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Patrick Nolan

Luxury Sailing Yachts Neapolitans on Safari


Breitling, the leading manufacturer of mechanical chronographs. Bentley, maker of legendary cars. In associating their respective fields of excellence, the two brands with their “winged B� insignia have created watches combining the best of their respective worlds. Performance and prestige. Power and luxury. Elegance and accomplishment.Tradition and innovation. Fine craftsmanship and high technology. Endowed with eminently stylish aesthetics, refined finishes, chronometer-certified movements and exclusive technical features, Breitling for Bentley chronographs naturally appeal to all connoisseurs and devotees of exceptional watches. Fine motors encased in beautiful bodywork.



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features 46 I Am Fashion Journey through a stylist’s closet full of coveted frocks and baubles. Photography by Robert Adamo

54 Super Men Meet the seven stellar guys readers selected on as the finest around town. By Kat Smith

68 Into Africa Wildly stunning images capture the Naples Zoo’s transatlantic adventure. Photography by Larry W. Richardson

76 Sail Away for the Day Fun on the water is easy breezy in one of the new breed of luxury day sailers. By Howard Walker

82 Net Gains Healthy diets and exercise go high-tech with digital tools. By Liza Grant Smith

Carlo F. Zampogna, featured in “Super Men,” page 54; 1970 Chevrolet C10 supplied by Dream Cars of Naples




naples, 5395 Tamiami Trail norTh. Call 239.592.5900, VisiT saKs.Com/naples or FinD Us on FaCeBooK, TWiTTer, iTUnes anD saKspoV.Com


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On the Cover: Patrick Nolan, featured in “Super Men,” page 54; 1957 Chevrolet 150 supplied by Dream Cars of Naples Photography: Vanessa Rogers Shot at: Scandia Productions, Naples


14 From the Publisher 16 Editor’s Letter 18 Social Observer


34 Cameos Dr. Lynne Powell, Tim Tassin, Hannah Kandel


23 Trends Fashion inspired by Downton Abbey

37 Dish Bone-in filet, Cloyde’s Steak & Lobster House

26 Treasure Accessorize like Agent 007

38 Local Flavor Dining news

28 Vanity Gilded beige tones for fall

40 Spirits Craft distilleries

30 Tastemakers Terron Schaefer of NBC’s Fashion Star reality show


CHARISMA 33 Q&A Broadway’s Elizabeth A. Davis 6  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

BALANCE 99 Namaste, Naples Forty days of yoga, plus the latest on living well

AGENDA 103 Culture A colorful exhibit in Bonita Springs 104 Calendar 108 Social Observer

42 First Class Le Sereno, St. Barth’s


44 High Road Maserati’s GranTurismo Convertible Sport

112 Building Community Russell Budd and Bart Zino of PBS Construction Inc.

Free Prostate Exam and PSA Blood Test. When: Saturday, September 8th & Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 Where: NAPLES | 990 Tamiami Trail North, Naples COLLIER | 8350 Sierra Meadows Blvd., Naples PINE RIDGE | 6101 Pine Ridge Rd., Desk 31, Naples MARCO ISLAND | 40 South Heathwood Dr., Marco Island BONITA SPRINGS | 28930 Trails Edge Blvd., Bonita Springs FORT MYERS | 4571 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers CAPE CORAL | 24 Del Prado Blvd. North, Cape Coral

Please call to reserve an appointment:

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Elizabeth Fox, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon On-site AAAA Surgical Facility • Overnight Facility Available Visit our website for more before & after photos. before




Both patients had facial procedures performed by Dr. Elizabeth Fox.

SEMINAR Published Author in Breast Surgery Textbook

Wed., September 5 • 2pm Wed., September 19th • 2pm th

RSVP: (239) 262-8585 Call our office about complimentary consultations.

Female/Male Facelifts • Necklifts • Endoscopic Browlifts Eyelid Surgery • Rhinoplasty • Female/Male Jaw Implants RADIESSE® for Lip Augmentation/Lines around Mouth Fat Implantation (Liquid Facelift) Juvederm™ • BOTOX® • Restylane® Breast Augmentation (Cleavage Enhancement) Minimal Scar Breast Lift • Breast Reduction Minimal Scar Arm Lift • Thigh Lift • Body Liposuction “Brazilian” Abdominoplasty (Reduces Waist Size) Hair Transplants (Single Hair Graft) Sciton Laser Resurfacing Treatments Micro Laser Peel • Vein & Hair Removal Laser Latisse™ (Eyelash Lengthener) • Acne Care 827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples (west of US 41, south of Waterside Shops)

(239) 262-8585

Skin Health with

Board Certified Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Elizabeth Fox answers frequently asked questions.

Plastic surgery is cutting-edge, exciting and life-altering. People are taking better care of their health and therefore living more productive, fulfilling and longer lives. This is why it is important that your outward appearance projects the vitality and youth that you feel on the inside. Join us on this rewarding journey and discover the difference plastic surgery will make in your life.


Dear Dr. Fox, when I look in the mirror, I see that my skin is sagging and now there are age spots. I want to change that. I have thought about either doing a laser treatment or a facelift, but I’m not sure what would be the best choice for me. What are the differences between the two, and what can I expect as a result?


You raise a very key point, and there is a significant difference between the results of a laser treatment and a facelift. As you are probably aware, there are many types of lasers. For facial rejuvenation, we use a laser that will basically resurface the skin. It removes fine lines, reduces age spots (pigmentation spots) and slightly tightens the skin. We use other lasers to reduce blood vessels on the face or the blushing that is typically seen from rosacea. We all know what gravity does to different parts of our bodies, including our faces, as we age. When I do my vertical facelift, I elevate the structures back to their normal anatomical position of your youth. You just look like yourself, refreshed and younger. This is different from lasers. Lasers primarily help skin strength and texture, and they are excellent for your lower eyelids and around your mouth. Facelifts help you appear less tired and less sad by helping with the corners or your mouth and the jowl area.


Dear Dr. Fox, I am so disappointed with what has happened to my body since I started menopause. I just don’t have the same shape that I used to, and fat is depositing in areas that it never did before. I am scared to have the procedure, but I know that I will never be totally comfortable with myself if I don’t do anything. I am still gaining weight and really want to stop this from getting any worse. Help!


Knowledge about both procedures will help you feel more comfortable about having the surgery. Both procedures can be performed safely. Liposuction is a rather simple procedure that, when performed in moderate amounts, can be quite easy to heal from. In addition, the benefits for your health are quite significant. Both a tummy tuck and liposuction can improve your cardiac health by reducing the fat around the middle. In fact, many patients are able to reduce their blood pressure medicines and their diabetes medications after surgery. A tummy tuck is wonderful for easing back pain—not to mention looking better in clothing, which has enormous positive emotional effects. We often find that our patients lose weight after a tummy tuck. Our patients all say that they are less hungry after they undergo tightening of their abdomen. Remember, we also tighten the waistline and bring you back to your youthful figure.


Please give me a hint on how I can really know who is the best surgeon for the procedure I am interested in. Should I go to a physician who specializes in facelifts or does it really matter?


Plastic surgery is an art that is practiced not only by board certified plastic surgeons, but also by many surgical subspecialties such as ophthalmology or ear, nose, and throat. Only a physician who has completed a plastic surgery residency and is board certified in plastic surgery is trained to rejuvenate the entire body. One should choose a plastic surgeon based upon their before-and-after pictures, as well as how they feel in the presence of the surgeon. I believe that patients have great intuition and can feel who can attain those results as well as who sincerely cares about their end results.

827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, FL 34103 | 239-262-8585 (West of US 41, One Block South of Waterside Shops)

Plastic Surgery - Ask Dr.Fox

Elizabeth Fox, M.D.

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INTRODUCING THE ALL- NEW CADILL AC X TS We invented a new way to warn you of danger with the Safety Alert Seat. And its revolutionary CUE 1 driver interface brings the simplicity of a tablet to your car. The XTS ushers in new standards with every ingenious detail. See how the all-new XTS is bringing the future forward at


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Strength by tHe numbers


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agazines are hot. Newspapers are not. That mindset prevails not only in the United States but in China, too. I find it fascinating, but I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. The economy in China is radically different than it was a decade ago, and disposable income has increased dramatically during a sustained period of growth. Expansion as such has always been good for the magazine business in this country. For luxury advertisers, magazines are indispensable for positioning their upscale and niche products and services, and for creating public awareness and a positive impression. (By the way, study after study says readers turn to magazines as much for the advertising as for the editorial content. That’s one reason we are particular about the advertising we court—we aim to have it complement what we do editorially.) For many of us in the industry, experiencing growth in a sluggish economy is a strong signal that we’re doing something right. We know what that is, and we’re going to keep doing it: targeting an audience that appreciates the best life offers, including objects of the highest quality. Interestingly, that’s what appears to be the driving force behind China’s media landscape. Some of the magazines that have published in China for quite some time—such as Reader’s Digest, with its appeal to a mass audience—are going away. However, upscale magazines are booming, covering fashion, exotic cars, luxury travel and fine dining better than anyone. Newspapers in China, like those here, are not faring well. China has 500 million Internet users, and more and more of them, especially the younger ones, get their daily news online just like readers here. While I can’t imagine not having a newspaper to flip through each morning with my coffee, I understand how people who haven’t grown up with a paper on their doorstep don’t have that habit. And I’m happy that institutions like The New York Times (which charges for unlimited access to its website) are earning record-setting online profits. A healthy society needs solid news reporting. There are many differences between China and the United States. The practice of hard news is probably one of them. But it’s encouraging that both societies agree that when it comes to luxury, magazines are the place to find it. Our company has no plans to expand to China, but a cross-cultural exchange on occasion would be intriguing, so long as I can read The New York Times online.


KREISS MAKES LUXURY LOOK EFFORTLESS. WE MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU. At Interiors by Design West, your lifestyle is the inspiration behind our team’s interior design success. With a unique team approach and strategic partnership with luxury furniture brand Kreiss, we transform your ideal home environment into a reality. Visit our showroom located at Mercato in Naples for a complimentary Design Profile to help define your style and create a space that is distinctly you.

FINE FURNITURE, INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES, CUSTOM RENOVATIONS, MODEL MERCHANDISING, CUSTOM CABINETRY HOURS: MON – THUR: 10 A.M. – 7 P.M. • FRI – SAT: 10 A.M. – 9 P.M. 9118 Strada Place, Mercato 8130 • Naples, FL 34108 • • • 239.249.6800



Dorothea Hunter Sönne



hen my husband and I moved to this corner of the Paradise Coast two years ago, we both had a history of bouncing around. I grew up in New Jersey, went to college and grad school in Chicago, and then worked in New York. Erick started life in Buenos Aires and came to the States for university in D.C. before migrating to the Big Apple. We hadn’t planned on settling in Naples, but when a too-good-to-pass-up job came along for Erick, we embraced our sense of adventure and hopped the first flight down. With my background in magazine journalism as an editor and writer (I left a five-year run at O, The Oprah Magazine to move here), I figured I could be productive anywhere as long as I had my trusty Mac laptop. Within what seemed like a blink of an eye, I wound up aligning myself with Fodor’s Travel, the 75-year-old guidebook behemoth. As the company’s local reporter I had to learn the ropes of my new town—plus the rest of South Florida—and learn them fast. I covered everything from the opening of Barbatella on Third Street South to the best cultural spot to take the kids in Palm Beach County (in my humble opinion, the Boca Raton Museum of Art). I was constantly on the go, yo-yoing across I-75, and it was from this that I learned two things. One was that Naples had become my home: Not only had Erick and I bought a house and put down roots, but every time I left, within a matter of days, I yearned to be back. Additionally, while I loved what I was doing, I realized I missed the creative process that goes into producing a magazine on a monthly basis. I would rush to my mailbox, snag the latest issues of my umpteen subscriptions, and wistfully flip through pages, wanting to share my latest dining discoveries or fashion finds with others in an instantly accessible format and one with which I was so familiar. And that is why I’m thrilled to be sitting at my desk writing this message to you. We’ve got a brand new annual feature celebrating our community’s shining stars with “Super Men” (page 54); special thanks to the thousands of you who participated in the social media campaign to select these local leaders. Aside from this story, expect more changes to Naples Illustrated and in the coming months. Both already are must-read sources of information, but I hope to exceed any expectations you may have. To that end, your feedback is invaluable, so please keep in touch. I know this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



