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Religious Education Resources

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New! The Story of Saint John Paul II A Boy Who Became Pope

Written and Illustrated by Fabiola Garza “Who do you love most?” Framed around the question “Who do you love most?” this lavishly illustrated biography for children tells the captivating story of Saint John Paul II. The story reveals how John Paul II’s answer to that very important question blossomed into heroic virtue, holiness, and service to the Church and the world. From an ordinary little boy growing up in Poland to the world leader of the Catholic Church, John Paul II serves as an inspiration for today’s aspiring youth. Perfect for ages 6–9. Hardcover, 72 pages. 0-8198-9013-8 9780819890139 $15.95

My Baptism Remembrance Book

Mary Martha Moss, FSP This personalizable gift book commemorates the sacrament of Baptism and captures childhood memories and milestones. Combining a child’s faith life with popular scrapbooking elements found in baby books, this remembrance book preserves important life moments for the special child in your life. Includes Bible stories specifically related to the sacrament of Baptism. Children receiving this gift can create a keepsake that not only preserves their special day of becoming initiated into the Catholic faith, but also helps them grow in their relationship with Christ. Hardcover, 64 pages. 0-8198-4929-4 9780819849298 $18.95

Gospel Time Trekkers Written by Maria Grace Dateno, FSP; illustrated by Paul Cunningham Three ordinary kids, six extraordinary adventures, one incredible quest! The Gospel Time Trekkers, a six-book series, follows the adventures of three siblings as they travel back to Gospel times to find Jesus and learn to discover him in their everyday lives. Remaining true to Biblical culture and scholarship, these historical fiction books offer a creative presentation of Christian faith and values. Through imaginative retellings of important Scriptural events, children personally encounter Jesus and experience what it was like to live in his time. Ages 6–9. Paperback, 80 pages each. $5.95 each.



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New! Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction Diana R. Jenkins

Are you on the offense and your older kids/younger teens on the defense when it comes to talking about tough topics? Then kickoff with Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction! Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction puts you and your 11–14 year olds on the same team. Doctrinally-sound, non-preachy, and engaging, this faith-based resource opens up the playing field to tackle tough topics together. Fictional stories about contemporary teens are used as a vehicle to show the value of faith in difficult times and sensitive situations. Each chapter—the content of which can be assessed based on students’ levels of maturity and need—focuses on a real life challenge to the faith as experienced by a fictional character. The ten topics explored in this book are:

• Pornography • Cyberbullying • Modesty • Family • Body Image

• Materialism/ Consumerism • Dishonesty • Substance Abuse • Stress to Overachieve • Depression

Along with the fictional component, each chapter includes statistical facts helpful for approaching the topic, discussion questions, links to Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, an activity, a prayer, and a concluding message offering practical advice for how students can deal with the respective issue. Paperback, 80 pages. 0-8198-7495-7 9780819874955 $11.95

Navigating the New Evangelization Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap Foreword by Bishop Christopher J. Coyne, SLD, from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Set sail aboard a historical journey through evangelization with papal homilist Raniero Cantalamessa as your captain. Compiling the meditations that he delivered at the Papal Household of Pope Benedict XVI during Advent 2010 and 2011, Fr. Cantalamessa traces the waves of evangelization from the first centuries of Christianity to the present day. On this horizon where history, geography, and culture meet, he propels us toward the shores of the new evangelization. Diving into scientific atheism, rationalism, and secularism, Cantalamessa navigates through the major modern challenges that the announcement of the Gospel encounters. His writing is anchored in quotes from Scripture, the Church Fathers, Vatican Councils, papal documents, saints, doctors of the Church, theologians, philosophers, poets, authors, and scientists. By mapping out the route that evangelization has taken, Cantalamessa provides readers with a compass steering them not only toward an understanding of the new evangelization, but also toward putting that understanding into practice. Paperback, 128 pages. 0-8198-5182-5 9780819851826 $12.95

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New! Celebrate our 2 New Saints!

