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WISH YOU WERE HERE Postcard from Bintan

FULL MOON PARTY Over the moon with delectable mooncakes

“BEAUTY PAGEANTS OPENED UP MY EYES” Korean supermodel Yu Jieun on speaks up

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8/2/11 5:26:26 PM

The Best DriedAbalone & Teochew Sharkfin You Can Find in Singapore!



AUTHENTIC CUISINE REMARKABLE DISHES Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee has long been a firm favourite amongst local Teochews for its huge array of authentic and delectable Teochew dishes. Teochew cuisine, renowned for its seafood and vegetarian selections, has a huge following largely due to its emphasis on freshness of ingredients. Now at Amoy Street, Huat Kee’s menu of the enticing Teochew dishes promises to offer its customers a most rewarding dining experience.

74 AMOY STREET, SINGAPORE 069893 TEL: 6423 4747 FAX: 6423 0774 Valet Parking available after 6pm Website: Email:

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8/2/11 5:27:34 PM

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Extravaganza! Japanese Buffet

Senki is a hot favourite with Japanese food lovers. Dive into a Japanese gastronomic adventure on our buffet table with over 100 different kinds of dishes to choose from! Let your taste buds go wild with ocean-fresh sashimi including rare finds such as swordfish. Bite into crispy tempura, snack on tangy barbecued yakitori or enjoy the Miso creaminess of your complimentary prawn dish. Refresh your palate with crunchy salads and feast again! Bring your friends and have your fill of good times and wonderful food at affordable prices. Throw parties, invite your clients or share a romantic meal with a loved one. Whatever you do, remember to make a reservation!

SENKI Japanese Restaurant 109 Killiney Road Singapore 239548 Tel: 6734 5565


Beng Hiang Restaurant 30 Over

Years of Finest Authentic Hokkien Cuisine

112-116 Amoy Street, Singapore 069932 Tel: 6221 6695, 6221 6684 Fax: 6220 2906 Opening Hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm / 6.00pm - 9.30pm (Monday to Sunday)


was out shopping the other day when I spotted the first lot of mooncakes out on display at bakeries and confectioneries. Almost immediately, my heart did a small flip. My eyes nearly twinkled when I saw the pictures of our mooncake spread this issue.

“Mid Autumn Festival is here again!” There are many who are excited at the thought of bak kwa and pineapple tarts during New Year. As much as I like them, Mid Autumn Festival has always been a little closer to heart for as long as I could remember. Maybe it was the story of Chang-e flying off to the moon with only a rabbit as her companion, leaving her husband behind or the myriad of colors, lights and lanterns seen during this period but this festival has always been a little more romantic and delightful to me than any other. One of my favorite activities as a child was strolling around at night with a brand new lantern for the year; one that was big, bright, colorful and most hopefully, one that could blink! An impressive lantern was an important thing to a child who would eventually parade it in front of other kids. There may even be a sense of camaraderie between kids who meet each other along such strolls despite the friendly rivalry. Even if it was just paper lanterns that we were playing with, there was something magical in lighting up a candle and watching it glow in the dark of night. There are times I even contemplate buying a lantern to relive those days again. It’s a real pity that I don’t see as many children doing it these days. Every year, I would look out for kids and their parents who might continue to observe this practice but the numbers are dwindling. Even the number of lanterns displayed at shops is much lower than before. I’d be real sad if this sight disappears completely one day. And of course, the other reason for my addiction to Mid Autumn Festival would be mooncakes. Thanks to the creative efforts of chefs, the humble mooncake which was once said to have supported a revolution has evolved from plain lotus seed paste filling to an endless variety of shapes, colors, ingredients and flavors. There are people who think that this may have further commercialized the festival. To me, the important thing is that the continued demand for mooncakes, commercialized or not, keeps the festival alive.


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To a mooncake addict who can only savor this delicacy once a year, I say: bring it on!

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AUG - SEP Vol.12

Postcard from Bintan

FULL MOON PARTY Over the moon with delectable mooncakes

“BEAUTY PAGEANTS OPENED UP MY EYES” Korean supermodel Jieun Yu speaks up

Cover Photo: Mandarin Orchard-Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini Mooncake


eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

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Exquisite Home-style Dining at Yam’s Kitchen

Yam’s Kitchen

1 Pasir Ris Close #04-101, E!hub @ Downtown East, Singapore 519599 Tel: 6584 5884 Fax: 6584 4684 Email:

Sponsored by JC Wine Pte Ltd

F&B directory

Mandarin Orchard




5 August to 12 September 2011


his Mid-Autumn Festival, revel in the specialty selection of exquisite mooncakes at the award-winning Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant of the Mandarin Orchard, one of the last remaining hotels in Singapore that lovingly handcrafts all its mooncakes, from making the dough to wrapping the filling and baking these traditional pastries. Especially created by Executive Chinese Chef Sunny Kong, savour these homemade creations encasing a delightful medley of flavours. Baked to golden brown perfection and chockfull of crunchy goodness, the Baked Mooncake with Mixed Nuts and Jamón ibérico (伊比利亚火腿五仁果子月饼) makes a welcome debut to the classic mooncakes selection. Well-marbled and infused with a rich nutty flavour, the Spanish delicacy pairs perfectly with the assorted nuts in this traditional delight. Other time-honoured favourites include the Baked Mooncake with Double Yolks and White Lotus Paste (双黄白 莲蓉月饼), Baked Mooncake with Single Yolk and White Lotus Paste (单黄白莲蓉月饼) and Baked Mooncake with Single Yolk and Red Lotus Paste (单黄红莲蓉月饼). A healthier alternative, Baked Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste (低糖夏 果白莲蓉月饼) is also available for individuals with a lighter palate.

