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Summer 2018

Dear PCA Families, Alumni, and Friends, Each school year is full of activity and memorable events, and this year was no different. Now that our concerts, athletic events, award ceremonies, and graduations are all history, it is a privilege to reflect on the unforgettable accomplishments of the past school year. Our students have achieved so much, and it has been an extraordinary experience to be part of their lives. For the members of the Class of 2018 who were PCA “Lifers”, it was an honor to be part of that journey for the past 13 years. When our graduates walked across the stage this past June, I reflected on the Scripture in Psalm 1:3; “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, which brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.” The depth of the roots of the tree is in direct relation to the strength of the tree. God reminds us with this beautiful imagery that our strength comes from where we are planted and what we allow to feed our soul. I believe it is a profound reminder that the spiritual roots of our young people are critical to their success and stability in this life. When you invest in a biblical worldview education, your children will reap the benefits of an education that will lay the groundwork for a life rooted in the truths of scripture. The Christian school is an extension of the foundation you are laying in your home and in your church and will offer support as you work to pass the baton of the Christian faith to the next generation. At a time when less expensive options and seemingly easier paths are available, I want to thank you for making the personal sacrifices to allow your children to attend Plymouth Christian Academy. It is my prayer that each PCA student will grow in their relationship with Christ establishing deep roots during their time here. Will they still experience difficulties and challenges? Yes. But even in a drought, as the book of Jeremiah reminds us, a tree planted by a strong river will do well. “And he shall not fear when heat comes; but his leaf shall be green, and he will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will he cease from bearing fruit.” (Jeremiah 17). As we close the books on the 2017-2018 school year, I am overwhelmed with the giving spirit of the families and friends of Plymouth Christian Academy. Thank you for the blessing of your gifts, your prayers, and your encouraging words. I hope you enjoy the memories and moments captured on the following pages of the Summer 2018 Eagle Vision. I am looking forward to welcoming you back to school this August. Until then, I pray you have a safe summer filled with many more amazing family moments! Educating For Eternity, Mrs. Caryn Huntsman Superintendent

2 - Eagle Vision

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Please NOTE: Plymouth Christian Academy admits qualified students as required by law, without regard to race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students at the school.

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Summer is upon us, and I am sure summer adventures are well underway. As I reflect on the school year, my mind and heart is filled to the brim with memories of class trips, special holiday events, Math Olympics & Spelling Bee, Grandparents Day, musicals, piano recitals, sixth grade graduation and so much more. It’s been a great year! Together we’ve learned much and shared experiences that will remain with us in the days and years to come. The strength of our community and wholehearted passion to make our school a safe, productive learning environment for our children makes PCA a special place. PCA parents, teachers, and students all play a wonderful role in making our school community such a unique place. Amazing PCA parents have contributed in a wide variety of ways, both small and large. Parents, thank you for your dedication, support and help with your kids in the learning process. The partnership between home and school is so very important, and one we cherish at our school. PCA teachers consistently recognize the worth and value of each individual student. I have witnessed our teachers nurture growth in students through relationships and, helping students discover and develop their gifts. They take time with students one on one and have an inner motivation to help shape the minds and hearts of the next generation for Christ. They faithfully provide a rich and engaging, well-rounded educational experience for our kids – one that is filled with joy, wonder, and curiosity. Each student is cared for in a safe learning environment, and we are truly grateful for such an amazing staff. Thank you for entrusting your PCA student to our care. It’s been an awesome privilege to see our students grow academically and spiritually this past year. We had so much fun with the 2017-2018 chapel theme, “I Am a New Creation”. It began with the unveiling of our chapel mascot, Kermit the Frog. Kermit was a reminder that God created us in His image and that no one is an accident. Everyone is loved and valued by our Creator. Using the illustration of Kermit, students learned how Jim Henson took an old, worn-out, matted lime green coat and created something new – a leaping, loving, tea-sipping, Academy Award winning frog. Founded on the Scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:17, God’s loving message to us is that we were intentionally, lovingly and purposefully created for amazing things in life. Our chapel lessons integrate powerful praise and worship sessions and interactive Bible lessons that provide a truly dynamic Bible learning adventure. I can’t wait to see what God will produce in the lives of our young people this coming school year! I look forward to seeing you all in August. I am praying that you will have some wonderful family time together and will return refreshed and ready for a brand-new year. Ryan Batson, Elementary Principal

4 - Eagle Vision



The PCA Regent Board is comprised of men and women who are passionate about their faith, who desire to support and advance Christian education in the Plymouth-Canton community, who spend time in prayer seeking God’s direction for the school, and who maintain high expectations of our sole employee, Superintendent Joyce Zandee Caryn Huntsman. The composition of the PCA Regent Board this past year included members with experience as business leaders in a wide range of disciplines in our community; others have experience as educators, in health care, or in vocational ministry. The PCA Regent Board is comprised of Calvary Baptist Church members plus several at-large Regents who represent some of the many other congregations in the PCA community. Some Regents attended Christian high school or Christian college while others graduated from public high schools and/or universities. The 2017-2018 board members are parents or grandparents of current or former PCA students. The diversity of life skills, work experiences, backgrounds, and faith journey that each Regent brings to the PCA Regent Board helps enrich discussions and fosters well-informed, strategic decisionmaking in support of the long-term sustainability of our school. In line with our Policy Governance model, the Regent Board is responsible to articulate the long-term vision of the school by updating a rolling 5-year strategic plan that we refer to as the PCA “20:20 Vision” and to receive monthly feedback from the Superintendent on progress toward achieving these strategic goals. Delivery on the strategic vision is intended to ensure the long-term viability of our school. The updated 20:20 Vision is always accessible from the PCA Home Page, but the highlevel factors are also identified below: Plymouth Christian Academy, as the educational ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, is committed to pursuing the following strategic directions in the coming 5-year timeframe: Prepare Christian Servant Leaders, including: o Leadership initiatives o Bible/Chapel program o Special speakers o Service opportunities (e.g., S.H.I.N.E) o Equipping students to share their faith o Intentional community engagement

Develop Well-Rounded Students of Distinction, including: o Excellent core and elective courses o Fine & Performing Arts o Athletics o Promoting student body diversity via International Program o Fostering biblical Christian identity in Jesus Christ o Equipping students to be reflective, critical thinkers o Developing strong Christian character, personal integrity, and biblical ethics Value and Support Committed Faculty, including: o Teacher Evaluation System o Strategic Compensation o Professional Development Opportunities • Training on cultural biblical challenges • Leadership training o Impactful relationships with students o Targeted recruiting of high-impact faculty Strengthen Foundational Education, including: o Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math program (STEAM) o Leadership in Technology o Written and oral communication skills: “writing across the disciplines” o Provide Vocational Education alternatives for students Provide Signature Learning Opportunities, including: o Robotics program o Technology in the classroom o Opportunities for outreach and missions o Unique and varied ExPlore Week classes o Growing the homeschool partnership program o Supporting opportunities for students to acquire college credit in high school Implement Facility Improvements, including: o Implementing security improvements o Eliminating debt o Seeking God’s direction on use of back property o Developing Facilities Master Plan identifying funding priorities post debt payoff in 2020 Cultivate Ministry Partners, including: o Establishing relationships with feeder schools o Communicating our vision of God’s direction for PCA o Align ministry partners with areas they are passionate about o Seeking opportunities to augment Shared Time funding

