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eat • enjoy • explore MAY - JUL 2013 Vol.21

Bali Mystery

A side even locals may not know

Mount Austin



The New Weekend Playground

Happy Mother’s Day

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The Famous

Thai Teochew Cuisine

Braised Whole Sharksfin with Crabmeat


Live Salad Lo

Baked Whole Crab with Vermicell


Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant Pte Ltd Ltd


81 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088502 Tel: 6222 6626 Fax: 6222 6325



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A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to

return to our hearts.

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Washington Irving

eat • enjoy • explore MAY - JUL 2013 Vol.21

Bali Mystery

A side even locals may not know

Mount Austin



The New Weekend Playground

eMag wishing all a Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Noodles at Orchard Hotel


eMAG May - Jul 2013



@ Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

1 June to 12 June 2013 Honour  the  ancient  Chinese  tradition  of  celebrating  Dragon  Boat  Festival which is also known as Duan Wu Jie (ؑ໽ࢲ) with homeTHKL YPJL K\TWSPUNZ ÄSSLK ^P[O KLSLJ[HISL NVVKULZZ MYVT 3P )HP Cantonese Restaurant. 7YLZLU[PUN H UL^ JYLH[PVU [OPZ `LHY 3P )HP»Z H^HYK^PUUPUN  ,_LJ\[P]L*OLM*O\UN@P\4PUN»ZHKLW[S`JYHM[LK:[LHTLK9VHZ[LK .VVZL9PJL+\TWSPUN¶HUHYVTH[PJHUKÅH]VYM\SI\UKSLWHJRLK with  wholesome  ingredients,  an  assortment  of  Beans,  Peanuts,  Dried  Conpoy,  Chestnuts  and  Chinese  Mushrooms. The  succulent  goose meat ties this piping hot dumpling together to form a gastronomic medley of textures and taste. -VYHJSHZZPJYLUKP[PVU[OLWLYLUUPHSMH]V\YP[LVM:[LHTLK;YHKP[PVUal Rice Dumpling will be made available as well. This signature is  NLULYV\ZS`ÄSSLK^P[OZJY\TW[PV\Z7VYR)LSS`9VHZ[+\JR*OPULZL 4\ZOYVVTZ *OLZ[U\[Z :HS[LK ,NN +YPLK :OYPTWZ HUK *VUWV` Alternatively,  one  may  also  indulge  in  the  well-loved  premium  :[LHTLK (IHSVUL HUK 7\TWRPU 9PJL +\TWSPUN ^OPJO SLUKZ H  KLSPNO[M\SOPU[VMZ\I[SLZ^LL[ULZZ[V[OLH\[OLU[PJÅH]V\YZVM[OPZ [YHKP[PVUHSYPJLK\TWSPUN3HZ[I\[UV[SLHZ[ZH[PZM``V\YWHSH[L^P[O [OL:[LHTLK9PJL+\TWSPUN^P[O3V[\Z:LLK7HZ[LHZ`V\IP[LPU[V JYLHT`3V[\Z:LLKWHZ[LSHJLK^P[OIP[ZVMMYHNYHU[*OPULZL4\ZOrooms. -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVUWSLHZLJHSS3P)HP!  4

eMAG May - Jul 2013

Master Chef Albert Tay Well-loved chef with over 30 years of experience in top Japanese restaurants in Singapore. ³,¿UPO\EHOLHYHLQ SURYLGLQJWKHEHVWIRU RXUFXVWRPHUV $W.RPH\RXFDQEH DVVXUHGRIDPHPRUDEOH dining experience. �

We provide Kaiseki course which starts at $100 per person for a 5-course meal and goes up to $200 per person for a 7-course meal. Sample the best of the chef’s creations off the menu. Depending on ingredients’ availability, the meal may include specially imported appetizers, exotic sashimi, Wagyu beef, IRLHJUDVJULOOHG¿VKDQGPRUH KOME Premium Japanese Dining The Keppel Club 10 Bukit Chermin Road Singapore 109918 Tel: 6273 0118 Under New Master Chef & Management

Experience a tantalizing buffet of the best in Japanese cuisine at KOME today. All-you-can-eat buffet Over 100 top quality items with our best-selling Shabu Shabu, the freshest sashimi, your favourite sushi, the crispiest tempura, delectable grilled selections & more. Adult $42++ per person Child (under 10 yrs) $12++ per person Available during: Monday to Friday - Dinner Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays - Lunch & Dinner


The Bali You Have T

here is no doubt that most people have heard about Bali, the island of gods. With this island being in close proximity to Singapore, some have made it a frequent getaway. Main tourist spots such as Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Ubud and even the newer developments such as Nusa Dua, have become household names.

One can never be out of options in Bali, be it to witness a glorious sunset or be close to the greeneries; to get lost in the vibrant night life or simply relax with all the spa services. For those who love to hike, Mount Agung and Mount Batur will not be foreign names either. However, if you are willing to take the road less travelled, to a place that is almost unheard of even to the locals, you might want to consider Trunyan. The Mysterious Side of Bali Located at the north-eastern side of Bali, the Mount Batur caldera, which is also widely known as Kintamani, includes the villages of Kintamani, Batur, Toya Bungkah and Penelokan. Mount Batur is just a small volcano, but it is set in the heart of a huge crater with a diameter of 14km. Adjacent to it is the crescent-shaped Lake Batur, which is the largest crater lake in Bali and is a very


eMAG Apr - May 2013

good source of fish. The village of Trunyan is located at the foot of Mount Abang, an isolated area on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. The native Trunyanese are often referred to as Bali Aga (mountain Balinese) due to their conservative, pre-Hindu way of living. They are the descendants of the original Balinese who predate the arrival of the Hindu Majapahit Kingdom in the 16th century. Through the Bali Aga, we are able to go back a few centuries and peep into the culture of Bali before civilization kicked in. They still adopt the beliefs of their ancestors, whom they address as ‘Hyang’.

