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September/October 2021

September/October 2021





September/October 2021





FE ATURES 10 SBR Poker Run 2021 By Doreen Pankow 14 New Members Recognition Event By Doreen Pankow 20 356 Concours at Cambria By Dennis Power and Gary Krueger 26 The IROC Porsches By Matt Stone COVER

Photo by Gary Krueger

Photos this page: #10 by Nicolas Liakas #14 and #20 by Gary Krueger

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SANTA BARBARA REGION BOARD OF DIRECTORS President ROD HERSBERGER (805) 698-1659 Vice President and Activities Chair STEVE DOLL (805) 701-5511

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DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021


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Upcoming Events C AR S & CO FFE E Location maps below. Camarillo Saturdays, September 4, October 2, November 6, 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Camarillo Outlets Mall, at the parking lot in front of Panera Bread. Santa Barbara Saturdays, September 11, October 9, November 13, 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Leadbetter Beach, at the parking lot near Shoreline Beach Cafe.

CLU B DR IVES AN D SO CIAL E VE NT S The Majesty of America’s Southwest — Sept. 14-20. SOLD OUT Mt. Wilson Observatory Tour — Saturday, October 16. SOLD OUT SB Wine Country Tour — Saturday, November 20. SOLD OUT Holiday Brunch — Saturday, December 11 Sweetwater Run — January 22, 2022

Cars & Coffee Locations Camarillo First Saturday of the Month 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Parking at Camarillo Outlets near Panera Bread, 740 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo

Santa Barbara Second Saturday of the Month 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Parking at Leadbetter Beach near Shoreline Beach Cafe, 801 Shoreline Dr., Santa Barbara Garden St.

HWY 101

HWY 101

Las Posas Rd. Cabrillo Blvd.

Ventura Blvd.

Panera Bread Parking Area

Camarillo Outlets

Shoreline Beach Cafe at Leadbetter Beach

Photo by Dennis Power

September/October 2021



THE PRESIDENT’S COLUMN ROD HERSBERGER In this space of the March/April issue of Der Auspuff, I wrote how much I enjoyed Panorama’s January

2021 issue on mid-century design and how Porsche styling complements that. Recently, I picked up Christophorus issue 398 and the feature story is about famous architect Lord Norman Foster. Foster, if you don’t know, redid the British Museum and the Reichstag, and designed the Millennium Bridge, Apple Park, and the Gherkin Tower, among many others. What’s the connection, you ask? He owns two vintage 356s that he says, “for me the 356s are works of art like futuristic sculptures.” What Porsche owner could disagree with that? Twenty years ago or so, I had a chance to work on the programming and design for the library at CSU Channel Islands with one of the Foster partners. The design removed the center section of the old mental hospital and replaced it with a glass and steel structure that is light and airy. You might ask again, what is the connection? The founding CSUCI President, Handel Evans, went to school with Foster in Manchester, England. I doubt the fees even covered expenses for Foster’s team, but it is a nice connection anyway. Speaking of design, you might have read that VW is moving its Bugatti brand to a joint venture of Croatian

electric vehicle maker Rimac (55%) and Porsche (45%). Porsche already has a 24% ownership of Rimac. It appears the 1000+hp Bugatti gasoline engine will be replaced by an equally potent electric powerplant. The motors will be manufactured in Croatia, while the assembly will remain in Bugatti’s traditional home of Molsheim. Will Bugatti now be known as Le Pur Sang Electrique? It was good to get back to Monterey Car Week again. Susan and I attended the Werks Reunion and the Concorso Italiano, and spent some time as well at Laguna Seca watching historic races. At the PCA National Board of Directors’ meeting on August 2, I was elected to a three year term on the PCA Audit Committee. This four-member group reviews all PCA finances as necessary. The Region is enjoying good attendance at all events. Our new member recognition drive and lunch on July 17 was particularly successful with nearly 80 participants, as you can read elsewhere in this issue. Please continue to consult the region’s website at, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to know the latest about club events.

Call for 2022 Officers and Appointees Nominations The Nominating Committee is seeking nominees for officer candidates (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) to be elected this fall for two-year terms beginning in 2022. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please email Secretary Tom Sutphen at no later than September 5. Also, please let Tom know if you are interested in serving on any of our committees (Activities, Advertising, Archives, Motorsports, Concours, Dealer Relations, Distribution, Der Auspuff editorial team, Insurance, Membership, Public Relations, Safety, or Social Media ).


