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BAITS Why deads off the deck will catch you more


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Korum’s Phil Spinks explains why a nice big lobworm fished off the bottom is irresistible to big perch.



HAT a month – Mother Nature really stuck the boot in as most of the country disappeared under water, and my plans to sneak off to the Wye were soon shelved as virtually every river in the country broke its banks. But it wasn’t just as simple as changing to a stillwater, as much of the Nene valley was also heavily flooded and many local fisheries were under several feet of water. In the end I tackled a small commercial water not really known for its pike population, and had a right result with this cracking fish (below). It is slightly ironic that this issue has a river fishing feature, but hopefully by the time you read this everything will be back to normal. We’ve also got a cracking perch feature, technical stuff on drifter fishing, and how to pop up a deadbait. Whatever happens, I hope you’ve managed to get out, and that the weather behaves itself so we can all enjoy some good predator fishing in 2013.



You can still catch predators when the water’s high if you know where to place the bait, says Paul Garner.



The rigs and know-how you need to make your pike baits more visible off the lakebed



Rods, lures and more to get the best from your predator fishing


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December 2012 - 3

A pair of 3lb-plus perch that fell to popped-up lobs.

POP UP THOSE WORMS With a string of big perch to his name, Korum’s Phil Spinks reckons popping up lobworms for perch can be a tactic that’s hard to beat for big stripeys 4 - December 2012


HEN THE weather gets cooler my attention turns to specimen perch. Anybody that’s caught a 3lb-plus perch will agree that they are an impressive fish. A variety of methods will catch perch, from deadbaits to maggots, even livebaits, but the bait that I think beats them all is a great big juicy lobworm. I don’t know what it is that perch love about lobs – whether it’s the taste of the worm, or the frantic action as it writhes and wriggles around that attracts them – but one thing is for sure, perch love them. One downside to lobworms

is their price. Buying them in a tackle shop can be expensive, but keep your worms in tip-top condition with a bit of TLC and they will last a lot longer than you would expect. I’ve got a box of lobworms that have kept fresh for more than two months. That equates to many perch sessions – 100 lobworms, if looked after, will last for a very long time. I keep my lobworms in the garage in a plastic box. In the box is some torn-up or shredded newspaper that has been dampened, some fallen leaves, and the best bit – free recycling of vegetable peelings! Keep the whole lot slightly damp at all times.

Take great care when injecting air into lobworms.

This Running Rig Kit overcomes any resistance.

My hook and line choices – both need to be strong.

“I’ve got a box of lobworms that have kept fresh for more than two months. That’s a long time, and equates to many perch sessions” Hide and seek

Lots of people like to fish for perch tight to marginal reeds, snaggy trees and drop-offs. My attack, however, revolves around targeting the open water – often a much neglected area of the lake when perch are the target. Before I start fishing I’ll have a walk around. I’m looking for signs of activity – this could be small fish dimpling, scattering on the water’s surface or swirling just beneath it. If I see any of these it gives me a good area to try out. Perch fishing is often thought of as complicated, with all sort of technical

jargon that can quite frankly make novices retreat to the comfort of an armchair and a log fire rather than venture out on a cold day. In reality, it’s extremely simple and can be done by anyone. The first thing to bear in mind is resistance. Perch hate it, and if the big four-pounder that you have spent many nights dreaming about picks up your lobworm and feels resistance it will quite quickly spit your worm out and leave you bewildered. I use free-running rigs for perch fishing. The Running Rig Kits from Korum create the ideal set-up that won’t tangle on the cast. To the

Perch mouths are capacious enough to easily engulf the largest of lobworms.

free-running clip I attach a small 1.5oz lead. This is the perfect size to keep the rig anchored to the bottom when the bait is picked up, but it doesn’t crash through the water and create unnecessary

December 2012 - 5

Pop up those worms Continued

disturbance. In my spare time I like to make up hooklinks and store them on a Maxi Rig Board. This keeps me organised and also gives me more time with my baits in the water. My hooklinks are made using Xpert Power Mono in 4lb or 6lb and size 6 Xpert Specialist hooks. Perch have

LIne runs freely through the lead, offering no resistance to a big perch.

huge, cavernous mouths for their size, and bigger hooks give me more confidence – the sharp Xpert Specialist pattern is just perfect for the bony-mouthed stripeys.

Injected air

The only time I will use a lobworm straight from the tub is under a float, much preferring to inject a small

amount of air into the bait. The injected air makes the bait fall much more slowly through the water, occasionally resulting in an instant take as the worm is wriggling on its way down. A small split shot keeps the bait anchored to the bottom, while the twisting and turning of the worm attracts the attentions of big perch. I use a fine syringe to inject air into the darker head of the worm. This is completely my personal preference because either end can be injected. The worm is hooked through the middle, giving me the best chance of hooking the perch no matter how it picks up the bait.

