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Heather Dockweiler and other patrons toast the arrival of Michael Kors


The Naples Players celebrates 60 years + the best in art, music, theater and more

The Jewelry Gallery

Fall 2012 Arunashi Bochic Federica Rettore Irene Neuwirth Lucifer vir Honestus Monique PĂŠan Tamara Comolli Yossi Harari

IMPERIALE COLLECTION P r ov id e n t J e w e l r y & Chopa rd a re proud to be t he exc l u s i v e w a tc h sponsors of the 2 0 1 2 I m m o k a l e e F ounda tion Pro-Am G olf T o u rn amen t

7 6 6 5 t h A v en u e So u th , Na p le s (2 3 9 ) 6 4 9 - 7 2 0 0 w w w. Pr ov id en t J ew e lr m

Mauresque Collection Naples 766 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102 239.649.7200

Roberto Coin & Provident Jewelry are the proud exclusive jewelry sponsors for the 2012 Immokalee Foundation Gala at the Ritz Carlton.

Haute Joaillerie, place Vend么me since 1906

THE WATERSIDE SHOPS NAPLES - 5495 Tamiami Trail - 239-254-8845

Desirable PerlĂŠe Collection Rings, pink gold, white gold and diamonds.


Michael G. Lawler, P.A.

4300 Gulf Shore Blvd. N, 100 Naples, Florida 34103

PARK SHORE | 740 FOUNTAINHEAD | $1,100,000

THE MOORINGS | 2765 LEEWARD | $2,795,000

PARK SHORE | PROVENCE #1101 | $2,495,000

PORT ROYAL | 1145 GALLEON | $8,995,000

PARK SHORE | 308 TURTLE HATCH | $3,995,000

PARK SHORE | ArdISsoNE #203 | $1,450,000

PARK SHORE | LA MER #901 | $1,149,000

PARK SHORE | 4100 GULFSHORE BLVD. N. | $5,700,000

Michael G. Lawler | 239.261.3939


NOVEMBER 2012 FEATURES 69 CULTURAL PREVIEW: Welcoming ACT November heralds the start of the arts season in Southwest Florida, and NI presents 13 pages of highlights. By DOROTHEA HUNTER SÖNNE, CHRISTINA WELLS And LAUREN DANIELS

70 SHINING STAR 74  Staging Sixty Years of Laughs and Tears 78 ARTFUL DESTINATION 80 THE GIFT OF GAB

82 Kors in the Garden Fashion’s Michael Kors brings a runway show to Hats in the Garden this month—to his and Naples’ delight. By Jennifer Pfaff

88 My Fair Lady We report on the resort collections, with a nod to the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn. Photography by Robert Adamo

98 The New Playbook Our guide to the fall menswear trends drafts the rules for modern Neapolitan style. By Katherine Lande

Gorgeous outfits, including this Michael Kors stunner, are meant to be worn around town. For more on the designer, see page 82.








40 42


37 24 From the Publisher 26 Editor’s Letter 30 Social Observer

STYLE 37 Trends Accessories with a Warholian pop art theme


44 Treasure Bollywood influences found in intricately detailed baubles 46 Finds Get your Santa on at the Trinity-by-the-Cove annual holiday market


40 Vanity Manly fragrances that create a bold impression

51 Q&A HGTV’s Monica Pedersen

42 Tastemakers Maria Cristina Buccellati of the Milanese jewelry house

52 Cameos Alexandra Faccinto, Billie Hazelbaker, Ayleen Sanchez

POMELLATO 67 Handcrafted by Milanese artisans, this new line celebrates the Italian brand’s founding year by reimagining signature styles as contemporary sterling silver creations.

naples, 5395 Tamiami Trail norTh. Call 239.592.5900, VisiT saKs.Com/naples, DoWnloaD The saKs app or FinD Us on FaCeBooK, TWiTTer anD saKspoV.Com.

i want my silver to have



cHAIn-LInk brAcELETs frOM pomellato 67



NOVEMBER 2012 TASTE 55 Dish Give thanks deliciously at M Waterfront Grille 56 Local Flavor Dining news 58 Spirits Rye’s time to shine



61 First Class Frégate Island Private, the ultimate eco-retreat in the Seychelles


64 High Road The new Cadillac XTS with luxuriously smart technology

BALANCE 123 The Natural Get a glowing complexion with organic skin-care products, plus the latest on living well

AGENDA 187 Culture Award-winning singer Claire Lynch and her band bring acoustic Americana to the Promenade at Bonita Bay 188 Calendar 196 Social Observer

GIVING BACK 200 Seeds of Change Nicholas and Eleanor Chabraja



On the Cover: Philanthropist Heather Dockweiler, photographed by Naples Illustrated on location at the Naples Botanical Garden for “Kors in the Garden” (page 82): Michael Kors double-faced black wool shift with passementerie trim, Marissa Collections, Naples Photography: Vanessa Rogers Hair and makeup: Philip Douglas


Shemin Saferali, MD Medical Oncologist

Janet Sperry, MD Radiation Oncologist

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women of all ages. With the widespread use of screening mammograms, most breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage which often allows for breast conservation. Premiere Oncology’s board certified radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and therapists focus on each individual patient as a real person who is also somebody’s wife, mother, daughter, grandmother and sister. We provide her and her family with support as well the latest information, and work together with the finest breast surgeons to ensure the success of the most state-of-the-art treatments in a private and confidential setting. | 239.325.1440


Elizabeth Fox, M.D.

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Both patients had facial procedures performed by Dr. Elizabeth Fox.

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Skin Health with

Board Certified Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Can Change Your Life Dr. Elizabeth Fox answers frequently asked questions. Plastic surgery is cutting-edge, exciting and life-altering. People are taking better care of their health and therefore living more productive, fulfilling and longer lives. This is why it is important that your outward appearance projects the vitality and youth that you feel on the inside. Join us on this rewarding journey and discover the difference plastic surgery will make in your life.


it is silly to be vain but it genuinely bothers me every day. I consider myself


to be a natural woman and I wonder if plastic surgery is an option for me.

than with injections. We use the Sciton Laser which has a coolant


Dear Dr. Fox, I donยนt want to look like a Barbie Doll but on the other hand I see things in the mirror that I donยนt like. I feel like

I have always preferred the accuracy of laser when compared to injections into veins. Smaller veins are difficult to enter

with a needle, and quite frankly are treated much better with the laser system that reduces the discomfort and redness of the skin. The

Plastic surgery is not about looking plastic, it is about looking

majority of women have varicosities of veins due to an increase level

more youthful, feeling more vital and being in control of

of estrogen which dilates the blood vessels. The good news is that

your body. For example, a tummy tuck procedure has significant

this also has a protective aspect because it is better for your heart

medical advantages: it decreases the work of your heart, reduces

when your vessels are more vasodilated. Spider veins, however, are

insulin requirements, and helps with back support. Psychologically

not necessary for any particular function and can be reduced quite

a more streamlined look makes you feel better about yourself, which

easily with laser. It is a beautiful procedure which will help you to feel

improves your overall sense of well being.

comfortable wearing shorts and skirts again.


Dear Dr. Fox, I work out every day, I eat right and take care of myself, but it seems like gravity took over one day and I feel

like everything fell. I donยนt even know where to start, I just know I need a lot of help.


You should start with what bothers you the most. Plastic surgery is about removing a burden that is taking away your

Q: A:

Dear Dr. Fox, I am 30 pounds overweight ... ok, maybe 40 pounds. I have been to a plastic surgeon who told me, I have to

lose weight before surgery. Do you have the same philosophy? I am a believer in optimizing where you are today, rather than waiting for a potential plan for the future which may or

may not occur. If plan A is not working, it is time to go to plan B. So if

confidence and self esteem. Sometimes it may be your body that is

you have been trying to lose weight and donยนt seem to be making any

bothering you, sometimes it is your face that you want to improve.

progress, maybe surgery can help you reach your goal. Liposuction

Whatever your desire is, I always help my patients choose the wisest

and tummy tuck are both great procedures for maximizing weight loss

procedure that will give them the greatest benefit to increase their level

and helping patients who are stuck at the same weight to go forward

of happiness.

with their weight loss goals. Sixty percent of my liposuction patients


have continued weight loss after surgery. About 90% of tummy tuck Dear Dr. Fox, I have had injections to my veins in the past and

patients lose weight after that surgery because it has the added benefit

I am not a fan. Is there anything else I can do to reduce my spider

of tightening your abdominal muscles which, in turn, helps you feel

veins? I can tell I am still making new veins and I donยนt feel comfortable

full faster, which results in you eating less.

wearing skirts or shorts anymore. Can you help me?

827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, FL 34103 | | 239-262-8585 (West of US 41, One Block South of Waterside Shops)

Plastic Surgery - Ask Dr.Fox

Elizabeth Fox, M.D.

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for giving gifts of good taste

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Select from our $100 and $52 holiday gift cards or choose a classic card of any denomination. Purchase $500 or more in gift cards and receive 10% back in bonus gift cards. Complimentary shipping provided for online orders November 1 – December 31, 2012.

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N ew fas h i o N e d Years from now they’ll remember a magical place where fantastic creatures roamed the earth. Where the days seemed to last forever. And where tales of adventure grew into family lore and legend.

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’m writing this on an interesting morning. I’ve just learned that two young friends have devastating illnesses, but once past the initial shock, they seem to be steeled for the battles ahead. I have a couple of emails from other friends with pictures of babies born in the past week, rife with words of pride and promise. Four members of our team dropped by to express thanks for the company wending its way through another difficult open enrollment season, ultimately offering a nice range of health insurance plan options. And one of our executives came by to tell me his decades of driving low-slung, two-seat sports cars may be nearing an end. But as he creaked out of my office with a stiff back, he turned, grinned and said, “Or maybe I just slept wrong last night.” Struck at first by the physical component to all this otherwise unrelated news, the attitude communicated is what I find myself pondering. I’m pretty good at discerning stiff upper lips from sincere smiles. My ill young friends have a positive outlook. The new parents know they have to start saving for bumps down the road right now, but it doesn’t diminish their joy. Our employees would rather have lower co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums, but they’re happy the options were better than expected. The guy with the stiff back will ease himself behind the wheel this afternoon, put the top down and smile as he accelerates onto the highway. I’m smiling, too, because that 15-minute slice of life this morning reminds me of what another friend often says: “Life is hard and it’s probably not going to get any easier. So get on the bus with a smile.” I usually write about the media business, observations from my travels, or the wonderful things to see and do and the great people to meet in this community. But I’m stuck on attitude today. I’m inspired by the positive perspectives surrounding me, and I feel grateful. Life’s blessings, after all, often outweigh the challenges. With that in mind, I am going to do my best to enjoy the ride.


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THE KORS CONNECTION y mother has had a huge influence on my personal style. To this day, whenever I visit, she lets me go “shopping” in her closet. Some recent finds have included a circa-1970s paillette bolero from Bergdorf Goodman, a bright orange belted trench and a bejeweled hand-stitched belt from Hong Kong. She shared with me the fun of fashion from a young age, and our favorite rainy-day pastime during my school years was curling up on the sofa with piles of Vogue, InStyle and Town & Country. We’d flip through the pages, admiring the gorgeous confections, but there was one particular designer who never failed to catch our eye: Michael Kors. This was back when he was the creative director for the French fashion house Celine, and I would swoon over everything I saw, whether it was an ethereal turquoise Grecian column or a light touch of sequins on a nude-colored top. His designs were always glamorous and chic, but still practical and realistic. I came to view him as the embodiment of what modern American style meant, and it has been no surprise seeing his ascent in pop culture as a judge on Project Runway and the head of one of the largest and most successful public fashion companies in the United States. Moving here and joining Naples Illustrated, I learned of another believer, Marissa Hartington. Known the fashion world over as the owner of her eponymous Marissa Collections on Third Street South, she discovered Michael Kors early on in his career and became a supporter—purchasing his line and even having him as a guest at her home well before he won the CFDA Award in 1999. Had he not received the embrace of icons like her, people like my mom and me might never have gotten to know his signature style. Michael and Marissa have continued their strong working relationship and friendship over the years, and I couldn’t be happier to present our story, “Kors in the Garden,” celebrating the designer’s appearance at this month’s Hats in the Garden fundraiser. Held annually at the Naples Botanical Garden, it is the nonprofit’s largest annual event (and sponsored by Naples Illustrated), and with Marissa’s help, we found stylish Neapolitans—and Michael Kors fans—to wear his latest resort looks against its lush backdrop. Thank you to our amazing cover model, Heather Dockweiler, a former Hats chair; Kathleen Kapnick, the current event co-chair; and Wanda Zaiser, a longtime garden patron. I, for one, can’t wait to meet Michael Kors. And I can’t wait for you to meet him, too, starting on page 82.

Dorothea Hunter Sönne

November is a big month in Naples: I’m also excited for… n Our look at this season’s cultural standouts (page 69). n A tantalizing Thanksgiving spread prepared by chef Brian Roland (page 55). n HGTV’s Monica Pedersen on the perks of living in Southwest Florida (page 51). 26  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED



Behind the scenes (clockwise from left): Wanda Zaiser stikes a pose, Philip Douglas puts on finishing touches and Vanessa Rogers scans the set.

Unrivaled American Craftsmanship

Naples Lamp Shop Fine Furnishings & Accessories { Naples Oldest Design Resource }



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7 Super Men Celebration What: Naples Illustrated and Clive Daniel Home joined forces to host the first-ever Super Men Celebration. More than 150 guests enjoyed cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, live music and an array of offerings at the Clive Daniel Home showroom. NI's seven Super Men, as featured in the September issue, received special award and gift presentations. The evening was held in association with Gentleman Jack, Provident Jewelry and DeVoe Cadillac. Venue: Clive Daniel Home 1. Patrick Nolan, Krista Fogelsong 2. Melissa and Jon Bates 3. Carlo and Ann Zampogna 4. Jessica Schneider, Cindy Christensen, Kevin Caffrey 5. Justin Osen, Jim Davis 6. Dan Lubner, Kaleigh Grover, Bill Wehrman 7. Ed Marsch, Karen Donovan, Randie Dalia, Dave Tirado 30  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

9 8







8. Nannette Staropoli, Scott Robertson 9. Amanda and Stephen Jaron 10. Eric Mager, Marta Campanella, Alexis Torres, Gerrianne Puntervold, David Citron 11. Jim Signorile, Kaleigh Grover, Dorothea Hunter Sönne, Patrick Nolan 12. Joetta Abbazio, Kim Nye, Fred Abbazio 13. Susan Owens, Tom Smith 14. Chelon and Tony Perez-Benitoa 15. Daphne Nikolopoulos, Dorothea Hunter Sönne, Gerrianne Puntervold 16. Bob Bibbee, Lisa Van Coppenolle, Clive Lubner, Donna McFarlane


Social Observer

1 2

3 4 FASHION’S NIGHT OUT What: The annual style event at Waterside Shops featured entertainment, model greeters, shopping and fun. Venue: Waterside Shops A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event


Gail Thiele

1. Donna Sciuto, John Baron 2. Rana Lepp, Judy Cutler, Barb Bonk 3. Trisha Borges 4. Kamla McKenzie 5. Rebecca Lambert, Julie Koester, Lynette Coffey, Mimy Valenti, Lynn Byerly 6. Brenda O’Connor, Kathy Swank 7. Angela Douglas, Alice Carlson, Brandi Perkins 8. Larry and Romi Padula





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t th h at at wa wa ss o ou ur r c co on nc ce ep p t. t.

INTRODUCING THE ALL- NEW X TS We invented a new way to warn you of danger with the Safety Alert Seat. INTRODUCING THE NEW CADILL CADILL AC AC X invented a new way to warn you of danger with the Safety Alert Seat. INTRODUCING THE ALLALLACbrings X TS TS We We new way to danger with the Safety Alert Seat. And its revolutionary CUE 1NEW driverCADILL interface the invented simplicityaof a tablet towarn your you car. of The XTS ushers in new standards with And its revolutionary CUE 11 driver interface brings the simplicity of a tablet to your car. The XTS ushers in new standards with And revolutionary CUEhow driver interface the simplicity a your car. The XTS ushers in new standards with everyits ingenious detail. See the all-new XTSbrings is bringing the futureofforward every ingenious detail. See how the all-new XTS is bringing the future forward at every ingenious detail. See how the all-new XTS is bringing the future forward at


THE ALL-NEW 2013 CADILLAC ATS HAS ARRIvED. Quick. nimble. responsive. the all-new cadillac atS. derivative of THE 2013 CADILLAC ATS HAS ARRIvED. Quick. nimble. responsive. the cadillac THE ALL-NEW ALL-NEW 2013 CADILLAC ATS HASwith ARRIvED. Quick. nimble. responsive. the all-new all-new cadillac atS. atS. derivative derivative of of nothing , it was built from a clean slate the world’s most respected sport sedans in its crosshairs. nothing , it was built from a clean slate with the world’s most respected sport sedans in its crosshairs. nothing , it was built from a clean slate with the world’s most respected sport sedans in its crosshairs.

tHe all-new cadIllac atS. arrIVInG SuMMer 2012. 4100 Tamiami Trail N. 4100 Tamiami Tamiami Trail Trail N. N. 4100 Naples, FL 34103 Naples, FL FL 34103 34103 Naples,

239-261-1234 239-261-1234 239-261-1234 1. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth ®® and smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity. Illustrations maybe pre-production images ® 1. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone. Some devices requireSome USB devices connectivity. maybe pre-production images 1. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone. requireIllustrations USB connectivity. Illustrations maybe pre-production images 1. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth ® and smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity. Illustrations maybe pre-production images

Social Observer 1 2



Dawn Dinardo



FASHION’S NIGHT OUT What: Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops hosted an evening with music, makeovers, a runway show with the latest looks and more. Venue: Saks Fifth Avenue A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event 1. Irina Godbey, Gala Fabbricatore 2. Marie Christine St. Pierre, Barbara Riess 3. Mary and Jadelynn Pantoja 4. Brenda O’Connor, Kathy Swank 5. Kim Nye 6. Connie Trutwin, Mailea Hobaica, Juliane Callis 7. Kellie Jacoby, Luis Otero 8. Lynne Pavlik, Shelley McIntosh




New Minto Model Homes


Minto Raises the Game at TwinEagles

In November

One of North America’s Most Respected Homebuilders Comes to Naples’ Premier Golf Community. Discover the innovative designs, unmatched quality and enduring value that have made Minto an industry leader in customer satisfaction since 1955. Come see what makes a luxurious new Minto home the perfect complement to Naples’ ultimate country club lifestyle. Not only will you discover a golfer’s paradise but also amazing amenities that include a grand clubhouse, state-of-the-art fitness center and infinity edge pool. Naples’ Exclusively Inclusive Golf Community Golf Membership is included in the purchase of every new home – and the limited number of memberships guarantees that your golf experience will remain an exceptional one for years to come. Innovative Single Family & Estate Homes from the $400s to $800s Energy Star Certified | Superior Quality Construction | Included Premium Features For more information or to join our VIP list, please call (888) 927-7050

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style trends POP ART A visual nod to The Factory’s heyday. By Katherine Lande

Having created a life-size Andy Warhol monument, artist Rob Pruitt was the perfect collaborator for Jimmy Choo’s pop-influenced capsule collection for Cruise 2013 ( The designs, which hit stores this month, include playful concoctions such as the Diffuse sandal ($1,095) made of zebra-printed glitter fabric with a bright lining. Turn the page for more fashionable elements that pop.



trends Graphic prints and acid colors get their 15 minutes. Super Specs Malice B99 frames ($625), Francis Klein Collection, Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear, Naples

special powers

just For kicks Stiletto-print satin

Half-cage cabochon cuff with turquoise in Pink Blaze ($245), Kara Ross, Marissa Collections, Naples

clutch with metal buckle closure and chain strap ($1,250), Roger Vivier,

make a Statement


Tee ($58), Kate Spade, Naples

cheeky shades Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette ($65), NARS Andy Warhol Collection, Sephora, Naples DIANE VON FURSTENBERG

charmed up Printed purse with chain detail ($1,645), Versace,

Mod bag Canvas Lola tote ($345), Diane von Furstenberg,

A pump ABOVE Platform court shoe with ankle strap ($925), Charlotte Olympia, 38  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED



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Come see our new family of Pekin Ducks at the Nike Fountain


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Brace yourself for a new tide of seductive scents for gentlemen (and, in some cases, ladies who crave an assertive fragrance): Armani Code Ultimate by Giorgio Armani packs an amber-woody punch (from $66, Saks Fifth Avenue); Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza hair and shower gel has signature citrus and wood notes ($48, Saks Fifth Avenue); James Bond 007 channels the dashing fictional character ($40,, from November; HiM by Hanae Mori carries wood and spice accents ($95, Nordstrom); and Molton Brown Valbonne, a unisex scent, blends bergamot, orris root and leather ($120, Saks Fifth Avenue).

