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Salute to the red, white and blue Neapolitans in Michigan All about Miami: What’s hot now

Breitling, the leading manufacturer of mechanical chronographs. Bentley, maker of legendary cars. In associating their respective fields of excellence, the two brands with their “winged B� insignia have created watches combining the best of their respective worlds. Performance and prestige. Power and luxury. Elegance and accomplishment.Tradition and innovation. Fine craftsmanship and high technology. Endowed with eminently stylish aesthetics, refined finishes, chronometer-certified movements and exclusive technical features, Breitling for Bentley chronographs naturally appeal to all connoisseurs and devotees of exceptional watches. Fine motors encased in beautiful bodywork.



Cocktail Collection Naples 766 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102 239.649.7200

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features 44 The New Vintage Feminine glamour from decades past informs the pre-fall collections. Photography by Robert Adamo

52 Color Burst The chromatic wonder that is Neapolitans Richard and Lynette Merillat’s Michigan lake home was created by designer Carleton Varney. Photography by Michael Arnaud

60 Miami for All Fabulous shopping, fine dining and more are just a short trip away. By Daphne Nikolopoulos and Paul Rubio


By Kathy Becker

72 The Raw Deal The skinny on the raw food revolution. By Liza Grant Smith


Carolina Herrera silk gown, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; earrings, Marilyn’s Distinctive European Fashion, Naples

68 Helping Heroes Lee and Penny Anderson host a patriotic party to bring awareness about unemployed veterans to fellow business leaders.

Skin Cancer Q&A

Janet Sperry, M.D.

Question: Can radiation be used to treat my skin cancer? Answer:

There are many treatment options available to treat skin cancer. Radiation may be an option depending upon the type of skin cancer. The size, depth, location of the cancer and your age or any medical conditions you may have are the considerations. Radiation is generally recommended for cancers located along the ears, eyelids, nose, or corners of the lips, as these sites can be difficult to reconstruct after surgery. Advantages of radiation are that the treatment is completely non-invasive, relatively pain-free, and provide excellent cure rates with beautiful cosmetic results. The superficial x-rays used only treat the skin and do not expose any other part of your body to radiation. Each treatment takes only a few minutes and total treatment time can vary between 3–6 weeks.

Learn more at or call 239-325-1440

Radiation Oncology for Premiere Care




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STYLE 23 Trends Modern tortoise shades 24 Tastemakers Sergio Gonzalez 26 Vanity Summer scents


On the Cover: Emilio Pucci caftan, Marissa Collections, Naples; jewelry, Hamilton Jewelers, Photography by Bell Soto Hair & Makeup: Gina Simone, Cielo Blue Pro, Miami Model: Mila, MC2, New York

28 Treasure A touch of the exotic



31 Q&A Venus Williams

35 Dish Barbatella’s chicken salad

32 Cameos Brent Clark, Ed Hale, Trey Blackmon

36 Local Flavor Dining news 38 Spirits Less familiar wine country

PURSUITS 40 First Class Irish Castles 42 High Road Rolls-Royce Ghost

AGENDA 103 Culture Cirque du Soleil 104 Calendar 106 Social Observer



112 Being Significant John and Marilyn McDonough



A different kind of luxury is coming to Naples: relaxed, open, breezy and beautifully crafted. Introducing the new residences at Talis Park, ranging from the $700,000s into the millions. All overlooking the acclaimed Norman & Dye golf course, consistently ranked among Florida’s top 20. And soon to be joined by a bold new take on the Club, called Vyne House. See what’s to come

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Elizabeth Fox, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon On-site AAAA Surgical Facility • Overnight Facility Available Visit our website for more before & after photos. before




Both patients had facial procedures performed by Dr. Elizabeth Fox.

SEMINAR Published Author in Breast Surgery Textbook

Wed., July 11 • 2pm Wed., August 8th • 2pm th

RSVP: (239) 262-8585 Call our office about complimentary consultations.

Female/Male Facelifts • Necklifts • Endoscopic Browlifts Eyelid Surgery • Rhinoplasty • Female/Male Jaw Implants RADIESSE® for Lip Augmentation/Lines around Mouth Fat Implantation (Liquid Facelift) Juvederm™ • BOTOX® • Restylane® Breast Augmentation (Cleavage Enhancement) Minimal Scar Breast Lift • Breast Reduction Minimal Scar Arm Lift • Thigh Lift • Body Liposuction “Brazilian” Abdominoplasty (Reduces Waist Size) Hair Transplants (Single Hair Graft) Sciton Laser Resurfacing Treatments Micro Laser Peel • Vein & Hair Removal Laser Latisse™ (Eyelash Lengthener) • Acne Care 827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples (west of US 41, south of Waterside Shops)

(239) 262-8585

Skin Health with

Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Can Change Your Life Dr. Elizabeth Fox answers frequently asked questions. Plastic surgery is cutting-edge, exciting and life-altering. People are taking better care of their health and therefore living more productive, fulfilling and longer lives. This is why it is important that your outward appearance projects the vitality and youth that you feel on the inside. Join us on this rewarding journey and discover the difference plastic surgery will make in your life.


Dear Dr. Fox: Summer is coming again and I am not looking forward to yet another season when I have to sit on the sidelines while everyone else has fun at the beach. I am tired of the way my stomach looks and I know that I am beyond Spanx. What are my options?


Depending on how much excess skin you have and the quality of that skin, we can do one of three things. Let’s start with the easiest first. If you have good skin consistency simple liposuction can improve your contour and help reduce your waistline. This will cause some skin contracture thereby reducing some extra skin. The next procedure is a mini tummy tuck which improves the lower part of the abdomen primarily. In these patients there is not a great deal of upper abdominal skin, but rather extra tissue or “rolls” which come from c-sections or general life in the lower part of the abdomen. Tightening the waistline can also be accomplished in a mini tummy tuck. If you have excess skin in the upper and lower parts of the abdomen then your best choice would be an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Tummy tucks reduce stretch marks while at the same time significantly contouring your abdomen. In addition, there are some other health benefits with tummy tucks. Since 98% of our patients lose weight after the procedure you will notice better control over your sugar levels (diabetes). You will also see an increased cardiac output from the reduction of fat which reduces the work placed on the heart, leading to increased longevity.


Dear Dr. Fox: My friend mentioned she had a minimal arm lift done by you last year and I really like her results. I have been looking at my arms and I can’t stand what I see. With summer approaching, I don’t want to wear sleeveless shirts due to my upper arms. I am pretty fit, I try to eat right and work out but I just can’t seem to tighten up my upper arms. How do I know if a minimal arm lift would work for me?


With a minimal arm lift, or modern brachioplasty, there is a small incision in the underarm which primarily tightens the skin located in front, upper part of the arm. The traditional standard brachioplasty tightens the entire circumference of the arm. This procedure is for excess skin that droops downward when the arm is

extended. Either way, an arm lift is a rather painless procedure with a quick return to normal activities.


Dear Dr. Fox: I saw this advertisement on TV for a face lift. It looks like it is getting marketing in lots of cities. The advertisers make it sound too good to be true. Can you tell me how the facelift procedure you perform differs from what I saw on TV?


If it looks too good to be true, it probably is just that. For example, a facelift procedure preformed while the patient is awake is basically just pulling back the skin. Skin does not have the strength to hold up the inner structures. Typically these “quick lifts” have very temporary results often needing to be repeated in as little as six months. This is why I do not perform this style of short term lift. In order to have longer lasting results, I perform a vertical facelift which elevates the deeper structures which have fallen with age thus eliminating the jowls while creating a well defined neckline. I always caution my patients to remember that you are choosing a surgeon, not a marketing company to perform one of the most important procedures in your life.

Q: A:

Dear Dr. Fox: My days as a sun-worshipper have taken a toll on my skin. What would you suggest to get rid of brown spots and help me look younger? Pigmentation spots from the sun are actually quite easy to improve. There are multiple ways to take care of brown spots. Dermatologists often freeze them. The limits of this procedure is loss of pigmentation, so I choose not to do this. Another way to minimize brown spots is with a laser, however, with recurrent sun exposure this could be a very expensive alternative which is why I direct my patients to Obagi. Obagi, which is a medical prescription skin care product, is the most cost effective method to treat brown spots. It not only improves pigmentation, but also thickens and strengthens your skin. In addition there is the medical benefit of reducing premalignant lesions which lead to skin cancer.

827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, FL 34103 | | 239-262-8585 (West of US 41, One Block South of Waterside Shops)

Plastic Surgery - Ask Dr.Fox

Fox Plastic Surgery Center

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-Rufino Hernandez Born at NCH and Owner of the Garden District

•Voted best doctors, nurses,

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great expectations


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love the arts—especially the visual arts, and I consider myself to be creative. But, I also have a flair for math and science, and statistics catch my attention—especially when they are backed by good science that confirms my observations. Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue, Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, Brides, Wired and many other magazines, has repeated a study it first conducted six years ago. Guess what? Magazine readership among young people (defined as 18-24) is the highest it’s been in decades. Fashion and beauty magazines attract about 50 percent more young readers than they did in 2001. Business magazine readership among that group is up, too. It seems the only major decline among young people is in women’s service magazines, such as Good Housekeeping, and, of course, TV Guide and Reader’s Digest, that have lost readers across all ages. But the notion that people—especially young people—have lost interest in magazines just is not true. Sure, we’re all spending more time in front of computer, tablet and smart phone screens, but not at the expense of magazine readership. One interesting aspect of the study is that while young women used to “grow out” of fashion and beauty magazines quickly, they now stick with them long after their mid-20s. At our events and in our strategic partnerships throughout the community, I have been impressed with how many younger people tell me they love our magazines, then prove it by telling me about specific features they read and regular columns they never miss. That’s not scientific, but the Condé Nast data indicates what I am observing is, indeed, fact, and that our team has done a great job. This savvy set of readers consists of women and men. They come to our pages for fashion trends and ideas, the great cars Howard Walker test-drives in “High Road,” the best food, great interiors and fascinating people. I don’t mind seeing them slip away to check their text messages. As long as they come back to our pages, I’m happy, very happy. And I’m thrilled they’re talking about us on Twitter!


KREISS MAKES LUXURY LOOK EFFORTLESS. WE MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU. At Interiors by Design West, your lifestyle is the inspiration behind our team’s interior design success. With a unique team approach and strategic partnership with luxury furniture brand Kreiss, we transform your ideal home environment into a reality. Visit our showroom located at Mercato in Naples for a complimentary Design Profile to help define your style and create a space that is distinctly you.

FINE FURNITURE, INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES, CUSTOM RENOVATIONS, MODEL MERCHANDISING, CUSTOM CABINETRY HOURS: MON – THUR: 10 A.M. – 7 P.M. • FRI – SAT: 10 A.M. – 9 P.M. 9118 Strada Place, Mercato 8130 • Naples, FL 34108 • • • 239.249.6800

From The Editor

Simply So Long n my first editor’s letter for the Summer edition of 1999, I talked about the birth of my daughter, Summer, and my new role as editor of Naples Illustrated. It seems only fitting that, in this issue in which we mark some of my favorite parts of the season, I write my last editor’s letter for Naples Illustrated. Both of my kids are now in middle school, and I find the need to have my social season full of baseball games and drama performances, instead of galas and fundraisers. With that in mind, I’ve taken a position where I will be able to spend more time driving the family shuttle instead of commuting, serving as a Girl Scout leader instead of a committee member, and volunteering at school. I have always said being the editor of Naples Illustrated is the best job, and I’m sure it will be for the next lucky occupant, for this is a friendly, gracious community. I hope you continue to support the team here, as they are the brightest in the business, and will celebrate 15 years of publishing in January. I have so enjoyed being invited (or inviting myself) into your homes, parties and lives, and I have met the most amazing people in Naples. It’s truly a special place. The magazine will continue to bring you their stories, like the stunning Michigan lake home of Neapolitans Richard and Lynette Merillat, designed by Carleton Varney (page 52), and the patriotic party held by Lee and Penny Anderson to bring awareness to the need to hire veterans (page 68). I will miss my daily explorations of this special corner of the world, and thank everyone who has made my years here so fulfilling.



Kathy Becker, Editor

Favorites n While great for the psyche, the season can be tough on hair. Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap can be the antidote to chlorine and sun. Read a review of Swimcap and other products on our Vanity blog at


n Naples artist Emily James offers a mental moonlight boat ride with her giclée, Coming Home. I doubt it’s a Michigan lake scene, but it sure reminds me of one.

n A whiff of suntan oil seems to transport one immediately to the beach. Why not go every day with Naples’ own Moana Beauty Monoi Beach Body Polish in Bora Bora scent?

Our Appliances and Your Kitchen... It’s always “The Perfect Fit”!

Visit Mullet’s Appliances showroom today to learn about the many quality innovations by KitchenAid! *

The first ever built-in double-oven with steam-assist technology...Good Bye Basting and Hello Bliss!


This French door built-in refrigerator has the widest space and largest capacity of any built-in bottom-freezer refrigerator.


ExtendFresh™ Plus Temperature Management System ensures ingredients remain fresh for maximum taste and texture.

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Call toll free or log on: 1-800-648-4906

Social Observer


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Catholic Charities of Collier County What: The annual Emerald Ball featured cocktails, silent and live auctions, dinner and dancing to benefit many programs and services for groups in the community. Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples A Naples Illustrated sponsored event 1. Pancho and Ruth Smith 2. Dr. Gerardo and Meylenid Santiago, Mary and Jim Towey 3. Sara and A.J. Bremerman 4. Abby and Isaac Fuller 5. John Petracco, Bill Mackey, Bishop Frank J. Dewane 6. Tania Gatt, Patrick McGirl, Nanette Dion






The Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida What: The Third on Canvas Art Auction featured works from artists who painted scenes from the historic Third Street South shopping district. Venue: Sea Salt A Naples Illustrated sponsored event


1. Lili Montes, Ingrid Aielli 2. Popo Flanigan 3. Kevin Shea 4. Seth Fogelman, Jennifer Parisi 5. Matt Grabinski, Alexis Puleio 6. Frank Russen, Laurline Francis, Malik Gayo, Andrew Porio

5 6


Social Observer 2 1

4 Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series


What: Referred to as a modern-day Houdini, endurance artist David Blaine mystified a crowd of more than 1,200 attendees at the Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series. Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples A Naples Illustrated sponsored event 1. David Blaine performs card tricks with Naples Town Hall guests 2. Al Luzious, Judy and Gary Jorgensen, Kat Luzious 3. Carlo and Ann Zampogna 4. Adam and Ashley Gerry 5. Don Drury, David Blaine, Ashley Drury 6. Ashleigh Henry, Shelley Lund




Fine Furnishings, Home Accessories & Antiques

953 Central Avenue v (239) 430-2505

a very special thank you to those who made our 4th annual savor the Flavor a success.

