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Where do you want your poo-poo to go? Flooded Homes Leroy St Germaine, publisher of ward 32 news Has Lost It Danforth Mosaic BIA Gets Nothing Done New Condos Everywhere

The Movies

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Leroy St Germaine, Pics at Miss Toronto

By Melissa Peters Leroy has crossed the line in his latest issue, of Ward 32 News, but what can Paul do about it? It’s not a police matter, and you can’t sue someone with no money or assets. All I can do is write the truth. I have known Paul Murton for over fifteen years. I have done everything from silly little jobs, to customer service, to helping print CD’s, to writing front page stories for his online and webbased publications. Included in the “silly little jobs” category was accompanying Paul to a Miss Toronto modelling tryout/photo-shoot, where the organizer, was running late. It is mandatory for Paul to have a second

publisher of ward 32 news

Has Lost It

person at any of his photoshoot/modelling events, preferably female for a few reasons. Paul is a good photographer/videographer in his own right, but he isn’t the ideal person to direct a shoot- make the model(s) feel comfortable, suggest poses, etc. He simply doesn’t feel comfortable telling a pretty girl to look sexy- he would feel creepy doing so, which is why he has never organized any sort of one-on-one modelling project. As stunning and photogenic as some women may be, shyness or lack of confidence get in the way, making it impossible for them to connect with the camera and allow their true beauty to shine through. I am not all that shy though, so I had no problem joking around with the women who arrived, trying to help them loosen up. When Karen finally arrived with the reigning Miss Toronto, I couldn’t help noticing that our city’s beauty queen was almost as tense as the poor girls who had faced their first photo-shoot. I remember Paul asking me to tag along for similar projects over the years, but until I developed my shameful obsession

with ‘America’s/Canada’s Next Top Model”, it was of no interest to me. Paul has been hired to take pictures of aspiring models by the Miss Toronto Pageant, and is happy to continue putting tasteful and clothed shots/videos of hopeful young ladies in print and on the web at their request. Modelling careers come out of exposure of potential, and physical appearance is a large part of that potential. There are links to all of these aspiring models on most of Paul’s websites, and many of them have short clips on Youtube. There is nothing fishy, creepy or weird about it, and Paul has nothing to hide. He is simply using his web presence to give aspiring models exposure. Nobody is naked, or under age, and nobody is being manipulated. From a co-worker of Paul Murton, and her daughter, there is nothing creepy about this man. He is simply a nice person who is happy to help his friends, and a businessman trying to pay the rent.

NEWS: The Danforth Mosaic BIA Gets Nothing Done First and foremost, I would like to thank Michael Saunders from the City of Toronto BIA Office, for finding and returning my camera at the Danforth Mosaic BIA on Nov 26th.

Most members of BIA's have good intentions but struggle to get results due to a questionable concept regarding management. NO ONE GETS PAID. These store owners are busy trying to save their store from being boxed up by walmart. Time is money. Time away from the kids is time that parents will never get back. But if you are on the BIA board you do not get paid. BIA's are in the business of spending over $100,000 per year promoting the neighbourhood. A good example would be the Beaches Jazz Festival. This is what we call money well spent. Danforth Mosaic BIA history is of a

board member paying herself to book the events for the Danforth Mosaic BIA. Awarding a city contact for over $100.000 to yourself got the local store owners unhappy. Over the last 2 years the battle raged on. Now the board has a fresh start with new people on the board. At the general meeting of Danforth Mosaic BIO on Nov 26th evidence of getting nothing done was blamed on no time available to manage the tasks recommended by the local business owners. As an example the city of Toronto gave this BIA $6,000 to update their web site, two years ago. It has not been updated for 2 years. They have the money, but the board has not taken action. WHY? Well it goes to human nature. If you sit on a board that does not pay you and you are asked to recommend a company to update the website, you are going

to refer said board to a buddy who has done a good job for you. This company who gets the contract is likely going to thank that board member by offering them a free site or some other form of kick back. The company getting the contract knows that the board member is NOT BEING Paid. A finders fee of some kind only seems fair, when your unpaid friend throws business your way. The other eleven board members know this and have the right to vote down the suggested company, and propose their own friend’s company. The other unpaid board members are thinking that this guy is being paid and we are not. It is not fair. It might be fair if the chosen web company divide the finders fee between all board members.

on pg 26 - - - - -

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Web: Paul - an evil Website thief! Or not? Paul Murton is an entrepreneur. Over the years, he has dabbled in countless businesses. He has an office, he has marketable skills and talents, and he has a rolodex of past business associates, with whom he has a good relationship, making up a network of people he can contact as his business interests change with the times. One of the few skills/arts Paul possesses that hasn’t gone the way of the dinosaurs is that of website development, hosting and creation. Leroy was in charge of publishing two local rags; Paul was involved with the layout, was asked to arrange webhosting, and to help in the design of these websites. Paul did as he was asked, giving Leroy a good deal in exchange for advertising. Paul doesn’t own any web “property”, though, so the hosting was outsourced, and the company used charged a fee. Leroy stopped paying the fee, so Paul took on the cost

himself, knowing that established websites get far more respect and better search results from search engines like Google. Web presence is so important for businesses these days, it would be crazy of Paul to start from scratch. If paul did not renew the site it would get lost to the next user, who would cash in on 5 years of web value. It’s like a phone number you have had for 30 years, you cannot control who gets it next. I just spent two months switching phone companies, refusing to give up my old-school 416 number! This is where things between Paul and Leroy really started to go south. By this time, Paul had backed out of anything involving the charities, questioning the ethics. When Paul saved the websites from being taken over by a stranger, lest he or Leroy have future use for them, it was not theft, as nobody owns a name on the web unless they pay for it, but Leroy accused Paul of “stealing” his

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By Melissa Peters websites, even though Paul was footing the bill. This was rich as Leroy has both a crimal record and bad credit report. This was another nail in the coffin terminating a decade-long business relationship. Sadly, Paul put himself at risk keeping the websites in his name, as Leroy faced legal issues over his increasingly slanderous articles. Leroys vendetta against Sandra Bussin got the whole city talking. Back then, we thought Leroy had a personal reason to fight Bussin’s reelection, that he truly felt our beloved Beach neighbourhood had suffered greatly under her reign. Little did we know that he was just a puppet, that there were bigger, more influential powers at play, who couldn’t afford to be sued for slander or libel, so they turned to someone with a big mouth, a little paper, and nothing at all to lose. Get the full story in our next issue.

