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ISSUE #8: SCORING GOLDEN RECORDS Scoring a golden record is easier then ever with platforms like YouTube, Facebook, iTunes and so on. Being accepted by Music Industry gatekeepers is great, but it isn't an absolute necessity anymore; anyone can get involved. Add music piracy to the story and you will understand why some people say that the Music Business is in crisis. Don't be fooled by it, the Music Business is not in crisis; it's in crisis for the people who say it is. People always find something to put the blame on so that they do not have to blame themselves; artists who do not get a record deal advance ($$$) will blame the music industry landscape and not their own lack of creativity and business skills. Just as artists who have a hard time selling records; they usually blame the piracy of music for their lack of sales. Do you want to be like them and blame external factors or do you want to be like the successful recording artists who do know how to score golden records in today's Music Industry? In the show of this issue we'll talk about the secret of selling a lot of records. If you sell enough, it'll turn golden.

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PANEL OF EXPERTS PATRICK J. PEREIRA, MANAGING DIRECTOR PDC RECORDINGS You only pull out your wallet if you want to solve a problem; you pay for your dinner and you pay your taxes. If you don't; you end up with problems. If you do not pay for your music; there is no problem because there are a quadrillion other tracks on YouTube. The people that do sell their tracks offer their fans an experience; the feeling of belonging to the big group. Your acceptation, and attention solves a problem; this is exactly why there is no room for introvert "nerds" at the top.

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