–from our Classic Wisdom Collection

Be Not Afraid: Wisdom from John Paul II

Compiled and with a Foreward by Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, FSP How can I learn to trust in the Father’s love for me? This collection contains famous writings, audiences, and homilies from the beloved Saint John Paul II. Born Karol Wojtyla in Poland, he was a clandestine seminarian during World War II, attended Vatican II, survived an assassination attempt, and was instrumental in the fall of communism in Poland. John Paul II trusted God during every hardship that came into his life. Be Not Afraid and let John Paul II illuminate the authentic freedom that comes from confidence in God’s love. Paperback, 128 pages. 0-8198-1221-8 9780819812216 $9.95

Secret to Happiness: Wisdom from John XXIII

Compiled and with a Foreword by Donna Giaimo, FSP How can I discover the secret to happiness and holiness in my life? This collection contains famous and lesser-known writings from the humble 20th century giant, Saint John XXIII. Born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli and elected pope in 1958, John XXIII was well-loved during his papacy for his humility and gentle wit. Surprising the world with his intention to call the Second Vatican Council, he was not a stranger to the worries of life. Secret to Happiness has short chapters, showing us the secret to authentic happiness: humility and confidence in God’s will for us. Paperback,128 pages. 0-8198-9025-1 9780819890252 $9.95

Saints Alive! Saints Alive!

Saints Alive!

Marie Paul Curley, FSP and Mary Lea Hill, FSP Short stories of saints from different eras, continents, and walks of life show us how to live a Christian life through the beatitudes and sacraments. Paperback, 352 pages. 0-8198-7286-5 9780819872869 $14.95

Marie Paul Curley, FSP and Mary Lea Hill, FSP Short stories of saints from different eras, continents, and walks of life show us how to live a Christian life through the Gospel. Paperback, 352 pages. 0-8198-7290-3 9780819872906 $14.95

The Faith Proclaimed

The Gospel Witnessed

A New Catholic Marriage Preparation Program! Transformed in Love: Building Your Catholic Marriage This Catholic marriage preparation program was developed in the Archdiocese of Boston by a highly qualified group of priests, deacons, theologians, psychologists, and married couples. Integrating faith formation with dimensions of everyday living such as household responsibilities, work, raising children, holiday celebrations, and finances, this program offers a comprehensive and practical approach. Witness presentations, new media, teaching modules, group and individual exercises, and mentoring help engaged couples acquire the tools they need to build a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Leader and Team Manual

Paperback, 352 pages. 9780819874894 $27.95 Engaged Couple Workbook Paperback, 192 pages. 0-8198-7490-6 9780819874900 $ 15.95 0-8198-7489-4


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Teens Pauline Teen brings you books teens love and adults can trust to:


• uphold a Catholic worldview • explore choices and their consequences • affirm Christian values and virtues • address the challenges of following Christ today

a.k.a. Genius

Marilee Haynes Thirteen-year-old Gabe Carpenter is just like any other middle-school boy at St. Jude Academy…well, except for the fact that he is considered a “genius.” But he sure doesn’t seem like a genius—after all, he can’t even open his own locker and his brain stops functioning when Becca, his sister’s best friend, comes around. Good thing he can pray to St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes! Themes include: self-acceptance, giftedness, humor. Paperback, 208 pages 0-8198-0830-X $9.95

• model living the faith in authentic and attainable ways • reach teens through stories that integrate real-life issues with faith perspectives • entertain and inspire

Martyred: The Story of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz

Adapted from a novel by Susan Tan September 29, 1637, Nishizaka Hill, Japan: Lorenzo Ruiz, a prisoner upholding the Christian virtues of courage and faith, is martyred for his refusal to renounce his Catholic faith. This novelized account of the life of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, a married ChineseFilipino layman, retraces the series of events that lead up to his violent martyrdom in 17th century feudal Japan. Themes include: martyrdom, persecution, and history. Paperback, 176 pages 0-8198-4934-0 $9.95

Genius under Construction

Mission Libertad

The Locket’s Secret

Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean

Marilee Haynes Gabe—St. Jude’s resident genius—is back for his final year of middle school. He is still clueless about girls, can’t control his gaseous tendencies, and his rolling backpack days are long gone. But, he can open his locker and is now the basketball team’s official analyst. On the cusp of graduation, Gabe must fulfill a community service requirement and decide if he will attend a high school for science and math. Themes include: self-acceptance, giftedness, humor. Paperback, 224 pages 0-8198-3126-3 $9.95

