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annual report

who we are The Planning & Design Centre (PDC) is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life in the Halifax region. By raising awareness, generating dialogue and advancing innovative ideas about planning and design, the PDC aims to make these practices more inclusive, ongoing and effective. The PDC is managed by a Board of Directors and engages collaborators, contributors and volunteers from local planning and design firms, local organizations and the public at large.

The Planning & Design Centre is the operating name of the Halifax Community Planning & Design Association, a not-for-profit society registered with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies in Nova Scotia.

what we do awareness



Access to information is of primary importance. To increase awareness and improve the quality of design, information about projects and plans needs to be current, in one place and highly visible.

An ongoing forum for public discussion and exhibitions is key to raising expectations, overcoming established polarized views, establishing a design culture and shaping our own future.

Developing high quality, sustainable infrastructure requires leadership, innovation and an advocate.

board of directors Planning & Design Centre 5257 Morris Street Halifax, NS B3J 1B6 902-494-8494

Chair: Frank Palermo, Professor, Faculty of Architecture & Planning, Dalhousie University Vice-Chair: Ross Soward, (Until Feb 28)Community Planner, Cities & Environment Unit Treasurer: Heather Ternoway, Policy Analyst, Nova Scotia Office of Aboriginal Affairs Secretary: Beth Lewis, Project Manager, First Nations Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada Scott Hodgson, Graphic Designer, Spectacle Group Tony Gillis, Project Manager, Architect Neil Lovitt, Planner, Scotian WindFields

2012-2013 Peter McNab, Manager, VicWest Atlantic Kyle Shaw, Editor, The Coast Jim Donovan, Economic Development Officer and Consultant Paul MacKinnon, Executive Director, Downtown Halifax Business Commission Jacob Ritchie, Planner/ Project Manager, Planner/ Waterfront Development Corporation Kyle Shaw, Editor, The Coast Gene Daniels, Department Chair/ Professor, NSCAD University Staff: Ross Soward, (Started March 1, 2013) Community Planner, Cities & Environment Unit

projects & activities


Over the last year, Planning & Design Centre focused more energy and resources than ever before. The PDC established new collaborative relationships and explored new forums for practicing our princples of building awareness, collaborating with individuals and organizations, and creating innovative solutions and examples. Together the efforts of the last year have set a new precedent for PDC ambitions in establishing a culture of informed and engaged citizens. PDC applies each of the working principles - awareness, collaboration and innovation - in every project. Often one principle in particular frames the scope of a project.

SEEK 2012 Seek is the free PDC newsletter that provides discussion and analysis of current planning, design and development projects. Information is presented in an accessible, matter-of-fact way, forming a tool kit for individuals to better engage with the changes happening in their region.

PDC: Construction Site The new Planning and Design Centre Construction Site provides a place to find out about development proposals, projects, and plans underway in metro HRM. The site is a great resource for residents to educate themselves on development in their neighbourhood and provides developers with the opportunity to showcase their work.






Mayoral Candidates Debate

Argyle Streetscape Plan

As part of the Sustainable Transportation Task Force, the Planning & Design Centre worked with the Active Transportation Alliance, CleanNS, Halifax Cycling Coalition, Jordi Morgan (News 95.7), Ecology Action Centre & OurHRM, Dalhousie Office of Sustainability and CKDU to host a Mayoral Candidates Debate. Candidates were challenged to describe their vision for mobility in HRM. The debate examined the role of transportation in contributing to a high quality of life for the region and the importance of transportation in allowing HRM to be sustainable and economically competitive in the future.

Engaged by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission, PDC’s effort built on previous work as well as the existing character of the street to reinvigorate a streetscape plan with broader public and private support. The plan advocates for permanent infrastructure improvements to support the strong cafe culture and active street life of Argyle Street. Three public sessions were held in the spring of 2012 to shape the design. The plan aims to position Argyle Street for timely investment in conjunction with the Nova Centre development.


Switch: Open Street Sundays 2012 Switch encourages people to enjoy their city by walking, biking, skating, dancing, and moving around their city safely and comfortably. It is not about street closures - it is about opening streets to the community as public space. Switch launched on September 9, 2012 with a 2km route extending from North St. and Agricola to Victoria Park. The second Switch was held on June 9, 2013, and two more are currently being planned: a Dartmouth Switch August 25th and another Halifax Switch on September 8th, 2013.

membership & finance Planning & Design Centre’s board reports to its membership at the Annual General Meeting, through posting minutes of meetings on our website and through developing quarterly email updates. In addition, PDC organizes a number of public events each year and promotes these events to our membership. Currently all people who attend our events or initiatives and provide contact information are members of the Planning & Design Centre. Currently the Planning & Design Centre has a membership of approximately 260 people who receive regular updates on PDC activities and projects.

