnedo (the first Big Kahuna) appeared together on the show. Jack made mention of both Gordon and Roma Harper (past honorees and dignitaries - hope you‘re feeling better, Roma!) Jack, who has always been the spokesperson for the event, had many great things to say about the Beach Bum Parade; he simply forgot to mention this year’s court! “Jack has always been my friend, and he’s still my friend. My feelings were just a little hurt when I saw that show,“ admits Jiggs. “It’s been my job from the beginning to select the court of dignitaries, and organize the event. The truth is that I’ve always operated in the background working out the details, just the way I like it; and Jack has always been the mouth! Some things just never change,” smiles Jiggs!

Tybee Breeze


that we so often think of as an enhancement to our surrounding, lilt and bounce around our trees and landscape areas as do many of our outside friends in the wild and can deposit many fleas and flea eggs for us and our domestic pets to be exposed to.


Fleas have a tendency to occur in early spring and throughout the warmer months of the year. Their size can be about 3/16 of an inch long. They are known to jump many times their length. Some other characteristics of these insects include living and nesting in carpets, furniture, and in-between wooden floor cracks and are considered to be blood sucking parasites. They have been known to feed on birds and other mammals. There are several diseases that can be transmitted from them, some of which are typhus and bubonic plague. They also carry tape worms from rodents, cats, dogs and can transmit them to humans.

Dog and Cat Fleas

Dog and cat fleas are common in the same vicinity and these, as most types, rest within their cocoon stage until any vibration causes them to emerge. They can prey on these hosts and many other animals. There is a similar type called “Squirrel Flea.” These creatures

Oriental Rat Flea An original rat flea differs from dog and cat fleas. They are most common with the Norway rat and can be found on this rat and many other species, including cotton rabbits and ground squirrels. They can also transmit diseases to humans and many other animals. They are also jumpers.

Shrimp Fleas

Several years ago I was called to service one of my clients that had described their problem as strange unidentifiable insects. Upon my investigation I was a bit perplexed as these were new to me. I brought samples of these insects into the office and by chance there was an entomology friend of the company visiting and diagnosed them as Shrimp Fleas. They do look like a cross between a tiny shrimp and a large flea. They are reddish in color and can be found near ditches and low lying areas with standing water. They are basically controlled with a proper pesticide application with residual properties. I’ve not found them to be common in our area, but just the same, they do exist.

Maintenance and Control

Flea control consists of a regimented program that includes a thorough inspection of the premises both inside and out for a proper evaluation. The most important factor is customer assistance. It is wise to incorporate rodent and flea control simultaneously. A spot treatment is also recommended inside of the home as well as a perimeter outside treatment. Pets should be treated accordingly by your personal veterinarian. It is most helpful for the homeowner to vacuum all areas and remove the bag to an outside garbage facility. Sanitation is most important in the control of these insects and a good carpet cleaning is also recommended before any treatment. We in the industry incorporate a flea egg growth regulator which can inhibit the young flea egg stage from the emergence of new fleas. This has proven to be most helpful in the control of these insects.

Until next time - Let’s work the bugs out! Johnny “the Bugman” Herald - Cox Pest Control


Tybee Breeze

Spanky’s Beachside Won Yard of the Month! John would like to thank the Spanky’s Gang and Rachel, of Davis Produce, for providing and maintaining all of his flowers, plants and trees.

The God Abouts Senior Adult Ministry

Despite the unseasonably cool weather for Tuesday, May 19th, 102 people gathered at noon at Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church on Tybee Island to enjoy a great meeting of The God Abouts Senior Adult Ministry. The Fellowship Hall was gaily decorated in the Country/Western theme and many of the attendees were also appropriately dressed to fit the theme. A delicious lunch was provided by the ministry and wonderful entertainment was provided by the country western band, ‘Eddie B & Friends.’ The next meeting of The God Abouts will be Tuesday at noon, June 16th, in the Fellowship Hall of Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church. The meal will be provided by the ministry and entertainment will be provided by ‘Thirteenth Colony Sound.” Everyone is invited and encouraged to ‘fly their colors’ by wearing their patriotic best. For more information, please contact Betty or Jurell Davis at 897-2364. Make a Friend...Be a Friend...Bring a Friend Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

and spray on infected plants. Spray once a week for three weeks.

Garden pests. We all have them. No, not our dogs who like to run through the flowers knocking everything down. I’m talking about the little insects that like to munch away and destroy our plants. Instead of rushing out to the garden center to buy pesticides, try some of these natural remedies for pest and disease control. When applying all of these, spray from the top down, and from the bottom up so that the spray reaches the tops and bottoms of all the leaves Aphids: add a few drops of liquid dish detergent to a spray bottle of water. Shake well and spray as described above. Repeat in a few days if necessary.. Mites and Mealybugs: Add one tablespoon of canola oil and a few drops of liquid dish detergent to a spray bottle of water. Shake well and spray as described above. You can also try this mix on aphids if the soap alone didn’t work.

Fungal diseases: Mix two tablespoons of baking soda into a quart of water. Pour into a spray container and spray affected areas. Repeat this process every few days until the problem is gone. If you would like a general mix to be rid of pests and fungal diseases, try this: Combine one tablespoon of cooking oil, two tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of liquid dish detergent into a quart of water. Pour into a spray container and spray from the top down, and from the bottom up so that all leaves are covered. The Tybee Island Garden Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month (except June, July and August) at the Guard House at 10:30 a.m. Beth Smith Tybee Island Garden Club

Mites and other insects: Another method to rid your plants of mites is to mix two tablespoons of hot pepper sauce or cayenne pepper with a few drops of liquid dish detergent in a quart of water. Let stand overnight. Stir and pour in a spray bottle. Apply as described above. Powdery mildew: Mix equal parts milk and water

Tybee Breeze


American Legion Post 154 Tybee Island, GA

By George Walker Commander

sale at 7:15pm. Horseshoes are on Saturday evenings at 7:00pm. Both events are open to the public and everyone is invited to participate. The Legion hall can be leased for rehearsals, receptions or parties. Please contact Lee Ann Michaels for more information 912-631-1032. We continue to look for new members. If you’re interested in the Legion, Ladies Auxiliary or Sons of the Legion call the Post (786-5356) for information. The Legion and Auxiliary meet on the second Monday of the month, with social hour (and food) starting at 6:00pm and the meeting at 7:00pm. The Sons of the Legion meet on the third Monday at 7:00pm. Our Google address is 10 Legion Drive, Tybee Island, GA. Come see us and as always, Linda or Patti will have the canteen open at 5:00pm every day.

Post 154 was honored to be the host for the Memorial Day ceremonies at Bonaventure Cemetery this year. Tribute was paid to all of the deceased men and women who served in the military for our Country. Our Mother’s Day steak dinner was such a success that we are going to do it again on Father’s Day, June 21st, which is also the first official day of summer. Dinners are $12.00 and will be served from 12:00 to 2:00pm. Reservations are preferred. Please come by or call the Post (786-5356) after 5pm to get on the list. The Veteran’s War Memorial is moving along nicely. Concrete has been poured and the flag should be flying very soon. If you haven’t purchased your brick yet there’s still time to do so. Forms and/or information are at the Post. Our Post meeting is on June 8th this month and we will be selecting officers for the coming year. We ask that all members of Post 154 come to vote. Bingo is on Fridays at 8:00pm. Cards go on

For God and Country George Walker Commander American Legion #154

Auxiliary Unit #154 Hello Auxiliary members and Breeze readers,

water. Special thanks to all who gave freely of their time and resources. Unit 154 wowed the State once again! In June, Casey Whitten will participate in Girls State at Georgia Southern University. Have fun Casey! We are proud of you and look forward to your report from Girls State.