Never Seen There are two castes that exist amongst the Trunyan people: the Banjar Jero and the Banjar Jaba. Being descendants of the rulers, the Banjar Jero are the upper castes.. The descendants of the people who were ruled by the upper caste are the Banjar Jaba.

Bali Aga still practice a Neolithic way of life and are very introverted when it comes to external influences. They are pretty much self-sufficient and are very conscious in avoiding outside influences. Most of the villagers are fishermen or farmers who grow corn, onions and cabbages in plots near to the edge of the lake. The name “Trunyan” originated from two distinct words:“Taru”, which means tree and “Menyan”, which means nice smell. The Menyan Tree is the reason why this village is unique. The Truyanese believe that the tree has the ability to absorb unpleasant odours and convert them into fragrant smells. Because of this, Trunyanese do not cremate or bury their dead. After a ritual cleansing with rain water, the corpse is placed in a bamboo cage (ancak saji) and left to decompose naturally on the ground until only the skeleton remains. The skull is then placed on a stone altar. In Trunyan, there are 3 cemeteries: 1. For deaths due to natural causes, such as old age, sickness etc. This is the only one that is open for public viewing.

Text & Pictures: Donna Daritan

2. For deaths of children. 3. For deaths due to unnatural causes such as accidents, poisons, suicides, or even sickness that is deemed to be dangerous, etc.

Even though the villagers are well known to be aggressive towards tourists (by asking them for donations), that doesn’t stop people who are looking for a different experience from exploring this mysterious side of Bali. The amazing view of Mount Batur (Bali’s most active volcano) and deep blue lake is quite a rare treat with its scenic view and cool weather.

How to Get There

Trunyan village can be reached by boat in approximately 30-45 minutes (depending on the weather conditions) from a small harbor at Kedisan village. Visitors are advised to go there with a reputable tour company. It can be quite costly (+/- USD 100). However, do not be put off by the price because the experience is truly unique and magical. Alternatively, you can try bargaining directly with the small boat operators at the harbour but be aware that they have a tendency of not honouring agreed rates so buyers beware and exercise caution.

Apr - May 2013 eMAG


signature dish

Teppanyaki Wagyu Beef


here are probably few beef lovers whose eyes would not light up at seeing Wagyu beef on the menu. At Kome, top quality Wagyu beef is lightly pan fried with little seasoning to allow beef aficionados to taste the meat’s natural flavours. The restaurant offers both Australian and Japanese Wagyu beef. For those who prefer Japanese beef, you are highly recommended to call and book in advance.

Kome Japanese Dining The Keppel Club 10 Bukit Chermin Road Singapore 109918 Tel: 6273 0118

Stewed Rice Vermicelli with Seafood and Supreme Stock in Opeh Leaf


his dish uses transparent crystal rice vermicelli which is different from glass noodle and normal rice vermicelli in terms of texture and characteristics - it is firmer and excellent for absorbing flavours. This makes it perfect for this dish because the yellow stock which gives the dish its bright colour, is a rich stock made from a combination of chicken, duck, pork and vegetables. The vermicelli is wrapped in Opeh leaf and baked before serving to create another layer of fragrance.

Tim Palace @ SAFRA Toa Payoh 293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #03-01 SAFRA Club Singapore 319387 Tel: 6253 5515

Crispy Skin Roast Pork


rispy is an apt word for this dish indeed - the top layer of skin is so crispy that it resembles a crunchy snack. The chef has a special secret method of “exercising” the meat that leaves it tender after roasting and we concur. The amount of fat marbling is lean but just enough to create smoothness in every chew without leaving your mouth looking like an oily mirror. The dish is also not overly salty which makes it an easy dish to pop into one’s mouth.

First Culinary Restaurant 2, Ang Mo Kio Drive Blk A, #01-09, ITE College Central Singapore 567720 Tel: 6481 5500


eMAG May - Jul 2013

Promotion valid till 31 May 2013

BBQ Prime Ribs (Full Slab) in Smoked Sauce 831RZDW6SHFLDO3ULFHRI *Snap this advertisement with your mobile to enjoy the discount


Wine Promotion

UP: $26. Now at Special Price of $18.20 only *Snap this advertisement with your mobile to enjoy the discount

Tall Poppy Select Cabernet Sauvignon A rich deep red wine with youthful brightness, its aroma is that of blackcurrant and berrywith a touch of grassiness. The wine has a well-balanced medium bodied palatewith a good length of berry fruit flavour following through to a soft and clean finish. Foods: Great accompaniment to all red meats, pasta and cheese. Cellaring: This wine can be enjoyed immediately or will reward over the next three to four years. Tall Poppy Select Chardonnay A medium bodied white wine with well-balanced ripe melon fruit flavours, crisp acid and exceptional length. Characteristic leafy honeysuckle notes with lively melon and peach fruit aromas. Foods: Great accompaniment to chicken, seafood or pasta. Cellaring: It is recommended that this wine be enjoyed while it is young and fresh.



Reservation 7HO Operating Hours 0RQ)UL SPSP 6DW 6XQSPSP

Snap a photo of this advertisement to enjoy the discount! Dine-in promotion only. Offer not valid with other promotions. Prices do not inclusive of GST.

finds finding unique eats

Nook Text: Catherine Tan Photos: Nook


Nook D.I.Y House of Pancake (


The first of its kind in Singapore, Nook is a cosy pancake restaurant where you get to make your own pancakes with a customised griddle right at your table. Choose from a variety of homemade batter flavours and toppings and allow your creativity to flow into works of edible art. The side menu features a breakfast-themed selection of eggs cooked in various styles, toast, sandwiches and light meals.


Nook is located in the Bukit Timah area at 21 Lorong Kilat, #01-03, Singapore 598123. Opening hours are 12pm to 10pm between Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 10pm on Saturdays and 10am to 7pm on Sundays.

What’s the story?

