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Issue # One Toronto Ontario June 2010

St James Town Festival Sat June 5th 2010 Located at Rose Avenue Public School 10 am to 4 pm

reetings and welcome to the St. James Town News celebrating this year’s St. James Town Festival. I bring warm wishes from the St. James Town Safety Committee as we begin the summer festival season and get ready to celebrate the annual event of the community.


The Festival will be held Saturday, June 5 at Rose Avenue Public School all afternoon and will be preceded by a parade for the entire community beginning at 10AM, starting on Howard and circling Sherbourne, Wellesley and Parliament to St. James Avenue. The day promises to have something for everyone, rain or shine. Contained in this newspaper you will find the guide to the Festival as well as interesting ideas from our community members, youth, mayoral candidates and our sponsors including Live Green Toronto.

In 2010 we reflect on the spirit of the Festival to look to where we can go as a community, to our hopes and our possibilities. A politically and community engaged area, St. James Town has the right ingredients to make positive change, harnessing the diverse backgrounds and skills we have here. June 5 is also World Environment Day, a day people celebrate globally to act on what changes will improve their world for today’s and future Con’t on Page 25 -- -- - coupons are on

City Politics Pg 3-4 Environment Day Pg 13

Tech In the City Pg 14 Program Guide Pg 16-17 Green Tenants Pg 20 Local News Pg 24 / 25

Page 1 - Thai Spring Roll any restaurant owners provide their service staff with a "script" to follow when approaching customers. "Hello, my name is _____ and I will be your server this evening. Can I offer you [an overpriced, sickly sweet] specialty cocktail to start?" Smaller restaurants have the appeal of making the diner feel like a guest, rather than just another tab/table number. Thai Spring Roll, at the hands of Kumar, runs with the perfect combination of grace, business savvy and respectful consideration for the individual customer, regardless of price range. Many of the dinner entrees are available on the lunch menu, from 11:30am-4pm, come with choice of soup or a spring roll, and are above and beyond reasonably priced. The best part is, they are not half the size of their peak-hour counterparts, but fill up the plate with the same generous portions as they would later in the day. This restaurant started out serving great Thai food and will continue to do so for years to come, especially with the same wonderful service offered by the lovely Rachel.


Their signature dish was, of course, the spring rolls, and didn't disappoint. They were bursting with flavour and ingredients, but unlike many I have tried in the past, NOT drowning in grease or overwrapped with pastry. Colourful, fresh and crisp, the Mango Salad

By Melissa Peters

(with peanut coriander and their a lovely house dressing) was a refreshing way to enjoy the unusually warm weather before diving into the Classic Pad Thai (chicken and shrimp). It was yet another dish that I would highly recommend, which was no surprise after the quality of what had preceded it. I liked how the green onions, roasted peanuts and sprouts were placed on top of the hot portion of the dish so they would retain their unique textures and allowed the green onions to add a splash of colour. The chicken was tender and tasty with fresh shrimp and al dente noodles.Throughout the dish, I continued to enjoy the medley of tastes and textures. Singha Thai beer (bottle), nice and cold, went nicely with each of the dishes. The fantastic spring rolls were too good to stop eating, but I had satisfied my hunger long before I ran out of food. I still found myself picking at the salad in the car on the way home, but shared the leftover Pad Thai with my boyfriend. He loved it too. A clean restaurant, with excellent service, generous portions and reasonable prices, and authentic Pan Asian cuisine, Thai Spring Roll is where to go for Thai food in Toronto. Thai Spring Roll 525 Bloor St. W (at Bathurst), The Annex 416-588-THAI, (416-588-8424) Delivery, Take-out, and catering available. Visit Dated Apr 2010

Dan Murton

Alex, Mel, Paul, Jane, Chaz are sales reps

416-907-4618 Editor, Utube videos, Pictures, web and graphic lay-out by Paul Murton. 416-693-8530 -- - -- -

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POLITICS: Questions to the Mayors from the kids at St James Town

By Melissa Peters

1. Q: What will you do to make Toronto the best city in the world? Jamie (MC) 2. Q: How would you make more environmental Toronto friendly? Grace (MC) 3. Q. How would you be able to help low income families to afford the high apartment rentals and give children free daily activities along with good nutrition? Leona (MC) 4. Q. How about more clubs open to the public-for al age groups? Group meetings to discuss how to stop vandalism and maybe talk about creeps (drugs and drug crime) in the community Noami age 14 and Jeana (MC) 5. Q. There has been discussions about giving immigrants the rightto vote in municipal elections. Do you believe immigrants who have been in the city for plus years but not yet citizens a chance to vote? Would you lobby different levels of government to make this a reality? Daniel Murton (ED) 6. Q. Do you ride the TIC. If you do what's the best and worst experiences you have with our system as a user on a day to day basis. Daniel Murton (ED) 7. Q. Would you correct the BIA act and require a member of the homeowner association to vote on their board? PM or any other changes to the BIAs Mayor Candidates Ford, Rob ( Mammoliti, Giorgio ( Pantalone, Joe ( Rossi, Rocco ( Smitherman, George ( Thomson, Sarah (

1) I will make Toronto the best city in the world by making it the best-run city in the world. Right now, the city wastes money, doesn't on basic deliver services, and isn't doing it's job for the great people of the city. With my business experience, I will turn this city around and get it working again.


2) In my view, Toronto's biggest environmental challenge is smog and pollution. The best way to attack those challenges is to fight back against the gridlock that keeps people stuck in traffic and cars idling. As Mayor, I will expand the subway system and improve the roads so that gridlock isn't so bad, and we can get thousands of cars off the road. 3) I believe they way we manage lowincome housing today isn't working. I'd like to take some of the budget for public housing and put it into rent subsidies for low-income families. This subsidy will allow them to enter some of the 40,000 vacant rental units in the city, and save their hardearned dollars for important things like their family. 4) This is an excellent idea and exactly the kind of thing I would like to do. As a Councillor for the past 10 years, I have a strong track record of community consultation. Involving the community is the best way to create solutions that work. If we stop wasting money at City Hall, we will have money left to help engage young people especially in activities that allow them to pursue their interests in a safe, healthy way while keeping them away from gangs and crime. I will make some announcements regarding both of these ideas later in the campaign.

Canada and Toronto the best place in the world to live, because they plan to make their homes and raise their families here. These people are more than temporary just residents. They become citizens and citizens have the right to vote. I strongly encourage all immigrants who want to make their lives in Ford Canada to become citizens as soon as they are eligible. Then they will have a full voice in our democracy, including the right to vote. Until then, there are many other ways to participate in our democracy: by volunteering to support a candidate or cause they believe in, by donating if they’re able to do so, and by writing letters to elected representatives, political parties, and newspapers. 6) The TTC has two major problems. It is poorly-run, and it doesn't service enough areas. I plan to expand the subway system to help more Torontonians get where they need to go quickly and efficiently. I will also improve the customer service and management of the TTC, as I will with all city departments, because that's what Torontonians deserve. I think all Toronto transit riders agree that the TTC has to improve, and that will be one of my top priorities as Mayor. 7) Businesses located within recognized Business Improvement Areas are charged a membership “tax” and must belong to the BIA whether they want to or not. The BIA’s goals are to improve business conditions in their areas and that requires them to remain on good terms with local residents. So, I’m not sure it’s necessary to force them to have a homeowner’s representative on their boards, nor a tenant’s representative.

