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Issue # 6 Spring

The Pub, The Politician, and The Fall Guy Inside This Issue:

Scotiabank is looking for the next Scotiabank CHIN Picnic Rising Star! Reggae Star LAZO Plays The El Mocambo on June 21st Italian Walk of Fame

NEWS: On College Street: Italian Fame CHIN Picnic Rising Star! Walk of

Italian Walk of Fame

architecture, religion and politics."

Lou Biffis did not attain success in business by letting others walk all over him, but he's about to make an exception on June 15, when he takes his place with his own star on the Italian Walk of Fame along College Street in "Little Italy," Toronto.

Previous inductees include: Dean Martin, Phil Esposito, Connie Francis, Johnny Lombardi, Frank Iacobucci, Julian Fantino, Connie Stevens, Frank Mancuso, and Roberto Luongo.

Mr. Biffis is one of four being inducted in 2013 along with Jennifer Dale, Robert Davi, and John Saxon. Established in 2009, The Italian Walk of Fame "aims to contribute to the cultural awareness, preservation and education of Italian heritage by recognizing and celebrating the achievements of Italians who have excelled within their respective fields both locally and globally," according to the press release. "The inductees share a common spirit and vision and they have all distinguished themselves with their accomplishments across a variety of industries including business, science, art, film, theatre, finance, medicine, literature,

The 5th annual red carpet star unveiling ceremonies will take place June 15 starting at 1 pm. That's followed by an awards' gala at the Riviera Parque Banquet and Convention Centre in Vaughan starting at 6 pm.

Scotiabank is looking for the next Scotiabank CHIN Picnic Rising Star!

Scotiabank CHIN Picnic Rising Star is a singing contest open to all Canadian residents. Contest entries must be original content in video format, in English and no longer than five minutes in length. In order to submit an entry for the contest, you must register on the Scotiabank CHIN Picnic website

Are you an aspiring singer/songwriter who wants to take the stage at the 2013 Scotiabank CHIN International Picnic? Do you want to Do you Largest

Get started early so that you don't miss the deadline?! Contestant registration opens April 10, 2013 and closes on May 17, 2013 at midnight.

have original music that you share with the world? want to perform at Canada's Outdoor Multicultural Event?

1) Good Credit Rating “ not perfect � 2) Reasonable Net Worth(you have a house, RRSPs - etc) 3) 15% Equity in your business

call 416-907-4618

If yes, you might be the next Scotiabank CHIN Picnic Rising Star!

Site visitors will select finalists by voting for their favourite contestant videos. Yes, you can get all your friends and family to vote for YOU! The top five contestants will perform live on stage at the 2013 Scotiabank CHIN Picnic. A panel of judges will select the grand Prize Winner!

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NEWS: The PUB, The Politician, and the fall guy sued for commenting on the legality and morals of the Boardwalk Cafe/BBQ Pub long-term leaserenewal, and his intention to avoid such backhanded, shady deals in his

The Politician (Sandra)

The Pub (Boardwalk Pub)

There are individuals and groups who can’t always get away with what they want without consequences. These groups or individuals do not want to be blamed for a smear campaign that only works when a trusted neutral source such as a newspaper does it for them. If little Johnny called Mary a gardening tool. We do not give it any notice. But if the Toronto Star calls Mary a little gardening tool, we believe because we assume that the Toronto Star does not want to be sued. This fear of a lawsuit keeps local media in check. With the web there is no way to stop crazy talk. even Wikipedia can be rewritten by the average Joe. Countless people rely on what is posted there to be actual truth. The sad part is, you can find the answer you want to just about any question by asking google the right combination of words. Look up the ‘health benefits of bananas’, and then look up the ‘disadvantages of bananas’- you will find that they will keep you alive forever on one hand and that they will send to you to an early grave on the other. As useful as the internet can be, we still rely largely on Television, Newspaper and Radio for our news... even when we go online, we visit The Weather Network, TSN, or CP24. so the public tends to trust those forms of media far more than some blog on the net. That being said, we have a little story to tell you about a pub, a politician and printed publication run by the ultimate fall-guy. The story itself is years old, but the saga is far from over. Just recently, the Rob Ford was

new government. The story original was published in 2009 by Ward a local paper owned by Leroy St Germain and run by Paul Murton with a host of ghost writers (including me). To refresh your memory here is a reader’s digest version of the original story. Leroy was given a binder of information on Sandra Bussin, from a reputable source, on the condition that he would claim he had done the research himself to further his own political vendetta against Bussin. Nobody is accusing Leroy of being a Bussin-fan before all of this hit, but that is what made him the perfect publisher to be a fall guy. In addition, it is alleged that the owners of the establishment, and Sandra Bussin herself, were well aware of the shady plan long before it became an issue. Basically, the pub owner was told how he could grease the wheels of her campaign ‘legally’, by naming countless employees as contributors of the maximum amount, rather than himself as the sole contributor. Basically, George gives $750 (max. amount), but so does his daughter, his son, his wife, his estranged cousin, three of his busboys, half the kitchen staff, and any wait-staff who looked like they might last longer than a week. I’ve worked there, and I couldn’t have contributed a tenth of $750 without robbing the place, so I sincerely doubt 20 staff members agreed to do so.