Bite indication

There are a few different ways to show up your bites when perch fishing. My personal choice is drop-off indicators. As soon as the fish picks up the bait, the indicator pings off and line is free to peel off the reel with no resistance at all. I use Korum Bite Indicator Kits for all my fishing. Their 6 - December 2012

“Be prepared for a hectic time when the perch come on the feed”

Moment of truth – into a big lake perch.

The scales reveal the size of the fish – nearly a three!

versatility is amazing, each kit having a hockey stick and chain for carp, tench or bream, and a lightweight cord and bankstick clip for using as a drop-off indicator. The clip

Perch are actually quite delicate – treat them carefully.

can be adjusted to grip the line or to ping off when a perch or an eel picks up your hookbait. The indicators can all be changed around to suit the individual and come with a handy glow-in-the-dark head for fishing into the night. When a fish takes the worm, my line pings out of the bite indicator and a bleep sounds for the KBI Bite Alarm – only one bleep is needed to alert me to a fish picking up the bait, after which I strike without further delay. It’s been a frantic session.

I’ve had a huge number of perch in the swim – a red-letter day. I’ve caught more than a dozen 2lb perch, including three 3lb fish to 3lb 4oz. There have been a few times when I’ve had bites on the drop, having to quickly let out line before the fish drops the worm. It’s not always this easy, and stillwater perch seem to have feeding spells. These may only last an hour, but be prepared for a hectic time when they feed. Try a popped-up lobworm – it works! AnglingTımes

December 2012 - 7

SEND IN THE Korum Snapper Drones The drones come in packs of three, containing 1 roach, 1 perch and 1 goldfish. Available in three different sizes 8cm, 10cm and 12cm. Each pack also contains a Snapper Spin Trace so you can get straight out on the bank to catch some predators!

• Three fish per pack • 30lb Spin Trace included

30cm Wire Trace 7x7, 30lb breaking strain




Eddie Turner and friends invented the drifter float many years ago, and apart from a few minor tweaks nothing has really changed and it still remains an under-used pike catching tactic


EARCH through any piker’s bag and you’ll come across a drifter float, but the chances are it will also still be in its packet. Although it is a great way of fishing for pike you’ll hardly ever see anyone using one. The idea behind it is that the

December 2012 - 9


An off-the-shelf drifter set-up.

vaned float acts like a sail and drags your bait out into the lake. There are obviously some issues here, in the fact that first the wind needs to be off your back, so that the float can travel out into the lake. This isn’t essential, however, and with a little effort it is possible to drift your bait at an angle. The technique is easy to grasp. You mount a dead or livebait on to a trace and then set the float depth at your chosen level. You then need to flick the baited rig out into the ripple, so that the breeze can catch the vane and push the float across the surface. This in turn drags the bait along and you cover loads of water and, hopefully, your bait will pass over a pike’s

head, and it will feed. There are things that you need to master when drifter fishing. Most floats come with instructions and are very user-friendly to set up. However, there are a few things that people won’t tell you. Although you can use normal mono with this technique, it does make it difficult. This type of line sinks, which reduces the float’s ability to move. To get round this you need to grease your line so that it floats, or use floating braid. Using braid, although expensive, is by far the best method. The fact that it is buoyant on its own and has no stretch means that even when you get a bite at extreme range you

can set the hooks. Another thing worth mentioning is swapping the colour of your vane. This really does make a difference to visibility, and it’s amazing how well you can see a black float on white water.

Simple technique

Lots of anglers have never tried using a drifter, and that’s such a shame considering how easy it is to do and the fact that it covers just so much water. I have a small pit near my home and thanks to its irregular shape I can wander round with a drifter rod and cover lots of different areas. This is a great day out and has resulted in some great sport. I use a sea angler’s beach

“You flick the baited rig out into the ripple, so the breeze can catch the vane and push the float across the surface. This drags the bait along, you cover loads of water and hopefully it will pass over the head of a feeding pike” 10 - December 2012

Different coloured vanes suit varying light conditions.

spike to keep the rod vertical in the air, which helps the wind to catch the line and move the float. You need to control the line because the bow of it will affect how the float moves, and can drag it off line. This same effect can also be used to steer the float so that you can fully explore an area. I cover each area in sections, and pop the line in a clip to hold the float in place before letting it go to cover the next section of water. Bait-wise, I tend to use large deadbaits and I fish these high in the water to create a big silhouette. This is often all that’s needed to trigger a pike into action. Once the temperatures fall and the pike’s metabolism slows they become less A line clip holds your float in place.

A beach spike helps to keep the rod-tip high, allowing wind to catch the line.

December 2012 - 11


Drifter fishing Continued

A big deadbait is perfect for drifter fishing.

aggressive. This means that you have to fish baits closer to the lakebed and slow your drift down, to give a lethargic predator a chance to attack your bait. A drifter isn’t just about covering water – it can also be a way of presenting a bait at long range to get to areas that normally don’t see a bait. It is amazing how many takes you get when your float reaches a certain area. I well remember fishing with a mate Line grease helps to keep your line on the surface.

on a Midlands reservoir and we used try every trick in the book to get a float out to the area first and quickest. Although using a drifter can be tricky, it is definitely a technique that’s worth mastering and you will reap the rewards. My advice would be to set up a rod and just go

A very slowly drifted deadbait tempted this fish on a cold day.