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Social Observer



4 3

6 5

7 Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series What: Former Secretary of State and author Condoleezza Rice spoke to a crowd of more than 1,200 attendees at the final event of the Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series’ twenty-ninth season. Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event

1. Reg and Sandra Buxton, John Jay, Sharon Martin 2. Jo Anna Bradshaw, Condoleezza Rice, Wilson Bradshaw 3. Jennie Cheng, Kermit Sutton 4. Matt and Angi Pietzak, Kathy Cleeland, Pat Baier 5. Allen Weiss, Marie Carlson, Carl Mollenkamp, Vicki Tracy 6. Ashley Soloman, Veora Little, Jill Wheeler 7. Paul J. and Betsy Ross Koller, Robin Lavin, Carol Drewniak 18  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

2 1


GOLISANO Children’s Museum of Naples What: The Dream Gala, with more than 520 attendees, raised an estimated $450,000 for the museum. Venue: In and around the museum 1. B. Thomas Golisano 2. Simone and Scott Lutgert 3. Ally Loos 4. Table setting 5. Marquelda and Ed Jones 6. Kellie Burns 7. Shelly Stayer

Girard Photography


6 5



Social Observer 2




Friends of Rookery Bay What: Third Annual Batfish Bash for the Bay Venue: Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event 1. Bill and Jennifer Owens 2. Tara Adragna, Susan Freshwater, Nancy Bullock, Carrie Gordley, Tasha Wilson 3. Sam and Amy Saad 4. Meredith Bayer, Jill Schmid 5. Rob and Sherri Grassi 6. Jane Peterson, Carolyn Cachianis




trends BEST OF BRITISH Fall fashion inspired by Downton Abbey? Spot on.


By Katherine Lande

The English countryside celebrated in the PBS TV show Downton Abbey has influenced the collections this season. Case in point: this Hermès Arceau Pocket Amazones with grand feu paillonné enameled dial and alligator cord ( More pieces are featured on page 24.




The classic glamour of the English countryside informs the runway this fall. Highclere


feather in your cap Pheasant feather hat ($1,320), Roberto Cavalli,

bead it Beaded iPad case ($5,880), Fendi,

take flight Bird brooch,


based on a nineteenth century design (price on request), Tiffany & Co.,

well heeled Chelsea plaid pump ($428), Cole Haan,; leather boot with python straps ($2,295), Christian Louboutin,

glove ($175), Tory Burch,

animal instinct Quilted clutch ($1,995), Burberry,


Illustration: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division [reproduction number, e.g., LC-USZ62-90145]

take a bow Burgundy bow

HOME DESIGN Cindy Christensen, A.S.I.D. 239 300 0341





Channel your inner 007 with Men’s jewelry inspired by the iconic spy’s suave style. By KAT SMITH




What would James wear? Diamonds are forever, but there's more. 5

1. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall Limited Edition watch ($6,500) will adorn the wrist of Agent 007 in the upcoming Bond flick, Skyfall. Omega Boutique, Aventura (305-931-8788; 2. Unique, custom Salvati pendant is mokume-gane mixed metal with tanzanite and diamonds; similar pieces can be made. (Price on request.) Wm. Phelps Custom Jeweler, Naples (239-434-2233; 3. Milus cuff links in manly stainless steel ($365) feature mechanical clockwork movement, with 360-degree rotatable oscillating weight. Provident Jewelry, Naples (239-649-7200; 4. A gold and diamond estate ring exudes sophistication; similar styles available. (Price on request.) Bigham Jewelers, Naples (239-434-2800; 5. Rose-cut rainbow moonstone cuff links by Irene Neuwirth ($1,120) glam up a tux with cool style. Marissa Collections, Naples (239-263-4333; 6. Montblanc limited-edition writing instruments pay tribute to another cinematic icon, Alfred Hitchcock ($3,745). Also available in rollerball ($3,195). Arabesque of Naples (239-403-0043;





Voted the Best Shopping Center in Southwest Florida


Come see our new family of Pekin Ducks at the Nike Fountain


*Subject to monthly maintenance fee. Terms and Conditions of the Card Agreement are set forth at Copyright © 2012, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation.

0912-1724 • (239) 948-3766 • Gift Cards Available* Open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I-75, Exit 123, Corkscrew Rd./Miromar Outlets Blvd. In Estero, between Naples & Fort Myers




Check out our beauty blog, VANITY, on

Fall is all about subtle sparkle, neutrals with a metallic pop. On our counter this season: Chanel Lumière d’Artifices illuminating powder in Beige ($65, Saks Fifth Avenue); Givenchy Mister Radiant Made-to-Measure Glow ($37.50) and Le Prisme eye quad in Acoustic Harmony ($57, both at Sephora); Dior Golden Jungle Collection eye shadow and lip gloss compact ($70) and nail color in Golden Era ($23, both at; and Dolce & Gabbana Lace lip gloss in Shimmer ($32, Saks Fifth Avenue).






Star Quality People around the world recognize Terron Schaefer, executive vice president and chief creative officer for Saks Fifth Avenue, thanks to the high profile he gained via his role as a featured buyer on the NBC reality TV show Fashion Star. The international man of style chatted with NI about Saks’ fall campaign while he was in Rome, serving as a judge for Who Is On Next?, a young designers competition sponsored by Vogue magazine’s Italian edition. Schaefer will return for the second season of Fashion Star, set to air in March. —Kat Smith

NI: What fueled the concepts for the

Will you be back for the next season of

How would you describe your personal

upcoming fall campaign and September

Fashion Star?

fashion sense?

catalog for Saks?

I have signed up for a second season. … It’s

I have a routine; I could get dressed in the

Schaefer: Well, the buzzword around Saks

an interesting experience because you really

dark and know what I look like, just by vir-

is “omni.” Everything is omni-channel, every-

do recognize the power of television. When I

tue of the fact that every shirt is one or two

thing connected, everything one kind of

got to Rome, I was walking down one of the

styles. … And every suit is cut on the exact

voice. In 1958, there was a big World’s Fair

streets, and a woman came up to me with

same pattern. I’ve got multiple pairs of the

in Brussels, and the theme was omni. It was

two thumbs up and said, “Love your show!”

same shoes; I’ve got black and brown and a

all about the atom, and about how the atom

… Wherever I go, there are people who come

couple that are suede. It’s a kind of uniform.

connected particles. … The initial inspiration

up and comment about the show.

I’m not a slave to any one designer.

for the campaign is a huge piece of sculpture called Atomium in Brussels. I was think-

Do you have an affinity for any fashion

ing about the paintings of Damien Hurst,


primarily the dot paintings. Also photographs

Wristwatches! The only jewelry I wear. I

of Horst P. Horst, the German photographer,

have a pretty impressive collection. I’ve got

using big discs and balls and spheres. … It’s

a platinum A. Lange & Söhne 1, which is

a really beautiful but very simple idea.

probably the most sophisticated watch ever made. … I’ve got Breguet, I’ve got Vacheron Constantin … a couple of Audemars Piguets. I’ve got a fantastic Piaget; it’s two watches in one. There are two flat dials, and it’s sort of pretentious and affected when you press the button and one kind of springs open and reveals the other one directly underneath.

Above: Atomium, the gigantic sculpture in Brussels, sparked Schaefer’s idea for the fall campaign he created for Saks Fifth Avenue.

What else do you collect? I’m a big collector of black and white photography. Probably my most treasured one is one that I bought in Cuba from the photographer [Alberto] Korda of Che Guevara, the famous photograph of Che Guevara with the beret on. I was in Cuba and managed to track down Korda. I went to his house and saw him pull out from under his bed a box of prints. In this box was the photograph of Che Guevara that I bought for $500. u


@ WS

Wat E R s i D E

s h o P s


all things fashion


6 - 9 P M | C E L E B R AT I O N

CoCKtails INFORMAL MOdELING in stoRE EvEnts S P E C I A L O F F E R S fa l l t R E n D s M U S I C + m o R E


ILLUSTRATED Seagate Drive (Pine Ridge) & Tamiami Trail N. (U.S. 41) Naples, FL. complimentary valet parking | 239-598-1605







F l o r i da’ s W e a lt h i e s t R e a d e r s



WEDDINGS Honeymoons in the wild Beach wedding essentials

Diamond Anniversary Edition


60 Years of sTYle

The Palm Beach 20: Local Legends

Fresh looks for spring Food enthusiasts Wines to drink now







the jewel of palm beach













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Since she appeared as Sister James in Gulfshore Playhouse’s production of Doubt in Naples, Texas native Elizabeth A. Davis has hit the Great White Way. She was nominated for a Tony Award for her role as Reza, a violin-playing Czech immigrant in the Tony Award Best Musical Once. She is working on a one-woman production to be staged at New York’s Cherry Lane Theatre in February. NI talked with the actress as she was headed to a movie audition. —Kat Smith n Must be cool, having your very first gig on Broadway turn out to be a Tony-nominated role in a Tony-winning musical. It’s pretty exciting indeed. [When starting out,] you do your work, keep your head down, meet people and perform your best. When you get on Broadway, you’re thankful for work that pays the bills and that you are artistically proud of. For people to recognize your work with a Tony nomination on top of that is just a dream come true. n Can you tell us more about the one-woman show you are writing and performing at the Cherry Lane Theatre? It’s about my roots and my grandparents, and about a Native American homeless man [José Gonzalez] who has become my family, whom I have known since I was 18 at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. ... It’s about family; it’s about land; it’s about beauty and discovering one’s self. n How was your experience in Doubt with Gulfshore Playhouse? It was one of my favorite roles to prepare for because being a woman of faith, it was fun to crawl into the skin of this woman and prepare for the character. There was such a beautiful innocence … there was a pristine beauty to the preparation required for this character—to Sister James—that I rarely find.




Well Done When Dr. Lynne Powell assumed the role as head of school at Seacrest Country Day School in Naples in 1993, it had just over 100 students from pre-kindergarten through grade six. Under Powell’s leadership, Seacrest grew and

First Class “Seacreast is where we live our noble purpose: to do well, but also to do good,” says Dr. Lynne Powell.

Naples artist Hannah Kandel was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at 15 months old. Early intervention enabled her to enjoy many “typical” childhood experiences and attend mainstream school. Her painting Crazy Love was selected by

now sits on a 40-acre campus with more than

the United Nations from works by 200 autistic

500 students from pre-kindergarten through

individuals to adorn a special-issue stamp com-

grade 12. Powell retired from Seacrest in June

memorating National Autism Month. In April,

after 24 years at the helm. “It has been an

Kandel and other winning artists attended the

honor and a privilege to help create a school

Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange,

where children are celebrated for who they

the U.N. International Panel Discussion on

are,” Powell says. “Seacrest is where we live

Autism and a reception honoring the artists. “I

our noble purpose: to do well, but also to do

hope the stamp makes people more aware of

good.” —Christina Wells

autism,” she says. —C.W.

Family Store A general contractor for 38 years, Tim Tassin adds inventor to his résumé. The Naples resident, along with son Chris and brother Mike, launched the patented Cabidor, a storage cabinet mounted to existing hinge pins on the back of any standard door. Offering the storage capacity of six average-sized medicine cabinets, Cabidor was named Best Overall Product at the International Home & Housewares Show and the National Hardware Show. With its website Tim Tassin happily shares his business success with his son and his brother. 34  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

launch, Cabidor is going global. “Bringing Cabidor to market was a five-year process, so the instant acceptance is gratifying,” Tassin says. “It’s wonderful to share success with family.” —C.W.

Hannah Kandel wants her awardwinning painting to show others that, like art, all people are unique.