The information Leroy received showed that the many contributors to the campaign were regularly parked in the establishment’s parking lot. The researchers, including a detective, also went so far as to match the license plates with employees of the pub. It became newsworthy, to say the very least, and the Toronto Sun actually picked it up. Ford being sued is a little bit silly because the term slander implies that the rumour being spread is without merit, and I challenge anyone, including the owners of the BBQ pub to PROVE that the research (which I saw myself) indicates anything other than some shady intentions. I challenge anyone to find me TWO busboys making next to nothing, who are willing to contribute $750 of their hard-earned money to any political campaign. The large part our trusted media had in slamming the door of political office on former beach-favourite, Sandra Bussin is a very important part of this story, especially regarding the Boardwalk/BBQ pub at the foot of Coxwell Avenue. Leroy (the owner of, whose credit rating is non-existent at best, (most likely terrible) was the perfect lackey in this little scheme as he was in the position to offer the services of being a small part of the media. He could do so more easily without the legal responsibilities and assets faced by larger, more reputable publications like The Toronto Star, etc. Some public figures or groups find a

The Fall Guy (Leroy)

See Pg 15

Issue # 5 Spring

Queen Street News paulmuton, paul murton,, - -

YOUR GARDEN: Prune Deciduous Trees In general, deciduous trees and shrubs should be pruned when they are dormant, preferably in early spring just before growth starts. At this time, wound healing will begin almost at once and it will be most rapid. Dormant pruning will have less effect on the growth of trees than pruning when the tree is in active growth. Another advantage of dormant pruning with deciduous trees is that it is easier to select branches which should be removed when the leaves are gone. Dead limbs and those lacking in vigour can be pruned in mid-summer when they are easier to locate. Exceptions to the dormant pruning rule are maple, birch and elm which should be pruned when actively growing in mid-summer. When pruned in early spring, these species may lose excessive amounts of sap. Pruning of Maple and Birch should not be done too late in the fall either, as wounds will not have a chance to heal before winter. Elm trees should

place before the spring growth flush. Some trees, such as maples and birches, tend to “bleed� if pruned early in the spring. It may be unsightly, but it is of little consequence to the tree.

not be pruned between April 15th and August 30th to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease. Most of all trust professionals to get the job done quickly and correctly. Call Peter at Jacob Tree Service 416417-TREE (8733). See Ad page ?. When to Prune Most routine pruning to remove weak, diseased, or dead limbs can be accomplished at any time during the year with little effect on the tree. As a rule, growth is maximized and wound closure is fastest if pruning takes

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A few tree diseases, such as oak wilt, can be spread when pruning wounds allow spores access into the tree. Susceptible trees should not be pruned during active transmission periods. Heavy pruning just after the spring growth flush should be avoided. At that time, trees have just expended a great deal of energy to produce foliage and early shoot growth. Removal of a large percentage of foliage at that time can stress the tree. Most of all trust professionals to get the job done quickly and correctly. Call Peter at Jacob Tree Service 416417-TREE (8733). See Ad page 6

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Caribbean Music & Fashion Festival

connect to his audience. He has that very rare talent of speaking and engaging with an audience of any size – from a large festival to a small club his warmth and very authentic sound comes through. His live performances have earned him the nickname of 'Mr. Sunfest' which comes from his long association with the London based 'Sunfest World Music festival'. He has been invited to perform at Sunfest for fifteen years in a row.

Lazo's sound is very true to roots reggae music. Among the many sub-genres of reggae, roots reggae is associated with the apex of this music in Jamaican history – from the early 1970's to the 1980's it was the dominant form or style and inseparable from the sound of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Burning Spear among others. For a type of reggae purist this is the genre that is also associated with the culture and politics of the Rastafarian movement. Lazo's music is deeply political and often aimed toward expressing the very problems of social justice. Lazo's colonial personal background and even a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto help him punctuate a social and political harmony between heart and mind that is distinctly expressed through his music.

While not on the road touring world-wide, Lazo is Toronto based and performing in a wide range of capacities. From open jams, to various Bob Marley tribute bands to his solo band, Lazo has wove himself into the fabric of the Toronto music scene along with international acclaim. His fans are drawn to him as an exceptional performer but also because he is a living connection to masters of roots reggae.

He is true to roots reggae on the basis of both style and substance. As a live performer he is electric with an unbelievable ability to

With Guest Ossie Gurley! Hits “Follow the Leader”, “Moving to the Left” “Who Let THe Dogs Out” More info and tickets on the web at Event Presented by

Ossie Gurley

Born in the town of Castle Bruce (pop. 1,387) in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the West Indies, Lazurus J. Finn's (Lazo) very first album reached number two in the Caribbean with his first band called Black Blood. In itself this was an impressive start but even more so when you consider that he was only fifteen at the time. After immigrating to Canada, Lazo formed a critically acclaimed band called Unity and soon after began

performing, recording and touring under his own name. His first solo album titled 'Impetus' was released in 1992 and it earned him the award of Performer of the Year at the 1993 Canadian Music Reggae Awards. Ever since his multiple solo recordings have been gaining critical attention and numerous awards and Juno nominations. His 2000 recording titled 'Heart & Soul' won a Juno Award for Best Reggae recording.

Get there by 9pm and get a free LAZO CD

paulmuton, paul murton,, - - Page 6

is printed in five local papers. By Jon Long

Lazo is a Toronto based reggae artist who stands on the shoulders of giants. He is a master of the roots reggae style that is generally associated with legends like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Jimmy Cliff. This mastery was unquestionably solidified when he became the lead singer for the current incarnation of the Wailers in 2010 for a US tour. Singing the iconic leads of Bob Marley is only one of the many accomplishments of Lazo's amazing career.

EVENT: Reggae LAZO Plays The El Mocambo on June 21st

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FASHION: Curvaceous Consignments in the Beaches Story & Photography by Natasha - Urban Angel

Curvaceous Consignments - Its So Much More Than Just a Little Dress Shop

purses, jewellery and other accessories that are all so beautifully displayed, you would never know that it is even a consignment store Pictures and posters of Marilyn Monroe are displayed throughout the store, one of Kim's heroines. Marilyn Monroe was one of the greatest sex symbols of all time, and she was a size 14, what is now considered a plus size woman. Its time to own, honour and be proud of our curves.