Musical EntErtainMEnt undErwritEr Robin & Stephen Schiller City Mattress ValEt u ndErwritEr Dot & Moe Kent BEVEragE sponsor Jolly Cricket Coastal Beverage

p l at i n u M spo n so r Moran Edwards Asset Management dia Mo n d spo n so r Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd. Anonymous s ilVEr spo n so r Cummings & Lockwood, LLC Jeanine & David Eklund

MEdia sponsor Naples Illustrated EVEnt sponsors John & Becky Allen Bobby & Jen Sullivan Enchanted Rock Grateful Parents Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Jaffe Mercedes-Benz of Naples Costco Anonymous

rEstaurant participants Alexander’s Restaurant • Café Normandie • The Capital Grille • Chrissy B’s • The Dock at Crayton Cove Emack & Bolio • Flipper’s on the Bay • Gordon’s on the River • The Wine Merchant • Greek Gourmet Jolly Cricket • Rita’s Italian Ice • Rosedale Brick Oven • Rossopomodoro • Service by Jordan, Cindy & Dick Jordan Strip House • Truly Organic Pizza • Trail Café & Grill • Grace & Shelly’s Cupcakes S u p p o r t i n g t h e F i n e & p e r F o r m i n g A r t S At C o m m u n i t y S C h o o l o F n A p l e S


trends eye-catching The forecast is sunny with a chance of glamour. By Katherine Lande

photo montage: Leonor Alvarez-Maza

Prada tortoise shell frames with white rim detail, Tom Ford Calgary Butterfly sunglasses in tortoise shell, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; Bottega Veneta Havana Honey Brown BV 195/A sunglasses, Nordstrom, Naples; multicolor plastic sunglasses, Salvatore Ferragamo, Naples; Linda Farrow for The Row circle tortoise shell ROW 8 frames, Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear, Naples




Journey Man The line of men’s accessories by iconic handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez makes a guy’s summer vacation travels über-stylish and practical. Santiago Gonzalez, the designer’s son and president of the company, visited Saks Fifth Avenue in Naples, where NI met him during a stop on his never-ending globetrotting life to discuss the handsome crocodile carryalls, overnight bags, briefcases, wallets and other manly pieces in the collection that carries his name. —Kat Smith

NI: Why a line for men?

Where did you get the idea to name the

light. Of course, it’s crocodile because

GONZALEZ: It was almost accidental. I

line after you?

that’s what we work in, but all crocodile

shouldn’t wear bags that are not done by

It was going to be called Nancy Gonzalez

men’s designs have been very heavy,

the company, and we didn’t have a men’s

Men’s. [McKee] placed a big order, and

expensive, hard cases. We don’t make

line. So during the years, these were bags

when we were shipping, two weeks before

that. Our briefcases are very light; they

that my mother had designed for me. Then,

the shipment came, she called me and

are very young. The crocodile is matte, a

two and a half years ago, I was checking

said, “Santiago, men don’t buy bags called

brushed special crocodile that has a lug-

into the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan dur-

Nancy.” I said fine, we’d call them Harrods

gage feel to it.

ing Fashion Week, and Marigay McKee [the

Private Label, but she said, “No, we’re

director of fashion and beauty at Harrods]

going to call them your name. People like

Why crocodile?

came to me while I was checking into the

to have something with a person.”

We like precious skins because of their uniqueness. It’s always challenging, it’s

hotel and asked if we made a men’s line. I said no, and she said, “Well, can we order

What sets this line of bags apart?

like a collaboration with nature. … It’s the

your bags?” I said sure. She wanted to have

It works because they’re real bags. The

perfect imperfection, which is nature. Even

a market appointment at 9 in the morning;

line wasn’t launched or invented to be

if you have one black bag identical to the

I didn’t even have swatches. All I had was

sold. … It is a very particular product. The

other, it will never be identical. The scales

what I was wearing, and she took apart my

bags work very well for my lifestyle; after

will be different. … Everything is farmed,

bags, took everything out of them, and used

I launched the line, I realized that other

and we control our farms and our tanneries.

my women’s swatches to make her order.

people also have my lifestyle. Which piece is indispensible?


Yet it’s appropriate for just about any-

The backpack. I never thought I was a

one, because it’s a clean design.

backpack person, but since I’ve been using

It’s very clean. It’s not heavy in spirit, it’s

it, I haven’t been able to put it down. u



Begin at norris

interior Design fine Home furnisHings unique accessories Heirloom rugs WinDoW treatments custom sHutters faux Painting custom re-moDeling WorlDWiDe Delivery

Fort Myers

Sanibel w w w. N o r r i s H o m e F u r n i s h i n g s . c o m




Summer Scents


Check out our new beauty blog, VANITY, on


Summer calls for a fresh, bright fragrance redolent of sunlight, surf and floral whispers. Our have-to-haves as the mercury rises: Boucheron Jaïpur Bracelet, an ultrafeminine blend of iconic florals and citrus ($136, neimanmarcus. com); Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri, evoking the cool essence of the Med and its coastal citrus ($92, Saks Fifth Avenue); Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel’s classic scent now available in pure perfume ($175, Saks Fifth Avenue); Jo Malone Plum Blossom, a fresh, airy interpretation of the namesake flower ($110, Saks Fifth Avenue); and Signorina, the new, young scent from Ferragamo ($74, Ferragamo, Naples).







Voted Southwest Florida’s “Best Factory Outlet Shopping Center” 13 years in a row! • (239) 948-3766 • Gift Cards Available Open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I-75, Exit 123, Corkscrew Rd./Miromar Outlets Blvd. In Estero, between Naples & Fort Myers Copyright © 2012, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation.


Come see our new family of Pekin Ducks at the Nike Fountain




Exotic Insect The carved moose antler, agate, diamond and gold grasshopper brooch ($16,500) from the K. Brunini Jewels Spirit Animals collection is a natural beauty. Marissa Collections, Naples (800-5816641,

Nontraditional materials make jewelry exceptional. By Kathy Becker

Dig These One-of-a-kind dinosaur bone earrings by William B. ($5,250) stand out with white gold and black diamonds. Port Royal Jewelers, Naples (239-263-3071,

Good Day, Sunshine Handmade resin necklace from Milan ($398) brings cheer in any weather. Marilyn’s Distinctive European Fashion, Naples (239-2064460,

Refreshing Celebrate a walk along the shore with a cuff made from a beach-glass-smooth Coca-Cola bottle accented with gold and a diamond and freshwater pearl clasp ($9,995). A. Jaron Fine Jewelry, Naples (239-2932932,


Ancient History Seaman Schepps cuff ($25,650) features round white diamonds and natural fossilized mammoth tusk. Yamron Jewelers, Naples (239-5927707,


Specialists in Nuclear Medicine and Neuroradiology Daniel Singer, M.D., James Lim, M.D., and Michael Theobald, M.D.

What is a PET/CT scan and why do I need it? Fusing Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography provides an anatomically accurate image with the metabolic overlay allowing physicians to visualize disease. ● PET/CT is used to diagnose and stage many cancers. ● PET/CT scans can help diagnose many causes of dementia, for example, Alzheimer’s. ● PET/CT helps medical providers determine whether surgery may be necessary. ● PET/CT identifies the location of tumors and determines if a tumor is malignant or benign. ●

CALL (239)

PET/CT evaluates the effectiveness of cancer therapy and determines if a malignancy has spread. ● NDIC now offers PET bone scans that help physicians stage breast or prostate cancer more effectively and accurately. Physicians can detect, for example, if breast or prostate cancer has metastasized to the bone. ● PET/CT is available at NDIC at the Plaza and NDIC North. ●


Super Men Naples’ most fascinating, charismatic and dynamic men.

September 2012 To reserve your copy of Naples Illustrated’s September issue, visit

charisma q&a Love

Carlo Della Chiesa

Tennis champ Venus Williams has won 21 Grand Slams and earned three Olympic gold medals since turning pro at age 14 alongside sister Serena. But the South Florida resident also has a passion for fashion, and she’s combined her love for both with the recent relaunch of her clothing line, EleVen (elevenbyvenus. com), which she founded in 2007. The active lifestyle brand features men’s and women’s apparel, all designed by Williams, that can be seamlessly worn on and off the court. Williams graduated cum laude with a degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and now studies business management at Indiana University East. —Jennifer Pfaff n How would you describe your fashion sense, and how does your line reflect it? I would say that I love classic designs, but I also like to have fun and mix it up. I show that in EleVen with classic cuts, but some fun prints, and unexpected design elements. n What inspired your designs for EleVen? My designs were inspired by classic tennis wear with my own twist, using current fashion trends such as prints, color blocking and rose gold charms. The fabrics are amazing and so comfortable, which is really important to me when playing my matches. n How did you approach designing menswear? Did you find it challenging? My approach to designing menswear is just how I would want my ideal guy to dress. Clean, with attention to the details, and classic. n What other life goals would you like to achieve? I want to win more Olympic gold medals!




NET GAINS Barron Collier High School graduate Brett Clark heads to the University of North Carolina this fall to play for the school’s high-ranking tennis team. Clark’s 4.6 grade point average and 2011 tournament results made him a top recruit. He won the U.S. Tennis Association Florida State Closed and Level 3 National Florida Open. Clark also reached

Fly Like an Eagle Brett Clark recently was honored with the 2012 Winged Foot Scholar-athlete award as Naples’ top high school scholar-athlete.

Barron Collier High School sophomore Paul “Trey” Blackmon, 16, has been in the Boy Scouts since he was six. He’s been planning his Eagle project for more than six months, and began physical work in March. The initiative consists of building and installing 12 guideposts, four park benches, a picnic table and signs at the

the semifinals of a National Open and finals of

Nancy Payton Preserve in Golden Gate Estates

a clay court Supernational, earning a career-high

with materials provided by the Florida Wildlife

rank of No. 2 in the nation for boys 18 and under.

Federation and Collier County Audubon Society.

The soon-to-be Tar Heel has his sights on earn-

Project completion will earn him his Eagle rank.

ing All American honors at Carolina. “I am very

“Scouting has provided me with some of the

thankful for everyone who has contributed to my

best memories, opportunities and friends I could

success on and off the court,” he says.

have ever asked for,” Blackmon says.

Charting Success Naples native Ed Hale multitasks with great skill. The singer, songwriter, recording artist, and now rock star is lead singer and guitarist of the Brit pop/modern rock group Ed Hale and the Transcendence. The group released the rock opera/concept album All Your Heroes Become Villains in November. As a solo artist, Hale’s latTwo of Ed Hale’s singles from Ballad On Third Avenue have Made The Billboard Adult Contemporary Top 30 list. 32  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

est singles “Scene in San Francisco” and “New Orleans Dreams” hit Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Chart’s Top 30. “Friends from all over the country call to say they just heard the song in their car or on the beach or out somewhere,” Hale says. “The experience is crazy, fun and a bit overwhelming. It’s been an insane 2012 so far.”

“I hope that my project will help visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of Nancy Payton Preserve,” Trey Blackmon says.




F l o r i da’ s W e a lt h i e s t R e a d e r s



WEDDINGS Honeymoons in the wild Beach wedding essentials

Diamond Anniversary Edition


60 Years of sTYle

The Palm Beach 20: Local Legends

Fresh looks for spring Food enthusiasts Wines to drink now







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Salad Days



The Pollo Barbatella salad at Barbatella on Third Street South features pulled roasted chicken, celery, radicchio, pear, fontina, walnuts, lettuce and bourbon pink sauce. It satisfies with just the right mix of ingredients for a light, cool summer entrée that leaves room for one of the restaurant’s icy cold gelati for dessert.



local flavor

Vanessa Rogers

To Market, To Market

Sweet Hearts The philanthropic nature of chocolate maestro Norman Love and his wife, Mary, lives in their son Ryan, 23, who came up with his own idea to raise money for local charities called Sharing a Lil’ Love With Norman Love Confections. During a yearlong program, a dollar from the sale of each specially designated box of chocolates will be donated to a local nonprofit group, which will change quarterly. The first beneficiary is United Way of Lee, Hendry and Glades counties. Sales during the second quarter of the program will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Lee County. The fun, kid-friendly flavors for the special packages, chosen by Ryan with input from fellow Norman Love team members, include Cookies and Cream, Bubble Gum, Peanut ButRyan Love ter and Jelly, Vanilla Cupcake and Cotton Candy.

Two new, chic Naples eateries are part restaurant, part market with European flair. Dolce & Salato Italian Food Boutique on Third Street South has a coffee bar, wine bar and handcrafted sandwiches and salads, residing in a casual market setting with wine, beer, pastries, cakes and other products to take away. Native Italian owners Agostino Nastasi and Natascia Marchesi’s hands-on presence contributes to the market’s neighborhood feel. Three60 Market (pictured above) on the Haldeman Creek waterfront is in an Old Florida, tin-roofed building with a modern industrial vibe on Bayshore Drive. The shop features homemade pasta and soups to eat in or take home, wine, and dried pasta by Rebecca Maddox, creator of the Naples Pasta Company, and Chef Michael Johnson (a Johnson & Wales-trained chef formerly of The Ritz-Carlton, Naples). Maddox, who loves taking on projects people say can’t be done, plunged into the multiyear renovation project because she thought the building was worth saving and the emerging arts neighborhood worth supporting. Pop-up parking lot markets, wine tastings and cooking classes are planned for the fall.

