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Entertainment Resource Guide Issue #4 • July 20-Aug. 2, 2013 Bi-Weekly

Girl in a Coma


READY TO ROCK Three girls from San Antonio live life on the road, hang out with Morrissey and are signed to Joan Jett’s record label. So what’s left for a girl to do?


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JULY 20-AUG. 2, 2013

Man on the ‘Moone’ Musical Charis Cherish the Charis JMB Records

Musical Charis has had a long and storied career so far. And in the release of their new album, Cherish the Charis, they’ve managed to pack five years worth of their best material, favorite covers and, as always, new material. Hailing from Sacramento, Calif., the band has traversed the states on numerous occasions. And each time, they seem to pick up more than just souvenirs as every album they release, nearly one every year, shows their musical talents flourish and unfold in new and exciting ways. And if you’re new to the Charis family, this album is the best introduction. “Anatomy” features them at their most sexy editor: Paul Gonzales email: phone: (361)358-2550 website: twitter: @stxscene facebook: stxscene Published bi-weekly by Beeville Publishing Co.

cover photo by Paul Gonzales

and seductive yet almost creepy with lines like “You’ve got great anatomy/Let me touch your body please/You’ve got lips I want to kiss/All night, all night long.” On the uplifting track “The Gift,” the band’s duo vocal powerhouse of Blake Abbey and Jessie Brune meld into a melodic wave of submissive hope as they sing “Rock and roll kids never die/ Making ends meet out alive/And we go on.” But it’s the covers on Cherish the Charis that seemed to burst out almost immediately. The Charis’ cover of “Amazing Grace” breathed such a breath of fresh air into the song, with its folky guitars and bouncy rhythms,

that it was almost like hearing the song for the first time. And Brune’s take on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” just causes the heart to melt. The acoustic guitar backing makes the song sound like an indie rock classic written just for her. Listening to the words unfurl from her lips paints a portrait of a folk/pop princess in torn jeans and ruby red Converses traversing some dystopian urban jungle realizing there’s hope out there, somewhere.

“Moone Boy”, created and co-written by and co-starring Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids”, “This Is 40”), is about a young boy, Martin Moone, growing up in 1989s Ireland with his imaginary friend Seán Murphey, played by O’Dowd himself. It’s a hilarious semiautobiographical take on O’Dowd’s own childhood as Moone tries to make his way through adolescence with (but mainly without) the help of Murphey, who has the knack for sitting back and pointing out the obvious. The show ran on the British entertain-

ment channel Sky1 late last year and for some reason has only just been discovered by yours truly. The series is first and foremost hysterical and with just enough charm and wit to distinguish from most American sitcoms. Well, that and the deep Irish accents, but anyway, let’s continue. However, it’s the little moments between Moone and Murphey that make it really charming and sincere. You see, Moone isn’t popular, to say the least. He’s always doing strange things and is sort of a social misfit and confides in Murphey.

The album is in no way the essential Musical Charis. Even at 23 tracks, it’s still virtually impossible to bottle the musical magical mystery that is Musical Charis. But if you’re new to the party, this is surely the way in. Essential tracks: “Anatomy,” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Cherish the Charis is available only at for the time being in special edition packaging.

SHADY TINTS automotive tinting specialists

Alix Martinez

1110 N. Washington ashington ash hington • Beevil Beev Beeville llle le • (361) 25 254-0417

Chris O’Dowd and co-star David Rawle.


And if you step back for a moment, it almost plays as if Moone is missing a father figure in his life. His father is around, along with his mum, but Moone is the youngest child of a bunch of older sisters, so he gets left out or picked on a lot. Hence, his imaginary best friend. The first season ended in October of last year and can be found on in it’s entirety for free. The show was so popular among Sky1 execs that a second season was ordered before even one episode of the first season even ran. And what’s even better was that while filming the second season, it was picked up for a third with O’Dowd making his directorial debut on one of the episodes. “Moone Boy” is a riotous, heartfelt, good time and makes those of us who just couldn’t get the whole “growing up” thing just right feel a little better about ourselves. The second season began airing overseas in June.



