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Enhancing learning, enhancing lives The University of Miami and its Miller School of Medicine, which has a major presence in Palm Beach County, are homes to innovative educational programs, influential research, an outstanding cadre of students, and faculty who are renowned leaders in their fields. Wells Fargo is proud to provide financial assistance to fund key initiatives and supports the Momentum2 campaign, which is powering UM’s next phase of progress as one of America’s great universities. Recent contributions include our sponsorship of the R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the University’s Haiti relief program. Fred Berens, of Wells Fargo Advisors, sits on the UM Board of Trustees to ensure successful continuation of programs such as these. Wells Fargo believes it can only be as strong as the communities in which we live and work. That’s why the company and its team members have committed more than $11 million to nonprofit organizations throughout Florida this past year. Wells Fargo is proud to invest in the leaders of tomorrow. © 2012 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. ECG-708286



In 1821, at a horse race in Paris, Nicolas Rieussec successfully tested his revolutionary invention that allowed time to be recorded to an accuracy of a fifth of a second. The chronograph was born. A tribute to a visionary man, the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Automatic is centred on the essence of his invention, the rotating disc technique. Monopusher chronograph, self-winding manufacture movement, second time zone, 30 min. and 60 sec. rotating disc counters.Crafted in the Montblanc Manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland.

the gardens mall. palm beach gardens

2013 MKS

Available spring 2012.

A retractable, dual-panel moonroof.* Hand-stitched, organically tanned leather and a beautifully functional instrument panel. Add a dynamic suspension and precisely placed 16-speaker THX速 certified audio,* and things get interesting. How interesting? Find out at


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Paradise Found­—Again ome wonderful things are happening as I am out and about or communicating with friends. Everyone seems to be saying, “Another great day in paradise, eh?” from my colleagues and neighbors to those brief conversations with adjoining tables as I grab lunch outside or hold a door open for someone while running errands. And when I talk with friends in other parts of the country, or email them a picture snapped around here, or when they see our magazine, the response often is: “You are so lucky to live there! What a great place! I hope to join you there soon.” Those responses were coming much less often as tougher and tougher times gripped the country. Now, however, even though far too many people still face struggles, I sense a renewed optimism and an almost infectious good cheer. Is it just me, or do you feel it, too? Times seem to be much better for most people in our community, and the feeling extends to those who would like to move here. Whatever apprehensions they may have had a couple of years ago have dissipated and have been replaced with a well-warranted eagerness. The people who do research for our magazines would equate my observations with “qualitative analysis.” They are not “statistically significant,” but they are the results of what people are saying in their own words compared to “quantitative analysis,” which is writing down a number or choosing something on a list that can be tabulated. In our business, we watch the quantitative data, of course; both our company’s and the economy’s as a whole, especially in the demand for luxury goods (which continue trending quite nicely, I’m happy to say). Experience tells me that as important as the quantitative is, the qualitative—the feelings I’m hearing, the confidence and optimism I’m sensing—are significant precursors to the numbers. So, for all those people who are vocalizing what a great place this is, I’m with you. Paradise was lost only for a moment in time. Welcome back, or come on down. It’s here for the taking.




robert nelson


et h o s handwoven from recycled sari silk

delray beach 561 279 7777 new york 212 647 1144


The Delights of Spring echnically, May is more like summer than spring in South Florida, but there is nothing to stop us from dreaming about May flowers blooming, spring breezes and alfresco everything. You will see various interpretations of these themes in our pages this month. Everything from our beauty coverage (“Vanity,” page 30), which focuses on fresh pastel palettes, to our jewelry market page (“Baubles,” page 28), featuring floralinspired gems, alludes to our collective infatuation with spring and renewal. On the feature side, we present our take on Miami, the vibrant city that always surprises us with its edgy art scene, trendsetting design and rising foodie culture. In “Miami for All,” we give you a taste of Miami—both the classics and the hot newcomers to the scene—for shoppers, families, foodies and culture vultures. Check out some of our favorite places and things to do in this eclectic, international metropolis just an hour from our doorstep, on page 62. Closer to home, we present five fabulous young people who are shaking things up in Palm Beach, both socially and professionally. Our stellar lineup this year includes Blair Brandt, Terri Mersentes, Dan Kahan, Robert DeForest and Andrea Rogers. See “Palm Beach Rising,” on page 52, for a glimpse at these young leaders who are helping shape Palm Beach’s future. And if you are in the mood to explore our other neighbor to the south, Boca Raton, check out our fun feature, “Boca A to Z” (page 76). Here, we tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Boca, from what to order at Ovenella to the best place to see sea turtles to where to meet your friends for happy hour. Everything in our pages this month suggests a joie de vivre that can only come with a spring state of mind. Around here, we have that year-round. Enjoy the issue!

Daphne Nikolopoulos

Editor’s Picks

The newest gem in Miami’s crown is the St. Regis Bal Harbour, a hotel that is bound to rock the local scene. The design is breathtaking and the “shuttle”—a Bentley— is not so bad, either. See page 64.




I have been wearing Chanel’s Glossimer in Plaisir for weeks now and love the sheer peach hue—a perfect spring-to-summer color. See page 30.

One of the most popular musicals of all time, Les Misérables, comes this month to the Kravis Center— the perfect prelude to Memorial Day weekend. See page 108.

lauren lieberman/LILA PHOTO


GARDENS An InspIred ColleCtIon. CultIvAted for you. ChAnel GuCCI rAlph lAuren sAlvAtore ferrAGAmo tIffAny & Co. louIs vuItton BurBerry huGo Boss henrI Bendel h&m Brooks Brothers A|x ArmAnI exChAnGe hAmIlton Jewelers Apple dAvId yurmAn true relIGIon BrAnd JeAns J. Crew lIlly pulItzer mAyors Jewelers mIChAel kors wIllIAms-sonomA pottery BArn the Art of shAvInG lululemon AthletICA AnthropoloGIe swArovskI montBlAnC vIneyArd vInes tory BurCh sAks fIfth Avenue nordstrom BloomInGdAle’s mACy’s LIKE US. FOLLOW US. SCAN US.







lucien capehart


THE DIAMOND PARTY Venue: Flagler Museum, Palm Beach In celebration of: Palm Beach Illustrated’s 60th anniversary 1. Linda Adelson, Celine Thibault, Elizabeth DeLuca, Soula Rifkin 2. Cil Draime, Ron Woods, Piedad Paez 3. Rebecca and Seth Berman 4. Lily Capehart, Michael Price 5. Alfred Fiandaca, Caroline Collings 6. Mark Hurst, Lauren Berkson 7. Edward Sandall and Marie Hale 8. Daphne Nikolopoulos, Bill Wehrman, Randie Dalia, Allison Reckson 9. Jeff Fowler, Joan Bever, Christian Wiebel 10. Hilary Jordan, Dack Patriarca 11. Harvey Oyer, Monique McCall 12. Jacob and Pamela Steiger, Heather and Glenn Charles 13. Christine DiRocco, Lauren Duffy, Jeff Hall 14. Emily Mateer, Loy Anderson 15. Jonathan Morris, Irene Lummertz






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THE DIAMOND PARTY continued 16. Dee Wade, Katie Gamble, Jennifer Shesser, Leslie Rose 17. Katie Vecellio, Julie Rudolph 18. Mary and Mark Freitas 19. Claudia, Bruce and Camila Helander, Tyler Sargent 20. Jim Ponce, Tim Harris 21. Daniel and Lauren Lieberman, John Horvitz and Mindy Curtis-Horvitz 22. Anita Mandal, Ray Johnson 23. Helga Wagner and Helmut Koller 24. Steve Caras, Deborah Koepper, Anthony Reindel 25. Brian and Andrea Hass, Jill Arroyo, Joe Coscia 26. Zac Potter, Clemens Ritter von Wagner, Ralph Cantin, Michael Ridgdill 27. David Rogen, John Loring 28. Julie Lander, Scott Diament 29. The scene 30. Craig and Audrey Dickmann 31. Leslie Viselman, Randee Wechsler 32. Alex and Renate Dreyfoos | may 2012 19

forward Questions

3Q v Joan Lunden

From 1980 to 1997, Joan Lunden was welcomed into the homes of millions of Americans every morning as the host of Good Morning America. The award-winning journalist also spent years traveling to Wellington, where daughter Jamie was a national champion equestrienne. Lunden is the mother of seven, including two sets of twins, and a caregiver to her mother, which makes her the ideal host of RLTV’s Taking Care. Lunden will speak at the Executive Women of the Palm Beaches Women in Leadership Awards Luncheon on May 3 at the Kravis Center. —Jennifer Pfaff n What general career advice do you have for women? Don’t hide out in your office. Come out. Talk with the bosses. They’re never going to be able to understand your capabilities and the strengths you could offer to a workplace. They won’t know who you are in order to give you a raise or give you a promotion if they don’t ever talk to you. n What were some of your most memorable episodes of Good Morning America? I think I most loved interviewing all of the experts, day in and day out, who informed us, who taught us about our health, our brains, about our potential—about how we live our lives. n What’s it like approaching parenthood at this point in your life? I’m very undaunted by it. Maybe it’s just because you’re older, wiser, you’ve been there, you’ve done that, you’ve been challenged, you’re more financially secure— for all those reasons, I find that parenting kind of rolls off my back. | MAY 2012 21

forwardvinsider finer things in life, adores pampering herself

Derby delight

and takes pride in her appearance.

In the first few decades of the 1900s, Palm Beach resident and casino builder Col. Edward R. Bradley owned four horses that won the Kentucky Derby. In honor of its namesake and the annual Southern event, which takes place May 5, West Palm Beach’s E.R. Bradley’s Saloon has shared with PBI its recipe for the perfect mint julep, the official drink of the race. We suggest sipping while donning a large-brimmed hat.

Tulip: An outgoing, social butterfly, your mother loves being around people and always has a good story to tell, which usually makes her the life of the party. Fitness is important to her, and she maintains an athletic, active lifestyle. She’s traveled the world and would never turn down an opportunity for adventure, like rock-climbing. Lily: Your mother could be Wonder Woman, earning the envy of everyone for her amazing ability to do it all. A hard worker who never sits still, she juggles roles between running a charity event, entertaining a diverse group of friends and maintaining

Mom’s the word

a spotless home. She stands out in a crowd, and

Mother’s Day is May 13, and that can only

she does like the attention, although she would

mean one thing: flowers. This year, pick a

never admit it. Despite her busy schedule, she al-

bouquet that best represents your mother’s

ways looks her best, never leaving home without

personality. Which flower is she?

a touch of lipstick and a spray of perfume.

Rose: Your mother is popular and well known

Carnation: Soft-spoken and gentle, your

for her exquisite taste. Ambitious and strong-

mother is sweet and charming, likely a South-

willed, she always stands up for what she be-

ern Belle. She likes history and collects an-

lieves in and isn’t afraid to speak her mind,

tiques, and her faith is important to her.

even if it earns her a few enemies. She’s

Proper and polite, she draws others in with


cultured and loves learning new things but re-

her calm, kind demeanor. Of course, she al-

tains a bit of mystery. She has a taste for the

ways looks classic, polished and put-together.

Refining Tastes

Christofle is a worldwide symbol of elegance and class. Get a taste of that good life yourself with private tastings and even lessons in the art of sabrage by the silver purveyor’s CEO Nicolas Krafft. Tasting topics include Champagne, caviar, oysters, American whiskey, single malt Scotch and Prosecco. Small groups can reserve a private class through Christofle, and Krafft will provide instruction at the requested location. For more information or to make a reservation, see

Mint Julep Leaves from 4-5 mint sprigs Sugar cubes or ½ oz. simple syrup 2½ oz. bourbon Mint spring for garnish Place the mint leaves and simple syrup or sugar into a julep cup, Collins glass or double old-fashioned glass. Muddle well to dissolve the sugar and to release the oil and aroma of the mint. Add the bourbon. Fill with ice and stir well until the glass becomes frosty. Garnish with the mint sprig.

A New Chapter In February, the West Palm Beach Public Library was renamed the

current and future needs. A major portion of the Mandel Foundation

Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach in honor of a $5-million

grant will be used to fund an endowment that will enhance the sta-

gift from the Mandel Foundation, an Ohio-based nonprofit started by

bility of the library. Other parts of our grant include funds to build a

three brothers. Morton Mandel, chairman of the organization, and his

stronger West Palm Beach Public Library Foundation team and also

wife, Barbara, who have lived in Palm Beach since the 1960s, spoke

to provide funding for new library programs.

with PBI about the significance of the library donation and what it

How does your gift represent the Mandel Foundation’s mission?

means for the city.

The hallmark of our philanthropy is our commitment to invest in peo-

PBI: How will your gift be used to improve the library?

ple with the values, ability and passion to change the world. We be-

MANDEL: We are working with the leadership of the West Palm Beach

lieve that supporting the leadership of the West Palm Beach Library

Public Library Foundation to structure a grant that can meet both

is just such an opportunity.



today at canyon ranch A busy surgeon took a yoga class on the beach, got an exercise program from a fitness expert and had a hydromassage that dissolved every bit of stress. It’s life in low gear, and she likes it.

This Is Your Moment.

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach Florida residents – stay two nights, Sunday through Thursday, and enjoy a $200 hotel credit for spa, dining, wellness & more, plus complimentary valet parking and daily breakfast for two. Simply mention “Floridian Mid-Week Beach Break.” Book online at or call 800-742-9000 or your Travel Professional Through September 30, 2012. Credit may not be applied to suite rate. Blackout dates and other restrictions apply.

À LA CARTE, ALL-SUITE, HEALTHY OCEANFRONT HOTEL & SPA miami beach ALL-INCLUSIVE, LIFE-ENHANCEMENT HEALTH RESORTS tucson, arizona | lenox, massachusetts wellness | fitness | spa | medical | nutrition |

forwardv players Screen Saver

According to Charles Cohen, there are only

two kinds of movies: comic books converted into live action and everything else. Cohen’s tastes are grounded firmly in the latter. Already the CEO of a real estate development and management firm, Cohen, who winters on Breakers Row, started Cohen Media Group in 2008 to

it’s difficult to say what’s more impressive—Cohen’s film knowledge (he literally wrote the book on movie trivia, Trivia Mania) or his lavish home theater in California, modeled after the old paramount theater in times square, that serves as testament to his passion.

Small World

Singer Patty Shukla spends New Year’s Eve

entertaining Champagne-swilling revelers, but the rest of the year she’s trying to please the juice box crowd. Responding to a perceived lack of actionpacked, educational music for kids, the mother of two created songs that have children jumping (and singing) for joy. She hosts music classes at

produce and distribute “films I don’t get to see

the Sailfish Club of Florida and Publix GreenWise

in the cinema today—those that resonate with

Market in Palm Beach Gardens, and performs at

me as a filmgoer.” The company’s first release,

elementary schools. “I performed with different

Outside the Law, was nominated for a 2011

bands for more than 10 years professionally, but

Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

once I started to see that the kids were really en-

(Algeria). —Liza Grant Smith

joying it, it was a no-brainer. When you see their faces, it’s a different world.” —L.G.S.

Wild at Heart While some consider being seen in the same garment twice a social faux pas, Gabby Wild is receiving nothing but accolades for her decision to wear a single outfit as many as 31 days in a row. The Cornell veterinary student and animal activist launched her “12 in 12 for 12” campaign at the beginning of this year. Each month, Wild wears an original animal-inspired, eco-friendly outfit to support an endangered Since the age of 16, the former Miss Palm Beach County USA has done “kind of crazy things” to help animals, including living in a tent in Africa surrounded by hyenas and acting as a surrogate mother to an elephant in Thailand. 24


species, including May’s long blue dress created by former Project Runway contestant Seth Aaron, which represents the Blue Morpho Butterfly. “One species goes extinct, and it changes an entire ecosystem,” she says. “To know that we could have saved at least one species from going extinct is incredible.” —L.G.S.

Shukla’s own children have become both her inspiration and co-workers. They come with her on summer performing tours and sing on her albums. SHe has released four CDs and a DVD.

From your vision to your living space. Sklar has everything you need for the home that you’ve always envisioned. Our huge, award-winning showroom offers a complete range of beautiful furnishings, luxury contemporary to transitional and traditional. You'll also find a wide variety of custom window treatments, wall coverings, art, accessories, lighting and more. With our design studio, talented designers and personal services we have everything you need to realize your vision.

6300 N. Federal Highway Boca Raton [North of Yamato] Tel 561.862.0800 Open Mon – Sat 10-6, Sun 12-6 Evening hours by appointment.

The key to relaxation is to imagine an idyllic setting.

No imagination required.

Spa ServiceS available from $99* To reserve an appointment or inquire about spa specials, call (561) 282-3290. To purchase gift cards, visit

*Price does not include service charge. Restrictions may apply. State of Florida, Department of Health, Massage Establishment License # MM70


THE LOOK v exotica Journey to fashion's worldly side.

photo montage: Leonor Alvarez-Maza

By Katherine Lande

Teak antelope haircalf cuff, Michael Kors, Palm Beach; beaded woven wedge sandal, Burberry, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton; Proenza Schouler natural raffia clutch, Neiman Marcus, Palm Beach and Boca Raton; gold and peridot Aztec motif necklace, Oscar de la Renta, Bal Harbour; crochet clutch with bamboo frame, Ralph Lauren, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton. | MAY 2012 27

style v baubles In Bloom

Stunning May flowers that can be worn all year. By Michelle M. Havich

Brilliant Bouquet This necklace from Bulgari’s High Jewelry collection bursts with amethyst flowers set off with emeralds, spinel and quartz beads, and round brilliant-cut diamonds, all in 18-karat pink gold. Price upon request. Boca Raton (561-368-7075,

Diamond Daisies Graff’s multishape diamond flower motif wavy collar necklace features 132.13 carats of sparkling stones. Price upon request. Palm Beach (561355-9292,

Floral Accents Flowers get a masculine twist with Seaman Schepps’ fluted oval cufflinks in peridot with sapphire accents (right) and citrine, both mounted in 18-karat gold. Price upon request. Palm Beach (561-802-4410,

Flower Power Tracy Dara Kamenstein’s flower earrings ($10,225) are handcrafted in 22-karat gold with diamond tops and pink sapphire drops surrounded with diamonds. Palm Beach (561-833-4055, tracydara



Green Thumb Like a beautiful lily, this ring by de Grisogono blooms with a burst of briolette-cut emeralds surrounded by diamonds and emeralds set in 18-karat white gold. Price upon request. East Coast Jewelry, Palm Beach (561-820-8822,,

© 2012 Publix Asset Management Company.