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Bad Sign # 1) You just signed a deal where they do not tell how long you have signed up for. The terms of the deal ARE NOT on the paper you signed. There is a line of text in very small print with a link to a pdf on the web.

By quoting a rate of 1.29% then

adding 0.8% for a real total of 2.09%. and make it worse by charging a $0.05 swipe fee per use. This means if you do 100 transaction a month your fixed cost per month is now 100X5 = $5.00 But it gets worse all transactions are charged! So when you batch your money they charge a swipe fee. And to add to your monthly costs you have a fixed fee of $10.00 + $5.00 for a total of $20.00 per month.

Bad Sign # 2) In the small print you missed this: The lastist fad in the credit card processing biz is using your smart phone with “Square” or another web site that provides a swiper that allows you run CREDIT CARDS ONLY. No Debit Cards

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Bad Sign # 3)

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The sweet soothing lyrics of this song will quickly gain popularity as it describes the inner cries of a man to the woman he loves. And who better to bring this message to the ladies than the excitingly appealing AKOUSTIX. AKOUSTIX endeavors to make a difference through his music and in doing so has just added his follow-up single, an upbeat reggae remake of the classic favorite "Ebony Eyes". AKOUSTIX has performed on some of Canada's most popular sound systems and shared the stage with some of reggae's premiere artists. Just to mention a few, the artist has opened for Shaggy at the Toronto Reggae Festival, graced the stage - - - - - Page 6

is printed in five local papers.

If Reggae Dancehall music is about image and the right sound, then the Reggae artist AKOUSTIX should fit right up there with the reggae elites. The international Reggae population will soon give citizenship to this Canadian raised Singjay who is about to make his voice, music and passion an exciting part of the community. The artist is on a relentless mission to portray a positive influence to the youth around the globe. There is no doubt that the artist lends an ear to the cries of violence in Toronto, Jamaica and worldwide. The artist formally known as ANDREW RANXX for several years, has just recently changed his stage name too AKOUSTIX. AKOUSTIX is the name given to the artist and song writer by ANSEL WILLIAMS aka SHAGGY

more at When one uses the term acoustic in with Morgan Heritage at Nathan the music futurity, you can only Philip square, and at the Montreal expect the most authentic and best Reggae Festival blessed the stage sound possible witch is said to fit for Sugar Minot, Shine Head, John Holt, and Toronto's own Snow. His the artist. collaborations with R&B Singers AKOUSTIX is compelled to express like Shawn Desmond leave no his feelings via his musical talents doubt in our minds that AKOUSTIX resulting in a dynamic blend of brings originality and tremendous melody and insight. Giving birth to writing skills to the table. Needless songs poised with rhythm and to say, growing up in a musical purpose, AKOUSTIX brings a new family has undoubtedly had an source of flavor and diversity to the influence on AKOUSTIX (a.k.a. Andrew White) direction. His father table of the Reggae industry. Not only has his musical vibes been KEBLE WHITE was a professional described as being refreshing and guitar player, who played alongside diverse by the industry, but his Jamaica's foremost guitarist Ernie devoted fans have characterized Ranglin. his music as embodying "expressions of life". Prepare your minds for the waves of his latest hit love song "So many times".


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NEWS: Where do you want your poo-poo to go? Flooded Homes By Melissa Peters

extra rainwater that would normally be processed by the plant at Ashbridge’s Bay. In the 1970’s the City of Toronto decided to install a holding tank for the extra sewage, and block off the “emergency waste water ditch”. Nobody wants to see biosolids floating all over our beach.

Is Waste Management Technology too Limited to Manage our Waste? Do you ever wonder where our “biosolids” (poops) go when they are whisked away from our shiny abodes? Perhaps you should. While strolling along the boardwalk, Paul saw a number of diggers from Toronto Waste Management ripping up the beach. They were apparently “trying to locate the "emergency waste water ditch”. Back in 1921 the city built an overflow ditch to handle

Online research of technological waste management advances came up short. The last newsletter was from 2003, though there is some mention of a “biosolid master plan”. Ashbridge’s Bay, Highland Creek and the other plants involved process all of the waste and rainwater coursing through our sewer system, sending waste to landfills, Buffalo, etc. But the filtration, processing, distribution and transport of the solids obviously takes time and money. There are times during which these processing plants are at capacity regarding storage, and if excess sewer water were to enter a plant, the plant would be destroyed.

NEWS: Leroy’s Fake Charities purchase a ticket to something, claiming a portion of the proceeds will go towards a particular cause are common tactics.

There are some wonderful charities out there, without whom many people would have little, if anything to celebrate this holiday season. So far, it seems you can’t go wrong with toys/food/clothing drives, donating goods or your valuable time to causes like the CHUM Christmas Wish, or the Daily Bread Food Bank. Sadly, there are Grinches out there trying to take advantage of your charitable nature, and it’s important to ensure you donations are going to the right place. Many fraud artists know how to avoid getting caught, asking for smaller donations, or asking that people

If someone asks you for money, ask for details about their organization, for their charitable organization number, the name of the founder/CEO, business address, and where you can find more information online. Hopefully this will weed out some of the fakes. Do your researchGoogle is a good thing, so use it and ask around. The Danforth Music Fest/Beaches Blues Festival (not to be confused with the Waterfront Music Festival!!) is an example of a “charitable organization” to watch out for. The proof that the organization no longer qualifies to distribute tax receipts is a matter of public record, yet it is business as usual for Mr. Leroy St Germaine and his minions selling tickets with the promise of “a portion of the proceeds going to charity.”

The people flushing in East York, and those who will be flushing in the condo developments popping up will be nice and dry. Unfortunately, the holding tank for excess sewage was built FORTY years ago. Lucky residents south of Queen are often the proud recipients of smelly pools in their basements. We continue to add more homes and more toilets, but how about a few more of those handy holding tanks? Considering the COST of a home near the lake, it would be nice to offer basements fit for human habitation. The city’s politicians get to choose- would you prefer poop in the basements of a few voters or poop floating on the beach, where the whole city goes to swim? We can’t expect our great city to stop growing, but the powers that be have a responsibility to all citizens to modernize waste storage and disposal before everyone in Toronto is up poop creek without a paddle!!