K. Kelley Heyne Fantasy and reality converge as Carrie Adams, a 13-year-old girl, struggles to make sense of loss and new beginnings. Escaping into daydreams, Carrie becomes “Princess Caritas,” a spirited heroine who battles armed forces to protect her family. Filled with courageous escapes, bonds of loyalty, and blossoming friendships, this world is the ideal getaway from real life. But it seems that the only real comfort Carrie can get is from a mysterious heart-shaped locket…with a secret. Themes include: family, fantasy, grief. Paperback, 176 pages 0-8198-7484-1 $8.95

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Lizette M. Lantigua Crack the Biblical code in this story of suspense, adventure, discovery, and faith! Fact and fiction converge in this thrilling tale of 14-year old Luisito Ramirez—a courageous boy who daringly escapes from 1970s communist Cuba—as he becomes immersed in American culture, and carries out a secret religious mission under the eyes of spies. Integrating Spanish vocabulary and Cuban culture, this novel for ages 10–14 provides an exciting story of the Catholic faith lived out during turmoil. Themes include: communism, Latino culture, faith. Paperback, 224 pages 0-8198-4900-6 $9.95

Britt Leigh Between friends, lip gloss, boys, homework, pimples, fashion, gossip, Sex Ed, and Confirmation classes, Gloria Jean has a lot to keep up with as an eighth grader. But one thing is particularly weighing on her mind: her first kiss. As if all of this isn’t enough to deal with, Gloria Jean gets diagnosed with Celiac disease, prompting important considerations about her body and her Catholic faith. Themes include: faith, choices, sex & relationships. Paperback, 192 pages 0-8198-7491-4 $9.95

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Posters Encounter the Saints Posters, Set 1

Text by Mary Elizabeth Tebo, FSP and Patricia Edward Jablonski, FSP; several illustrators These colorful posters celebrate the holiness of saints and blesseds from many diverse historical periods and nations through engaging illustration and accompanying stories. Features: Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Anthony of Padua, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, St. Joan of Arc, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and more! 10 Posters, 10½ x 16 inches 0-8198-2355-4 9780819823557 $14.95

Encounter the Saints Posters, Set 2

Text by Mary Elizabeth Tebo, FSP and Patricia Edward Jablonski, FSP; several illustrators Ten more saints are introduced through feast days, important dates in their lives, brief biographies, and prayers. Features: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Francis of Assisi, Mary-Mother of God, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and more! 10 Posters, 10½ x 16 inches 0-8198-2357-0 9780819823571 $14.95

The Rosary Posters

Text by D. Thomas Halpin, FSP; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP Brilliant full-color posters feature the twenty mysteries of the Rosary. Includes a simple introduction to the Rosary, a diagram showing how to pray it, and reproducible prayers. 22 Posters, 10½ x 16 inches 0-8198-6478-1 9780819864789 $19.95

The Stations of the Cross Posters

Text by Maria Grace Dateno, FSP; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP This full-color set of sixteen posters includes an introduction to the Stations of the Cross, beautiful depictions of all traditional fourteen stations plus the Resurrection, and reproducible prayers for group participation. 16 Posters, 10½ x 16 inches 0-8198-7071-4 9780819870711 $19.95

The Eight Beatitudes Poster Set

Christian Attitudes for Living—“It’s all in the attitude”

Written and illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP and D. Thomas Halpin, FSP Each of the eight Beatitudes offers a choice between two possible behaviors: first, a more self-centered reaction, or a “ME”-attitude, and second, a virtuous option called a “BE”-attitude. The back of each laminated poster explores these two options with questions to initiate conversation, reflections, Scripture passages, and prayers. 11 posters, 10½ x 16 inches 0-8198-2358-9 9780819823588 $14.95

Let the Children Come to Me

A Reusable Interactive Poster Set on the Life of Jesus

Guidebook by Maria da Conceicão Ferreira Pinto, SSD; illustrated by Delfina Repetto, FSP With over 100 different laminated figures and five background panels, this versatile set visually recreates thirty-two different Gospel scenes, right in your home or classroom! An accompanying guidebook provides figure arrangement suggestions, catechetical explanations and applications, prayers, and activities. Backdrop posters, 18 x 20 inches, punch-out figures, and guidebook 0-8198-4496-9 9780819844965 $24.95


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Children’s Prayer The Mass Explained for Kids

Over 50,0

Commentary by Maria Grace Dateno, FSP and Jaymie Stuart Wolfe The Mass Explained for Kids enables children to understand what we do and say at Mass, and why. This booklet not only explains the changes in the Liturgy, but links liturgical texts with colorcoded explanations—helping kids to be enthusiastic participants at Mass! Booklet, 48 pages. Y848859 9780819848857 $2.50

00 sold!

