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AUSPUFF Porsche Club of America • Santa Barbara Region • September 2012

Porsche Parade 2012 - Salt Lake City 16th Annual Chili Cook-Off R.U.F. Goes To Court

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On The Cover The Utah State Capitol building served as the backdrop for this year’s Porsche Parade Concours d’Elegance. Photo by Kent Bodin DER

AUSPUFF Porsche Club of America • Santa Barbara Region • September 2012


Porsche Parade 2012 - Salt Lake City 16th Annual Chili Cook-Off R.U.F. Goes To Court

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SBR Events Calendar September

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The President’s Column Nicolas Liakas


ugust was a terrible month for me. Due to personal health issues, which are now resolved, I missed our two breakfast meetings and a few other club related duties. September will be a much better month; it has to be. I had a lot of time, on my back, to reflect on many topics and issues – life in general. I confirmed that looking back is useful, but it has its limitations. Looking at the present and preparing for the future is the better use of time and energy. It struck home when my three-year-old grandson, Ryan, saw me in bed and climbed up to place his head on my chest, and gave me a big smile. That bit of personalized medicine remedied all my ailments, and provided a picture-window glance into the future of my family. All that truly matters is okay. For our members, August was a great month (as is each month). Several of us traveled to Monterey for the Historics. This annual gathering is a magnet for car lovers and collectors. Others were already making tentative plans to attend the national parade, which two years from now (June 2014) will also be in Monterey. Our region’s progressive dinner was a smash, with dozens participating in the enjoyable drives and cherishing the hospitality of the hosts. Every weekend had something scheduled, and our members took part in great numbers. I very much look forward to rejoining our SBR friends and participating once again in all that our club has to offer. See you soon.

The August 8, 2012 Board of Directors meeting was cancelled. The board will meet on its next regularly scheduled date, September 12, 2012.

From The Editor’s Desk John Alfenito

Our region’s 36th annual Concours d’Elegance returns to Santa Barbara on Sunday, October 14, 2012. But, that’s not the big news. The big news is the magnificent new location for this signature event: Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort right across from the beach on East Cabrillo Boulevard. The manicured lawns surrounding the hotel’s famous rotunda will be full of beautiful Porsches, and all of us who partake will enjoy a sumptuous luncheon prepared by the hotel chefs. If this sounds like a perfect day with your car, you may be right.

In years past, our concours events at Santa Barbara City College and Cal State University Channel Islands were wonderful, but kind of...lonely. Sure, we were all there to support one another, but it was mostly just us. This year, for the first time in many years, the public once again will be a big part of our concours. The proximity to the beach and the many vendors along East Cabrillo Boulevard, not to mention the guests at the hotel, will insure that hundreds of admiring eyes will see our cars in all their glory. I urge you to come to the concours this year. Bring your car and, if you don’t want to try your hand at the competition, sign up for display parking. It would be wonderful to have the largest collection of Porsches ever at this year’s new concours location. I’m cleaning my GTS (and my camera lenses!) for this one. I hope you’ll seriously consider joining us. It’s going to be great!

Camarillo Breakfast August 4, 2012

Alternate Vehicles Get Hit With...Rain!


T Joining us for breakast, three couples from the SGR (l-r): Kirk & Cathy Gerbracht, Jeff & Margaret Srinivasan (standing), and Linda & Matt Stone. These are the fun folks who joined our Memorial Day Discovery Drive this year.

New members and first-time breakfast goers The Boones - son Spenser on the left and dad Stanfell on the right.

Meet new member Howard Rubinstein of Westlake Village.

hose of us who traveled from the east to the August Camarillo Breakfast had the misfortune of getting caught in a rainstorm on our way to the airport! Rain in August? What is this? Michigan? However, once our group assembled at the Way-Point Café, all 121 of us, the sun was creeping through the high clouds, and it was a lovely morning. Being alternate vehicle month, there were plenty of interesting “other cars” among the 70 Porsches in attendance. Notable for its vintage and its unrestored condition was John McNair’s 1959 Triumph TR-3 (photo on page 1), a crowd favorite. Naturally, just as most of us sat down to eat, the clouds opened up, albeit briefly, which sent the cabrilolet owners scrambling out to secure their tops. Strange August weather, indeed. Just as quickly, the sun returned. Region Vice President Steve Kaller filled in for President Nick Liakas leading the brief business portion of the meeting. He introduced Activities Co-Chair Doreen Pankow who welcomed several guests from the San Gabriel Region. Cathy & Kirk Gerbracht, Matt & Linda Stone, and Jeff & Margaret Srinivasan, all of whom had joined us on the Memorial Day Weekend Double Discovery Drive this year, dropped in for breakfast, and we were glad to see them again. We’re hoping to see them more often. Membership Chair Sue Kinsling gave us the attendance figures for the day and introduced new member Howard Rubinstein from Westlake Village, who had just joined that morning! Sue also recognized new members Stanfell Boone and his son Spenser from Thousand Oaks, both of whom were attending their first breakfast with us. Steve Kaller then presented yours truly with the trophy our region won at the 2012 Porsche Parade (see page 32) for finishing first in Class IV of the National Newsletter Competition (Yay!). Finally, to promote the upcoming Pre-Concours Detail Clinic and the Concours d’Elegance, Sue Kinsling and Janice Herndon drew winning raffle tickets for Lavaggio Gift Certificates. The big winners were Randy Kinsling and Becky Lundberg. =