14 - October 2012

out to fish the drifter. This allows you to move so that the wind is always perfect, and will give you a chance to master all the techniques needed to get the drifter working effectively. Don’t just sit there, get a drifter set-up and cover some water and catch those pike. AnglingTımes

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DEVON BAITS LTD Quality blast frozen pike & predator baits

Baits available include: Lamprey, Smelt, Roach, Joey & Mini Mackerel, Trout, Sardine, Sprats, Herring & Bluey

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Making your bait stand up off the bottom not only makes it more visible but is a great way of beating weed or silt. Go on, says Steve Broad, get them off the deck

November 2012 - 9

Three routes to achieving a popped-up deadbait.


AKING my deadbaits buoyant is a key part of my piking, in fact it’s very rarely that I actually present a bait

hard on the bottom. There are lots of different ways of making your baits float, all of which are easy to get the hang of. A buoyant bait can be weighted so it sinks slowly and will come to rest on top of weed and remain visible. Or it can simply sit there in a blatant way, almost saying ‘come and eat me.’ The easiest way of popping up a bait is to use a syringe to inject air into it until it floats. The down side is that it’s only suitable for natural baits – smelts, herrings and sprats – and it can also be a bit hit and miss. It isn’t unusual to reel in your carefully prepared bait only to find that all the air has leaked out. There are a couple of other techniques that allow you to pop up a bait and you can be fairly certain that it will remain buoyant. In the pictures I’m using Greys products, but there are plenty of others out there that do the job equally as well. The deadbait stick idea is nothing new, and involves inserting a piece of balsa into the throat of a deadbait. These commercially made versions are pointed and have

a screw thread that makes them easy to insert. They also have a highly visible end piece that adds a flash of colour and lets you add a short piece of wire so that you never lose your stick. Crimp one end to the stick, then crimp a small loop in the other end and simply pass the swivel of your trace through the loop. Another great technique is to use a bright foam ball or, in this case, a specially designed pear. These are again mounted on a short trace to stop you losing them, and the trace also helps to hold the pear in place. These are great for popping up whole or half baits, and a real favourite of mine is a herring tail that stands up just off the bottom. This is easy to do – just use a long gated needle to pull your retaining trace through your bait. Add your flotation device to the end and pull it firmly into the bait. Then, just as with the stick, you can pass you trace through the loop and hook the bait as normal. Should your bait come off on the cast or during the fight

A buoyant foam ‘stick’ mounted on a short looped trace (below) that is very easy to use.

Screw-in deadbait stick about to be inserted into the mouth of a frozen smelt deadbait.

With buoyancy sorted out, the trebles are mounted in the deadbait like this.

16 - December 2012


Injecting air into deadbaits to pop them up is a bit haphazard, and the safety code must be followed.

it will stay attached to your trace so you won’t lose it. All these techniques are easy and you’ll soon discover the one that suits your needs. I like to prepare baits in advance and freeze them with buoyancy aids in place. This gives me confidence that my ball or stick won’t become displaced on the cast, and it means that my bait will sit perfectly just off the lakebed. This gives a great degree of versatility, allowing me to keep my bait visible regardless of the nature of the lakebed or weed. Master popping up your baits, it will up your catch rate no end. AnglingTımes

“Deadbait sticks are great for popping up baits. A real favourite of mine is the tail of a herring”

A personal favourite of mine is the tail end of a herring, popped up using a foam flotation device inside.

Push a gated needle into your half deadbait and attach one end of a short double-looped trace.


Pull the needle through the half bait so it exits near the root of the bait’s tail, carrying the trace.


Attach the deadbait pear to the other loop on the trace and cover the joint with the silicone sleeve.


Pull the trace from the tail end of the bait until the pear is protruding this much. Job’s a good un! December 2012 - 17

OFFICIALTS IS d STOCK al stockists an

ci To fnd an off ing out LYNX Fish ab e or m learn on si n Compres and Precisio please visit , gy lo Techno www.lynx-fsh

Precision Compression Technology 速 is the frst joining technology that allows terminal tackle to be attached to the mainline or rig, with a hollow tube design, without the need for knots. This means the terminal component benefts from 100% join strength, 100% consistency and 100% confdence, every time in any situation. Exclusively owned by LYNX速, the technology has global applications in all forms of fresh and saltwater fshing.
















OR MANY of us searching for big pike there are venues right under our noses that hold big fish yet are only lightly fished. While fishing on productive stillwaters becomes ever busier, our larger rivers offer pike fishing of a quality hard to match. Whether you live in the South East, the Midlands or the North West, big pike are there to be caught.