Prostate Cancer Screening:

The REAL Scoop! By William Figlesthaler, M.D., board certified Urologist of Specialists in Urology Prostate cancer screening and PSA have received a great deal of press over the past couple of years, and it is time to set the record straight. Consistent with most years, in 2011 there were 240,890 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in the United States and 33,720 U.S. men died of prostate cancer that same year. Think about it. With wide spread screening for prostate cancer in the most advanced country in the world for cancer treatment, we still have over 33,000 deaths per year due to this disease! Imagine how large this number might be without early detection and treatment. Despite this common sense look at the actual numbers, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) has recommended against routine screening of men for prostate cancer. It may be worth noting that the USPSTF is a congressionally-mandated government agency appointed by the Agency for Healthcare, Research and Quality (AHRQ) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There are no urologists or oncologists on this government-appointed panel. This is also the same panel of individuals who make recommendations on what services should be covered under Medicare and Medicaid. In 2009, the USPSTF tried unsuccessfully to eliminate mammograms and self breast exams for women ages 40-49. Their recommendations were subsequently rejected by congress due to the massive outcry of both the medical community and the public. At the same time they were going to release their recommendations against prostate screening, but held them back until recently due to the negative press they suffered after advising against breast cancer screening. It is noteworthy that even the USPSTF acknowledges that prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer in U.S. men and the second leading cause of cancer death in U.S. men. Despite this acknowledgement and with no new research, other than a cursory review of selected articles predating 2008, they argue that routine screening for prostate cancer is unnecessary.

screening. The results were a 44% reduction in death rates due to prostate cancer in the screened group! This study was not part of the USPSTF’s research. It is worth noting again that the USPSTF is the panel who makes recommendations on what should be covered under Medicare and Medicaid. Just think of the cost savings to the government if nearly 250,000 men did not undergo prostate biopsies and were not offered cancer treatments. Thankfully for women, this didn’t fly with breast cancer. Who will be the ones to suffer? Most likely it will be the underinsured, those who live in rural areas where health care is limited, those with a positive family history of prostate cancer and African Americans who currently have the highest death rate from prostate cancer. The following are the current screening recommendations: • All men should undergo a baseline digital rectal examination (DRE) and PSA blood test at age 40 years. • All men should undergo annual DRE’s and PSA’s beginning at age 50. • For those men who are at high risk for developing prostate cancer such as a positive family history or African Americans annual DRE’s and PSA’s should begin at age 35 years. Despite the USPSTF’s statement, prostate cancer screening is strongly recommended as per the above protocols by the American Urological Association, the American Society for Radiation Therapy and Oncology as well as the American Cancer Society.

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A large study called the “Gőteborg Randomized Population-Based Prostate Cancer Screening Trial” was published in Lancet Oncology in August 2010. The study looked at 20,000 men over a fourteen year period of time and randomized them to screening versus no






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The bone-in filet mignon at Cloyde’s Steak & Lobster House in The Village on Venetian Bay is a succulent masterpiece. Leaving the bone on the steak enhances the flavor of the thick-cut filet without sacrificing tenderness. The chef ages the prime beef for 28 days, which makes it as flavorful and tender as possible. The bone-in filet is an uncommon cut, but diners can enjoy it every day at Cloyde’s.



local flavor

Brunch, Cuban-Style

Corey Heath, chef at The Dock at Crayton Cove, has created a unique dish—a Cuban ropa vieja egg-and-steak sandwich, available on the Sunday brunch menu. It consists of chopped steak served with two eggs over easy, a spicy tomato-pepper sauce and manchego cheese pressed between two slices of Cuban bread. Go early; the sandwich often sells out.

Shop and Sip The Dock’s Cuban brunch sandwich

the grapevine Al and Jessica Fialkovich, founders of Decanted Wine & Beer, have sold the popular wine shop on Pine Ridge Road to move back to Colorado. While the name of the new owner remains under wraps, the store’s staff continues to offer small production wines and beers, as well as weekly themed tastings and other special events. In North Naples, The Wine Merchant has relocated to a brighter location next to EVOO Bistro. Stop by to peruse the unique wall of wines, and during season, shop the assortment of cheeses, pâtés and other goods. —Leah Ciesla


Decanted holds tastings and classes each month.

Business is blooming following a 1,300-square-foot addition to the upscale Wildflower Boutique in The Village on Venetian Bay. A unique part of the upgrade is a wine and coffee bar, taking retail therapy to a whole new level. Shoppers can enjoy a glass of vino or a macchiato while perusing designer fashions. An outdoor patio for fashion shows and special events is also new. Great clothes, a sophisticated atmosphere, tasty refreshments and attentive service make Wildflower a fun fashion destination. —Ashley Huntsberry-Lett

Tweets and Treats A fresh, new business named Let’s YO! recently opened in The Shoppes at Vanderbilt. It’s not the usual ice cream or frozen yogurt shop. In addition to a wide variety of decadent frozen yogurt flavors, like rocky road, cheesecake, espresso and cherry limeade, as well as fresh toppings, the store features iPads and TV screens showing live updates of the company’s social media networks. It’s kind of like the Apple Store, but with the added allure of frozen desserts. The all-natural yogurt comes in nonfat, low-fat and no-sugar-added options—perfect for health-conscious Neapolitans with a sweet tooth. Integrating yummy fro yo with social media in a cool shop is a sweet and modern idea. —A.H.

We Propose


12 AMAZING FLORIDA WEDDINGS Honeymoons in the wild Beach wedding essentials




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Small wonder Explosively popular craft distillers prove that when it comes to spirits, small is big. By Mark Spivak

Above from left: Death’s Door Spirits vodka; founder Brian Ellison; the Wisconsin distillery


Many consumers believe that smaller is better. Few ventures seem to fire the imagination more than the boutique winery or the microdistiller—the familyowned David versus the corporate Goliath, turning out a handcrafted product against all odds. In the world of spirits, craft distillers have been the rage in recent years. These makers were usually defined as those producing fewer than 40,000 cases annually. Lately, however, these companies have been growing larger, and some are morphing into nationally distributed brands. While marketing can keep the romance alive, the challenge is maintaining quality at much higher production levels. Solutions can be creative. When Patrón Tequila built its new distillery in Mexico a few years back, the company was faced with the problem of keeping quality high as the brand approached sales of two million cases each year. Distiller Francisco Alcaraz solved the puzzle by constructing 12 small facilities under one roof, each designed to turn out artisanal tequila. Here’s a quick roundup of some intriguing craft distillers’ spirits to try: VODKA: Death’s Door Spirits, Washington Island, Wisconsin ($30). Coming from a background in economic development, Brian Ellison, the company’s founder, decided to help the island’s farmers make their wheat crop more profitable. The vodka has a light and lyrical nose, and a rich texture accented by hints of white pepper. Combined with something floral, such as Dolin Vermouth, this would make a striking martini.


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Clockwise from left: action at Spring44’s distillery; WhistlePig rye; Spring44 gin

GIN: Spring44, Loveland, Colorado ($30). Cofounder and CEO Jeff Lindauer claims to have “the purest water on planet Earth,” emanating from a spring 9,044 feet up in a national park in the Colorado Rockies and untouched by any municipal water source. Spring44 is the only gin we’ve encountered that could be described as elegant. Aromas of anise, juniper and orange rind dominate the nose; gentle flavors of lemon and orange coat the palate, leading to a resonant finish. BOURBON: Angel’s Envy, Louisville, Kentucky ($50). Legendary distiller Lincoln Henderson retired in 2004 after nearly 40 years with Brown-Forman, where he developed Woodford Reserve, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Early Times. He’s spending his golden years making this bourbon, and it’s a stunner. Aged four to six years in charred white oak casks and finished in Port barrels, the texture is rich, sweet and unctuous, with impeccable balance.

Left to right: master distiller Lincoln Henderson; Angel’s Envy bourbon; John Hall with oak barrels in the Forty Creek cellar; Forty Creek Canadian Whiskey

RYE: WhistlePig, Shoreham, Vermont ($70). Rye whiskey is the hottest spirit on the market, and this is one of the best—100-percent rye, 100 proof and 10 years old. It’s made by Dave Pickerell, who spent 14 years at Maker’s Mark. WhistlePig is owned by Raj Peter Bhakta, who grows the rye on his 400-acre farm. On the tongue, this rye is big, bold and dramatic, with lots of caramel, vanilla, honey, spice, pepper, tannin ... and class. It’s an unforgettable whiskey. CANADIAN WHISKEY: Forty Creek Barrel Select,

Grimsby, Ontario ($25). The category is the Rodney Dangerfield of spirits; rarely does it get any respect. A few sips of Forty Creek will change that. It’s made by John Hall, a winemaker who opened the first independent distillery in Canada since 1939. He distills the corn, rye and barley separately in small copper pot stills and ages the ingredients in white oak barrels before blending them. It’s rich and brawny, filled with spice and flavor, and sets a new standard for Canadian blended whiskey. u

Lunch at the Bar

Includes a glass of ho $14.95 Daily use red or white wi


Happy Hour Daily 3-6p m Half price cocktails, beer and wine by th e glass

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MONDAy Steak and Fries $18.0 0 TueSDAy Pasta Night $14.00 (includes a glass of house wine) WeDNeSDAy Half Price off all Bottl es of Wine under $2 00 SuNDAy Classic American Din ner Menu $16.00 (Changes weekly)

Live Music

Thursday, Friday & Sa turday Nights

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first class v ISLAND VIBE Like St. Barth’s, the island on which it resides, Le Sereno is a haven for sophisticated travelers. By ROBERT RAGAINI

The little isle of Saint Barthélemy in the northeastern Caribbean also known as St. Barth’s has a reputation for offering the height of luxury to the most discriminating travelers—though that opulence is not clearly evident at first blush. Anyone expecting the glitz of the Rue du Faubourg-Saint Honoré in Paris, Rome’s Via Condotti or Worth Avenue in Palm Beach may be disappointed. St. Barth’s stays true to its Gallic heritage with a tastefully chic aura, but it is like none of these places, at least not on the surface.


Gustavia, the capital, is a pretty little town and seems an unlikely place for finding some of the best cuisine this side of Paris. Along the way from the tiny Gustaf III Airport, the roads climbing through the hills and secluded beaches give no hint that some of the world’s most famous denizens have traversed them for decades. On this volcanic island of 8 square miles, understatement is the word. Keeping with the low-key theme are the 37 suites and villas of Le Sereno, the reincarnation of the Sereno Beach Hotel. In 2003, the resort was completely overhauled by famous Parisian designer Christian Liaigre, a man of less-is-more persuasion for whom beauty means uncluttered spaces. The living and sleeping areas in each room and villa speak of simplicity and elegance. By discarding the unnecessary and incorporating the finest materials and amenities, Liaigre has created the ultimate luxury. Le Sereno’s accommodations are scattered over a small rise that overlooks the Grand Cul de Sac beach. The hotel doesn’t claim its beach as the best, nor is it exclusive to Le Sereno, but it has the advantage of being at the end of the road and girdled by a coral reef, which translates into more privacy and fewer waves. One can find a wealth of waterfront diversions, including snorkeling, sailing, bonefishing, kiteboarding and kayaking. The allure of the pristine sand and fun on the water is powerful, yet the temptation to stay en suite is also rather compelling. Each room has a private teak patio and comfortable loungers for those who don’t wish to venture to the hotel’s infinity-edge pool and wider chaises. And why leave at all if facials, pedicures and full days of spa packages can come to you?