For those craving for something sweet and novel, our exquisite snow skin mooncakes promise to enrapture with its refreshing and complementary flavours. Inspired by the much-loved Cantonese dessert, Yuan Yang, a combination of black sesame paste and almond paste, awaken your senses with our newest Mini Snow Skin Almond with Black Sesame Paste Mooncake (迷你冰皮鸳鸯月饼) as the unique almond taste blends wonderfully with the sweetness of black sesame beneath the pristine white exterior. Back by popular demand, the Mini Snow Skin Green Tea with Melon Seeds Mooncake (迷你 冰皮瓜仁绿茶月) returns to Mandarin Court with its refreshing blend of smooth aromatic green tea-infused lotus paste and crunchy melon seeds, all packed with antioxidants. And do not go heady with the Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini Mooncake (迷你冰皮荔枝马丁 尼月饼), a delicate saccharine creation that reveals a tinge of your favourite cocktail. Available for sale at Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant, Level 35, Orchard Wing from 12pm to 10pm from 5 August to 12 September 2011, and at the Deli Counter, Street Level, outside Mandarin Gallery main entrance, from 11am to 9pm from 13 August to 12 September 2011.

For orders or enquiries, please call 6831 6320/6262 or email: 6

eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

A RESPLENDENT MID-AUTUMN @ SHERATON TOWERS SINGAPORE HOTEL From 10 August to 12 September 2011, Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival with its highly anticipated new and signature Mooncakes that are made with the finest ingredients and exquisitely handcrafted by awardwinning Chef Chung Yiu Ming and his culinary team. Housed in tastefully designed boxes, these mouth-watering Mooncakes are perfect gifts for family, friends and corporate clients.

New Looks Designed to Make An Impression The NEW Classic box resembles a giant gold bar embellished with an exquisite jade piece bearing Li Bai’s logo. With gold and jade symbolizing wealth and good luck, both new premium and classic boxes make auspicious gifts during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

2011 New Mooncake Flavour If you like our Green Tea Snow Skin Mooncake, you’ll be delighted with the new traditional baked flavour - Green Tea White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Egg Yolk. The bitter-sweet green tea paste with salted egg yolk wrapped within a baked crust promises a flavoursome treat that will leave you wanting more.

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant (11.30am – 10.30pm) OR Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel Lobby Mooncake booth (11.00am – 9.30pm), from 10 August to 12 September 2011

Mooncakes will be available at:

Mooncake Booth at Change Alley from 29 August to 9 September 2011 (10.00am – 6.30pm, close on Saturday and Sunday)

Mooncake Booth at NEX from 1 to 11 September 2011 (10.00am – 10.30pm) Participating credit cardholders are entitled to a 15% discount. Early Bird Credit Card Discount: Order and make payment anytime before 17 August 2011 and enjoy 25% discount with a minimum order of 10 boxes. Delivery surcharges Complimentary delivery only for orders of 40 boxes and above. There will be a surcharge of $40 per location for orders of less than 40 boxes. The delivery time is from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm. The public can call 6839 5636 / 5623 or email: for more information on our mooncakes.

Tien Court

at Copthorne King’s Hotel presents new mooncake flavours this year!

4 exciting

From 8 August to 12 September 2011, savour refreshing new tastes such as White Lotus with Bird’s Nest, Lemon Tea, Cranberry & White Wine and Strawberry & Cranberry on top of other heavenly flavours for our traditional and snow-skin mooncakes while you enjoy the festivities and moon-gaze with your family and friends. Elegantly packaged with an Oriental flair, Tien Court mooncakes also make ideal gifts for both business associates and loved ones. Traditional baked mooncakes come in four pieces per box while snow-skin mooncakes are available in eight pieces per box. Individual mooncakes are also available for sale. For convenience, Tien Court is pleased to offer a special delivery service to one specified venue at $25nett. For bulk orders of 50 boxes and above, the delivery charge will be waived. For orders and enquiries, please call 6318 3193/198 or email Aug - Sep 2011 eMAG


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e moon struck this Mid-Autumn Festival with Hua Ting’s traditional baked golden brown pastries and exquisite snow skin delights packed to the brim with savoury or sweet fillings. To celebrate his double win in the recent Asian Gastronomic Awards of Excellence 2011, Master Chef Chan Kwok has created two new flavours which will be available between 31 July to 12 September 2011 for this special occasion.

Mini Snow Skin Seaweed 迷你冰皮紫菜月饼 Nibble your way through these exquisite petite treats available at $7 per piece.  Cocooned within a slightly chewy exterior is bean paste with strands of seaweed and melon seeds. The savoury taste of seaweed goes perfectly with the sweetness of the smooth filling. A perfect indulgence!   

Hua Ting CK Signature Mooncake HT CK 月饼 Chef Chan Kwok works his magic and produces a winner with a myriad of flavours from both land and seas including walnuts, almonds and sesame seeds with preserved olives, dried scallops, Chinese ham and his famous XO sauce. At $17 a piece, this savoury mooncake is certainly crunch worthy with its nutty and chunky centre! CK XO Sauce can be purchased at Hua Ting for $38 per bottle.  

Traditional Baked Mooncakes Our popular traditional favourites are back again with a wide selection including White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts ($14.00 per piece), Seeds of Harmony (Assorted Nuts) at $15.00 per piece, White Lotus Paste with Double Yolks & Macadamia Nuts ($16.00 per piece), White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts ($15.00 per piece) and Lotus Paste with Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts ($14.00 per piece). 8

eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

Signature Snow Skin Skillfully handmade and wrapped in soft snow skin, Hua Ting’s signature snow skin creations are freshly prepared by our team of talented chefs. The selection includes Mini Beetroot with Red Wine & Cranberry Paste ($7.00 per piece), Mini Custard with Yolk ($7.00 per piece), Mini White Lotus Paste with Yolk ($7.00 per piece), Mini Green Tea Paste with Yolk ($7.00 per piece) and Snow Skin Green Tea Twist with Single Yolk mooncakes($14.00 per piece).  

Hua Ting’s Premium Gift Box Looking for a beautiful gift for loved ones and esteemed business associates? Look no further. Hua Ting’s selection of mooncakes are encased in an elegant red box designed with chinoiserie charm and symobolises an auspicious beginning for everything to come. Send your well wishes for the occasion with elegance.   Hua Ting’s mooncakes will be on display and available for sampling at the Mooncake Booth in Orchard Hotel’s Lobby from 12noon to 8:00pm daily.  

