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10/20/21 4:34 PM

Thomas M. Moran AIF ® Founder, CEO Senior PIM Portfolio Manager

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10/20/21 1:23 PM

Congratulations Tom Moran For being recognized again as one of The Naples 100 We are honored to support a leader so worthy of admiration and trust. Your vision for the future of Moran Wealth Management, and your commitment to improving the lives of everyone around you, gives each member of the team a meaningful purpose we happily share!

5801 Pelican Bay Boulevard • Suite 110 Naples, FL 34108 239.920.4440 •

The 2022 Naples Illustrated Top 100 is based upon recipients impact and involvement in the community and business. Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN). Moran Wealth Management is a separate entity from WFAFN. 1021-00536

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10/20/21 1:23 PM

Photo by John Eder

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Leading the Way


People Index

THE NAPLES 100 This year’s list of movers and shakers—from the boardroom to the classroom and beyond








What makes Naples tops?


By Cathy Chestnut





Why SPACs are the hot new

kid on the investing block

By Judy Martel






These successful duos prove that great minds think alike



Get a glimpse into the philosophies of a selection of The Naples 100 members


The Naples 100


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10/27/21 11:45 AM

There’s a lot that goes into our name Q For 20 years, the STOCK name has been synomyous with exceptional craftsmanship and incomparable lifestyle. We’re proud to be part of Naples, and grateful to be able to support this community. Thanks to all of our homeowners, employees and partners who helped us grow and flourish over the past two decades.

“We’re excited for what the future holds, and honored to be recognized as one of the Naples 100.” Brian Stock, CEO Stock Development

To learn more about STOCK, its history and its communities, visit

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10/12/21 4:26 PM


100 PUBLISHER Kaleigh Grover

EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Daphne Nikolopoulos


CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Shawn Holiday, Judy Martel

ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGERS Kathleen Beuttel, 239-298-7506,; Meegan Wyatt, 239-298-7511, ADVERTISING SERVICES COORDINATOR Emily Hauser MARKETING MANAGER Christopher Link




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The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:32 PM


We deeply appreciate you voting Bigham Jewelers “BEST” — four times, this year. We are so very grateful.

Kathy Bigham

BIGHAM GALLERIA | 2425 Tamiami Trail | 239.434.2800 |

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10/18/21 9:43 AM

The Naples 100 FROM THE EDITOR

Leading the Way Welcome to The Naples 100—a showcase of the top business and community leaders who make Collier County a special place to live


he caliber of local talent, smarts, and passion is beyond impressive, which makes it a daunting endeavor to highlight only 100 who make Collier County a special place to live. Collaboration is common in Collier County, where philanthropic foundations, local government, educational institutions, nonprofits, and civic organizations team up to tackle education and career training, the arts, the environment, mental health, and housing. These leaders certainly pulled together to meet the pandemic head-on. Naples has a strong economy with a diverse mixture of home-grown and corporate powerhouses. Some have been bolstering the local economy for decades while newcomers are infusing the community with new perspectives and endeavors. The individuals honored in The Naples 100 and “Dynamic Duos” are not only successful in their professions, they’re leaders who volunteer their time, money, and expertise to enhance the quality of life in Naples. They’re leaders who listen, inspire, and encourage those around them to overcome assumptions and complacency. Congratulations to these leaders who make Collier County a truly special place. We hope this issue—and the people profiled within it—help inspire the leader in you.

Cathy Chestnut EDITOR

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 3:36 PM

W H AT I N S P I R E S Y O U INSPIRES US. We are inspired by the people and passion of our beloved Naples today as we were when we opened our doors more than 35 years ago. That inspiration is infused into every design we create along with the hopes and dreams of our clientele. To our clients, design team, artisan partners, family and friends, thank you for making this prestigious honor possible.

2 3 9 .5 1 4 .1 2 3 4 | DW E ST .C O M

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10/14/21 12:08 PM

The Naples 100 DIRECTORY

PEOPLE INDEX Aielli, Fabrizio........................ 62

Brown, Andrea Clark.. ............ 22

Cooney, John M...................... 23

Gable, Blake.. .......................... 49

Jimenez-Lara, Maria.............. 56

Aielli, Ingrid........................... 62

Bua, Emily K... ........................ 60

Corban, David.. ....................... 23

Gates, Todd............................. 49

Kantor, Kim Ciccarelli.. ...........31

Alexander, Bryce . .................. 22

Bua-Bell, Tade........................ 60

Coury, Kristen... ...................... 24

Geier, Mary Beth.................... 56

Kao, Daniel............................. 37

Avola-Brown, Michelle.. ......... 42

Burgess, Scott......................... 58

Dalby, Michael.. ...................... 42

Goodlette, J. Dudley............... 30

Kaplan, Jarred........................ 37

Baker, Jay.. .............................. 67

Burns, Laura........................... 23

Danni, Karen.......................... 62

Gordley, David C.. ................... 50

Kragh, Matthew.. .................... 26

Baker, Patty.. ........................... 67

Campbell, Patricia “Patty”...... 36

Danni, Mark........................... 62

Govern, Karen........................ 24

Labbe, Ron.. .............................31

Barone Jr, Bruce..................... 42

Cariot, Jacques....................... 60

DeAngelis, John.. .................... 48

Hartington, Marissa............... 30

Lascheid, Leslie...................... 57

Bay, Susan............................... 22

Cariot, Lysielle.. ...................... 60

Di Falco, Luca.. ....................... 36

Haytac, Onur.......................... 36

Lavender, Dan........................ 50

Betulia, Vincenzo................... 36

Cartwright, Timothy J.. .......... 30

Diamond, David..................... 48

Hernandez, Rufino................. 24

Lefkow, Lisa B........................ 57

Bigham, Kathy........................ 30

Cheffy, Edward K... ................. 48

DuPont, Sherri.. ...................... 24

Hiltz, Paul C.. .......................... 56

Liegeois, Judith...................... 26

Box, Ilona.. .............................. 48

Collins, Kim............................ 23

Edwards, Bob.. ........................ 49

Hoffmann, David.................... 37

Logan, Deb............................. 42

Boyajian, William................... 22

Connolly-Keesler, Eileen.. ...... 56

Fleming, Anne........................ 49

Jensen, Chad.. ......................... 26

Lowe, Scott............................. 57

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 3:32 PM

The Naples 100

Photo by John Eder


Lubner, Clive.......................... 66

Midnet, Glenn........................ 26

Perez, Noemi Y....................... 46

Ryan, Corrine.. .........................61

Verpoorten, Frank.................. 28

Lubner, Daniel.. ...................... 66

Mir, Michael........................... 38

Pezeshkan, F. Fred.. ................ 32

Sanderson, Steven L............... 46

Wallace, David........................ 53

Lutgert, Scott.. .........................31

Moll, Gerri...............................31

Ptaszek, Emily........................ 58

Savage, Timothy P.................. 52

Wallin, Deanna....................... 39

Maddox, Rebecca J.. ............... 37

Montecalvo, Dawn.. ................ 44

Raveis Jr, William M.............. 38

Schmieding, Reinhold............ 39

Wilson, Mark D...................... 28

Mainella, Fran P..................... 43

Mueller, Charles G.. ................ 50

Reed, Elaine L........................ 46

Smallwood, Joe.. ..................... 32

Wood, Phil............................. 32

Martin, Mike.. ......................... 43

Mulvena, Jack......................... 44

Reed-Spitzer, Michelle L.. ...... 38

Starkey, Adria......................... 52

Woodward, Craig R................ 34

McCabe, Phil.. ......................... 38

Myers, Heather....................... 57

Reiter, Timothy J.....................51

Stock, Brian K . ...................... 53

Woodward, Mark J................. 34

McDonald, Jinx.......................61

O’Callaghan, Carol A... ........... 44

Richter, Garrett.......................51

Stoneburner, Kevin L............. 53

Wynn, Jeff D......................... . 34

McDonald, Minka.. ..................61

Oberhaus, Linda A................. 58

Ridgway, Tony.. ....................... 32

Summers, Shari...................... 28

Wynn, Michael A.................. . 34

McGinnis, Donna................... 43

Passidomo, John M................ 50

Riley, Ben................................ 63

Tobin, Joan............................. 39

Wynn, Timothy D................... 39

McManus, Susan.................... 43

Patton, Kamela....................... 46

Riley, Matthew.. ...................... 63

van Bergen, Kathleen............. 28

Meyer, John............................ 44

Pavicevic, Veljko......................61

Roa, Jaysen F.......................... 58

Vasquez, Amellia.................... 53

The Naples 100


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10/27/21 11:47 AM

The Naples 100

Photo by Doris DiPrimo


Sunset at Naples Pier


What makes Naples tops?

By Cathy Chestnut

NAPLES ranks as the


“BEST U.S. BEACH TOWN TO LIVE IN” by Travel + Leisure in 2021


sk residents why they like living in Collier County, and you’re likely to get responses commensurate to the number of people you ask. There is a lot to say—and embrace— about the largest county by geographic size in the Sunshine State. Upward of 80 percent of the county’s 2,305 square miles are devoted to conserved green spaces, parks, wildlife refuges, and coastline. Suffice it to say that Collier County enjoys unparalleled natural resources, including national treasures such as Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Big Cypress Swamp, Ten Thousand Islands, and the Everglades. Our potent philanthropic spirit, renowned beaches, and rich cultural offerings are invaluable gems. The greater Naples area is also thriving with a diverse economy, impressive creativity, and top-notch education options. Neapolitans say they are proud of the enviable quality of life Naples offers because it:

Vanderbilt Beach

The Naples 100


012_FOB By the Numbers-TopNP-2022.indd 10

10/26/21 4:01 PM

The Naples 100

• Has boasted an “A” public school district for its 48,000 students at 61 schools since 2017. • Ranks as the No. 1 “Best U.S. Beach Town to Live In” by Travel + Leisure in 2021. • Is 1 out of 60 Blue Zones Project communities nationwide focused on residents’ health and well-being.

• Is home to more

Fortune 500 CEOs with successful business experience than any other community in the nation, according to the Collier County Economic Development Office

• Ranks No. 2 on the 2020 “BEST

SMALL CITY IN AMERICA” for natural resources, prosperity, and people. (

Photo by John Eder


• Is highly affluent.

n Collier, the top 1 percent enjoys $5.6 million in income annually, compared to the national average of $1.3 million for the wealthiest, according to the Community Foundation of Collier County’s 2020 Vital Signs report.

• Consistently ranks among the

TOP PLACES TO RETIRE, most recently earning the No. 2 spot from U.S. News & World Report for 2020-21.

• Touts the lowest crime rate of any

metropolitan area in Florida—with crime

dropping 64.4 percent from 2000 to The Baker Museum at Artis-Naples











We proudly honor Scott Lutgert for more than a half-century of extraordinary service and an unwavering commitment to improving the lives in our community.

The Lutgert Companies, over 50 years of excellence. For more information 239.261.6100 | LUTGERT.COM The Naples 100


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10/26/21 4:23 PM


“Golf Capitol of the World”

Photo by Samantha Bloom

crime dropping 64.4 percent from 2000 to 2019, according to the Collier County Sheriff ’s Office

• Continues to build new phases of

the $100 million Paradise Coast Sports Complex—one of the largest multipurpose sportplexes in the nation that includes generous cultural event space and The Factory fitness course

• Cherishes enduring community traditions, such

as the annual Swamp Buggy Races, which have been held since 1918 after the unique vehicles were invented here for the rugged backcountry. The annual event is held at the Florida Sports Park.

• Is home to the 99-mile-long Everglades Waterway kayak and canoe trail and the Paradise Coast Blueway paddling trail, with six day trips from Everglades.

• Reportedly has the most golf holes per capita than any other city in the United States—90 18-hole golf courses—which is why it’s

long been known as the “Golf Capitol of the World.”

• Draws more than 1.9 million visitors who spent

$1.1 billion in Collier County in 2020, supporting 34,400 jobs.

• Has world-class attractions and

cultural venues, including Artis-Naples, Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center, Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, Historic Palm Cottage, Naples Botanical Garden, and Naples Pier.

• Has a happening art scene with an array of

performing arts organizations, local musical talent ranging from opera to country music, 100 art galleries, the Naples Art District and Naples Design District, Naples International Film Festival, and award-winning outdoor art festivals.

• Affords shopping galore, from Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South to Waterside Shops, Tin City, and Mercato. • Claims the Naples Winter Wine Festival,

which has raised nearly $220 million for the Naples Children & Education Foundation to make

Fifth Avenue South

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:45 PM


To our clients and community for your strength and resilience. Today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Investment advisory services offered through Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser independent of FSC Securi�es Corpora�on. Securi�es and addi�onal investment advisory services offered through FSC Securi�es Corpora�on, Member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment adviser.

a profound difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Collier County children.

Today, tomorrow, and Today, tomorrow, and for gener for generations to come.

There are many accolades to celebrate, but locals aren’t prone to boasting. There’s a humble pride—coupled with concerted efforts to maintain the community’s high quality of life in a consistently growing area— along Florida’s Paradise Coast. Third Street South Farmers Market

Investment services offered through Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc., a registered inve Visit us onlineadvisory at

Securi�es and addi�onal investment advisory services offered through FSC Securi�es Corpora�o

Naples, FL to 239.262.6577 Today, tomorrow, and for generations come.

Rochester, NY 585.383.0180

Today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

9601 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34108

Investment advisory services offered through Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser independent of FSC Securities Corporation. Securities and additional investment advisory services offered through FSC Securities Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment adviser.

The Advisory Naples 100 Inc., a registered investment adviser independent of FSC Securi�es Corpora�on. Investment advisory services offered through Ciccarelli Services, Securi�es and addi�onal investment advisory services offered through FSC Securi�es Corpora�on, Member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment adviser. 13 Investment advisory services offered through Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser independent of FSC Securi�es Corpora�on. Securi�es and addi�onal investment advisory services offered through FSC Securi�es Corpora�on, Member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment adviser.

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10/26/21 4:21 PM


Investing with Purpose What you need to know about SPACs—and why you should proceed with caution By Judy Martel


SPAC, but investors are still putting their faith in the sponsor’s ability to do the proper research, Butchey explains. For an example of one SPAC investment that didn’t turn out as planned, Butchey points to the electric-vehicle company Nikola. “The original SPAC originators didn’t dig deep enough,” she says, and when the media reported that Nikola allegedly exaggerated claims about vehicle performance and production from the beginning, short sellers came calling and helped drive the stock valuation down, potentially leaving SPAC investors with a loss. “With any equity investment, whether in an individual company stock or a SPAC, shareholders should be looking at making money over the long term and holding it for at least 10 years while continuing to follow the company and do due diligence,” Butchey notes. An immediate payoff from a SPAC IPO can be huge, and the hope is that the investment will continue to grow. But there’s always a possibility prices will flu tuate wildly, particularly because it’s not unusual for SPACs to often invest in start-up companies, which are considered riskier than blue-chip company stocks. If shareholders panic, they could sell at the wrong time and take a loss. What’s more, cashing in on an immediate price increase will have tax implications that Butchey says are often overlooked; taxpayers will owe short-term capital gains tax on any shares sold within a year. Butchey encourages investors to view SPAC investing with the proper risk perspective because she believes it is appropriate only for the sophisticated individual willing to take a gamble. “Investors are hoping these SPAC originators will find the next big company, and I’ve seen people lose money basically at the flip of a coin ”

PACs (special purpose acquisition companies) might well be the exciting new investment kids on the block. A decade ago, these entities—formed for the sole purpose of raising capital to acquire existing private companies and take them public—were little-known outside the financial community. But within the past year, they’ve emerged from the shadows, driven in part by some notable initial public offerings (IPOs) such as spaceflight company Virgin Galactic and online sports betting company DraftKings. Investors seeking a big payoff from buying into a company before it goes public can purchase shares of SPACs through a brokerage account. They are typically more accessible to the average investor than a more traditional IPO managed by investment bankers, and they can also circumvent some of the red tape, giving them more agility in the marketplace. But the relative speed and ease with which they can operate is the very reason potential investors should use caution when investing in SPACs, according to Deanne Butchey, a teaching professor in the department of finance at Florida International University and a former investment banker at Credit Suisse. “Investors often want to jump on the bandwagon immediately and don’t dig deep enough in their due diligence,” Butchey says. “They are relying on the expertise of the originator of the SPAC.” SPACs are sometimes referred to as “blank check companies” because investors put money in without knowing what company will eventually be acquired. Typically, if the SPAC doesn’t purchase a company within two years, the money is returned to the investors. The originators, called sponsors, are highly regarded experts in a particular field and often have a target company in mind when forming the

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:47 PM


2059 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34112| (239) 331-7092 NAPLES | PALM BEACH | ISLAMORADA | CHARLESTON | HIGHLANDS | GREENVILLE | ASPEN



They have DREAMS. They have GOALS. Hodges University Students: • 65% Female • Average age: 33 • 66% enrolled full time while working full time! • 13% Military Veterans

• 55% identify as minority • 45% are Hispanic • 82% receive financial aid with a median family income of $30K annually



239-938-7728 Hodges University is an equal access, equal opportunity organization.