A love for breakfast and pancakes was what led to the birth of Nook. The people behind the restaurant found ready-made pancake mixes lacking and set out to create fluffy pancakes of their own. After much experimentation, they found the right mix and raised the bar further by creating different flavours and colours. The website says: “We created Nook, a D.I.Y Pancake House where you get to design and flip your own pancakes! Stepping into our outlet, you would be greeted with colourful jars of pancake batter and squeezer bottles. 10

eMAG May - Jul 2013

Let your imagination run wild here with our yummy homemade pancakes batter.”

What’s the Ooh factor? This is one place where you are allowed to – and even encouraged to – play with your food and get away with it. Your artistic skills do not matter because the cooking process is fun and is great for times when you want to bond with loved ones over a few laughs and bites. The restaurant is popular with groups, especially students and families. Price Range?

A 1-flavour pancake set starts at $25 and a 2-flavour set will set you back $28. Both sets come with butter, maple syrup and 3 toppings of your choice.

How’s the food?

True to promise, the pancakes turned out pretty fluffy except for the first few tries when we kept them on the griddle for too long. We were told that this is a normal occurrence for most customers. The batter came served in squeeze bottles which did not look like a lot at first, but turned out to be really generous. We ordered

2 dual flavour sets and chose Original Buttermilk, Strawberry Farm, Asian Pandan and Dark Chocolate. The colours were bright and pretty but the flavours were more subtle. It got a little too much after a while and we did not manage to finish all our batter between 4 people. Nonetheless, the meal was fun and certainly created many opportunities for photos.

e mag paid for all the food sampled in this article. May - Jul 2013 eMAG


MOTHER’S DAY Promotion Set

$598+GST PER TABLE ��影双� Salad Lobster Dual Combination

精装佛跳� Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

酥皮金�� Deep-Fried Crispy Chicken

豆酥蒸海班 Steamed Grouper with Bean Crumbs

�品�蜜豆�球 Stir-Fried Prawn with Snow Pea & Greens


锦珍酒楼 Gim Tim Pte Ltd Blk 157 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-546, Singapore 560157 Tel 6459 7766 Fax 6458 0467

雪�子雪耳�西�柿 Double-Boiled Dried Jelly Tomato with Fungus & Xue Lian Zi Advanced order is required


Mother’s Day Set (C)

乳猪�味�� Deluxe Combinations with Suckling Pig 荷叶���翅 Braised Superior Shark’s Fin with Chicken and Lotus Leaf 港式明炉�� Roasted Duck Hong Kong Style 菌�芋�蒸�� Steamed Soon Hock Fish with Wild Mushroom 十�金�仔花��蔬 Braised Mini Abalone with Mushroom and Greens 西�花���球 Stir-fried Prawn in Two Cooking Styles 家�炒面� Wok-fried Vermicelli in Hokkien Style 椰汁白果芋泥 Sweetened Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts in Coconut Cream

$598.00++ (per table for 10 person) 母���情套餐 Mother’s Day Set (A) $388.00++ (per table for 6 persons)

母��孝心套餐 Mother’s Day Set (B) $488.00++ (per table for 8 persons)

母��合家�典套餐 Mother’s Day Set (D) $698.00++ (per table for 10 persons)

慈母聚���典套餐 Mother’s Day Set (E) $888.00++ (per table for 10 persons)

1st May to 12th May 2013 Imperial Court Shark’s Fin Restaurant Pte Ltd Tel: 65532777 Fax: 6554 2777

三�脆生面 Braised Trio Seafood Topped with Crispy Noodle



Braised Seasonal Greens with Wild Mushroom

特色五彩� Five Varieties Chinese Platter Selection ��蟹肉扣生翅 Braised Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat in Brown Sauce 香芒水果�� Roast Duck with Fresh Fruits and Mango Sauce 港式蒸�� Steamed Soon Hock Hong Kong Style 花�珍珠��蔬 Braised Baby Abalone with Mushroom & Greens ��子�球 Stir-fried Scallop with Prawn 家�炒面� Fried Thread Noodles Home Made Style 麦片�丸 Glutinous Ball with Crispy Oats

$598.00++ (per table for 10 person) 母�聚�餐 $198.00++

(per table for 4 persons)

�恩慈母宴 $498.00++

(per table for 10 persons)

11th May to 12th May 2013 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #03-01 The Grassroots’ Club Singapore 568046


Tim Palace Pte Ltd 293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #03-01 SAFRA Toa Payoh Singapore 319387 Tel: 6253 5515 Fax: 6253 0266

mail to:

�情聚�餐 $288.00++

(per table for 6 persons)

孝感母心宴 $698.00++

(per table for 10 persons)

Set Menu A –– $288+ for 6 persons ക໌௚ஔƓകೄƗҴകƔRoasted Pork Combination Ԓҫ߄᧕໰ࠠบ Double Boiled Chinese Fungus Flower with Black Chicken Soup ‫۝‬ᆜ੊ᴞ Steamed Giant Grouper HK Style ്๯༮ Hot Stone Prawns ඕሴҙӠ‫ ૣݡ‬Fried “shu zai cai” with Dry Shrimps Л௒KK૲Stirred Fried KK Noodle with Sliced Abalone ࣈ‫ܯ‬ჟ୊Yan Paste with Pumpkin

Set Menu B –– $488+ for 10 persons ക໌‫ݡ‬ᰡ௚ஔƓകೄƗҴകƗ‫ݡ‬ᰡொƔRoasted Pork with Jelly Fish Ҷඕ‫ࠠܝ‬บChicken with Mushroom Soup ‫۝‬ᆜ੊᷁Steamed Giant Grouper Fin ”HK”Style ്๯༮Hot Stone Prawns ࠌ١࿬Roasted Duck ࣈ቎ට໌Stir-Fried Royal Palm with Fresh Scallop & Shelless Prawn ቗८‫ڱ׿‬Home Made Beancurd with Chicken Floss ততૣ‫ٿ‬ƚ࿬රKK૲ Stirred Fried Lala Mee Hoon / KK Noodle with Sliced Abalone ࣈ‫ܯ‬ჟ୊ Yan Paste with Pumpkin