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021


Engineers love it, Porsche marketers tout it, and owners brag. It’s


0 to 60 mph Time by Year 6

Time to Reach 60 mph (seconds)

horsepower. Last time, in this column, 5.5 I shared data I’d gathered on the increase in horsepower and power-to5 weight ratios we’ve seen for 911s of 4.5 all models, from their inception up un4 til 2020. Turbos and naturally aspirated cars were kept separate. The gains 3.5 have been impressive, but we know 3 we can rarely use all of that power in 2.5 daily driving, or even on special outings on twisty back roads, which SBR 2 members love to navigate. 1985 1990 Here, for those curious about the improvements in getting to the Turbo grocery store quicker, or merging onto a freeway from the onramp (except for getting onto the I-405, of course), I look at the zero-to-sixty times for 911s; all models. Again, turbos and naturally aspirated cars are kept separate. The wide difference in the two data sets shows the well-known acceleration in a turbo over a naturally aspirated car. Within the data sets, it looks like naturally aspirated cars are about a second and a half quicker over the last 30 years, and they get better over that time than what you might expect from a straight-line trend. (The best fit to the data is a curve, not a straight line.) With the turbos, we see an improvement of about two seconds.





Year of Introduction

Normally Aspirated

Poly. (Turbo)




Poly. (Normally Aspirated)

So, today, compared to 30 years ago, we can get up to speed to be at the grocery store or onto a freeway more than a second faster, and, if you have a turbo, maybe two seconds faster . . . per complete stop, of course. Also, non-electric turbos—not the so-called electric turbos these days—may have gotten about as quick as possible off the line if you believe the flattening at the end of their curve. And, a final note, see that flat spot in the naturally-aspirated data between 2000 and 2005? That’s the 996, the model that I just bought before graphing these data.

Board of Directors Meetings SBR’s Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday of every oddnumbered month beginning at 6:30 p.m. At this time, the meetings are held online via Zoom. Member attendance and participation are encouraged. Board meeting minutes are posted on the SBR website: www.pcasb. org/#club_news

September/October 2021



C A R S & COFFEE — C AMARIL LO July 3, 2021— 85 members and 60 Porsches

August 7, 2021 — 84 members, 53 Porsches, and 18 alternate vehicles

Maureen Hathoot

Photos on both pages with names are of new or recent members


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

C A R S & COFFEE — SANTA BARBAR A July 10, 2021 — 52 members and 38 Porsches

Theresa Miranda

Tisha Contreras

Tina & Mark Gonzales

Randy Catanese with Tom & Luke

August 14, 2021 —34 members, 21 Porsches, and 7 alternate vehicles

Photos on both pages by Steve Geldman, Bill Hallier, Gary Krueger, and Dennis Power

September/October 2021




DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

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September/October 2021



“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.” —Paul Newman

S BR POK E R RU N 2 O 2 1 I

STORY BY DOREEN PANKOW rived at our first stop where we drew our second card from Mike and Cherie Sagraves. Then the drivers got to enjoy driving the twists and turns on Balcom Canyon, Grimes Canyon, and other adventuresome back roads. At a church, we drew our third card from Stan and Una McKnight, and our fourth card from Floyd and Jan Hester at Well #2. Drawing our fourth card brought home reality as players with a handful of nothing realized it would be highly unlikely they would win any money. So, for them, it was time to lean back and enjoy the rest of the drive back to Mission Oaks Park in Camarillo. Everyone had their poker sheet ready and held their breath as they drew their final card from Jeanette Bassett and Doreen Pankow. Picnic lunches were then unpacked and we all enjoyed relaxing while chatting with old friends and making new acquaintances. It was wonderful to hug and talk with friends we haven’t seen for some time.

Randall Fishwick

t was the last day of spring, a perfect time for a fun drive and picnic lunch. On the morning of June 19, money was the focus of the day. Everyone drew their first playing card from Bob and Jeanette Bassett at our starting location in Camarillo. Emotions and competitive spirits ran high, the euphoric mood palpably strong in the air. As each card was drawn, the players mentally ranked their chances of winning. Face cards are always lusted after, their perceived value potentially much greater than their actual value. “High value” cards were rewarded with smiles, “low value” cards, well, not so much. The drivers meeting announcements were made by President Rod Hersberger regarding observing speed limits and no prizes for finishing ahead of anyone else—or getting speeding tickets. Finally, 60 poker players driving 30 Porsches set off with visions of winning big bucks dancing in their heads. The drive began rather sedately and we ar-


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

Nicolas Liakas

Nicolas Liakas

Clockwise from top: Stop #1 with Cherie and Mike Sagraves, stop #2 with Una and Stan McKnight, stop #3 with Jan and Floyd Hester, Nick Liakas with winner Gina Moore, and the group relaxing and enjoying lunch with friends

