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Meet some wonderful friends of God! Read the stories of eleven holy men, women, and children of different times and places. Each story is accompanied by an invitation to imitate a special virtue of that saint. Includes feast days! In this book you’ll meet: Saint Peter Claver Saint Brigid of Ireland Saint Damien of Molokai Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Saint Dominic Savio Saints Ann and Joachim Saint Paul Miki Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Saint Alberto Hurtado Blessed Teresa of Cruchaga Calcutta Meet more holy friends in Little Book of Saints, Volume 1 Little Book of Saints, Volume 2 Little Book of Saints, Volume 4 $4.95 U.S.


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Book of Saints Volume 3

Written by Susan Helen Wallace, fsp Illustrated by Tom Kinarney

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Wallace, Susan Helen. Little book of saints / written by Susan Helen Wallace ; illustrated by Tom Kinarney. p. cm. ISBN 0-8198-4526-4 (pbk.) 1. Christian saints--Biography--Juvenile literature. I. Kinarney, Tom. II. Title.

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n this book you’ll meet eleven saints and blesseds. Saints and blesseds are good friends of God, and they’re our friends, too. We can ask them to help us become more like Jesus, the Son of God. We can ask them to pray for us and with us. Have fun learning about these new friends!


Saint Peter Claver


Saint Brigid of Ireland


Saint Damien of Molokai


Saint Elizabeth of Hungary


Saint Dominic Savio


Saints Ann and Joachim


Saint Paul Miki


Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha


Saint Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga 20 Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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Saint Peter Claver Peter lived in Spain. When he was twenty-two, he became a Jesuit priest. His friend Brother Alphonsus told him about some Africans. Many were being kidnapped. Slave ships took them far away to the Saint Peter lived New World. Father Peter from 1580–1654. had to help them! He He was born in sailed to Colombia. There Spain. he found many frightened, We celebrate his sick Africans. Father Peter feast day on served the enslaved September 9. people for forty years. He believed that everyone should be treated kindly and with justice. Father Peter baptized many of the Africans. He taught them to love Jesus. Saint Peter, you helped many suffering people. Teach me to be kind to everyone, too. 4

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Saint Brigid of Ireland Brigid’s parents were baptized by Saint Patrick himself. As a child, Brigid was kind and good. One day she gave a pail of milk to a poor family. She prayed that her Saint Brigid lived mother would not be from around upset. When she got home, 450–525. her pail was full again! She was born in Brigid wanted to follow Ireland. Jesus. She had seven good We celebrate her friends. With them, she feast day on February 1. started the first convent in Ireland. Soon the convent became a center for religion and art. She started other convents, too. Brigid died many years later. She was buried near Saint Patrick. Saint Brigid, help me to spread Jesus’ love as you did. 6

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Saint Damien of Molokai Joseph got in lots of trouble when he was young. But when he grew up, he changed. He became a priest known as Father Damien. He went to Hawaii and worked Saint Damien hard to spread the love of lived from Jesus. He heard about 1840–1889. some people who were He was born in Belgium. very sick with leprosy. They lived on an island We celebrate his feast day on called Molokai. Father May 10. Damien took care of them. He built houses and brought in clean water. After fifteen years, he caught leprosy too. Father Damien helped over a thousand sick people on Molokai. Saint Damien, please show me how to be helpful to my family and friends. 8

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Little Book Of Saints - Volume 3  

These illustrated books each tell the stories of different saints and blesseds from different times and places. Each story is connected to a...

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