Clockwise from top left: a Le Sereno villa; a villa’s living area; a beachfront pool; outside and inside the waterfront treatment pavilions at the resort’s spa

Without casinos or golf courses, one may wonder what the celebrities and high-powered CEOs do on this famous isle. They might answer, “We beach. We nap. We dine. We party.” The island’s gorgeous cove beaches are obligatory. Partying is an option, and—it must be said—a good one. Dining, though, is the absolute necessity. St. Barth’s harbors so many superlative restaurants, many with a French twist, that leisurely dinners are more than a nightly event; they are a major form of entertainment. The hip Le Sereno Bar & Lounge and the hotel’s Restaurant des Pêcheurs (which serves a killer bouillabaisse) are not to be overlooked. Eating at every fine dining establishment on the island would be a nearly impossible undertaking, but one can always try—if not for the food, definitely for the people-watching. u NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | SEPTEMBER 2012  43


high road

MAKING WAVES A waterborne Maserati meets Maserati’s latest GranTurismo Convertible Sport. By HOWARD WALKER


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Never has 28 mph in a Maserati been this thrilling. The noise, the wind in the hair, the constant rush of adrenaline, the feeling of raw, undiluted power. In my hands, the suede-covered wheel is bucking and writhing with each lump and bump, yet the handling in the wet is just sensational. I guess you could say I’m having a swell time. Of course, this isn’t your average Maserati sportster. The one I’m steering is 70 feet long, tips the scales at 10 tons and is powered by a throbby 75-horsepower diesel. It’s not even Italian—it was built in Sweden. But at its crazy-fast top speed of 46 mph, few machines feel this rapid. I’m helming Maserati, the Italian sports-car maker’s racing sailboat. In one of those rare, heaven-sent opportunities, I’ve been asked to help crew this waterborne rocket ship from its U.S. home base in Charleston, South Carolina, down to Palm Beach, where it was due to be the star attraction at a Maserati customer event. Three days, hundreds of miles, an experience of a lifetime. Prior to leaving Charleston, Maserati and its crew of eight had screamed across the Atlantic, establishing a new speed record for the so-called Columbus route from Cadiz, Spain, to San Salvador in the Bahamas; 3,884 miles in 10 days and 23 hours, averaging more than 16 knots. For a big monohull yacht, that’s fast. 44  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Most of our trip down was at a more sedate pace, as big winds failed to materialize. But on the second night out, with the yacht’s enormous spinnaker flying and the wind getting fresh and feisty, we saw 25 knots—roughly 28 mph—on the mast-mounted speedo. With two giant rooster tails pluming up from the stern, it felt more like 100. Pulling into the Port of Palm Beach would have been an immense anticlimax had I not known what was waiting for me on the quayside. There in its rich Rosso Trionfale paint—that’s cherry red to you and me—was the new pride of Maserati’s land fleet, its 2012 GranTurismo Convertible Sport. Steer the boat, drive the car; life doesn’t get much sweeter. The regular GranTurismo Convertible has been around for a few years now. But for the new Sport, they upped the horsepower of the 4.7-liter V-8 from 433 to a nice, roll-off-the-tongue 444. It’s essentially the same engine that powers the hard-edged GranTurismo MC Stradale. The upgrade to Sport spec also includes my new favorite feature—a freer-flowing exhaust. While this might not sound like much, anyone who has driven a regular GranTurismo will eulogize over its sensational, basso profundo exhaust roar. Nascar stock cars are hushed by comparison. With this new exhaust, the noise now borders on the obscene.

On sea or land, Maserati thrills with high-speed performance and sleek beauty.

Don’t worry, you can cruise around with only muted thunder erupting from the car’s back end. But its party trick is the Sport button, which opens up a valve in the exhaust, essentially bypassing anything that might get in the way of muffling the roar. To enjoy this truly unique feature to the fullest, drop the GT’s multilayer cloth top—a 24-second piece of mechanical ballet—and find yourself a nice city-center canyon of office buildings. Now hold the six-speed ZF auto in second gear, let the revs build to around 3,000 and enjoy. Shop windows will vibrate, household pets will scurry to safety, sidewalk diners will risk neck injury with the speed at which their heads twist. For me, this primeval wail, this orgy of octaves, this wall of

sound is worth every cent of the GT Convertible Sport’s $148,000 asking price. Other upgrades to Sport spec include a few aerodynamic body appendages, plus 20 percent stiffer roll bars and 15 percent stiffer springs to sharpen the car’s cornering. Surprisingly, the stiffer suspension doesn’t affect the quality of the ride, which remains firm but nicely plush. And still, the beauty of this truly beautiful Maserati is that it continues to offer seating for four adults in stretch-out comfort, in one of the finest leather-upholstered cabins money can buy. Just like the Maserati sailboat, you could say that this new GranTurismo Convertible Sport leaves the opposition in its wake. u

Fashion’s Night Out Saks Fifth Avenue On September 6, Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops in Naples will be home to the ultimate fashion party—Fashion’s Night Out. Once a year, the entire fashion world goes out for a nationwide night of style, makeovers, music and more. Complimentary makeovers begin at 5 p.m., followed by a fashion presentation of the fall 2012 collections at 7 p.m. Be sure to stick around for special surprises throughout the evening. The event is hosted in association with Naples Illustrated. For more information or to RSVP, please call 239-592-5900, extension 203.

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I AM FASHION A fanciful journey through a stylist’s closet full of frocks and baubles to covet. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT ADAMO Shot by Naples Illustrated on location at Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach. Argyle dress, poplin embroidered shirt, pants, Prada, Bal Harbour; suede Swarovski crystal sandal, Giuseppe Zanotti, Bal Harbour; sunglasses, Friedrich’s Optik,; Oscar de la Renta clutch, Marissa Collections, Naples (on cart: umbrella, handbag, trench coat, Burberry, Naples).


Valentino jumpsuit, Oscar de la Renta multicolored jeweled pendant and earrings, Marissa Collections, Naples; fur suede pump, Christian Louboutin, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples. Opposite page: Stella McCartney multicolored tweed stretch dress, Marissa Collections, Naples; heels, Stella McCartney, Bal Harbour; earrings, Etro, Coral Gables; sunglasses, Friedrich’s Optik, (handbags on cart: Valentino, Nordstrom, Naples; Christian Louboutin, Miami; Etro, Coral Gables).

Printed silk georgette dress with pleated ruffles, Gucci, Naples; glasses, Friedrich’s Optik,; Jimmy Choo feather-embellished heels, Kenneth Jay Lane ring, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; iPad case, Salvatore Ferragamo, Naples. Opposite page: Oscar de la Renta embellished dress, headband, tassel earrings, Marissa Collections, Naples; Alexis Bittar bracelet, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples. 50  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Dress, Louis Vuitton, Naples; Christian Louboutin heels, Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples (on bench: Jimmy Choo metallic clutches, Saks Fifth Avenue, Opposite page: Silk printed jumper, Diane von Furstenberg, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; suede heels, Gucci, Naples (dress in hand: Michael Kors, Marissa Collections, Naples; handbag on bed: Christian Louboutin, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; handbag by wall: Michael Kors, Marissa Collections, Naples). Fashion Editor: Katherine Lande Design Director: Olga Gustine Model: Sofi Milo, Women Management, New York Hair & Makeup: Gina Simone, Cielo Blue Pro, Miami, using makeup by Giorgio Armani Beauty Photographer Assistant: Robert Kildoo Fashion Intern: Kendall Zahringer

su pe r

n me


Naples is one of the best small cities in the country. One big reason: the upstanding citizens who call it home. We asked our readers to vote online in a friendly, fun competition to help us elect some local stars to feature in the pages of NI. Meet the winners of our campaign—seven stylish, successful, community-minded guys working hard to help make Naples paradise—and see what makes them so fantastic and “cape”-able. By Kat Smith | Photography by Vanessa Rogers


Patrick Nolan

1957 Chevrolet 150, Dream Cars of Naples; photo at Scandia Productions

Faster than a speeding bullet! It’s Patrick Nolan off to emcee yet another event to help a local charity. The Fox 4 News anchor is seen nightly on television, but he can be found all over Southwest Florida in person, giving his time and support to groups that deserve it. Community: “I’ll pitch in for any good cause that asks,” he says. Over the years, the list has grown to more than 30 charities, including St. Matthew’s House, Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support, Special Olympics, David Lawrence Center, Big Brothers, Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Family guy: “My most meaningful achievement came in a handwritten note from my mom two weeks before she passed. I was working as a reluctant weatherman at the time. She wrote, ‘I’m proud of you, “weather” you like it or not.’ ” Personal style in three words: “Uncool, uncalm, uncollected.” NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | SEPTEMBER 2012  55

Carlo F. Zampogna

After growing up in Naples, Carlo F. Zampogna went on to college and law school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. “I withstood the cold for seven years in the Midwest and then moved back,” he says, appreciating one of the things that makes the area so popular with snowbirds. Community: Now a partner at Woodward, Pires & Lombardo downtown, he mentors two students at Lely High School through the Education Foundation program Take Stock in Children. Zampogna is a board member of the Collier County Bar Association and Grace Place for Children and Families’ Campaign Committee; he also serves on the advisory board of Legal Aid Service of Collier County. He has coached multiple youth soccer programs, including his 4-year-old daughter’s team. Achievements: Zampogna was involved in getting a bill passed last year in the Florida Legislature to provide appropriate school services for children with hearing loss. “I am committed to helping children with special needs, particularly providing better access to services and opportunities that the law already promises but for whatever reason are still withheld,” he says. Unique aspect: An Italian-American who spent childhood summers in Italy with family, Zampogna is thankful for the learning experience. However, he says, “it was uncomfortable being so different— just look at my elementary school photos. All the other kids are wearing typical shorts and T-shirts, and I’m wearing knee-high socks, dress shoes, a jacket and bow-tie in true Italian fashion!”

1970 Chevrolet C10, Dream Cars of Naples




1957 Chevrolet, Ronnie Caldwell Airplane, C&C Aviation LLC; photo at C&C Aviation

Tony Perez-Benitoa

Tony Perez-Benitoa’s list of interests is so long, he says, “I wish I didn’t have to sleep! Lots of fun to have and things to achieve, but not enough time.” This first-generation American of Cuban descent grew up playing soccer, practicing target shooting and studying martial arts. He has been a family law attorney since 1988, a Florida bar board-certified marital and family law attorney since 1995, and twice was asked to serve as a magistrate in the 20th Judicial Circuit Court, Collier County. Family guy: He’s been married for more than 23 years to his wife, Chelon, and has a son, Tony, 22, and a daughter, Natalie, 20. Other activities: Perez-Benitoa has served as the head soccer coach for the boys’ varsity team at Naples High School for the last three years and the kicking coach for the Naples High football team for the last six years. He also works out, referees soccer games, does standup paddle boarding and shoots Olympic international trap competitively. Unique aspect: “It seems that for most people, their day starts when they get to work. My day starts after work!”



1957 Chevrolet, Mike Macdonald; photo at C&C Aviation

Tom Smith

A Virginia native, Tom Smith went to The College of William and Mary to pursue a degree in finance. While there, he began a career in arts administration and then earned dual graduate degrees. He’s held leadership positions with opera companies in Baltimore; Cincinnati; and Des Moines, Iowa. He relocated to Naples in July 2011 to fill the newly created position of managing director with Opera Naples, and this July he became its executive director and CEO. Community: Since moving to Southwest Florida, he has joined the board of directors for Naples Music Club, and he’s participating in the Growing Associates In Naples (GAIN) leadership program through the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Achievements: At age 27, Smith was appointed director of finance at the Cincinnati Opera, and seven years later, was selected to be the first CEO in the 35year history of Des Moines Metro Opera.  Unique aspect: Smith celebrates his wide-ranging interests. “I once went to a Metallica concert and a performance of Madama Butterfly on the same weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Advice to the kids out there: Go to the opera before the rock concert.” Super power wish: “During high season in Naples— teleportation. During off-season—a straight golf swing.”

Scott Robertson

After graduating from college 28 years ago, Scott Robertson relocated to the Sunshine State to teach and coach high school students “for a year or two.” In 1993 he attended the Florida Auctioneer Academy and fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming an auctioneer. Later he realized that fundraisers are his niche and passion. During the 2011-12 local auction season, Robertson conducted 62 fundraising auctions and helped raise more than $14 million for schools and not-for-profit organizations—now that’s super. Community: “Fundraising auctions have allowed me to be a part of the team for a wide variety of wonderful charity organizations and schools. Learning the worthwhile endeavors of these groups is part of my pre-auction workload,” he says, which allows him to be passionate about a cause when performing the live auction. He also has served on the board of directors for Child Care of Southwest Florida for more than 10 years. Achievements: Winner of the Florida Auctioneer State Championship; frequent competitor in the International Auctioneer Championship; graduate of the Certified Auctioneer’s Institute; and Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (a designation that fewer than 1 percent of auctioneers achieve, Roberston notes). Super power wish: “Self-duplication, so that I could help more organizations on the same night by being in multiple places at once.”