Nicolas Liakas

After careful scrutiny of all the poker hands, the winners were announced by Nicolas Liakas. Gina Moore won first place with a five card club flush and Gloria Hallier won second place with three of a kind in jacks. There were three other people who had three-of-a-kind hands but with a much lower denomination, and two people had two pairs. Many thanks to all our volunteers who staffed the locations to draw cards along the route: Bob and Jeanette Bassett, Mike and Cherie Sagraves, Stan and Una McNight, and Floyd and Jan Hester. Also thanks to David Stone who took charge of getting waivers signed and to our photographers Nicolas Liakas, Bill Hallier, and Randy Fishwick. Thanks for coming and making it such a fun day!

Nicolas Liakas

Randall Fishwick

Nicolas Liakas

Doreen Pankow has been a member of PCA since 1997. She served as President in 2013 and 2014, is past activities chair, and received the Porsche Enthusiast of the Year Award in 2019. Doreen drives a 1995 993 in Midnight Blue Metallic.

September/October 2021



your best drive ever.



DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

Whether it’s about Porsches or your next dream home, let’s talk!

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September/October 2021



New Members Recognition Event Story by Doreen Pankow


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021


very two years, we hold a special event to recognize our newest members, those who joined the Santa Barbara Region over the past 24 months. The 2021 event, held this year on July 17, started at the Porsche Santa Barbara dealership, where we talked with friends and had time to meet many new members while enjoying delicious pastries, fruit bowls, and coffee, courtesy of the dealership. Nicolas Liakas conducted the driver’s meeting and we then headed to our cars and got ready for the day’s adventure. Eighty members in 44 Porsches headed out with joy in their hearts, delighted to be driving their favorite car over some of southern California’s best back roads . . . and on a beautiful summer day as well! Our route took us over San Marcos Pass and into the Santa Ynez Valley where we turned onto Foxen Canyon and

Alisos Canyon roads to test our skills driving the scenic twisties through wine country. We continued west through Los Alamos on CA135 and then north on CA-1, where we reached the Monarch Club, nestled among new homes and golf courses just west of the town of Nipomo. At the Monarch Club, a delicious buffet awaited us with something for everyone, including chicken marsala, salmon filet, flat iron steak, and assorted side dishes. Of course, my favorite is always dessert and I was not disappointed. The chocolate tartufo was to die for . . . a very creamy and light ice cream delight. At our tables, we caught up with old friends and enjoyed meeting more of the recent members, finding out more about their interests and what model of Porsche they’re driving now and others they may have owned in the past.

Opposite: Heading up San Marcos Pass, with Nick Liakas leading the pack. Photo by Gary Krueger Above left: The more-thanready line-up at Santa Barbara Porsche. Top right: Gathering and socializing at the dealership. Lower right: On a wine country road, following Joe Schneider’s orange outlaw. Photos this page by Bill Hallier

September/October 2021



Following lunch, SBR President Rod Hersberger started the program to recognize our 44 newest. This is the largest group of new members in our history who’ve attended the New Member Event. The Santa Barbara Region officially became a PCA Region in June 1964 with 35 charter members; our region has now grown to over 1,200. Joe and Kathie Schneider, who joined our region in the mid-1960s, were also recognized as the members with the most tenure in our club. After introducing all the new members, Rod Hersberger and Advertising Chair Bob Clarke distributed an assortment of door prizes. The li-


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

cense plate holder winners had lots of fun framing their faces for the photo shots. We all left that afternoon delighted to have met so many new members and looking forward to becoming closer friends. The drive back to Santa Barbara added to an all-around great day. Doreen Pankow has been a member of PCA since 1997. She was President in 2013 and 2014, is past activities chair, and received the Porsche Enthusiast of the Year Award in 2019. Doreen drives a 1995 993 in Midnight Blue Metallic.

Top: New members gather for the recognition event; the largest number we’ve had. Photo by Bill Hallier. Above left: Enjoying the buffet lunch at the Monarch Club. Photo by Bill Hallier. Above right: A recent member with his new SBR license plate frame. Photo by Nicolas Liakas.

