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Brief: The brief was to create a new weekly publication to be distributed across the London transport system. The publications would be available every Friday so that commuters can catch up on the weekly news & also for visitors travelling to the city at the weekend.

The concept of the contents of the publication is to highlight the most popular news within five categorises: World News, UK News, Business, Culture & Sport. Each article has a summary and offers more stories or relates facts & figures relating to the article.

Paul Brandreth OUGD303 Brief 5: More Chance 1/5

Range - More Chance Sticker - Advertisements - More Chance Posters.

The More chance posters will be placed across the London Transport system including the tube stations, bus stops and train stations. As well as advertising using weekly posters their will also be a set of stickers to be dispensed around seats on the

tubes & London busses with quick facts about the article in the publication. These quick facts will be straight to the point to gain interest from consumers to get them to read more and pick up a publication.

Paul Brandreth OUGD303 Brief 5: More Chance 2/5

Range - More Chance (Week 1) Publication, Poster & Sticker - Advertisement.

Each week of the publication uses one colour stock for the cover with foiled type & image, the publication inside will be produced on 90gsm white paper stock with a one colour print which contrasts the cover stock colour.

The large image above refers to an article found in the culture section of the first week. The article was based around artwork selling for more than it had been valued. The double page spread communicates the top ten pieces of artwork sold for more than its valued.

Paul Brandreth OUGD303 Brief 5: More Chance 3/5

Range - More Chance Poster & Publication double page spread

Above is a visual of the 3 week of the More Chance publication and poster. The main article on the front cover and on the double page spread above is about a man from the riots being charged for throwing a paint filled egg at Nick Clegg. The extra story relating to paint being thrown is a summary of the Holi

festival where paint is thrown at others as a celebration in the Hinduism calendar in India. The tone of voice and contents depends on how serious the article is. More Chance uses both a serious tone of voice but where possible also a humorous tone of voice.

Paul Brandreth OUGD303 Brief 5: More Chance 4/5

Range - More Chance App for the iPad - More Chance App for the iPhone

The weekly publications would also be available for commuters to download and read using the More Chance tablet app. This will be ideal for saving costs for printing too. A More Chance app would be available on smart phones too, as part as an marketing strategy and a play on words of more chance,

users can also ask the chances (odds) of something occurring. This relates to the concept of the contents of the publication as it offers something extra rather than the article using facts and figures or in the case using odds to measure chances of events occurring.

Paul Brandreth OUGD303 Brief 5: More Chance 5/5

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