Yet most of us fight shy of fishing these venues. They can be daunting, with a whole new set of skills required to tackle them properly. With strong and unpredictable flows to deal with, and access that can be poor, pike can range far and wide and behave very differently from their stillwater counterparts. For consistent success with big river pike you need to

Paul Garner shows how understanding river pike behaviour and the way conditions influence the fish can make or mar catch rates understand the moods of the river. Luckily, a lot of pike behaviour is governed by a set of rules. Once they are applied to your river you can be more confident of success.


It is wrong to assume that river pike don’t move very far and can often be found in the same swim for weeks, months and even years on end. December 2012 - 19

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A series of real all rounder rods for lures! The unmistakeable ‘fast’ action provides an optimal tool for shads, jigs and tubes but also has plenty of power for fishing crankbaits, spoons, spinners, jerks or surface lures. The high-end blank tells you the essentials the vibrations of the lure, each fine contact with the bottom and even the most delicate take, is translated to the butt end. Available in two different lengths and two lure ranges, medium and big lures. Features

£49.99 POST FREE

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Extremely light‚ high-modulus carbon blanks Fox SLIK guide system for maximum abrasion resistance with braided lines Original FOX screw down reel seat Slim premium EVA handle

198CM 14-40GRM £69.99. 195CM 14-50 GRM £69.99. 213CM 10-35GRM £79.99. LURES. 210CM 20-50GRM £79.99. 240CM 20-50GRM £79.99. 270CM 20-50GRM £84.99. BRAND NEW FOR 2013 PRE-ORDER AVALIABLE 1ST JANUARY. POST FREE

Lead selection (left) and a paternostered sardine deadbait rig.

They are much more mobile than we might imagine. Radio-tracking studies have shown that they often move around a ‘home range’ that may extend to several kilometres of river. Often they will move quickly and then rest up in one place for several days before moving again. They can return to the same spots time and time again. I think that when pike are lying up in one area they are less inclined to feed, whereas when they are on the move they are on the hunt, and probably more catchable. Twice I have watched pike in the margins hardly moving, and such fish can be impossible to tempt. Such behaviour is most common just before spawning, when the females are waiting for the conditions to fall right to release their eggs in the presence of one or more males, but it can happen during cold snaps too. At other times I have seen clear evidence that hungry pike will search a wide area looking for food. Last winter a friend and I were leapfrogging upstream along a river. Mid-afternoon I had a take and landed a 27lb pike. In the weigh sling it coughed up two fresh sardines that my companion had chucked into the margins some 250 metres downstream just two hours

earlier. That pike had not only found the sardines, but was now hunting for morefood.


The $64 million question is, can you predict when pike are going to be feeding hard? On some rivers I think the answer is yes, but only to a certain degree, and often only with hindsight. In winter we can discount days when the river is in flood. Even if the pike are feeding, they are difficult to fish for. We can also discount really cold conditions, especially if there has been a sudden drop in temperature. For me, then, the best conditions are the days after a

Smelts, joey mackerel and sardines all make great deadbaits.

flood has passed down the river and the water is clearing. Improved visibility will enable the pike to feed, and they are likely to be hungry after their enforced fast. They are also likely to be more localised, and pushed into the margins by the floods, reducing the area an angler has to cover.

Dawn in a ‘banker’ swim where there is a known slack. Later you can move.

December 2012 - 21


LURES Mepps Winners ronixpro Curly  ail SG 4Play Soft - Ready to fish SG 4Play Swim n Jerk SG Caviar Spinners Abu Garcia Pike Spoon SG Grub Softlure Kit SG Freestyler Jerkbait Marukyu Power Isome Worms Yokozuna Yoshikawa Grub Lunker City Slug-Go Daiwa Megaforce Soft  rout SG Alien Eel SG LB Sandeel Slug SG Perch Softlure Kit Lunker City Fin-S Fish SG LB 4Play Soft SG Deviator Belly Up Rapala Lures SG DP Spinner SG Deviator Sebile Onduspoon SG Butch SG DaBush Spinner Sebile Magic Swimmer Sebile Stick Shad

from £2.99 £3.00 from £3.99 from £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99 from £5.75 £5.99 £5.99 from £6.49 from £6.50 from £6.99 from £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 from £7.99 £5.99 from £8.99 from £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £11.99 £11.99 from £13.99 £19.99


Super responsive, High modulus Carbon Blanks

Available in 7ft 10-30g , 7ft 15-42g , 7ft6 3-18g , 8ft 10-40g , 8ft 15-50g , 8ft6 20-60g


BAIT RODS Leeda Pike Rod 12ft - 3lb £29.99 Shakespeare Odyssey Pike 12ft 2pc £39.99 Shakespeare Odyssey Pike 12ft 3pc £39.99 Wychwood Agitator Bait 10ft £54.99 Wychwood Agitator Bait 12ft £69.99 Daiwa Mission X Pike £62.99 Daiwa Regal X Pike £69.99 SG MP Pro Predator 10ft £55.99 Shimano Purist Deadbait Distance 12ft £99.99 Prowla Platinum Bait 13ft £139.99


HUGE SELEC ION AVAILABLE INS ORE ONLY Smelt, Herring, Mackerel,  rout, Lamprey, Blueys, Eel