Wow! May was a busy months for the Auxiliary. The month started with the Legion Family hosing the District 1 meeting of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion. We represented our Post well and the SAL did a great job with the low country boil for lunch! The next weekend was Mother’s Day and steak dinner. That was a great event that was enjoyed by all who participated. We ended up the month hosting the State Poppy Services May 25th. Wanda Kendrick was State Chairman of the event and luncheon and represented us very well. Participants gathered at Lazaretto Creek for a very moving ceremony and then boarded Captain Mike’ dolphin boat to commit the Poppy Wreath to the


Tybee Breeze

Do not forget that the July 13 meeting will begin our new year with installation of officers on July 13. Please mark you calendar now to be sure that you attend. It is always a special evening.

For God and Country Kaye C. Dowell President American Legion Auxiliary Unit 154

Tybee Breeze



Two loggerheads, Blizzard and Snowball, and two juvenile green turtles, Chilly Willy and Nikon, were released on Tybee Island at the TIMSC 5K fundraiser “Turtle Trot.” Snowball, Blizzard and Chilly Willy were found in North Carolina when extremely cold weather hit that area in November 08. They were transferred by the North Carolina and South Carolina DNR to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center in Jekyll Island where they have made their recovery and were brought up from the Sea Turtle Center in Jekyll Island for their release. The two loggerheads, Blizzard and Snowball, were tagged with satellite transmitters. You can visit http://www.seaturtle. org/tracking/ and track their journey. At the time we went to print, Blizzard was South of Jacksonville and Snowball has traveled North up the Georgia Coast. I wonder where they are now?


Tybee Breeze

Burton 4-H Center Tybee Island Activities This month at the Burton 4-H Center, we’ve made great strides in restoring one of our favorite spots on property. We have a beautiful dock that leads out into the marsh that provides an ideal spot for teaching our visitors about the importance of the salt marsh ecosystem. Within the last two years, the bank has started eroding away at a rapid rate. The erosion is caused by several factors, but it has started to endanger the stability of the dock. We decided to work in collaboration with the G.E.O.R.G.I.A. Project (Generating Enhanced Oyster Reefs in Georgia Inshore Areas) to help restore the riverbank in Horse Pen Creek. The G.E.O.R.G.I.A. Project is responsible for collecting oyster shells and bagging them in such a way that they can be placed back into marsh areas to provide suitable recruitment space for new, live oysters. The primary goal of the project in Horse Pen Creek is to improve the water quality. Oysters can clean pollution out of our inshore waters at a rate of 2 gallons per hour per oyster. In addition, these oyster beds will help accumulate sediment and allow areas such as our riverbank to begin to resume its original size and shape. Several staff members donated time and sore backs to put the oyster bags in place and two of our visiting schools had the privilege of helping out as well. We have already begun to see baby oysters (called “spat”) start to grow and hopefully we will soon have a mature oyster reef to add to our teaching program!

Tybee Marine Rescue Mission Reports MRS MISSION KEY: All Quiet: Nothing going on. Normal: A mission where our beach master pages the unit and issues instructions; we usually meet at the Crab Shack, where we will organize and usually search specific areas in pairs (for safety reasons). The beach master will systematically send “pairs” until we find something or complete our entire search area. In normal operations we try to send two boats with a crew of two. Scramble: This is an emergency response for life threatening conditions. Any member with a boat tied to the dock and able to respond immediately will do so. You launch however you are configured, maybe low on fuel and alone, but we will get whatever is needed to you and get out there. In every case the captain will have the last word on safety. The beach master will assign an area of interest, but the crew on the scene will have the last say in “go” or “no go.” Sea conditions can be predicted from experience but in the end the captain on the scene makes the call.

attended chairs or any other evidence that anyone was missing. After looking a little deeper we were all stood down shortly after we began. Results: Successful stand down. Good Training Mission. Well… Tybee Hosted the National Convention, and a Memorable one it was. Many thanks to all that supported us. I would like to Name you all but space is limited, and I would hate to miss anyone because that just wouldn’t be right! From the food to the decorations and music… It was all good!!!! J.L. Solomon, Public Information Officer

May 10, 2009 Two Swimmers reported in distress Mission Type: Scramble Afraid this may turn bad; Tybee Fire Chief Sasser threw everything we had at a reported “Two persons in distress in the Racket Club beach area.” (An area normally NOT covered by the Ocean Rescue.) Not wanting to remove all his assets on the main beach on a really busy weekend, we all responded, U.S.C.G., Ocean Rescue and The TIFD Inflatable; as the facts began to come in it appeared that the person reporting this was in error. No one on the beach in this area could confirm the story, or was missing anybody. There were no un-

Tybee Breeze


It’s time for Tybee Island’s nesting sea turtles and the volunteers of the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project, a program of the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, are ready for them. The project’s volunteers monitor nesting activity on the beaches of Tybee, Little Tybee, and Williamson Islands from May through September by patrolling the beach each morning to look for turtle tracks, an indicator that a se turtle may have nested on the beach. The most common sea turtle to nest on our beach is the Loggerhead. Typically laying 120 eggs per nest, Loggerhead females return to the beach of their birth. Each nest takes an average of 60 days to hatch. The sex of hatchlings is determined by nest temperatures; girls are hot and boys are cool. After hatching, baby turtles find their way to the ocean by the natural light on the horizon. On their short journey they may face predators like sea gulls or ghost crabs, physical obstacles such as soda cans, beach toys, or light pollution from artificial lights shining on the beach. The male hatchlings that do make it to the ocean never return to land. The females may return to Tybee to lay their nest, but not until they’re 25 to 35 years old. You can help the turtles make their way to the ocean by simply picking up beach litter and turning off lights that can be seen from the beach. Visit the for information on the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project and this year’s nesting activity, 44

Tybee Breeze

A Real Tour Guide for Tourists By Alaina Loughridge

Tybee loves you. We really, really do. We are glad you have decided to make Tybee part of your vacation and travels. In order to facilitate a nice, relaxing stay for you, and to avoid pissing off the locals, there are a couple of things you should know: -Never get into a drinking contest with a local. We’ve had much more practice than you. You will lose and your naked photo will be in the next edition of the Breeze. -Pedestrians do not necessarily have the right of way. -Just because you can walk around with an open container does not mean you can drive with one. This is specifically directed to our German visitors, but applies to everyone. -We have parking Nazis. They are unforgiving, ruthless, evil trolls that will not bend. Do not mess with them. They will kill you and eat you as you are meaty and taste good dipped in ranch. (Not you, Al). -Still on the parking bent: You have to pay to park from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. 7 days a week. Just because you can’t read and didn’t pay for parking, doesn’t mean you can take it out on everyone around you. No one here validates or cares. On that note: Do not park in a private driveway without paying the owner. We will have your car towed off the pier. -We do not have cockroaches; we have ‘palmetto bugs.’ They fly, and the only way to kill them, and you have to be quick about it, is with the Webster Dictionary 2009 edition. We also have creatures that are teeth with wings. Just duck and seek cover. -When you are perusing a menu at one of the many fine eating establishments, do not ask, “Ya’ll have anything good to eat here?” No, there is nothing good to eat here. Go to Sonic or something if you are that ignorant. -Not tipping your server 15% for good

service is a crime and karma will get you. -It is hot here in the summer. I’m talking getout-of-the-shower-towel-off-and-still-be- drippingwet hot. You’re just going to have to deal with it. -If you are under 21 and try to get alcohol at one of the watering holes, we will kill you. -Diablo Doug works at the WindRose. He will make you forget your own name. Jamison will be involved. Not that you will remember. -Do not, and I repeat, do not get into an Irish Car Bomb race with Jes. She will drink you under the table, dance on your body, and then go have breakfast at the Breakfast Club with your money. -We do not have seasons here: We have Tourists, Liver Disease, Sand Gnats and Rain, in that order. -The tide is not your friend. When you are kayaking and want to go home, the tide will not let you. You will suffer. Bring your SPF. Trust me. I know. Keeping the above information in mind will ensure that you have a pleasurable stay on our lovely island. Thanks again for visiting, and do come again.