Santa Barbara Breakfast August 11, 2012



ith most of Southern California in the grip of a weeklong heatwave, a morning at the beach was just the ticket for 44 members and guests at the August Santa Barbara Breakfast. Alternate Vehicle month continued, and there were a few “foreigners” among the 26 Porsches on the pier. Filling in for our recuperating President Nick Liakas, Past President Michael Brovsky welcomed everyone. Membership Chair Sue Kinsling introduced new members Paul Graziano and Jo Swanda from Santa Barbara, who just joined our region and were attending their first breakfast in their brand new 2013 Boxster S. Their car drew an admiring crowd both before and after the meal. Also, Scott Nelson of Westlake Village was recognized. Scott’s been a member for a while, but this was his first S.B. Breakfast. Activities Co-Chair Ted Lighthizer promoted the long list of upcoming events scheduled for the next quarter, including the Special Olympics Car Show in Montecito on September 16 and The

Tire Rack Street Survival School for teens on October 20. Michael Brovsky spoke about this October’s Wine Country Harvest Festival and the need to make your reservations early as space is limited. Finally, Ted and Concours Chair Dick Douglass reminded everyone about the upcoming Pre-Concours Detail Clinic on September 8 at Lavaggio and the Concours itself on October 14 at the Fess Parker Doubtree Resort in Santa Barbara. Once again, each breakfast attendee received a free raffle ticket upon arrival, and Dick Douglass drew for three lucky winners. First up was a beautiful calendar from this year’s Porsche Parade which was won by Joe Schneider of Schneider Autohaus. Two big goodie bags filled with car care products, courtesy of our friends at TCs Garage, were won by Oscar Briones and Anne Llewellyn. As the meeting came to a close, all were headed off in different directions, probably to locales much warmer than the very pleasant confines of Stearns Wharf. =

New members Paul Graziano and Jo Swanda from Santa Barbara

Scott Nelson of Westlake Village attending his first S.B. Breakfast

Santa Barbara Region Wine Country Harvest Tour

Paso Robles, October 27-28, 2012 Join us for the 2012 Wine Country Harvest Tour! Experience some of the greatest Porsche roads on the Central Coast - with soaring vistas and vineyards in their fall splendor. Taste award-winning wines and a special winemaker s luncheon at Calcareous Winery & Vineyards located at the pinnacle of Peachy Canyon Road above the town of Paso Robles. Stay in the historic Paso Robles Inn on the town square of Paso Robles for a reception and Harvest Tour Dinner Saturday evening in the original ballroom built in 1891. A beautiful Sunday morning drive will take us to a restored 1885 Victorian farmhouse, home of Halter Ranch Winery. Across the covered bridge the magic happens, where, set into the vineyards a new 32,000 square foot winery complex with soaring windows, skylights and underground caves beckons. We will have a special personalized tour and discover the true winemaking experience. We ll gather Saturday morning, October 27th, 9:00 a.m. at Santa Barbara Auto Group for coee and pastries prior to our 9:30 a.m. departure. Joining us will be Porsche s newest and best oerings, including the fabulous new Boxster and the new Cayenne Diesel. All the new Porsches will be available to drive during our weekend! Space is limited to 35 rooms, so sign up early, and call the Paso Robles Inn (800-676-1713) before September 18th for reservations. Be sure to mention you re with the Porsche Club Santa Barbara Region for the special deluxe room rate of $170.00. Restaurants, wine tasting rooms, boutiques, and unique emporiums are all within easy walking distance of the historic inn. Cost for the entire weekend is $75 per person, including activity fee. Send your check, payable to PCA/SBR, to Michael & Beverly Brovsky, 1237 S. Victoria Ave., PMB 440, Oxnard, CA 93035. Questions? Email Cancellations after October 10, 2012 will not receive a refund.

The R.U.F. Report

R.U.F. Goes To Court

In the courtroom (L-R): Rich Jonsson, Doreen Pankow, Jeff Parker, John & Jeanne McNair, Judge Ellen Gay Conroy, Don Galloway, Tom Duck, Barbara Oldfield, and John Shutt.



n July 19, 2012 ten members of the R.U.F. group (Retired and Unemployed Folks) visited the courtroom of Judge Ellen Gay Conroy at the Juvenile Justice Center in Oxnard. We were ushered into the courtroom by Judge Conroy’s bailiff and invited to sit at a large octagonal-shaped extended counsel table facing the bench. The setup of this courtroom is unlike any seen on TV or in the movies, nor does it resemble the ones seen by prospective jury panels at the main Ventura County courthouse. We learned that this is because the courtroom is the center for all juvenile dependency cases in Ventura County, and, as such, it is closed to the public. Juvenile dependency cases involve children who are in court through no fault of their own - they are neglected or abused children who are in need of the protection of the Court. The large counsel table reflects the many participants in juvenile court proceedings: the childrens’ attorney, the parents and their attorney and attorneys representing the Human Services Agency sometimes referred to as Child Protective Services. Judge Conroy outlined the legal procedures which are followed when it is determined that a child is in need of protection and removal from his or her parent. She indicated that, anecdotally, it appears that a substantial number of cases arise due to drug or alcohol abuse by a parent. Currently there are approximately