By Melissa Peters That portion is LESS than 1%. There is nothing illegal about selling tickets for a music event and collecting donations with nothing more than a PRETENSE of charitable fundraising, although it is most defininitely reprehensible and behavior void of morals. Banks get to know customers, and aren’t as cautious about checking the annual validity of supposed charities before cashing their cheques… maybe the banks should be required to review which charities are still eligible to accept donations annually in order to prevent fraud. If the cheques aren’t being watched by the banks, where is the money going? If the charity is no longer registered, maybe nobody is asking for a statement- that’s scary. This is not to say that all charities are bad, or that anyone should be jaded by the bad guys, but please make sure your hard earned money goes to those who really need it! - - - - - Page 9 - - - - -

Page 10 - - - - - Page 11

Donating Does a World of Good. commerce, and their customers and citizens who rely on used, affordable merchandise to improve their quality of life Our planet through waste reduction and natural resource conservation What to Donate to Charity. We need your good quality:

Every time you choose to donate your unwanted clothing or household items instead of discarding them in the trash - you participate in "the thrift store cycle". What does this mean? It is the complete circle of benefits realized by recycling goods. —the complete circle of benefits realized by recycling goods. Your donation positively impacts: Our nonprofit alliances and their programs Our customers who rely on access to quality goods at great values The Thrift Store Cycle. Individuals in developing countries who benefit through the creation of their own marketplaces in which to conduct

Clothing Men's, Women's, Children's Clothing and Shoes Clothing Accessories: Hats, Mitts, Scarves, Ties, Nylons, Socks, Underwear Personal Accessories: Purses, Wallets, Fanny Packs, Bags Bed and Bath Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Curtains, Tablecloths Media Hardback and Paperback Books Magazines Records, Tapes, CDs Videos, DVDs Computer Software House wares Toys, Games, Puzzles, Stuffed Animals Jewelry, Crafts, Mugs, Candles, Pictures/Frames, Baskets, Ornaments, Hand Tools Pots, Pans, Utensils, China Cups, Vases, Dishes, Cutlery, Glassware, Silverware, Stemware Small Electrical Toasters, Radio, Power Tools, Irons, Blenders, Mixers Stereos, CD Players, Speakers, DVD And VCR Players, Bicycles, Golf Equipment, Small and Large Garden Tools, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Sports Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Skis, Humidifiers Sorry, We Cannot Accept

Televisions or Computer Monitors Due To High Disposal Fees Furniture Sofas, Couches, Loveseats, Recliners, Foot Stools (no sleeper sofas) All Types Of Chairs Tables: Dining, Kitchen, Coffee, End, Computer, Night Stand, Patio Storage Dressers, Hutch, Armoire, Bookcase, Cabinets, Entertainment Center Beds, Headboards, Footboards, Frames Note: This list may be changed and/or modified as needed to accommodate business needs and trends. Some locations do not accept Furniture items, so please contact your local store for a complete list of acceptable donations. ITEMS WE CANNOT ACCEPT Unfortunately, there are a few items we cannot accept for a variety of reasons, including safety and chemical hazards, inability to repair or clean items, product recalls and high disposal fees. This list may be changed and/or modified as needed to accommodate business needs and trends. Weapons and Explosives Hazardous Waste Construction Materials Flammable Products Large Appliances Automobile Parts Food Mattresses and Box Springs (depending on location) Televisions and Computer Monitors Sleeper Sofas DROP IT OFF Did you know we pay our nonprofits based on the volume of items dropped off? Bring your quality reusable items to a Community Donation Centre located at every Value Village - - - - -

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The Movies Chris Mitchell - Visual Arts Manager far left Matthew Hodge Program Manger in the middle Lisa Brown Festival Director (Right)

“CELEBRATING TWENTY YEARS OF MADNESS” with Workman Arts at the 20TH ANNUAL RENDEZVOUS WITH MADNESS FILM FESTIVAL Despite increasingly widespread awareness and education, far too many people still believe much of the stigma attached to mental illness. It is frightening enough to people who don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis, and can be terrifying and confusing for actual sufferers and those closest to them. Countless individuals and families suffer in silence, associating mental illness with fear and shame, and one of the most important things we can do as a society is educate the public, and ensure victims of mental illness know they are not alone, that there is help available, and that there is no shame in seeking assistance. In some cases, it can be as simple as a daily dose of medication to alter brain chemicals that can make a difference, and save someone from a lifetime of fear, loneliness and ridicule. Seminars, workshops and lectures are all well and good, but they don’t appeal to the general population. The most common vehicle through which mental illness and addiction issues reach the public is film, and, in partnership with Workman Arts, the Rendezvous with Madness Film festival makes it possible for people to share their struggles with mental illness, as well as insight into treatment and hope. The films featured make up a multifaceted exploration of mental illness

Films/Rendezvous With Madness by Melissa Peters

and addiction. What makes this event ground-breaking is that each screening is followed by a panel discussion. The films are made all that more powerful when they are put into perspective for the audience, for whom the film is still fresh in the mind, allowing exploration and clarification of what was on the screen. According to the Rendezvous with Madness website,

Gala, TIFF Bell Lightbox Little Bird (Kauwboy), Boudewijn Koole, Netherlands, 2012, Dutch with English subtitles, 81 minutes, Feature, TORONTO PREMIERE, Rated 14A

“The technical freedom of film allows for these artists to challenge perceptions of reality and to express the truth of mental illness and addiction.” The idea alone is incredible, but the execution wouldn’t be possible without Workman Arts, “an arts and mental health company known internationally for its artistic collaborations, presentations, knowledge exchange, best practices, and research in the area of the impact of the arts on the quality of life of people living with mental illness and addiction. Workman Arts facilitates aspiring, emerging and established artists with mental illness and addiction issues to develop and refine their art form through its arts training programs, public performance / exhibit opportunities and partnering with other art organizations.” Congratulations to Rendezvous with Madness on their 20th Year, and many thanks to Workman Arts. This festival is needed to open minds and save lives, and the organizers and artists deserve to celebrate every successful year! My editor was the one who actually saw the following films, but he isn’t much of a writer, so we work together; Paul gives me his review orally, at which time, I look for some information on-line to ensure correct names and spelling, and put his review on paper for our readers to enjoy.