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a chat with You never know what you’re going to get when you show up early to hear some live music. People tend to show up early to catch the opening acts – especially when they’re a band they’ve never heard of – and pray they’re at least halfway decent. But when you have openers like The Couch, you know your night just got a whole lot better. This Austin-based band plays rock ’n roll, plain and simple. They’re live wires on stage and sound like what Led Zeppelin would have if they were born in the ’90s. Plus, they look like they walked out of a 1970s Rolling Stone cover shoot, too, which is awesome. STXscene didn’t get a chance to speak to them there but caught up with the only female member of the band, Sara Houser, a few days later via Facebook to get the skinny on the band. STXscene: How did you guys become the band The Couch? Sara Houser: The Couch became a band when Jud and Taylor became roommates in college at Texas State. Nick and I became members after Jud and Taylor relocated to Austin. STX: Why the name The Couch? SH: They came up with The Couch whilst sitting on their couch imbibing and contemplating life. STX: What are some of the band’s musical influences?

The Couch

SH: We all listen to almost everything, but I’d say our common influences are mostly classic rock. Bowie, Sabbath, The Stones, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy. We all also love White Denim, The Walkmen, Queens of the Stone Age, St. Vincent....this could go on forever. STX: Who’s the coolest member of the band and why? SH: Nick is probably the coolest. People love his stage moves; he has a beard, and he’s the tallest. STX: When can we expect to get a new record? SH: We haven’t started recording new material, but we are writing like crazy, and it is awesome. We’ll hopefully release a new record by spring of next year. STX: What’s the big picture goal of The Couch? SH: I think all we really want is to make enough money playing music to live and not work BS “day jobs.” We just want to play and live. STX: What would you’re superpower be and what would you do with it? SH: I’ve personally always wanted to be Wolverine. I’m a huge klutz and the ability to bounce back and heal right away would be pretty rad. Plus, who doesn’t want an adamantium skeleton? STX: What’s next? SH: Next up, we’re just weekend touring like crazy.

Bienvenue vers la France Pear Ratz Turns out the French love them some good ol’ country music just as much as we Texans.

called us, and we made a deal.” Some of the other bands from the states playing the festival include The Mavericks, Audie Blaylock, Whiskey and Women, Will Banister and JB and the Moonshine Band.

The Country RendezVous takes place in the thousand-year-old village of Craponne, France, every year and attracts about 35,000 fans of country, bluegrass, folk, honky tonk and any other genre of western music you can think of. And now, in it’s 26th year, the organizers called on George West December inquiring about natives The Pear Ratz to us playing the 26th annujoin in on the fun. al Country Rendez-Vous “We got an email from Festival,” Bob Strause, a dude in France in lead singer of the Ratz,

said. “A lot of our friends have done it. We’ve always known about it. It was unsolicited; they

So, the Ratz will be heading off July 22 and spend five days hanging out overseas and rocking with some old friends and making new ones. “We’re going to freak them out a bit,” Strause added with a laugh. “Give them a little bit of raunchy tonk.”

We are working with Toro Booking in ATX to expand our fan base and play, play, play for anyone with the time to listen. STX: How do you guys like doing interviews? SH: I think we’re all cool with interviews. Typing is easier than talking though...

Become friends with The Couch at thecouchmusic.

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JULY 20-AUG. 2, 2013


story & photos by Paul Gonzales


ou’d be hardpressed to find another band as worthy to rub elbows with Tegan and Sara, Morrissey and Joan Jett as Girl in a Coma.

They’re explosive once on stage as they tear through song after electric song, spinning the crowd into a swaying surge of sweaty bodies and flashing cell phones as they sing along to every word of Girl’s underground classic tunes.

But it’s before they hit the stage that you get a real sense of the three young ladies’ place on this rotating rock we call Earth. They’re quiet but not unapproachable. Soft spoken but not shy.

The band formed while bassist Jenn Alva and drummer Phanie Diaz were in junior high in San Antonio and bonded over their love of music. They

recruited Phanie’s little sis, singer/guitarist Nina Diaz, at the tender age of 13. Then for three years they pounded the pavement, gigging at local punk clubs, a kid’s birthday party and a high school talent show, all the while honing their craft before heading out and taking their music to the masses.