For enquiries and orders, please call Hua Ting at 6739 6577.  Please note that all prices are subject to existing government taxes including GST.

老 亚弟肉骨茶

I have lived in Singapore for the past 4 years but never have I tasted steamed fish with such quality. Lina Wong - Partner of Zeffir Restaurant

The Wong family: Patrick, Lina with their beautiful girl Angellena and Lina’s sister (Ekaterina Velking)

老 亚弟肉骨茶 Add: 34 Whampoa West, #01-67, Singapore 330034 Business time: 7am – 3pm (Daily) Contact: 97555250


Ea ting

Out of the B ox


f you are a fan of Japanese bento meals, you’ve probably flipped through menus and found bentos that looked salivating but a little off the perfect combination you preferred at times. Chances are, you’ve made a comment like “I don’t really need that slice of fruit or the salad” or “if only I could have this main and that side dish instead”.

On a diet? Fill your box with light side dishes. Looking for a hearty meal? Add in a main instead. Feeling ravenous? Order as many boxes in any combinations you’d like. The good news is: prices start from as affordable as $9 for a bento of 4 side dishes of your choice. If you are up for a toast with some friends, there is also a list of wines available starting from over $30 a bottle.

Well now you can. At Shinsen, the new build-your-own-bento eatery in town, you are given the freedom to think – and eat - out of the box.

Despite keeping prices accessible, Shinsen strives to maintain food quality. Dishes are prepared on a daily basis with no MSG added during cooking. The restaurant also employs sous vide, a water oven cooking technique that cooks food slowly over many hours, resulting in succulent meats that are cooked evenly without losing its natural juices. We were also impressed with Shinsen’s clear acrylic bento box design which is not only convenient for packing but also presentable for corporate lunches and home parties. One is also able to pack the hot and cold dishes separately which makes refrigeration and reheating a breeze.

With branches located at Novena Square and The Sail, Shinsen believes in serving up a variety of quality Japanese food at affordable prices in a casual and cheery dining atmosphere. Each meal begins with an empty box which you can fill up according to your preferences from a selection of traditional Japanese fare including mains such as fresh sashimi, grilled items, sushi, burgers and curry. Side dishes include classics like Oden (Stewed Beancurd and Fishcake), Smoked Duck with Cucumber and Miso as well as salads prepared with Japanese dressings such as Gomaae (savory sesame seed dressing) and Sunomono (refreshing vinegar dressing).

This is one restaurant we don’t mind being a little boxed in. In fact, the more boxes, the merrier! Shinsen @ Novena Square 238, Thomson Road #01-62/63 Novena Square Singapore 307683 Tel: 6352 8278 Shinsen @ The Sail 4 Marina Boulevard #01-33 The Sail @ Marina Bay Singapore 018986 Tel: 6509 0685


eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

Grab your daily dose of liquefied Sunshine! Finally, a TRUE Happy Hour of PURE green goodness FIRST thing in your morning. Serving you your 5-a-Day! “eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables everyday may help to reduce health problems” We also provide weekdaily deliveries of green smoodee packages that give you all the great tasting nutrients you need in a day!

Get $2 off all green smoodees! (till 10am weekdaily) Terms and Conditions apply

LINS Smoodees specializes in blended high-nutrition green smoothies, made from locally grown organic greens and whole fruits.

Online orders:

Smoodelivery fee of $3.50 per location will be waived for orders of 4 bottles and above. CBD Delivery and Enquiry Hotline:


Smoodeliveryfee of $5 per location for ad-hoc CBD deliveries will be waived for orders of $20 and above.

3 course meal going at $12

(Either Greenhorn or Salad + Either Herbal Porridge or Veg Wrap + Dessert of the Season)

Measured in the exact proportion of the right ingredients and blended in a high-speed, quality blender, each smoodee provides incredible nourishment, jump-starts detoxification, and enhances self-rejuvenation. Unlike other smoothies, LINS Smoodees makes the perfect blended drink for the majority of Singaporeans who are lactose-intolerant, as they contain no dairy products and instead, use a healthy base of fresh, alkaline water – no ice, no sugar, just whole greens and whole fruits.

Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

Simply Nutritious & Delicious!!! ✽ Get $10 off green smoodee classes when you present this advert

LINS Smoodees™ Bar and Showroom

18 Cross Street, China Square Central, #B1-02 Marsh & McLennan Centre Singapore 048423 • Join us on Facebook: Linssmoodees •

LIN'S Smoodees_1/2.indd 1

6/27/11 10:05:06 AM

signature dish

Crispy Fish Skin with Congee Soup


he Chinese name for this dish literally translates to “Congee for Fairies with Crispy Fish Skin”.

If the name is anything to go by, the addictive fragrance that hit our senses the moment the dish came to the table was certainly heavenly. This unforgettable aroma results from the addition of green beans into the congee made with stock. The crispy fish skin is made from eel and we loved how each piece was thin and fried to crisp perfection without being too oily. The congee further reduces any sense of oiliness when you dip the fish skin into it before tasting. It is hard to put your chopsticks down with this dish on the table!

Tonny Restaurant 325/327 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427582 Tel: 6348 9298

Hong Zhao Chicken


dish that is not easily found on many restaurant menus, this Fuzhou delicacy grabs your attention with its bright red color. Made with special rice wine, this dish features tender chicken cooked in a unique sweet and slightly sour sauce that has a distinct fragrance and taste. We were told this dish is particularly nutritious for ladies, especially those doing post natal confinement.

Nan Hwa Chiang Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant

Chicken Curry


hen it comes to Chicken Curry, there are many variations available in Singapore including Chinese, Indian or Malay versions.

Rendezvous Restaurant, which has been serving authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang for the last 60 years, serves a mild Indonesian Chicken Curry that is suitable for those who prefer milder curries. The light orange curry is thick and makes a great accompaniment for steamed rice. The restaurant also serves a variety of Indonesian Nasi Padang dishes and curries that make your meal “spicy” and satisfying.