1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Mike Macdonald; photo at C&C Aviation


Jon Bates

The owner of Addicted to Fitness may not be able to bend steel bars with his bare hands, but Jon Bates can—and does—make many a Neapolitan strong and fit. Family guy: “I met my wife on, and we now have twin 5-year-old girls who are the most amazing experience that could have ever happened to me.” Community: Since opening Addicted to Fitness in January, Bates has donated more than 20 annual and semiannual memberships to local charities. He also created a program for extremely overweight teens at a discounted rate as a summer fitness challenge. Super power wish: “To fly! That way I could be in different places more quickly. I could see my kids, help more clients and save on gas!”

Ferrari F40, Ronnie Caldwell; photo at C&C Aviation



Stephen Jaron

Contractor Stephen Jaron founded and owns Renovate & Restore LLC and Echelon Construction Co. in Naples. Besides academic and professional achievements, Jaron was a bronze medalist in the U.S. Rowing Association National Championships in 1991. Family guy: He is married to jewelry designer Amanda Jaron and the father of 8-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. “I could fill the room with regular awards, certificates and degrees, but the best award I have received is the love of my wife and soul mate, and our two outstanding children,” Jaron says. Community: Rowing Association of Naples officer; boys basketball coach and soccer team sponsor at YMCA of the Palms; contributes time and resources to the Education Foundation of Collier County, B.A.S.I.C.S., the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples and Naples Backyard History. Personal Style: “I prefer function to fashion; I just defer to whatever Amanda brings home!”


1957 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, Ryan Macdonald


Into Africa

As the Naples Zoo prepares to host two sold-out trips to Tanzania this fall, former Naples Zoo board president and professional photographer Larry W. Richardson shares stunning images he captured while hosting the zoo’s most recent trip to East Africa. Photography by Larry W. Richardson


The Ngorongoro Crater, in Tanzania, is a 101-square-mile volcanic caldera with its own salt lake, attracting thousands of lesser flamingos. Within Ngorongoro Crater, lions lounge anywhere they want— even along the dusty roads that bring the safari vehicles.

Seen in the Masai Mara, a grazing white rhino is wellsuited for clipping grass close to the ground with its wide lips.

The Masai Mara of Kenya; like the River of Grass—Florida’s Everglades—the wet plains of the Mara are the lifeblood of eastern Africa. Wildebeest (foreground), zebra and eland (background) graze for their livelihood.

Steve Salvaggio, right, and his mother, Ann Marie, left, look back as their vehicle descends into the Ngorongoro Crater.

Rolling hills, grasslands and thickets support thousands of game, like this impala buck at Sweetwater’s Game Reserve near Ol Pejeta, Kenya.

Go Wild The Naples Zoo staff will host a return to East Africa in the fall of 2013 on a Tauck safari coordinated by AAA Travel, Naples. Visitors will explore Tanzania’s Rift Valley, Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge and the Serengeti. Then it’s up to Amboseli National Park in Kenya and the Mount Kenya Safari Club. The adventure includes a stay in a luxurious tent camp along the banks of the Mara River and a hot-air balloon flight over the Masai Mara. For information or to book, visit travel. Join the zoo at its fundraiser, ZOObilee 2013, March 9 to bid on two tickets for the safari with Naples Zoo Director David Tetzlaff.


Driving across the Ngorongoro Crater, a heard of wildebeest makes the zoo’s travelers wait until they mosey off the road.

On the Masai Mara, a lone tree makes an ideal spot for lunch.

The Kori bustard feeds on insects and seeds among the open grasslands in Tanzania. It is the world’s heaviest flying bird, weighing in at 40 pounds.

A lilac-breasted roller perches atop an acacia tree.


The plains’ zebra offer a spectacular contrast to the surrounding landscape.


Clockwise from top left: Male lions, kings of beasts, sleep much of the time. Wendy Richardson handles a curious white-nosed monkey at the Mount Kenya Safari Club animal orphanage. In the foothills below Mount Kenya lies the Mount Kenya Safari Club, a Fairmont Hotel; the Equator runs through the middle of the courtyard. A male cheetah crosses in front of the safari vehicle on the Serengeti. Giraffes are quite common on the Masai Mara; they are easy to spot, as they tower above the horizon.

Left: In a remote village, Masai warriors in full dress demonstrate their ceremonial dance. Above: Hippos sleep much of the day in the Mara River, Kenya. They form large flotillas along the banks, as their heads rest on each other to keep their snouts out of water. Below: On the way to Lake Manyara on the first day on safari, the group spots a herd of wild elephants hiding among the acacia trees.


The rich colors at sunset are typical over the Serengeti Plain.

Up close, grey-crowned cranes have incredible color and feather detail. This pair lives among other wild birds and mammals that roam the grounds around the Mount Kenya Safari Club.

As the vehicle approaches a pride of lions, a lioness is spotted stalking a newborn giraffe. She stops short of her pursuit when she realizes the mother giraffe has seen her.


SAIL AWAY for the day

When time is tight, there’s no greater fun than getting out on the water in one of the new breed of luxury day sailers. BY HOWARD WALKER


he challenge with owning a big yacht is time. With today’s fastpaced, over-scheduled lifestyles, sailing off into the sunset for a week, or a month, is usually a nonstarter. Which is why luxury day sailers that are easy to handle, fun to sail and can have you out on the water in minutes are soaring in popularity. Here are seven of our very favorites.

BRENTA B42 La Dolce Vita Conjure up the image of a waterborne Ferrari—all sleek, seductive style, lots of high-tech carbon fiber, exquisite leather and a half-million-dollar price tag. That’s the stunning Brenta B42 day sailer. 76  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Created by longtime yachties Luca Brenta and Lorenzo Argento, co-founders of the Fano, Italy-based Luca Brenta Yacht Design, the B42 is one of a fleet of exquisite, custom-built day sailers, ranging from 30 to 60 feet. The beauty of the 42 is its sheer simplicity. Designed to be piloted with ease by one person, all controls are by push button. Want to raise the big mainsail? Press a knob and an electric Harken winch unfurls it from the carbon fiber boom. Want to trim the self-tacking jib? Big, electrically powered hydraulic rams do the heavy moving, again, at the touch of a button. Brenta’s objective with the 42 was simply to minimize the time it takes to go sailing, so an owner can use the boat without a

big crew. Or any crew. It also makes it a joy to take out inexperienced family or friends who might be intimidated by a cockpit full of linguine-like lines. As you’d expect, the B42 is a masterpiece of cool Italian design and the latest high-tech construction. The hull and mast are made of light yet super-strong carbon fiber; the keel is a narrow fin with a threeton torpedo bulb at the base for speed and stability. Draft is 5 feet, 9 inches, making it perfect for shallow Florida waters. Down below, there’s a double berth in the pointy end and two single settee berths, making it perfect for a weekend away for a family or two couples. And only an Italian boat would have twin hanging wardrobes made of leather.


Length: 41’11” Beam: 10’2" Draft: 5’9” Displacement: 9,350 lbs. Sail area: 1,076 sq. ft. Power: 27-hp Volvo Saildrive Price: From $575,000 (Bruce Tait & Associates, Sag Harbor, New York;;



Length: 42’4” Beam: 11’ Draft: 4’9” Displacement: 17,500 lbs. Sail area: 898 sq. ft. Power: 30-hp Yanmar diesel with Saildrive Price: From $648,000 (

BRUCKMANN 42 DAYSAILER O Canada Mississauga, Ontario, seems an unlikely location for arguably the Great White North’s leading boat builder, but it’s home to the skilled craftsmen of Bruckmann Yachts. One of their most coveted creations is this breathtaking 42-foot day sailer. Founder Erich Bruckmann was one of the original partners at legendary C&C Yachts in the late 1960s, when the industry was just switching from wood to a new-fangled material called glass fiber. He set up Bruckmann Yachts in the late 1980s 78  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

with son Mark, who now runs the show. Their 42 was a latecomer to the day sailer market but made an impact by offering a classically styled, easy-sailing sloop with old-school long overhangs and a focus on quality and craftsmanship. The design came from the drawing board of Zurn Yacht Design in Marblehead, Massachusetts. One of its big appeals is the full six feet of standing headroom in its well laid out cabin. So many rivals sacrifice space to preserve purity of line. Tell that to the guy

who cracks his head on the ceiling! There’s room for four adults to snooze in comfort after a glorious afternoon sail, with a small, though well stocked, galley to rustle up dinner later on. The emphasis here is on laid-back, nosurprises sailing, courtesy of its generous 8,000-pound keel—almost half the total weight of the yacht—and easy-to-handle rig. Its deep, protected cockpit adds to the feeling of security and safety, making it perfect when young sailors are aboard.


Length: 38’3” Beam: 10’8” Draft: 5’11” Displacement: 11,000 lbs. Sail area: 879 sq. ft. Power: 39-hp Yanmar diesel with Saildrive Price: From $384,000 (

ALERION EXPRESS AE38 The Original Twenty-one years ago, Pearson Marine Group in Warren, Rhode Island, was credited with creating the gene of the “gentleman’s day sailer” with its swift and elegant Alerion 28-footer. It was a hard-to-beat combo of a drop-dead gorgeous boat with classic lines cloaking the latest technology, the emphasis on cockpit rather than cabin and the ease of sailing that lets one person slip the lines, head out and simply enjoy the ride. It’s a concept that’s been carried through to each of Pearson’s Alerion models that these days include 20, 28, 33, 38 and a brand new 41. But it’s the elegant AE38 that makes our pulse race. With its sleek, low cabin and trademark elongated, stainless-rimmed oval windows, along with a stretched cockpit capable of accommodating eight in comfort, it defines the term ship-shape. Its rig definitely falls into the category of “keep it simple.” It features an I-beam strong carbon mast that does away with the need for a backstay. That allows a whopper of a mainsail and smaller, self-tending, self-tacking jib up front. Give it a stiff breeze and it comes alive and sails like a dream. And of course it’s equipped with all the toys, like electric winches, single-line furling, 48-inch teak wheel, and a punchy 39-horse threecylinder Yanmar diesel coupled to an easy maneuvering Saildrive leg. Sailboats just don’t come prettier than this.

MORRIS 36 New England Glam Flag-blue hull. Check. Teak decking. Check. Lashings of mirror-finished varnish. Check. Timeless elegance. Check. If you’re craving some true Maine boat-builder craftsmanship and quality, the ravishing Morris 36 has your name on her stern. Founder Tom Morris launched Morris Yachts in 1972 and has been turning out some of the most magnificent handcrafted sailing vessels ever since. For the M36, the company partnered with legendary New York yacht design firm Sparkman & Stephens to create this truly splendid model. Simple to sail—Morris Yachts offers a complimentary one-on-one training course in your home waters to help you quickly learn the ropes, literally—this sleek 36-footer features a selftacking jib, push-button electric winch-operated main and a high-tech carbon mast and boom. There’s room in the cockpit for six adults and space below for a couple and two guests. Headroom in the cabin is understandably low at 4 feet, 10 inches to keep the exterior elegance, but

there’s a small galley and separate heads, as well as a comfy double berth in the bow. This is the boat for a relaxed sunset cruise with friends or a long weekend in the Bahamas. Or a rail-down trot past the yacht club to watch jaws drop. After all, the M36 is the boat Yachting World magazine described as “the nautical equivalent of a Stradivarius.” Well said.