1100 children in the system in Ventura the Court. She invited anyone interested County. in the program to contact the Court for We learned that once a child is declared information. a dependant, the first goal, after assuring Judge Conroy ends each week with the child’s protection, is to determine if the adoption calendar. She said she looks problems within the family can be remedied forward to the joy and excitement when and the child ultimately reunified with families and children fill her courtroom the parent. If this is not possible, the next with balloons and toys and much happy preferable outcome is adoption, followed noise. She keeps a supply of stuffed teddy by guardianship and foster care. All of our bears on hand for this occasion. group appeared quite engrossed by the Following our courtroom visit we information we received and asked many went as a group to B.J.’s restaurant where thoughtful questions of Judge Conroy. we enjoyed lunch on the patio and the Although the caseload she manages weekly is daunting, Judge Conroy said there are heartwarming outcomes. She related the story of one young person, now an adult, who is volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) to help d e p e n d a n t children cope with the travails she The stuffed Teddy Bears ready for the weekly adoption calendar day in Judge Conroy’s court. The happiest day of the week. had personally experienced as a child. Judge Conroy camaraderie of conversation with friends. related that the CASA program, comprised Everyone said they had learned something of trained volunteers, is an important tool new from our visit and were given much to available to the Court to help provide reflect upon. = assistance to children and information to

you mean we should have been counting stop signs?!?


We’ll begin at Agoura High School, in Agoura, CA. Meet at 9:30 a.m. (don’t be tardy) in the student parking lot at 28545 W. Driver Avenue 91301. We will leave at 10:00 a.m. sharp. Our ride will take us through one of the only truly urban mountain ranges in the country, and part of the National Parks System. The rally will take somewhat over two hours of fun driving and beautiful scenery. No racing here. Only careful powers of observation and clever thinking will put you in the winner’s circle. The top three teams, as determined by the highest number of correct answers, will be our winners and receive prizes. You will need a driver in a Porsche, a navigator (not in a Lincoln), and a clipboard with pen or pencil. Water, sunglasses, and sunscreen may come in handy, too. Our drive will end at Conejo Creek Park North at Creekside in Thousand Oaks, located behind the T.O. Library. There, we’ll be treated to a great BBQ lunch by Q-Time Barbecue. The cost is $25 per person, including lunch, drinks, and SBR activity fee. This is always a popular event, so don’t be left out. Please R.S.V.P. by filling out the form below.



or the sixth year in a row, Jim & Terry Middlebrook offered up their lovely home to host one of the club’s most popular events, the annual chili cookoff. This friendly culinary competition was first hosted by current members Bob & Jeanette Bassett at their Camarillo home from 1997 to 2006. Once again this year, everyone seemed to have a great time visiting and making new relationships, which of course is the primary purpose of the event. 72 members and ten guests attended this year’s cook-off, and ten different chili dishes were entered into the contest. The buffet line moved quickly thanks to the efficiency of our chili servers, Phyllis Weaver, Luz Mosesson, Diane Griswold, Rosalee Merrick, Claudia Earl and Olga Liakas. After feasting on delicious appetizers, salads, a variety of breads, and tasting all the different recipes of chili, it was time for members to vote for their favorite chili. While Barry & Valerie Weinstein, judges for the event, went off to tabulate the ballots, the rest of us enjoyed some delicious desserts, conversation and more camaraderie.

President Nicolas Liakas welcomed everyone and introduced all our guests, with Jon & Jeanine Boesen, guests of Mark & Jeanette Smith, having travelled the farthest. The Boesens are from The Netherlands. The Middlebrooks had seven guests including their son Jamie and daughter Suzie. We had two father-and-daughter couples, Kent Bodin with daughter Tori and Gil Siqueido with his daughter Autumn. Michael Brovsky then presented two fine bottles of vintage wine from his personal collection to Jim & Terry to thank them for hosting this fun event for the sixth consecutive year. With the suspense mounting, Barry came forward to declare the three winners of the best chili. Gil Siqueido won third place, a great ranking for his first-time chili submission. Ilene Freeman won second place, moving up from having placed third in the two previous years. Both won Meguiar’s car care detailing kits. Finally, this year’s Grand Prize winner for Best Chili went to Jim Middlebrook, who took back possession of the coveted Lady Scoville Perpetual Trophy until next year’s Chili Cook-Off. Jim also won first place in 2009. We want to thank all our members who came early to help us get ready and all those who assisted with clean-up. Pre-event setup was done by Gary Weaver, Dave Mosseson, Jeff Parker and Jeffrey Merrick. On-site parking and member assistance was handled by Don Earl, William Griswold and James Oldham. Thanks again to Jim & Terry Middlebrook for making the PCA/SBR 16th Annual Chili Cook-Off one of the best ever. Ted and Doreen hope to see YOU there next year to join in the fun and good times. =

MORE CHILI COOK-OFF PHOTOS ON NEXT PAGE At left - The Lady Scoville Perpetual Trophy awarded each year to the chili chef whose receipe is voted number one!

The “judges” line up to receive a small portion of each of the ten chilis entered in this year’s competition.


2011 winner Ted Lighthizer (left) relinquishes the Lady Scoville Perpetual Trophy to 2012 winner, and our host, Jim Middlebrook.

Lawrence Coelho cooked his chili from scratch - on-site!

Head Judge Barry Weinstein with Lady Scoville.

Ilene Freeman (left) was awarded car care products by Ted Lighthizer for her second place finish. Ilene improved on her third place finishes the previous two years.

Our gracious and generous hosts, Jim & Terry Middlebrook.

Ted presented the 2012 third place award to first-time entrant Gil Siqueido (right).

