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ook out for Prince Everald’s new song entitled “Long Live the King” on the Natty Congo Riddim produced by Montreal based label Indie Rootz Records. The Natty Congo Album will be released in Spring of 2014. Also availble on iTunes is Prince Everald’s single “Call on you Father” produced by Ashlar Music. Check Prince Everald on S o u n d c l o u d , Reverbnation, My Space, Facebook, Linkedin and You Tube. Look out for more works coming from Prince Everald. Respect and blessings to all who support Prince Everald’s music career. For bookings call: 647-7201367.

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COLONIALISM AND REGGAE co·lo·ni·al·ism noun 1. the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people. 2. the system or policy by which a nation maintains or advocates such control or influence. 3. the state or condition of being colonial. 4. an idea, custom, or practice peculiar to a colony. Knowing one’s role within said colony may aid in finding solutions to the issues that seem insurmountable to date. The ‘colony’ is one of hierarchy where there are ‘royals’ to be bowed down to and reggae has no place for bowing to any human being of false idols for that matter. The essence of revolution is a breaking away from the normality of “the system” whether physical or mental. We are all members of the colony yet totally unaware of our roles as the slaves to the system. We all think if we work just hard enough or our luck turns we are out of the rat race. An effective illusion! In order to maintain subservience we are given a myriad of distractions which are actually a series of stimuli that keep our eyes downward never allowing us to truly look up to avoid the obstacles, so always forced into a reactive state, constantly falling from one chaotic moment into the next. Short of rent this month constantly facing eviction notices, payday loan habit that does not really work because you still have the same amount of money, need a visit to

the clinic for a possible std, driving a vehicle without insurance for a month or two because public transportation can’t get you to your job and you have a family of five with 3 children under the age of ten years old, bill collectors calling constantly, going through separation / divorce with no aid from deadbeat husband, money earned does not meet bills to be paid, ridiculed for being gay, tired of conversation about gay issues, human rights violations in all countries on the planet, global warming, rising unemployment, lonely singles targeted by a need to online dating, the rising oceans, occupy Toronto, occupy LA, occupy NY, racism, sexism, murder rate, revenue Canada, the IRS, federal / provincial elections, alcoholic, drug abuse, parent teacher meetings, hockey / soccer eight days per week, the IMF, the World Bank, lost millions / thousands in the stock market crash, eight hundred thousand dead in Rwanda in the space of one month, 911, Al-Queda, Afghanistan, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, The Eagle, The Bear, teen suicide based on poor self esteem, child abuse... There are hundreds of issues that are quite unique to many folks that are not mentioned here and at times we all face all of the above and more, all at the same time. “Governing influence and keeping one dependent”. Distractions... Life! The ‘colony’ is led by Buckingham palace and everyone else falls into designated slots below the ‘royals’, each more important than the next one beneath it. It is believed that in this way, it gives the lower tiered folks a goal to shoot for in order to achieve a higher standing. So we work in jobs that barely cover the bills, create side businesses, work two or three jobs, try to save and invest in a home or rrsps, and yet never seem to be able to leave the treadmill as there is always a crisis that eats away at the savings. So every Wednesday and Saturday we spend a few ducats on lottery tickets HOPING for the miracle! One good hit and we are right out of our issues! And the lottery and gaming commissions make billions because we remain dependent! The “system” of the colony is a powerful one as it allows its fiscally

more viable members to revel in what they have with only sympathy to offer to the have-nots, believing that it is their right to be ‘better’. We are kept dependent on this corrupt system. They maintain control creating that dependency. The ‘colony’ isn’t a place of upliftment. It is a sweat shop for the 99%! Jazz, the Blues, hip-hop, reggae are the ‘news sources’ to those who do not live in that mental or physical ghetto. With artists like Marley, Tosh, Spear and Culture who painted vivid musical images of knowledge, pain, poverty, love, upliftment and hope, reggae infiltrated into the psyche of many around the globe hence the continued growth of a fan base for this genre. The objective is to keep us dependent. By definition, it does what it does! Pretty redundant couple of sentences here yet even within that, we all get up and follow this “system” the very next second. Yes we are all victims. This is how I learn to truly apprecilove what reggae music does for me. I am grateful for the energy reggae music provides for me and billions around this planet. As with the above verbiage,

reggae indentifies the issues in communities, towns, governments and countries, then touch on relationship issues, spiritual reggae tunes tend to set us just right, then there is the defiance to said system hence the genre, though quite popular gets no airplay on mainstream radio and the privileged few never wonder why – or more accurately – never crosses their minds why reggae isn’t on radio because the hierarchy of the ‘colony’ insists on reggae “knowing its place’ at the bottom of the heap like the people who invented it. The thing is, reggae does not care! It keeps blazing and inspiring love, thought and camaraderie from nation to nation. This powerful music comes from a black nation and is appreciloved by all nations and throughout our anger, pain and resentment, the genre seems to speak truth yet search for a solution for “equal rights and justice” four words that don’t work well within the ‘colony’. The ‘colony’s’ system of distraction to create dependence is well orchestrated while the genre of reggae pushes the conscience of a planet towards equal rights and justice. Yes I, “Reggae for Life”.





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By Franklin Bailey

Members are being sought for the Board of Directors of Caribbean African Canadian Social Services (CAFCAN). These are volunteer positions. This is a newly constituted organization which has as its origin, the community and social services component of the Jamaica Canadian Association. As such, the inaugural Board members will be responsible for establishing the new organization. Expressions of interest would be welcomed from individuals with knowledge of one or more areas of Board governance: strategic planning, policy development, finance, programs, and/or human resources; ideally acquired through experience in the not-for profit sector. Resumes and expressions of interest in these directorship positions may be sent by E-Mail to: before applications deadline of Friday March 7, 2014. Ideal candidates will be able to make a time commitment of ten hours per month for Board duties; have experience governing an organization undergoing change; possess the ability to foster a positive working relationship with funders and other stakeholders; be knowledgeable about social issues affecting the Caribbean and African-Canadian community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); have a good understanding of the Social Services Sector and funding sources; Primary responsibilities will include establishing overall strategic direction, planning of the organization’s objectives and priorities and measurement of performance; recruitment, evaluation and succession planning for the Executive Director (ED) and appropriate oversight of senior staff; helping to ensure the financial accountability, viability, and sustainability of the organization. For additional information contact

DUBPLATE SCAMMERS TAKE THE FOOD OUT OF ARTISTS MOUTHS With Reggae music on the rise worldwide the sound system (Disc Jockey) industry has grown in numbers. Reggae sound systems pride and joy Dubplates (special recording promoting the sound that is playing it) in the days of vinyl you had to take the artist into a studio then voice and cut the vinyl. Dub today, computer studios make that obsolete. Anyone can record or edit anything, thus opening the door to scanners.

Stone Music Production will be hosting the release of Courtney Stone’s 2nd album entitled ‘’Rise Up’’. With this new album fans can expect a mixture of conscious reggae music and love songs which this vibrant artiste is known for. This singer, songwriter and composer has raised the bar with his 14 tracks CD working with some of Toronto greatest producers and musicians. The album will be officially released in stores on April 14th 2014 after the CD Release Concert being held at Belleeny’s Martini Resto-Lounge on April 12th. With guest appearances by R&B Soca Diva Nikeisha Toussaint, Reggae sensation & award winner Mandy Woods also introducing Soul singer Yannick. With this line up this event will be electrifying for all the attendee’s. Courtney Stone has evolved into an amazing artiste who is also using his talent to raise funds for youths education in the community for C-RAC (Community Raising A Child) movement which he started due to the passing of his young son Omari in May of 2012. His passion for the success of the youths has led him to start a nonprofit organization to assist families in need of financial funding for their children’s future education. More details to follow on his organization as they grow with purpose and focus on youths and education, named after his son Omari the organization is called OYCETFO (Omari Youth & Children Educational Trust Fund Organization).

On Tuesday, I was chilling in the Bluntlife Media Centre editing some future releases and received a friend request on FaceBook from a Jimmy Riley Riley and accepted it. Then he hailed me saying he was Jimmy Riley the artist and asked if I had a sound system. I said yes and also a radio site. He said I would get a discount because I promote their music. He then went on to say he was in the studio with Terry Linen (another Reggae artist). At this point, the person said that if I sent $200.00 US, I would get 2 Jimmy Riley dubs and 2 Terry Linen dubs with jingles from both. Being in the industry for over 30 years I thought the price was too low so I decided to link Brian Kolter from Indie Roots Records in Montreal because I knew that Brian had just returned from Jamaica where he was recording Jimmy Riley. I asked Brian to contact Jimmy for me and line up an interview for the following night on Bluntlife Radio. On Wednesday the guy from FaceBook, Jimmy Riley Riley, messaged me asking me if I were going to send the money. On my show ”New Tunes Wednesday” I received a phone call from Brian Kolter (Indie Roots) and he had the real Jimmy Riley on three-way. I then informed Mister Riley that someone was trying to sell me Jimmy Riley dubplates. Jimmy’s response was “Yes I, we call them scammers, nuff of dem out there and police a look for them.” At this point I asked Jimmy if he had a pen and he said, “Yeah Man.”