Length: 36’1” Beam: 10’1” Draft: 4’6” Displacement: 8,900 lbs. Sail area: 558 sq. ft. Power: 21-hp Yanmar diesel with Saildrive Price: From $398,000 (



Length: 46’3” Beam: 9’3” Draft: 6’6” Displacement: 9,900 lbs. Sail area: 684 sq. ft. Power: 30-hp Yanmar diesel with Saildrive Price: From $700,000 (


WALLY NANO The Italian Stallion Ignore the slightly oddball name. The fact is, Monaco-based Wally Yachts builds some of the coolest boats on the planet—yachts and powerboats that define minimalist, cutting-edge, contemporary design. The smallest of their fleet is the stunning Wally Nano: 37 feet of sleek carbon fiber and warm teak created by company founder Luca Bassani, in conjunction with acclaimed yacht architects Hoek Design. From a practical point of view, the Nano is a masterpiece. Four hours with four guys, a couple of wrenches and a screwdriver, and the entire yacht can be dismantled and slid inside a 40-foot container. Just think of the possibilities: winters sailing in St. Barth’s, summers cruising in Saint-Tropez, maybe an autumn rendezvous in the Cape. Just ship it. This is a pure style icon: sleek in an Apple MacBook Air sort of way and as stylish as any Jil Sander runway collection. With one look at the thing, it screams cool. It has all the firm’s trademark design cues, like the flush deck; the low cabin with vertical side windows; and, of course, the focus on soaking up the sun. Behind the helm, there’s a giant sunbathing area. Down below, it’s minimalistic with exposed carbon fiber weave, stark white finishes and soft leather upholstery. True modern—make that Wally—fashion. 80  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Mr. Bond, Your Yacht Awaits Remember in Casino Royale when James Bond sails into the center of Venice with Vesper Lynd on the most breathtakingly beautiful boat ever to raise sails? The head-turner was a Spirit 54, built by the British yard Spirit Yachts. While you’d be hard-pressed to ever describe it as a day sailer—not with two double cabins and a washer-dryer—it does have a 46-foot kid brother that defines the term “luxury day boat.” The Spirit 46 recalls the elegance of those unforgettable 1930 J-class race boats. Slender in beam, with long, long overhangs and a pinched stern, it’s designed to go fast. With a stiff breeze filling its 684 square feet of canvas, its top speed has been recorded at an amazing 21 knots. And not only does it look old school, its construction harks back to another era. Instead of high-tech carbon and Kevlar, it uses a wood/epoxy construction, with light yet strong Brazilian cedar planking bonded by West System Epoxy. The rest is bang up-to-date, with a tall carbon fiber mast, high-tech Quantum sails and a deep fin keel with lead torpedo bulb. The true beauty of this yacht is in the detail. The teak work gleams and glows under a multitude of coats of varnish. And as a nod to sailboats past, it does away with a wheel helm in favor of a good ol’ tiller. Now that’s the Spirit.


Length: 37’ Beam: 8’6” Draft: 7’3” on lifting keel Displacement: 5,700 lbs. Sail area: 806 sq. ft. Power: 13-hp Volvo diesel with Saildrive Price: From $310,000 (


Length: 42’3” Beam: 10’6” Draft: 4’–7’ Displacement: 14,000 lbs. Sail area: 730 sq. ft. Power: 27-hp Yanmar diesel with Saildrive Price: $750,000 (

HINCKLEY DS42 High-Tech Classic In the quest to combine old-world charm with twenty-first century technology, look no farther than the absolutely gorgeous Hinckley DS42 day sailer. Admiring that stately wooden mast towering into the sky? Actually, it’s a fake. You see, a real wooden mast is just too darned heavy. Today’s solution for reduced weight is super-stiff and lightweight carbon fiber. The only trouble is a black carbon rig looks a little out of place on a classic yacht. Kind of like Justin Bieber wearing pinstripes. So the craftsmen at Hinckley Yachts in Warren, Rhode Island have the carbon spars painstakingly painted by a local artisan to mimic real wood grain. In the design world, it’s known as faux bois.

All we can say is the end result is indiscernible and complements perfectly the classic lines of the DS42. Of course, the high-tech construction doesn’t stop there. The hull features a process called Dual-Guard, which involves the bonding of layers of Kevlar on an inner skin of carbon fiber for maximum strength and stiffness. All this adds up to a yacht that sails as beautifully and elegantly as it looks. And part of this is down to the Hinckley’s hydraulically operated lifting keel, which can vary the depth of the 4,800-pound lead bulb from seven feet to a very Florida-friendly four feet. If there’s a benchmark or standard setter in this ever-growing day sailer class, this stunning Hinckley DS42 is it. u NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | SEPTEMBER 2012  81

Net Gains Diet and exercise go high-tech with these online helpers.


The Runmeter and Cyclemeter apps can track your speed, distance, time traveled and route using your iPhone’s GPS.

By Liza Grant Smith

One of the nicest surprises in life is when people or things exceed our expectations. Take the modern vices of Facebook, Twitter and iPhone apps, for instance. Our relationship with them is like dating the popular guy in college. Sure, he knows everyone and is fun to be around, but he can be a bit mindless at times and his addictive personality makes us borderline obsessive. It’s not a perfect scenario, but we are content with the diversion provided from our otherwise stressful and occasionally lackluster lives. However, what if we found out there was depth behind his seemingly superficial persona? Suppose this relationship could actually enrich our lives instead of merely filling us with vapid information and useless skills (Angry Birds, anyone?). It seems unlikely, but it is what many are starting to discover. By harnessing the innate strengths of Facebook, Twitter and apps and combining them with the proven keys to meeting diet and fitness goals, we are able to achieve some impressive net gains. Thanks in large part to afterschool specials, peer pressure has gotten a bad rap. As it turns out, positive peer pressure can be an incredibly motivating factor in the fitness realm. Back in the old days, that meant finding an exercise or diet partner. These days, it means finding hundreds of them. With Facebook and Twitter, we have the ability to get our friends involved. Their real-time support will have us lacing up our running shoes and putting down the Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. No more slacking between gym visits or slip-ups between weigh-ins. Capitalizing on the wealth of available fitness apps is another option. In addition to tracking speed, distance, time traveled and route using your iPhone’s GPS, Runmeter can share information with select friends before, during and after your run. Unlike its competitors, Runmeter (as well as sister apps

Walkmeter and Cyclemeter) also uses text-tospeech software so you can hear mid-workout shout-outs posted on your Facebook wall and from incoming Twitter feeds. If it turns out that your friends are more couch potatoes than couch jumpers, feel free to make new ones. There are Facebook fitness and diet groups to meet every goal (from losing the muffin top to training for a 5K) and preferred method of exercise. Or stalk your inspiration from the privacy of your iPhone. Choose a fitness or diet guru who speaks to you and follow them on Facebook or Twitter for advice and insight. In terms of dieting, keeping a food journal has long been a recommended strategy. However, its effectiveness is somewhat limited if you’re the only one reading it. Frankly, I’m used to disappointing myself. Posting it for others to see ramps up the accountability as well as the shame factor associated with cheating. (There goes that positive peer pressure again.) NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | SEPTEMBER 2012  83

Tweet What You Eat can help you keep track of both good and bad food choices.

Nexercise (above and left) offers the opportunity for fitness competitions; track your route with Runmeter.


Consider Tweet What You Eat (TWYE), a free Twitter-based online food diary. Users (more than 30,000 of them) use TWYE to count and post their daily calorie consumption. You can even create a “Do Not Eat” list of foods you want to avoid and TWYE will keep track of the number of times you’ve eaten each food. Posting your diet or fitness goals on Facebook taps into the same accountability incentives. Once it’s out there for all to see, you’ll be more likely to make strides towards its achievement. If it’s true that everything we really needed to know we learned in kindergarten, then perhaps it’s wise for some to revert back to the basic reward and punishment system. Forget corporal punishment; GymPact hits (or helps) you where it really matters—the wallet. Users set up a weekly workout schedule and put cash on the line before using a check-in app every time they hit the gym. (Don’t think you can cheat the system. You need to stay at the gym for at least 30 minutes for it to count.) At the end of the week, if you don’t meet your weekly goal, your cash is distributed to users who did. The more days you commit to, the bigger return on the weekly payout if you’re successful. For those underwhelmed by the monotony of eating healthy and staying fit, the caloriecounting and diet-tracking app SlimKicker has turned the process into a winnable level-up game with small victories. After entering your overall goals (weight loss or improved health)

and personal stats, the app will provide you with a diet summary and recommended nutrition goals. You then begin earning points and badges based on what you eat (whole foods are worth more than processed ones) and what you do for exercise as you work towards personally set rewards (a spa treatment, a cheat meal, etc.). You also can sign up for one of the seven- to 30-day diet and fitness challenges at a variety of difficulty levels (“Resist Baked Goods,” “Move During Commercials”), which are used to encourage positive long-term habits as well as earn you more points. Nexercise, a fitness app, employs a similar gamified approach with points and medals but takes it to the next level by offering swag and the opportunity for a little friendly competition. Users begin by telling Nexercise what activity they’re about to start (anything from aerobics to yard work) and then, with their phone somewhere on their body, go ahead and do it. When finished, they hit a button and the app verifies that the activity has taken place through the motion of the device. Points earned go towards winning prizes from $5 coupons for items like energy bars to $250 gift cards. The app also has a built-in social component that allows users to challenge friends and compete for bragging rights. Perhaps we underestimated our relationship with social media. Maybe it is a bit more altruistic than our original superficial expectations. Unfortunately, this new information, while refreshing in some lights, will likely only serve to fuel our addiction and time commitment. If it’s any solace, at least now it’s time expenditure under the guise of self-improvement. u

An App A Day Keeps the Doctor Away 10 iPhone apps that will help you eat, drink and be merrily healthy. App



Tap & Track




Scan food barcodes in the grocery store, find out the food’s health value (graded A to D) and discover healthier options.

Munch 5-A-Day


A fun and easy way to track your fruit and vegetable consumption with the goal of meeting the five recommended portions per day and earning badges.

GAIN Fitness


Use this digital personal trainer to build a customized workout based on your body, goals and schedule.

Daily Workout


Choose your target area (Daily Workout has separate apps for abs, butt, arms and legs), time commitment (five to 10 minutes) and difficulty rating to access a guided video for your daily workout.

BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer


Uses an exclusive beat-sync technology to change the beat of your iPod music to perfectly match your pace.

Heart Rate by Paramon Apps LLC


Measure your pulse by placing your forefinger on the iPhone’s camera and track calories burned, recovery pulse and more before creating a daily timetable.



Keep your body, mind and relationships in shape with exercises and goals to help you create and live a healthier life.

Insight Timer-Meditation Timer


Harness the soothing and inspiring effects of meditation with this timer app that allows you to focus inward instead of on the clock.

Sleep Machine (SleepSoft LLC)


A highly customizable ambient sound and white noise player that allows you to get an often undervalued good night’s sleep.

Keep tabs on your calorie, fat, carb and protein intake and see how it fits in your diet plan and recommended daily goals.


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Boostcase Hybrid is a snap on case and detachable extended battery for the iPhone 4 and 4S. exclusive at BR uno

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A Pair of Platinum, Ruby and Diamond Convertible Dressclips, Circa 1950, $5,000-7,000 An Art Deco Platinum, Ruby and Diamond Necklace, $20,000-30,000

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Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars

Aria at Park Shore Beach

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Lucarno at Mediterra

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Kensington Gardens

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$4.770 Million

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$3.600 Million

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Banyan Island at Grey Oaks

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$1.499 Million

Capistrano at Grey Oaks

$1.250 Million

L’Ermitage at Grey Oaks

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$3.500 Million

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$1.300 Million

Trey Wilson 866.884.6597

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$1.095 Million

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$4.500 Million

Le Parc Penthouse

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Estates at Grey Oaks

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Bellezza at Mediterra

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9th on 9th at Olde Naples

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Ardissone at Park Shore

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$3.900 Million

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$1.595 Million

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$1.295 Million

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$1.025 Million Web Ref. #N212010139

G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i

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Views Unlimited Address Regent Penthouse One 4101 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples Developer Lutgert Companies offered at Available upon request size 13,842 square feet under air, with 3,000 square feet of extended terraces special features This opulent penthouse offers spectacular views of the Gulf from its perch high

above Park Shore Beach. Although grand in proportion, the home includes cozy, intimate gathering areas throughout. The master quarters are complete with his-and-her baths, his-and-her studies, an exercise area, cedar closets and an artist’s studio. A television is custom-built into the ceiling above the master bed for the ultimate in private viewing. The four bedroom, six full and two half-bath residence is well-equipped for entertaining with an eight-seat home theater, a billiards room and a wine room and bar

with 90-bottle refrigerated storage and 192-bottle dry storage. Additional features include a gourmet main kitchen; three elevators and private elevator lobbies; and a guest cottage with a full kitchen and custom built-in wall bed system. for information Bet Dewey Premier Sotheby's International Realty 239-405-6214

This grand home provides space for lavish entertaining along with stunning views of the gulf.

