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Paula Garcia Valdecasas Vilanova Selection of Work, ETSAB, UPC (2006-2014)


2013 Football stadium, Barcelona. (Final project). 2011-2012 Theater with residence, Barcelona. 2011-2012 Extra care living housing. 2010-2011 The river Maas, Belgium. 2009-2010 Multi-family dwellings betwen partie walls, Barcelona.

01. -Football Stadium Final project. Parc del Poble Nou, Barcelona. Tribunal: Elias Torres, Lluis Clotet, Jorge Blasco, Felix Pardo. ETSAB, UPC. Barcelona, Spain. 2013 This project has been projected minding urban and architectural requirements. Barcelona follows a regulation established by “cerdà” which organize de city in a regular network with a cell that we call “manzana”. It also respects the heritage of several roads that used to be very important. “Pere IV” is one of these roads. It is going to help us to organize the area as well as a second axis from north to south that follows Cerda´s regulations. To be consequent with architectural requirements, there will be an element that repeats all over the second axis. It is a fence that creates an access to the building and also belongs to the façade. So we have a path full of dynamism for pedestrians. Arcades are made of concrete and this façade is made with steel vertical bands that belong to the sequence of the pedestrian´s path.






Seats are made with a light metal contour based in another one that hangs on the stair. That way we have more space for the path. Changing rooms are made with reticular framework and solid slabs. We have provided them with air circulation bomb.

-OWN WEIGHT Accions. -STEPS= 22.5 kN/m -COVER= 5.5kN/m2 -RETICULATE PARTY FLOOR Area =0.52m2 Inertia= 0.00495 DISTORTIONS. Maximum displacement= -0.7mm -OVER LOADS. Accions. -STEPS= 27.5kN/m -COVER= 0.4kN/m2 x 5.5m= 2.2kNm = 0.4 kN/m2 x 5.5m= 2.2 kN/m -RETICULATE PARTY FLOOR= 5kN/m x 5.5m= 27kN/m DISTORTIONS. Maximum Displacement= -0.2mm -WING, W2. Accions. -COVER= 0.52 x 2.2 x -1.8 x 5.5m= 11.32 kN/m -BUILDING Pressure= 0.52 x 2.2 x 0.8 x 5.5m=5.03kN/m Suction=0.52 x 2.2 x (-0.4) x 5.5m x 4.2m= -10.57 kN.



Distortion from Weight

Distortion from Wing

The arcade for stairs afford two main path for two different programmes. The first one is on the ground floor and belongs to the public circulation. They have acces to the stairs directly or upstairs. It is shown in the long arcade. Last model. The second one is under ground where the changing rooms are. It is used by the football players.

02.-Theatre with residence “sound of use” In the“plaça de la hispanitat” Diagonal con Aragón, Barcelona. Tribunal: Elias Torres; Carme riba, Carlos Muro, Ton Salvador”. ETSAB, UPC. Barcelona, Spain. 2011-2012 This project has been made in two phases: The first one according to a regulation that depends on the sound we have got around. There are two type of sounds: noise coming from the cars or the uses created for the pedestrians in public spaces. Here we have got a plan of the ground floor with the information of the different uses of the buildings. The more colour the more public; and the more deep the more accessible for the citizen. The project will be opened to the public space, but also protected from the noise from the traffic on the road. So we might think of a residence that has its main façade looking inside. It gets involved to the use on the ground floor, as well as itself gives a use for the public space we have got around.


There is a research of different focus of noise and also how deep the pedestrians might get in the building. The first plan shows the noise from the roads with their DB and also how we would hear it through the pedestrian road in Diagonal. The building is located under the road “Aragó”. There is a part that must be protected from the noise of the traffic and an other that is cut by “diagonal”. It will be the entrance to the building. Therefor, on the groundfloor there is a library on the side with the thick wall and there is a big public “hall” for people that is opened to the pedestrians. This abstract idea will be the base of the following decisions.

