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Paul Brandreth The focus of my practice is based around typography and layout for editorial uses, and also a focus on interactive printed formats. The subjects that drive my work are based around current news and culture articles found within the UK news. +44 (0) 7526 597 249

Swatch Annual Report 2011 The brief was to produce an Annual Report for the watch brand Swatch. I decided to produced another annual report as this is a sector I am becoming more interested in. The concept for the identity of the annual report was influenced and developed from personas of the audience who ware Swatch products. The personas mainly consisted of young people and the hip movement. From this I colleted visuals to represent data and visuals for the delivery of the product.

More Chance The brief was to create a new weekly publication to be distributed across the London transport system. The publications would be available every Friday so that commuters can catch up on the weekly news & also for visitors travelling to the city at the weekend. The concept of the contents of the publication is to highlight the most popular news within five categorises: World News, UK News, Business, Culture & Sport. Each article has a summary and offers more stories or relates facts & figures relating to the article.

Typocircle - Nottingham Contemporary The brief initially was to create 3 covers and 3 double page spreads for 3 designers/ agencies who have given talks for the Typocircle. To extend the brief I decided to take five Typocircle Speakers and create an exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary. The challenge of this brief was to find a way to brand the event for five Typocircle Speakers who produced a wide range of typography into one event.

Molson Coors - Shift The brief was to name and create an identity for a campaign to encourage women to drink more beer for the beer brand Molson Coors. The concept of the bottle wrap is based around a young fashionable female persona. For each season of the year the colours and shapes used on the bottle wrap change to the latest colours and patterns found within fashion trends at the current time.

D&AD Annual Report 11/12 The concept behind the D&AD Annual Report 2011/12 was to create interaction for a range of viewers within the creative industry reflecting the ethos of D&AD for both screen and printed medias. The language used on the ruler, “How does one measure success?� reflects the tone of voice for D&AD and also relates to the subject matter found within the creative industry.

YCN Warp Records The YCN brief was to find a way of how to promote the Warp Records company and find a way how they can sell more music and merchandise.

Design Context Publication A publication based on my design reference during the third year of my studies. The format refers to my statement of intent which covers current affairs, financial matters & sport. Inside the newspaper are three pull out booklets. One for typography, one for layout and one for colour which have influenced my design decisions.

port, folio, one  

port, folio, one

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