The annual Porsche Parade is a weeklong gathering of people and Porsches from all over the world, held in a different location each year Porsche Parade is PCA’s crown jewel event. This weeklong gathering of 1,200+ Porsches and 2,000+ Porsche enthusiasts from all PCA Regions across the US and Canada is held in a different location each year. This ultimate Porsche vacation includes competition, camaraderie, and, most of all, FUN for all ages. MORE INFORMATION:

September/October 2021




DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

356 Drive

October 2, 2021


alling all drivers with 356 Porsches built from 1948 to 1965 for this fun drive! Following the October 2nd Camarillo breakfast meeting, we’ll depart by 9:45 a.m. and drive the back roads to Piru to visit Ellery Engels metal specialties shop. We then continue to Coachcraft Restorations in Fillmore. Lunch will follow in Fillmore with participants paying for their own lunch. The cost for this event is $5, including the Activity Fee. Payment will be collected when you sign the waivers at the end of the breakfast meeting prior to departure. Meeting location: the usual gathering place near Panera Bread at Camarillo Outlets. RSVP to Kent Bodin at

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356 CONCOURS AT CAMBRIA Story by Dennis Power Photos by Gary Krueger


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021


or Santa Barbara Region members to see prime 356s is not hard. The few that gather at our Cars & Coffee always attract a crowd. Occasionally, owners stick to themselves and organize their own excursions (see 356 Drive, page 19). But to have a pleasant overdose of these early Porsches in a nearby location, there is the annual North Meets South 356 event just up the coast in Cambria. They skipped 2020, but it was back in 2021. SBR photographer Gary Krueger and I took the opportunity to attend. North Meets South is organized by the 356 Club of Southern California in partnership with 356Car, the California Alta Region. Held last May in the seaside town of Cambria, it did not disappoint. The event included programs and a driving tour and culminated with a concours. Helping a novice like me, the concours was well organized by model and type: pre-As, 356-As, Bs, and Cs, as well as speedsters and outlaws.

September/October 2021



The evolution of what was eventually the Porsche 911 began with the 356. The first 50 cars were built in 1948. Smooth lines, rear-engine, hard-top coupes, and open configurations have proven to be characteristics carried to the present day. Equally, a sporty feel, nimble handling, and good horsepower-to-weight ratios define the model line as a driver’s car. Today, the 911 is still what most think of with the Porsche brand. That legacy rests with the 356. Starting in the historic Austrian town of Gmünd, and shortly thereafter in Zuffenhausen, Germany, up until 1965 Porsche produced about 76,000 356s. One source estimated about half survive today. That half— or most them, I would guess—are treasured. They are protected, restored, shown, and talked about. They change hands for staggering sums of money—for an old, used car that is. The value, spiritually and monetarily, is the heritage they represent.


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

The 356 clan is managed by the Porsche 356 Registry. Nearly 7,000 enthusiasts in over 40 countries are members. There are some 32 clubs in North America, from Hawaii to Florida and Ontario, Canada, to Mexico. Another 14 or so are active in Europe. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Africa all have 356 clubs. California has three. It was a privilege to see so many of the early examples of these iconic cars, ones that gave rise over the decades to the evolution of what is still the car that best exemplifies the Porsche brand: the 911. And it is equally impressive to know there are people with the resources and the love of the 356 to keep these gems going and beautifully preserved. Dennis Power has been a member of PCA since 2004. He is editor of Der Auspuff and drives a 2003 Carrera 4S in Arctic Silver Metallic. Gary Krueger has been a member of PCA since 2017. He’s continuing a 53-year long career as a freelance photographer and drives a black 2004 Carrera.

September/October 2021



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DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

A Cruise to Greece November 20, 2021

Join your friends for a sparkling cruise through Santa Barbara Wine Country •


Meet at Dock 402 at 08:45 (AKA Santa Barbara Porsche Dealership, 402 S Hope Ave. ) • Complete your boarding documents • Receive your shore excursion itinerary • Enjoy complimentary pastry and coffee • Embark at 09:30


ur voyage will take us through the beautiful Santa Barbara Riviera to the Santa Ynez Valley Wine District. Our port of call will be Petros Winery. Petros showcases authentic Hellenic food and wine in an incomparable setting on Foxen Canyon Road. The owner, Petros Benekos, imports all the best culinary products from his hometown of Ioannina, Greece. The grapes are crafted in the Greek style from the Santa Ynez Valley AVA. The cost is $45 per person and includes lunch ($40) and the SBR activity fee ($5). Optional wine tasting is on your own. To sign up, please send the form below with a check payable to PCA/SBR to Una McKnight, 2308 Stafford Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91361. Questions? — (805) 750-3030 or email This exclusive cruise is limited to a maximum of 70 sailors. Book soon!


a cruise to greece -- santa barbara wine tour Saturday, November 20, 2021 Please fill out this form and send it with your check payable to PCA/SBR to: Una McKnight, 2308 Stafford Rd., Thousand Oaks CA 91361


Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________________ Number attending: ________

Cell phone: ____________________________________

Amount enclosed : __________ ($45/person. Note: no refunds after November 13, 2021.)