Rendezvous Restaurant 6, Eu Tong Sen Street #02-72/73 The Central Singapore 059817 Tel: 6339 7508


eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

35 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545733 Tel: 6289 8516

Old Chinatown Pork Burger


t is often hard to find fried meat dishes that are crispy and yet still juicy. However, the Old Chinatown Pork Burger at AnMour Café is one such exception. Sandwiched between two fragrant Paninipressed buns and fresh vegetables, the pork patty is freshly made daily and fried to a crusty brown. However, it remains so succulent that the meat’s natural juices ooze out of its crispy exterior when you slice through the patty. This burger is the owner’s favorite and we won’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite too!

Claypot Giant Grouper


AnMour Café No. 34. Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3 Taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai, Johor Tel: 010 828 7080 / 02 9146 6861

he star of this dish is the grouper which is rich in collagen hidden under its skin – a beauty treat for those hoping to look a few years younger. Beauty supplement notwithstanding, the fragrance of this dish is hard to resist. The dish is prepared with ginger, onion and spring onion to give it a light and refreshing touch so that one may appreciate the natural taste of the fish. Restoran Pekin Sutera No.1, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Sutera Utama Biz Centre, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor. Tel: 607 557 3899, 607 558 1818

Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup


his is quite a common soup found at many Chinese restaurants. However, it is no mean feat to produce a version of this soup that is intensely flavored and appetizing without using any salt or MSG. Yet the folk at Say Say does just that and you’ll feel ready for the rest of the meal once this soup whets up your appetite! Say Say Teochew Restaurant Main Shop: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 9.30pm 60 &62, Jalan Setia 12/1, Taman Setia Indah, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor Branch: 11.30am – 9.30pm 86 Jln Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia Reservation: 016 / 019 777 7779 Aug - Sep 2011 eMAG

Signature Dish.indd 13


8/5/11 12:34:34 PM


ccidental B


ost women want to be beautiful and when it comes to beauty, few professions evoke conflicting emotions of envy and jealousy amongst women more than models and beauty pageant winners do.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Miss Jieun Yu, winner of Miss University Korea 2009, World Miss University 2010 and World Supermodel 2011. The bright and friendly beauty, who also holds a Masters’ Degree in International Commerce and speaks fluent English and French, tells us about her life behind the cloak of mystery and glamour.

How did you get into modeling and pageants? It just happened! I did not have intentions to go into modeling even though I had been approached by modeling agencies. I was more interested in finishing my studies so I was modeling on a freelance basis like a part-time job. My friends recommended me to join beauty pageants so I just decided to give it a try.

How did you feel when you went for your first pageant? My first pageant was the Miss University Korea competition. I couldn’t enjoy myself during that pageant because it was very competitive and I didn’t have the opportunity to make friends. However, when I moved on to the international pageant, I felt more relaxed, learnt many things and made a lot of friends.

Do you make any special dietary changes before competing? While preparing for pageants, I take less carbohydrates and more protein as well as tofu. I also love dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. I believe milk is good for your skin so I take it every day. Professional models are really thin and can’t eat a lot. One of my bookers did subtly ask me to lose some weight but I don’t think it’s healthy to be too skinny. I prefer a more feminine look and I really like to eat. Instead of dieting, I prefer to exercise.

How do you keep in shape? I like swimming and yoga. I did go to gym before the World Supermodel pageant but it was too intense. I prefer something more relaxing where I can enjoy myself such as jogging outside instead of doing it on a treadmill. When I was preparing for a pageant, I would exercise everyday for about an hour and half.

l Beauty Queen Some people think that models and beauty pageant contestants are all about beauty and no brains. What do you think? I have so many friends who are very intelligent, well-educated and beautiful both inside and outside. They come from good family backgrounds so they have fine manners and are very well-behaved. There are even lawyers and professionals. Modeling is quite a superficial industry but there are also differences, especially between part-time and full-time models. Part-time models have the space to pursue a life and career outside modeling but it is a different story for full-time models.

What are some of the interesting experiences you had during the pageants? The World Miss University international pageant was held in Korea. Most of the European girls were new to Korean culture and food so I felt more like a host than a competitor. The first dish we ate was Bibimbap and they thought it was weird to mix up the rice when it had been served so beautifully. They love Korean food because it’s healthy with lots of vegetables and not too oily so they thought they could lose some weight in the process. I made a lot of good friends from the pageant. One of my best friends is from Marta and I have friends from Slovakia, Astonia, Canada and so on. I even visited some of them and spent a month at their homes.

Has joining pageants changed your life? I learnt how to connect with people from different cultures and levels. It opened my eyes to new cultures and new people. I didn’t know about Marta or Slovakia before the pageant nor did I think I would visit these countries one day. Interestingly, there are many similarities between Asians and Eastern Europeans so it was very easy to communicate with each other. I also feel stronger than before. When I was in China for the World Supermodel competition, it was very stressful as we had to move around and change hotels very often so I’ve learnt to deal with stress better.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? I am about to embark on a job that is related to global marketing and I hope to become an expert in my area of work!

Outfits by: Aug - Sep 2011 eMAG


Tenuta Sette Ponti Oreno IGT 2007 UP: S$128.00 NOW: S$103.50

Pahlmeyer Jayson Pinot Noir 2006 UP: S$106.00 NOW: S$88.00

Rockburn Sauvignon Blanc 2010 UP: S$48.50 NOW: S$41.00

Les Tourelles de Longueville 2007 UP: S$93.00 NOW: S$79.50

Piccini Sasso Al Poggio Super Tusan IGT 2004 UP: S$79.50 NOW: S$59.00

Chateau D'Issan 2004 UP: S$112.00 NOW: S$96.00

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut NV UP: S$99.00 NOW: S$85.00

Escarpment Kiwa Pinot Noir 2009 UP: S$112.50 NOW: S$89.50

Torbreck The Run Rig 2005 UP: S$350.00 NOW: S$299.00

* Promotional price is valid until 31 August 2011 or while stocks last. Our price list for all the wines are also available on our website Visit our shop for other wines on promotion. 1855 The Bottle Shop TripleOne Somerset #01-27 111 Somerset Road Singapore 238164

For more information, call +65 6820 1855 or send an email to

At Jing Long, we serve you

the Best Delicacies!

