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Newfangled Technology and Extensive Research "In the broadest sense of the word, the definition of research includes any gathering of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge."                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Godwin Colibao. The purpose of research is explanatory, descriptive and exploratory. Hence, the study should seek to appraise its information within the larger body of research. Researches must always be innovative and also of soaring quality in order to produce knowledge that is relevant and applicatory. The result of the research should be used  for policy and project execution. Another definition of research given by Creswell states that - "Research is a process of steps used to collect and analyze information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue". It consists of three steps: Pose a question, collect data to answer the question, and present an answer to the question. A trouble that frequently declines worldwide health is the slow procedure of research into practice. At times, there exists a disconnection between those who create manifest base and those who are placed to implement the research findings. But the issue arises in the way of how highly centralized machines are treated from the application of science. Publishing the study is the initial step to make the research known globally. Research is a  part of learning and hence is an important aspect in our daily lives. Few reasons why research is part and parcel of our daily lives are : 1. It is a tool to enhance Knowledge. Research is an essential phase in students as well as professional's life. For instance to know about an educational or job firm a quick research regarding the firms enables better likes and understanding. 2.It is a source to understand various means of issues. "Research can shed light on issues we didn’t even know existed, and can raise questions we hadn’t realised even needed asking."                                                      - Terry Freedman. 3. A guide to realize reality over myths. Researchers are practiced in order to prove or clear the myths that are fed to human or are already nurtured in their mind. It is a say where reality is faced over superstitious ways. 4. A stepping stone implement literature skills like reading, writing or sharing information. Reading, writing, listening , speaking or sharing information are a part of researches. Literacy is vital in improving a person's economic and social mobility and also helps in increasing awareness.

5.Noutriment and task for the mind. Research and doing research encourages people to understand existing issues, explore possibilities and to disclose truths. Without research, technological advancement and other developments could have remained unreal. A research method can be defined as an organized plan for conducting research. Sociologists draw on a variety of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. It includes experiments, survey research, participant observation etc. Qualitative methods aim for a complete, detailed description of observations, which includes the context of events as well as circumstances. Quantitative methods on the other hand aims to classify features, count them, and create statistical models to test hypotheses and explain observations. Researches help teachers grow in their fields . There are many reasons that research can contribute to a teacher's education : 

The content of  programmes may be informed by research-based knowledge and scholarship, emanating from a range of academic disciplines and philosophical traditions.

Research can be helpful to inform the design and structure of teacher education programmes.

Teachers and educators can be fortified to involve with consumers of research.

Teachers and teacher educators may be decked to conduct their own research, individually as well as collectively, to explore the positive and negative outcomes of educational practice.

The key to a successful research project lies in reiteration that is the process redirecting back to the questions, methods, and data, which ultimately leads to new ideas, revisions and improvements.  Researches must be flexible and open to change.  Discussing research project with colleagues or peers will give rise to new research questions that needs to be added, things to be deleted, and other changes made that has to be made.  A proposed study is examined again and again from different perspectives and angles. It begins to mould into different shape. Hence it becomes a necessity to examine study methods and data from different perspectives to ensure an inclusive approach to the research question. Top engineering colleges in Pune renders a life time opportunity to the students to implement their ideas to actions. PCCOER ranks to be the best engineering college in Pune which guides the students in their research study as well as encourages them to be more innovative. PCCOER also assures to be the best placement engineering college in Pune which ensures a promised future to all the students.

Newfangled technology and extensive research  

The purpose of research is explanatory, descriptive and exploratory. Hence, the study should seek to appraise its information within the lar...

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