The Rosary Comic Book

Written & illustrated by Gene Yang The Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries come to life in this unique comic book representation with glossy illustration and simple language. Booklet, 56 pages. 0-8198-6479-X 9780819864796 $6.95

The Kid’s Book of Prayers About All Sorts of Things

Written by Elizabeth Heller and David Heller, Ph.D.; illustrated by Megan Jeffery and Kathryn Mitter This best-selling, award-winner invites kids to talk with God, offering prayers for the joys and struggles of day-to-day life. Paperback, 144 pages. 0-8198-4200-1 9780819842008 $11.95

Between You & Me, God Prayers by Catholic Kids

Compiled and edited by Diane M. Lynch Prayers written by kids ages 10–13 reflect upon daily joys and struggles, encouraging readers to open their hearts to God. Paperback, 144 pages. 0-8198-1171-8 9780819811714 $9.95

The Saints Pray for Us

Edited by Christina M. Wegendt, FSP In this hand-sized prayer book, kids can meet the saints in heaven who are praying for them! Softcover with end flaps, 72 pages. 0-8198-7217-2 9780819872173 $9.95

The “in my pocket” Series Compiled by the Daughters of St. Paul. These handy and affordable booklets, complete with bright, colorful artwork, guide children through Catholic sacraments and prayers. 32 pages each. Great for ages 6–8.

Y811734 $1.95

Y864854 $1.95

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Y833924 $1.95

Y871052 $1.95

Y871141 $1.95

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Teaching & Ministry Resources “Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions” Series The Advent–Christmas Book

Written by Joan Marie Arbogast; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP; photos by Mary Emmanuel Alves, FSP This guide to the Advent and Christmas seasons is the perfect resource for parents and teachers who want to keep Christ in Christmas, create meaningful traditions, and celebrate the seasons in classroom or home settings. Includes handmade and kid-friendly crafts, gifts, recipes, and reproducibles. Grades K–8. Lay-flat paperback, 144 pages. 0-8198-0774-5 9780819807748 $14.95

The Lent—Easter Book

Written by Joan Marie Arbogast; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP and D. Thomas Halpin, FSP; photos by Mary Emmanuel Alves, FSP This seasonal guide is the perfect resource for parents and teachers who want to create meaningful traditions and celebrate the seasons in classroom or home settings. Contains projects, stories, prayers, and activities for children in grades K-8. Includes reproducibles. Spiral bound, 184 pages. 0-8198-4515-9 9780819845153 $19.95

Feast Days & Holidays

Written by Joan Marie Arbogast; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP and D. Thomas Halpin, FSP; photos by Mary Emmanuel Alves, FSP Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Living and Celebrating our Catholic Customs and Traditions series, we have added a new title! Feast Days and Holidays is great for teachers and parents looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate faith into daily activities, classroom work, and meals. Includes important feast days, holidays, and other traditions to celebrate the Catholic faith throughout the year. Grades 1–8. Includes reproducibles. Spiral bound, 272 pages. 0-8198-2707-X 9780819827074 $19.95

Spotlight on Saints!

A Year of Funny Readers Theater for Today’s Catholic Kids

Written by Diana R. Jenkins; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP Twelve humorous readers theater scripts about the saints engage and entertain students in grades 4–8. Each monthly play features a contemporary kid with a real-life problem—and a saint who helps them solve it! Paperback, 184 pages. 0-8198-7119-2 9780819871190 $8.95

Imagining Faith with Kids

Unearthing Seeds of the Gospel in Children’s Stories from Peter Rabbit to Harry Potter Written by Mary Margaret Keaton; illustrated by Thomas Roberts Embracing a Christian approach to popular children’s stories, this book encourages both faithformation and literacy in children. Tips for parents and teachers and an extensive bibliography of recommended children’s literature are included. Paperback, 336 pages. 0-8198-3690-7 9780819836908 $19.95

Our Media World

Teaching Kids K–8 about Faith and Media Gretchen Hailer, RSHM and Rose Pacatte, FSP This resource provides an exciting strategy for introducing kids K–8 to the principles of media mindfulness. Critical thinking skills anchored in a Catholic worldview are presented so that children can effectively engage in and critique all forms of media in our modern world. Spiral bound, 160 pages. 0-8198-5441-7 9780819854414 $19.95