There’s something important we’d like you to know about Publix: showing our appreciation to our customers is the cornerstone of our culture. It’s not just something we do when we think about it. It’s who we are. We want you to always feel good about shopping at Publix, and that everything you buy will meet your expectations. In fact, we feel so strongly about it that we’ve put it in writing. Come by and let us prove it. Publix Super Markets. Where shopping is a pleasure.

style v vanity

What could be prettier than a palette of pale blues, greens, yellows and lavenders? Pastels are all over the runway this spring and on every beauty counter, too. Shades we have fallen for: Dolce & Gabbana Intense Nail Lacquer in Mint and Lemon ($20, Saks Fifth Avenue); Sisley L’Orchidée Highlighter Blush with White Lily ($108, Bloomingdale’s); Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow in Fancy Pancy ($18, benefitcosmetics. com); Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer in 164 Plaisir ($29.50, Chanel boutiques); Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream waterproof shadow in pastel blue No. 25 ($22, Sephora); and Guerlain Météorites Perles d’Azur from the Emilio Pucci collection ($58, Guerlain at The Breakers, Palm Beach).





Diamonds aren’t her best friend.

Dr. Dardano is.

Anthony N. Dardano d.o., f.a.c.s. not an actual patient

Excellence in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Double Board Certified 951 NW 13TH Street, Suite 4D • Boca Raton, FL 33486 Phone: (561) 361.0065 • Become a fan of Dr. Dardano on facebook

style v tastemakers BEST FOOT FORWARD Bruno Frisoni learned the art of design and beautiful things at a young age. His mother, a tailor, would dress her four children in custom-made clothes. Instead of custom clothes, though, he was drawn to shoes. Frisoni got his start in 1980 in Paris as an intern at Jean Louis Scherrer and then as a designer of couture shoes by Rene Mancini. He followed with stints at Lanvin and Christian Lacroix before launching his eponymous line of luxury shoes in 1999, a collection that was as famous for its elegance and sophistication as it was for its humor and impertinence. “I like to have fun when I do things,” Frisoni says. “When you have fun drawing, imagining, at the end there is a positive feeling in it. It is conveyed in the end product. I am very spontaneous, sometimes too spontaneous. I have not been educated in the way that I don’t show my emotions. That’s the way I do things.” Frisoni became the creative director of Roger Vivier in 2003, with the goal of making it into a true luxury accessories brand. He sat down with PBI to talk about shoes and his design style. —Daphne Nikolopoulos

PBI: Why shoes?

fused my own spirit in it. When I accepted to

She very much wanted the same shoe as

FRISONI: Accidentally. My passion is draw-

be the designer, I understood and accepted

Maman. We made the first one, and that

ing; [fashion] was the first excuse to spend

that I would work with the philosophy [of

inspired us [to make] the first line of shoes

my time drawing. It’s work, but still there is

Roger Vivier], adding mine and interpreting

for little girls, Jeune Fils, which launched in

a lot of pleasure in it. Shoes have always

it. There is a lot of Frisoni in Roger Vivier. I

March [2012].

been a passion, yet I have always found it

am what I am, so I often will have a different

very difficult to do. There is never enough

take on the idea. The inspiration could be

Talk about your strategy for bringing

space. The space [of a shoe] is really

the same, but the final expression is very

Roger Vivier into the future.

reduced and you need it to be very strong.

different—more direct. Vivier is more about

I am really not thinking of the past, not think-

It is about architecture.

statement and recognition, where with

ing of the future, just thinking of today—a

Frisoni, it’s more, what is my mood? Both

brand, not a shoe line.

I always [design] a shoe as an expression of fashion, though never as [a slave to the

are very feminine, sexy and playful.

[We want] many flagship stores and want it to be like a garden, where women

runway]. I am sufficiently arrogant to say we Do you have any muses?

can think and have a drink and maybe

Ines de la Fressange. I chose her when we

buy a shoe or accessory if they want. We

What are the differences between a

were looking for an ambassador. She was

want to have this real house of acces-

Bruno Frisoni shoe and a Bruno Frisoni

chosen because of her smile and her eye

sories, a lofty apartment with art on the

for Roger Vivier shoe?

contact. She was wearing Bruno Frisoni

walls, eighteenth-century furniture, a mix

I am dedicated to Roger Vivier, but have in-

shoes. We didn’t know each other, but she

of African art, an open space most of the

don’t follow trends, we [create] trends.

was really the syn-

time, a lifestyle place. [We want to] take

thesis of the Parisian

what Roger Vivier has always done, which

woman. She was

is create beautiful shoes for iconic women,

iconic; the perfect

and get people to understand that. If we

image for us.

achieve that, people will come to Vivier to

Of course, there are other muses too—per-



buy bags or jewelry. The idea is to make it bigger and to

haps an actress like

increase the number of stores. We’re open-

Cate Blanchett, who

ing our second Hong Kong store and one in

really inspires me; Jessica Alba, who always

Costa Mesa. We’ll open two or three stores

wears the ballet flats; Katie Holmes and Suri

per year and will have 12 stores by May. It’s

[Cruise], the first little girl to send me a letter

only been six years since we relaunched the

with a footprint to order a pair of shoes.

brand, so we are growing quite nicely. u

The action is this


Spring tournaments at Grand Champions Polo Club feature top professionals playing alongside skilled veterans and rising stars. Be close the action with afternoon matches played on Fridays and Sundays.

Check for schedules, teams and match details 13444 Southfields Road | Wellington, FL 33414 | 561-644-5050 |

“Where great polo is always in season”

Photo by Gregory Ratner

Weekend tournaments April 27 – May 27

diversions first class v EURO SUPERSTAR

Take an insider’s tour of Barcelona, where the traditional and avant-garde make a heady mix. By Paul Rubio

Since hosting the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona has emerged as Spain’s premier city, endowing the country with a riveting, culturally rich destination that rivals Paris and London. In 20 short years, the city has evolved from the sleepy capital of Catalonia to one of the globe’s greatest metropolises, with all the trappings of a highly sophisticated, fabulous European center. Blessed with splendid scenery and moderate temperatures, the city may appear in full bloom year round, but during the summer Barcelona reaches its peak. As millions of tourists flock to La Rambla, the ancient Gothic Quarter and the abundant Gaudi architectural land-



Clockwise from right: The pool on the roof of the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona; interior and food from Dos Cielos; La Rambla. Opposite page: Park Güell

marks, more discriminating jet setters pair libations with panoramas atop the city’s modernist rooftop terraces, sample the latest trends in gastronomy and mixology at Michelin-starred restaurants and venture on side trips to the scores of hidden treasures waiting beyond the city limits. The centrally located sleek and stylish Mandarin Oriental Barcelona ( dominates almost a city block of the boutique-lined Passeig de Gràcia, near Gaudi’s Casa Batlló masterpiece. Set in a former bank, the Mandarin unleashes a love affair between minimalism and haute modernism. Beyond designer Patricia Urquiola’s vision of understated dreamy white elegance in the guest suites, the sexy catwalk entry, glass-capped, living-room style atrium, lush Mimosa Garden courtyard and rooftop splash pool impress the most exacting travelers. Making its mark as a global foodie hot spot, Barcelona isn’t just for tapas and sangria anymore. Dozens of first-rate venues have cropped up in Barcelona’s eclectic neighborhoods, making the city almost as famous for its eateries as for its renowned landmarks. Veteran travelers and food lovers looking for a true taste of classic Spain seek refuge in the ocean-to-table

phenomenon known as Rías de Galicia (riasdegalicia. com). A meal here and you’ll wonder if the waters off northwestern Spain double as a secret-recipe broth. The restaurant transports Galicia’s fruits of the sea daily to Barcelona’s city center for preparations of centuries-old recipes or, in some cases, raw or steamed simplicity. Expect to be wowed by exotic dishes like sautéed sea cucumber, steamed Galician goose barnacles, and Galician blue lobster tartare, wild gilthead and Iranian caviar iraní. For those drawn to the world of haute cuisine, Michelin-starred Dos Cielos (, on the twenty-fourth floor of the trendy Hotel ME Barcelona, nears perfection with its seasonal tasting and à la carte menus. Helmed by chefs Javier and Sergio Torres, dishes such as periwinkle prawns, gazpacho, herbs and algae, and scallops, mandoquiña and parsley plants are presented as works of art, designed to delight mind, sight and palate. For a different take on experiencing Barcelona’s varied tapas scene, novices and pros alike rave about the guided Barcelona Tapas Tour ( Over three hours, local experts share insider knowledge, flag tourist traps and offer | MAY 2012 35

diversions v first class

nating lessons in the city’s culinary history while leading guests through the Boqueria Market, La Rambla and Gothic Quarter, and to the tables of the city’s top tascas. For the latest and greatest in the world of tapas, you’ll need to plan way ahead to land a table at Tickets (, which arguably clocks the longest waiting times in the world. Bursting with personality, this modern, creative tapas restaurant is a gastronomic tour de force, showcasing a marriage of robust flavors and ingenuity that the world can’t get enough of. (Think tuna belly with salmon roe, piparra sauce and green apple air bread.) For a sweet afternoon, indulge in Barcelona’s best mató, a traditional Catalan dessert of soft cheese, honey and walnuts, at the circa 1870 classic Granja Viader (gran Alternatively, chocolate lovers should head to the xocolateria La Dulcinea in the Gothic Quarter for the best suizo (hot chocolate with whipped cream) and chocolate-filled churros in town. The rooftop craze that forever changed the hotel landscapes of Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok and South Beach has officially landed in Barcelona. A number of hotels recently unveiled incarnations of high-in-the-sky magic, offering bird’s-eye views of the city and coast within person36


Clockwise from top left: an octopus dish at Rías de Galicia; Cavas Agustí Torelló Mata; Sagrada Familia; the tapas sensation Tickets; the Boqueria Market. Below: A suite at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

ality-driven lounges. True to its namesake, 360 Degrees at the Barceló Raval (barcelo. com) offers spectacular views of Barcelona’s landmarks, Montjuic Mountain and the city’s surrounding beaches. Come sunset, with cocktail in hand, watch Barcelona change from its historic daytime to its pulsating, glowing nighttime personality. Along the shoreline of Barceloneta, the Eclipse Bar at the W Barcelona (w-barce grants eye-popping views from its cool twenty-sixth floor lounge. Better yet, The Six Senses Spa at the neighboring Hotel Arts Barcelona (ho has spa lovers soaking in the scene—literally—42 floors high in hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas.

After fulfilling the obligatory checklists on a first or second visit to Barcelona, there’s no excuse for keeping within city limits and missing Catalonia’s stunning countryside. Case in point: Cavas Agustí Torelló Mata (, a family-run cava winery in the heart of Spain’s Penedès wine country, 45 minutes outside Barcelona. Tours here are by appointment only, easily arranged through contacts provided on Barcelona Premium (barce, a one-stop insider’s shop for high-end travelers (and often their travel agents). Keeping tradition alive, Agustí Torelló Mata produces internationally acclaimed cavas with age-old methods, yielding a limited production annually—none more exciting than his Kripta line, which is crafted from grapes from the oldest vines in Penedès. A special afternoon learning about the cava-making process, touring the crypts, and, of course, tasting the liquid delicacies of the vines, could easily trump your fondest memories of Napa and have you rethinking your next visit to the Champagne region. u

diversions v high road

INSTANT KARMA The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid is finally out on the streets, turning heads. And, we’re pleased to discover, it drives just as beautifully. BY HOWARD WALKER

It’s time for a little back-slapping here. A little standing ovation. A little popping of Cristal corkage. No, the Dow hasn’t hit 14k. It’s more impressive than that; the radical Fisker Karma luxury hybrid is now rolling off the production line and, amazingly, is really, really good to drive. Fisker who? And why do we care? Well, Fisker Automotive is an all-stars-and-stripes American company, based out of Anaheim, California. In fewer than five years, it’s gone from the dream of its Tucker-esque progenitor, cool dude Henrik Fisker, to actually building a car that’s a solid and sensible alternative to a 7-Series BMW, an S-Class Mercedes or a Porsche Panamera. That’s no mean feat. The beauty of the Karma is that it’s different. No, not in an AMC-Pacer-with-a-lime-green-paint-job different. But here is an eco-weenie hybrid that’ll roll up to 50 miles on 38


battery power alone or average 52 mpg with its four-cylinder gas motor acting as a generator. It’s also an eco-weenie hybrid that looks so achingly gorgeous, so jaw-droppingly beautiful, you could easily mistake it for one of those blue-sky auto show concepts. And, boy, does this car grab attention. On the recent media drive, we cruised it through Beverly Hills and you’d have thought Brad and Angie were in the back seat, leaning out, throwing Mardi Gras beads. Here is a car with more curves than the Mississippi Delta, bigger shoulders than Sue Ellen in Dallas and wheels— they’re standard 22-inchers—big enough to fit a Peterbilt. Inside there’s space for four in a cabin that reflects the “green” thinking of the rest of the car. The wood comes from reclaimed logs fished out of Lake Michigan, the seat foam is made of soy-based fiber good enough to eat, and the leather is sourced from ranches that embrace humane animal treatment. And you’ll want to opt for the leather. There’s a non-leather interior called EcoChic that uses a mix of eco-friendly microfiber and tweedy cloth so awful it looks like it came off a Rooms To Go sofa. You can only take “going green” so far. The front seats, however, are among some of the best I’ve

been embraced by, while the fascia is a Star Trekkie’s delight with a large touchscreen to help you boldly go. While space is the final frontier for Captain Kirk, so it is with the Karma. Rear-seat riders may whine about the shortage of headroom, while anyone you collect from the airport will look aghast at the teeny trunk. But all that pales with the real surprise and delight that comes when you get in and drive. The Karma is what’s called a plug-in hybrid. It features a pair of 201-horsepower electric motors driving the rear wheels, juiced by a 20kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Under battery power alone, the car will glide for between 30 and 50 miles, depending on your right foot. When the Duracells are depleted, it seamlessly ignites the 260-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder acting as a generator, extending the range by another 250 or so miles. The Fisker engineers have done a truly remarkable job of making all this work and delivering a driving experience that is nothing less than a delight. In all-electric Stealth mode, the Karma will whoosh from standstill to 60 mph in a decent 7.9 seconds and top out at 95 mph. In

Sport mode, which brings in the gas motor, 0-to-60 comes up in 6.3 seconds, which isn’t much less than with a Porsche Panamera Hybrid. Top speed in Sport is 125 mph. I loved driving the Karma. Despite its 5,300-pound weight, it feels agile with its laser-precise steering and has a firm, yet supple, ride that won’t beat you up. Pricing starts at $102,000 for the EcoSport, climbing to $116,000 for the EcoChic. And don’t forget there’s a $7,500 federal tax credit. So raise a glass to Henrik Fisker on a job well done. Cheers. u

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modness Modern cuts and bursts of color embolden summer wardrobes. Photography by ROBERT ADAMO Shot by Palm Beach Illustrated on location at the Waldorf Astoria Naples. Jewelry provided by Tiffany & Co., Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton Bandeau top, cotton skirt, Prada, Bal Harbour; clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti, Bal Harbour.





Cutout multicolor dress, Etro, Coral Gables, special order, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton. Opposite page: Canvas top, patchwork skirt, Miu Miu, Bal Harbour; patent leather clutch, Prada, Bal Harbour; heels, Gucci, Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.



Papaya and orange jersey dress, Donna Karan, New York, special order Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton; acrylic clutch, Jimmy Choo, Palm Beach. Opposite page: Strapless dress with tiered peplum, Valentino, Palm Beach

Embellished column gown, Versace, Bal Harbour Opposite page: Natural white, toffe silk cady dress with foulard skirt detail, Gucci, Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens | MAY 2012 49

Strapless a-line gown with tiered hem, Valentino, Palm Beach Fashion Editor: Katherine Lande Design Director: Olga Gustine Model: Amanda Streich, Muse Model Management, New York Hair & Makeup Artist: Rachel Reumann, Photography Assistant: Robert Kildoo



Palm Beach Rising Introducing the 2012 class—the next generation of Palm Beach’s business and social leaders. BY MICHELLE M. HAVICH | photography by ROBERT NELSON Furniture provided by Sklar Furnishings, Boca Raton

TINY DANCER Andrea Rogers People searching for the perfect exercise routine always look for the next new thing. Boca Raton resident Andrea Rogers found hers by going back in time. A dancer since she was 3 years old, Rogers became a Pilates instructor but missed her dance training. “So I started to layer in some elements of dance in my private Pilates sessions with clients and they were really receptive to it. I slowly started to develop a curriculum, and I went to the owner of the studio and said, ‘I really think we should do a ballet-inspired program.’ She said, ‘Go for it,’ and within two weeks, we had a waiting list for the class.” And so Xtend Barre was born. From there, the workout program has spread by word of mouth to become a worldwide phenomenon, with classes taught as far away as Dubai in both stand-alone Xtend studios (like the ones in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton) and as part of a fitness center’s class schedule. When she’s not flying around the world to attend each studio opening, Rogers teaches classes at the Boca Raton studio and spends time with her husband, Andrew, and daughter, Leigh, 1. “I got into this business because I love working with women and watching them really change from what I am doing,” she says. “I’m really affecting someone’s life.” What she’s reading: I just finished the Hunger Games [trilogy]. It’s addicting. Biggest inspiration: I’ve always been so driven for success. I work hard and I love what I do, so for me it’s just a passion to always be involved with something I enjoy. Title of your autobiography: Petite but Powerful (“I’m 4’11””), or Driven Sweetest Part of Success: Being able to enjoy what I do but also to be able to work with such incredible women. The people I work with on my team and the studio owners I work with are all so talented. To have this network of strong, independent women is quite motivating and rewarding. Favorite travel destination: Abaco in the Bahamas, or a nice trip to Key West is always good for us. Most prized possession: Family Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate-covered pretzels and sometimes watching a good trashy reality television show—The Real Housewives of anything.