This model shows this concept. It is a building that has an absorbent façade and an energetic inside. That way sound is being control as it must be: The noise of the road would be absorbed and the use of people would be promoted.


Fifth course.Project X. “The sound of People” A theater in “plaça de la hispanitat” Diagonal con Aragón, Barcelona. Tribunal: Elias Torres; Carme riba, Carlos Muro, Ton Salvador”. ETSAB, UPC. Barcelona, España. 2011-2012 This project is a continuation, It has a private and public part which are related in a community space. The residence has different types of housing in order to give to the place more interest. It is important that people who lives in the residence get involved with the theatre on the ground floor, that way everything is a unit of conviviality always guarding the privacy everyone need. so It is interesting that every apartment has a terrace or box from which is possible to watch this excellent space. There are “Duplex” and “simplex”. Simplex have an studio to work on something related to public programme and there are duplex which often are more private.



22-23 Residence

24-25 27-28


03.-Extra care living housing.

Fourth course.Project VIII. Downtown, Barcelona. ETSAB, UPC.Barcelona, Spain. 20112012 Professor. Antonio Gili. This project consists on a building placed on the downtown of Barcelona. It is an small solar with a lot of programme. Il has a residence for the old people, a common physiotherapy floor, a hospital and a more public entrance with restaurant and other activities that connect the guests with the city. I organize the building in two volumes, the public one and a private one. This last one has the residence above. That way I set up a hierarchy of privacy along its tour from the more public until the more private. The public entrance is between the public building and the private building. The first one has a direct access to this entrance. To get in the second one you must go over a little courtyard that is behind. Community activities are organized in two floors of the Private building, and then the residence in three floors. The residence has it is living room just where both buildings cross each other. There I offer a double high space where they have connection to both parts of the building. So there is a building that is holding on the other one, sharing the middle space in a common room.






04.-“The river Maas” FRESCO OF 10m X 3m. Fourth course. Erasmus.«ARTS ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPE»: Crisis and Globalisation Professors: Patric Neirinck, Emilio Lopez, Jullie Martenau. La Cambre, ULB. Brussels, Belgium. 2010-2011. This project Consists on a first deep analysis of the river “Meuse” in order to make an approach in one of the poles it is carrying. This “fresco” on a wall of 10 m long, was a first analysis that represents this river and the different cities and countries It is carrying. (“Bruegel“ paints in a surreal way in order to have all the information.) The projects along the river are trying to reorganize industrial zones.



FRESCO (10m long X 3m tall)

05.-“Multi-family dwellings between party walls” Third course. Project VI Paula Garcia Valdecasas + Raul Alvarez castiello. Via Augusta Barcelona, Spain. 2009-2010 This project consists on multi-family dwellings between party walls with a school on the ground floor. Every dwelling has a standard unit that can grow in a flexible way depending on its use. Depending on the party wall they are placed the direction of the structure is also different due to the orientation and the sun . The north building is half floor taller in order to keep the privacy of both façades.


36-37 38-39


Model E. 1.500

P Alicatado Azulejos 5cm x 5cm acabado no visible con tarima madera por encima P Tarima de madera para plato de ducha. listones 70 x 10 x 15cm. Separacion entre listones 10cm R Silestone -Revestimiento silestone gris -Tabla 304 x 138 x 12mm R madera -fondo armario abierto de estantes -anclado de rastreles madera 2 x 4cm R Pintura acabado final de placas de yeso laminado(pladur)


Finestra cúbica: estructura suport E: 1/20 Especificaciones Técnicas. V1-Placa Ceramica 14mm V2-Perfil acero 1mm V3- Vidrio Reflectante con protector solar y cámara. 3mm V4-Lámina DM 1mm V5- Dintel Pino V6- entramado madera. Hace juago con el dm de dentro de la ventana el dintel de Pino y el pavimento de parquet. V7- Voladizos apoyados en estructura de forjados

Paula Garcia Valdecasas Vilanova Selection of Work, ETSAB, UPC (2006-2014)

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