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Entertainment Resource Guide Issue #1 • June 8-22, 2013 • Bi-Weekly



on voicing John Redcorn, working with Chris Farley, the Coen Brothers and chasing the American Dream


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June 8-22, 2013

STX Scene

Rules were made to be broken


ne never knows what they’re going to get when they meet someone who’s worked with Oscar winning actors and directors. They can be brash or rude, or humble and down to earth.

Luckily, Jonathan Joss is the latter. He’s a tall, broad-shouldered man of Spanish, Comanche and White Mountain Apache descent. We met at the local Pawnee ISD middle school where he was set to talk to the kids. We immediately noticed the coincidence that the town shared the same name as the fictional city in which the NBC hit comedy TV show “Parks and Recreation” takes place.

Joss plays the reoccurring character of Ken Hotate on the series. As we chatted over the course of a few hours, it became evident that, even though he loves his profession, it’s a strange and difficult life he’s carved out for himself.

The late, great Chris Farley

In 1998, Joss had the opportunity to play Bent Twig in the feature film “Almost Heroes” starring

The voice behind some of television’s most recognized characters editor: Paul Gonzales email: phone: (361)358-2550 website: twitter: @stxscene facebook: Published bi-weekly by Bee Publishing Co., Inc.

Jonathan Joss

Once upon a time in A passion for acting in front of the camera

Matthew Perry and the late Chris Farley. It was an experience Joss recalls fondly. “Being as it was one of his last projects, a lot was invested in him. It was going to be a new breakout for him. He was pretty clean when I worked with him. He had been pretty sober. He was dynamic. He had a love for Native people,” Joss said with a smile remembering the comedian. “As he would put it, (in Joss’ best Farley voice) ‘That’s so cool! Look at you! You’re an Indian!’ And I was more impressed with him. (In the same impersonated voice) You’re Chris Farley! You’re on Saturday Night Live!”

Oscar-winning directors the Coen Brothers

Joss played the role of the condemned Indian in the Oscar nominated western “True Grit,” but it wasn’t the first time Joss had tried crossing

STX Scene

June 8-22, 2013 “I live on a little 27-foot boat on Marina del Rey. I’m what they call a ‘dock rat,’” Joss laughed.

It seems there would be perks for living in a city chock full of actors, producers and directors and the chance to crash a

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Hollywood party or two, but some things aren’t always as easy as they seem.

photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

Jonathan Joss as Bent Twig opposite the late Chris Farley in the 1998 film “Almost Heroes”


ity to communicate to us peons,” Joss said with a smile. “But they’re just like anyone else. They’re no different than two guys working in a kitchen, except they’re making a $120 million budget film. But it’s all about communication.” And on a huge budgeted western, with so many set pieces, actors, horses and the open range, things can get a bit crazy. “Organized chaos. It’s all hurry up and wait,” Joss said. “Being the actor that I am and having the little bit of success I’ve had, the majority of my success has

been waiting. If I can get through the waiting process, I may have a career. “Like my dad would tell me, ‘Wow, the hardest part about your job is not working.’ Which is true. You’ve got to keep sharp and out of jail. You have to do that kind of thing so you can get to that next step in life.”


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Living life in the City of Angels

Though Joss is a Texan at heart, and in talking to him he exudes Texas charm, you have to go where the work is, and for an actor, that’s L.A., where he’s called home for 20 years.

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paths with the Oscar winning directors. “I had auditioned a little bit for them on a couple of other projects and never got the lucky break. Then auditioning for them for ‘True Grit,’ even though it was somewhat of a small role, it really depicted the plight of the Native American in historical times.” And having to work with two directors instead of one would pose a challenge for any actor, no matter what size the role. “The bigger the stars, the bigger the names, the more fear you have that they’ll lack that abil-

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June 8-22, 2013

STX Scene is extremely apparent in just hearing Joss speak. He speaks about his profession as it were a child. Delicate and fragile, and all the while, he’s nurturing it and hoping he will see it grow and become something great.

“It got kind of rough there coming off of ‘King of the Hill’. I never respected ‘King of the Hill’; I never enjoyed ‘King of the Hill’ when I was doing it, because I was on the bench. I wasn’t a starter. They


photo courtesy of NBC

Jonathan Joss in an episode of “Parks and Recreation” where he plays the reoccurring character Ken Hotate

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“You would think that you’d go out and see people and mingle with people, but you really don’t,” Joss said. “Everybody’s just so close to their little clique. The coolest thing about living in L.A. is you’ll be driving down the street, and you’ll look over, and there will be a recognizable name. “I see Don Cheadle all the time. I’ll be at a stoplight, and there’s Don Cheadle. And I’ll be like, ‘Don Cheadle, hey!’ (mocks waving) But Don just looks forward. One of these days... “But that’s the cool thing about Hollywood. In the old days, you would hear of people going to the soda shop and being discovered. And so many people go out to L.A. to be discovered. And you think you’re going to be walking down the street and then someone’s going to say, ‘Excuse me, I’m going to put you in a movie.’ Does it happen? “All the time.