September/October 2021



The International Race of Champions Porsches and the Dozen Great Drivers Who Raced Them


ny racing fan who lived in Southern California in the early 1970s knew of the late, great Riverside International Raceway (RIR). And if you followed top-level Porsche racing during then, no matter where you’re from, you likely knew of the International Race of Champions. For its first season, the competition was contested with a special batch of Carrera RSR 3.0s developed and produced by the Porsche factory. A foundational element of this series’ magic is the dozen, truly international champions who contested Season 1: Bobby Allison, Mark Donohue, Emerson Fittipaldi, A. J. Foyt, George Follmer, Denis Hulme, Gordon Johncock, Roger McCluskey, David Pearson, Richard Petty, Peter Revson, and Bobby Unser. At one time, these drivers were all Formula 1, Can-Am, Trans-Am Series, Champ Car, or Indy 500 champions and race winners. Imagine today put-


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

Story by Matt Stone

ting together a field of accomplished top drivers of this caliber for a special series of four races in a purpose-specced roster of racing 911s. It would cost a billion dollars. IROC was the brainchild of the incomparable Roger Penske, TV and marketing wiz Mike Phelps, and former LA Rams linebacker Les Richter; Richter later was RIR track president. ABC’s Wide World of Sports was the exclusive broadcast partner and it was critical that the cars looked great and be recognizable on TV. The idea of the series was to match up champions from a wide spectrum of automobile racing, run them in identical, matched race cars, and attempt to divine who and/or what types of racing drivers were best. Removing the variables of differences in cars, engines, sponsorship money, and the proficiency of engineers, mechanics, and crew chiefs was the goal.

Penske Racing was primarily responsible for the development and procurement of the cars. A wide variety was considered: open wheelers such as Formula Fords, as well as Trans-Am style cars like Mustangs and Camaros. It was ultimately decided that the series would be contested on big, fast, and famous road courses, with three “heat races” at RIR and a winner-take-all season finale at Daytona International Speedway. Penske owned and operated several Porsche factorybacked teams. His hired guns (George Follmer and, primarily, Mark Donohue) convinced him to run Porsche Carrera RSRs for the series. Penske took the idea to Stuttgart and they agreed to develop and sell him a batch of 15 of the special RSRs (12 cars for each race, plus three spares). The 2.8-liter RSR was the starting point. In the name of more low-end torque, the twin-plug, MFI flat-six was upped to 3.0 liters and something just over 300 horsepower. The freshman season (1973/74) was a success by most measures, but that was it for the Porsches. For the second season the principals elected to sell off the IROC Porsche fleet in favor of Chevy Camaros, then Dodges, and still later Pontiac Firebirds. Over time, even though IROC became somewhat less international, it lasted an impressive

26 seasons. To me, however, nothing was ever as special as the dozen great men who contested the first IROC season and those howling, multi-colored, naturally aspirated, aircooled RSRs. (Continued next page)

September/October 2021



Previous page: the IROC Porsches on display in their full array of colors. This page: the official IROC 1973/1974 International Race of Champions poster.

Matt Stone has been a member of PCA since 2003. He is the author of a number of books about the men and machines in motorsports history.

Editor’s note—

As much as the entire IROC story deserves to be told in a standalone book, writer Matt Stone deeply believed that the story of the first season’s cars, drivers, tracks, races, and principals warranted a book of their own. And, Matt is proud to note, he spent much of the dreaded 2020 writing it. That book has just been published and released. He was honored that George Follmer, one of the series’ greatest drivers, authored the foreword. THE IROC PORSCHES: The International Race of Champions, Porsche’s 911 RSR, and The Men Who Raced Them is available hardbound, publisher-direct from, or from You can arrange for an autographed and/ or personalized copy from Autobooks bookstore in Burbank at


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021




njoy the drive up the mountain and take part in a private, docent-led tour of Mount Wilson Observatory, high above Pasadena.

The observatory contains two historically important telescopes: the 100-inch (2.5 m) Hooker Telescope, which was the largest aperture telescope in the world from its completion in 1917 to 1949, and the 60-inch telescope which was the largest operational telescope in the world when it was completed in 1908. Several other telescopes are on the premises. A special feature of the private tour is admission to the area directly beneath the 100-inch telescope, rather than a restricted view from the visitors’ gallery in the dome, as well as entrance into the 60-inch dome. An astronomer will have the 150-foot solar tower telescope open as well. (Please keep in mind that the elevation of the observatory and the one-mile and two-hour tour may present difficulties for those with respiratory and/or heart problems or with limited mobility.) The fee for this event is $25 per person and includes observatory admission, parking, and SBR’s activity fee. Lunch is not provided, so bring your own picnic lunch or plan a meal together with friends. If you wish to take part, complete the coupon below and mail it with your payment by October 1. (No refunds after October 1.) Time and place of the start will be provided to those who register.