Shirlene Elkins, left, and some of her dishes

Bon Appétit; Bon Voyage Take a culinary cruise with Naples’ own bon vivant Shirlene Elkins, who shares her cooking skills on through videos and recipes and with her friends by planning theme parties and gatherings. SilverSea cruise planners liked Shirlene’s Cuisine for People on the Go videos and invited her to create onboard cooking demonstrations with the cruise chefs for a Mediterranean voyage May 23-30, 2013. Elkins is planning food and winecentered shore experiences in the cruise’s many ports, from Barcelona to Rome, including a two-night stay in Monte Carlo during Monaco’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. See new videos and recipes on, with cuisine honoring a few of the cruise’s ports. For cruise information, contact Lynne Adams,, 239-949-1611. 36  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

We Propose


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Domaine Skouras

New Territory For a less ordinary travel experience, head for wine regions off the beaten path. By Mark Spivak

Morning at the Gaia Winery, Greece.

Quinta do Vale Meão


Planning on visiting wine country during the next three or four months? If you’re tired of Tuscany and bored with Napa, we offer some stops to consider on the road less traveled. GREECE: Despite an assortment of internal economic problems, Greece is still a lovely place to visit, particularly out in the countryside. The best news of all is that Greek wine has gone through a transformation in recent years, with some producers that now rank with the world’s best. Macedonia is one of the country’s oldest wine regions, featuring full-bodied reds made from the Xinomavro grape; among the many worthy stops are two properties run by Bordeaux-trained enologists, Alpha Estate (in remote Amyndeon) and Domaine Gerovassiliou (outside

Thessaloniki). The Peloponnese region is home to two of Greece’s best wineries, Domaine Skouras and Gaia. Visitors who make the trek to the island of Santorini can sample cutting-edge whites from Domaine Sigalas and Hatzidakis Winery. PORTUGAL: Long known for port wine and Vinho Verde, Portugal has come into its own as a wine producer over the past decade. The people are friendly, the seafood-based diet is healthy, and travel within the country is a bargain. The Alentejo region, located in the south of the country, is frequently cited as an area where outside investment and technology have revolutionized winemaking. Notable estates include Quinta do Carmo, a partnership of Esporão and the Rothschilds of Château Lafite until

Above from far left: Harvest time at Quinta do Crasto, Portugal; Domaine Gerovassiliou, Greece; Alpha Estate in the remote Amyndeon region of Greece.

Bacalhoa Vinhos de Portugal acquired the estate in 2008. The wines of the Dão have also been transformed, with producers such as Quinta do Perdigão and Flor das Maias leading the way. In the Douro, the home of port wine, dry reds such as those from Quinta do Crasto and Quinta do Vale Meão have set a new standard. And

speaking of treks, the Madeira Islands— located about 600 miles southwest of Lisbon, in the Atlantic—are home to some of the world’s greatest dessert wines. ENGLAND: No, it’s not a misprint. The southern part of England has been one of the main beneficiaries of climate change. Always a source for high-quality sparkling wine, this area has become known lately for red wines as the world has grown warmer. Probably the best known winery is Denbies Wine Estate in the Surrey Hills, long known for sparkling wine, but now equally famous for both whites and reds. Nyetimber, a relative newcomer in West Sussex, has led the sparkling wine field since its founding in 1988. Curious Grape is the brand name of New Wave Wines, in Kent, which is the largest (and many believe best) winery in the United Kingdom. EASTERN EUROPE: Croatia may or

may not have been home to Zinfandel, but famed California winemaker Miljenko “Mike” Grgich surprised the world some years back when he returned to his native country and established a winery on the Peljesac peninsula. He has played a key role in helping Croatian wineries make the transition from local to global enterprises. The quality of Romanian wine has been improving steadily thanks to the efforts of the Vinarte Group, along with estates such as Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea and Halewood (founded by John Halewood, an expatriate Englishman in 1978). Hungary is a sweet wine lover’s paradise due to the production of Tokaji. In addition, the reds are vastly improved from the days when Egri Bikavér, or Bull’s Blood, was the quaff of choice; the top regions for full-bodied, spicy reds are Villany and Szekszárd, and it’s possible to tour the wine routes in both areas. u

Lunch at the Bar

Includes a glass of ho $14.95 Daily use red or white wi


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Fabrizio Aielli, Award Winning Chef

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Live Music

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First Class HISTORIC LUXURY Medieval castles dot the landscape of the Emerald Isle, many restored as fine hotels. Many of Ireland’s castles are ancient tower houses, whose battered walls attest to a history of violent times. Today, Castlemartyr Resort, an eighteenthcentury classic manor house that lies adjacent to the ruins of an 800-year-old castle originally built by the Knights Templar under Richard Earl de Clare, is a haven for peaceful pastimes and relaxation. The Manor State Rooms are unabashedly opulent, with marble bathrooms, enormous beds and separate dressing rooms. The four Grand Suites are justly named, with spectacular panoramic views of the lake and meadows. There is only one Presidential Suite, and it is magnificent, so book early if you are interested in the ultimate in luxury. While the five-star resort provides many activities and amenities for adults, the resort is family-friendly, with


provisions made for separate children’s activities, kids’ times in the pool and age-appropriate dining in the Bell Tower gourmet restaurant. Should parental guilt set in, families can spend quality time together by visiting a nearby wildlife park or Leahy’s Open Farm at petting time. A charming way to learn some of the property’s lore is via a tour in an open horse-drawn “trap” to the original castle, “cannonballed,” the driver says, by Oliver Cromwell. The formal gardens stretching the length of the manor provide tranquility, while a nearby ultramodern glass structure houses a large pool, gym and spa. Also inspiring is the environmentally friendly links golf course, designed with distinctive hills and valleys that reduce the need for irrigation. When you’re ready to venture out of the resort, two interesting attractions are worth the time.

courtesy Castlemartyr Resort


Clockwise from top left: An elegant stairwell; indoor pool; an overview of Castlemartyr Resort Previous page: The ruins of Castlemartyr

One sight to add to the itinerary is the Cliffs of Moher. On the way there, the drive reveals the picturesque scenery of village shops resplendent in yellows, blues, reds and shocking pinks. At the Cliffs, five miles of sheer rock tumble through the mist to the fickle Irish Sea. Close by is the coastal town of Doolin, a favorite tourist stop that is a center for traditional Irish music played nightly in historic pubs. A stone’s throw from Dromoland stands the massive tower house Bunratty Castle. In the sixteenth century, chieftains of the O’Brien clan reigned over stewards, cooks, scullions and pages. Today, at the foot of the restored castle is Bunratty Folk Park, a marvelous collection of nineteenth-century farms, stores, pubs and gardens. At each of these fine resorts, hospitality starts at the top. The general managers of both Castlemartyr and Dromoland personally welcome guests with a friendliness expressed by the entire staff. In this small country, the famous warmth of the Irish will make you feel like visiting royalty.;; u

Clockwise from above: the regal sport of falconry; fog around Dromoland Castle; a ride in a horse-drawn trap; the elegant lobby.

courtesy Dromoland Castle

The cavernous buildings of the Jameson Old Distillery in Midleton are straight out of Dickens. In Cobh (Cove), a town of multicolored houses, the imaginative Titanic Experience takes place at the actual departure point for the ship’s last 123 passengers. Each visitor receives a boarding pass bearing the name of one of those ill-fated souls. Leaving Castlemartyr, a stop at the English Market in Cork is a must. Each morning, fishmonger Pat O’Connell fillets salmon with astonishing speed. A photo behind him shows O’Connell sharing a laugh with Queen Elizabeth II during a royal visit. The usually serious monarch is transformed into a grandmotherly woman beaming in pure delight. Another luxurious castle hotel lies just eight miles from Shannon Airport in Clare. At the end of a long, winding drive, a turreted tower unites the two wings of the grand country estate, Dromoland (droh-MOH-land) Castle. Spread out on 410 acres, the castle’s brick walls protect the colorful explosion of flowers and deep green lawns of a beautiful garden. The resort offers sporting activities such as clay shooting, and a championship golf course skirts a lake stocked with trout. The clubhouse fronts a casual restaurant and a spa offering a wide variety of treatments as well as a swimming pool and gym. Inside the castle, ancient oak paneling lines a maze of corridors that meander to magnificent dining rooms and warm, inviting hideaways where afternoon tea is served. Prime dining is relegated to the charmingly appointed five-star Earl of Thomond Restaurant, serving delectable dishes—Irish smoked salmon, roasted rosemary Guinea fowl, glazed suckling pig and braised black sole to name a few. Accompanying wines range from the “pleasurable” to the Old Vintage Cellar’s impressive bottles, with vintages ranging from 1929 to 1990.



high road

GHOST RIDER Stretching Rolls-Royce’s entry model has created a new benchmark in limo luxury. By HOWARD WALKER

Conjure up in your mind, if you will, some of the finest seats in the house. For opera lovers, that could be a box at La Scala in Milan, with Bocelli on lead vocals. For sports fans, it might be courtside at a Lakers game, sharing popcorn with Jack Nicholson. Or how about seat 1A on the first Virgin Galactic flight, boldly going into inner space? The list is endless. Myself, I’d happily opt for the backseat of the latest Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase, feet submerged in the furry luxury of those lambswool rugs, seat massager set on full-Helga and maybe a little Bocelli played through the car’s 600-watt stereo. Ah, Vivare. While you’d never describe the backseat of the standard Ghost as cramped, it is, shall we say, a little on the cozy side. All that changes with the arrival of the EWB, or Extended Wheelbase. The car gets a 6.7-inch stretch, which essentially doubles the rear-pew legroom from 6.3 inches to an NBA-approved 13 inches. Yet the beauty of execution is that this new longer Ghost doesn’t look like some prom-queen stretched Town Car. With the rear doors just 1.3 inches longer than the front’s, everything appears 42  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

totally in proportion. Some would say the extra length adds even more visual elegance to the lines. A little like Gisele Bündchen sliding into six-inch Manolos. Now when you open one of the Ghost’s rear-hinged “coach” doors, step gracefully into the back and slide easily into the leather Barca­ lounger, you enter a world of utter stretch-out hedonism. The seats themselves are just magnificent, offering the ability to cool, massage, recline and fully cosset their occupants. And they’re positioned in such a way that you sit behind the door pillar, shielded from evil paparazzi or the gaze of passing gawkers. Stretching the Ghost has added around 130 pounds to the car’s waistline. But when you have a 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 nuclear reactor under the hood punching out 563 horsepower and a mighty 575 pound-feet of torque, it’s hardly of consequence. Now when you bury the accelerator in the lambswool, you’ll lunge from standstill to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. That, according to Rolls, is a mere 0.1 seconds slower than the standard car. Big deal. What’s still hard to put into meaningful words is the absolutely breathtaking thrust that’s delivered by this big-bore version of

BMW’s direct-injection 12-cylinder. The fact that its acceleration is in near total silence only adds to the experience. Think rock from a catapult, fighter off a carrier deck, express elevator up the Empire State Building. Similar, but different. Maybe it’s the sheer effortlessness of its forward motion that astounds the most. See the gap in the traffic five cars ahead, squeeze the throttle, feel the near-imperceptible kickdown of the eight-speed automatic and the sensation of being squeezed hard into the seatback. Boy, this buggy moves. Disney’s Space Mountain doesn’t even come close. And if you absolutely must drive, the Ghost will surprise and delight with its near sports sedan-like responses. This is a whopper of a car that somehow shrivels in size the faster you go. With much of its go-faster technology sourced from BMW—the air suspension, the electronic variable damping, the active roll stabiliza-

tion, the dynamic chassis control and smart brakes—it simply goes where you point it. You’ll pay $290,000 for a “base” Ghost Extended Wheelbase—$40,000 more than the standard car—to which you need to add $2,000 for delivery and $1,700 for gas-guzzler. Check a few options boxes, like $2,850 for those must-have picnic tables and $6,450 for individual rear seats instead of the standard bench, and you’ll be up to $325,000 before you know it. Why not stretch to a flagship Phantom for another $55,000? To me, the Ghost has more appeal because it feels much less ostentatious, less grandiose, less Simon Cowell (who owns two). And somehow more youthful, more of a daily driver. But really, front seat or back, in this long Ghost there isn’t a bad seat in the house. u


Bob Harden Show

“News and Commentary you can use to help you enjoy life on the Paradise Coast.” Streamed Live, Monday-Friday, 7-8 am The show is archived for your listening convenience brought to you in part by

like us on facebook NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2012  43

Drop-waist lace dress, heels, Diane von Furstenberg, Bal Harbour; crystal headband, Marissa Collections, Naples

THE NEW VINTAGE Feminine glamour from decades past informs the pre-fall collections. Photography by ROBERT ADAMO Shot on location by Naples Illustrated at the Naples Historical Society’s Historic Palm Cottage, Naples 44


Knit top, wide-leg pant, heel, Ralph Lauren, Naples; shell cuff, Marissa Collections, Naples Opposite page: Lanvin silk gown, pearl ring, Marissa Collections, Naples 46




Cut-out cotton sunsuit with lace jacket, chunky sandal, Dolce & Gabbana, Bal Harbour Opposite page: John Galliano silk gown, crystal cuffs, Marissa Collections, Naples

Veronica Beard ivory silk dress, bomber jacket, leather belt, gold cuffs, Marissa Collections, Naples Opposite page: Carolina Herrera embroidered dress, Fendi gold bag, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples; crystal earrings, Marilyn’s Distinctive European Fashion, Naples Art Director: Reynaldo Martin Stylist: Todd Kaelin, No-Name Productions, Miami Hair & Makeup Artist: Rachel Reumann, Model: Adela Capova, Next Models, New York Photography Assistant: Robert Kildoo 50


COLOR BURST Designer Carleton Varney adds his chromatic touch to the Michigan lake home of Neapolitans Richard and Lynette Merillat.

Text by Carleton Varney, photography by Michael Arnaud. reprinted with permission from Mr. Color: The Greenbrier and Other Decorating Adventures.

Lynette and Richard Merillat came to me for color. They had visited the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, which was near their home-tobe on Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan. We met to talk about their dreams for the lake house, which was to become Lynette’s fantasy home, one filled with color and her special antique furniture and decorative items. We shopped together and found pieces that completed Lynette’s collections and made the house, well, not your ordinary lakeside retreat. Architect Andre Poineau has built several homes on the Michigan lakes, but this house—named White Pines for the trees on the property, and measuring 17,500 square feet with a 10,300-square-foot boathouse—is the finest project of his career because of its scale and sense of grandeur.