Tybee Breeze


Gingered Shrimp and Broccoli with Udon Noodles

Media Featuring Tybee What an amazing year so far for positive buzz for Tybee and it only gets better with the summer filming of Disney’s “The Last Song.” Our visiting national, regional and local print, radio, web and TV media fell in love with Tybee and the reviews are stellar. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has run their island feature continuously on their site (1 million visitors a day) since March 8th. Good Day Atlanta featured Cafe Loco and the Tybee’s Big Give along with info on the re-nourished beach and more. We are grateful that so many from all over are taking the Tybee Vibe back to their audiences of thousands. Over 15 million+ media impressions have featured Tybee so far in 2009. Keep the buzz going by sharing all you love about this island with the tourists. There is so much to explore with history, natural experiences, local characters, architecture, dining, shopping and the majestic views of the Back River. Recommendations from the locals are always appreciated; we jot down websites and more to help direct people to even a better visit on Tybee. In this recession, there are many options for travel deals, so it’s more important than ever to extend hospitality. We want them back and remember to tell them so. Off season months on Tybee are filled with great moments to come. One basic for all guests is to tell them there are more great photographic themes here than they can click. I could walk around my burb block in Atlanta 50x and not find even two shots worth keeping. But here, it’s a whole world of possibilities. Then when they Facebook their photos, it’s more spin and branding coming this way. Happy Summer to you all.

Toren Anderson is a freelancer that specializes in branding and media relations for Tybee Island Tourism Council a division of The Savannah Chamber of Commerce. 46 Tybee Breeze

Lime and ginger add zest to this tangy, healthy stir fry that is so easy to put together. This is a great family meal that is perfect for summer. I make it over and over and I know you will also. Here’s what you need: 2 tbsp. cornstarch 14 oz. chicken broth 1 tbsp. finely minced ginger root 2 cloves garlic minced ¼ tsp. crushed red pepper flakes 1 tsp. grated lime zest (I like more) 3 tbsp. canola or peanut oil ½ tsp salt (kosher is best) 1 lb. med shrimp peeled and de-veined 2 cups broccoli florets 2 med. Carrots peeled and thinly sliced 1/6 cup chopped Basil 8 oz. udon noodles (Asian market) cooked Now, here’s how to make it: In a medium bowl, whisk cornstarch, chicken broth, ginger, garlic, chili flakes, lime zest and juice. Set aside. Heat a large skillet or wok over high heat. Add the oil. Sprinkle the shrimp with salt and put in the skillet or wok with broccoli and carrots. Cook 5-6 mins. stirring until shrimp begins to turn pink and veggies start to soften. Toss with noodles dress with broth and juice and serve. Can be served warm or room temp. If you can’t find udon noodles use rice (Jasmine) or contact me. I have plenty!! And would love to share. Hope you enjoy this easy summer meal as much as me! Hope you enjoy! Chef Espy ~ Hunter House Sighs or Moans -

A New Way to Look at You Tybee Island YMCA and Recreation Department Celebrating 10 Years on Tybee in 2009! By Hillary Brodofsky - Executive Director

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially on Tybee. To make life a little easier for Mom and Dad, Summer Day Camp starts at the Y on June 15th and runs through August 28th. For children between the ages of 5 and 15, there’ll be lots of music and dancing and painting and swimming and field trips and learning and loving every minute of it. The activities take place every week day between 9 AM and 4 PM (drop off time begins at 7 AM; pickup time ends at 6PM). Yes, you still have time to register, but HURRY! Call today at 7869622. And please keep in mind for those in financial need; we have scholarships available to participate in Summer Day Camp, Surf Camp, Kayak Camp, and Family Fusion Camp as well as in the rest of our programs and services. Last month our Health and Wellness Committee hosted a timely presentation by Dr. Lawrence Ruf of Savannah Plastic Surgery on skin cancer prevention. (Tanning beds? Don’t even go there!) On Saturday, June 13th St. Joseph’s/ Candler will provide FREE Skin Cancer Screenings for everybody who wants one. They will be given at the Y, 204 5th Street, between 9 and 11 AM. As I said, the screenings are free, but you must register beforehand by calling 8975924. Do it now! Congratulations are in order to Ann Miller, who won this classy beach cruiser, donated by Fat Tires, at the raffle during

our Tenth Anniversary festivities on May 2nd. And if you would like to pick up a helmet or two for those in your family who like to bike, come by our front office in the Tybee Gymnasium; we’ve got a few left over from our Bike Helmet Giveaway. I would also like to recognize a couple of wonderful people who have been a real asset to the Tybee Island YMCA: Danny and Susan Hill, volunteers extraordinaire. And I’m not the only one who’s noticing their contributions. At the YMCA of Coastal Georgia’s (Tybee is one of its 9 branches) annual meeting, Danny and Susan were awarded “Volunteers of the Year,” chosen from over 1,000 individuals who give freely of their time and talent to advance our mission. Congratulations, Danny and Susan! (Anonymous Y editor’s note: At that same event, Hillary Brodofsky was chosen “Branch Director of the Year.”) Short Takes: Did you know Weight Watchers meets every Tuesday at 5:30 PM? The meeting place is in Room 6 in the Old School Building, 204 5th Street. They’ve just introduced the “New Momentum Program,” which works wonders….The Active Adult League/Yeepies will not hold formal meetings June, July or August, but will be showing a series of favorite comedies instead….Our popular Junior Gymnastics program continues through the summer; pre-registration for each month must be done by the 25th of the prior month….Tennis, anyone? We will begin offering tennis classes this month! Call Haley Hill, 786-9622, for more information….No Kids Night Out in June due to Summer Day Camp start-up. Finally, if you’re looking for a little pick-me-up for the whole family, don’t forget about our Family Roller Skating Night every third Friday of the month from 7-11 PM. At $3 per person, it’s the best entertainment value in the Coastal Empire. Thanks for supporting the YMCA, Hillary Brodofsky Tybee Breeze


Registrant #______________


Tybee Marine Rescue Squadron 1-A, City of Tybee Island, Chimney Creek Fishing Camp/CrabShack

Circle Shirt Size Youth (S) (M) (L) Adult (M) (L) (XL)

NAME:_____________________________________ ADDRESS:_________________________________



Parent/Guardian e-mail:_________________________________ Release of liability: As parent or legal guardian of the child named above, I certify that my child has permission to attend and participate in the Tybee Children’s Fishing Tournament to be held on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at Chimney Creek Fishing Camp, beginning at 8:30 A.M. and ending at approximately 4PM. By signing this form, I understand that I am waiving all right to claims and releasing all other participants, the hosts, sponsors, and other officials involved from all liability for injuries or damages that may occur as a result of this tournament, or my child’s participation in same. I also grant the unconditional right to use the name, voice and photographic image of my child in connection with any of the audio/video productions, articles, or press releases but not as a paid endorsement.