Fine Furnishings, Home Accessories & Antiques

953 Central Ave. Naples, FL 34102 v (239) 430-2505 v



FAMILY JEWEL For Maria Cristina Buccellati, precious metals and gems run in her blood. Along

Buccellati jewelry has been described as

with her father, head designer Gianmaria Buccellati, and brother, Andrea Buccellati, she

extremely collectible. What influences are seen

has expanded the centuries-old Milanese jewelry house into an international symbol

in the pieces people covet?

of handcrafted finery. Buccellati was recently named the most exclusive jewelry brand

Art and nature are a source of inspiration that is

in the United States by the Luxury Institute, and the woman in charge of the compa-

woven into most of the designs and patterns. We

ny’s public profile spoke with Naples Illustrated about style, artistic inspiration and her

like to use rare gems with peculiar shapes and

upcoming visit for a November 9 trunk show at Provident Jewelry with a not-to-be-missed

intense colors that inspire the creative instinct,

collection of rare and vintage pieces. —Lauren Daniels

and that enables us to produce many wonderful one-of-a-kind collections. Each jewel is handcrafted using venerable techniques dating back

NI: Do you have a favorite memory of growing up

to the Renaissance era. There is a reference to

in the family business?

motifs belonging to classic architecture, Rococo

Buccellati: I remember being very little and going

and Baroque styles, where the representation of

after school to play with all the new jewels on my

foliage designs, fruits and natural elements is also

father’s desk instead of with dolls.

incorporated. It is Buccellati’s prerogative to keep these traditions alive.

Working with family can be tough. What is the dynamic like?

How would you describe your personal style?

The daily contact with my father’s and brother’s

I tend to lean toward essentials. I think purity is

creativity creates a shared philosophy and at the

synonymous with elegance. I have a preference for

same time maintains the integrity and the tradition

neutral colors like beige, grey and black. Leonardo

of the brand.

da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and I totally agree. White is my favorite color.

This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of

As for jewelry, I mainly wear pearls embellished

the brand in the U.S. market. Is the American

with diamonds.

clientele different from the European clientele?


I would say that our clients’ style and sophistica-

Is there anything you are looking forward to doing

tion makes the real difference, not their origin;

while you are in Naples?

our creative inspiration and artisanal techniques are

I have never been to Naples before; I am ready for an

what resonate throughout the world.

emotional journey, meeting new, fantastic people. u



STOCK DEVELOPMENT is proud to announce its acquisition of the remaining homesites at QUAIL WEST, one of the crown jewels of Southwest Florida. This address of excellence features five distinctive single-family home neighborhoods by a preferred group of builders selected for their attention to quality craftsmanship and personal service. We invite you to discover the Stock difference at Quail West.

Residences from the $600s to over $7 million

Enjoy exceptional amenities that include: • Two championship golf courses designed by Arthur Hills • 70,000-square-foot Clubhouse • Beach Club Membership available • Full-service spa and salon • Indoor solarium pool • Banquet hall and ballroom, seating 300 • Rustically authentic wine bar • Formal dining and grill room • Eight lighted red-clay tennis courts • Fitness center with cardio room and Pilates studio

LIMITED-TIME OFFER OF A $25,000 * SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP WITH EVERY NEW HOME PURCHASE. Visit our Sales Center today. Open daily 9-5, Sundays 11-5. 6289 Burnham Road | Naples, FL 34119 | 239.592.1010 | *Offer and prices subject to change without notice.







IndiaN GEMS and Bollywood-inspired baubles are Spicing up the red carpet, Runways and boutiques. By Mary Gibble

3 4


6 1. in the red The Jahangir choker ($150,000) from Amrita Singh, with diamonds and oval-cut tourmalines, pays homage to similar pieces worn by the maharajas. (855-426-7482, 2. Ring Bling This stunner ($8,350) by Ilias Lalaounis exemplifies the ancient practice of festooning gold with precious stones. Bigham Jewelers, Naples (239-434-2800, 3. well connected Layer up with a three-strand, 24-karat gold necklace by Gurhan. Price upon request. Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples (239-592-5900, 4. In The STARs Buccellati’s Carlotta pendant earrings ($25,000) hold 288 diamonds totaling 2.9 carats on 18-karat gold. Provident Jewelry, Naples (239-649-7200, 44  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED


5. Golden Rod A cascade of gold and rock crystal, this Kara Ross necklace is fit for any Bollywood queen. Price upon request. Marissa Collections, Naples (239-263-4333, 6. Ornamental Glam The Sorcerer earrings ($3,250) by Temple St. Clair gleam with vibrant sapphires in a pavé setting. Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples (239592-5900, 7. Off the Cuff De Beers’ Talisman bracelet carries 3.9 carats of polished and rough diamonds inlaid on 18-karat multitextured gold. Price upon request. De Beers Jewellery, Naples (239-2547732,

Live Retirem e n t


You didn’t get where you are by holding back. And retirement is no time for hesitance. It’s a time to move forward confidently, pursuing long-held passions and discovering new ones. The Arlington is being built for people like you — people with an irrepressible zest for life and the desire to do more and be more. So as Mark Twain urged, throw off the bowlines. With The Arlington as your safe harbor, you’re free to explore … dream … discover. Why not get under way today?

Be In The Know. Schedule your personal appointment today: (239) 206-2646.

12276 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 501 • Naples, FL 34113 • (866) 986-9690 • The Arlington Information Center and Model Mon., Fri. 8:30-5 | Tues.-Thurs. 8:30-7 | Sat. 9-4 | Sun. 12-4 | Or by appointment The Arlington of Naples welcomes people of all faiths, beliefs and traditions. A Lutheran Life Community — Serving seniors and their families for more than a century. Lutheran Life Communities: Empowering vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations.



holiday spree At the Cove Come November 17, we’ll have only 38 shopping days until December 25. But there’s no need to panic since that date is the annual Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church Christmas Market ( Held from 9 a.m. until noon, it’s a hugely popular Naples tradition, pumping the Port Royal air with festive cheer for the past 56 years. In addition to recurring bazaar favorites—like the Golden Elephant booth with gently used treasures and the Gourmet to Go stand peddling yummy homemade preserves, jams and sauces—myriad makers of fab items for everyone on Santa’s list set up camp. From jewelry and children’s clothes to decorative glass and fishing lures, the following two pages are a sample of what’s in store. —Kat Smith

Penny Taylor

Deck the Halls Neopolitan artist Conrad Williams, who holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in glass and sculpture and interned with Ben Moore and Dale Chihuly, forms wondrous artwork, vases, bowls, elegant drinking vessels and colorful tree ornaments for his company, Naples Beach Glass ( Williams’ crystal visions are sure to dazzle the discerning Trinity-by-the-Cove crowd.

Garden Glamour The BotaniStix ( line of floral stakes and other decorations, embellished with gems, coral, shells, Swarovski crystals and pearls, is Florida elegance reinvented, says owner and designer Christi Lavoy. One example of whimsical creativity

Generous Gifting

is a napkin ring adorned with a

More than retail indulgence, the market also

flutter when the setting is breezy.

donates a portion of proceeds to area charities in the true spirit of giving. producers of the event, Women of Trinity, have raised more than $500,000 over five decades. each year a theme is chosen for the organizations receiving grants after the buying bonanza. For 2012, the focus is child protection, advocacy and education, and will benefit... n

Children’s Advocacy Center


First Book-Collier County


Fun Time Early Childhood Academy


Immokalee Child Care Center


Kids against Hunger


Laces of Love


Pace Center


The Salvation Army


dragonfly whose silver wings

Nutcracker Sweet Traditional treats taste best during Yuletide, don’t they? Olde Naples Chocolate (, a small family-owned business in town for more than 27 years, handcrafts classic confections such as turtles, peanut butter cups and salted caramels. The holiday baskets are also a delight.

The Naples-based company returns for a second time. “It’s a good show because my newly designed pieces are fresh and unique to those attending,” Lavoy says.

Your Personal Style Refined and Transformed with a Custom Home Makeover by Cindy Christensen

An Exclusive Service for Naples’ Most Sophisticated Home Owners — the One to Five Day Home Makeover From the Creator of the Luxury Home Makeover Concept


Call for a Complimentary One-Hour Onsite Consultation 239 300 0341



DReam Weaver Nancy Weeks moved to Naples from Cape Cod, bringing 30 years of basket-making skills with her in the form of Woven Wonders (nancyswovenwonders@ Weeks has been a regular at the Third Street South Saturday Farmers Market for the past three years, offering intricately patterned carriers in assorted sizes. Seize the opportunity to scoop some up in time for shopping season.

Stroll and shop Trinity-by-the-Cove’s market of many merry merchants on November 17.

Holiday Sparkle What do women really want? Jewelry! Unique Boutique ( carts its baubles across town to make your present perfect. Owner Karen Beaton handpicks selections by artists nationwide—whether it’s sweet, small mementos or opulent statement pieces. Her customer base expands each year, thanks to this annual community mustattend gathering.

It’s Personal Hailing from Harbor Springs, Michigan, Monogram Goods ( travels south to display its wares at the chic festival. The company customizes a broad range of attractive clothing, accessories, items for the bed, bath, beach and boat, kids’ stuff and home goods to suit all those highly particular friends and relatives. We are loving the rainbow assortment of monogrammed Jack Rogers Sandals.

Christmas Pawty Seeking a gift for a furry member of the family? Recently opened, Fergie’s Closet Doggie Boutique ( has it covered, with custom pet clothing, leashes, collars, bedding and more. “Aside from our handmade products we also feature made-in-the-USA treats, unique toys, locally crafted accessories, as well as gifts for pet lovers,” says owner Alexandria Gross. After all, haute pooches need to be shown they’re top dog. 48  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

We deliver QUALITY for a living

Lely Resort | Black Bear Ridge | Treviso Bay | Olde Cypress | Paseo | Fiddler’s Creek | Mediterra | Quail West

For over ten years, Stock Development has established itself as a leader in creating spectacular communities across Southwest Florida. Come tour gorgeous designer-decorated models and move-in-ready homes, or plan your dream home in your choice of eight premier communities. Stock Development’s celebrated communities feature award-winning clubhouses, some of the area’s best golf courses, superb craftsmanship, innovative design and vibrant amenities with a wide selection of neighborhoods to suit every lifestyle. Visit and you will see the Stock Difference.

From the $170s to over $7 million 2647 Professional Circle, Suite 1201 Naples, FL 34119 (239) 592-7344


HermèS Gucci Tiffany & cO. carTier BurBerry LOuiS VuiTTOn De BeerS ST. JOHn aPPLe maxmara raLPH Lauren Juicy cOuTure anTHrOPOLOGie anne fOnTaine LiTTLe Luxe cHiLDren’S BOuTique micHaeL kOrS SaLVaTOre ferraGamO Van cLeef & arPeLS LacOSTe TOry BurcH LuLuLemOn aTHLeTica yamrOn JeweLerS kaTe SPaDe TeaVana caLyPSO TOurneau L’OcciTane SakS fifTH aVenue nOrDSTrOm


...some secrets are meant to be shared Coming soon: Panerai




Ever the hostess with the mostess, HGTV’s Monica Pedersen graciously spoke with NI at 6:30 a.m. while ironing four sundresses she was to wear later that day for a taping of her new show, House Hunters World Tour. The Chicago native, who this year added author to her laundry list of illustrious credentials with Make It Beautiful, can often be seen around Naples, never missing a trip for a friend’s birthday each November. —Dorothea Hunter Sönne n In August you gave a talk at the Miromar Design Center. What’s on your agenda now? When my husband and I visit, of course we enjoy the beach, but I also go shopping. I hit all the places downtown, Miromar—oh my gosh, I could spend a lot of time shopping. You think you go on vacation to take a break, but it’s actually really fun for me to check out other cities and see what they’re doing. I like Naples because people appreciate good design. There’s a terrific, sophisticated style to Naples. For a smaller city, you can find a ton in the world of design, and that’s unusual.

Helen Berkun

n You became famous for home makeovers. Why choose entertaining for your book? I have a secret thing for china. My mom and I have always been buying dishes. We can’t help it! I wanted my first book to celebrate something that’s very personal to me. Even when your house is falling apart, you’re renovating, you’re adding on, the one thing you can still do is make your table pretty and invite people over. n Any advice for planning parties in Florida? Take full advantage of outdoor dining. When you live somewhere, it’s easy to take things for granted. For ambiance and romance, there’s nothing like having a meal outside. To me, it’s the most special way to entertain. Pick a date and throw a “we’re in season” party, a welcome back for friends returning.




OH, BOY! Gulf Coast High graduate and current New York City resident Alexandra Faccinto drew heavily on experiences associated with her Italian heritage when developing the TLC reality series Mama’s Boys from the Bronx. The show’s eight episodes, which aired last spring, spotlight Faccinto’s

GOING PLACES “I wanted to reveal how rich the italian culture still is in the bronx through the creation of this docu-series,” says faccinto.

When Ayleen Sanchez, an eighth grader at Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic School, traveled to Washington, D.C., in June for the Junior National Young Leadership Conference, she knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime. The annual event exposes middle-school attendees

observation that a significant number of Italian

to the work and influence of past and present

men in the borough choose to live with their par-

U.S. policy makers and dignitaries. “I attended

ents—as such was the case with a gentleman

classes daily and learned so much about our

she dated for three years. “My cast respected

country and government,” she says. “I also met

their family, language, food and tradition,” she

kids from all over the country and saw places

says. “Their story allowed me to parlay my pas-

that I had only seen in books.” Next up: Sanchez

sion for finding compelling narratives and trans-

heads to the 2013 National Alumni meeting for

lating them into television.” —Christina Wells

past participants in Boston. —C.W.

IT’S SHOWTIME Newly appointed TheatreZone board member Billie Hazelbaker brings with her an exceptional background in the arts. Currently the administrator of the Hazelbaker Foundation, a nonprofit that funds arts education and outreach programs, she has served on the boards of The Players Theatre of Columbus and Senior Repertory of Ohio as well as the advisory board of the Goldston Mime Theduring her career, hazelbaker has performed in and worked backstage for productions in florida, new york and ohio. 52  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

atre. Several of her plays have been produced, including a musical at the NYC Fringe Festival and the recent reading of her “Karma The Awakening” at the Naples Philharmonic’s Daniels Pavilion, of which she notes, “my collaborators and I are ‘finetuning’ it to take it to the New York stage.” —C.W.

“I am excited to meet students interested in social issues and how we can make the world a better place,” says sanchez.

Olde Cypress

is spreading new roots…

Coming this January, single-family homes from the $400s At Olde Cypress, our roots run deep. This season, we’re branching out with updated luxury following a spectacular $3.5 million renovation. Enjoy our completely updated P.B. Dye-designed championship golf course and our beautifully redesigned 34,000-square-foot Clubhouse with a new 4,100-square-foot fitness center. Plus, coming in early 2013, we’ll debut our last new neighborhood, Lantana, featuring three- and four-bedroom homes in a wide selection of award-winning floor plans by Stock Construction. With a limited number of exclusive golf memberships, now is the best time to join Naples’ premier private club. Come see all that’s new at Olde Cypress. Proudly presented by

Olde Cypress · 7165 Treeline Drive · Naples, Florida 34119 · 239-596-4797 · 888-846-5040 · Membership Office: 239-593-7311

Register online for exclusive updates and to receive information about our Grand Opening event.



Charlie Palmer /



Chef Brian Roland shares his holiday recipes on

Talking Turkey

Gobble up our nation’s day of gratitude with a splendid, colorful fall spread prepared by Chef Brian Roland at M Waterfront Grille (239-263-4421, “We are known for providing local families a wonderful dining experience on Thanksgiving; guests have a choice of anything off our full dinner menu, or a home-cooked version of a Thanksgiving feast on one delicious plate,” says Roland. The restaurant’s holiday meal is a spectacular success, having served more than 800 diners last year, so reserve early.



local flavor

Trend alert:

Pickled Vegetables

Stirring News Hitting shelves November 6 is Naples Illustrated Wine & Spirits Editor Mark Spivak’s first book, Iconic Spirits: An Intoxicating History (Lyons Press, $16.95). In it he uncorks unique moments in the liquor industry, and he says the writing process was a fascinating experience: “I discovered untold stories of the 12 spirits that changed the world and forged cocktail culture as we know it.”