DESIGNING MAN DANIEL KAHAN A self-described “classicist,” architect Dan Kahan started out as an intern with Smith and Moore Architects Inc., West Palm Beach, in 2000 while he was attending Georgia Tech in Atlanta. The Augusta, Georgia native became full-time in 2004 and was made a partner in 2011. Working on residential designs for the most part, Kahan finds his inspiration working with great clients. “People who are really engaged and excited about the project inspire me,” he says. “People who are open to new things and ideas and are willing to push the envelope.” Kahan ties in his creative profession with his outside interests. He and his wife, Shanna, who live in West Palm Beach, enjoy supporting local cultural organizations. They are on the committee for the Young Friends of the Norton Museum and also are active with the Society of the Four Arts, the Palm Beach Historical Society and the Palm Beach Preservation Foundation, which gave him the Schuler Award last year for best new architecture for an oceanfront home he designed. “I think we have a really great art scene, but it can always be improved, and I like to see if we can get younger people engaged in that—to really invest in it and feel like they’re a part of it,” he says. What is on your iPod? It’s pretty diverse. You’d find a lot of Radiohead in my iPod. You’d also find a fair amount of jazz. Indie rock. Favorite restaurants: We like Buccan a lot. We enjoy Jade Kitchen up in Northwood. I do a lot of sushi, usually for lunch, at Sushi Jo. If you weren’t an architect, what would you be? I would love to be a chef. I had a debate with myself about going to culinary school when I decided to go to architecture school. It wasn’t that serious a debate, but there was some thought involved. Most prized possession: Among my most cherished possessions are two items given to me by my grandfather at the time of my wedding. One is a great graphite architectural rendering of a wonderful streamline moderne building in Mexico City. The drawing looks to have been done in the ’50s sometime, and it’s such a great representation of the moderne style. I have it hanging in my office. The other item was his Cartier Tank from the ’50s. What would people be surprised to know about you? A lot of people are surprised when I tell them I was obese as a child. I’m definitely not anymore, which is one of the reasons I work out so much. 54




GIVING HEART Terri Mersentes People and animals in need have a friend in Therese “Terri” Mersentes. When she’s not brokering real estate deals through her Golden Door Properties, the New York native, who moved to Palm Beach for good in 2004, keeps herself busy by helping others through her charity work. She works with several, including the Red Cross, which she has been involved with since 2007, building up the Young Friends Beach Bash and now as part of the executive board of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle. “The Red Cross is so important in Palm Beach County,” she says. “People don’t realize that in the state of Florida, we have the largest number of residents—I think it’s 2.3 million—that we have to be responsible for on a daily basis.” Mersentes also sits on the boards of Lois Pope’s LIFE, which just announced a partnership with the American Humane Association, the Tri-County Humane Society and the Center for Great Apes, a sanctuary for apes that come out of the entertainment industry, and helps with Palm Beach Island Cats. “Anyone who can’t help themselves is basically my [passion],” she says. She already is planning for next season, signing up to help Toys for Tots and serving on the committee for the Perfect Pink Party for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. What is on your iPod? Tom Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder; Lady Gaga keeps me fresh. Hidden talent: Cooking. I love to cook Mediterranean-inspired dishes, and I make the best rum cake, I’ve been told. Title of your autobiography: Shoes are Optional in Paradise If you weren’t a real estate broker, what would you do? I’d be an advocate or lobbyist for children and animals. Stress reliever: A run down the beach Favorite travel destination: Monte Carlo Prized possession: My dogs immediately come to mind, but they’re not my possessions. They pos-

Jewelry by stephanie anne

sess me. I’m a well-trained human. | MAY 2012 57

FORWARD THINKER BLAIR BRANDT Streamlining and focus have been two business practices that Palm Beacher Blair Brandt has borrowed from the recent Steve Jobs biography and applied to his own company, The Next Step Realty, a service that matches recent Ivy League college grads with big-city Realtors. In the two years since he launched his company with partner Belton Baker, Brandt has been named to Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30” list and has worked on “perfecting and improving the existing operations, while at the same time putting a lot of projects into development.” Going forward, the company will focus on quality over quantity by working in a smaller number of cities in the United States and around the world, and with “kids graduating from the best colleges with the best jobs.” When he gets some rare free time in Palm Beach, he enjoys taking a boat out to go fishing, hitting happy hour at the Tiki Bar at The Breakers, having dinner at Imoto or spending time at The Mar-aLago Club. Or, he just escapes. “My favorite thing to do in the world is to take two or three days off and go to the Bahamas or drive down to the Keys.” Title of your autobiography? It would be self-named, unless I could think of something else. Favorite travel destination: Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic If you were to go into a different field, what would that be? I’d probably be a real estate broker on Palm Beach. That’s what I was doing when I started the business, and my original intention. Hidden talent: Ping-pong. I would feel pretty comfortable saying I’m the best player on the island. Guilty pleasure: I’d say cigars and Vegas. (His goal is to go twice a year.)





MONEY MAN ROBERT DEFOREST Robert DeForest doesn’t really fit the typical banker image, but he fits into the role just fine, last year being the youngest listed in South Florida Business Journal’s top investment advisors in South Florida. As senior vice president of investments and portfolio manager with UBS in Palm Beach, DeForest helps a small group of clients maximize the value of their resources by simplifying the process. “While I also embrace complex solutions, sometimes it is as simple as keeping my clients from following the crowd,” he says. DeForest lives on the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter with his wife, Martha, and their children, Milla, 8, Ryder, 4, and Brennan, 1. They are involved with Palm Beach Community Chest United Way and with the Caron foundation. “I think that in the unfortunate circumstance that a friend or loved one needed help with an addiction, we would be very glad a place like that exists,” he says. Spare time: I try to make it over to the Bahamas as often as I can, even if it’s just for the day. One of the biggest advantages to living here is our close proximity to [the islands]. What is on your iPod? The Strokes, The Black Keys, Atlas Genius, Foster the People, M83, The xx, some reggae. A little bit of everything. Early bird or night owl? Definitely an early bird. Hidden talent: I have played the drums since I was very young. It is a great stress reliever and it is also a lot of fun. Although I began playing with the help of a drum coach, I progressed on my own by playing along to music. Favorite places to go in Palm Beach: Buccan (although we don’t get to go as often as we would like) and the Flagler Steakhouse for business lunches Title of your autobiography: From the Ground Up Most prized possession: My family




From haute cuisine to haute couture: Whatever your pleasure, chances are you will find it in Miami.

local flavor By Paul Rubio

See-and-Be-Seen Succulence

Quentin Bacon

The lines are deservedly long at South Beach’s hottest newcomer, the rooftop Juvia, high atop the architecturally inspiring 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage. Four A-list chefs, hailing from the kitchens of headlining restaurants like Nobu, unite for a panAsian-European-Latin American gastronomic extravaganza. Also new and noteworthy in South Beach this summer, Lantao presents the diverse and robust flavors of Asia’s food stalls in a circa 1970s vintage luxe setting. The sights, smells and tastes are sure to evoke nostalgia for those who’ve dabbled in authentic street cuisine during Southeast Asian sojourns.;

The lower wine cellar at The Forge

For the Love of Wine Enophiles flock to Miami’s reinvented steak house, The Forge, enticed by one of the finest rare wine collections in the world. The Forge’s 300,000-bottle, eight-room wine cellar includes vintages from the nineteenth century. Patrons can easily tour the crypt or arrange private dining in this romantic cavern. Above ground, the Enomatic wine system spans the perimeter of the restaurant, offering pours small and large of more than 80 wines. 62


Brett Hufziger

Clockwise from far left: 1500° grass-fed Wagyu ribeye, dining room and Florida wahoo ceviche

Miami Heat

Michael Pisarri

Flavors rise in tandem with temperatures at 1500°, where Executive Chef Paula DaSilva serves up bona fide farm-to-table brilliance in her Brazilian-inspired seafood and steak house. While prime cuts are broiled to the perfection of its namesake, side dish fanatics rejoice over the ever-changing selection of 17 indulgent sides, including the jumbo Vidalia onion stuffed with über-creamy potato gratin.

Where the Locals Go

In the Kitchen

Miami’s foodie and cocktail revolution reaches new heights on the Miami mainland, namely in the trendy mini-neighborhoods of the Design District and Midtown, catering to locals in the know. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is the most popular foodie institution among these ’hoods, where freshness is key and dishes nary fall short of experiential. (Think: wood-oven-roasted dayboat catch with roasted fennel, grilled lemon, smoked fleur de sel, fennel and pollen.)

Learn tricks of the haute cuisine trade in one of Miami’s most state-of-the-art and renowned kitchens, Azul at the Mandarin Oriental. In a space known for producing celebrity chefs, individuals and small groups cook (and then consume) their choice of three signature dishes during a three-hour interactive session with the chef, complete with sommelier-chosen wine pairings. mandarinori

Hakkasan Dim sum at Hakkasan Scarpetta

Foodie HQ The Fontainebleau Miami Beach rules the beach as a one-stop foodie shop. 2009’s re-launch of the Golden Era glamorpuss unveiled a whopping billion dollars in upgrades and additions that created a 22-acre, 1,504-room beachfront mega hotel, standing unabashedly as a self-contained world of decadence. The hotel’s massive expansions included a slew of world-renowned restaurants, such as Gotham Steak by Michelin-star chef Alfred Portale, Scarpetta by Scott Conant and Michelin-starred Hakkasan from London. Each of these alluring, design-driven restaurants doles out the divine reality of Food Network fantasies. Even the simplest dishes like Scarpetta’s tomato-basil spaghetti can be classified as blow-your-mind delicious. | may 2012 63

Shopper’s Nirvana By Daphne Nikolopoulos

Deer sculpture by Koehi Nawa at the St. Regis lobby

Lobby and wine vault

St. Regis Bar; mural by Santiago Rubino

The New Standard

On the Bal Bal Harbour would be a blip on the map if not for Bal Harbour Shops (and, now, the new St. Regis). The open-air mall with the huge concentration of luxury brands draws shoppers from around the globe, as much for its products (including many one-offs) as for its events and tranquil ambience. We love strolling through the tropical foliage and listening to the sounds of trickling water as we survey the windows in search of fabulous finds. And what a feast that is. All the staples—Oscar, Ralph, Gucci—are here, as are the edgy Europeans—Lanvin, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen. And new boutiques are added all the time. The latest to join the party: CH Carolina Herrera, Stella McCartney, James Perse and Panerai. 64


Bal Harbour is known on an international level for its shopping. Bal Harbour Shops is a destination in itself (see “On the Bal,” below), with such high-fashion names as Prada, Fendi, Oscar de la Renta and dozens of others. Simply put, if you are going to give your Centurion Card a workout, this is the place to do it. After a romp at the shops, kick off your Louboutins and sip a glass of just-sabered Champagne at the newly built St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort. This gleaming tower gives new meaning to the term “luxury.” Designed by the genius minds of Yabu Pushelberg, this chic new St. Regis already is an icon. On a recent visit, we learned the hotel had been booked solid since it opened in January. It’s easy to see why. We are talking about jaw-dropping glamour. The entrance hall, with its antiqued mirror “bracelet” motif and rock chandeliers, provides a magical introduction to a property that is full of surprises on every level. The art is stunning, particularly the Santiago Rubino mural at the bar and Koehi Nawa’s bejeweled deer in the lobby. The textures, ranging from exotic African Movinque wood to rare marbles, underscore the brand’s commitment to art and design. We can’t think of a better envelope within which to be cosseted during a rigorous weekend of power shopping.

Shopping en plein air at the world-renowned Bal Harbour Shops (left). Above left: the new Stella McCartney boutique

Leader of the Pack

camilo rios

In the lexicon of Miami’s fashion-conscious, one name is permanently etched: The Webster. The iconic art deco building—a former hotel—on Collins Avenue houses three floors of fashion and a roof garden to boot. But it isn’t quantity as much as quality that drives The Webster’s legendary reputation. The collections of ready-to-wear for men and women, and the seemingly endless accessories, are smartly edited by the expert eye of Laure Heriard Dubreuil, who owns the boutique with Milan Vukmirovic. Here you’ll find everything from a $12,000 Givenchy dress to $1,300 Lanvin men’s swim trunks, all hand-picked to suit the Miami lifestyle but to also translate well anywhere in the world. The shopping is only part of the experience. The café and bar offer respite from the demands of browsing and buying, and the rooftop lounge has a lovely view of the city. All told, The Webster is a great place to spend a high-energy afternoon, recharging both wardrobe and spirit. This month, The Webster joins the likes of Alexander McQueen and Proenza Schouler as it launches a collaborative collection for Target. Fab fashion for all!

richard patterson

Exclusive boutiques such as Christian Louboutin, Marni and Maison Martin Margiela have found a home in the Design District, alongside design stores like Fendi Casa.

robin hill

We were fans of the Miami Design District from its naissance. During those early days, few people ventured to the N.E. 40s. The ones who did were rewarded with edgy art, provocative theater and unusual treasures for the home. The District has evolved drastically since then. There is less of that pioneering spirit and more of the excitement that has spread like wildfire to the masses. Great boutiques— Louboutin! Marni! Margiela!—have been added to the mix, and the home goods sector has definitely been amped up. Today, the District is home to such high-end design brands as Fendi Casa, Spanish legend Baltus, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Jonathan Adler and Poltrona Frau. The shopping is stellar, to be sure, but the District’s arty heart has not been lost (see “Design of the Times,” page 66). And the food scene has exploded with such restaurants as Michael’s Genuine and Sra. Martinez, making the Design District a complete destination.

james harris

Eye on Design | may 2012 65

Culture Vultures By Daphne Nikolopoulos

Seated Woman, Fernando Botero, Four Seasons Miami

A Focus on Art Hotel or art gallery? The Four Seasons Hotel Miami actually is both. A reflection of Miami’s vibrant art scene, the property, located on the top floors of Miami’s tallest tower, is a veritable feast for those who appreciate both fine accommodations and a focus on art. The first indication of the hotel’s well-curated collection is a pair of monumental Fernando Botero sculptures, Adam and Eve, encountered at the ground floor en route to the seventh-floor lobby. The experience continues from there, with another Botero, Seated Woman, and various works by Hernan Bas, José Bedia, Daniel Arsham, Vik Muniz and several other artists both established and emerging. Miami-based artists are well represented here. That was by design: Millennium Partners, the hotel’s developer, wanted to shift the spotlight onto living artists contributing to the cultural fabric of the community and give them an alternative forum for showcasing their work. You can’t walk anywhere on this property without encountering art in one form or another. That’s the beauty of staying here. Sure, the rooms are modern and gorgeous, the scene is lively and the new incarnation of Edge Steak and Bar (the signature restaurant) alone is worth the price of admission, but when you combine these with the visual feast of the art collection, the entire experience is elevated.

On the second Saturday of every month, the Miami Design District hosts its Art & Design Nights and gallery walks. It’s no coincidence that this corresponds with Wynwood Art Walk, because Wynwood is the adjacent district and the two share a similar mission: promoting the local arts scene. Call it strength in numbers. For collectors, this event is a must, not only for the exposure to rising talent and intriguing new work but also for the social value. It’s always good to network with other art enthusiasts and collectors as well as meet the artists. Some of the galleries to watch: Avant, Etra Fine Art, Markowicz Fine Art and Ricart.

martha cooper

Design of the Times

Art Revolution Art enthusiasts will go anywhere if it means connecting with a promising new talent or discovering the next piece to augment their collections. Sometimes, “anywhere” is a raw, gritty place where art can incubate away from the constraints of commercialism. In Miami, that place is Wynwood. To put it politely, the neighborhood isn’t the most glamorous. There are empty warehouses, littered lots and interesting characters. But the art is for real, and, for the collector, that is what matters. Visit during Wynwood’s Art Walk (second Saturday of every month), when its 60-plus galleries are open to visitors (otherwise, you need an appointment) and the art is cleverly showcased. Start with the collections, particularly Rubell Family and Margulies. The Rubell Family Collection ( is one of the larg66


Retna, Wynwood Walls, Miami 2011; Bernice Steinbaum

Jason Rhoades and Barbara Kruger, installation view from American Exuberance, Rubell Family Collection, 2011-12

est contemporary art collections in the world, with notable works by Jeff Koons, Kathryn Andrews and Andy Warhol. The Margulies Collection ( is housed in a 45,000-squarefoot warehouse and includes photography, video, sculpture and installations. A must is Wynwood Walls ( The galleries are many and varied. Among the most compelling: The Lunch Box, mainly showcasing the work of emerging artists (; Bernice Steinbaum, specializing in female artists and artists of color (; Pan American Art Projects, representing emerging and established artists from both North and South America (; and Locust Projects, a nonprofit space where artists can create, develop ideas and exhibit without the pressure of traditional sales (locust

Roger Mastroianni

Clockwise from right: the Cleveland Symphony at the Arscht; the Ziff Ballet Opera House, inside and out


Florida’s largest performing arts venue, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County is one of the country’s premier cultural destinations. It is the home of Miami City Ballet and Florida Grand Opera—and, to a lesser extent, New World Symphony, though NWS now performs mainly in its own venue—and offers performances in three outstanding halls: Sanford and Dolores Ziff Ballet Opera House, John S. and James L. Knight Concert Hall and Carnival Studio Theater. From provocative theater to major operatic productions, this is the place to go. Not only is the design spectacular (thank you, Cesar Pelli), it also attracts world-class performances and some things you won’t see elsewhere. Case in point: Ayikodans, a Haitian dance company that was on the brink of collapse when it caught the attention of the Center’s leaders. The Arsht commissioned a piece that will premiere May 25. On the popular side, Miami’s Broadway series performs here. Next season’s shows include Les Misérables and Memphis. And, significantly, the Arsht also is the Miami residence of the Cleveland Orchestra, an excellent, established group of musicians with a loyal following.

Strokes of Brilliance Forget la vida loca. For Miami’s culturally voracious, it’s all about la vida MOCA. Though it’s not located in the thick of the action (it’s closer to Bal Harbour than downtown), the Museum of Contemporary Art is on the cutting edge of the contemporary art scene. That’s because of the sharp eye of its curators, who are known for discovering amazing new talent as well as identifying important work by established artists. Well worth the hike to 125th Street.

robin hill

All Hail the Arsht

Wallcast concerts at New World Symphony are popular (above); inside the venue (right).

A Whole New World Under the artistic direction of Michael Tilson Thomas, the New World Symphony has been quietly educating and developing some of the world’s leading musicians for 25 years. But when the orchestral academy moved to its new, Frank Gehry-designed campus, it really got the world’s attention. The new facility is the perfect home for this talented group of fellows. The space is beautiful, of course, but more importantly, the acoustics are pitch-perfect, which is imperative to both the playing and listening experience. From the public’s standpoint, the venue has become more of a destination for taking in concerts like the ultra-dramatic Bluebeard’s Castle or Stravinsky’s 1910 masterpiece, The Firebird. And how’s this for democratic? The Wallcast concerts bring music to the people. For a number of performances, anyone can spread out a blanket on the center’s lawn and enjoy the show projected onto a massive wall—no ticket needed. | may 2012 67

Family Time By Daphne Nikolopoulos

Cantina Beach offers oceanfront dining for the entire family (above). The Ritz Kids learn about sea turtle nesting (right).