Owner: Kim Warburton

Curvaceous Consignments is more than a dress shop, for it is truly an incredible shopping experience that uplifts the spirits! Nestled in the heart of the Beach, owner Kim Warburton, has created so much more with this lovely shop and it is due to her charm, warmth and flair for making everything and anything beautiful. Serving the plus size woman from size 14 and up, the store is beautiful arranged with new and gently used high-end designer labels as well as brand names. There is an abundance of suits, dresses, pants, shoes,

Curvaceous Consignments feels like a home away from home and when you leave, it is always with a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart and something beautiful to wear that makes you feel like the incredible woman that you are. It is definitely worth the visit, for there is something there for everyone, no matter what your size..... because it is just so much more than a little dress shop. Come visit: Curvaceous Consignments 2186 Queen Street E Toronto ON M4E 1E6 Owner: Kim Warburton

Phone: 416-694-2000 info@curvaceousconsignments curvaceousconsignments Please Like on Facebook Curvaceous Consignments Beaches

NEWS: Leroy’s Fake Charities purchase a ticket to something, claiming a portion of the proceeds will go towards a particular cause are common tactics.

There are some wonderful charities out there, without whom many people would have little, if anything to celebrate this holiday season. So far, it seems you can’t go wrong with toys/food/clothing drives, donating goods or your valuable time to causes like the CHUM Christmas Wish, or the Daily Bread Food Bank. Sadly, there are Grinches out there trying to take advantage of your charitable nature, and it’s important to ensure you donations are going to the right place. Many fraud artists know how to avoid getting caught, asking for smaller donations, or asking that people

If someone asks you for money, ask for details about their organization, for their charitable organization number, the name of the founder/CEO, business address, and where you can find more information online. Hopefully this will weed out some of the fakes. Do your researchGoogle is a good thing, so use it and ask around. The Danforth Music Fest/Beaches Blues Festival (not to be confused with the Waterfront Music Festival!!) is an example of a “charitable organization” to watch out for. The proof that the organization no longer qualifies to distribute tax receipts is a matter of public record, yet it is business as usual for Mr. Leroy St Germaine and his minions selling tickets with the promise of “a portion of the proceeds going to charity.”

That portion is LESS than 1%. There is nothing illegal about selling tickets for a music event and collecting donations with nothing more than a PRETENSE of charitable fundraising, although it is most defininitely reprehensible and behavior void of morals. Banks get to know customers, and aren’t as cautious about checking the annual validity of supposed charities before cashing their cheques… maybe the banks should be required to review which charities are still eligible to accept donations annually in order to prevent fraud. If the cheques aren’t being watched by the banks, where is the money going? If the charity is no longer registered, maybe nobody is asking for a statement- that’s scary. This is not to say that all charities are bad, or that anyone should be jaded by the bad guys, but please make sure your hard earned money goes to those who really need it!

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MUSIC: Harris Institute Achieves Post Secondary Milestone ‘double diploma’ graduates will achieve a Master's qualification that has been designed with industry. This sector leading collaboration delivers value to our students and contributes to internationalism and global citizenship”. Over the past eight years, 52 Harris graduates have earned BA (Hons) Commercial Music or BSc Music Technology degrees at UWS in 8 months on full scholarships. Eightysix UWS students have completed ‘field of study’ work placements in Toronto. The partnership includes senior faculty exchanges and students at both institutions coordinate the ‘International Artist Exchange’.

Insert-Left to Right: John Harris, President, Harris Institute; Anne Gifford, UWS Dean; David Scott, Program Leader, MA Songwriting Toronto’s Harris Institute and the University of the West of Scotland now deliver two college Diplomas and a Master’s Degree in 32 months. “Our innovative partnership with UWS is a timely acceleration of the post secondary system that achieves comprehensive education and significant credentials at less cost in a shorter period of time", says John Harris, president of Harris Institute. Students who complete both the Audio Production Program and the Arts Management Program at Harris

receive $2,500 'Music Business Professional’ bursaries and $3,500 ‘UWS Scholarships' for Master’s Degrees in ‘Songwriting and Performance’ or ‘Music: Innovation & Entrepreneurship’ with $1,500 accommodation bursaries. UWS students receive full scholarships for certificate courses at Harris and work placements in Toronto. “This strengthening of our strategic partnership further develops our unique brand of practice-based, industry-focused education”, says Anne Gifford, UWS Dean. “Harris

The University of the West of Scotland is the largest modern university in Scotland with campuses in Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton, Paisley and Glasgow. UWS provides relevant, high quality, inclusive higher education and aims to have a transformative influence on the economic, social and cultural development of the West of Scotland, and beyond. Harris Institute is an international leader in audio production and music industry education. Founded in 1989, the college was the first to introduce accelerated 12-month Diploma programs taught by active industry leaders. After completing a survey of graduates from Canada’s leading media arts schools, Jim Lamarche ranked Harris Institute ‘The Best in Canada’ with A+. The complete ‘Final Report Card on Media Arts Education in Canada’ is at: jimlamarche.

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REVIEW: NTB Lounge at 2878 Lakeshore Blvd. West Once considered the end of the line for the 501 Queen street car, there is a gem of a pool-hall, bar and now music venue that speaks a familiar and authentic language to people who may not be too pleased with the transformation that has happened along Queen West over the past years. Queen West, good Along neighbourhood bars with great music and great atmosphere have often had the impact of ironically making a neighbourhood less authentically a community. Good neighbourhood bars have been a catalyst for shifts westward along Queen without question. The NTB Lounge (New Toronto Billiards) has now really hit its stride as a great neighbourhood place in just that way that other places along the 501 Queen street car line have done before them. For people familiar with the history of the night-life migration westward along Queen street there are known milestones that mark the change that can also really age the people who remember it. When the Cameron House opened in 1981 on Queen Street just West of Bathurst it signified the beginning of the end for what was East of there and then the end of what had been West of there too. Likewise the re-branding of the Drake Hotel in 2004 and the Gladstone

Hotel in the same period. The change can be said in many terms but it has been a shift westward of night-life leaving more and more higher-end retail eastward in its wake.