Eagle Vision - 5

PCA REGENT BOARD Continued As part of our commitment to identify opportunities to improve the school and implement best practices, we recently partnered with school consultant, Dr. Rick Newberry, to assess and advance our marketing, enrollment, online presence, branding, communication, and pricing model for our school. As part of Dr. Newberry’s assessment, PCA parents received a link to complete an online survey. Graphical representations of the findings for parent satisfaction measures appear below. In the coming months, additional communications regarding Dr. Newberry’s findings and recommendations along with our resultant plans for PCA will be shared. One goal of the parent survey was to measure parent satisfaction in order to guide PCA leadership in areas for improvement at our school. Complete or partial surveys were received from 188 responders of which 29 represented parents of enrolled preschoolers, 62 represented parents of enrolled elementary students, 31 represented parents of enrolled middle school students, and 75 represented parents of high school students (a number of the responders had enrolled students in more than one category). Responders included both parents of full-time PCA students and parents of students enrolled in the PCA homeschool partnership. In the survey, parents were asked to identify their level of satisfaction with 42 measures of school excellence. For each measure, parents could indicate they were Very Satisfied (5), Satisfied (4), Neutral (3), Dissatisfied (2), Very Dissatisfied (1), or Not Applicable. The graphs below show the distribution of responses for each of the outcome measures, sorted by descending weighted average score. The number in each colored rectangle is the number of responders and the height of each colored rectangle reflects the percentage of responders for that question (after eliminating any “Not Applicable” responses).

6 - Eagle Vision

PCA REGENT BOARD Continued The responses depicted in these graphs reveal a number of areas of strength along with opportunities for growth and improvement. The Regent Board sends our thanks to each of the parents who took time to complete the online survey – we always appreciate your feedback and suggestions! It has been a real privilege for me to serve on the PCA Regent Board for the past six years supporting our dedicated Superintendent, Caryn Huntsman, serving alongside many servant leaders who have faithfully committed their time, resources, and talents to serve on the PCA Regent Board. Some school highlights that were impactful during this timeframe include establishing the PCA 20:20 Vision, expansion of teacher funding from the Shared Time Program, successful PCA accreditation renewal, a focus on school improvements and implementation of best practices, development of the PCA International Student Program, expansion of an outstanding Fine and Performing Arts program, progress toward developing a teacher evaluation and strategic compensation model, extensive use of student, parent, and faculty feedback surveys, and intentionally addressing challenging cultural issues from a Biblical world view. Financial gifts from generous ministry partners during this timeframe were used to support our school’s STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics) focus, to improve school security measures, to integrate the use of technology in the classroom, to enhance our facilities, and to support our faculty. PCA has remained faithful to debt payoff, and we are now just two short years away from retiring remaining school debt. I am delighted to share that Regent Mike Warmbier will be the new co-chair for the coming school year. Mike, who provides consulting services in the IT industry, loves the school and was himself a member of PCA Class of 1987. Over the past 15 years, Mike has also been involved in local politics and has held local elected trustee positions, as well as planning commission and zoning board chair positions. Mike and his wife, Melissa, have two daughters, Eva and Faith, who are PCA high school students. In His Service, Joyce Zandee

PLYMOUTH CHRISTIAN REGENT BOARD Mike Warmbier, Co-Chair York Moore, Co-Chair Elder Representative Rob Askew Matthew Bell Bob Chapman Dennis Collins Jon Jipping Kelly Rich Ashea Tuggle Tom Berger Mike Joseph (Member at-large) Lisa Waters (Member at-large) Trustee Representative TBD Dan Paulson (Consultant)

Eagle Vision - 7

New Look, Same Mission

In the fall of 2004, PCA’s brand underwent a change with the development of the current logo featuring the shield, cross and eagle that is familiar to all students, staff, and parents. This logo has served us well as a school but since the athletic branding and the CBC branding has been updated, the decision to modernize the school logo was made this past summer. Work was started on the creation of a new, modernized all-school logo during the 2017-2018 school year. Logos were collected from schools across the country and shared with a focus group to determine direction. Our graphic designer took the direction and theme, created several variations and each time received feedback from a wider group of individuals. The focus groups included school staff, church staff, and alumni. The result of this process brought a fresh new look to the symbol that will represent PCA for the coming years. The following provides insight into its meaning: 1. The new PCA logo is a clean and modern design that emphasizes the cross at the center of everything that we do. 2. As a ministry of CBC, we are seeking to build brand unity while also remaining our own entity. 3. The three points on the symbol indicate the school’s mission to educate and equip students for lives of Learning, Leadership, and Service.

Senior Capstone-What, Why and the Impact It Has The Senior Capstone project began in the 2016-17 school year, when Bible teachers Karen Davis and Matthew Rossi and English teacher Gloriann Curley saw the need for a rigorous research project to be added to Plymouth Christian’s curriculum. This led to a cross-curricular partnership between the Bible Department and the English Department. The goals of the Senior Capstone, which takes place in their final semester, are to: • Explore a topic of global importance from a Biblical perspective. • Explore the Biblical ethics that impact that year’s topic. • Foster critical thinking as students are asked to research differing opinions on that year’s topic. • Expose students to the rigor of a college-level research project. • Teach skills for the selection of a research topic. • Teach students how to properly format an APA research paper. • Give students the opportunity to formally present research to a group of peers. For the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school year, seniors were asked to explore the history and current events of a modern refugee crisis, and to construct a Biblically-sound opinion on how Christians should respond to their chosen area of research. In Bible class, students are assigned scholarly articles, participate in academic discussion, and are given the opportunity to interact with guest speakers. In English, students are instructed in the elements of an academic research paper, including the construction of a topic proposal and annotated bibliography. Throughout this project, students are given one-on-one mentorship in the development of their research. Future Senior Capstone topics will change with the changing of global issues, with the goal of raising up students who are concerned with their world and equipped to respond in a Biblical manner. Student testimonial from Hallie Allen sent to Matt Rossi and Gloriann Curley “I want to say that the topic of refugees is such a big and often burdensome issue to even bring up nowadays, and I really love how you made the decision to tackle it from a Christian perspective. I think it could be truly eyeopening to everybody doing the project, regardless of any political opinions they may have already had coming into this. I’m so thankful that you’ve created this space in which we can all speak about this serious issue from many different perspectives and focal points in a very educated manner. I’m super excited to see what everyone gains from this. I think encouraging this level of discussion on topics like this is so desperately needed in the church today, and I’m not sure if I have some bias already, but so far, the materials have been wonderful and very fruitful for me as I navigate how to personally respond to this issue as a modern Christian in the western world. I’m not far in yet, but I can tell this is going to be such a beneficial experience for me and my peers to have as we prepare to go off to college next year and find ourselves in situations where we must truly think for ourselves. I feel that this is really developing our ability to make informed and Biblically grounded decisions on our own.”

8 - Academics

We were honored to have State Representative Jeff Noble deliver the 2018 Commencement Address.

Class of 2018 Valedictorian, James Fadden

Thank you Class of 2018 for the class gift of a new eagle mascot costume!