Mount Wilson Observatory Tour, October 16, 2021 Fill out this coupon, include a check for $25 per person payable to PCA/SBR, and mail to Nicolas Liakas, 5910 Grey Rock Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301.


Name(s) of Participant(s) __________________________________________ Mailing Address _________________________________________________


e-mail _________________________________________________________ Cell phone _____________________________________________________


Number attending ___________ Amount enclosed $__________________ No refunds after October 1.

September/October 2021




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Lori’s Mobile Notary & LiveScan Fingerprinting Specialists are always available, experienced, and professional. Lori’s is one of Santa Barbara’s leading and most trusted Mobile Notary Public and Fingerprinting offices. Our on-demand services are comprehensive and serve multiple businesses & professionals in and around Santa Barbara. Notary Services In-Office (Walk-In/No appointment necessary) and Mobile Live Scan & FBI ID Ink Card Fingerprinting Walk-in during office hours/No appointment necessary Apostille Service Passport Photos & Renewal Services Vehicle Registration & DMV Services Renewals, Ownership Transfers, Replacement Stickers, New & Replacement License Plates, Duplicate Title, one-year Full Registration Trailers, Salvage Title, Boats NEW! Vehicle Vin Verification Services! Provided by CA Vins in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties!

(805) 683 - 6350 • September/October 2021



Membership Report By Sue Kinsling

August Member Anniversaries 57 Years! Joe & Kathrine Schneider

24 Years David & Susan Stone

54 Years Burt & Marge Misevic Lifetime member

23 Years Daniel Bleskey Susan & Kevin Grecian

41 Years Charles & Rosemary Spira

22 Years Tom & Ken Egidi

33 Years Dr. Steven Mascagno & Liane Romero

20 Years Marty & Pamela Harris Daniel Bleskey

31 Years Greg & Lisa Posner 30 Years Bill & Gloria Hallier

19 Years Stephen Karolyi Mark & Jeannette Smith Harold van Deinse & Lisa Severly

29 Years David Steinmetz & Donna Marks 27 Years Nicolas & Olga Liakas

16 Years Mark & Heather Armstrong Erik Bielitzer & Lisabeth Thomson Demir Hamami & Bill Becker Richard Nutnall

26 Years Bruce & Jeanette Clemens Gary & Kirsen Jurich Jim & Theresa Middlebrook

15 Years Chuck & Bonnie Carter Roger J. & Kathy Forse

25 Years John & Liz Lokrantz

14 Years Collin Kruschke Ronald & Charlotte Williams

13 Years Becky & Victoria Lundberg Daniel Nash 12 Years John Achterhof & Susie Muir Claus & Iris Eisenbach 11 Years John & Jennifer Ardy Daryl & Bruce Cruser Peter & Tatiana Hopps 10 Years Stephen & Marilyn McQuinn Keith Moore John & Mary Sramek 9 Years Doug & Arlene Braun Tara Brundrett Joe & Veronica Linden Kirk Lindsey Howard & Phyllis Rubenstein 8 Years Steve Lopez & Jason Ho 7 Years Michael & Jane Rieder Dan Waldman

6 Years Brett Cambern Marc & Leisa Cosentino Warner Ebbink James& Lena Lanum 5 Years Ron Dohmeyer Brooks London Will Wassenaar Chris & Jaimie Wight 4 Years Joseph & Leslie Bussing Scott Farrell Justin Moffatt Bruce & Laurie Whitney 3 Years Matt Ferguson John Haigh 2 Years Christian Mejia Ward Preston 1 Year Ian Burrows Allan Crocket Peter Hartmann Lionel & Dorie Neff Bill O’Donnell Murat Okcuoglu John Quick Dave Seibold

Some recent members on the Poker Run, June 19

Carol & Rick Wood


DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021

Janet & Adriano Bortolin

Denise & Ian Burrows

Karen Curtis & York Scheuller

September Member Anniversaries 54 Years! Anita Banke 31 Years John F.Meaney 29 Years Lawrence & Jo Markham 28 Years Robert Ross 25 Years James Oldham