“I get up, and I leave the boat, and I think: today’s going to be the day that I get discovered! But I guess the secret to being discovered is just existing. You’re not going to be discovered if you can’t exist.” And for most actors that becomes the hardest part. Even the biggest names in the industry struggled at one point in their career. Joss settled himself and spoke in a serious tone, perhaps thinking back to the harder times as he said, “I guess the big thing in life or in this industry is existing through the hard times.”

King of the Hill

Perhaps Joss’ best known role was that of John Redcorn in the Mike Judge created animated series “King of the Hill.” After the first season, actor Victor Aaron passed away, and Joss

was asked to take over the role of the Native American character. Joss spoke of the loss of Victor with a heavy heart. “He passed away as a result of a car accident, which to the Native community was a huge, huge blow. “But so many things in life happen for reasons. And trying to live up to that is a huge thing because Victor was such a large individual. A large presence. And to be able to step in for him has been a huge challenge my entire life.” And that’s what most people don’t see from the characters Joss has portrayed on screen and as the voices for various animated characters — the challenges of life. Doing this kind of work isn’t a hobby. It’s a parttime job. It’s a passion. And getting up every day to hustle and get that next job, well, most people can’t do that. They don’t have the drive that


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STX Scene

June 8-22, 2013

Contributed photo

Joss mingles with bystanders while filming the 2010 film “True Grit” pulled me off the bench every once in a while. But in any sport and any business when you’re on the team you don’t feel like you’ve been utilized enough. “So I never really enjoyed it. When the show was canceled, I sort of rediscovered what it was all about. The fan base opened up huge as soon as we got on the different cartoon networks. “So now that I’m not part of the show, I’m meeting more fans. Hindsight’s 20/20. Had I given the same energy that I’m giving it now when the show was running, could’ve things been different? “Who knows. Probably. “But that’s the great thing about education. You may not have done it then, but I’ve learned to do it the next time.” And even though the series ran for 13 seasons and is now canceled, John Redcorn lives on through reruns on Cartoon Network as well as other TV stations. Joss can also be found from time to time visiting his fans at various conventions across America as

well as selling his John Redcorn Massage Meat Rub-All.

Parks and Recreation

Executive producer Greg Daniels, who also produced “King of the Hill” as well as “The Office,” called on Joss once again for “Parks and Recreation” as the head of the tribal casino and chief of the Wamapoke tribe Ken Hotate. The hit television show just got picked up for its sixth season. Joss said about being asked to join the show, “A big feather in my hat. They’re all fictional tribes, but to be able to be part of another hit show and be recognized that’s, in this industry, I guess that’s the biggest thing. You want to be recognized. “A lot of people don’t recognize me from ‘King of the Hill’ because, well, you don’t see me. But with ‘Parks and Recreation,’ being on that show for the past couple of seasons on and off had brought that recognition home. Now I can get pulled over by a cop,

and they know who I am. “So that’s kind of cool,” Joss said with a laugh. And now having that much more fame, are things getting easier with the auditioning process when it comes to more roles both on the small and big screen? “Sure, man. Having ‘King of the Hill’ fame can only do so much. In this industry, every job gets you to the next job. And with ‘Parks and Recreation,’ being that it’s a hit show, being that there’s an incredible cast, that it’s an Amy Poehler vehicle is just amazing. I think that she’s one of the greatest comedians since Lucille Ball. “Everybody says you have that 15 minutes. My 15 minutes is ‘King

writers are going to do. I mean, we can call them and tell them, ‘Hey, we’re available; I’d love to do another show.’ But it’s such a well-tuned machine, it all depends on if the script gets presented and I’m in it. “So it’s kind of the hurry up and wait kind of thing.”

acter. “There’s not a lot of Native characters per se in prime time TV, so it’s kind of cool to bring a breath of fresh air to a show. And I think ‘Parks and Recreation’ is allow-

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ing me to do that.” And for all the Native Americans out there, they can sleep well knowing that the guy carrying the torch for them all is Jonathan Joss.

Lighter Side of Nuthin’ by Will Thompson


At the end of the day, Joss had left; and after spending those few hours with such a proud guy with a deep, burning passion for film in his eyes, everyone felt a little more full of life. Even happier. It was good to find an actor who would do anything for his art and his fans. “I’m doing OK, man. I’m doing all right,” Joss

get exclusive videos, interviews, pictures and more at Posing with the lovely lunch ladies of the Pawnee ISD cafeteria of the Hill.’ I’m hoping to get three and a half to four minutes out of ‘Parks and Recreation,’” Joss said laughing. “In this industry, we don’t know what the

said referring to his life at the moment. “And hopefully with the blessing of Greg Daniel and ‘Parks and Recreation,’ we’ll be able to revisit a John Redcorn type char-


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June 8-22, 2013

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June 8-22, 2013

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