Vanessa Rogers

Ric Stovall

For Little Explorers With all its parks and attractions (including the Miami Seaquarium), Key Biscayne is Miami’s most family-friendly enclave. The quiet, green island connected to the mainland via the Rickenbacker Causeway also has another attraction families love: The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. The first thing kids notice is the wide beach, which often is dotted with impressive sandcastles sculpted by the instructors and campers of the Ritz Kids program. Designed for kids aged 5-12, Ritz Kids offers ultracool outdoor activities, such as field trips to local attractions, tennis clinics, scavenger hunts, fishing and the aforementioned sandcastle building. There are video games and arts and crafts, too, for rainy days. The beach, with all the watersports and family-oriented service, is a great way for families to spend time together. Waterfront restaurants like Dune Oceanfront Burger Lounge and, for more adventurous palates, the Mexican restaurant Cantina Beach, offer alfresco, sand-between-your-toes dining. There’s even a waterfront Club on the Beach outpost, where Club Level guests can have complimentary refreshments—including the justifiably popular Ritz-Carlton cookies—without retreating upstairs. ritzcarlton. com/keybiscayne

Sea and Do The Miami Seaquarium on Key Biscayne could benefit from a bit of freshening up, but that doesn’t curb the enthusiasm of the young throngs flocking here for the marine marvels. (Have you ever seen a kid bored at the sight of a dolphin jumping 20 feet in the air? Exactly.) Why is the place so popular with the short crowd? The shows certainly top the list of reasons. The Pacific white-sided dolphin and killer whale show, the only one of its kind in the United States, is probably the coolest of these, as it brings together two mammals that typically don’t perform together. The Flipper show, featuring the supersmart Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, is a close second. On the presentation side, the Shark Channel, in existence since the Seaquarium opened its doors in 1955, is a perennial classic. And the mangrove environment of Discovery Bay, with all the requisite native wildlife, is mesmerizing for kids and grownups alike.

Nature, Revealed For ecologically minded parents, Crandon Park in Key Biscayne provides the perfect opportunity to teach children about nature and wildlife. In this sprawling preserve, nature lovers of all ages can explore trails through mangroves and native flora, observe birds and butterflies, discover the local history (Indians once roamed here) and explore the hammock and wildlife of Bear Cut Preserve. Of course, most people come here for the beach, which stretches two miles along the coastline. It’s fun to pack a picnic and make a day of it. And don’t miss the Family Amusement Center (they are kids, after all), with an old-fashioned carousel, playground and even a skating rink. Guaranteed to elicit smiles—and a long nap.

The Science of Fun The Miami Science Museum—MiaSci for short—will be a force to be reckoned with in 2015 when the new, completely redesigned and ramped-up Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science opens its doors in Museum Park. Until then, there’s lots of fun to be had in the existing museum. Among the favorites: the Water, Wind, and Weather exhibit, with animations of major weather events like hurricanes and interactive features that show how climate works; and the Sea Lab, a 3,000-gallon touch tank with fish, coral, sting rays and other creatures of the deep. The Planetarium is worth a visit, too, so plan accordingly. On the first Friday of each month, MiaSci offers a cool star show to accompany the stargazing at the Weintraub Observatory. 68


Rail Interesting

robin hill

The gift shop at Miami Children’s Museum (left) and the KidScape Village exhibits (below)

Kids Rule

Put this one in the category of “best-kept secrets.” The Gold Coast Railroad Museum (one of three official state railroad museums in Florida) is a little gem, with lots of nostalgia from the golden age of rail travel. For history buffs and train fans, this is a must. Especially worth seeing is the Ferdinand Magellan rail car, which served as the presidential rail car in the 1940s and 1950s. Located on the Zoo Miami grounds.

At the Miami Children’s Museum, the word “boredom” does not exist. There is so much going on here the young ones are constantly engaged and, quite honestly, can’t get enough. Put yourself in their place: If you were 5, wouldn’t you be enthralled by the prospect of riding on a fire engine, exploring the Everglades, crawling through a giant sandcastle or climbing to the top of a mountain? But it’s not just a giant playground. There is plenty of educational value to the exhibits, which teach kids everything from exploration to nutrition.

High Fliers A 100-foot flying dolphin. A soaring 60-foot banana. A string of Disney princesses gliding gracefully through the air. Welcome to the aerial world of Kite Day at Haulover Park. This annual event is worth the visit, if only for the spectacle of hundreds of kites commanding the airspace above Bal Harbour. But, guaranteed, kids will want to be part of the action. Whether the kite is homemade or souped up, it is fun to join in this festival of color and aerial acrobatics. The festival usually takes place in February, but kiting is a main event at Haulover year-round.

What a Zoo Zoo Miami has all the animals you’d expect to see in a captive environment (tigers, lions, meerkats) and some you wouldn’t (Hello, Bactrian camel!). But the beauty of this zoo isn’t in the animals alone. It’s a complete environment, with swaths of pristine wilderness and purpose-built habitats that make the creatures feel at home (and improve the visitor experience). Be on the lookout for Florida: Mission Everglades, a new, interactive exhibit highlighting Florida’s treasured wilderness and endangered wildlife. It opens in 2014 and, judging by the plans, will be worth the wait. | may 2012 69

Italian Style by LINDA MARX | photography by JERRY RABINOWITZ

Caryn Antonini and Clive Robertson host an intimate dinner party for their friends and family.

Clive Robertson and Caryn Antonini hold 2-year-old Cristiano. Assorted olives and cocktails were served poolside (below).



Hollywood invaded Palm Beach this season when Caryn Antonini and her British actor husband, Clive Robertson, hosted a small dinner party at Casa Marius, her parents’ renovated 1932 Marion Sims Wyethdesigned home. The busy mother of Cristiano, 2, who is pregnant with her second child due in July, Antonini owns Early Lingo, a DVD series of animated videos designed to teach toddlers the basic foundation of foreign languages. Robertson, a stage actor who starred in the NBC soap opera Sunset Beach, also studied business at Oxford. The couple divides their time among the landmarked Mediterranean-style Casa Marius (Latin for her father, Marion), their Hollywood Hills home in Los Angeles, and her family’s summer house in New Canaan, Connecticut. One of Antonini’s great joys is hosting formal yet relaxed dinner parties celebrating her Italian heritage. “We love to entertain, and since I’m Italian, I like to make a lot of food,” says Antonini, 39. “I prepare most everything the night before and love to put our guests around one dining table so everyone can talk to each other. I like an eclectic group of people.” To showcase the completion of the Palm Beach renovation, Antonini asked Hollywood friends Michael Lambert, an entertainment and media mogul who introduced her to Robertson, and his girlfriend, Jacqueline Forrest, a technology entrepreneur, to join her parents and the family’s Palm Beach friends, former Broadway actress Rebecca Williams and her husband, Owen Williams, an erstwhile touring tennis player cum agent for the Russian chess champion Garry Kasparov, and Audrey Charlson, director of community relations for Digital Domain Media Group, based in Port St. Lucie. Guests wearing elegant cocktail attire arrived at sunset and gathered around the long rectangular pool in the garden filled with orchids, bougainvillea and palm trees, recreated for the family by landscape designer Mario Nievera of Nievera Williams Design. Robertson lit the candles in a theatrical James Bond-

Baccarat crystal and Christofle china and flatware added a note of elegance to the table appointments.

Guests from around the world admired the welllandscaped garden before being seated for dinner inside. Champagne was poured in the formal living room (below). Opposite page: Casa Marius was designed in 1932 by Marion Sims Wyeth; spirited dinner conversation engaged the group of old and new friends.

esque manner and poured martinis (shaken, not stirred) in exquisite Baccarat crystal glasses. “Palm Beach is very different from Los Angeles,” says Robertson, 46, who lived for a while in Singapore and grew up traveling around the world with his father, a Royal Air Force pilot. “I believe its formal vibe is closer to what I know from England.” Conversation began with a discussion from Lambert about the Berlin International Film Festival and the Los Angeles Oscar parties he attended, and then switched to Williams discussing her recent work with the Garden Club of Palm Beach, and Antonini’s parents raving about their international circle of friends in Palm Beach. Along with flutes of Cipriani Prosecco, passed appetizers included bresaola stuffed with pesto cream cheese, prosciutto with melon cubes, and assorted Italian olives and salami, all prepared by the hostess, who bought Piave cheese (from the Piave River Valley region of Belluno, Italy) and amazing boschetto al tartufo (Italian truffle cheese) at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills because she knows they can be hard to find in Florida. “I found wonderful bite-size Parmesan chunks, crackers and Italian specialty breadsticks at Amici Market, my favorite Palm Beach food store,” she says. After Williams raised a toast to the hostess, dinner was announced, and guests gathered inside the formal dining room designed with a hand-painted ornamental mural and green 72


silk drapery with a seafoam pattern from local fabricator Paul Maybaum. Under a nineteenth-century painted Tole and Bois Dore Italian chandelier from New Orleans, the table appointments looked spectacular. Hans Georg Vogt-Kristianstad-designed silver baskets filled with playful aqua balls, and Tom Mathieu-created centerpieces of white dendrobium orchids, green hydrangea, green roses and white freesia set the stage for place settings of Christofle china and flatware with a mix of etched and clean-lined Baccarat crystal stems, flamingo place cards made of paper by Meri-Meri in scalloped shell holders, and shimmering jeweled napkin holders in aqua and gold. Lambert especially admired the nineteenthcentury Venetian triple-framed mirror behind the dining table purchased from West Palm Beach antiques dealer Cedric DuPont. “Caryn’s family has such beautiful things, and she is such a gracious host | MAY 2012 73



that it was worth the cross-country flight to enjoy her party,” he says. “She is down-to-earth with an exquisite sense of detail. In either Los Angeles or Palm Beach, she enjoys her parties by making sure we have a good time.” The true star of the evening was the home-cooked food. Antonini whipped up some of her favorite Italian dishes, including trofie pasta nest with pesto, a hard-to-find Ligurian pasta made with flour and water. This plate was followed by a second, filled with generous portions of veal stew—veal chunks and peas prepared in a fresh tomato sauce—and her special take on grilled polenta squares. “My daughter loves experimenting with new recipes,” says Penny Antonini. “Caryn is a planner and doesn’t panic. She is quite confident with her kitchen knowledge and never disappoints.” Robertson poured the wine, which included Jermann Pinot Grigio 2010 from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, and the full-bodied Argiano Rosso di Montalcino 2008 from Tuscany for the veal. Between courses, as the guests were raving about the food, the Antonini women raced back and forth from the dining room table to the kitchen, clearing plates and preparing the desserts, which included their delicious family recipe for Torta di Asiago, a light pound cake served with fresh berries. “I’m a foodie and just love to cook,” says Antonini. “As a child, I remember we had big corporate parties for my father’s business, with Europeans and South Americans gathered in our home. At that time, I developed my love of languages and festive entertaining.” After dinner, while the couple served espresso and Pallini Limoncello, guests returned to the garden to relax and chat while enjoying the late-night breeze under the stars. Antonini offered two bowls of wrapped Amaretti cookies, explaining an Italian tradition of unwrapping the cookies and lighting the wrappers while making a wish. Everyone lingered over espresso and liqueur until after midnight, laughing and indulging in the perfect weather while applauding the couple for hosting a great evening in traditional Palm Beach style. “I feel like we just stepped out of the food scenes in the 1992 film Like Water for Chocolate,” says Antonini. “If you are happy and excited about something, you just pull it off.” u

Assorted olives and meats were served before dinner, while Torta di Asagio with berries was served for dessert. Jeweled napkin holders (below) add a whimsical touch to the table. Opposite page: Fine Italian wines were served with veal stew and grilled polenta squares. | MAY 2012 75

Boca a to Z

Something is stirring in South County. Beyond the gated communities and Mizner-inspired architecture, Boca Raton has a pulse that beats with a fresh lifestyle: sophisticated dining and shopping, a vibrant social scene, family-friendly activities and more culture than you expect. Navigate the city with an insider’s look from A to Z.


1A, one of the most scenic routes for bicycling in Boca Raton, offering windswept views of the bright blue Atlantic. The street’s wide bike lanes give credence to the city’s designation as a bicycle-friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists, as does the Tour of Boca, a 14-mile police-escorted bicycle ride for peddlers of all ages, held once a month during season. For another popular route, ride on the El Rio Trail, a canal-lined path that connects Spanish River to Yamato Road and borders Florida Atlantic University.


ark-tique. Consider this the Neiman Marcus for our four-legged friends. The highend pet boutique offers luxury brands of dog toys, beds, apparel—and it’s not just for the dogs: The Chanel-lookalike bags that’ll catch your eye, for instance, are actually trendy Kwigy-Bo dog carriers. There’s more spoiling to be had in the grooming salon and aromatherapy spa. On the way out, reward your pooch with a treat by Grandma Lucy’s, an artisan pet food company that sells premium organic products. (561-395-2275,


oncours d’Elegance. Car lovers’ dreams come true at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. This annual event consists of a dinner, car auction and, true to its name, an absolutely “elegant competition” of a car show, with hundreds of exotic automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, private jets and motorcoaches. 76


BY Jennifer Pfaff

Concours d’Elegance, which benefits a charity (this year’s event supported the Boys and Girls Clubs), also draws in well-known entertainers: Comedian Dana Carvey, for instance, was the headliner at this year’s event. bocaraton


uck at Philippe Chow. Chinese cuisine foodies can rejoice that this gourmet Beijing-style restaurant has settled its New York roots in Boca Raton. While the standout dishes, particularly the Peking duck, are consistent with the establishment’s big-city reputation, the prices are more neighborhood friendly in the 500-seat South Florida location with a $29 daily prix fixe menu and happy hour specials. (561-393-4666,


toile by Isabelle Marant, a collection sold exclusively at Alene Too’s three Boca Raton boutiques. With other brands like Derek Lam, Parker and Ramy Brooke, the store offers something for everyone: bathing suits, shoes, fine and costume jewelry, evening bags and even prom dresses. Importantly, Alene Too is philanthropically minded, promoting “shopping with a purpose” fundraiser events practically every month that benefit charities. (561394-0899,


estival of the Arts Boca, one of South Florida’s most highly acclaimed performing arts celebrations. The annual festival,

Top: Kwigy-Bo carriers, sold at Bark-Tique. Right: pieces from Etoile by Isabelle Marant, sold at Alene Too.

Lynn University’s Philharmonia Orchestra performs in the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center. Below: Philippe Chow seats 500 and is known for its savory Peking duck; inside luxury boutique Alene Too.

which runs for nearly two weeks, showcases the best in music, dance, film and ideas at Mizner Park, offering an outstanding medley of ovation-worthy talent. This year’s festival brought in such performers as renowned opera singers James Valenti and Angela Meade and guest speakers Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and Kevin Bleyer, an Emmy Award-winning writer for The Daily Show. Our favorite performance in the recent lineup? The showing of the classic film Casablanca while the Boca Raton Symphonia performed the movie’s music live. (561-368-8445,


ifts at Regency Collection. The perfect hostess gifts can be found in this beautiful home decor store. Regency Collection carries such high-end items as Jay Strongwater picture frames and collectibles, Julia Knight

serveware, Judith Ripka jewelry and more to be a one-stop-shop for entertaining essentials. (561-995-2257,


appy hour. Boca Raton has some of the finest places to lift a glass. Some of our favorites: Lemongrass has a daily happy hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. with a specialty menu that includes half-priced martinis and appetizers (561544-8181,; Max’s Grille | MAY 2012 77

serves up $5 mixed drinks and house wines from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. each day, along with $3.95 tapas (561-368-0080,; and Biergarten’s 24 draft beers go for $3 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday (561-395-7462, bier


ndoor cycling at Flywheel, the latest fitness craze, and one we’re happy to have in our backyard. This isn’t your average bike ride. At Flywheel, you’ll board a custom-engineered bicycle in a stadium-style room and cycle to the beat of music choreographed especially for the workout, and a tech-pack on the bike will record your workout stats each time. (561-3683246,


ean and David Colker Collection of Pre-Columbian Art at the Boca Museum of Art. This permanent collection is one of the museum’s greatest strengths, boasting more than 180 pottery vessels, ritual objects and other works from as far back as 2000 B.C. Among the collection’s most notable items are seven large tomb figures and Mayan urns, rare pieces in excellent condition. Not into ancient art? Browse the contemporary pieces by Warhol and Lichtenstein or enjoy the classics: Picasso, Matisse and more. (561-392-2500,

Counter-clockwise, from top right: custom motorcycles at Concours d’Elegance; Mizner Park Amphitheater, where Festival of the Arts Boca shows such performances as Casablanca, featuring the Boca Raton Symphonia, and Poncho Sanchez and his Latin jazz band; Lemongrass’ happy hour menu includes half-priced martinis.




ite concierge at the Boca Beach Club, one of the exceptional services that makes this private club our favorite place to spend a family beach day in Boca Raton. Randy “the Kiteman” Lowe doesn’t fly your typical triangle-shaped kite. Instead, he fills the sky with giant whimsical creatures like lobsters, crabs, dogs and tigers. While enjoying the show, Mom and Dad can check out the beach bars or alcoholic shaved ice as the kids play at Camp Boca, a children’s program packed with

arts and crafts, video games and outdoor activities. (888-564-1312,


inks—golf, that is. Undoubtedly, Boca Raton is well-known for its renowned greens, and here are a few reasons why: the stateof-the-art Golf Performance Center at St. Andrews Country Club features V1 Digital Coaching System and FlightScope Launch Monitor technologies that digitally coach players on their swing (561-451-4900, standrews; the unique clinics at the Boca Lago Country Club, like lessons on over-the-water psychology (561-487-9273,; the “Nine and Dine” at Broken Sound Club, where couples play for nine holes and then indulge in a special dining experience (561-241-6800, broken; the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School at the Boca Raton Resort and Club offers one-, two- and three-day clinics mapped out by Dave Pelz, who coached veteran Phil Mickelson (800-833-7330,; and the annual Senior Tour Skins Game at Stonebridge Golf and Country Club, where members join pro players like Dana Quigley and Tom Shaw for lunch, a clinic and a trick shot exhibition (561-488-0808,


iso sea bass at Truluck’s. The restaurant’s classic Chilean sea bass dish hails from the island of South Georgia and is served with crab fried rice and chilled cucumber slaw. One visit and you’ll understand why Zagat rated Truluck’s excellent in cuisine, service and popularity. (561-391-0755,


atural Selection, one of the films playing this month at Living Room Theaters, an independent movie house located on the campus of Florida Atlantic University. The movie chain, which originated in Portland, Oregon, prides itself on offering a different kind of

movie experience, with its European-style café and lounge and awarding-winning independent films that deserve audiences’ attention. Natural Selection won the Grand Jury Award, Audience Award and Best Screenplay at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival and stars Rachael Harris, Jon Gries and Matt O’Leary. It will be shown May 11. (561-549-2600,

Clockwise from top left: luxury automobiles at Concours d’Elegance; the Boca Raton Symphonia; an African mask and pre-Columbian zoomorphic pedestal vessel from the Boca Raton Museum of Art; the golf course at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.


ysters at Chops Lobster Bar. As the name suggests, Chops serves seafood just about every which way, including a “shellfish tower” of Maine lobster, jumbo shrimp and cold-water oysters, all served on ice. Diners also can battle east vs. west with a sampling of three oysters from each coast. But the restaurant is actually known for being a reputable steak house first, often named one of the top 10 in the country. (561-395-2675,


ointe at the Boca Ballet Theatre. The nonprofit dance house is home to one of the largest companies in the state as well as a reputable school. But there are no kiddie dance recitals here. Rather, students audition to star on stage with professionals in such serious classical ballets as Coppélia and The Nutcracker. The rigorous training prepares any aspiring dancer for a stellar career—and gives Boca Raton audiences some breathtaking performances. (561-995-0709,


uattro formaggi pizza at Ovenella. Or any artisan pizza on the menu, for that

matter. The “secret” is its wood fire oven, used to bake such hearty pies as pizza topped with gorgonzola, mozzarella, stracchino, reggiano, basil and tomatoes. (561-672-7553,


ag and Bone at Intermix. We wouldn’t expect to find an eclectic boutique in a mall in any other town than Boca Raton. Intermix brings a blend of fashion-forward lines under one roof, including Rag and Bone, a collection with a New York edge. Among the best | MAY 2012 79

Clockwise from top left: Think Pink Rocks; sea turtles at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center; Oysters Rockefeller from Chops Lobster Bar. Below: Camp Boca and kites at the Boca Beach Club.

