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Porsche Club of America • Santa Barbara Region • March/April 2024
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Santa Barbara Region • Porsche Club of America











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Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

Rock Inn at Lake Hughes Drive & Lunch

SBR/LAR/GPX Driver Education at Streets of Willow 2nd Edwards Airforce Base Tour

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Drive to Pence Vineyards for Lunch and Wine Tasting

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

Lake Tahoe Jamboree

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

Kernville Backroads Overnighter

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

SBR 60th Anniversary Drive, Banquet, and Celebration

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

Pine Mountain Club Drive via (newly opened) Hwy 33

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

Detail Clinic

Gimmick Rally

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

SBR 45th Concours d’Elegance

SBR/LAR/GPX Driver Education at Steets of Willow

Camarillo Cars & Coffee

Post C&C Camarillo Airport Aircraft Museum

Santa Barbara Cars & Coffee

Hwy 229 Drive to Creston and Loading Chute Restaurant

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Porsche Club of America/Santa Barbara Region

60th Anniversary Raffle!



Complete the coupon below and submit payment ASAP. First come, first served! Proceeds benefit our 2024 designated charity: Ronald McDonald House, Ventura. ONLY 400 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD, SO THE CHANCES OF WINNING ARE EXCELLENT!

• 1st Prize: Fast Lane Travel Traditional Fall Treffen for two, September 22-28, 2024. The event includes Stuttgart, the Porsche Factory Tour, the Museum Tour, driving on the Autobahn at speed, an Alpine Pass Drive, an overnight stay at Lake Constance, a drive through the Black Forest, the extra daily rental of a current model Porsche, and round trip coach airfare. Value: $15,600. (Cash option: $10,000.)

• 2nd Prize: Set of four tires for your Porsche, OEM, available via California Tire Co. in Newbury Park, CA. Value: $2,500. (Cash option: $1,000.)

• 3rd Prize: A one day adventure at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles including track time, an instructor and lunch. Two prizes for two people each prize. Value $2,400. (No cash option.)

• 4th Prize. Ceramic coating coupon from Ghost Shield, Newbury Park. Value $1,200. (No cash option.)

Winners need not be present at the drawing to win. The date for the first prize (Traditional Fall Treffen) is set by Fast Lane Travel. The other prizes must be claimed and completed by December 31, 2024. Incidental expenses are not included in any prize. Winners of all prizes will be required to execute liability waivers to the benefit of PCA and SBR prior to travel or purchase. SBR reserves the right to cancel the raffle drawing

Payment Information

Please send a completed form with check or money order payable to PCA/SBR to:

Nicolas Liakas

5910 Grey Rock Road

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

• Entry deadline: July 15, 2024

• Winner announced on July 20, 2024

• Maximum number of entries: 400

and refund all funds received in the event that at least 200 tickets are not sold by July 15, 2024. Checks will not be cashed until the minimum number of 200 tickets are sold.

Yes, I want to enter the SBR 60th Anniversary Raffle

I would like ______ entry(ies) at $100 each for a total of $_______

Name: ____________________________________

PCA Member #__________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City/ State/Zip: __________________________________________________

Email:______________________________ Cell #______________________

4 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024


Cars, cars, cars—we were lucky to avoid the rain for our recent semi-monthly Saturday Cars & Coffees! They have all had very good attendance this year. Many new members have shown up to join the regulars. It would be great for members who have not attended lately to bring your beautiful Porsche and join the comradery. I hope to meet more of you this year.

Your new VP Lorraine Gray, who joined the club not long ago, is already working on a lunch for the ladies in the club. The first one will be on March 15 in Westlake Village on the Lake at Boccaccio’s Restaurant. The group is limited to 12. Please introduce yourself to Lorraine at a Saturday cars and coffee or club event. We would both like to see more ladies involved in our activities.

Did you read the recent Panorama magazine? They’re some interesting articles, such as one comparing a sepia brown new Targa vs the 70s Targa. The black wheels on the new one look pretty good but I’m not sure I’ve warmed up to the sepia brown color yet.

The article on the new electric Macan made me wonder why the auto industry in general invested so quickly to build EVs. The new EV Macan coming out soon certainly sounds like

it will remain a fun car/suv to drive. Porsche sold over 30,500 of them in 2023, the biggest seller they have. Recent articles point to EV sales numbers dropping and last week the news mentioned EV sticker prices are dropping as well. Maybe more competition or were they overpriced to begin with? My range anxiety keeps me more comfortable driving a plug-in or regular hybrid, if not gasoline for now.

Take a look in this magazine or our website for some upcoming events. One of the biggest is the Club’s 60th Anniversary Celebration on July 20 at the Santa Barbara Hilton. Save the date! We’ll have to throw in a drive of course along with comradery and an auction. Thanks to the special committee working on this!

Our regular Activities Committee headed up by Lionel Neff and Art Shinn is anything but regular as you will learn if you go on one of our outings. Keep in mind by the time you read this some events may already be sold out. In the future, I plan to send out reminder emails before event registration goes live. Putting together group events is very time-consuming and complicated. Changes to an event arrangement for special requirements like food, timing, electric vehicles, etc.

will be unlikely.

On March 18, our Santa Barbara Region and two other regions will work together for an HPDE (high-performance driver education) day at the Streets of Willow track. This is a super fun event and perfect for first-timers. Go experience what your Porsche will do with an experienced PCA member to instruct you!

A must-attend event is this year’s Air|Water on April 27 in Orange County. It is the evolution of Luftgekuhlt put on by Patrick Long (it means air-cooled, but don’t ask me to pronounce it!). It will include air- and water-cooled Porsches this year. Last year a few of us went to Luft 9 at Mare Island, an old Naval base in Northern California. Previous Lufts have been at large lumber yards, industrial complexes, the Port of Los Angeles, and Universal Studios back lots around the movie sets.

On a final note, there is a new, allmarque Malibu Cars & Coffee on the first Sunday of the month from 8-10 am starting March 3 at Gladstones. It is called Malibu Autobahn. Hopefully, it survives a while.