Blk. 412 Bedok North Ave 2 #01-152 Singapore 460412 Tel: 6442 9398 Fax: 6448 4481 email:

Shopping & Entertainment

Mini City W

e’ve all heard about the long jams at the Causeway heading to Johor Bahru. Yet, Singaporeans continue to flock across the straits regularly. Favorable exchange rates and the wide selection of shopping, entertainment and dining choices have made Johor a good choice for those who are looking for a quick, no-fuss weekend getaway. Sutera Utama, a new shopping and entertainment centre about 15-20 minutes drive away from the Causeway is gaining popularity with Singaporeans and locals alike. The area currently consists of Sutera Mall, a mega-mall with hundreds of shops offering both local and international brands as well as numerous shops located in shophouses around the mall. The mall also runs family friendly events regularly. To maintain its peaceful environment, the management has installed 24-hour security cameras as well as guards who patrol the area all day. For the coming weekend, we suggest making a trip down to Sutera Utama with your friends or family for a weekend of non-stop eating, shopping and fun!

Day 1: Arrival at Sutera Utama

Here Put your bags down and check in at this new hotel where you’ll find clean and comfortable rooms at very reasonable prices. More information on page 28. 12 noon AnMour Cafe Pop by this cheery American concept café for juicy burgers, tender ribs and tantalizing pastas. Turn to page 25 to see why this cafe is great value for money! 2 pm Sutera Mall and surrounding shophouses Shop till you drop at this mega mall (www. filled with shops offering everything from fashion, shoes, jewellery, appliances and IT goods to cafes and restaurants. Grab your groceries from the sprawling Carrefour Hypermart and if you’re up for more shopping, head to the shops located in the surrounding shophouses where you’ll find boutiques, kids’ stores and more. 5 pm Reborn Healthcare What better way than foot reflexology to pamper your tired feet after hours of shopping? Visit this award winning spa and choose from a host of services including foot reflexology and body massage. Page 27. 7 pm Time to fill your ravenous stomachs with a gratifying dinner! Here are some possible choices: Pekin Restaurant Visit this iconic restaurant with high ceilings and dedicated service. Choose from an extensive menu for a grand feast in Chinese c u i s i n e . Tu r n to page 22 for more.

Say Say Teochew Restaurant If you are craving for a taste that resembles healthy home-cooked food, pop by this humble Teochew restaurant in the shophouse area. Turn to page 23. Farmland Porridge Steamboat Restaurant Have steamboat with a difference. Farmland was Malaysia’s first porridge-based steamboat is a favorite with celebrities from around Asia! Flip to page 26. 9 pm Take a stroll around the shophouse area and find a hangout place to your preference. Finish the day by chilling out with your pals over a drink at the pubs located in the area.

Day 2: Before Home Sweet Home Catch up with unfinished shopping from the day before and don’t forget to try out these places: Pontian Wanton Noodles Famous for its wanton noodles, Pontian serves up over thousands of bowls of wanton noodles daily. Slurp up a hearty breakfast before heading off to more shopping. Ayukawa Japanese Restaurant Stop by Ayukawa for lunch on your way back home. Located both at Sutera Utama and the Zon (which is nearer to the immigration customs), one can choose from hundreds of Japanese favorites within its buffet selection. The branch at Zon also serves up an Italian buffet. How To Get To Sutera Utama By Car The area can be accessed via the Causeway or the Second Link with only 15 minutes drive from both links. The area is also about 15 minutes away from the central district of the Johor Bahru City Centre. By Bus Daily bus services are available from Jurong East. For more information, please visit www.

Tanah Sutera.indd 1

7/29/11 9:53:02 AM

Japanese Ita &

Are you a fan of Italian and Japanese cuisine? Can’t decide which to have for your next meal?


Ayukawa Grand Japanese & Italian Buffet Restaurant, the only choice you would have to make is what dishes to orde two of the world’s most popular cuisines and created a unique buffet with culinary delights from both cultures. Locat Hotel, eat to your fill in a classy and soothing environment perfect for cosy gatherings or distinguished functions. Ch from Italian favorites such as pasta and pizza to Japanese treasures like fresh sashimi and sushi. Most dishes are pre pared by the ordering to ensure freshness and a satisfying meal. Get the best of two worlds at one place with one price!

Ayukawa Japanese Buffet Restaurant 101-103 Jln Sutera Tanjung 8/3 Tmn Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: +607 5583202 +6016 7733701


cuisine, in One Buffet

ishes to order because the restaurant has taken tures. Located on level 6 of The Zon Regency unctions. Choose from over 400 dishes ranging ared by the restaurant’s skilled chefs only upon

No Pork No Lard

Ayukawa Grand Japanese & Italian Buffet Restaurant The ZON Regency Hotel Level 6 @Duty Free Zone Johor Bahru

Tel: +607 2238223 +6017 7007695

Welcome Home to Ah Ma’s Good Old Recipes T

here’s something alluring about home-cooked food no matter what other delicacies one may taste outside. Though it may be less fancy, the care that goes into every dish and how it may better the well-being of the person ingesting it is the reason why most people smile when they recall the familiar taste of home. It is exactly this feeling that sets Say Say apart from normal restaurants. Most of the dishes on the menu are created from recipes passed down through the generations of the owner’s family. With health in mind, no MSG and little flavoring is used in the cooking process. Even the food is served like how one may eat at home. Hence, if you are looking for a taste of home, Say Say would be a place to go.

Say Say Teochew Restaurant

Main Shop: 11.30am – 2.30pm , 5.30pm – 9.30pm 60 &62, Jalan Setia 12/1, Taman Setia Indah, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Branch: 11.30am – 9.30pm 86 Jln Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Reservation: 016 / 019 777 7779

Handmade 传统秘方 PONTIAN has Wanton come to SUTERA ! Noodles 手工面条

With a deep passion for delicious wanton noodles, we believe in serving only the best wanton noodles made from high quality ingredients with no preservatives. Be it our chewy noodles that remain firm all day or fried wantons that stay crispy for hours or our secret recipe sauces, great care goes into every bowl of noodles we serve. Pop in and find out why thousands slurp up our famous Pontian Wanton Noodles daily.