We sent an e-mail to all of the above. Only three replied

5) Government should be shaped by people who are committed to making

Robert Ford -- - -- -

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Mayor : Local St James Town Youth ask the Candidates Tough Questions Wendy Stewart Campaign Manager Sarah Thomson for Mayor 1. I will reduce the debt by selling off assets that cost the city to upkeep. I will streamline operations at city hall and reduce spending in order to balance the books yearly. Once the financial situation is in order I will focus on building an expanded subways system in Toronto. A reliable efficent subway will attract businesses and jobs to our city. 2. An expanded subway system will reduce gridlock and congestion and in turn reduce smog and pollution. As mayor I will work towards encouraging more environmental building designs with green and white roofs. I believe we must conserve our older buildings rather than tear down as the environmental footprint of destroying buildings is significant. 3. Low income families need jobs and with an efficient transit system more businesses and jobs will come to our city. I will also work to create a portible rental subsidy that will enable low-income families the choice of where to live enabling them to live closer to the jobs available. By reducing the size of ourgovernment I will be able to put more funds into child care, summer camps, health and recreational facilities. 4. I believe in enabling the non-profit organizations who form clubs -music, book and arts organizations for example -- and want enable them with free meeting space in municipally owned building, many of which sit empty most evenings and weekends. The Toronto Arts council is doing a terrific job engaging communities around the city and by bringing art into parks that have been taken over by gangs they have enabled the neighbourhood to take back their parks. I want to encourage more of this and increase funding to the arts council.

5. I believe that the act of becoming a Canadian citizen is an extremely important commitment that must be made by both citizen and country. Canadian citizenship entails fundamental rights, protection and freedoms but also an oath of alligiance to protect and uphold the fundamental values of Canada. The reason citizens have a right to vote is because they have made an oath to protect and uphold the values that make Canada the country it is. The reason landed immigrants do not have the right to vote is because they have not made a commitment to Canada. 6. Yes I ride the TTC -- best instance was last week when the gentleman behind the counter selling tokens informed me with a smile that the subway train was running late. Worst instance was being stuck on a stopped subway for 20 minutes without any idea what was going on or why we had stopped. 7. Not sure what the questions is... BIAs stands for Business Improvement Assocations. Homeowners associations are completely different associations. Businesses vote on BIAs and home owners vote in Rate Payer (home owner) Associations. Each association have very different ideas of what makes a safe and vibrant community. Sometimes the homeowners want to rid their community of businesses without realizing that business owners create extra eyes on the streets making our neighbourhoods and urban streets much safer. I believe that mixed use (mixing business and residential together in a nieghbourhood) creates safer streets and more vibrant communities and should be encouraged in high priority communities. this will bring more jobs to areas of the city that need them most. Keith Cole

Arts and The Environment – Toronto is an awesome city full of compassion for other people – we need to build on that and our other strengths – like diversity. We truly are one of the most diverse cities in the world and we need to keep adding to that and keep it all beautiful – collectively as a population. I am an artist and I believe in ART – 100%. Again, encourage people to clean up after themselves, stop littering, more bicycle lanes, more Public Transit, roof top gardens and green spaces and parks everywhere – we have a long way too go but it is doable. We can achieve this. I live in a Co-Op, downtown in St. James Town and I grew up on the Community Centre system, free lunch programme and several after school free programmes – which were great – we need to keep funding those and never let it be taken away from people who need it most. Long Live Community Centres! Access to all ages events, drop in centres, programs, group meetings etc… is very important – youth and young people are the future – you need to be involved. You must be involved – it is your future. Use your voice to speak out.) Yes. The ballot system must change – absolutely & it will change – slowly but change is on its way – thankfully! I cannot wait for the day when the system changes. I am a 365-day, year round bike rider. I think in 2009 I took the TTC 6 times in one year. The TTC really depresses me. I am lucky that I live downtown have access to a bicycle and really enjoy riding my bike. The TTC is important but I am fortunate that I do not have to rely on it on a regular basis. This is something I really know nothing about. I am not sure what to say about this. BIA’s are often great and can be quite powerful in neighbourhoods or be useless. Sorry, I am really not sure what do say here. But I guess ultimately BIA’s are good for the neighbourhood as long as people get involved.

I believe in Civic Engagement, The -- - -- -

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Supporting Local Music



These cds are available at

Soundscapes 572 College Street, Toronto, Ont M6G1B3 Wk: 416-537-1620

Sonic Boom 512 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ont M5S 1Y3 Wk: 416-532-0334

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Listen And Watch 5555 Dundas St W Toronto, Ont M9B 6C1 Wk: (647) 282-4684 -- - -- -

Page 5 - Ristorante Roma lower arrangements remain on the tables despite a few wilting petals. The first signs of spring in mid-march, even daisies and snap dragons in their final moments of life, are far more beautiful than any artificial flowers. It was still a bit chilly for the patio, so we sat inside. The interior was classy and spacious, but still cozy. The long, marble bar is beautiful and is a nice alternative to classic wood. Soft velvety chairs and benches fill out corners, while clean, cushy vinyl furniture make up the remaining seating.


My picky little princess would have nightmares if we tried to feed her something with green olives on it, so we ordered a pepperoni and pineapple pizza for her, and the Roma Deluxe for ourselves. The Roma Deluxe was packed with two kinds of meat; pepperoni and bacon; and tons of veggies; mushrooms, green olives, green peppers, and onions. Presented on raised platforms, the way pizza should be served, our meals came out piping hot and smelling fantastic. The portions of toppings were generous, positioned evenly, and with obvious care. The crust wasn't too thick or doughy; crispy without being overcooked. One thing that really impressed me was how easy the pizza was to eat without making a mess- even when Logan turned her slice upside down, the toppings stayed put. That alone was enough to convince me that the chef who had prepared it had done so with both love and expertise. Far too

many people throw pizzas together with no regard for the end result or for the burning mess that often lands in the lap of countless embarrassed diners. The taste was ALMOST perfect... I thought it could have used a touch more sauce, but it later occurred to me that not drowning the pie in sauce might have been the reason the first bite landed in my mouth rather than on my jeans. A sacrifice for the greater good is something I can support, especially as the one who is in charge of laundry at my house. If the great pizza is any indication, I look forward to checking out the rest of the menu. There is nothing more indicative of quality Italian cuisine than the perfect pie. Don't miss my next review of Roma, because I could be telling you where to find some of the best Italian food in Toronto. New Owners - Old World Pizza

Logan Helps Herself

By Melissa Peters

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MUSIC Blurred Vision" and Flashing Lights "Blurred Vision" is a musical group of activists who used a Pink Floyd cover to show how clearly they view repressive regimes and staid Their single, Hey conventions. Ayatollah-leave those kids alone ("Another Brick in the Wall" cover) was on a DVD handed to me during my Canadian Music Week tour. The video (under the direction of Internationally Acclaimed filmmaker Babak Payami) depicts riots, women in traditional Islamic cover-all attire, and a guy who bears an uncanny resemblance to Osama Bin Laden looking through a window to make sure everyone is behaving the way he wants them to. By taking an iconic song that gives a powerful voice to the often ignored masses, "Blurred Vision" has found a way to sneak a little more harsh reality into pop culture. It's all well and good to change the few words of a song and produce a video to reinforce the idea, but these guys are offering far more

than a creative hand to the fight for a better world. Visit to download the single on Itunes because half of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Amnesty International. Not only is "Blurred Vision" trying to make a difference, but they are making it possible for all of us to do the same. The band was featured at Hart House during Canadian Music Week, so I had a chance to check them out before knowing what was on the DVD. Their first song, entitled "Organized Insanity" describes my life far too accurately. What an awesome name for a song.