I then proceeded to give the real Jimmy Riley the phone number of the scammer – 876 xxx-xxxx. Jimmy said, “Wait, is a Jamaican number this?” The following day the Jimmy Riley Riley FaceBook page was closed and when Jimmy called the number there was no answer. The criminal was not caught but he was stopped. I advise anyone getting Dubplates done to make sure they get a video clip with it assuring that it is the artist voicing the dub. REMEMBER; DON’T BUY PUSS IN A BAG

MASANI PRODUCTIONS CELEBRATES 34TH ANNIVERSARY Rastafari Arts & Kulcha Festival will be held on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at Downsview Park from 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm. Admission: Advance tickets $7:00, at the Gate $10:00 and VIP tickets are $20:00. Info line: 647-341-9031 or Email: Check out Rastafest online at:;;; Celebrate Masani Productions’ 34th anniversary on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at Upfront Studio Theatre located at 1290 Finch Avenue west, unit 17 (inside keele plaza). Show time is10:00 pm. Music, Skit & lots of entertainers passing through. Info line: 647341-9031. Check out:

Carribbean Music announces a 24/7 Canadian reggae radio station

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id you know that Montreal is just 550km from Toronto? Only about one hour by plane and about 5 1/2 hours by car. Why I am telling you this? Because

sometimes it seems that we are worlds apart! I won’t even get into Vancouver, Calgary or Winnipeg thing because for that, I’d need a book. Our cities seem to be like islands in the great big ocean called Canada. Unlike Jamaica where Reggae is #1, #2 and #3, here in Canada it’s about #5 or #6, right after Country music. And that’s a fact whether we like it or not! But hopefully it will change and change for the better. We don’t have any national radio station or TV program that specializes in Reggae music. While there are some internet radio shows like Bluntlife Radio that do help, its not always possible to listen on-line. Being involved in the Reggae Music Industry on this planet’s second largest country isn’t easy. The great love for reggae music in Canada seems to be reserved to artists in our own cities and the great international superstars. We are missing out on so much. Hey Toronto! Have you ever heard of Dan Fiyah Beats, Sampaloo, Juliet Nelson or even Won-J? Those artists are some of Montreal’s best

and they have been doing their thing for years! And in Montreal, most people don’t really know of Dahlia, Norval Edgehill, King Ujah or Empress Divine! And in both cases, it’s a shame. We all know most of the young new artists out of Jamaica, but almost none of the ones in our own country. Working with Reggaexclusive magazine and with Indie-Rootz Records as well as doing my photography thing, I have been blessed to link with, meet or listen to lots of the great talented artists that we have in Canada but that is just me. I think, actually I know that we in Canada have world class reggae artists, just as good and maybe even better than in Jamaica.

is why we all must not take our artists for granted and support them. This is why I am pushing ReggaeXclusive in Montreal; it’s not just for me, but for everybody. I also believe that what you put in is what you will get out. If you don’t push/promote yourself, who will? If you can’t do it, then get some one that will. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself and always do your best. Example, when I started out with Indie-Rootz, it was mainly me who did the promoting, then Deborah “Ms Rebelle” joined us and even now I hired 2 other PR people to help. I know that our music is top notch; the trick is to get it out to the people! And they will hear what I know and believe.

In Canada, it seems that most people involved in Reggae Music, must have a regular 9 to 5 job (including me) to survive. That’s why I give great respect to Donna Makeda, Kay Morris and the few others that have been able to make the jump to doing what they love full time and for a living. It is a labour of love that we all hope will develop into a full time career. That

I thank you for taking the time and hearing me out. Maybe some of you are sleeping, some are inspired and even some think I am crazy, well if you are not sleeping then maybe I did do some good. There is something special in reggae music, let’s share it with the world. I do it because I love it and believe in it. Jah Guidance!

ATTENTION ALL MONTREAL BASED BUSINESS AND ARTISTES! Increase your business and fan base in Toronto and surrounding cities and more! Advertise in Canada’s biggest and best printed Reggae publication, ReggaeXclusive magazine. With all the latest news in Reggae, Culture and more from Canada and all over the world! For all info (including rates and publication dates) Contact BRIAN KOTLER @ Tel: 514-792-4774 email: If you would like to have ReggaeXclusive in your Montreal business (it’s a free publication), let us know! One love

Brian Kotler Executive Producer at Indie Rootz Records B’s Glamour Shotz Photography 514-792-4775 or 514-400-2497 reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 7

FOUNDATION ARTIST SPOTLIGHT in the 1970s, including “Tell the Youths the Truth”, “Nyah Bingi” and “Clean up the Streets”, and continued to be successful in the 1980s, working with Sly & Robbie’s Taxi productions. In 1983, Riley topped the UK reggae chart with his version of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. In the late 1980s, Riley moved to Miami, and put his career on hold, but returned to Jamaica in the early 1990s.



artin James Norman Riley also known as Jimmy Riley was born in Kingston, Jamaica on May 22nd 1954. Riley grew up in the city’s Waterhouse district and attended Kingston Senior School. He had several hits

Riley’s son Tarrus followed him into music and the success of Tarrus gave a boost to Jimmy’s career. Jimmy Riley’s album Sly and Robbie Presents Jimmy Riley: Pull up Selector saw him again working with Sly & Robbie, and features Tarrus on the title track, which was also released as a single in 2008. In September 2013 he released his new album Contradiction, which featured guest appearances from his son Tarrus, Sizzla, and Fantan Mojah. He is also working with a new artist called Synnus. For 2014 he will have a couple of new songs produced by Indie Rootz Records.

present. Vernon migrated to Canada in the eighties and has continued his musical journey ever since. One of Vernon’s biggest hits was Money Worries which featured in the Jamaican movie ‘Rockers’. In 2004 he re-recorded Money Worries with Bedouin Soundclash which featured on their album “Sounding a Mosaic” that went gold then Platinum in Canada.



tarted singing in Jamaica from the seventies. He formed the group The Maytones with his neighbour Gladstone Grant. From the beginning The Maytones were successfully making hits such as Funny Man, Loving Reggae, Serious Love and Madness to name a few. Vernon has written and recorded over three hundred songs that have done very well around the world up to the

Vernon has also been releasing Albums for himself on his own Recording label “Music life Movements”. Albums on the label include “Rocky Road, “Raw” Solid Gold Showcase, Foundation Compilation Vol. 1” with some big names in the Reggae World like Leroy Sibbles, Ken Boothe, the late great Sugar Minott, Jimmy Riley, Linval Thompson, Glen Washington. Now with his brandnew Album “Words of Wisdom” with tunes that take you back to the Roots of Reggae music. He also has a new song on Indie Rootz Records’ Natty Congo Compilation. Look out for Vernon Maytone new Album coming very soon please visit

1677 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario., M3L 1A5 Canada Tel: 416-240-6854 Toll Free: 1-800-267-0997 Email: Website:

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INTERNATIONAL ARTIST SPOTLIGHT Reggae artiste Ernie Smith, the sponsor of his annual community talent show saw the potential in Bitta and entered him in the competition. He sang a rendition of Beenie Man’s “Matie A Nuh Good Sinting” that earned him 2nd place with a prize of $500. The stage was set and the love for music blossomed, even though he wasn’t singing his own songs. His dad, a man about town and close friends with veterans Peter Tosh, Half Pint and Junior Reid, was very pleased to mentor the young lad, with the promise that his schooling takes precedence over all, and it was so for the coming years.

BITTA SO SICKA ARTIST OF THE FUTURE (By Senika Gordon Freelance Journalist for Entertainment Press)


eter Cole, the man we now know as Bitta So Sticka born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the community of Sterling Castle Red Hills St. Andrew. He is the eldest of two children. At the age of 10, Vintage

Bitter took heed and passed the Common Entrance Examinations that placed him at Kingston Technical High. He excelled in the majors at the Caribbean School of Business. He then went on to work in the corporate world as a Clerk, Assistant Engineer and Telemarketer. He became tired of being in and out of jobs so Bitta turned to what he loved best, music. Encouraged by his friends

who loved his freestyle talents, he decided to pursue music as a career. Bitta got the stamp of approval to be known as “Bitta So Sticka” when he recorded his first professional song “Thank God It’s Friday” on the Club Banger Riddim for Tremma House Production in 2010. That song got steady rotation on a few mainstream radios and disc jockeys alike, Zip 103.5 fm by ZJ Bambino, ZJ Rush and Hot 102 fm by DJ Cash Flow and DJ Neil just to name a few. Bitta So Sticka went on to record numerous amount of songs for underground producers and a video for the single “She’s Mine”. That caught the attention on RE TV and Hype TV. Now Bitta So Sticka is rolling with the elites from Cash Global Records and Sun City Radio. He is very pleased with the latest recording “Nah Stopp” on the Mad Run Riddim mixed by Sun Jack Weedseed. Bitta is influenced by a slew of artistes, Sizzla, Spragga Benz, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa and Vybz Kartel, this artiste is surely one to watch for 2014 and beyond.



eggae artist Natural Black carved his niche in the genre over a decade ago, with profound music and prolific lyrics that uplift fans far and wide. Propelling to international fame with his breakout hit “Far From Reality” in 2006, he has amassed 13 full-length albums to date and is back in the studio working on a slew of new singles for his 14th album. Natural Black charges into 2013 with four new singles - “I’m On My Way,” “Natural Chronic,” “Who Cares For Me” and “Party Truck” - all conscious reggae anthems that bring the gifted artist full circle back to his original roots, following a brief stint as a dancehall deejay from 2011 to 2012. Stay tuned for more Natural Black coming at you.

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UP CLOSE WITH JAHSMIN DALEY (Cont’d from Dec. 2013 issue)

RX: Will there be a Launch Party, a music video and/or a tour to support the release of the EP? JD: I am currently not planning a launch party. I do see a music video in the near future for ‘Chasing Rainbows.’