Architect Andre Poineau is also a pilot, and he took photographer Michel Arnaud up in his Cessna to capture White Pines on Lake Charlevoix and the surrounding forest. When I presented the Merillats with the colors I had selected for the exterior of the house— a red roof and green shingles—they happily agreed. I’ve been told that boaters on the lake often cruise by very slowly to take in the never-before-seen color combination. 52  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED


Mr. Color Designer Carleton Varney has become known as Mr. Color because of the bold style he uses for famous resorts and private residences. Legendary designer Dorothy Draper shaped his style, and he continues preaching his gospel of colorful design on his HSN cable network show, Live Vividly. Varney’s fabric and wall coverings are available at Webster & Company in Miromar Design Center, where Varney gave a presentation in February ( His book, Mr. Color: The Greenbrier and Other Decorating Adventures (carletonvarney.


com), released in October, documents his philosophy in several of his projects, including in the Michigan lakefront home of part-time Neapolitans Richard and Lynette Merillat. The Merillats were in the process of designing a larger home on Lake Charlevoix to accommodate visits from nine grandchildren and three daughters when the Varney-designed Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, came to mind. “We had a log house, and it was dark with a stone fireplace, and my wife said she wanted a change, something light and airy with white wood and color,” he says.

“I said, ‘That sounds like the Grand Hotel.’” They called the owners of the hotel and were connected with Varney, who coincidentally had a New York office a block away from the late Robert Denning, who was the designer for the Merillats’ Port Royal home. “We’ve had fun with our houses because we like who we were working with,” Richard says. The Merillats like the name of the chapter in the book about their house, “Inside and Out,” Richard says. “We would have not come up with the colors if we hadn’t worked with him.”—Kathy Becker

Top left: With red and green as the predominant exterior coloring, the house makes a picture-perfect Christmas-card image when the roof is laden with snow. Above: Seen here from the upper balcony, the double-height drawing room has cosmospink walls, which serve as background to a welcoming mix of Victorian and Edwardian portraits, as well as an aqua-blue Dorothy Draper Brazilliance commode. The mirror above the carved-oak mantelpiece is from Syria, and the chandelier is made of wrought iron. Left: The drawing-room furniture grouping includes two sofas covered in a raspberry chenille and four swivel split-back lounge chairs from Kindel in a Rhododendron covering. I specially designed the carpet, a white caneweave pattern on a Thomas Jefferson– blue background for the residence, and it was woven by McMurray of Ireland. A family collection of crystal candlesticks sits on the ample coffee table. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2012  55

Left: The dome-shaped, stained glass ceiling is the focus of the kitchen. Its pattern features the trillium flower, one of the forest flowers indigenous to northern Michigan. The bronze and crystal chandelier is ornamented with glass garden flowers. Top: I selected a floral print for the Merillats’ bedcover, with the peony as the main flower against a neutral gold background. Stripes are one of my favorite decorating common denominators: They go with everything. Not only do they work in all types of fabric, they work especially well on a wall when hanging artwork. Above: Attention to detail is my trademark. This antique, once-derelict settee with matching chairs was reconditioned with aqua-blue chenille, chartreuse-green trim, and black sixinch bullion fringe. I found the pieces in an Upstate New York antiques barn one summer weekend. I placed them in Mrs. Merillat’s private den just off the drawing room, where we hung a painting of a little girl looking out the window. Right: An oval-shaped table was custom-made for the kitchen dining area to give a formal look to the room. The kidneyshaped sofas by Kindel are in loveseat dimensions, seating two, and are upholstered in the same Rhododendron fabric used on the club chairs in the adjoining drawing room.




Left: Details such as welting, cord, nail heads, pediments, and even belt buckles that become artworks when hung on the grass-cloth walls in Richard’s study, are important to the design of the room. Furniture from the Merillats’ collection is covered in a gold chenille. I designed the carpet in an Indian style, and it was manufactured by Dixon Carpets in Connemara, Ireland. Above: The lakeside entrance to the 10,000-square-foot boathouse is painted in my Carleton Varney style, and even the floor inside is made of black-and-white squares laid on the diagonal. Right: This skipper blue–painted den could be called the Admiral’s Cove, as the paintings of ships on the walls and ship models placed about—everything a sea captain loves—indicate. What is now used as a serving dresser was once a sideboard in the mansion of John Jacob Astor on the Hudson River in New York State.





From haute cuisine to haute couture: Whatever your pleasure, chances are you will find it in Miami.

local flavor By Paul Rubio

See-and-Be-Seen Succulence

Quentin Bacon

The lines are deservedly long at South Beach’s hottest newcomer, the rooftop Juvia, high above the architecturally inspiring 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage. Four A-list chefs, hailing from the kitchens of headlining restaurants like Nobu, unite for a panAsian-European-Latin American gastronomic extravaganza. Also new and noteworthy in South Beach this summer, Lantao presents the diverse and robust flavors of Asia’s food stalls in a circa 1970s vintage luxe setting. The sights, smells and tastes are sure to evoke nostalgia for those who’ve dabbled in authentic street cuisine during Southeast Asian sojourns.;

The lower wine cellar at The Forge

For the Love of Wine Enophiles flock to Miami’s reinvented steak house, The Forge, enticed by one of the finest rare wine collections in the world. The Forge’s 300,000-bottle, eight-room wine cellar includes vintages from the nineteenth century. Patrons can easily tour the crypt or arrange private dining in this romantic cavern. Above ground, the Enomatic wine system spans the perimeter of the restaurant, offering pours small and large of more than 80 wines. 60  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Brett Hufziger

Clockwise from far left: 1500°’s grass-fed Wagyu ribeye, dining room and Florida wahoo ceviche

Miami Heat

Michael Pisarri

Flavors rise in tandem with temperatures at 1500°, where Executive Chef Paula DaSilva serves up bona fide farm-to-table brilliance in her Brazilian-inspired seafood and steak house. While prime cuts are broiled to the perfection of its namesake, side-dish fanatics rejoice over the ever-changing selection of 17 indulgent sides, including the jumbo Vidalia onion stuffed with über-creamy potato gratin.

Where the Locals Go

In the Kitchen Learn tricks of the haute cuisine trade in one of Miami’s most state-of-the-art and renowned kitchens, Azul at the Mandarin Oriental. In a space known for producing celebrity chefs, individuals and small groups cook (and then consume) their choice of three signature dishes during a three-hour interactive session with the chef, complete with sommelier-chosen wine pairings. mandarin​

Miami’s foodie and cocktail revolution reaches new heights on the Miami mainland, namely in the trendy mini-neighborhoods of the Design District and Midtown, catering to locals in the know. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is the most popular foodie institution among these ’hoods, where freshness is key and dishes nary fall short of experiential. (Think: wood-oven-roasted dayboat catch with roasted fennel, grilled lemon, smoked fleur de sel, fennel and pollen.)

Hakkasan Dim sum at Hakkasan Scarpetta

Foodie HQ The Fontainebleau Miami Beach rules the beach as a one-stop foodie shop. 2009’s re-launch of the Golden Era glamorpuss unveiled a whopping billion dollars in upgrades and additions that created a 22-acre, 1,504-room beachfront mega hotel, standing unabashedly as a self-contained world of decadence. The hotel’s massive expansions included a slew of world-renowned restaurants, such as Gotham Steak by Michelin-star chef Alfred Portale, Scarpetta by Scott Conant, and Michelin-starred Hakkasan from London. Each of these alluring, design-driven restaurants doles out the divine reality of Food Network fantasies. Even the simplest dishes, like Scarpetta’s tomato-basil spaghetti, can be classified as blow-your-mind delicious. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2012  61

Shopper’s Nirvana By Daphne Nikolopoulos

Deer sculpture by Koehi Nawa in the St. Regis lobby

Lobby and wine vault

St. Regis Bar; mural by Santiago Rubino

The New Standard

On the Bal Bal Harbour would be a blip on the map if not for Bal Harbour Shops (and, now, the new St. Regis). The open-air mall with the huge concentration of luxury brands draws shoppers from around the globe, as much for its products (including many one-offs) as for its events and tranquil ambience. We love strolling through the tropical foliage and listening to the sounds of trickling water as we survey the windows in search of fabulous finds. And what a feast that is. All the staples—Oscar, Ralph, Gucci—are here, as are the edgy Europeans—Lanvin, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen. And new boutiques are added all the time. The latest to join the party: CH Carolina Herrera, Stella McCartney, James Perse and Panerai. 62  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Bal Harbour is known on an international level for its shopping. Bal Harbour Shops is a destination in itself (see “On the Bal,” below), with such high-fashion names as Prada, Fendi, Oscar de la Renta and dozens of others. Simply put, if you are going to give your Centurion Card a workout, this is the place to do it. After a romp at the shops, kick off your Louboutins and sip a glass of just-sabered Champagne at the newly built St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort. This gleaming tower gives new meaning to the term “luxury.” Designed by the genius minds of Yabu Pushelberg, this chic new St. Regis already is an icon. On a recent visit, we learned the hotel had been booked solid since it opened in January. It’s easy to see why. We are talking about jaw-dropping glamour. The entrance hall, with its antiqued mirror “bracelet” motif and rock chandeliers, provides a magical introduction to a property that is full of surprises on every level. The art is stunning, particularly the Santiago Rubino mural at the bar and Koehi Nawa’s bejeweled deer in the lobby. The textures, ranging from exotic African Movinque wood to rare marbles, underscore the brand’s commitment to art and design. We can’t think of a better envelope within which to be cosseted during a rigorous weekend of power shopping.

Shopping en plein air at the world-renowned Bal Harbour Shops (left). Above left: the new Stella McCartney boutique

Leader of the Pack

camilo rios

In the lexicon of Miami’s fashion-conscious, one name is permanently etched: The Webster. The iconic art deco building—a former hotel—on Collins Avenue houses three floors of fashion and a roof garden to boot. But it isn’t quantity as much as quality that drives The Webster’s legendary reputation. The collections of ready-to-wear for men and women, and the seemingly endless accessories, are smartly edited by the expert eye of Laure Heriard Dubreuil, who owns the boutique with Milan Vukmirovic. Here you’ll find everything from a $12,000 Givenchy dress to $1,300 Lanvin men’s swim trunks, all hand-picked to suit the Miami lifestyle but to also translate well anywhere in the world. The shopping is only part of the experience. The café and bar offer respite from the demands of browsing and buying, and the rooftop lounge has a lovely view of the city. All told, The Webster is a great place to spend a high-energy afternoon, recharging both wardrobe and spirit. This month, The Webster joins the likes of Alexander McQueen and Proenza Schouler as it launches a collaborative collection for Target. Fab fashion for all!

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Exclusive boutiques such as Christian Louboutin, Marni and Maison Martin Margiela have found a home in the Design District, alongside design stores like Fendi Casa.

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We were fans of the Miami Design District from its naissance. During those early days, few people ventured to the N.E. 40s. The ones who did were rewarded with edgy art, provocative theater and unusual treasures for the home. The District has evolved drastically since then. There is less of that pioneering spirit and more of the excitement that has spread like wildfire to the masses. Great boutiques— Louboutin! Marni! Margiela!—have been added to the mix, and the home goods sector has definitely been amped up. Today, the District is home to such high-end design brands as Fendi Casa, Spanish legend Baltus, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Jonathan Adler and Poltrona Frau. The shopping is stellar, to be sure, but the District’s arty heart has not been lost (see “Design of the Times,” page 64). And the food scene has exploded with such restaurants as Michael’s Genuine and Sra. Martinez, making the Design District a complete destination.

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Eye on Design


Culture Vultures By Daphne Nikolopoulos

Seated Woman, Fernando Botero, Four Seasons Miami

A Focus on Art Hotel or art gallery? The Four Seasons Hotel Miami actually is both. A reflection of Miami’s vibrant art scene, the property, located on the top floors of Miami’s tallest tower, is a veritable feast for those who appreciate both fine accommodations and a focus on art. The first indication of the hotel’s well-curated collection is a pair of monumental Fernando Botero sculptures, Adam and Eve, encountered at the ground floor en route to the seventh-floor lobby. The experience continues from there, with another Botero, Seated Woman, and various works by Hernan Bas, José Bedia, Daniel Arsham, Vik Muniz and several other artists both established and emerging. Miami-based artists are well represented here. That was by design: Millennium Partners, the hotel’s developer, wanted to shift the spotlight onto living artists contributing to the cultural fabric of the community and give them an alternative forum for showcasing their work. You can’t walk anywhere on this property without encountering art in one form or another. That’s the beauty of staying here. Sure, the rooms are modern and gorgeous, the scene is lively and the new incarnation of Edge Steak and Bar (the signature restaurant) alone is worth the price of admission, but when you combine these with the visual feast of the art collection, the entire experience is elevated.

On the second Saturday of every month, the Miami Design District hosts its Art & Design Nights and gallery walks. It’s no coincidence that this corresponds with Wynwood Art Walk, because Wynwood is the adjacent district and the two share a similar mission: promoting the local arts scene. Call it strength in numbers. For collectors, this event is a must, not only for the exposure to rising talent and intriguing new work but also for the social value. It’s always good to network with other art enthusiasts and collectors as well as meet the artists. Some of the galleries to watch: Avant, Etra Fine Art, Markowicz Fine Art and Ricart.