Bill Earls • (239) 777-6622 • (800) 982-8079 Naples Luxury Real Estate


old nAPlES

An extraordinary beach-front opportunity to create your own vision of paradise with 170 feet of direct beach frontage, extending all the way to Gulf Shore Blvd. A vast buildable envelope with room to build a significant sized residence. $12,900,000

Idyllic seaside residence built in 2007. Panoramic beach vistas. Tropical solitude and refined casual elegance. Large great room with fireplace and gourmet-styled kitchen area opens to spacious lanai. 3-bay garage. 5,573 SF 4+den/3.1 $9,950,000


PorT royAl

Magnificent home secluded on double lakefront estate site, 15,247 SF of living area. 8 bedroom suites, study, conference room, billiards room, gourmet kitchen home theater. A home so special that by comparison, on any level there is no equal. 8+den/10.4 $9,900,000

Situated on prestigious Gordon Drive with approx. 23,325 Sq. ft. with an approx. bldg. area 9,145 Sq. Ft. Existing house is a tear-down and is being sold as a bldg. site. $7,900,000

AquAlAnE ShorES

PorT royAl

PorT royAl

Cut-in boat slip, direct Gulf & inland water way access. Built Custom, luxury home built in 2007. Finely furnished. Water in 2012 for the ultimate Naples lifestyle! 4+den/6 $5,995,000 views, Lakefront, 3 Bay Garage 4/5.1 $4,995,000

SAlErno AT BAy Colony


Penthouse sprawling over top two levels. Custom built home with world class features Panoramic views. 5,040 S/F 5/5.1 $4,495,000 & fixtures. Golf view. 4+den/5.2 $4,450,000

grEy oAkS


One of the strongest values for the dollar in Grey Oaks. Light elegant décor. 5+den/7 $2,950,000

4+den/5.1 Recently renovated, lanai with Fireplace overlooks lake. $2,695,000

grEy oAkS

lAurEnTiAnS #1A

111 ft. of water frontage. Deep water yacht basin. 5,600 SF .68 acres. Western Exposure. 4+study/4.1 $4,850,000

PinE ridgE

1.84 acre estate on one of the largest lakes in Naples. 5+den/6.2 $3,950,000


Gorgeous custom Florida style home. 4,692 SF. Pool/spa. 5+den/5.1 $2,495,000


grEy oAkS 7,700 SF. Bright open floor plan. Majestic golf views. 5+den/6 $2,990,000

PArk ShorE

Spacious 3,587 SF condo. Panoramic Gulf vistas. 3+den/3.1 $2,450,000

AquAlAnE ShorES


Contenporary, luxurious golf course 3+den/3.1 Unique beachfront condo. 3+den/4 Excellent value. Florida style Jamaica Cove older 3/2 pool home. Custom estate home built in 2011 on 2.73 home built in 2005. $1,750,000 Direct Gulf access. $1,650,000 acres. Guest & pool house. $1,240,000 home. 3 car gar. 3+den/3.1 $1,999,000 1st floor, step out to beach. $1,895,000

Naples Illustrated readers receive:





1-800 BE-IDEAL w w w. i d e a l i m a g e . c o m


THE LARGEST & BEST CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, REPRESENTING OVER 40 ARTISTS Open Tues-Fri 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday by Appointment 2054 Trade Center Way Naples, FL 34109 239-597-2110





Indulgence everyday

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HairUWear® is a proud sponsor of the American Cancer Society.

Dirk Anderson Design fine residential interiors

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Naples finest personal training CALL TODAY TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT 431 Bayfront Place | Naples, FL 34102 | 239-300-0039

balance NAMASTE, NAPLES Bala Vinyasa Yoga offers a calm, inviting refuge where seasoned yogis and neophytes invigorate their bodies and purify their minds. All of BV’s classes focus on the flow of breathing and energy, and the discovery of physical, emotional and spiritual power. Two or three times a year, BV offers its signature 40-day transformational program based on yoga master Baron Baptiste’s book 40 Days to Personal Revolution. Participants engage in yoga six days per week, twice-daily meditation, a healthy cleansing diet, a profound journaling process and weekly meetings. The group setting fosters collaboration and camaraderie, and functions as a valuable support system throughout the journey. In 40 days, BV guarantees to kick-start your yoga practice, revive your body and “awaken the sacred within your soul.” ( —Ashley Huntsberry-Lett

Yogis Leigh Dally, left, and Mollie Graves



sharp focus Dr. Jonathan Frantz of Florida Eye Health is the first and only eye surgeon in Southwest Florida to offer cataract procedures with the revolutionary Alcon LenSx laser (at work above). Called the greatest advancement in cataract treatment in 20 years by Frantz, this computer-controlled laser offers a bladeless alternative to traditional mechanical methods with better precision and accuracy. Compared to manual surgery, bladeless laser cataract surgery provides a shorter recovery time for patients. Astigmatism correction can be performed with the laser as well. —Ashley Huntsberry-Lett

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Arrive at your destination prepared with travel-sized products that make packing light a cinch. Organic skin-care pro Suki puts its men’s essentials in a zippered travel case, including shampoo and conditioner, exfoliating foaming cleanser and velvet nourishing cream (available at Whole Foods Market). Travel can be difficult on skin, and your best defense is from Repêchage—in a travel size—for all kinds of issues, including Hydra Refine for pore-refined skin, Hydra Medic for oily/acne-prone skin, or Hydra 4 for sensitive skin (available at Philip Douglas Salon). Long flight? Refresh your mouth with Supersmile’s Quickee (available at Dillard’s), a pocket-sized no brush/no rinse tooth polish that whitens teeth instantly while freshening breath on the go. Don’t forget hair care with Jonathan Product’s Dirt Smooth No-Frizz Hydrating Balm in travel size without sulfates, parabens or gluten (available at Ulta).

Decadent Caviar

Need a lift? The skin-care experts at super-luxury brand La Prairie recently launched Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, available at La Femme Perfumery in Old Naples. It is part of the Caviar Collection, which recalls the company’s iconic Skin Caviar Dermo Beads. “The response from my clients has been so positive. It is used day and night before any cream, and you find an instant tightening,” says La Femme owner Marie Christine St. Pierre. “It relaxes expression lines, and minimizes forehead lines and crow’s feet.” Golden caviar pearls are suspended in an antiwrinkle peptide solution that merges with epidermal recovery complex. Once applied, it creates a silky lifting, rejuvenating veil that envelopes the skin. (


Pumped With Adrenaline When Jake Bowlsbey started his first job, he knew he had found his fit with fitness. As a swim instructor in Naples, he enjoyed helping others reach their athletic goals. Since then, he has dedicated his life to training athletes of all levels and ages through his own personal training business, Adrenaline Performance Training. Bowlsbey is certified in Osteoblast instruction, specializing in bone strength and conditioning. With the TRX training system, Adrenaline Performance Training allows clients to enjoy indoor or outdoor training. Being a Naples native, he says, “I take pride in seeing my clients achieve their goals and feel lucky to have the opportunity to do what I love in this great training environment.” To contact Bowlsbey, visit —Jenna Choate

Looking Good

Look and feel cool in tasc Performance apparel.

Eating well: The American Heart Association offers healthy recipes, cooking tips and a bounty of nutrition advice on its website,

New Orleans-based tasc Performance makes workout wear the company dubs “the natural fit for the sport of life.” The clothing uses a revolutionary, proprietary high-tech fabric comprised of bamboo, organic cotton and Elastene that crushes polyester when it comes to comfort, UV protection, breathability and odor resistance. The shorts, pants, tops and jackets for both women and men dry fast and feel super soft. Not only do the clothes look great on the road, in the studio or in the gym, they can even be worn around town after a workout, thanks to the antiodor properties of the bamboo fiber. The apparel can be purchased in Naples at Simply Natural, Vineyards Country Club, Addicted to Fitness, and WellFit Institute, or online at —Kat Smith

sea, sky and spirit Adventure-loving women interested in kiteboarding can experience the sport in a unique way with Jill Wheeler of WellFit Institute in Naples, along with professional kiteboarder Jessica Winkler. The women’s adventure camp and cultural journey will be held November 8-13 in Progreso Yucatan, Mexico. The trip, designed for people at all skill levels, includes kiteboarding instruction, daily yoga, cultural tours of Mayan ruins and snorkeling. As with all WellFit programs, Wheeler designed the itinerary to enhance mind, body and spirit through sports, nutrition, yoga and friendship. The trip will be repeated April 25-30, 2013. ( events) —K.S.

Legacy of Smiles Orthodontist Jim Rehak was committed to improving smiles around Southwest Florida for many years before he passed away last year. Dr. Donald Norton, a longtime friend, is proud to carry on his legacy after buying Rehak’s practice in Naples. While the name has changed to Norton Orthodontics and some minor renovations have been made, Norton has kept the original staff in place. It’s reassuring for patients to know that Dr. Rehak’s practice and passion for his work will live on under the new owner. ( —A.H. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | SEPTEMBER 2012  101

current Dawn DiNardo

PROMOTION AND EVENTS • september 2 012

Community School of Naples The “Model Students at Waterside” fashion show, set for October 2 at Waterside Shops, is a production of upper-school students at Community School of Naples who will serve as the event’s models, coordinators and promoters to support the school’s financial aid program. It’s part of the lead up to the school’s annual Angel Ball. 239-597-7575, ext. 211

Mondo Uomo A family-owned and operated men’s clothier, Mondo Uomo has served Southwest Florida since 1992. Its sportswear and suit collections are among such luxury brands as Southern Tide, Absolute Rebellion, Robert Graham and Equilibrio.

Leigh Raskauskas

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, Summerfields Fine Furnishings has everything you need for a fresh look. Its collection includes outstanding home accessories, furniture and antiques. Visit the store to see the new collection of Maggie Bags, seatbelt totes and wallets in fun colors. Summerfields is a shop full of surprises.

Village on Venetian Bay, 4232 Gulfshore Blvd., Naples 239-434-9484 |

Charlie McDonald Photography Inc.


Maggie Bags Seatbelt Tote of Many Colors $60

953 Central Ave., Naples 239-430-2505 |

Barbara and George Franks

The Immokalee Foundation Stiletto Sprint The Garden of Hope and Courage and the Susan G. Komen Southwest Florida Affiliate will join forces October 20 on Fifth Avenue South in Naples for the third annual Stiletto Sprint, a 500-foot high-heel race and fundraiser for both organizations. Komen promotes awareness for the fight against breast cancer; the Garden provides a peaceful environment for patients, families and staff at the downtown campus of NCH Healthcare System. 239-434-6697 | 239-498-0016 |

The 2012 Charity Classic Celebration is set for November 16 at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples. The evening will encourage guests to follow the “Pathways to Success” and better understand the Immokalee Foundation’s mission of providing educational opportunities that make aspirations come true for the youth of Immokalee. This extraordinary event features fine dining, entertainment and auctions of unique experiences to benefit TIF students. 239-430-9122



Made in the shade

The Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs presents its Color exhibition September 7-27, featuring works on subject matter from still life to portrait to landscape to abstract. The juried show explores the idea of hues in the hidden niches of our collective psyche. The opening reception September 7 includes a special contemporary dance performance by Angela Hicks. For information, call 239-495-8989. Above: Summer Delight by Eileen Walden Johnson NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | SEPTEMBER 2012  103



SEPTEMBER 2012 Scenes from Fashion's Night Out 2011 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Fashionable Tradition Once a year, the entire fashion world goes out for a nationwide late night of style, makeovers, music and more. On September 6, Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops celebrates Fashion’s Night Out with complimentary makeovers, followed by a fashion presentation of the Fall 2012 collections. Be sure to stick around for special surprises throughout the evening. For more information or to RSVP: 239-592-5900, ext. 203; or

ART & MUSEUMS Artist Colony at the Esplanade, Marco Island—Last Wednesday Art Walk, Sept. 26; 239-642-0528. Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs— Alla Prima, Alla Fun, painting class, Sept. 6; Color exhibit, opening reception, Sept. 7, exhibit, Sept. 8-27; Bling It On, jewelry-making class, Sept. 19; Artist Studios Art Walk at the Promenade, Sept. 27; Marco Island Center for the Arts—Black & White Exhibition, Sept. 11-Oct. 25; 239394-4221. Marco Island Historical Society—Reflections of the Everglades Art Exhibit, Sept. 1-28; 239-642-1440.