Caribbean Style Artist’ comes from the Black Canadian Awards, which kicks off in June 2014. I enjoy the creative process that comes with this journey, and the blessings which come from being able to minister in song on stage and represent for various community causes; these are definitely positives. It has been an elevating year for me and I am thankful. With regards to negative energy, I wrote a song which is a collection from my first album called ‘Blazing Jealousy’. I believe from one individual to

RX: What are some of the projects done with MEMP since teaming up? JD: MEMP and I worked together on the planning and production of The Brampton Talent Showcase in 2011, which was an initiative conceived from MEMP’s desire to give back to community, creating a platform to help foster artistic growth for local music talent. The event was a success as, we received a united volunteer support from local Artists, Musicians, Dj’s, Mc’s, Promoters, Radio Host personnel and music lovers, who just wanted to be a part of the process in making the talent showcase production a success. We worked together coordinating other musical showcase events within the school setting in honor of our African Heritage and other events for community wellness. My plans musically are to complete my third album, fuller of a conscious vibe. RX: As a female artist in the business, have you met a lot of road blocks along the way? Please tell us some of your positive experiences so far on your musical journey. JD: As a female Artist in the business I haven’t had many road blocks along my musical journey. The ones in which I have encountered, I’ve learned a great deal, which has brought a greater awareness to the journey. I believe it is good to have people in your corner who have your best interests at heart within the business, to help screen out the snares of possible pseudo representatives to music, its cause and your journey, but, one must know what is going on for self. Some positive experiences on my journey, I have to say it starts with my growth as an Artist. My very first award was for Recognition as a ‘Reggae Singer,’ a Reggae Xclusive Magazine Awards 2013. I was Awarded ‘Top Female Vocalist’ at the Uprising Music and Entertainment Awards 2013. My most recent nomination to the Top Six list for ‘Best

for your growth and for deflecting any negatives confronted with. Practice, practice, practice, makes closer to perfect, and helps in reducing any performance fear factors. With every loss, there is wisdom to gain. Network with music minded professionals, who also strive for success, who are genuine to your progress. Try to avoid business, personal conflicts, and verbal agreements that directly affect your rights and freedoms as person or an Artist. Make sure the spoken word, parallels the written oath.*Be weary of music contracts that do not have your best interests at heart, and are penned to own you. Stay true to self, and progress, work with your conscience as your guide, move free of grudges or malice, and enjoy your journey. The advice given, I myself received through various mediums, including experiential learning. RX: Tell us something about Jahsmin Daley that we don’t already know. JD: I will be furthering my educational aspirations. I believe in life-long learning. That doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school, but, I am very excited for this growth opportunity.

another we must not discourage positive movements, even in its imperfect state. Every state of being we encounter holds value to the progression, understanding and fullness of an individual’s life. Regardless of negatives, with the message received from Peter Tosh, and so many others, I’ve learned to pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over. RX: Any advice for upcoming artists trying to make it in the business? JD: Take the time to get to know who you are as an Artist and what you want to achieve for self musically, there is so much to learn about the business. Know your stuff! If you are a vocalist, an asset would also be to play an instrument. Be passionate about your craft and be resilient in accepting constructive criticisms

RX: What does Jahsmin Daley do in her spare time? What is your favorite color, food, drink, number? JD: In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading and writing for new music, watching movies. I am also a participator in volunteering for community wellness. I really like green, it gives me good vibes, but, I love black as well. It works well with everything, and the feeling is protected. My favorite food is ackee ‘n salt fish, with callaloo, plantain, and boiled bananas. My favorite drink is pineapple juice. My favorite # is 21. RX: Anything you would like to add regarding Jahsmin Daley’s musical journey and LA Allen and MEMP? JD: Yes, first I wanted to make special mention to Toronto Radio Host, King David for his professional musical ear and input to the mixing process of ‘Chasing Rainbows,’ which was a blessing to the complete production. For right now, the movements are in studio, creating new music for my third album; of which ‘Chasing Rainbows’ has been a part of this course with L.A. Allen and MEMP. Thank you to all my music supporters both local and international.

RASTADIGITAL.COM reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 10




atty Congo Compilation, the newest addition to our Label! Didn’t we say that in the December 2013 edition of ReggaeXclusive? What should have been released 3 months ago is finally a reality! Nothing is ready before it’s time. What started out as a small innocent project just kept on growing and growing, but not just bigger, also stronger and better! Definitely worth the wait! NATTY CONGO riddim can be described as a



a n a d i a n - b a s e d reggae/dancehall artiste Rich Kid drew the attention of many when he utterly made known on air that publicizing himself as an artist and a businessman was never his high point, under the radar and incognito is his style. It all came together when a certain radio host drew the contrast of wealthy and humble artists vs. famous and broke; obviously, the discussion

hypnotic 1970’s one drop in a modern 2014 vibe! A very positive and very bubbly kind of riddim that just makes you want to get up and dance! While there are no “so-called” international superstars on the album, it has the quality, beauty and vibes that are going to make you want to listen to it over and over! Each artist took their skills and gifts up to another level! We can’t tell you how much respect, support and blessings these artists deserve! These artists are going to be the next “INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTARS”! The artists featured on the album come from Jamaica, South Africa, Uganda, Germany, England, United States, as well as some of Canada’s best from Toronto and Montreal. We have also added two new Public Relation persons to help promote this album. They are Reeva Ann Proctor (Canada) and Yanique Pryce (Jamaica). Please check them out on Facebook. Along with our own, Deborah “Rebelle” Harewood, we wanted the best to promote what we know is the best reggae compilation album of 2014. And don’t let their good looks fool you; they are all skilled and talented at what they do, with the right connections! Nuff respect!

spiraled out of control when a former Producer of Cash Global Records “JJ” waded in on the program. He proceeded to say; ‘Rich Kid is a rich dude yah, de man own a construction company inna Canada wah him employ pure white people, yah so him have about 4 executive bus pan de road, him own race horses wah a win whole heap a races. A him run Cash Global HQ bar and de lawn, nuh him own de club wi call Sky Bar? Let me make this clear, him nuh humble and cool as yu si him. When de horse dem win a track, a who collect de trophy dem? A him, I know de man like mi hand back, him nuh hype but everything is all about him, a nuff people a eat a food off a him yes, but cool nuh so mi fren.” We were pretty anxious to hear Rich Kid’s reply but he was adamant in controlling his temper by staying the course of the interview. He stated; “If I should answer to everything a person have to say especially from one who’s not a part of the enterprise that would be my life’s work”. The Portmore born artist migrated to Canada where he has been living for several years. However, he maintains that he has always remained close to his musical heritage and invests in his talent and all aspect of the business because music is his real passion.

On another level, we will be focusing on doing singles, albums and EP’s for now. We have artists in Jamaica, Canada and United States lined up. Also we have put together our own inhouse band, called The Indie-Rootz Band, with some of Montreal’s most talented musicians. We do plan on doing several events in Montreal and Toronto. Just look for: NATTY CONGO COMPILATION on ITunes, Amazon and at Support the artists and buy the music. One Love! - Brian Kotler (Executive Producer) and Bobby Pottinger (Producer) at Indie-Rootz Records Website: / Email:

Rich Kid also dabbles in music production from Reggae/Dancehall to RnB/Pop and has worked with Beenie Man, Ghost, Buju Banton, Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, T.O.K, Voicemail and Anthony B. He has worked internationally with Ms. Triniti, Donna Makeda, Shelly J, Big G, Trudiva, King Ujah and Mzminiray. He has produced rhythms such as Hot Skull, Ghetto Hype, Mad Kick, Controversy and the list goes on. The single and video soon to be released “I’m Running” on the Mad Run Riddim is the latest of Cash Global’s arsenal of productions. The release date for said project is undisclosed, but he hinted around early 2nd quarter of 2014 here in Jamaica at Cash Global HQ Entertainment complex in Portmore. The launch will also coincide with the tour of the Rhythm Driven Artists covering four continents. Featured artists on the rhythm are 3 Star, Black-er, Bitta so Sicka, Ding Dong, D.J. Liquid, Don Nero , Donna Makeda, Ghost, Just Christ (Ring Ding), Karamanti ft. Ankle Sock, Ms. Triniti, Quick Cook ft. Krymist (North Bound), Rich Kid, Shaka Pow, T.O.K, Thriller U, Tony Curtis ft. Fancy Face and Voicemail. The intensive preparation of the album release and tours put in place will make this project a masterpiece. (By: Natalie White, Buzz Editorial).




Brilliance recently released a new single entitled “Play that Reggae Music” which is a combination between himself and Norval Edgehilll. This single was produced by Heart of Empress Productions. I Brilliance is a very talented producer, singer and songwriter who has been in the music business for many years. No stranger to the stage, I Brilliance has performed in Canada, Jamaica and worldwide. Stay tuned for more I Brilliance coming at you.

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asus Afari is one of Jamaica’s leading Dub Poets, as well as an Author and “Edutainer” who has travelled the world extensively to successfully carry his unique Edutainment Lecture Performance Concert Series to Universities, Colleges, Schools and Communities. Yasus Afari’s workshops include Jamaica, Caribbean, African, World History

and Culture with Poetry, Story Telling, Rastafari and Human Spirituality, as well as his Reggae Music. The Edutainment approach is flexible and can be tailor-made and designed to meet specific objectives, needs and groups. By travelling extensively through countries, including The Caribbean, Africa, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand among others, has enabled Yasus Afari to hone his presentation skills as an applied art, which balances, harmonizes and integrates entertainment with education, thereby utilizing the entire range of the creative, cultural, literary and performing arts as an effective medium in nation building, responsible socialization, social renewal and transformation. He has often been asked to use this approach in successful tailor made programmes for youth and adults, who are deemed “hard to reach”. Yasus Afari’s Edutainment Workshops can be designed to meet specific needs. Contact Edutainment Promotion at: Also check out

His Second Advent” written by G. Michael Cordeiro is now available for sale.



ew book Titled “The Fulfillment of the Scriptures Pertaining to the Christ in

This is a must read book explaining the revelation of The Christ in His Prophetic return. Some may already be aware of the millions of Rastafarians around the world holding the faith and bearing witness to this revelation, yet many still are unaware of Ras Tafari and who he really is and what he came to reveal. This book is the authors attempt to connect the dots for anyone who seeks to know how and why Ras Tafari is the ONLY ONE to have fulfilled the Biblical prophesies pertaining to the revelation of The Christ in His second Advent; in which He had foretold that He would return to live amongst man, as a man, for a 120 years (1892-2012) and be acknowledge and crowned the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Elect of GOD. For further information, contact author @ Cell: 647-830-8779 or visit:

COPTIC SOUND STUDIO Albums Available on iTunes 416-456-1726 Check CSS on Face Book Soundcloud; You Tube Reverbnation copticsoundstudio reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 12

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REGGAEXCLUSIVE CHAT the wider audiences. Heart of Empress is also a promotion company and we intend to promote positive reggae music and artists from Canada to Jamaica and around the world.