By Melissa Peters

P.O.W was my favorite song of the set though. The influence behind it ranged from Pink Floyd to Nickelback and the instrumentation and lyrics were very appealing. Many of the songs were the type that could get stuck in your headcatchy, had you tapping your feetthe makings of future Top-40 hits, but with a point to them. The band was great, but the venue wasn't perfect. It was a nice space, but for about fifteen minutes, the lights kept going off and on and off and on, like someone was trying to figure out whether each individual light looked right. I couldn't see my notepad one minute and was blinded a few minutes later and praying they would just dim everything a little and just let it go. If it wasn't for the distraction of the "light show" and the headache resulting from it, I would have stayed to hear more.

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O Go there now and sign up for a table or to perform on one of the two outdoor stages or volunteer to help make it happen or to make a donation to help make it happen. Are you in the NEW? You can be! It is going to be a really fun festival. Make your plans to come out now. We are closing Bloor Street from Dufferin to Lansdowne for the day. Car-free! Come and walk on Bloor Street. There will be arts and

crafts, games for the whole family, food flavours from all over the world, performing arts, and you! You will be there. The choices are yours, but don't delay. Do not miss this event. Oh yes, and tell all your friends. They will enjoy it too. Here’s a sample of some of participants coming to the festival. Katz Jewelry, No Flash Photography, One Heart, Princess Lillyflower, Sazzle, Selina Ann, Szonja Vucsetics, The Creative Ladies, The Purple Papaya`, Three's Company Jewellery & Accessories, Handsome&Lace, Lindsay Karabanow, SUNSO GLOBAL POWER INC., Toronto Transit

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MUSIC Richilous Mitchie Lewin was born in Kingston, Jamaica on September 15th at Jubilee hospital. During his childhood, Mitch was affectionately known as "likkle squidly" and he used to perform on stage shows along with local artists. He was grateful for the opportunity to perform amongst the well-known old school reggae artists like Peter Metro and Squidly Rankin at four years of age. It was then that Mitch decided that he wanted to become an entertainer like his idols Peter Metro, Lt. Stitchie, Pinchers and Papa San. He was raised in Mountain View until age seven where he then moved to Harbour View. At the age of 10, he migrated to Toronto, Canada where he resided with his late grandmother at Queens Drive. Years have passed and Mitch now known as "Richilous/Richkidd" has evolved into a mature male artist with various talents which include his ability to produce, write, rap and sing music using his various ranges of vocals and versatility. Mitch is known as an ambitious, kindhearted individual who is rarely

discouraged but is determined to be successful in his chosen profession. He believes that the key to success is to believe in yourself despite the fact that others may doubt you. His motto is that "every person has the ability to make their dream a reality, but it is only those that try will succeed" He has an appreciation for different kinds of music produced by different cultures and enjoys creating music that cannot be defined as one genre of music but has a combination of various elements to create new sounding music that people of all ages and cultures can enjoy. Mitch was inspired by entertainers, such as Bob Marley 2 Pac Shakur and Michael Jackson. His greatest achievement is writing and composing the vocal arrangements for his first album all by himself. He hopes to become a positive influence in the lives of young people, allowing them the opportunity to recognize their talents and put it to good use. He would like to do this by developing a community project in which he would be a motivational speaker for

Get Your Music Reviewed

communities in Canada, USA and Jamaica. Mitch would also take this opportunity to seek talent amongst these youths and help them become successful within their career. When asked what he thought was one of the most important things in life, his response was, "Giving. In life the greatest thing that you can do for someone else is to give. I think that the greatest thing that I can do is to give someone an opportunity to live a productive life where they cannot only recognize their dreams, but can actually live them. That would be my gift to the world".

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MUSIC: The Newsboys amily is the perfect name for the upcoming CD; they may not share a mother or a father, but they may just be closer and share far more than brothers who do. Twentythree years ago, John Wilks and Gary O'Keefe-Wilks (John's mom recently insisted on "adopting" Gary!) found themselves sharing a stage for the first time. They just clicked and have since found themselves gravitating back together both musically and as close friends. Although they have been performing together far longer, they didn't collaborate as songwriters until 2003, but haven't stopped since they discovered the magical the result of their combined creativity.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Gary recently, who is a guitarist, bassist, drummer and songwriter. His passion for music is contagious, and the respect and love he has for the Wilks clan is touching. Music is, and always has been a part of both John's and Gary's lives, so I didn't exactly have to coax material out of Gary about his musical experiences. We were talking about something we

By Melissa Peters

both love, so the conversation just Gary's dad flowed naturally. performed New Orleans/Dixieland Jazz when Gary was young, and although the music itself intrigued Gary, the banjo did not. His fathers friend, Frank, taught Gary to play the bass well enough to do so with the band by age 11. Mom was a singer, and some of the covers Gary has learned have been a tribute to his late mothers musical history. Much of the songwriting between Gary and John is based on true stories, and about experiences they have shared directly, or over a pint after separate tours. Because they click so well in that sense, and because they are so close, it's a special treat to perform without anyone else on stage to distract the two Newsboys from one another and their music. The songs come straight from the heart, and the intimacy on stage rekindles the original emotion and thrill of writing the song, resulting in incredible chemistry. Gary and John were pleasantly surprised when the owner of Castro's Lounge (Queen St. E) asked the boys to come and perform

nothing but original work. There is a Documentary film-maker who wants to capture the camaraderie between the Gary and Johnny, so this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. The gig will happen as soon as the director returns from Nashville, so keep your ears open for the announcement. This is one performance you won't want to miss. Visit for the Music, For Bookings; (647)298-4092 or Mel Makes A Funny Face With The Newsboy

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World Environment Day at St. James Town Festival n 1973, the UN founded the first World Environment Day to spark worldwide interest in environmental action. The United Nations believes that communities are important to change the way people think about environmental issues and that people need to get involved in making changes that are fair and sustainable for everyone.

healthy local food for everyone to Toronto even has a enjoy. Community Garden Network, whose goal is to encourage a healthy community gardening movement in Toronto and support its gardeners to achieve their goals. The Network also holds a vision of diversity, because of what can be achieved by gardeners when they work together no matter their beliefs, experiences or backgrounds – and Toronto has a bounty of these. Please steal the garden idea for a piece of land near you! You can work with the Network and Green Living Toronto to get things started in your area.


As we celebrate the community of St. James Town in our Festival, this year’s celebration falls on World Environment Day, with a focus to our surrounding environment, and how we can make things better for our neighbourhoods and ourselves. This is a thought being considered by many across the City. Toronto’s big environmental goal is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. This goal is big because it will require the involvement and participation of all Torontonians to achieve. But getting there could mean a lot of fun and community-building as we work together towards the goal. When we grow food locally, swap clothing, design our buildings better or advocate for more accessible sidewalks, we are showing that we are able to reduce pollution and waste. 2010 must be the year to think big, to look around and see what we can do to benefit our neighbourhoods. Live Green Toronto can help you put your ideas into action with grants and supportive community animators

by Darcy Higgins

who will assist you in greening highrises and neighbourhoods. Half of Toronto residents are tenants, and most of them live in high-rises. Live Green’s website is full of ideas and how-to videos showing how to approach your neighbours and others about making the changes you desire. All of this can be found at:, calling 3-1-1, or emailing One big idea I have is for community gardens to thrive in every neighbourhood, with children, adults and seniors working together to grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and natives plants. Gardens like these have been initiated in many parts of Toronto, and provide great sources of

2010 is also an election year. It’s the right time to expect more of our municipal officials and to ask how they can better serve our neighbourhoods, such as with proper housing, efficient buildings, healthy food and vibrant community spaces. It is up to us to show examples and talk to our representatives and candidates about what we want, and ask for (or demand) the political support to make things better. I’m excited about the big things to happen this year. Let’s take the global spirit of World Environment Day and bring it home to Toronto. With the right mix of enthusiasm, we might all soon get to experience some healthier food, cleaner air and better housing. Darcy Higgins is Chair of the St. James Town Festival. He can be reached at -- -- - coupons are on

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TECh IN CITY: The Land Line is Dead

By Daniel Murton

ast month my mother turned 57 and she wanted to learn how to use a cellphone. I had an old Telus prepaid phone collecting dust in a gadget box of mine. I gave it to her so she could try it out and see if it made sense to get a real one. I got my sister to make the maiden phone call and I found her reacting to the cellphone as if it were an alarm clock or a hand grenade. The startled look as she tried to find it in her purse and the fumbling with the keys. I held in my laughter for about a second as I hit the talk key and shared the humour with my sister on the other line.