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Design of the Times

Art Revolution Art enthusiasts will go anywhere if it means connecting with a promising new talent or discovering the next piece to augment their collections. Sometimes, “anywhere” is a raw, gritty place where art can incubate away from the constraints of commercialism. In Miami, that place is Wynwood. To put it politely, the neighborhood isn’t the most glamorous. There are empty warehouses, littered lots and interesting characters. But the art is for real, and, for the collector, that is what matters. Visit during Wynwood’s Art Walk (second Saturday of every month), when its 60-plus galleries are open to visitors (otherwise, you need an appointment) and the art is cleverly showcased. Start with the collections, particularly Rubell Family and Margulies. The Rubell Family Collection ( is one of the larg64  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Retna, Wynwood Walls, Miami 2011; Bernice Steinbaum

Jason Rhoades and Barbara Kruger, installation view from American Exuberance, Rubell Family Collection, 2011-12

est contemporary art collections in the world, with notable works by Jeff Koons, Kathryn Andrews and Andy Warhol. The Margulies Collection ( is housed in a 45,000-squarefoot warehouse and includes photography, video, sculpture and installations. A must is Wynwood Walls ( The galleries are many and varied. Among the most compelling: The Lunch Box, mainly showcasing the work of emerging artists (; Bernice Steinbaum, specializing in female artists and artists of color (; Pan American Art Projects, representing emerging and established artists from both North and South America (; and Locust Projects, a nonprofit space where artists can create, develop ideas and exhibit without the pressure of traditional sales (locust

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Clockwise from right: the Cleveland Symphony at the Arsht; the Ziff Ballet Opera House, inside and out


Florida’s largest performing arts venue, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County is one of the country’s premier cultural destinations. It is the home of Miami City Ballet and Florida Grand Opera—and, to a lesser extent, New World Symphony, though NWS now performs mainly in its own venue—and offers performances in three outstanding halls: Sanford and Dolores Ziff Ballet Opera House, John S. and James L. Knight Concert Hall and Carnival Studio Theater. From provocative theater to major operatic productions, this is the place to go. Not only is the design spectacular (thank you, Cesar Pelli), it also attracts world-class performances and some things you won’t see elsewhere. Case in point: Ayikodans, a Haitian dance company that was on the brink of collapse when it caught the attention of the center’s leaders. The Arsht commissioned a piece that premiered May 25, 2012. On the popular side, Miami’s Broadway series performs here. Next season’s shows include Les Misérables and Memphis. And, significantly, the Arsht also is the Miami residence of the Cleveland Orchestra, an excellent, established group of musicians with a loyal following.

Strokes of Brilliance Forget la vida loca. For Miami’s culturally voracious, it’s all about la vida MOCA. Though it’s not located in the thick of the action (it’s closer to Bal Harbour than downtown), the Museum of Contemporary Art is on the cutting edge of the contemporary art scene. That’s because of the sharp eye of its curators, who are known for discovering amazing new talent as well as identifying important work by established artists. Well worth the hike to 125th Street.

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All Hail the Arsht

Wallcast concerts at New World Symphony are popular (above); inside the venue (right).

A Whole New World Under the artistic direction of Michael Tilson Thomas, the New World Symphony has been quietly educating and developing some of the world’s leading musicians for 25 years. But when the orchestral academy moved to its new, Frank Gehry-designed campus, it really got the world’s attention. The new facility is the perfect home for this talented group of fellows. The space is beautiful, of course, but more importantly, the acoustics are pitch-perfect, which is imperative to both the playing and listening experience. From the public’s standpoint, the venue has become more of a destination for taking in concerts like the ultra-dramatic Bluebeard’s Castle or Stravinsky’s 1910 masterpiece, The Firebird. And how’s this for democratic? The Wallcast concerts bring music to the people. For a number of performances, anyone can spread out a blanket on the center’s lawn and enjoy the show projected onto a massive wall—no ticket needed. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2012  65

Family Time By Daphne Nikolopoulos

Cantina Beach offers oceanfront dining for the entire family (above). The Ritz Kids learn about sea turtle nesting (right).

Vanessa Rogers

Ric Stovall

For Little Explorers With all its parks and attractions (including the Miami Seaquarium), Key Biscayne is Miami’s most family-friendly enclave. The quiet, green island connected to the mainland via the Rickenbacker Causeway also has another attraction families love: The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. The first thing kids notice is the wide beach, which often is dotted with impressive sandcastles sculpted by the instructors and campers of the Ritz Kids program. Designed for kids aged 5-12, Ritz Kids offers ultracool outdoor activities, such as field trips to local attractions, tennis clinics, scavenger hunts, fishing and the aforementioned sandcastle building. There are video games and arts and crafts too, for rainy days. The beach, with all the watersports and family-oriented service, is a great way for families to spend time together. Waterfront restaurants like Dune Oceanfront Burger Lounge and, for more adventurous palates, the Mexican restaurant Cantina Beach, offer alfresco, sand-between-your-toes dining. There’s even a waterfront Club on the Beach outpost, where Club Level guests can have complimentary refreshments—including the justifiably popular Ritz-Carlton cookies—without retreating upstairs. ritzcarlton. com/keybiscayne

Sea and Do The Miami Seaquarium on Key Biscayne could benefit from a bit of freshening up, but that doesn’t curb the enthusiasm of the young throngs flocking here for the marine marvels. (Have you ever seen a kid bored at the sight of a dolphin jumping 20 feet in the air? Exactly.) Why is the place so popular with the short crowd? The shows certainly top the list of reasons. The Pacific white-sided dolphin and killer whale show, the only one of its kind in the United States, is probably the coolest of these, as it brings together two mammals that typically don’t perform together. The Flipper show, featuring the supersmart Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, is a close second. On the presentation side, the Shark Channel, in existence since the Seaquarium opened its doors in 1955, is a perennial classic. And the mangrove environment of Discovery Bay, with all the requisite native wildlife, is mesmerizing for kids and grownups alike.

Nature, Revealed For ecologically minded parents, Crandon Park in Key Biscayne provides the perfect opportunity to teach children about nature and wildlife. In this sprawling preserve, nature lovers of all ages can explore trails through mangroves and native flora, observe birds and butterflies, discover the local history (Indians once roamed here) and explore the hammock and wildlife of Bear Cut Preserve. Of course, most people come here for the beach, which stretches two miles along the coastline. It’s fun to pack a picnic and make a day of it. And don’t miss the Family Amusement Center (they are kids, after all), with an old-fashioned carousel, playground and even a skating rink. Guaranteed to elicit smiles—and a long nap.

The Science of Fun The Miami Science Museum—MiaSci for short—will be a force to be reckoned with in 2015 when the new, completely redesigned and ramped-up Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science opens its doors in Museum Park. Until then, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the existing museum. Among the favorites: the Water, Wind, and Weather exhibit, with animations of major weather events like hurricanes and interactive features that show how climate works; and the Sea Lab, a 3,000-gallon touch tank with fish, coral, sting rays and other creatures of the deep. The Planetarium is worth a visit, too, so plan accordingly. On the first Friday of each month, MiaSci offers a cool star show to accompany the stargazing at the Weintraub Observatory. 66  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Rail Interesting

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The gift shop at Miami Children’s Museum (left) and the KidScape Village exhibits (below)

Kids Rule

Put this one in the category of “best-kept secrets.” The Gold Coast Railroad Museum (one of three official state railroad museums in Florida) is a little gem, with lots of nostalgia from the golden age of rail travel. For history buffs and train fans, this is a must. Especially worth seeing is the Ferdinand Magellan rail car, which served as the presidential rail car in the 1940s and 1950s. Located on the Zoo Miami grounds.

At the Miami Children’s Museum, the word “boredom” does not exist. There is so much going on here the young ones are constantly engaged and, quite honestly, can’t get enough. Put yourself in their place: If you were 5, wouldn’t you be enthralled by the prospect of riding on a fire engine, exploring the Everglades, crawling through a giant sandcastle or climbing to the top of a mountain? But it’s not just a giant playground. There is plenty of educational value to the exhibits, which teach kids everything from exploration to nutrition.

High Fliers A 100-foot flying dolphin. A soaring 60-foot banana. A string of Disney princesses gliding gracefully through the air. Welcome to the aerial world of Kite Day at Haulover Park. This annual event is worth the visit, if only for the spectacle of hundreds of kites commanding the airspace above Bal Harbour. But, guaranteed, kids will want to be part of the action. Whether the kite is homemade or souped up, it is fun to join in this festival of color and aerial acrobatics. The festival usually takes place in February, but kiting is a main event at Haulover year-round.

What a Zoo Zoo Miami has all the animals you’d expect to see in a captive environment (tigers, lions, meerkats) and some you wouldn’t (Hello, Bactrian camel!). But the beauty of this zoo isn’t in the animals alone. It’s a complete environment, with swaths of pristine wilderness and purpose-built habitats that make the creatures feel at home (and improve the visitor experience). Be on the lookout for Florida: Mission Everglades, a new, interactive exhibit highlighting Florida’s treasured wilderness and endangered wildlife. It opens in 2014 and, judging by the plans, will be worth the wait. NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2012  67

Helping Heroes Veteran Lee Anderson hosted a patriotic party to bring awareness of unemployed servicemen and women to fellow business leaders. By Kathy Becker | Photography by Michelle Reed


The pool was covered and lit from below with changing colors for the party. 68  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

ee Anderson had already made a big difference in the lives of our country’s military servicemen and women when he decided to share his passion with friends in Naples by hosting a Red, White and Blue Party at his home. In some ways, the patriotic party was a launch of an awareness program. Lee and his wife, Penny, had stepped up in a big way financially to support the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring our Heroes program, launched in 2011 to help military veterans find jobs. Most of the nearly 80 guests at the party to celebrate Veterans Day were friends and fellow trustees of the Naples Children & Education Foundation, creators of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, another major philanthropic group the Andersons support. “They are influential in all areas of business,” Anderson says about the attendees. “I knew these friends could help as well.” During the evening, Anderson shared some statistics about unemployed veterans; 18 percent of them don’t have jobs. “It was just about awareness that we’ve got 800,000 veterans looking for work,” he says. “A lot [of the party guests] were not aware [these veterans] need our help.”

Lee and Penny Anderson’s Port Royal home.

The menu and decor of the Andersons’ home were a salute to America.


Above: Guests Tom and Sandi Moran. Right: Lee and Penny Anderson’s granddaughter Penny Groethe sang the National Anthem and other songs with performers Dawn Birch and Billy Dean. Below: Guests Shirlene Elkins, Shelly Stayer and Shelia Davis.

Above: Hosts Penny and Lee Anderson Right: Patriotic dishes were prepared by Naples caterer You’ve Got it Coming. 70  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

Above and left: Patriotic decor included red, white and blue, and flags. Below: Guests Becky Allen, Lee and Penny Anderson’s son Andy Anderson, and John Allen.

Anderson has made hiring veterans a priority at APi Group Inc., a company with about 10,000 employees he heads in Minnesota. A U.S. Chamber of Commerce award for companies and individuals who hire veterans has been named after him. “The program is working and it’s got traction,” Anderson says. “The message is this: Just hire these guys. You aren’t going to find Douglas MacArthur out there looking for a job, so you need to be prepared to put the investment in to train them. It’s worth it.” In addition to spreading the word among his peers in Naples, Anderson, himself a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, has become one of the largest financial donors in West Point’s history. Last year, he and Penny also donated $2.5 million

toward the building of the Defenders Lodge, a hotel facility for veterans seeking care at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, California. He believes so much in Hiring Our Heroes that he has agreed to fund the first three years of the program. The Naples party was not a fundraiser, nor were there any speeches; just great food and wine shared with friends. Tables surrounded the festively lighted, Plexiglas-covered pool and guests enjoyed a red, white and blue-themed menu by Naples caterer You’ve Got It Coming. Anderson and entertainers Billy Dean and Dawn left everyone feeling patriotic by singing “God Bless America” and “America the Beautiful.” Anderson was surprised by how many guests were connected to the various branches of military service or veterans themselves when he did an informal roll call. “It was very moving,” he says. “It was really quite an affair.” u NAPLESILLUSTRATED.COM | JULY/AUGUST 2012  71

The Raw By Liza Grant Smith

Deal Get the skinny on the raw food revolution.


he pitch for a raw food diet is fairly straightforward and persuasive. Enzymes are the life force of raw or living food, helping us digest food and absorb nutrients. When we cook food (heat it above 104118 degrees), we denature the enzymes. This means our bodies will have to work harder by producing more enzymes, which can leave us feeling tired and heavy. Plus, it is believed that our bodies can produce just a limited amount of enzymes. Once the supply is finished, organ function will lessen and we will experience accelerated aging. Secondly, raw diets tend to be alkaline diets. When you eat a diet high in acid, found in processed foods, sugar, meat, dairy, etc., you are consuming acidic toxins faster than your body can eliminate them. They begin to back up and disrupt your body’s delicate acid/alkaline balance, a major cause of excess weight and


disease. With an uncooked diet, the body can naturally detoxify and stay healthy. The promised payoffs of eating primarily raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouts and seaweed? Everything from having more energy, clarity of mind and an improved immune system to weight loss, improved digestion and better skin. Despite the benefits, some find many reasons to avoid adopting a raw diet. Here are some of the myths dispelled.

Concern No. 1 It’s not going to taste good. Perhaps no one has better disproven this preconception than chef Christopher Slawson. Early last year, Slawson opened Christopher’s Kitchen, a farm-to-table restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens that launched without a stove or oven to underscore his dedication to living

Diana C Ramirez

Sun Burger, with a vegetable patty, zucchini bacon and avocado from Christopher’s Kitchen


Organic berries can add flavor to sauces and other dishes.

food. The menu is varied (tacos, lasagna, vegetable sushi). His signature Sun Burger is a veggie burger with avocado, zucchini bacon, cashew cheese and a bevy of towering fresh toppings. “It’s focusing on fresh, organic, plant-based ingredients in an artful and creative way,” says Slawson of his menu. “You can create a lot of pâtés and sauces and flavors with spices and organic fruits and vegetables. There’s so much flavor already behind those components that you don’t have to do much. “Now we have customers who come here because they love the food, not because it’s raw or it’s vegan,” Slawson says.

Concern No. 2 It will never stick because I will continue to crave all the foods from my old processed-food life. As it turns out, this is a two-fold concern. Cravings have both a physical and emotional component. 74  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

In terms of the physical, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that poor food choices over the years have corrupted our taste buds. We are born with a balanced instinct about food, so the things our body needs are what taste good. However, the more processed food we eat growing up, the more confused our body gets. The good news is that we can reset our body’s natural instincts. Taste buds are replaced every 10-14 days. As old cells die and new ones are born, the pores adjust to the shape of the molecules being consumed. Committing to a diet that includes a lot of raw food allows taste buds to once again operate at their maximum potential. Having adopted raw foods into her diet, yoga instructor Sara Lerner has experienced that firsthand. “Your taste buds become so heightened that sugar, or things that are sugary, doesn’t have any satisfaction or charge to it,” she says. “Once you start to get really clean, your body does a shift, almost unconsciously moving away from allowing these cravings,” Slawson says. “If you’re used to eating high-end ingredients and you put a Dorito in your mouth, you’re going to think it tastes very foreign and your body is not going to enjoy it.” Emotional cravings can be more difficult to overcome, but many raw food enthusiasts claim you don’t have to fight them. Dina Marie Lauro, a raw/vegan chef, has made a career of teaching people how to create sneaky substitutes. “People still crave carbs and all the other stuff, but you learn other ways. You can make cheese out of nuts. I teach a class on desserts and make an ice cream out of blueberries, bananas and a little stevia and nut milk,” Lauro says. Perhaps Lauro’s biggest processed food imposter success has been with Chunkie Dunkies, her line of gourmet raw/vegan cookies, which will soon be carried in Whole Foods stores.

