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pcl case study

Streamlining the recruitment process the issue An IT recruitment company needed help to screen their graduate applicants. They were a very successful organisation and regularly attracted many graduates to apply for the position of recruitment consultant via their careers website. In fact they received so many applications that they needed to find a way of automating their sifting procedure.

the solution PCL designed a bespoke online personality questionnaire that was integrated with the organisation’s career website and that became a standard part of the application procedure. The questionnaire was designed to predict retention rather than performance. This was requested by the client organisation as they had identified very little variation in performance between recruitment consultants but big differences in how long consultants stayed with the company.

the results From our analysis we found that people who stayed longer were more self-critical and more driven than those who left soon after appointment. We also discovered aspects of personality that correlated very significantly with length of service and, from this, created a Retention Index. We put these findings together to create a special 1 page selection report for the client - the Retention Index result was also automatically logged in the client database with all other information gathered from their online selection process. In addition the report detailed any specific concerns there might be about aspects of the candidate’s personality in relation to performance in the job.