This film features a boy and his relationships with both of his parents. Also, his adoption of, and subsequent attachment to a helpless young bird. It doesn’t feature the typical buffet of sex, violence and explosions, but instead is a touching tale of relationships, caring, life and death. At first impression, Kauboy appeared to be slow-moving; boy running through the grass to get home for dinner with his father, an abusive drunk prone to fits of rage, the apparent feature character in the theme of mental illness. A second and very consistent theme was the boys’ relationship with his mother, a travelling singer, with who he spoke regularly over the phone. Paul doesn’t typically do well with subtitles, so his review of this Dutch film certainly had me intrigued. I was actually really impressed at the eloquence and passion with which he spoke of this film (I’m not saying he doesn’t have it in him, but he typically relies on me for the more flowery and descriptive language). He described it as “really, very dramatic, one of the best films [he’s] ever seen…it really turns open your mind and has you far more emotionally connected than you could have every expected,… a strong and memorable statement on life and death… “. Many of the audience

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9: Opening Night

Page 30 - - - - - Page 13

DANCE : The Whole Shebang: One : Two : One Dreamwalker Dance Company in association with Volcano Theatre presents 6th edition of The Whole Shebang - One : Two : One AND OTHER INQUIRES INTO IDENTITY

My first impression of the theme was the interstitial space between audience facing audience. Although safer, it was reminiscent of walking into a yoga class for the first time. Mirroring each other’s self-judgment, discovering the ability to relate, exposing vulnerability, embracing where we’re at while sharing time and space of absolute acceptance.

A few seconds after I was wondered by Elysha Poirier’s video design and animation, swirls of light drawing images of a woman and a man. The installation, accompanied by a close proximity between Andrea Nann and Brendan Wyatt, made me think of space ‘management’ in intimate relationships. Defying distance to a point of a soul-overlap, continuing to walk through the person (rather than recoil), to get back to ourselves. The swinging shadows symbolized their balance we need to belong to ourselves in order for others to belong to us and vice versa. The contra-actives that stood out for me (in no particular order) were; Kate Holden’s outstanding physicality and razor blade execution of “Double Life” choreography by Kate Alton, “Dring Dring” voices of Neema Bickersteth and Xin Wang commenting on our cell phone

by Kasia Ignatowska culture and their lack of. The “Manger Memoirs” by Puppetmonger Theatre Production amazed me with mastering the skill of simplicity, telling an elaborate, true story through shadow drawings, which some were completed by objects or hands. Siblings Ann and David Powell took us back to mid-1950s and shared their magical adventures while moving to Hong Kong due to father’s British Army Post. Eclectic as always, the multi-media inquiries into self and space between, commentary on quality of life, empathy, accountability are the muscles behind meaningful aesthetic of The Whole Shebang. Every year, whether you’re new or a regular, expect to be on the program. This year it was especially fun to mirror each other’s hand movements and make voice sounds. - - - - - Page 14

We Also Have Open Bowling. If You Just Want 1 Or 2 Lanes

We are fully licensed with the LLBO and offer a wide variety of beverages. We offer a hot & cold buffet, To meet your groups needs

Danforth Bowl is located at 1554 Danforth Ave, Northwest corner of Danforth at Coxwell. Across the street from Coxwell Subway Station.

416-463-3000 Toll Free 1-877-463-0002

CANADIAN RADIO STAR WIN $10,000 IN CASH ARTISTS COMPETE FOR A CHANCE TO BE NAMED THE CANADIAN RADIO STAR AND WIN $10,000 IN CASH 20th Annual National Talent Search Now Underway – TORONTO, ON – (November 15, 2012) – Canada’s leading radio talent search, Canadian Radio Star, is now underway. Emerging artists from across Canada are invited to submit their original works for a chance to be heard by a top tier of music professionals – including seasoned songwriters and leading music publishers – and the opportunity to collect an incredible mix of prizes, including $10,000 in cash. Sponsored by Astral Radio, and presented in association with Canadian Music Week, the contest has been running 20 years strong and is but only one of the events on the Canadian Music Week 2013 calendar – March 19-24, 2013 in

Toronto. The national Grand Prize winner will receive a prize package consisting of: $10,000.00 in cash (first runner up receives $2,500.00 cash); custom 4piece Drum Kit provided by UDRUM with hardware and cases; Neumann U87 Professional Studio Microphone; Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III (and case); Epiphone bass; Yamaha MO8 Music Production Synthesizer; Cubase6 Audio Workstation Software Package; 30 hours of mixing and mastering time from Metalworks, Canada’s #1 recording studio; $5,000.00 national radio promotion package from dB Promotions & Publicity Inc; a custom designed iPhone app by RDR for the artist/band; a Songwriters’ Resource Library Package featuring some of the bestselling songwriting titles carried by Music Books Plus; as well as an allexpense paid weekend to CMW 2013 in

March including accommodations provided by Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel, performance showcase at Canadian Music Week; and a full delegate badge to Canadian Music Week conference. Both the Grand Prize winner and the first runner up will each receive one free digital radio station upload to any format of choice by RDR Music Group in conjunction with DMDS. Artists are encouraged to submit online at to their closest participating radio station, as of today and through to 5pm EST on January 18th, 2013, the contest’s close. Regional champions will be declared by participating radio stations in January, with a combined public and industry vote determining the Grand Prize winner and runner up. Complete details and contest rules can be found online at the competition’s site,

Our Music Review Site is - - - - - Page 15 - - - - -

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Lady with a Lap Dog, by Anton Chekhov

has thus locked herself within the magnificent walls of her manor house. Smirnov (John Fray), the intruder who has interrupted her artful mourning in order to collect an old debt of her late husbands’, envisions himself as a libertine and a seducer, when in fact he is really quite a sentimental romantic. Smirnov’s hypocrisy culminates in his sudden and intense affection for Popova, who represents all that he claims to despise about both women and the social class that she belongs to. Eventually the conflict escalates into an unlikely duel and so the true natures of the characters are revealed. The desolate widow becomes harsh, unfeeling, and is prepared to shoot her opponent (once he teaches her how to fire a pistol, naturally), while the rude and uncompromising misogynist discovers that he is unable to fire at his rival since he has fallen in love with her! As expected, the pair ends up in a passionate and lustful embrace, while the stage is veiled in darkness and the curtain falls. Yet the play also exhibits an element grounded in the reality of Russian rural existence in the late 1800s, that is, poverty, which persists as a recurring thematic concern in Chekhov’s works. Smirnov, who is a landowner, has come to collect money from a debt in order to be able to pay the interest on a loan for his mortgage, otherwise he will default on the payment and likely lose his estate. This critical