Riding herd on all those precious Porsches in the motor court were William Griswold (left) and Jeffrey Merrick.

Porsche Club of America – Santa Barbara Region And Porsche of Santa Barbara Proudly Present

Our 36th Annual

Concours d’Elegance By The Sea Sunday, October 14, 2012 On the beautiful grounds of the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort 633 East Cabrillo Boulevard in Santa Barbara

FULL CONCOURS DIVISION C-1 All Closed 356 C-2 All Open 356 C-3 911, 912 (1965-1973) C-4 911, 911 Turbo, 930, 912E (1974-1983) C-5 911 Carrera & Turbo (1984-1989) C-6 911 Carrera & Turbo (964, 993, 1989-1998) C-7 911 Carrera & Turbo, GT2, GT3 (996, 997, 1999-2011) C-8 914-4, 914-6 C-9 All 924, 928, 944, 968 STREET DIVISION S-1 All Closed 356 S-2 All Open 356 S-3 911, 912 (1965-1973) S-4 911, 911 Turbo, 930, 912E (1974-1983) S-5 911 Carrera & Turbo (1984-1989) S-6 911 Carrera & Turbo (964, 993, 1989-1998) S-7 911 Carrera & Turbo, GT2, GT3 (996, 997, 1999-2011) S-8 914-4, 914-6 S-9 All 924, 928, 944, 968 UNRESTORED STOCK DIVISION UR-1 All Closed 356 UR-2 All Open 356 UR-3 911, 912 (1965-1973) UR-4 911, 911 Turbo, 930, 912E (1974-1983) UR-5 911 Carrera & Turbo (1984 -1989) UR-6 911 Carrera & Turbo (964, 993, 1989-1998) UR-7 911 Carrera & Turbo, GT2, GT3 (996,1999 -Y-10) UR-8 914-4, 914-6 UR-9 All 924, 928, 944, 968 UBERGANG DIVISION UG-1 Boxster UG-2 Cayman UG-3 911 Carrera (991, 2012-On) UG-4 Cayenne UG-5 Panamera WASH & SHINE DIVISION W&S-1 All 356 W&S-2 911, 912 (1965-1973) 911, 911Turbo, 930, 912E (1974-1983), 914-4, 914-6 W&S-3 911 Carrera & Turbo (1984-1989) 911 Carrera & Turbo, (964, 993, 1989-1998) W&S-4 911 Carrera & Turbo, GT2, GT3 (996, 997, 991 1999-On) W&S-5 All Boxster, Cayman W&S-6 All 924, 928, 944, 968 W&S-7 Cayenne, Panamera SPECIAL CATEGORIES DIVISION SC-1 Special Interest SC-2 Current Competition SC-3 Limited Production Complete rules at Zone 8 website:


Pre-registration $80.00 - includes one buffet lunch ($90.00 day of event)

Display Only Pre-registration $60.00 - includes one buffet lunch ($70.00 day of event) Lunch

Buffet Lunch $35.00 (if not registered)


Car placement 7:00 a.m. Judging begins 10:00 a.m. Awards presentation 2:15 p.m.

PCA/SBR 36th Annual Concours d’Elegance Registration Form Name: _______________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________ City/ST/Zip: ______________________ Phone: ______________________ Email: _________________________________ Concours Class Entered: ______ Porsche Model: ____________________ Model Year: _______ Body Type: _____________ Color: ________________ Additional Lunches: _______ TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED: ________ Concours Questions? - Dick Douglass at To register: Fill out the registration form (also available at, make check payable to PCA/SBR and mail to: Sue Kinsling, 5182 Kingsgrove Drive, Somis, CA 93066 Cancellations within 48 hours of this event will not receive a refund.



n Saturday, July 7th, 2012, Dave and I headed out at 6:30 a.m. with our packed non-Porsche, bound for this year’s Porsche Parade in Salt Lake City, Utah. With the stunning backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City offers pretty much everything a major metropolitan area has, yet has the size and friendly hospitality of a small Western city. It has a fascinating history and quick access to outdoor recreation including many national parks within easy driving distance. The city is clean and feels very safe and inviting. The Parade always offers numerous and varied activities for Porsche enthusiasts. Autocrossing, rallying, concours, tech sessions, tech quizzing and touring are among the long list of things to do. An art exhibit is offered as well as the ever-popular Goodie Store. There’s even a Parade Kids

Program with daily activities for children of every age. After one overnight in Cedar City, Utah, we were up again early Sunday morning and arrived in Salt Lake City at 10:00 a.m., just in time to join many others going through the registration process and signing up for activities and banquet seating. The place was packed. Other Santa Barbara Region attendees were also arriving, and we were happy to see all of them. Anita Banke, Carolyn Ewbank and Henry Valdez, Joe & Jane Niederst, Burt & Marge Misevic, Kent Bodin and yours truly made the trek to Utah one way or another. After getting settled in our Little America hotel room, which was very pleasant and spacious, we explored the grounds and were looking forward to the Welcome Party held at the ultra-luxurious Grand America hotel directly across the street. The Grand America was built to provide a five-star hotel for the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City. Some attendees of the Parade stayed at the Grand America where all the banquets were held, but most of the activity was at the four-star Little America. The outdoor, Western-themed Welcome Party was festive with excellent food and drink laid out buffet-style. Everyone appeared to be having a good time, and we were able to seat all our region’s attendees at the same table. Monday, July 9th, was Concours day. At every Parade, attendees are asked in advance to volunteer to work various events in different capacities, and Dave signed up both of us for the Concours tasks of timer and runner, respectively. The setting for the concours was impressive, to say the least. It took place on the grounds of the Utah State Capitol building, which sits on a gentle rise at the top of State Street, a wide north-south boulevard, and has a lovely view overlooking the city and the rugged Wasatch Mountains to the east.