Two weeks on she’s getting the hang of using a cell phone and my tone goes from laughter to shock when I find out how much my mother is paying for a land line. She nonchalantly says $55 to $75 and my first words out of my mouth are “Why?” It seems a landline, caller id, voicemail, long distance and other little fees here and there add up. I decided to do some research for my mother and ultimately the reader on switching over to a cellphone for good! When I went researching online for pricing I’ve noticed a huge difference between the big companies like Bell and Rogers versus Public Mobile and Wind the two new mobile startups on the block. When I was surfing Bell or Rogers’s websites I felt like I was being flipped on my end and slowly shaken for money as I clicked each respective feature I needed. I also felt like a lawyer or mathematician at

times when I was reading the long distance plans or the terms and conditions that talked about long distance network fees in Bell’s case. In contrast to the big phone companies, the new mobile startups Public Mobile and Wind websites were easy to navigate and it took only a minute on each site to get a price. I think the contrast between the start-ups and the traditional companies is this little word called unlimited. It’s easy to navigate prices on their websites because it’s one price with a lot less fine print. As a Public Mobile rep said to me “no matter how much you talk or text, you’ll always pay the same flat rate. And that means you’ll never be surprised with a bill at the end of the month.” The rep also mentioned 38 percent of Canadians don’t have a cell phone because of these unpredictable and frustrating fees that Canadians face through these

traditional telephone companies. It’s clear these startups like Wind and Public are targeting this 38% because it’s a huge untapped market that wants wireless without attachments. In my mother’s case the fluctuation of $50-$75 dollars she pays Bell every month is a lot more than an unlimited plan from either Public or Wind which run $45 to $55 respectively. I know Bell will lose at least one customer to this new pricing model taking Toronto by storm The mantra for these new companies is no contracts, no credit checks and no surprises because they want to turn the market on its head and cut the land line for good. Time will tell if these slow moving giants will innovate and make it easier for consumers to communicate or the risk giving up their subscribers for good.

416-567-7285 -- -- - coupons are on

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EVENTS: Tall Ships Waterfront Fest Redpath Toronto Waterfront Festival Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge June 30-July 4, 2010 From the cultural and recreational activities to the spectacular Parade of Sail, opportunities abound for the entire family to enjoy the festival on dry land at no cost, but with the tall ships docked along our cities waterfront, it seems crazy not to actually "whet" the old sea legs while you have the chance. If you can't bear the thought of leaving our awesome city behind for even one second, then you can experience the wonders of this historical international fleet right here in our own harbour with deck tours. Visit to purchase your boarding pass for as little as $12. If you want to avoid line-ups and get a second, or third look at the fleet, you can get a Single or Multi-Day Priority Pass for less than thirty dollars, and if your kids are under four, they can tag along for free. Anchored and still, the vessels are extraordinary, but the real magic is guiding them across the ocean. The freedom of the open water is only the beginning. Every person counts in a race, from manipulating the massive ship, trying to predict what nature is going to come up with next, to planning every pull of the line and the rise and fall of the sails. As a crew member aboard you are constantly engaged; mind, body and soul while

you compete with powerful water, strong winds and worthy opponents.

By Melissa Peters


From regular crew members to firsttime trainees, everybody on deck is part of the crew, and is introduced to every aspect of sailing a squarerigger. One can start before the mast and, respecting international regulations, work their way up to captain's qualifications for traditional ships. The ROALD AMUNDSEN knowledge gained as a crew member is invaluable, but the ROALD AMUNDSEN offers additional education in the language, history and culture of Germany. Visit to purchase a berth or for more information.

What most people don't realize is that anybody can be a part of this exhilarating lifestyle, even if it's just for a week or two. This summer is your chance to experience our majestic Great Lakes on the deck of a foreign Tall Ship. Not only are

berths on these mighty ships available to the novice or experienced passenger/sailor, they are necessary. The benefits to those who purchase berths are without question, but the proceeds of berth sales are the life-blood of the ships, and the only way to preserve the fascinating history of the individual crafts, and the Tall Ship Sailing industry as a whole. The German Tall Ship ROALD AMUNDSEN was originally built for deep sea fishing in 1952, only to service the military fleet of former East Germany. When the Berlin Wall went down, so did her sails, only to rise again in the name of sailtraining, at the hands of the LLaS e.V., a German not-for-profit

The Bark EUROPA, "the ship that really sails", was launched in Hamburg in 1911, and brought to the Netherlands in 1986, where, over 8 years, she was completely rebuilt and rigged as a three-masted bark. Famous for nautical miles travelled, she earned the nickname, "Ocean Wanderer". The motto on the ship is "anything you may, nothing you must." Being a mate, or even a captain on a ship has been a dream for many people, and the EUROPA can make it a reality. For a few weeks each year, she sails as the training ship for the "Enkhuizen Nautical College", which trains people for voyages on both coastal and ocean sailing vessels. Visit to book your berth on this amazing vessel. -- - -- -

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St James Town Festival Sponsors Instaloans 1-225 Wellesley St E. Toronto, Ontarion 416 342 6174 -- -- - coupons are on

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St James Town Festival Program Guide STAGE GUIDE MASTER OF CEREMONY'S Spider Jones, Randy Hill, Carol Golench, Steve Chu

Saturday June 5 2010 10am – 4pm Rose Avenue Public School 10am :- Parade Sherbourne and Howard to Wellesley St. Across to Parliament St. Up to St James Town Ending at Rose Avenue Public School 11am - 4pm :- Entertainment, Speeches, and Raffle Draw

11:00 - 11:30 St. James Town Youth Steel Band ( Ken Bhagan ) 11:30 - 12:00 Ant Hill Production (Soli & Rob) 12:00 - 12:20 Pam McConnell, Honourable Bob Rae M.P. Glen Murray M.P.P. Mike Schreiner Green Party of Ontario Leader 12:20 - 12:50 Joy Of Music (Heather) 12:50 - 1:20 Spirit Of Jazz (James Warburton) 1:20 - 1:30 C C P (Kevin Felitiano) 1:30 - 1-40 Han ay Ka Hula La Kune (Ramon Lora)

King Ujah

2:30 - 3:00 Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Ron Farr) 3:00 - 3:30 lansanity 3:30 - 4:00 Th. Homeless Band

4pm :- Closing Ceremnony Spirit Of Jazz (James Warburton) -- -- - coupons are on

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POLITICS: The Unfair 'Politics' of Being a Politician

By Melissa Peters

politicians are lected supposed to be representing actual people, are they not? The average person has his or her own fair share of issues, and tries to avoid making said issues obvious to the outside world. Regardless of how far society has come in terms of accepting alternative lifestyles, our leaders are still expected to live up to some archaic stereotype of the nuclear family. How exactly is that representative of the average human being? Divorce rates are high, people cheat, marry more than once, have children out of wedlock, have sex before marriage, and play the field for a few years before settling on even their first "life" partner. Although 18 is considered the legal age of adulthood, very few people have even begun to figure out who they are and what they want a decade later. Adam Giambrone is only 32 years old and he has chosen a path that is filled with responsibility and a life that is under constant scrutiny. He made the leap into politics when he was in his early twenties, and has proven himself more over a few years than many politicians do in decades. He has taken not one, but two major positions, and managed to juggle the many roles that each position demands with impressive control, and with wisdom well beyond his age. He has a fresh outlook, and new, innovative ideas, and unlike those who have been discouraged by decades of political red tape and controversy, he is filled with hope. And hope is exactly what the city of