Pontian Wanton Noodles Laksa No. 54, Jln Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai, Johor Tel: 07 5551704/07 5581555

Johor branch: 1. NO.100 JALAN DEDAP 13, TAMAN JOHOR JAYA 81100 JOHOR BAHRU 3. NO.141, JALAN HARIMAU, TAMAN CENTURY 80250 JOHOR BAHRU 4. N0.61 JALAN PERMAS 10/1, BANDAR BARU PERMAS JAYA 81750 MASAI JOHOR There are outlets in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as well.


at like an



o serve pork in a country where the meat is frowned upon by the majority of the population may sound like a risky decision to some, but for the owners of AnMour Café, a new American dining café in Johor, this was a route they decided to venture into from their love and desire to share American cuisine with their patrons.

The idea arose when one of the café’s owners, Mr Edward Lim, visited San Francisco and fell in love with the generous and juicy burgers in America. Being a foodie and trained chef, he had the opportunity to learn the ropes directly from the chefs there. Together with three friends who were also chefs, they started AnMour Café within the entertainment and business hub of Skudai in Johor. The café serves up a classic American menu in a casual and cheery setting which is friendly and welcoming. The food portions are generally American-sized but if anyone is up for a challenge, you can request for burgers as heavy as 2kg! Choices include pork, beef, chicken as well as a mixture of pork and

Dine Like You’re in

beef which the café fondly calls glam burgers. Notably, freshly made burger patties are used instead of frozen patties. Hence, the meat remains tender and juicy. The buns have also been baked according to the café’s requirements so they are soft and uniquely fragrant. For those who are not really into burgers, there are also other choices on the menu such as ribs, steaks, pastas and more. The café also runs thematic promotions from time to time which would see new menu items during promotion periods. Fancy polishing off a giant burger with your friends this weekend? AnMour Café No. 34, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3 Taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai, Johor


More food, More Service, More Fun!


No 34, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor

+6010 8287080 +607 5563420

FARMLAND Porridge Steamboat 田�粥火� You have probably heard of chicken, seafood, pork or tom yam steamboat soup bases but have you tried

PORRIDGE-BASED STEAMBOAT? Join throngs of ardent fans who flock to Farmland Porridge Steamboat’s multiple branches across the country for a taste of this unique dish. They also serve other scrumptious side dishes including the highly popular Deep Fried Bean Sauce Pork.

The restaurant has also been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs in Singapore and Malaysia and is popular with celebrities from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Plazza Pelangi


Johor Jaya Jusco

Crystal Crown 田�

竹 林



� 美

Sutera Mall Park

91, Jln. Harimau Tarum, Century Garden, 80250 Johor

5, Jln. Harmonium 23/12, Tmn. Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor

Tel: 07 3511 807

古 文 茶

田 �


Tel: 07 333 8049

Farmland_1/2.indd 1


42, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor

Tel: 07 554 9952

7/27/11 12:18:26 PM


Paradise In The City, Enjoying The Benefits Of Massage, Revelling In The Serenity Of Nature.

Health Product Sdn Bhd 满足爽保健中心


Tel: 07-559


Booking: 07-559


Tel: 07-331 8111

Booking: 07-335


No. 57, 59 & 61, Jln Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru

Tel: 07-335

L1-040/041, Sutera Mall, No. 1, Jln Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Tmn Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor

No. 17 & 19, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (大马小贩中心对面)


ealign. echarge. eborn.

Take a holistic approach to wellness with our award winning services • Tui Na Therapeutic Massage • Neck & Shoulder / Back & Shoulder Therapeutic Massage • Children’s Reflexology • Foot Reflexology • Ear Candling • Fish Spa

Reborn Healthcare Sdn. Bhd. 61 & 63, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2 Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai 81300 Johor Bahru.

Tel: 07 5588 488

Business Hours: 10.00am – 1.00am (Open Daily)


Bukit Bintang Chinatown Petaling Street Plaza Damas Hartamas Leisure Mall-1 Cheras Leisure Mall-2 Cheras Taman Segar Cheras Taman Connaught Cheras Sri Petaling


Ipoh De Garden


Kota Damansara Giant Kelana Jaya Bdr Puteri Puchong 101 Boulevard Puchong The Mines Kajang Metropoint Alamanda Putrajaya

03-2144 03-2070 03-6203 03-9130 03-9131 03-9131 03-9130 03-9057

1288 9388 3273 9788 1888 0588 9088 1099

05-5453 788

03-6142 03-7806 03-8060 03-8070 03-8942 03-8734 03-8890

8188 3688 3083 7818 2881 3788 3864

PENANG Gurney Plaza

04-229 1388


07-5588 488


+361 76 7171

Feel at homeright Here Stay in comfort within the heart of Skudai business and entertainment center at prices you will smile at. Trendy and affordable accommodation Here in Johor Great news for those who often head to Johor Bahru for work or leisure! Located only 15 minutes away from Johor Bahru city area within the heart of Skudai Johor Bahru business & commercial centre, Here Hotel is a new trendy hotel that offers stylishly decorated rooms at affordable prices. The hotel’s clean and bright lobby is resembles one’s living room and welcomes you the moment you step into the hotel. Computer stations and daily newspapers provide ready access to the world of information.

touch card door system ensures a peace of mind when you rest. Step out of the hotel and find yourself surrounded by shops, spas, cafes, eateries, restaurants as well as shopping malls conveniently located within walking distance. Despite its comfort and convenience, Here Hotel is very reasonably priced. Rooms start from RM38 nett onwards and go up to RM128 for a loft style Deluxe Suite. For early reservations, one may even enjoy up to 50% discount for online and corporate bookings!