Palm Beach looks, we like the zebra-striped Brian Atwood peep-toe platform pumps and colorful Missoni flats and scarves. (561-393-6942,


ea turtles at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Sitting on a 20-acre protected barrier island, Gumbo Limbo gets back to nature with a quarter-mile boardwalk, a butterfly garden and a nature center that houses marine plants and wildlife. While the center aims to educate and entertain visitors on the environment, it also focuses on research and conservation, particularly involving sea turtles. Gumbo Limbo serves as a sea turtle hospital, rescuing injured turtles and healing them in a rehabilitation center, where they’re treated before being rereleased. The center also monitors more than 600 nests a year and serves as a lab for Florida Atlantic University students, whose research, in turn, better informs the center and population on sea turtles. (561-3381473,


hink Pink Rocks. Now in its fifth year, this annual fall concert is amazing proof that one person truly can make a difference. Boca Raton resident Stephanie Robin survived 80


breast cancer and wanted to make sure others did the same, so in 2008 she founded a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of the disease. Her efforts won over SRC Records CEO Steve Rifkind, who has helped her put together a yearly concert at the Count de Hoernle Amphitheatre at Mizner Park, bringing in big names such as Flo Rida and 50 Cent, with proceeds benefiting breast cancer treatment centers and charities.


niversities. Boca Raton is earning a reputation as a respectable college town with the 29,000-student Florida Atlantic University and the comparatively smaller 2,100-student Lynn University. Both have their points of merit: While FAU brought the community a new football stadium in October 2011 with packed games, Lynn has showed off its performing arts flair with its 12 conservatories and the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center. In fact, it’s Lynn that will bring the biggest lens to Boca Raton in the fall when it hosts the final 2012 presidential debate.,


intners at the Boca Bacchanal. For 10 years now, some of the world’s best chefs and vintners have gathered in Boca Raton for a food tasting of unparalleled specialties. Where to begin? There are vintner dinners, full meal tastings at private residences, orchestrated by renowned chefs who are paired with prized vintners; the Bacchus Bash, a dinner and auction at the Boca Resort and Club; and the grand tasting, a casual tasting experience that

Dancers from the Boca Ballet Theatre perform Serenade and Other Dances.

serves as a resounding finish to the weekend’s events. You just have to eat it to believe it. (561395-6766,


orking at the Caldwell Theatre Co. The award-winning theatre company has an interesting history, having been formed by Rubbermaid Corp. CEO James Caldwell in 1975 and moving into three locations before settling at the Count de Hoernle Amphitheatre. Today, the theatre still proves to have staying power, with its original plays, a storytelling series and short musicals, like its season-ender, Working. (561-241-7432,


ylophone at the Boca Raton Symphonia. It was clear from the beginning that Boca Raton wanted an orchestra when 4,000 people witnessed the Boca Raton Symphonia’s first performance in 2004 at Mizner Park, setting a city record for attendance at a cultural event. The community’s adoration has only grown with time, with regular concerts at St. Andrew’s School and Mizner Park, as has the young orchestra’s talent and reputation, welcoming such stellar guest performers as violinist Tim Fain, who has played at Carnegie Hall. (561-376-3848,


uzu Caipirinha cocktail at Kapow. This innovative noodle and cocktail bar in

Mizner Park combines “Asiatic” cuisine with French and Vietnamese influences, and the results are delicious. Although the menu is small, the dishes stand on their own, with can’t-go-wrong choices among noodles, seafood, steamed buns and small plates. Taking up a large section of the menu is Kapow’s other half: the specialty cocktails. And boy, are they special. The Yuzu Caiprinha, for instance, is a sweet mixture of Leblong Cachaça, lime juice and yuzu syrup. (561-347-7322, kapow


ina Eva leather handbags at Lucx Boutique. The Royal Palm Place boutique is the place to stock up on dresses—casual, silk, daytime, cotton, maxi, cocktail, you name it— and all the accessories that go with them. We’re fans of the store’s collection of Zina Eva bags, which come in fun shapes, colors, textures and prints. (561-368-6364, u

Clockwise from top left: freshwater and green blister pearl bracelets with gold stone accents designed by Boca Raton jeweler Lola Designs, carried at Lucx Boutique in Royal Palm Place; wine from the Boca Bacchanal; the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center. | MAY 2012 81

palate {

To get the recipes for artichoke and goat cheese flatbread and artichoke-stuffed artichoke leaves, go to

DISH v Spring has Sprung

seasons 52

Seasons 52 has introduced some delicious dishes on its spring menu, inspired by the fresh and vibrant produce available at farmers’ markets. One in-season veggie getting a lot of play is the versatile artichoke. Standout preparations include the artichoke and goat cheese flatbread with leaf spinach, balsamic onion and roasted peppers, as well as these artichoke-stuffed artichoke leaves, with organic arugula, Parmesan cheese and balsamic glaze. And don’t worry about your figure for swimsuit season—each menu item has fewer than 475 calories. Palm Beach Gardens (561-625-5852, and Boca Raton (561-998-9952) | MAY 2012 83

palate v pour

VERSATILE VERMOUTH The botanically infused wine has a long history as medicine, mixer and aperitif. By Mark Spivak

Try Carpano Antica, right, in a classic Manhattan.

Technically not a vermouth, Dubonnet contains quinine. Dolin is a dry, delicate vermouth. 84


Fortifying wine with herbs, spices and roots has been popular for thousands of years, although originally the practice had more to do with covering up flaws than anything else. A key ingredient in early infusions was wormwood, believed to be beneficial in treating stomach disorders. The drink became known by the German word wermut, which eventually morphed into vermouth. In 1786, Antonio Benedetto Carpano invented modern sweet vermouth in Turin, Italy, using an infusion of 30 different herbs. It quickly became popular with the ladies, who viewed it as a welcome alternative to the coarse red wine of the period. In the early years of the nineteenth century, Joseph Noilly first concocted dry vermouth. Both versions were widely consumed throughout the century as an aperitif by those who thought the drink had curative powers, and by consumers who

figured that a glass or two might be a preemptive strike against disease. With the advent of the cocktail toward the end of the nineteenth cenury, bartenders discovered the versatility of vermouth in mixing with spirits of all sorts. It played a much more central role in cocktails than it does today—curiously, vermouth was the foundation of the drink back then, and the spirit was the accent, rather than the other way around. Early martinis were composed primarily of dry vermouth, with a small amount of gin added for structure as well as flavor. Similarly, a Manhattan consisted of some whiskey added to a base of sweet vermouth. While technology and mass production have improved the quality of many products, this hasn’t been the case with vermouth. The most popular modern brands are almost caricatures of themselves—reds that are cloyingly sweet and whites that are

Vesper cocktails, made with Lillet

mouth-puckeringly tart. By contrast, try Noilly Prat, the current version of the wine originally made by Joseph Noilly in 1813 and sometimes referred to as “the Rolls-Royce of vermouth.” The crisp, dry white derives its complexity from extended aging in oak barrels, while the red is augmented with 20 different botanicals. Two of the most famous vermouths are technically not vermouths at all. Dubon-

net, a sweet aperitif containing quinine, was first made in 1846. It was actually an entry in a contest run by the French government, which was trying to come up with a concoction that would get Foreign Legionnaires in North Africa to consume quinine for combating malaria. It reached its apex of popularity in the 1970s as a result of an ad campaign featuring actress Pia Zadora. Lillet is a blend of Bordeaux grape varieties and macerated fruit peels. It achieved its 15 minutes of fame in the James Bond novels and films, as it formed part of the classic martini ordered by the secret agent. Whether a legitimate vermouth or not, the white Lillet is probably one of the greatest aperitifs of all time. The rise of the cocktail culture has revived two of the world’s great vermouths. Dolin, from Chambéry in the French Alps, is distinctly drier, more

delicate and more floral than many of the mass-market brands. The king of all sweet vermouths is Carpano Antica, supposedly made according to Antonio Benedetto Carpano’s original formula. While it’s not cheap—a bottle costs $35, compared to $18 for Dolin and $12 for Martini & Rossi—it has a richness, complexity and nuanced flavor that must be tasted to be believed. u

Dry martini


Infinite Luxury Lifestyle


palate v taste

Distinctive Delights Chef Carlo Sernaglia offers up a daily menu of Italian dishes with a Mediterranean twist at Vagabondi. Christopher Fay


Vagabondi Restaurant proves the ancient adage that if you have a good product, customers will beat a path to your door. The door, in this case, leads to a tiny storefront in a strip mall off Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. Step inside this 34-seat room and you will find a universe that is calm and ordered, tastefully decorated, with a vibe that blends the Mediterranean and the romantic. As the evening wears on, you’re likely to think the storefront is located in Manhattan or San Francisco rather than South Florida. What brings a steady stream of diners to this spot is the inspired culinary talent of Carlo Sernaglia. A Venezuelan of Italian decent, Sernaglia was the chef at the acclaimed Cioppino at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne before moving north. He works in a space smaller than most home kitchens, with no walk-in cooler, no freezer and very little help. The state of the market reflects his deliveries, which in turn dictates his daily menu. Dinner begins with homemade olive bread, fragrant and crusty, accompanied by a dish of olive oil for dipping. On one particular 86


Some recent menu offerings include striped bass with clams and asparagus (left) and seafood stew.

evening, what follows is the pasta of your dreams: plump ravioli ($18), paper thin and feather-light pillows filled with goat ricotta, arugula and spinach, napped in a lemon butter sauce accented by fresh sage leaves. Like most of Sernaglia’s dishes, the flavors are bright and clear, assertive and resonant. Equally impressive are mild Spanish peppers ($14) stuffed with goat cheese, garnished with pieces of fried eggplant and a salad of peppery arugula. If the fisherman’s seafood stew ($28) is offered on the night of your visit, don’t pass it up. Pieces of fresh fish are combined with shrimp, clams, mussels and calamari in a tomato broth that is intense and zesty, studded with garlic and tasting of a savory, reduced seafood stock. Timing is everything with a dish such as this, and every element is cooked to perfection. The veal Scallopini ($27) is remarkably tender, bathed in a sauce infused with the flavor of porcini and shitake mushrooms. Desserts, like everything else, are made on the premises. The chocolate pear cake ($7) is a flourless slice of bitter chocolate with the consistency of warm fudge, flecked with pieces of

There are just 34 seats in Vagabondi; piquillo peppers with fried eggplant and arugula.

poached pear. The wine list has expanded considerably since Vagabondi’s opening in early 2010. Although prices are high, it now consists of nearly 40 selections, noncommercial and carefully chosen, a mix of choices from California, France and Italy. A bottle of Saintsbury Chardonnay from Carneros ($46) provides bright acidity and ripe fruit to accompany the flavors of the food. Sernaglia’s partner, Fernando Diaz, who sets a tone that is friendly, gracious and attentive, supervises the front of the house. He is assisted by a small staff who cheerfully explains the dishes on the menu and leaves guests wanting for nothing. Together, they navigate the small space gracefully. Are there disadvantages? For one thing, you’re as much at the mercy of Sernaglia’s purveyors as he is, with nothing to substitute for the evening’s dishes if they’re not to your liking. Reservations

are taken at two-hour intervals, and on busy nights you’re expected to vacate your table to make room for the next group. And if you arrive early, there’s no place to wait. All of this is a small price to pay, though, for an experience as distinctive as Vagabondi. u

VAGABONDI WHERE: 319 Belvedere Rd. No. 2, West Palm Beach (561-249-2281, OPEN: dinner Tuesday-Saturday, 5:30 p.m.-10 p.m. FOOD: Italian with Mediterranean accents ATMOSPHERE: sophisticated and romantic SERVICE: gracious and attentive RESERVATIONS: essential PRICE: moderate to expensive DRESS: smart casual

Two must-haves, Pioneer Linens and Palm Beach Illustrated.

Penny G. Murphy, President of Pioneer Linens, now celebrating 100 years in West Palm Beach

Contact Associate Group Publisher Randie Dalia to learn how your business can benefit from a long-term relationship with Palm Beach Illustrated.

561-472-1901 | | may 2012 87

palate v dining out Italian Forte The Max Group, which opened Max’s Harvest in Delray Beach less than a year ago and is celebrating 20 years of Max’s Grille in Mizner Park, has done it again with the opening of Assaggio del Forno in Boca Raton, a contemporary Italian bistro with a handcrafted woodburning pizza oven. For a group that is planning on opening a new restaurant every six months, The Max Group definitely is not skimping on quality and flavor. Continuing the group’s tradition of using the freshest high-quality ingredients, the kitchen is in the hands of partner/chef Patrick Broadhead, who serves as executive chef. The menu features artisanal pizzas, pasta dishes and regional Italian fare, all of it divine and served in smaller portions—Italian tapas, if you will, that encourage sharing flavors and fun with friends. Starter standouts include the long hot pepper Milanese, which is stuffed with sausage and cheese, lightly fried and served with two sauces. The roasted beets, served with arugula, mint, pistachios and Gorgonzola, are excellent. The mortadella pizza features a unique pistachio pesto that adds a level of flavor to the mozzarella and pecorino toppings. The crust is crisp but not too much so. We would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite pasta dish but lean toward the corn ravioli with prosciutto, arugula and pecorino. The corn flavor is dominant but certainly not overpowering. This is a dish to be savored. The tagliatelle with lobster, peas and truffles is as luxurious as it sounds, and the cavatelli carbonara with pancetta, peas and pecorino is traditional yet deliciously interesting. Definitely not your basic carbonara. On the piatti section of the menu, the real standout is the pork shoulder served on soft polenta, which is wood-oven-roasted until it is meltingly tender, while the swordfish is flavorful served with spinach, pine nuts, raisins and a tapenade. If there is still room, the selection of desserts stands up to the rest of the menu in flavor and quality. (561-613-6460,



All in the Family The former home of Kubo in North Palm Beach has been transformed into La Scaletta Ristorante & Pizzeria, a charming family-owned restaurant specializing in homemade authentic Northern Italian cuisine. Owned by Chef Giordano “Giordy” and Simona Tonelli, who owned restaurants in Milan, Italy, and in Spain, La Scaletta is cozy and welcoming, with an extensive menu of unique dishes. For a starter, we chose the special burrata, fresh mozzarella with a touch of cream, wrapped in prosciutto and served with arugula. Creamy and peppery, it is delicious. For pastas, the tortelli di magro al burro e salvia is surprisingly light, with homemade tortelli stuffed with ricotta and spinach with Parmesan, butter, sage and a touch of nutmeg, while the popular tagliatelle alla Bolognese is hearty and satisfying. For non-pasta fare, there is a variety of pizzas and a “second course” menu, featuring veal or chicken scaloppini prepared either with lemon, capers and white wine or with marsala wine and mushrooms; sliced grilled beef served with rosemary, grain pepper, arugula and Parmesan; and the branzino al sale—a whole salt-crusted Mediterranean bass that is deboned tableside. La Scaletta has happy hour from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily, a three-course prix fixe menu from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and “Martini Madness” Tuesdays with $5 martinis from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Try the house special lemon basil martini—it’s quite tasty. (561-630-8500,



Palm Beach


ANGLE 100 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-540-4924 Bice


264 The Grill 264 S. County Road, 561-833-6444

322 Peruvian Ave., 561-835-1600 BISTRO CHEZ JEAN-PIERRE 132 N. County Road, 561-833-1171 BUCCAN 350 S. County Road, 561-833-3450 Café Boulud

on the IntRacoastaL at PGa BouLevaRd 11611 Ellison Wilson Road Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408 561.625.5852

301 Australian Ave., 561-655-6060 Cafe Cellini 2505 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-588-1871 Café L’Europe

Boca Raton | Ft. LaudeRdaLe | coRaL GaBLes For details on group and event dining, visit

331 S. County Road, 561-655-4020 Charley’s Crab 456 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-659-1500

12747 S52 PBG.indd 1

3/29/12 8:32 AM

Chesterfield Hotel 363 Cocoanut Row, 561-659-5800 THE CIRCLE DINING ROOM 1 S. County Road, 561-655-6611 Cucina Dell’Arte 257 Royal Poinciana Way, 561-655-0770


ECHO 230A Sunrise Ave., 561-802-4222 Hamburger Heaven 314 S. County Road, 561-655-5277 THE LEOPARD RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 363 Cocoanut Row, 561-659-5800 palm beach grill 336 Royal Poinciana Way, 561-835-1077 Palm Beach Oceanfront Inn 3550 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-582-5631 PALM BEACH STEAKHOUSE

Enjoy fresh seafood in a fun Floridian atmosphere.