Toronto needs right now. The residents of Toronto have been told too many times that the time and money it would take to build a great city just doesn't exist, so they have grown to accept mediocrity. They don't bother fighting anymore, because they see no point. They need a leader who is willing to fight on behalf of Toronto, and willing to refuse to back off until the provincial and federal government bodies give the support the city needs and deserves. Adam Giambrone was the mayoral candidate who was ready and willing to step up on behalf of Toronto, but because he got caught acting like a young man with a sex drive, he dropped out of the race. He created the perfect image because he had to, with the nice girlfriend who lived with him, who he had been dating for just the right amount of time. It was long enough to justify shacking up, but not so long that it seemed strange that the couple had not yet married. Unfortunately, Adam's extra-curricular activities weren't well thought out. According to one of the other woman, Mr. Giambrone was playing the loving, loyal boyfriend card in more than one lady's life. It's hard to believe that the hidden woman was unaware that someone whose face is splashed all over the front of the Sun and the Star had NO IDEA he was involved with someone else. More than likely, she waited to come clean until her story would

have more impact on the young politicians career. He was pretty high profile before he announced he was running for mayor, but why bother wasting such juicy gossip when it would get so much more publicity if it came out a few weeks later. He lied and cheated, and I don't condone either practice, but I don't think this is a reflection of his ability to run a city. Bill Clinton was paying a little too much attention to his interns, yes, but he was one of the best and most productive leaders the U.S. has seen in decades. We lost him over a sex scandal, and ended up with George W. TWICE. Torontonians have lost Giambrone to a sex scandal...; if history repeats itself, the next decade is looking pretty bleak.

Beach City Music 2146 Queen Street East

We would like to thank Beach City Music for supporting local music. This music store is one of four Toronto stores that are selling CDs from Sponsored by Bloor News -- - -- -

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GARDEN Your Neighborhood Gardener- Richard Butterfield was wondering how I was going to make an article about a gardener entertaining, but with this particular gardener as the subject, it wasn't an issue. Richard studied Landscape and Aboriculture at Humber College, and has spent the past 12 years up to his elbows in Landscape design and Maintenance. I asked him what attracted him to the art/industry in the first place.


"Gardening just centered me, to be honest. You get to see the cycle of life and how everything has its time and its purpose." A persons garden is far more than just soil, foliage and decor- it's an artistic expression and homeowners all have a different idea of what a garden should be. Richard has come across thousands of these

visions and believes that ones garden, and how he or she approaches it, says a great deal about who they are. "Most people who care a lot about gardens are a bit odd to me," he says, obviously aware that a career in gardening doesn't make him any less 'odd'. I asked him for a few pointers for those of us who have yet to become acquainted with our green thumbs... 1. Read the tags ("it may sound silly", but there is no point planting a flower that requires direct sunlight under a tree) 2. If you plant something in a

particular spot and it dies the first time, it might not live the second time. Try moving a few feet- could make a huge difference 3. Grandma's recipes aren't always right, but they aren't always wrong either. (My grandmother puts eggshells in the compost for her prize winning roses, and my boyfriend thought I was crazy to dump cold tea down the drain instead of into the garden.) 4. Be realistic- do what you want, but only what you are able and willing to maintain 5. Mulching makes things look neater and cleaner, and only needs to be done a couple of times a year. Besides, "mulching hides a multitude of gardening sins." Richard Butterfield 416-604-5232

MUSIC PROMOS from The Home Of

We have four music stores in Toronto that has agreed to carry YOUR CD in exchange for an advertisement in our newspaper.

music retail stores and you can not only track the purchases of your loyal fans, but be able to show on your myspace page and other printed material that you have a music distribution deal.

The next deadline for this promotion will be Jul 15th, 2010.

Each store will receive one copy of each CD at first, then we will provide the contact names and store address so you can easily restock them. If you would like we at DBS can do this for you. Retail music store suggested price would be $12.99. Sold to the stores at $5.99. More info about our distribution deal at

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please have 10 CD's with Bio's available for pick-up. For those of you who have to make more copies, call DBS with your order and we can make sure you can participate in this. We will not benefit financially from your CD sales, but their presence in these local stores will work to advertise the services we offer here at DBS Duplication to other artists.

Toronto Music Stores To Stock Indie Music CDs Distributed by No burned cds - Pressed CDs from ONLY Call Paul Murton 416-693-9413

Once you provide us with a few copies of your recording, all you have to do is direct sales to the -- - -- -

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The Federation of Metro Tenants Associations Goes Green hough they don’t often get credit for it, tenants are one of the most energy efficient populations in all of Canada.


Think about it. When it comes to a carbon footprint, tenants live in denser housing which uses less electricity per square meter. They produce less waste, use less water and gas and spend less time at home using appliances. Though tenants should be considered green ‘heros’ in Toronto, they don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

garbage use in a building, new initiatives by the province are instead focusing on tenants. The Provincial government is currently creating a law to make tenants use even less energy through the use of time-of-use pricing and “smart sub-meters”. Time-of-use pricing is a government system which tries to lower the amount of electricity used

We have materials on conservation which can help tenants save energy, water and money while reducing their low carbon footprint even more.

This is because hi-rise buildings can contain hundreds of tenants. One building can have a huge environmental impact in terms of carbon produced, garbage created and resources used.

While tenants have some control over energy, garbage, water and gas, landlords have a far greater impact. For example: >> Proper sealing of windows and cracks in a building is a landlord’s job and can reduce heat loss, the use of gas and emissions of carbon far more than an individual tenant. >> A good recycling system and garbage collection set-up by a landlord can ensure maximum recycling in hi-rise buildings. >> Energy efficient light-bulbs, shower heads, draft-guarded doors and properly functioning faucet washers could be installed by a landlord saving water, electricity and heat. >> Because most landlords provide the appliances for apartment buildings, newer energy efficient appliances use much less energy than older, less efficient models Though landlords have the most power to affect energy, resource and

when energy consumption across Ontario is highest. This means that energy will be more expensive between certain ‘peak’ hours to try to reduce consumption during those hours.

reduce energy use, the burden is falling on tenants to do so. Landlords, who have the greatest effect through maintenance, appliances and recycling systems are not being targeted. The City of Toronto is currently trying to tackle these greater issues such as hi-rise heat-loss, building retrofits to reduce carbon emissions and energy infrastructure through their Tower Renewal Project. While they are focusing on the areas with the greatest effect, they are only in the pilot phase and do not currently have any funding. The Federation of Metro Tenants Associations (FMTA) is a non-profit Organization which advocates for better rights for Tenants. As the oldest and largest Tenant Federation in Canada we fight for tenants rights and for better tenant education. Much of our work is funded by our over 3,000 members.

Though increases in utility costs affect many landlords, thousands of tenants will also feel the effects of time-of-use pricing. Currently, 25% of tenants in Toronto pay their utilities directly.

We have materials on conservation which can help tenants save energy, water and money while reducing their low-carbon-footprint even more.

While tenants who do not pay for electricity may feel immune higher energy costs, they are not. Under Ontario law, if utility costs go up, landlords can apply to the courts for a higher rent increase to cover those costs.