situation is ultimately what motivates him to behave in such an ungainly manner when conducting his business with the widow. Polatynksi and Fray, under the direction of Ellen Hurley and the rhythmic swells of Steve Ward’s trumpet, merge to create an atmosphere that simultaneously depicts the monotony of the existence while punctuating the comic elements of the unexpected. Chekhov’s reputation has certainly outlived even his expectations; he died of Tuberculosis in 1904 at the age of forty-four. A short time prior to his death in a conversation with Ivan Bunin (a sublime writer of vivid poetry and prose) Chekhov confided in him and stated that his readership would continue to be aware of his work for another seven years. When Bunin inquired why he assumed this particular length of time, Chekhov replied that as he had another six years to live, he just might be remembered for one year after his death. His assertion was most humble but of course false as his reputation still lingers in the collective imagination. Thus, dear reader, I urge you to experience the mysterious world of the Chekhovian dream, which is occasionally farcical, sometimes eccentric, often somber, but perpetually significant as it captures the sacredness of the circumstances of self-realization. - - - - - Page 17

is printed in five local papers. Story By: Nikoleta Curcin

Another Theatre Company presents a double bill at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival, The Bear and Lady with a Lap Dog, written by Anton Chekhov. Chekhov wrote The Bear as a ‘little French-style vaudevillette’, which begins as a typical battle of the sexes, and ‘a joke in one act’. The comic elements result from the characters’ absence of awareness in regard to their own identities, making them into figures that are exaggerated to the point of being ridiculous. Popova (Jamie Polatynski) imagines herself to be a widow in the throes of despair who, after her husband’s death, has become utterly inconsolable and

Second Play

Theatre: The Bear Plus - - - - -

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Since discovering an intolerance to gluten, I have feared it would affect my ability to review restaurants - one of my favorite things to do. I got lucky this time though- most of the dishes at Lalibela are served with either rice, or Injera, Ethiopian bread traditionally made with a grain that doesn’t contain gluten. Many North American restaurants, however, do put wheat flour in their injera- Lalibela does not. I was so happy to hear this, as my great experiences in these eateries haven’t required cutlerythe diner simply tears off a section of the moist, flat bread and uses his or her fingers to scoop up the cuisine. As the cuisine is often quite spicy, bread or rice is almost necessary to enjoy a full meal! The server recommended I try the Lalibela Platter (which I had already been considering), a

take the leftovers from that home too. There was a table filled with food for a very reasonable price, and it was great at the restaurant, and again at home. The beer was nice and cold, they have a full bar, a variety of vegetarian dishes, and are an excellent choice for glutenfree diners. After 6pm, parking on Danforth is free of charge, but not easy to find. The menu is filled with choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a kids menu, and they are open late every night. Available for take-out. (416) 6450486 (Danforth) Visit lalibelaethiopianrestaurant .com for menus and details.

combination of dorowat, with boiled egg, gomen beets, lentil, lamb tibs, kifto and salad. The different flavours and textures all went well with the injera, and the salad in the middle helped keep the heat under control so I could keep eating. Each had unique features, ranging from mild to hot, and all were very tasty and full of flavour. I ordered a glass of white wine to have with my meal, and was surprised at how sweet it was, but the strong flavour was necessary to even notice the wine beside the meal. It balanced out nicely. Paul’s dish, Zilzil Tibs, was a sizzling beef and vegetable medley, topped with jalapeno peppers for spice. One little seed snuck into his mouth, so I got to - - - - -

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is printed in five local papers. By Melissa Peters

Located just west of Coxwell, Lalibela restaurant is cozy without being cramped, with a sprinkling of holiday decorations for the season, and backlit prints and wall murals for the rest of the year. We brought my very picky daughter Logan with us, who refuses to touch anything ‘weird’ or spicy, very similar to our editor, Paul’s ‘dietary restrictions’. Logan chose the table beside the large fish tank, swimming with sizeable African Cichlids and a little plecko dining on rare spots of algae.

FOOD: Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant- 1405 Danforth Ave

The Movies Dibakar Banerjee, Director/Co-Producer of Shanghai at Toronto International Film Festival

Shanghai (110 min.): Dibakar Banerjee, Director/Co-Producer Toronto International Film Festival City to City: Mumbai This very physical, and action-based story of corruption, mystery and intrigue, was filmed, for the most part, in black and white. The film had moments of excitement, of drama, but there was a lack of dialogue, to the English-speaking viewer. It was obvious that the actors said a great deal in the original language, but the actual subtitles were limited, basic and vague. The saving grace, however, was the charming and succinct dialogue of the director himself. There was one scene, for example, that had Paul (my editor) very confused… in the midst of a carchase, a group of dancers blocked traffic, and interrupted the action. For a North American viewer, this is confusing… to say the least. The director explained that, in India,

many movie venues have airconditioning, and with such a hot climate, it is customary to allow audience members to take a break from their seats, stretch, and do a little dance. Usually, it seems as though the actors are actually involved in the break and dance number. That this siesta would take place in the middle of a car-chase, therefore, is unusual, especially within the film itself. It’s as though the director was shedding light on his countries traditions in a context that we action-driven North Americans would begin to understand. It was a very interesting discussion, and, as a whole, an interesting concept. It is a pity that much of the dialogue seemed to be ignored, and seemed to be lost in the translation. With the directors’ explanation, there appeared to be a very in-depth and interesting film at play, but much of it was geared towards an audience who could understand both the language and the customs. Foreign films deserve to be respected in communities other than which they were created, and close attention to detailed and properly executed subtitles are nearly as important as production, casting and direction.

Chrissy CHRISSY is a film about bullying at school, relationships and the determination to succeed despite harsh conditions. It is an inspirational and educational film

Consul General of Barbados, Mr. Ferdinand Gill with Makalah Harrison

which has been written first with the younger age group in mind. It encourages primary school children to achieve academically and to their fullest potential. Makalah Harrison, Cara O’Donnell, Mac Fingall, Sophia Thomas, and Peter Boyce star in CHRISSY. Harrison and O’Donnell portray two elementary students who face very challenging situations while Fingall, Thomas, and Boyce are the educators these young friends must interact with as positively as possible. Harrison, who plays the title character, said she enjoyed the experience of acting in such an important movie. She said that she, unlike Chrissy, would immediately “recommend that any child who is being bullied to tell someone. Do not keep it to yourself and suffer in silence. I would ask that adults listen to us and do not dismiss bullying as just children being children. - - - - -

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Office At 975 Bloor St W TORONTO, Ontario M6H 1L7 a block past Long&McQuade Phone # 416-693-9413

professional development program March Weekend Courses 2013 15 Certificate courses on new developments in the music, audio and digital media industries will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays, March 9/10 and 16/17 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at Harris Institute in Toronto. Includes complimentary networking lunches - - - - -