Wine and Dine Angelina’s Ristorante in Bonita Springs holds its annual summer wine series dinners the third Wednesday of each month through November. This year’s wine producers alternate between Europe and the Americas. Executive Chef Greg Scarlatos has devised creative menus for each to pair perfectly with unique wine selections. Upcoming feasts will be held September 19, October 17 and November 21, and are set to feature wines from Antinori, Masi, and a special guest producer to be named, respectively. Reservations must be made in advance due to limited space. Added bonus: Those who purchase seats at Angelina’s wine dinners receive a 25 percent discount for sister restaurant Agave Southwestern Grill’s tequila dinner series (held the fourth Wednesday of every month through October). For more information, call 239390-3187. —Ashley Huntsberry-Lett 104  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Museum of the Everglades—Artists from the Swamp, art by Everglades City School students, through Sept. 30; 239-695-0008. Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center, Naples—Artists for Charity Southwest Florida, through Sept. 7; Fifth Annual Non-juried All Artist Members Show of Shows Exhibition, through Oct. 5; Photography and Printmaking from the Collection, through Nov. 24; 239-262-6517.

Angelina’s wine tower

Naples Depot Museum—Around Naples, photography by R. Clark Lindberg, through Oct. 4; 239-262-6525.

PLAN’s a Sure Bet Live like a jet-setter for an evening while spreading awareness about the gaps in local health-care coverage and raising funds to provide medical care to people in need. In partnership with the Collier County Medical Society, Physician Led Access Network, or PLAN, is hosting “An Evening in Monte Carlo,” an elegant casino gaming event September 29 at the Naples Yacht Club. Money brought in by the party supports PLAN’s mission to help thousands of low-income residents in Collier County. The soiree includes professional regulation casino gaming (for entertainment purposes only), music, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, an auction and prizes. For information, visit

Naples Historical Society at Historic Palm Cottage—Tours of Palm Cottage, Tuesday through Saturday; walking tours of the historic district, September 5, 12, 19, 26; tours of the Norris Gardens, September 6, 20;

about healthy eating habits, Sept. 15;

Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art—Out of This World: Extraordinary Costumes, Sept. 22-Dec. 30; Fletcher Benton: The Artist’s Studio, Sept. 22-Jan. 20, 2013;

Naples Historical Society, Palm Cottage Theater—Naples Oral Histories: Call for schedule; 239-261-8164.

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve—Ocean’s Edge: The Corridor of Life art exhibit, through Sept. 7; National Estuary Day, Sept. 29; 239-4176310.

Fifth Avenue South—Evening on Fifth, music, dining, shopping, art galleries, Sept. 13; 239-692-8436.

FILM Mercato, Naples—Movies on the Lawn, Tootsie, Sept. 18; 239-254-1080.

FOOD, WINE & FASHION Agave Southwestern Grill, Naples— Summer Tequila Dinner, flavors of the Southwest paired with tequilas by a special guest producer, diners receive a discount for the wine dinner series at sister restaurant, Angelina’s Ristorante, Sept. 26; 239-598-3473.

Marissa Collections, Naples—Fashion’s Night Out, trunk shows, introducing Theresa Bruno of Jordan Alexander Jewelry and jewelry by Alexis Bittar and Miriam Salat, Sept. 6; North Naples Green Market—Saturdays, through Sept. 29, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Naples; 239-594-9358. Third Street South, Naples—Farmers market, Saturday mornings, behind Tommy Bahama; Thursday on Third, live music, shopping and dining, Sept. 20; 239-434-6533.

Rosen Gallery & Studios, Naples— Group Exhibition: Professional Studio Artists of Naples, recent works by resident artists, through Oct. 2; 239-821-1061.

CHILDREN/TEENS Germain Arena, Estero—Sesame Street Live, “Elmo Makes Music,” Sept. 21-23; 239-948-7825. Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples—Arts & Culture Saturday, Sept. 1; WGCU Presents, Sept. 8; Celebrate Grandparents Day, Sept. 9; Science Saturday, Sept. 22; Waterside Shops, Naples—Explore With the Golisano Chidren’s Museum of Naples, “Produce Market,” learn

Passing Through, by Barbara Groenteman




MUSIC Mercato, Naples—Mercato Nights Music Series, Sept. 6; Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club—SummerJazz on the Gulf, free concert on the Watkins Lawn, with Eight to the Bar, Sept. 22; George Clooney

Norris Center, Naples—A Celebration of Dixieland Jazz, by Jazz Masters, Sept. 1, 8, 15; 239-213-3058. Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples—Percussion Summit, Sept. 8; Chamber: Passion and Drama, Sept. 9, 11; Out of this World: Music from the Movies, Sept. 29; 239-597-1900.

Cindy Sherman

Jack Nicholson

Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art—Martin Schoeller: Close Up, Larger-than-life photographs, Sept. 22-Dec. 9; THEPHIL.ORG. ute Mystery: Weird & Wonderful Archaeology, Sept. 5, 19; 239-252-8476. Naples Botanical Garden—Master Gardener’s Plant Clinic, Sept. 6, 13;



Collier County Museum, Naples—Min-

1-3—Big Cypress Gallery 19th Annual

Labor Day Open House, meet artists Clyde and Niki Butcher, view new work, includes guided swamp walks that leave from behind the gallery; 239-695-2428. 30—Naples Sunset Wedding Show, hosted by National Association of Wedding Professionals, Naples Chapter, portion of proceeds benefits the Children’s


Bob Harden Show

“News and Commentary you can use to help you enjoy life on the Paradise Coast.” Streamed Live, Monday-Friday, 7-8 am The show is archived for your listening convenience brought to you in part by

like us on facebook 106  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED



Super Kids The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (C’mon) turns ordinary children into heroes with the power to go green. Through hands-on activities, the temporary exhibition Super Kids Save the World (based on the British children’s book George Saves the World by Lunchtime) teaches kids how to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. The ecofriendly showcase runs through September 9. C’mon also hosts monthly themed Adult Nights, featuring food, drinks, music and activities that recall childhood memories; the next of these is September 13. For information, call 239-514-0084. —Melissa Bell

Advocacy Center of Naples, Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club; 239-262-5409.


Cutting Edge Continental Cuisine with a Little Water on the Side... Tapas


Alfresco Dining

41 to Parkshore at the Village on Venetian Bay 239.263.4421


1—Pilot Club John Clay 5K, Lowdermilk Park, Naples; 239-434-9786. 6-8—The Anglers’ Cup Big Snook Challenge & Redfish Classic, kickoff party, fishing tournament, social hours, dinners, prizes and entertainment, Everglades City; 15—Prostate Awareness 5K, Physicians Regional Hospital, Naples; 239-434-9786. 29—United Way, Walk for the Way, 2.5-mile leisure walk with family-friendly activities, music, food, giveaways, exhibits and opportunities to connect with United Way and its partner agencies, North Collier Regional Park, Naples; 239-261-7112.


For updates and additional listings, visit

Vergina Restaurant Old world quality meets new world innovation with an inspired fusion of traditional Italian and nouvelle Mediterranean cuisine. 700 Fifth Avenue S. • Naples, FL 34102 •


Social Observer


CHS Healthcare Foundation What: CHS Healthcare Foundation’s sixth annual Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Golf Classic was sponsored by Arthrex. Proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, which provides medical and dental services to children in Collier County. Venue: Quail West A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event



1. Frank Gorke, Jim Johnson 2. Dick Rice, Tom McAteer, Rick Heers 3. Judy Farnham, Lee Willis, Jackie LeClair 4. Mary Johnson, Andy Crowe 5. Patti Krupp, Mary Lottes 6. Jerry Berry, Steve Sphar





1 2

3 Barbatella What: Barbatella celebrated its grand opening with Prosecco and pizza on the patio. Venue: Barbatella, Third Street South A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event 1. Linda and Bob Harden 2. Joan Tobin, Ingrid Aielli, Tomasina Schiro 3. Bruce Gilbert, Lili Montes, Fabrizio and Ingrid Aielli, Dean Corsones, Frank Carzo, Kathleen Passidomo 4. Patrick and Brenda O’Connor 5. Jon Kukk, Lili Montes 6. Kim and Curt Artis, Tomasina Schiro




Social Observer 2


Saks Fifth Avenue


What: Famed jewelry designer Ippolita’s personal appearance and luncheon Venue: Saks Fifth Avenue A Naples Illustrated-sponsored event

Girard Photography

1. Ippolita, Wanda Zaiser 2. Joe Cavalcante, Kitty Sachs, Sherrill Dixon 3. Christine Zantop, Marta Nowakowski 4. Susan O’Connor, Joan Sobon, Anne Fenlon 5. Donna Solimene, Wanda Zaiser 6. Ruth Himburg, Carol Price




American Cancer Society What: Bucket List Bash Patron Party Venue: Yacht Susanna Bella 1. Rosemarie Ressegiue, Chris Scudder 2. James Magin, Sandy Denny, Susan Gohl, Mitzi Magin 3. Pat and Richard Aboia 4. Art, Bev and Carolyn Cherry, Peter Boyd, Kathy Cleeland 5. Liz Jessee, Kim Azar-Anderson 6. Robert and Joyce Evans, Carol Boyd

2 1

Wilkinson Photography





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Russell Budd (left) and Bart Zino (right) build luxury homes that carry Port Royal, Gulfshore Boulevard and Grey Oaks addresses. The founder/CEO and president of PBS Construction Inc., respectively, are deeply committed to community involvement. Budd and Zino extend the “culture of service” core to their business approach when engaged in philanthropy. Budd, a 37-year Naples resident and Naples High graduate, is a significant supporter of the Leadership Collier Foundation. He serves as vice chair of the organization’s programs, including Leadership Collier, Growing Associates in Naples (GAIN) and Youth Leadership. Budd has also served as a trustee for Seacrest Country Day School, a director for the Greater Naples YMCA and a laureate for Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida. “I am interested in projects focused on making Naples a better place to live and work,” Budd says. “Many Southwest Florida residents moved here from someplace else. There are so many bright people in Naples and the goal is to get them engaged in this community so they consider it home.” Zino, a Leadership Collier graduate and recipient of the group’s 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award, supports Drug Free Collier and has served on the board of Collier County Hunger & Homeless Coalition. He is a North Naples Little League coach and an Immokalee Friendship House volunteer. “I care deeply about kids,” Zino says. “I enjoy watching them grow up and seek to be a positive influence in their lives. There is always a need for money, but the young people touched by these organizations need to see ‘normal’ as well.” Budd and Zino have established a PBS Construction tradition. Every year, the company adopts a local community service project and serves as the general contractor. All work and materials are provided at cost. This year’s proj“Our annual initiative is simply another way for us to give back,” Budd says. u



ect is Grace Place for Children and Families.



Come in and explore the New Traditional style at the newly expanded Bay Design Store. Bay Design Store is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful furniture stores on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Visit our newly designed showrooms displaying the most current color and style trends for the upcoming season. We invite you to meet with one of our designers to discover the possibilities for the places you live.

326 13th Avenue South

Naples, Florida

(239) 649-0906

Civita di Bagnoregio

The State is the actuality of the ethical idea

1167 Third Street South | 877.263.4333 | |

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