Thanks to all who contribute to make this club great.

Board of Directors Meetings

SBR’s Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday of every odd-numbered month beginning at 6:30 p.m. At this time, the meetings are held online via Zoom. Member attendance and participation are encouraged. Contact SBR president Steve Doll ( to receive the Zoom link for each meeting. Board

5 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF


July 20, 2024 • Hilton Hotel, Santa Barbara

What has the Santa Barbara Region’s members jumping for Joy? The anticipated gala celebrating our 60th Year! How did we get here? Here are some of our achievements during the past 60 years:

• Our activities have graced the pages of PCA’s publication, Panorama, many times

• We were named a National Region of the Year multiple times

• We were named Zone 8 Region of the Year

• We hosted valuable driving education courses for young drivers

• Our membership blossomed to more than 800 primary members

• We conducted more than 300 one-day driving excursions to scenic and historic locations

• We participated in more than a dozen multi-day adventures in California and the Southwest

• We met more than 300 times for cars and coffee

• We’ve held 44 concours d’ excellence and many detail clinics for member instruction

• We produced an honored and awarded publication, Der Auspuff.

Celebrate our 60 Years of success by joining your fellow Porschephiles on July 20, 2024. Soon you will receive event details and information on how and when to register. SAVE THE DATE!

Sponsored by

6 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024


The current Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman, it is said, carry the torch lit by their legendary ancestors, the 718 W-RS Spyder and 718 RSK coupe racers of the 1950s and early 1960s. While separated by decades, these two generations of sports cars are claimed to share a deep connection that goes beyond mere nostalgia.

Last January, I bought a 2024 718 Boxster S, joining some other SBR members who have an affinity for this model: Past President Rod Hersberger with his 718 GTS and Art Shinn and David Cooper with their 718 GTS 4.0s. I thought I’d look into that socalled 718 torch that’s being passed.

Aesthetically—in proportions and silhouette—the modern 718 duo undeniably echoes the classic’s proportions. Both feature a low-slung, mid-engine


layout with a long hood and abbreviated rear deck, reminiscent of the elegance of the original 718. The current 718’s headlights pay subtle homage to the classic’s slightly more rounded units, while the taillights, particularly on the Cayman, capture a hint of the older car’s horizontal design.

In technical prowess and performance, both generations stay true to the mid-engine philosophy, ensuring optimal weight distribution and sharp handling. The original 718s paved the way for the modern car’s renowned agility. Both cars also prioritize driver engagement. The historic 718 rewarded skilled drivers with its raw, unassisted steering and responsive chassis, while the modern 718, despite its technological advancements, retains a focus on driver feedback and control.

Beyond the surface, there is the spirit of the 718. The true connection lies in more than the aesthetics and technical specifications. Porsche believes the 718 name embodies a spirit of innovation, agility, and defying expectations. Both generations punched above their weight class: “giant slayers.” The original 718, powered by

a relatively modest 1.5L engine, conquered larger and more powerful rivals on the racetrack. Similarly, the modern 718, with its turbocharged four-cylinder engines, or six cylinders in the case of the 4.0, delivers great performance that belies its displacement. Both cars prioritize the pure driving experience. The historic 718 offered a raw, unfiltered connection between driver and machine, while the more refined modern 718 still retains that sense of immediacy and engagement.

Porsche’s intent is to communicate a sense of celebrating heritage. Although marketing certainly plays a role, Porsche’s decision to revive the 718 name seems to be a conscious choice to honor the legacy of a car that played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s identity. The current 718 isn’t a replica, it’s an evolution, carrying the torch of its predecessor while on its own path in the Porsche lineup.

The connection between the historic and modern 718 Porsches is multifaceted. It’s a blend of shared aesthetics, technical prowess, and most importantly, the spirit of innovation and driving exhilaration that has been a hallmark of the Porsche brand since its inception. The current 718 is a worthy successor, carrying the legacy of its forefather while carving its own niche in the Porsche pantheon. Knowing all this adds to my enjoyment of owning a 718 and I think anyone with any generation of Boxster or Cayman can value that sense of legacy.

7 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
718 W-RS Spyder. ©Porsche 718 W-RS Spyder. ©Porsche 718 Boxster S. ©Porsche
8 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024


I recently became the Vice President of the Porsche Club of America, Santa Barbara Region. I joined less than a year ago when SBR began recruiting for a new vice president. After I acquired my first Porsche, a 2022 Panamera a year ago, my son, Alexander, who is a longtime Porsche enthusiast, encouraged me to run. He thought it would be a new adventure and a great way to meet wonderful people outside my profession as a clinician in psychology. He was right! My experience as a board member has been outstanding. I am motivated to learn as much as possible to support President Steve Doll and the team.

I owe full respect to the club, which started 60 years ago by several men who dreamed a dream and made it happen. The Porsche Club of America, Santa Barbara Region, was developed by dedicated, committed, like-minded individuals of integrity, compassion, values, and a deep, sincere passion to share their love of Porsches with fellow men and women.

One of the highlights of my fourth Porsche event was our trip to Edwards Air Force Base last January. Our onbase tour guide, Danny, told us that the entire base extends approximately 300


miles. The museum contains historical information and memorabilia of the men who fought to keep our country safe. It was an honor and a phenomenal experience to learn about the history of the F-15 and F-16 and see these pristine, high-performance aircraft built in the early 1970s. The F-15 was designed to reach altitudes of 65,000 feet, exposing fighter pilots to extreme g-forces. Various forces affect pilots during a flight. The Gy force is a lateral force that acts from shoulder to shoulder. The Gz force is a gravitational force that affects the axis of the body, experienced from head to foot. The gravitational pull occurs when a pilot maneuvers out of a dive or pulls into an inside loop. As the acceleration increases, the pilot can simultaneously experience all forces. The Gx force is experienced from back to chest during a landing, pushing the pilot forward into the shoulder strap. According to a former airman who spoke with me, the average brain weighs three pounds without the skull, eyes, teeth, skin, and facial muscles. An adult head weighs 10 to 11 pounds. On the ground, the average g-force is 1.0.