‘You get to that point where you’re going to have to go where you need to go.’ - Jenn Alva

stay where we were at.

“We made a lot of sacrifices and left with hardly any money and started touring and kind of lived day by day, and whatever happens, happens, and we’ll figure it out.” Alva added, “We didn’t leave San Antonio. We have a really good friend that does special effects makeup, and he did a lot in San Antonio, but you get to that point where you’re going to have to go where you need to go. “We’ve always said just tour. You don’t have to move to New York; you just need to tour and get out there.” Phanie continued, “And things will happen if you just stay busy.”

And, since 2006, they’ve been signed to Joan Jett’s “We knew we wanted record label Blackheart to tour,” Phanie recalled. Records. Nina Diaz explained, “We knew we wanted to do music for a living, and “We got signed to her I knew we couldn’t just label seven years ago and

made four records with them. “We met Joan Jett by doing a pilot episode for a show called Jammin’ on SiTV, and the climax of the episode was just supposed to be us meeting one of our idols, and they were supposed to give us some words of advice, a ‘goodluck’ and ‘goodbye’. (Jett) was the idol we met.” Joan Jett and producer Kenny Laguna fell in love with the girls so much, they were signed to her record label on the spot. Then, after about a year, they got a surprise phone call from another one of their idols: Morrissey. Their band name Girl in a Coma actually refers to The Smith’s (Morrissey’s former band) “Girlfriend in a Coma,” and he invited them to join him on the remainder of his U.S. tour and his entire European tour after that. “He was great,” Phanie Diaz remembered. “To us he was very sweet. He’s got very loyal, maybe sort of crazy, fans but he was really cool with us.

“That was our first big tour we had ever done, so it taught us how to handle supporting acts like him. It taught us a lot about touring and doing big shows and stuff. He’s a good guy. “He communicated through ‘thank you’ notes which was really nice.” Nina added, “It’s been so long. It’d be nice to go on tour with him again.” “We’ve grown a lot so, yeah, it’d be nice,” Phanie smiled. No matter when you check out the girls’ touring schedule, they’re always somewhere doing their thing. But they have had a little time to themselves recently. And taking a break before doing a string of shows is always a welcomed refrain. Nina said, “We’ve actually had time to settle in at home for once. We’re actually going to go to Los Angeles next weekend and be there for two shows with Joan Jett, so that’s going to be fun.” But the wears of the road definitely take their toll on anyone, no matter

the amount of fame or fortune. But because they do love their fans and making music so much, listening to them talk about taking some time off seems bittersweet.

‘Children are so weird.’ - Phanie Diaz

Nina said, looking down at the table in front of her, “We try and fix anything that’s been broken since we’ve been gone.” The corner of her mouth curled up in a sorrowful smirk. “Rekindle friendships, hang out with the family, grow up, try not to grow up.” Phanie added, “It’s a lot of home life. Just chilling out. “That’s all we do is travel all the time, and when we’re home we like to embrace it.” “Just relearning everything,” Alva added, setting her light, yet deep brown eyes elsewhere. “We’ve been touring for a long time. It’s relearning how to be with family. I was just talking about it the other day. I’ve got lots of grandnieces, nephews and babies, but I can never pick them up because I’m weird with them. “It’s just relearning weird stuff like that. Well, I guess it’s not weird.” Phanie jokingly added, “Children are so weird.” The girls laugh in unison at the comment, and the solemn tone in the room quickly falls away. “That’s going to be the quote he takes apart and prints big in the article,” Nina laughed.

All of the girls being of Latina background comes up often. Well, often enough that, in 2011, NPR interviewed the trio about not being fluent in Spanish, even as a second language. Phanie said, “It is important to us, but we started younger, and when you’re young you kind of ignore your culture and where you came from.” “It’s connecting the dots together, really,” Alva added. “Getting older and realizing why we like this or that, but this is the reason why we are who we are today.” Nina responded, “It’s really important these days, and I feel embarrassed that I don’t know how to speak it fluently.