In Vino Veritas

Cheers to our grrrape restaurants! We salute the five all-stars that received Wine Spectator’s 2012 Best of Award of Excellence—joining the club of only 878 establishments nationwide to earn the honor. Angela Morales, managing sommelier at Angelina’s Ristorante since Bleu Provence’s cellar it opened in 2008, has been chasing the award and was “over the moon” to receive it. Some of the changes she made were increasing the cellar to almost 600 bottles and procuring vintages from as far back as the 1950s. “The evaluators really tightened down on what they were looking for. It’s much more intense now than it has been in years past to achieve,” she says. To even be considered for the distinction, which is a cut above the baseline Award of Excellence (that 26 local eateries attained), a restaurant must have a list with upwards of 400 wines and represent breadth across several leading global regions or have an impressive selection of vintages from top producers… n



BALEEN (239-598-5707;


BLEU PROVENCE (239-261-8239;


SALE E PEPE (239-393-1600;


THE GRILL (239-598-3300;

Quick Bite


See the 26 local winners in the next category on

When momma told you to eat your veggies she certainly didn’t have in mind the rainbow-colored assortment of briny goodness that’s available today. We’ve seen it all soaked in varying degrees of vinegar, salt and spices—red onions, cauliflower, even okra—and we can’t get enough. New to the pickling table and want to whet your appetite? Try the Ridgway Bar & Grill (239-2625500; farro risotto with pickled vegetables, a rib-sticking autumnal offering recently added to the menu that’s not quite as acidic as dishes of this kind can be. It’s a creamy blend incorporating carrots, white onions, fennel, turnips and peas, plus walnuts to give a measure of crunch. If you’re looking for a piquant punch, a trip to L’Orient (239-530-5110; is a must. A newcomer from last season at the Naples Bay Resort, the restaurant whips up pickled daikon with braised pork belly as a sweet-savory delight for adventurous palates.

It’s a great time to revisit the Sunset Beach Bar & Grill (239-261-2222; naples A revamp that debuted earlier this year brought cushy lounge furniture to the expanded oceanfront space; catch the “Big Kahuna” promotion until November 20, which pairs a BBQ double-patty Angus burger and 20 ounces of draft beer. 56  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED



why, rye not? From our founding fathers to modern mixologists, rye whiskey has an enduring footprint on cocktail culture. By Mark Spivak

After a history spanning more than two centuries in America, rye whiskey is trendy again. Rye became the center of controversy during the 1791 Whiskey Rebellion, when a tax was levied against farmers and distillers to help pay off America’s Revolutionary War debt. The citizens rebelled, and President George Washington dispatched a militia to put down the uprising. The president, ironically, was distilling his own rye at Mount Vernon (the restored distillery is operational today, courtesy of the Distilled Spirits Council, and produces a limited quantity of whiskey). The market for rye whiskey—along with most other brown spirits—evaporated during the vodka boom of the 1970s and 1980s. By the time cocktail culture rose from the dead toward the end of the twentieth century, very few producers were making rye. The grain formed part of the mash bill formula used for most bourbons, and a certain amount of rye was blended into other whiskeys, but it had ceased to be fashionable on its own. The current boom in rye whiskey this millennium, spearheaded by a legion of cutting-edge mixologists, took the industry by surprise. The mixologists were seeking flavor, and rye supplies all of the flavor anyone could hope for: The whiskey is dramatic, firm and spicy, with assertive flavors of toasted grain and pepper. Rye was the original foundation of the Manhattan, after all, and now it forms the basis for a new range of designer cocktails. It’s


Rumored to have been Al Capone’s whiskey of choice, Templeton Rye’s roots trace to Prohibition.

Monteleone, is a variation on the Sazerac: rye, Cognac, Bénédictine, sweet vermouth, and dashes of both Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters. The Brooklyn cocktail, which is a descendant of the Manhattan, features several ounces of rye, an ounce of dry vermouth, several dashes of sweet vermouth (preferably Amer Picon) and often a splash of maraschino liqueur. While the

still in short supply, although many distilleries have increased production to meet the demand. (Canadian whiskey is often labeled as rye, but is not obligated by law to contain any, whereas rye whiskey in the United States is distilled from at least 51 percent rye). One of the most famous brands is Sazerac. The Sazerac cocktail was originally made with Cognac, but bartenders turned to rye when the Cognac supply disappeared following the phylloxera epidemic in nineteenth-century France that plagued the country’s grapevines. Nowadays the Sazerac Company produces two versions, a six-year-old (around $35) and the 18-yearold ($100), named the world’s best by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible in 2010 (the spirits equivalent of winning the Super Bowl). Today there are a number of high-quality brands available at a reasonable price. Heaven Hill, the bourbon distillery that makes Evan Williams and Elijah Craig, also turns out the layered and complex Rittenhouse Rye ($25). Wild Turkey has just released its 81 Rye (also $25), a tightly focused whiskey with a surprising sweetness that mingles with the spirit’s substantial earthiness. Jim Beam makes a dependable rye ($20), and toward the high end of the scale are Templeton and Michter’s (both $45), as well as the 21-year-old made by the legendary A. H. Hirsch ($130). A personal favorite is WhistlePig, a 100-proof, 10-yearold rye made in Vermont ($70). In addition to the Sazerac and Manhattan, the whiskey figures in some wonderful classic cocktails. The Vieux Carré, which originated at the bar of New Orleans’ Hotel

Diamondback is an interesting combination of rye, apple brandy and green Chartreuse, there’s also the Old-Fashioned, which is usually associated with bourbon or blended whiskey—but make it with rye instead, and the contrasts among the sugar, bitters and spiciness of the whiskey will remind you all over again why it’s one of the world’s great cocktails. u



Velvet Jewels




PHILHARMONIC CENTER FOR THE ARTS 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd., Naples ·


lloyD FlanDErS

lEE InDuStrIES WIlDWooD lampS


WIlDWooD lampS CurrEy & Co.


Creating a style that embodies your unique sensibilities – a look, a feeling, a tone as captivating as the luxury lifestyle you have embraced as your own.

E m b r a C E y o u r S t y l E at

at KVS Interior Design

3820 Via Del rey

bonita Springs 34134



First Class Private Paradise Return to nature—with a generous dose of understated opulence—on the Seychelles’ exclusive Frégate Island. By Paul Rubio Despite increased competition from celebrity-luring islets in the Caribbean and designdriven atolls in the Maldives, the world’s original lavish eco-retreat, the Seychelles’ Frégate Island Private, still champions an unparalleled recipe of natural grandeur and bespoke luxury. One of Earth’s only high-rising, mid-oceanic granite islands, the 750-acre Frégate retains the ecology and topography of its genesis, a splintered sliver of the 75 million-year-old supercontinent of Gondwana in the heart of the Indian Ocean. And it’s yours to explore. Part of the allure is getting



first class

there: Nearly as far off the coasts of East Africa and Madagascar, once you land in Mahé, the capital of the archipelago that composes the Seychelles, a 20-minute flight whisks you off to the Darwinian dreamland. The cerulean surf, delicate coral reefs and luscious sands surrounding this fantasy of a waterfront paradise, and the extravagant amenities within and among Frégate’s 16 luxury villas represent an intense love affair between nature and exclusivity. While a staff of 150 stands at the ready for guests, one particular staff member truly shapes the Frégate experience—your personal butler, who greets you upon arrival at the helipad and navigates through the labyrinthine trails over gargantuan granite slabs. He leads you to your private hideaway, an expansive Creole wooden villa (a nod to the local culture), appointed with elegant yet subdued furnishings, and ensures that everything from the temperature of the sexy 62  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

infinity-edge pool to the supplies in the mini-bar is pure perfection. This dedicated gentleman offers “insider” island knowledge to help develop a tailored itinerary for exploring the island to the fullest, as well as arrange for indulgences like private breakfasts on the beach and sunset cocktails on the island’s apex or in the forest tree house. No matter which of the island’s seven stunning anses (bays) you adopt, he’ll make sure towels, loungers and favorite chilled drinks are waiting for you on arrival and continuously replenished. Dining surfaces as a major theme on Frégate. Each meal is its own experience, often presented in a unique location and consisting of a vast assortment of farm-to-table and sea-to-table delights. All fruits, vegetables and spices are grown on the island; fish get reeled in from surrounding waters. My first fabulous culinary day began with a morning meal high in the forest canopy in an enchanting tree-house, with homemade pastries, banana and fig preserves and a frittata washed down with fresh starfruit juice. Next was a lunchtime beachfront Champagne picnic followed by a finale of a private seafood barbecue under the stars. The next morning’s eating festivities commenced with breakfast on the sand and finished with a divine Creole dinner at the

historic plantation house, featuring seven types of fresh breads with eggplant, pumpkin and papaya dips, lobster and breadfruit curry, and coconut rum sorbet for dessert. I quickly learned a valuable lesson at Frégate: Don’t expect to shed any pounds here. Frégate’s multifaceted endowments appeal to all types of jetsetters. Hardcore sybarites and privacy seekers hardly break away from the view-heavy hilltop balé (an Indonesian daybed pavilion) and poolside chaises adorning the individual villa terraces. When they do, it’s to soak in the scene from the rock-hewn outdoor shower, greet the butler for the next room service extravaganza, or ascend to the cliff-top Rock Spa for a decadent organic treatment using products formulated on-island. When beach time beckons, unapologetic R&R awaits along Anse Macquereau, a privateuse bay with a large, wooden “Do Not Disturb” plaque warding off unwanted company. More gregarious patrons spend time in the Frégate House, where the principal restaurant, bar and common swimming pools serve as a central meeting point. Nature enthusiasts have a field day combing the boulder-strewn beaches and hiking to remote, ethereal crannies, stumbling upon such prehistoric creatures as centuryold giant tortoises, 101 different bird species and arguably the largest millipedes in the world. Daily walks and lectures, helmed

The dramatic expanse of Frégate Island in the Seychelles invites those who yearn for breathtaking vistas against a backdrop of solitude.

by resident conservation biologists, elevate the ecology theme. For those eager to explore the Seychelles’ mystical underwater world—what draws the majority tourists to the reef-rimmed island nation—snorkeling and diving opportunities abound, as the resort has its own yacht club and PADI center. Beach sophisticates, meanwhile, revel in the swaths of sand enveloping Frégate. The combination of velvety grains, aqua-

marine waters and lush landscaping are simply awe-inspiring. Suffice to say, the dreamy, palm-tree-lined Anse Victorin is consistently awarded the title “most beautiful beach in the world” in travel polls. Yet Frégate’s six other beaches are hardly inferior, each with its own personality and edge, from Grand Anse frequented by nesting hawksbill turtles to Anse La Cour strewn with gorgeous seashells.

One hundred countries deep in my travels, I am often asked to pinpoint the most magnificent place in the world. While I’ll never be able to single out one location, Frégate Island Private indeed reigns in my mind as one of the world’s most coveted addresses, harmonizing natural beauty and man-made luxury, and providing the ingredients for one of life’s most epic and pampering journeys. u



high road


smart S, Cadillac adds With its bold XT y. American luxur technology to LKER


If you’re a passionate iPadder and love the swish, swipe, tap and pinch of that little glass screen, you’re going to love the new full-size Cadillac XTS sedan. If you’re a PC rather than a Mac guy, maybe turn to Spivak’s Spirits column now. The suits at Cadillac are keeping their collective digits crossed that buyers will wholeheartedly embrace its bold, tech-rich CUE system—that’s short for Cadillac User Experience. They’d better, because every new Caddy for at least the next five years is going to feature it as standard. Essentially, CUE consists of a big, fancy eight-inch touch screen mounted high up on the center console. Move your pinkie toward the screen, and a proximity sensor detects impending action and wakes up the system. So far, so good. Like the iPhone/iPad, the screen is populated by an array of icons, apps and virtual buttons. A gentle tap opens what you’re looking for—audio, climate, navigation, phone or vehicle settings. One cool feature is the subtle vibration (called haptic feedback) you get when you touch the screen button, just to let you know your command has been noted. Cool feature No. 2 is the iPhone/iPad element of expanding the screen with your thumb and pointer finger. This is perfect for my deteriorating eyesight when looking at maps on the nav screen. It all works exceedingly well, and much better than Ford/Lincoln’s MyTouch system, which I’m still trying to fathom. But like 64  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

anything computeresque, you need practice. And probably the help of your geeky 14-year-old nephew. Love it or loathe it, ignore CUE and focus on the impressive overall package that is this new Cadillac. If you’re a fan of American big-car luxury, you will adore the new XTS. And it is a big car. Roughly the same length as a BMW 7-series—202 inches bow to stern—it’s actually based on the stretched underpinnings of the Buick LaCrosse. Front-wheel drive is standard (yes, I know, not very premium), although all-wheel drive is on the options list. On the face of it, the car’s 3.6-liter direct-injection V-6 doesn’t sound too thrilling, especially for those Caddy aficionados who remember brawny Cadillac Northstar V-8s. But on the road, it somehow all comes together to deliver a surprising, sophisticated driving experience. With 304 horses, the silky-smooth V-6 will waft this 4,100-pound XTS from rest to 60 mph in a creditable 6.5 seconds. Cruising at 75 on I-75 is like driving on a cloud. And while eight ratios would be nicer than six—eight is the new luxury car norm—the transmission shifts from ratio to ratio with the smoothness of liquid Teflon. The real surprise, and what separates the XTS from the Caddy DeVille and Seville luxo-barges of old, is the way it handles. A brilliant combo of magnetic dampers up front and air suspension at the rear, plus quick-ratio hydraulic steering, huge Brembo front brakes and either 19- or 20-inch slim-sidewall tires, makes the car feel precise, confident and surprisingly agile through twists.


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Opt for the range-topping $60,000 XTS Platinum—lesser models start at around $45,000—and you’ll be treated to the highestquality interior Cadillac has ever offered: perforated full-leather seats that vibrate if you drift out of your lane, mirror-finished wood, Alcantara headliner and the most gorgeous, Bentley-like detailing. Cadillac has been missing a flagship model for a while. You could say this new XTS arrives right on CUE. u

Esquire Magazine Best New Restaurant 2009 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2009, 2010 & 2011 Gulf Shore Life Magazine Best Overall Restaurant 2010 Florida Trend Golden Spoon Award 2010 Gulf Shore Life Magazine Best VIP Dining Service 2011 101 of America’s Most Delicious Noodle Dishes by Grub Street NY 2011

1186 Third Street South, Old Naples Call for reservations 239.434.7258

Fabrizio Aielli, Award Winning Chef

Perhaps the real appeal of the new XTS, however, is the way it looks, outside and in. Seen on the street, its styling is drop-dead gorgeous. I love the sweep of the roof, the smooth curves sharpened by upright headlights and taillights, and the rippled hood. To see the car in profile is to make a grown man swoon. Or at least experience a descending jaw. A big body makes for a big cabin. It offers best-in-class rearseat legroom and a seductive cockpit-style feel to the front. Tony Soprano would give two thumbs up to the PODS-sized trunk.


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Marissa Collections Marissa Collections introduces The Jewelry Gallery this fall, featuring an incredible selection of fine pieces that have created a national buzz throughout the jewelry industry. With dozens of personal appearances by designers this season, Marissa Collections offers something for everyone, from contemporary to designer sportswear, eveningwear, jewelry and shoes to the most exquisite handbags and accessories. Meet the talented stylists and experience the superb selection and exemplary service. 1167 Third St. S., Naples 877-263-4333 |

BR uno BR uno is excited to present the first LED light-up iPhone cases, exclusive to Naples. OMG Cases are made for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Attractive designs embedded into the back panels of OMG protective cases come to life automatically when calls are received or alerts go off.

Matthews & Gardner Café and Catering

1193 Third St. S., Naples 239-261-9806

Matthews & Gardner is celebrating 15 years of offering Naples’ finest cuisine in its lunch café, carryout and premier full-service catering. Stop by the café to sample delectable customer favorites and intriguing weekly specials, or make an appointment to discuss a special event, luncheon, corporate meeting, wedding or cocktail party. 1250 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 111, Naples 239-434-2611 |

Epiphany Salon & Spa This upscale North Naples salon, owned by Vidal Sassoon-trained stylist Paula Johnson, uses the latest techniques to create custom cuts and flawless color. The salon has introduced a line of organic colors, perms and hair products. As a facilitator for the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program, Epiphany also specializes in thinning and lost hair, offering a selection of wigs, toppers and toupees. 14700 Tamiami Trail N., Naples 239-594-1800 |

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cultural preview


See for additional listings on exciting events both sooner (the Naples International Film Festival November 1-4 and the Estero Concert Series beginning November 17) and later (TheatreZone's final stretch of their eighth season May 2-12 for the play 110 in the Shade).



ovember is Collier County’s Celebrate the Arts Month, a launchpad for the upcoming cultural season. Courtesy of the more than 500 artists and performers in the United Arts Council, there are 100 events spread throughout these 30 days, a preview for the months ahead. We scoured the listings for some noteworthy happenings in 2012-2013, including a few milestone anniversaries—foreshadowing Naples Illustrated’s own fifteenth in January 2013—and there’s no better time to visit galleries, catch a show, enjoy an aria, and be reminded of why Naples is consistently ranked as one of the top arts destinations in the country. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | NOVEMBER 2012  69

Shining Star

A year after a new CEO stepped in at the Phil, the arts behemoth is blazing a Bright new trail. By Dorothea Hunter Sönne

From almost three decades ago when Myra Janco Daniels built the Philharmonic Center for the Arts, an ambitious concert hall and museum on a dusty plot of land in Pelican Bay, until she stepped down from her leadership role last year, no one could have imagined how one building—and one person—could do so much to elevate the entire area. It put Naples on the map as the undisputed cultural leader in Southwest Florida, attracting throngs of patrons, fans and fellow artists, eager to carve out a creative space for themselves in the Phil’s shadow. And no one could guess what would happen when the charismatic Daniels departed the organization in 2011, especially what direction the center would go in. Cue Kathleen van Bergen, the young, eloquent CEO and president tapped to lead the Phil post-Myra. A year into her tenure, the Phil 2.0 is up and running, and making big waves.