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10/22/21 9:56 AM

Garrett S. Richter

President, CEO and Director of First Florida Integrity Bank

Gary L. Tice

Chairman and Director of First Florida Integrity Bank

Thank you to our community for all of your continued support over the years.

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10/12/21 4:27 PM

To our community for shopping local. To our customers for investing in us, so we can invest back into our community. To all our outstanding team members who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic on the frontlines. They have never wavered in their commitment and dedication. Since 1938 the Wynn Family has been serving the Naples Community. Michael Wynn President at Sunshine Ace Hardware

Thank you for choosing Sunshine Ace!

Downtown Naples | Marco Island | East Naples | Golden Gate | Bonita Springs | San Carlos |

Full Page.indd 1

10/12/21 4:28 PM

A Naples Classic CO N TI N U E S TO S H I N E

What defines a classic? A beloved landmark that’s proud to be front and center, embracing the community in which it resides. A cherished destination with a loyal following and exemplary staff. And an ongoing commitment, year after year, to make the guest experience the best it can be. Through the vision and leadership of Phil McCabe, The Inn on Fifth continues to evolve its high standard of sophistication, creating a brilliant icon in the downtown landscape to make Naples proud.

We’re proud to carry on our tradition of refinement.

Inn on Fifth | 699 5th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 239.403.8777 2021

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10/12/21 4:32 PM

Naples 100 - Mission Ad.pdf



9:41 PM

Stewards of the Economy C


We work each day to cultivate economic opportunity for all through economic partnerships, advocacy and leadership. Our goal is to create a prosperous community that attracts employers, residents and visitors alike.







Congratulations As President and CEO, Michael Dalby and the Chamber represent nearly 1,200 member businesses while acting in service of the community. Our members are well-represented at the local, state, and national level, to help make Collier County the best place in America to live, work, and visit. We are proud of Michael’s recognition in The Naples 100. photo: @dennisgoodmanphotography

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10/16/20 8:50 AM

Your Plans. Your Progress. Our Priority.

Two relationship-driven banks, both leaders in the industry, have officially joined forces. The combination of IBERIABANK and First Horizon creates a leading financial services company dedicated to enriching the lives of our clients, associates and communities. Together, we will deliver better technology, broader lending capabilities and an expanded financial network powered by a team you know and trust.

©2021 IBERIABANK, a division of First Horizon Bank.

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10/12/21 4:32 PM


ark Brown

Judith Liegeois



Susan Bay







Matthew Kragh


Shari Summers



Matthew Kragh




Brown Andrea Clark Bryce Alexander The Naples 100


100 openers.indd 21

10/26/21 3:50 PM

The Naples 100 l




Owner and CEO Bay Design Store

Executive Artistic Director The Naples Players

Bryce Alexander arrived at The Naples Players in 2017, with his wife, Katie, from Denver, Colorado, where he was artistic director of Phamaly Theatre Company. Under his leadership, The Naples Players has doubled attendance and grown its endowment to $10 million. He worked closely with community leaders to develop a COVID-19 task force to serve businesses and nonprofits and raised funds for food pantries with the Collier Calendar Girls project. Alexander recently announced a $15 million campaign to fully renovate and expand the Sugden Community Theatre.

Susan Bay opened her first interior design firm in 1978 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serving clients for decades before opening her Naples location in 2003. Her original showroom is located just two blocks from the beach, where her award-winning design team and fine furniture store reflect Naples’ subtropical surroundings. In 2020, she expanded with a warehouse showroom in North Naples. Bay continues to be recognized as a leading entrepreneur in the home furnishings and interior design industries.

EDUCATION: University of Colorado (BFA), with extra coursework at Colorado Creative Industries and Harvard Business School FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Posing naked, but covered, for a spoof of Calendar Girls… and having that picture projected to everyone in attendance at our 2021 Front & Center Gala ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Be patient and keep at it. If you really love doing something, it’s worth pursuing. FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I played violin for 13 years. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Rookery Bay FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Lake Park Diner

EDUCATION: University of Michigan FIRST JOB: Taking over my brother’s newspaper route for the summer at age 11. It came with his bike. BEST ADVICE: You can correct a mistake quickly or leave it and live with it forever. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Attention to detail HIDDEN TALENT: Playing the flu e FAVORITE MOVIE: The Longest Day FAVORITE TRAVEL SPOT: Paris FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY SPOT: Chokoloskee FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Bleu Provence



Owner, Director, and Curator Andrea Clark Brown Architects, PA UP ART Contemporary

Owner Port Royal Jewelers

Andrea Clark Brown is a well-established architect in Naples who designs private residences as well as high-profile public projects. She founded her firm in 1986 and has designed notable landmarks such as Sugden Community Theatre, Sugden Plaza, downtown parking garages, churches, and corporate and commercial offices. She has held several professorial positions (Harvard University and University of Miami) and is a lecturer, juror, and writer. Her firm also provides interior design services and landscape planning.

EDUCATION: Gemological Institute of America FIRST JOB: I worked for my father when I was at Gulf Coast Junior High. I walked to Fifth Avenue South after school to help by cleaning jewelry cases. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: USS Nemo’s FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Rookery Bay FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I teach Sunday school to children at New Hope Ministries. MOST INSPIRING PERSON: George Washington SECRET TO SUCCESS: Listening to God BUCKET LIST: Travel to Brazil and Peru

EDUCATION: University of Virginia (MAarch) FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Arriving at an important project interview with my team in separate cars, only to find that each thought the other team member brought the presentation materials. I had to ad-lib the interview with a marker and paper on easel. BEST ADVICE: Make NO assumptions. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Positive attitude, resiliency, and coping skills HOBBIES: Piano and writing BUCKET LIST: Practice piano as much as I want, travel Italy with my husband, and have the perfect gallery kitchen to hone my now-rusty Iron Chef skills


William Boyajian is a third-generation jeweler in a family business that started in New York City in 1913 and established a presence in Naples in 1968. Boyajian grew up in Naples, graduated as a gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America when he was 18, and continued studies in art and design in California. He opened Port Royal Jewelers in 1992. He is a long-time community supporter and participates in mission trips to Central America.

The Naples 100


022_Creatives_NP100_2021-2022.indd 22

10/26/21 4:06 PM

The Naples 100 l




Vice President, Principal, and Owner Collins & DuPont Design Group

Executive Director United Arts Council of Collier County

Laura Burns brings a lifelong immersion in the arts to the United Arts Council (UAC), the state’s designated local arts agency for Collier County. Burns helped to establish a creative arts program in Ohio for individuals with profound disabilities, and strongly believes that the arts are a platform for dialogue. The UAC has worked closely with local government entities, organizations, and area stakeholders to create a county-wide strategic plan for arts and culture.

EDUCATION: Colorado State University FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: We left the market by valet with another person’s car. We noticed after one of the designers I was with thought someone stole her candy and soda that had been left in the car. When we returned, the family, whose car we were driving, was sitting wide-eyed at the curb. BEST ADVICE: Luke:37: Faith does not make things easy; it makes them possible. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Italy ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: In the midst of your difficu y lies opportunity and learning. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Gulf of Mexico


EDUCATION: Savannah College of Art & Design (BFA), University of Akron (MA) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Founding member, Naples Design District; immediate past president, founding member, Hattie Larlham Creative Arts Program in Manuta, Ohio; implementing a Smithsonian-approved finishing plan or new display cases at the National First Ladies Library; worked on the Guinness Book of World Record’s World’s Largest Painting in 1995 WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: I’ve been in the arts my entire life, as a performer, maker, and creator. I chose administration because I have experienced fi st-hand the ways art and culture unite us and create a platform for dialogue and inclusion. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Take the risk—it’ll be worth it in ways you will never imagine. CHARITIES: Shelter for Abused Women & Children, Project Help

Kim Collins has earned more than 100 design awards. She established Collins & DuPont Design Group with Sherri DuPont in 1987 to bring together their shared philosophy of serving their clients with high standards of personal service with designs that genuinely refle t individual tastes. Their leadership and visionary thinking have built a successful full-service concierge style firm, working with clients throughout Florida, the United States, and globally. She undertook postgraduate studies and has traveled extensively seeking knowledge and inspiration.



Architect David Corban Architects

Partner Stofft Cooney Architects

David Corban’s work as an architect is marked by a dedication to environmental and community sustainability. Recent projects include the Shelly Stayer Shelter, the fir t purpose-built shelter for human trafficking victims in the United States, and the Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center. His fir ’s design for Celebration Park received an “Award of Excellence” in 2019 from Metal Architecture. LEEDaccredited, Corban has earned several regional and statewide American Institute of Architects Awards, including “Citizen Architect.”

EDUCATION: Kent State University HOMETOWN: East Hampton, Long Island FIRST JOB: Lifeguard BEST ADVICE: Make sure you love what you do for work as it’s the majority of your waking day. HIDDEN TALENT: I’m a good writer and can write poetry. HOBBIES: Yachting, fishing traveling, and pushing the envelope when and where I can FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: The Continental CHARITIES: STARability Foundation and its Trailblazers Academy BUCKET LIST: Bordeaux, France for some wine

EDUCATION: Mississippi State University HOMETOWN: Heflin Alabama FIRST JOB: Mowing lawns for gas money TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Starting a new architecture firm in the eeth of the Great Recession HOBBIES: Cycling, hiking, and traveling with family and friends FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Western Canada FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Fakahatchee State Preserve State Park FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Taqueria San Julian BUCKET LIST: Travel to Asia


John M. Cooney has earned a reputation for exemplary, award-winning architecture. Growing up in New York informed Cooney’s sense of design. Stofft Cooney Architects prides itself on its wide array of projects ranging from intimate residences to substantial estates with a scope of work that encompasses all genres to reveal influences from the most emulated, diverse styles throughout history. Regardless of style, the fir ’s philosophy is to create timeless architecture with modern amenities.

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:49 PM

The Naples 100 l




President, Principal, and Owner Collins & DuPont Design Group

Founder, Producing Artistic Director, and CEO Gulfshore Playhouse

Sherri DuPont found a kindred spirit in Kim Collins, and the two established their award-winning interior design firm in 1987. She considers the company’s 40 employees as family. DuPont finds inspiration from her travels throughout Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, and, most recently, Cuba. Her experience and in-depth understanding of international design has led her to receive many awards and accolades throughout her career. Collins & DuPont works with clients throughout Florida, the United States, and globally.

After moving from New York City to Naples, Kristen Coury founded Gulfshore Playhouse in 2004 with a visionary eye on the future. The professional, nonprofit theatre has grown its educational and outreach programs and has an annual budget of $5.2 million with no debt. She is leading the charge to create a $60 million state-of-the-art theatre and education center at the gateway to downtown Naples. Gulfshore Playhouse was the only Equity-approved theater in the United States to receive permission to perform indoors during the pandemic.

EDUCATION: Florida State University HOMETOWN: Evansville, Indiana FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: I had a client who walked me around their house and kept requesting raspberry-colored “turlets” as we went into each bathroom. HOBBIES: Cooking, traveling TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: The death of my parents. I learned that life continues on despite the heartbreak. HIDDEN TALENT: I raced cars when I was young. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Marry a rich man! FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Naples Botanical Gardens

EDUCATION: University at Albany - State University of New York WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: This work chose me because I passionately believe that exceptional theater experiences can change people’s lives. BEST ADVICE: It came from my dad: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” LESSON LEARNED: You must always strive to have a silent phase. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: London, Paris, and Florence HOBBY: Ballroom dancing FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Caffe dell’Amore BUCKET LIST: Machu Picchu



Creative Director and Managing Partner Garden District

Executive Director STARability Foundation

Karen Govern recognized that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families, had no voice, and took over leadership of this fla ging nonprofit. In the past five years, she has led a major rebranding and has achieved remarkable growth in programs, outreach, and community awareness. She has developed an array of programs that make STARability a regional leader in quality programming for people with disabilities, and significantly grew STARability’s budget and staff. STARability has plans for a major facility expansion.

Since launching the Garden District in downtown Naples in 2004, Rufin Hernandez has garnered a loyal legion of high-end clients for his creative flo al designs for large events and intimate residential interiors. Hernandez also co-owns and runs Golden Gate Nursery, which his Cuba-born parents established, with his brother, Jorge. Garden District provides stunning displays for multimillion-dollar events, the likes of Swarovski, Royal Bank of Scotland, and March of Dimes.

EDUCATION: John Jay College of Criminal Justice at City University of New York (MPA) FIRST JOB: When I was 16, I ran a small Swedish coffee shop. I did everything: made the food, served, ordered supplies and ingredients, cleaned, and reported to the owner. It was a lot of responsibility, but I learned to work under pressure, take care of customers, and multi-task. HIDDEN TALENT: I’m a great driver and can drive in any city—New York, London, Boston, Paris—on both the right and left side of the road. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Turtle Club for the quintessential beach dining experience and seafood and Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro for exotic cuisine BUCKET LIST: Traveling to Europe again with my husband and kids, and taking a trip to California wine country

EDUCATION: Johnson & Wales University HOMETOWN: Naples, Florida FIRST JOB: Program director for a neighborhood redevelopment nonprofi SECRET TO SUCCESS: to success: Stay fl xible and adaptable to capitalize on opportunities HOBBIES: Boating, cooking ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Don’t just look for your path on the road that’s before you. Look around, turn over stones, and see what lies beneath, and the universe will open up for you. BUCKET LIST: Southeast Asia CHARITIES: Humane Society Naples, STARability Foundation, Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 4:16 PM

BRAVA! Thank you to our donors, community partners, and patrons for ushering in this glorious future.

Kristen Coury, CEO & Producing Artistic Director Gulfshore Playhouse

NAPLES’ PREMIER PROFESSIONAL THEATRE is on the way to building a new home.

GULFSHORE PLAYHOUSE AT THE BAKER THEATRE AND EDUCATION CENTER will be a center for outstanding professional theatre and exceptional educational opportunities in an iconic downtown location. Opening Fall 2023. For more information, go to:

022_Creatives_NP100_2021-2022.indd 25

10/25/21 1:02 PM

The Naples 100 l




President MHK Architecture & Planning

Creative Director and Managing Partner Method & Concept

In 2013, Chad Jensen launched Method & Concept, a contemporary art gallery and furniture design studio. An arts activist and leader in Naples, Jensen is the founding director of the Naples Design District, where Method & Concept (a division of Thomas Riley Companies) is located. He is spearheading initiatives to install monumental public art in the district and at Baker Park. He is on the boards of the design district, United Arts Council of Collier County, and Digital Media Design Advisory Board at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Matthew Kragh worked under the guidance of Chicago-based architect Helmut Jahn before relocating to Naples in 1997. Kragh launched his firm in 2009; today it has offices in Naples and Palm Beach, as well as South Carolina, North Carolina, and Colorado. The firm donated its services for Naples Dog Park, Norris Center, and Baker Park. He’s served on many boards and earned several awards, including the American Institute of Architects’ Firm of the Year and President’s Award.

EDUCATION: College for Creative Studies (BFA) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS? Featured North American artist at the 2011 Shanghai Art Fair; launched a furniture collection in New York City during Design Week in 2013; and was commissioned for his fi st piece of architecture in 2020 BEST ADVICE: In 2009, I had the fantastic opportunity to spend time with [furniture designer] Wendell Castle when he attended one of my openings in Naples. Among the pearls of wisdom he shared with me, this one stands out, “As an artist, you are creating the unfamiliar, or at least you should be aspiring to, but sometimes people aren’t ready for it.” TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Losing my father unexpectedly to cancer in 2012 FAVORITE HOBBIES: Anything my kids are into

EDUCATION: Illinois Institute of Technology (MA) HOMETOWN: Monticello, Indiana FIRST JOB: Cleaning golf clubs and serving hot dogs at a county club BEST ADVICE: Never burn bridges. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Reputation is everything. HIDDEN TALENT: I was an NCAA Division 1 diver. FAVORITE MOVIE: The Big Lebowski FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Abaco Club at Winding Bay (Bahamas) CHARITY: ST. Matthew’s House BUCKET LIST: Augusta National Golf Club



President and CEO Interiors by Design West

Owner Judith Liegeois Designs

Glenn Midnet established Design West in 1994, beginning a 25-year career that includes nationally and internationally renowned interior design projects. He lends his world-class interior design expertise and leadership to the design process, creating award-winning interiors throughout the country as part of the Design West team. Midnet has a passion for philanthropy, particularly breast cancer research. He is the creator of Furniture for the Cure, a sophisticated furniture line that artistically incorporates the breast cancer ribbon.