We have added an eat-in café at our new location! Platters, Appetizers, Catering Nautical Gifts & Serving Wares Daily Restaurant Deliveries Nationwide Shipping

191 Bradley Place, 561-671-4333 RENATO’S 87 Via Mizner, 561-655-9752 THE RESTAURANT AT THE FOUR SEASONS 2800 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-582-2800 The Seafood Bar at The Breakers 1 S. County Road, 561-655-6611 Ta-Boó 221 Worth Ave., 561-835-3500

Our retail market is open

10am to 6pm Monday–Saturday. Gone fishing on Sunday! 1201 US Highway One m Crystal Tree Plaza m North Palm Beach, Florida 561-622-0994 m | MAY 2012 89

palate v dining out TEMPLE ORANGE


100 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-540-4924

1000 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-665-4900



221 Royal Poinciana Way, 561-832-0992

217 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-266-9898 Cabana

West Palm Beach

105 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-274-9090


CaffÉ Luna Rosa

700 S. Rosemary Ave., 561-366-9753

34 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-274-9404



533 Clematis St., 561-833-4773

213 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-272-0220

CaFe Sapori

CUT 432

205 Southern Blvd., 561-805-7313

432 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-272-9898



700 S. Rosemary Ave., 561-366-0071

52 N. Swinton Ave., 561-330-3232


Fifth Avenue Grill

125 Datura St., 561-833-5300

821 S.E. 5th Ave., 561-265-0122

Il Bellagio


600 S. Rosemary Ave., 561-659-6160

16850 Jog Road, 561-638-1949




422A Northwood Road, 561-366-1185

523 S.E. 5th Ave., 561-265-0600

171 E. Palmetto Park Road, 561-338-1703

La Sirena



6316 S. Dixie Hwy., 561-585-3128

169 N.E. 2nd Ave., 561-381-9970

101 Plaza Real S., 561-395-2675




120 S. Dixie Hwy., 561-659-7373

201 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-276-3600

501 E. Camino Real, 561-447-3640


Old Calypso

Josephine’s Italian Restaurant

101 N. Clematis St., 561-833-5090

900 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-279-2300

5751 N. Federal Hwy., 561-988-0668


Sundy House

Kathy’s Gazebo Cafe

3800A S. Dixie Hwy., 561-833-3406

106 S. Swinton Ave., 561-272-5678

4199 N. Federal Hwy., 561-395-6033


Tramonti Italiana Ristorante

La Villetta Ristorante Italiano

224 Clematis St., 561-650-1001

119 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-272-1944

4351 N. Federal Hwy., 561-362-8403



Legal Sea Foods

651 Okeechobee Blvd., 561-514-3544

4 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-921-0201

6000 Glades Road, 561-447-2112

Stresa Italian Restaurant


Max’s Grille

2710 Okeechobee Blvd., 561-615-0200

290 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-278-9570

404 Plaza Real, 561-368-0080



319 Belvedere Road #12, 561-868-7893

Boca Raton

2350 Executive Ctr. Drive N.W., 561-998-3881



Renzo’s of Boca

777 S. Flagler Drive, 561-832-2424

2200 W. Glades Road, 561-447-0024

5999 N. Federal Hwy., 561-994-3495




5150 Town Center Circle, 561-620-3754

112 N.E. 2nd St., 561-347-6260

Bizaare Avenue Cafe

The addison

Sushi Ray Japanese Restaurant

921 Lake Ave., 561-588-4488

2 E. Camino Real, 561-395-9335

5250 Town Center Circle, 561-394-9506

The Cottage

Arturo’s Ristorante

Table 42

522 Lucerne Ave., 561-586-0080

6750 N. Federal Hwy., 561-997-7373

399 S.E. Mizner Blvd., 561-826-2625


Bistro Provence

Taverna Kyma

625 Lucerne Ave., 561-547-2500

2399 N. Federal Hwy., 561-368-2340

6298 N. Federal Hwy., 561-994-2828

Bogart’s Bar & Grill


Delray Beach

3200 Airport Road, 561-544-3044

200 W. Camino Real, 561-338-9692

32 East

Carmen’s at The Top of the Bridge


32 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-276-7868

999 E. Camino Real, 561-368-9500

499 E. Palmetto Park Road, 561-393-6715



The perfect perfect fusion fusion The TRULUCK’S

contemporary and classic of of thethe contemporary and thethe classic

351 Plaza Real, 561-391-0755 Uncle Tai’s 5250 Town Center Circle, 561-368-8806

Palm Beach Gardens Anthony’s coal fired pizza 2680 PGA Blvd., 561-804-7777 Brio Tuscan Grille 3101 PGA Blvd., 561-622-0491 Café Chardonnay 4533 PGA Blvd., 561-627-2662 THE CAPITAL GRILLE 11365 Legacy Ave., 561-630-4994 IRONWOOD GRILLE 400 Avenue of the Champions, 561-627-2000 P.F. Chang’s China Bistro 3101 PGA Blvd., 561-691-1610 ra sushi Downtown at the Gardens, 561-340-2112 The River House

Harbour Financial Center | 2401 PGA Boulevard | Suite 155 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

561.623.0509 |

2373 PGA Blvd., 561-694-1188 SEASONS 52 11611 Ellison Wilson Road, 561-625-5852 Spoto’s Oyster Bar 4560 PGA Blvd., 561-776-9448 TALAY THAI 7100 Fairway Drive, 561-691-5662 III FORKS 4645 PGA Blvd., 561-630-3660 VERDEA


4350 PGA Blvd., 561-691-3130 Waterway Cafe 2300 PGA Blvd., 561-694-1700 Yard House Downtown at the Gardens, 561-691-6901

North County 7 ORCHIDS 2621 S.E. Ocean Blvd., 772-781-7717 BUONASERA 2145 S. U.S. Hwy. 1, 561-744-0543 ENTRE NOUS BISTRO 123 U.S. Hwy. 1, 561-863-5883 Gazebo Café 2151 Alternate A1A S., 561-748-5878 JUPITER ISLAND GRILL 311 E. Indiantown Road, 561-746-6283 Little Moir’s Food Shack 103 S. U.S. Hwy. 1, 561-741-3626 u

MAY LUNCH SPECIAL - THREE COURSES / $18.00 PER PERSON / 11:30AM–2:30PM MAY DINNER SPECIAL - THREE COURSES / $28.95 PER PERSON / EXCLUDING SATURDAY For Reservations Call: 561-833-3883 Hours: Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm • Dinner 5:30pm-close (7 Days) Sunday: Lunch 12:00am-3:00pm • Dinner 5:30pm-close 290 Sunset Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480 • | MAY 2012 91



West Palm Beach Antique Row Art & Design District Discover more than 50 antique shops, specialty stores and art galleries offering an impressive selection of seventeenth- to twentieth-century antiques, fine and decorative arts, period deco and modern furnishings, and much more, all within walking distance to three award-winning restaurants. Most shops are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 3200 to 3900 South Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach

Leeds Custom Design creates stylish kitchens for luxury homes in and around the Palm Beach area. Leeds designers are inspired by transitional, traditional and contemporary spaces. With a blend of classical detailing, old world craftsmanship and masterful finishes, the results are a one-of-a-kind experience for clients and their families. 435 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach 561-659-3134 |

Kim Sargent Photography

Leeds Custom Design

Anthony N. Dardano, D.O., F.A.C.S.



Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens A 24-hour veterinary emergency and advanced care facility committed to excellence in veterinary surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, oncology and critical care. The hospital offers stateof-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for pets in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart and southern Palm Beach County. 4019 Hood Road, Palm Beach Gardens 561-625-9995 |

After months of compounding, cultivating and carefully synthesizing, Dr. Dardano is proud to introduce his signature skin care line. Skin care is an important component to a cosmetic routine, and Dr. Dardano is dedicated to providing the best and latest advancements in aesthetic care. 951 N.W. 13th St., Suite 4D, Boca Raton 561-361-0065 |

Fiandaca American elegance best describes the Fiandaca salon. Fiandaca distinguishes itself with a collection of couture that encompasses everything from the first sketch to the last stitch as well as ready-to-wear ladies clothing. All couture and ready-to-wear collections are designed and manufactured in the United States. 330 Worth Ave., Palm Beach 561-659-3339 |

rooms v Classic Colors


robert brantley photography

There is something about the combination of blue and white that reminds us of an azure sky full of silken clouds or a tropical ocean topped with foamy whitecaps. This Palm Beach living room, designed by Margaret Kaywell, ASID of Kaywell Interiors LLC, is a perfect example of that classic look. Kaywell created visual interest by varying the shades of blue—lavenderhued blue on the walls, periwinkle blue on the chairs, navy blue bowls and a variety of blues on the lamps and pillows. Dark wood furnishings in classic mocha enrich the design, while a sisal area rug adds texture. The crispness of white, from slipcovers to accessories, keeps the space fresh, serene and casual. Palm Beach (561-632-0405, | May 2012 93

habitat v elements SEA OF LOVE Decorative items from the blue depths

Sea Glass Mirror, mirror on the wall, the Kipling ($950) by Arterior Homes, covered in real oyster shells, is the fairest of them all. Island Home, Palm Beach (561-832-6244,

Ivie Gabrielle

By Michelle M. Havich

With Love A sailor’s valentine was traditionally brought home as a souvenir for a sailor’s sweetheart. Made of intricately placed seashells in the Alor archipelago in the Moluccas, these valentines ($1,200 each) are unique works of art. FS Henemader Antiques Inc., Palm Beach (561-835-9237,

Picture it Isabella Adams creates beautiful picture frames ($275, 4x6) using seashells and Swarovski crystals. Pioneer Linens, West Palm Beach (800-207-5463)

Sea Salt Ruzzetti and Gow’s partially silver coated cockleshell saltcellars ($80 each) come with tiny 925 sterling silver spoons. Mary Mahoney, Palm Beach (561-655-8288,



Lights On This lamp ($848) features a beautiful piece of coral displayed on a Lucite base. Pineapples, Palms, Etc., Jupiter (561-748-8303,

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Let us

redraw your lines Trust the husband & wife team Advanced credentials. Beautiful results.

Plastic surgery & MedisPa

Andrea Hass, MD

Board Certified Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

Brian Hass, MD Sometimes, as you get older, you just feel Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like you need a lift. Let Dr. Brian Hass customize for you the fabulous facelift that will keep your friends guessing and make you look and feel years younger. Trust the husband and wife cosmetic surgery team known for redrawing the right lines for beautiful and natural results.

Call 561-624-7777 today for a cosmetic consultation. 2401 PGA Blvd., Suite 150 • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 •

open house

Manalapan Masterpiece OVERVIEW This extraordinary house sits

ASKING PRICE $6.495 million

ler’s pantry, Thermador gas cooktop, Sub-Zero

on the Intracoastal in Point Manalapan and

SETTING In the guarded and gated Point

refrigerator, two dishwashers, granite counter-

includes membership to The Ritz-Carlton, Palm

Manalapan community, located at the south-

tops and double convection ovens; bar area;

Beach’s La Coquille Club.

ern tip of Hypoluxo Island.

media room featuring Runco HD projector

ADDRESS 1495 Lands End Road, Point

SIZE 11,917 total square feet

and high-definition surround sound; billiards


BEDROOMS/BATHS Six bedrooms, six baths,

room; study; elevator; Venetian plaster walls;


three half-baths

limestone and marble flooring; five-zoned air

ARCHITECT The Lee Architectural Groups

INTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS Open floor plan with

conditioning with hidden vents; upstairs and

International of Highland Beach

wide water views; master suite with his-and-

downstairs laundry rooms.

INTERIOR DESIGNER Barbara Ricke Interiors

hers custom closets and baths; guest suites

EXTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS Oversized lot; covered

Ltd., Lexington, Kentucky

with private baths; gourmet kitchen with but-

veranda; panoramic water views; heated pool

The estate offers 145 feet of direct Intracoastal access.

with spa and fountains; new dock; boat lift that supports 14,000 pounds; three-car garage; hidden Rolladen shutters throughout. FOR MORE INFORMATION Lucy “Peaches” Bauer, Barrett Welles Property Group, Palm Beach, (561-282-6886,



eaching Connoisseurs Connoisseurs of of Life. Life. eaching eaching Connoisseurs of Life.

Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Custom estate residence Jupiter on over Farms 2 acres with deep-water access Extraordinary floor oceanfront residence offering 4 BR, 5 BA withinLittle Old Marsh Golf 3rd Club Wellington - P.B. Ranches Old Marsh Golf Wellington - P.B. Little Ranches Farms offering over 7,000 AC/SFJupiter with 7 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half baths, 4,355 AC/SF private andColonial Intracoastal Custom estate, large&Club lot with elevator. recordingSpectacular studio/guestoceanfront Georgian custom equestrian estate, 5 BR, Charming 10 acre ranch with guest house, 6 BR, 5 Custom estate, largeStokes lot772.285.6637. with recording$3,100,000. studio/guest Georgian Colonial custom equestrian 5 BR, Charming 10 acre ranch with guest house, 6 BR, 5 $5,875,000. dock, and estate, large guesthouse. Mark - 772.418.1312. Dean - 561.714.2399. $2,795,000. house. views. Mike Galleher 4.5 BA. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $1,529,750. BA. MikeGriffin Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,795,000. house. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $3,100,000. 4.5 BA. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $1,529,750. BA. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,795,000.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Ritz-Carlton Residence Frenchman’s Reserve Ritz-Carlton, Charming Residence custom home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking lake & 2ndReserve hole, Spectacular 3 BR residence featuring expansiveJupiter waterfront views of the Ritz-Carlton Frenchman’s Professionally decorated, 5 BR, 6.5 BA with water/ Open/spacious Carrington model, 5 BR, 5.5 BA plus Ritz-Carlton, Exquisite décor, 4 Jupiter BR, 2 BA with golf & lake views. recentlydecorated, remodeled with6.5 exquisite finishes, kitchen is Florida Intracoastal. Completely including impact and Professionally 5 BR, BA with water/ outdoor Open/spacious Carrington model, 5 BR,$1,238,500. 5.5 BA plus remodeled Exquisite décor, 4 BR, 2 BAglass with golf4&docks lake views. golf views. Dean Stokes 561.714.2399. $1,995,000. library. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,595,000. lifestyle its finest. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,250,000. with no fixed bridges. Richard Hutton - 561.236.2066. golf views. DeanatStokes 561.714.2399. $1,995,000. library. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. $1,238,500. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,500,000. $1,595,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm Steeplechase Old Port Cove - renowned Lake Point Tower - Private 5 Acre Estatecustom 5,334 Frenchman’s Reserve Internationally equestrian facility with Caloosa 62 Stalls, 4 Dressage This beautiful SF estate home features 5 BR, 6.5 BA with Old Port Cove -Intracoastal Lakeeight Point Tower Caloosa - Private Acre Frenchman’s Reserve Spectacular ocean views, 10thon floor, 3 acres. Gated custom home, BR, 4 BA Estate with 4,301 Enjoy AC/SF.the pool Casa&Bendita 3 BR, 4 BA on preserve Arenas one &covered, Paddocks 11.25 Fully booked for 3 5 many upgrades. summermodel, kitchen. Very private on 1.12 in culSpectacular ocean & Intracoastal views,Oswald 10th floor, 3 Gated custom home, 3 BR, 4acres. BA with 4,301 AC/SF. Casa Bendita BR, 4 BA on preserve in culBR, 3.5the BA.2011-2012 Tom Bliss 561.371.1231. $865,000. Christine Grieco 561.371.1830. $1,199,999. de-sac. Lauriemodel, Seltzer3 561.685.9316. $1,215,000. season. Hillary - 561.312.2545 $2,050,000. Christine Grieco - 561.371.1830. $1,089,000. BR, 3.5 BA. Tom Bliss 561.371.1231. $865,000. Christine Grieco 561.371.1830. $1,199,999. de-sac. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. $1,215,000.

Coastal Sotheby’s International International Realty Coastal Realty Coastal Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International Realty +1 561.694.0058 || 11601 11601Kew Kew Gardens Gardens Ave, Ave, Suite 101 || Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 | ||+1+1 561.694.0058 Suite 101 PalmBeach Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, Florida 33410 © MMX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s © MMX MMX Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC.A A Realogy Realogy Company. All All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty® Realty® isis aa registered registered trademark trademark licensed licensed to to Sotheby’s © International Realty Affiliates LLC. If your property is presentlyCompany. listed with another brokerage, please consider this advertisement a source of information and not aSotheby’s solicitaInternational Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. IfIf your your property property isis presently presently listed listed with with another another brokerage, brokerage, please please consider consider this this advertisement advertisement aa source source of of information information and and not not aa solicitasolicitaInternational tion. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. tion. All All information information isis deemed deemed reliable reliable but but not not guaranteed. guaranteed. Each Each office office isis Independently Independently Owned Owned and and Operated. Operated. tion.



eaching Connoisseurs Connoisseurs of of Life. Life. eaching eaching Connoisseurs of Life.

Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Custom estate residence Tequesta on over 2 acres with deep-water access Extraordinary 3rd floor oceanfront residence offering 4 BR, 5 BA within Seminole Landing - Premier Waterfront Parcel Old Marsh Golf Club Seminole Landing Tequesta - Premier Parcel over 7,000 with 7 bedrooms, 6 fullWaterfront and 2 halfparcels baths, Old Marsh Golf 4,355updated AC/SF &Mediterranean private elevator. and Intracoastal Spectacular oneSpectacular plus acre oceanfront acres & no fixed bridges. Adjacent availClassic custom estate Club with 3offering BR, 4.5 BA with 4,123AC/SF2.2 Spectacular updated Mediterranean one plus$2,795,000. acre 2.2 acres &Van no fixed bridges. Adjacent parcels avail$5,875,000. large guesthouse. Mark - 772.418.1312. Classic estate with 3 dock, BR, 4.5and BA$1,449,000. with 4,123 views. Dean Stokes - 561.714.2399. estate. Richard Hutton 561.236.2066. $5,495,000. able. GailGriffin Brock 561.694.0058. $5,275,000. AC/SF.custom Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. estate. Richard Hutton 561.236.2066. $5,495,000. able. Gail Van Brock 561.694.0058. $5,275,000. AC/SF. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,449,000.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Private Oceanfront Community Old Port Cove - LakeSpectacular Point Tower Ritz-Carlton, Charming custom home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking lake & 2nd hole, 3 BR residence Ritz-Carlton, featuring expansiveJupiter waterfront views of the Private Oceanfront Community Old Port Cove Lake Point Tower Ultra luxury 3/3 Condo residence. Steps to Ocean. Spectacular ocean & Intracoastal views, 16th floor, 3 Exquisite décor, 2 Jupiter BR, 2 BA with golf & lake views. recently with exquisite kitchen is Florida Intracoastal. Completely including impact and Ultra 3/3remodeled Condo residence. Steps tofinishes, Ocean. outdoor Spectacular & Intracoastal views,$965,000. 16th floor, 3 remodeled Exquisite décor, 2 BR, 2 BAglass with golf4&docks lake views. Cam luxury Kirkwood 561.714.6589. $1,850,000. BR, 3.5 BA. ocean Tom Bliss 561.371.1231. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,195,000. lifestyle at its finest. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. with no fixed bridges. Richard Hutton - 561.236.2066. Cam Kirkwood 561.714.6589. $1,850,000. BR,$1,250,000. 3.5 BA. Tom Bliss 561.371.1231. $965,000. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,500,000. $1,195,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm Steeplechase Juno Internationally Beach - Therenowned Oceanfront - IDA Farm Beach5-BR, Intracoastal equestrian facility with Wellington 62 Stalls, 4 Dressage This beautiful custom 5,334 North SF estatePalm home features 6.5 BA with Juno Beach - The Oceanfront Wellington -renowned IDA North Palm Beach -3 Intracoastal 3 BR, 5.5 BA, 3rd floor unit,eight 3,955Paddocks AC/SF, private el- acres. Internationally equestrian facility on 11.25 No fixed bridges, 4 docks, BR, 2 BAon completely reArenas one covered, on 11.25 Fully booked for Farm many upgrades. Enjoy the pool & summer kitchen. Very private 1.12 3evator. BR, 5.5 BA, 3rd floorseason. unit, 3,955 AC/SF, private el- Internationally renowned equestrian facility on 11.25 - 561.371.1830. No fixed bridges, 4 docks, 3 BR, 2 BA completely reTrish Blanchard 561.339.7010. $1,495,000. AC. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $1,995,000. modeled. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $1,500,000. the 2011-2012 Hillary Oswald - 561.312.2545 $2,050,000. acres. Christine Grieco $1,089,000. evator. Trish Blanchard 561.339.7010. $1,495,000. AC. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $1,995,000. modeled. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $1,500,000.