Most importantly we are working with the City of Toronto to ensure their Tower Renewal Project ensures the best environmental practices while also including more parks, natural areas, gardens and public spaces for tenants.

In addition, a new law is currently being worked on by the province. Bill 235 mandates that all new units have smart sub-meters which will show how much energy is being used in a unit and the time-of-use. This will lead to future tenants having to pay the cost of utilities and leave them to try to reduce their electricity consumption.

For more information about tenant conservation, conservation initiatives and the FMTA’s work on these issues call 416-413-9442. For free telephone counselling about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant under the law, please call the tenant hotline at 416-921-9494. To learn more about tenants’ rights or to become a member of the FMTA, visit our website at www. by Geordie Dent

Although the aim of Bill 235 is to -- -- - coupons are on

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MUSIC: The Schomberg Fair, Luu Breeze, Milow Canadian Music Week In Review by Written by Melissa Peters

The Schomberg Fair at Sneaky Dee's or two years, once upon a time, I went to high school with a guy by the name of Matt Bahen. He was kind, softspoken, and popular, with shoulderlength dark hair and a guitar slung over his shoulder. These days, Matt looks pretty much the same as I remember him, although he has less hair on his head and more on his face, but he isn't as quiet as he used to be. This is a good thing. Matt grew up in a little town called Schomberg. There isn't much to do there most of the time, so the residents look forward to the annual Schomberg Fair. There were animals and a demolition derby, music, rides, and endless drinking, partying and good oldfashioned debauchery. Like the event, the band is worth traversing the country side to see, and like the fair, their show is memorable, musical and full of surprises. Matt is the lead vocalist, but the true wonder of his performance is his instrumentation on both the guitar and bango. With precision and grace, he belts out both high-speed riffs and beautiful melodies to enhance the slower tunes. The bass player has a voice to match his instrument, which contributes to the rich and powerful overall sound. At first, they reminded me of a punk version of the band "System of a Down", but their diversity impressed me as the show went on. The first ballad is full of soul and the band plays it beautifully, a sure sign of a great rock band. They follow that up with a country tune. Matt and the bass player are perfect for it vocally. I am not a big fan of country music, but the take The Schomberg Fair has on the genre is far more


enticing than I have grown to expect. They take something that would be whiney and twangy and rock it right out, proving that, just because you live in the country doesn't mean you can't be hardcore!

Milow at the Drake

My desire to check out new venues led me to the Drake to see Jonathan Vandenbroeck, a 28-yearold singer/songwriter known as Milow. His cover of 50 Cents 'Ayo Technology' has been successful in the charts right across Europe and his CD was recently met enthusiastically when it was released here in Canada. It sold more in 18 months here than it did in Milow's home country of Belgium; Jonathan was flattered to discover how much more popular he was here than at home and his humbled reaction to our appreciation was obvious and, frankly, kind of cute. He plays solo acoustic guitar and sings- he's natural, not flashy, with a nice, genuine smile. His voice is calming and pleasant, and unlike many live shows, the vocals are crystal clear. Some of his tunes are highly

universal and relatable, others more personal and specific, like "Stephanie" about a girl who was killed at the age of 18. His song "Canada" is fantastic, referring to the hope that Neil Young will love his songs, and moving to the US to take over when Canada becomes "too small". Its interesting to see how people from Belgium view our country and our relationship with the States. It's not unlike the opinion of most other countries. Although his music is emotional and realistic, it's not negative or depressing. The covers he does compliment the originals, so the set flowed well. His mastery of knowing the perfect volume his guitar should be at for each number is impressive, and rare- it's so important to have the mic and instruments at the most flattering volume, and the one most appropriate for the venue and style of music. So many artist just ignore whats best and shoot for loud. His first attempt at a love song is hillarous. He hopes the woman gets fat or paralyzed so they don't leave- it's called "In my pocket", because he wants her to be so small he can fit her in his pocket. Milow is charming, talented, funny and sweet; his music makes you smile or brings a tear to your eye. The people in Belgium don't know what they are missing- lets try to keep this artist here for us to enjoy.

Monkey Junk n my panic to see a few more bands, I h a p p e n e d upon the winners of the Indie Award for Best Blues Group/Band (beating out the likes of Jim Byrnes, Harrison Kennedy, Colin Linden and Colin James. I have grown up with -- -- - coupons are on -


Page 21

MUSIC: Monkey Junk, Maddy Rodriguez,

Canadian Music Week In Review by Written by Melissa Peters

the Blues, so this was a great honour for me. It's wonderful to see the original style of music is and well in another alive generation, possibly even the kids of the people my parents used to party with. Monkey Junk have won multiple awards, with Steve Marriner winning male vocalist of the year and harmonica player of the year, and axeman Tony D i t e o d o r o walking away with guitarist of the year at the Maple Blues Awards; not to mention placing in the top five at the International Blues awards in Memphis. I had a hard time accepting the absence of bass guitar within the rhythm section, but the music was still great. When the lead guitarist picked up the bass, I was home. There was no question in my mind that this band was worthy of their recent success and recognition. They add their unique flavour to the Blues that have take over hearts, souls and hormones of people the world over throughout history. My upbringing surrounded by blues musicians and music is something I will be eternally grateful for. Life isn't complete without a dose of Blues, R n' B, Boogie Woogie; music that lives in the soul of the creator until it is shared with a few people

fortunate enough to be around. Monkey Junk's first album "Tiger in Your Tank" has been met with rave reviews since it came out last spring, and the band is currently working on their much-anticipated second recording. Keep your eyes open for them, as the Ottawa-based band is currently touring our fair country from coast to coast. With nearly SIXTY years of combined experience playing the blues, live and in the studio, Steve Marriner, Tony D, and Matt Sobb are making sure the blues continue to thrive in Canada, and all over the world. -

Maddy Rodriguez at the Great Hall he great hall has a second room that is more casual and intimate than the first. In the second room was a showcase of a collection of artists including the very young Maddy Rodriguez. The melody of the first song I heard was powerful enough to tug at the heart strings, was memorable and had the makings of a Top 40 hit. Before even reaching the age of high school completion, Maddy has already accomplished so much, including an appearance on Much Music's 'Disband'. Her voice is beautiful, although it has yet to fully mature. She has pretty much mastered what she has now which


is good because her voice is already so high that if she went much higher only dogs could hear her. Maddy is spectacular already, both on guitar and vocally, but the potential for an even more amazing voice in a few years is impossible to miss. She looks so natural on stage its as if she has be performing longer than she's been alive. Keep your eyes and ears open for this Toronto songstress, because her music career is growing even faster than she is.

Bootleg Glory The clothes and hairstyles of this Toronto band make it look like the members have absolutely nothing in common, but it works because their music is just as eclectic both in style and in the era. Their voices have an equally broad range, switching from metal to rock to music nothing like metal or rock. Instrumentally, they are unpredictable, following no particular formula. The band is fun to listen to because you can't for the life of you figure out what the next song will sound like. The melodies are beautiful and melancholy, complimented by heavier choruses and verses throughout the tune. The singer is -- - -- -

Page 22

MUSIC: Bootleg Glory, Julie C, Canadian Music Week 2010 Canadian Music Week In Review by Written by Melissa Peters

quite good and the band members, as much as they look like they are in different decades and different worlds, work extremely well together. The music is tight and the chemistry is great. If you can appreciate the heavier side of music, these guys are definitely worth checking out, and even if you can't, their broad range of new sound pretty m u c h guarantees you will like a few songs.