Concern No. 3 It’s too time consuming. As it turns out, preparation time is a vari-

able wholly controlled by the individual. “You can really get involved and spend hours and hours in the kitchen making raw taco shells, or you can just use a romaine leaf. It really depends on your time,” Slawson says. Renate Wallner, a chef and instructor at the globally renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, echoes this sentiment. “In normal life, we don’t make lasagna every day,” she says. “When I make gourmet meals, it’s a labor of love, and that takes a certain amount of time. In raw food, it’s the same thing. There are some dishes that are labor-intensive and there are some that are very easy and perfect for daily life. Leafy green salads with sprouts, veggies and some seeds take very little preparation and can become the core.” “There are others who spend a lot of time in the chopping and food prep, but I’m not one of those people,” Lerner says. “Salads and beans, tons of fruits and veggies and lots of unusual spices. I don’t ever get bored of it.”

Concern No. 4 It’s more expensive. Most of us own a blender and a food processor, which are the basics necessary for much of the raw food preparation. Those desiring to take it to the next level in terms of effort and money would probably need to purchase a juicer and a dehydrator. In terms of food expenditures, there is no denying that organic produce is more ex-

pensive than conventional. However, when it comes to cost (whether equipment investment or ingredients), raw food advocates encourage focusing on the long-term view. “Ill health is more expensive than buying organic produce,” Lerner says. “For me, it’s worth every penny.” Lauro suggests joining an organic buying club to help defray some of the additional cost. “I belong to a group called Healthy Living Organics and get produce twice a month,” she says.

Concern No. 5 I can’t have a normal social life if I’m always eating raw. Raw food is not an all-or-nothing proposition. To be considered a “raw foodist,” 75-100 percent of total food consumption must be raw food. However, achieving that ratio (or nomenclature) is not critical in reaping the benefits from raw foods. “I never work with any figures and I don’t like to put any labels on myself,” Lauro says. “My body mainly craves fresh food, but if I am craving something cooked, I’ll eat it. I don’t think, ‘I have to eat all raw.’ I just think, ‘What’s healthy that I’m going to eat today?’” “There’s a social aspect to eating as well,” Lerner says. “There is a wonderful exchange between human beings that occurs at a dinner table. Participating in that dance of wine or whatever is being offered is something I wouldn’t say no to. I eat cooked foods. I just view my food consciously.”

Left to right: Smoothies are a good way to ease into eating raw; mini brownie sundae from Christopher’s Kitchen; seeds and grains add texture and fiber.


Diana C Ramirez

Salmon snack (below); flax and tomato sandwich.

LOCAL RAW RESOURCES GUIDE Organic buying clubs Annie’s Organic Buying Club: Green Village Organics: Raw restaurants Food & Thought (offers daily raw entrées): For Goodness Sake (offers some raw entrées): Markets offering raw food selections Earth Origins Market: Whole Foods: Publix GreenWise Market: Raw food instruction The Raw Vegan Gourmet Co. (Dina Lauro): Hippocrates Health Institute:


Concern No. 6 The transition will be too difficult. While Hippocrates offers a Life Transformation Program where participants eat 100-percent raw from inception, Director of Operations Scott Josephson advises that introducing raw foods at home is more gradual. “Slow and steady wins the race. This is a not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change,” he advises. “You incorporate it one step at a time.” The key is to stick with it. “When you do something 21 days, it can become habitual. For example, when you brush your teeth, you don’t think about it; you just do it,” he says. Lauro agrees. “Many people start with juicing and smoothies, because then they’re getting all their fresh produce that way. You have to stick with them, though,” she says. “Try them for two weeks, three weeks, a month and see how you feel. That will speak volumes.” u

Diana C Ramirez

Tostadas with walnut pâté, cashew “nacho cheese” and romaine hearts


current PROMOTION AND EVENTS • July/august 2 012

The Arlington of Naples Get a fresh, new look at what retirement living can be. Exquisite design. The finest construction. A resort lifestyle with services and amenities that exceed expectations. Peace of mind in knowing you’ve made a secure plan for your future. Pet friendly. In Lely Resort, convenient to Naples and Marco Island. 12276 Tamiami Trail E., Suite 501, Naples 239-206-2646 |

USS Nemo One of Southwest Florida’s well-known and respected seafood restaurants, USS Nemo’s cool, comfortable blue interior in a nautical setting gives one just a hint of the old “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” motif with round brass portholes and a mock periscope. The menu definitely appeals to those with a taste for the exotic, as it marries a seafood cornucopia with Asian cuisine. 3745 N. Tamiami Trail, Naples 239-261-6366 |

Aqua Beachwear Providing women from all over the world with high-quality, top name-brand swimwear that fits and flatters their feminine figure. It’s the extraordinary customer service, expertise, style and selection that set Aqua Beachwear apart from other swimsuit companies. Customers can expect to find the latest fashions often before they can find them elsewhere. The Village at Venetian Bay | 4350 Gulf Shore Blvd. N., Suite 504, Naples | 239-659-2782 Marco Walk | 599 S. Collier Blvd., Suite 312, Marco Island | 239-642-9171

Philip Douglas Salon In Florida, where heat and humidity can quickly liquefy makeup, the perfect finish is the ultimate goal. Caron, a 100-year-old Paris perfumery, has 19 shades of dermatologistrecommended, pure mineral powder to suffuse skin—even the most sensitive—with fine-assilk finish. Available exclusively in Florida at Philip Douglas Salon. 378 13th Ave. S., Naples 239-643-0233 |

Picture Of

Health Naples Illustrated presents its annual health care and wellness resource.


Concierge Home Health Care Full range of personalized care, including skilled nursing, 24-hour companion care, managing and coordinating complex issues that come with aging. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: Caregivers are thoroughly screened, certified, licensed, bonded; specially certified for Alzheimer’s and dementia care; trained in CPR; certified to administer medications. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: National Private Duty Association; United Elder Service Providers

Network; American Eldercare Provider Network. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Commitment to unwavering code of ethics; safe and secure home care; guaranteed compatibility. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Impacting quality of life for entire family; easing the caregiving burden.

1045 Crosspointe Drive, Naples, Florida 34110 • 239-939-6100 • • LIC #20008095 SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

Elizabeth Fox, M.D. Fox Plastic Surgery Center Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Notre Dame University and University of South Florida (bachelor’s); University of Miami (medical and general surgery); University of Alabama (plastic surgery); additional studies in plastic and endoscopic surgery. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Society of Plastic

Surgeons; American Board of Plastic Surgery. Innovative techniques: Natural youthful facelifts; Brazilian waist-reduction tummy tucks; breast augmentation; cleavage enhancement; filler facelifts. special interests: Empowering patients to be the best they can be and live the fullest life possible.

827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, FL 34103 • 239-262-8585 • SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

Kevin Lam, DPM, FACFAS, DABLES, DABPS Family Foot and Leg Center Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (honors); American Board of Podiatric Surgery; American Board of Lower Extremity Surgeons. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Podiatric Medical Association; Collier County Medical Society; American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (fellow); Association for the Study and Application of the Method of Ilizarov; American Board of Podiatric Surgery (diplomate); American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery

(diplomate). INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Shockwave therapy for achilles and difficult heel pain; custom cool laser for fungal nails; innovative surgical techniques in rearfoot and ankle trauma instructor and lecturer; holistic medicine. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Academic medicine; mentor for a new generation of foot and ankle podiatric specialists; adult-acquired flat foot and clubfoot deformities; sports medicine; minimally invasive surgery.

661 Goodlette Road N., Suite 103, Naples, FL 34102 • 239-430 3668 • SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

Jay Wang, M.D. Premiere Oncology Hematology/Oncology.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: University of California, Los Angeles (undergraduate); Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California (medical); Baylor College of Medicine (internal medicine residency, hematology/oncology fellowship, assistant professor); board-certified in medical oncology/ hematology. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Society of Clinical Oncology; Collier County Medical Society; University

of Central Florida (volunteer faculty); numerous publications in various translational and clinical oncology journals. Innovative techniques: Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of cancer and blood disorders; multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to cancer care close to home. special interests: Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, prostate cancer.

955 10th Ave. N., Naples, FL 34102 • 239-325-1440 • SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

Edward A. Scherder, D.M.D., J.D. Robert C. Hedgepath, D.M.D. BayView Dental Arts Prosthetic Dentistry.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Scherder—University of Pittsburgh (undergraduate, dental medicine, graduate prosthodontic residency); Duquesne University School of Law. Hedgepath—University of Colorado (undergraduate); Tufts University (dental medicine); Boston University (graduate dentistry). professional memberships: Scherder—American Dental Association; American College of Prosthodontics. Hedgepath— American Dental Association; American College of Prosthodontics; American Prosthodontic Society; Florida Prosthodontic Society; Collier County Dental Association; Florida Dental Association. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Digital Dentistry; CAD/CAM; All Ceramic Restorations; Digital Radiography; Microscope-Enhanced Dentistry. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Compassion, skill, ethics and technology; highest standards in dental health and cosmetics; assisting patients in oral health, from routine dental cleanings to advanced cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Denise C. Gay, D.D.S., M.D.S. Olde Naples Periodontics Periodontics and Dental Implants.

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: Georgetown University (undergraduate); New York University (dental science doctorate); University of Tennessee Health Science Center (masters of dental science and certificate of periodontics); board-certified periodontist. professional memberships: American Board of Periodontology (diplomate); American Academy of Periodontology; American Academy of Osseointegration; American Dental Association; American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: All phases of periodontal therapy, including regenerative surgery, bone grafting, cosmetic gingival replacement and recontouring, dental implant placement surgery, bone and sinus augmentation, laser surgery and sedation. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Yoga; reading; spending time with her children.

1001 10th Ave. S., No. 218, Naples, Florida 34102 239-434-5545 •

77 8th Street S., Suite A, Naples, FL 34102 239-261-1401 • SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

G L O R I O U S F O O D , G R E AT S H O P S & G R A C E F U L B Y WAY S

Glamour & Good Times Since the 1930’s

Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533

The Birthplace of Old Naples

1290 Third Street South, Old Naples 239.263.1955

Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533

a unique


a unique unique a

gift shop shop gift a unique

gift shop

exclusive at

BR uno

1193 Third Third Street Street South South 1193 1193 Third Street South Naples, Florida 34102 Naples, Florida Florida 34102 34102 Naples, 239-261-9806

239-261-9806 239-261-9806

Enhancing Your Home For Over 100 Years


COLLECTION 294 fourteenth avenue south naples florida 34102 239.434.1885

Collector by Yves Delorme and Bath Accessories by Anali

World Class Designers call Gattle’s their home... D. Porthault Paris | Pratesi | Dea | Yves Delorme Anna Weatherly | Juliska | Kim Seybert | Mike and Ally Anali | Jay Strongwater | Daum | Labrazel La Perla | Cocoon | & many more…

The most exquisite collection of linens and accessories for your bed, bath and table... and of course elegant lingerie. 1250 3 rd S treet S outh W o lde N apleS 239-262-4791 or 800-344-4552

The Birthplace of Old Naples

Third Street South Concierge 239 434-6533


SINCE 1966

le CherChe Midi FrAgrAnCe John deriAn deCoupAge

Home of the

320 13th Avenue South olde nApleS (239) 263-8881


“Naples Medallion” GIA Certified Appraiser • Custom Design Redesigning • Fine Jewelry Repairs We Buy and Trade • Gold, Platinum and Jewelry 1197 Third Street South, Olde Naples 239.261.7952 |

Hair • Skin • Nails

From the Beach to the Philharmonic…

Beth Moné Children’s Shoppe 1301 3rd Street South H Olde Naples 239~261~3447 H 800~747~BETH

239-643-0233 378 13th Ave. South Naples, FL 34102 The Hair Color Authority

Andy Warhol, Liz, 1965

Extensive selection of over 700 fine imported fragrances including Acqua di Parma, Creed and Annick Goutal. Skin Care by: Clarins • La Prairie • Guerlain • De Markoff • the BALM Ahava • Zoya • OPI Nail • ERA Spray on Foundation • Cellex-C Lip Fusion • Blinc • Mason Pearson • J.F. Lazartigue Paris Manicure • Pedicure Hair Design • Colorist European Facials Acrylic • Gel • Shellac Brazilian • Keratin • Extensions Make-Up Application Waxing Bosley Hair Loss Treatment

Consignments Now Invited For Upcoming Auctions in Naples and Chicago

La Femme Perfumery


351 12th Ave. South • Naples 239-434-7444 • 800-749-5233 •


LUXURY PREVIEW Naples Illustrated showcases the area’s luxurious residences on the market

Lindy Thomas Interiors 239-304-9000

Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury Welcome To Our World Of Ultra-Luxury We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars We Specialize in Naples’ Properties Exclusively Over One million dollars

Estuary at Grey Oaks

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Banyan Island at Grey Oaks

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Villas Escalante at Old Naples

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Quail West

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

$4.450 Million

Web Ref. #N212002637

$3.500 Million

Web Ref. #N211514692

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Estuary at Grey Oaks

$1.575 Million

Felicita at Mediterra

Web Ref. #N212016774


Web Ref. #N211508388

$1.850 Million

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Web Ref. #N211520256

$1.550 Million

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639


Web Ref. #N211508627

$2.999 Million

Barefoot Beach

$2.395 Million

Web Ref. #N211007446

$3.999 Million

Estates at Grey Oaks

Web Ref. #N211511007

$3.600 Million

Pine Ridge

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Le Jardin at Park Shore

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Bellezza at Mediterra

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Lucarno at Mediterra

Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.3639

Web Ref. #N210036276

$2.825 Million

Web Ref. #N210026657

$1.595 Million

Web Ref. #N212000533

$1.499 Million Web Ref. #N212015750

G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i G E R a R d P. L i G u O R i , C a R m E N N . d ’ a N G E L O , J R . , J O S E P h G . L i G u O R i