EDUCATION: University of Auckland HOMETOWN: Auckland, New Zealand FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Being mistaken for the cleaning lady. I love cleaning the showroom and am often in my Lululemons and flip fl s. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Bleu Provence and Chez Boët CAUSES: Naples Children & Education Foundation, Humane Society Naples, Naples Senior Center, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, St. Matthew’s House

EDUCATION: Indiana State University NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I’m most proud of designing and holding the U.S. patent for the Pink Ribbon Alyce Chair, which is named in honor of my late mother. SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS: When the going gets tough, get creative. TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Facing, overcoming, and beating cancer HOBBIES: Boating, cycling, and golf FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Capital Grille FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: French Riviera


Inspired by extensive travel abroad and throughout the United States, Judith Liegeois exudes creativity and a collaborative spirit at the firm she founded 20 years ago. Her unique sense of color, style, and placement, her keen eye for detail, and superb staff enhances each design project. Growing up in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, the beach was Liegeois’ playground—rocks were toys, and driftwood, seashells, and seaweed were art supplies. She has an innate sense for “organic glamour.”

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:49 PM

Porsche Naples: One of the nation’s top Porsche dealerships. Exceeding our customer’s expectations every day is what makes Porsche Naples a Premier Dealer. We’ve been recognized by our customers and our peers as one of the nation’s top Porsche dealerships. We know Porsche customers are passionate about what they drive, and we cater to their need for excellence in not only their cars but in their customer experience and service to match. It’s always been our commitment to provide the absolute best luxury automotive experience from the moment you first enter our doors and for as long as you own your vehicle. We’re also committed to our community as well. Working with numerous charities and organizations in the area, we feel that it’s not just our responsibility to help but it’s also our privilege to give something back to the people we call friends and neighbors. The entire staff of courteous and dedicated professionals of Porsche Naples is looking forward to receiving you as our guest and to fulfilling all your luxury automotive needs. Come see for yourself, what makes Porsche Naples one of the nation’s very best!

Porsche Naples 3147 Davis Blvd. Naples, FL 34104 Sales 844-742-0900 | Service 844-742-1700 | Parts 844-742-1800 ©2021 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times.

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10/14/21 12:09 PM

The Naples 100 l




Owner and President Summerfields Interior Design Summerfields Fine Furnishings, Home Accessories & Antiques

President and CEO Artis—Naples

In Naples since 1982, Shari Summers started Summerfields Interior Design in 1996. A couple of years later, she opened Summerfields Fine Furnishings to complement her services. Her daughter, Stacey, joined the team after college. Summers’ fir t professional job was working for local architect Alfred French; and she was inspired by local interior designer Rosemary Robinson. A licensed interior designer, she is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualific tion and is a member of American Society of Interior Designers.

Now in her eleventh season at the helm of Artis—Naples, home of The Baker Museum and the Naples Philharmonic, Kathleen van Bergen has charted an assured and ambitious course for the organization. She has broadened the organization’s multidisciplinary programming and is spearheading the Future— Forward Campaign for Cultural Excellence, a master plan to update and renovate the cultural campus, grow the nonprofi ’s endowment, take on new initiatives, and expand The Baker Museum’s permanent collection.

EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin-Madison HOMETOWN: Mequon, Wisconsin FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: When our shop fi st opened, a couple entered our shop, and moments later, the woman asked if there was some place she could hide, as the gentleman’s wife was about to walk through our shop door! FAVORITE BOOK: A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Any beach with shells that you can reach by boat CHARITIES: Children’s Advocacy Center of Collier County, Naples Therapeutic Riding Center, Everglades Foundation

EDUCATION: University of Rochester FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I have heard concerts in over 100 concert halls in more than 27 countries. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Use your passport, expand your mind, and believe all is possible. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: The ones that serve dinner post-concert! BUCKET LIST: Visiting 50 countries before I turn 50



President and CEO London Bay Homes

Executive Director and Chief Curator Naples Art

After writing his master’s thesis about American real estate investment, England native Mark Wilson ventured across the pond, working in commercial construction before transitioning into custom homebuilding. In 1990, he founded London Bay with his wife, Gemma. London Bay offers the full spectrum of building, development, and design services from Marco Island to Sarasota, specializing in custom estates priced from the $1 millions to $20-plus million. London Bay Homes earned 12 Sand Dollar Awards in 2020.

Frank Verpoorten brings 20 years of curatorial and artistic leadership to his role at Naples Art (Naples Art Association) which has been a community culture hub since 1954. Verpoorten has organized more than 100 exhibitions and facilitated The Baker Museum at Artis-Naples’ acquisition of the art collection of the late collector, Olga Hirshhorn. A native of Brussels, Belgium, Verpoorten champions arts education. He and his wife, Rachel, who is a visual artist and teacher, have two sons.

EDUCATION: Manchester Business School (MBA) HOMETOWN: Birmingham, England FIRST JOB: At age 16, I worked on a construction site as a day laborer, which certainly encouragedgetting a very good education. LESSON LEARNED: The 2008 housing downturn was an extremely tough time for the business and an important learning lesson. Fortunately, we came out strong and continued to build the company. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: No favorite. Travel opens the mind and allows for very rich experiences and offers a welcome break from the hectic business environment.

EDUCATION: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (dual master’s degrees in cultural studies and art history) WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: My uncle was the chief curator of the municipal museums of Bruges, Belgium, and I found the way he balanced life and work, and the passion he applied to both, inspiring. HIDDEN TALENT: I am a long-distance runner and love participating in ultra trail races. I ran the Eiger Ultra Trail race in addition to six marathons and 12 20K races. FAVORITE BOOK: The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Grindelwald, Switzerland, Costa Rica

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 4:16 PM






Jeff D. Wynn

Kathy Bigham


J. Dudley Goodlette MICHAEL WYNN




Tony Ridgway


Mark J. Woodward Timothy J. Cartwright

Joe Smallwood


Tony Ridgway

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 3:50 PM

The Naples 100 l




President and CEO Bigham Jewelers

Partner and Cofounder Fifth Avenue Family Office

Kathy Bigham followed her passion for stunning jewelry by selling gold chains to fellow students in college. After earning her business degree, she worked for a multi-store jewelry company and quickly became CEO before founding Bigham Jewelers in Naples in 1995—the 8,000-square-foot Bigham Galleria today. Through three decades, Bingham has consistently given back to the community by supporting innumerable nonprofits. She is a member of the Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida Business Hall of Fame.

Timothy J. Cartwright cofounded Fifth Avenue Family Office in 2006 to specialize in venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions. Cartwright is chair of the Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Taste of Immokalee, and Tamiami Angel Funds, the largest family of angel funds in Florida. In 2018, Cartwright was honored as one of the “500 Most Influential Floridians” in the state. He began his career with Arthur Andersen and cofounded By-Products Interactive and Benchmark Solutions.

EDUCATION: Kent State University FIRST JOB: Mowing lawns, paper route HOBBIES: Travel, snow skiing, dancing FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I enjoy really fast cars. BEST ADVICE: My grandmother’s words: “Kathy, always be charitable.” LESSON LEARNED: It is more important to hire a person of character than the most qualified person. You can always teach someone the business details. You can’t teach character. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Follow your passion, and do not take “NO!” for an answer. Anything is possible.

EDUCATION: Northwestern University (MM) HOMETOWN: DeKalb, Illinois FIRST JOB: Seed corn detasseler SECRET TO SUCCESS: Listen twice as much as I speak TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Operating at the intersection of Professional Drive and Personal Humility HIDDEN TALENT: I do impersonations. FAVORITE BOOK: The Bible FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Keewaydin/Key Island CHARITIES: Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, Taste of Immokalee



Co-owner Marissa Collections

Of Counsel Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A.

J. Dudley Goodlette specializes in real estate, land use, and zoning. He was a member of the Florida House of Representatives from 1996 to 2006. He grew up in Naples and attended the West Point Military Academy before earning a degree in political science, followed by law. Goodlette has served on many statewide and regional boards and earned prestigious civic honors, including Hodges University’s Humanitarian of the Year. He’s devoted to ensuring local children have access to quality education.

Marissa Collections was launched by husband-and-wife team Burt and Marissa Hartington in 1975 as a storefront boutique featuring hand-selected clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes. Marissa personally styled each client, and the boutique became an instant success. The 10,000-square-foot Third Street South shop receives accolades by national and international fashion publications, designers, and clients. Marissa remains the creative force, while Burt anchors the business end of the operation. Their son, Jay, helms marketing, jewelry, and menswear.

EDUCATION: University of Florida College of Law (JD) HOMETOWN: Naples FIRST JOB: Shining shoes at Rice’s Barber Shop in Naples, at age 10 BEST ADVICE: Most inspiring person to me was my father, who also gave me the best advice: “Reputation is your stock and trade.” LESSON LEARNED: Self-discipline as a cadet at West Point FAVORITE BOOK: All of the writings of Doris Kearns Goodwin (who has written much about leadership) FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Australia and New Zealand CHARITY: Community Foundation of Collier County

EDUCATION: Jagiellonian University in Poland FIRST JOB: Research psychopharmacology—It was my only job before Burt, my husband, and I opened Marissa Collections in 1975. FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: In the late 1980s, Michael Kors came to the store for his fi st personal appearance. I had organized a dinner party at the Ritz, but Michael pleaded, “Please, please can we have a cheeseburger, martinis, and a cigarette at your house?” We did just that and had the best time laughing all night. HOBBIES: Geopolitics, reading historical novels, and binging on foreign historical period dramas—more than 50 per week!

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:56 PM

The Naples 100 l




President and Owner Naples Lumber & Supply

Cofounder, President, and CEO Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc.

After moving to Naples in 1978, Ron Labbe expeditiously worked his way up from lumberyard helper to general manager and vice president, then owner of Naples Lumber & Supply. Now one of the largest lumber and supply companies in Southwest Florida, the business employs 80. It has contracted, expanded, and innovated through five recessions, including modernizing its fle t. Labbe, a U.S. Army veteran, has been involved in numerous civic, business, and charitable organizations.

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Co-authored the book Preserving Family Wealth and Peace of Mind, Caring for and Communicating to Your Family through the Legacies You Leave with Loren Dunton; named among Forbes’ “America’s Top Women Advisors” and “Best-in-State Wealth Advisors” in 2018; and served as a lecturer and faculty member of Chautauqua Institution in New York SECRET TO SUCCESS: Believing we can make a difference one family at a time, one person at a time HOBBIES: Family time, travel, writing, learning experiences, and spending time outdoors CHARITIES: Community Foundation of Collier County, NCH Healthcare System

HOMETOWN: Akron, Ohio NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Having gone through fi e recessions and exiting more successful and better educated each time LESSON LEARNED: It was easy to stay motivated during tough times, but to stay motivated during the good times is the time when you show your mettle. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Antarctica FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: The Ritz-Carlton, Naples during the Christmas season BUCKET LIST: Avoid retirement. If you are having fun, why quit?


Inspired by her father, Frank Ciccarelli, a financial planning pioneer, Kim Ciccarelli Kantor developed hands-on experience keeping corporate books at age 11. She cofounded the company with her brother, Raymond, with offices in Naples and Rochester, New York, serving fourth-generation client family members. A certified financial planner and chartered advisor in philanthropy, Kantor develops strategic direction for the firm and for clients. A Naples resident for 35-plus years, Kantor supports philanthropy and leadership.



Southwest Florida President Bank of America

Chairman The Lutgert Companies

Since 1970, Scott Lutgert has been a resident and real estate developer in Naples. He developed Park Shore and its 17 luxury beachfront high-rises, six highrises in Bonita Bay, and two golf course communities: The Estuary at Grey Oaks in Naples and Linville Ridge in North Carolina. His foresight shaped the local landscape with The Village on Venetian Bay, Northern Trust Office Building, he Promenade at Bonita Bay, and Mercato. At The Lutgert Companies, he has led Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, Premier Commercial, Lutgert Construction, and Lutgert Title. Lutgert has chaired, or co-chaired with his wife, Simone, major fundraising galas and capital campaigns.


EDUCATION: University of Chicago (MBA) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: A founder of the Naples Winter Wine Festival; chairman of the Board of Trustees at Florida Gulf Coast University for 12 years; board of NCH Healthcare System from 2001 to 2009, rejoining in February 2019 FIRST JOB: Road construction laborer BEST ADVICE: Listen, listen, listen. TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Navigating the Great Recession of 2008

During her 35-year career at Bank of America, Gerri Moll has held senior leadership roles in consumer and commercial banking, and global wealth and investment management, and she has led the transition team during two mergers. Today, the Florida native leads a team of executives representing eight Bank of America business lines. Moll has held numerous community leadership positions, including serving on the Florida Board of Governors. She serves on the boards of Artis-Naples and Conservancy of Southwest Florida, and is the recipient of many honors, including the Bank of America “Award of Excellence.” EDUCATION: McMaster University (BA), Louisiana State University Graduate School of Banking WHY I CHOOSE THIS FIELD: From childhood, I always loved working with money and helping people. Banking is a great combination of those two things. BEST ADVICE: A quote from John Wooden: “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” HIDDEN TALENT: Free diving to catch Florida lobsters

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:56 PM

The Naples 100 l




Owner Naples Bay Resort & Marina Summit Management Group of Florida

Owner and Partner Ridgway Bar & Grill, Tony’s Off Third, Sukie’s Wine Shop, Bayside Seafood Bar & Grill

Tony Ridgway’s passion for cooking hasn’t faded since revolutionizing the Naples restaurant scene almost 50 years ago. A fixture in Old Naples since 1971, he founded Chef ’s Garden, Naples’s fir t gourmet restaurant. He has opened many others, including the eponymous, well-established Ridgway Bar & Grill on Third Street South. Ridgway recalls making his fir t apple pie at the age of 8 and continues sharing his culinary knowledge through teaching cooks and his book Kitchen Privileges.

With a degree in civil engineering, F. Fred Pezeshkan served as chairman of Manhattan Construction Florida, formerly Kraft Construction Company. Pezeshkan serves or has served on boards that include the Healthcare Network and Sanibel-Captiva Trust Company, and is active in the Florida Council of 100. He is an emeritus chair of the Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation board. Pezeshkan has been a longtime co-chair of the annual A Celebration of Reading. EDUCATION: Ohio State University NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: When I joined Kraft Construction in 1979, it was doing about $2 million a year in business. Fast forward to 2008 to when I sold the business, and it was doing $2 million a day! FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: In a car working for the American Automobile Association (AAA) teaching teenagers how to drive BEST ADVICE: Keep your head down and work hard. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Be patient at work and take care of your employees. LESSON LEARNED: You can always rebuild what you’ve lost. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: The Everglades FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Sea Salt

EDUCATION: Kenyon College FIRST JOB: Pasting labels on the ends of apple boxes FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Early in my career at The Wurst Place in Old Naples, the kitchen was old and had a very underpowered hood system. The grilling process for a whole marinated leg of lamb was so smoky that we were on our hands and knees trying to work. TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: You can’t control everything. HIDDEN TALENT: I am a good gardener. FAVORITE MOVIE: Chariots of Fire FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Vermont



President and CEO BCB Homes, Inc.

President and CEO John R. Wood Properties

When Phil Wood joined his father’s real estate firm in 1976, he was the ninth agent. The company now has 550-plus Realtors and 16 offices in Collier and Lee counties. The business was built on a culture focused on legendary service, unwavering ethics, and philanthropy. As CEO for the past 20-plux years, Wood has led the company into the modern era by ensuring that clients have the best data available and international exposure guided by knowledgeable professionals.

Joe Smallwood has served as CEO and president of BCB Homes since 1993, and director since 2009. With a degree in civil engineering, Smallwood has led the company through a significant period of growth, establishing BCB Homes as one of the leading contractors of luxury homes in Southwest Florida. The Collier Building Industry Association has awarded the company with many Sand Dollar Awards in recognition of its excellence in construction. Prior to BCB Homes, Smallwood was involved with commercial and multifamily housing construction.