18 Years George & Stacie Anthes Charles & Daniell Gentzler

10 Years Glenn & Lorraine Crawford George Owen & Linda Kraetsch

17 Years Garrick & Kitty Newman

9 Years Rich Bongiorno John Gerngross Anthony Napoli & Chrystal Lentine

16 Years Curtis Autenrieth & Maeve Oriordan Steve & Carol Nicholson

22 Years Peter & Michael Raftery

15 Years Charles Devlin Elliot Eichner & Joy Freeman Christopher & Kendra O’Connor Ian & Julia Smith Jon & Mary Valois

21 Years Karen Kahn & Roy Hidestad

14 Years Jerry & Pam Lasnik

20 Years Gary & Debra Laird Chester & Joan Yabitsu

13 Years Matthew Chao & Dawn Murphy

19 Years Daniel Rosenthal

12 Years Brian & Tami Palmer

24 Years Kent & Tori Bodin Thomas & Sarah Gaither

11 Years John & Heather Gray Richard & Karen Imendorf

8 Years Joe & Sherron Mehn Lynn Morris & Carla Romero Ronald & Marlene Sostman 7 Years Dan & Jessie Dugan Kurt & Shannon Kiefer 6 Years John & Pam Foster Diego Gomez & Jana Scarborough 5 Years Dominic & Carol Bonelli Don McMillan Jeffrey Watkins 4 Year James Crowder Devin Park Quasim & Sadiya Riaz Paul Wren

3 Years Phillip & Sue Derogatis Jack & Gina Mann Daniel McGregor Bruce & Cathy Milner Paul Molnar Andrew & Linda Purdy Thomas Skeren John Temple 2 Years Sherry Armbruster Mark Baettig & Laya Moncrief Aaron Berk Floyd & Jan Hester Neal Marks Steve Columbus & Beverly Mills Tess McKenzie Art Shinn Mark & Monica Wells David Yarden 1 Year Kevin Barrett Mark Bloomer Wade Cowper & Paul Phan Ara Dermendjian Sean Dugan Gregory Fowler Michael Krauchi Gary Ott Ben Price Juliana Welsh Monte Wilson

July to August 2021 New Members Todd Brewer, Moorpark 2000 911 Carrera

Tisha Contreras, Ventura 1999 Boxster

Peter & Marian, Camarillo 2017 911 Carrera 4S

Dana Rene Randolph, Santa Barbara, 2018 Macan

Theresa Miranda, Ventura 2004 911 Carrera 4S

David & Anita Everest, Thousand Oaks, 2012 Cayman S

Edward & Sue Stile, Camarillo 2002 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Mark & Tina Gonzales, Santa Barbara, 1969 911 E

Gary Jemelian, Westlake Village, 2017 911 Carrera S

Kamaran Ghaemmaghami, Glendale, 911 2015 Turbo S

Scott Cannon, Ventura 2021 718 Cayman GT4

Glenn & Denise Kirtley, Lake Sherwood, 2000 Boxster

Garry Jones, Agoura Hills 2014 911 Carrera 4S

September/October 2021



AswellTrophy Awards & Engraving Trevor Ashton

235 N. Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 487-2224 Fax (805) 487-3588


249 S. Laurel Street Ventura, CA 93001 805-643-1041

Insurance Collision Repair Custom Auto Body and Paint Restorations State of the Art Down Draft Spray Booth

Coachcraft Anthony & Bill Stoessel Since 1940

302 Orange Grove Avenue Fillmore, CA 93015-1938


The Original Coachcraft

Your source for parts and accessories for all Porsche® automobiles! 626.844.4616 • 888.986.4466

1055 E. Walnut Street Pasadena CA 91106

R. David Fox Insurance Agency DAVID FOX Porsche 356B owner since 1963 and proud PCA supporter

Insurance Lic#: 0738653 1220 Santa Barbara Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Quality tires & personal service at low, competitive prices

Joe Shaw

805-499-4811 1180 Newbury Road • Newbury Park, CA 91320

Visit us at:


805-525-3700 •Festival, Concert & Business Presentation Sound Systems •Event Production •Generators •Power Distribution •Musical Instrument Rental •Retail Sales New & Used 805-452-2344 • Cell 805-525-3771 • Fax

110 Calave Street #E, Santa Paula, CA 93060 34

DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021 We encourage all members to keep your individual profile updated on, especially your email address, so you don’t miss important information from PCA and our own Santa Barbara Region.