As the aircraft ascends, a greater gravitational pull is experienced. The g-forces increase to 9, which equates to 133.2 pounds of pressure on the air fighter’s spine and neck, exacerbated by the twisting and turning of the body in flight. Meanwhile, the average g-force in a commercial flight is only 1.0 to 1.5. (See for more on g-forces) Overall, it was a fantastic trip, and I am glad I attended. More important than our trips and drives is the camaraderie that develops when we travel together, stopping to enjoy lunch with good friends and sharing our personal stories and cars. The club caters to social events, honoring people and their enthusiasm for cars. It invites long-lasting friendships built on sharing, support, and trust. I encourage all women to attend and participate in these incredible experiences and make new friends. We welcome people of all cultures and faiths who share our passion and appreciation for fine vehicles designed with German ingenuity and precision. You won’t be disappointed if you join the Porsche community. The Porsche experience has been amazing, and I bet it will change your life, just as it has changed mine!

9 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF


10 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024
Cars & Coffee photos are contributed by Randall Fishwick, Steve Geldman, Bill Hallier, Gary Krueger, and Dennis Power
January 6, 2024 — 60 Porsches and 74 members and guests February 3, 2024 — 46 Porsches and 77 members and guests


January 13, 2024 — 41 Porsches and 58 members and guests

February 10 — 37 Porsches and 41 members and guests

11 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
12 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024
13 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF Driven by passion and performance, PCARMARKET is a 24/7 online automotive auction marketplace that focuses on Porsche and other enthusiast automobiles. Selling your car has never been easier, let our team of professionals help guide you through the process. Visit our new Torrance, CA office or call for an *evaluation and complimentary photo shoot. (424) 999 - 8508 2174 w190 St, Torrance, CA 90504 *For qualified vehicles only, restrictions apply.

Edwards Air Force Base Behind the Scenes at Edwards: SBR Explores the Cradle of Aerospace Innovation

Iam a So Cal native and have heard of Edwards Air Force Base forever. Back in the ‘80s, I even passed up a chance to watch the Space Shuttle land at the base. I have driven past the harsh beauty of its setting in the Mojave Desert on the way to Mammoth Mountain more times than I can count. But I have never gone on the base.

On the clear, cool, Wednesday morning of January 17, 22 Porsches with 40 drivers and passengers departed Castaic Junction on Hwy. 5, bound eastward for Edwards AFB. We arrived at the main gate about 11:00. Our identification cards were reviewed and we were granted clearance.

Our first stop was the Air Force Flight Test Museum. Edwards Air Force Base is known as one of the only Flight Test Bases and the only Flight Test School in the United States. Pilots

like Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong risked their lives testing aircraft such as the Bell X-1 and North American X-15. Yeager was the first person to break the sound barrier in the X-1 in 1947. In 1962, Armstrong carried out the longest flight of the X-15 program at that time: a duration of 12 minutes and 28 seconds. On this same flight, he achieved his highest altitude, 207,500 feet (over 39 miles). Neither of them were sent up with parachutes. Neil Armstong went on to acclaim the honor of being the first man to walk on the moon. The X-15, however, was piloted to an even greater record by Joseph Walker in 1963: 354,200 feet (67 miles high), an altitude achievement for a winged aircraft not surpassed until 2004. The museum was full of photographs and memorabilia of those famous pilots and other hallmark events.

14 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024

Our next stop was the Mess Hall where the airmen who work on the base have their meals. They had quite an assortment of food to select from including hamburgers, pork schnitzel, rice pilaf, sandwiches, and salads. We felt well fed.

Next, we were taken to the area where the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is stored. This is an American single-seat, subsonic, twin-engine stealth attack aircraft developed by Lockheed’s secretive Skunk Works division and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). It was the first operational aircraft to be designed with stealth technology.

Our guide, Danny Bazzell, brought in two heavy hitters. Jim Brown (JB) was a former test pilot who hosted our visit while viewing the F-117. We were then joined by Art Thompson, who possesses more than 30 years of experience in innovating leading-edge design that has produced breakthroughs in aerospace history, including development of the Northrup Grumman B-2 “Stealth” bomber (beginning with napkin sketches). The B-2 was a key component of the nation’s long-range strike arsenal and one of the most survivable aircraft in the world.

15 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
PHOTO CREDITS: Spread, upper right, and lower left by Steve Geldman Middle and lower right by Bill Hallier

While at the museum, the club presented the base with a plaque noting our visit as well as a check to help build a Flight Test Museum “off base,” where the general public can come and see the history of the base without having to actually go through security on the base.

Next, we got back on the USAF bus and embarked on a tour of the base. We were taken to the planes on the flight line: not combat-ready, mostly for experimentation. The flight line is a unique setting for experimental aircraft with strange shapes and gleaming silver bodies resting on the tarmac, testaments to human ingenuity and the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of flight. One of the planes was the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird,” a retired long-range, high-altitude, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft housed here since the ’70s.

Edwards has played a pivotal role in aviation history, from the birth of jet propulsion to the development of space shuttles. The ghosts of past heroes and milestone achievements, as well as failures, linger in the air, adding a layer of depth and intrigue to the setting. With all this in our minds, we returned to our Porsches, got in our more modest cockpits, fired up the engines, and took off at speeds more suitable for a desert highway. I was especially pleased to have finally been on the base that I had passed on the highway so many times.

Ron Mulick has been a member of PCA since 2020. He drives a 1997 993 Cabriolet in Black.