EDUCATION: Emory University HOMETOWN: Naples LESSON LEARNED: The Great Recession. Don’t take on too much debt or financial obligations—you never know what will happen tomorrow. HOBBIES: Collecting antique bottles FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Sunset at the beach CHARITIES: Salvation Army, St. Matthew’s House BUCKET LIST: Iceland

EDUCATION: University of Florida HOMETOWN: Naples, Florida BEST ADVICE: It came from Dewey Gargiulo: “Build homes like fine achts. Use the same precision and planning as you would with a boat with a masterpiece home. That is what will set you apart from the rest.” HOBBIES: Fishing, boating, and traveling with my family FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Tuscan countryside FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Morgan Bay on a paddleboard

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 12:56 PM

Mark J. Woodward, Esq.

Craig R. Woodward, Esq.

NAPLES OFFICE 3200 Tamiami Trail North, Ste 200

(239) 649-6555

Congratulations to attorneys Mark Woodward and Craig Woodward, recognized as two of Collier County’s Most Influential Business Leaders in The Naples 100. Their highest priorities are championing their clients’ needs with passion and integrity and driving Woodward, Pires, & Lombardo, P.A. to celebrate 50 years of excellence.



Congratulations Tim &Jeff

030_Pioneers_NP100_2021-2022.indd 33

MARCO ISLAND OFFICE 606 Bald Eagle Drive, Ste 500

(239) 394-5161

For over 80 years, Tim Wynn, Jeff, and the entire Wynn family have been honored by the continued patronage of the City of Naples. We take great pleasure in offering the finest shopping experience you'll find anywhere. We are honored to be Naples' neighborhood supermarket and always aim to give our patrons the extra personal service and attention we're famous for! Thank you for your recognition as Naples Top 100!

239-261-7157 141 N. Tamiami Trl, Naples FL 34102

10/25/21 12:56 PM

The Naples 100 l




Senior Counsel Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A.

Managing Partner Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A.

Craig R. Woodward has been partner in charge of the Marco Island office since 1986 and is now senior counsel, after having originally joined his father, Arthur V. Woodward, Esq., in 1980. He handles real estate, estate planning, probate, business, and local government law. He is board certified in real estate law by The Florida Bar. Woodward also is vice president of First Title & Abstract, Inc. and president of North Marco Utility Co., Inc.

Mark Woodward is board certified in real estate, condominium and planned development law by The Florida Bar. He has more than 40 years of extensive experience in all aspects of condominium development law and has worked on hundreds of HOA’s and condominium projects (residential, commercial, and mixed-use) throughout Collier and Lee counties and the Florida panhandle. His real estate practice includes commercial and agricultural properties, and business law, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.

HOMETOWN: Marco Island EDUCATION: University of Florida (BS and JD) BEST ADVICE: My mom always said that “getting started” was the hardest part of any project. A long-term client and successful businessman, Bill Rose, said that he was a “nibbler” who took on ventures a little bit at a time. Breaking down large, intimidating projects and starting on small pieces is the only way to get big jobs accomplished. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: My parents moved to Spain shortly after my brother and I were born, and we lived there until I was almost 4 years old. I enjoy returning to Spain to visit our nanny’s family as well as other travels throughout Europe. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Everglades City. My mother taught high school there when we moved to Collier County in 1968, and my wife and I have a weekend house there.

HOMETOWN: Marco Island EDUCATION: Stetson College of Law (JD) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Since starting in 1980, I have drafted and closed more condominium developments including high-rises in Collier County then any local firm In 2019, I handled the closing for the largest real estate transaction in Collier County (a purchase of approximately 6,000 acres). FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: I have a cabin on Little Marco Island which is accessible only by boat and is totally off the grid The vegetation and remoteness remind me of Marco Island when I was a boy, before Deltona finished the d velopment of Marco.



President Sunshine Ace Hardware

President Wynn Properties, Inc.

Taking over a family business linked to the area’s history can be both comforting and daunting. Jeff Wynn stepped into the role as president of the Wynn Properties—which owns and manages commercial real estate in Collier and Lee counties—during the recession in late 2008. He has experience in commercial real estate sales, leasing, development, and management, specializing in finance. Wynn serves on the Wynn Family Board of Directors and Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District, and Blue Zones Project of Southwest Florida.

Michael Wynn grew up around the family’s Naples business, Wynn’s Family Market, founded by his grandfather, Don Wynn. He experienced fir thand the results of hard work and community involvement. As president of Sunshine Ace Hardware since 2005, he has overseen the company’s expansion to five counties, vastly grown company sales, and is launching a handyman service in 2022. Wynn is actively involved in the business and civic community. EDUCATION: Florida Gulf Coast University (MS) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2019 Collier County Outstanding Citizen of the Year WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: I feel that the business chose me. It’s hard work, with long hours. It was in my blood and I had a strong passion for building on my family’s legacy to serve the Southwest Florida community. BEST ADVICE: From the most inspiring person in my life, my grandfather Don Wynn: “Live like you’ll die tomorrow and plan like you’ll live forever.” LESSON LEARNED: What you say “no” to may wind up mattering even more than what you say “yes” to in your life and career. HOBBIES: Fishing and paddleboarding

EDUCATION: University of Florida (MBA) HOMETOWN: Naples FIRST JOB: Bagging groceries at 12 years old at Wynn’s Market on Fifth Avenue South SECRET TO SUCCESS: Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of you. TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Taking over and being expected to continue the prior success of our family’s company HOBBIES: Golf, running, spending time with my wife and three sons FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Croatia ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Don’t stress over situations outside of your control. Enjoy the moment.

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William M. Raveis Jr

Patricia “Patty” Campbell



Reinhold Schmieding


David Hoffmann



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The Naples 100 l




Chef/Owner The French, Osteria Tulia, and Bar Tulia

Division President, Florida West Coast GL Homes, Sunrise

Coming from the rich cultural heritage of Italy, Vincenzo Betulia was fir t exposed to the restaurant business as a dishwasher. His parents encouraged him to work hard and pay attention, and Betulia became intrigued by the atmosphere in the kitchen. Working with mentors at Ristorante Bartolotta in Madison, Wisconsin, launched his career. Today, he oversees three popular downtown Naples restaurants, where he endeavors to better understand his clients to continue to hone his menus.

As division president for GL Homes’ Florida West Coast, Patricia “Patty” Campbell’s management territory stretches from Naples to Tampa. GL Homes is one of Florida’s and the nation’s largest homebuilders. Campbell created the Southwest Florida division after relocating to Naples with her family and has been the West Coast president since January 2004, bringing with her 30 years of retail management. Campbell is the fir t woman to lead the division and serves on the company’s executive leadership team.

EDUCATION: Kendall College HOMETOWN: Palermo, Sicily; Milwaukee, Wisconsin SECRET TO SUCCESS: Good, old-fashioned hard work. Being present at work. Being positive and passionate about my craft. I have a love affair with my work and that is key. FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I entertain for a living, so I love being at home doing work outside like trimming trees and mowing the lawn. It’s very therapeutic to me. HOBBIES: I’m a huge European soccer fan, so watching games with my boys is truly awesome. I love watching them play soccer as I live vicariously through them. I also play guitar and enjoy traveling.

EDUCATION: Nova Southeastern University (MBA) SECRET TO SUCCESS: Surrounding myself with people who are smarter than I am. FAVORITE TV SHOW: Game of Thrones FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: A cruise through Scandinavia. My family and I love to go on cruises. We’ve been on six international cruises together. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Keewaydin Island. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a day of boating and to experience the island’s beautiful white sand beach with friends and family. BUCKET LIST: Returning to Bora Bora with my children



Managing Partner BiCE Ristorante, Caffé Milan , and La Trattoria


Luca Di Falco started in the restaurant business at the age of 15 while working at his brother’s restaurant in Sicily and studying hospitality. By 18, he was traveling around Italy, working at top hotels. Di Falco gained more experience in London, with Disney World in Orlando, and in San Diego, Chicago, Miami, and on cruise ships. In 2004, Di Falco transferred with BiCE Group to Naples, where he has since opened two more restaurants on Fifth Avenue South. His passion for hospitality has never waned and he enjoys sharing authentic Italian cuisine.

When Onur Haytac was a computer information systems student at Florida Gulf Coast University, he assisted with a late-night computer fix for a Subway franchisee. Haytac, who was born in Turkey, parlayed that event into a thriving global business in 60-plus countries. Onur has led the product vision at LINGA, creating point-of-sale software systems for Windows, iOS, and browser platforms. His flagship product—the cloud-based Linga rOS (restaurant operating system)— tackles inventory management, customer loyalty, online ordering, self-serve kiosks, and other features.

EDUCATION: Hotel Management School in Sicily, Italy HOMETOWN: Catania, Sicily FIRST JOB: My brother’s pub in Italy BEST ADVICE: My fi st manager in Italy told me that passion for this job should go beyond the paycheck. TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Building a restaurant from a past failure and making it the best in town HIDDEN TALENT: I do my own restaurant design and décor. FAVORITE MOVIE: The Godfather FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Italy, Dominican Republic

EDUCATION: Florida Gulf Coast University (MS) WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: One thing that I was never bored of doing was sitting in front of a computer. SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS: Coming to the United States as an immigrant student, I had no choice but to succeed. I tapped into my passion and dedicated thousands of hours to my work. HIDDEN TALENT: I am a very intuitive person. I pick up on the energy of everyone around me. HOBBIES: Playing flamen o guitar, racing exotic cars, and swimming ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: “You are on the right path, brother!”

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Owner and Managing Partner Porsche Naples

Founder and Principal, Osprey Capital Chairman, Hoffmann ommercial Real Estate


David Hoffmann is the largest private investor of commercial properties in Naples. His family has invested in 36 properties in and around Old Naples, and has acquired many businesses, including, recently, Old Corkscrew Golf Club. The Hoffmann Family of Companies includes Hertz Arena and the Florida Everblades, Naples Transportation & Tours, Naples Princess Cruises, and many other companies in the hospitality industry. The Hoffmann family is involved philanthropically with several local nonprofit organiz tions.

Originally from Taiwan and raised in the United States, Daniel Kao joined Porsche Naples after working his way up in the luxury automotive market since 2006. He been at Porsche Naples since 2019 as the dealership expanded and relocated to Davis Boulevard. It was ranked as the No. 1 Porsche Premier Dealer in 2021 in the nation, despite pandemic challenges. Kao increased staff to clean and sanitize and allocated additional staff for pick-ups and deliveries. WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD? I have been infatuated with cars since an early age. What we call passion today was called an obsession, which often led to scolding from my parents. Nowadays, no one scolds me for playing with cars. FIRST JOB: Dairy Queen, where I started as a grill cook then promoted to soft serve specialist BEST ADVICE: From a mentor in the car industry: “The grass isn’t always greener elsewhere. If it’s greener, it’s only because it’s been watered.” FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: New York City to eat Chinese food PETS: Turbo, an English bulldog, and Scratch, a bearded dragon ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Quit trying to be good at everything and follow your passion

HOMETOWN: Washington, Missouri TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: My father’s passing at a young age HOBBIES: Hunting, fishing biking, tennis, and golf FAVORITE MOVIE: Meet Joe Black FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Hong Kong ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Prepare for the unexpected but live in the moment. CHARITIES: Naples Children & Education Foundation, Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Naples Zoo, among others



Owner and Developer Three60 Market, Celebration Park, The 50,000 Meals Fund, and Rebecca’s Wine Bar and Club

Managing Partner Provident Jewelry

Rebecca J. Maddox is a serial entrepreneur whose Three60 Market and waterfront Celebration Park featuring local craft beer and food trucks have been a catalyst in the redevelopment of the Bayshore community located east of U.S. 41. In the initial aftermath of the pandemic, Maddox launched her charity, The 50,000 Meals Fund, to keep her employees working while feeding residents in need. “The best lessons learned are how important generosity of spirit and gratitude are,” she says.

Jarred Kaplan transferred his love for art to the jewelry business and uses his creativity to help turn his clients’ visions into a reality. As a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, he has 25 years of experience and manages two Naples showrooms and another in Fort Myers, offering appraisals, watch and jewelry repairs, new and estate jewelry, and custom design. Kaplan serves on the board of the Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District.

EDUCATION: Columbia University (MBA) FIRST JOB: My fi st job, like all girls, was babysitting. Then I became an entrepreneur at age 10 and was selling sandwiches that I made at an auction house. BEST ADVICE: From my mom, “Character matters.” TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Losing my parents FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Italy, France, or Spain PETS: Taylor (a schnauzer mix rescue dog), Jake (a terrier mix rescue dog), and Max (a sheedadoodle) FAVORITE BOOK: Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky FAVORITE TV SHOW: A Place Called Home CHARITIES: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

EDUCATION: New School of Social Research HOMETOWN: Spring Valley, New York SECRET TO SUCCESS: Having a passion for what I do every day and being a creative problem-solver LESSON LEARNED: With more success comes more stress. HIDDEN TALENT: I was a jazz drummer before entering the jewelry industry. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Japan FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Food & Thought CHARITIES: Humane Society Naples



The Naples 100


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The Naples 100 l




General Manager Gulfshore Commercial Corp./Inn on Fifth

Owner and Executive Chef Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro

Since moving to Naples 35 years ago, Phil McCabe has been best known as the owner and developer of the Inn on Fifth. He has also developed two other hotels, six restaurants, including McCabe’s Irish Pub, and numerous commercial and residential projects. His latest venture, The Residences at Fifth and Fifth, rapidly sold out. McCabe has awarded more than 85 scholarships through Champions For Learning to local students. McCabe’s two sons work alongside him.

Originally from a middle-class family in Tehran, Michael Mir came to the United States to study architecture. Working in exclusive hotels in the Washington, D.C. area, he found his passion and opened Orchard Market, a Persian café in 1987. Seduced by the subtropics, he relocated to Naples and opened Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro in Naples in 1997. He has been invited twice to participate in the Noruz Feast (Persian New Year) by the James Beard Foundation.

HOMETOWN: Boston, Massachusetts NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Tenure with the CIA in Afghanistan and Pakistan and creating a successful company with very little capital FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Several years ago, downtown Naples lost all propane supply, which fueled the hotel’s hot water tanks and ovens, so we had to figu e out how to get our guests hot showers. We set up a shuttle system using the hotel’s vehicles and transported guests to and from my home. We set up coolers with refreshments for the guests. It turned out to be fun with all guests taking the situation nicely in stride. We had two senators and a governor among the guests. CHARITIES: Gulfshore Playhouse, Take Stock in Children, The Naples Players, Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida

EDUCATION: Howard University FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: In a fi e-star hotel restaurant in Washington, D.C., one of the very fi st arriving guests was a tall, handsome, and well-dressed man who I did not allow to start the buffet without completing its finishing ouches. A few hours later, I was informed that he was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Barcelona, Spain; Mykonos, Greece ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: When shopping in a foreign destination, when you see something you really like in a window, buy it right then, because you may never be able to find that street again! FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park



Owner and CEO MaidPro of SW FL

CEO William Raveis, Inc.

As a 25-year-old college student, Michelle L. Reed-Spitzer cleaned houses to earn extra income when she was tasked in a 1995 Hodges University course to start a business. She parlayed that assignment into the ninth MaidPro franchise in 1999 and worked closely with her franchisor to establish best practices that are used at 150-plus franchise locations in the U.S. and Canada today. MaidPro of SW FL serves six counties and has been a No. 1 revenue producer for a decade. She recently launched two divisions offering six additional services.

HOMETOWN: Fairfield Connecticut EDUCATION: University of Dayton WHY YOU CHOSE THIS FIELD: My father was in the building and construction business. I enjoyed working on the jobs and learning the various trades, such as brick laying and mixing cement. I just loved being around houses and seeing a project from beginning to end. SOMETHING FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU: George Washington is my hero, and I am a Revolutionary War buff. I have been collecting American Revolutionary War memorabilia and artifacts for more than 25 years because I believe the men that started our country were the greatest and most creative entrepreneurs that ever existed. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Look ahead. Have a long-term vision. I had a 40-year vision.


William “Bill” Raveis launched William Raveis Real Estate in 1974 above a grocery store in Fairfield, Conn., with a $2,000 bank loan. Today, William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance (WRRE) is the top family-owned and largest real estate, mortgage and insurance company in the Northeast and Florida and the eighth largest real estate company in the United States with more than 130 offices in nine states with $15 billion in annual sales.

EDUCATION: Hodges University WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: I love to help people and, in this business, we are improving the quality of our clients’ lives. BEST ADVICE: From cosmetic entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash: “To be successful, you can be an ordinary person with an extraordinary amount of determination.” HIDDEN TALENT: I write and eat with my left hand but throw a ball and play golf righthanded. HOBBIES: Golf and boating

The Naples 100


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Founder and CEO Arthrex

Owner and Principal Neapolitan Enterprises

Reinhold Schmieding founded Arthrex in 1981 with his own savings and a drafting table in an apartment in the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany. The Naples-headquartered Arthrex—with the mission of “helping surgeons treat their patients better”—has become a global leader in arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive orthopedics. To date, Arthrex has developed more than 13,000 surgical devices and related procedures used in more than 150 countries. Nearly 3,000 of Arthrex’s 5,000-plus employees are based in Collier County.

