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Healthy Futures


The Phoenix Children’s Foundation Legacy Society Newsletter

“I would eradicate all illness for children if I could. I know that I can’t, but I can give of my time and talents and money to ease their way a little.” Susan Frank

Susan Frank: If not me, then who? Values are often the most meaningful inheritance we can receive from our parents. The lessons her parents instilled remain part of Susan Frank’s core values today, and her support for Phoenix Children’s is a tangible expression of those values.


“Their strong sense of doing what’s right, and the importance of taking care of others in need, drives my passion for supporting people in my community, especially the children at Phoenix Children’s,” shares Susan.

1 Darn Cool School at Phoenix Children’s

Susan has been a volunteer at telethons and radiothons, provided ongoing annual support, and, having included a gift to Phoenix Children’s in her will, is a member of the Phoenix Children’s Foundation Legacy Society.

The Phoenix Children’s Foundation Legacy Society

In 1992, Susan moved to Phoenix to take a position at Desert Financial Credit Union. Desert Financial funds Phoenix Children’s 1 Darn Cool School, which enables children to carry on with their education while they’re in the hospital. “I was surprised to learn that one of the most stressful things for children in the hospital is worrying about falling behind at school. Right away, I thought that was a fantastic initiative that I wanted to support. Because it’s not just medical care these children need.”

Changing a child’s future, one gift at a time

Her first visit to the hospital made her support even more personal:

Susan Frank: If not me, then who?

“I don’t mind telling you that it was heart-wrenching to see children in pain. My heart breaks when I think of the emotional distress and financial burden that many of these young families are under.” But children are resilient. “It’s incredible to see really sick children having fun and enjoying some normalcy in their day. They need a break from their illness to just be kids.” Susan realized that caring for these families through her support of Phoenix Children’s was an important way to reflect her family’s values:

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1 Darn Cool School at Phoenix Children’s School is an essential part of a child’s routine. 1 Darn Cool School at Phoenix Children’s employs eight full-time, master’s-level teachers to provide classroom and bedside lessons. This program is available to all children in K through 12th grade or special education students ages 5-21, allowing them to continue their studies without interruption in a positive and supportive atmosphere. The program was originally started by volunteers in the hospital in 1985. It represented one of the first hospital schools in the nation. Desert Financial Credit Union is a longtime sponsor of 1 Darn Cool School. In 2021, with their support, 1 Darn Cool School provided almost 11,000 patient education sessions, increased outpatient support services, and expanded services to Phoenix Children’s emergency department. “Patients are often at our hospital for months and years. Desert Financial Credit Union’s support of this essential program allows those kids to continue their education without slipping behind,” says Steve Schnall, senior vice president and chief development officer at Phoenix Children’s Foundation. Susan Frank, Phoenix Children’s Foundation Legacy Society member, profiled on page one, retired as the president and CEO of Desert Financial Credit Union. Phoenix Children’s is grateful to Desert Financial Credit Union for making this program possible.

The Phoenix Children’s Foundation Legacy Society Nearly forty years ago, when Phoenix Children’s was founded, we made a promise: We will be here as long as any child needs us—and do everything we can to make sure they receive the best care possible close to home. Legacy gifts will fund the research that will lead us to more innovation, earlier diagnoses, less invasive treatments, and more cures than any of us ever thought possible. Every day, we work together with a sense of urgency to make the impossible possible—faster. The Legacy Society honors the generosity and vision of those who have included Phoenix Children’s in their estate plans. Each member of the Legacy Society is part of a community of supporters who have made a deeply meaningful gift in support of their common vision: giving every child the opportunity to heal, grow, and thrive. To include a gift to Phoenix Children’s in your will or trust, or to name Phoenix Children’s as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or other financial account, please use our legal designation: Phoenix Children’s Foundation, tax ID number 74-2421549.

Healthy Futures

Changing a child’s future, one gift at a time Every legacy gift matters—because each gift represents a child’s thriving future. A child like Adalynn. Adalynn was born with complex medical needs that increased her risk for developmental delays. But every day, the now two-year-old embraces life—defying expectations and spreading joy to her family and the team at Phoenix Children’s. She received support from the Fetal Care Center from her first day of life, and from the Newborn Early Screening Team (NEST), a clinic that cares for babies born prematurely or, like Adalynn, born with complex medical conditions that increase the risk for developmental concerns or delays. When she’s three, she’ll move over to the Complex Care Clinic. She also receives care from many specialists, and her parents receive help for coordinating doctor and therapy appointments and understanding their child’s needs. Adalynn is a happy and joyful toddler, eager to be on the go. Last year, Adalynn was selected for the Go Baby Go Program, through which she received a personalized, modified toddler car that allows her to get around. “I love the fact that all of Adalynn’s doctors are together at one facility where they can see her chart and relay messages to each other,” says Adalynn’s mom, Shawnté. “They work together to come up with a game plan for her. Phoenix Children’s feels like home to us.”

If not me, then who? continued from cover “I would eradicate all illness for children if I could. I know that I can’t, but I can give of my time and talents and money to ease their way a little.” She continues, “I’ve been blessed in my own life. I have had success in my career, and the joy of an extremely close relationship with my nieces and nephew. I just feel that it’s my responsibility to pay it forward.” And paid it forward she has. “We need to take care of each other, especially when it comes to children. If not me, then who? I would like to be remembered as a good person, a kind person who cared about others. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than those kids at Phoenix Children’s. It would be a wonderful legacy.” Legacy Society members are some of Phoenix Children’s most dedicated partners, and Susan urges others to join her in creating a lasting legacy. “I hope you will take some time to consider the impact that you can have on the lives of others, especially the children at Phoenix Children’s. If we all do our part, together we can help to relieve so much of the pain and suffering experienced by these young patients.”

“We see a future in which Phoenix Children’s makes premier pediatric care accessible to every child who needs it, everywhere— because all children deserve the best care available.” Robert L. Meyer, President & CEO

The gift of your story Your memories, values, and life lessons are some of the most important gifts you can give. Share them with your loved ones through a legacy journal. We’ve created a complimentary legacy journal—My Life Story—just for supporters of Phoenix Children’s to make it easy to get started. Please return the reply form to request a copy.

CAN WE HELP? Our gift planning team is always available to help you explore your giving options, answer questions, and provide necessary information. Please let us know how we can help as you explore your own legacy. Kelley E. Morris Vice President, Individual Giving Office of Gift Planning Phoenix Children’s Foundation 602.933.3870 Considering a gift in your will or trust, or through a beneficiary designation, to support Phoenix Children’s? You’ll need our legal designation:

Thank you for being part of Phoenix Children’s story, as we hope we are part of yours.


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