THE CONCOURS Porsches of many vintages, models and colors were displayed in various areas of the spacious grounds, and judging teams performed their inspection duties on each car. Porsche Cars North America erected a large white tent surrounded by display cars and treated the attendees to complimentary Porsche calendars and a chance to win a new Boxster. I was hoping that we’d need to add on to our garage, but that turned out to be somebody else’s “problem.” The evening of concours day held a special treat for us. We attended the Presidents Reception, which is always held at a distinctive location. This year, the site was one of rustic elegance, the La Caille restaurant and gardens, located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon,

EVENT PHOTOS BY KENT BODIN, DAVID & SUSAN STONE, AND HENRY VALDEZ mining town area still exists and is a fun place to spend a day exploring art galleries, restaurants and shops of every kind. Tuesday evening was the large concours banquet where we had a sumptuous dinner and heard from various people, including the national president of PCA, Manny Alban, who gave a warm welcome speech. Once again in attendance were three very special people: Wolfgang Porsche and his 19-year-old son, Ferdinand, and Peter Porsche. Both brothers spoke to the crowd for several minutes each. This Parade was Peter’s 32nd time attending, and Wolfgang marked his 16th time. They’re both extremely appreciative of their legion of Porsche fans. Wolfgang shared some personal and emotional moments about the third brother, Ferdinand, known as “Butzi” (pronounced Bootsy) who, sadly, passed away earlier this year. Butzi was the designer of the original 911. All the family members in attendance were friendly, warm and obviously happy to be a part of the event.

S UNFOLDS IN FRONT OF THE UTAH STATE CAPITOL BUILDING about a half-hour ride from our hotel. The ambience of La Caille is that of a French country estate with 20 acres of grounds that include a lake, gorgeous gardens, an enormous greenhouse room and flocks of peacocks roaming the grounds. The Wasatch mountains rise up commandingly just behind the area. It’s an utterly charming place and, not surprisingly, is a popular wedding venue. Officials of PCNA warmly greeted the guests as they arrived, and varied appetizers followed by luscious desserts with many choices of cocktails and other beverages were available throughout the evening. We visited with Burt & Marge Misevic there, both of whom are past presidents of the Santa Barbara Region, with Burt also being

an honored past national president. We also chatted with region member Randy Leffingwell, who was a special guest of PCNA. It was an extraordinary and very enjoyable evening. The brothers Porsche, Wolfgang and Peter, were among the VIPs and must have enjoyed the European-like venue. While other Parade events were taking place, Tuesday was the day we set aside for a trip to Park City, a very popular ski and residential area east of Salt Lake. Kent Bodin joined us on the 30-minute scenic drive on I-80 up the mountain. Salt Lake City was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and Park City was one of several event venues in and around the city. While the area has expanded enormously, the old

A successful autocross was held over Tuesday and Wednesday, and we heard that that there was stiff competition amongst the Porsche family. Apparently young Ferdinand Porsche was thrilled to participate and is looking forward to attending future Porsche Parades here in the USA. Wednesday afternoon, a wine tasting was held in the Hospitality Room at Little America featuring several different Utahproduced wines. Maybe we’re just loyal to our home state, but we found nothing that could match our own California wines. The autocross banquet was held that evening, and the newsletter awards were announced. We were so pleased to learn that our very own John Alfenito was awarded a well-deserved first place in the Division IV competition for Der Auspuff. Congratulations, John! One of the outstanding visitor sites in Salt Lake City is known as Temple Square, the location of the Mormon temple and tabernacle. The square >>>>

PORSCHE PARADE 2012 - Continued from page 17 is a beautifully landscaped area, full of flowers and conducive to introspection. We intentionally timed our visit in order to experience a half-hour organ concert in the tabernacle with the premier organist at the four-level keyboard. The acoustics in the building are without equal, and the organ concert was a special treat. The concert is a daily event at noon, with a similar concert every day at 2:00 p.m. at the Conference Center directly across the street from Temple Square. Thursday afternoon was an occasion for local breweries to put their best foot forward at a beer tasting in the Hospitality Room and was yet another opportunity to join fellow SBR members and meet new friends from other regions. Friday brought the annual tech quiz, where many Parade attendees put their knowledge about specific models and Porsche history to the test. The competition is fierce, and scores are often separated by mere tenths of a point. Our own Carolyn Ewbank once again made an excellent showing in the 928 category. After the quiz, well-attended tech sessions were held on a variety of topics, all taught by experts in their respective fields. Throughout the week, everyone had the opportunity to visit the Art Show, coordinated by the event chairman, Burt Misevic. A wide variety of artwork submitted for judging filled two rooms and demonstrated how truly talented PCA members are. Many of the works were available for purchase and were quickly sold to eager customers. Thanks to Burt and wife Marge for another great show.