Joan Tobin’s background in real estate development and venture capital has led to her service on boards of companies in telecommunications, energy, and medicine. She has spent her career advocating for increased appointments of women to Cabinet-level offices in the U.S. government. Tobin focuses on human trafficking, women’s empowerment, and animal rights. Her involvement in Naples goes beyond the shopping experiences and properties that she has developed, including turning Third Street South into a vibrant destination.

EDUCATION: Michigan State University NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Arthrex has consistently ranked among Fortune’s “Top 100 Places to Work.” It is a major employer in the region—one recognized for providing high-paying jobs and pushing for innovation in local manufacturing training—and actively supports the Naples community. Privately-held Arthrex has estimated revenues of $2.1 billion.

EDUCATION: Vassar College HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, Ohio FIRST JOB: Working on the 1968 Nelson Rockefeller campaign SECRET TO SUCCESS: The devil is in the details and you are ultimately responsible for what happens to you. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACES TO VISIT: Gulf of Mexico, Third Street South, Naples Zoo, the Everglades FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANTS: Bha Bha! Persian Bistro, Sea Salt, Campiello Ristorante



Founder and CEO Naples Soap Company

President Wynn’s Family Market

Timothy D. Wynn was born into the family business and has overseen changes into the niche gourmet market that have allowed Wynn’s Family Market to thrive in a competitive landscape. After becoming president in 1987, Wynn was one of the youngest grocery presidents in the industry. Wynn implemented changes such as a catering business, home delivery, greater personal service, unique items, a distinctive wine department, and a kitchen that makes carryout meals from scratch.

Deanna Wallin, a pioneer in the natural skincare industry, founded Naples Soap Company in 2009 from her desire to create high-quality skin and hair care products that were not only beautiful but better for you. Today, she runs a multimillion-dollar enterprise with 10 locations throughout Florida, and her products are sold at hundreds of retail stores across the United States.

EDUCATION: Lorenzo Walker Technical College (LPN), Barry University HOMETOWN: Bonita Springs, Florida FUNNIEST WORK EXPERIENCE: I’ve had the pleasure of working in our Naples Soap Company Key West store on many occasions. As you can imagine, there is always something strange and notable happening along Duval Street. LESSON LEARNED: Never hire or work with family. HOBBIES: Travel, reading, aerial yoga, riding my Harley Davidson FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: The Real McCaw FAVORITE BOOK: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: New York City

FIRST JOB: Burning boxes behind the grocery store. I had to stand on a milk crate and hang on the handle of the door to shut the furnace. BEST ADVICE: You can’t steal second with your foot on fi st base. You must take risks in life and in business to succeed. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Always look ahead and be innovative. HOBBIES: Travel, fishing golf ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Don’t stress out over the mistake you’re going to make. It will be one of the best learning tools you have for the future. BUCKET LIST: Arctic exploration to view polar bears in fall 2020

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Champions aren’t born, we lift each other up.

    

Thank you Susan McManus for your leadership and commitment to the success of Collier County students and teachers.

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COMMUNITY BUILDERS Michael Dalby JACK Susan Fran P. Mainella MULVENA McManus Steven L. Sanderson Kamela Patton



NOEMI Y. PEREZ Michelle Avola-Brown ELAINE L. REED SUSAN MCMANUS DONNA Jack Mulvena MCGINNIS DEB LOGAN Steven L. Sanderson Dawn Montecalvo FRAN P. MAINELLA The Naples 100


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The Naples 100 l




Executive Director 5th Avenue South Business Improvement District

Executive Director Naples Pathways Coalition

Since Michelle Avola-Brown joined the Naples Pathways Coalition in 2006, she has promoted the nonprofi ’s presence. Avola-Brown has worked with local government and law enforcement agencies as an advocate for pedestrian and cyclist safety, is a proponent of the expansion and connectivity of Collier County’s multiuse pathways, and is spearheading the coalition’s launch of the 70-mile Paradise Coast Trail.

Bruce Barone Jr. spent an influential part of his education overseas: high school in Bermuda and a master’s thesis in Venice, Italy. Barone manages the marketing, events, and public affairs of more than 200 businesses along the iconic Fifth Avenue South. He enjoys thinking creatively and looks at the big picture, especially the pandemic-related business impacts. He has been involved in the community for the past 19 years, while raising two sons with his wife, Lauren.

EDUCATION: North Central College in Naperville, Illinois FIRST JOB: I got a job at Xerox as a customer service and billing representative while I was finishing ollege. I worked my way up to become the youngest national sales training manager for the company. FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: I work from home and share an office with my husband. Our 95-pound dog spends the day lying between our desks. His dreams have him howling, growling, and “sleep running”—often during Zoom meetings, frequently when I’m speaking and not on mute! ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Setbacks are an opportunity to slingshot you forward if you have the right attitude. Be grateful for everything. You may not realize it’s a blessing in the moment, but everything has a bigger purpose. Believe in yourself.

BEST ADVICE: My father instilled a demanding work ethic in me from a young age, so I’m always striving for improvement. SECRET TO SUCCESS: I’m my harshest critic and have a bulldog mentality. Never, never, never give up. TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most impactful experience in my lifetime. As a father and husband, it has only strengthened my bonds with my family and brought me closer to God. HOBBIES: Time with family, lifting weights, shooting at the gun range, drawing, and playing guitar FAVORITE BOOK: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand CHARITIES: Knights of Columbus, Do the Right Thing, St. Matthew’s House, Make-A-Wish Foundation



President and CEO Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director Blue Zones Project SWFL by Sharecare

Michael Dalby brings more than 25 years of Chamber of Commerce leadership to his role for Greater Naples, which includes serving as president of both the Leadership Collier Foundation and Partnership for Collier’s Future Economy. Dalby leads an 8-person staff serving 1,200 members with business connections, public policy engagement, expansion and relocation assistance, and workforce and leadership development. The Texas native is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

Since its launch in Naples in 2015, Deb Logan has led this community initiative with the goal of decreasing chronic disease and helping residents live longer, healthier lives. It has impacted the well-being of 275,000 individuals and 760 organizations throughout Collier County and southern Lee County. Boston University estimates the organization’s work has resulted in more than $190 million in medical and productivity savings. She is a registered dietitian and certified worksite wellness prog am manager.

EDUCATION: University of Nebraska (MA) BEST ADVICE: Don’t take yourself too seriously. LESSON LEARNED: The military taught me a lot about life and what really matters: family, faith, American democracy, and our right to be different. FAVORITE MOVIE: Field of Dreams FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Taqueria San Julian CHARITIES: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

EDUCATION: University of North Carolina-Greensboro (M.Ed.) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Named by Modern Healthcare as one the nation’s top 25 health innovators in 2020 WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: Good health is a gift that allows for improved quality of life. To help others have an opportunity to optimize their well-being is incredibly rewarding. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Galapagos Islands and Italy are some favorites, but I love any adventure that opens one’s mind and heart. PET: Charlie, a female mini-Aussiedoodle…so cute!

The Naples 100


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The Naples 100 l




Vice Chair National Association of State Park Directors

President Florida Gulf Coast University

Fran Mainella was the sixteenth director of the National Park Service of the United States from 2001 to 2006 and fir t woman to hold that position. She was appointed by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate after serving as the fir t female Florida State Parks System director. Florida’s park system earned a gold medal as the best system in the nation under her tenure. Today, she is president of Fran Mainella Consulting, LLC, consults nationwide, and heads the National Association of State Park Director’s West Coast Committee.

The fourth president of Florida Gulf Coast University, Mike Martin arrived in 2017 from the Colorado State University System, where he served as chancellor emeritus, senior fellow, and chancellor. Prior, he was chancellor of Louisiana State University; president of New Mexico State University; vice president for agriculture and natural resources at University of Florida; and vice president for agricultural policy at University of Minnesota. He also served 15 years on the Oregon State University faculty.

EDUCATION: Central Connecticut State University (PhD) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Among being fi st in the state and nationally as a woman in her field Clemson University has created an award in her name to recognize leaders nationally, helping women in parks and conservation. BEST ADVICE: Use the three C’s of leadership as you go forward: courage, communication, and contacts. SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS: I practice the three C’s. HIDDEN TALENT: I have the gift of a being able to remember people’s faces and fi st names easily. It helped me so much through the years. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Glacier National Park

EDUCATION: University of Minnesota (PhD) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENT: Graduation from college and earning three degrees, which was unique for my family FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I was part of the polio epidemic of 1952 and 1953 when I was 5 years old. My parents were very young, and seeing their concern and love for me in the hospital for four months had a profound impact on my life. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Have an adventure, and don’t over-plan. BUCKET LIST: Visit Iceland



President and CEO Naples Botanical Garden

President Champions For Learning

Donna McGinnis leads the 12-year-old Naples Botanical Garden, a fast-growing nonprofit with an audience of 220,000 and several national awards. McGinnis’ career path also included opera, ballet, and museums, and she led the nonprofit management graduate program at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, for a decade. She is passionate about preparing future nonprofit leaders, and serves on the board of the American Public Gardens Association and the American Alliance of Museums Professional Network Council.

Susan McManus taught elementary school for four years after moving to Naples in 1976. She joined the founding board of directors of The Education Foundation, now Champions For Learning, becoming executive director in 1993. Growing up with familial role models who were teachers and an entrepreneurial father, McManus enjoys working with both educators and business leaders in the community. The nonprofit foundation has invested $3 million in education, impacted 40,000 students, and engaged 1,000 educators.

EDUCATION: Webster University (MBA) HOMETOWN: Seattle, Washington NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I’m part of a new wave of women taking CEO positions at botanical gardens including New York, Chicago, Cleveland, San Antonio, and the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington D.C. Traditionally, the field has been domina ed by male executives. WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: Botanical gardens are part cultural institution and part environmental organization. Both are important to a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community. FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I love libraries, especially old ones. You can correctly assume I’m the nerd in my family.

EDUCATION: University of South Florida (MEd) HOMETOWN: Brockville, Ontario, Canada MOST INSPIRING PERSON: My sister has cared for many family members who have been ill with the greatest sense of humor and love. She has been a hero to everyone in our family. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Take advantage of all the opportunities you have to further your education along with work experience that builds foundational skills. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Keewaydin/Key Island and the beautiful beaches south of Naples BUCKET LIST: Finish my doctorate degree and spend time with my grandchildren

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 4:13 PM




President Hodges University

President and CEO Guadalupe Center

While in his 30s, John Meyer was an automotive technician when he returned to college and began teaching automotive technology. He was bitten by the education bug and went on to earn his doctorate before turning 50. With more than 20 years of education experience, Meyer was named president of Hodges in 2017. He has introduced new workforce-credentialed programs, launched a rebranding program, and spearheaded the new health sciences building.

With more than a decade of local nonprofit experience, Dawn Montecalvo took the helm in 2016 at Guadalupe Center, which has a mission to break the cycle of poverty in Immokalee through education. It reaches 1,500 students through three programs beginning with early childhood education. One hundred percent of its senior participants graduate high school. In 2022, Guadalupe Center is opening of the new van Otterloo Family Campus for Learning in Immokalee.

EDUCATION: Hodges University (MBA), Argosy University (DBA) HOMETOWN: The Jersey Shore FIRST JOB: Janitor, age 15 SECRET TO SUCCESS: I have always felt that I’m successful when I figu e something out that I hadn’t ever had to before. In short, always believe nothing is out of reach or can’t be done. FAVORITE BOOKS: John Sandford’s Prey series, James Lee Burke’s Dave Robicheaux series ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Don’t plan for a specific d y, such as graduation day, as if it were an end point. Treat it as a starting point and plan for every day after that. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Barefoot Beach FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Fernandez the Bull

EDUCATION: American University (MA) WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: As a daughter of immigrants, I know fi sthand how education changes lives. Being a part of initiatives that create educational opportunities and empower children motivates me. A strong educational foundation builds confiden e that enables children to see a future of achievement, success, and endless possibilities. SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS: My fi st thought is to credit pizza and chocolate but, deep down, I know the secret to my success is my husband, Rich, because he supports, encourages and grounds me every step of the way. HIDDEN TALENT: I always wanted to be a filmma er, so I see a movie plot in most experiences or situations.



Managing Attorney Legal Aid Service of Collier County

Executive Director Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Carol A. O’Callaghan has practiced primarily in family law, joining Legal Aid Service of Collier County in 2005. She has spent much of her career advocating for victims of crime or domestic violence in court. Florida Bar licensed, O’Callaghan is past president of both the Collier County Women’s Bar Association and the Young Lawyers Section of the Collier County Bar Association. She was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and is a Naples High School graduate and “a triple Gator.”

Jack Mulvena joined this landmark organization in 2013. He has shown deep commitment by building a strong team that has invested $11 million in improvements—the Glass Animal Hospital and Smith Commissary, new animal exhibits, and upgrades of the giraffe exhibit area—with another $14 million planned over the next two years. He facilitates traveling exhibits and collaborates with Collier County Public Schools to provide conservation education to all children in grades K-5. EDUCATION: University of Rhode Island (MBA) MOST INSPIRING PERSON: My uncle, Dr. David Blake. He was a philosophy professor who gave up his university tenure to get his law degree and become a highly respected bioethicist. He has been an influen e my entire life and his advice has always been invaluable to me both personally and professionally. He’s also the person who took me on my fi st zoo visit, to the Philadelphia Zoo, when I was 7 or 8 years old. Funny how everything happens for a reason! FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and all beaches FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: It’s a tie among 21 Spices by Chef Asif, The French Brasserie Rustique, and Turco Taco.

EDUCATION: University of Florida (BA, MA, JD) WHY YOU CHOSE THIS FIELD: I wanted to be able to make a difference in people’s lives and help them navigate a complex legal system. MOST INSPIRING PERSON: My mum lost both of her parents when she was very young and was widowed seven years after marrying my dad, leaving her to raise two young daughters entirely on her own. We lost my sister to an inebriated truck driver a few years ago. Yet, she has carried on through it all and is still the kindest, most generous person I know. LESSON LEARNED: After my sister’s death, I was on the other side of the equation navigating the criminal court system as the family member of a victim. I earned an entirely new perspective on what our clients go through and that perspective has fueled my dedication to the work we do.



The Naples 100


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10/26/21 4:14 PM

Congratulations Paul C. Hiltz Naples 100

Committed to Quality Patient Care and the SWFL Community For the third consecutive year, we congratulate NCH CEO Paul C. Hiltz on his recognition to the prestigious Naples Top 100. Since his arrival in 2019, Paul’s leadership has transformed NCH into a top 100 healthcare system. In that time, NCH has been recognized by organizations like US News & World Report as a best regional hospital, Healthgrades who recognized NCH as being in the top 5 percent in the nation for overall clinical excellence, and the Joint Commission who awarded NCH with a Primary Stroke Center designation. Congratulations, Paul, on this well-deserved honor.

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10/12/21 4:34 PM

The Naples 100 l




President and CEO The Immokalee Foundation

Superintendent Collier County Public Schools

Kamela Patton is guiding Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) through the COVID-19 pandemic. When Florida school campuses closed in March 2020, CCPS was one of the fir t counties in the state to teach with a virtual learning model and later reopened campuses with multiple instructional options. These circumstances accelerated implementation of Collier Connect, providing every student in prekindergarten through 12th grade with a district-issued laptop or iPad. Under her direction, CCPS has improved its district ranking to tie for fi th in the state, while improving the graduation rate to 92.2 percent—up 19.7 percentage points since 2011.

Immokalee native Noemi Y. Perez began working for The Immokalee Foundation in 2008 after earning her bachelor’s degree. She was promoted to executive director in 2018, and CEO in 2019. Perez is a member of the Immokalee Chamber of Commerce, Immokalee Technical College Advisory Board, and Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni Association. Perez was selected for a Harvard Club of Naples scholarship to study leadership at Harvard Kennedy School.

EDUCATION: University of Miami (PhD) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In addition to overall academic accomplishments, providing equity opportunities, such as engineering/entrepreneurship in all middle and high schools, as well as Cambridge programs in all schools TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: In the spring of 2020, when schools across Florida closed, CCPS quickly pivoted to online learning and made sure all families had at least one device and internet access in order to minimize learning gaps. In September 2017, CCPS opened 28 shelters in 29 hours for Hurricane Irma and ultimately sheltered 17,000 community members despite originally having supplies and training for 10 shelters.