P. 5

“But I’m starting to sing it. We do Selina’s “Si Una Vez,” and we actually do our song “Smart” in Spanish now.”

‘But all the other things – we’re just grateful and lucky.’ - Nina Diaz

Their first foray into Spanish was actually for a song they did for Robert Rodriguez’s 2010 film “Machete.” Not a bad way to reintroduce

yourself to your roots. “So, since then, we’ve really kick-started our way of really understanding our culture. And not being afraid of being humiliated that we don’t know. It’s embarrassing, but we’ve got to start from somewhere,” Nina added as they all joined in laughter. Having opened for the aforementioned bands along with the likes of Frank Black, The Pogues and Social Distortion, to name a few, the girls are amassing quite the hit list of who’s who in the rock world. But how does a band from San Antonio keep getting called on over and over again by their heroes to join them on stage? Phanie ponders this a bit before answering, “I think they just happen. We’ve gotten to tour with a lot of bands that we’ve liked growing up. We were fans of Smoking Popes, then that just happened. And being fans of Morrissey, it’s weird how these things just happen.” “There’s some goals, too,” Nina said. “I met Mike Patton when we played Fun, Fun, Fun

Fest after a band dropped out, and we just happened to get in to play the festival.

“And one of his bands was playing, so I do have a goal to work with him someday. But all the other things – we’re just grateful and lucky.” So, for a band of girls who are doing any and everything but staying comatose, their name still doesn’t reflect their plans for the future. “Our strength has been tested a lot,” Nina said, then added in a jokey country twang, “But we’ll come out shining with some new songs, some new material, some new good stuff.” Back at the show, after nearly two hours on stage, spilling their blood and sweat in buckets, the speakers and amps

grew silent. The drums silenced their thumps. The stage was barren. Yet, you see Girl in a Coma walking from backstage, hair matted with sweat to their face, their clothes drenched. They’re now the girls they were before, taking pictures with fans and signing anything that comes their way, whether it’s records, CDs, shirts or body parts. And having caught the girls only once before in their early years at a dingy club back in their hometown of San Antonio, it’s strikingly clear that, over the years, they have become punk rock princesses and have their eyes on the throne.

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JULY 20-AUG. 2, 2013



Artie’s Cafe 417 N. Washington St. (361) 358-1467 Beeville Diner 2503 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 362-9724 Burger Depot 515 E. Houston St. (361) 362-2400 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 Church’s Chicken 611 N. Washington St. (361) 358-9256 Dog & Bee Pub 119 N. Washington St. (361) 354-5871 Domino’s Pizza 414 N. Washington St. (361) 358-6871 El Charro Restaurant 601 E. Houston St. (361) 542-4572 El Jardin Restaurant 806 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-2922 Gasthaus Berliner Bear 2510 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5444 Golden Chick 2305 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5525 Hensley’s Cafe 307 N. Washington St. (361) 358-8414 Hong Kong Palace 301 S. FM 351 (361) 358-2861 Jalisco Mexico Taqueria

1401 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 362-0841 K-Bob’s Steakhouse 1912 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 362-9577 KFC 200 E. Houston St. (361) 358-7222 Little Caesars Pizza 420 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9555 Shorty’s Place 702 S. Washington St. (361) 358-7302 McDonald’s (Walmart) 502 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9255 2301 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5215 Mi Familia Restaurant 2017 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-9255 New China Super Buffet 2003 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-8889 O’Daddy’s 901 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-5945 Pantry Stores 3803 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-4965 911 S. Washington St. (361) 358-8477 1720 E. Houston St. (361) 358-8602 Pizza Hut 1103 N. Washington St. (361) 358-2970 Sammy’s Burgers & Brew 2144 Ellis Road (361) 358-1067 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055 Stars Restaurant

2403 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 3580020 Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 3545189 Subway 710 E. Houston St. (361) 3586200 1700 N. St.