Set Menu C –– $588+ for 10 persons ക໌‫ݡ‬ᰡ௚ஔƓകೄƗҴകƗ‫ݡ‬ᰡொƗೳ੷༮ƔBBQ Combination with Salad Prawn Ԓҫ߄᧕໰ࠠบ Double Boiled Chinese Fungus Flower with Black Chicken Soup ‫۝‬ᆜ੊ᇯ Steamed Group Eyes “HK” Style ്๯༮Hot Stone Prawns ࣈ቎ට໌ Stir-Fried Royal Palm with Fresh Scallop & Shelless Prawn ቗८‫ڱ׿‬Home Made Beancurd with Chicken Floss ণ࢏ྉ Chilli Crab Л௒KK૲ Stirred Fried KK Noodle with Sliced Abalone ჏ਫۢ Fish Scale Jelly

Set Menu D –– $688+ for 10 persons ‫۝‬൛ถക಍ᇳWhole Suckling Pig Ԓҫ߄᧕໰ࠠบ Double Boiled Chinese Fungus Flower with Black Chicken Soup ‫۝‬ᆜ੊ᇯSteamed Group Eyes “HK” Style ്๯༮ Hot Stone Prawns ࣈ቎ට໌ Stir-Fried Royal Palm with Fresh Scallop & Shelless Prawn ቗८‫ڱ׿‬Home Made Beancurd with Chicken Floss ণ࢏ྉ Chilli Crab Л௒KK૲ Stirred Fried KK Noodle with Sliced Abalone ჏ਫۢ Fish Scale Jelly

Mother’s Day Set MENU 12th May 2013

Book your Mother’s Day Dinner before 10th May 2013 Enjoy a Complimentary Bottle of Red Wine!!! (with table for 10 persons)


100 Beach Road #01-27/37 Shaw Towers Shaw Leisure Gallery, Singapore 189702 Tel: 6294 2638 / 9386 3615

ࡍዳ߃਱ሎ GREAT ATANTIS Seafood Pte Ltd 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue Marina Country Club Singapore 829734 Tel: 6386 0600 ...a place for outstanding hokkien mee & unique crab delicary

Chilli Crab

Black Pepper Crab in Hotpot

Rated Top 10 by EPICURE in Aug 2010

Recommended by EAT! Magazine in Aug 1999

With many years of experience and recognition by well-known magazines, this will definitely be the best place to celebrate special occasions like Mother’s Day! Find out more on our website for our special Mother’s Day Menu.

Famous Hokkien Mee King since the 80’S

Claypot Abalone Hokkien Mee Featured by MAKANSUTRA

Cheese Crab

Recommended by HER WORLD Magazine in Aug 2008

KIM’s Place Seafood Restaurant Pte Ltd (Aircon)

43 Joo Chiat Place Singapore 427767 Tel: 674 1119 Operation Hours: 11am - 3am

6323 8933 Island wide Home Delivery

Happy Mother’s Day

Stew Duck with Chestnuts

Ginseng Salted Chicken

母��快� Golden Pillow 933 Pte Ltd

No. 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #05-11 Enterprise One, Singapore 415934 Tel: 6323 8933 Fax: 6222 8933


Because Mom is the Best! O

nly the finest Cantonese cuisine will do to show your gratitude for a mother’s love. And only multiple award-winning Hua Ting with its accomplished culinary team led by Masterchef Lap Fai can create a Mother’s Day menu deserving of her. Under the care of Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year, Mom can expect nothing short of ambrosia. A Complimentary bottle of Wine for 6 diners and up. To redeem, quote “Cheers to Mom” during reservations.

Mother’s Tribute Menu Precious set ~ $788 (8 pax) Luxury set ~ $988 (10 pax) Heirloom set ~ $1188 (10 pax) Complimentary Snow Skin Longevity Buns. Promotion valid till end May 2013. Make your reservation now at tel 67396666 or email to May - Jul 2013 eMAG


Taman Mount Austin a modern new town in Johor Bahru


he announcement of a possible extension of the MRT line to Malaysia has created quite a few exciting possibilities for visitors to Malaysia. This is especially so in the popular Mount Austin area, where much of the private housing is currently owned by Singaporeans.

Jusco Tebrau

Hospital Sultan Ismial

To Mount


Carrefour McDonalds

Located a mere 15-minutes’ drive from the Johor immigration checkpoint via a new highway, Mount Austin is a cosy stretch where one can find many dining and shopping options that come with free parking. With a water park slated to complete in 2014 and the future development of the Singapore and Johor Bahru Iskandar Project, the horizon of Mount Austin looks bright and exciting indeed.

Jalan Pandan

Pandan City Mall

Plaza Pelangi

Grand Paragon Hotel New York Hotel

Police Station Stadium

Tebram High W


Plaza Sentosa

The Zon Hotel

10 to 15 Minite


Holiday Plaza

Is just 15minute’s drive from Johor Bahru Check Point.

Lion Hotel

ity To C



Shell Petrol Station

Grand Blueware Hotel

Johor Bahru Check Point

You can easily spend an entire day eating, shopping and relaxing in Mount Austin and we’ve compiled just the list for that in this issue.

�里有肉骨茶 Slurp up comforting Bak Kut Teh in a spacious and clean environment at 这里 有肉骨茶 (which literally translates to “Bak Kut Teh Here”). Decorated in shades of brown, we like how the restaurant is designed to be bright and airy, which creates a comfortable and welcoming dining environment. Besides the signature brew, the menu also includes an elaborate list of mains and braised dishes. Customers have the option of adding side dishes such as mushrooms, beancurd, different cuts of pork, vegetables and more. Health conscious diners can rest easy as the restaurant prides itself on not using MSG in its food. G01, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-3532 750 Website:

Looking for new curtains or blinds? Pop into SG Curtains Furnishing and choose from over thousands of imported fabrics and blinds. Let the friendly team help you find a personalised new look for your home or office at a reasonable price. No. 45, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-351 7600


A one-stop healthcare store that caters to different rehabilitation, homecare and general healthcare needs through an extensive range of high quality rehabilitation aids and customized equipment for geriatric care, special children and more.