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Teaching & Ministry Resources Jesus Brings Us Life Text and Activity Book First Penance • First Eucharist

Written by Sister Anne Eileen Heffernan, FSP with Sister Anne Joan Flanagan, FSP This engaging combination text and activity book is a sacramental preparation for First Penance and First Eucharist. Lessons, life-related illustrations, activity pages for review and assimilation, and a glossary are included. Paperback, 160 pages. 0-8198-3960-4 9780819839602 $14.95

Totally Catholic!

A Catechism for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers Our Catholic Faith: Know it! Live it! Love it! Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND Share and pass on the faith from A to Z with this guidebook of all things totally Catholic! In this comprehensive resource, adults and children ages 9–12 are provided with accessible, theologically-correct language that explains Catholic beliefs and ways to engage in the faith. Paperback, 256 pages. 0-8198-7479-5 9780819874795 $14.95

Look It Up! Over 600 Definitions for Catholic Kids and Their Parents and Teachers

Janet L. Alampi This CPA award-winning dictionary explains important words of the Catholic faith. Set up in a kid-friendly format, this invaluable resource incorporates clip art to help illustrate difficult concepts and pronunciation aids for Catholic terms. Paperback, 96 pages. 0-8198-4523-X 9780819845238 $12.95

Basic Catechism

FAQs About the Catholic Faith

Written by Mary Lea Hill, FSP and Susan Helen Wallace, FSP Structured around the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church—creed, sacraments, morality, and prayer—this guide presents the fundamentals of the faith in a handy Q&A format. This 8th edition reflects the revised Roman Missal and incorporates Church teaching on contemporary issues. Paperback, 304 pages. 0-8198-1205-6 9780819812056 $10.95

I Will Remember You: My Catholic Guide Through Grief

&!1 S ! B O U T T HE # A T HO L IC & A I T H


A Catholic Guide for Kids

Written by Kimberly B. Schuler, MS, NCC, LPC; illustrated by Mary Joseph Peterson, FSP Informed by the truths of the Catholic faith and insights from bereavement professionals, this book helps children ages 7–12 understand death, funeral rituals, the grieving process, and what to expect during the first year after the loss of a loved one. Paperback, 144 pages. 0-8198-3704-0 9780819837042 $10.95

When Parents Divorce or Separate: I Can Get Through This A Catholic Guide for Kids

Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski, MS, NCC Formed by the truths of the Catholic faith and by what professionals in family counseling have found helpful, this interactive guide through parental divorce or separation offers children ages 8–12 a safe space for healing and growth. Paperback, 256 pages. 0-8198-8342-5 978-08198-8342-1 $14.95 All prices listed are in USD

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Saints Best-Selling Classics! Saints for Young Readers for Every Day

Written by Susan Helen Wallace, FSP with Melissa Wright; illustrated by Jamie H. Aven A wonderful array of awe-inspiring tales of faith, courage, and love which reflect every age, ethnicity, and situation of life imaginable, with biographical information and practical applications. Paperback, 368 pages each. Volume 1: January—June 0-8198-7081-1 9780819870810 $15.95 USD Volume 2: July—December 0-8198-7082-X 9780819870827 $15.95 USD

Comic Books & Graphic Novels Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Written by Toni Matas; llustrations by Picanyol This full-color graphic novel for children ages 8–10 tells the exciting biography of a glory-seeking knight turned peacemaker. Softcover, 80 pages. 0-8198-7297-0 9780819872975 $8.95 USD

Written by Toni Matas; illustrations by Picanyol This full-color graphic novel for children ages 8–10 tells the exciting biography of a knight transformed by Christ. Softcover, 64 pages. 0-8198-7298-9 9780819872982 $8.95 USD

Messenger of Peace

Leading the Way

Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Bernadette

Saints of Note

Brunor & Dominique Bar 1429, the Hundred Years’ War: Operating under God’s command, a seventeen-year old girl leads the French army to an improbable victory. Softcover, 56 pages 0-8198-7130-3 9780819871305 $8.95 USD

Brunor & Dominique Bar Using historical records and beautiful artwork, this graphic novel for ages 8–10 tells the story of a peasant girl visionary of the Immaculate Conception. Softcover, 48 pages. 0-8198-7131-1 9780819871312 $8.95 USD