Mary’s St. (361) 358-6000 Taqueria Chapala 1805 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5945 Taqueria Guadalajara 622 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-1971 Taqueria Jalisco 2020 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5803 Taqueria Vallarta 1611 S. Washington St. (361) 358-5948 Whataburger 1710 N. Washington St. (361) 358-8454


Agave Jalisco Restaurant 403 Nueces St. (361) 449-8899 Burger King 4059 W. Hwy 59 (361) 449-3014 Church’s Chicken Highway 281 at Burleson (361) 449-1864 Dairy Queen 1350 U.S. 281 (361) 449-1822 Nueces Street Grill 206 Nueces St. (361) 449-2030 Pizzarriffic 407 Nueces St. (361) 449-1900 Sonic Drive-In 805 Nueces St. (361) 449-2614


Blue Quail Deli 224 S. Commercial St. (361) 645-1600 Dairy Queen

243 E. Pearl St. (361) 645-3274 Empresario Restaurant 141 S. Courthouse Sq. (361) 645-2347 Hanging Tree Restaurant 144 N. Courthouse Sq. (361) 645-8955 La Bahia Restaurant 1877 US 183 (361) 645-3900 Subway 420 E. Pearl St. (361) 645-3709 Whataburger 348 E. Pearl (361) 645-8800


Becky’s Cafe 201 W Calvert Ave. (830) 780-4339 Big Daddy’s Tarbender’s 426 CR 298 (830) 780-3202 Dairy Queen Texas 80 (830) 780-2712 El Mariachi Jalisco Restaurant 118 Texas 123 (830) 780-3350 The Market Sat. & Sun. only 208 E. Calvert Ave. (830) 780-3841 Partner’s BBQ 204 S. Hwy. 123 (830) 780-5121 Polak’s Sawsage Farm Restaurant

2835 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2113 Taqueria Vallarta 202 Texas 123 (830) 780-2465


Barth’s Restaurant 445 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-2468 Church’s Chicken 110 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9030 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500 Lucita’s Mexican Restaurant 500 W. Main St. (830) 583-9455 Pizza Hut 106 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864 R J’s Hamburgers 420 W Main St. (830) 583-2344 Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72 (830) 583-9800


Agave Jalisco Mexican Restaurant 400 S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020 Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020 Beckett’s Dugout 800 N Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600 Brush Country BBQ U.S. 281 (361) 786-4335

El Tapatio 405 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3949 Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938 Ranch House 100 S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2196 Sowell’s BBQ 114 W Thornton St. (361) 786-3333 Staghorn Restaurant 1019 N Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3545 Subway S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3308 Church’s Chicken 110 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9030 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500 Lucita’s Mexican Restaurant 500 W. Main St. (830) 583-9455 Pizza Hut 106 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864 R J’s Hamburgers 420 W. Main St. (830) 583-2344 Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72 (830) 583-9800


Agave Jalisco Mexican Restaurant 400 S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020

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Wed. July 24

Featuring Tejano heavyweights Siggno and Los Palominos. Pre-sale tickets are just $12. 214 S. FM 351 in Beeville.

• WWE Smackdown at American Bank Center: Wrestling returns to Corpus! 1901 N Shoreline Blvd. in Corpus Christi.

Sat. Aug. 10

• Summer Fest 2013 Day 2 at The Beeville Expo Center: Kevin Fowler and Kyle Park headline. Pre-sale tickets are just $12. 214 S. FM 351 in Beeville.

Wed. July 24

• 4th Annual Air Guitar Contest at The House of Rock: This is an all ages and anyone under 10 gets in free! Doors open at 8 p.m. and there’s a $10 cover at the door. 1724 N. Tancahua in Corpus Christi.

Thurs. July 25

• Uncle Lucius and Midnight River Choir at Brewster Street Icehouse: Ever wanted to show people how awesome you are at playing guitar without actually playing? Well here’s your chance. It’s free to enter one will win $200 and an acoustic guitar from Sound Vibrations. 511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

• 24-7 at Schroeder Hall: A very young group of musicians playing a mix of modern rock and bluesy funk. Doors open at 8 p.m. and there’s a $5 cover at the door. All ages welcome. Children 9 and under get in free. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

Sat. July 27

Sat. July 27

• Kings of the Indie Art Show at The Hobby House: An exclusive art exhibit featuring some of the leading local frontrunners of independent art, music, and social expression. 822 E. King St. in Kingsville.