Academics - 9

50 Graduates 49 (98%) will attend college next year 1 (2%) will enter the workforce

Of the 49 Colleges selected: 26 (53%) are private schools 23 (47%) are public schools

Of the 49 graduates attending colleges: 46 (94%) will attend a 4-year college 3 (6%) will attend a 2-year college

Of the 49 Colleges selected: 20 (41%) are Christian schools 29 (59%) are secular schools

Academics - 11

12 - Academics

Academics - 13

Christina Bilko, Grace Fernandes, and Lilliana Coker enjoyed wearing some Maize and Blue this June at the University of Michigan WISE GISE Program. According to the WISE webpage, “The University of Michigan WISE GISE Program is designed to increase the number of girls and women pursuing degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while fostering their future success.” At the recommendation of PCA middle school science teacher, Debbie Hope, these girls applied and were accepted into the WISE GISE 2018 Program. Each girl selected an area of concentration and spent the week in Ann Arbor, growing in their knowledge and skills. • Liliana Coker, Human Genetics/DNA • Christina Bilko. Physics • Grace Fernandes, Chemistry In addition to the time spent in their classrooms, the girls had the opportunity to go the University of Michigan library, computer lab, and dining hall. It was a great week wearing Maize & Blue! Attending WISE GISE at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor was an amazing experience! I was in the chemistry study group, so I learned about different chemicals, the periodic table, precipitates, and more. This camp gives middle-school girls a chance to learn a subject at a high school level. For the first part of the day in my area of chemistry, we did different experiments planned for us and then different activities for study groups. One of my favorite study groups was forensic anthropology. We studied bones of a human who had died at or in a crime scene. There were many other things you can do too, like Python coding and walking on oobleck! At the end of the week, lunch and ice cream was provided at a dining hall where they showed us a slideshow of pictures from the week of camp. I thought WISE GISE was a fun experience where you can learn and make friends. I highly recommend this camp! Grace Fernandes

Christina Bilko, Grace Fernandes, and Liliana Coker

My time at the University of Michigan WISE Camp 2018 will be an experience I will never forget. At this camp, there were many handson activities to get the students there really involved with the program. We visited many locations throughout the campus, whether by walking or by public transit. That gave students the opportunity to get a feel for the layout of the campus. This camp was also a chance to meet others of the same interests and to form a sense of community with others around you. We did numerous experiments such as building rockets, telescopes, and electric cars. Christina Bilko

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Camp at the University of Michigan was an amazing experience. We did many experiments that I would have never been able to do elsewhere including: extracting our own DNA, making batteries with fruits, and studying a real forensic anthropology case. I was in the DNA Genetics focus group, where in the first half of each day, we studied what geneticists do and how genetics works. Much of this learning came from hands-on lab experiments where we were easily able to extract our DNA and that of a strawberry. During the second half of each day we explored all the different fields in STEM that are offered. This was neat because it introduced us to fields we didn’t even know existed! We made batteries with wires, limes, copper pennies, and nails. We learned the different parts of batteries, including electrolytes, electrodes, and the electrical circuit. Another activity we participated in was forensic anthropology, where we studied a case the department had just received the same week. We studied real human bones, and it was our job to figure out who the person was. We discovered who they were and that they had been camping in the year 2000, when they ate poisonous berries and died. Overall, this camp was one of the best experiences of my life and I can’t wait to do it again! Liliana Coker

14 - Academics

Alliance Captains on a World Stage An Amazing Season for Team 4405

After a State Division finals appearance last year, the Atoms Family from Plymouth Christian Academy came into the year with high hopes of continuing its success. But, FIRST Robotics is different from traditional sports. The games changes. Every year. Completely. The rules change on the robot dimensions, allowed components, and motors. The field changes drastically. This year’s field looked nothing like last year’s field and nothing like the field the year before. The objective changes. Last year the objective was 12” plastic gears and whiffle balls being placed or shot in various locations throughout the field. Then the robot climbed a rope to end the game. This year 13” milk crates were placed on a 10-foot wide teeter-totter in locations throughout the field at various heights. The robot then climbed a 7-foot-high, 13” wide bar at the end of the game. About the only thing that doesn’t change is the match length (2.5 minutes) and the maximum weight of the robot (120 pounds without a battery or bumpers). Last year the team decided like most other teams to only worry about the gears and to not shoot the balls. While this made for a simple and reliable robot that earned the team 2 semi-final and 1 final appearance, it was a weakness when they competed against the best of the best in the World Championships. The team finished 3-7 and in 55th position at the end of Worlds. This year the team decided not to make such compromises. This year’s robot could do it all and did it all. They could place the power cubes (names for the milk crates) on any of the 3 teeter-totters, could pick them up from anywhere on the field, could climb from the middle, right, and left side of the 13-inch climbing bar and could score every possible way. Led by a final’s appearance victory and then another final’s appearance, the team entered the State Championship tied in 14th place out of 508 teams.

After a disappointing State Championship appearance, the Atoms Family regrouped and prepared themselves for their 4th consecutive World Championship appearance. This year the World Championships were played in Houston, Texas and right here in Detroit at Cobo Hall. With an estimated 40,000 competitors and spectators, the Atoms Family again found themselves on the world stage; but this time, they were ready. Led by a senior lead drive team of Hadlee Chubb, Zachary Racho, Chiren Moore and Taylor Maxwell, the Atoms Family entered the championships with high hopes. The first 15 seconds of each match is autonomous. Autonomous like the cars buzzing around Detroit and California right now without drivers. The software team of Hadlee Chubb, Elise Miera, Sarah Fernandes, Matthew Powers and Allie Kwang were tasked with placing a 13-inch cube on one of two teeter-totters in 15 seconds. Not only did the software team deliver a robot that could do this, but they delivered a robot that successfully completed its task EVERY SINGLE TIME at the World Championships. Beyond that, this robot could accomplish this quickly. In autonomous mode, the faster you place the cube, the more points you receive. Their robot traveled 27 feet, all the while curving at near full speed to track the teeter-totter that was rising 6 feet in the air. This was accomplished in less than 4 seconds. When the robot was done with this task, it grabbed another cube, rose 7 feet in the air and placed the cube next to its brother providing the team with a huge advantage to start Continued next page

FIRST does not have any divisions for its highest level of competition, FRC. That means that Team 4405 plays teams from all over the world as well as from large public schools in robotics-rich Michigan districts like Plymouth-Canton-Salem, Livonia, South Lyon, Novi, Northville, Farmington Hills, Westland and many others. Yet despite these odds, PCA finished the divisional round ahead of ALL the above listed teams including the 2017 World Champion Lightning Robotics team from PlymouthCanton-Salem.

Student Life - 15

Alliance Captains Continued each match. Additionally, this 120-pound powerhouse robot was the most complex robot the team has ever successfully built. Led by Taylor Maxwell, Chiren Moore, Chloe Orlandi, BJ Blume, Luke Wash, Claire Kurtycz, Emily Sciatto and Evan Wright, this robot featured 7 different motors, 3 different encoders to measure rotation distance, 7 motor controllers, a double solenoid, a gyrometer, an accelerometer, an Arduino embedded computer and pneumatic arm, and a 2 stage powered rising arm that could lift cubes and place them precisely over 9 feet in the air and yet, be strong enough to lift the entire robot, weighing 150 pounds, 7 feet off the ground. But this team was more than just software and hardware. Led by a strong business and media team consisting of Zachary Ricoh, Keith Brown, Kyle Sedgewick, Stephen Miera and Caleb DeVries, the team was able to fundraise, outreach and promote their team. They maintained the team website, sponsor relations and team events. Additionally, the team made a reveal video for the robot, as well as a video recap of the District Championship they won this year.