Signature:_______________________ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Date: ________________

RULES All Children must be in the company of an adult at all times. All children must wear life jackets at all times. Child must manage the rod at all times but adults may net the fish. IGFA and State Rules will be followed. No toadfish, catfish or shark. Registration forms & $3.00 registration fee must be turned in to the Gift Shack at The Crab Shack by June 1st. After that date, registration is $5.00. Each child is limited to winning one (1) major prize or award. Only those who register by June 1st will receive a T-shirt.

8:30 A.M. 9:00 A.M. 12:30 P.M.

SCHEDULE Captain’s Meeting 1:00 Weigh-in Ends Fishing Starts 2:00 Awards Fishing Ends FOOD & FUN!!!!!!!!!!!




Dock Fishing on the Chimney Creek Docks is permitted this year. Prizes will be given for dock fishing as well as boat fishing in age groups 0 – 6 and 7 – 13.


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Name:_____________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________ City:_________________________State:__________Zip:____________ U.S. Addresses Only. Make checks payable to: Tybee Breeze, P.O. Box 2505, Tybee Island, GA 31328. To pay by credit card, please call 912-257-2254

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A - J’s Dockside Are you looking for a great place to eat that’s on the water where you can enjoy some of the finest food on the island? A place where you can kickback, relax, and enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the dolphin’s play in the Back River? A place where you can watch some of the best sunsets North of Mallory Square? Come to 1315 Chatham Avenue on the back-river. We’re just the place you’re looking for. Voted Best Overall Restaurant & Best Outdoor Dining 2008! Live Entertainment Fri. Sat. & Sun. Call 786-9533 for Schedule. Ask about nightly dinner & drink specials, Happy Hour Daily 5-7pm. American Legion Each week we have line dancing on Wednesday night at 7pm, bingo on Friday night at 8pm and horseshoes on Saturday at 7pm. Voted Best Overall Bar 2008! Call 786-5356 for more info. Bernie’s Oyster House Located smack dab in the middle of Tybrisa Street, Bernie’s offers a variety of amazing food: from sandwiches to seafood, which now includes crab legs!! We have a full bar and can create anything from frozen daiquiris to our famous Mason Jar Bloody Mary. We are having some spectacular specials this summer! Join us for our annual “Shuck N Chug!” A bucket of oysters and a pitcher of beer for $19.95, 25 cent raw oysters (dozen minimum), and Happy Hour (4-7 P.M.) $1.50 Bud Lite and Miller Lite with $2 PBR!! With three 42” plasma flat screen TV’s and a 50” big screen on our back patio, Bernie’s is the place to be to watch your favorite sport. Wii has arrived! Stop by and show us your ‘skills’. We will be having nightly competitions to see who the best Wii player on the Island is. Games begin at 8 pm. Tues: Bowling. Wed: Random - You Call. Thurs: Bocce Ball. To commemorate your visit and look really cool, we have t-shirts, hats, koozies,

tanks for men & women and shot glasses for sale. Bernie’s has a very relaxed atmosphere and the staff is fun and friendly. Voted Best Bloody Mary 2008! Call (912) 786-5100 for take-out and any questions you may have. If you are in historic Savannah, Stop by and say “What’s up?” to our sister Bernie’s located at 115 E. River St. Benny’s Tavern The Coldest Beer in America! Happy Hour Mon. thru Fri. 10am– 7pm. Tue. Open Pool tables Wed. 6-8pm. Sat Pool Tournament at 2:30pm with Ms. Molly. Tue. & Thur. Locals night-Happy Hour 8-10pm. Karaoke Fri., Sat. & Sun. nights with Blake. Big screen TV on for all events. Cupcake $ Chad are on the grill - Call for her specials! Come Party with some of Tybee’s characters: Tess, Flower Wanda, Linda, Rita, Joanne & Bobbie. Voted Coldest Beer 2008! It’s a Tybee Thang! 1517 Butler Ave/Downtown Tybee 912- 786-0121. Breakfast Club Winner of 19 consecutive “Best Breakfast” awards. Free wireless w/purchase. We are centrally located in the heart of the commercial district at 15th & Butler. Voted Best Breakfast 2008! Doc’s Bar Live Music Fri & Sat 8pm - till, Thurs. & Sun. 7pm - till. Afternoon Bumper Pool Tourn. Mon. Night Dart. Tue. Night Team Trivia. Wed. Night Is Ladies Night with 7- 9 Happy Hour Specials. Doc’s Bar Oldest Bar On Tybee, And Still The Center Of The Universe. Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary. Bring Doc’s Bar To Your Next Party with Doc’s Catering Service. Voted Best Place to Listen to Live Music 2008! Dolphin Reef Oceanfront Restaurant & Lounge Located in the Ocean Plaza Beach Resort, Oceanfront at 15th Street, the award winning Dolphin Reef Restaurant and Sports Bar

Email announcements to: Art announcements to:

APRIL 2009

is the perfect place for you and your family and friends to relax and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean along with superb American cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Upon your arrival you will be treated to a trendy, unique underwater themed ambiance which will make your dining experience memorable. Be sure to try their new, recently installed all-you-can-eat Tybee Beachside Buffet on Friday and Saturday nights. After an enjoyable meal you can relax and catch the game or race on one of their many highdefinition TVs in the new Seaside Sports Bar. Happy hour is held every day from 3-7 pm. Dolphin Reef is the perfect location for your banquet, reception, or other special event and is open daily for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. The only thing more spectacular than their food is the view.

dates. Open daily 4pm to 3am.

Fannie’s Celebrating 17 years of Food, Fun and Spirits...Oceanfront! You can’t miss the pink roofed restaurant on Strand near 17th Street (3 stories high) two open-air decks in the sky for an incredible beachfront view. Our Sun. brunch won Best of Tybee. Our house band, the Christy Alan Band, won Best of Tybee. And we boast the best frozen drinks on can bet your Fannie! Live music is Thur. 7-10pm with Randy “Hatman” Smith. We’re open for lunch and dinner everyday. 7866109 for take-outs and info.