Julie C, Toronto, Great Hall h e weather was terrible, so I was already considering choosing bands based on geographical vicinity to one another. Alas, I was still bound and determined to check out a few venues I hadn't been to in the past. An artist showcase was on at the Great Hall, so we could defrost and check out a couple of artists without drowning in the rainstorm. What a great venue! The main concert hall has the old- fashioned look and feel that can typically only be found at old theaters like Massey Hall. The acoustics are impossible to recreate in a club


$1.00 Per Retail Reay CD

with square or rectangular rooms, and the old, rounded balconies add authenticity and class that compliments an array of musical styles. The first song we heard from Julie was a ballad with a soft beat, "Tommorrow'll be alright", appropriately Marley-esque after her introduction telling us about her visit to Jamaica. Her powerful voice was displayed even better in the next song, an old-school reggae beat with R&B and intermittent keyboards playing a catchy melody. It was an interesting and appealing mixture, reminiscent of old Mary J. Blige. The unique quality that got me hooked was that real musicians were playing what would typically be electronically sampled these days. I found the distortion added an intriguing flavour and substance but my editor disagreed. He felt they had too much going through the PA and it was overloaded. To each his own I suppose. Julie Crochetiere recent album, "A Better Place" has already been purchased by 25,000 listeners. You can get your copy at

CMW 500 Artists 55 Venues 5 Days.... 1 Photographer and 1 Writer.

COLD rain.


Pages and 2 wet, cold, but proud, Bloor News Staff

I spent two night being hit in the

Great News!

head with Paul's ridiculous little umbrella, clinging to the illusion that it was actually keeping me dry. I have to give credit where credit is due though. Last year we grew to expect a twenty minute MINIMUM delay from the time a band was scheduled to start playing and when they actually would. This year, we timed everything WRONG. We were too late for half the bands the first night and too EARLY for half the bands the next night. Everything seemed to be happening right on schedule this year, which is not easy with the sheer size of the festival, number of bands and venues scattered throughout the downtown core. I don't know how the organizers did it, but it was impressive to say the least. I will have faith next year, and follow the schedule. This is the second year I have had the honour of Covering CMW, and I am so proud to be living in Toronto and hosting the event. Artists flock to our fair city every year to showcase their talent, and it happens right in our backyard. This also gives the homegrown talent a chance to add their own spice to the eclectic and gifted music scene that is starting to take the rest of the world by storm. Some of the greatest artists hail from Canada, and the dream of being a rock star is far from dead in this country. With the help of festivals like CMW and NXNE, the dedicated teams behind them , and the growing support and enthusiasm of Torontonian music fans, the dream of being a Canadian ROCK STAR is just getting started!


! R E F F O T S E B R U O Y E K A M on CD Duplication

WE WILL MATCH or BEAT any Quote -- - -- -

Page 23

Letter From The Editor hen I first came to St James Town I spoke to people about what St James Town was all about and I got stories about crowded housing, drugs and drug related crime. I heard about a struggling neighbourhood that was screaming out for help and change; when no one was listening. I heard about the lack of programs for young children and their parents. But through all these challenges St James Town faces I learned these problems do not make up the whole St James Town experience; nor do they define it. What I suggest is that St James Town is a thriving family community. St James Town is thriving not in money but in hope for the future. When you see people and their families with so little giving so much you know you’re in the right place and in the right community


Editor:- Daniel Murton Comments or Questions: daniel@ Call (647) 342 2160 Media or Advertising: Contact Info: media@ Call Paul (416) 693 8530 Call Daniel (416) 803 7840 Special Thanks to the St James Town Safety Committee and Volunteers Gene Lara Darcy Higgins Everett Collrin Debbie Reim Steve Chu Wayne Eby Rheza Evangelista

This community spirit taught me something how to lead my life. The St James Town spirit taught me to value family and community over anything else including money. Who you are is what you give out to the community and following in St James Town’s footsteps I want to give a newspaper to St James Town. I want us to continue to grow as a successful community with a voice and a message that comes from St James Town as a whole. This first issue was only possible because of the great folks at the St James Town Safety Committee. Gene Lara, Darcy Higgins, Everett Collrin and Debbie Reim made this dream possible and always supported the idea of a free press in St James Town. The St James Town Safety Committee embodies this community spirit that I talk about because they welcome newcomers to the

St James Town family with immigration workshops. They educate the voters on issues that impact St James Town when they put on political debates. They give toys to the community when children needs aren’t met. Last but not least the St James Town Festival is put on each year by the Safety Committee so we can celebrate St James Town. I know they would want everyone reading this paper to come to this year’s festival at Rose Avenue Public School on June 5th and join us in celebrating our future success as a family and a community. Throughout this paper you’ll have seen a theme on being green and living a green life. I believe when I talked about the St James Town spirit about giving back I know one of the best ways to give back to the community is the environment. By advocating for more green spaces, more gardens that can grow our food and more environmentally friendly buildings were not only helping our earth and our city but the children in St James Town that play on the cement every day. I want to thank Live Green Toronto and the City of Toronto for supporting this theme because they know the only way we’ll achieve true environmentalism is if it’s at the grassroots. Live Green and the city is prepared to help you make that leap in our community by visiting


Pics by Everett Collrin -- -- - coupons are on

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St James Town Safety Committee Macaco Club

From Page One

generations. The Festival joins in the celebration by thinking about what goes into a greener festival and providing more information on what you can do to benefit your piece of the planet. One way you can get involved to make positive projects happen is to participate in Recipe for Community, a project of the City of Toronto and the Toronto Community Foundation to make some positive changes in the community. Youth are already getting involved, discussing their needs and prioritizing improvements such as basketball and tennis courts. The projects will focus on areas including beautification, arts and culture, skills development, recreational areas and community food projects. For the Recipe to succeed, the projects need involvement from residents of community to roll up their sleeves and get involved. You can do that by contacting: 416-397-5232 or email at with your ideas and offer to help.

St James Town Festival 2009

The St. James Town Festival is happening thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers and sponsors from our community. We especially thank the City of Toronto, TD Canada Trust, Public Mobile and Reim Custom Paints for their dedicated donations to support the Festival. I also personally want to thank Daniel Murton, Committee Secretary for his work in putting this newspaper together as well as support from the Bloor News Paper. Now time to have a seat on your balcony on a hot afternoon and enjoy the contents of the St. James Town News and spread the word about the Festival and the future. Happy World Environment Day! Darcy Higgins Co - Chair, St. James Town Festival

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MOVIES: Shrek Forever After, Robin hood, Inglourious Basterds Robin Hood Regarding cinematography, scenery and effects, this movie is one that should be seen on the big screen. I enjoyed it, but felt that I would have been less impressed with it on regular television. It was an interesting take on the history behind the Robin Hood fame though, and the the part of Robin himself was well played by Russel Crowe. In fact, the entire movie was cast well- the emotions and characteristics of each part came through the actor/actress believably and sincerely, whether portraying good or evil. Cate Blanchette, for example, was a great choice for the part of Marion Loxley- the perfect combination of strength and vulnerability. Some of the war scenes are a little graphic for the younger crowd- it may have been appropriate for a much wider audience without such detail. At the same time, kids should know that there are CONSEQUENCES to launching pointed objects at peoples heads- this movie certainly makes that hard to deny.

By Melissa Peters

Inglourious Basterds (Quentin Tarantino)

Shrek Forever After (Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz) The first movie was impossible to beat, and Shrek the Third was, in my humble opinion, as funny, if not funnier than the original. The Final Chapter was a nice movie with a moral twist to it, as the first three had, and seeing the big green fella in 3-D was a bonus, but it lacked the humour of its predecessors. My daughter enjoyed it, and the overpriced popcorn she munched on throughout, and I chuckled a few times, but the Shrek era didn't go out with quite the bang I had hoped. I own the first three on DVD, but I don't see myself buying Forever After. I could handle watching the others ad nausea at the insistence of my 5-year-old daughter, but this one would get old quickly.