Black Green Pearl, Firetiger,  Golden Ambulance, Olive Pearl, Purple Pearl

from £9.99

LURE RODS Wychwood Agitator Lure 7ft £39.99 Wychwood Agitator Lure 8ft £44.99 Wychwood Agitator Lure 9ft £49.99 Wychwood Agitator Jerk 6ft £44.99 Wychwood Extricator 6ft £44.99 Prowla GS Jerk Bait 6ft3 £49.99 SG Vertical XLN  6ft £59.99 SG Dropshot XLN  9ft £69.99 Wychwood Agitator Jig 9ft £59.99 Daiwa Megaforce Jerkbait 6ft £59.99 Prowla GS Drop Shot 7ft £59.99 SG Butch Light XLN  6ft9 10-30 £69.99 SG Butch Light XLN  6ft9 15-60 £69.99 SG Butch Light XLN  6ft9 40-100 £69.99 Shimano Purist Pikey Poker 8ft £69.99 SG MP Pro 8ft 15-50g £48.99 SG MP Pro 8ft up to 150g £48.99 SG MP Pro 10ft 40-100g £55.99 SG Roadrunner XLN £79.99 Prowla Platinum SupaJerk 7ft £119.99 Sakura Shinjin Lure from £124.99

REELS Shimano Alivio 4000 RB Wychwood Signature FS 50 Wychwood Signature FS 60 Abu Garcia Blue Max Shimano Nexave 4000RB Abu Garcia Black Max Shimano Baitrunner S  2500 FA Shimano Baitrunner S  4000 FA Shimano Baitrunner S  6000 RA Shimano Baitrunner S  10000 RA Shimano Baitrunner Aero 5000 RE Shimano Baitrunner Aero 8000 RE Shimano Baitrunner DL 6000 RA Shimano Baitrunner DL 10000 RA Shimano Aernos 2500 Shimano Aernos 4000

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Wychwood Economy Mat Wychwood Pike  ube Chub Eazi-flow Weigh Sling SG Unhooking Mat Prologic Weigh Sling SG Folding Landing Net - Large Wychwood Sling Mat SG Folding Landing Net - X Large SG  ele Folding Landing Net - Large SG  ele Folding Landing Net - X Large Prowla Safe System Flotation Sling SG Rubbermesh Boat Cradle Sling Wychwood Signature 42” Landing Net JRC Specialist Plus Net 42”

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CLOTHING Parmaris Ergo Hi-fit Life Jacket - Auto Shakespeare All Weather 2pc Suit Savage Gear Savage Suit Salopetts Savage Gear Savage Suit Jacket SG Savage Suit Jacket & Salopetts

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TOOLS Prowla Split Ring Pliers Prowla Crimping Pliers SG Pistol Deep  hroat Hook Out Prowla 10” Straight Forceps Prowla Side Cutters Prowla Long Nose Pliers

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TERMINAL TACKLE Sakuma Bait Elastic £1.99 Lynx Single Hook Wire  race £2.49 Prowla Dead Bait Pop Up Floats £2.99 Prowla Supa Sight Dart Floats £2.99 Lynx Wire Lure  race 2pk £3.19 Prowla Supa Snap  ackle £3.25 SG Slug Offset Hook £3.49 Prowla Round Diamond Eye Swivels £3.49 Prowla Rolling  -Snap Swivels £3.49 Korum Snapper Dumpy Float £4.99 Korum Snapper Dead Bait Kit £4.99 Prowla Supa Carbon  rebles 10pk £4.99 Prowla Pop-up Pears £5.99 Lynx  itanium Lure  race from £9.99

TO ORDER CALL 01786 430400



Pike can sniff out a deadbait, but they also hunt by sight.

As the days after a flood wear on the fishing can get more difficult, as the pike feed and spread out again. As the river fines down after a flood, generally there two or three days when the pike are really catchable.


On a big river the pike could be anywhere when levels are low. I use a rough rule of thumb that any spot is worth fishing as long as I can hold bottom with a 4oz lead. Pike will smell a deadbait, or feel the vibrations from a livebait and home in on the bait, but all too often getting the bait in just the right position can make a massive difference when the fish are not that hungry. Most people will head for the slacks after a flood, and for a day or two the pike are still likely to be in these areas, but on a river that suffers from severe floods bear in mind that a slack at low water might be a raging maelstrom when the river is well up and running, and that no pike will be in residence. It can pay to take a look at the river when it is in flood to get an idea of where the real floodwater refuge areas are – the ones that remain slack even when the water is high. When you have found a decent slack, where should you place your baits? A good spot is right on the crease, where the fast water hits the slack. The baitfish will be stationed here, and a paternostered bait in the flow will work convincingly. Don’t always head for the big slacks either. I have caught a lot of fish from tiny