16 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024
PHOTO CREDITS: Top row by Steve Geldman All others by Bill Hallier
17 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF

The February 17 Drive: A Taste of Italy

The event began at 9:00 a.m. on an overcast morning at the Santa Barbara Porsche dealership where Sales Manager Rene Verbrugge greeted us and had generously arranged for our enjoyment a wonderful continental breakfast of assorted pastries, rolls, mixed fruit, and coffee. The group grew from a few eager “early birds” to a joyous crowd of 82 participants inside the dealer showroom. Outside on the service drive patiently awaited 40-plus dream cars all bearing the Porsche hood ornament.

The abundant buffet and engaging conversation went on until 10:15 when our PA system barked to life and the pre-drive discussion took place. All drivers were advised the group would be split into two; the first led by myself and the second by Doreen Pankow in her new red Boxster. At 10:25, the air was filled with the anxious roar and rumble only four dozen Porsches can generate. The excitement and anticipation were palpable.

At exactly 10:30, the first group of Porsches and their intrepid drivers pulled out of the driveway following each other onto Hwy. 101 N. to Hwy. 154 and the San Marcus Pass. Once the first group of 20 was comfortably aligned and on its way over the pass, the serpentine row of Porsches made quite an impression for any and all onlookers. Our drive included a wonderous view of the verdant green hills and overlooks of the Pacific Ocean as we climbed ever higher.

Once we crested the summit of San Marcos Pass, in the distance Lake Cachuma came into view impressing all onlookers with the volume of water that had collected in the lake over this and last winter. We remained on Hwy. 154 until we reached the town of Los Olivos where we turned onto Foxen Cyn. for most of the drive ahead. But oh, what a drive it truly was! Undulating curves, hills and dales, a bevy of wineries, vineyards, and green hillsides all accented by bold clouds.

18 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024

Once we stopped at the first stop sign for miles in the village of Sisquoc, we turned left onto Palmer Rd. and were treated to more inviting curvy roads and vast scenes of rolling green hills. From Palmer Rd. we turned right onto Dominion Rd. where both the drivers and our Porsches were treated to more long sweeping curves until we reached Clark Ave., the main road to the town of Orcutt, once a thriving oil producing region contiguous to Santa Maria’s oil production area.

When we arrived in Old Town Orcutt we turned left onto Broadway where our destination at Trattoria Uliveto and an Italian sumptuous repast awaited us. I’m sure the locals were duly impressed when the first 20 Porsches descended in front of Trattoria Uliveto only to be slack jawed when the second group of 20 additional Porsches arrived. Our host, Alfonso Curti, warmly greeted us and escorted us to the private dining room that had been arranged in advance.

In a timely fashion, all 82 of us were treated to a deliciously prepared three course, Italian, fixed-menu luncheon featuring a green salad, chicken parmesan or filet of sole Provencal, and a dessert of tiramisu. In recollecting the “A Taste of Italy” event, I marvel at how the rains had abated, our Porsches were a delight to drive over the resplendent backroads, our appetites were satisfied with a wonderful meal, we shared our joy in the company of each other, and for a moment in time smiles and laughter abounded.

Thanks go out to Doreen Shinn and the entire Activities Committee for their contributions in making these events as much fun as they are.

Lionel Neff has been a member of PCA since 2020 and is SBR’s Activities Cochair. He drives a 2017 911 Turbo in GT Silver.

OPPOSITE: At Trattoria Uliveto by Bill Hallier

TOP LEFT: Sales Manager Rene Vebruggge with David Stone by Bill Hallier

TOP RIGHT: Gathering at the Porsche Santa Barbara sales room by Bill Hallier

SECOND RIGHT: Admiring the new Boxster Style Edition in Gentian Blue by Bill Hallier

THIRD RIGHT: On the road by Roberta Issaris

BOTTOM RIGHT: Happy diners at Trattoria Uliveto by Bill Hallier

19 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF

PCA National Treffen at Sea 2023

Who can resist a chance to sail away with hundreds of PCA members? Jeff Waxman and I surely wouldn’t miss the opportunity. Princess Cruise Line wined and dined us and offered exquisite opportunities to celebrate all that is Porsche.

Imagine a concours of Porsche diecast models arranged in the Piazza so that everyone could review the intricate details of each entry. Some exhibited spectacular replicas and others created intricate dioramas depicting historic scenes. The judging was as serious as at any other concours, as was the honor bestowed on the winners in each category.

We enjoyed our own cocktail receptions, dances, a PCA casino event, a comedy show, and formal dinners where our waiters wore PCA ties and treated us as the special guests we were. At seminars, we heard from the likes of

Ramsey Potts, Nathan Merz, and Rod Emory. They all gave us food for thought and we had access to the speakers throughout our time on the ship. We even had the opportunity to paint with the amazing Porsche painter Kelly Telfer.

One evening we dressed in 80s garb and danced the night away. It was fun to see everyone let their hair down (or wear it big and high). The fashion show from that evening exposed the creativity and playfulness of our members. We were delighted as the entrants represented different aspects of the 80s.

Some PCA members decorated their cabin doors. The combination of Christmas holidays and PCA National Treffen at Sea offered a wonderful opportunity to let imaginations go wild. It was a treat to walk around the decks to find the tricked out PCA doors.

20 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024

All of this was in addition to the amenities offered by the cruise ship. We were thrilled each night by the musicians showcased at the jazz club. The production shows were spectacular and PCA members were offered preferred seating at every performance. The buffet included gourmet foods from all over the world and the dining rooms were elegant, with attentive staff who couldn’t have been more accommodating. There was a sushi bar and specialty bars (wine, cocktails, coffee) throughout the ship. The specialty restaurants included: upscale Italian, a steak house, and a seafood restaurant. A poolside barbeque, pizza restaurant, and international café rounded out the dining establishments. You would be hard-pressed to find yourself hungry and unable to find a delicious treat to satisfy your craving.

So, if you missed the 2023 cruise, don’t despair! PCA and Princess Cruises are offering the next opportunity to indulge your desire for luxurious travel amid Porsche-loving companions. PCA National Treffen at Sea 2024, July 28 to August 4, is cruising to Alaska! The itinerary will include Alaska’s inside passage, Seattle, and Victoria, Canada. This is a not-to-be-missed cruise, one that many who attended the 2023 Treffen at Sea have already booked. See you on board the Majestic Princess, where it’s not just the cars, it’s the people!