Quentin Tarantino never disappointed me in the past, so it wasn't exactly a shock to find that I loved this movie. The premise alone was fantastic- in fact, I think history would have benefited greatly from Brad Pitt and his trusty band of hardcore Nazihunters. The violence in Tarantino movies is not for the young, or the faint of heart, and many directors throw in bloodshed for no apparent reason, but Quentin's movies wouldn't be the same without some seriously warped and disturbing content. His unique brand of creativity shines through in this war-time action flick, and the cast certainly does it justice. I haven't much patience for even passive racism, so watching Nazis die a multitude of interesting and graphically violent deaths isn't that difficult. The movie and the cast were nominated and won so many awards worldwide that to list them would fill up the entire paper, but I daresay they were all welldeserved. If you are one of the few who hasn't seen this movie, do yourself a favour and check it out.


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MUISIC: Shy-Anne - Pseudo CD Release hy-Anne is a ten time music award nominee with her debut CD Black ThunderBird. The album is named after her spirit name. ShyAnne is currently working on her second album, expected to be released next year. She has also been honored as one of three success stories from Lakehead University from the past 20 years of graduates. ShyAnne has achieved her Honors Bachelor in Music (2000) and her Bachelor of Education (2003) from Lakehead University. Her music is emotional, full of life, messages of hope, love, health, culture, tradition and highly inspirational. Her music has been known to bring tears to the eyes of teens, and encouragement to people of all ages. Shy-Anne has toured extensively across Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba, and this show is the first show for her music tour heading to Vancouver, B.C., where she will play for world dignitaries at an environmental conference. She has opened for Thomson Highway, Crystal Shawanda, and others, as well as played the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards at the Winnipeg MTS center. She has


been on many TV programs and her music is being played on various radio stations across Canada. She was also a featured soloist with the TBSO in April 2003 under the direction of Viennese conductor, David Bowser.

Miss Toronto Tourism 2010 Picture by Professional Headshots, Portfolios, Corporate Portraits and Event Photography

MUISIC: Jenikz songwriter Jennifer Luis Rego. When she is not actively engaged in various community betterment projects and teaching yoga around her original backyard of Toronto, Jenikz can be seen on the travel shows OLN's "Don't Forget Your Passport", and most recently, "The Vagina Monologues."

Gen-X? Not Quite - Jenikz... Although both authentically describe the passionate singer

As the former lead singer of the pop/rock group Phylo, she was both energetic and mesmerizing but it is the vocal diversity of her heartfelt ballads cd and current album released May 2010 "JENIKZ" musically described as "folk-

tronica" Pop/Rock music with positive insightful lyrics that will win you over! Jenikz and her band reside in Guelph, ON. Members include Mac Hunter (bass), Larry Steel (guitar), Sebastien Dion (percussion), Kerry Josee (drums) and David Hollingshead (keys). Jenikz is a wonderful conscious light, who soulfully expresses thought provoking art that includes music, poetry, dance and theatrics. Just wait till you experience her LIVE... -- -- - coupons are on -

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FOOD: Madras Masala South Indian Cuisine at Its Finest riving by Christie Pits, I always wondered why someone would open up an Indian Restaurant right beside, well, an Indian Restaurant, but my visit to


Madras Masala helped clear up that little mystery. While Madras Masala specializes in SOUTH Indian Cuisine, the same owners offer NORTH Indian Cuisine right next door. Although many dishes are relevant to both, and the kitchen in willing to borrow from it's neighbor, the specialization means that each restaurant can focus on making the Indian Food from that region great; not just good. Aabfter dining at Madras Masala, and discovering the two establishments were run by the same people, I am dying to walk

a few steps to the "north". I asked my friendly, knowledgeable and highly professional server to recommend a couple of dishes to try. We settled on the Madras Masala Chicken Curry in chopped ginger and peppers ($9.99) and the Chicken Xacutti, chicken in a blend of roasted coconut, onion and spices, "A Goan Specialty" for $10.99. The two dishes were presented to me with fresh garnish and piping hot Home-style Paratha for dipping (and to cool down the palate a touch if I needed to). The heat, however, was not at all overbearing. Each dish had a bit of a bite to it, but it wasn't enough to overshadow the perfect combination of spices and textures. Both were so flavourful it was impossible to choose a favorite. The chicken was tender and had been stewing in the sauces long enough to take on the characteristics of the dish. I had a regional beer, "Cheetah" with my meal, which was brewed to compliment the cuisine and did precisely what it claimed. It was crisp and cold, with enough taste to

By Melissa Peters

make it enjoyable on its own, but modest enough to leave room on my palate for the meal. I had more than enough of my meal left to take home a doggy-bag (and that was after asking for half portions). The food was fantastic, but I wanted to save room for dessert, as there were a few items on that menu that intrigued me. Malai Kulfi is a homemade ice cream made with almonds and flavoured with cardamoms ($3.50). The decor is pleasant and appropriate- classy without being stuffy. The patio overlooks Christie Pits, which would be a beautiful view on a nice summer day. The prices are reasonable, the service spectacular, and the food, delicious. Madras Masala 796 Bloor St. West (647) 342-4359 -- -- - coupons are on -

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Food: Yefseis: Catering, Take-out, Dine-in (Daily Specials)

If you spent time around Church and Wellesley, or just took part in Pride festivities between 1994 and 2000, you may remember a blue sign with a yellow spiral on it and the name "Pita Pan". You may also remember a pleasant woman smiling kindly at you from behind the counter named Maria. The name stayed the same for a while but different faces grilled the pitas, until now. Maria is back with her new endeavor, Yefseis, which is Greek for "flavours". When Maria ran Pita Pan, it achieved recognition far outside the boundaries of Toronto, bringing repeat visitors from as far as New York, so she obviously has a knack for providing the "flavours" people want. The fries are cut fresh, and what isn't homemade is imported straight from the old country, so it's the place to go if you are looking for authentic Greek cuisine. If you and your friends love Greek food, catering is available for as little as $10.95/person, and that includes dessert. It was just myself and Laura, our quiet Parisian intern, dining that afternoon, so we opted to

dine in. A clear, garage-style paneled door opens up onto bustling Church St. and original oil paintings hang on the walls. The place is clean, bright and cheerful, with salads and dips displayed at the counter and the kitchen area clearly visible (it's always nice to know they have nothing to hide!!). I perused the menu, noting the reasonable prices and generous portions being handed to the take-out clientele, while Maria dropped free samples of some sort of pastry into each paper bag. Laura and I started with a selection of dips and freshly grilled pitas. The Roasted Red Pepper Hummus was mild with a very

By Melissa Peters

Chicken with rice and Tabouli- I appreciated Maria's suggestion of mixing the two sides together because the result was fantastic. The rice wasn't overcooked; a plague of many Greek eateries, and the tabouli made it even better. The chicken breast was so tender, I almost forgot I was eating white meat (I prefer dark), and the skin was perfectly crispy and expertly seasoned. For dessert, we tried the Galaktobouriko, which is Greek homemade custard pie; the crust made me think of a softer, moister version of baklava. It was bursting with taste; not filled with empty sugars and sweetness, but interesting textures and rich flavours. 507 Church St. (N of Wellesley) (647)349-2621

pleasant flavour. The Hummus and tzatziki were more traditional, with the nice bite of garlic that screams authenticity. Too many people overAmericanize food and it's often left with mere traces of the flavours for which it became famous. The zucchini dip, which had a salsa-like consistency was crisp and refreshing beside the thicker dips, and the roasted peppers were a great way to add texture and taste. The main course was Barbecued -- -- - coupons are on -

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