Coastal Sotheby’s International International Realty Coastal Realty Coastal Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International Realty +1 561.694.0058 || 11601 11601Kew Kew Gardens Gardens Ave, Ave, Suite 101 || Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 | ||+1+1 561.694.0058 Suite 101 PalmBeach Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, Florida 33410 © MMX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s © MMX MMX Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC.A A Realogy Realogy Company. All All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty® Realty® isis aa registered registered trademark trademark licensed licensed to to Sotheby’s © International Realty Affiliates LLC. If your property is presentlyCompany. listed with another brokerage, please consider this advertisement a source of information and not aSotheby’s solicitaInternational Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. IfIf your your property property isis presently presently listed listed with with another another brokerage, brokerage, please please consider consider this this advertisement advertisement aa source source of of information information and and not not aa solicitasolicitaInternational tion. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. tion. All All information information isis deemed deemed reliable reliable but but not not guaranteed. guaranteed. Each Each office office isis Independently Independently Owned Owned and and Operated. Operated. tion.



eaching Connoisseurs Connoisseurs of of Life. Life. eaching eaching Connoisseurs of Life.

Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Custom estate residence Private on over 2Oceanfront acres with deep-water access Extraordinary 3rd Custom floor oceanfront residence offering BR, 5 BA withinOceanfront Seminole Landing Estate Juno 4Beach - The Community Seminole Landing Custom Estate Juno Beach - The Oceanfront over private 7,000 AC/SFPrivate with 7 bedrooms, 6 fullCommunity andgated 2 half baths, 4,355AC/SF AC/SF private elevator. Spectacular and Intracoastal Over 7,000 &&guesthouse, deep water access oceanfront 4 BR, 4.5 BA, 3rd floor Oceanfront unit,offering 3,955 AC/SF, Extraordinary 3/3.5. Exclusive location.

Over 7,000 AC/SF &Stokes guesthouse, deep water$2,795,000. access 4elevator. BR, 4.5 BA, 3rdStokes floor561.714.2399 unit,dock, 3,955 and AC/SF, private Extraordinary 3/3.5. Exclusive gated location. $5,875,000. large guesthouse. Mark Griffin - 772.418.1312. views. Dean - 561.714.2399. & dock. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $5,250,000. Dean $1,650,000. Cam Kirkwood 561.714.6589. $1,695,000. & dock. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $5,250,000. elevator. Dean Stokes 561.714.2399 $1,650,000. Cam Kirkwood 561.714.6589. $1,695,000.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Jupiter - Corinthians Condo South Privateexpansive Oceanfront Community Old Marsh Golf Club Charming custom home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking lake & 2nd hole, Spectacular 3 BR residence Private featuring waterfront views of the Jupiter Corinthians Condo Oceanfront Community Old Marsh Golf 3 BR, 2.5 BA, floor corner unit withSouth extra large remodeled Pristine 2/2 cottage.impact Exceptional location. Recently remodeled 3Club BR, 4.5 BAexquisite with golffinishes, & lake outdoor recently remodeled with kitchen is 1st Florida Intracoastal. Completely including glass and 4 docks 3terrace BR, 2.5&BA, 1stAC/SF. floor corner unit with extra large Pristine 2/2 cottage. Exceptional location. Recently remodeled BR, 4.5Mike BA with golf 772.285.6637. & lake 1,893 David Putnam $595,000. Cam Kirkwood 561.714.6589. $750,000. views. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,250,000. lifestyle at its3finest. Galleher $1,250,000. with no fixed bridges. Richard - 561.236.2066. terrace & 1,893 AC/SF. David Putnam $595,000. CamHutton Kirkwood 561.714.6589.$1,500,000. $750,000. views. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,250,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm Steeplechase Frenchman’s Reserve Port Cove - Moorings National Internationally renowned equestrian facility with Old 62 Stalls, 4 Dressage This beautiful custom 5,334 PGA SF estate home features 5 BR, 6.5 BA with Frenchman’s Old Portbooked Covefor- Moorings PGA National Playa Riente 4 BR, 3.5eight BA with 3,600on AC/SF. Completely renovated 3 BR,many 2,5 BA condo inEnjoy 2,800the pool Spectacular 4 BR, 3 BA residence withonlake & golf Arenasmodel, oneReserve covered, Paddocks 11.25 acres. Fully upgrades. & summer kitchen. Very private 1.12

Playa model, 4 BR, 3.5 $1,199,000. BA with 3,600 AC/SF. Completely renovated 3 BR, 2,5 BAChristine condo in Grieco 2,800 - 561.371.1830. Spectacular 4 BR, 3 BA residence with lake & golf LaurieRiente Seltzer 561.685.9316. AC/SF. $2,050,000. Cam Kirkwood 561.714.6589. $795,000. views. Madison Collum 561.309.2924. $650,000. the 2011-2012 season. Hillary Oswald - 561.312.2545 acres. $1,089,000. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. $1,199,000. AC/SF. Cam Kirkwood 561.714.6589. $795,000. views. Madison Collum 561.309.2924. $650,000.

Coastal Sotheby’s International International Realty Coastal Realty Coastal Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International Realty +1 561.694.0058 || 11601 11601Kew Kew Gardens Gardens Ave, Ave, Suite 101 || Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 | ||+1+1 561.694.0058 Suite 101 PalmBeach Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, Florida 33410 © MMX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s © MMX MMX Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC.A A Realogy Realogy Company. All All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty® Realty® isis aa registered registered trademark trademark licensed licensed to to Sotheby’s © International Realty Affiliates LLC. If your property is presentlyCompany. listed with another brokerage, please consider this advertisement a source of information and not aSotheby’s solicitaInternational Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. IfIf your your property property isis presently presently listed listed with with another another brokerage, brokerage, please please consider consider this this advertisement advertisement aa source source of of information information and and not not aa solicitasolicitaInternational tion. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. tion. All All information information isis deemed deemed reliable reliable but but not not guaranteed. guaranteed. Each Each office office isis Independently Independently Owned Owned and and Operated. Operated. tion.



eaching eaching Connoisseurs of Life. eaching Connoisseurs of Life. eachingConnoisseurs Connoisseursof ofLife. Life.

Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Sprawling Golf Custom Estate Custom estate residenceBear’s on overClub 2 acres with deep-water Golf Course Masterpiece Extraordinary 3rd floorEstate oceanfront 4 BR, 5 BA within Sprawling Golf Course Estate Bear’s Club Custom Estate Sprawling GolfCourse Course Estate residence offering Bear’s Club Custom Estate access Golf Course Masterpiece Golf Course Masterpiece

This 666full half residence Extraordinary 999BR, 222half library offeringoverlooking over 7,000 AC/SF with 7 bedrooms, 6full full&&&and 2 bath, half Three estate 4,355 AC/SF & and private andcustom Intracoastal This bedroom, full and one half bath residence Extraordinary BR, 10 full half bath, library This555bedroom, bedroom, full andone oneelevator. halfbath bathSpectacular residence oceanfront Extraordinary BR,10 10 full half bath,baths, library&&& Three acre custom estate residence overlooking Threeacre acre custom estateresidence residence overlooking $5,875,000. along 6th $4,650,000. theater 14th 12,332 $9,950,000. dock,Upon and large guesthouse. Markon Griffin -hole. 772.418.1312. 4th Request. views. Dean Stokes - 561.714.2399. $2,795,000. along the 6th fairway $4,650,000. theater on 14th 12,332 AC/SF. $9,950,000. alongthe the 6thfairway fairway $4,650,000. theater on 14thhole. hole. 12,332AC/SF. AC/SF. $9,950,000. 4th green, 15,000 total SF. Price Upon Request. 4thgreen, green,15,000 15,000total totalSF. SF.Price Price Upon Request.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Charming home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking & 2nd hole,Villa Spectacular 3 BR residenceBear’s featuring expansive waterfront Custom Golf Course Estate Bear’s Club Golf Golf Villa Custom Golf Course Estate Bear’s Club Golf Villa Bear’s Club Golf Villa Custom Golfcustom Course Estate Bear’slake Club Golf Villa Bear’sClub Club Golf Villa views of the

recently remodeled with exquisite finishes, kitchen is Floridadecorated Intracoastal. Completely including impact and 4444BR, docks Exquisite custom estate on golf offerNewly professionally villa 444BR, Fully 2-story Villa offering Exquisite custom estate home on golf course offerNewly professionally decorated villa offering BR, Fully furnished 2-story Villa offering BR, plus office, Exquisite custom estatehome home on golfcourse course offer-outdoor Newly professionally decorated villaoffering offering BR, remodeled Fullyfurnished furnished 2-story Villaglass offering BR,plus plusoffice, office, lifestyle atwithin its finest. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. with no fixed bridges. Richard Hutton - 561.236.2066. $1,500,000. ing 6.5 6,482 AC/SF. $3,325,000. 6.5 BA 5.5 4,277 ing BR, 6.5 BA within 6,482 AC/SF. $3,325,000. 6.5 BA within 4,907 AC/SF. $2,100,000. 5.5 BA within 4,277 AC/SF. $2,600,000. ing444BR, BR, 6.5BA BA within 6,482 AC/SF. $3,325,000. 6.5$1,250,000. BAwithin within4,907 4,907AC/SF. AC/SF.$2,100,000. $2,100,000. 5.5BA BAwithin within 4,277AC/SF. AC/SF.$2,600,000. $2,600,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm The Club Estates Internationally renowned equestrian facility withClub 62 Stalls, 4 Dressage The Bear’s Club Cottages Club Estates TheBear’s Bear’s ClubCottages Cottages Club Estates


Club Villa This beautiful custom 5,334Bear’s SF estate homeGolf features 5 BR, 6.5 BA with Bear’s Club Golf Villa Bear’s Club Golf Villa Two furnished Club Cottages available &&& acres. Lots to with sweeping Fully furnished offering BR, 5.5 Arenas one covered, eight Paddocks on 11.25 Fully booked forClubhouse many upgrades. Enjoy the pool summer2-story kitchen. Very private444on 1.12 Two beautifully furnished Club Cottages available Lots adjacent to the Clubhouse with sweeping Fully furnished 2-story Villa offering BR, 5.5 BA Twobeautifully beautifully furnished Club Cottages available Lotsadjacent adjacent tothe the Clubhouse with sweeping Fully& furnished 2-storyVilla Villa offering BR, 5.5BA BA offers BR, 444BA 3,225 views the From 1,950,000. within $2,500,000. season. Hillary Oswald - 561.312.2545 acres. Christine Grieco - 561.371.1830. $1,089,000. offers BR, BA within 3,225 AC/SF. $1,995,000. views of the 9th fairway/green. From 1,950,000. within 4,277 AC/SF. $2,500,000. offers444the BR,2011-2012 BAwithin within 3,225AC/SF. AC/SF.$1,995,000. $1,995,000. viewsof of$2,050,000. the9th 9thfairway/green. fairway/green. From 1,950,000. within4,277 4,277AC/SF. AC/SF. $2,500,000. The Bear’s Sotheby’s International Realty Sotheby’s International Realty The Bear’s Club Sotheby’s International Realty TheCoastal Bear’sClub Club Sotheby’s International Realty ||| +1 561.514.6948 | 103 Bear’s Club Drive | Jupiter, Florida 33477 | +1 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, +1 Florida 33477 +1 561.514.6948 561.514.6948 || 103 103 Bear’s Bear’s Club Club Drive Drive || Jupiter, Jupiter,Beach Florida 33477 Florida 33410 © MMXSotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC.AARealogy RealogyCompany. Company.All AllRights RightsReserved. Reserved.Sotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty® Realty®isisaaregistered registeredtrademark trademarklicensed licensedto toSotheby’s Sotheby’s © ©©MMX MMX MMXSotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC.AARealogy RealogyCompany. Company. All AllRights RightsReserved. Reserved.Sotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty® Realty®isisaaregistered registeredtrademark trademarklicensed licensedto toSotheby’s Sotheby’s InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC. IfIfyour yourproperty propertyisispresently presentlylisted listedwith withanother anotherbrokerage, brokerage,please pleaseconsider considerthis thisadvertisement advertisementaasource sourceofofinformation informationand andnot notaasolicitasolicitaInternational International InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC. IfIfyour yourproperty propertyisispresently presentlylisted listedwith withanother anotherbrokerage, brokerage,please pleaseconsider considerthis thisadvertisement advertisementaasource sourceof ofinformation informationand andnot notaasolicitasolicitation. All Allinformation informationisisdeemed deemedreliable reliablebut butnot notguaranteed. guaranteed. Each Eachoffice officeisisIndependently IndependentlyOwned Ownedand andOperated. Operated. tion. tion. tion. All Allinformation informationisisdeemed deemedreliable reliablebut butnot notguaranteed. guaranteed. Each Eachoffice officeisisIndependently IndependentlyOwned Ownedand andOperated. Operated.

601 Island Drive · Palm Beach 601 Island 601 Drive Island · Palm Drive · Palm Beach 601 Island Drive · Beach Palm Beach 6 Bedrooms/6 Baths/2 Half-Baths · 8,542± sqft 601Baths/2 Island Drive ·Half-Baths 6 Bedrooms/6 6 Bedrooms/6 Baths/2 Half-Baths Baths/2 ·Palm 8,542± sqft · 8,542± 6 Bedrooms/6 Half-Baths ·Beach 8,542± sqft sqft $18,900,000 6 Bedrooms/6 Baths/2 Half-Baths · 8,542± sqft $18,900,000 $18,900,000 $18,900,000 $18,900,000

305 Hibiscus Avenue · Palm Beach 305 Hibiscus Avenue · Beach Palm Beach 305 Hibiscus 305Avenue Hibiscus · Palm Avenue · Palm Beach 4 Lands Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 2,468± sqft 1495 End Road · Point Manalapan 4 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 2,468± sqft sqft 4 Bedrooms/3.5 4 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 2,468± Baths sqft · 2,468± $1,995,000 6 Bedrooms/6 Baths/3 Half-Baths · 11,917± sqft $1,995,000 $1,995,000 $1,995,000 $6,495,000

210 ViaVia Del Mar · Palm Beach Mar · Palm Beach 601 210 Island Drive · Beach Palm Beach 601 Island 601 Drive Island ·Del Palm Drive · Palm Beach 9 Bedrooms/8 Baths/3 Half-Baths · ·12,115± sqft 9 7Bedrooms/8 Baths/3 Half-Baths 12,115± sqftsqft 7 Bedrooms/7 Baths/3 Half-Baths · 12,115± sqft 7 Bedrooms/7 Bedrooms/7 Baths/3 Half-Baths Baths/3 Half-Baths · 12,115± sqft · 12,115± $27,500,000 $24,900,000 $27,500,000 $27,500,000 $27,500,000

173 Peruvian Avenue, #3 · Palm Beach 15535 ·· Wellington 136 Woodbridge Road Palm Beach 136 Woodbridge 136Sunward Woodbridge RoadStreet · Palm Road Beach · Palm Beach 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths · 991±&sqft Bedrooms/4 Baths Hangar 6 Bedrooms/4 · House 5,268± sqft 65 Bedrooms/4 6 Bedrooms/4 Baths·Baths ·Guest 5,268± Baths sqft · 5,268± sqft $595,000 $979,000 $3,499,000 $3,499,000 $3,499,000

Dunster House · 360 S Ocean Blvd, 2B · Palm Beach Dunster House · 360 S Ocean Blvd, 2B · Palm Beach 2House Bedrooms/3.5 Baths 3,200± sqft Dunster House Ocean Blvd, 2B · Beach Palm Beach nster House Dunster · 360 S· 360 Ocean ·S360 Blvd, S Ocean 2B · ·Palm Blvd, 2B · Palm Beach 2 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 3,200± sqft $3,490,000 2 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 3,200± sqft sqft 2 Bedrooms/3.5 2 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 3,200± Baths sqft · 3,200± $3,490,000 $3,490,000 $3,490,000 $3,490,000

227 Ellamar Road · West Palm Beach 227 Ellamar Road · West Palmsqft Beach 6 Bedrooms/6.5 Baths 6,342± 227 Ellamar Road · Palm West PalmPalm Beach 227 Ellamar 227 Road Ellamar · West Road ·· West Beach Beach 6 Bedrooms/6.5 Baths · 6,342± sqft $1,798,000 6 Bedrooms/6.5 Baths · 6,342± sqft sqft 6 Bedrooms/6.5 6 Bedrooms/6.5 Baths · 6,342± Baths sqft · 6,342± $1,799,000 $1,899,000 $1,899,000 $1,899,000

420 Royal Palm Way Suite 300 Palm Beach, FL 33480 561.899.2400 420 Royal Palm Way Suite 300 Palm Beach, FL 33480 561.899.2400 420 Royal 420 Palm Royal 420 Way Royal Palm Way Palm Suite Way 300 SuitePalm 300 SuiteBeach, 300 Palm Beach, Palm FL 33480 Beach, FL 33480 561.899.2400 FL 33480 561.899.2400 561.899.2400

The Very Best in South Florida Waterfront Living 3565 N. Ocean Blvd., Gulf Stream, FL 100 feet of direct oceanfront | +- 20 foot elevation | offers panoramic views and ocean breezes Build your custom home up to 7,300 sq. ft. | $4,950,000 Best Price on the beach in Gulf Stream A rare opportunity at this price

JEREMY STEWART, Broker Associate P: 561.819.6958 / C: 954.937.7212

Mother’s Day Tea

3565 N. OCEAN BLVD. GULF STREAM, FL The Very Best in South Florida Living!

what’ s HAUTE in shopping?

You are Invited...

to a make-believe tea on Mother’s Day at the hour of three you haven’t very far to roam you can Enjoy this Party in your home alone or with a friend.



os and m

ranad armen G

All we ask is a Loving Gift that will serve in many ways to uplift those kids who cannot run and play as most children do today. Accept a special thanks from us and please enjoy your Tea at Three!

Look for your invitation to help donate another customized wheelchair or visit our website to download a donation form. P.O. Box 57 ★ West Palm Beach, FL 33402 ★ (561) 752-0799 ★


Do you always know where your food comes from?