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MUSIC: 8 Reasons For Learning To Play The Guitar Why Play Guitar? 8 Reasons For Learning To Play The Guitar The guitar is possibly the most popular instrument in the world, with new players taking it up every day. The guitar is the most popular instrument taught in the schools, and millions of new and used guitars are sold annually. There are many reasons for this popularity. If you’re undecided about taking up the guitar, or are wondering just what is so great about it, read on, and we’ll take a look at some of the main reasons why so many people are learning the guitar. 1. It’s very versatile Perhaps the main reason why guitar playing is so popular, is the guitar’s enormous versatility. Whichever musical styles you like best, whether you into rock, metal, folk, country, classical, flamenco or anything else, chances are you’ll be able to play it on the guitar. There’s also a variety of different types of guitar to choose from, such as electric and acoustic guitars, nylon string and steel string models, six and 12 string guitars, as well as more specialist varieties, such as the dobro. And then you can experiment with different tunings, as well as a huge variety of guitar effects. There’s almost no limit to the variety of sounds and styles the guitar can achieve, which makes it an excellent instrument for those who have eclectic musical tastes, or who get bored easily.

The guitar is also an affordable instrument for most people. While top of the range guitars are naturally very expensive, you can get stared with a much more basic model which costs just a couple of hundred dollars less, and which still sounds good and plays well. You also have the option of buying a second-hand instrument, which can be a good way to get a better quality guitar at a reasonable price. 4. It’s both social & individual Unlike some other instruments, the guitar sounds equally good when played alone, and when played as part of a band or other ensemble. So whether you want strut your stuff on stage, or are happy to noodle away alone in your room, you can get just as much enjoyment from playing guitar. 5. It’s personally fulfilling Another great reason to take up the guitar is the issue of personal fulfilment. In common with other musical instruments, the journey to becoming a truly skilled guitarist is a long one, but it’s also incredibly satisfying when you learn new skills and gradually master previously impossible-seeming techniques. And since there’s always room for improvement, there’s no limit to the amount of satisfaction can be gained from learning to play the guitar. 6. There’s plenty of support available

2. You can sound decent in a relatively short time Another advantage to the guitar is that even complete beginners can start to sound quite good relatively quickly. This is in contrast to some other instruments, such as the violin or the oboe, which almost always sound completely horrendous in the early stages. Once you’ve mastered a few basic chords on the guitar, you’ll be able to strum along with many classic songs. It’s also relatively easy to learn to pick out individual notes and play simple tunes. This kind of early progress can be very encouraging, so you’re more likely to keep going and avoid becoming one of those many people who give up an instrument in the first few months.

The guitar’s popularity means that there is an enormous community of guitar players out there. Wherever you live, chances are there are other guitarists living near you – and of course the internet makes it possible to connect with millions of other guitarists worldwide. This huge amount of interest in the instrument means that there is an abundance of resources available for guitarists all levels, tabs for just about every song ever written, a variety of specialist magazines, to the hundreds of message boards where you can connect with other guitarists at any time. So there’s never any reason to feel alone on your guitar playing journey, even if you’re teaching yourself to play. And whatever problem you run into along the way, the solution is most likely only a few mouse clicks away.

3. It’s affordable

7. There are some enticing career options

For those who are willing to put in the work it takes to really develop their abilities, it’s possible to make a decent living using your guitar skills. Playing in a popular band is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind here: although the chances of success if you decide to go this route are relatively slim, there’s no denying the fact that many elite guitarists have done very well from following their calling. You don’t need to be a rock god to make a living from your guitar skills, however. Other careers open to guitarists includes teaching, playing in a covers band and session work, and those who are more technically inclined might be interested in guitar repair, design or construction. While a career in any part of the music industry is never going to be the easiest option, the guitar’s wide popularity means that there are more opportunities for guitarists that might be the case with many other, less popular, instruments. Of course, there’s more competition too, but those who are truly skilled stand a better chance of reaping the rewards. 8. The status factor There’s no denying that many guitarists enjoy a boost in their social status as a result of their skills. Among younger people especially, the guitar is seen as a ‘cool’ instrument, and the stereotype of the otherwise unattractive male who suddenly becomes magnetic to the opposite sex when he picks up a guitar is a stereotype for a reason. Many female guitarists have experienced the same thing. So if you’re looking for an ego boost, or just want to be the life and soul of the party for a change, playing the guitar might help you in this respect too. Ultimately though, there should be only one reason why anyone plays guitar, and that is for the love of the instrument. The external rewards may or may not arrive, and as with any challenging activity, those who enjoy playing the guitar for its own sake are those who will stay the course and learn to excel. If the guitar is really the instrument for you, you probably won’t need to ask ‘why learn guitar?’ You’ll just know! Visit Junction Guitars at 2763A Dundas Steet West, call 416-761-0056 or online at - - - - -

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Five Enthusiastic Thumbs Up! -Overflows With Kin, Dread & Spirit I walked into this play blind, having no idea what to expect- it was a last minute review, and I had just enough time to walk the dog and get changed before meeting my editor and heading to the Tarragon Theatre for the show. The venue appeared quite intimate, which couldn’t have been more perfect for this little show, and there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The Danforth Mosaic BIA Gets Nothing Done Danforth Mosaic BIA, having a history of kickbacks is afraid of being accused of being dirty, so their answer is to not spend any money. No one wins... No local stores get help No one has any FREE time to plan and manage a street festival. The only power the board has is the power to say no to an external company offering to help for a fee. Does this mean that a little hanky panky is good for the neighbourhood? There has to be a better way of dealing with this. There isn’t much point in having BIA's at all unless they are motivated to improve the neighborhood as a team who are paid for their time.

Do You Know how many times “Bloor News” is mentioned on the web? The more times you are linked, the more likely you will have web visiters.