From Jalan Pandan

No. 3 Grd Floor, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, Taman Austin Boulevard, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-355 8990 Website:

Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama


Give your pictures and paintings a new lease of life with a new frame. Choose from a wide selection of modern and decorative frames here and turn your beloved piece of art into a conversation piece for the home. No. G-09, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, Austin Bulevard, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-358 5817

Restoran Anisofea Asam Pedas

Address: G-07, Block 4, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3 Taman Austin Boulevard, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 012-717 3477 / 019-730 6207

If sour and spicy is your kind of thing, make a stop at Asam Pedas and tuck into their signature Claypot Assam Fish Head. The soup is fiery but addictive and you might well be tempted to order an additional bowl of rice to polish off the soup. Prices are affordable and range from RM16 – 35 for different types of fish. The casual restaurant also offers an extensive selection of Malay dishes ranging from fried chicken and seafood to stir fried vegetables and sambal dishes. Finish the meal on a sweet note with desserts like Bubur Som Som or Popia Ice Cream for a satisfying meal.

Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama


a modern

G. T.RESTORAN is a family style restaurant that serves up zj char favourites with a variety of meat, seafood, egg, tofu and other dishes. Do try out the restaurant’s signature Special Curry Fish Head, which is priced at only RM30 per pot. The restaurant is open for lunch between 11am to 2.30pm as well as dinner between 5.30pm to 11pm.

19, Jalan Austin Perdana 3/8, Taman Austin Perdana, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor Tel: 012 779 5935

Feeling tensed and dull? Pop in and recharge at Yi Heng Foot Therapy & Reflexology with a session of massage and foot reflexology. Sit back and rest easy as experienced therapists knead your stresses away in a clean and relaxing environment. Prices, which start from RM30, are very affordable and packages sweeten the deal even further. A 2-hour foot reflexology and massage session will only set you back RM98. Now, how’s that for value?

Rome Empire Bar Restaurant One of the best ways to round up a busy day is exchanging a couple of drinks with friends over friendly chatter and Rome Empire is just the right place for that. Open 365 days a year, the Roman medieval-themed pub offers a full bar menu of cocktails, liquors, wines, champagnes, beers and juices. True to its theme, the kitchen serves an impressive selection of Italian food which includes mains and pastas as well as snacks to go with the drinks. Live music livens up the ambience from 10pm onwards every night between Monday to Saturday. No. 67, 69 & 71, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2 Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-295 6812

No. 51 & 53, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 010-880 1010

Jalan Mutiara Emas Puteh

Three Degree Summer Inn

Beat the heat with refreshing desserts and hearty snacks at Summer Inn. Create your own dessert from a choice of ice, crepe, ice cream or yoghurt and dress it up with your favorite toppings. Summer Inn also offers a selection of snacks such as their signature Fried Vegetable Cracker and hearty dishes like the Special Home Style Mushroom and Long Bean Rice. 83, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 019-776 5050

Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama

Mount Austin

new town in Johor Bahru Marketing Officer: Dennis Lim +65 98500454

Daniel Heng +65 96201350

万香菜� The Great Smell Restaurant Despite its simple interiors, this one and a half-year-old restaurant has built its own following of fans consisting of both locals and Singaporeans. With over a decade of experience behind the chef’s back, fans flock to the restaurant for hot favourites such as Kam Heung Garden Chicken, Kam Heung Crab and the restaurant’s Signature Clay Pot Fish Head. The restaurant maintains quality by insisting on freshness: only the daily catch is used and frozen seafood is an absolute no-no. Hence quantities are limited so do arrive early if you plan to visit!

No. 73-G, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2 Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 012-799 7631

Hotel Austin Paradise

With a vision to provide best value for the budget conscious without compromising on quality and service, Hotel Austin Paradise offers 71 elegantly designed and furnished guest rooms with a range of modern amenities catering to the needs of the hotel guests looking for a comfortable stay. The hotel also offers a business centre where one can conduct small meetings or expand to seminars and events for up to 50 people in the hotel’s conference halls. No. 85 & 87, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 016- 742 5222 Website:

Station 1 Café


Get your Japanese food fix at Mishuji as the restaurant caters to fickle taste buds with one of the most diverse menus we’ve ever seen in a Japanese restaurant. Order any-thing from starters to sushi and sashimi, grill and teppanyaki. Frequented by Japanese diners, Mishuji also offers sake and other Japanese liquor which you can add in and enjoy a relaxing meal with friends, loved ones or business associates.

Station 1 Café features a wide selection of mains, pastas, pizza and sandwiches across western, fusion and local cuisines. The atmosphere is casual and perfect for a gathering with friends or family. Kick back and enjoy a wide range of drinks including juices, blended coffee, smoothies and beers. Live music available every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 32A, Jalan Austin Height 3/2 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-361 4175

No. 107, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 011- 316 1030

Austin Height School

Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama

Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama

Taman Mount

a modern new town in 補鑊�菜� Stop at this popular restaurant for food that will make your tummy very happy. The owners believe in maintaining quality through keeping a small menu of their best dishes made with fresh daily ingredients and lots of heart. The KL Hokkien Mee, Sambal “Kampong” Chicken and Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg are must-tries. Pou Wok enjoys patronage from a base of No. 113, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19 regulars and customers have Taman Mount Austin even been known to pack 81100 Johor Bahru food all the way to Kuala Tel: 07-361 6890 Lumpur and England!


