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CrestClean celebrates Double Success

CrestClean is proud to have scooped two major awards at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2023.

Congratulations to Regional Master Franchisee of the Year Viky and Nileshna Narayan, and Royce and Hannah Park Franchisee of the Year –Business to Business

The prestigious awards recognise excellence in growing and running a franchise business.

Get your work-life balance right with a CrestClean franchise

CrestClean is NZ’s largest franchise system, with more than 740 operators nationwide. Over the past 26 years we have become a market leader in the cleaning industry, and the demand for our cleaning services continues to grow. We need more teams now!

With CrestClean you will enjoy regular contract revenue without facing the normal hassles and burdens of running your own business. There is no selling required.

A successful business opens the door to achieving fnancial goals in life, such as home ownership, investments and owning rental properties. A high percentage of CrestClean franchisees have been able to buy their own homes.

We have fnance options available to help get you started, and our award winning franchise system gives you lots of support so you can enjoy operating your own successful family business.

Watch our franchisees’ stories in 8 languages

Franchise opportunities are available now all around New Zealand

Regional Master Franchisee of the Year 2023 Franchisee of the Year Business to Business 2023
Call today or visit our website to request our Franchise Information Booklet 0800 273 780 |
Hawke’s Bay franchisee Hannah Park (left) holds the award for Franchisee of the Year – Business to Business that she won along with her husband Royce and Winners of the Regional Master Franchisee of the Year award – Viky and Nileshna Narayan from Auckland South.


Many people are realising that franchise business ownership could be an opportunity to rebuild their careers, or live life on their own terms.

Goodwin Turner understands what it takes to turn a thriving business into a viable franchise by laying the legal foundations to help you reach your goals.

Create or maintain your own successful franchise system with legal specialists who focus on getting the legal nuts-and-bolts right - advice on franchise agreements, contractual obligations and fair trading regulations, through to intellectual property, corporate structuring and employment law.

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Isn’t it time you had better board meetings?

If you’re contemplating a change of career, why not consider owning your own franchise business?

With direct access to over 30 well-known franchise brands in locations all around the country, it’s quite likely we have the business opportunity that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

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Listening to RNZ’s Sunday Morning programme recently, I was struck by the words of Australian Professor Ian Hickie: ‘People expect to lead a better life. They expect to lead a wealthier life. But workers may not be asking themselves the right questions about their life – it’s not just about the quantity, but also the quality.’

Professor Hickie was talking about why people are increasingly feeling tired with work. He noted that there have been many changes and challenges in recent years, from pandemic lockdowns and working from home to new technologies that actually reduce connection with others. As a result, people are increasingly stopping and taking stock of their lives, with many looking to do something more fulfilling, more meaningful, more connected. That’s why our cover story (page 6) looks at how buying a franchise can help you live your best life.

It’s a theme which runs throughout this issue. You’ll find that many of the franchisors and franchisees we’ve interviewed talk about the importance of becoming part of the community, and we look at how franchises are embracing sustainability (page 24). There’s some interesting advice from lawyers Wynn Williams about making claims of environmental sustainability, too (page 27)

Of course, if you’re looking at buying a franchise, there’s another important meaning of sustainability: is the business viable and will it reward the time and money you invest in it over time? We address that, too, in our articles on calculating risk versus reward (page 33), finding out about support (page 59) and how to become a high achieving franchisee (page 62)

If you want a good long-term investment, do use franchisespecialist advisors. There are details of people who can help you – accountants, finance providers, lawyers and others – starting on page 78. There’s a list of almost 300 different opportunities in our Directory starting on page 68, and lots more sources of information at www.franchise. – find a handy guide to the website on page 48. I hope you’ll find something in the following pages to help you live your best life.

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Buying a franchise can help you enjoy both work and play. How do you make the change to being your own boss?

How can embracing sustainability benefit franchisors and franchisees, as well as the planet?


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Franchise Accountants addresses one of the main reasons for business failure

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Aramex looks for talent from within as courier franchisees develop into managers

54 The Help You Need Daniel Cloete of Westpac looks at financial considerations when buying and operating a franchise

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Get into partnership with Woolworths as a FreshChoice franchisee

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What help will you get as a new franchisee? Here’s how to find out

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82 Time To Quit Your Job?

