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in equipment for the building trade

SINCE 1858

One family, a history of dedication, passion and research Pavan is a leader in Made in Italy production, and serves professionals in the building, decorating and fine arts fields with their top quality specialised products. Their affectionate users fully recognise the unmistakeable qualities of strength, ease of use and precision, which is a result that was not achieved by chance but by the constant commitment of Pavan to researching the best possible solutions for discerning professionals who want only the best.







There is no wonder that Pavan tools are always at the top of the league! All their product ranges are entirely manufactured in Arcade in the province of Treviso making leverage of the technology and experience that has been built up over the years. The entire production cycle is subjected to scrupulous controls to guarantee the excellent Made in Italy quality.

Pavan is the Italian company that can boast the highest quality levels and also: - 150 years’ experience - 1500 professional tools - Exclusive Made in Italy production

The highlights of the Pavan range are the special tools for marmorino, Venetian stucco and lime putty applications.

Our unmistakeable case

The “Gli ori di Venezia” line

To satisfy the demands of the most discerning professional users, we

The latest born in the Pavan family is the exclusive range of

offer our original case which, like a coffer, protects our jewels that the

“Gli ori di Venezia” finishing trowels, the result of the ongoing

artists use in the ancient art of marmorino. The case keeps the tool kit

attention that the “Ancora” brand pays to the needs of profes-

safe and protected, with practical pullout panels that conserve intact the

sional decorators.

perfect edging on the blades.

“Gli ori di Venezia” stand out for their exclusive patented Eccelsa Plus er-

Lightweight and strong, the case has extremely practical compartments

gonomic handle, with the extended rubber grip which guarantees greater

with the complete range of our best tools for stucco and marmorino

comfort in all the application phases. Strict flexion strength tests have de-


monstrated the incomparable long life of these tools.

The kit can be personalised in the contents and with your own company logo applied.

The special alloy used makes the 844/1 finishing towel an unbeatable mix of strength and lightness. The only tool exclusively designed for the final application phases of Venetian stucco and lime putty. The excellently

The indispensible tools for this splendid decoration work are the result of our longstanding experience: stainless steel spatulas and finishing trowels for smoothing and polishing, which are unique in their field with

Vos travaux seront non seulement l gants mais deviendront de vrais chefs-d’œuvre uniques et inimitables.

designed blade profile as rounded corners and the ground and polished edge guarantee perfect polish and high quality finish. Just a light pressure on the almost dry surface is needed, for a splendid

rounded edge blades and with varying flexibilities available. Mirror

and natural shine to your decorations.

polished blades for even better applications and easier cleaning.

The effectiveness of this tool in the various decoration applications remains unequalled despite the numerous attempts at imitation.

Pavan is attentive to the needs of the professional decorators and

Your work will not only be elegant but unique and unrepeatable master-

serves them with all their experience to offer the best possible solutions.

pieces. art.844/I Eccelsa Plus handle

“Ancora” products made in Italy





The “Sintesi” model trowels have a shock resistant handle coated with soft

The vast Pavan range includes around 760 types of finishing

The Pavan range of spatulas is exclusively handmade by our professional

slip-proof and vibration resistant material. Pavan launched this innovative

trowels of differing types, sizes and toothing, available in

workers. The precision craftsmanship working and the different thickness

handle in the world markets, further to its understanding of the importance

stainless or special hardened steel, with welded or riveted as-

of the steels make these special blades very flexible.

of the ease of use and comfort of the tool for professional decorators who


With more than 300 different models of spatula, the Pavan “Ancora”

use them every day. This handle reduces the inevitable rotation of the hand

brand is able to satisfy the demands of the most discerning professionals,

around the grip, giving greater force when using the tool but with less

The special steel blade guarantees perfect flexibility and resistance in

who stand out for the materials used and the application methods.

fatigue for the forearm.

any working condition. Assembly by special riveting or welding, which

For professional decorators and painters there is a wide range of stainless

undergoes strict load bearing tests and x-raying to check the joins are

steel spatulas.

All our trowels undergo rigorous load bearing tests and the assembly

perfect. The overall strength of the tool and the perfectly finished blade are

is tested with strength tests and x-rayed to ensure the joins are perfect.

“Ancora” quality guarantees.

The hardened steel blade in various sizes, guarantees excellent shearing

These tools are also available with the patented ergonomic “Eccelsa”

strength and versatility for the trowel.

slip-proof handle that guarantees a safe and comfortable grip. The vast range of finishing trowels also includes specific items for finishing plasterboard, for glazing and also top quality rubber trowels.

Our line of trowels offers a vast range of different tips, shapes and sizes to provide the perfect tool for each need.

art.814 art.841

The already extensive range of Pavan trowels has been enlarged further with the stainless steel line, perfect for light works, especially in decoration applications.

art.846/I art. 848 art.816/SD

“Ancora” products made in Italy



PLANES AND SCRAPERS We offer a wide range of scrapers for plaster, plasterboard, walls, parquet, ceilings and for carpenters, together with the excellent plaster scraper (art. 620).

They all agree with “Ancora“ products.

Over the years many have tried to imitate our products but nobody has

Ideal products for setting up a professional display corner in large supermarkets and DIY stores.

managed to achieve our unequalled levels of strength and lightness. The best example of this feature is the “Superleggera” (Superlight) aluminium plane with a hardened steel blade. The line with wood handles stand out for the quality of the support which maintains the blade perfectly straight.

I feel a professional with “Ancora” tools!


More than 1500 professional tools in hardened and stainless steel:

Besides the traditional line of hammers, picks, shovels and axes with The true professional only uses “Ancora” tools!

wood handles, Pavan has now introduced a new range of profes-




spatulas, scrapers, brushes,

sional tools with “Eccelsa” resin handles with a slip-proof rubber

knives, small trowels and

ergonomic grip. The hardened steel heads on our hammers have di-

tools for fine arts, a core

stinctive outer edges of exceptional hardness with a flexible central

business identified by the

part to absorb knocks and vibrations.

“Ancora” brand which has always been a guarantee of quality and Made in Italy production.

You can count on it!

BRUSHES We produce a range of high quality brushes with the Pavan guarantee, given by the perfect combination of the wood used for the handles and the high-strength steel wire, for long lasting professional use. Brushes are also available with sparkproof undulated brass wire, for use in inflammable environments. Our range also includes brushes for special uses, such as antique finishing for wood, large brushes for bitumen spreading, inclined

Our tools are the result of practical experience, techno-

   

A vast range of professional tools


Made in Italy quality

knowledge of professional

A wide range in stock for rapid delivery

users’ needs.



Service and assistance

brushes for radiators, small brushes for suede or candles, brushes for jewellery making and other different types for welders and DIY enthusiasts. “Ancora” products made in Italy


Always attentive to its customers’ needs, PAVAN offers a range of practical display units for an orderly and attractive display of the “Ancora” products. CARDBOARD DISPLAY UNIT

Formed of five shelves and a practical article compartment. Measurements: Width 40 cm Height 150 cm Depth 60 cm





Formed of 1 central straight unit and 2 side triangular columns, for customers to compose at their convenience, with one (e.g. central unit), two (e.g. central unit and columns) or all three sections.


Visit our website   

Company profile Consult the product catalogue Buy online 24h/24h

Measurements: • Central straight display unit: Width 80 cm Height 200 cm Depth 35 cm

• Triangular columns: Width 60 cm Height 200 cm Depth 45 cm

PAVAN Ernesto & Figli S.p.a. Via XI Febbraio, 8 31030 ARCADE - TV Italy ph +39.0422.874180 r.a. +39.0422.874054 fax +39.0422.874108


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