EmiLY K. Bua EmiLY K. Bua ESTaTE aGENT


866.884.3639 866.884.3639 TadE Bua-BELL TadE Bua-BELL BROKER aSSOCiaTE

866.884.6597 866.884.4302 866.884.6597 866.884.4302 miChaEL dahOOd miChaEL ESTaTE aGENTdahOOd



866.884.8196 866.884.8196



866.884.3491 866.884.3491


Global Network Global Network

Luxury Portfolio International Luxury International MayfairPortfolio International Realty Realty Who’sMayfair Who In International Luxury Real Estate Who’s WhoReal In Luxury Estate FIABCI International EstateReal Federation FIABCIReal International Real Estate Leading Estate Companies Of Federation The World Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World

296 14th avenue South | historic Third Street district | Naples, Florida 296 14th avenue South | historic Third Street district | Naples, Florida

nn aa pp ll ee ss ee ss tt aa tt ee pp rr o o pp ee rr tt ii ee ss .. cc o om m

©2012 Naples Estate Properties A Premier Estate Properties Company. All Rights Reserved. Duplication in part or in whole is strictly prohibited by copyright law. Information herein is believed to be accurate but not warranted and is subject to errors, omissions, or changes without notice. SomeEstate affiliations may not be applicable to certain geographic areas. ©2012 Naples Estate Properties A Premier Properties Company. All Rights Reserved. Duplication in part or in whole is strictly prohibited by copyright law. Information herein is believed to be accurate but not warranted and is subject to errors, omissions, or changes without notice. Some affiliations may not be applicable to certain geographic areas.

the only way

to view waterfront property in Naples


Navigating Your Real Estate Transaction With Ease If you are searching for your dream home or thinking of selling your current residence, I can assist you in making your real estate goals a reality. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Don Winkler

j o h n r w o o d r e a lt o r s



SOLD IN 2012: 640 17th Avenue South 272 11th Avenue South 1935 Snook Drive 1580 Bluefin Court 345 Hawser Lane 256 11th Avenue South 1940 Tarpon Road

1807 Snook Drive 550 Park Shore Drive 2222 Gulfshore Blvd. N. 1380 Jewel Box Avenue 1590 Star Point 1923 Snook Drive 861 9th Avenue South

1845 3002 7413 3041

Tarpon Road Sandpiper Bay Circle Acorn Way Sandpiper Bay Circle

UNDER CONTRACT: 2095 Snook Drive

6040 Pelican Bay Blvd. 460 13th Avenue South


1505 Osprey Avenue 2204 Goshawk Court


P elican B ay & THE B each

DIRECT 239-572-4334

K SERVICE K K KNOWLEDGE K K RESULTS K Voted Best Relator In Naples 2011 • K #1 Top Sales Agent 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005 & 2004 K

Cap Ferrat

ph-14 sweeping broad gulf views. 4/4/den. over 4000 sq ft of refined luxury. 10 FT CEILINGS! $3,895,000

ST. Nicole

ST. Raphael

St. Pierre

#1706 amazing value. high gulf views. 10 ft. ceilings. 3/3 marble $1,595,000






ST. Raphael


ST. Laurent

#2002 Magical cloud home with amazing gulf & sunset views! Deliciously designer remodeled! 2/2/Den $995,000





#1906 soaring gulf views! 3/3. marble floors. five star resort bld. $1,395,000

ST. Laurent



#504 Gulf views. over 2000 sq.ft. 2/2/powder room. spacious. easy beach access. $529,000


Luxury Property Advisor

ST. Pierre

#1802 remodeled & gorgeous! beautiful gulf views! two suites & just the right size! $699,000


#302 sw gulf & sunset views. huge 3/3 over 2500 sq.ft! recent upgrades! $675,000

ST. Laurent

#904 Sensational SW GULF & Sunset views! Rare 3/3 corner end unit! $1,095,000

ST. Laurent



#f-9 Private Park View From Classical Beauty ! 3/den 2+Powder Room/ Garage. Over 1900 Sq Ft $449,000

Cap Ferrat

ST. Raphael


#902 Warm sw gulf views! designer finished! RARELY ON MARKET! $899,000


ST. Laurent



ST. Pierre

ST. Laurent


#1703 rare center 3/2. huge gulf & sunset views. over 2000 sq.ft. spacious. pristine. $925,000


ST. Pierre


#1904 sunny sw gulf & sunset views! rarely avail. 3/2. gated and secure. $629,000

#2102 Cloud Nest With Over $250,000 In Upgrades! Gorgeous Bright Gulf And Sunset Views! $759,000




#C-305 pristine lake and golf views. totally remodeled & designer furnished. fabulous location. $599,000



Tierra Mar



T h is I s T h e B e st B u y i n g O ppo r t u n it y I n T h e P ast D e cad e ! D o Not M iss I t !

Making Dreams Come True In Paradise!


luxury preview

Alfresco elegance

Address 2835 Silverleaf Lane Estates at Grey Oaks year built 2001 offered at $3.999 million size 6,577 square feet under air, 10,637 total special features This home offers a rare opportunity to own a luxurious estate beautifully sited on two lushly landscaped lots on a cul de sac. Perfect for indoor/outdoor living, this

sprawling two-level residence provides elegance and privacy. It features a porte cochere entry, sweeping golf course views and refined alfresco living with pool, spa, fountain, loggia and summer kitchen. Styled with Old World elegance throughout, this home includes a mahogany and glass front door with scrolled ironwork, soaring tray and coffer ceilings, fauxfinished detail, arched niches, columns, and stunning Saturnia marble flooring. Amenities abound, with a grand stone fireplace in the parlor, wine cellar and wet bar, gourmet kitchen with state-of-the-art

appliances, leisure room with large, built-in entertainment cabinetry, game room, and cabana bedroom and bath. The master wing encompasses an entry foyer, study, gracious master bedroom, sitting area and luxurious bath. The second floor includes two guest suites, one with a morning bar and outside balcony. for information Emily K. Bua and Tade Bua-Bell Naples Estate Properties 239-465-4646

This large estate home offers gracious Old World style, fabulous outdoor living, and plenty of space for lavish entertaining.

Bill Earls • (239) 777-6622 • (800) 982-8079 Naples Luxury Real Estate



A world class estate home in the heart of Old Naples fringed by 200 feet of white sandy beach within a tropical gated setting situated on an interior lot which presents a level of privacy rarely found. 4+Den/5.3 $19,900,000

An extraordinary beach-front opportunity to create your own vision of paradise with 170 feet of direct beach frontage, extending all the way to Gulf Shore Blvd. A vast buildable envelope with room to build a significant sized residence. $12,900,000



Idyllic seaside residence built in 2007. Panoramic beach vistas. Tropical solitude and refined casual elegance. Large great room with fireplace and gourmet-styled kitchen area opens to spacious lanai. 3-bay garage. 5,573 SF 4+den/3.1 $9,950,000

Regal new home in Aqualane Shores, cut-in boat slip, direct Gulf and inland water way access. Built by Stiles-Sowers Construction; designed by Architect, Jon Kukk. Only a short walk to the beach. Built for the ultimate Naples lifestyle! 4+den/6 $6,450,000




Magnificent penthouse sprawling over top two levels. Panoramic views. Exquisite design. 5,040 S/F 5/5.1 $4,495,000

Custom built home with world class quality features & fixtures. Golf view & southern exposure. 4+den/5.2 $4,450,000

1.84 acre estate on one of the largest lakes in Naples. Private tennis courts. 5+den/6.2 $3,950,000




Classic Port Royal Bermuda styled home. Elegant and refreshing. 4+den/4 $2,995,000

7,700 SF. Bright open floor plan. Majestic golf views. 5+den/6 $2,990,000

One of the strongest values for the dollar in Grey Oaks. Light elegant décor. 5+den/7 $2,950,000






4+den/5.1 Recently renovated, lanai with Fireplace overlooks lake. $2,695,000

Magnificent estate. Blocks from the beach, and 5th Ave. S. 4+den/4.1 $2,495,000

Gorgeous custom Florida style home. 4,692 sq ft pool/spa 5+den/5.1 $2,495,000

Spacious 3,587 SF condo. Panoramic Gulf vistas. 3+den/3.1 $2,450,000

Contenporary, luxurious golf course home. 3 car garage, koi pond. 3+den/3.1 $1,999,000






4+den/4.2 Luxurious villa home offering 4,736 Sq Ft. Lap pool. $1,795,000

3+den/3.1 Unique beachfront condo. 1st floor, step out to beach. $1,895,000

3+den/4 Excellent value. Florida style home built in 2005. $1,750,000

Jamaica Cove older 3/2 pool home. Direct Gulf access. $1,650,000

Custom estate home built in 2011 on 2.73 acres. Guest & pool house. $1,395,000

Bill Earls • (239) 777-6622 • (800) 982-8079 Naples Luxury Real Estate

EstatEs at Bay Colony

Port royal

Magnificent home secluded on double lakefront estate site, 15,247 SF of living area. 8 Situated on prestigious Gordon Drive with approx. 23,325 SF among many significant beachfront bedroom suites, study, conference room, billiards room, gourmet kitchen home theater. A home estates. It is an ideal building site with 100’ of beach-frontage and an approx. building area of so special that by comparison, on any level there is no equal. 8+den/10.4 $9,900,000 9,145 SF. One of the greatest values in a beachfront location available. $7,900,000

Port royal

111 ft. of water frontage. Deep water yacht basin. 5,600 S/F .68 acres. Western Exposure. 4+study/4.1 $5,000,000

Port royal

Greatest value in new construction in Port Royal. Built in 2007. Finely furnished. Water views, Lakefront, 3 Bay Garage 4/5.1 $4,995,000

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED oN THE wAY To THE ForUm Nov. 29-Dec. 9, 2012 Broadway’s greatest musical farce takes comedy back to its roots

NEXT TO NORMAL MARcH 7-17, 2013 Groundbreaking Pulitzer Prize winning musical that pushed Broadway in new directions

Park shorE

Fabulous waterfront living on Venetian Bay. Infinity pool, 3-bay garage, 2 boat slips & docks. 5,928 S/F 5+den/5.1 $2,995,000


JANUARY 10-20, 2013 Lavish 1920s Berlin where love, intrigue and extravagance can make all your dreams come true…perhaps

110 shade IN THE

MAY 2-12, 2013 Musical tale of The Rainmaker about a love-starved spinster in a rain-starved farmland


Box Office 888-ZONE-FLA (1-888-966-3352) TZ_NI_JulyAug.indd 1

5/30/12 8:56 PM


ZAGAT 2012



To create this decadent seafood delight at Cote d’Azur, chef and owner Claudio Scaduto shells a one-and-a-half pound Maine lobster, and roasts it in a clay pot with sunchokes and porcini. The dish is scented with thyme and truffle oil, and flavored with a bright assortment of fresh herbs—dill, tarragon, chives and chervil. The finishing touch is a delicate white champagne sauce dotted with caviar. --Naples Illustrated

Furniture Custom Window Treatments Lighting Custom Bedding Flooring Re-upholstery

Photo by Vanessa Rogers

Dirk Anderson Design Côte d’Azur RESTAURANT

11224 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL 239.597.8867 |

fine residential interiors

239-777-2773 | AL L I ED MEMBER A. S . I . D


INTENSE FLAVOR, PURE SATISFACTION! Tired of average quality supermarket meats? Taste the difference when you order from Jimmy P’s Butcher Shop. We specialize in Kobe (Wagyu) Beef, Berkshire (Kurobuta) Pork, Poultry, Prime Lamb, Veal & many other homemade items.


FL Residents take advantage of our next day shipping anywhere in FL for a flat rate of $19.95. For more information visit us at

1833 Tamiami Trail North | Naples, FL (239) 643-6328 | (866) 998-8927


RAQUEL WELCH MEMORY MEMORY wig collection Our Our amazing amazing




Wigs, Extensions, Toppers and Toupees. By Paula Johnson Naples Finest Hairstylist. Free consultation

It memorizes It thememorizes shape of the shape of your head for Our amazing your head for the ultimate the ultimate MEMORY in light comfort in light CAP® II and fit. comfort and fit.

Private room with large selection. By Appointment Only Please Call Paula Owner/Stylist at

It memorizes the shape of TWO WIGS your head for TWO WIGS the IN ultimate ONE! in comfort INlight ONE! and fit.

239 898-9036 ePiPhanY salon & sPa

14700 tamiami trl n, naPles Fl 34110


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HairUWear® is a proud sponsor of the American Cancer Society. TWO WIGS IN ONE! STYLE IT 2 WAYS!


wig collection

Custom Homes Condos Commercial Remodeling

Wind Mitiga tion Windo w Replacement

Providing quality craftsmanship and paying close attention to details for over 30 years.

HairUWear® is a proud sponsor of the American Cancer Society.


(239) 262-7228

1076 Industrial Blvd. Naples, FL 34104

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1-800 BE-IDEAL w w w. i d e a l i m a g e . c o m

sweet art gallery Fine Contemporary Artwork

Sharon Erbe

Bob Dorman

One special piece, decorating your home, or an entire commercial space. Sweet Art does it all!