areas of slack water right under the bank, often between the obvious swims. If in doubt, give it 20 minutes. Arriving before dawn, I like to start in a known ‘banker’ swim. This takes the pressure off getting organised in the dark, and means that the baits will be in position during the key dawn feeding spell. Remember, pike have much more acute vision than humans, so be on the river before first light. As the sun comes up I will wind in and be off to the next swim – one bait rod and a lure rod is all you need. Thirty minutes in each spot is plenty. Keep moving and you will find a pike. Of course, if the fish are feeding hard you could stay put and catch your share, but days like this are few and far between. To be on the safe side, I do re-set the clock and give it another 30 minutes in a swim after I’ve landed a fish, in case there are more about. If you get the timing and location right then other considerations, such as bait and rigs, become almost secondary. A highly visible float-paternostered fresh herring or roach does the trick, fished on the most snag-resistant rig possible. But for the ultimate in mobility, try lure fishing. Fishing for pike in big rivers is not for the fainthearted, and you are likely to suffer far more failures than successes, but that makes the eventual moment when a big fish slides into the landing net all the sweeter.

A knowledge of pike behaviour led me to this big-river twenty.


December 2012 - 23


THE END OF THE The way we fish is about to change forever. LYNX Fishing has developed a revolutionary joining technology that completely eliminates the need for knots and crimps, providing 100 per cent join strength, 100 per cent of the time. And here’s how it works... WHAT IS PRECISION COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY? Precision Compression Technology is a revolutionary new joining technology that completely eliminates the need for knots and crimps, and all their associated weaknesses in terminal tackle and pre-assembled rigs. It provides 100 per cent join strength, it is 100 per cent consistent, does not require heat or glue, and is handmade in Alnwick, Northumberland. Protected by the Patent Corporation


The key success factor in the technology’s performance is the use of specially designed tubes which are compressed on to the line. During the compression process, the line is not damaged in any way. Through the correlation of a number of factors, the line is held in place by friction, and a wedge effect. This ensures maximum performance, and strength is achieved at all times. Unlike with a traditional knot or crimp, no stress, strain or deformation occurs. Significant investment in highly calibrated machinery, working to extremely tight tolerances, has ensured that the process is 100 per cent consistent.

Treaty, the technology has global applications in all forms of freshwater and saltwater fishing. It is the strongest, most consistent connection available to the modern angler.

PRECISION COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: THE KEY BENEFITS 100% JOIN STRENGTH - Precision Compression Technology retains the maximum strength of any given line – 100 per cent. 100% CONSISTENCY The unique production process ensures that a level of automation can be built into the manufacture of these products. 100% CONFIDENCE Total confidence in the rigs you are using. FINER MONO Anglers can use finer lines to target fish. KNOTLESS TECHNOLOGY There are NO knots in the rig itself, making everything much stronger. NO HEAT OR GLUE It requires no heat or glue, making assembly easier, quicker and better for the environment.

Wedge effect in two areas of the hook.

24 - December 2012

NO LINE DAMAGE There is no deformation of the line.

In this cross section you can see the line is compressed but not deformed in any way.

NO CRIMPS It does not suffer from the associated weaknesses experienced with crimping. HANDMADE IN ENGLAND All LYNX products are handmade in Alnwick, Northumberland, to the highest standards.

“During the LYNX compression process, the line is not damaged in any way”


For beginners, and even experienced anglers, knots can be complicated to tie and extremely inconsistent. They also weaken all types of fishing line. A well-tied knot depends on the ability of the angler, the quality and type of line being used and the type of knot being tied. And it is essentially the combination of these key factors that makes knot-tying extremely inconsistent. Over the past three years, in conjunction with leading research facilities and top universities, the LYNX team has conducted an extensive testing programme. Results have highlighted that knots affect all anglers of all abilities. Typically we have found that: Experienced anglers will see a reduction of around 20% in linear strength, intermediate anglers a 30 to 40% reduction and beginners up to 60% once a knot has been tied.

Findings have also revealed that knots in existing pre-tied ready rigs, on average, weaken line breaking strain by some 40%. The worst result these tests revealed was a weakening of close to 90%. Would you be happy fishing with a rig from a factory knowing the performance level was so poor? Precision Compression Technology completely eliminates these problems. Every join provides 100% strength, 100% of the time.

A typical half blood knot in mono.

The line is ‘strangled’ and weakened.

Another weak point revealed.


It is a well-known fact that crimping has the same detrimental effects as a knot on the performance of fishing lines. As standard crimping is conducted by hand, it is an extremely inconsistent process that results in either the filament being damaged (over-crimped) or a join being created that isn’t strong enough and allows the filament to slip (under-crimping).

Crimping pliers give inconsistent results.

Line deformed by a traditional crimp.

WHAT NEXT? The revolutionary range of LYNX pre-assembled rigs is now available in stores. Be sure to check out www. for further details, and for a full list of official stockists. Also, keep an eye on future issues of this magazine for the latest LYNX news, product reviews and competitions.