EDUCATION: Hodges University FIRST JOB: Working at a produce stand at the Immokalee Farmer’s Market HOBBIES: Reading and cycling on my Peloton bike ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: It’s OK to make mistakes. Learn from them; they will help define who ou are in the future. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park Beach FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: California Pizza Kitchen BUCKET LIST: Travel to Tuscany, Italy



President and CEO United Way of Collier County and the Keys

President and CEO Naples Historical Society

A certified fundraising executive, Steven L. Sanderson has led the organization since 2012. Since then, the United Way has grown from $1.9 million to more than $6.1 million in revenue. He has built the information and referral helpline, Collier 211, and established Volunteer Collier. His organization distributed federal emergency rental assistance funds during the pandemic and has secured local, state, federal, and international funding. Sanderson revamped the United Way’s funding review process and is a member of the United Way of Florida Board of Directors.

Elaine L. Reed has been with the organization since 2007 and was promoted in 2012. In her leadership role, Reed has championed a downtown historic district, expanded programs at the Naples Historical Society’s Historic Palm Cottage, and advocated for legislation passed in 2020 that supports the rehabilitation of historic houses. In 2021, the society purchased the property east of Historic Palm Cottage—the oldest home in Naples—ensuring its preservation in perpetuity. EDUCATION: Hodges University (MPA) WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: I’ve worked in the nonprofi , non-governmental industry for more than 30 years. This work is challenging and contributes to a better community, which benefi s all of us. BEST ADVICE: Madeline Albright said, “Democracy is messy.” Those three words suggest that one-size-fi s-all is not the answer, nor should it be. That can be applied to politics, government, or our daily lives. HIDDEN TALENT: I speak Albanian fluently Eshte e vertet!) and am learning Italian (Mi piace molto il linguo Italiano!). HOBBIES: I no longer have a kiln, but I love creating and painting pottery. It’s a fabulous way to enjoy a quiet afternoon.

EDUCATION: Ottawa University HOMETOWN: Topeka, Kansas FIRST JOB: Shoveling snow in the winter and cutting lawns in the summer to save money for my fi st car. I am pleased to share I was successful in purchasing a used 1971 AMC Javelin. LESSON LEARNED: Hurricane Irma pushed our United Way to the limit as our team worked non-stop for several months to bring aid to Collier County. Now we are more prepared than ever to respond to disaster, as we undertake a critical role in the pandemic response. FAVORITE BOOK: The Maxwell Daily Reader by John. C. Maxwell

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 4:14 PM




Dan Lavender




AMELIA vender VASQUEZ Kevin L. Stoneburner

obert T. Edwards



Brian K. Stock


BLAKE Todd E. Gates GABLE Anne Fleming

Ilona Box

DAVID C. GORDLEY The Naples 100


100 openers.indd 47

10/26/21 3:50 PM

The Naples 100 l




Senior Vice President of Investments Concierge Wealth Management of Raymond James

Shareholder and Cofounder Cheffy Passidomo, P.A.

Ilona Box started her career in accounting but became a financial advisor in 1998 because she wanted to build meaningful relationships with her clients. She specializes in high-net-worth financial, divorce, and estate planning. Box serves on the executive council for Raymond James and Chairman’s Council and earned the company’s Woman of Distinction Award in 2020. She is passionate about teaching financial literacy and is vice president of the Funding the Future board. She also serves on the Florida Gulf Coast University Planned Giving Board.

Ed Cheffy is certified by The Florida Bar as a specialist in both civil trial and business litigation law. He’s volunteered in various capacities for the Collier County Bar Association, 20th Judicial Circuit, United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, and The Florida Bar. Cheffy has long served on the faculty and steering committee, and as chair and lecturer, for The Florida Bar’s Board Certific tion Review Course for Civil Trial Law.

EDUCATION: Florida State University WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: I fell into it after starting in accounting to follow my passion for math. Realizing I was missing the human component of the job, I moved into financial planning This fulfilled y desire to have meaningful relationships with an intimate number of people. It was the perfect match. BEST ADVICE: Life is about choices. Choose to be optimistic as often as you can. Empathy can change the world. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Do not be intimidated as a young woman entering a male-dominated industry. I was 23 entering an industry that, at the time, was over 90 percent men. Unfortunately, the stats aren’t much better now at 83 percent men.

EDUCATION: Ohio State University College of Law (JD) SELECT HONORS: Voted by his peers for The Top 100 Super Lawyers in Florida; Best Lawyers in America’s “Lawyer of the Year for the Naples/Fort Myers Area” for seven years; inducted as a fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers in 2009; and in 2013 inducted as a fellow in the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, limited to 500 trial lawyers across the United States WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: I watched Gregory Peck portray Atticus Finch. FIRST JOB: The soda fountain at Cheffy Drugs in Barnesville, Ohio BEST ADVICE: Your success and enjoyment in practicing law will be determined as much by the cases you decline as by the ones you accept. HOBBIES: Exercise, the NBA, live music, and movies



Cofounder and CEO, DeAngelis Diamond Cofounder, Venture X

Cofounder and Principal DeAngelis Diamond

As the son of a builder in West Virginia, John DeAngelis remembers painting and mowing at properties when he was 10. He teamed up with David Diamond in 1996 to establish DeAngelis Diamond in Naples, which has grown into an awardwinning national construction firm. He continues to establish new ventures and is the recipient of numerous accolades for his leadership and innovation. DeAngelis is active in Summit Church and supports at-risk youth in foster care and human trafficking

A native of West Palm Beach, David Diamond was inspired by Walt Disney’s innovation and creative spirit. The creation of EPCOT inspired Diamond toward a career in architecture and large-scale developments. He cofounded DeAngelis Diamond with John DeAngelis. Today, it is one of Florida’s largest companies. Diamond has launched more than 20 startups, including Venture X, with his son, Brett, which they recently sold while maintaining a financia stake. Diamond also was ordained as a deacon at the age of 29.

EDUCATION: University of Florida SECRET TO SUCCESS: Having the humility to aspire to be the dumbest person in the room by striving to surround myself with people smarter than me. (This has proven to be not all that difficult TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Raising children is the greatest challenge and greatest joy and privilege. HIDDEN TALENT: I can “gleek” on demand. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Listen twice as much as you speak and always prioritize what you value most over what you want now. BUCKET LIST: Create a bucket list

EDUCATION: University of Florida BEST ADVICE: My grandfather, who lived through the Great Depression and owned a wholesale fish mar et, decided to never borrow money or take on debt, not even a home mortgage or car loan. I started my fi st company, DeAngelis Diamond, with that principle. I sacrifi ed and saved for 10 years to start the business. Twenty-three years later, we have never borrowed money or received outside investments. FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I was a paid extra in the movie Smokey and the Bandit. And I also was invited to join Elton John on stage in concert to sing next to him at his piano.

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 3:03 PM

The Naples 100 l




President and Senior Portfolio Manager Edwards Asset Management

General Manager Waterside Shops

Honing his investment skills for 30 years to help clients achieve their goals of a sustainable income, Bob Edwards has been named one of the country’s top financial advisors by Barron’s magazine for the past eight years. A resident of Naples since he was in elementary school, Edwards is deeply committed to the community. Edwards and his wife, Terry, have chaired the Naples Winter Wine Festival and opened their extensive personal art collection for fundraisers.

Anne Fleming loves people, fashion, and a fast-paced environment, so it is little wonder that she thrives as general manager of the venerable Waterside Shops. Retail has taken her to Dallas, San Francisco, Detroit, New York City, and Miami. Fleming is extensively involved in the community, coordinating dozens of fundraisers annually in partnership with Waterside Shops and local charities. She serves on several area boards and is a strong advocate for people with intellectual disabilities.

FIRST JOB: At age 10, I got a Naples Daily News delivery route and at 11, I made a career pivot to hawk wayward range balls and clean golf clubs for the golf pro at the Naples Golf & Beach Club. The pay wasn’t much, but the perks were being able to practice and play golf. HOBBIES: I’m a collector. I love to build collections: art, rare books, wine, vintage cars, even a portfolio of stocks bought at reasonable prices. I’ve applied “value investing” principles to collecting for several decades and it works in a compounding fashion. I recommend it for selecting everything, except for the selection of a spouse. FAVORITE BOOK: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham CHARITABLE BOARDS: Artis-Naples, The Baker Museum, Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy

EDUCATION: University of California, Los Angeles HOMETOWN: Salinas, California LESSON LEARNED: Whether I think I can or think I can’t, I am right. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Work harder than everyone else, stay relevant, and keep learning. HOBBIES: Entertaining diverse guests at home for lively evenings of meaningful conversation FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Central California CHARITIES: Women’s Foundation of Collier County, STARability Foundation, Champions For Learning



CEO Barron Collier Companies

Founder and Chairman GATES Construction

Running a sprawling, fourth-generation enterprise with more than 80,000 acres in land holdings and one of South Florida’s largest citrus operations takes a passion for responsible development. Blake Gable has led the venerable company in major development projects, including Ave Maria, while maintaining a large agricultural operation and overseeing real estate portfolios spanning national markets. Commitment to community is a priority for Gable, chairperson of Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees.

During the last 25 years, Todd Gates’ company has expanded from its Naples base to provide construction management, general contracting, and design-build services to Sarasota, Palm Beach Gardens, the Southeast, and Latin America. Gates has been recognized for his industry leadership, including “Builder of the Year” by the Collier Building Industry Association and as a Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida “Hall of Fame Laureate.” Gates enjoys taking friends and clients fishing in Collier Coun y’s backcountry.

EDUCATION: Florida Gulf Coast University (MBA) HOMETOWN: Naples, Florida FIRST JOB: Pumping gas at the Gulf station on U.S. 41 FAVORITE BOOKS: Freakonomics and The Tipping Point FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Colorado and the British Virgin Islands ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Don’t take the path of least resistance. Consider your post-university life seriously and how your degree will work for you after college. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Stan’s Idle Hour on Goodland

HOMETOWN: Hopewell, Virginia FIRST JOB: Mopping floo s at a dry cleaner’s SECRET TO SUCCESS: Never, ever give up. HIDDEN TALENT: Black belt in mushin do/street combat FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Canadian Rockies CAUSES: Youth-based education and health causes BUCKET LIST: Climbing Machu Picchu

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 3:03 PM

The Naples 100 l




Market President IBERIABANK

President and CEO Moorings Park

With more than 30 years of banking experience, David C. Gordley’s primary responsibility is to lead the growth of IBERIABANK in Collier County, including all marketing, sales, revenue, and expense initiatives. His diverse banking background includes leadership and management positions in corporate, middle market, large corporate, commercial real estate, and treasury services with super regional, regional, and community banks. His focus is on strong team development.

Moorings Park Institute is a 40-year-old life plan community which has three campuses, with its newest, Moorings Park Grande Lake, under construction. Prior to joining Moorings Park in 2006, Dan Lavender was chief financial officer for Methodist ElderCare Services in Columbus, Ohio. He currently serves on the boards of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, and Naples Zoo. He was recognized as a “Man of Distinction” by Champions For Learning.

EDUCATION: University of Kentucky NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENT: I played Division I golf as a walk-on. WHY I CHOOSE THIS FIELD: Banking is a people business. FIRST JOB: Pizza delivery driver BEST ADVICE: People do business with people they like. HOBBIES: Family, travel, food, golf, hunting, and fishin FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Anywhere I’ve not been before CHARITIES: Children’s Advocacy Center of Collier County, The Village School, United Way of Collier and the Keys

EDUCATION: Ohio University (MBA) BEST ADVICE: My father used to tell me, “Don’t worry about your next assignment, focus on the existing assignment.” LESSON LEARNED: You can’t always control perceptions or outcomes, only your integrity and response. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Bistro 821 and True Food Kitchen PETS: Zeke and Jasmine (toy poodles)



Partner Cheffy Passidomo, P.A.

President, West Florida Region Northern Trust Wealth Management

John M. Passidomo has practiced law in Collier County since 1979. He has been board certified as a specialist in real estate law by The Florida Bar Board, and is a former president of the Collier County Bar Association. Passidomo served the City of Naples as vice mayor, city councilmember, and chair of the Planning Advisory Board, and as a member of the Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization. He has earned several honors in his field

Charles G. Mueller leads Northern Trust’s delivery of holistic advice and client services through investment, fiducia y, banking, and wealth-planning professionals. Mueller has more than 30 years of experience serving businessowning families, corporate executives, professionals, nonprofits, and others in a variety of wealth management and commercial banking roles. Most recently, he led the Advisory Services Practice at Northern Trust. Mueller is actively involved on the boards of local nonprofits and in his home tate of Illinois.

EDUCATION: Stetson University College of Law (JD) BEST ADVICE: Give every client your personal phone number, don’t screen your calls, and pick up the phone when they call. It’s worked for 40 years. MOST INSPIRING PERSON: My father. He came to America as a poor, illiterate 8-year-old Italian immigrant who couldn’t speak a word of English and lived a life of unassuming dignity, personal achievement, and civic engagement. He cherished his family and his family cherished him, and he was beloved by everybody in town. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Any place without a cellphone connection FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Any place where I can laugh while enjoying a spectacular meal prepared by Chef Fabrizio Aielli and enhanced by Ingrid Aielli

EDUCATION: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign HOMETOWN: Oak Brook, Illinois FUNNIEST WORK EXPERIENCE: I reported to work my very fi st day as described in my offer letter, only to find that the ank closed due to a bank holiday. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACES TO VISIT: Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Naples Zoo ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Focus on getting enough sleep, exercise, and a good diet so that you can perform at your highest level at work and in your personal pursuits. BUCKET LIST: Visiting as many national parks as I can

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 3:03 PM

The Naples 100 l



Senior Vice President, Commercial Middle Market Team Leader Fifth Third Bank


President and CEO First Florida Integrity Bank

After 24 years in the private industry, Timothy J. Reiter moved to Naples in 2011 to join the commercial team at Fifth Third Bank. Prior to that, he held executive positions with privately held companies in Chicago. During that time, he guided turnarounds for struggling companies, implementing fiscal discipline and strategies to increase revenue. Reiter is active with the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Collier Foundation, and St. Matthew’s House.

Garret Richter spent his career in finance before founding First Florida Integrity Bank in 2009. Previously, he was president of First National Bank of Florida and founding director of First National Bank of Naples. He served as a Florida state senator for two terms, including as president pro tempore, and as a state representative. Richter is a highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran. Recent honors include Boy Scout “Citizen of the Year” and Florida Bankers Association’s “Banker of the Year.”

EDUCATION: Cedarville University TOUGHEST CHALLENGE/LESSON LEARNED: Almost losing my wife and youngest son in 1995 and being diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Never take life for granted. HOBBIES: Family time, biking, cooking, golf ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Operate with the highest level of integrity. Always tell the truth; never compromise that for anyone or anything. Finish strong in everything you do, giving 110 percent or more. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Barefoot Beach

EDUCATION: University of Pittsburgh (BA), University of Madison-Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania FIRST JOB: Janitor at Mellon Bank HOBBIES: Golf and Heineken BEST ADVICE: My dad told me, “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.” SECRET TO SUCCESS: The Golden Rule ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Your reputation is your shadow; make sure you are proud to take it with you.

FINEMARK PUTS THE CLIENT FIRST. “Over the years, many things have changed in banking. However, FineMark still believes in delivering the highest levels of personal service and building deep relationships with our clients. Our professionals are committed to helping simplify your life.” Adria D. Starkey, President, Collier County FineMark National Bank & Trust

800 Laurel Oak Drive, Suite 101 • Naples, FL 34108 • 561-273-1500 • • Member FDIC • Equal Housing Lender Trust and investment services are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by the bank and may lose value.

048_Gold Standard_NP100_2021-2022.indd 51

10/26/21 4:17 PM

The Naples 100 l



Owner and Principal Gulf Coast International Properties GCIP Luxury Rentalss

Timothy “Tim” P. Savage started Gulf Coast International Properties in 2009. Today, it is one of the leading luxury boutique real estate firms in Naples, and has more than 60 agents and employees. Savage started in business with his father, and became a Realtor in 1998 with an emphasis on Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, Old Naples, Royal Harbor, and Bay Colony neighborhoods. Savage consistently ranks among the most successful Realtors in luxury real estate sales, with total sales revenue for 2020 at $196,384,200, and at $206,419,000 by fall 2021. EDUCATION: Florida State University HOMETOWN: Champaign, Illinois FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Delivering Chinese food at FSU for Wok-N-Roll, and having to announce through the dorm intercom, “Wok-N-Roll” BEST ADVICE: Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. HOBBIES: Outdoor sports with my kids, track driving, exercise, and traveling FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Jackson Hole, Wyoming FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Revs Institute FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Osteria Tulia

048_Gold Standard_NP100_2021-2022.indd 52


Collier County President FineMark National Bank & Trust

Adria Starkey got her fir t taste of business working in her family’s donut shops. Growing up with an entrepreneurial father informed and inspired Starkey’s success as an executive at major banking institutions during the past three decades. Her current role as president of FineMark for Collier County has allowed her to create the type of bank she always dreamed of being a part of. Her community involvement has been extensive and is an important part of her life. She was honored with the Life Award from Edison State College as well as the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame Laureate.