UP CLOSE WITH JAN G RX: Why did you start up your company Heart of Empress Promotion & Production? JG: First off, I love Reggae Music, also I see a lot of artists out there who have the talent and capability but don’t have the opportunity to get their name and music out to

RX: Who are the artists you work with and why? What are some of the releases coming out of the label? JG: We work with Norval Edgehill, Mikey Melody, Shadrock, Ras Campbell, Tonya P, Fire Star, Bettadayze and I Brilliance. Norval Edgehill is our main artist on the label, Heart of Empress started out with him, he has great talent, a clean heart and he’s full of good vibes. I Brilliance produce a lot of the riddims for Heart of Empress and he is also very talented as an artist. Mikey Melody recorded “On a Journey” on the Mama’s Cry riddim, other artists on that riddim includes Tonya P with “Ease your Pain”, Fire Star with “Gun Town”, I Brilliance with “Covenant Zone” and Norval Edgehill with “Mama’s Cry”. New releases coming from Shadrock entitled “Rocky Road” and “There’s a Party Going on”, from Ras Campbell entitled “Tek it to Dem” and “Food and Medicine”, from Bettadayze entitled “Your Search is Over” and “Friends”. Just

released is the single with Norval Edgehill and I Brilliance entitled “Play that Reggae Music”. Look out for more new releases from Heart of Empress Production with other artists including Donna Makeda. RX: Tell us what your plans are for the promotions side of the company. JG: We are in the process of presenting an out of town Boat Cruise during the summer featuring artists from Jamaica and Canada. Stay tuned for more promotions coming from Heart of Empress. RX: What is your opinion of the reggae music industry in Canada versus Jamaica? JG: A lot of badmind is going on in the reggae music fraternity in Canada, the artists need to come together and help each other to rise, not try to pull each other down. Music is not a competition; it’s a blessing and its teachings. I cannot speak for Jamaica because I do not live there. RX: What can be done to make the reggae music industry better in Canada? JG: Unity between artists, they need to come together and stop

fighting each other. Also, the promoters need to respect the artists and remember that their talent is what they earn from. RX: What are some of the things you like doing in your spare time? What are your favorite food, color, number and reggae artist? JG: First of all, I don’t have a lot of spare time, but when I do, I love to go on long drives and listen to my reggae music. I also love to spend time with my children and do activities with them. My favorite food is callaloo and roasted breadfruit, color is blue, number is 29, reggae artists are Beres Hammond and Taurus Riley. RX: Anyone big ups or shoutouts? JG: I would like to big up Milton, and also thank the ReggaeXclusive team, Prince Everald and Donna Makeda for all their support. I also want to big up Norval Edgehill for always believing in me, Mikey Melody and Fire Star for being a part of Heart of Empress Production, Tonya P for being the person she is, she has a good heart, Osujah Records, Shadrock, Bettadayze and Prince Campbell, thank you for being a part of Hear of Empress. Looking forward to the future, Bettadayze, my search is over.

Music for sale @ bandcamp For bookings and to order your CD call: 647-703-8021 / 416-551-9296 Check out Ras Tesfa on Soundcloud; Reverbnation; Facebook; You Tube E: reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg-14





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REGGAEXCLUSIVE’S ARTIST UPDATE Dave Clark. Mr. Cool will be performing live in concert with Massey Sound, Volume One Sound and Dj Spida. Mr. Cool, one of Toronto’s veteran artists will

& Grill located in Brantford, ON and was in Trinidad from March 1st to March 15th performing on various shows down there. Jimmy is also planning a re-mix to one of his previous releases entitled “Money Maker” and also a video shoot for the re-mixed version of ‘Money Maker’ scheduled to start shooting in May 2014. Stay tuned for more on Jimmy Magnum.

Empress Productions.

SHADROCK AURESIA NEWS “I had the most blessed trip and opportunity to record a music video in Jamaica for my Song: CHOCOLATé - Most of it was filmed on the Cocoa Farms with the consideration and contributions from the Cocoa Farming Association in Richmond, St. Mary’s beautiful area in Jamaica. Other scenes we used were at the blessed likle Dunn Falls. I give many thanks for all the people who contributed to making this a reality. Check it out on Auresia’s YouTube Channel: MoonSplash Records. Chocolate is a fun loving song about the love of “Chocolate” and I also really wanted to show how it is actually made. Most people in North America do not really learn or know that Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean- cacao which comes from the cocoa fruit; a truly divine experience. This video also shows the processes of making cocoa fruit into chocolate to eat. Chocolate is a commodity and we need more growers to keep up with the chocolate intakes of modern society. With many healing and beneficial properties, I wanted to make aware the ‘powers” of this divine fruit. So check it out on: mDM. With the recent release of her new album, Auresia is gearing up to tour across Canada this summer. Check on to be informed in your area for shows this spring and summer. “Until then, I will be working on some new material.”

MR. COOL’S BLAST FROM THE PAST You & I Records presents Mr. Cool CD Release launch produced by

be releasing his first cover album “Blast from the Past”, featuring songs from thirteen of Jamaica’s most decorated artists from back in the seventies. “Blast from the Past” is a vision he has had for quite some time and he believes it’s a great honour to be able to perform songs from these world renowned artists. The selections of songs on this album are all roots lovers’ rock reggae. He believes that the music lovers of today will find great inspiration in these songs. Mr. Cool grew up in Jamaica listening and dancing to this type of music from the rock steady era. CD Launch date is Saturday April 19, 2014 at Good Vibes Restaurant located at 286 Attwell Drive, Etobicoke (Attwell and Bellfield). The CD is receiving a lot of airplay on many of the local radio stations. The response has been fantastic and people love it. The CD is available online at, iTunes and Treajah Isle Records, Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto. For more information contact You & I Records at: 416-723-1057 or email:

Shadrock recently released “Rocky Road” produced by Heart of Empress Productions. Look out for more info and upcoming releases from Shadrock with Heart of Empress Productions.

RAS BINGI TAKING A STAND Ras Bingi Catt is taking a stand against Dancehall slackness with the release of his two latest recordings “Say No (to Dancehall Porno)” and Say No part two. Two very hype dancehall tunes of the Water Fyah Riddim produced by Ras Myrhdak in Jamaica. Both tracks will be released on iTunes very soon; they can also be heard on YouTube. Ras Bingi Catt is also lining up his summer shows in Oshawa, Montreal and Toronto with fellow Bluntlife artists Ras Myrhdak and The original Grindsman, if any promoters would like to put Bingi and the Bluntlife crew on a show link him at

RAS CAMPBELL Ras Campbell recently released his new single entitled “Food & Medicine” produced by Heart of Empress Productions. Stay tuned for upcoming releases from Ras Campbell produced by Heart of Empress Productions.

FIRE STAR Fire Star’s first single is entitled Bus de Place for Bingi Production.

MIKEY MELODY JIMMY MAGNUM Jimmy Magnum is working on his new untitled single soon to be released. He will be performing at the ‘Black & Red Affair’ on March 22nd, 2013 at the 310 Sports Bar

Mikey Melody is currently in Toronto and is available to voice ‘dub plates’. Anyone need dub plates please contact Heart of Empress at: 647-655-7212. Look out for upcoming releases from Mikey Melody through Heart of

He released the single Protect the Little Children on the Tsahai (Receive) Rhythm (Altafaan Records) in 2005. Since the initial release of this popular single, he has recorded a multitude of songs. Fire Star is also on the Mama’s Cry Riddim EP released by Heart of Empress Productions and is currently in the process of completing his album. Look out for more on Fire Star with Heart of Empress Productions.