The westward migration can be described in many terms and one of these might be the quest for an authentic neighbourhood hang. When an over concentration of vehicle d r i v e n p a t r o n s become the norm it has u s u a l l y signified the end of authenticity for neighbourhood bars along Queen West. Now that Parkdale has become saturated it is no surprise that the 501 Queen Street West street car is now finding great authenticity when it hits the Lake Shore passing through a now much changed Mimico. Opened as a pool-hall before the Second World War the NTB Lounge will have its five year anniversary this spring under the most current owner Romaine Andronyk. Her challenge at the beginning was to create a local atmosphere that attracted the people that had mostly known the NTB as a place where crack dealers and their patrons frequented. Five years later she can already be regarded as a

community pioneer who has helped stop the exodus of the young and hip but not hipster hip from travelling to the now well-worn parts of Queen West. Authentic without attitude is a good way of describing the successful elements that Romaine has brought together at the NTB. It is very authentically a great place for pool playing too. The NTB has six Gold Crown tables and is known as a location for players in the Canadian Poolplayers' Association Leagues. There is no question that the NTB is loved by serious players but it is a welcoming and friendly setting for players with any skill level too. On March 30th I found myself at the NTB for the very first time. It was an open mic jam night with some well known musicians and many that ought to be well known. The fairly recent installation of a great sound system and acquisition of solid music gear has made the place a growing scene for live music and Romain is going to continue with the format. I ate the butter chicken poutine that was excellent but also great value at $ 8.99. That counted as one of the expensive items on the menu and it speaks to Romaine's mandate of creating a place that is welcoming to locals. The NTB Lounge is going to be a catalyst for change in a neighbourhood that is beginning to feel westward expansion. It has all of those elements of a great community hang-out that will for better or worse attract people from beyond.

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We Also Have Open Bowling. If You Just Want 1 Or 2 Lanes

We are fully licensed with the LLBO and offer a wide variety of beverages. We offer a hot & cold buffet, To meet your groups needs

Danforth Bowl is located at 1554 Danforth Ave, Northwest corner of Danforth at Coxwell. Across the street from Coxwell Subway Station.

416-463-3000 Toll Free 1-877-463-0002

VIDEO:Mentally Elvis! The Documentary NEWS: The PUB Elvis lives on in the brilliant new film “Mentally Elvis!”, in a full length documentary tribute, not to The King himself, but to the millions of his loyal fans and followers around the world. For these devoted fans Elvis has never left the building and he never will! Much has been written about Elvis. There are books, magazine articles, videos and such that tell in detail the story of Elvis in his public and private life. But his incredible story would never have been told if it was not for those who made his meteoric rise to fame possible. It happened because of a huge and still growing number of Elvis fans around the world who embraced him and his amazing talent in his journey through a seemingly charmed and

sometimes chaotic life. This film is dedicated to the fans. It is a respectful and engaging “stream of consciousness” look into the hearts and minds of true Elvis fans, whether they are fanatics, super fans, Elvis tribute artists or the next generation of young fans who are just beginning a lifelong fascination with The King. This is their story, in their own words. It is an intimate and highly personal look into the lives of some of the people who made his phenomenal success possible and who still to this very day are carrying a torch which continues to burn brighter and brighter. For more info on this highly entertaining film just go to the website

more devious or roundabout way of getting their message out, and many of those tales of cowardice include a lackey, or fall-guy, who can spew whatever he wants without repercussions because he barely owns the legs on which he stands, let alone any property, wealth or assets worth suing for. He believes in little more than printing and distributing the inconvenient, controversial and insane “truth”. So long as he can find (or create) some sort of proof, this blind, yet passionate, citizen goes out of his way to litter the neighbourhood with atrocious writing about the latest alleged scandal. There is often some truth somewhere within all the psychobabble, but the rest belongs beside the piles of dog crap left behind by irresponsible owners. Small scale or not, media has more merit than just a few individuals making accusations about someone else. If we get torn apart (AGAIN) in the next issue of the Ward32, we will suck it up. We are being NICE to you, Leroy!

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Funeral Suits (Alternative)

Delorentos (Alternative Indie Rock) Funeral Suits

Delorentos I couldn't help but love hearing that distinctive Dublin drawl so close to St. Patricks Day. The music wasn't traditional, but it was fun and melodic. Though there was a taste of heavier alternative sneaking into the numbers, the music was mellow enough for an older crowd to still enjoy. Their tunes were catchy, both vocally and instrumentally, and pleasing to the ears with lovely harmonies. Each member of the band brought something different, yet equally important to the stage, and the overall sound speaks volumes of the individual talents behind it. As one song ended, it was impossible to know what to expect, but it's safe to assume you will enjoy whatever it is. Their eclectic styles continue to pleasantly surprise. A wide variety of rhythms appeared throughout the set, many of which had the audience clapping or moving along with the band. The cute Irish boys looked the part, and had the energy and passion us fighting, drinking and partying Irish are known for. The final number, entitled 'Secrets' had one of those fun choruses that gets stuck in your head, and you

Unwed Mothers

When this band took the stage, any assumptions about traditional Irish music went right out the window. Their first song confirmed what their punky/rock clothing said, as it was hardcore alternative. Stylistically, they were reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, or Marilyn Manson, but with a uniqueness to their sound. The inclusion of keyboards added depth, and sometimes melancholy. At the beginning of the third song, some pretty ominous sounds emitted from the keyboard and remained faintly in the background throughout. The barrage of buttons and effects on the mic and keys were well utilized, creating a plethora of crazy-cool noises within and around the main body of music. The bass behind the following song was huge, with blipping techno noises meeting slow Nine Inch Nails style. I could certainly imagine a niche for this sort of thing, but they aren't the kind of band that would appeal to the masses. The last song were heard was a complete 180 degree spin from those preceding it; far more mainstream, happy, fun and catchy- I found myself hoping it was the one on the free CD sampler. Unwed Mothers (Edmonton, AB)Blues, Indie, Rock The next stop was the Cadillac Lounge to take in a Canadian band, Unwed Mothers, whose name was neat and resonated with me as an unwed mother myself. The lead