Saturday morning, the volunteer party was held at the Hagle Zoo on the east side of Salt Lake City. Those attendees who volunteered to help out at various events were invited to this party, which was a barbecue held at a large outdoor pavilion on the zoo grounds. Lots of raffle prizes were distributed, including several sets of tires, electronic devices, articles of clothing and other goodies. Saturday afternoon was the much-anticipated parade of Porsches up and down State Street. Numerous Salt Lake City police motorcycle officers were SBR’s Parade representatives: (Top row, l-r) Kent present escorting the cars Bodin, Dave Stone, Henry Valdez, Burt Misevic, and and restricting side street Jeffry Waxman (Bottom row, l-r) Susan Stone, Carolyn access. It was a feast for the Ewbank, Marge Misevic, and Anita Banke. eyes to see the colorful line of Porsches stretching for what seemed miles. There were a variety of other activities The parade began in light rain, but a few taking place daily in and around the minutes later, the rain stopped, convertible area including rallies, a golf tournament, tops went down, horns were honking, and Michelin tire testing, an ice cream social waving arms came out of the tops and and even cooking classes. windows. It was just plain fun. This was the fifth parade Dave and I On Saturday night, the Victory Banquet have attended, and we agree that it was the was held where more nice prizes were best. We loved the location, the hotel, the given out, including Porsche Design items, friendly people, the many events and the additional sets of tires and culminating feel of the whole area. We noticed a large with an all-expense-paid trip for two number of younger attendees, and by a to Germany, courtesy of Porsche AG. stand-up-and-be-counted exercise at one Although none of the Santa Barbara Region of the banquets, it seemed that many were attendees were winners of the major prizes, attending their first parade. Next year, the it was still great fun, and we met up with Parade will be in Traverse City, Michigan. many new and old friends. We were pleased to hear that Monterey, California, is the venue set for the 2014 Parade. We encourage our members to attend a Parade, participate in as many events as possible, make new friends with people who have the same passion, and see what it’s all about. With Monterey so beautiful and so close, make plans to sign up. Whether you like to tour, rally, concours, autocross, shop or sightsee, there will be plenty to do. Bring the kids or the grandkids, make memories with them, and start a new generation of Porsche enthusiasts. =

Just some of the beautiful race cars displayed at this year’s Porsche Parade.




riving trials of the Porsche 918 Spyder have entered the next phase. A permanent fixture of the test program for the 918 Spyder – and in the tuning process for all Porsche vehicles – is the 12.92 mile (20.8 km) long Nordschleife of the Nürburgring race course with its many bends and selective passages. A lap time of less than seven minutes and 22 seconds is one of the development goals of the innovative plug-in hybrid drive super sports car. The 918 Spyder, which is hardly an everyday vehicle, yet is well equipped for every-day tasks, combines a high-performance internal combustion engine with electric drives at the front and rear axles to achieve extraordinary driving performance and excellent efficiency. The system power of all three drives together is greater than 770 hp. The car’s fuel consumption is forecast to be around three liters per 100 km (nearly 79 miles per gallon!) when tested on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), which is equivalent to CO2 emissions of about 70 g/km. The monocoque, consisting of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), reduces the car’s weight and delivers remarkable rigidity and precision. Other highlights are the car’s variable aerodynamics; adaptive rear axle steering and “top pipes” exhaust system, which routes the pipes upwards. All of this makes the Porsche 918 Spyder a super sports car for the future, even though the styling of the prototype is reminiscent of historical models.

in Le Mans with the support of Martini®. Whether a Porsche 908, 917, 935 or 936 or one of various 911 RS or RSR models, common to all of these race cars was the memorable Martini® Racing livery implemented in a wide variety of designs. Porsche AG and the Martini® brand, represented by Bacardi & Company Limited of Switzerland, have signed a new partnership agreement to create a modern Martini® Racing design to be exclusively available on the innovative 918 Spyder. =

PORSCHE 918 SPYDER SPECIFICATIONS Body: Two-seater Spyder; carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) monocoque interlocked with CFRP unit carrier; two-piece Targa roof; fixed roll-over protection system. Drivetrain: Parallel full hybrid; 4.6-litre V8 mid-engine with dry-sump lubrication; hybrid module with electric motor and decoupler; electric motor with decoupler and gear unit on front axle; electrical system recuperation; four cooling circuits for motors, transmission and battery; thermal management. Engine Power: > 570 hp (V8 engine) ~ 90 kW (hybrid module on rear axle) ~ 80 kW (electric motor on front axle) > 770 hp (combined) Suspension: Double-wishbone front axle; electro-mechanical power steering; multi-link rear axle with adaptive electromechanical system for individual rear wheel steering; optional electro-pneumatic lift system on front axle. Brake system: High-performance hybrid brake system with adaptive recuperation; ceramic brake discs (PCCB).

The latest test vehicle is now turning laps in the legendary Martini® Racing look of many historic Porsche racecars, particularly from the 1970s. More than nearly any other racecar design, the Martini® Racing livery quickly attained cult status and is still in vogue today. Martini® was the official partner of the Porsche factory team between 1973 and 1978. Back then, the attractively designed “Martini® Porsche” racecars with their numerous victories were a topic of conversation. These victories included finishing first overall at the Targa-Florio in 1973, winning the Sports Car World Championship in 1976 and overall victories at the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1976 and 1977. As early as 1971, a Porsche 917 finished first in the legendary endurance race

Energy supply: Lithium-ion battery with 6.8 kWh capacity (BOL nominal), 202 kW maximum power and mains-compatible plug-in charger. Performance:

Top speed purely electric

> 325 km/h > 150 km/h


0 – 100 km/h

< 3.0 s

Consumption (NEDC):