This clinic offers a range of gynaecological services ranging from PAP smear, antenatal checkup to delivery and post delivery care. Visitors can also seek consultation on fertility and family planning issues as well as gynaecology-related problems and treatments. No. 129, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 012-733 8905

If vegetarian food equals bland and boring in your mind, a meal at Kee Lin may change that. With dishes like Curry Fish and Butter Frog on their menu, Kee Lin strives to be creative with their food by constantly innovating new dishes with high quality natural ingredients that do not lose out in taste. In fact, the Butter Frog made from mushrooms tasted so good it could have passed off for a plate of fried chicken!

One Two Eat Café is a stylish and casual café where you can tuck into local favourites in a relaxing atmosphere. Try the café’s signature Ipoh Hor Fun, which is made with curry and unique to the café. The café also offers a wide selection of drinks which you can sip and hang out with. Open all year round and past midnight daily, live music also plays every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

12A, Jalan Austin Height 3/2 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-351 2975

No. 117 & 119, Jalan Austin Height 3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-359 5631

Domino’s Pizza

Jalan Mutiara Emas 8

Sunway College

Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama


Johor Bahru �登海� A hot favorite with both locals and Singaporeans, Matang Seafood serves up rich fish porridge where you can decide what goes into your claypot. Customers can choose from fish and even seafood such as abalone and prawns or change the porridge to noodles and kway teow instead. Despite the humble surroundings, the resulting dish is deeply satisfying and will keep you going for seconds and thirds even on a hot day. No. 91, Jalan Austin Height 3 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 016- 761 8909


Just like clothes make the man, curtains can also change the look and feel of a room.


aving dressed the windows of homes and offices for over 20 years, SG Curtains Furnishing has 6 outlets all over Malaysia with the one in Taman Mount Austin a little over 3 years old. With over thousands of imported fabrics and blinds with to choose from, one has little to worry about in finding just the right one to create just the look you want. And if you have no idea how to start, the SG Curtains team is here to help. “I often remind my staff that they must always maintain a friendly and personalised service to our customers,” says Mr K.C. Thin, the director of the company. Clients are recommended to visit the showroom for a better idea of the selections available. Based on the concept you have in mind, the staff will help you choose the right curtain or blind to realise your design ideas. If you are unsure of your window measurements, the team will even visit your home or office and take the necessary measurements. For faster service, clients can also provide the measurements directly. After the design and measurements have been confirmed, it takes about 2 weeks for the curtains to be made before they are installed. After installation, the company even offers after sales service for up to a year. The best news of all? The whole process of consultation to manufacturing, installation and after sales service is all available for a 10

eMAG Apr - May 2013

single package price (which we are told are reasonable and often cheaper than prices in Singapore!). The company is opening a new outlet at Nusa Bestari offering interior design services as well. All it takes is a 10-minute drive from the Causeway and you could well be on the way to a brand new look for your home or office.

No. 45, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-351 7600 Email:

Friendly & personalised service

Thousands of fabric & blinds choices Reasonable prices We specialise In: ★ Curtains ★ Roller ★ Wooden Blind ★ Vertical Blind ★ Roman Blind

★ Venetian Blind ★ Bamboo Roman Blind ★ Bamboo Chicks Blind ★ Curtain Railing ★ Cushions Cover

★ Carpet ★ Wallpaper ★ Laminate Flooring ★ Tinted

Free Quotation & Measurement

SG Curtains Furnishing No. 45, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: Fax:

07-351 7600 07-361 2733


No. 65, Jalan Bestari Taman Nusa Bestari 79200 Nusa Jaya, Johor



t the end of a row of shophouses along  Jalan Austin Height 3 lies a stylish café  that  offers  both  alfresco  and  indoor  dining.  With  green  overhanging  shelters,  stylish  chandeliers  and  little  sprinklers  that  disperse cool water vapour into the air, One  Two Eat Café looks right out of a scene of a  European sidewalk. However,  if  you  were  expecting  to  see  croissants and exotic pastries on the menu,  you’ll be in for a surprise. With their roots as a  local food stall previously, the menu features  a  wide  variety  of  Asian  and  local  dishes.  Breakfast  includes  dishes  like  porridge  and  Nasi Lemak while other dishes such as Kway  Teow  Soup, Tom Yum  based  meals,  Assam  Fish  Rice,  Xing  Hua  Fried  Mee  Sua,  Rojak  and many more, occupy the other pages. For  those who prefer Western food, there are also  options like Grilled Lamb Chop and Fish and  Chips. “The owner wanted to provide many dining  options to cater to different customers,” says  the café’s manager.  One dish that deserves particular mention is  the café’s signature Ipoh Hor Fun, which is  one of the café’s most popular dishes on the  menu. Unlike the brown Ipoh Hor Fun most  are familiar with, One Two Eat uses curry as  gravy instead.  Served with smooth stir fried  R^H` [LV^ JOHY ZPL^ HUK ÄZOJHRL [OPZ PZ a twist on the classic dish – something that  [OVZL^OVWYLMLYYPJOLYÅH]V\YZ^PSS[HRL[V Drinks  are  essential  for  any  meet  up-andchat session with friends. The drinks menu is  equally  colourful  with  a  bevy  of  selections  for all kinds of cravings. Besides the normal  coffee  and  tea  concoctions,  the  café  also  offers Vietnamese coffee, unusual ice blended  drinks such as the Tiramisu Ice Blend, juices  and snow shakes.  If your mouth is feeling a  little itchy, add some snacks such as the Fried  Fish Cake and Fried Five Spices, which are all  made in-house. The  atmosphere  at  3-year-old  One  Two  Eat  Café  is  casual  and  laid  back.  While  customers from different ages visit for meals,  many also pop in for drinks especially when  live music nights go on every Friday, Saturday  and Sunday. For those who would like to pop  a bottle of cool beer at the end of the day, a  bucket of 4 bottles will only cost you RM3647, depending on the brand you drink. One  Two  Eat  Café  is  open  all  year  round  between 8am in the morning till 12.30am at  night. Last orders are at midnight. 24

eMAG May - Jul 2013


Cool and Relaxing

atmosphere with drool-worthy local food that will make you “want to eat”!