singer, Julie Adams,a petite woman with long hair told the crowd that she was here in the big city for the very first time. If she was finding the hustle and bustle of Toronto overwhelming it didn't show in her performance at all. When she opened her mouth to sing, I was impressed by the power behind a voice belonging to such a small person- I always seem to find it hard to anticipate a large voice from a small person even though I have been proven wrong time and time again. Her voice was bluesy and, listening to her, Bonnie Raitt came to mind. The volume on the mic could have been louder, as I found it difficult to decipher the lyrics most of the time. The band, especially the frontwoman, were already quite the crowd favorite for newcomers to the city. I don't know many people who can afford to fly across the country for a music festival, so either their online presence and marketing are incredible, or the locals quickly welcomed the band with open arms. Julie is quite pretty, which never hurts in the entertainment industry, and when she commented on being parched about five guys jumped to the rescue. Three of them gave up, but she made a point of having a sip from both of the beers in front of her, which I thought was really cute. The petite 'Unwed Mother' played rhythm guitar for the first few numbers, but I noticed a keyboard at her side and I was looking forward to seeing when she switched it up. Considering my feeble attempts thus far, it always intrigues me a little to watch someone play an instrument while doing all the singing. When she did switch to the keys, she did so in a

paulmuton, paul murton,, - - Page 17

See pg 28

find yourself singing along to a song you are only hearing for the first time.

is printed in five local papers. By Melissa Peters

After perusing the gig-guide, I decided to begin my 2013 Canadian Music Week festivities at the cozy, yet spacious Drake Underground for "Music From Ireland Presents" to check out a couple of bands from Dublin. The company presenting the music offered a free CD sampler of the bands they work with, which I took and thanked them for enthusiastically. It's a great way to leave some of their music behind for fans in other parts of the world.

MUSIC: CMW: Unwed Mothers , Funeral Suits, Delorentos

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MARKETING: The value of video versus the value of a newspaper We are not selling the power of Newspapers, we are selling the power of Google and YouTube. Getting found on Google can have a dramatic effect on your sales. This proven idea is very popular with advertising. As a result you are competing against a lot of similar businesses trying to get a phone call from a search result on Google. Video is one of the most powerful ways of getting found on Google. Here are the reasons: 1) Content is king. Google rewards those people who supply content. Google search results are based on answering a question or providing information. A web selling your product is not news. A video showing where your store is located is news and information that Google will show. In fact, Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages, to receive a first-page ranking. 2) Google owns YouTube. The only search engine site that gets more requests for info is Google itself. We don't Google how to change a tire, find a recipe, or bake a cake, we search YouTube for a video to show us how. So no video = no results in YouTube. 3) SEO key words on the video posting will provide a powerful link back to your site. Google rates your site based on how "Popular" you are. So just shooting a video will not work. You need to key the data back to your own site. 4) Google cannot "see" your video. So, essentially, your $30,000 video will not out perform a $600.00 video. What the "$30,000 video" will do is impress your customers and raise the value of your You Tube account. 5) A video posted by yourself as a private individual, will NOT perform as well as a video posted by a video production company with 100’s of online videos posted. Google rewards content builders with higher ranking position and scores.

"Google is looking for channels that have authority, and it's going to use that as a basis for your ranking. A “video production” company, or someone who consistently creates awesome videos, and already has 100’s posted online, will rank much higher versus somebody who just throws up a random video." 6) Videos last forever. Once posted on YouTube they are not taken down, and remain until the end of time. Your local newspaper has a 3 month cycle, and is lost to your knowledge thereafter. Online and posted YouTube videos of your business, or service stand as reference until the end of time. Here's one of our newest videos with already over 10,000 views, by what could be potential customers. Stand out from the crowd, get found on YouTube! Everyone today with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer is heading there searching for everything they need. 7) We will promote your video with 1,000 full colour business cards for free. 8) Please see the following list of benefits, and the power of videos, versus traditional marketing, advertising, and text searches on Google or any of the other 100’s of search engines. ** A BRAND NEW EXCITING & CUTTING EDGE MARKETING TOOL ** (Outperform your competition with this amazing new medium) Build rapport with your audience Instantly become more personable ~ A powerful way to promote your brand ~ Motivate potential customers and clients to act quicker ~ If your competitors do it and you don’t, you’re losing potential clients ~ Demonstrate your expertise ~ Show your human side by posting a not-quite-perfect video ~ Easier for you to retain the attention of your target audience ~ Develop a level of trust beyond what’s possible in writing alone ~ An inexpensive, cutting edge marketing approach

~ You’ll show that you’re keeping up with technology ~ Experience increased visibility in s search engines ~ Give your audience a way to benefit from your knowledge passively (it’s a lot easier to watch a video than read a screen of text!). ~ Provide targeted training and aftersales folowup ~ Become more memorable ~ Consistent videos build a different audience than you have through a blog ~ “show” instead of “tell” ~ Reach more of your target audience ~ Help establish yourself as an expert ~ Get people to come back to your site more frequently ~ Make it easy for your viewers to pass on your message (she told 2 friends… then she told 2 friends… ~ The new wave and entertaining for your viewers 8) You might be thinking "Who would want to watch a video about what I sell?" Well, the answer is probably a lot of people! This is an entirely different concept than the “YouTube Commercials” you see at the beginning of an online video clip… potential customers and clients, world-wide, (you are now posting to a Global Market), want to see the “actual video and your information” now posted forever, and for always for the whole world to see. Personally, if I search YouTube for a product, service or information, and one of those commercials pop up, I get annoyed, (as do 99% of viewers), and click the X immediately. I want to see the information and content I am searching for, not an obnoxious commercial about a product I have absolutely no interest in. Television, billboards, packaging and the like… everywhere subject us to enough of these as it is. No one wants to watch yet even more commercials. We are inundated with enough of these already, ad nauseam. People will appreciate informative and entertaining videos about your products and your services illustrating how to choose something they need, how to use or fix something, special features… ad infinitum. Your YouTube video. Call Us at (416)-907-4618