PCA Zone 8

Porsche Club of America ZONE 8 OFFICERS


Zone 8 Representative Jeff Peck Los Angeles Region

Autocross Chair Bill Thorp San Diego Region

Rules Coordinator Tom Brown San Diego Region

Treasurer Linda Cobarrubias Grand Prix Region

Chief Driving Instructor Scott Mann Las Vegas Region

Rules Technical Advisor Russell Shon San Diego Region

Secretary Lori Decristo California Inland Region

Club Race Advisor Skip Carter Grand Prix Region

Social Media Chair Sam Avedon Los Angeles Region

Concours Co-Chair Brett Mohr Grand Prix Region

Time Trial/D.E.Chair Dan Chambers San Diego Region

Concours Co-Chair Dick Douglas Grand Prix Region

Web Master Kaaren Garcia Raines San Diego Region

2021 Regional AX, DE, & TT* from

2021/22 SBR Activities Sept. 14-19 The Majesty of America’s SW—SOLD OUT October 2 356 Drive October 16 Mt. Wilson Observatory Tour—SOLD OUT November 20 Wine Country Tour— SOLD OUT December 11 Holiday Brunch Jan. 22, 2022 Sweetwater Run

Sat./Sun., Sep. 18/19 Sat., Oct. 2 Mon., Oct. 11 Sat./Sun., Oct., 16/17 Mon., Oct. 18 Sun., Oct. 24 Sat./Sun., Oct. 30/31

SDR DE/TT at Willow Springs CCCR AX at Santa Maria Airport GPX AX/DE at Streets of Willow SDR DE/TT at Chuckwalla CCCR DE at Laguna Seca RR AX at Autoclub Speedway CR/DE California Festival of Speed at Autoclub Speedway Sat./Sun., Nov. 6/7 SDR DE/TT at Buttonwillow Sat., Nov. 13 CCR AX at Santa Maria Airport Sun., Dec 19 RR AX at Autoclub Speedway * AX = Autocross, DE = Driver’s Education, TT = Time Trials, and CR = Club Race

Note: events and dates are subject to change

September/October 2021



Advertiser Directory Aswell Trophy............................ 34 Bruce Pence, DDS...................... 31 California Tire Company............. 34 Coachcraft................................. 34 Compass, Stephen Bullard......... 19 DSR Audio................................. 34 Ghost Shield.............................. 24 Glenn Crawford, WIS................. 13

PCA/SBR Classified Ads FOR SALE. Many collectable Porsche books, including three volumes of Excellence Was Expected, in original case, nine volumes of Up-Fixin der Porsche, PORSCHE 911 Perfection by Design by Randy Leffingwell, The Complete Book of Porsche by Chris Poole, and Porsche Museum. Also, a display case with models of 45 Porsches, four 18-wheelers, plus many other cars. Come see and make an offer on all or part of the collection. —Bob Bassett 805-388-2195

Koncept Motorwurks................. 31 Lori’s Mobile Notary Service...... 31 Lavaggio-The Art of Detailing... 24 Milpas Motors........................... 18 Monaco Motors......................... 31 No. Hollywood Speedometer.... 36 Paul Bancroft Roofing............... 36 PCARmarket................................ 9 Porsche Club of America............ 17 Premier Coach ............................ 8 RS Enterprises........................... 34 Rusnak Westlake Porsche ........IFC Santa Barbara Auto Group......... BC State Farm Insurance, David Fox.. 34

Schneider Autohaus.................. 12

PCA/SBR Classifieds

Sierra Madre Collection............. 34 The Porsche Boutique................ 31 Village Properties, Robert Watt... 13

STATE LIC. # 467286

Wheel Concepts........................ 12


Classified ads of 50 words or fewer for Porsche cars, parts, and Porsche-related items are free to PCA members in good standing and will run for a maximum of two months. Please notify the Editor if sold. SBR is not responsible for the accuracy of any ad or claims made, and does not warrant or guarantee the condition of items. Please submit ads directly to

Paul Bancroft Roofing, Inc. 7706 Deering Avenue Canoga Park, CA 91304 (818) 888-7307 Paul Bancroft PCA Member since 2005 ALL TYPES OF ROOFING • INSURANCE PROTECTION ROOFING CONSULTANT • INVESTIGATIVE WORK

DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021


Service & Restoration of VDO Instruments Specializing in: 356 * 911 * 914

6111 Lankershim Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA 91606


The Last Word 2021 Porsche Parade Concours d’Elegance

ORIGINALE AWARDS Presented by Porsche Classic

1st Place, 1972 911

2nd Place, 1968 911 Targa

3rd Place, 1991 928 Photos courtesy of PCA September/October 2021






DER AUSPUFF September/October 2021


Profile for Santa Barbara Region - Porsche Club of America

Sep-Oct 2021 Der Auspuff  

The September-October 2021 Version of Der Auspuff, the official publication of the PCA Santa Barbara Region

Sep-Oct 2021 Der Auspuff  

The September-October 2021 Version of Der Auspuff, the official publication of the PCA Santa Barbara Region

Profile for pcasbr

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