ONE TWO EAT CAFE No. 117 & 119, Jalan Austin Height 3, Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-359 5631

Hotel Austin Paradise W

ith a vision to provide best value for the budget conscious without compromising on quality and service, Hotel Austin Paradise offers elegantly designed and furnished guest rooms with a range of modern amenities catering to the needs of the hotel guests looking for a comfortable stay. Located in Johor Bahru with just a short drive from the Causeway, there are a total of 71 rooms across different categories to cater to different needs. Visitors can choose from Superior or Deluxe rooms or upgrade to the Executive rooms. Groups can check into a Family Suite for greater comfort. For those who prefer a more luxurious stay, try the Premier Suite where you can even look forward to a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi. Each room is equipped with a LCD television providing a variety of local and international cable programs, mini bar, internet connection, complimentary Wi-Fi and more. The hotel also offers a business centre where busy professionals can conduct small meetings, or carry out seminars and events for up to 50 people in the hotel’s conference halls. The hotel’s professional equipment and personalised approach to each event promises to make your meeting successful.

No. 85 & 87, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 016- 742 5222 Website:



f your idea of fish porridge is a bland gruel consumed only when one is sick, a visit to Matang Seafood will change that. Located in an ordinary looking coffeeshop which one may easily miss while passing, Matang is a favorite where both local fans and admirers from Singapore flock to regularly for a generous pot of richly flavored fish porridge. Customers have the option of choosing what goes into their claypot of pork and seafood soup base. One can not only choose from 2 types of promfrets but also add in fish head, fish maw, mushrooms and even seafood such as prawns, crab, abalone and clams. If porridge is not your thing, you can also change the rice to noodles, vermicelli or kway teow. The result is a magnificent dish that will keep you going for seconds and thirds.

No. 91, Jalan Austin Height 3 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 016- 761 8909

Prices start from RM20 for plain fish porridge and prices can go up to over RM50 depending on the number of ingredients added. Matang current has 2 outlets: 1 in Johor and the other in Taman Kaya. The outlets are crowded during weekends and they close on Mondays except public holidays.


Japanese Restaurant


ove all things Japanese and often find yourself lamenting over having to run to different restaurants to get your Japanese food fix? You probably will not have this problem with Mishuji Japanese Restaurant. The restaurant has a diverse menu that covers different aspects of Japanese cuisine starting with osunami (starters), sashimi, different varieties of sushi rolls, bento and donburi rice bowls, ramen and other noodles, agemono (fried dishes), nabe mono (hotpot), kushi yaki (grilled items) and teppanyaki.

足康 Yi Heng Foot Therapy & Reflexology


oot reflexology and massage spas are many aplenty in Johor Bahru but what we liked about Yi Heng was the clean and comfortable environment that we could relax in. Having opened only in September last year, the centre offers a host of massage and wellness treatments such as massages for various parts of the body, cupping, guasha, ear candling, scrubs and even pedicures. Prices are reasonable and start from RM30 for a 30-minute foot reflexology session.

People who love sushi bursting with different flavours will like the Mishuji Ferris - a colourful sushi roll made with cucumber and crab rolled inside rice and lined with seabass. An inhouse special mayonnaise sauce, fish roe and eel tops the creation. We enjoyed the Gindara Mentai Yaki which is grilled cod fish with cod fish roe. The fish was fresh and tender and the fish roe added a lovely twist to the otherwise plain tasting fish. We found Japanese diners in the restaurant during lunch, which is often further assurance on the food quality for non Japanese diners. The restaurant also offers Japanese liquor such as sake and choya . The existence of dividers between tables offers much privacy for quality time with friends, family and business associates. No. 107, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 011- 316 1030

To get better value for your dollar, take advantage of the many packages on offer. For example, a 1-hour foot reflexology and another hour of Chinese traditional massage will only set you back RM98 for 2 hours of bliss. Other options including longer sessions and aromatherapy massages are also available. The environment is quiet and relaxing, which is certainly a welcome treat for busy urbanites. The therapist who handled our writer’s foot reflexology session was friendly and sufficiently firm in applying pressure without causing her unease. She left Johor much lighter on her feet that day.

No. 51 & 53, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 010-880 1010

Kee Lin Vegetarian Food Curry Fish and Butter Frog may not be dishes one would expect on the menu of a vegetarian restaurant but they feature proudly in Kee Lin. In fact, the Butter Frog, which is made from fried mushroom with a savoury batter, tastes just like a plate of delicious fried chicken. Gone are the days where gluten was used heavily to produce mock versions of meat dishes. Kee Lin strives to be creative with their food by constantly innovating new dishes with high quality natural ingredients that do not lose out in taste.

Address: 12A, Jalan Austin Height 3/2 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel:

07-351 2975

With the increase in interest towards a vegetarian diet, Kee Lin sees a mix of customers from different races and walks of life. While the main branch in Skudai focuses more on Chinese-style vegetarian food, the new branch at Austin goes further by including East-meets-West creations and takes on a café-style approach that is more accessible to a ypunger audience. For those who are looking to host a vegetarian event, Kee Lin also offers banquets.