Written by Diana R. Jenkins; art by Patricia Storms This comic collection captures a time traveling adventure to meet saints from around the world and throughout history. Paperback, 96 pages. 0-8198-7120-6 9780819871206 $4.95 USD

Quest for Peace


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The Miracle of Lourdes

The Comic Collection

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Encounter the Saints Series The Encounter the Saints series offers intermediate readers relatable biographies of the saints. Each story, in a handy format, vividly recreates the saint’s place of origin, family life, and relevant historical events. Each paperback volume is approximately 120 pages.


Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint

Anthony of Padua Bernadette Soubirous Elizabeth Ann Seton Francis of Assisi Edith Stein Joan of Arc Ignatius of Loyola Maximilian Kolbe John Vianney Isaac Jogues

Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint

Pio of Pietrelcina Juan Diego Katharine Drexel Thérèse of Lisieux Martin de Porres All prices listed are in USD































Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint

Frances Xavier Cabrini Bakhita of Sudan Paul Faustina Kowalska Teresa of Ávila Clare of Assisi André Bessette John Paul II Gianna Beretta Molla Catherine Labouré

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Blessed James Alberione

























Coming up: Saint Thomas More Saint Thomas Aquinas Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque Saint John Bosco

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Faith Foundations Shine: Choices to Make God Smile

Written by Genny Monchamp; illustrated by Karol Kaminski Shine provides engaging and relatable examples of positive choices that help children ages 4–7 develop Christian character, based on the fruits of the Holy Spirit. 2012 Christopher Award Winner! Hardcover, 36 pages. 0-8198-7149-4 9780819874197 $10.95

God Is With Me: Always and Everywhere

Written by Cornelia Bilinsky; illustrated by Candace Camling This faith formation resource introduces children ages 4–7 to God’s loving presence in every moment through rhyming stanzas and delightful illustrations. Hardcover, 40 pages. 0-8198-3122-0 9780819831224 $10.95

Where is God? A Lift-the-Flap Book

Written and illustrated by Joni Oeltjenbruns Rhyming text, playful pictures, and hidden flaps lead toddlers and preschoolers on an amusing search for God! Board book, 18 pages. 0-8198-8307-7 $9.95 9780819883070 $9.95

Also in this line:

Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body Siempre Tu: Un libro sobre tu alma y tu cuerpo

see page 15

DVDs for Kids Saints for Kids 32 Friends of Jesus

Stories Jesus Told

Ideal for children ages 3–8, this compilation presents animated stories of thirty-two saints from different times, cultures, and places. Segments feature brief biographies, historical contexts, prayers, and discussion questions, so that kids can relate the saints to their daily lives. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes. 2 DVDs 0-8198-7281-4 9780819872814 $14.95

Parables for Kids

Full-color, animated adaptations of ten parables draw children ages 3–8 into the teachings of Jesus. Brief but memorable, these four-minute stories relate meaningful lessons. An optional bonus feature, “Teaching Tools,” offers twentyfive minutes of audio-visual and textual content for parents and teachers. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Running Time: 67 minutes. DVD 0-8198-7280-6 9780819872807 $12.95

The Adventures of Saint Paul

Take a journey with Saint Paul, persecutor of Christians turned preacher, as he travels the world transmitting the Good News of Jesus. This episodic film captures his missionary zeal amid pagan religions, unwavering philosophers, thieves, and magicians. Ages 3–8. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Running Time: 56 minutes. DVD 0-8198-7459-0 9780819807922 $14.95

(temporarily out of stock)


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Coloring & Activity Books

Fun with the Holy Family 0-8198-2697-9


Fun with Saints 0-8198-2684-7


Miracles of Jesus #Y848360


My Guardian Angel #Y848255


The Beatitudes

Saints of the Americas

Feast Days & Holy Days

Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy



English/Spanish #Y826820


God’s Rules for Me #Y83100X


I Learn about Jesus English/Spanish #Y836974


Learning My Prayers #Y845183





The Stations of Cross #Y87065X


Ten Commandments #Y874205


ComiColor Saints

These comic book-style coloring books feature cut-out trading cards, activities, and games