With all of this, Team 4405 excelled at the World Championships. They ended the qualification matches with an 8-2 record and were awarded Alliance Captain. There are 7,331 registered FRC team in the world. Of them, there are 508 teams in Michigan alone. Of the 508 teams, 89 qualified for Worlds based on their record. There were 400 total teams at Worlds in the Detroit venue. Of those 400 teams, only 144 played in elimination matches (the remaining are backup robots). Of those 144 teams, there are only 48 Alliance Captains. To make it to the World Championship is a great accomplishment. To make it to the elimination rounds is another huge success. To be Alliance Captain at the World Championship truly puts this team in rarified air. That this team could advance all the way to their quarterfinals as Alliance Captains is an amazing feat, and this accomplishment, along with the success of the entire season is one that this team will not soon forget. Keith Boruta PCA Atoms Family Coach

PCA received the honor of having the 2018 secondary yearbook inducted into the Walsworth Gallery of Excellence. According to Walsworth Yearbooks, “The Gallery of Excellence showcases the best yearbooks printed by Walsworth, and only a small percentage of the yearbooks they publish are included in this distinguished collection. Books are chosen based on their superior examples of theme, coverage, design, photography and copy.� The 2018 PCA yearbook will be shared throughout the coming year with other schools and at workshops as examples. These workshops will take place at the regional, state and national level. In addition to being shared at workshops, the spreads, photos and ideas may be used in Walsworth educational materials. Special thanks and congratulations to Gloriann Curley, Yearbook Director and Teacher, and the following students for their hard work in Yearbook this year: Isabel Nunez (Senior) Katie Spada (Senior) Kari Groen Matthew Malcolm (Senior) Moriah Willis (Senior) Grace Kellogg (Senior) Rachel Costello Emily Sciatto Jonathan Kannapell Morgan Raymond (Senior)

Evan Wright (Senior) Aidan Hing Liam Stein Ann Stein (Senior) Sarah Hall (Senior) Crystal Bock Sarah Fernandes Chloe Orlandi Eliya Adams (Senior)

The 2017-2018 Yearbook Staff is pictured at Murray Lake Day this past fall. We will miss the graduating seniors and wish them the very best as they begin the next steps in their journey.

16 - Student Life

Lake Fun with the Houk Family

Hannah Rich Future Eagle

Mackinac with the Palmby Family

Florida with the Bloom Family

Checking out military vehicles with the Janda Family

Canton Liberty Fest with the Thornton Family

Virginia Tech with the Brugger Family

Volleyball Camp 2018

Where in the world is

Swoopie the PCA Eagle? On the final day of school, we passed out Swoopie the PCA Eagle to accompany you through your adventures this summer. Many of you are wondering, “who is Swoopie?” We’re happy you’ve asked! As their departing gift, the Class of 2018 purchased a brand-new eagle mascot costume for the school and had a mascot-naming contest to go along with this gift. The name “Swoopie” was selected as the winner. We decided to have some fun with this new mascot through the “Where in the world is Swoopie the PCA Eagle?” contest. Thanks to all who have shared their adventures this summer. Keep them coming…we check for the social media tags every day!

How does it work?

1. Take Swoopie along on your summer adventures. 2. Shoot photos with Swoopie. 3. P  ost to Social Media, tag Plymouth Christian Academy, and use the hashtag #swoopiethePCAeagle.

Prizes (PCA spirit wear) will be awarded for the most creative posts, the farthest location (anyone traveling to China?), the highest location (think the top of the roller coaster at Cedar Point), and the lowest location (are you going spelunking this summer?). A friendly panel of experts will judge the contest and prizes will be awarded at our All-School Family Picnic on August 29.

Swoopie has even had the honor of showing up at some very special PCA alumni weddings!

Myrtle Beach with the Weertz Family

Philadelphia with the Bottorff Family

Student Life - 17

PCA FINE ARTS SEASON IN REVIEW During the winter and spring months, PCA students participating in choir, band, art, and theatre found themselves immersed in creativity and competition. In the theatre department, students auditioned for their favorite roles in the spring play and spent the next several months learning lines, designing sets, and choreographing dances. In the art room, they created projects that were showcased in the end-of-year art shows. Students planning to study art in college were busy putting the final touches on their art portfolios. The secondary bands and choirs practiced for the various levels of competitions that they attend each winter, with the goal of making it to the State competitions in the spring. Elementary choirs and bands excitedly embraced the theme for the spring production, drama parts were assigned, and new songs were learned. It has been an exciting season for fine arts at PCA. The following paragraphs provide a glimpse into some of the activity and accomplishments over the second half of the school year.


Plymouth Christian Academy is a member of the MSBOA (Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association). This membership allows our bands to participate and receive ratings in the festivals organized by the organization. According to the MSBOA website, “Ensembles are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest rating possible. The overall score is computed using a formula which combines the ratings of each judge. Ensembles that earn an overall 1 rating (or “Superior”) are qualified for State Band & Orchestra Festival which is held in late April or early May.” The PCA Middle School Concert Band participated in MSBOA Band & Orchestra Festival. In doing so, they qualified for State-level Band & Orchestra Festival. There they received a solid rating of a II. The Secondary Band was able to regionally debut an electro-acoustic piece for band and computer entitled “Techno Blade”. The composer, Benjamin Taylor, even joined us in class to discuss his piece and offer suggestions to improve our performance! The High School Band featured four state-level solos and one state-level duet! Michael Hejka, PCA Band Director

18 - Arts

CURTAIN CALL Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Last March, PCA Theatre took on the creation of the magical and musical world of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The all-school musical was complete with wild costuming, a 16-piece professional orchestra, actor-singer-dancers from grades 9-12 (plus one from grade 7), a brand-new stage floor, professionallydesigned moving projections, fog machines, bubble machines, and all the color one could want! The show rehearsed January through March, with performances March 15, 16, and 17. Mermaid performance weekend also included a Cast Meet & Greet before the final matinee showing for photo opportunities for young patrons and their families. The musical was also submitted for adjudication by the Sutton Foster Ovation Awards, which resulted in performance attendance from two industry judges and the selection of Ann Stein (Ursula) and Andrew Myers (Prince Eric) as “Best Actress” and “Best Actor.” Stein and Myers participated in the Sutton Foster Ovation Awards at Wharton Center May 19-20 as they contended for a spot at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards in New York City this June (www. Disney’s The Little Mermaid was the highest-grossing PCA Theatre musical to date, with over 1,200 in attendance. Next year’s spring musical will be announced fall 2018 at the after-school “Musical & Marinara” event.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

This spring, the Middle School Theatre class (grades 7-8) presented Don Quinn’s one-act adaption of C.S. Lewis’ great novel, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The class performed (and stage managed) the show on Thursday, May 31st in Room 303 of Calvary Baptist Church. Wardrobe was the Middle School Theatre class’ second annual short play and a first on the upstairs stage at Calvary. Middle school students worked with trained high schoolers and other professionals to contribute to design of the show logo, set, props, costumes, hair, makeup, t-shirt, and playbill. The show played to around 150 patrons and was a wonderful close to the 2017-2018 PCA Theatre season. Haley Rossi, Secondary Performing Arts Teacher

In Harmony

The 2017-2018 school year was a very successful year for the PCA Vocal Music program. Below are results from various MSVMA (Michigan School Vocal Music Association) festivals that students participated in. We encourage all students to participate in Solo & Ensemble events as soloists and small ensembles, as is evident by the large number of students we send for such a small school. The MSVMA uses the following system for rating: I (excellent), II (Good), III (Fair), IV (Developing).