Join us for our Sizzling Hot Summer Events: All events are free and the public is welcome

Barbara Bush

Clemente Mimun

July 13th, 6-8pm - Boys of Summer July 27th, 6-8pm - Tropical Dreams August 10th, 6-8pm - Art & Soul August 24th, 6-8pm - Summertime Blues

2054 Trade Center Way • Naples, FL 34109 239.597.2110 • Tues-Fri 10-5 & Sat 10-1 •






For advertising information, contact us at

239.434.6966 or

From the publisher of NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

current PROMOTION AND EVENTS • July/august 2 012

The Beach House of Naples For more than 35 years, the Beach House of Naples has enjoyed a reputation for swimwear excellence, offering styles for all body types. Choose from designer swimwear, beachwear and accessories from around the world, carefully selected to fit and flatter. Bra sizing, mix and match separates, mastectomy, figure control and long torso swimwear also are available. Old Naples | 1300 Third Street S., Naples | 239-261-1366 Waterside Shops | 5455 Tamiami Trail N., Naples | 239-598-4144

M Waterfront Grille Pairing contemporary, cutting-edge American cuisine with the most notable of Southwest Florida wine lists, M Waterfront Grille features favorites from local vintners to the highly allocated and unusual. George Quinn, director of food and beverages, entices all palates with his ever-evolving collection. 2011-2012 Wine Spectator Awarded & Zagat Rated. 4300 Gulf Shore Blvd. N., Suite 104, Naples 239-263-4421 |

Bigham Jewelers Rolex again has defied the most intense pressure. In March, Rolex proved the strength of its technology by sending its Rolex Deepsea watch to the deepest place on earth, the Mariana Trench, with explorer James Cameron. The dive, seven miles below the surface, and the Rolex test repeat the first dive taken there in 1960. 2425 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 101, Naples 239-434-2800 |

Fox Plastic Surgery Today, facelift surgery focuses on restoring, rather than recreating. By elevating the malar fat pad (cheek fat) into a more vertical position, the result is youthful and not pulled. The mouth remains normal, the skin has little tension and the neckline is defined. Complimentary consultations available. 827 Myrtle Terrace, Naples 239-262-8585 |

Dr. Elizabeth Fox

agenda Art Scene


photo montage: Leonor Alvarez-Maza

Cirque du Soleil returns to Germain Arena August 1-5, bringing Dralion, a fusion of ancient Chinese acrobatics and Cirque’s unique approach. The theme centers on man’s quest for harmony with nature, with the four natural elements embodied in human form. As always, the colorful costumes, stage sets and physical feats of the performers will dazzle and amaze. (




JULY/AUGUST 2012 Jazz Party

Watkins Lawn, Naples Beach Hotel

Art on Fifth With the help of The Inn on Fifth, the Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center has devised a creative way to beautify Fifth Avenue South while construction is under way on the inn’s expansion, and raise funds for the association’s educational programs. Nine works by eight artists—Sam Platt, Jane Mjolsness, Kelly Hollingsworth, Popo Flanigan, Judy Chinski, David Hammel, Susan Champion, and Marie Kinnear—combine to form an intriguing mural on a temporary wall across from the inn. This collection showcases the original talent and inspiration of these NAA member artists and instructors. Each piece was created using weather-resistant materials and is accompanied by the respective artists’ personal statements. The works are up for silent auction bid and will be on display through October. Forms for the auction are available at the von Liebig, and the highest bidder will be announced in the fall. More information about the local artists can also be found on the center’s Facebook page ( —Ashley Huntsberry-Lett

Held on the Watkins Lawn at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, SummerJazz on the Gulf provides concertgoers with a healthy dose of live jazz, blues and R&B set against the enchanting backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico. The concert series, now in its twenty-seventh year, hosts shows one Saturday each month during summer. July 21 features the popular 10-piece band Late Night Brass. Known for its powerful lineup of songs from bands such as The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, and Earth Wind & Fire, Late Night Brass has performed at the SummerJazz concert three times. On August 25, New Groove City, featuring Gumbi Ortiz, will take the stage. With two successful albums and an extensive tour throughout the Southeast, this five-piece band will get the audience moving with a set of retro-soul, jazz/ fusion and funk. The concert series is free; bring your own blankets or lawn chairs (no coolers are permitted). Concertgoers with a Naples beach sticker can find free parking nearby at Lowdermilk Park; free trolley service to and from the resort is also available. At the concert, patrons can enjoy the hotel’s various food and drink venues, including several full bars and a food concession serving snacks and grill items, or dine at H.B.’s on the Gulf, Naples’ only beachfront restaurant, or the Sunset Beach Bar & Grill, named Naples’ “Best Beach Bar” by the Travel Channel. Fresh Gulf air, breathtaking sunsets, snazzy music, and delicious food and drinks—we could not ask for more on a warm summer night in Naples. Interested in staying at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club during a SummerJazz weekend? Call 239-261-2222, or visit naplesbeach —A.H.

Purple Sky, Judy Chinski

ART & MUSEUMS Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs— Sand, Surf, Summer exhibit, opening reception, July 6; Artist Studios Art Walk at the Promenade, July 26, Aug. 30; Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida, Naples— American Cartoonists, Nazi Germany 104  NAPLES ILLUSTRATED

and the Holocaust, through July 31; Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center, Naples—Camera USA: National Photography Award 2012, through Aug. 10; ArtScool Student Exhibition, Aug. 13-17; Artists for Charity Southwest Florida, Aug. 27-Sept. 7; Fifth Annual Nonjuried All Artist Members Show of Shows

Exhibition, Aug. 27-Oct. 6; Photography and Printmaking from the Collection, Aug. 27-Nov. 24; 239-262-6517. Naples Historical Society at Historic Palm Cottage—Tours of Palm Cottage, Tuesday through Saturday; walking tours of the historic district, July 11, 18, 25, Aug. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; tours of the Norris Gardens, July 5, 19, Aug. 2, 16;

Shooting Stars Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve—Ocean’s Edge: The Corridor of Life art exhibit, through Sept. 7; 239-417-6310.

CHILDREN/TEENS Battle of the Bands—Competition for Collier County kids aged 11-17, grand prize of a professional recording made by Orange Glow Studios, July 28, South Regional Library, Naples;

The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida teams up August 4 with community-minded basketball great Wali Jones for the fourth annual Shooting for the Stars program at The Community School of Naples. Benefitting underprivileged youths aged 8-17, the daylong clinic provides 100 kids with tools and motivation to make good life choices, succeed in school, and develop self-esteem and teamwork skills. Jones, who played pro hoops for the Philadelphia 76ers, has a wealth of experience mentoring disadvantaged children and promoting education. For information, visit —A.H.

Aug. 7-11, Sugden Community Theatre; 239434-7340, ext. 10.

Norris Center, Naples—A Celebration of Dixieland Jazz, by Jazz Masters, July 7, 14, 21, 28, Aug. 4, 11, 18, 25; 239-261-2222.

FILM Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs— Live at the Promenade: Stuart Little, Youth Theater, Aug. 3-4, Promenade at Bonita Bay, Bonita Springs; Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples—Red, White & Blue Party, July 4; Arts & Culture Saturday, July 21, Aug. 11; Celebrate England, July 25; Science Saturday, July 28, Aug. 25; Naples Players—KidzAct Youth Theatre: Kokonut Kapers, July 6-8; Smokey Joe’s Café, teen musical, Aug. 3-5; Teens in Tinseltown, Murano glass flute accent pieces at Casa Italia and Roche Bobois

Collier County Public Library—The Artist, July 18, 19, 24; for time and locations,


Gulf Coast Town Center, Fort Myers— Cinema Under the Stars, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug. 7;

4—Fourth of July Fireworks, Naples Pier; 239-213-7120.

Mercato, Naples—Movies on the Lawn, July 16, Aug. 21; 239-254-1080.

FOOD, WINE & FASHION Fifth Avenue South—Evening on Fifth, music, dining, shopping, art galleries, July 18, Aug. 9; 239-692-8436. Third Street South, Naples—Farmers market, Saturdays, behind Tommy Bahama; Thursdays on Third, live music, shopping, dining, July 19, Aug. 16; 239-434-6533. MUSIC Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs— Live at the Promenade: Jodi DeSalvo, Concert pianist, July 12; Terry Cole & the Honky Tonk Hitmen, Aug. 9, Promenade at Bonita Bay; Gulf Coast Town Center, Fort Myers— Free concerts, July 7, 14, 21, 28, Aug. 4, 11, 18, 25;

Miromar Design Center, Estero—Second Annual Home Accessories Show, featuring new products, seminars, prizes and design consultations, July 17-18;

Mercato, Naples—Mercato Nights Music Series, July 5, Aug. 2; Naples Botanical Garden—Independence Day Picnic Concert, featuring De Lei’d Parrots, July 4;

4—Fourth of July Parade, through downtown Naples; 239-213-7120.

4—Opera Naples, Fourth of July Celebration, dinner and fireworks viewing at a private home near the Naples Pier, patriotic sing-along, to raise funds for ON; 239-963-9050. 4—Marco Island Fourth of July Sand Castle Building Contest, Residents’ Beach, north of the Marco Island Marriott; 239-394-0316. SPECIAL EVENTS-AUGUST 29—Pace Center for Girls of Lee County, Love That Dress! annual shopping event for new and gently worn dresses and accessories, silent auction, Embassy Suites Hotel, Estero; 239-425-2366.

SPORTS-JULY 4—Moe’s Firecracker 5K, road race, Fleischmann Park, Naples; 239-434-9786.

THEATER/DANCE Naples Players—All Shook Up, July 1-29; Sugden Community Theatre, Naples; 239263-7990.


For updates and additional listings, visit


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THE LEAGUE CLUB What: Ageless Secrets of Style and Luncheon to benefit The League Club Community Trust Fund included a presentation by Kim Johnson Gross, author of What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life, Ageless Secrets of Style, and fashions provided by Chico’s. Venue: The Waldorf Astoria Naples 1. Michele Seass, Susie Areuni 2. Beverly Metcalf, Sandy Morse, Nina Hopkins 3. Ann Westerfield, Kim Johnson Gross 4. Sue Benson, Ginny Small 5. Liz Smith, Kathleen Fox 6. Nancy Stewart, Anne Nagan




1 2



What: The annual Magic Under the Mangroves raised a record $750,000 to support Conservancy programs; Northern Trust was the presenting sponsor of the event. Venue: The Conservancy’s Naples campus

AP Alexander

1. Jeannie and Christopher B. Smith 2. Moe and Dot Kent, Sue and Fred Schulte, Lynne Shotwell 3. Cabinet members of the “Saving Southwest Florida” campaign: Patsy Schroeder, Lisa Merritt, Ian Wright, Dolph von Arx, Pamela C. Williams, Edith Andrew, John Hall, Lynne Shotwell, Gary Thomas, Bob Heidrick 4. John Fumagalli 5. Nancy White, Bob Heidrick, Maureen Lerner, Sue Dalton 6. Resident raptor and Lily Mleczko



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HOPE FOR HAITI What: Annual gala, “Passport to the Secret Garden,” raised more than $1 million, a record-breaking amount for the event. Venue: Saint Ann Jubilee Center 1. Simona and Jeff Cole, Sam Rusinik, Rickie Klein 2. Tiffany and Clark Kuehner, Judy Hushon, JoAnne Kuehner, John Hushon 3. Lawrence and Andrea Middleton, Claire and Wilson Stephen 4. Keith and Cindy Turner, Father Fritz, Father Derrick Sneyd 5. Sandi and Tom Moran, Ruth and Cliff Manchester 6. Ruth Smith, Paula Prince, Jessica Jean-Francois, Jennifer Lang, Pancho Smith


5 4

Ivan Seligman



2 1



The Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida What: The third annual Rockabye Collier featured a “Taste of Waterside,” auctions, prize drawings and a signature cocktail. Venue: Atop the parking structure at Waterside Shops A Naples Illustrated sponsored event


1. Rose Baron, Ashley Gerry, Lauren Ryan 2. Meghan Collins, Amy Sanford, Lauren Canterna 3. Jama and Michael Dock, Doug Smith 4. Angela and Todd Gates 5. Theron Horgan, Roxy Mathews 6. Kelly and Brenan Luck 7. Tonia Batchlor, Cindy Drury

7 6


Social Observer

Grace Place for Children and Families What: Artists Jama and the children of Grace Place art exhibit and Jama mural dedication, “Collaborate, Create, Dedicate, Celebrate” Venue: The von Liebig Art Center A Naples Illustrated sponsored event 1. Stephanie Campbell, Trudy Slean 2. Norm Gallivan, Jama, Joel Kessler 3. Paige and Valerie McQuade 4. Antoine Testard, Lori Fairhurst, John Wasmer 5. Allison and Ed White 6. Jackie Ressa, Jacquie Wallace 7. Ruben Gavay, Celina Pedrero

2 1

4 3


5 6


NAMI, NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS – COLLIER COUNTY What: Tenth Annual Walk, celebrating 25 years of “Changing Minds, Changing Lives” in Collier County, featuring Grand Marshall Eric Roberts, and pre-Walk party celebrating Team Favoloso’s raising $17,750 this year, and $146,000 in nine years. Venues: Home of Team Favoloso’s founder, Rosemary Pace, Cambier Park, and Old Naples 1. Jolene Munzenrieder, Ann Marie Piazza, Eric Roberts, Susan Rhein 2. Patricia Yasbeck-Pike, Jan Fodale 3. Alexis and Chloe Berkowitz, Eric Roberts, Andrew and Henry Berkowitz, Rosemary Pace 4. Kristi McGuire, Cheryl Ramsbottom, Nancy Contardi 5. Mary Jo Dernbach, Rosalie Johnson-Fogg, Laura Haake


3 2


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John McDonough has been an insulin-

JDRF’s Research Partnership Program, and

tinguished service. In his hometown of Chi-

dependent diabetic for 70 years. Diagnosed

serves as a member of the Board of Chan-

cago, he serves as chairman of the board

at age six, doctors gave him a best-case

cellors. The McDonough Family Foundation

of the Rosecrance Health Network for sub-

life-span of 20 years. Now 76, the medical

has provided financial support for diabetes

stance abuse and mental health.

prosthetics and X-ray innovation entrepre-

research, establishing, among other initia-

The McDonoughs are parents of five

neur is intensely focused on the quest for a

tives, the JDRF Center for Islet Transplanta-

and grandparents of eight. The tradition of

cure. “Success is about earning enough to

tion at the University of Chicago. In 2007,

philanthropy continues as they often par-

provide for your family and your retirement

John and his wife, Marilyn, founded the

ticipate in charitable events as a family.

years,” McDonough says. “Significance is

JDRF Florida Suncoast Chapter’s annual

about making your life count.”

Hope Gala in Naples.

McDonough says giving back is inspired by example. “It is a responsibility as well

McDonough is also board chair for

as a privilege to be able to use our expe-

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Naples’ Neighborhood Health Clinic. A

rience, energy and financial resources to

(JDRF) International Board of Directors from

University of Notre Dame alumnus, he con-

make a difference,” McDonough says.

1998 to 2000. He is the founding chair-

tinues a close association with the school,

“Without significance, one’s life cannot be

man of JDRF’s Beta Society, co-chaired

and received its 2009 Sorin Award for dis-

a success.” u


McDonough served as chairman on the


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