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ISSUE #9: MUSIC INDUSTRY NETWORKING You can be as good as Beethoven but if you're only performing in your basement; you're still no where. If people can't hear or see you; how can you expect to become famous? Whether you are interested in trying out internet networking or if you want to do it big and directly go to the expensive music networking events like MIDEM; if you do not know the "Unwritten Networking Rules" of the Music Industry Gatekeepers you're going to have an extremely hard time getting "the right friends" that can help you getting closer to your goal: Fame. Discover the Record Label Boss perspective of networking; in the show of this issue; a one hour (!) private lesson in Music Industry networking from Dom Toulon, MD, Capp Records from California. learn the stuff that works and doesn't work from the people that stand on the other side of the gate!

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DOM TOULON, MANAGING DIRECTOR CAPP RECORDS Networking is the key essential tool for opportunities to materialize in today's tough music industry. Whether you're an aspiring artist, want to license a new project or simply want to get your music business up and running, the more "right" people that know about them, the better possibilities you'll achieve. Succeed at these goals by listening to this program. Being successful in the music industry relies heavily on using the correct techniques to network with the appropriate connections.

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