MacElwee’s Looking for the place to watch ships sail and the largest water fight in Georgia?? Join us at MacElwee’s where the freshest seafood is prepared to order while you enjoy the Tybee Beach Bum parade and stay dry!!! The view is great from our front porch and the entertainment is priceless. Local beer battered shrimp and steaming buckets of oysters are just the start of fun packed visit to MacElwee’s. Children always welcome and the Trout Treasures (kid’s fish dinner) are the most requested item on the kid menu. If it’s steaks or chicken the land lover in your group craves we offer hand-cut Ribeyes and Filets and a grilled chicken breast or better yet chicken fingers. Nothing prebattered or pre-cooked in our kitchen- Chef Greg offers a pasta special and local catch daily.The snow crab special this month is a two pound portion for just $17.99. MacElwee’s strives to provide the service you expect at the prices you can afford. Treat Mom to a lobster dinner on Mother’s Day and we’ll treat her to key lime pie for dessert. No reservations needed. Check out our website at

Gayna’s Pub & Outback Cafe Happy Hour Daily 4-7pm. Karaoke every Fri. & Sat. night. Voted Best Karaoke 6 Years In A Row! Food served 4pm to 2:30am 7 days a week. Non Smoking dining area, outdoor seating or order from the bar. Dinner, Salads, appetizers, sandwiches and breakfast items on menu. Mon. nights we have darts, Thur. nights movies w/ Ally. $2 Jell-O shots every night. Located at Hwy. 80 and Campbell Ave. Call 786-7707 for takeout orders and live entertainment

Huc-A-Poo’s Where the Mind & Spirits Meet! Open daily for lunch & dinner 10:30am – until. Free Tybee Delivery. Located off Hwy. 80 in the shops at Tybee Oaks. Mon. nights we have football and darts! Join us Thur. nights for corn-hole tournaments. Live entertainment Fri. & Sat nights (depending on who’s here). Voted Best Pizza 2008! Call 786-5900 for more info. Hunter House Elegant dining with southern charm and a beach atmosphere. Four rooms of fine dining. Voted Best Chef on Tybee 7 years in a row! Voted Best Steak 2008! For reservations call 912-7867515. Located at 1701 Butler Ave.

Tybee Breeze






for more info and we look forward to serving ya!

Spanky’s Seafood, Seafood & A Lot More! You can’t imagine! Come in and check us out! Tybee’s Best Seafood (Shrimp, Grouper, Scallops & Mahi) Fresh & Local Hand cut steaks, Pasta, Huge Hand Pattied Burgers & the BIGGEST Chicken Sandwich in Georgia! Call for prices on party platters and all your catering needs. Come and enjoy a great atmosphere with the best Tybee has to offer in food and the friendliest staff on the island. Call 786-5520 for more info.

Windrose Coldest Beer On The Planet! Happy Hour Mon – Fri 4-7pm $1.50 draft beer, $2 domestic longnecks, and $2.50 well drinks. Thursday 5-7 Frog Leg Special $7.95. If you haven’t tried Nell’s lunch specials & Sat. soups, it’s a must! Lunch Specials Mon-Fri from 11am-2pm. Voted Tybee’s Best Cheap Lunch for 4 years in a row! Kitchen hours Mon.–Fri. 11am–8pm, Sat.11am–9pm & Sun.12:30pm– midnight. Come and join our Happy Bartenders for a large time! You Ready? How bout’ now? 786-6593.

local art & gifts, VOTED #1 ART GALLERY! and, HALL of FRAMES custom framing & shipping ctr 1604 Butler Ave., Tybee Island, GA. At Hwy 80’s End, across from the Park of the Seven Flags - downtown Tybee 912 786-8927.

Sting Ray’s A local favorite-Tybee’s home for blue crabs, beach music and beer! Come join us, you’ll be happy you did, as the tradition continues with the Ray’s serving you with great pride their best and freshest award winning seafood. Voted Best Seafood & Margarita 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008! Come sit down with us in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere on our outdoor dining deck that is the perfect location to watch anything from bands, parades to people watching on Tybee. Or join us in our adjacent indoor dining room for even more comfort and fun. Live music 7 nights a week Fri & Sat 7pm - 11pm : Sun - Thur 6pm - 10pm. June Entertainment Schedule: Every Monday Chuck Cortney, Tuesday Roy Swindelle, Wednesday Jordan Ross, Thursday Randy HatMan Smith and Friday & Saturday 5th, 6th, 12th,13th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th Robert Willis. There are many favorites on our menu with a variety of seafood selections. Gift Certificates make the perfect gift and they are always available. Open 7 days a week 11am–until. Call 786-0209 for more info.


The Quarter Sports Bar and Grill “Tybee‘s little local dump with a real big attitude.” Locally owned and operated since 1990. THE place to be for sports, food, fun and “Licka Drinks” on Tybee. Dish Network Satellite for those hard to find games. Pool tables… dart boards… and have I mentioned FOOD? From burgers to snow crabs, we’ve got it. Get here early for our Happy Hour Specials like $4 wings 4-7pm Mon.-Fri. Raw & Steamed Oysters by the dozen. Open Mon.-Fri., 4pm-3am, Sat. 12pm – 3am and Sun. 12:30pm3am. That’s also the hours we cook, so early or late we’ve got you covered. See our menu in this magazine. Voted Best Burger 7 years in a row! Voted Best Wings for 6 years! Voted Best Happy Hour 2 years in a row. Under 21 allowed until 9pm. For to go orders, call 912-786-8966. The Sand Bar Tybee islands newest hotspot. The sand bar is popular for its theme nights and it has the best Jell-O shooters on the beach. Happy Hours are mon-fri 3pm to 7pm.the sand bar is open till 3am 7 days a week. there sand-a-licious kitchen is open till 2:45am 7 days a week. NOW OPEN THE SAND TRAP SIT BACK UNDER THE STARS AND ENJOY A COCKTAIL. Monday is dart night at the sand bar on tues & thurs its Texas-hold ‘em tournament night 8:30(daily & weekly prizes) Wed. night is ladies night .Strange things happen after dark at the sand bar you might be lucky and see a show on there famous dance pole. LADIES ON SATURDAY NIGHT (6/13 & 6/27) AT 11:59 GET A FREE JELLO SHOOTER. When the sun goes down this place is sizzling hot. Come in and say hi to the friendliest and hottest bar staff on the island. Amber, Jessica & Jennifer will always put a smile on your face and don’t forget our #1 rated chef (Scott) he will always have your mouth watering for more food. FOOD TILL 2:45 EVERYDAY AND DRINKS TILL 3AM. 1512 BUTLER AVE. SANDBARTYBEE. COM. 912-786-8304


Tybee Breeze

Tybee Time Cool off at Tybee Time... Specializing in Frozen Cocktails! Voted Best Daiquiri 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008! We have 10 different daiquiri machines. We have 13 TV’s! We are THE HEADQUATERS for all current sporting events! Every hour is happy at Tybee Time! Come get you some! Open 7 days Noon-3am. 786-7150 .

June 6 - Tybee Tour of Homes. Tour a wide variety of small and large, old and new, Tybee homes all full of unique character. Ticket price includes luncheon. Event raises money for the Hope House of Savannah. June 6 - Tybee Kayak Race. 11th annual event includes 3 seperate races: The Tybee River Race, The Little Tybee Challenge, and The Race Across the River. The races are a benefit for the Tybee Island Marine Science Center and nonprofit marine science education facility on Tybee.

UPCOMING July 3rd - Fireworks at The Pier Celebrate Independence Day with the annual fireworks show at Tybee’s Pier & Pavilion!

Announcements Pat Folds, the Shag Instructor, is moving and will no longer be doing the lessons. Pat wishes all of Tybee well and says “Keep on Shagging” to all of her students. Join us every second Saturday, starting at 9AM for Free Artist Demo’s and instruction at the Atlantic Beacon Gallery, and Hall of Frames, representing 100 local and regional artists creating in every medium; American Made, the Island Way! Atlantic Beacon Gallery, Inc.