Kateri Tekakwitha #Y811750


Blessed Miguel Pro #Y811920


Saint Bakhita of Sudan #Y871249


Saint Francis of Assisi #Y871133

Saint Paul #Y871095



We Thank God #Y883034



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Bilingual – English/Español My 15th Birthday—Mis 15 Años

Bilingual Formation Program and Memory Book

Written by Diocese of San Bernardino; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP In Hispanic culture, a young woman’s Quinceañera (15th birthday) celebration is a significant milestone. This rite of passage signifies her entry into adulthood and acceptance of Christian responsibilities. This volume helps young women prepare for the celebration by reflecting on their culture and Catholic faith commitment. Paperback, 120 pages. 0-8198-4850-6 9780819848505 $11.95

Teaching Material for Quinceañeras Formation Paperback, 184 pages.

0-8198-4851-4 9780819848512


The Stations of the Cross for Children/ El Vía Crucis para Niños English/Español Bilingual Edition

Written by Maria Grace Dateno, FSP; illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP; Spanish translated by Maria Teresa Pompei This compact bilingual edition of the Stations of the Cross is perfect for family, parish, or classroom use. Appealing black-and-white illustrations help children ages 5–8 reflect on all that Jesus went through for love of us. Booklet, 24 pages. Y870951 $1.25

Las Posadas

A Bilingual Celebration for Christmas

For Parishes and Groups Kathryn James Hermes, FSP and Marlyn Monge, FSP Las Posadas—a traditional Mexican Christmas celebration—is quickly becoming a cherished custom of both Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike throughout the United States. Reliving Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter, the candle-lit procession and traditional songs of the Posadas powerfully inserts us into the mystery and marvel of God’s birth among us. This bilingual English-Spanish booklet offers an explanation of the Posadas, directions for its celebration, prayers, lyrics, music, and suggestions for bilingual celebrations. Booklet, 24 pages. Y844950 $2.50

Feast Days & Holy Days Coloring Book English/Español #Y826820


I Learn about Jesus Coloring Book English/Español #Y836974



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Available in both English and Spanish Jorge from Argentina

The Story of Pope Francis for Children

Marlyn Monge, FSP and Jaymie Stuart Wolfe; illustrated by Diana Kizlauskas This delightfully-illustrated biography for children ages 7–10 highlights the life of Pope Francis— the first pope to be a member of the Jesuit religious order, to come from Latin America, and to take the papal name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. Booklet, 64 pages. 0-8198-4006-8 9780819840066 $9.95

Spanish edition:

Jorge de Argentina

La historia del Papa Francisco para los niños 0-8198-4007-6

9780819840073 $9.95

2013 Christopher Award Winner! Forever You

A Book About Your Soul and Body

Written by Nicole Lataif; illustrated by Mary Rojas Awaken young children ages 4–8 to the joy and mystery of being human through exploring the soul’s origin, immortality, relationship to the body, sacredness, and purpose—helping children build the foundations of their Christian faith! 32 pages. Hardcover 0-8198-2708-8 9780819827081 $12.95

Spanish edition:

Siempre tú

Un libro sobre tu alma y tu cuerpo Paperback

0-8198-9009-X 9780819890092


Bible Stories for Little Ones Written by Genny Monchamp; Illustrated by Apryl Stott Drawn from both the Old and New Testaments, this collection of twenty Bible stories introduces little ones ages 1–4 to God’s Word in a simple and hands-on way. Each story is told through short narrative sentences and dialogue. Accompanying each story are interactive elements that keep little ones actively engaged in their reading experience, encourage reading comprehension, and reinforce basic cognitive skills. A comforting, faith-filled message often concludes activities, reminding children of God’s love. Board Book, 42 pages. 0-8198-1209-9 9780819812094 $16.95 Ready in April

Spanish edition:

Historias de la Biblia para los Pequeñitos

0-8198-3443-2 9780819834430 $16.95

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“In JClub, the Daughters of Saint Paul have designed an easy way for our schools to make engaging, high-quality Catholic books accessible to students and parents. We strongly support JClub Catholic book fairs.” —Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, OP Superintendent of Catholic Schools in Chicago

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Religious Education Resources  

Religious education resources from Pauline Books and Media and Pauline Kids Published by Pauline Books and Media. Available in the US at pau...

Religious Education Resources  

Religious education resources from Pauline Books and Media and Pauline Kids Published by Pauline Books and Media. Available in the US at pau...