43 & 45 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai 81300 Johor, Website: Tel: +607-5566777 / 888

A range of rooms from standard rooms to suites are available. Rooms are not only well ventilated but also include air conditioning, 32-inch flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and attached bathrooms with heated shower facilities. 24 hour security and

Room Type


Total Cost (RM)

Standard Double

One Queen Size Bed

38.00 ^ nett

Superior Twin

Two Single Beds

48.00 ^ nett

Deluxe Triple

Three Single Bed

58.00 ^ nett

Deluxe Family

One queen Size Bed & one Single Bed

63.00 ^ nett

Junior Suite ( window )

Two Queen Size Bed

88.00 ^ nett

Deluxe Suite ( window )

Two Queen Size Bed, One Single Bed & One Sofa Bed

128.00 ^ nett

Only Here!

Up to 50% discount for Online booking, Corporate, and Member.

43 & 45 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai 81300 Johor Website: Tel: +607-5566777 / 888


Bust Blossom Breast Formula


olistic Way Bust Blossom is a combination of important herbs and nutrients specially formulated to nourish breast tissues and helps in maintaining firmness of the bust. The collagen and other herbal ingredients help to nourish the ligaments that support the bust line and helps maintain smooth and radiant skin texture. Exclusively brought to you by: JR Life Sciences Pte Ltd 2 Bukit Batok Street 24, #08-20 Skytech, Singapore 659480 Sales Enquiry Hotline: 64254100

Trico-Care REGAIN YOUR CROWNOF GLORY Are you losing hair?


aoFoYe Haircare Centre’s Hair Tonic will be the solution for you. It helps to protect the scalp,improves your scalp condition, encourages hair growth leaving you a refreshing feel. The Hair Tonic 30ml comes in a spray to allow best absorption for the scalp. Exclusively brought to you by: LaoFoYe Haircare Centre 180 Bencoolen Street #02-17 The Bencoolen, Singapore 189646 Sales Enquiry Hotline: 6 3838 333


eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

Hair Growth & Scalp Formula


olistic Way Trico-Care is specially formulated using a potent mix of herbs and nutrients that have traditionally been used to help nourish scalp and hair follicles, help stimulate healthy hair growth, help reduce hair loss and help the hair retain its natural colour. Horsetail is a rich natural source of silica that helps enhance hair strength and Ginkgo Biloba enhances blood flow to the scalp. It also contains He Shou Wu, a widely used Chinese herb popular for the remedy of gray hair and hair loss. Exclusively brought to you by: JR Life Sciences Pte Ltd 2 Bukit Batok Street 24, #08-20 Skytech, Singapore 659480 Sales Enquiry Hotline: 64254100

Fight Abdominal Aging

• Abdominal skin ages with age increases • Abdominal skin develops stretch marks & “orange peel” texture • Abdominal skin bcomes tough & uneven • Abdominal begins to sag and become loose • Pigmentation appears on abdominal skin • Abdominal pulse is impeded • Pain develops on abdominal skin

Global Distributor Office-

Bodygreen (Asia) Pte Ltd - 57 Ubi Ave 1, Ubi Centre, #06-01, Singapore 408936 TEL: 9693 9198 All franchise enquiries are strongly welcome. Please call 96939198 for full details.

Official Treatment & Retail OutletDe Sanctuary - 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #05-20, Singapore 238882 TEL: 6235 1317, 9823 1562 TANIA IMAGE - 802 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, #01-15 , Bukit Gombak Mrt Station, Singapore 659083 TEL: 6569 7067




eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

You Were H


Here From: To: Subject: Postcard from Bintan!

Hey Mum, I tried calling earlier but you guys weren’t at home so I’m sending you an email before I head to bed. Sorry for sending a note so late. I was out the whole afternoon and just got back from a fantastic 2 hour massage at the spa. I bet Lisa would feel very envious if she knew. She loves spas, doesn’t she? I got into Bintan this morning and I’m staying in a cozy room at the Nirwana Bintan Resort Hotel. Our global conference is held here this year. The hotel is actually part of a much bigger area (330 hectares from what I found out from the staff earlier) so there are other Nirwana properties and villas as well. I was really tired from working overtime whole of last week but I felt more relaxed the moment I stepped onto the island. Remember we talked about the newspaper article where it was said that every country and city has its own smell? Bintan smells of trees and fresh air. I guess it’s because the hotel took care to maintain many wide open spaces with lots of greenery? When you get closer to the beach, you can even smell the sea. I had some time to check out the surrounding area in the afternoon and I think it would be a great place for our next family vacation.

I saw a couple of villas which would be ideal for the family. I really like the rustic thatched chalets which give off a laid back feeling and are only a few minutes away from the beach. However, I think our diva Lisa would prefer the luxurious Indra Maya villas on top of the hill overlooking the sea with individual private swimming pools. Or maybe Dad and you should get a romantic couple suite from Mayang Sari? There are a lot of things to do here. The golf courses nearby are quite popular so I think Dad is going to love that. I would like to pop by the sea sports centre if I have time. There’s even a dune buggy challenge camp as well as an archery, rifle and horse range. I also spotted a mini zoo of sorts along the way with crocodiles and snakes – all tucked away safely, of course! I must tell you about dinner too. I had a delicious dinner at the Kelong Restaurant with my colleagues. I even tried Gong Gong, which is actually conch snail. As the name suggests, the restaurant is situated on top of the sea like a real kelong. They keep the fishes and lobsters in the sea water so that they are really fresh for the picking. That being said, I was told the hotel owners are really eco-friendly so they don’t put waste out into the sea. I also heard that there are many other restaurants here including a Thai restaurant, Japanese restaurant and more.