Every angler crimps differently, and similarly to knot tying, it is highly unlikely that two joins will ever be the same. Image 1 (below, left) was taken using an electron microscope and highlights the damage caused to the filament as a result of the crimping process. This particular example of filament had an actual breaking strain of 60lb. After the crimping process, the filament was tested on one of our tensile testing machines and broke at 28lb, weakening it by over 50% of its linear strength. In contrast, and as you can see in image 2 (below, right) of one the

Damage caused by a traditional crimp.

LYNX components, Precision Compression Technology is a controlled process that doesn’t damage the filament in any way. It uses specialist machinery to ensure a consistent join is created every time. This example created a mid-line break of 60lb. Another key difference between crimps and Precision Compression Technology is that crimps are generally made of soft brass or aluminium and are separate components. LYNX specialist alloy Precision tubes form an integral part of the terminal-tackle component.

No damage with the Lynx Technology. December 2012 - 25


ON TEST 2012 Your guide to the new and not so new

IDEAL FOR ANYONE NEW TO LURE WORK Korum Snapper spinning rods RRP £29.99 & £35.99 THERE is a growing range of predator-specific products on the market, and Korum’s Snapper brand is among the leaders of this expansion. Having produced an array of terminal tackle kits to take the hassle out of pike fishing, Snapper now boasts some very reasonably priced spinning rods. Coming in 8ft and 9ft versions, costing just £29.99 and £35.99 respectively, these are ideal for newcomers to lure-chucking or those who turn to pike, perch and zander as a break from targeting other species. The smaller rod, which supports lures of 40-60g, is perfect for roving along a canal, drain or small river. The 9ft version, which can cast 50-70g lures, can be taken out of such sheltered habitats and will happily work from bank or boat on windswept reservoirs, or on waters where a bit of casting power is required. The tips of these rods, which both break down into two equal sections, are designed to enhance the swimming action of lures while still having enough grunt to tame specimen predators. At the other end, full-length EVA handles and quality reel fittings give you the comfort and confidence to pull back on your quarry and put everything into a cast.

The two different versions will cover most situations.

Each rod has a short Duplon handle for easy movement.

“The tips of these rods are designed to enhance the swimming action of lures”

Included is a zipped rod sleeve perfect for transportation.

The keeper ring holds your lures in place when you change swims. December 2012 - 27



for normal opening times, maps and more information

SALE Angling and Outdoor




30th DECEMBER 2012




We are RELOCATING in January 2013 to our new superstore. For further information please visit our website at During our sale there will be many ONE-OFF CLEARANCE DEALS to be had. So don’t miss out, make sure you visit us. PLUS pick up a DISCOUNT VOUCHER for our new superstore.

TEL: 01270 611500

DEVILISHLY ATTRACTIVE LURE Shakespeare’s Devil’s Own Mega S RRP £3.50

ASK ANY predator angler to name a lure and Shakespeare’s Big S will probably be high up the list, simply because it was the first one many people used, and has caught countless fish of all species. The new version, the Mega S, is a real mouthful and designed primarily for pike and zander. It is 12cm long and boasts the same fat body with a loud internal rattle, and a large eye for angry

predators to home in on. It comes in two colours – Roach and Perch – and weighs in at a monster 50g. This new version has the same tight, aggressive wiggle as the original, and can be cranked down to a decent depth. As yet I’ve only managed a few jacks on it, but I’m convinced it’s going to be a real Roach (left) and Perch winner, and at just £3.50 you can’t afford colour schemes. not to give it a try.

This weighty lure has an enticing rattle and wiggling action to pull in pike and zander.


For tangle-free presentations with a deadbait this boom system is hard to beat.

Prowla Safe System Pop-Up Boom RRP £4.25 to £4.75 AT FIRST glance this interesting weight system might seem overly complicated, but in use it performs exceptionally well. It is designed to prevent tangles, especially in deep water when float-legering deadbaits, and it does this faultlessly. The length and weight balance of the boom arm keeps your mainline firmly on the bottom, making bite-offs virtually impossible.

Prowla Safe System Pop-Up Booms are available in weight sizes 20g,, 30gg and 40g, and cast very well. They are fastened on to 150lb Safe System mono with superstrong, double-barrelled crimps, and have a clip at one end and a strong swivel at the other. I’ve had great success with this presentation in shallow water, as well as using it for short to medium range legering on still waters.

The boom comes carded with full instructions on how to rig it up properly.

Simply one of the top Zander Äsheries in the UK! With Pike to 30lb and Zander to 16lb+, Bury Hill Fisheries offers the predator angler superb Äshing and great facilities! • Predator season runs October 1st to March 14th • Boat hire, on-site tackle & bait shop, café, toilets • Big Fish Angling Courses & Private Tuition

Tel (01306) 883621 or visit our website

Martin Bowler with a brace of doubles caught whilst filming ‘Catching the Impossible’

Dorking, Surrey Telephone 01636 612654

3lb TC Bait Rod Greys Platinum Dead Bait rods – our choice for

We are the friendliest tackle shops you will fnd. We are here to help not just to sell!!! Call in for advice and a free cuppa!!!!