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EVENT: Ex-Yardbirds Plays The El Mocambo on June 6th A full article could be easily filled by merely dropping the names of the many legendary musicians that Jim McCarty and John Hawken have played with through their impressive careers. Their legacies and influence that span fifty years are matched only by the their immense talent as musicians. This coming June 6th both players will be playing the newly restored El Mocambo in a show that should not be missed. McCarty and Hawken were founding members of the band Renaissance in 1969. It was the era of super-groups and Renaissance counted as one among them. Prior to getting together McCarty had been one of the original members of The Yardbirds and Hawken an original member of The Nashville Teens. Renaissance was both a super-group but also among the luminary bands of the time that were creating the very genre of progressive rock. In a pretty unique and unprecedented way, Renaissance fused rock, folk and classical styles of play with an emphasis on experimentation and improvisation. Although the band long outlived both McCarty and Hawken's tenure with them, it is expected that their upcoming concert will include some selections from their first collaboration together. In March 2013 The Yardbirds celebrated a 50th anniversary concert featuring original members McCarty, Chris Dreja, Top Topham, along with members John Idan, Alan Glen and Ray Majors. The concert at the Eel Pie Club was a sold-out

Jim McCarty

performance and the reviews were positively glowing. In recent years, original members McCarty and Dreja have been touring with an infusion of really stellar young players. Guitarist Ben King is confidently filling the shoes of past lead players that included the succession of Topham, followed by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and then Jimmy Page. Born in Bournemouth England in 1940, Hawken began playing piano at age four. After a couple of years of playing with the Cruisers Rock Combo, Hawken became one of the main figures in The Nashville Teens whose early hit 'Tobacco Road' (1964) brought them international success. They were managed by Don Arden whose nickname was 'the Al Capone of Pop'. In Arden's 2007 obituary from the Guardian an incident is

By Jon Long

described where Hawken was strangled and then nearly thrown out of his second story office on Carnaby Street in London. Hawken had approached Arden over a pretty small amount of money that had been owed to him. Arden managed bands like the Small Faces, Black Sabbath and ELO but is also the father of Sharon Osbourne – Ozzy's wife and manager. Following Renaissance, Hawken went on to play with Third World War, Strawbs, and Illusion. He is also known as a session player with a long-list of credentials. McCarty and Hawken are referring to their current collaboration as 'The Flipside Tour'. They will be playing Yardbirds, Renaissance and also solo material. Opening for them on this tour is singer-songwriter Jann Klose. If you miss them in Toronto on June 6th, they will be playing on the 7th in Brantford followed by a performance in Gravenhurst on the 8th. The collective history of these players could not be more formidable. Their skills as players have evolved and become more nuanced and impressive with time.

John Hawken

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EVENT: Toronto's Moxy Plays The El Mocambo on June 1th Closed in 2011 the story of the 'Sound City' recording studio in Van Nuys California has been recently told in a powerful documentary (2013) by multitalented Dave Grohl. 'Sound City' the documentary tells the story of the place where over 100 gold and platinum records were created. The film is about the decline of the studio business because of digital technologies but also about the amazing creative musical collaborations that emerged from a never renovated industrial space that was generally regarded as a dump. In between 1974 and 1975 artists like Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, BTO and even Bill Cosby recorded top selling albums at Sound City and in early 75, the now legendary debut album from Toronto's 'Moxy' was also recorded there. Recording at Sound City within only a year of forming is one of the really admirable highlights of a band that continues to play including an upcoming much anticipated concert in the newly restored El Mocambo. Bought in 2012 and now in the process of being restored to its original form, the new owners of the El Mocambo are committed to bringing the type of legendary acts that made the venue iconic in the same way that Sound City is. This coming June 1st Moxy is playing at the El Mo and it reflects that rejuvenated commitment to music legends by owners Sam Grosso (owner Cadillac Lounge) and Marco Petrucci (owner 99 Sudbury).

Formed in 1974 by vocalist Buzz Shearman, guitarist Earl Johnson, bassist Kim Fraser and drummer Bill Wade, by 1977 when Shearman had to be replaced because of vocal problems and a substance abuse problem, Moxy had released three albums with multiple hit singles, constantly and often touring opening for the large stadium calibre bands of the time. Their near cult status popularity in Texas at the time was punctuated by the fact that in the lone-star state bands like Boston and AC/DC opened for them. After 1977 Moxy has gone through a number of transformations including the initial replacement of Shearman with Mike Reno who went onto sing for Loverboy. Through it all Earl Johnson has remained the driving force behind their very hard driving music. His impact as a player and song-writer has been one of the constants through their career and likewise with the current line up. Formerly of the Killer Dwarfs, the current vocalist Russell Graham has helped return Moxy's sound to the edgier hard drinking biker bar tone that reflects Shearman's original imprint. Shearman tragically died at the age of 33 in a motorcycle accident just North of Toronto in 1983. Russell's edge and Johnson's acrobatic but straight ahead honest guitar playing are complimented by veteran players Jim Samson on bass and Kim Hunt on drums. There is a hard kicking large stadium quality to the current sound of Moxy. Samson and Hunt's roots go back to the band Zon who

By Jon Long

like Moxy had that type of meteoric early rise that elevated them into large venues opening for bands like Styx, Foreigner and at concerts like the infamous 1980 no-show from Alice Cooper that caused a riot at the CNE stadium. Emphasizing the history and calibre of the playing does not do justice to a sound that is now as energized and fresh as it was in their 'Sound City' era. It is expected that their upcoming June 1st El Mocambo is going to please many of their original loyal following but also draw new listeners into their unmistakable ability to remain musically vital. The show is dedicated to the late Douglas 'Buzz' Shearman. In the afternoon guitarist Earl Johnson will be staging a guitar clinic at the El Mocambo.