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her fellow Jamaican artists as well.


ancy Lady will not be releasing the single “Step Twice” as was previously advertised in the Dec 2013 issue of ReggaeXclusive Magazine; she is now set to release a brand new single entitled “Kotch It”. “Step Twice” cannot be released right now because the song was voiced on a riddim which has been scheduled for release as a “Various Artists” album. The album is not ready yet for release by the producer therefore “Step Twice” cannot be released as a single until after said album is released. Moving forward, Fancy Lady switched gears and decided to release her single “Kotch It” which is set to take the airwaves by storm. Already mixed and mastered, the single is soon to be released to radio. Christine Williams, stage name Fancy Lady was born July 27th, 1986 in St. Catherine, Jamaica. She grew up back and forth between Kingston and St. Catherine in Jamaica but now resides in Toronto, Canada since the year 2005. Fancy Lady has been Involved in music since the age of 12. She also knows how to play the African drums which she started playing at 9 years old at her primary school back in Jamaica. She

started off with a group of 5 girls which were her cousins and they were called Fancy Fancy Girls. They all branched out after a few years in different areas. Even though Fancy did other things, music was always on her ‘resume’. Fancy is a versatile Singjay and writer, she writes for any genre, from dancehall to culture reggae, RnB, Gospel and Rap. Her passion however, leans more towards dancehall, cultural reggae and RnB. With great rhythm, she writes great songs. Fancy has done a few collaborations with various artists here in Canada and is planning to do more, also with

Adding to this, she has performed in Canada at “Buss”, the all Canadian stage show held November 2013 at On the Rox, this show can be viewed on YouTube. Next was “Reggae Vibration” held February 2014 at B & Bs Restaurant and she also did other gigs in and around Toronto. Fancy is set to perform live on May 3rd, 2014 at 310 Sports Bar in Brantford at a CD Release Party called “I’ve been through it all”. In addition to her music, Fancy has volunteered and shared her knowledge with a bunch of grade 4 boys and girls, which was greatly appreciated and lead to her being invited back on few occasions. In Fancy’s words, “My career as a female artist has been an on and off challenge due to circumstances, but with the love of music, I, Fancy Lady challenged myself to attack, achieve and master my musical career as I was born to be a star. Big ups to my dancers Bling Kadillac and Dondon, they are always full of energy, motivated and give the crowd a show they can’t forget. Shout out to MAD! LINE, Marvin Chin, D’Remarkable One, Josemar Di Artist, Guchie Automatik, Mr. Snipes and Ssense. I am looking forward to doing much more so the world can know who Fancy Lady is.” For bookings email:, or call: 647-7707593 Check Fancy on Facebook and look out for her IG and YouTube account.

secular world. As a vibrant young woman she loves hanging out on the beaches in her home town. In the eyes of the religios fraternity the road to stardom was very narrow, so she made that bold move to ventures into the reggae / dancehall. That drew wide scale criticism that forced her to go underground. Her goals in mind and the sky being the limit, she continued to further her education by completing her teaching practice in Early Childhood Education and later become a teacher.



ndrea Pearce aka Fancy Face is a musical angel that can charm a man with her stage appearance, sing a baby to sleep and command an audience with girl power. Born in the parish of St. Andrew, raised in Portmore, Jamaica she attended Carron Hall High and is a product of the 80s. Her singing talent was discovered by a church member when she sang The Lord’s Prayer in a pop format that lead to her being the principal singer of the choir. She was successful in her quest for stardom, from concerts to competition. She gained accolades, certificates she was able to draw fans from the

When her father fell ill from cancer, she sang the songs of joy that brought people from all walks of life to his bedside. She brought her dad comfort before his passing. Within the walls of the church she gave the eulogy in song, promising him she would keep on singing and vowing to bring love and togetherness to the world with her unique style. As a female artist in the music industry she is very pleased with the progression she made so far, she has done back-up vocals and tours with Luciano and Mega Banton. Also collaborations singles with Rich Kid, and Trilla Lee. The single “I’m Over you” produced by London base Joe Mannix maintains steady rotation on European mainstream radio. Being signed to Cash Global Records, big tunes such as “Heartbreaker“ on the Controversy Riddim has brought her back in the spotlight. The combination track with Tony Curtis “Dancing” on the Mad Run Riddim is mixed by one of Jamaica finest engineer ZJ Rush and is a fine work of art and will be a tune on every disc jockey’s finger tip. (By Natalie White of Buzz Editorial)

Michael Cordeiro’s New Book A Must Read! 647.830.8779

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amaican born multi award winning reggae gospel sensation Rev. Dr. Kay Morris, made history to be the first Caribbean Gospel artist to sign Global Distribution contract for her latest CD “Unconditional Love” with US based (major record label) Universal Records (Distribution and Music Group) and Serious Records, Inc. Her hit single “Letters of Love” will be featured on the Prayze Factor Vol 3. Compilation CD and will be sold globally. Kay Morris “Letters of Love” single has been on the PG Networks Top 20 Charts at #3 and # 7 for several weeks. In January 2014 while she was attending the Stellar Awards in Nashville, she performed at A Stellar Exclusive in the presence of many music industry personnel’s; she also performed on the Dr. Bobby Jones “Stellar Edition” TV program, which is slated to air Globally on the Impact TV Network. Gospel hall of famer, Kay Morris, also made history in the US

September 2013, when she won the Prayze Factor Awards 2nd Place Grand Finals Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. In October 2013, Rev. Morris also received 5 Rhythm of Gospel Awards nominations in the US for: International Artist of the Year, Alternative Christian Gospel CD, and Special Event CD of the Year, Urban Contemporary Female Vocalist, and Rhythm of Gospel Music Video of the Year. Her collaboration “Save the Children” with the God’s Glory Children Choir from Kampala, Uganda, was selected by the Rhythm of Gospel Committee, as one of the Top 25 Tunes for the 2014 for independent artists. Rev. Kay Morris states, “I am very proud, humbled, and elated to be breaking grounds in the US at this level. It’s been a lot of hard work, sacrifice, focus, and God’s favor. It’s an honor to represent Caribbean Reggae Gospel music at the National and Global level; to God be ALL the glory”!



ora Russell, daughter of reggae veteran Jimmy Reid was destined to be a Reggae artist. Cora has won awards for her album In His Presence. In 2010 she won a Reggae Achievement award for best Gospel Artist and another in the 2010 Ensound Awards for Best International Album. Cora’s music has been played in France, Greece, Asia and many other parts of the world. Check out Cora on Facebook. Keep the music coming Cora.

reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 18

REGGAEXCLUSIVE “LIVE SHOW” REVIEW who done a really good job. The house was full and ready to rock.



ee’s Palace was the venue for this event. I must admit, it has been a while since I have been to any reggae concert at all. But I couldn’t resist attending this tribute. Bob Marley’s music lives on. He touched and changed many people’s lives around the whole world. One of my favorite Bob Marley’s quotes is “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” The set was decorated with a large banner of Bob Marley done by Tai Kim,

starring Tom Cruise and their soundtrack was also featured in “Milk & Honey” feature film.

The show opened with “House of David” band. Some of the artists that performed were Ms Carol Brown, Papa Levy and King Selah singing many Bob’s songs. They warmed up the crowd who was jamming and singing along. I remember Richard House aka “Isax” from many years ago and he is still one of the best in the music biz playing the sexy saxophone. The band was quite entertaining even though at one point sounded a little pitchy. I was quite excited with anticipation to hear Messenjah. They have been around for a long time as have I. This Canadian reggae band was founded by Rupert Harvey who plays the lead guitar and lead vocals. They’ve become one of the most successful and popular reggae groups in the history of Canadian music. Messenjah won the Juno award for the best Canadian Reggae Band and has been featured in movie “Cocktail”

Messenjah have been absent from the music scene for 16 years. Last time I saw them was in Yorkville, the name of the venue escapes me, but they were brilliant then, so I was curious to see if they still got it. I was not disappointed. Even though some of the members of the group have changed the high standard and the concept has not. Messenjah delivered a solid performance! Rupert Harvey’s vocals were pretty great. He was very playful, passionate and engaging with the audience who

of Guyana and the Female Dancehall DJ of The Year at the 20th Canadian Reggae Music Awards. Other awards includes Top Reggae Newcomer 1993, Top Reggae Dancehall DJ (female) 1995, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2004 and Top Reggae Music Video for Jah Great Woman in 1995 just to name a few.



onna Makeda, internationally renowned as Canada’s Reggae Empress, started singing and performing as a child and is still going strong. Rooted and grounded as a Rastafarian and of Guyanese descent, she graduated from Trebas Institute with a diploma in Recorded Music Production. She went on to publish her own reggae magazine called ReggaeXclusive Entertainment News. Her accolades and awards are numerous and include the Consul General’s Award

Donna released extensive singles and albums; “Who Can Endure” “Jah Ah De Rulah” which includes songs like Come Into My Life featuring Prince Everald, Make Love, Not War featuring Roger B and In My House featuring Negus Morris of the Heptones. The video of Jah Great Woman can be seen on Much Music and propelled her on to the global stage in areas such as the Caribbean, North America and Europe that subsequently got her signed to a licensing deal with Amiata Records in Italy for the remix of Life Story. Her deep involvement in stage plays landed her the lead role in a Documentary film titled Roots Daughters alongside Judy Mowatt. Her appearance and opening acts for internationally renowned artistes such as Capleton, Coco Tea, Marcia Griffiths, Sister Carol, Culture, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Michael Rose, Cutty Ranks and Louie Culture

loved him right back. His brother Carl Harvey was on the rhythm guitar rocking it. Errol Blackwood was very high energy and the harmonies were pretty awesome. The crowd just loved when they burst into a spontaneous dance on the stage. I have to mention that Roger Williams, cousin of the great Jackie Jackson was just fantastic! Cool and steady on the base guitar. Bass runs in that family. They played one of their older tunes ”Sitting in the back of a Police car” which got great response, “Cool Operator”, “Rock U High”, I’m Falling in Love” and “Today We Pray” to name a few songs they played. Thank you Messenjah, you have rocked the house, you have rocked my soul. I can’t remember the last time I danced all night long. It was a memorable night. We might have to wait till summer time for their next show. (Review by: Bianca “Nyavingi” Brynda - Producer/Director of “Roots Daughters” The women of Rastafari Founder/Director of Yoga Bliss)

have shown her up in so many places like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary, internationally in Barbados, Guyana, New York and Jamaica. Donna is now leaving her mark here on the island in the Cash Global Records Commercial on CVM TV alongside Beenie man and Rich Kid. She was loved by the audience on stage with tunes from said Label Gwehnazi feat. Chatta, and Badmind feat. King Ujah from the Cash Global HQ. The soon to be released Things Ain’t Always What It Seems on the Mad Run Riddim is in the selected list of tunes to be lead songs and video single, it is arguably the best tune up to date Donna has done.


We were pleased to have Mr. Williams of Cash Global Records on “The Buzz” giving an in-depth level of information about the upcoming tour, the release and its artistes including Donna, he was very dogmatic to say “Donna Makeda is undoubtedly the Canadian Empress of Reggae Music Royalty, there isn’t one person or entity in the Canadian reggae fraternity that she hasn’t impacted somehow or another and that is her legacy.” So we anticipate the release of the single and the appearance of Empress Donna Makeda.