The Alzheimer’s Association presents Patricia Lorenz’s HUMOR FOR THE HEALTH OF IT! Learn the five things laughter can do for you physically and mentally. Patricia is an inspirational humorist, artof-living writer, speaker and the author of eleven moving, encouraging titles. She is one of the top contributing writers in the country to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She’s had over 400 articles published in numerous magazines and newspapers. She’s been a contributing writer for eighteen Daily Guideposts books; five dozen anthologies; and is an award-winning newspaper columnist. This event will be held on Thursday, June 11th, 2009 at 6pm at New Covenant Church (previously Epworth United Methodist) Fellowship Hall at 2201 Bull Street on the corner of Bull & 38th in Savannah, GA. Patricia will be signing and selling books after her presentation. Heavy Hors D’Oeuvres will be served. This event is free and open to the public, but we do request an RSVP. Please call the Alzheimer’s Association at 912-920-2231. The Dolphin Project (TDP) THE DOLPHIN PROJECT needs volunteers to photograph and collect data on Coastal Georgia dolphins. Captains and their boats, photographers, team leaders and assistants are needed for research. Enjoy the beautiful coastal waters, delightful dolphins and fun folks! 90-minute basic training is required. Training workshop will be held at Armstrong University, University Hall-Rm 157, from 9-11am on June 6th. No reservations required. For information contact Peach:



912-727-3177 or GAdolphin@ are provided. For more info. or go to www. about the First Steps Parents of Newborns program call 819-6911 or 819-6910 or email MobleySte@ The Tybee Light Station and Museum is now available to rent for special Computer Service & events. We can host any event Business Center - Internet from 20 to 400. If you are Access, Laser Printing, Copy interested please call 912-786- Service, Fax, Diagnostics, 5801 or email Sarah Jones at Installs, Data Retrieval, Computer Repair. CSide Surf - 22 Tybrisia St. 786-9312. The Tybee Island Garden Club meets the 3rd Wed. of each Tybee Sunrise Exercise month from September through Class/Boot Camp - Come May. For more information, enjoy this beautiful Island with a please call 786-7272 or email work out on the beach and see the sunrise! 3 days of strength training and 2 days of cardio. You BABIES DON’T COME bring a mat and I will provide the WITH INSTRUCTIONS weights. Park at the N. Beach Love Babies? This Volunteer Parking lot by Gullick Street and Opportunity is for You! The First go over the 1st crossover and Steps Parents of Newborns you will find us! 6-7am Mon-Fri program pairs volunteers with Contact Vicki Lyn 596-3009 or new families in the hospital setting to provide emotional support, parenting education materials, and Yoga on the Beach - Yoga referrals to community resources. on the Beach will be held on Volunteer training and all materials Wednesday and Friday mornings

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(limited to space availability)

help wanted Looking for quality minded people and team players Cooks and cashier positions available from now through the high season. Call 912-786-9655 or stop by Isla Del Mar. NOW HIRING CNA, HHA FOR JUST JULIA IN HOME CARE Call for interview: 786-0819 or 1-866-Julia11

FOR RENT Small efficiencies apartments, just right for working people. Call 441-2066 or 786-0776. 2 BR Duplex for Rent,4 Blocks from TYBEE BEACH, $950 per month, 865-250-7059

LOOKING TO RENT 2 SCAD graduate students, with cat and dog, looking to rent 2 bedroom apt./house, Sept-May. Call Christina, 609-290-6060.

FOR SALE Tybee Cab Company Well established company with great reputation and good employees. Price includes two fully equipped cabs, established advertising and affordable insurance. An all cash business. $30,000 firm no financing. This business will pay itself off in one season. Only cab company on the island. Great mom and pop opportunity . Call 912-4413304 before 3pm daily. BEER REFRIGERATOR $35.00 YOU MOVE IT. FOR MORE INFO CALL 441-9500.

tutor Tutoring and CRCT Prep by Certified Teacher with MEd. $20/hr. Grades 1-5. Tybee resident. Call 404-583-0429. Certified high school teacher, M.S. degree, available for science tutorial, especially physical science, chemistry, physics, algebra. $20/hour. Call Lisa at 912-660-3317 or 912-786-8328.


churches ALWAYFSREE!

from 7AM - 8AM. Come to the Chapel by the Sea North Beach parking lot, across Baptist Church from the lighthouse and take the Reverend David Laughner Gulick Street walkover to the beach. Services: (It’s straight ahead as you come Sunday School 9:45am in the parking lot.) Bring a beach Sunday Morning Worship 11:00am towel or mat. Donations of $10 Sunday Evening Worship 7:00pm accepted. Instructor is Ann Carroll, Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm RYT - 500 and the class is multiButler Avenue at 9th Street level and perfect for beginners. Call Tybee Island, GA 31328 (912) 704-7650 or e-mail ann@ 912-786-4647

The Dolphin Project is hosting a God About’s Senior Ministry 20th Anniversary Celebration of is on the 3rd Tuesday of Dolphin Research on July 18th each month. at JF Gregory Park in Richmond Hill, GA from 5:30-10pm., featuring All Saints’ Episcopal music, entertainment, dancing, Church low country boil, BBQ and a silent *All Are Warmly auction. This is the first fundraising Welcomed* event for TDP. The silent auction will offer fine art and photography, Vicar: The Reverend Otto Immel a Savannah cruise for 15 from Bull Tybee Island invites you to River Cruises, a historic Savannah worship with us Sunday at 10AM townhouse for 5 nights, a week followed by a social hour at 11AM. for two at Captain Don’s Habitat Child care is provided. dive resort in Bonaire- includ dive We are located at 804 Jones equipment, Georgia Sea Turtle Avenue, two streets west of Butler; Center on Jekyll Island for 4, please call 786-5845 for more Captain Larry’s Credle’s Shrimp information or visit our website: Boat cruise for 4 and much, much more! Tickets are $30w/soft drinks & $35 w/ wine/beer. For tickets and St. Michael Catholic information contact Peach: 912-727Church & School 3177 or or Father Thomas J. Peyton mail to The Dolphin Project -20th, Mass and Confessions Schedule: POBox 60753, Savannah 31420. Saturday: Vigil – 6:00 PM Bring your friends, have some fun Sunday: 8:00 & 11:00 AM and help protect our wild dolphins! Daily: 8:00 AM Mon-Fri.

just for kids

Live Oak Public Libraries presents Acorns Storytime at the Tybee Library for ages 0-5, Tuesdays at 11:00 am. Call 786-7733 for more information. CSide Surf will have a Guitar Hero stand at the YMCA’s 10 Anniversary Celebration in Memorial Park. They will have demonstrations and competitions. For more info call 786-9312. You can also stop by and see them at 22 Tybrisia St.. They have the latest and hottest games for kids of all ages, X Box, Wii, and PS2.

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please e-mail Classifieds are ALWAYS FREE, rotated each month and are available on a first come first serve basis limited to space.

9:00 AM Sat. Confessions: 5:00-5:45 PM on Sat. or By appointment. 801 Butler Avenue, Tybee Island 912-786-4505 Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church Reverend Andy Lamon III Sunday school is at 10am Sunday Worship is at 11am 911 BUTLER AVENUE, TYBEE ISLAND, GA 31328

MEN BEHIND THE SCENE Men’s Inter-denominational Prayer Breakfast the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00am. Call 897-2666 Jim Monaghan for more information. Special Worship Services: Sunday closest to Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day at the pier at 8:30am. All encouraged to attend!