Arts - 19

Soloists/Small Ensembles High School Musical Theatre Solo & Ensemble: Ann Stein - Division I, perfect score Joy Chamberlain – Division I Isaac Cantrell – Division I Matthew Pierce- Division II, Eliya Adams & Hannah Askew - Division I Noah Askew - Division I Hallie Allen - Divison I High School Solo & Ensemble: Ann Stein - Division I, perfect score Eliya Adams – Division II Joy Chamberlain – Division I Isaac Cantrell – Division I Rachel Brugger - Division II, state qualifier Caitlyn Mitchell - Division II, state qualifier Noah Askew - Division I Hannah Askew - Divison I Middle School Solo & Ensemble: Lizzy McHugh - Division I Lana Burger - Division I Isabella Sherman & Rachel Baker - Division I Middle School Quartet - Division I Middle School Choir - Division I, perfect score Jackson Ellinger - Division I Lauren Heussner & Kathryn McCreedy - Division I Carissa Warnshuis - Division I PCA Middle School Choir: MSVMA District Solo & Ensemble: Division I Rating MSVMA District Choral Festival: Division I Rating MSVMA State Choral Festival: Participant, ratings not awarded for middle school PCA High School Choir: MSVMA Musical Theatre Solo & Ensemble: Division I Ratings

20 - Arts

MSVMA Musical Theatre Intensive Participants MSVMA District Solo & Ensemble: Division I Ratings MSVMA District Choral Festival: Division I Ratings MSVMA State Solo & Ensemble: Division I Ratings MSVMA State Choral Festival: Division II Ratings PCA Women’s Ensemble MSVMA Musical Theatre Solo & Ensemble: Division I Ratings MSVMA Musical Theatre Intensive Participants MSVMA District Solo & Ensemble: Division I Ratings MSVMA District Choral Festival: Division I Ratings MSVMA State Solo & Ensemble: Division I Ratings MSVMA State Choral Festival: Division II Ratings Megan Heath, Secondary Vocal Music Teacher

Danny and the Shacks

The elementary bands, choirs, and strings, along with the sixthgrade actors and actresses, provided a powerful performance in “Danny and the Shacks”. The students brought the story of Daniel and his friends to life in a modern twist on the timeless story of God’s faithfulness through all circumstances of life.

On Display

Outstanding work created by kindergarten through 12th grade PCA students was on display in the spring art shows. Elementary art classes teach techniques and skills, but also incorporate scripture and meaning behind the lessons and pieces made. You can read the descriptions that accompany all elementary art on display to understand the depth of the lessons taught. The use of various mediums and techniques grows in complexity throughout the secondary art courses at PCA. The work displayed in the spring by the secondary art department demonstrates this growth and is amazing to see. We hope you had the opportunity to view the amazing pieces created by PCA secondary students.

Closing Act

It is impossible to recount all the performances, field trips, workshops, and community outreach opportunities that the Fine Arts Department participated in this year. It has been a great year of growth for our students and staff. With growth, we also must accept change and it has come in the form of one of staff members moving on to another opportunity that the Lord has provided. Michael Hejka will be leaving PCA for another position this fall. He will still be teaching his Band Boot Camp this July before he departs. We will miss him dearly and are very grateful for the growth our band has seen under his leadership.

Special thanks to the Fine Arts Booster Board for the support they provide throughout the year. So many of the arts opportunities afforded our students is the direct result of the work done by the Fine Arts Booster Board. Finally, because of our passion about the impact of arts on our students and future growth in mind, the Fine Arts Department Five Year Strategic Plan has been updated. We are so excited for what God has planned for us in the future. We invite you to become part of this energetic, creative, and amazing department at PCA! Carolyn Kedney, Fine Arts Department Chair

Arts - 21

When the art modular was painted the now-familiar beige “canvas” color in April, students and faculty alike stopped, looked and asked, “What’s going on?” The answer is that the modular is becoming a showcase and a gallery of sorts for the talent and creativity of the PCA art students. Secondary Art teacher, Michael Costello, explains, “The students wanted to create something on a large scale that would showcase the department to the school and visitors. The art modular needed to be different, so the students and I put together a proposal and gave it to Mrs. Huntsman. The proposal presented the scope of the project and the rationale, but the most important aspect was, I felt, the voice of the students. They gave their reasons and all of them were heartfelt. They were so excited to be a part of something big.” Mrs. Huntsman thought it was a great idea, and she presented it to the board. They approved the proposal and Jim Zandee and CertaPro Painting went to work. They generously gave their time and resources to lay down the initial beige color to give the students their canvas. Once the weather broke this spring, the artists went to work. Costello explains, “Because this project was so large, we appointed project leaders to manage each side of the modular. They worked on the design, the initial sketch and the painting. It was up to them to put together a team to begin their project.” Eileen Ding was the first artist to begin and finish. Her mural features many colorful handprints from PCA students. Above the handprints are the tools of the artists; colorful pencils, pens, paintbrushes and other mediums fill the wooden planks. Isabel Nunez and her team are working on a pair of eagle’s wings and a brilliant orange gradient design. There will also be Bible verses on the mural designed to inspire and encourage. Lauren Swicker has the front side of the modular and is creating a colorful mandala (geometric pattern) of various shapes and forms. Sarah Hall is using spray paint to depict caring, loving hands cradling the church. Her design will also incorporate words of inspiration. “This has been an exciting project”, Costello says. “The student body has been involved and I have heard so many positive comments from the faculty as well. A big thank-you goes out to Mrs. Huntsman for believing in the project and supporting it right from the start.” Completion of the remaining three sides of the modular is projected for mid-summer.

22 Arts LIFE 12 -- STUDENT



Eagle Athletes head off to College The following PCA athletes have committed to play at the collegiate level. Congratulations to each one! We wish you the very best but want you to remember that no matter how far you go, you’ll always be an Eagle! Abigail Pray has committed to play volleyball at Olivet College. Grace Kellogg has committed to play volleyball at Calvin College. Moriah Willis has committed to play volleyball at Anderson University.

Seth Windle has been running at Plymouth Christian since he was in the 8th grade. He has set three school records and currently holds the PCA school record for the two-mile and the distance relay team. He qualified for the State finals all four years of high school in both cross country and track, making his trip to the State finals eight times. He was an All-State finisher in cross country during his sophomore year (21st place) and senior year (10th place). During his junior year of track, he came in 10th at the State final for the two-mile race. Seth will be heading to Grand Canyon University this fall to study nursing. During his final run preparing for States, Seth made a very special stop that you can read about here: canton/2018/06/25/teen-dogs-build-bond/713830002/ Thanks so much to the Canton Observer for sharing this story with us!

Photo Credit: Canton Observer

A Great Runner and a Great Finish

Athletics - 23

Eagle Country It was a fabulous winter and spring athletic season at PCA. Check out the highlights for each of the teams. Varsity Boys Basketball

Named to the Top 100 Sportsmanship Award by Better Basketball District Champions 2018 for the second year in a row The team earned BCAM Academic All-State Honors with a GPA of 3.64 Honors: Matt Malcolm: All-Conference, 1st Team Class D All-State, Academic All-State Levi Yakuber: All-Conference, All-State Max Okolo: All-Conference, All-State Matt Windle: District Coach of the Year

Varsity Girls Basketball

Named to the Top 100 Sportsmanship Award by Better Basketball District Champions 2018 for the first time since the 2013-14 season Won their Regional Semi-Final to compete in the first Regional Championship since the 2013-14 season The team earned BCAM Academic All-State Honors with a GPA of 3.75 Honors: Robin Albert: All-Conference Ariela Boboc: All-Conference Rod Windle: District Coach of the Year

Varsity Competitive Cheer

Placed 6th in the MHSAA District Meet The Competitive Cheer Team earned the status of #1 Academic AllState Team for all of Division 4 in the state of Michigan. Together, they have a combined GPA of 3.784. Honors: Hallie Allen: Academic All-State Hannah Askew: Academic All-State Rachel Brugger: Academic All-State Caitlyn Rose Mitchell: Academic All-State Alyssa Powers: Academic All-State Madison Raymond: Academic All-State Morgan Raymond: Academic All-State Ann Stein: Academic All-State

Varsity Track

Luke Pohl qualified for the MHSAA State Meet in 800m, 1600m, and 3200m Max Okolo qualified for the MHSAA State Meet in 200m Seth Windle qualified for the MHSAA State Meet in 3200m Emily Cameron qualified for the MHSAA State Meet in 3200m Luke Pohl set a new school record in 800m with time of 2:01.47 Luke Pohl set a new school record in 1600m with time of 4:32.12 Luke Pohl placed 5th in MHSAA State Meet in the 1600m run, earning him All-State Status