The Philharmonic Center for the Arts boasts a resident orchestra, ballet performances, an annual Nutcracker extravaganza and more. 70  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

While the center has its own in-house orchestra, it brings in plays, concerts, ballet and other touring acts throughout its calendar. For 2012-2013, it forged forward most significantly by creating several key local partnerships. For the first time ever, Opera Naples, a regional company entering its eighth year, will have one of its regular season offerings on the main stage of the 1,475-seat Hayes Hall. Puccini’s Tosca, December 20 and 22, is its opening production and represents a momentous step for the group, which previously had been using the Gulf Coast High School auditorium and occasionally performance spaces at the Miromar Design Center and Moorings Presbyterian Church. “It marks a great achievement in our growth,” says Thomas Smith, Opera Naples’ CEO and executive director. “To produce the best in any industry, you want to have the best resources at your

cultural preview


A Supernova Schedule We can’t wait to see:

Martin Schoeller: Close Up. Until December 9 the largerthan-life photo portraits of celebrities display a striking intimacy and vulnerability. n Martin Short and Whoopi Goldberg: The comedians take the stage one night each in December and January. n Grammy darling Sheryl Crow rocks out February 17. n Painting Women starts January 12 and features works by Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edgar Degas and more. n Broadway’s Anything Goes and Billy Elliot are coming, plus Michael Cavanaugh, the Tony Award-nominated singer from Movin’ Out, joins the Phil’s orchestra in a Billy Joel Pops concert. n Gloria Gaynor and the Village People: Our favorite guilty pleasures are “I Will Survive” and “YMCA.” Enough said. n

Anything Goes

Mary Cassatt’s Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading

disposal, and this can open our audience to a whole new level of production values, casting, and repertoire selections that are possible in a facility of that scope and technical capacity.” Similarly, Gulfshore Playhouse, in its seventh season, is buoyed by its longest production schedule yet of six plays—and a brandspanking-new collaboration with the Phil on two fronts. As one of the two professional theater troupes in the area casting members of the Actors’ Equity Association to put on Broadway-style productions (along with TheatreZone), their normal three-week runs are held at the Norris Center, a community space downtown. But the Tony Award-winning Master Class slated for April 5 to 21, 2013, scored the Daniels Pavilion, the 280-seat black box theater adjacent to Hayes Hall, and for the season opener ‘Art’ (through November 18, from Tony Award-winning playwright Yasmina Reza), people bringing a ticket to the Phil’s Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art will get an admission discount and vice versa when toting a gallery ticket to the Norris Center. “We firmly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and cultural partnerships underscore our commitment to our sister arts organizations,” van Bergen says. “We hope to build on the success of these to broaden our offerings to the region, and we will constantly evaluate current and potential partnerships to imagine what we can do 72  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

together that is more powerful than what we would do separately.” An alignment van Bergen started in 2012 and is now expanding upon is with the ArtNaples World Festival. The week-long inaugural program in May was a success at uniting arts groups for a citywide compendium of dance, cinema, music and the visual arts celebrating a particular region of the world. This year honored Russia; for 2013 it’s Latin America. The Phil is hosting a special kickoff event on November 5, which van Bergen is excited about— a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba on its first tour outside that country since Fidel Castro rose to power in 1959. She also assures the organization will continue its involvement during the main stretch in May. Of van Bergen, says Kristen Coury, founder and producing artistic director of Gulfshore Playhouse, “I think she’s going to change the whole face of the Naples art scene and not just what goes on at the Phil. She’s fostering an appreciation for partnering and collaborating in a new way.” We couldn’t agree more. u

See for a complete roster of 2012-2013 cultural events.

The Naples Philharmonic Orchestra

The Phil on Fire

Here are just some of the changes in store for 2012-2013… Hallelujah for the longest season ever of the Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art, open September 22 until July 7. n Campus-wide free WiFi is going live. n Opera Naples debuts regular-season shows with Tosca on December 20. n The Phil ushers in Gulfshore Playhouse with a three-week April run of Master Class. n Louise Nevelson’s monumental Dawn’s Forest sculpture installment will go on loan to Southwest Florida International Airport for two years, greeting 7 million passengers shuffling in and out of the region. n “Art After Hours” begins—the last Wednesday of each month, the museum will stay open from 6 to 9 p.m. offering free admission and entertainment from groups like the Naples Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra, and the café will stay open late, too. n Three cheers for drinks of all kinds being allowed in the theaters for every performance (except the classical Masterworks series). n

Gloria Gaynor

Louise Nevelson’s Dawn’s Forest NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | NOVEMBER 2012  73



Sixty Years 1985

The Naples Players, one of the nation’s most recognized and lauded community theater groups, has been entertaining and educating audiences for the better part of a century. By Christina Wells A slice of history: The Naples Players’ evolution from humble beginnings to downtown fixture took hard work, drive and creative vision.


In March, the Naples Players reaches an impressive milestone—its sixtieth anniversary. Generations of Neapolitans and visitors have enjoyed a knockout array of musicals, comedies, dramas, children’s theater and original plays from the community troupe, a premier organization of its kind. The idea for a volunteer-led company of citizen performers was hatched during a casual gathering among friends in the dawn of the Eisenhower years. Within months of that first suggestion, the group became official and started in the early ’50s what has proven to be a wildly successful run: The 2012-2013 season alone has eight headlining plays, offerings from the KidzAct division, readings, and enrichment classes for children and adults. The Naples Players has undergone a sea change since its initial production of I Remember Mama in 1953, particularly the road to the 1998 opening of its glittering Fifth Avenue home, the Sugden Community Theatre. To celebrate the Players’ monumental contribution to the arts scene, we take a look back in time to illuminate the development of our homegrown treasure.

Late 1952 A group of theater buffs gather at Mary Watkins’ house and establish The Naples Players Theatre. The Junior Women’s Club agrees to sponsor the first production. 74  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

cultural preview

By the Numbers The Naples Players ranks as a leading grassroots theatrical organization in the United States as measured by budget, ticket sales and percentage of those sales covering operating costs. Here is how it breaks down:  early budget: $2 million Y Full-time staff: 12 n Volunteers: 400 n Annual productions in Blackburn and Tobye theaters: 10 n Annual KidzAct productions: 6 n Yearly performances: 224 n n

Patrons and season ticket holders: 45,000 n Kids enrolled in year-round classes and summer camp: 800 n Annual volunteer hours: 65,000 n Cost of creating the Sugden Community Theatre: $6 million n


Professional-grade set design and performances are born of the amazing talent of local volunteers.

March 20, 1953 I Remember Mama, by John Van Druten, opens for a single-night performance at Naples High School (now Gulfshore Middle School).

1953 to 1970 The Naples Players performs hundreds of times in storefronts, church halls and school facilities. Even the Naples Zoo is used as a production site for John Patrick’s Teahouse of the August Moon. Despite some lean years during this period, the curtain continues to rise.

1970s and early 1980s The educational component of the group grows with the addition of workshops, seminars and training sessions; a push to stage more dramas is realized, and the company reaches a consistent fourproduction annual schedule.

1985 The Naples Players rents the Kon Tiki 76  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Theater on Goodlette Road, which serves as the organization’s permanent quarters until 1998.

Early 1990 The Kon Tiki landlord gives verbal notice of redevelopment plans for the building, and the search for a new facility commences.

1993 The Naples City Council engages Andrés Duany, a leading urban planner, to revitalize Fifth Avenue South. One major recommendation is to keep the theater group downtown for its proven allure. The southern half of Seventh Street is allocated as a site for a home for The Naples Players to be built in conjunction with a commercial plaza.

1996 A fundraising effort begins, then halts at the $2 million mark. Herb Sugden jump-starts a second-wind effort with a

Now Playing The Sugden’s two stages, the main Blackburn Hall and intimate Tobye Studio, claim a stellar lineup this current season, including a multiple Tony Award-winning blockbuster and an Agatha Christie classic. Blackburn Hall: n Shout! The Mod Musical, October 3-27 n Leading Ladies, November 21-December 15 n Barefoot in the Park, January 9-February 2 n The Producers, February 27-March 30 n The Mousetrap, April 17-May 11 Tobye Studio: n Les Liaisons Dangereuses, October 24-November 17 n Ghost Writer, January 30-February 23 n The Clean House, March 27-April 30

Executive Director Jim Rideoutte has led the group since 2000 (left); a peek inside the Sugden Community Theatre.

2000 $1 million donation pledge. Other philanthropists follow, raising $6 million for the construction of a new theater.

October 1998 The Sugden Community Theatre, a 28,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, debtfree facility, opens its doors at 701 Fifth Avenue South. It boasts two performing spaces, three rehearsal studios, dressing rooms, a set design and costume shop, and administrative offices. The Naples Players presents the opening production, Me and My Girl, in the 326-seat Blackburn Hall, and later premieres Bravo, Caruso in the 100-seat Tobye Studio.



A search committee undertakes a hiring initiative for an executive director. Former fundraising chair and board treasurer Jim Rideoutte assumes an interim role and is asked to stay; he is now entering his thirteenth year in the position.

Patty Baker chairs a major event for The Naples Players Endowment Fund, which brings in $1.5 million. Her husband, Jay, commits to matching the amount.

2002 The group establishes KidzAct, an innovative children’s program. As of 2012, it enrolls 800 young people in yearround classes and summer camp, and has recently begun to help local schools put on their own plays through on-site visits and instruction.

March 18, 2013 A gala to celebrate The Naples Players sixtieth anniversary and raise money for the group will be held at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. The evening will also honor benefactors Mary Watkins, Eva Sugden Gomez and Patty Baker. u See for a complete roster of 2012-2013 cultural events.

Reflections of the Movers and Shakers “Back in the 1950s, we were making an effort to bring culture into Naples. The Naples Players Theatre, the Community Concert Series and the Naples Art Association came into being at this time. Remember that Naples was then a city of fewer than 2,000 residents. The people who came down were used to having the arts in their communities and felt a need for it. They planted the seeds of culture that grew.” —Mary Watkins, founder and benefactor of The Naples Players “Mother and Dad made the contribution to re-energize donors because they felt that The Naples Players was a great asset to our community. They felt the theater would revive Fifth Avenue, and this was very important for Naples. The location of the theater on Fifth Avenue was terrific. Mom and Dad would be very proud of all the shows The Naples Players have put on. I feel the same way and want to continue to support the organization.” —Eva Sugden Gomez, competitive ballroom dancer and philanthropist “Community theater has a special place among our area’s cultural offerings. For anyone looking for good, affordable theater, interesting subject matter and excellent, enjoyable performances—The Naples Players offers it all.” —Patty Baker, Broadway producer and arts patron


Visual love letters to the beauty of paradise. BY LAUREN DANIELS

E.J. Paprocki’s At the Beach

Twenty years ago, the siren song of picturesque seaside— and freedom from Midwestern winters—lured Paul and Suzanne DeBruyne to Naples. The “kitchen table collectors” soon transformed their love of Impressionist art into one of Southwest Florida’s premier galleries. This month, the forces behind DeBruyne Fine Art celebrate the splendor of their adopted hometown with Destination Naples, a show with more than 40 original paintings opening November 24. The idea for a Naples-focused offering was a natural one. “Naples, because it is such a beautiful area, lends itself to really high-end artists producing work,” says Paul DeBruyne. In 2001, the first Naples-centric show they planned completely sold out; E.J. Paprocki’s Naples Moonlight

E.J. Paprocki’s Harbor Sunlight

spotlight: E.J. Paprocki Experiencing the sometimes unpredictable weather of a Naples summer influenced the collection of six works Chicago-area artist E.J. Paprocki will display during Destination Naples. “The incredible sky, the sunlight, the clouds all in combination at different times of the day, it was really inspiring being a painter to see Naples like that,” Paprocki enthuses. Known for his landscapes, Paprocki’s focus on natural elements offers a fresher approach to a traditional beach scene.


cultural preview

Spotlight: Jenness Cortez Big, beautiful sunsets are a major part of life here, and a deep interest in the effects of light inspired Jenness Cortez to capture the many variations of the evening sky in her two selections for the show. Cortez, whose work can be found in museums and private collections including those of Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth, is after more than pretty. She says, “I like to think that the pieces are interesting not just because they are something to look at but because they demand a response of the mind as well.”

Jenness Cortez’s Homage to Naples 2012 No. 1 (Fruit and Sunset)

Jenness Cortez’s Homage to Naples 2012 No. 2 (Mermaid and Dolphin)

The exhibit opens November 24 and runs through January 3 at DeBruyne Fine Art (275 Broad Avenue South; 239-262-4551; five years later, a second mounting was met with even more enthusiasm. For this, the third time, eight renowned artists were commissioned: Jenness Cortez, Donny Finley, Zhen-Huan Lu, E.J. Paprocki, Carol Sadowski, Marilyn Simandle, Stephen Shortridge and John Terelak. Nestled along Gallery Row near Third Street South, DeBruyne Fine Art specializes in traditional, representational art. Formerly the Naples Art Gallery, the oldest in town built in 1965, the co-owners acquired the historic 5,000-square-foot space in 1997. Suzanne handpicks each of the painters and sculptors represented—all established artists whose work has appeared in major galleries or museums. Expect to see very different takes on the ambience of Naples through the exhibit catalog. “Each painter made it [his or her] own,” says Suzanne DeBruyne. “It is a gorgeous show with a lot of variety.” u

See for a complete roster of 2012-2013 cultural events.

Donny Finley’s Rising


The Gift of Gab

When the Naples Town Hall joined a fledgling cultural scene in 1983, little did anyone know the then-sleepy town would be getting a yearly injection of politicians and celebrity guest lecturers known the world over. As the nonprofit’s thirtieth anniversary approaches, the thrills are just beginning. By Dorothea Hunter Sönne

“You should really come by and see the Rick and Jill show.” And what a fun show it is. Upon receiving a third-person invite to meet the power duo, I had no clue the magic rabbit hole I was venturing down when I walked into the fourth-floor headquarters of the nonprofit Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series, or Naples Town Hall to locals, run by Rick Borman and his righthand woman, Jill Hendry-Fralick.

Top: Actress Mia Farrow took the podium in 2009 to speak about Darfur. Right: Former President George W. Bush poses with Jill Hendry-Fralick, Town Hall’s chief of staff.


In the Regions Bank building on Fifth Avenue South by Tin City, the red-and-gold carpet, stately executive desk in Borman’s expansive corner suite (“This room is the size of our entire office back in 2008,” he says), framed photos of a who’s who of Republican leaders and other dignitaries, and the otherwise conservative decor belie the Wonderland that greeted me. Within minutes, Borman unleashed a wave of tales—about his man crush, “more of a bromance, really,” with Glenn Beck, one of his 2012 speakers; a tray of Jameson shots shared with CNN’s Anderson Cooper; and Nerf gun fights he plans to have with Jill—and he enacted a scene from a 2010 event with George W. Bush being represented by a Fresca can, his brother Jeb by a Ronald Reagan commemorative paperweight, and Borman himself in a starring role through an etched acrylic bust self-portrait, a souvenir with the words “legend in his own mind” carved beneath his smiling mug that he picked up at the Empire State Building. But for all of the crazy antics (and perhaps because of them), Borman, officially the president and producer of Town Hall, has found the right sauce. Every season, from January to April, he books four of the biggest names in international celebritydom to speak in front of a packed crowd of 1,200 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, and 600 of them stick around for a three-course dinner and Q&A session. His heavy hitters know the night will run like clockwork— thanks in large part to Fralick, the calm opposite Borman’s storm— and that they’re in a safe environment. It was literally canvassed and

cultural preview

From left: Sarah Palin surveys the crowd; Town Hall’s Rick and Lori Borman share a moment with Anderson Cooper; and buzz is building for Tim Tebow’s talk in March.

Below: Rick Borman greets Frank Abagnale. Right: David Blaine teaches students tricks. Bottom: Glenn Beck chats with the Bormans.

deemed secure by the Mossad when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert came to speak a few years back. And with the 30-year milestone, this season will deliver the usual four-speaker blockbuster lineup, with Titanic explorer Bob Ballard, two-time Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, heartthrob quarterback with a heart Tim Tebow, and the love-him-or-hate-him Rick Santorum. It’s also the second year of the Youth Ambassador Program, started by Borman and Fralick to get area kids involved in the experience. “We’re planning … to have a plan to do something special for the anniversary,” Borman says with a laugh, avoiding concrete details. Fralick thinks an after-party hosted by Borman might do the trick because he’s “great at entertaining people”—or throwing a boutique event in addition to the main series, like last year’s fundraiser hosted by Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier. Just watch Borman’s mind rise to a frenzy with the possibilities, and you know something great is about to unfold. (continued on page 194)

See for a complete roster of 2012-2013 cultural events. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | NOVEMBER 2012  81

On Heather Dockweiler: ikat swing satin jacket and slim pants

On the eve of his return to Naples, one of the biggest powerhouses in fashion right now has an affinity for our town—and the feeling is mutual. By Jennifer Pfaff







kors garden Marissa Hartington (above) and others, including Heather Dockweiler and her family (left and inset), embrace designer Michael Kors.

On a shelf in Marissa Collections on Third Street South, amidst a well-curated selection of Michael Kors apparel, sits a photo that captures a fond moment in Naples’ sartorial history. The aged image, clearly from the 1990s, shows a young, blond, curly-haired man laughing on a couch, surrounded by six stylish women. Some hold a glass of wine, and they all look as though they’re having the time of their lives. Twenty years later, his curls have been shorn, but the memory of that lively evening at a Naples cocktail party remains. “I remember giggling all night long,” Kors recalls. “I like a little good-humored gossip. I like a little naughty joke. And I have a feeling we were definitely that night telling probably a few naughty jokes and just having fun.” It’s a snapshot from Kors’ early years as an up-and-coming American designer in the 1980s and ’90s—a period spent mostly on the road, presenting trunk shows in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas and a tiny dot on the map called Naples.



On Wanda Zaiser: crepe jersey jewel-neck halter gown, gold cuffs and chaindetail patent sandals


“My favorite places in the world are ones that combine a sense of glamour and luxury with a laid-back, barefoot approach,” says Kors. “In Naples, you certainly get that.”