Halifax Community Planning & Design Association

Halifax Community Planning & Design Association

Income + Expenditures: 2012-13 Fiscal Year

Income +Sheet: Expenditures: 2012-13 Fiscal Year Balance 2012-13 Fiscal Year

Starting balance


INCOME Membership fees Fundraising IMTB sponsorship Province (co-op support) Project specific funding (Switch) Project specific funding (Argyle) Project specific funding (Sustainable Trans.) Total Income

$0.00 $0.00 $1,000.00 $4,335.00 $48,850.00 $18,350.00 $20,000.00 $92,535.00

EXPENDITURES Administration (society fee) Education and training (debate / module) Insurance (liability - Switch) Professional fees (sust trans / co&co) Salaries (interns / director of operations) Bank fees Project expenses (IMTB) Project expenses (Switch) Project expenses (Argyle) Printing costs (e.g. SEEK) Total Expenditures

$57.18 $1,000.00 $0.00 $17,725.00 $15,758.58 $18.50 $1,190.25 $23,583.65 $47.63 $2,357.50 $61,738.29

Net surplus (or deficit) Surplus (or deficit), beginning of year Surplus (or deficit), end of year

$30,796.71 $5,170.52 $35,967.23

Starting balance INCOME ASSETS Membership Current Assetsfees Fundraising Cash and deposits IMTB sponsorship Accounts receivable Province (co-op support) Prepaid expenses Project specific funding (Switch) Capital/Fixed Assets Project specific funding (Argyle) Equipment Project specific funding (Sustainable Trans.) Land and buildings Total Income Other capital/fixed assets Total Assets EXPENDITURES Administration (society fee) LIABILITIES Education and training (debate / module) Current Liabilities Insurance (liability - Switch) Amounts payable Professional fees (sust trans / co&co) Taxes payable Salaries (interns Long Term Debt / director of operations) Bank fees Mortgage Project expenses (IMTB) Other Project expenses (Switch) Total Liabilities Project expenses (Argyle) Printing costs (e.g. SEEK) EQUITY Total Expenditures Retained earnings/deficit General reserve Net surplus Total Equity(or deficit) Surplus (or deficit), beginning of year Surplus (or deficit), of year Total Liabilities andend Equity

$5,170.52 2012-2013 $0.00 $0.00 $35,967.23 $1,000.00 $0.00 $4,335.00 $0.00 $48,850.00 $18,350.00 $0.00 $20,000.00 $0.00 $92,535.00 $0.00 $35,967.23 $57.18 $1,000.00 $0.00 $2,137.20 $17,725.00 $0.00 $15,758.58 $18.50 $0.00 $1,190.25 $0.00 $23,583.65 -$2,137.20 $47.63 $2,357.50 $61,738.29 $35,967.23 $0.00 $30,796.71 $35,967.23 $5,170.52 $35,967.23 $33,830.03

prospects: next year PDC aims to extend project work and continue to ramp up operations in 2013-14. While the PDC has had tremendous success with very limited resources, in order to build a credible, permanent presence in HRM the Board will formalize relationships with collaborators and partners and focus on a long-term support strategy. Some proposed activities for the coming year include: • Securing long-term sustainability sponsors and stable funding • Developing relationships with educational organizations for internship opportunities • Continuing to advocate for the Argyle Streetscape plan • Build support within the development community for PDC Construction Site • Continue to build support for Switch Open Street Sundays as a long-term initiative

One of the key projects for the coming year is further developing Switch: Open Street Sundays. Since its widely successful launch in 2012, Switch was hosted for a second time in 2013 by the PDC and is anticipated to happen twice more by the end of the year. Through working with various community partners and hosting general discussions, the PDC’s long-term initiatives for Switch involve expansion, increased frequency and augmented community involvement. This summer the PDC has planned to expand Switch into Dartmouth, while increasing support and recognition of the event. Another key project for the coming year is a partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy to facilitate a Bus Stop Design Competition. The goal of the project is to create community engagement and promote sustainable transportation. The contest proposal will be considered as part of the Participatory Budgeting discussion with Councillor Waye Mason and the community of District 7. PDC’s additional potential proposals for the Participatory Budgeting distribution include budgeting for bus shelter signage and infrastructure around HRM.

get involved 5257 Morris Street, Halifax, NS B3J 1B6

PDC 2013

annual report info@ t: 902.494.8494 f: 902.423.6672 @planningdesign @Switchhfx


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