At Gazebo CafĂŠ, Chef Carmen handpicks seasonal ingredients from local farms like Kai Kai Farm and Grove in Indiantown and has been working with her purveyors to make sure At Gazebo CafĂŠ,seasonal Chef Carmen handpicks from local like that only the freshest ingredients willseasonal make it ingredients to your plate. Call forfarms a reservation Kaitoday Kai Farm and better, Grove injust Indiantown and has been her purveyors to make or even stop by and taste our working culinarywith creations prepared daily.sure that only the freshest seasonal ingredients will make it to your plate. Call for a reservation our stop foodby is and fresh andour local and we will always today orRemember, even better, just taste culinary creations prepared daily.

be able to tell you where your food comes from!

Remember, our food is fresh and local and we will always be able at to 5:30pm tell you where your food comes from! Dinner: 7 nights a week starting | Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 10:00am - 2:00pm Dinner: 7 nights a week starting at 5:30pmreviews: | Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 10:00am - 2:00pm Online reservations and customer Online reservations customer A1A reviews: 561.748.5878 | 2151and Alternate S., Suite 100 | Jupiter, FL 33477

561.748.5878 | 2151 Alternate A1A S., Suite 100 | Jupiter, FL 33477



Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach Gardens Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach Gardens hosts “Campers Got Style,” scheduled for May 10, a fun, fashion-filled evening to benefit The Happy Camper Foundation, a nonprofit organization that extends summer program opportunities to South Florida children who otherwise would not have the means to enjoy. A percentage of sales from this private event will be donated to The Happy Camper Foundation. 3109 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens 561-694-9000 |

Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery Led by double board-certified, Ivy League-trained facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob D. Steiger, Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery opened its state-of-the-art, 5,000 squarefoot Boca Raton aesthetic medical center in March. The custom-built center offers the latest and most advanced aesthetic technology available. 1001 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton 561-499-9339, 866-994-FACE (3223) |


Pop Physique of Palm Beach Blending elements of ballet, Pilates and lightweight training, the Pop Physique concept incorporates a methodical series of strengthening, isometrics, core shaping and luxuriating stretches to work mind and body. The practice focuses on body sculpting and toning with small but intense movements to lengthen muscles without adding stress on bones and joints. 1609 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 3, West Palm Beach 561-659-4646 |

Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach 2012 marks the 10-year anniversary for Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach. First opened as a gift shop on Royal Poinciana Way, Rapunzel’s has expanded to include fashion-forward women’s apparel and the cutest kids clothing that cannot be found anywhere else on the island. Now with two store locations and a booming e-commerce site, Rapunzel’s of Palm Beach has officially staked a claim in Palm Beach history. Rapunzel’s Closet: 326 S. County Road Palm Beach | 561-659-5300 Lil Rapunzel’s: 251 Royal Poinciana Way Palm Beach | 561-659-3131

Tree of Life Foundation International Through the efforts of the Tree of Life Foundation International, a 32-year-old man from Vietnam, Hai Nguyen, had a 190-pound tumor removed from his left side on January 5. Fundraising and support locally and internationally made it possible to save his life. The next step is to bring Nguyen to the United States for a prosthetic leg. 340 Royal Poinciana Way, Suite 3C, Palm Beach 561-833-1533 |


Painted Bodies (Helena Torres), Roberto Edwards

culture v Painted Bodies Inspired by African tribes who painted their bodies daily to express their emotions, Chilean photographer Roberto Edwards set out to change others’ perception of and comfort levels with the human body in 1981. He asked a couple of artistic friends to paint nude models however they wanted, and he photographed the live art for an exhibition in Chile he called “Cuerpos Pintados,” Spanish for “Painted Bodies.” Since then, “Cuerpos Pintados” has continued every year—and grown immensely, with more than 100 painters participating over the years and exhibiting more than 100 times in major museums worldwide. Yet the success of the exhibit does not financially benefit the artists or the models, who are all unpaid volunteers, or even Edwards. Rather, all proceeds go toward a nonprofit Edwards founded called Fundación América, which teaches impoverished children how to create film and music on a computer. His exhibit will be shown at Holden Luntz Gallery in Palm Beach through May 5. —Jennifer Pfaff | MAY 2012 107

agenda v calendar

May 2012

Snoop Dog

The annual music festival SunFest brings big performers to the West Palm Beach Waterfront From May 2-6. (561-6595980,

The Fray

GOINGS ON 3 92nd Street Y telecast lecture, featuring Madeleine Albright, BallenIsles Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, $15. (561-712-5226,

4 2012 Nursing Distinction Awards, benefiting Palm Healthcare Foundation Inc., The Breakers, Palm Beach, $125, $1,250 corporate table. (561-833-6333,

Executive Women of the Palm Beaches Women In Leadership Awards, featuring guest speaker Joan Lunden, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $100 for members, $125 for nonmembers. (561-6849117,

Do at the Zoo—South of the Border, benefiting and held at the Palm Beach Zoo, West Palm Beach, $200. (561-5330887,

Meghan Candler Gallery in Vero Beach shows works by “Isabelle” from May 1-31. (772-234-8811, Tulip Path, Isabelle

The USPA Eastern Challenge, polo tournament, Grand Champions Polo Club, Wellington, to May 13, free. (561-644-5050,

The USPA Spring Classic, polo tournament, Grand Champions Polo Club, Wellington, to May 6, free. (561-644-5050, 5 Third Annual “Summer Slam” Tennis Invitational, benefiting Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County, BallenIsles Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, $80. (561-253-2080, 10 Professional Advisory Council 28th Annual Seminar for Professionals, benefiting the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, Woodfield Country Club, Boca Raton, $54. ( 11 Screen on the Green, Despicable Me, West Palm Beach Waterfront, West


Palm Beach, free. (562-822-2222, waterfront)

Hit musical Les Misérables comes to the kravis Center from May 16-26. tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469,

Color Light Abstraction 2029, Wynn Bullock

Palm Beach Photographic Centre in West Palm Beach exhibits “Wynn Bullock: Insights and Surprises” to June 9. (561-253-2600,

12 Art Rock, art show and marketplace, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, $5. (561-832-1776, Mother’s Day Tea, Café des Beaux-Arts, Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, to May 13, tickets start at $50. (561-655-2833, flagler 17 Big Top On the Ave, music, art and circus atmosphere, Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, free. (561-279-1380, downtown 18 The Memorial, polo tournament, Grand Champions Polo Club, Wellington, to May 28, free. (561-644-5050, 25 The USPA Eastern Challenge, polo tournament, Grand Champions Polo Club, Wellington, to May 6, free. (561-644-5050, The Wave II, Roni Dopelt

26 Delray Beach Craft Festival, Northeast Fourth Avenue, Pineapple Grove District, Delray Beach, to May 27, free. (561243-1077,

Clifford the Big Red Dog Live!, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $12. (561-832-7469, Patriotic Concert, presented by the Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches, Eissey Campus Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, $15. (561-832-3115,

31 2012 Alzheimer’s Educational Conference, benefiting Alzheimer’s Community Care, featuring keynote speaker Dan Rather, Palm Beach County Convention Center, West Palm Beach, to June 1, $30$175. (561-683-2700, PERFORMANCES 1 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Riverside Theatre, Vero Beach, to May 6, $39-$73. (772-231-6990, 3 Spotlight on Young Musicians, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $10. (561832-7469, Henry and Mudge, Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, $12. (561-575-2223, jupiter 4 Spring Into Dance!, presented by The Benjamin School, Eissey Campus Theater, Palm Beach Gardens, $5. (561-472-3476,

Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach features “Three Generations of Love and Art” through May 4. (561-832-1776,

Class of 2012 in Concert, AmarnickGoldstein Concert Hall, Lynn University, Boca Raton, $10. (561-237-9000,

5 Broadway!, presented by the Indian River Pops, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, $25. (772-286-7827; also May 6, Eissey Campus Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, $25. (561-207-5900,

Dame Marquette, Andre Schirmer

Onessimo Fine Art in Palm Beach Gardens showcases “Andre Schirmer” from May 16-31. (561355-8061,

Short Cuts 2, nine short plays, Lake Worth Playhouse, Lake Worth, to May 6, $15. (561586-6410, Talent Expo Show, presented by Talented Teen Club, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $20. (561-832-7469, | MAY 2012 109

agenda v calendar 9 Gipsy Kings, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469,

12 Troy Roberts and Nu Jive, Arts Garage, Delray Beach, $20-$165. (561-4506357,

Pippin, Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, to May 19, $15-$20. (561-575-2223, jupiterthe

11 The Melody Within, presented by Young Singers of the Palm Beaches, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $10. (561-832-7469,

17 Michael Yo, Palm Beach Improv, West Palm Beach, $20. (561-833-1812,

19 Dinner and a Movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, $18. (772286-7827,

18 Bruce Bruce, Palm Beach Improv, West Palm Beach, to May 20, $25. (561833-1812,

Guys and Dolls, presented by Atlantic Arts Academy and the Atlantic Theater, Borland Center for the Performing Arts, Palm Beach Gardens, $20, $15 children/students. (561-904-3130,

Straight No Chaser, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-8327469,

A Full House of Laughter Bob Saget gained popularity in the late ’80s and early ’90s starring in family-friendly shows Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos. But he’s also been doing stand-up since he was 17 and is well-known for his blue comedy routine. These days, when he’s not touring, he lends his voice as the narrator on the CBS hit How I Met Your Mother, which is in its seventh season. Saget will perform his stand-up at the Palm Beach Improv on May 11 and 12. —Jennifer Pfaff PBI: What’s your stand-up like today? SAGET: My stand-up is not what it used to be. It’s always changing. Audiences know me now, and they don’t go, “Oh my god, he’s the guy from that show talking like this.” They know me. It was never meant to be a shock, but I think I double-downed a little bit. n You sing and play guitar in your show. Have you always been musically inclined? I’ve been trying since I was 11. And I had guitar lessons, but my teacher gave up on me because I had a fear about going above the fourth fret. So I kind of venture above it a little bit, but I’m not a barre chord kind of man. But I still keep writing all this music. n Tell us something about the How I Met Your Mother cast that few people know. Alyson [Hannigan] was actually my babysitter when she was 15. Her mother was my mover, with Mayflower movers, and said, “My daughter needs some jobs,” and she babysat my daughter. It’s wild. n How do you look back at your time on Full House? Reverentially. [Acting on Full House] was like being a kid. It was a kid show. It was made for 12-year-old girls. If anybody reviewed it, they should’ve been a 12-year-old girl. … It was a crazy experience. They tell you never to work with kids, animals and old people, and that was the show. n If you were stranded on a desert island, what be your three essentials? A Spalding ball, which is what Tom Hanks had [in Castaway], right? I’d have to have that. Everything he had. I need a FedEx box, and I’d absolutely positively have to have it mailed overnight. [The last essential] would be a full stage and audience. I would go back to my being alone and completely cast away, but as long as I could do a set now and then …


Negroni’s Trio, Arts Garage, Delray Beach, $20-$165. (561-450-6357, 25 Jon Lovitz, Palm Beach Improv, West Palm Beach, to May 27, $25-$30. (561-8331812, Proof, presented by Palm Beach Dramaworks, Donald and Ann Brown Theatre, West Palm Beach, to June 17, $55. (561-5144042, 26 Gratitude Festival, Lake Worth Playhouse, Lake Worth, to May 27, $15-$25. (561-586-6410, Honoring America’s Fallen, presented by The New Gardens Band, Eissey Campus Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, $20. (561-207-5900, 31 Jim Jeffries, Palm Beach Improv, West Palm Beach, $20. (561-833-1812, GALLERIES 110 East Atlantic Ave ART Exhibit, Delray Beach. “Vivid Expression in Fine Art,” to May 12. (561-542-1330) Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach. “Three Generations of Love and Art” and “WITVA—Women in the Visual Arts,” both to May 4; “K-12 Palm Beach County School District Art Show,” May 17 to June 2. (561-832-1776,

ecialt gency and sp 24 hour emer Critical Care, ine, Surgery,

ic iology, Internal med oscopy, Card ing - CT/Fluor ag im ed y nc ap Adva oiodine ther ncology, Radi Neurology, O


ur o y t ’ n d l u o Sh the t e g d n e i r f best ment? t a e r t f o d best kin y hospital



(561) 625-9995 4019 Hood Road Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fonts: VSH = Eurostile Extended Two Veterinary Specialty Hospital: Univers 55 with 113% Horizontal Scale

Colors: Black: 100% - 60% - 30% Red: 100% Magenta and 100% Yellow

Shoe Salon & Boutique

Harbour Bay Plaza Sewall’s Point 772/221-9973 3385 Ocean Drive Vero Beach 772/231-2772


agenda v calendar Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton. “Portraits from the Permanent Collection,” to May 13; “Will Barnet at 100: Eight Decades of Painting and Printmaking,” “Muted Imprints: An Installation by Misako Inaoka” and “An Artistic Discovery: The Congressional Student Art Competition,” all to May 20; “61st Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition” and “Boca Museum Artists’ Guild Biennial Member’s Exhibition,” both May 30 to July 8; “Glass Act: The Contemporary Studio Art Glass Movement turns 50,” to October 14. (561-392-2500, Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach. “Cuerpos Pintados,” to May 5. (561-805-9550, Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum and School of Art, Tequesta. “42nd Annual Kindergarten to 12th Grade Community Student Exhibition,” May 2-23. (561-7463101, Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History, Boynton Beach. “The Queen of Prep: Lilly Pulitzer Rosseau,” to November 15. (561-243-2662, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach. “Pathfinder Scholarship Nominees Exhibition,” to May 6; “Tacita Dean,” to May 6; “Beth Lipman: A Still Life Installation” and “Studio Glass: Works from

Florida Beach with Boat, William Aiken Walker


the Museum Collection,” both to May 27; “Outside/In: Florida Photographers Faceto-Face with the Museum Collection” to June 10; “Decoding Messages in Chinese Art,” to June 24; “American Masters at the Norton: Clyfford Still and Joan Mitchell,” to fall 2012. (561-832-5196,

Young Woman and Boy, Mihata Joryo

Ritter Art Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. “Spring Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition,” to May 4. (561- 2972966, Rosenbaum Contemporary, Boca Raton. “Simon Procter,” to May 31. (561-9944422, Schmidt Center Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. “Surfing Florida: A Photographic History,” to May 12. (561- 297-2966, Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, Delray Beach. “Fort Mose: Colonial America’s Black Fortress of Freedom,” May 2 to July 29. (561-279-8883, Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach. “Beyond Reality: Hyperrealism and American Culture,” to May 13; “Cycle of Change: Tom Nakashima’s Treepile Paintings” and “Stephen Knapp: Lightpaintings,” both to June 3. (772-231-0707, u

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach features “Ghosts, Goblins, and Gods: The Supernatural in Japanese Art” from May 22 to September 16. (561-495-0233,

Eaton Fine Art in West Palm Beach presents “Gallery Selections: 19th and Early 20th Century American Art” to May 31. (561-833-4766,



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f lor id a’s


12 AMAZING FLORIDA WEDDINGS Honeymoons in the wild Beach wedding essentials


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The Palm Beach 20: Local Legends



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AWARDS LUNCH Presented by: Palm Beach Civic Association Venue: The Breakers, Palm Beach Featuring: Tom Brokaw 1. Michele Kessler, Tom Brokaw 2. Tom Brokaw, Palm Beach Mayor Gail Coniglio, Suzanne and Bob Wright 3. Muffy Brooks, Alex Dreyfoos 4. Lewis Schott, Hilly Mahoney 5. Pat Haig, Leonard Lauder 6. Pam and Brian McIver | may 2012 115




3 4

CARON “After dark” GALA Venue: The Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach Featuring: Richard Lewis 1. Campion and Tatiana Platt 2. Martha and Robert DeForest 3. Jeff and Gina Sabean 4. Richard Lewis, Petra Levin 5. Tara Conner, Donald Trump 6. Doug Tieman, Patrick Rooney




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Nikki costanzo


3 4




Lights out gala Venue and benefiting: Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Jupiter 1. Ray Graziotto, Beth Neuhoff, Terry Graziotto, Susan Johnson 2. David and Nadine Fite 3. Hilary and Bryant Gumbel 4. Rena and John Blades 5. Pam and Ted Rauch 6. Dawn and Al Hoffman 7. Dina Merrill Hartley, Frank Harris | may 2012 117


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old bags luncheon

lucien capehart

Venue: The Breakers, Palm Beach Benefiting: Center for Family Services 1. Moneca Kaufmann, Judi Richards 2. Kathy Simcoke, Sally Grieb 3. Rebecca Jobo, Lisa Erdmann 4. Dorla Leslie, Jean Meisenzahl 5. Joan Klann, Carson Kresley, Kitty Silverstein 6. Karen Swanson, Frances Fisher




2 1

OUT AND ABOUT 1. John and Michelle Antonini at the Boca Raton Museum of Art’s Visionaries Ball at the Boca Raton Resort and Club 2. Jody and Martin Grass at Boca Raton Museum of Art’s Visionaries Ball at the Boca Raton Resort and Club 3. Lee and Peg Greenspon at Boca Raton Museum of Art’s Visionaries Ball at the Boca Raton Resort and Club 4. Karen Mashkin and Judy Rosenzweig at Boca Raton Museum of Art’s Visionaries Ball at the Boca Raton Resort and Club 5. Judi Richards, Linda Adelson and Celine Thibault at the Chanel 2012 Spring Summer Ready-to-Wear Collection Preview at The RitzCarlton Residences, Singer Island, Palm Beach 6. Cat Porter and Malitza Sayan at the Chanel 2012 Spring Summer Ready-to-Wear Collection Preview at The RitzCarlton Residences, Singer Island, Palm Beach





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FINALE 10 obsessions 7 5


1 Being raised by a diamond expert clearly had an impact on Laura Munder. The Palm Beach jewelry designer has made a name for herself with her beautiful creations, which have been worn by such leading ladies as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jada Pinkett Smith, Eva Mendes and Molly Simms. In Palm Beach, her collections are sold in Neiman Marcus and in MIX at The Breakers.

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Philanthropic focus Helping children in need. I have devoted myself for the past 16 years to supplying the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office with new and recycled clothes, food and toys. I support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs and Children’s Hospital Boston. Life’s calling I have a driving passion for designing and creating. Jewelry, homes, clothes and even my bedazzled Mini Cooper. To brighten a room Fresh flowers always are glorious. Some of my favorites are peonies, hyacinth, garden roses, tuberose, lilacs and tulips. I call Duane Murrell [of V M Flowers]. Wall decor Orientalist art. Ludwig Deutsch is my absolute favorite. Perfect pet Golden retriever puppies. It’s all about the puppy breath. Someone should create a fragrance. Won’t leave home without Sunblock. I am fanatical about Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 30. Celebrity icon Beyoncé. She has taken talent and beauty, infused it with hard work and determination and the result is all class. Summer vacation spot Sag Harbor, New York—an all-American slice of heaven Fashion finds I am a devoted Neiman Marcus girl. Heart stopper My husband—I mean, have you met him?