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pcl case study

Addressing performance & retention at VirginMedia the issue There was high attrition within the Direct Sales force at VirginMedia with some regions running at 120% turnover. There was an urgent business need to improve recruitment, performance and retention.

the solution PCL conducted a concurrent validity study of existing staff in the direct sales team using the HPI. Our goal was to identify the personality factors that distinguish the “best” from the “rest”. We were able to identify existing HPI scales that were predictive of performance as well as creating customised HPI scales to predict specific aspects of performance. The process resulted in the creation of an HPI Suitability Template, containing ‘essential’ requirements plus other ‘desired’ HPI scales, and this template coded staff into three categories - Red, Amber and Green.

the results The results were very conclusive. Four performance indicators were investigated and in each area the Greens performed much better than the Reds. For example the Greens achieved, on average, 21% above their sales target while the Reds missed their sales target by 2%. The retention analysis similarly showed a very positive link with the attrition rate for Greens being less than half that for the Reds.