If Kors’ apparel seems to fit the Naples lifestyle, it’s because Neapolitans are his ideal clientele. The small city has always reflected his aesthetic, he says, which aims to keep versatility in mind for well-traveled women while combining simplicity with a sense of chic. “The nature of me as a person is the nature of me as a designer in that I love luxury, I love indulgence, but at the same time, I like to be barefoot, I like comfort, I like ease, and that’s always been how I designed,” he says. “My favorite places in the world are ones that combine a sense of glamour and luxury with a laid-back, barefoot approach—kind of the best of both worlds. In Naples, you certainly get that.” His connection to the area isn’t as odd as it seems. When he was building his name in his 20s, Kors, a native New Yorker, was introduced to the area by Marissa Hartington, owner of Marissa Collections. An early buyer of his designs, she invited him to present trunk shows in her store. Over 30 years, the two developed a dear, supportive friendship as they each established their names in the fashion industry. “Discovering Michael was the biggest gift I had for my store,” Hartington says. “He was amazing.” Naturally, Kors has no need for trunk shows these days, as his namesake high-end label is thriving with more than 300 boutiques worldwide. His garments are worn by celebrities like Blake Lively, Catherine Zeta-Jones and First Lady Michelle Obama, who donned a Kors dress for her official White House portrait. Known to many as the sharp-witted judge on the Lifetime TV series Project Runway, now in its tenth season, Kors was also honored in 2010 with the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s (CFDA) Lifetime Achievement Award. On November 15, he’ll relive his days of Naples trunk shows in an updated fashion by presenting his spring 2013 collection in a runway show at the season’s kickoff charity event, Hats in the Garden. “He is so popular right now. He’s one of the most recognized brands in America, so we knew he’d be a big draw,” says Kathleen Kapnick, co-chair of the event. “And he’s a lovely man. So we were thrilled that he agreed to do it.” It’s no coincidence that more than 600 tickets for this year’s Hats in the Garden—the most ever in the event’s nine years—sold out in August. The annual fashion promenade and luncheon is the Naples Botanical Garden’s biggest fundraiser, and it generates roughly $300,000 to $400,000—about 10 percent of the garden’s annual budget, says Executive Director Brian Holley.

The ties that bind: Wanda Zaiser (left) has been a loyal client from the start of Kors’ career, along with the Hartington family and their friends, the Neugebauers (inset).


“Michael Kors’ apparel is trendy yet classic and can translate to all different types of women,” says Heather Dockweiler, who served on the Hats in the Garden committee from 2005 to 2008 and chaired the event in 2007. Three decades before he designed clothes worn by celebrities, dished out witty fashion critiques on television or sold out charity events, Kors was a cherub-faced teen simply pursuing his passion. He got his start in the early 1980s designing for a French boutique in New York City called Lothar’s, which was across the street from Bergdorf Goodman, the crème de la crème of department stores. Dawn Mello, the fashion director at Bergdorf’s at the time, discovered his creations and asked him to do a line for the store. “The next thing I knew, I was whipping up a collection, and within a few months, the clothes were at Bergdorf’s,” he says. It was around then that Hartington heard about the emerging designer. She had stocked the 10,000-square-foot Marissa Collections with carefully selected fashions from Milan and Paris during her first five years in business, yet there were few American designers represented other than Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. Kors piqued her interest, and she visited his design studio in New York, a tiny room with simple black and white decor—and a vibrant host. “He was this angelic young man, around age 22, with blue eyes, 86  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

who was talking, talking, talking,” Hartington remembers. “He was funny, very charismatic, charming and very passionate about his work.” Kors showed her his collection, a chic, mostly black palette with simple architectural styles, uncomplicated shapes and high-end fabrics. Like his studio, the garments had a minimalist look, which was not yet popular (remember shoulder pads?), but “I was captivated by his aesthetics,” Hartington recalls. “He was always clean-lined and had a lot of classic designs with a very modern edge.” She ordered his collection, the second Kors had ever produced, and it sold out within days. “I’ve never missed a single collection ever since. That’s a lot of collections in 30 years,” she laughs. Yet while the clothes were a hit in Marissa Collections, even more so was the animated designer himself. Early in their business relationship, Hartington hosted Kors’ trunk shows in her store. They were typically breakfast affairs in which clients would help themselves to a croissant with coffee or Champagne before taking a seat for the big presentation. Women would model Kors’ latest collection as Kors, sitting on a stool next to Hartington, would talk about the clothes, injecting humorous comments that triggered giggling throughout the crowd. “It was like show and tell,” Hartington says. Once the show concluded, the action moved to the clothing racks, where Kors would help women pick out outfits and then promptly style them, kneeling to pin, hem and roll the fabric. “He would have no problem stepping into a dressing room because he wanted to make sure his garment would properly fit,” says Naples resident Wanda Zaiser, whom Kors fondly nicknamed his “little Ali MacGraw” because he immediately saw a resemblance to the 1970s actress. After one of Kors’ first trunk shows in Naples Zaiser hosted a cocktail party in his honor—and this is the celebrated evening immortalized on the wall of Marissa Collections. “We had such a wonderful time that night, and I think partly because any time you’re with Michael, you feel like you’ve known him forever,” Zaiser says. “He has such a wonderful sense of humor that instantly he makes everyone feel at ease.” For Kors, who had dropped out of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York after two semesters to pave his own way, this was his education. Interacting firsthand with Naples consumers helped him (continued on page 194) INEZ AND VINOODHS

Hollywood It Girls like Olivia Munn (right) and Katharine McPhee (below) rely on Kors to look their best—and so does Naples’ Hats in the Garden co-chair Kathleen Kapnick (opposite). The designer himself (below right) has a cool, effortless personal style, as seen on Project Runway.


Shot by Naples Illustrated on location at the Naples Botanical Garden. All clothing, jewelry, and handbags by Michael Kors and available at Marissa Collections, Naples. Photographer: Vanessa Rogers Hair and makeup: Philip Douglas

On Kathleen Kapnick: silk studded tunic, white stovepipe denim jean, gold python clutch, bracelet and sandals


Giambattista Valli paisleyprint peplum dress, special order, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples. Opposite page: Valentino trench coat dress, slingback kitten heels, handbag, Marissa Collections, Naples. 88



PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT ADAMO Jewelry provided by Graff, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples.

Our report on resort wear is inspired by the timeless style of Audrey Hepburn and her ultimate accessory: the pooch Mr. Famous. | NOVEMBER 2012 89

Valentino green crochet gown, Marissa Collections, Naples. Opposite page: Strapless tulle evening gown, Donna Karan New York,; black glitter point-toe pump with satin bow detail, Christian Louboutin,



Stella McCartney citrus lace fringe dress, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; Jimmy Choo white patent, gold mirror and black leather pump, special order, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti, Bal Harbour. Opposite page: Jacquard tweed dress and collar necklace, Louis Vuitton, Naples. 92


White infinity dĂŠgradĂŠ-printed linen canvas double-breasted trench with deco buttons, Gucci, Naples; Carolina Herrera belt, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; black satin and suede sandal with ankle strap and bow detail, Christian Louboutin,; steelembellished sunglasses, Prada, Bal Harbour, prada .com; Valentino embellished box clutch, Marissa Collections, Naples. | NOVEMBER 2012 95

Metallic matelassĂŠ with aqua glass embellishments on top and shorts, tortoise shell sunglasses, Tory Burch, Naples; Michael Kors sandals, Marissa Collections, Naples. Opposite page: Carolina Herrera printed longette silk twill dress and belt, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; Valentino pink Rockstud tote, Marissa Collections, Naples; nude and red slingback kitten heel, Christian Louboutin, Fashion Editor: Katherine Lande Design Director: Olga Gustine Model: Kira Dikhtyar, Muse Model Management, New York Hair & Makeup: Gina Simone, Cielo Blue Pro, Miami; cosmetics by Giorgio Armani Beauty Photography Assistant: Robert Kildoo Shot by Naples Illustrated on location at The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach. | NOVEMBER 2012 97



Vivid hues in the office? A must-have red loafer for evening? Yes, sir. Forget your grandfather’s dress code and embrace the new NAPLES style. BY KATHERINE LANDE Prada

on the BLOCK

Bold bursts of color can rev up your day look and freshen up your work attire.

Sneaker, Salvatore Ferragamo, Naples; zip phone wallets, Tiffany & Co., Naples Alexander McQueen Salvatore Ferragamo

Leather bag, Dior Homme, New York,

“For Cruise/Spring 2013 the best way to bring color into your wardrobe would be in a casual trouser in linen and cotton by Incotex.” H. Craig DeLongy, Owner, John Craig Clothier

Patchwork belt and dual-tone iPad case, Etro, Coral Gables,

Top 5 Men’s Spring 2013 Trends Eric Jennings, Men’s Fashion Director, Saks Fifth Avenue 1. Aquatic blues—from turquoise to sea foam. 2. Lapel accents—men’s lapel pins for suits or sportcoats. 3. Printed woven shirts—microflorals, medallion, ethnic, ikat and chinoiserie. 4. Statement trousers—five-pocket styles in bold colors or patterns. 5. Casual slipper shoes—informal variations of the tuxedo with embellishments. 98


jet-set style

Ethnic prints and killer travel accessories announce a man of the world.

Prada sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; watch, Louis Vuitton, Naples

Dolce & Gabbana

TROPICAL TRAVEL ESSENTIALS Spencer Antle, Creative Director, Island Company 1. Boardshorts: The girls in the studio always say I have 80 Island Company boardshorts but only wear two. If I had to pick one, to live on a deserted island, it’d be my blue Trinidad shorts. 2. Islander SPF 6: I spend a lot of time in the Caribbean; I never found a sun care line I liked, so I designed my own. The SPF 6 is my daily “fragrance”—even at night. People say I smell like the beach. 3. Iridium satellite phone: Having no cell service on a seaplane in the Exumas is no good. This is my new tech toy. From the out islands to outside Bangkok, satellites are cool as hell.


Del Toro tribalprint slipper, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples


“The one item I travel everywhere with is the Brunello Cucinelli travel jacket. It is super lightweight and won’t wrinkle (unless you try really hard).” Leather backpack, Gucci, Naples

Jay Hartington, Owner, Marissa Collections | november 2012 99

Beyond Jeans

For casual weekends spent outdoors or relaxing at the club, a fresh take on denim makes a winning impression.

5 fall ITEMS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN Toby Bateman, Buying Director, MR PORTER 1. Denim shirt: It looks as good under a navy blazer as it does with a pair of jeans. 2. Evening scarf: When the dress code calls for dinner jackets, evening scarves are a great way to distinguish yourself—so show off your art of accessorizing with skill. 3. Staple cardigan: It’s one of those moments in men’s fashion where comfort and style come together quite handsomely. This season, cardigans take shape as unstructured jackets, and they can easily replace a guy’s outerwear on the right occasions. 4. Slippers: Slipper-style footwear has been an interesting trend in men’s eveningwear and daywear. They add casual sophistication to a tuxedo, and even to a pair of jeans. 5. Cords: Trim, easy and sophisticated these days. Pair them with a similar-toned cashmere crewneck, and you’ll be dressed in comfort and style for the season. Valentino

Acne denim shirt,

Above: scarf, Louis Vuitton, Naples; leather weekender bag, Bottega Veneta,

Louis Vuitton

Fabric hightop, Christian Louboutin, Miami,

Giorgio Armani

“At our new expanding store in Naples, we have dedicated a section solely to the up-and-coming brand, Southern Tide. Their nautically inspired polos with unique fit and custom fabrics are redefining the polo shirt.” Arda Boyar, Owner, Mondo Uomo


color the night

Evenings heat up with bright accessories, including the season’s must-have loafer. Fendi

Alexander McQueen jacket,; loafer, Salvatore Ferragamo, Naples

Men’s accessories, Tiffany & Co., Naples; silk scarf, Ralph Lauren, Naples


“I’m always teased about wearing designer, one-ofa-kind ties wherever I go, but ties are part of my life. I also always wear cuff links; I don’t own a dress shirt that doesn’t require cuff links.” Jerry Thirion, General Manager, Bay Colony Golf Club


Jack O’Connor, Men’s Style Director, J.Crew 1. Wearing two or more brights at a time is cool, as long as they don’t match. That’s toddler territory. 2. When looking for a plaid or patterned sportcoat, channel Elvis Costello, not Rodney Dangerfield. Trim and tailored always beats big and boxy. 3. A little irreverence goes a long way: Think Chuck Taylors with a crisp suit. Gucci 4. Loosen up like you mean it. If you want to skip the socks and unbutton your shirt, your suit had better fit you perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll just look like a schlub. 5. “Black tie optional” actually means “black tie mandatory.” And no rentals! 6. Always have a pocket square and always be prepared to let your date use it. | november 2012 101

current PROMOTION AND EVENTS • November 2 012

Fox Plastic Surgery Center With today’s use of fillers, patients are looking for something that lasts longer than Juvederm or Radiesse. The fountain of youth might exist within our own body’s fat cells. When a fat cell is injected into a wrinkle, the stem cells augment the collagen, blood supply and dermis of the skin. The fat cells also restore the much-needed volume around the mouth, naso-labial folds and cheeks. Complimentary consultations are available. 827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples 239-262-8585 |

Dr. Elizabeth Fox

Cleopatra’s Barge The Old Naples location has been home to Marilyn Janss’ designs and other collections for more than 42 years. Cleopatra’s Barge specializes in custom design and redesign of precious stones, gold and platinum. Fabulous selections of trendy and traditional jewelry will be found throughout the store. Cleopatra’s Barge has been home to the “Naples Medallion” and is a multi-year winner of “The Peoples Choice” award. 1197 Third St. S., Naples 239-261-7952 |

Marilyn’s Marilyn’s offers distinctive selections of European shoes, handbags, hats, jewelry and clothing. Marilyn is known for her exquisite selection of French blouses, fine Italian jewelry and exclusive couture fashion pieces constructed in Naples. Marilyn offers informative seminars on fashion. On November 14, the seminar “The Changing Trends In Fashion Wardrobe” will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. RSVP to 239-206-4460 or 331 Fifth Ave. S., Naples 239-206-4460 |

WEALTH MANAGEMENT & ESTATE PLANNING Naples Illustrated’s Guide to the Area’s Top Financial Advisers


WEALTH MANAGEMENT & ESTATE PLANNING Advanced Wealth Advisers LLC Chris Christensen and Soren Christensen Areas of Specialization Advanced Wealth Advisers LLC is a national firm in the practice of wealth creation and preservation. We provide estate and financial planning specializing in tax, insurance and retirement planning strategies. We give our clients unparalleled, personal service to provide peace of mind through their family’s generations. Our company was founded as an estate planning practice, incorporating advanced estate and tax planning techniques, insurance planning and investment advisory planning. Our services and experience allow us to work with our clients to help them navigate every life event and economic climate, no matter the simplicity or complexity. Our goal is to ensure that the possessions that comprise one’s life work—businesses, personal residences and property, and any savings or investments—are enhanced and protected during your life and that they pass on to the next generation in their entirety. We know that planning your future is a deeply emotional process because it involves the people and the charitable causes you care most about. Advanced Wealth Advisers LLC helps you understand your options and the concepts necessary to govern your future and your estate. We join you in your concern to accomplish your goals and provide you with expertise so that you can feel confident knowing that these goals will be met. Talk with one of our financial advisors today to review the work you have in place, listen to some recommendations and determine where we can provide some service and improvement. Contact information 5150 N. Tamiami Trail, Suite 601 Naples, FL 34103 (239) 455-1100

We help successful “ people protect and manage their wealth. ”  SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

WEALTH MANAGEMENT & ESTATE PLANNING Moran Edwards Asset Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Tom moran and bob edwards Advisor Specialization

Tom Moran and Bob Edwards, Managing Directors-Investments, two of the top-producing financial advisors of the firm, and 15 dedicated staff members directly serve affluent families and foundations with investible assets of $1 million to $500 million. Founded in March 1990, the Moran Edwards Asset Management Group has focused on quantitative analysis and fundamental research in building diversified portfolios. The team manages portfolios exceeding $2 billion in assets for families in all 50 states, using 15 investment models. Tom was named to Barron’s magazine’s “America’s Top 100 Financial Advisors” list in 2010, 2011 and 2012 where he was selected as the No. 1 advisor in Southwest Florida each time. In 2011 and 2012, he was named to the “America’s Top 100 Financial Advisors” list by Registered Rep, the leading journal for registered financial professionals. Barron’s named Bob one of Florida’s top financial advisors, and included him among the country’s best, in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In addition, investment portfolios Bob manages have received national recognition for peer group performance in Lipper’s Best Money Managers as of June 30, 2012 including a recent No. 1 ranking for U.S. Large-Cap Growth and Value Equity performance over ten years for his Strategic Equity Blend portfolio. Contact information 5801 Pelican Bay Boulevard, Suite 200 Naples, FL 34108 (239) 254-2200

our results show our success “We believe in providing superior investment


performance and excellent client service.

Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisors 2010-2012: The ranking reflects the volume of assets overseen by the advisors, revenues generated for the firms and the quality of the advisors’ practices. The scoring system assigns a top score of 100 and rates the rest by comparing them with the top-ranked advisor. Barron’s Top 1000 Financial Advisors 2010-2012 -The rankings are based on data provided by over 4,000 of the nation’s most productive advisors. Factors included in the rankings: assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record and quality of practice. Investment performance isn’t an explicit component. Registered Rep:-The 2011-2012 Top 100 Wirehouse Advisors list was assembled by Meridian-IQ. Advisors are ranked by assets under management. Only those advisors for whom a majority of assets correspond to retail clients were eligible for the list. Lipper Best Money Manager: Lipper MarketPlace Best Money Managers are compiled from a quarterly survey of investment management organizations and portfolio composites. Performance is calculated “net” of all fees and brokerage commissions, inclusive of cash and in U.S. dollars. Results calculated on a minimum asset base of at least $10 million for “traditional” U.S. asset classes (equity, fixed income, balanced accounts) and $1 million for all international and for “alternative” U.S. asset classes. Only categories/time period combinations for which there are at least 20 contenders are published. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC/Member SIPC. Wells Fargo Advisors is not a tax or legal advisor.