Pou Wok Restaurant Quality is revered over quantity at Pou Wok Restaurant. At first glance, the menu selection is noticeably smaller than most Chinese restaurants but the owners prefer to keep it that way. It is common to see some of their signature dishes on nearly every table and it isn’t because there isn’t anything else to eat –the food is good enough to keep customers coming back for more again and again. Throw the diet plan out of the window and indulge in the KL Hokkien Mee. The light and chewy texture of the handmade noodles is one of the best we have tasted and leaves one feeling much lighter than expected after ingesting a similar meal. The Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg is invitingly fragrant and captivated the taste buds of our writer who isn’t a fan of the vegetable. Try the Sambal “Kampong” Chicken which features only carefully

Station 1 Café

selected chicken that arrive at the restaurant daily. There isn’t any sambal sauce in this dish. Instead, you have steamed chicken which has such flavourful flesh that any type of soya sauce dressing is unnecessary. Tip: Take the chicken with their homemade garlic dip. We liked it so much we wish we could cart a jar home! Address: Tel:

No. 113, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru 07-361 6890

With 52 branches all over the country, Station 1 Café is probably one of the most recognisable café brands in Malaysia. The 4 year-old branch in Austin Height features a wide selection of mains, pastas, pizza and sandwiches across western, fusion and local cuisines. We were impressed with the tender texture of the Chef’s Delight Chicken Chop which was just right – not too tough, not too soft. Served with lattice fries and salad, the portion is generous. Another popular favourite is the Seafood Mushroom Noodle which uses preservative-free handmade noodles. The good news is: we hear the outlet will include a whole list of new dishes at the end of April.

Address: 32A, Jalan Austin Height 3/2 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-361 4175

The café also offers a wide range of drinks including juices, blended coffee, smoothies and beers. Kick back and enjoy a relaxing chat with friends over drinks or chill out to live music available every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


by the Sea

Located on the coast of Johor with a view of the Singapore shoreline, Taison allows you to dine to the sound of lapping waves under your feet. Besides a spacious indoor dining area, one also has the option of dining alfresco style with fresh barbecued food and affordable duty free drinks. The large selection of live seafood which guests are able to choose from ensures maximum freshness in what arrives at your table.

Happy Mother’s Day SET MENU 1 RM788+

• Longevity Noodles • Chinese and Western Style Combination • Four-treasures with Superior Soup • Steamed Grouper “HONG KONG” Style • Roaster Duck with Chinese Angelica • Wok-fry Prawn with Deluxe Soya Sauce • Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom • Red dates & Snow Fungus with Sea-coconut

SET MENU 2 RM988+ • Longevity Noodles • Chinese and Western Style Combination • Braised Abalone and Seafood Soup • Steamed Pomfret “HONG KONG” Style • Steamed Chicken with Chinese Herb • Stir-fry Shelled Prawn with XO Sauce • Lotus Root and Celery with Macadamia Nut • Double Boiled Bird’s Nest with Red-Dates & Crystal Sugar

Complimentary A Bottle of Red Wine & Carnation with any set menu


TAISON SEAFOOD (THE ZON) SDN. BHD. C3, Fun Zon, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan. Stulang Laut, 80300 Johor Bahru,Johor. Fax: 07-221 8511 Website:

Tel: 07-221 9988

Room Type


Total Cost (RM)

Standard Double

One Queen Size Bed

38.00 ^ nett

Superior Twin

Two Single Beds

48.00 ^ nett

Deluxe Triple

Three Single Bed

58.00 ^ nett

Deluxe Family

One queen Size Bed & one Single Bed

63.00 ^ nett

Junior Suite ( window )

Two Queen Size Bed

88.00 ^ nett

Deluxe Suite ( window )

Two Queen Size Bed, One Single Bed & One Sofa Bed

128.00 ^ nett

Only Here!

Up to 50% discount for Online booking, Corporate, and Member.

43 & 45 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai 81300 Johor Website: Tel: +607-5566777 / 888

A paradise in the city, enjoying the benefits of massage, reveling in the serenity of nature No. 17 & 18, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebru, 80050 Johor Bahru Johor, Mslsysia (սછཱིٛᇖྖ‫)૲ؚ‬ Tel: 07-335 1333 Booking 07-335 8880

57, 59 & 61, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 800500 Johor Bahru Tel: 07-332 8111 Booking: 07-331 8111 L1-040/041, Sutera Mall, 1 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Tmn Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Tel: 07-559 9118

A Touch of England in an Old World ambience

Happy Mother’s Day!

No. 1 & 3 Jalan Glasiar, Taman Tasek, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor Tel: 07-232 3761 Fax: 07-235 1767 Suite 204, Johor Premium Outlets, Indahpura, 81000 Kulaijaya, Johor Tel: 07-590 9268 Fax: 07-590 9128


It’s unbelievable how the masseuse knows my body! B

efore the massage began, the masseuse asked me to fill out a questionnaire so that she could figure out the most suitable treatment for me. After analyzing my answers, the masseuse explained how the treatment would proceed. The room was comfortable with plenty of privacy. The temperature was also just right so I did not have to worry about freezing or sweating during the massage. The masseuse was attentive to details such by tucking in the blanket when necessary and allowed me to relax throughout the entire experience. The masseuse applied a good amount of pressure throughout the massage and the techniques used were very comfortable. During the massage, my masseuse felt and found all the problem areas that had plagued me for years. After the massage, I felt relaxed both in body and mind. It was a great experience at Tang Dynasty!

$500 worth of Spa vouchers to be won! To win vouchers for the royal treatment you deserve, simply answer 2 simple questions and email us with your name, NRIC number, contact number, email and mailing address to enquiries@pcl-pub. com, please use “Tang Dynasty Spa Promotion” in your email subject and send us your answers to the following 2 questions: 1) TANG DYNASTY MASSAGE SPA located at 786A North Bridge Road Singapore. True <T >

False <F>

2) TANG DYNASTY MASSAGE SPA open seven days a week and 24 hours a day,

True <T>

False <F>

Deadline: 31 May 2013 10 Lucky readers will walk away with $50 TANG DYNASTY MASSAGE & SPA vouchers.








Enter the World of Oriental Beauty & Bliss. Escape the stress of everyday life with a visit to Tang Dynasty Spa, and indulge yourself in a luxurious Oriental boutique spa experience at affordable prices. The skills and experience of our therapists combined with their warm personalities will make sure you rest, relax and rejuvenate fully.

786A North Bridge Road, Singapore 198754.

Tel 6686 6466

The Royal Treatment You Deserve Open 24 Hours Daily |

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