Bloor News ( 14,900 results ) Yahoo (600)

After selling out last year, this is the second run of this production, the premiere marking the beginning of Asha’s stage experience. You wouldn’t know it watching her. She is such a natural, and it’s easy to forget that she is on a stage, rather than sharing the kitchen in her home with each member of the audience. The topics of conversation and endless debates that ensue don’t change from one night to the next, but there are no actual lines that Asha has had to

memorize and rehearse- she is simply having a conversation with her son that mirrors the endless debates between Immigrant parents and their Canadianized offspring, as faced in their actual homes. The interaction between Asha and her son is so real and so honest. The play began with family and cultural differences, and the conversations that ensued. Over time, so little, if anything, seems to have changed, and that is what makes Brimful of Asha so magical. Ninety minutes didn’t seem long enough- the insane frustration and the even more powerful love between Ravi and Asha resonates with some of the deepest and most universal conflicts and feelings of affection. Despite geographical and cultural boundaries, there are some things we all share; above all, how easy it is to simultaneously love and want to strangle those closest to us

is printed in 5 papers. Story By: Melissa Peters

The audience is immediately made to feel as though we are sitting in the Jain kitchen with Ravi, born and raised in Canada, and his Indian mother, Asha. No flashy lighting or the bells and whistles of today’s theatres take place, just a man and his mother around a table, sharing samosas and tea. Adding to the intimacy, the lights stay on, and there is regular interaction between the players and their “invited” guests.

Theatre: A Brimful of Asha

SNAP Program (Stop Now And Plan) Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the victims of the horrific violence on Dec. 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. I have been trying to find the right words to express how I feel about what took place today. They simply don’t exist. My heart goes out to everyone affected not just today, but for the rest of their lives. This senseless violence has to stop! Guns are only part of the problem- we have to look at society, and at why people turn into monsters and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT or this will just keep happening. RIP Little Angels- Forever in our hearts and never forgotten.

Social Programs that help children who are struggling in society at an early age are too important to be cut, so why are they often the first to go. SNAP is one such program facing an end to their funding. They specialize in helping girls, ages 6-11, with

behavioural issues to learn and practice self-control and problemsolving skills. Anyone with issues from mild social awkwardness, problems at school to criminal behaviour is eligible. The victims in school shootings are innocent people caught in the crossfire when violent and misunderstood young people lash out impulsively, often after a lifetime of having nowhere to turn. Connecticut is only hours away, and what happened there CAN happen in our own backyard. Our young people need somewhere to turn before fear and anger spin out of control. Please write to the government at all levels, and spread the word. We can’t risk cutting Social Programming for our children who are growing up in such a volatile and fragile world. Save programs like SNAP ( from government cuts and help our children grow up in a SAFE and loving world. - - - - -

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Tarot Card Interpretation Knight Of Swords January 20 - February 20 Introduction: Unlike a number of the Swords cards, the Knight of Swords actually brings a fairly upbeat and cheerful energy. Knights can often mean that someone or something desirable is about to seek you out. The Knight of Swords also points to your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy being at a peak. General: If you're waiting for news from someone or something, you are likely to like what you hear. The Knight of Swords can point to lots of activity, travel, being out and about, getting things accomplished. You are unlikely to feel like waiting for anything to come to you; that's a good thing to go after your heart's desire Work: In relation to work questions, this is a particularly good omen if you are looking for

work. A job that is just what you've been hoping for may suddenly come your way. If already employed, things are about to get a lot busier, in a very positive way. You will be getting so much accomplished that you may make your peers look bad. That's mostly their problem, but don't be obnoxious about it. Love: You may literally be about to be swept off your feet, whether you are male or female. If you are currently in a committed relationship, It may be about to brighten up quite a bit and become a whole lot deeper and more satisfying. If you're looking for love, it may come along when you least expect it but you have to be having some sort of contact with other people for the door to be open to this. Get dressed up and go out on the town. You'll have a blast. Finances: With regard to money, the picture looks good when the Knight appears. You may receive some cash that you weren't

New Condos Everywhere

The Hungarian House Urbancorp, prepares a rezoning application to build a mixed-use residential and commercial spaceËœwhich is another way of saying that St. Clair West is getting another condo. According to Local councillor Joe Mihevc (Ward 21, St. Paul's) Former Tower Automotive Building at 158 Sterling, previously the Northern Aluminium Company Building goes CONDO. An applications for six blocks of condos around 158 Sterling has been refused by City Council

expecting. Don't spend it all in one place. Your return on investments are looking good. Keep doing what you're doing. Share your wealth in whatever way you can. Health: The Knight of Swords points to relatively good news with regard to health, but you may be told to slow down a little. If so, do as you're told. The Knight has an element of somewhat grandiose energy and behavior. Yet doing your own homework into what's ailing you can be helpful. You can harness your own healing energy and power now. Spirituality: In the context of spiritual questions, the Knight points to a need for silence and space to deepen your understanding. It's hard to increase your spirituality if you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Remember one of the greatest affirmations ever offered to the world: Peace. Be still. one of four reports


LEGENDS GALLERY OF FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY 87 Yorkville Avenue - Lower Level Palette Of Pop Culture - Until February 20, 2013 Featuring over 75 rare, limited edition and signed photographs of the 20th Century's most famous icons in music, film, fashion & history - visit with Andy Warhol, Brigitte Bardot, Bobby Kennedy, Christian Dior, Faye Dunaway, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Gene Simmons, Jackie Kennedy, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Leonard Cohen, Miles Davis, Mick Jagger, Natalie Wood, Neil Young, Paul Newman, Ray Charles, Steve McQueen, Winston Churchill and Sean Connery/James Bond (Diamonds Are Forever) - - - - -

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The Movies members were in tears or close, by From Page13 the end of the film, and became “part of the directors’ vision”; the creators of the play did such a good job eliciting emotions from each and every member of the audience. Critically acclaimed as the Netherlands Best Foreign Film submission to the 2013 Academy Awards, Little Bird (Kauboy) was selected as the Opening Night Feature at the 20th Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival. From what Paul told me, this film was incredible, especially considering his truly heartfelt enthusiasm in the face of foreign media. Between the acting, direction and overall production of the piece, the plot, relationships and feeling of the storyline were as easy for him to follow as they would have been had he been watching the film in English. Furthermore, the subtitles were expertly executed; ensuring that little, if any, of what was going on would be lost in translation. I look forward to seeing it myself.

winding path toward healing. Still today, it is difficult for even the experts to truly understand mental illness, especially those who have had nothing but textbooks and professors to which they could refer. With few exceptions, the only people who can truly understand the struggle are those who suffer from it, directly or otherwise. This festival brings the stories of the actual victims to light, and presents them to others who have a desire, or a need to further understand mental illness. By showing the struggle in Passion Flower from a variety of perspectives, the film also helps shed light on how particular groups of the population can be affected differently, and how the pressures of society impact people according gender, age and role(s) in the world.