COLLINS & DUPONT interior design 239-948-2400


Naples Illustrated showcases the area’s luxurious residences on the market

Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars

Le Parc Penthouse 201

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Pine Ridge Estates

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Aria at Park Shore Beach

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Capistrano at Grey Oaks

Trey Wilson 866.884.6597

$4.375 Million

Web Ref. #N210042690

$3.600 Million

Web Ref. #N210036276

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Bellezza at Mediterra

$1.300 Million

L’Ermitage at Grey Oaks

Web Ref. #N211514264


Web Ref. #N212027520

$1.595 Million

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639


Web Ref. #N211508627

$2.999 Million

Barefoot Beach

$2.100 Million

Web Ref. #N212023157

$3.999 Million

Estates at Grey Oaks

Estates at Grey Oaks

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Villas Escalante at Old Naples

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Felicita at Mediterra

$3.900 Million

Web Ref. #N211500646

$2.395 Million

Web Ref. #N211007446

$1.550 Million

Web Ref. #N212000533

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

$1.095 Million

Westgate at Moorings Beach

$1.040 Million

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Web Ref. #212028363

Web Ref. #N212019854

Web Ref. #N211511007

G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i

EmiLY K. Bua EmiLY K. Bua ESTaTE aGENT


866.884.3639 866.884.3639 TadE Bua-BELL TadE Bua-BELL BROKER aSSOCiaTE

866.884.6597 866.884.4302 866.884.6597 866.884.4302 miChaEL dahOOd miChaEL ESTaTE aGENTdahOOd



866.884.8196 866.884.8196



866.884.3491 866.884.3491


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296 14th avenue South | historic Third Street district | Naples, Florida 296 14th avenue South | historic Third Street district | Naples, Florida

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Bill Earls • (239) 777-6622 • (800) 982-8079 Naples Luxury Real Estate

Old NaplEs BEaCh EstatE

Old NaplEs

An extraordinary beach-front opportunity to create your own vision of paradise with 170 feet of direct beach frontage, extending all the way to Gulf Shore Blvd. A vast buildable envelope with room to build a significant sized residence. $12,900,000

Idyllic seaside residence built in 2007. Panoramic beach vistas. Tropical solitude and refined casual elegance. Large great room with fireplace and gourmet-styled kitchen area opens to spacious lanai. 3-bay garage. 5,573 SF 4+den/3.1 $9,950,000

EstatEs at Bay COlONy

aqualaNE shOrEs

Magnificent home secluded on double lakefront estate site, 15,247 SF of living area. 8 bedroom suites, study, conference room, billiards room, gourmet kitchen home theater. A home so special that by comparison, on any level there is no equal. 8+den/10.4 $9,900,000

Gorgeous new home built in 2012 with top of the line finishes. Features cut-in boat slip & yacht ready dock with 130 ft. of water frontage, direct Gulf & inland water way access. Proudly presented as a Stiles-Sowers Construction; designed by Architect, Jon Kukk. Only a short walk to the beach. The ultimate Naples lifestyle! 4+den/6 $5,995,000

pOrt rOyal

grEy Oaks

pOrt rOyal

pOrt rOyal

Situated on prestigious Gordon Drive w/approx. 23,325 Gorgeous estate home w/almost 7,700 SF of top quality Custom, luxury home built in 2007. Finely furnished. 111 ft. of water frontage. Deep water yacht basin. SF w/an approx. bldg. area 9,145 SF site. $7,900,000 finishes & golf/lake views. 5+den/5.2 $5,900,000 Water views, Lakefront, 3 Bay Gar. 4/5.1 $4,995,000 5,600 SF .68 acres. 4+study/4.1 $4,850,000

salErNO at Bay COlONy

Penthouse sprawling over top two levels. Panoramic views. 5,040 SF 5/5.1 $4,495,000

EstatEs at Bay COlONy

Custom built home with world class features & fixtures. Golf view. 4+den/5.2 $4,450,000

grEy Oaks

One of the strongest values for the dollar in Grey Oaks. 5+den/7 $2,950,000

EstatEs at Bay COlONy 4+den/5.1 Recently renovated, lanai with Fireplace overlooks lake. $2,695,000


park shOrE

grEy Oaks

laurENtiaNs #1a

Gorgeous custom Florida style home. 4,692 SF. Pool/ spa. 5+den/5.1 $2,495,000

Spacious 3,587 SF condo. Panoramic Gulf vistas. 3+den/3.1 $2,450,000

Contenporary, luxurious golf course home. 3 car gar. 3+den/3.1 $1,999,000

3+den/3.1 Unique beachfront condo. 1st floor, step out to beach. $1,895,000


aqualaNE shOrEs

CEdar trEE laNE

pEliCaN Bay

3+den/4 Excellent value. Florida style home built in 2005. $1,750,000

Jamaica Cove. Ideal home site Direct Gulf access. $1,650,000

Custom estate home built in 2011 on 2.73 acres. Guest & pool house. $1,240,000

Totally renovated and updated . Top floor corner apartment with stunning lake views. $640,000

Attention Buyers

C F ap


#904 Gulf views, sunsets, 4/4 den ensuite. upGrades Galore! stone floors! $2,645,0000

SL t.




#1603 rare! over 2300 sQ.ft. of luXurY! 3/3 tHrouGH views froM Gulf to Golf! $1,399,000

SN t.











#1905 sweepinG Gulf, sunset & Golf Course views all in one! over 2000 sQ ft 3/2. $1,170,000





#2002 MaGiCal Cloud HoMe witH aMaZinG Gulf & sunset views! deliCiouslY desiGner reModeled! 2/2/den $949,000



C F ap


#606 Gulf views, Corner end unit, Marble floors 3/3 desiGner finisHed and furnisHed. $1,975,000



#2102 Gulf & sunset #504 sunnY sw Gulf & #802 liGHt and briGHt Gulf #1703 rare Center 3/2. #505 wide Gulf, baY & views tHat will taKe sunset views! upGrades! sunset views. perfeCt & sunset view. perfeCt HuGe Gulf & sunset Your breatH awaY! Condition! upGrades! Condition! lovelY end unit! new KitCHen/ views. over 2000 sQ.ft. Celestial! 2/2/den, readY to Move in! batHs! Marble floors! wood floors! 3/2 over spaCious.pristine. wood floors & tHrouGH $510,000 2000 sQ.ft. $865,000 $799,000 $925,000 views! rare! $899,000

T M ierra.




#504 Gulf views. over #572 sw laKe views froM spaCious private 2000 sQ.ft. 2/2/powder rooM. spaCious. villa/pool. CustoM easY beaCH aCCess. $60,000 KitCHen! larGe $529,000 pool! $1,095,000


SL S t.


#401 sunset sKies over tHe estuarY froM HuGe 3/3 HoMe! 2600 sQ ft! rare! $995,000





#1904 sunnY sw Gulf & sunset views! rarelY avail. 3/2. Gated & seCure. $629,000


SL S t.






#1201 perfeCtion! Gulf views. 3/3 five star KitCHen renovation! top sHelf desiGner furnisHinGs! $1,095,000







834 bentwood dr briGHt se laKe views over pool 3/2 witH CoZY fireplaCe. real value! $859,000





#902 warM sw Gulf views! desiGner finisHed! rarelY on MarKet! $899,000













#903 beautiful Gulf #505 wonderful HoMe. views froM stunninG Gulf & sunset views! ConteMporarY 3/2 Granite & upGrades desiGned HoMe. Just brinG tHrouGHout! tHe bubblY! $549,000 iMMaCulate! $869,000





#1105 real value in pristine Condition. spaCious witH HiGH CeilinGs. new a/C! $269,000







#1104 biG Gulf and sunset views froM HuGe terraCe! all rooMs see tHe Gulf! biG value! $499,000



H-102 Great loCation! Great priCe! real value! near beaCH traM & tennis! spaCious 2/2 $339,000



SK t.


#1702 super value witH #804 Gulf and sunset #2104 breatHtaKinG Gulf views & GorGeous views froM CustoM Gulf & sunset vistas! sunsets! perfeCt reModeled 3/3 over rarelY available sKY 3,000 sQ.ft. of luXurY. Condition! upGrades! easY HoMe! 3/2. over 2000 aMaZinG value! $717,800 beaCH aCCess! $499,000 sQ.ft. $1,145,000





#1605 fabulous Gulf #2102 Cloud nest witH #1801 in tHe Clouds! views 3/2 new KitCHen over $250,000 in biG Gulf views! 3/3 & CustoM built-in upGrades! GorGeous readY to Move in ! offiCe. $649,000 briGHt Gulf & desiGner tile. storM sHutters. $1,050,000 sunset views! $699,000



#f-9 private parK view #302 sw Gulf & sunset froM ClassiCal beautY! views. HuGe 3/3 over 3den/ 2+powder rooM/ 2500 sQ.ft! reCent GaraGe. over 1900 sQ. upGrades! ft. $449,000 $675,000

You have the best opportunity in the past 10 years to secure your dream home at VALUE prices. DON’T WAIT too late!









# 1603 sw Gulf & sunset views. over 1900 sQ. ft. all rooMs Have water views! pristine! $599,000





#C-305 pristine laKe 812 pitCH apple lane. CHarMinG HoMe. fabulous HuGe lot & Golf views. totallY reMoeled & desiGner pool. soutHern eXposure. furnisHed. fabulous fireplaCe. tropiCal Gardens. wow! $835,000 loCation. $599,000



SP t.


#804 tHrouGH views froM Gulf to Golf Course! MorninG sun to sunsets! $679,000



SK t.


#1905 reModeled & perfeCt! fantastiC upGrades & aMainG views of Gulf! 3/2 $645,000

luxury preview

Tranquil Waters Address 885 Admiralty Parade, Port Royal Naples Developer Morton & Wasmer year built 2011 offered at $6,995,000 size 5,829 square feet under air; 7,725 total

special features Sited on one and a half lots in Port Royal, this exceptional, newly built home overlooks the peaceful Harbour Head Bay. The open floor plan lends itself to a natural, easy flow for relaxed family living or entertaining. The five bedrooms, four and a half baths, spacious gourmet kitchen with walk-in pantry and breakfast bar help guests feel at ease, while the owners will love the master retreat, with a stunning ensuite marble

bath and his/hers amenities throughout. The inviting outdoor area with fireplace, refreshing pool and spa, beautifully landscaped grounds, and deepwater dock with direct access to Naples Bay and the Gulf complete this gorgeous estate. for information Don Winkler, John R. Wood Realtors 239-961-2166

This FABULOUS new port royal estate has everything for relaxed family living and entertaining, both indoors and out.

There is no substitute for Performance & exPerience Park Shore - Regent PH 1 This magnificent penthouse was artfully crafted to the exacting standards of the owners to create a truly one-of-a-kind beachfront estate. With breathtaking 360 degree views and encompassing over 13,842 sq. ft., plus an additional 3,000 sq. ft. of extended terraces (with private spa), it has plentiful room for family and guests. Features often found in a single-family estate home are beautifully incorporated into the floor plan such as an 8-seat theatre, artist’s studio, billiard room, unique wine room and custom guest cottage offering exceptional space and privacy for guests or in-home staff. Concierge services, private 3-car air-conditioned garage, stateof–the art fitness center, beachside pool and spa, manager and 24-hour secured grand lobby. Price upon request. c 239.564.5673 | d 239.405.6214

Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.

A n Architectural Masterpiece on the Gulf of Mexico

This architectural masterpiece is one of Marco Island’s premier properties—savor endless sunsets and majestic views of the Gulf of Mexico. From the private gated entry to the 293-foot seawall, the estate exudes true quality and elegance. It touts 11,662 square feet of lavish interior living space with 5 bedroom suites, 4 fireplaces, exercise room, billiard room with English-style pub, theatre, wine room, elevator, sauna, 33-foot hand-painted domed ceiling, dual staircase, expansive 7,300-square-foot multi-tiered lanai, pool, spa, 255-foot dock and more. Price upon request. Presenting Extraordinary Properties to Discriminating Buyers

Cathy Rogers


239.821.7926 Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal housing opportunity.

Experience a Perfect Balance of Tranquility and Recreation

Living in Fiddler’s Creek, you will enjoy a world-class resort lifestyle including superb amenities that set Fiddler’s Creek apart from other communities in the area. Pamper yourself in the spa, revitalize at the state-of-the-art fitness facility, play a round of tennis. You will appreciate the numerous theme parties, seminars, excursions & infinite opportunities to meet new friends. Opportunities also available for golf memberships and beach memberships.


3835 Isla Del sol Way | $1,995,000


8579 Bellagio Drive | $890,000


7750 Mulberry Lane | $929,000


9288 Menaggio Court #201 | $599,900

MahOganY BEnD

3856 Mahogany Bend Drive | $899,000


3301 Club Center Boulevard #201 | $489,000

michelle thomas SALES ASSOCIATE • 239.860.7176 • Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Naples & Southwest Florida!

cAp FerrAt

AquAlAne ShoreS Exceptional waterfront with zero edge pool/spa, pool level great room, second kitchen, pool bath, fire-pit and outdoor cooking area. 60 foot dock, 16,000 pound lift 4+Den/4.5 (H6191) Michele Harrison 239-580-9889 $3,995,000

eStuAry At Grey oAkS Minutes to downtown dining, shopping and beaches! Expanded plan with outdoor fireplace, kitchen, pool and spa. Lake, golf and clubhouse views. 54 holes of championship golf! 4/4.5 (V1707) Mitch & Sandi Williams 239-370-8879 $1,795,900

SAntA roSA

OLD NAPLES SANIBEL 800 Fifth Avenue S. Ste. 200 1019 Periwinkle Way 239-434-0101 239-472-2411

NORTh NAPLES 1185 Immokalee Rd. Ste. 300 239-598-0059 BONITA SPRINGS 26269 Tamiami Trail S. 239-498-9200

toScAnA At BAy colony Tastefully decorated home with hardwood floors, builtins, beautiful kitchen and new appliances. Wraparound terrace with sunset Gulf views, estuary, natural foliage/ wildlife. 3+Den/3 (C8344) Gil & Donna Clark 239-659-6340 $1,695,000


This exquisite former model home, with wide lake and golf views offers a very spacious floor plan with many upgrades and custom treatments throughout. Offered Turnkey. 3+Den/3.5 (H6112) Frank Petras 239-595-2221 $749,999

CENTRAL NAPLES 3255 Tamiami Trail N. 239-261-6622

Single family living with high-rise amenities at Cap Ferrat. 3650 sq. ft. of interior living and 2350 sq. ft. of private terraces and garden with private spa. Call for private showing. 4/4 (C8334) Gil & Donna Clark 239-659-6340 $2,000,000

ChARLESTON SquARE 225 Banyan Blvd. 239-643-3636

BonitA BeAch Investment opportunity! Gulf-front residential lot directly on Bonita Beach truly defines the ultimate Southwest Florida lifestyle. Approximate Lot Size: 50’x200’, .31 acres. (L1346) Jay & Chris Siemers 239-250-4009 $1,850,000

lucArno Tastefully decorated and spacious two-story lakefront home with expanded Capriano floor plan. Turnkey furnished with heated pool and spa. Well maintained and move-in ready. 4+Den/4 (H6288) Frank Petras 239-595-2221 $1,595,000

peBBle creek

Charming, well cared for single family home overlooking golf course. Dine poolside and enjoy beautiful sunsets from this pristine condition home. Move-in ready! 3+Den/2 (H6652) Frank Petras 239-595-2221 $549,000

Golf course and lake views from this spacious first floor unit. Immaculately maintained with newer AC, remodeled kitchen, fresh paint in master bedroom & bath. 3/2 (C8595) Jim Scartz 239-877-9726 $539,900

The oldest, family-owned, major Naples real estate firm continues to focus on legendary customer service, innovative marketing, and superior use of emerging technologies.

the only way

to view waterfront property in Naples


Navigating Your Real Estate Transaction With Ease If you are searching for your dream home or thinking of selling your current residence, I can assist you in making your real estate goals a reality. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Don Winkler


CLOSED SALES FOR 2012 // IN EXCESS OF $32,000,000: 640 17th Avenue South 272 11th Avenue South 1935 Snook Drive 1580 Bluefin Court 345 Hawser Lane 256 11th Avenue South

1940 Tarpon Road 1807 Snook Drive 550 Park Shore Drive 2222 Gulfshore Blvd. N. 1380 Jewel Box Avenue 1590 Star Point

1923 Snook Drive 861 9th Avenue South 1845 Tarpon Road 3002 Sandpiper Bay Circle 7413 Acorn Way 3041 Sandpiper Bay Circle

885 Admiralty Parade 773 18th Avenue South 1505 Osprey Avenue 2095 Snook Drive 460 13th Avenue South

Incomparable Opulence

Bello Lago at Mediterra | 15025 Pratolino Way | $6,499,000 This stunning 6 bedroom plus den estate offers the highest level of finishes throughout with a walk-in wine cellar, 150-foot geothermal pool, custom billiard room with full bar, chef’s kitchen, 12-seat theatre with concession stand, arcade game area and 5-car garage.

Julie Rembos, P.A. Broker Associate

239.595.1809 | | Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.

G L O R I O U S F O O D , G R E AT S H O P S & G R A C E F U L B Y WAY S

Glamour & Good Times Since the 1930’s

Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533

1290 Third Street South, Old Naples 239.263.1955

a unique

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a unique unique a

gift shop shop gift a unique

gift shop

“Let It Snow” exclusive at

BR uno

1193 Third Third Street Street South South 1193 1193 Third Street South Naples, Florida 34102 Naples, Florida Florida 34102 34102 Naples, 239-261-9806

239-261-9806 239-261-9806

Le CherChe Midi FragranCe John derian deCoupage

From the Beach to the Philharmonic…

Beth Moné Children’s Shoppe 1301 3rd Street South H Olde Naples 239~261~3447 H 800~747~BETH

320 13th avenue South | oLde napLeS (239) 263-8881 | CarlsonsFineJewelry.Com

The Birthplace of Old Naples


Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533


Kathryn’s COLLECTION 294 fourteenth avenue south | naples florida 34102 | 239.434.1885

Property from the Estate of David Stickelber, Kansas City, Missouri AUCTION | THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 | CHICAGO Accepting consignments for our December 18 Naples auction




Enhancing Your Home For Over 100 Years

Extensive selection of over 700 fine imported fragrances including Acqua di Parma, Creed and Annick Goutal. Skin Care by: Clarins • La Prairie • Guerlain • De Markoff • the BALM Ahava • Zoya • OPI Nail • ERA Spray on Foundation • Cellex-C Lip Fusion • Blinc • Mason Pearson • J.F. Lazartigue Paris Manicure • Pedicure Hair Design • Colorist European Facials Acrylic • Gel • Shellac Brazilian • Keratin • Extensions Make-Up Application Waxing Bosley Hair Loss Treatment

La Femme Perfumery 351 12th Ave. South • Naples 239-434-7444 • 800-749-5233 •

Collector by Yves Delorme and Bath Accessories by Anali

World Class Designers call Gattle’s their home... D. Porthault Paris | Pratesi | Dea | Yves Delorme Anna Weatherly | Juliska | Kim Seybert | Mike and Ally Anali | Jay Strongwater | Daum | Labrazel La Perla | Cocoon | & many more…

The most exquisite collection of linens and accessories for your bed, bath and table... and of course elegant lingerie. 1250 3 rd S treet S outh W o lde N apleS 239-262-4791 or 800-344-4552

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SINCE 1966

“You saw it on Worth Ave, Red Carpet and Rodeo Drive” Now you can see VAHAN at CLEOPATRA’S BARGE FINE JEWELRY

Home of the

“Naples Medallion” 1185 Third Street South • Naples, Florida 239.643.8900 •

Delray Beach, FL • 561.272.6654 Cape Cod, MA • 508.477.3900

1197 Third Street South, Olde Naples 239.261.7952 |

The Birthplace of Old Naples

Monday-Saturday 10am - 9pm Sunday 11am - 6pm

GIA Certified Appraiser • Custom Design Redesigning • Fine Jewelry Repairs We Buy and Trade • Gold, Platinum and Jewelry

Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533


Third STreeT SouTh

balance THE NATURAL Organic skin-care products from Naples Soap Company (, created by local nurse Deanna Renda, are not merely lovely to look at—they are our secret recipe for a healthy complexion and radiant glow. Offering relief from chronic skin-care issues (even the toughest to slough like eczema), the line’s good-for-you ingredients are what make the difference. The top-selling sea salt soap, available in six varieties, is also great for gifting. Renda owns several stores in the area, including one at Tin City.