Newark NG24 3RR

Our prices are the same, but our knowledge and service are superior • • • • • • •

Savage gear Rapala Blue fox Behr trendex Cannelle 30 plus Lynx

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Stockists of: Trakker Bait box Luce baits Okuma Shimano Pred X Snapper

• • • •

Harrisons Greys Pike Pro And lots, lots more

Huge range of Savage Gear in stoc k

We also ofer own branded trick bits for the sneaky predator angler who wants to be one step ahead!!!!


dragon carp’s smooth operator Anoki 8000 Distance Runner Reel Price £60 Whenever you are fishing for carp or pike you’ll need a large, robust reel that holds enough strong line to make fishing at range easy. This front drag reel has everything in spades and is ideal for the dedicated pike angler, with all the cranking power to help tame those sought-after specimens. The Anoki has 14 ball-bearings to make reeling in heavy deadbaits or drifter floats a cinch. The massive alloy spool holds 290 yards of 16lb mono, even more if you load it up with braid. The same CnC machined spool makes distance casting truly effortless. A huge plus point for the predator hunter is the freespool system that can be fine-tuned to give line effortlessly, and this makes it versatile enough to use in a range of different fishing situations. We took it out on the bank and

used it for a day’s drift fishing on a large gravel pit. The reel had been filled with 15lb mono that was heavily greased to help it float, and the line-lay was perfect. With the float soon making its way out to an area of deep water 150yds out, thanks to the wet and blustery conditions, the freespool system was engaged to hold it in the area. After several minutes I was going to allow the float to carry on its journey, but a phone call distracted me. My conversation was cut short by the ticking of the freespool, and I looked up to see the vaned float had disappeared. I wound down until a dull resistance could be felt and struck. The fight was uneventful, mainly because the pike was too small to really trouble my set-up, but it did make a few frantic lunges as it neared the bank that saw the clutch give line smoothly.

“The freespool system can be fine-tuned to give line effortlessly, making it a highly versatile tool”

The reel performed well and is ideal for anyone wanting to fish for predators in a variety of different situations.

Casting is easy with the large-capacity CNC machined spool holding loads of line.

The freespool mechanism can be finely adjusted and line ticks off the reel perfectly. December 2012 - 31

BEST PIKE DEALS EVER Check out the latest offers and much more at



Start pike fishing this weekend with this fabulous value set that’ll £49.99 see you tackling predators straight away. The outfit includes two super-strong 12ft long deadbait/ powerspin rods that are designed for chucking big deadbeats to medium range swims and playing big pike. The matching pair of rods both sport ultra-tough guides and abbreviated handles. The kit also includes two freespool specimen carp/pike reels which are built to handle specimen-sized fish with large spools for longer casts too. To ensure you’re fishing safely for the toothy predators, Doctor Spin also chucks in a 16-piece set of snap tackle and spinning traces as well as a padded carry case to transport the whole thing safely to your peg. With two complete set-ups you can fish one on mackerel while you cast a lure on the other - this set up gives you real options!



01159 631777 01159 631683

PIKE UNHOOKING SET THREE TOOLS FOR £10 RRP £29.97 OFFER PRICE £10 The essential tools every pike angler must own - a set of pliers, cutters and forceps - and this season they’re on special offer. Instead of paying £9.99 each you can get the set of three tools for just £10 The set comprises 7 ins long-nose pliers, wire/hook cutting pike snips and a set of spring-loaded pliers which also have crimping teeth for rig-making.






Autumn has arrived and that means Pike Fishing time! And right on cue, the Howlin’ Hog range has released five patterns of it’s new Swamp Devils range aimed at pike, perch, zander and chub. Each lure is made from aqua dynamic ABS rugged material to last several seasons of heavy use with a pair of strong treble hooks, 3D eyes and multi joints for realistic movement in the water while the overall weight of each lure means they sink slowly through the water making them perfect for shallow swims.



Dragon Pike’s multi length pike rod is a real one stop shop for £15 winter pike fishing and can be used at both 9ft and 12ft lengths. Supplied with two separate butt sections and a powerful top section, fish the 9ft version for light tactics or spinning, while the longer butt section takes the rod to its maximum length for distance work.

Name Address


Please send (insert number you require) DOCTOR SPIN PIKE FISHING OUTFIT @ £49.99 PIKE UNHOOKING SET @ £10 HOWLIN’ HOG SWAMP DEVIL LURES @ £5 No 1 20g Blue No 2 22g Green

No 5 19g Trout No 8 21g Red


No 9 13g Green


Total to pay £


Telephone No Send completed form and cheque or postal order (payable to Used Tackle) to Angling Times Offers, Used Tackle, 28 Baker Street, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 7AS Data Protection Statement: *By entering your email address and/or mobile number you are choosing to receive email and SMS messages from time to time from Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) and/or carefully selected partners. We will never pass on these details to any other organisation. Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) directly or via its agents may like to contact you by post or phone. Please tick if you do not want to be contacted by us ❏ or carefully selected partner organisations ❏ in this way. We will never pass these details to any other organisation.

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