TIFFIE RELEASES I’M WILDIN VIDEO Toronto’s Pop Reggae Artist at it again! Check out her latest Video “I’m Wildin” off her self-titled EP “TIFFIE” on Youtube. Check out: tiffiesworld01 and @tiffiesworld.

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yahnese is a vertern DJ who has been recording and performing for many years. This artist is not only a consummate Entertainer, but he is also doing great works in the community. Fyahnese gets links and offers various jobs for young people and everyone in general. For more info contact Fyahnese at: 416-407-4168.



ichael Crystal is constantly putting out new music and staying up to the time with his conscious brand of Reggae music. Michael recently released two new singles entitled “Medley Memories” and “Do Good”, these singles are available on iTunes. Michael Crystal’s compilation CD entitled “Judgement Riddim” will also be available on iTunes in March 2014. Stay tuned for more Michael Crystal coming at you.

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REGGAEXCLUSIVE’S CHAT Station as a child. As an adult my first two releases were “Kiss All over Me” written by Vince from St Vincent, and “Trust Me” written by me, recorded by Hometown Studios, America.

YONNETTE HOOPER (Cont’d from Dec. 2013 issue)

RX: Tell us about when you wrote and recorded your first song. Which studio did you work out of and who produced the song? YH: In 1997, I was selected by E.C. Connection for the Canada tour during the Caribana period. Three nights before we were scheduled to fly out, I went to the band room and found Mark Walcott, the then band leader; working on a track which I learnt afterwards was for me. This was my first official recording in a string band. The song was called Lumber Woman, cowritten by Junior Lyken the then bass player for the band, and I. He had the chorus and hook for the song, and I came up with the verses, we also had Jumo place a chat inside of the song. That song was recorded on a TDK 60 minutes cassette. The long and short history of that song is, on the passing of my mother the following year after my father in Trinidad, I went there to bury her along with my siblings, and found it hard to leave when they did. I was asked by “Briggo”, one of Trinidad’s funniest Calypsonians to perform at his 40th anniversary held in the Boatyard. Lucky for me, my brother Jules had brought the cassette with the song on it to Trinidad with him. They liked it, and I became a hit during 1998 carnival period in a tent called “De Fresh Wata Yankees Tent”. That’s when I realized I had what it took to explore my musical ability to the next level. My next two recordings “Soca DJ” recorded in the GDF Frontline band room on a TDK Cassette and taken to the radio Station on the very night it was completed. The other was “Tek A Little Wine” written by Brian Carter and a Jamaican guy I only know as Jamakie. These songs were released in Guyana for the first Soca Monarch competition held in 1999. My real experience in a big recording was as you recall, GBC Radio

RX: We know that you had a name change sometime in your career. Where did the name Mystique come from and why the change? Also tell us a bit about the ‘Mystique’ reign. YH: I’ve learnt, over a period of time, that every artiste needs an alias for stage. Why is this so? I don’t know. On my first visit to Hometown Studios, when ask what was my stage name for the CD release compilation, I was spell bound. I had recalled members of a Belizean band I was gigging with called me Mystique Chocolate the first day I entered their band room. This I found to be very attractive. So I decided to give the recording company the name. They in turn dropped the Chocolate and kept the Mystique. I was ok with that, for it did not take long for the name to become a household name in the USA and the Caribbean. In 2006, Mystique won the female Miami Soca Monarch and repeated it again in 2011. She was also the first to acquire the Guyana International Female Soca Award 2010. RX: How many albums, singles, and videos do you have out on the road, what are the names and who were some of the producers you worked with? YH: Presently, I have four complete albums which were done collectively by some genius musicians, to put it lightly, Mark ‘Midas’ Walcott, Shawn Noel ‘Mastamind’, Spida ‘Spitrak’, Hometown Studios and Brian Carter; four videos, and still working on countless more. (Final in June 2014 issue) RX: Tell us what the genres of music you sing are and which countries did you tour if any. YH: My genre of music is reggae, soca, soul and RnB. I’m versatile, for the main reason that my music places me in different places whereby I have to please my audience. I do not put a limit on myself. You see, in order to reach a wide audience one has to be versatile. Musically, I have travelled to the UK, Canada, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Suriname. I’m yet to visit many more, given time. RX: You recently formed a group called the BYG Trio, consisting of three members, now performing extensively in the USA. Tell us about that. YH: Bally, male Vocalist; Yonnette, female Vocalist; Glen, the man behind the music (B.Y.G Trio); three long term friends, we worked together in Guyana earlier. Ballys, and I met 1995 on my return from the UK. I was selected by the owner of Mischievous Guys Band, Ballys was already a member. Glen I also met that same year. He always played as a duo. I would freelance with him and Stitchy from time to time. They were called “The Undertakers”. Two years ago Glen came to the USA, Ballys was already here and we had already started working together, Glen joined us on his arrival, hence

the BYG Trio. RX: What are some of the projects the BYG Trio worked on since the group was formed? YH: We’ve done many projects to date, but the ones that stand out the most is the Tribute to Pamela Maynard and The UN Peace Project. As a group, we tour a lot in the USA, in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Miami, Albany and Canada. This coming year is going to see us touring Europe and Africa. RX: What are your future plans in regards to the BYG Trio? YH: Working together for the future of music, and making a mark for the group as a whole in history. RX: Which artist/s and/or producers would you like to work with? YH: Any artiste/producer who is willing to work with BYG. No preference. RX: Do you think that Guyanese recording artists are getting their fair play on the airwaves in Guyana and what do you think can be done to improve the music scene in Guyana? YH: Honestly, no. Artists need to recognize the contribution which we bring to the common wealth of Guyana and stand up against the exploitation of promoters/producers. We are the ones who sell ourselves short by just accepting what is given to us. The radio DJs in Guyana would like to portray to the world that Guyana don’t have singers, because they are not keen on promoting Guyanese music. Why try to sell a lie. I believe more than ever, more and more there is a determination of the young minds to put out music, for the purpose of selling Guyana, but its unfortunate the Guyana Government is not supporting it. The individuals who call themselves producers only see one thing, how they can exploit that artiste talent, not how they can take the artiste to the next level to encourage others. Guyanese artists home and abroad need to form an organization to stop exploitation. We as international artists are seen as outsiders, which is ridiculous in the way we are being accepted. There is no unity. This is what is needed amongst us for changes to happen. RX: Any words of advice for young artists? YH: This road is a hard road to travel. If you are looking for overnight success, you may be approaching it the wrong way. Some people get lucky, while some struggle to get there. However, whichever way it is for you, patience is always the key. Stay steadfast in your goals. RX: Anything else you need to add? YH: Yonnette Hooper, and the BYG-Trio is going to be around for years to come, follow us in our progress and keep supporting us. For bookings call: 1-973-640-3974 or email: Also check me out -- The End --

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ueen Pettreen had taken a break from performing for a few months to focus on her

album, but she is ready to take the stage again for 2014. Queen is a Singer, a mother of 3 and a Travel Agent. She is not giving up on her dream so look out for her this year. There are lots of good offers coming her way right now but she is putting her trust in the Almighty to help her make the right decisions. Queen Pettreen would like to shout out Michael Crystal for always motivating her and always sending her riddms. She also wants to big up her brother and manager Iva Chambers who was there with her from the start until now. Please continue to view Queen’s songs on You Tube and Reverbnation. For bookings: 647784-7414.

Rebel Vibez Top 10: Canadian Reggae Chart (March 10th - March 17th, 2014) 1: Bunny McBeth 2: Elaine Shepherd 3: Akustix 4: Progress 5: Singateh feat. Tony Anthony 6: Marky Lyrical 7: Amber 8: Don Dem 9: Jay Kartier 10: Golden Chyle

Fools & Guns Tears Always Win Mandela Mama’s Teachings

East Links Records Technicians Music Akustix Music Rebel Alliance

I Should Have Told You

Singateh Ent/Phylani music

Just Be Calm

Riddim Wise

A Kiss to Build a Dream on Hardy’s Production

Need Your Love Pretty Brown Eyes Joanna Wine

Don Dem Entertainment The Relatives Nu Dynasty Music

Email a vote for your favorite artist/song to hit the charts “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be a Rebel, Be YOU!” - #RebelVibez Carrie Mullings - Award Winning Reggae Radio Ambassador Radio Personality/Artist Management/Entrepreneur Founder & CEO of Rebel Vibez/Rebel Vibez Records


Summertized Promotions presents Sister Nancy, Serious and Blessed on July 26th, 2014 at Your Party Hall located at: 4228 Weston Road (at Steeles). Infoline: 647-539-4944.