Sun. July 28

• 8 Year Anniversary Party at The House of Rock: HOR turns 8! And to celebrate, a whole mess of bands are jammin’ like The HoR-mones, Hobo, Quiet Company, The

Fri. July 26

• Scarecrow People at Executive Surf Club: A very awesome cover band and plus there’s no cover! 309 N Water St. in Corpus Christi.


and bar guide continued

Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020 Beckett’s Dugout 800 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600 Brush Country BBQ U.S. 281 (361) 786-4335 El Tapatio 405 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3949 Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938 Ranch House 100 S. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2196 Sowell’s BBQ 114 W. Thornton St. (361) 786-3333 Staghorn Restaurant 1019 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3545 Subway S. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3308

Taqueria Vallarta 1408 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2961


19th Hole Patio Cantina 3601 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-2837 B.O.B.W.E. 1308 S. St. Mary’s St. (361) 542-4551 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 Club 59 1610 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 362-0591 Dog & Bee Pub 119 N. Washington St. (361) 354-5871 The Grand Dancehall 2461 U.S. Hwy 59 (361) 358-1185 Papi’s Place

1517 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-7160 Roadside Tavern 2503 S. Washington St. (361) 362-1720 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055 Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5189 T’s Honky Tonk 209 N. Washington St. (361) 358-1411 Tejano Highway 1205 S. Washington St.

Heroine and Switchblade Jesus. 511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

Artists and it starts at 6 p.m. 511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

Fri. Aug. 2

Sat. Aug. 3

• Ron White at American Bank Center: Comedian Ron White brings the laughs. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. 511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

Fri. Aug. 2

• First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Corpus Christi: Artwork will be showcased by Coastal Bend

(830) 583-9243 Desperado Saloon 312 S. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-0371 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500


Chasers Bar & Grill 10620 CR 535 Hwy. 181

• Slave to the Grave at El Paisano Ballroom: Featuring Wolves Amongst Sheep, In the Trench and Obliterates. It’s $8 for minors and $5 for anyone over 21. 200 E. Hefferman St. in Beeville.

Fri. Aug. 9

• Summer Fest 2013 Day 1 at The Beeville Expo Center:

(361) 287-3340


Al’s Friendly Bar 517 County Road 619 (361) 287-3326


Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave (361) 786-2020 Beckett’s Dugout

Sat. Aug. 10

• Cupcakin’ for Ronald McDonald’s House Charities at Gulf Coast Racing Race Track: Come out and help raise some cash for the Ronald McDonald House from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. 5302 Leopard St. in Corpus Christi. Need your awesome event listed? Drop us a line at Info@stxscene. com with all the details, and we’ll be glad to gently place it on this page.

800 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600 Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938


7 Brothers Saloon 7961 Hwy, 181 N. (361) 318-5250

Jim, Jose and Jack have never let you down and for $3 every Friday, they never will


Schroeder Dancehall 12516 FM 622 (361) 573-7002


Bar Tonik 102 N. Market St. (830) 780-5255


Coyotes Sports Bar 116 W. Main St.


1603 N. St. Marys St. • Beeville • (361) 362-0471

P. 8

JULY 20-AUG. 2, 2013

Randy Rogers

Hilbert Kopplin Park - Three Rivers

The Couch

House of Rock - Corpus Christi

Girl in a Coma

House of Rock - Corpus Christi

The Pear Ratz

Girl in a Coma

Riverbend 534 Club - Sandia

House of Rock - Corpus Christi





181 BYPASS EXIT 351 • BEEVILLE, TX �361� 358�1681 • �800� 293�8581

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STXscene #4  

In this issue we chat with Girl in a Coma about life on the road and the future of the band. We also talk with the band The Couch, review Mu...

STXscene #4  

In this issue we chat with Girl in a Coma about life on the road and the future of the band. We also talk with the band The Couch, review Mu...