24 - Athletics

Varsity Track continued Honors: Emily Cameron: All-Conference Luke Pohl: All-Conference, All-State, Academic All-State Max Okolo: All-Conference Seth Windle: All-Conference, Academic All-State Nicole Reinhart: All-Conference Sarah Reinhart: All-Conference

Varsity Girls Soccer

Completed their season ranked #2 in the MIAC Honors: Crystal Bock: All-Conference Danae Moriarty: All-Conference Ava Atchinson: All-Conference Emma Heussner: All-Conference Isabel Mossel: All-Conference Jillian Welsch: All-Conference

Varsity Baseball

District Champions 2018 for the second consecutive year Regional Champions 2018 for the first time in program history Completed their season ranked #2 in the MIAC Honors: Gavin Goerke: All-Conference, 2nd Team All-State Norbert Fernandez: All-Conference, 1st Team All-State Phillip Morby: All-Conference, MIAC MVP Dillon Morby: All-Conference Jacob Weertz: All-Conference Nathan Etnyre: All-Conference Joe Bottorff: MIAC Coach of the Year, District Coach of the Year, Regional Coach of the Year

Varsity Golf

MIAC Champions 2018 Honors: Jayme Fadden: All-Conference, MIAC MVP, Academic All-State Aidan Hing: All-Conference Layne Pries: All-Conference Rachel Costello: All-Conference Manny Ravuri: All-Conference Eric Moore: All-Conference, Academic All-State Isaac Cubbison: Academic All-State

Varsity Softball

Completed their season ranked #3 in the MIAC Honors: Isabel Mossel: Team MVP Ella Godin: All-Conference, Team Champion of Excellence Lydia Sikes: All-Conference Tatyana Carnes: All-Conference Lydia Sikes: Team Woman of Valor

Athletics ATHLETICS- -25 15

Challenge Sponsorship

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Bid Paddle Sponsor Atchinson Ford, Belleville

Presenting Sponsor Baird, Dan Paulson CLU, ChFC

Legacy Sponsors

MCC Technology, LLC Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Ann Arbor, Dr. Norbert Fernandez

Leadership Sponsors Dr. Hirut Dagnew in honor of Haikel and Abigail Haile

Brackney Chiropractic Health Center, Canton

House Family and the House Family Foundation

Michael Petrouneas, D.D.S. P.C Matrix Engineering and Sales, Inc.

Heritage Sponsors Hock Family Dentistry, Canton Varsity Lincoln

CertaPro Painters of Plymouth, Jim & Matt Zandee Johnson Painting, Eric Hay, Owner

Soaring Sponsors Colonial Veterinary Clinic, Plymouth Loiselle & Associates Kory & Beth Spiroff Stefanski Holmes Wealth Management

Sheree Ann Askew PLLC Dexter Roofing & Construction The Hovermale Family

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • August 29, 2018 • 3:00pm - 6:00 pm PCA GROUNDS NEAR ATHLETIC FIELDS • Please join us as we kick off the 2018-2019 school year with For the Ki a time of fun & fellowship as a school family. • Face P ds: o free t e: Meet new friends and catch up with old friends at the l e e C f arniva ainting r e l Pleas serts to sha B ounce Games s 10th annual PCA Picnic! ring de ookies b Volley House • C s e i n S w a ck R ball Bro so mu aces and Pies ON THE MENU: Hot dogs - Chips - Watermelon ch mo re • Lemonade/Water - Popcorn • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

26 - Advancement

• • • • • • • • •

Nashville Nights 2018 Auction

We were blessed by the fabulous entertainment provided by PCA Alumni ‘05, Parker Welling Nohe

On Friday, April 20, 2018, the PCA Butler gymnasium was filled with fabulous auction items and amazing people. The people who came together and donated, sponsored, attended, or volunteered helped us exceed the monetary goals set for the event, raising over $100,000 in just one evening! Exceeding the fundraising goals was fabulous, but even more moving was the gathering of this large group of people who love PCA.

There were a few guests who joined us for Nashville Nights who added some very special moments and made this one of the most unique auction experiences in past years. Parker Welling Nohe, Class of 2005, provided the live auction entertainment. Parker works in Nashville as a songwriter, and sang a variety of songs she has written, including the Russell Dickerson #1 song, “Yours.”

Special thanks to PCA Alumni ‘15, Elizabeth Qualls, for her fabulous auction donations, including this delicious chocolate cake!

She also moved us with her personal testimony of the way the Christian foundation laid at PCA has provided stability in her life. She reminisced about the fact that PCA was the first place that she performed in front of her peers as a middle school student. Elizabeth Qualls, Class of 2015, is attending the Schoolcraft College Culinary School and excitedly gave back to PCA through the donation of her fabulous triple layer chocolate cake and garden party donations. The auction excitement started when Elizabeth wheeled her decadent cake adorned with very large sparklers through the crowd as the very first auction item up for bid. Once this cake was purchased for over $1500, Elizabeth and her team served the winning table the cake, complete with china plates and silver coffee service.

! nn Station e P u o y k Than

Elizabeth Johnson attended PCA throughout elementary and middle school and came back this year in her role as Miss Michigan 2018. Elizabeth donated a “Princess Party” that was quickly sold through a “Buy it Now” purchase. She also graciously greeted, spoke with, and signed autographs for a large group of PCA elementary girls. They were thrilled to meet her, and she was eager to share with them. Her mother shared with us that one of Elizabeth’s focuses is the promotion of compassion. When Liz was an elementary student at PCA, she was frequently awarded the character trait of compassion at the end of the school year. From those awards, Elizabeth came to strongly value the need for compassion and now promotes the concept that compassion sparks confidence. Nashville Nights was made possible by the work of this amazing team of volunteers!

Special thanks to all the hard-working members of the financial team!

It was an honor to be part of the auction, which reflected our dynamic, caring school community.

Shout out to Miss Michigan and former PCA student, Elizabeth Johnson, for her party donation and time spent with our students!

ALUMNI CLASS NOTES Phil Varney, Class of 2000 Phil and Esther and their daughter Nora, welcomed Zachary James on June 7, 2018. They currently reside in Seattle, Washington where Phil is the Seattle Thunderbirds Athletic Trainer. Mark Varney, Class of 2003 Mark and Kim welcomed their third child, Micah Anderson, on April 23, 2018. Older siblings Eli and Ella are thrilled to welcome their new brother into the family. Mark and Kim reside in Livonia and Mark works in Homeland Security for the TSA. Stephen Sumner, Class of 2005 Stephen graduated from the University of Chicago on June 8, 2018 with a Ph.D. in Northwest Semitic Philology. According to the University of Chicago, “Northwest Semitic Philology consists primarily of the linguistic and philological study of Hebrew, Phoenician-Punic, Ugaritic, Aramaic, including Syriac studies.” April LaBenne Deur, Class of 2006 April graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership on April 28, 2018.

Caleb Middleton, Class of 2009 Caleb earned a B.A. in Youth Ministry & Bible. He is pursuing his M.A. in Christian Ministry. Caleb and his wife, Naomi, serve at Shelby Bible Church in Shelby, Michigan, where Caleb is the Assistant Pastor. On June 18, 2018, Caleb was ordained at Shelby Bible Church.

28 - Alumni

Rebekah Manning, Class of 2010 Rebekah moved to Northern Kentucky this past March and began her dream job at the Ark Encounter as a zoo keeper. Rebekah always wished she could travel to Africa and work with animals there and is thrilled to now be working with African animals at the zoo including a zebra, ostriches, camels, an African-crested porcupine, and monitor lizards. According to Rebekah, “I am so blessed to be working with these amazing animals, at a place where I can teach people about them and God.” Matthew Dodson, Class of 2011 Matthew became engaged to Abby Drumright on February 17, 2018. They will be married on August 10, 2018. Following their wedding, they will move to St. Louis where they will attend seminary and continue to work with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), sharing the gospel with college students and mobilizing laborers to fulfill the Great Commission.