Tybee Breeze


Sand Box


I am the fountain from which no one can drink. For many I am considered a necessary link. Like gold to all I am sought for, But my continued death brings wealth for all to want more. . What am I?

MAY Riddle And ANSWER: With pointed fangs it sits in wait, With piercing force its doles out fate, Over bloodless victims proclaiming its might, Eternally joining in a single bite. What am I? Answer: A Stapler


Tybee Breeze

The answer key will be published in the next edition.

Across 2 Chief Price talks about dangerous what? (4) 5 These currents pull people away from shore? (3) 8 Ole Slo tell the tourists not to steal our what? (7) 9 Jim’s Gelato was featured on who’s favorites list? (5) 12 Jeff Kirk talks about what season? (9) 13 Band coming back to play at Pirate fest? (8,6) 14 Winner of The Kentucky Derby Hat Contest? (2,4)


Insert numbers until each row, column and 3x3 box contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once.

Down 1 Csidesurf is a coffee and what cafe? (8) 3 The Sand Bar has this kind of pole? (8) 4 New Column? (5,7) 6 CPR doesn’t what you to forget what during hurricane season? (4) 7 Hometown Hero? (5) 10 The annual Sock Hop is to benefit what? (7) 11 The #1 issue/ problem on Tybee? (7) 15 TIFD Chief? (6)

Did you know the answers to the Pirates Puzzle crossword can be found in the Tybee Breeze itself? So if you’re having trouble, look through the stories again!!

Pirates Puzzle Answer May 2009

Rating Level - Hard Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

It’s that time of year again. Are you ready for hurricane season? I know, everyone always says we’ll never get hit, but why not be prepared just in case, especially for your pets? Put together a ready bag for your pet. Make sure your pets are current on their shots and you have copies of their records. Make sure your pet’s rabies tag is on their collar per state laws for travel. If your pet is microchipped, check that your information is current and accurate with the microchip registry (pets that have been chipped through Coastal Pet Rescue can do this for free at Put in a favorite blanket and toys, and add a water and food dish. You should also have enough food for a week. Don’t forget a good leash and a carrier or crate for safe travels. Now on to the fun stuff! This past month brought some great recognition to CPR. Our vice president, Wendy Owens, was selected to the AWWIN Top Ten Working Women of Savannah. The Milton Project was selected as the Organization of the Year by Volunteer Tybee, and Coastal Pet Rescue was named Best Charitable Organization by the readers of Connect Savannah. Kudos all around to our volunteers, adopters and supporters. We’re still looking for foster homes, especially for two little beagle girls who need heartworm treatments. Donations are still needed, but they very much need places to rest for two months for successful treatment. Drop me an email if you can help. On a final note, please think about your pets in this heat. Leaving your pet unattended in a vehicle is against the law. Too often pets fall victim to heat stroke and even death. Instead, leave them at home in the air conditioning with a nice treat and Animal Planet on TV. Have a great summer! Lisa Scarbrough President/Founder Coastal Pet Rescue Tybee Breeze


Tybee Wine Festival 2009 The first Tybee Wine Festival benefiting the restoration of the historic Tybee Post Theater was a big success. May 9th at the Lighthouse was a beautiful Tybee afternoon with over 300 people in attendance tasting over 100 wines from all over the world, enjoying the talents of some of the island’s best chefs and the music from FOFOTT. Old Savannah Tours provided trolley service to the theater for people to tour the theater and see the progress and future plans, several people took the tour and saw the theater for the first time. All the proceeds will go to “Burn the Mortgage” and “Raise the Curtain” hopefully in 2010. Many great people shared their time, resources and donations to make this festival a reality and The Friends of the Tybee Theater would like to thank each and every one. Without their contributions the festival would not have happen. To our wine vendors and restaurants, THANK YOU! Savannah Distributing Wines, Empire Distributors, Atlanta Wholesale Wine, National Distributing Company Ultimate Distributors, Georgia Crown Distributing, Quality Wine & Spirits, Prestige Wine Wholesale, Sting Ray’s, Sundae Café, The Breakfast Club, Fannie’s on the Beach, Marlin Monroe’s, Papa’s Bar-B-Que & The Hunter House

To our sponsors – Thank you for your financial support to underwrite the cost of the festival. City of Tybee, Tybee Tourism Council, Tybee Island Light Station, Tybee Cottages, Chu’s Convenience Marts/Chu’s Liquor, XYZ Liquors, Atlantis Inn, Solomon Properties, Mermaid Cottages, Tybee Vacation Rentals, My Beach House Rentals, Lighthouse Inn, Crab Shack, Desoto Beach Hotel, Sandy’s by the Shore, Latitude 32, Seaside Sisters, Tybee Beach Vacation Rentals, Ed & Jane Feiler, Linda Gladdin, Ralph Douglas Jones, Old Savannah Tours, Will Green Image Is Everything & Tybee Beach Vacation Rentals To our wonderful and talented Volunteers – Thank you for your talents and the gift of your time to create the festival and make it so enjoyable for all that attended. Michael Graham, Lamar Outdoor, FOFOTT Steve Bryan, Rhett Mouchet, Ed Ayers, Ross Kelly, Roy Franco, Twila Davis, Richard Adams, Cullen Chamber, Ginger & Steve Strickland, First City Enterprises, Nick & Diana Sear, Cindy & Craig Meyer, Bonnie Gaster, Sue Waters Reese, Sherry Weathers, Robin Turner, Vivian Dubuc, Tybee Breeze, Resort Rentals, Sue & Bill Blakey, John & Mildred Hill, Suzi Nesbit, Dianna Solomon, Julie Weiler, Sue Bentley, Savannah Buchanan, Karen Penick, Cindy Young, Sally & Charles Yarber, John & Jessica Mnieckowski, Frank & Karen Kelly, Susan Holiday, Terry Spatz, Maria Lancaster, Cort & John Atkinson, Michael Bodine, Ken Carter, Len Cripe, Gordon Matthews, Susie Morris, Cecil & Elizabeth Johnson, Old Savannah Tours & And all of the any volunteers of Friends of the Tybee Theater

Tides For Tybee Light


Tybee Breeze

N 32° 02.0’ W 80° 54.1’

Ship’s Log June 2009

Wanted: Kayakers and Spectators When: Saturday, June 5th Where: A.J.’s Dockside Why: To race! ~ To have fun! ~ To support the Tybee Island Marine Science Center!

The 11th annual Sea Kayak Race will be held on Saturday, June 5th. Sign up now for the River Race or the Little Tybee Challenge. Come cheer our gold level sponsors as they compete in the Race Across the River. Please visit for additional details and to register on-line. Three Race Times: 8:30 am - The Tybee River Race: follows a 6.5 mile course on the tidal river separating Tybee and Little Tybee Islands and is for those interested in testing their speed and endurance. 8:45 am - The Little Tybee Challenge: follows an 8 mile course and is for those who want to challenge a full range of sea kayaking skills. This race will circumnavigate part of Little Tybee Island, passing through narrow tidal creeks, broad tidal rivers, open coastal areas, and two surf zones. Note: Tybee Island is the northermmost Georgia barrier island, 16 miles east of Savannah. Little Tybee Island is south of Tybee, separated by Tybee Creek. 11:15 am approximately following the conclusion of the first two races. The Race Across the River is held to give our major sponsors an opportunity to win a prize. Each of these sponsors will select one person (employed by the business or part of the group) to race a kayak across the Back River and back to the marina. The winner’s prize for the business (group) is a ½ day, guided kayak trip for 10 people OR a 2 hour natural history trip for ten-plus people on Mike Neal’s boat, the Island Explorer. This event benefits the Tybee Island Marine Science Center: a non-profit marine science education facility offering hands-on programs for school and scout groups as well as for the general public. The Tybee Turtle Project, which monitors loggerhead sea turtle nesting and hatching activities on Tybee, is managed by the Marine Science Center.