21 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
Photos courtesy of Sumikshik from Sea Princess

Porsche Mademoiselle

Wh a le Dolphin Watching Excursion

What an adventure for nine Porsche Mademoiselles! Our three-hour tour departed from Ventura Harbor on time at 9:30 aboard Island Packers “Island Explorer” boat. Although the sky was overcast and the temperature a bit “cool,” our group’s spirit wasn’t dampened due to the anticipation of seeing whales, dolphins, seals, and sea birds!

Upon embarkation, a quick photo was taken for posterity before we climbed our way to the upper level where the docents gave an overview of what we “might” see on our trip and what to look for as we were all “scouts” for the elusive whales. We were told to look for spouts and yell “thar she blows, matie” if any of us were fortunate enough to spot something. That

way the captain could take us as close as legally possible to see the whales!

Some of us moved downstairs to get out of the mist, wind, and drizzle, only to find a warmer spot to search for those elusive whales while having lots of great conversations in our little “pods” of Porsche women—spread out upstairs, downstairs, and inside.

All of a sudden, we hear “dolphins starboard side” and many of us had this blank stare like “which side is that?” We saw an impressive pod of dolphins frolicking in the ocean as they caught the waves and played while swimming beside the boat. They were with us for quite a while as we awaited the elusive whales!

22 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024

The captain took us to the backside of Anacapa Island in hopes that whales would be there—nope, no whales—but how often do you get to see the backside of Anacapa? It was a first for this “skipper”! The captain let us know that it was time to head back and there was a lot of ocean between here and there, so we still had a chance to find that elusive cetacean. We all waited with anticipation. About half way back we saw a school of hundreds of bottlenose dolphins, playing in the gray waters and jumping completely out of the ocean, with lots of oohs and ahs being heard among the seafarers.

Our trip back to the dock took another 30 minutes or so. No stinking whales, but a trip that was priceless as we became better acquainted with one another through lots of conversation and laughs.

Should any of you Porsche women want to be included on our mailing list for future events, please feel free to send your contact information to Carol Mathieu at shaman500@ Please include both your email address and phone number.

Here’s to more GREAT adventures—whales or not.

23 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
PHOTO CREDITS: OPPOSITE by Mike Turek TOP 4 by Leslie Power LOWER 2 by Karen Turek
24 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024 805.252.2190 Whether it’s about Porsches or your next dream home, let’s talk! DRE 01206734 Robert Watt DRE 01441498


Quality shirts, jackets, and hats are available in a variety of colors and for all seasons.

• District Men’s Game Tee

• New Era Ladie’s Heritage Blend 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Raglan Tee

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• Port Authority Men’s Tall SuperPro Oxford Shirt

26 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024
27 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF For more information, call Dustin Troyan at 818.584.3240 and visit

The Historic Rock Inn at Lake Hughes Drive and Luncheon

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Thisfun drive starts from the Target parking lot located at 800 New Los Angeles Ave. in Moorpark. We will then travel the backroads and over Grimes Cyn (CA 23) to Hwy. 126. We’ll proceed east to Santa Clarita where, depending on road conditions, our route will take us to the historic Rock Inn on one of three selected routes: Lake Hughes Rd. out of Castaic, San Francisquito Cyn. out of Santa Clarita, or Bouquet Cyn. to Spunky Lake and Cyn. The meet-up time and final route directions will be provided to registrants one week before the event. No matter the route, the drive will be memorable.

The Rock Inn will provide us with the following menu choices: hamburgers, sandwich choices of tri-tip, grilled chicken, or pulled-pork, along with limitless french fries or onion rings. The vegetarian choices will be a garden burger or mixed green salad. The total price for this event is $35.00 per person. Please book your reservations, meal selection, and payment through This event is limited to 40 participants.

You’ve heard of the test pilots Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong. Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier in an X-1. Armstrong piloted the X-15 on seven test flights and later was the first man to set foot on the moon. Edwards Air Force base is crawling with test pilots; the USAF Flight Test School is what they do there!

Wednesday, March 27, we have a second drive to and tour of Edwards Air Force Base outside of Lancaster. We will arrive at the base at 11:00 and proceed to the mess hall for lunch. From there we’ll have a guided tour of the legendary Air Force Flight Test Museum followed by a tour of the base via a USAF bus, including a drive down the flight line. There will be an opportunity for a group photo in front of a USAF XR71. This event is limited to 40 attendees and the registration period will end two weeks before the event.

Second Tour

Edwards Air Force Base

Lunch and Tour

Wednesday, March 27

Due to national security requirements, during registration and sign-up you will need to provide information other than just your credit card. This information will be kept secure and is only shared with the Air Force Base Security and is one of their requirements to enter the base: open only to US citizens and green card permanent residents. To register, go to Cost is $40 per person, which includes lunch, the activity fee, and a contribution to the Air Force Flight Test Museum. Questions?—contact Ron Mulick, or (805) 689-1981.

28 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024


Members of the Porsche Club of Santa Barbara are no strangers to the nicer things in life: Porsches, good times, good food, and extraordinary wine. Consistent with that philosophy, our Club’s Activities Committee has planned a very special event for you. Arrangements have been made for a memorable day with Pence Vineyards and Winery, a maker of premier, award-winning wines. We’re starting with a spirited Porsche drive, followed by an afternoon of gourmet food, and worldclass wine tasting.

Our drive starts at The Habit parking lot, 3890 La Cumbre Rd., Santa Barbara. To stimulate our appetites, our driving adventure takes us over the San Marcus Pass on CA-154 for an excursion along some of Santa Barbara County’s hidden, back-road gems, taking us to the lovely grounds of the Pence Vineyards and Winery located just off Hwy 246 in Buellton.