Daniel Paulson, Class of 2011 Daniel graduated from Vanderbilt Law School on May 11, 2018. After taking the bar exam, Daniel will join Bradley’s Nashville office as an associate.

Jonathan Slater, Class of 2011 Jonathan married Rachel Papendick on July 8, 2018. He graduated from the University of Michigan in April 2018 with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Jon has accepted a position with Analog Devices. Inc. Jon and Rachel will reside in Burlington, Vermont.

ALUMNI CLASS NOTES Manabu Taketani, Class of 2011 After graduating from Calvin College in 2015, Manabu was employed as a Hall Director at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Washington. After that experience, he enrolled and graduated in May of 2018 from Taylor University with a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Development through the MAHE program. He is currently employed at Purdue University’s Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center (AAARCC) as the Program Administrator. His role involves organizing events at Purdue University geared towards bringing to life the Asian and Asian American experiences. In addition to planning events, he provides mentoring to students and serves as advisor to several student organizations. According to Manabu, “As the newest Cultural Center at Purdue University having been founded in 2015, I am excited to have a role in highlighting and celebrating the Asian American and Asian community at Purdue University!”

Lucas Allen, Class of 2012 Lucas graduated from the University of Michigan on April 28, 2018 with a Master’s degree in Physiology.

Nate Bortz, Class of 2012 Nate married Carly Thompson on June 23, 2018 in East Jordan, MI. They met while attending Spring Arbor University. Nate works as a Marketing Specialist for Aster Brands, and Carly works as the Communications Specialist for the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance. They currently live in Charlevoix, MI, where Nate is adjusting to Northern Michigan life and Carly experiences Metro Detroit when visiting her in-laws.

Alex Chapman, Class of 2012 Alex was hired in January 2018 by DXRacer as a Marketing and Partnership Specialist. He handles conversations surrounding B2B marketing initiatives, working with business partners to create co-campaigns that best suit both organizations. DXRacer specializes in high quality gaming and office chairs. According to Alex, “I’m blessed with a job that requires consistent international and domestic travel. My passions include gaming and esports, so this is a dream job!” If you have any questions about gaming/esports Alex would love to chat. You can email him at Jon Cook, Class of 2012 Jon earned his Mortgage Loan Originator License (NMLS #1628355) this past December and is currently working for Michigan Financial Mortgage Company as a loan officer. He recently helped another PCA alumni, Trevor Gogala, and his fiancé obtain a mortgage and purchase their first home. Kurtis McKenzie, Class of 2012 and Sydney Carpenter, Class of 2013 Kurtis and Sydney were married on December 31, 2017 at the Colony Club in Detroit. They reside in Seattle, Washington. Sydney works in the Nordstrom corporate buying office. Kurtis recently completed his career in the military and now attends Northwest University. Ross Vought, Class of 2012 Ross married Kelsey Matson on November 4, 2017. They recently purchased their first home in Livonia. Ross works as an EMT in Troy and Kelsey is an office manager in Northville.

Alumni - 29

ALUMNI CLASS NOTES Mary Anleitner, Class of 2013 Mary graduated from Taylor University on May 19, 2018, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is currently back in Canton, working as a freelance writer for a company located in Wisconsin. She is awaiting an internship opportunity in North Carolina with Elevation Church.

Krista Norred, Class of 2013 Krista has been accepted into the Detroit Mercy School of Law, receiving a full tuition scholarship to the U of D School of Law.

Sarah Davis, Class of 2014 Sarah graduated from Taylor University on May 19, 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She became engaged to Isaac Beaverson on April 28, 2018. Their wedding will take place on September 2, 2018. They will make their home in Indianapolis, IN.

Rachel Kral, Class of 2014 Rachel graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Computer Animation. She has moved to Los Angeles and is now working as a Story Artist with Sony Pictures Animation.

30 - Alumni

Jayme Putney, Class of 2014 & Erin Meyers Putney, Class of 2014 Jayme and Erin graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in May 2018. They were married on June 23, 2018. In July, they will move to San Jose, CA where Jayme will be working for Stryker Endoscopy. Strkyer Endoscopy manufactures minimally invasive surgery equipment. Erin will be interviewing with several marketing/recruiting companies in the area. Juliana Romano, Class of 2014 Juliana graduated from Grace College on May 12, 2018 with a B.A. in Accounting and Marketing and a Spanish minor. She is currently studying for the CPA exam and will begin working in September as a staff auditor at Baden, Gage, & Schroeder LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Rachel Smith, Class of 2014 Rachel graduated from Hillsdale College on May 12, 2018 with a B.A., majoring in Exercise Science and German. She is working in the family business this summer and praying about what God has next. Kaitlyn Whitlock Sherrow, Class of 2014 Kaitlyn graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) on April 28, 2018 with a B.S. in Nursing. She married Drew Sherrow on June 24, 2018. Drew also graduated from IWU School of Nursing. They will reside in Nashville, Tennessee where they will both be working at Centennial Hospital. Kaitlyn has accepted a position in oncology and Drew in critical care.

ALUMNI CLASS NOTES Lucas Albrecht, Class of 2015 Lucas is entering his senior year at Calvin College where he plays soccer. This past spring, he was named the 2017 Most Improved Player, as voted on his soccer teammates.

Michael Slater and Callie Morby, Class of 2015 Michael and Callie became engaged on April 12, 2018. They are planning a May 2019 wedding. Nick Andres, Class of 2016 Nick is a senior at Northwood University studying finance and entrepreneurship. Northwood hosts the largest outdoor new car auto show in North America bringing in brands from Ferrari all the way to Ford. This show is completely student run and brings in 70,000+ visitors during the fall. Nick has been very involved with the show since his freshman year. He was formerly the captain of Team Aquatics bringing $600,000 worth of boats to the show and has now earned his spot as the Specialty Chair on the executive board. He oversees 15 captains, their teams, and will execute all actions during the show. His division will feature all specialty vehicles such as boats, monster trucks, power sports, Blackhawk helicopters, and many more vehicles. The 2018 Northwood Auto Show takes place October 12-14, at the Northwood Midland campus. Visit blogs. to learn more.

Always an Eagle

PCA Alumni, this section is all about you. Take a moment to read about the many alumni who have shared their latest news. With over 1000 alumni attending college, working, or serving across the globe, we know there are many more stories to share. We’d love to hear from you. Please email us at

Monday, August 20, 2018

PCA Annual Golf Outing Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center- The Golden Fox 9:00am Shotgun start - Alumni rate: $100/golfer For more information, visit

Friday, October 12, 2018

PCA 5k Purple & Gold Run to Sponsor a World Vision Child Under the Lights Soccer Event

December 20, 2018

Young Alumni, Classes of 2017 & 2018, are invited to join us for a Christmas Gathering. Doors open at 11:45am. Lunch will be served.

February 8 & 9, 2019

Homecoming Weekend 2019 - All alumni are invited to join us for the homecoming gathering on Friday evening in the Activity Center. Saturday morning, we will host the 2nd annual, Breakfast and Basketball Event. Special shout-out to the milestone classes of 1989, 1999, 2009. It’s your turn to celebrate your 10, 20, and 30 year reunions and we’d love to help! Contact us at

Alumni - 31

Retirements, Departures, & Milestones

Plymouth Christian Academy has been blessed with staff who have provided the foundation from which we can accomplish the mission to educate students for lives of learning, leadership, and service. At the end of each year, we celebrate those who will be leaving us and beginning retirement or moving on to other opportunities the Lord has provided. While we will miss their daily presence, we wish them the very best in all that they will do and recognize that wherever they go, they will always be an Eagle at heart!

