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John Sparks 1450 s.w. 18th ave Miami, Fl. 33145 954-809-5618 Date: March 07, 2012

Clara Maass Medical Center 1 Clara Maass Drive New Jersey 07109 To whom it may concern: I’m responding regarding the position of Surgical Technician in your esteemed health facility. I consider that my credentials and interests match your requirements and want to apply for the same position. I have experience as a surgical technician for the last eight years, working with operating room teams and specializing in many tasks and responsibilities focused on assisting during surgical operations under the direction of registered nurses, surgeons, and other surgical staff. My responsibilities include getting the room ready by placing surgical tools, equipment, sterile dressing, and liquids in their appropriate places, ensuring all equipment is functioning properly, and preparing the patient for the operation. Certainly, a well- trained and professional surgical technician is vital for the growth and integrity of any health center. I believe I am the one who has the skill set and experience you are looking for. You may be interviewing other potential surgical technicians but I hope you will not make a final decision until I can talk over this job with you and show you what I can bring to it. Thank you for considering my joining your staff. I’m really looking forward to meeting you. Sincerely Yours, John P. Sparks

John P. Sparks 1450 s.w. 18th ave. Miami, Fl. 33145 954-809-5618

Objective It is my objective to apply appropriate surgical technology procedures and protocols in various healthcare settings and situations, operating all equipment safely and efficiently.

Professional Experience Univer. Miami Hosp. 2011-2012 Cleveland Clinic 2009-2011 Doctors Hospital 2008-2009 Inova Mt. Vernon Hospital 2006-2008 Dewitt Community Hospital 2003-2006 Surgical Technician

.Assisted nationally renowned Orthopedic Joint Replacement doctors Charlie, Andy, & Jerry Engh. .Assisted nationally renowned Colorectal Surgeon Dr. Steven Wexner. .Assisted Dr. Ricardo Komotar in

.Assumed responsibility for setting up and passing instruments, holding retractors and assisting the surgeon, aiding the circulator with duties as necessary.

.Maintained working knowledge of assembly and function of surgical instrumentation and equipment. .Observed and maintained aseptic technique at all times. .Assisted in preparing the operating room for procedure, obtaining needed equipment and supplies. .Maintained working knowledge of assembly and function of surgical instrumentation and equipment. .Anticipated the needs of instruments by the surgeon during an operation. .Managed daily operating room assignment so that the optimum flow of cases occured. Special Capabilities

.More than 8 years experience as a surgical technician. .Remarkable ability to communicate with doctors, circulating nurses, and schedule coordinators. .In-depth ability handling surgical instruments, precise hand/eye coordination , passing instruments to physician, and assembling surgical instrumentation.

.Great ability to arrange things or actions in the most efficient order or pattern. .Immense ability to understand the implications of new information for both current and future problem solving and decision making.

.Remarkable ability to give full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, but not interrupting at inappropriate times.

Education United States Army Academy of Heath Sciences-Certificate of Completion 32 College Credits High School Diploma


Dance, music ministry, and the pursuit of healthy living.

References Will be furnished upon request.

March 2, 2012

To whom it may concern: At the request of Mr. John Sparks, who is currently applying to your esteemed hospital for a position as a surgical technician, I am very happy to compose this letter of recommendation on his behalf. I made my initial acquaintance with Mr. Sparks in 2011 when he became employed by the University of Miami Hospital as a Surgical Technician. I would describe Mr. Sparks as having a solid background in his field. He is in possession of some of the best qualities in a surgical technician: preparedness, efficiency, adaptability, judgment, critical thinking and problem solving skills, appropriate demeanor, and flexibility. I am certain he will be an asset to your team. Truly Yours, Michael Y. Wang, MD, FACS

March 3, 2012 Dear Sir or Madam, It is indeed my pleasure to recommend John Sparks for the position of Surgical Technician at your Health Center. I have worked directly with John in the O.R. as the peri-operative circulating nurse. In that capacity I have observed John demonstrate proficiency in the tasks assigned to him. Without a doubt, he understands and implements the principals of the surgical technician. Additionally, I have noticed his ability to communicate with his colleagues. His desire to strive for excellence is apparent in everything he does. Sincerely, Diana Colabella R.N.

John Sparks - Surgical Technician  

John Sparks - Surgical Technician

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