Thank you Joni/The Breeze On behalf of Ron, Sue & Ronnie Dingess... SimpleHearted Ministries would like to Thank all Brian’s friends who attended the Benefit held at Fannie’s on the Beach April 9th. The night was beautiful and the atmosphere warm as we celebrated the life of the one and only Brian RAGMAN Dingess. Although Brian was not there physically...we all felt his one of a kind love for life spirit. Tybee Island will never be the same without our dearly loved “Brian” b.k.a Ragman to most! A Big thank you to Jenny & Christie at Fannie’s who generously opened their establishment for the Brian “RAGMAN” Dingess Benefit and all the staff who worked so hard...Thank You! Jenny & Christie you went above and truly Blessed the Dingess Family! Thanks to Georgia Kyle, The Train Wrecks, Brandon Coleman & Shannon Blaney of Lurid Miscreants.. Rag’s band-mates and Liquid Ginger for the Amazing entertainment you delivered...your time and great talent was such a blessing! Fannie’s on the Beach ROCKED ALL NIGHT LONG...Thanks to You..big time! Thank You to Gina at for covering the event and all the great photos! All of our Sponsors and Contributors...the Benefit was a Huge Success thanks to your kind hearts...Fannie’s on the Beach, Office Max-Statesboro, Mansion on Forsyth Park, Ideal Image, AMR Music, Capt. Mike Dolphin Tours, Savannah Tank, The Crab Shack, Hobby Lobby, Lydene’s Gifts-Savh Mall, Huc-a-poos, Blue Bamboo Hair Design, Avon-Statesboro, Tybee Breeze/Wheels-N-Steel, Paula Deen, Brass Anchor Tattoo, Wind Rose Cafe, Black Creek Golf, Wal*mart, Boaen Mechanical Contractors, Atlantis Inn, The Gallery-City Market (Andrea Stark, Barbara Gentry & Bill Ballard), Atwell’s Art & Framing, Altantic Beacon Gallery & Custom Frame Shop, Larry Levow-Signature Gallery, Brighter Day, A.T.Hun-(Roeder Kinkel & Chuck Hamilton), Albert J. Seidl-City Market, Abstract Originals By Angela Hunt, Byrd Cookie Company, Portman’s Music, Irene Sullivan Gallery, Bernies Oyster House, Doc’s Bar, SeaSide Sweets, Trade Winds Homemade Icecream, Spanky’s, Body Bronzing-Wilmington, T & A’Z Salon and Kalie Purcell! Thank you SO much! In one of Brian’s songs he wrote...Time is a Healer...this is true, however this planet is not nor will it ever be the same without Brian Keith Dingess! Everday our feet hit the floor we are given a gift...a brand new opportunity to make a difference, to be kind to one another! Life is short...embrace every moment of this life. Pursue your Dreams in this life, and remember...Death is only the beginning!

Samuel & Lea Adams Tybee Breeze


Starfish Scopes JunE 2009 1-Travis Taylor, Jan Obert, Kimberly Doyle & Denise Vollmer, 2-Matthew & Brian Patton, 3- Charles Grefski, 5- Ortega Salvador, 6-Alden Murphy, Jimmy Burke & George Starns, 7-Flower Wanda & Logan Ferrelle 9-John Randolph & Marcia Padgett, 10-Susie Morris 13-A. J. Baker, 14-Shell Solomon, Shelly Patterson 15-Kirk Middleton, 16-Steve Kellam & Chris Shook, 17-George Reese & Eric McKenna 18-Jenny Orr, 19-Helen Faulkner, Wanda Doyle, Anna Kellam & Glory Padgett, 20-Jimmy Kehoe, Pam Yanner & John Kunego, 21-Jeanne Parkman 22-Don Hamilton, 23-Bailey Smith, 24-Beth Smith & Joe Paslawski, 16-Patti Wynn, 27-Ruby Anderson & Donna Smith, 28-Baxter Palmer, 29-Frankie Conaway, 30-Wallie Hattrich Kevin Wilson & Dawn Cahill

May 17th - Joseph Locklear Born and raised on Tybee! He is a 4th generation Locklear.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) The best way to undo your mistakes is to stand up, take a good look around, and then shout “Sorry today has been one almighty mess-up and I’m very much to blame. If you need to give anyone a good kicking, I’m your person. Please form a line, there will be no velvet ropes so no pushing.” Cancer (June 21 - July 22) The newspaper will become a source of great amusement this week as an article tickles your fancy in almost every way. In biscuits one can find sweet, sweet redemption. Especially when soaked in Rum. You’ll keep on fighting till the end. Leo (July 23 - August 22) A tricky situation will arise today, but you will rise to the challenge and draw it to a satisfactory conclusion. Oddly, you will hit upon the right thing to do by suddenly recalling an old Gilligan’s Island episode. Virgo (August 23 - September 22) A good time to learn to laugh at yourself. Or, develop multiple personalities! That way you won’t be laughing at you, you’ll be laughing with you. Libra (September 22 - October 22) After today the following expression will no longer strike you as being in the least bit amusing: “Friends help friends move. Real friends help friends move bodies.” Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) A good day to start getting your affairs in order. You shouldn’t be having affairs anyway, so the least you can do is tidy them up.

Patti McLain, my lovely wife of 25 years, Happy Anniversary! Love, Jerry 14-Pat & Mary Locklear 25-Larry & Dianne Otto Anniversary

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) Privacy will be an issue today. This may possibly be because a group of foreign tourists will follow you everywhere, smiling and nodding the entire time. Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) The sun doesn’t wear a hat, and it’s probably not a good idea to play with it. A picture frame will feature highly in your day today and will probably make you feel like you’d never gotten out of bed. Indeed, you’ll probably end up going back to bed as soon as today’s mishaps have had done with you.

Photo by Sherri Simmons

On May 10th Bubba Edger ly marr ied Megan Groover. They honneymooned in Key West and had a little extra excitement when Bubba, a Georgia National Guard firefighter, smelled something burning and he knew something was wrong. He looked around and saw smoke and rushed over to the scene. Witnesses told him that there was a man trapped inside, so Bubba crawled into the trailoer that was engulfed in flames and pulled the man out of burning trailer! The man suffered second-degree burns over 40 percent of his body, nut is expected to recover. (The fire was started by a cigarette that was left unattended.)


Tybee Breeze

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) Someone called Dave will contact you in the next couple of days. Wednesday will be a good day for you this month, but which Wednesday in particular is up to you. Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Food is a cheap source of food. Eat well. When opening the door for a stranger, take care to notice any loose change that they may drop so that you can slam the door in their face, grab the money, and then run for dear life. Aries (March 21 - April 19) People older than you often ask your opinion because you are a trend setter and a marvelous role model for society in general. Today will be a day like any other. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Continually turning around in a circle is not a good way to avoid seeing the horrors you have created. Your life is a mess, now stop getting dizzy and sort it out.

Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

Tybee Breeze June 2009  

Tybee Breeze

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