Once we arrive, our Pence Vineyard experience will start with a specially arranged private tour of the scenic grounds and wine-making facilities. The tour will be followed by a gourmet luncheon prepared and served by the First & Oak Restaurant, recognized by the Michelin Guide as one of the premier restaurants in the Santa Ynez Valley. They offer seasonal concepts from their culinary team, inspired by the Santa Ynez landscape and created with fresh, local ingredients. Our specially prepared menu includes the following buffet items:

• CATCH of the DAY Spring Onion Puree, Kale

• SLOW COOKED YOUNG CHICKEN Black Truffle Potato Puree, Asparagus

• ROAST SPRING CARROTS Chimichurri, Pepitas

• BABY GEM LETTUCE Spring Pea Pesto, Pistachios

After our wonderful meal, we’ll mosey over to the winery where a special wine tasting will have been arranged for us. The price for this stellar event, including the drive, wine tour, gourmet meal, and wine tasting is $100 per person. Please be advised, this event is limited to 80 individuals. Reservations may be made on Questions?: contact Lionel Neff at

29 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
30 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024
9-15, 2024
Convention Center
Don’t Just Attend Porsche Parade...
Phase 2 Registration Opens April 3, 2024 ...Be a Part of It!
Birmingham, Alabama
Porsche Parade offers driving tours in which PCA members and guests meet up at a defined starting location, drive together along an interesting route, and enjoy a unique place or destination – often including a luncheon with PCA friends. Parade is a great time to join a driving tour!

2024 Zone 8 AX, DE, & TT AT REgional Tracks

Mon, Mar 18

Wed, Apr 3

Sat, Apr 13

Sat-Sun, Apr 20-21

Fri, May 3

Sat-Sun, May 4-5

Mon, May 13

Sat-Sun, Jun 15-16

Sun, Jun 16

Sat, Jun 22

Sat, Jul 27

Sat-Sun, Sep 14-15

Mon, Oct 14

Sat, Oct 19

Fri, Nov 1

SBR/LAR/GPX DE at Streets of Willow

CCCR DE at Willow Springs

CCCR DE School at Santa Maria Airport

SDR DE/TT Chuckwalla

CCCR DE at Buttonwillow

GGR DE at Buttonwillow

CCCR DE at Buttonwillow

SDR TT Willow Springs

CCCR DE at Laguna Seca

CCCR AX at Santa Maria Airport

CCCR AX at Santa Maria Airport

SDR DE/TT Willow Springs

SBR/LAR/GPX DE at Streets of Willow

CCCR AX at Santa Maria Airport

CCCR DE at Buttonwillow

AX = Autocross, DE = Driver’s Education, TT = Time Trials, and CR = Club Race

CCCR = California Central Coast Region, GEM = Golden Empire Region, GGR = Golden Gate Region, GPX = Grand Prix Region, SDR = San Diego Region, LAR = Los Angeles Region, LVR = Las Vegas Region, and RR = Riverside Region.


1999 GT3

Ordering a durable, magnetic SBR name badge is quick and easy online. Visit our website, On the top banner, select Membership and click the link SBR Name Badges. Fill out the order form and follow the instructions as to what to pay and where to send the form. You can order up to two badges with one form.

31 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF


John & Christine Espinoza

Santa Barbara 2007 911

Barry Rudin Oxnard 2013 911 S

Larry Kovalick

Newbury Park 1999 911

Brett Weichbrod

Santa Barbara 2022 911

New Members

John & Dawn Vanacore 2014 4S

Michael Low

Moorpark 2024 911 T

William Phelps

Santa Barbara 2024 911 T

David & Heidi Gelfuso Moorpark 2023 Panamera Turbo S

Rachel Kaganoff Carpinteria 2024 Taycan

Fred Przekop Goleta 2023 Macan GTS

Herb Bennett

Thousand Oaks 2019 Panamera Turbo

Thomas Frew

Ventura 2011 Cayman S

Romain Doussineau

Santa Barbara 1992 911 America Roadster

Dennis Boses

Ventura 1959 356

32 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024
Sue Kinsling Brett Weichbrod Chris Tarello Rachel Kaganoff Dan & Victoriia Smee Noah & Larry Kovalick Steven Muro Fred Przekop Alissa Chulak & Mary Sheridan

March Anniversaries

54 Years

Paul & Ann Trent

46 Years

Schalon & Giulia Newton

Michael & Cathy Nunn

41 Years

Ron & Yttri & Marjorie Gies

36 Years

Carl Schulhof

Gene Yoshida

32 Years

Max Sluiter & Barbara Ballenger

31 Years

David Dablaing & Mana MacDowell

30 Years

Paul & Patti Eisenberg

Joe & Sarah Wigert

27 Years

John Kraus

23 Years

Mike & Barbara Malamut

21 Years

Matthew Chao & Dawn Murphy

20 Years

R & Toni Fox

Kenneth & Patricia Just

Jeffery Shulem & Linda Lim

Cliff & Claudette Warren

Tony & Riley Wilson

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Donald & Linda Kuckenbaker

Rick & Suzanne Principe

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Chris Allen

Frank & Amy Richter

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Norm & Joanne Ayotte

James & Harriet Edwards

Robert Nisbet

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Paul & Patricia Crissman

John & Gale Machin

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Kevin & Valerie White

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Andrew Louie & Ben Savage

Clifford & Kimberly Sullivan

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Steve Straub & Jim Wright

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Matt Buckley

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Stephen Bullard

Philip Stearns & William Lashlee

Adam & Karen Vazquez

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Jeff Gilliam

Miles Weiss

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James & Carol Stein Sterling

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Jeffrey & Jane Kagan

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Chris Aldieri & Reginald Fils