~ 3.0 l/100 km

CO2 emissions: Total Range:

~ 70 g/km

Purely electric

> 25 km

The Tech Page



he very first Porsche 356/1 of 1948 was an open-top sports car, and the Porsche name has been synonymous with roofless sports cars ever since. However, it is easy to forget that there was a 20-year span of Porsche’s history from 1965-1983 in which no true convertible 911 was offered. Sun worshippers had to placate themselves with Porsche’s “safety convertible,” the Targa. 1983 saw the debut of the Porsche 911SC cabriolet, and a soft top 911 has been a stalwart in Porsche’s lineup ever since. In this month’s tech article, I will discuss common issues with the various convertible top designs, along with some care and maintenance tips to keep your Porsche’s convertible top looking good and functioning properly for years to come. The earliest 911 cabriolets were equipped with manual convertible tops, but Porsche quickly offered a power top as an option, and the vast majority of cabrios bound for the US were so equipped. The 911 used the same basic power convertible top design from 1984 all the way through 1998 for the last 993s. This design consists of a metal-framed folding canvas top, raised and lowered on each side by planetarygeared “transmissions,” that pivot the arms of the frame. The two transmissions are driven via cables that are spun by electric motors. Two additional electric motors automatically secure the left and right convertible top latches to the windshield header. Microswitches mounted on the windshield header and on the right side transmission signal the motors to stop when the top is completely open or closed.

The most common issue with the convertible tops of the air-cooled 911s is the drive cables, which are similar to old-style speedometer cables in construction and function. The metal cables can stretch with age and use, which usually results in the left and right sides of the convertible top frame becoming out of synch when raising or lowering the top. If you own an air-cooled 911 cabrio and notice the top start to twist while raising or lowering, STOP! One of the cables is likely stressed, and any further attempt to operate the top can easily cause one or more of the metal frame pieces to bend or break. Many of these convertible top frame pieces are not readily available new anymore and can be very costly to replace. The earlier 911 tops can also have electrical issues. The latching motors and microswitches can fail, along with the various microswitches that act as limit switches for operation of the convertible top. The control unit for the top can also fail, the repair of which entails either re-soldering connections on its internal circuit board or outright replacement. The two-seat, mid-engine Boxster of 1997 heralded a new generation of open top Porsche sports cars. The Boxster’s convertible top is in some ways

simpler in operation than that of the earlier 911s. A single manual latch secures the top to the windshield header, and the folding top is a lighter, simpler design that folds underneath a metal tonneau cover. The 986 Boxster top is a largely reliable design, and most of the problems that can occur with it are electrical. The plastic-bodied switch at the base of the parking brake handle can break, thus rendering the top inoperable, as the parking brake needs to be set for the top to function. The microswitch in the windshield header can also fail. The usual symptom of this malfunction is that the door windows will drop halfway randomly while driving over bumps. The windows normally lower when the latch is released so they do not get caught on the top when it is lowering. If your Boxster or 996/997 convertible top does not operate, check if the parking brake warning light in the gauge cluster is illuminated. If so, then check that the rear trunklid or engine lid is closed. To prevent damage to the movable metal tonneau covers of each type of car, the rear trunk lid in Boxsters and the rear engine lid in the 996 and 997 convertibles need to be latched for the top to be operational. A misadjusted rear latch, faulty rear latch microswitch, or malfunction in any other part of the latch warning circuit can prevent the top from functioning. If the top still does not operate after these basic checks, a Porsche specialist should be consulted. The Boxster tops can sometimes exhibit mechanical issues as well. The plastic ends of the pushrods that operate the metal tonneau cover can break; they actually act as mechanical fuses to prevent further damage if the tonneau cover binds. If you coontinue to operate the top in this

take place with each opening and closure of the top requires all of the relevant microswitches to be functional and properly adjusted. If the emergency operation of either the main folding top or the latching motor is ever required (via the Allen key in the car’s factory toolkit), If you see this, STOP operating the top immediately. the top needs condition, the transmissions that the rods to be subsequently checked for proper attach to can be damaged or even torn from adjustment by a Porsche specialist, and the their mounts in the steel body of the car. top electronics must be reinitialized with Once again, do not continue to operate a factory-level scan tool. Such a scan tool a convertible top that suddenly makes is also needed to accurately diagnose the unusual noises or shows any signs of bent electrical side of the convertible top. The or broken parts, as this can easily worsen hydraulics must be in good working order the damage to the top mechanism and to and the fluid level should be periodically your pocketbook. checked. The system uses a very small The Boxster top did receive a few design amount of special hydraulic fluid, so the changes throughout the lifespan of the slightest leak in the system can manifest model. 2003 saw the introduction of a itself as noisy and erratic top operation. much-needed heated glass rear window to If your 996 top rattles while driving over replace the original plastic rear window. bumps or rough roads while closed, it is The plastic rear windows tend to get cloudy often due to worn guide pins at the front of with age and use and can even tear. There the top. These pins help to center the top in are aftermarket heated rear glass window the windshield header. The guide pins were kits available for the early Boxsters that are redesigned for the 997 models and are an a good upgrade if installed by a competent easy bolt-on replacement for 996s. upholstery shop. The 996 and 997 cars feature emergency The 987 Boxsters saw minor changes in roll-over bars that pop up in the event of the top side seal design for aerodynamic a roll-over accident. The bars deploy if tilt reasons. The elastic rope and straps that sensors determine that the car is about maintain lateral tension on the canvas to roll over. These rollover bars can pop can break, causing the sides of the top to up even if a full rollover does not occur. fold over the plastic side rails when the Large bumps taken at high speed have been top is closed. The tension rope can easily known to trigger the roll-over bars, as well be replaced, and replacement tensioning as violent spinouts. If the bars do pop up straps can be sewn in if necessary. on your 996 or 997 cabrio, the only damage The 996 and 997 convertible top is more that usually occurs is to some minor trim complex in operation than that of its two- covers. The bars can be retracted manually, seat roadster sibling because it is necessarily but this should be left to a trained larger to cover the 911’s larger 2+2 seat professional as the bars are under a large interior. The main folding part of the top amount of spring tension, and serious is operated by hydraulic cylinders that are injury can occur if a roll bar were to slip actuated via an electro-hydraulic pump. while attempting retraction. A separate electric motor powers the hard tonneau cover. The rear quarter windows are electrically operated, as are the side The best advice that I can give for longtonneau cover flaps. The top is latched to term care of your convertible top fabric is to the windshield automatically with a single limit its sun exposure as much as possible. electrically actuated latch at the center. UV rays can harden the canvas over time, The complex orchestra of events that making it more prone to wear marks and