The lack of secure attachment to his parents, crippled his own parental ability. He was able to accept but did not know how to nurture his children emotionally. William’s wife advocated for his loud, even violent ways to release his anger. She believed that because he was withdrawn for most of his life, screaming and kicking objects was more therapeutic than trying to remain calm as recommended by doctors.

---------------------------In the end, although some of his work portrayed sunlight, open space and safety of family life, there was always a trace of darkness camouflaged in the painting.

Passion Flower Shelagh Carter Canada, 2011, English, 90 minutes, TORONTO PREMIERE, Rated 14A Based in the late 50’s early 1960’s, this film centers around a family reminiscent of “Leave it to Beaver”, more specifically the mother’s struggle with bi-polar disorder, how it affects her relationships, and how her illness affected the other members of her family. The attitude even then was so archaic; they even sent her to a center for shock therapy- a typical “treatment” back in the day. Back then, there was even less understanding around mental illness than there is today. The effects the mother’s illness had on the daughter were at the center of the film. The interesting part is that said daughter was behind the creation of the film, and it was based on a true story. It was a well depicted story about the effects of mental illness on the family, stemming from a dramatic story of a family facing mental and the long and

his emotional and mental functioning as an adult. Kurelek, hollowed with dismissal and judgment filled the void with fantasy-reality. Imagination became a safe haven but turned its back during his marriage, when he realized it would not be a constant euphoria.

Review by Kasia Ignatowska

Inside William Kurelek’s Maze The film shone stark light on Kurelek’s (1927-1977) lack of opportunity to develop autonomy as a child. The Maze masterfully depicted the emotional wreckage of intrusive parenting he experienced growing up on the farm. Although resiliency allowed him to pursue art studies, find his own family life and gain recognition, the international approval was no substitute for parental validation. The perseverance helped him reach his goal as an artist, but being not manly enough in his father’s eyes hindered

The film was one insight into many of child/parent disconnects. Kurelek used his artistic language to communicate his need to belong, as well as to comment on the greed and isolation dominating a world full of people. The orchestra of pigs following in perfect unison a conductor monkey to represent conforming to society, condoning a blind eye to the norms that dictate conventional success of being a lawyer or a doctor to be respected and accepted by society. Susan Pigott - Vice-President, Communications and Community Engagement,CAMH - - - - -

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skil CLASSIFIED Section Featuring Local Trades

These web sites are owned by Paul Murton

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monthly is just another of Leroy’s lies and misrepresentations. Much as he misrepresents many charities, collecting monies for charities that no longer exist, never did exist, or are simply made-up. This is a man who resorts to extorting money from the good people of Toronto. The very act of misrepresenting charities and quite frankly robbing those less fortunate, such as the recent Salvation Army robbery of 5 tractor trailer loads of toys for Toronto’s poor and less fortunate, is an absolute indicator of this man’s character and moral turpitude. This article is more for my advertisers than the general reading public. I'd like to defend myself and my character regarding some slanderous, libellous and baseless accounts being made against myself and my business endeavours. Over the last few months my former business associate Leroy has been slamming me in his local newspaper with maniacal ranting’s, stories and crazy lies that have absolutely no foundation. Don’t have a “falling out” with the owner of a newspaper that has no assets. Suing him for defamation of character will not work. There's nothing there! The only way to set the record straight is for me to write a reply and defend myself against these nonsensical allegations. Leroy's current issue warns readers “DON”T LET MURTON CONTROL YOU“. I was interested to find out more, so I went out to see if I could pick up a copy of the latest issue of his Ward 32 newsletter. I looked in all the usual spots, but none were to be found. Unfortunately Leroy had already hand delivered copies of his current newsletter to all of my advertisers, and business associates with a sales pitch on using his paper, and his services not mine to promote their products. A quick view of his web site, ( shows only three papers published per year. Leroy and his dwindling sales team promise readers and advertisers their ads and stories go into a newsletter with a monthly distribution of 50,000. We can gather from the sparse and very intermittent publications that his promise of publishing 50.000 copies

For those wondering, why all this fuss about Leroy’s lies, why and where they are coming from you have to understand that Leroy’s lack of publishing lead to his sales team moving over to work for me. In his crazed mind he thinks I have stolen his paper from him, thus an effort by a crazy man to try and close down my papers. Past issues of Leroy’s Rag have claimed that as a sales rep for a debit card machine. I am slowly robbing your bank account. In the real world, and as a sales rep only, I have no access to anybody’s bank account, nor do I work for any bank that would do this. Quite frankly there is no such bank that would allow such illegal activity. It is neither in the banks best interest, or their customers for that matter, to allow the sharing of confidential and personal banking details to be accessed by anyone other than the banks themselves, or their customers. It’s quite silly really to think anyone could have such access to private bank account information. My second best story from Leroy is that I Paul Murton, am a master spy posing as local store owner, slowly and methodically scooping up your corporate identities for my evil empire and world domination plans. There will be more ranting’s, sour grapes and crazy talk from this very ill man, a convicted criminal with a 20 year and ongoing addiction to crack cocaine. This drug use is obviously having a serious and detrimental effect on his mind. How else can you explain this reprehensible and shameless behaviour? by Paul Murton

Highlights! Through to June 2013 Uncharted Waters: Toronto’s Enigmatic Harbour – Presented with the assistance of the Toronto Port Authority – Canada’s most talented contemporary artists participate in a photographic exploration of environmental and cultural resources Through to May 25 NextSteps 201213 – NextSteps, Harbourfront Centre's national dance series, brings the very best in Canadian dance from across the country – and around the globe – to Toronto's finest performance stages Through to June 2013 Authors at Harbourfront Centre & AUTHORS Book Club – Literary events featuring the world’s finest contemporary novelists, poets, playwrights, short story writers and non-fiction writers. Through to February 23 DJ Skate Night – Toronto’s hottest DJs put the beat in your blades. Featuring all kinds of highenergy music, from reggae to house to electronica to dub. This year’s line-up includes 1 LOVE T.O, Soca on Ice with Dr. Jay and more January 19 Innovators + Ideas – Lecture and Viva Voce presentations February 1-3 Kuumba– Toronto’s longest-running and largest celebration of Black History Month has become synonymous with showcasing the best local and international artists of African heritage. Join us for three days of music, theatre, food, visual arts, dance, family activities and more. February 6 to May 26 World Stage 2013 – World Stage brings ground breaking works from local, national and international artists and companies, showcasing provocative and electrifying performances in theatre, dance, music - - - - -

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