Dishing Up Wellness: The 411 on Healthy Eats By Ashley Huntsberry-Lett

Joanne Irwin, a foodie and member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, has again partnered with the Cancer Alliance of Naples to present Food For Life: Kickstart to Health Series. Over the course of five weeks, participants learn the vital connection between sound, vegetable-based eating habits and the benefits for weight control, heart health, and cancer and diabetes prevention and survival. Each class features a DVD presentation, a cooking demonstration and food tasting, and the sessions focus on a specific topic, such as “The New Four Food Groups (Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes and Grains)” and “Foods that Tame the Appetite Demons.” Individual series begin in November and occur throughout the season during January, April and March. For details, visit canceralliance or

its participation in Hyatt’s worldwide launch of Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served. The initiative is rooted in providing healthy, wellbalanced, and, of course, delicious meals that benefit guests, local communities and the planet. This translates to buying ingredients from area farms and using sustainably grown produce (some from an on-site chef’s garden), hormone-free meats, and cage-free eggs. The new menus will offer gluten-free, vegetarian and Stay Fit Cuisine options, plus a custom-designed organic seasonal children’s menu from the original locavore, renowned Edible Schoolyard chef Alice Waters.


The Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa (, already a gourmet enclave in Bonita Springs, recently announced

Power Ball

The Hyatt has a wide choice of nutritious meals.

Just in case you needed any more reason for a staycation… A favorite spot for luxurious pampering, The Spa at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club ( presents “Spamazing” deals for Florida residents through mid-December. In addition to enjoying specials that change with days of the week— including twofers or discounts on first-class manis, pedis, eyebrow waxing, select massages and products— spa-goers can have a mini vacay, taking advantage of the hotel’s sauna, steamroom, whirlpool and tranquil aura. —Melissa Bell 124  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Elyse Sashin, MS.Ed., CPT (2promotehealth .com), brings a focus on fitness to the Naples community. She is a certified personal trainer in mat and stability ball Pilates, and is currently working towards receiving her yoga certification. A training tool she just added to her repertoire is the Power Plate—a machine that vibrates in three dimensions and contracts muscles involuntarily at a rapid rate. Results can be attained in such short sessions that Sashin describes it as “a workout on fastforward.” Although she trains individuals in their homes, at NCH, and at Naples Personal Training, she also helps people living with multiple sclerosis stay active at The MS Center of Southwest Florida. Sashin’s special talent is assessing each client’s individual needs and developing creative solutions and personalized programs to achieve their goals. Her words of wisdom on getting in shape? Embrace activities you find rewarding and look forward to: It is much easier to stick with a fitness regimen long-term when it makes you happy. —A.H.

After witnessing the unthinkable at 12 years old – her mother shot at the hands of her stepfather – Velma quit school and started picking in the fields of Immokalee to support her brothers and sisters. Velma remained upbeat and had a family of her own, but then experienced multiple, devastating losses and trauma and was diagnosed with a debilitating health issue. She felt suicide was the only way to escape her sadness, fear and pain. For her children’s sake, she finally asked for help from the David Lawrence Center. Here she found hope, healing and tools to cope with her mental and physical health problems by working with a case manager, therapist, and utilizing the Center’s new, innovative telemedicine technology to meet routinely with her psychiatrist in Naples remotely from the Immokalee office.

Her Mind is Our Concern. Mental health is a community issue. Fortunately, there’s a community solution. Velma is among one in four in Collier County who suffer from a mental illness. One in nine of us will experience some form of substance abuse. When a family member, friend or coworker battles a mental health or substance abuse problem, we suffer with them. Thankfully, David Lawrence Center is here for our community. A not-for-profit organization founded and still governed by community leaders, the David Lawrence Center is the behavioral health component of our community’s healthcare network. A true local resource, it relies on donations, fees and grants to invest in the health, safety and wellbeing of our community. When you or someone you love needs help, call on the highly compassionate, committed and competent professionals of the David Lawrence Center to inspire you to move beyond the crisis towards life-changing wellness. Naples





Mobile tips Ladies, the National Institutes of Health has created an app just for you: 52 Weeks for Women’s Health breaks down a year’s worth of helpful information into weekly highlights that can help women identify risks and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app offers questions to ask your doctor, a glossary of health terms and a number of personalization features, such as sections to record medical information and set goals. Men, don’t feel left out—NIH is developing a similar app for you, too.

Smart Cookies

Holidays are the time for road trips, and have we found the perfect guilt-free munchies. Bitsy’s Brainfood ( organic cookies are packed with nutrients and vegetables and shaped like the letters of the alphabet—meaning children will learn something by playing with their food. The crispy snacks come in four tasty combinations: zucchini gingerbread carrot, orange chocolate beet, lemon broccoli and sweet potato oatmeal raisin. And Chunkie Dunkies ( might not sound healthy, but don’t let the name fool you. Florida-based raw chef Dina Lauro uses sugar-free stevia and organic ingredients (some gluten-free) to make these vegan treats, concocting flavors like carrot cake, chocolate chip mint and almond butter crunch. Both cookies are sold at select markets and Whole Foods locations throughout South Florida.

Sandra Buxton and the Make-A-Wish® President’s Council of Collier County invite you to

Tea at the Ritz Saturday December 1, 2012 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. The Ritz-Carlton 280 Vanderbilt Beach Road Naples, FL 34108 Tea Chair: Ms. Dylan Sanders Tea Hosts: Mr. & Mrs. Craig and Kelly Chasnov $100 per person 100% of the proceeds to benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida Kindly RSVP by November 28th to Lesley Colantonio at (239) 992-9474 or Special thanks to our sponsors:



Quick News from the Green


n Bonita Bay East with its two Tom Fazio-designed courses is giving extra reason

We all know playing sports is great for the body and the mind, and nothing epitomizes that more than golf (the strategy, the self-control, the discipline!). The First Tee Naples/Collier is on a mission to teach kids how to drive and chip—and in the process build character off the pitch. Nine programs, from elementary instruction to mentoring to a high-level traveling competition team, are on offer through the group, which is affiliated with the PGA of America, PGA Tour and the United States Golf Association. Act fast because registration starts soon for winter classes. Applications can be found at

to put on your spikes: This is the last year they’ll have a membership option with unlimited play built in from October to March. n Book a round with friends at Pelican Marsh Golf Club to experience the $2 mil-

lion summer revamp of its par-72 course, which changed the pin locations and upgraded the grass. n Watch and learn from top pros when the LPGA Tour hits the links November 12

to 18 at TwinEagles for the season finale CME Group Titleholders. It is being held on the club’s new course, The Eagle, and tickets start at $25. n The Immokalee Foundation’s celebrity-studded tourney may be as much about

gawking as playing, but competition is open to amateurs and pros alike on November 12 (see page 188 for more information). n The First Tee Naples/Collier is hosting its annual invitational to raise funds for the

organization’s children’s golf programs on December 3 at Calusa Pines Golf Club.


Bob Harden Show

“News and Commentary you can use to help you enjoy life on the Paradise Coast.” Streamed Live, Monday-Friday, 7-8 am Archived and on “itunes” for your listening convenience brought to you in part by

like us on facebook NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | NOVEMBER 2012  127

The Community School of Naples Presents Angel Ball 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012 Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort Angel Ball Chairmen Patty & Jay Campbell and Gina & Keith Short

To Benefit the Financial Aid Program of the Community School of Naples For More Information » 239-597-7575 x211 »

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(plus $2.77 S & H)

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From the publisher of naples IllustrateD

Our Our amazing amazing

MEMORY MEMORY CAP® CAP® II II It memorizes It thememorizes shape of the of your shape head for your head for the ultimate Ourthe ultimate inamazing light comfort in light MEMORY and fit. comfort and fit.



xclusi Collcions...


It memorizes TWO WIGS TWO the shape ofWIGS IN ONE! your head for IN ONE! the ultimate in light comfort and fit.



See our huge collection of Theodore Alexander... In-Stock furniture and accessories available for immediate takeaway or Browse our extensive catalogue and order exactly what you want!

5450 TAMIAMI TRAIL N. NAPLES • 239.594.1555 Across From Waterside Shops One Block North of Pine Ridge on U.S.41 DESIGNER SERVICES AVAILABLE WWW.ALISONCRAIGHOME.COM


wig collection Wigs, Extensions, Toppers and Toupees. By Paula Johnson Naples Finest Hairstylist. Free consultation Private room with large selection. By Appointment Only Please Call Paula, Owner/Stylist at

239 594-1800


14700 TAMIAMI TRL N, NAPLES FL 34110 Check out our web site

Scan our QR Code on your SmartPhone and be instantly directed to our website. HairUWear® is a proud sponsor of the ® HairUWear American Cancer Society. is a® proud sponsor of the® HairUWear HairUWear American Society. is a proud sponsor of the is a proud sponsorCancer of the American Cancer Society. American Cancer Society.



Creating the highest quality custom woodworking, furniture, and millwork in South Florida

Kitchens & Baths Entertainment Centers Architectural Millwork

(239) 594-WOOD 2385 Trade Center Way, Naples, FL 34109

FINE FOOD think of

Matthews & Gardner




Lunch Café

Soups, Salads, Quiche, Sandwiches


Customized Full Service Catering Lunch Meetings • Cocktail Parties • Dinners • Weddings

1250 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 111 • Naples, FL 34102 T: 239-434-2611 • F: 239-262-4902

FL Lic. ID000139

Dinner, Hors d’Oeuvres, Board Lunches, Business Trays

(239) 248-0891 1959 Trade Center Way | Naples, FL 34109 LINDABURKEINTERIORS.COM

4222 Gulf Shore Blvd. N. Naples, FL 34103 239-643-6776


Classic, yet fashionable! Please join us for our next TRUNK SHOW for Spring/Summer NOVEMBER 29th & 30th

The Village on Venetian Bay


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We prepare food with passion for lasting impressions





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78.13% 98.05%



80.86% 100%


26.56% 85.16% 100%

Pantone 322 C Pantone 179 C

Vergina Restaurant Old world quality meets new world innovation with an inspired fusion of traditional Italian and nouvelle Mediterranean cuisine.


















03% 45%

03% 45%

Call today to set up your appointment!

80% 50% 30% 50% 80%

Pantone 179 C

Pantone 179 C

100% Black

80% 50% 30% 50% 80%

Consists of 50-minute massage and time for consultation and dressing. One time offer only. See spa for details. Expires 12/31/13.

Pantone 322

Pantone 322 C Consists of 50-minute massage and time for consultation. Wax includes eyebrow, lip, nose, or ear. One time offer only. See spa for details. Expires 12/31/13.

Now Open 2460 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite # 400 Naples, FL 34109 (239) 254-5893 (LUXE)


One time offer only. Valid at participating locations See spa for details. Expires 12/31/13.

Located on the corner of Airport Rd and Vanderbilt Beach Rd in the Naples Walk Shopping Center next to Publix.

100% Black

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50% Blac




Lovers of bluegrass, folk, acoustic country and Americana music who have not heard Claire Lynch and her eponymous band will not want to miss their appearance Thursday, November 15, in the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs’ Live at the Promenade series at the Promenade at Bonita Bay. Concertgoers are sure to leave as devoted fans. Beer, wine and refreshments will be available. For tickets, call 239-495-8989.




NOVEMBER 2012 Barbara and George Franks in action at the Fund a Dream auction

Alex Gallalvan, Don O'Neill and Gerardo Lugo at TIF’s 2011 Charity Classic Celebration

In the Swing The seventh annual Charity Classic Pro-Am Golf Tournament will tee off Monday, November 12, at Bay Colony Golf Club to raise funds for The Immokalee Foundation (TIF) and its educational programs. Two-dozen golfers from the PGA Tour, LPGA, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour—including Mark Lye, Steve Flesch, Brian Gay, Briny Baird, Chip Beck, Russ Cochran, Andy Bean, George McNeill, Peter Jacobsen, Cindy Rarick, Kris Tschetter and more—will be paired with philanthropic-minded amateurs in 24 foursomes. The tournament starts at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast and concludes with an awards luncheon. TIF’s 2012 Charity Classic Celebration dinner and Fund A Dream auction will take place later in the week (November 16) at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples. This year’s theme, “Pathways to Success,” encourages guests to contribute to the education and advancement of young people in Immokalee through sponsorships enabling once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Last year, the Charity Classic tournament and Celebration dinner and auction raised $1.6 million. For information on either event, call 239-430-9122 or visit —Ashley Huntsberry-Lett

Dr. Aaron Adams

The Reel Thing

Hook some of the area’s local finned delicacies (sorry, not for eating, just for the thrill of the chase) at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s 2012 RedSnook Catch & Release Charity Tournament. The event, which brought in more than $110,000 in 2011 for the Conservancy, runs November 2 through 4 and is open to fishers of all skill levels. A kickoff party starts the weekend with fun at the Naples Yacht Club the evening of November 2. The fishing competition takes place November 3 and 4, with boats leaving from Naples, Goodland and Everglades City. Festivities conclude with a ceremony on the 4th, and awards will be be presented to the top teams in each of these four divisions: largest fish, grand slam, corporate team and top female angler. Once again, Roland Martin, angler extraordinaire and host of his own TV show, Fishing with Roland Martin, will be a featured guest, along with Dr. Aaron Adams, director of operations for the nonprofit Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and senior scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, the honorary chair of the tourney. To register a team, visit conser, but be quick—only the first 60 teams to sign up will qualify. For more information call 239-403-4219 or e-mail —Devon Crumpacker 188  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Jesus Velasco, Dick Stonesifer

ART & MUSEUMS Artist Colony at the Esplanade, Marco Island, Last Wednesday Art Walk, Nov. 28; 239-642-0528. Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, “Pop Art” with Andy Warhol exhibition, all month; Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, Adult Night, Nov. 8; 239-514-0084. Guess-Fisher Gallery, Naples, Art After Dark, Nov. 10; Miniature Yet Monumental, Nov. 24-Dec. 31; 239-659-2787. Marco Island Center for the Arts, Gallery Reception, Nov. 13; It’s a Wrap: Clay Exhibition, Nov. 26-Dec. 20; 239- 394-4221. Marco Island Historical Society, Artist

That’s the Spirit

Muffy Clark Gill: 20th Century Seminole Experience, through Dec. 27; 239-642-1440. Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center, Art in the Park, Nov. 3; Photography and Printmaking from the Collection, through Nov. 24; the von Liebig Art Center Faculty Biennial and NAA Members’ Gallery Juried Small Works, through Nov. 24; Naples Fall Fine Art & Craft Festival, Nov. 24-25, Third Avenue South; Naples Artcrafters, Fine Art and Craft Show, Nov. 10, Cambier Park; naplesart

water colors and acrylics;

Chez Boët French Home Cooking restaurant will host a presentation by Amy Leigh Mercree, author of The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love, Sex, & Soul Mates, on November 15. With more than 11 years of experience as a dating and relationship coach, Mercree’s topic, “Single Again: What You Need to Know to Land a Soul Mate in Naples,” is sure to intrigue attendees. Her novel dating system caters to Spiritual Girls, or “women seeking a balanced, holistic lifestyle with an emphasis on fun.” The talk includes a two-course lunch with a glass of wine for $25. Copies of Mercree’s book will be available for purchase; she’ll be on hand to sign them. For luncheon information, call 239-643-6177, and for the book Amy Leigh Mercree visit —A.H.

FILM Naples Backyard History Museum, meet NBH’s Official Artist, Michael Thompson, Nov. 8; 239-774-2978. Naples Depot Museum, USO Show at the Naples Depot, Nov. 11, Cambier Park; 239-262-6525. Naples Historical Society at Historic Palm Cottage, tours of Historic Palm Cottage, Tues.-Sat.; Christmas at Palm Cottage, Nov. 13-Dec. 29; guided tours of The Norris Gardens, Nov. 1, 15; walking tours of the Naples Historic District, Nov. 7, 14, 21, 28; Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art, Martin Schoeller: Close Up, through Dec. 9; Out of This World: Extraordinary Costumes, through Dec. 30; Fletcher Benton: The Artist’s Studio, through Jan. 20; 239-597-1900. Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Naples, Seventh Annual Juried Painting Exhibition, Nov. 15-Jan. 31; Southwest Florida Pastel Society, Small Works, members’ exhibition, Nov. 2-29, Norris Center, Naples; 239-331-6644. Sweet Art Gallery, Naples, Dennis Elliott– wood sculpture, and Pamela Peters–painter,

Cambier Park, Naples, Outdoor Movie Night, Madagascar 3, Nov. 17; 239-213-3054. Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, Films for Film Lovers, Valentin, Nov. 12; Naples International Film Festival, Opening Night film and party at the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts, films at Silverspot Cinema, Naples, Nov. 1-4; Collier County Public Library, Film series, Footnote, Hebrew with English subtitles, Nov. 7, 8 and 20; Mercato, Naples, Movies on the Lawn, Hoot, Nov. 20;

shows: Brunello Cucinelli Spring, Nov 8-10; Federica Rettore Jewelry, Nov. 8-10; Tamara Comolli Jewelry, Nov. 12-16; Colette Jewelry, Nov. 27-28; Arunashi Jewelry, Nov. 29-30; Danes, Nov. 29-30; New Jewelry Gallery at Marissa Collections Grand Opening, Nov. 14; Provident Jewelry, Naples, Buccellati Trunk Show, to support Naples Children & Education Foundation, Nov. 9-10; Third Street South, Naples, Thursday on Third, Nov. 1, 8, 15, 29; Christmas on Third, tree lighting, Nov. 19; Third Street Celebration of Lights, music and snow, Nov. 20, 21, 23, 24; 239-434-6533.