Bryan & Mary Clabeaux

Curt & Eli Pindler

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Buck & Shelly Schneider

18 Years

Tracy Albert

17 Years

Ray Link & Jill Taylor

Gerald Malovos & Andres


Stephen Murray

Brad & Debbie Schultz

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Kevin & Bonnie Ryan

Markus & Justine Wienken

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Robert & Lisa Watt

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William & Diane Griswold

Anthony & William Stoessel

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Jim & Max Youngson

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Leslie Ekker

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Jonathan & Avner Ohana

33 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
34 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024 Paul Bancroft Roofing, Inc. 7706 Deering Avenue Canoga Park, CA 91304 (818) 888-7307 ALL TYPES OF ROOFING • INSURANCE PROTECTION ROOFING CONSULTANT • INVESTIGATIVE WORK Paul Bancroft PCA Member since 2005 STATE LIC. # 467286 NORTH HOLLYWOOD SPEEDOMETER & CLOCK COMPANY Service & Restoration of VDO Instruments Specializing in: 356 * 911 * 914 6111 Lankershim Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA 91606 818-761-5136 RS ENTERPRISES JASON DUARTE 249 S. Laurel Street Ventura, CA 93001 805 643 1041 Final Details THE CERAMIC COATING EXPERTS OF VENTURA SINCE 1987 FINAL DETAILS 3639 E. Harbor Blvd. #304 Ventura, CA 93001 (Next to Beacon Marine) Free Quotes: (805)558-1618 TAKE YOU CAR’S FINISH TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Never wax you car again! Through testing and evaluation, we found the brands of coatings for the best performance, looks, and durability.‍
35 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF DSR AUDIO DESMOND WARREN 805-525-3700 •Festival, Concert & Business Presentation Sound Systems •Event Production •Generators •Power Distribution •Musical Instrument Rental •Retail Sales New & Used 805-452-2344 • Cell 805-525-3771 • Fax 110 Calave Street #E, Santa Paula, CA 93060 805-452-2344 • Cell 120 S Calavo St., Santa Paula, CA 93060 Lori’s Mobile Notary & LiveScan Fingerprinting Specialists are always available, experienced, and professional. Lori’s is one of Santa Barbara’s leading and most trusted Mobile Notary Public and Fingerprinting offices. Our on-demand services are comprehensive and serve multiple businesses & professionals in and around Santa Barbara. Notary Services In-Office (Walk-In/No appointment necessary) and Mobile Live Scan & FBI ID Ink Card Fingerprinting Walk-in during office hours/No appointment necessary Apostille Service Passport Photos & Renewal Services Vehicle Registration & DMV Services Renewals, Ownership Transfers, Replacement Stickers, New & Replacement License Plates, Duplicate Title, one-year Full Registration Trailers, Salvage Title, Boats NEW! Vehicle Vin Verification Services! Provided by CA Vins in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties! (805) 683 - 6350 • Awards & Engraving Trevor Ashton AswellTrophy 235 N. Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 487-2224 Fax (805) 487-3588 Coachcraft 302 Orange Grove Avenue Fillmore, CA 93015-1938 The Original Coachcraft 805.524.7744 Anthony & Bill Stoessel Since 1940 356 AND EARLY 911 SERVICE
36 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024 Your source for parts and accessories for all Porsche® automobiles! 1055 E. Walnut Street Pasadena CA 91106 626.844.4616 • 888.986.4466 626.844.4616 • 888.986.4466 1669 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041 R. David Fox Insurance Agency Insurance Lic#: 0738653 1220 Santa Barbara Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-962-3587 DAVID FOX Porsche 356B owner since 1965. I am a proud supporter of PCA and I offer agreed amount coverage for your classic. Helen Salaverria, Brand Manager 805-267-5963 BRUCE A. PENCE, JR., D.D.S General Dentistry 1000 Town Center Drive, #250 Oxnard, CA 93036 805-983-7674 Fax 805-485-9838

January always kicks off the year with many great auctions from most of the major auction houses and generally gives us a barometer as to what to expect for the remainder of the year. The overall Porsche market seems to have stabilized with January’s sellthrough rate coming in at 68%, right in range of what we saw through the final quarter of 2023. We did see a bump in dollar and unit volume as compared to last January with $44,026,566 sold from the 592 Porsches offered.

Collectors had the opportunity to complete the “holy trinity” of hypercars: 959 Komforts, Carrera GTs, and 918 Spyders. A 1987 959 Komfort offered at Mecum’s Kissimmee sale was a 15,000-mile example that hammered for $1,700,000, on trend with other 959 sales we saw last year. A 2005 Carrera GT offered at Barrett-Jackson topped average sales prices selling for $1,700,000. The car had just 3,500 miles and was finished in the rare, and much sought-after, color combination of Fayence Yellow over Ascot Brown. A 918 Spyder, also auctioned by Barrett-Jackson, sold just below the market average at a final bid of $1,625,000. Failing to sell were two Carrera GTs with high bids of $1,252,000 and $1,370,000 along with a 959 Komfort at $1,500,000 and a 918 Spyder at $1,650,000.

Also at the top end of the market, another sale of Porsche’s track-only 935/19 set a new record at a final bid of $1,626,000. We also saw a 911 Reimagined by Singer return to the million-dollar club for the first time since last August, with a Namibia Yellow over Bone White leather example sporting an Ed Pink-built 4.0-liter hammering down at $1,025,000. But that wasn’t the most impressive, modified Porsche on the market last month. That honor goes to a 1957 356A built by Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports. This Light Ivory over Green Vine leather “Emory Outlaw” features a 2.6-liter Emory-Rothsport “Outlaw-4” engine reported to produce 260 hp; it sold at a final bid of $675,000.

The overall 356 market looked strong bringing in a total dollar volume just over $3m with a 75% sell-through rate. Speedsters and Cabriolets dominated the top five spots with a beautiful Black on Black matching-numbers 1958 356A Speedster ($315,000), followed by a 1958 356A Cabriolet finished in Ruby Red with a Black hard top ($292,000). The Cabriolet sold well above comps thanks to its known history and great presentation.