Delroy G (Toronto) DJ Spex (Toronto) Natty B & Bigga (Toronto) Richard Banton (Toronto) Puggy Simeon (Toronto) DJ Red X (Toronto) Sir B (Toronto) Luther Brown (Toronto) Carrie Mullings (Toronto) Patrick Roots (Toronto) King Turbo (Toronto) Durmot Williams (Toronto) DJ Cool (Kitchener) George Barrett (Vancouver) George Barrett (Vancouver) Dudley George (Vancouver) Kwabena Reuben (Vancouver) Wayne Vernon (Vancouver Ras Bingi Catt (Picton) Various DJs (Birmingham) Unity Radio 1 (Birmingham) Sting Them Radio (Birmingham) Supreme Radio (London) Thompson Sound Radio (Jamaica) Bess FM 100 (Jamaica) Ms Flexin (USA) Candi McNeil (Toronto) Ron Nelson (Toronto) Decky & Toya (Toronto) Paul Murton (Toronto) MONTREAL RADIO PROGRAMS Full Circle Show Caribbean Rhythms Positive Vibes Show Roots Rock Reggae Show Reggae Jam Show

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Wed Sat Thurs Mon Sun

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CKUT 90.3FM CKUT 90.3FM CKUT 90.3FM CKUT 90.3FM K103.7FM

RADIO PERSONALITY SPOTLIGHT Canada and selected alongside Mikey Soul, Sonatone Sound from Malton Toronto and Canadians recognized his talent. He played amongst some of the Canadian greats like King Turbo and Soul to Soul to name a few. He also played alongside Downbeat from New York.



ayne Irie has been selecting music on various Sound Systems from a very young age. In 1975 Wayne had the crowd rocking with a Sound called Merritone, in 1978 Duke Alloy Sound recognized his talent and recruited Wayne Irie, Wayne achieved many trophies and a gold disc, changing the name of the Sound and people crowned it King Alloy. In 1989 Wayne went on to

In 1990 Wayne Irie returned to England and in the following year (1991) it was the birth of New Sensation Sound which is still going strong. New Sensation Sound played alongside some of Jamaica’s greats such as Bodyguard Sound, King Addies, Stone Love, Metro Media, Kilamanjaro, Fire Links, Swatch Int., Tony Matterhorn, Suzy Q and much more. Wayne Irie would like to thank all promoters, radio Dj’s selectors and all who have supported his musical journey and continues to do so. Log on to to listen Wayne Irie ‘live’.

Radio Personality of the Year, numerous Community and media Awards and has hosted many large events such as Jamaica Day, The Men of Distinction Event , and many Award and Stage shows Nationally and Internationally .



J Cool is a Multi Award Winning Radio host and is currently employed at Radio Station 100.3fm in the Region of Waterloo. DJ Cool is bilingual in English and French and is also a Graduate in Management from the University of Mc Gill in Montreal. As a Jamaican Canadian, Cool has won several awards including

DEEJAY/SINGJAY SPOTLIGHT spotlight is “Get mi break” on the Dream Riddim. Songs such as “Great Acres 4 ever” on the Trendy Riddim Compilation got heavy rotation. Most popular was the combination tune with Kip Rich “No Other Way” on the Controversy Riddim from Cash Global Records Label.

clarity of vocals separated from multi instrumental, redefines the standards of craftsmanship in all aspects of this and all their productions.



t a time when the level of workmanship and production of music is rapidly declining, ZJ Rush & Master Lee, two of Jamaica’s finest engineers combine to mix four of the latest songs to be released on the “Mad Run” rhythm driven album; “Dancing” by Tony Curtis feat. Fancy Face was recorded at Sun City Studios, “Man on the Run” by Rich Kid was recorded at Reflex Studios, “Party Nice” by Don Narro was recorded at MSM Studios and lastly, “Steppa” by Quick Cook & Krymist was recorded at Redboom/Frenz For Real Studios. These are just a few of the local and international artists and studios that have their hands in this production. The dual ingenuity of ZJ Rush & Master Lee shows what true professionals can do when they concentrate on quality. The high level production coming out of Cash Global Records, the state of the art sounds and superb

In an interview with Mr. Williams; Executive Producer and C.F.O. of the label, he states, “We all know that it’s not just the song; music takes a lot of money, patience and time. When I sit with 80% of my peers, it’s so hard to ignore their shortsightedness. It’s all about the hype of the moment, to do a tune and just throw it out there, that’s not Cash Global’s thing. When we put out a tune or an album the production has to meet international standards, and for the artists, we put in place tours around the globe so we may all profit, financially and in terms of exposure. As I meds it, our predecessors took the time and effort to make the music at a level that is diminishing rapidly. Nowadays such high percentage of producers and artists alike are just throwing songs together, essentially we’re killing our music with mediocre quality. At our label we have to work with people such as Y Rush/Master Lee and those who upheld a global and timeless standard of music in all aspects”. You can view the entirety of this interview on YouTube in the coming weeks, subscribe now! (By Flex Patterson - The Star Editorial)

DJ Cool has many relatives and friends in the Toronto and the Greater Toronto area and lives in the City of Cambridge, Ontario. With several years of Radio Broadcast Experience DJ Cool is one of the most versatile and experienced Radio Broadcasters in our Community and in Canada he has a worldwide fan base. Check out DJ Cool’s Award Winning Show called “The Afternoon Drive” with DJ Cool every Monday from 4 to 7 pm at



anaro Stanford aka Don Naro is an artist of the future. He is blessed with talent and an aspiration for musical greatest. Born in Spanish Town raised in Portmore, Jamaica to native parents, at an early age he dealt with the migration of his father to the United State and the passing of his mom in the same year. Those things did not deter him from completing his schooling at Excelsior High. To alleviate his pain, he turned to the one thing he loved, music. The music fraternity welcomed him as an artist/song writer and he wrote songs for artist such as Spice, Junior Reid and Macka Diamond. The hi-light was when he teamed up with his friends to form the popular dance group “Talk about Dancers”. Deeply involved in music Don Naro recorded over 25 official 45s but the tune that put him in the

Finding his place at Cash Global Records Don Naro’s latest recording “Party Nice” will secure his spot on the Mad Run Riddim driven album. With good reviews from music insiders this tune is poised to be a single to watch. Sources close to CGR disclose that Naro and Dj Kenny are in rehearsal for the world tour that will coincide with the album release. Destined for greatness Don Naro has been involved in the production of music at Cash Global Records. He is also involved with the production of such songs from 3Star, Ankle Socks, Quick Cook, Ring Ding and his own songs. He can now add the title of producer to his name. When asked his answer was defiant; “I’m eager to learn so I dig deep into producing with the inhouse producers and engineers here at CGR, Father Hulk, Rich Kid, Dj Kenny, Father Ernie big up and all veteran wah pass through”. One can expect to hear a lot more from this young vibrant multi talented musician who’s set to impact the musical fraternity from all aspects. (By Senika Gordon, Freelance journalist for Ent. Press)

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orn Michael Taylor on October 9, 1963 in London, England, Taylor spent his formative years commuting between London and Jamaica. Inspired by the established singers on the island, including Dennis Brown and Barrington Levy, he embarked on his own singing career. His vocal range was initially in the high tenor dancehall style



nown for his hit song “El Shaddai” and a few others around the mid 90’s, Jahmali returns with his first full-length album in thirteen years. Here you will find an artist whose youthful promise is fulfilled, his message matured and refined: a unique and engaging artist in his prime. With a sound and style as unique in all of reggae as it was when he first came on the scene, Jahmali is poised to carry the torch of a long line of classic reggae artists from Bob

favoured by Pinchers, Sanchez and Pliers. He began his recording career during the mid-80s in the UK, recording with Studio One producer Jackie Mittoo. The recordings surfaced on Mikey’s own MGR label through Omega, and other notable recordings followed, including ‘Kuff N Dem’, ‘A Sound Gonna Die Tonight’, and the allegorical ‘Cowboy Life’. In combination, he found success with Richie Davis (‘Back to Life’ and ‘Suzy Wong’).

Inspirational Quotes” which entails many of her inspirational quotes and more. There have been numerous amounts of real fans who have expressed their testimonials to Empress Minott. She has received tremendous amounts of positive feedback from both adults and children who have read her book. Empress Minott says she embraces the love and it feels very heartwarming and encouraging to hear.

In 1992, Mikey returned to Jamaica, where he met Luciano during a recording session, the association led to his becoming part of the Firehouse Crew alongside DJ Sizzla and saxophonist Dean Fraser. In 1997, the Firehouse Crew shared top billing with Buju Banton and Bunny Wailer at the Essential Roots Day festival, and by this time, Mikey’s recording career was enjoying a renaissance. Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell produced his Firehouse debut, Stronger Rastaman, while his combination with Sizzla, ‘Babylon a Listen/Unseen Blessings’, became a dancehall anthem. Lately, he has also started working with Indie Rootz Records out of Canada.

Her experiences have trained her to excel in leadership roles and she enjoys being a positive role model in her community as well as in many other countries around the world. 2014 started very well for Empress Minott, during self reflection she realized she has established new skills personally and professionally. She’s working very hard to put forth her second studio album which she will be taking with her on her tour to Africa. “Bless us” is the first single to be released from the Album. That “single” was produced by DJ records, it can be found on iTunes, CD Baby and other online distributors. For bookings, inquiries, contacts, music and merchandise please visit: Stay in touch with her on Twitter @Empress Minott or



s an Artist and Writer, Empress Minott has continually strived for excellence in her life; she’s enthusiastic about moving even further into her career in the music industry. She’s passionate about her all her endeavors in life. Since the release of Empress Minott’s book, it has been a real positive journey. Empress Minott’s livication and synergy is just remarkable, her work ethics have been proven to be consistent in the community which ventures off into the rest of the world on a positive note. Her “Real Fans” as she calls Marley, and Dennis Brown, through them, have been supporting her his contemporary Garnett Silk, while new book that she recently bringing his own thoughtful and released “Empress Minott engaging perspective forward in this time. Jahmali has already released three singles entitled ‘Courageously’, ‘No Weapon’ and ‘Do it for Love’ from his upcoming album ‘We.I.Open’. This project presented by IsRoyal Records (Toronto, Canada) and produced by Reggaeland (Barcelona, Spain) is sure to captivate the spirit. We view Jahmali’s music as a missing element to Reggae in these times. IsRoyal Records is honored to present to you the revival of Jahmali and his great contribution to Reggae music. Be sure to look out for the album in spring 2014. We at IsRoyal Records are thankful for the continued support – One Love! For Bookings, Dubs and Jingles please contact: All other inquires contact Ital Management and Promotions Ltd at:



orval Edgehill has been busy over the summer recording and performing. He has an upcoming album entitled “Real Reggae Vibes” soon to be released. He has performed in the Cayman Islands, in New York twice and also in New Jersey since last June and did not fail to

please his fans. Norval recently performed in New York October 2013 and at Voices of Thanksgiving in November 2013. Norval’s song “Mama’s Cry” is the title track to the EP Mama’s Cry Riddim recently released by Heart of Empress Productions. Another song released is ‘Ebony Eyes” on the HOEP Label and “Since You Been Away” which was produced by Indie Rootz Records out of Montreal, Quebec. Norval is also set to release his new single fesaturing I Brilliance entitled “Play That Reggae Music” produced by HOEP. He will be performing in and around Toronto for the Summer of 2014 and also has a few shows slated for USA and Jamaica. Presently in the studion finishing up some more songs, Norval is staying fresh and upt to the time. Stay tuned for more Norval Edgehill coming at you.