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MUSIC: Soca Singer Sandy Releases Best Of Compilation and Holiday Inn hotels in Toronto. In addition, he has participated in the Northern Lights Festival Boreal in Montreal. He has several recordings to his credit including “Cou-Cou and Flying Fish” (1991), and “Cork It” and “Sweet Cou-Cou”(1996). In 1999 his ten track CD titled Instant Sweetness won Best Soca Album for the year at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards and was nominated for the Canadian Juno Awards. De Mighty Sandy is the stage name for the songwriter, composer and singer Kenrick Sandiford. A Canadian citizen since 1985, he started singing in his native Barbados with a group called “The Caribbean Boys” who often worked on cruise ships in the Caribbean. As a lead vocalist with several bands or as a solo act, Sandy has performed in Montreal, in Massachusetts, and has toured most of Ontario. Sandy has performed in various Caribbean clubs, at the CN Tower, as well as at the Royal York, Sheraton, Harbour Castle

In December 2007, he released a hot new full-length disc titled Tropical Heat Wave, which was arranged by Ossie Gurley (arranger/producer of “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Anslem Douglas and “Moving to the Left” by Nigel Lewis). From this disc came the enjoyable “Caribbean Party Jam” and “Sweet Toronto”, surely a soca anthem that the City of Toronto could adopt as its very own party tune to welcome visitors and to show some of the outstanding talent of its Caribbean community! “Spring Garden Burning” was the single release for the 2011 summer’s

calypso season in Canada and the Caribbean, especially the annual Crop-Over Festival in Barbados, which runs from June to mid-August. This song is another sweet soca hit from this dynamic performer! On November 2012 De Mighty Sandy released a TRIBUTE TO BARBADOS with popular songs, “Sweet Barbados” in soca and “Beautiful Barbados” for Barbados Independence. As far as he knows, his “Beautiful Barbados”, is the first reggae remake of the original calypso ballad made popular by Emile Straker and the Merrymen. De Mighty Sandy will release The Best of Sandy which will feature ballads and reggae as well as his calypso/soca tunes) this June! He will have this CD release party as part of a Pre-Crop Over concert featuring the Mighty Grynner directly from Barbados at Windies Restaurant and Sports Bar, 3330 Lawrence Ave. East at Bellamy Rd. in Scarborough on Saturday June 15th. Also, look out for his ‘lovers rock’ album in the near future!

Nick Miseros, CA Partner 500 Danforth Ave., Suite 303 Toronto, ON, M4K-1P6 Tel: 416-224-5777 x2 E-mail: Website: Not-For-Profit and charity audits Preparation of corporate and personal tax returns Tax appeals & dealing with CRA paulmuton, paul murton,, - -

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AYOH (Chicago, Alternative Rock



AYOH I had an issue with the CMW Gig guide regarding a lack of information promoting when this band would actually be playing. I understand that the lineup isn't always finalized on time, and that there are little surprise appearances here and there, but it

puts bands like this one at a disadvantage. The guide listed the band, and the little mini-bio, as well as an appearance earlier in the week at a different venue, but didn't include their appearance downstairs at the El Mocambo on Thursday night. It was a real pity, because if I had seen the band on Wednesday, I would have loved to see them again before they flew home. The place was almost empty, which could have had something to do with the gig not being listed, and it was a shame because a lot of people would really enjoy this group. The volume was obviously geared toward a packed house, and should have been adjusted accordingly when the sound tech established that the crowd would consist of twenty people rather than two-hundred. Paul and I stayed glued to the front windows (about 60 meters away) and, even there, it was far too loud. The sheer volume was just uncalled for and it caused unnecessary distortion. Had it been adjusted by even 10%, it would have sounded great from the opposite end of the empty bar. Big crowd, or a handful of people, this band put on a great show regardless. They had a clean, modern sound full of enthusiasm and energy. They were really good and clicked as a group. Had I hear the studio version of any one of their songs on a popular radio station, I would have assumed they were as popular and well-known as all the other bands frequenting the mainstream airwaves. I hope they had more of a crowd at their Wednesday gig because they truly deserve a following; that, and a skilled sound-technician! The "ElMo" had been renovated since my last visit and looked a little cleaner and brighter than I remembered. I noticed something funny though- the bathrooms, instead of being labelled "Mens" and "Ladies", had signs saying "The John" and "The Yoko". Very creative, I thought, and then I wondered if they had been called that the whole time I had been going there and I was just noticing

for the first time.

Dominique Fricot Dominique Fricot (Vancouver, BC)Alternative, Folk, Indie, Rock, Soul Friday Night brought us back to the El Mocambo for "Music BC Showcase by 102.7 The Peak and Georgia Straight" (Downstairs), and "Music PEI Presents" (upstairs) We travelled first to the west coast of Canada for Dominique Fricot, and I was pleased to see that both the sound and the size of the crowd had improved dramatically. The song we walked in on was a nice, light alternative number, followed by some great R&B bass lines and guitar licks that drew the audience to the dancefloor. The lead male vocalist/guitarist described the next song as a waltz, so I didn't have a clue what to expect. It turned out to be a beautiful and touching ballad featuring really nice melodies and vocal harmonies. He had quite the vocal range, and was able to adjust his voice appropriately for each style of music. Part way through the set, the band welcomed two more members carrying stringed instruments- a violin and what looked like a cello with a much narrower body. It's always been a favourite of mine to hear classical instruments in rock/blues groups. There was so much depth and emotion behind the classical strings, it was almost tangible. I was also impressed with how the sets were laid out. Normally everyone playing up and downstairs are on the same schedule, but one started on the hour and the other started on the half hour. It was a great way to enjoy a good half hour See Pg 32