The 914/6s continued to struggle. Out of the five cars on offer, only two found new homes, both selling under the $100,000 mark. Two other standard 914/6s failed to sell at final bids of $83,500 and $110,000, the latter of which should have taken the bid in this market. Also failing to sell was a 1971 914/6 built by Brumos racing in the ‘90s for a customer racing program in the HSR series; it failed to sell at a high bid of $110,000.

While 914/6s slid, one market that has been on fire over the last

few months is the 993 Targa with its pricing trend line almost pointing straight up. Prices have gone from an average of $90,000 at the beginning of last year to over $120,000 today with three examples selling for $115,000, $164,000, and an impressive $180,000, which set a new fiveyear record for the model. That 1996 993 Targa 6-speed was a special one, customized by Jason Castiota, famed automotive designer whose work includes the Ferrari 599, Maserati’s GranTurismo, and the one-off Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina. This one-of-akind example was finished in Dark Brown Metallic with a gold rear Targa badge, gold-colored brake calipers, a Turbo front bumper, and a split-grille rear decklid borrowed from a 993 Carrera 2S. On the inside, the car featured a custom handcrafted interior appointed with classic beige German square weave carpeting and a combination of chocolate brown and ivory leather upholstery. Stunning!

Based on January’s numbers, I’d say that the overall Porsche market has stabilized and likely to continue into the spring. Although some models appear to be softening, I think it’s more a case of them coming back down to reality after the insanity we saw in 2022. Our next batch of major auctions isn’t until early March with the Amelia Island sales, so February will give us a good look at how the online auction houses are performing on their own. Until then.

David K. Whitlock is a writer for The Stuttgart Market Letter, a daily market update for Porschephiles, by Porschephiles, delivered free to your inbox. To sign up, go to:

37 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
Carrera GT

PCA Zone 8

Porsche Club of America


Zone 8 Representative

Lori DeCristo

California Inland Region


Linda Cobarrubias

Grand Prix Region


Monica Ashbury

Orange Coast Region


Autocross Chair

Bill Thorp

San Diego Region

Chief Driving Instructor

Scott Mann

Las Vegas Region

Club Race Advisor

Skip Carter

Grand Prix Region

Concours Judge Admin.

David Witteried

California Inland Region

Event Information Chair

Jim Alton

San Gabriel Region

Rules Coordinator

Tom Brown

San Diego Region

Rules Technical Advisor

Russell Shon

San Diego Region

Social Media Chair

Vinita Khilani

Los Angeles Region

Time Trial/DE Chair

Russell Shon

San Diego Region

Rules Coordinator/ Webmaster

Tom Brown

San Diego Region

38 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024
Aswell Trophy ........................... 35 Bruce Pence, DDS ..................... 36 California Tire Company............ 34 Coachcraft 35 Crawford Wealth Management 8 Doll Real Estate Services........... 36 DSR Audio ................................ 35 Final Details ............................. 34 Ghost Shield ............................. 25 Koncept Motorwurks 34 Lavaggio-The Art of Detailing 27 Legacy Autosport ..................... 36 Lori’s Mobile Notary Service ..... 35 M&A Business Advisors ............ 26 Milpas Motors 12 Monaco Motors 35 Mulick Construction & Design .. 36 No. Hollywood Speedometer.... 34 Paul Bancroft Roofing .............. 34 PCARMarket ............................. 13 Porsche Club of America 30 Premier Coach 17 Rock Chip Armor....................... 24 RS Enterprises .......................... 34 Rusnak Westlake Porsche ........ IFC Santa Barbara Auto Group BC Santa Barbara Region Webstore 26 Schneider Autohaus ................. 27 Sierra Madre Collection ............ 36 State Farm Insurance, David Fox . 36 The Porsche Boutique 36 Village Properties, Robert Watt 24 Wheel Concepts 25 Advertiser Directory


Porsche 19” OEM BBS Sport Wheels.

Fits 997 Carrera, Carrera S, Targa, others. Will fit most non-turbo

997s.Wheel Sizes:

Front:8Jx19 ET57 Offset 57

Rear 11Jx19 ET67 Offset 67

Tire Sizes:

Front: 235/35ZR19 87Y

Rear: 295/30ZR19 100Y

Excellent condition. One small road rash spot. Will include center Porsche crests.


Conrad Van Hyning 2

Fully outfitted racing manikin 6’ manikin in full racing uniform with helmet, gloves, shoes, and nomex unnderwear. Also has many patches: Riverside international raceway, Laguna Seca raceway, Willow Springs international raceway, Porsche Owners Club, Porsche Club of America, B.F.G, Goodyear, etc. Comes mounted on a steel and glass stand.


Bob Bassett 805-388-2195

PCA/SBR Classifieds

Classified ads of 50 words or less for Porsche cars, parts, and Porsche-related items are free to PCA members in good standing and will run for a maximum of two months. Please notify the editor if sold. SBR is not responsible for the accuracy of any ad or claims made, and does not warrant or guarantee the condition of items. Please submit ads directly to the editor at editor. with text in a Word document and with photos as jpegs.

39 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF


2001 911 Carrera Cabriolet


Arctic Silver Metallic, Boxster Red special leather. 117,000 miles. Owned over 14 years, always garaged and regularly serviced. No issues. Very good condition.


Claus Eisenbach (805) 845-1475

2005 911 Turbo Cab 62,000 Miles

Four-wheel drive, Slate Grey, black leather interior, carbon fiber seat backs, back up sensors, and camera. Additions: PSS10 suspension. HRE wheels, clear bra, updated stereo system, built in Valentine radar detector. Have records for all maintenance.

Asking $75,000

Gary Weaver 805-217-5354

FIKSE polished rims

Like new, one rear has minor curb rash. Fronts are 9x18, rears are 11x18, 5 lug, 130mm bolt pattern. Fits 911 or Boxster, 2004-2012.


Rane Seffel (818) 400-2160

40 DER AUSPUFF March/April 2024


sunshine on a 1964 356C Coupe

41 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
43 March/April 2024 DER AUSPUFF
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