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REGGAEXCLUSIVE’S SINGJAY / DEEJAY SPOTLIGHT took the chance to collaborate with an Urban Media Group, 4 in the Morning, who are based out of Montreal and L.A. The group has been making waves in Montreal for some time. The Montreal Dancehall king was honored when asked to collaborate on the record and after hearing Sasha’s track he knew it was time to make his mark on the R&B scene.



ontreal, Canada’s Dancehall entertainer, Sampaloo, teamed up with 4 In The Morning’s R&B artist, Sasha for a collaboration on her hit record “Encore”. While working on his new Dancehall hit with Darshan Records, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the Dancehall entertainer


oel Wallace aka King Mee grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and came to Canada in 1980. As an April youth,



February 22, 2014, Sampaloo was invited back on the Monaie Money stage as a special guest with Sasha to promote the new single (Monaie Money is a platform that promotes the younger generation and their talents). He took the crowd by surprise, as he flew on stage dressed all in orange to lay out his part of the track. 4 in the Morning invited him back over the past weekend to finish off the final touches of the music video where 2010’s dancehall queen, Sade Deroche, and Montreal’s video vixen, Ebo, costarred in his scene. Sampaloo and his team take us outside of the box this year and are coming back strong while showcasing the artists’ versatility. He plans to make his mark in the broader urban scene here in Montreal, as his collaboration with Reggaeton group Efigy Sound is set to release before the summer. Look out for the “Encore” video in the early spring. King Mee is enthusiastic and confident which he shows both in his works and in his music. Growing up he was inspired mostly by roots and culture music. He states how it has taught him how to stay positive in life. Radio personas and fellow coworkers in the industry have commented on his respectful and positive demeanor.



King Mee follows the Rastafarian faith, in which he says JAH has been his biggest mentor, giving him the love and inspiration that he delivers through his music. 2010 was the beginning of his musical journey with his group “Fiyah Flamez Unit”, since then he has been working with producers worldwide on over 10 compilation CDs. now his latest release” Take Time With My Heart” with actor entertainer Majah Bless from the movie ‘Real Ghetto Youths’. Keep up to date with King Mee on:

Get Your Copy

like Capelton, Buju Banton, Pinchers, Freddie McGregor, Bounti Killa, Macka Diamond and countless others. In the midnineties, Black Don became Kapa Shanti due to the fact that many other artists carried the name ‘Don’ as part of their stage name, so ‘Black Don’ decided to coin his own unique name, hence the name Kapa Shanti. The meaning of Kapa Shanti is “Kindly Appreciate People And Stop Hating Another Nation - That’s I”.



omo Proctor aka Kapa Shanti started his music career as a young boy in the year 1989. Growing up he listened to artists like Bunny Wailer, Yellow Man, Fathead, Gregory Issacs, Bob Marley, Lionel Ritchie, Madonna and others. He migrated to the USA from Guyana in 1986 and met two very important people that same year, his first love and his best friend ‘Populah’ who was also a reggae artist from St. Mary, Jamaica. Every weekend during this time, ‘Black Don’ (as he was popularly known in those days) would go to a friend’s house in the neighborhood by the name of “Choppa Ranks” to hone his musical skills. Moving forward, he did his first big show in Syracuse University when he opened for Machel Montano and subsequently opened for artists

Kapa Shanti started frequenting Jamaica to spend time and learn more about his craft. During this time, he did a few shows in Mandeville and Porus and was well received by the people. He also performed at the Linkage Awards Show in New York in 2011 where he did an outstanding job. Kapa was greatly inspired by the artist Shabba Ranks, who was instrumental in Kapa ‘picking up the microphone’, so to speak. Kapa has released a mix tape hosted by Jabba from Hot97 (NY) which sold 40,000 copies, he also did collaborations with Marlon Asher, Wu Tang Clan, Pinchers, Pressure Buss Pipe and he is currently promoting his new single featuring Future Fambo entiled “God Alone”. Kapa Shanti is working on his full length CD to be distributed by VP Records and release in the summer of 2014. Also look out for a new video featuring Pinchers and Capleton. Kapa Shanti’s sole purpose in music is to edify and teach the people, because he firmly believes that music is a gift from God and it should be used the right way. Stay tuned for more Kapa Shanti coming at you.

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REGGAEXCLUSIVE NEW VOICES IN REGGAE that inspired and enlightened the listener. He felt a conviction to provide music to give hope and inspiration to his people.

Dancehall Super Sensation Movado as one of his role models. He is on a mission with his musical career to continue feeding the world on the authentic Jamaican Music. This prolific artiste has performed on name-brand Reggae/Dancehall shows such as “East Fest” and “A St. Mary Mi Come From” is striving after International success, and dreaming of the day when he will be touring and performing his music right across the four corners of the world with his trademark brand of positive music.



ew young and upcoming artistes have the commitment and drive for the music industry as Synnus, who was born Adrian Anthony Campbell in St. Mary, Jamaica. Synnus grew up feasting on the music of Reggae Great Bob Marley, and is a great admirer of International Superstar Shaggy while holding current

Among his releases so far are; “Better Life” which set out to champion the causes of the poor and needy within society, and the soul hitting “Memories” as well as “Better Life” and “Motion Wine”. He has done a couple of songs alongside Jimmy Riley, one called “Only Reggae Music” and a next one produced by Indie Rootz Records to be released later this year. The humble, soft spoken and self-driven Synnus with his signature catch phrase “Sign Dem All and Don’t Try Catch Up”. shared the stage with two legends in their respective genres, Stevie Wonder and Bobbie McFerrin. This multi-talented singer songwriter is classically trained and claims not just one genre of music as her own.



ike a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day, her voice is refreshingly cool, and definitely on the sweet side. An alumni of the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School, Chelsea Stewart has completed her first year of The Jazz Program at Humber College. Receiving standing ovations at local jazz festivals and on the international stage, Chelsea Stewart has been an opening act for various artists, like R&B artist Mario, and reggae superstar Beenie Man. She’s sung for and

From classical to jazz and everything in between, Chelsea takes you on a musical journey visiting the eras of Billie Holiday, Donny Hathaway, Bob Marley and Maria Carey. “Over you” is the title of her debut single released in 2014 and she is currently working on her first original EP. Chelsea Stewart is presently on her first month long promotional tour in Europe. This young vocalist possesses a voice that moves you; captivated, you willingly go where she takes you. Whatever the genre, Chelsea Stewart sings from her heart. A star is born, and we look to the future as she creates music that invites you to fall in love, to dance to live and to reminisce. Introducing Canada’s very own, Miss Chelsea Stewart. For more info contact her Manager Karen Stewart at: (647)280-6789. age?fref=ts or



orn Craig Deacon on August 4, 1980 in the area of Trench Town called Arnette Gardens or ‘Jungle’, he was given the name Bettadayze by a record producer in St. Ann who felt that BettaDayze lifted the spirits of those around him with his positive energy, his easy smile and willing attitude. The producer thought the name suited him better than ‘Townist’ as he was often called. Craig Deacon grew up listening to and appreciating gospel music sung by his family as well as popular reggae music sung by artists like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Culture, Mighty Diamonds, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and a multitude of popular Dancehall Artists. His heart was however captured by cultural lyrics



hil Wonder’s new single called “This is my Toronto” has the makings of a huge

BettaDayze played football or soccer in his early years and moved to Priory St. Ann to live with grandparents where he became deeply involved in his music and worked in local hotels as a cook. BettaDayze chose to be a cultural artist promoting upliftment and positivity with his music. He was inspired by the teachings of The Honorable Marcus Garvey, Ghandi, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., former President Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela. BettaDayze was introduced to Osujah’s CEO Donna Burnett by a mutual friend and bonded almost immediately through their music. They shared a similar passion for the reggae music and people. Creatively they are a formidable team. Together they charted a route to establish Osujah Records with BettaDayze as the ambassador. BettaDayze sings his music with soul, passion and a high level of energy. His first songs were “Time a di Master” produced by Mac 10 Records and “Never Give Up” produced by Cutstone Studio. His promotional EP was produced by Osujah Records and he is currently working on his first album expected to be released in March 2014. Love for the people is his driving force. hit song. It was recorded at 5 Rivers Studio in Brampton. Phil is set to take the airwaves by storm with this new single. He just officially released it on CD and is giving it out to as many Radio personnel as he can. Also soon to be released is another single called “To Know Me Is to Love Me” also recorded at 5 Rivers Studio in Brampton. Phil is available for bookings for all festivals, stage shows, birthday parties, weddings, etc. Phil would like to big up English from the 5 Rivers Studio, “nuff respect for all your help. I want all the Toronto people to know that even though our city is going through a rough time right now with all the negative media attention, it’s still the greatest city in the world. Big up all the Toronto people.” Look out for Phil Wonder this summer performing in a city near you. Stay tuned for more on this artist.

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caribbean music calypso soca reggae island music rasta news toronto ontario canada