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is printed in five local papers. By Melissa Peters

rhythm capacity, using her free hand to cup the microphone for a rougher vocal effect. It was a nice change at first, though it made hearing the lyrics virtually impossible, but it hid her voice too much. It made for a modern Janis Joplin sound, in which I could see the attraction and appeal, but it could have been used more sparingly. The fourth number was another original, and very impressive, especially as it was a great opportunity for the songstress to showcase her vocal range and talent. The volume on the mic became far less of an issue when the feedback storm began. For some reason, it suddenly got incredibly loud, and whoever was in charge of sound couldn't seem to get rid of it. The infamous nails-ona-chalkboard effect of badly placed feedback became fainter, but never really disappeared. It really was a pity because the song that got cut off when the storm began was really pretty. Some of the earlier numbers were hard enough to scare off the more delicate members of the audience, but I personally enjoyed their overall sound and Julie's beautiful voice, especially when she sang a few inches away from the mic.

MUSIC: CMW: Ayoh and Dominique Fricot

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checked to make sure it was out and then hopped back into one of the 8 fire engines out front and drove away. The whole thing took less than an hour, but it was exciting to be there to see it, especially with it not being serious and no one getting hurt! Brock Street Mafia Takes the Road to Canadian Music Week

Coyote (PEI)

Coyote My trusty photographer and I made our way up the stairs in a journey from one end of the country to the other. My experience thus far with East Coast music has been with bands primarily from Nova Scotia, and as my daughter has PEI blood, I was looking forward to seeing what the music from her daddy's home would be like. It was greatupbeat, with that "East Coast" feel I have always loved. If this band is any indication, PEI is certainly worthy of their own showcase. It looked like the crowd agreed with me, as they surrounded the stage to bop and weave to the tunes. They were a little heavier than most East Coast music I am familiar with, but they managed to do so without losing the friendly, happy party tone. Sadly, it was too loud upstairs- the room isn't big enough for that kind of volume, and it made it difficult for me to really appreciate the music The El Mocambo was ON FIRE when Jordan Klassen hit the Stage!! Literally. They had to evacuate right after the first song. The evacuation went smoothly, and our cities firefighters showed a great response time. It was only a little kitchen fire though, so they

Over the years, I have found myself focusing on smaller, lesser-known venues in search of the musical hidden-gems of the year. I went a little bigger on the Saturday night of Canadian Music Week this year to check out a new band from Whitby. Brock Street Mafia had their debut CMW performance at likely the most well-known venue in the city after duking it out against other hopeful performers in the second annual “Road to Canadian Music Week”. I always assumed the bands playing the Hard Rock would be those with a year or two of successful festival appearances behind them. This band didn’t have the years behind them, but if they keep doing what they are doing, they will enjoy many years to come. Though they haven’t been together very long, the members of BSM found each other at the perfect time in their lives, ready to create and dedicate themselves to a great band and enjoy the success of their combined talent and love for music. Their first show was on December 1, 2012 at the ATRIA in Oshawa, and already they are quickly becoming a regular feature on the Toronto music scene. Founding members, P$yChloDelic (vocals) and Ryan Denyer (guitar) first joined forces in a previous band that didn’t work out, but they weren’t ready to give up. The two continued writing and jamming while in search of like-minded musicians to add to their sound. It didn’t take long to find Gordie (drums) and Ian Sorenson (bass), at which time P$yChloDelic reconnected with her old friend Kyle Homen (guitar). The rest is a very short history thus far, but it already sounds like these guys (and

girl) have been playing together for ages. P$yChloDelic has a great tattoo on her calf, evidence of the rock and roll bursting from her tiny frame, even when she’s sporting stilettos. Her voice and stage presence, however, are anything but small. Her clear but powerful vocals are perfect for the music, and with her charisma and energy, she grabs everyone’s attention and keeps it. The band members lend their own personalities to the writing and performance, keeping each other and the audience on their toes. They are all oozing passion and talent, and obviously love what they are doing together. I actually found myself smiling as the set continued, and audience members who were clearly there to see another act couldn’t help getting into the music of Brock Street Mafia. Their tunes were heavy-in a good way, paving the way for everything from the vocals, melodies and rhythms to stand out and shine. The song November Blue was described as one of their slow songs, and it started out as such, but didn’t stay very slow. The magic though, was that it took on a different, yet equally appealing tone and sound so I didn’t find myself wishing it would go back to the ballad-style. My favorite ballads are by rock bands, and I get annoyed when even Metallica and Guns and Roses pick up the pace during one. In this instance, I wasn’t annoyed at all-I just wanted to hear more. From rock to alternative to punk, the music just got more fun as the set progressed, and the rest of the audience obviously agreed with me. The only complaint I have is that it ended too soon. Brock Street Mafia performed at Sound Academy for "420 Fest", so i made a point of being there for an encore performance. They weren't as rushed for time at this show, so we got to hear a little more narration from P$yChloDelic between songs, which just made her that much more entertaining. Visit us at for more music reviews from CMW and more!

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is printed in five local papers. By Melissa Peters

a band without having to skip a beat between that and the music on the other floor. Whoever organized that had the right idea, and the whole festival should be laid out as such. There were years it seemed we were always arriving at a venue to watch a band set up or unplug. It can get frustrating!

MUSIC: CMW: Coyote and Brock Street Mafia

Supporting Local Music



These cds are available at

Soundscapes 572 College Street, Toronto, Ont M6G1B3 Wk: 416-537-1620

Sonic Boom 782 Bathurst Street Toronto, M5S 2R6 (416) 532-0334

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Home Of EdgeWater Business Solutions 975 Bloor West (2 blocks W of Long & McQuade) Business Start Up Services -Becoming a VISA Merchant CD/DVD Duplication Printing - Advertising - Office Of This Newspaper paulmuton, paul murton,, - -

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Tyanna Nikkita

(Model Mayhem account : MM# 2912245)

Pic By

BackPage Girl

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