Retirements & Departures

Debbie Wiard, Secondary Administrative Assistant, 20 years Debi Putney, Kindergarten Assistant, 14 years Cheryl Bauslaugh, Preschool Aide & After School Care Director, 14 years Ann Marie Chase, Preschool Aide, 11 years Jenny Middleton, Elementary Administrative Assistant, 11 years Allison Spencer, Begindergarten Teacher Assistant, 11 years Nathan Yates, Secondary Social Studies Teacher & Director of the PCA/Chinese School Partnership, 12 years Michael Hejka, Instrumental Music Teacher, 3 years Jeannie Fadden, Secondary Administrative Volunteer, 4 years

Years of Service Milestone years

Missy McCreedy, Homeschool Partnership Director & Development Staff, 5 years Netty Melendez, Assistant Education Specialist, 5 years DeDe Byers, 4th Grade Teacher, 10 years Diana Chapel, Secondary Administrative Assistant, 10 years Jori Groen, High School Math Teacher, 10 years Steve Wenning, Middle School Bible Teacher, 10 years Marisa Brodhagen, Elementary & Secondary Physical Education and Health Teacher, 15 years Dan Hammar, Technology Director, 20 years

STAFF Updates Mike Costello, Secondary Art Mike was inducted into the Michigan High School Lacrosse Coaches Association Hall of Fame on May 5, 2018. While he isn’t teaching, Mike is a Varsity Lacrosse Coach at Ann Arbor Greenhills School where he has coached for nine years. He is a member of the Michigan High School Lacrosse Coaches Association Hall of Fame and is the editor of the all lacrosse Michigan website. He’s a regular on the sidelines of college and high school games taking photographs for his site. He’s a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Michigan High School Coaches Association, the Michigan High School Lacrosse Association and US Lacrosse. Ashley Frey, 6th Grade Teacher Ashley and her husband Patrick are expecting their second son, Linkin, on September 22nd. Their son Elliott is beyond excited to be a big brother, and he is very happy to be starting Preschool at PCA in the fall! Abby Garcia, 2nd Grade Teacher Abby and her husband Jon are expecting their second child, due on January 3rd. Big brother Harrison is thrilled by the news! Megan Heath, Secondary Vocal Music Teacher Megan has been invited by the MSVMA (Michigan School Vocal Music Association) to be a presenter at the 2018 M.S.V.M.A. Summer Conference in Lansing. She will be presenting for music educators state-wide on the topic of Technology in the Choral classroom. According to Megan, “This is an amazing opportunity and I am proud to representing PCA at such a prestigious event.”

to PCA Jasmine Lauch, PCA Class of 2013, will be teaching 3rd Grade at PCA. Jasmine received her undergraduate

degree from Madonna University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Math with a certificate in elementary education. She completed her student teaching this past year at PCA, working in 2nd grade with Mrs. Beth Houston. In addition to her work preparing her new classroom, Jasmine is also planning her fall wedding to fellow PCA Class of 2013 graduate, Nick Paul. Welcome to PCA!

Catherine Koloian, PCA Class of 2011, is working toward her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership/ Administration and is an Administrative Intern this summer for PCA. Projects for her Internship include: • Diversity Activities • Technology Audit • Comprehensive review of policies related to providing school staff, students and visitors with a safe and secure building environment • Development of a school master schedule • Development of a new student on-boarding program Dr. Wilson Muse will be teaching high school science at PCA. He has taught high school Chemistry, Biology,

AP Biology and AP Chemistry. According to Dr. Muse, “I am a committed Christian who has employed all disciplines of science; Chemistry, Physics and Genetics to the study of God’s elegant creation.” He is a true science educator interested in “spending time perfecting the art of helping others on their educational journey to gain an understanding of science”. Education: University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Development University of Michigan, Doctorate of Philosophy in Cell and Molecular Biology, Specialization: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Certification: Michigan State Secondary Professional Certificate 7th-12th with endorsements in Chemistry and Biology. He has taught a total of 18 years at the high school and university level including Madonna University and Schoolcraft College. He brings to our school inquiry-based learning and takes advantage of the best practices that he has tested in his classroom. He believes in the 3 “R’s” of education: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. Dr. Muse sees his role of instructor is to “inspire and motivate students to explore content in new ways and make them lifelong learners. An essential part of this is making the content relevant to the student’s life and forging a relationship with the student. I strive to run challenging courses while providing opportunities for all students to succeed. This can be done by having reverence for and a commitment to the dignity of students while maintaining an empathic consciousness of their situation and serving them as a mentor. Developing students with the acquisition of practical and investigational skills particularly in chemistry, biology, and physics is my greatest God-given strength.” Welcome to PCA!

Staff Updates - 33

Why Plymouth Christian Academy? Educating & Equipping for Lives of Learning, Leadership & Service

% 98

+ 6300 hours student community service in 2017

4-year college acceptance rate Top Schools include

Calvin College

University of Michigan Ann Arbor Grand Valley State University



PCA ACT scores are higher than the top scoring surrounding school districts.

On MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing this year, each PCA class scored above the national MAP average in all subject areas and in all sub categories.

36 22

Student/Teacher Ratio


kindergarten, with intentional grade level programming to develop the leader in each student.

Integrated K-6 CSI (Christian Schools International) Bible Curriculum. Secondary Bible curriculum includes a comprehensive walk through the Old & New Testaments, Apologetics, Foundations, Gospels, and more. K-12 attend weekly chapel, with student-led worship, and a time to focus on the truth of God’s word. Students in 9-12 experience an annual Spiritual Life Retreat.


Over On the 2017 M-STEP, PCA 3rd grade students scored % higher on reading and % higher on math than the state of Michigan, using comparative data.

Leadership training begins in

different churches represented among our student body.


of high school students play an athletic sport

of high school students take part in PCA Fine Arts. STEAM instruction begins in kindergarten, with students attending STEM lab, art, and music classes weekly.

PCA was honored to be named #1 Best Christian High School in Wayne County & #3 Best Christian School in Michigan for 2018 by

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Did you know that your gifts to the Annual Eagle Fund allow PCA to build the programs that provide these results in the Infographic to your left? The Annual Eagle Fund is part of a long-standing tradition that invites alumni, parents, friends, faculty members, and staff to annually invest in the lives of students and the future of Plymouth Christian Academy.

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AUGUST 20 2018

8:00am 9:00am Noon 3:00pm

Registration / Range Access Shotgun Start Lunch at the Turn Dinner / Prizes / Presentation

Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center - The Golden Fox 8768 North Territorial Road, Plymouth, MI 48170

For additional information, please contact Matthew Windle at 734.756.3060 or

Plymouth Christian Academy 2018-2019 School Theme

Ambassadors for Christ

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. 2 Corinthians 5:20

BACK TO SCHOOL 2018-2019 We know it’s still July, but there are some dates you will want to add to your calendar as we look forward to the start of the upcoming school year!


Elementary class list & secondary class schedule pick-up day, 9am-2pm

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23 New Parent Orientation, 6pm All Parent Orientation, 7pm


First day of school for grades 7-12


First full day of school for grades 2-6 Half day of school for kindergarten and 1st grade First day of school for begindergarten

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29 PCA Family Picnic 3pm-6pm

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 T/TH preschool begins HSP begins

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 MWF preschool begins

Eagle Vision Summer 2018  
Eagle Vision Summer 2018