MUSIC FOOD, WINE & FASHION Bayfront, Naples, Nighttime Farmers Market, Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; 239-293-9703.

The Bach Ensemble, Bach Cantata Concert, Nov. 11, Grace Lutheran Church, Naples;

Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Evening on Fifth, Nov. 8; Thanksgiving Weekend Evening on Fifth, Nov. 23; 239-692-8436.

The Bayshore Cultural & Performing Arts Center, Jazz in the Park, Nov. 18, Sugden Regional Park, Naples; 239-454-1454.

Marilyn’s Distinctive European Fashions, Naples, The Changing Trends in Fashion Wardrobes, seminar, Nov. 14;

Cambier Park, Naples, Naples Dixieland Jazz Band, Nov. 4; Naples Concert Band, Nov. 11; Naples Jazz Orchestra, Nov. 12; Heavens Hope Against Hunger, Big Daddy Weave and Adam Shust, benefits Harry Chapin Food Bank and St. Matthews

Marissa Collections, Naples, Trunk




House, Nov. 17; Gulf Coast Big Band, Nov. 18; Music Makers, Nov. 25; 239-597-3240. Moorings Presbyterian Church, Naples, Hyacinth Series, Nov. 11; 239-213-5246. Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, PianoMania, Nov. 4; National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, Nov. 5; Blazing Brahms, Nov. 8-10; DrumLine Live!, Nov. 12; Side-by-Side Concert, Nov. 18; Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, Nov. 19; All that Jazz, Nov. 26; Naples Philharmonic Orchestra Performs Windborne’s Music of The Doors, Nov. 27; Dave Koz & Friends Christmas Tour 2012, Nov. 28; A Christmas Carol, the Concert, Nov. 30; 239-597-1900. Voices of Naples, Sing-Along Messiah, Nov. 18, Naples United Church of Christ; 239-455-2582.

Soap and Water Who doesn’t love soap operas? The intense dramatics, the story lines’ thorny twists and turns, and the beautiful, beautiful people! Head to Marco Island the weekend of November 9 through 11 to indulge in a savory slice of one of America’s most persistent guilty pleasures that culminates with a celebrity-studded booze cruise. (How’s that for the guilty-pleasure department?) While you mix and mingle with hunky actors, you will also be benefiting several children’s charities, including Eden Florida’s Eimerman Center, which provides education and outreach services for individuals with autism. All My Children alum Walt Willey returns with a performance of his one-man show, Wild Bill! An Evening With James Butler Hickok on November 9. The festivities continue November 10 at 6 p.m., with the Night of Stars dinner. Tickets are $100, or $150 for a VIP ticket. The event will be glittered with daytime soap stars, both the old favorites and new up-and-coming talents, all of whom will be available for autographs, photos, a Q&A and more. It doesn’t end there. For late-night fun, attend the after-party Celebrity Bartender Bash ($50, or $25 if paired with a ticket purchase to the Night of Stars event)—where visiting celebs will pour your drinks to raise money for the kids. Don’t be too worried about waking up early the next morning; the Cruisin’ Boozin’ and Schmoozin’ fiesta doesn’t start until noon. Jump aboard the regal Marco Island Princess for just $100 to coast the Gulf with the celebrities and enjoy a lunch buffet, drinks and raffle. For more information, visit —D.C.

You are cordially invited to attend Naples Historical Society’s

Annual Christmas Gala at

Historic Palm Cottage on

Friday, december 7, 2012 7:00 p.m. The Gala is the best black-tie event of the season! $300/Person, $500/Patron, $5,000 for an Angel Table of Eight An Angel Table benefit is the use of Historic Palm Cottage for an event of your choice. For more information: 239-261-8164

Mary Smith, Paul Dresselhaus-BNY Mellon, Diane Koestner


SPEAKERS & SEMINARS Collier County Museum, Naples, “The Sunshine State Goes to War,” Dr. Gary Mormino on the impact WWII had on Florida, Nov. 9; 239-252-8476. Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Lunch & Learn Lecture Series, “Mosquitoes 101,” Nov. 7; 239-417-6310.

SPECIAL EVENTS 1 Cancer Alliance of Naples, Women Supporting Women, 11th Annual Wine Tasting, Naples Yacht Club; 2 Friends of the Library of Collier County Inc., Red, White & Roulette, Vegas-style games, buffet, dancing, silent auction, prizes, Waldorf Astoria Naples; 3 Community School of Naples Financial Aid Program, Angel Ball, “Year of the Dragon,” sponsored by Naples Illustrated, The RitzCarlton, Naples; 4 Gulfshore Playhouse, Eighth Annual Charity Golf Tournament and Season Celebration, food, auction, and golf tournament, Norris Center, Naples;   9 Sunlight Home, Annual Fall Benefit Dinner, The Club at Pelican Bay, Naples; 9 Literacy Volunteers of Collier County, Dancing with the Stars for Literacy, The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club; 10 Naples Equestrian Challenge, Seventh Annual Bootstrap Boogie Barn Dance, sponsored by Naples Illustrated, Naples Equestrian Challenge; 10 Zonta Club of Bonita Springs, Fourth Annual Glass Slipper Ball, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa, Bonita Springs; 10 Collier County Student Culinary Foundation, Student CookOff, Gulfview Middle School, Naples; 239-261-8184. 10 Salvation Army, Red Kettle Campaign Dinner and Auction, kickoff for the Red Kettle campaign, Hilton Naples; 239-775-9447. 10 Alzheimer’s Support Network, Elephant Fest, animal shows, food, music and a tribute ceremony, Naples Zoo; 13 United Arts Council of Collier County, “Una Serata in Italia,” fundraiser, entertainment, silent and live auctions, great food and wine, Bay Colony Golf Club, Naples; 239-263-8242. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | NOVEMBER 2012  191



15 Naples Botanical Garden, Hats in the Garden, sponsored by Naples Illustrated, Naples Botanical Garden;


passionately italian opens november 466 5th avenue south | 239.213.2073

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17 Wellfit Institute, It Takes a Village – Aiming High, tennis clinic, Get Real workshop, supports Mari DeWees, who is training to climb Mount Chimborazo to raise money for Justin’s Place at St. Matthew’s House, Naples Community Tennis Center; 17 Naples Philharmonic League, Festival of Trees Gala, dinner, entertainment and auction of holiday trees at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples; 19-20, 23-25 Philharmonic Center for the Arts, The Nutcracker Boutique and Festival of Trees, beautiful holiday items for gift-giving and decoration, display of decorated Christmas trees; 239-597-1900. 29 Education Foundation of Collier County, Champions for Learning Education Forum, Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples; 30 Ave Maria, Celebration of Lights, outdoor ice-skating garden, parade, food and drink; 30 Casino Night Cruise on the Naples Princess, Shoutout About Crohn’s!: Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness fundraiser; 239-649-2275.

SPORTS 1-4 Calusa Blueway Paddling Festival, novice and advanced paddlers, events on Sanibel Island and Pine Island, at sites along the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail; 3 Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, Third Annual Southwest Florida Epilepsy Walk, North Collier Regional Park, Naples; 239254-7710. 3 American Heart Association, 2012 Collier County Heart Walk, Cambier Park,

Naples; 239-495-4915. 17 Give Thanks Walk, fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, at Sugden Regional Park, Naples; 22 Gobble, Gobble 4 Miler, Thanksgiving Day Walk/Run and 1 Mile Walk, Village on Venetian Bay, Naples; 239-261-3042. 25 Eighth Annual Iron Joe Turkey Ride, fundraiser, sponsored by Arthrex Inc. and Naples Pathways Coalition, North Collier Regional Park; 239-810-5949.

Have a Ball. This striking foyer pendant will catch your guests by surprise. Who knew lighting could be so fun!

THEATER/DANCE Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, Live at the Promenade! Louder + Faster = Funnier, Youth Theatre, Nov. 9-10, Promenade at Bonita Bay;

NAPLES • 2465 Trade Center Way • 239-592-6006 BONITA SPRINGS • 3333 Renaissance Blvd • 239-948-9000 Monday – Thursday 9 to 6 • Friday 9 to 5 • Saturday 10 to 5 Fine Lighting Since 1975

Gulfshore Playhouse, Reza in Rep: ‘Art’ and God of Carnage, two shows on alternating days, Nov. 1-18, Norris Center, Naples; 239-261-7529.

Naples Illust Ad-Nov'12.indd 1

9/26/12 7:16 AM

Marco Players Theater, Marco Island, Plaza Suite, Nov. 7-25; Lunch Box Series: Ramsey’s Replicas, Nov. 10; 239-642-7270. The Naples Players, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, through Nov. 17, An Evening of Comedy, Etc. Reader’s Theatre, Nov. 11; Leading Ladies, Nov. 21-Dec. 15; Sugden Community Theatre; 239-263-7990.


Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, Broadway’s Next H!T Musical, Nov. 15-16; Deln Perry’s Tap Dogs, Nov. 11; Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto, Nov. 16; Miami City Ballet, The Nutcracker, Nov. 23-25; 239-597-1900.

(Carmine from “Laverne & Shirley”) as Pseudolus in


TheatreZone, Naples, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Nov. 29-Dec. 9, G&L Theater, Community School of Naples; 888-966-3352.


For updates and additional listings, visit

Nov. 29-Dec. 9, 2012

Broadway’s greatest musical farce takes comedy back to its roots

Buy online

Call TheatreZone Box Office 888-ZONE-FLA (1-888-966-3352) NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | NOVEMBER 2012  193 TZ_NI1/3Square.indd 1

9/27/12 9:23 AM


Kors in the garden

(continued from page 81) The woman who gets credit for starting it all 30 years back is Jeanne “Jeannie” Jones, a forward-thinker and smart cookie of a businesswoman. She and a partner, Peggy Meldrum, had operated a historic town hall in Cleveland when Jones realized she wanted to start a similar but for-profit speaker series in Naples to fill a cultural void. In 1983 there was no Philharmonic Center, no von Liebig Art Center and no professional regional theater troupes. One night with Henry Kissinger in a packed 100-person room at Naples Bath & Tennis Club, and Jones knew it was only the beginning. The next year she had three speakers come to the Registry Resort (now the Waldorf Astoria), and the engagements stayed there through 2010. She set up a modest office on Third Street South, and it happened to be where Earle Borman, Rick’s father and a semiretired executive at Kodak, decided to set up camp when he moved to Naples in 2001. By 2003, when Jeanne and her husband announced they wanted to sell the business, Earle and his wife put in a bid. When his family took over, Rick was “a serial entrepreneur” in Connecticut; he had been involved in a coffee company, a slate-roofing business, and one that preserved cedar roofs. He started coming to Naples each winter to help Dad with marketing—and wound up meeting his wife, Lori, the second year on the job. In 2007, he took center stage. Doing his best Marlon Brando impersonation, Borman describes the hospital scene in which Earle lay in front of him, a victim of a double embolism and throat cancer believing his days were numbered. He asked Rick to run the upcoming talks and told him it was his mission to one day soon lead the family business. Fortunately, Earle recovered and still can be seen in the office, but Rick, it turns out, was a natural. Not only could he hold his own in front of a packed crowd, cracking jokes and getting people excited for the headliner of the night, but he also had vision. He and Lori formally purchased the 194  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

(continued from page 87) business in 2008, and soon after he hired Fralick to be the Cher to his Sonny. Then in 2009 at the height of the Great Recession, he tripled the budget even though attendance was down by 400, and he incorporated the enterprise as a nonprofit. When I ask how they choose their subjects, Borman proffers, “shall we show her the dartboard? It’s half art, half science. Naples tends to lean right, so we start with the conservatives and build around them, but we want a mix. Not that you can tell from this year, but we want women. And we know we’re doing something right when people complain.”

Borman and Fralick have been actively trying to court a younger audience, with Tim Tebow the focus of much hype. With a conspiratorial grin, he lets Fralick fill me in on a story in which someone was screaming and had to be ejected from the room during Malcolm Gladwell’s lecture— that’s how much The New Yorker writer exasperated the conservative crowd. Both Borman and Fralick have been actively trying to court a younger audience as well, with Tebow the focus of much hype. But hand in hand with their switchover to nonprofit status, Fralick pushed for the development of the Youth Ambassador Program that launched last year. A partnership with local schools, it brings 100 children to each event. The speaker of the day spends about 15 minutes before the lecture with them, giving a tailored, inspirational message. And the hour between when the guest leaves the room to when he takes the podium, the organization arranges for local leaders to address the kids on a similar topic for further learning. The icing on the cake is seeing the real lecture via simulcast. “That’s the future. No matter how much I love celebrities, Jill always reminds me of our mission to enrich the cultural landscape,” Borman says. “It’s why we’re here.” u

understand women’s bodies, hear feedback and realize which fabrics worked and which didn’t, he says. “I definitely learned many lessons in the dressing rooms at Marissa Collections,” he says. “Definitely, definitely, definitely.” He also learned about his clients’ lifestyles as he got to know Neapolitans on a personal level. During his visits, Kors unwound with Hartington and her family at their home, fostering a friendship over swapped stories about life experiences and travels. After a trunk show, Kors and Hartington would share a hamburger, his favorite food, on a picnic table in the parking lot behind her store. “What I love about Marissa is I think she’s got a great eye. She’s got unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. And I think that she loves people, and all of those things are things that you could say about me,” he says. “So I think the minute that we met, we were kindred spirits.” The trunk shows wound down as Kors’ success took off in 1997 when he became the head designer for the French line Celine. After repopularizing the brand and winning two CFDA awards, he designed his last collection at Celine in fall 2004 to focus on his own label. He last visited Naples in 2007, when Hartington opened a boutique in Marissa Collections dedicated to his line. “I’ve seen her store grow. She’s seen my business grow and my collection grow. It’s nice when you see things evolve over the years,” Kors says. “But still, at the same time, I think both of us still feel like kids, which is so important to us.” It’s one of the common denominators that suggests not much has changed since Kors’ early visits to Naples. Those closest to him maintain that his personality, clients and fashions have remained consistent over the years. And as he shows his spring collection at Hats in the Garden, he hopes to reconnect with Neapolitans over fashion, laughter or perhaps a hamburger. “Maybe we’ll have a new photo to put up at Marissa’s store this year,” Zaiser says. u

Social Observer 2



4 5 7

OPERA NAPLES What: The annual Eurofest has become a Naples summer tradition. Guests enjoyed international cuisine and music, highlights of Opera Naples’ upcoming season, and a chance to win a weekend lease for a Bentley or a week lease for a Jaguar. Venue: The showroom of Naples Luxury Imports 1. Steffanie Pearce 2. Leah Summers, Stephanie Christiano, Lorna Segall 3. Eileen Fuller 4. Marty and Jack Pearce 5. Maureen and Charley Nevaril 6. Eva and Barry Sands 7. Clemcello Deliso, Sam Vasquez, Steffanie Pearce


Pat Shapiro, Flying Colors of Naples





4 5

6 American Cancer Society What: The “Put on Your Pink Bra” Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Kick-Off Party was hosted by presenting sponsor Premiere Oncology. Venue: Joe’s Crab Shack 1. Cristina Gonzales, Mary Ricciardi, Liliana Quintero, Gigi Ricciardi 2. Lori Langley, Susan Keehner 3. Stacey Deffenbaugh 4. Olyvia Eldridge 5. Timothy Kerwin 6. Maureen Aughton 7. Jay Wang, William Figlesthaler, Timothy Kerwin


Social Observer






Marco Island Yacht Club What: Eleventh Annual Dog Days Party


1. Ken Pagach, Jan Rath 2. Pat and Norm Terreri, Jan Minuitti 3. Gentry Clark, Lisa Luft 4. Lori and Walter Fabisiak 5. Ken Stroud, Kathy Lopas 6. Lisa and Ken Gandy

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Trevor James Samborski, Samborski Studios


4 Wine Tasters of Naples What: The Third Annual Cheers for Charity fundraiser, “Viva Italia … Under the Napoli Moon,” raised $72,500 for Youth Haven, St. Matthew’s House and The Shelter for Abused Women & Children. Venue: Lely Resort 1. Sandie Mathias, Mark Schwartz 2. Elyse Lightner, Jerry Severson, Cindy Lightner 3. Karol Little 4. Carla Randlett, John Griffen 5. Margo Vincent, Sherri Weidman 6. Sandra Hoeffler, Bill Harding




SEEDS OF CHANGE By Christina Wells

To Nicholas and Eleanor Chabraja, the Naples Botanical Garden is a very special place. Since its start in 1993, the oasis has flourished—especially after the 2008 overhaul that helped cultivate public interest in the whole surrounding Bayshore neighborhood. Now the Chabrajas are two of the driving forces behind the garden’s ongoing growth. Last November, the couple gifted $5 million to fund the next phase of its expansion: The donation will finance construction of The Eleanor and Nicholas Chabraja Visitor Center. The facility will break ground in 2013 and serve as a showcase for sustainable design. “The establishment of a world-class botanical garden has done wonderful things for Naples,” says Eleanor. “It has revitalized the area. The garden is a 170-acre paradise and it’s getting better and better.” Nick, the former CEO of General Dynamics Corp., and Eleanor, a retired school teacher, are also significant supporters of Northwestern University, where Nick earned his undergraduate and law degrees. In addition, the Chabrajas contribute to DePauw University, the alma mater of their three children. “Eleanor and I are greatly appreciative of the education we received,” says Nick. “We attribute our personal success to it. We also feel an obligation to support the institution that beautifully educated our children and the spouses they met there.” At Northwestern, Nick and Eleanor established the Chabraja Center for Historical Studies. At DePauw, the couple financed construction of the school’s indoor tennis center and a residence hall. The Chabrajas are involved with several philanthropic initiatives as well in the Washington, D.C., area where General Dynamics is headquartered. Through the group SOME (So Others Might Eat), the duo financed construction of Chabraja House, a refuge for the capital’s homeless population. They support the Washington National Opera and the National Women’s Museum of the Arts. Additionally, Nick and Eleanor contribute to the restoration effort currently under way at the city’s historic Ford Theatre. which we live,” says Nick. “There is always an opportunity to fill the bucket.” u



“We look to meet the needs of the communities in

Naples Illustrated November 2012  

The Naples Luxury LIfestyle

Naples Illustrated November 2012  

The Naples Luxury LIfestyle