Aug - Sep 2011 eMAG


What I really love about this place is the people. The staff is always ready to help with a smile. Even the musicians and dancers who received me with a traditional Indonesian dance during arrival were happy to oblige me with a picture. You know that I’m on a diet right? When I asked the café chef to make me an egg white omelet, my request was granted easily too. I could feel a genuine sense of warmth from them, which is a little different from some of the posh hotels I’ve visited before. I’ve attached some of the pictures I took earlier to this email. I have a lot more to show you guys when I get back. You can have a look at the hotel website which is at www. and see if Dad and you like it. I can make reservations once we decide on a date. I think I better stop here. I have to wake up early tomorrow for team bonding exercise. We are going to do the flying fox! I am sure it will be great fun. I’ll tell you more when I am back. Wish you were here though.




eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

CONFERENCE 2011 ‍ ࡉ ބ‏኉ á x2 0 1 1 ய ŕť‰ ኉ á › ŕş‹ ۤ ŕĄ˜ Saturday | 17 September 2011

Mr. Li Xin Jing Collin (China/Singapore)

9HQXH/HYHO  5DIĂ HV &LW\ &RQYHQWLRQ &HQWHU 6LQJDSRUH w w w . s h a r e s c o n f . a s i a

Mr. Chen Dan Hong (China)

(Singapore/Hong Kong, China)

Mr. Hu Li Yang (Taiwan)

ABOUT SHARES INVESTMENT CONFERENCE 2011 Shares Investment Conference 2011 is a key Chinese language-based investment conference for local and regional investors. With the objective of building a better investment environment, the conference aims to equip investors with better knowledge and insights to investment, and to prepare them for the upcoming opportunities and risks in the market. Prestigious speakers, including many of Shares Investment’s regular columnists and investment luminaries of the region will be invited to join the event.

Ticket Tiers:

Silver Pass

Gold Pass

$38 UĂŠ Plenary and public seminar

ter gis Re OW N


In Partnership with :

á ’ áˆż ŕť‰ ረ

Event Sponsor :

Platinum Pass

$108 UĂŠ Plenary and exclusive seminar UĂŠ Lunch (worth more than $50)


+65 6818 6276 Organized by :

Professor Chan Yan Chong


In Collaboration with :


Supported by :

Sam Kiang Huay Kwan



Preferential entrance to all seminar (front row seat) Exclusive Lunch (worth more than $60) Gala dinner pass (worth more than $100) SIC 2010/2011 DVD set + Prof. Chan Seminar DVD set (worth more than $100) UĂŠ Japanese Candlestick Graphs DVD UĂŠ UĂŠ UĂŠ UĂŠ

Securities Investors Association (Singapore)

Website Education Partner :

Alpha Asia Holdings Pte Ltd

Asia Investment Forum is a Non-Profit Social Arm of Pioneers & Leaders Group Conference_Emag.indd 2

7/29/11 2:17 PM

FBupdate 至尊

No1 since 1999

We bring you closer to the

REAL WORLD! The only Bi-lingual Football Guide in Singapore since 1999. Get ready for the action in August at all

gadgets SL 300

Enjoying music with a sense of style

Your music, your style! In a highly collaborative effort with Grammy Award winning and world renowned artiste Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, the Soul Brand presents a new series of high definition headphones.

SL 150

SL 100

Driven by his artistic vision, and supported by an award-winning design team with resume credits spanning from luxury automotives to world-class electronics, this line up offers a sleek form factor and presents an array of eye-catching colors and unique design styles. The Soul line up compromises of the SL 300, an Elite High Definition Powered Noise Cancelling headphone, Professional High Definition over the Ear model SL 150 and Ultra Dynamic on- Ear model SL 100.

“Music should move you... make you feel something. It’s about expression and passion. If you’re getting a proper musical experience, you can feel it in your soul.” - Ludacris


eMAG Aug - Sep 2011

always listening


Remodeled and redesigned, the ATH-PRO5 MK2 is not for the faint hearted. For people who truly love their music with strong bass, this 2nd generation entry level DJ Headphones is sure to bring you back into the action. The ATH-PRO5 MK2 offers an outstanding sound quality with great details to comfort and the newly designed camouflage color further makes this wild headphone a unique choice. With a superior clear sound and an emphasis on bass response, it will suit any DJ or DJ hopeful.



Groove to the beats and jam to the thumps of the drums. Now you can feel all these on the move, wherever you go! Audio-Technica is glad to bring you the latest portable headphones from our Solid Bass series – the ATH-WS55 Wrapped in a sleek aluminum casing is a huge 40mm driver that is capable of transporting you to your music dreamscape. Designed with a new “Bass Innovation” in the form of a dual air chamber, it allows better airflow which helps to create a powerful bass sound. With great looks, durable features and fantastic sounds and yet going only at $148, ATH-WS55 is definitely going to be a crowd favorite.

Another new version with iPhone controls and microphone is also available. The ATH-WS55i comes with omni-directional condenser microphones with full music and voice controls.


Aug - Sep 2011 eMAG


Distribution & Promotion Vol. 11 Promotion:

Congratulations to all the 50 winners! You will be notified by post!

Top 5 winners:

Mr Lee Seng Koo 1)________________________ Sector watch worth $690.00 Ms Anne Siew 2)________________________ Sector watch worth $490.00

Mr Pang Kim Poo 3)________________________ 2D 1N federal KL Free & easy worth $256.00

Ms Christina Lau 4)________________________ First World Genting package for 2 worth $196.00 Ms Magaret Gok 5)________________________ Mahkota Malacca Free & Easy worth $196.00

Dear Readers,

Want to win some

fabulous prizes?

Simply fill in your full particulars below and stand to win travel vouchers, spa vouchers, luxury watches, headphones, wines and f&b vouchers from our proud sponsors.

# Name










Contact no. : Email


*Promotion only valid for first 50 entries with full particulars submitted F&B VOUCHERS *All winners will be notified by post. Please mail to PCL Publishers Pte Ltd No.4 Ubi View, Pioneer & Leaders Centre, Singapore 408557 40

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9:36 PM

• • • • • •

Hand Set 44 Zircon Sapphire Crystal Stainless Steel PVD 2N Color Water Resistant 30m Swiss Made Movement

Showroom & Service Center:

HOUR BOUTIQUE (S) PTE LTD时尚表行(新)私人有限公司

3 Colemen Street, Peninsula Shopping Centre #01-31, Singapore 179804 Tel. +65 6338 3128 E-mail. .sg

Authorized Retailers:

-Bharath Watch 6293 4029 -Eastern Watch 6734 3139 -Kok Heng Watch 6532 4485 -Mustafa Centre 6295 5855 -Nanking Watch Dealers 6337 3304 -Tai Hong Hung (Lucky Plaza) 6737 7207

Micheal Herbelin.indd 1

8/2/11 5:25:34 PM

eMag Vol. 12  

eMag Vol. 12

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