EDUCATION: University of Florida BEST ADVICE: My dad taught me so many amazing things. It allows me to have an entrepreneurial approach at my job. I still use these skills every day. HIDDEN TALENT: I know how to make some mean doughnuts, even though I don’t eat them anymore. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Québec, Canada FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACES TO VISIT: Naples Botanical Garden, Food & Thought

10/25/21 3:04 PM

The Naples 100 l




President Stoneburner Companies

CEO Stock Development

With almost 30 years of experience in real estate development, construction, sales, and marketing, Brian K. Stock learned the business from the bottom-up working in the family-owned Stock Development, growing it with his father, K.C. Stock. The company has built more than 5,000 homes in Southwest Florida, is currently building in 13 communities, and has been named “Builder of the Year” four years. Stock Development and its employees are active in numerous local charities and associations.

Kevin L. Stoneburner is a diverse investor in Collier County. He has used his business acumen in numerous large-scale developments and knowledge of debt and equity financing in some of the company’s most significant projects, such as Bayfront. Stoneburner Companies includes four subsidiaries for project financing, pre-development analysis, sales and leasing, and commercial and residential property management. Prior to real estate, Stoneburner operated Stoney Food Stores, which he franchised. He also owns multiple Naples restaurants and bars.

EDUCATION: St. Norbert College HOMETOWN: Oconto, Wisconsin FIRST JOB: Picking up junk, garbage at the lumberyard WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: It is fulfilling and ewarding. When you build a client a house, you are a part of a major decision in their lives and it is fun to bring a customer’s dream to fruition. CHARITIES: Boys & Girls Club, PACE Collier, Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, Habitat for Humanity Collier, Champions For Learning, Make-A-Wish, and others

EDUCATION: Florida State University (MBA) HOMETOWN: Naples FIRST JOB: Paperboy for the Naples Daily News SECRET TO SUCCESS: You really need to adapt to the times. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Steamboat Springs, Colorado



Executive Director Collier Building Industry Association

Senior Vice President CRE Consultants

The Collier Building Industry Association (CBIA), with roots dating to 1953, provides behind-the-scenes support to CBIA’s 450 member companies. It represents the interests of builders, developers, remodelers, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Amelia Vasquez has been involved with the CBIA since 2012 and was named executive director in 2020, bringing 25 years of professional expertise in budgeting, staff training and development, human resource management, marketing, public relations, and fundraising.

When David Wallace was a 24-year-old U.S. Army signal office , he was assigned responsibility for all communications, including peace talks between North and South Korea in 1971. Tough negotiations prepared him for later accomplishments, like being the lead agent on the sale of the legendary Kodak Elmgrove Park campus in New York. He realized that commercial real estate expanded his opportunities to “be a part of the solution.” He has worked with Fortune 100 companies and has been a top producer at CRE Consultants since joining in 2012.

EDUCATION: Hodges University (MBA) FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Realizing I had on two different-colored shoes before going into a meeting MOST INSPIRING PERSON: My father—he spent his life doing charitable work and was one of the kindest and most selfl ss individuals you could ever have meet. HIDDEN TALENT: I enjoy making fruit cakes. HOBBIES: Couponing and spending time with family FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: The Boathouse BUCKET LIST: Ireland

EDUCATION: Clarkson University HOMETOWN: Chaumont, New York FIRST JOB: At age 13, hand pulling clay pigeons at Lucky Star Ranch TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Listening more and talking less FAVORITE MOVIE: Braveheart FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: The 1000 Islands Harbor resort along the St. Lawrence River in Clayton, N.Y. ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Naples Pier

The Naples 100


048_Gold Standard_NP100_2021-2022.indd 53

10/27/21 3:50 PM

Our Naples Top 100 honoree! Thanks for all you do to empower elementary students to improve their reading skills, introduce middle schoolers to various career paths, mentor career-minded high school students, and provide postsecondary students with real-world experiences. As president and CEO, your leadership inspires our students to achieve success. 100% of our students have graduated from high school, 100% have a postsecondary plan to pursue a professional career, and 92% graduate with a postsecondary certificate or degree, with the majority of them getting a four-year bachelor’s degree. In another incredible achievement, seven of the top 10 graduates from the Immokalee High School Class of 2021 – including both the Valedictorian and Salutatorian – are Immokalee Foundation students. Through your support – and their dedication and perseverance – our students continue to prove that many of Southwest Florida’s most powerful pathways to success begin in Immokalee.

Career Exploration • Business Skills Development • Tutoring • Mentoring • Career Panels • Field Trips • Guest Lectures • Networking Events Educational Summer Camps • Internships • College Tours • SAT/ACT Prep Scholarships • Industry-Recognized Certifications • Real-World Experiences “Noemi always found the time to work one-on-one with me as my mentor. With her guidance and encouragement, I hope to one day inspire as many people as she has throughout her career. I cannot thank her enough for motivating me, even when I wanted to give up. Noemi’s support and advice have helped shape the young woman I am today.”

– Thianica Previlus Full Page.indd 1

10/12/21 4:35 PM


Paul C. Hiltz Mary Beth Geier



Scott Burgess


Maria Jimenez-Lara



Jaysen F. Roa

Eileen Connolly-Keesler Scott Burgess

Paul C. Hiltz Leslie Lascheid


The Naples 100


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12/17/21 9:21 AM

The Naples 100 l




President and CEO Community Foundation of Collier County

Florida Director Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Mary Beth Geier is responsible for the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation’s Southwest Florida areas of interest in grantmaking and community initiatives: human and social services, education, including college and early learning scholarship awards, and health and medicine. Prior to joining the foundation, Geier was the assistant principal of a parochial school in north central Florida. She serves on many local boards, including Champions For Learning; Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation; and the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce.

EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (MPA) HOMETOWN: Whitelaw, Wisconsin WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: I wanted to help people and make signifi ant change in my community. FIRST JOB: Weekend advocate at a domestic violence shelter FEW PEOPLE KNOW: I used to play guitar and sing at weddings when I was in high school. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Stop trying to go over a bump in the road; figu e out how to go around it. You can spend too much energy trying to force something to happen; just figu e out a different path. BUCKET LIST: Trip to Panama Canal (delayed due to COVID-19)

EDUCATION: Florida Gulf Coast University (MEd) WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: Working in service of others is the most gratifying feeling in the world. Knowing that, through my work and partnering with others, I can make our community a little better is the reason I do the work I do! FIRST JOB: Dairy Queen (more stressful than you can imagine…getting those little sprinkles on an ice cream cone is not easy!) HOBBIES: Reading a book (with a glass of wine while sitting outside in the fresh air) FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Caffé Milan FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: San Juan Islands, Pacific Nort west BUCKET LIST: Traveling to Greece (I crossed paragliding off y list three years ago.)


Since 2013, Eileen Connolly-Keesler has overseen the Community Foundation of Collier County’s mission—to address community needs by providing leadership and coordination through grantmaking and fund development. The Community Foundation manages more than 850 funds and collaborates with hundreds of nonprofits. In the past eight years, assets have risen from $64 million to $284 million under Connolly-Keesler’s guidance. She was a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.



CEO Naples Children & Education Foundation

President and CEO NCH Healthcare System

Paul C. Hiltz took over the helm of NCH Healthcare System, Collier County’s largest non-government employer, in September 2019. Prior to his arrival, Hiltz, a board-certified Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, served in executive positions in Ohio, including as president and CEO of Mercy Medical Center; senior executive with Mercy Health (formerly Catholic Health Partners) and president and CEO of Mercy Hospital – Mt. Airy, and Mercy Health’s Springfield, Ohio region

Maria Jimenez-Lara has been the CEO of Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF) since 2015. She previously served as director of foundation services and grants director for NCEF, responsible for overseeing the charitable grant process in conjunction with the Grant Committee. Jimenez-Lara’s commitment to safeguarding the community’s most vulnerable is a natural fit with NCEF’s mission to support charitable programs that improve the physical, emotional, and educational lives of underprivileged and at-risk children in Collier County.

EDUCATION: Xavier University (MHA) NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) FIRST JOB: Burger Chef (now Hardee’s) SECRET TO SUCCESS: It’s one that I’ve been committed to throughout my years, and that’s to make sure I am surrounded by great people/teammates. HOBBIES: Tennis and reading FAVORITE MOVIE: Saving Private Ryan FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Italy BUCKET LIST: Ireland

EDUCATION: Hodges University (MPA) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Champions For Learning Community Advisory Committee; District XI Juvenile Justice Board; Champions For Learning 2015-2016 “Education Champion”; El Nuevo Miami Herald’s “Rising Latino Leader”; Lifetime Achievement Award, Homestead, Fla.; Rural Neighborhoods of Florida board member FIRST JOB: Working with children in gangs on the streets of Miami FEW PEOPLE KNOW: Everglades City was my home in Collier County for many years and I miss it terribly. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY SPOT: Immokalee Farmers Market

The Naples 100


056_Humanitarian_NP100_2021-2022.indd 56

10/25/21 3:09 PM

The Naples 100 l




CEO Neighborhood Health Clinic

CEO Habitat for Humanity of Collier County

Growing up in a medical family, Leslie Lascheid chose a career of business and law before supporting her parents in establishing the Neighborhood Health Clinic in 1999. She has brought her acumen to expand the clinic’s focus on the patient. Having a gravely ill child heightened her empathy for patients. “I genuinely understand the confusion and discomfort of trying to manage health care,” she says. Hiking the Appalachian Trail with her son inspired her to became a licensed commercial airline pilot.

Ordained in the United Methodist Church, Rev. Lisa Lefkow serves Cornerstone United Methodist Church as well as Habitat for Humanity. In ministry since 1980, she has led mission teams into impoverished areas. Habitat for Humanity of Collier County is one of the oldest and largest-producing affili tes in the United States and has been rated No. 1 nationally for community and housing development. More than 2,370 local families have purchased Habitat Collier homes through the past 43 years.

EDUCATION: Carnegie Mellon University; Wharton School HOMETOWN: Sewickley, Pennsylvania FIRST JOB: With my best friend, we would jumpstart people’s cars during the winter. We used that money to purchase a plow for my brother’s Jeep and ran a snow removal business plowing driveways and shoveling sidewalks. FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: When presenting at an important business meeting, I always wore a black suit and black shoes. One day, I was scheduled to present during an important meeting only to discover that I had with me only two left shoes, one with a 1.5-inch heel and one with a 3-inch. I had no choice but to wear them. Imagine the sight of me hobbling across a courtroom!

EDUCATION: Centenary College of Louisiana, United Theological Seminary LESSON LEARNED: After a serious accident while he was in Washington, D.C. and I was in Miami, my husband was on life-support. I wasn’t sure I’d see him again and had to “let him go.” It was the most important lesson I’ve learned: never to take a single moment for granted and to remember that I am not in charge. SECRET TO SUCCESS: Staying in love with God, sharing that love with everyone I can, and embracing the joy of life. FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: I love to travel and visit new places, but my happy place is on the beach in the Bahamas.



Practice Director Golisano Children’s Hospital Naples Pediatric Specialty Clinic

CEO Physicians Regional Healthcare System

Scott Lowe joined Cleveland Clinic Florida in 1998 as part of the management team that developed and opened the Naples campus and remained as the director of finance for all Florida operations until 2005. He was the CFO of Surgery Partners, LLC in Tampa from 2005 to 2008 prior to returning to Naples to join Physicians Regional Healthcare System. His earlier career includes appointments in managed care with Neighborhood Health Partners and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Heather Myers is responsible for the operations of the pediatric urgent care and the specialty clinic, which has more than 15 specialties. Nearly 13,000 patients visit annually for urgent care, rehabilitation, cancer, ophthalmology, and other treatments. Myers is overseeing the Pediatric Specialty & Hematology/Oncology Clinic expansion, expected to be completed in 2022. The project will add a stateof-the-art total immersion chemotherapy infusion room. EDUCATION: University of Central Florida (MSHA) WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD: Helping others, especially pediatrics, is a passion of mine and I knew that I would be able to do that in healthcare. FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Being mistaken for a pediatric patient after someone asked to speak to the director—it made everyone laugh. TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Navigating my son’s medical complications as a newborn has been the toughest challenge so far but a reminder of why it is so important to have specialized pediatric care available close to home. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Naples Zoo and the beach FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Ocean Prime

EDUCATION: University of Texas (MPH), University of Miami (MBA) HOMETOWN: Naples, Florida BEST ADVICE: Effective communication is essential. SECRET TO SUCCESS: The staff and p ysicians I get the pleasure to work with TOUGHEST CHALLENGE: Change is a constant in health care, but we adapt and move forward. HOBBIES: Hunting, fishin BEST ADVICE: Effective communication is essential. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY RESTAURANT: Shula’s CAUSES: Board positions with YMCA of South Collier (Marco Y) and Marco Island Charter Middle School

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 3:09 PM

The Naples 100 l




CEO The Shelter for Abused Women & Children

President and CEO Healthcare Network

Linda A. Oberhaus got her start as a lifelong advocate for vulnerable populations as a peer counselor in high school. For more than 30 years, she has worked in social justice and increasing civility in the public discourse, while ensuring every community member has a voice at the table. She has furthered her education with courses at Harvard Business School and the FBI Citizen’s Academy. Her work has led to her becoming a certified auxiliary deputy with the Collier County Sheriff ’s Office so th t she can directly assist victims of abuse and human trafficking

Emily Ptaszek served as the chief operating officer for Healthcare Network prior to assuming her current role in August 2019. She is a highly accomplished, boardcertified clinical psychologist who brings 10-plus years of clinical experience to her executive leadership role. In 2013, she joined the award-winning nonprofit provider of primary medical services, dental care, and integrated behavioral health for both adults and children. The federally qualified health center has 21 healthcare sites in Collier County serving approximately 50,000 residents annually.

EDUCATION: University of South Florida (MSW) HOMETOWN: Boston, Massachusetts FUNNIEST WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: Stepping on the podium, notes in hand, and no reading glasses BEST ADVICE: From the best grandmother ever: “Stay in school.” SECRET TO SUCCESS: Embracing a servant/leadership philosophy LESSON LEARNED: You can learn as much from a poor leader as you can from a great one. FAVORITE MOVIE: The Pursuit of Happyness FAVORITE BOOK: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl ADVICE TO 18-YEAR-OLD SELF: Relax, you’re going to be fin . Really...

EDUCATION: Loyola University (PsyD), Florida Atlantic University (MBA) NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Achieving board certifi ation—approximately only 4 percent of psychologists in the U.S. are board-certified Inaugural recipient of the “Alumni Award for Leadership,” from the Department of Psychology at Loyola University LESSON LEARNED: Life is fragile; tend to your relationships when you have the chance. HOBBIES: Hiking, traveling, home renovation, and design FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: The Netherlands BUCKET LIST: Hiking in Patagonia



President and CEO David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health

President and CEO Avow Hospice, Inc.

With more than 25 years of healthcare experience and as a licensed clinician, Scott Burgess works closely with the behavioral health nonprofi ’s board of directors to manage David Lawrence Center’s operations and development. He provides administrative, clinical, and strategic direction for 300-plus professional staff who provide mental health, substance use, and integrated health care solutions for more than 9,000 children and adults each year. He is actively mobilizing Collier County’s five-year mental health plan as chair of the Collier Coalition for Healthy Minds.