Care For Your Top

tearing. For those who cannot garage their soft-topped car, a good outdoor car cover is a wise investment. The plastic rear windows of the air-cooled 911s and early Boxsters and 996s also harden and cloud due to exposure to the sun. The fabric top can be cleaned with soap and a soft-bristled brush. Regular car wash soap will not harm the fabric if used periodically, but there are specialized gentler fabric cleaners and protectants available that are better suited for keeping canvas clean. Plastic rear windows should be cleaned carefully, and utmost care should be taken to avoid scratches. There are polish kits available that can do a remarkable job in clearing up plastic windows. Polishing will not make the window as clear as it was when new and will not help a completely opaque rear window, but it is certainly worth the effort on partially cloudy plastic. Here in Santa Barbara we are blessed with the ability to enjoy convertibletopped sports cars year round. The best way to ensure the long-term health of any convertible top mechanism is through normal use and periodic maintenance and functional checks by a qualified specialist. That, along with remembering to not force the top when something is amiss, will help to keep the wind in your hair and the smile on your face for years to come. =

Chris Andropoulos is the Service Manager and a technician at Schneider Autohaus in Santa Barbara (a Der Auspuff advertiser). Chris is a lifelong Porsche “nut” and is fascinated with and knowledgeable about all Porsches, from 356s to the latest GT3s. When he’s not racing his daily-driven 944 Turbo at PCA and POC track events, he can be found enjoying the beaches, ocean, and mountains of beautiful Santa Barbara.

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1979 911SC TARGA – FOR SALE White exterior with black interior. Seats were covered for protection. Upgraded A/C, upgraded chain tensioners, added oil cooler under right fender for additional cooling. Original paint, clean, no rust, excellent condition. Runs great. 147,000 miles. $23,000. Call Merle (760) 952-1108. (06/12) 2001 BOXSTER S – FOR SALE 51,000 miles. White with tan top. Good condition. For sale at $16,000. Must sell due to overseas travel arrangements. Contact Carolann Wolfgang at (805)448-2751 or with any questions. (05/12) USED PORSCHE TIRES – FOR SALE Michelin and Bridgestone used Porsche tires for sale. Garage is full! 305/30/19, 295/30/19, 265/35/19, 235/35/19, some 18s, too. 80-90% of tread left. $125 for a front. $225 for a rear. I can meet or ship. Contact or text me your tire size at (805) 500-6636. (05/12) WANT TO BUY – ‘65-’73 911 Looking for a coupe or Targa for a reasonable price. Nice example or a “project” considered. Call Jay at (909) 583-1894 (05/12) BILSTEIN SPORT FRONT STRUT INSERTS – FOR SALE Pat # 34-050507. Fits 911 to 1989. List price new: $222.60 each. Used, 300 miles. $200/pair. Contact Joe Schneider (805) 962-8015 or (04/12) TUBE FRAME BOXSTER RACE CAR – FOR SALE Beautiful full tube fram Boxster race car, 2000 pounds. No expense spared. $187K invested (with $38K in 3.4L Motec motor). Asking $65,000. Email Hari at for photos and info packet. Hari Matsuda, Sacramento Region (04/12) 2001 BOXSTER SUSPENSION – FOR SALE Original used shocks, springs and sway bars from 2001 Boxster. Everything is in very good condition. I replaced my original Porsche suspension with the ROW 030 suspension several years ago, and finally came to the realization I’m tired of seeing these parts in my garage! Price $350 or make me an offer. Call Geoff Walsh (310) 457-2629 or (02/12) Der Auspuff accepts classified advertising limited to 50 words or less for Porsche cars, parts, and Porsche-related items. Ads are free to PCA SBR members in good standing and will run for a maximum of three (3) months. Ads are free to other PCA members in good standing as space permits and will also run for a maximum of three (3) months. Ads will be accepted for non-members as space permits for a fee of $10 per month, per ad. Please notify the Editor if sold. Der Auspuff is not responsible for the accuracy of any ad or claims made by advertisers, and does not warrant or guarantee the condition of items offered for sale. Der Auspuff reserves the right to edit or refuse to print any ad it deems inappropriate. Please submit ads directly to the Editor at

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