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01| Dwelling Space PG 01

02| Urban Hostel PG 15

03| Hadley School PG 27

04| Sketchbook PG 37

05| Lakai My Way 2 PG 47

06| Guitar Build PG 49

DWELLING SPACE To “dwell” is simply to “be”. The 10’x10’x10’ cube was originally conceived as only one sole cube in an indefinite series of cubes. The space later evolved to a non-location based, standalone object that provides a retreat from the environment while still interacting with its surroundings. The space is ultimately designed as a space of modest means for spending time with others and in solitude.

Project 01 | 01

Project 01 | 02


Project 01 | 03

Interaction is defined as a reciprocal action, effect, or influence. This space is meant to create a dynamic between two or more users. Natural diffuse light is implemented as to not distract the users from an interaction.


Contemplation is defined as a deep concentrated or reflected thought over a duration of time. This space is meant to isolate a user with a direct view of the sky.


Refuge is defined as a state of being in which one experiences a feeling of safety or shelter. This space is accessible at the furthest point from the entry. A bench is located at the base of a light shaft, which draws in diffuse natural light.

Three dwelling spaces are visualized. Upon entry, one is presented with an interaction space. Two bench seats sit opposite of each other. Natural light is diffused above the space as to not distract from interaction. As the cube is further explored, one discovers two additional dwelling spaces. The second along the journey is a space for contemplation. A seat for one reclines to reveal the sky. At the third space resides a light well that terminates at a bench seat. Natural light is captured and diffused, as to not distract from the view of the landscape.

Interaction Project 01 | 05


Refuge Project 01 | 06

Project 01 | 07

Project 01 | 08

Project 01 | 09

Project 01 | 10

Project 01 | 11

Project 01 | 12

Project 01 | 13

Project 01 | 14

URBAN HOSTEL The site is located in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill Area. There exists a one story coffee shop on the corner of Charles Street and Mt. Vernon Street. This project continues the idea of dwelling but with a shift to the scale of a neighborhood within a city. The design illustrates the notion of exposure versus enclosure, while using the surrounding city of Boston as an influence.

Project 02 | 15

Project 02 | 16

Light Wells Two light wells exist in order to draw natural light from the roof through all levels to the ground floor. These light wells become occupiable to the public and create a dynamic between floors.

Project 02 | 17

Circulation A stair is located behind the front facade and in the central core of circulation. A monumental stair wraps around the rear light well to create an experiential moment between floors.

Project 02 | 18

Project 02 | 19

The youth hostel looks out into the community. A connection is made between the hostel and the urban context by protruding community spaces that deliver views back to the city.

The youth hostel continues to interact with the community in the evening. A rooftop bar is open to the public, encouraging a form of synergistic communication.

Project 02 | 20

Project 02 | 21

Project 02 | 22

Project 02 | 23

Project 02 | 24

Project 02 | 25

Project 02 | 26


Swampscott is located Northeast of Boston. Hadley elementary school is one of five ocean-front elementary schools in the United States. The proximity to the ocean is an influential factor when designing an addition to the school. The program that is being introduced is a school of special education.

Project 03 | 27

Project 03 | 28

Project 03 | 29


Organic Wave



Large Viewing Aperture

Natural Ventilation

Project 03 | 30

Project 03 | 31

Project 03 | 32

Building Connector Double Curtain Wall Operable Solar Shade

Supporting Column

Project 03 | 33

Project 03 | 34

Aperture Typical classrooms allow for a serene and tranquil location, usually the corner of the room, supporting a reading or listening area. Students may acquaint themselves on the floor with pillows or chairs in order for a more enjoyable relaxation period. This design supports the notion of drawing nature into an institutional setting by laying a foundation of turf to acknowledge the outdoor environment. A large aperture connects the reading and relaxation room to the outdoors. Operable ventilation may allow for the elements to penetrate the envelope and draw in ocean breezes. Project 03 | 35

Project 03 | 36

SKETCHBOOK I have had the opportunity to participate in advanced studio classes from elementary school through high school. This is a small collection of personal pieces that I have compiled over my lifetime.

Sketchbook | 37

Sketchbook | 38

Architectural Vignettes Sketchbook | 39

Sketchbook | 40

2013 Senior Art Show Portraits During my senior year of high school, I was voted to draw portraits of our Advanced Studio Art class. These portraits were displayed in our catolog for the art show, featuring a page for each student.

Sketchbook | 41

Sketchbook | 42

2013 Burlap Portrait A frame was constructed from bamboo and twine. A square of burlap was stretched and fastened with twine and smaller patches of burlap. Paint was then splashed on the canvas, and a portrait was painted in the paint splatter.

Sketchbook | 43

Sketchbook | 44



Sketchbook | 45



BMW E92 M3


Sketchbook | 46

2009 Lakai “My Way” Colorway Contest In 2009, I entered a contest sponsored by my favorite skateboarding company, Lakai. The contest required competitors to submit a colorway of an existing shoe. On July 29th, I found out that I had won the competition. I was sent 12 free pairs of my design and was featured in Lakai’s 2010 Fall Catalog. Contest | 47

Contest | 48

Guitar Build This guitar was built primarily in Wentworth’s woodshop. The body is made of three layers of poplar and routed by a CNC machine. The electronics and other parts were purchased and meticulously installed.

Built in collaboration with Artem Batuyev and Stefan Burnett

Guitar | 49

Guitar | 50

Guitar | 51

Guitar | 52

Paul Arduini 2016 Portfolio  

Paul Arduini Undergraduate Selected Works Wentworth Institute of Technology

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