Jaysen F. Roa’s career has been focused primarily in post-acute health services. Since joining Avow, Roa has overseen the enhancement of existing operations as well as new and existing program development, including non-hospice palliative care, Avow Kids, Aunt Janet’s House, and the We Honor Veteran’s programs. Additionally, during his tenure, Avow has significantly increased the number of patients and families it serves across its programs. EDUCATION: Webster University (MHA and MBA) BEST ADVICE: It came from my grandparents. As fi st-generation Americans who lived through the Great Depression, they always told me I could do anything I set my mind to and worked hard to achieve. SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS: Having great colleagues and friends throughout my career LESSON LEARNED: If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen! HIDDEN TALENT: I’m great at movie trivia. FAVORITE COLLIER COUNTY PLACE TO VISIT: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary BUCKET LIST: Traveling to Australia and New Zealand

EDUCATION: Concordia University (MA) BEST ADVICE: Treat everyone you encounter like they are a beloved family member; that will ensure exceptional client care and customer service. LESSON LEARNED: “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:30-31) FAVORITE MOVIE: It’s a Wonderful Life FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Series such as Stranger Things, Blacklist, Game of Thrones, and Designated Survivor

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 3:09 PM

DYNAMIC DUOS Veljko Pavicevic and Corinne Ryan EMILY K. BUA & Ingrid and Fabrizio Aielli TADE BUA-BELL


Jinx and Minka McDonald

JAY AND Jacques and PATTY BAKER Lysielle Cariot Mark & CLIVE AND Karen Danni DANIEL LUBNER The Naples 100


100 openers.indd 59

10/26/21 3:50 PM

The Naples 100 l



Real estate has provided a sound source of income and independence for Emily Bua, who runs the Bua Bell Group with her oldest daughter, Tade Bua-Bell. When she relocated to Naples in 1993, Emily brought with her 16 years of luxury real estate experience—and she’s been a top, award-winning producer ever since. “Naples has been a blessing to me,” she says. “Almost everyone I’m friendly with is someone I’ve done real estate with. When I hear from them less, I realize that they are settling in and meeting new people.” When the single mother of four was raising her children, they all apparently understood the value of real estate so much that they all are active participants, as either an agent, flippe , or investor. Of her four children, Tade showed the most interest and began her real estate career after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in marketing and communications in 1990. “In seventh grade, I was hosting open houses,” says Tade, who joined with her mom after managing 125 agents in a Pittsburgh-area corporate office. When ade’s husband got transferred to Naples, she jumped at the chance to work with her mother. By then, Tade had her own professional style and admits that working side-by-side with her mother required some adjustment. “The fir t year was interesting,” she says. “Any family business has hiccups…but I’m so grateful to have learned the business from my mother.” The local real estate market has been red-hot for the past year—a fact not lost on Emily, who is living, for the fir t time, in a condo. “The real estate market has priced me out of what I want to obtain at these prices,” she observes. —Shawn Holiday


Photo by Michael Owen

Jacques and Lysielle Cariot—natives of Provence, France— worked together to save a food production and distribution business that Jacque’s grandfather had owned. They also grew weary of the industrial areas where food is manufactured and decided to leave economies of scale behind. “We knew we had to do something,” says Jacques. “We were not in a hurry. We actually looked all over the country.” They decided to move to Naples to carve out their second careers with the French restaurant, Bleu Provence, a natural transition. “And that was the beginning,” he recalls. “The restaurant is the fir t and the only one.” Since the beginning, Jacques has enjoyed working on a more intimate scale afforded by their boutique restaurant. “Every day you start from scratch. What you sell is an experience—and that’s hard to manufacture,” he explains. “We are here every day to be sure everything is done right.” Lysielle is the executive chef and Jacques is the “wine extaordinaire.” Their two adult sons play crucial

roles in the family business: Clément as manager/advanced sommelier, and Kevin as manager. Twenty-three years is an impressive run, and their magic has consistently been applauded with accolades from Zagat, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and others. “The goal of our life right now is to make everybody happy—everybody who crosses our path—so they appreciate the time they spend with us,” he says. —Shawn Holiday

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 3:54 PM

The Naples 100 l




Sails Restaurant

Jinx McDonald Interior Designs

Photo by Vanessa Rogers

Photo by Peggy Farren

Jinx McDonald carefully built her reputation as a designer from the ground up, working tirelessly and striving for perfection with each client while ensuring that the challenges of small business ownership didn’t wear her down. Her daughter, Minka, grew up instilled with each of these traits, but Jinx still has a clear advantage in at least one area. “My irreverent sense of

Opening a restaurant in mid-season in Naples is quite the hat trick, but Veljko Pavicevic and Corinne Ryan pulled it off, garnering high praise from the beginning. While both grew up in the hospitality business, their passion for food and travel brought them together. From opposite ends of the world—Ryan, from Australasia, and Pavicevic, from Eastern Europe—the couple immersed themselves in all aspects of the food industry, including procuring, distributing, preparing, and serving. Both had established careers in the United States when they met in 2014 and discovered they loved to explore restaurants around the world. After consulting and working for others, they launched Sails Restaurant on Fifth Avenue South in February 2018 to express their vision of combining innovation and tradition. For Pavicevic, it was a chance to re-create something from his childhood. “My grandmother shared her talents for what genuinely warm hospitality should be when I was very young through great food and love for her family,” says Pavicevic. As an international food broker specializing in meat and fish, Ryan’s travels have inspired the husband-and-wife team to introduce two new concepts to Naples: Butcher, a luxury steak house, and Sava, which will showcase food as medicine. The latter comes from her research into how the digestive system plays an important role in our moods and overall health. “Dr. David Perlmutter’s Grain Brain and Brain Wash rank highest on my book list,” she says. “It was quite the thrill meeting him and his wife, Lieze, in person and developing a friendship. Despite being a longtime devotee of his concepts, I didn’t realize they lived in Naples.”—Shawn Holiday

humor is legendary and, fortunately, our office is fille with laughter,” Jinx says. “We try to remember not to take ourselves too seriously in this industry, which is a challenge because we tend to be perfectionists…so a sense of humor and perspective is crucial to our work!” Minka, an interior designer who is in her second year as company president, continues the tradition of excellence for their award-winning, female-run business. The two work closely, even though these days, Jinx’s main focus is on her grandchildren rather than fabric samples. She remembers to keep the lines of communication open and loving. “Having a family business can be tricky, so we make sure to spend family time together to stay connected on a personal level—no business talk allowed,” says Jinx. “And we always do our best to listen carefully and to be kind to one another.” —Shawn Holiday

The Naples 100


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12/17/21 9:23 AM

The Naples 100 l



Both grew up performing, so it was only natural for Mark and Karen Danni to form their own theater company after they met and fell in love. However, no amount of rehearsal prepared for the diffi ulty of starting a theater company while starting a family in a new town. “Moving from New York City—where my wife and I were freelancers—to Naples with an infant son, a teaching job, and a wife who was pregnant with twins was one of the toughest challenges we faced,” Mark recalls. “Our lives became very different, very fast, from our New York lives.” But in 2005, the Dannis had a plan: to bring Broadway to Naples. Fortunately, Karen is a choreographer and the two danced ahead with creating TheatreZone, a professional equity theater based at the Community School of Naples, where Mark also runs the theater program. She credits advice from Paul Phillips, who was a stage manager for legendary choreographer Bob Fosse, when she was working up to 90 hours a week. Fosse had always said, “Just put one foot in front of the other and just keep on moving.” And “I remember that every time I’m ready to quit everything and go live off the grid,” Karen says. These days, some 200 professional actors from across the country come to Naples to audition for roles in TheatreZone productions. In 2018, Mark won the Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music Alumni Achievement Award. The happy family is no act as they enjoy raising their three children while living and working in paradise. That still isn’t enough—more projects are in the works. “We are working on some exiting future plans that we will hopefully be able to announce soon,” says Mark. —Shawn Holiday


After 30 years of marriage and numerous restaurants opened, Ingrid and Fabrizio Aielli still enjoy working and creating together, whether it’s serving memorable meals—or the community. This Naples duo dove right in when they arrived from Washington, D.C., in 2008 to open Sea Salt. It was a diffi ult time for many businesses, but they thrived and now have 300 employees and three more Naples restaurants: Barbatella, Dorona, and Grappino. So how do they get along? “We always agree and we always disagree,” she says, followed by a big laugh. “When we agree, we have to figure out how we can disagree.” Their easy comfort clearly translates to patrons and employees. “When you see the results, the customers are happy, the restaurants are doing well—that’s the joy. We have a fantastic, motivated team in place. Without your team, you are nothing.” The restaurant industry has been among the hardest-hit sectors in the COVID-19 pandemic. As they have through other economic highs and lows, the dynamic duo has endured this unsettling disruption together. “When you survive, you feel stronger and even more empowered to move forward,” she says. The Aiellis have long supported local nonprofits, but these days they are passionate about Youth Haven. She and Fabrizio host residents who live at the Youth Haven shelter each Christmas evening for an elegant dinner and gifts, and are making plans to help the nonprofit upg ade its campus and services. “We are working hard, keeping up with the restaurants,” she says, “but my passion is helping the community and raising awareness and funds.” —Shawn Holiday

The Naples 100


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10/26/21 9:23 AM

Photo by Zach Stovall

MATT AND BEN RILEY Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild

2021 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Naples-based Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild, which evolved from furniture restoration and finishing into a full-service woodworking company with a sterling reputation for artisanal millwork and cabinetry. Its namesake founder, Thomas Riley, set the bar high with his core principle of “providing nothing less than monumental quality products and white-glove customer service.” Today, his sons, Matt and Ben, have continue to grow and evolve the company as both mainstream and ultra-high-end design tastes change for their clients stretching from Beverly Hills to Greenwich to Palm Beach. Both were born and raised in Naples, worked alongside their father, went off to college, and returned in 2003. Today, Ben is president/COO, with a focus on engineering, technology, efficien y, and quality, and Matt is CEO. He is the public face of the company and is involved in estimating and project management. “We both love the business we are in—creating beautiful surroundings for clients who appreciate the craftsmanship our team delivers,” Matt says. He and Ben remain inspired by the company’s core principle and the ideals that guide their workplace culture: “love and kindness, fairness and honesty.” While interior accents and furniture are still hand-planed, carved, and handshaped at Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild, the shop has grown to incorporate high-tech carpentry equipment. They are also partners in the Naples design studio and gallery Method & Concept. The brothers feel rewarded by carrying on their father’s torch with confidence and integrity—together. “Like all good partnerships, it comes down to mutual respect. We use our strengths to complement each other for the benefit of the company, our team, and our clients,” Matt says. “Ben and I hang out away from the office, play soccer and music together, and have an amazing, loving, and supportive family. Our life together is not just limited to the business. That balance is key.” — Cathy Chestnut

The JMID team is proud to congratulate our Founder and Owner, Jinx McDonald, and our President, Minka McDonald, on being named one of The Naples 100 - Dynamic Duos. Their strong leadership, commitment to excellence, and continued service to the Naples community inspire us always!

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10/26/21 9:23 AM

Restaurant Operating System


Onur Haytac Founder

Thank you to our Customers and Partners for helping us grow exponentially over the last few years locally and globally. Headquartered in Naples. Serving Restaurants Globally.

239.963.1888 | @lingaros 4501 Tamiami Trail N Suite 400 Naples, FL 34103

Full Page.indd 1

10/21/21 4:40 PM

The Aielli Group





| (239)

1186 3R


-1955 39) 263



1290 3R





90 9



T N.


) 33




) 529-28

OM | (239




M | (2 PLES.CO






2110 TAM



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10/20/21 1:24 PM

The Naples 100 l



Clive Lubner and his wife, Sunny, immigrated from South Africa to the United States to escape Apartheid in 1978 with a few suitcases of clothing and their two young children, Daniel, 4, and Claudia, 7. In 1981, he landed in Southwest Florida to guide the century-year-old furniture chain Robb & Stucky, transforming the homegrown company into a retail giant with $350 million in annual revenues by the time of the Great Recession. The economic crash didn’t stop Clive, who redirected his talents and launched Clive Daniel Home in 2011 with Daniel. Today, there are two Clive Daniel Home retail operations in Naples and Boca Raton employing 200. Daniel is the fourth generation of his family with roots in furniture making and retail sales. Daniel began his career in advertising and entered the furniture industry a few years later. He is savvy about advertising and business development and has completed projects on fiv continents, including three hotels in Croatia. Both Clive and Daniel have been actively involved in the community. Ask Daniel what the special sauce is for ironing out internal confli ts and he credits “a bottle of wine. We can normally resolve any situation by the halfway point.” The joys of working together outweigh challenges, Daniel says, because “we are able to problem solve and share a common goal.” Communication and a good sense of humor are key to working together for as long—and as successfully—as they have together. —Cathy Chestnut

Our C ommu

nity, Their Life’s Work

Hospice • Non-Hospice Palliative Care • Grief and Loss Support • Avow Kids

As Avow President and CEO, I am proud to salute our employees and volunteers for their skilled and tender care of those who are ill or grieving. I am honored to work with people who care for others as if they were family members. They are true leaders who make a difference in our community. Jaysen F. Roa Avow Companies

Caring Collier County Since 1983

1095 Whippoorwill Lane, Naples, FL 34105 | (239) 261-4404 | | Florida Hospice License 5022096 The Naples 100


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10/26/21 4:35 PM


JAY AND PATTY BAKER Philanthropists Extraordinaire

Jay and Patty Baker are synonymous with philanthropy in Collier County—and far beyond. They have donated $20 million to Gulfshore Playhouse to build a cultural campus at the corner of Fifth Avenue South and Goodlette-Frank Road with the 40,000-square-foot Baker Theatre and Education Center as its centerpiece. They gave $10 million early on and doubled that with another $10 million in April. The Bakers’ boundless generosity and enthusiasm for supporting the Naples community wasn’t dimmed by the global pandemic—far from it. The couple also stepped up generously for The Naples Players during its 2021 Front & Center Gala and made a $2 million matching grant challenge in September for The Naples Players’ planned $15 million renovation and expansion of the Sugden Community Theatre. In 2019, their $5 million commitment launched the capital campaign that is enabling the nonprofit aples Senior Center at JFCS to build a 30,000-square-foot center on 13 acres on Autumn Oaks Lane. Naples Senior Center is the only human services agency of its kind, providing one-stop services addressing the emotional and social needs of seniors in Collier and southern Lee counties. Jay is a former Kohl’s Department Stores president and director and she is a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer; they jumped into local philanthropy shortly after arriving in Naples in the mid-1990s. The former Naples Museum of Art became The Baker Museum at Artis-Naples following their $7 million donation. (Their baseball memorabilia and a portion of their private art collection are on display there through May 15, 2022.) The Bakers have donated more than $23 million to the NCH Healthcare System and have been major supporters of the Humane Society Naples. You’ve likely visited Baker Park in Naples, which has become a true community jewel since opening in 2019. With the Bakers, great minds think alike—hats off to this dynamic duo! —Cathy Chestnut

060_Dynamic Duos_NP100_2021-2022.indd 67


Proud to be part of ‘The Naples 100’

Naples | Ft. Myers | Sarasota | Orlando | Birmingham | Nashville | Detroit

10/26/21 9:23 AM

Secret to Success

What’s the secret to success? Ask the experts. “Be authentic,

“Having a purpose beyond profitabili y”

“Our family’s

—Chad Jensen

core values and

kind, and

purposeful culture

emphatic, and have confidence in your talents,

Being tenacious. Showing transparency.”

—Frank Verpoorten

“Never quit! Success is not final Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

bean option.” —William M. Raveis

“Proverbs 3, Verse 5 and 6” —Timothy P. Savage

—Ron Labbe

“Failure has never beenand never will

—Michael Wynn

—Elaine Reed

experience, and intuition.”


“Seeing others’ perspectives.

“Good, old-fashioned, hard work. Being present, positive, and passionate. I have a love affair with my work and that is key.” —Vincenzo Betulia

“Success isn’t a solitary experience—it only happens with a great team. I’m lucky to have a great team to surround me.” —Bryce Alexander

“My success comes from my focus on taking care of people. People are my top priority.” —Daniel Kao


“The Merlin Principle: Look at where you want to end up and work your way backwards until you find tomorrow’s next step.” — Kristen Coury

“There are no secrets. Just do what you say you are going to do, be accountable for your actions, and give credit where credit is due.” —Karen Govern

The Naples 100


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10/25/21 4:07 PM



TIMOTHY P. SAVAGE, P.A. Owner and Principal of Gulf Coast International Properties® in recognition of your achievement as one of Naples Top 100 Influential Leaders. Your commitment to excellence, principled ethics, family values and philanthropic endeavors in the Naples community are an inspirational to all. Heartfelt congratulations on your success!

1144 Third Street South Naples, Florida 34102 239.434.2558

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10/21/21 9:18 AM


239.264.1000 5811 Pelican Bay Blvd Suite 600, Naples, FL 34108

Robert T. Edwards CEO Chief Investment Officer, Senior PIM Portfolio Manager

Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN). Edwards Asset Management is a separate entity from WFAFN. 0621-03943

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9/29/21 2:55 PM