9 good reasons to start your own business – and 5 good reasons not to

68 Westpac Directory of Franchising

Comprehensive details and investment levels for over 275 franchise and master franchise opportunities. Also includes advisors and index to advertisers

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Demand for smaller pools and spas means big opportunities for Poolpac licensees
The Grass Is Greener Former farm worker thrives as Jim’s Mowing franchisee
Make Connections, Share Experiences
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Morrison has evaluated more franchises than most. Here he shares some of his experience Glenice Riley offers advice on how to make the most of any franchise opportunity
Finding Better Ways


At least half of your waking hours are spent working for someone else. If that’s what you want, and you find your work fulfilling, that’s great. But for many people, the nature of work has changed since the pandemic and they’re not feeling the sense of connection they used to. If you’re one of them, then you might have thought about owning your own business.

Being the boss isn’t an instant route to happiness and riches, of course, but it does enable you to make some important choices:

• Where you work

• When you work

• What sort of work you do

• Whether you work from home

• Who you work with

That’s not to say that you won’t work hard. You’ll probably find that, at first, you’ll work harder and longer than you ever have in your life. But you’ll be doing it for yourself and, if you’ve chosen well, not just doing something you enjoy or have a passion for – you’ll be building an asset for the future that will give you both the lifestyle and financial returns you want.

And while starting a new business on your own is hard, buying a franchise means you’ll get the training, systems, marketing, help and support you need to have the best possible chance of success. A franchise enables you to take your experience and abilities and channel them into something new.


Many people are surprised to learn that over 75 percent of franchisors say ‘No experience needed’ when they are looking for franchisees – and they mean it. Over the past 32 years, we’ve talked to thousands of Kiwis who have changed careers through buying a franchise. In the following pages, you can find teachers who have become property managers, journalists doing safety testing, dairy workers turned lawnmowing guys and execs who own laundromats. Some new franchisees have gone from knowing almost nothing about the industry to winning awards for their performance.

How is this possible? Well, franchisors select franchisees based on ability rather than experience, then train them in exactly what they need to know to run their own business. For example, a training programme designed to help you run a café franchise will teach you how to produce the products; recruit, train and manage staff working shifts; and comply with health & safety requirements.

And the training provided by any good franchise should also cover the administrative, financial and marketing tasks required to run a

business profitably. It should provide the systems to help you do that, too: many franchises these days provide quite sophisticated tools to help you manage your time, boost your performance and compare your performance with other franchisees. All this provides a level of support that independent business owners can only dream of.


No matter how good the training is, opening your own business is inevitably a nerve-wracking time. Although this is a new experience for you, in most cases the franchisor will have done this many times before. They will usually supply an experienced field support person to work with you in your own territory both prior to and immediately after opening. They will help to reduce your nervousness by ensuring that everything is set up properly so that you can apply your training.

Once open, expect the field support person to stay with you for long enough for you to feel reasonably comfortable operating on your own. They are there not to run the business for you, but to ease you into independence.

The amount of time that this takes will vary enormously. In food or retail businesses, a week or so of on-site support before and after opening would be quite usual. In some franchises – particularly service-based ones – the training and opening periods may overlap if, say, the franchisor’s representative goes out to meet prospects with you and helps secure your first clients.


In a franchise, the process of turning a novice into a competent business person doesn’t end once you open. As you become more comfortable with the day-to-day operation of your business, you’ll get more confident and start to look for opportunities to grow – which requires a whole new level of support.

Some examples of services that franchises regularly provide on an ongoing basis include:

Field Visits These visits can be incredibly valuable. While part of their function is to review each outlet to make sure it is meeting the franchise’s standards, the major focus is on helping the franchisee build their business – finding opportunities for improvements in sales, service and cost control. They also provide an opportunity to resolve any problems and queries, and share feedback. Each visit should result in a constructive evaluation.

Marketing & Merchandising Most franchises have a national marketing fund to which franchisees contribute. The franchisor administers this and arranges national marketing, often in consultation with the franchisees. There may also be a requirement for individual franchisees to operate approved local marketing programmes in their area.

6 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01

Buying a franchise can help you enjoy both work and play. How do you make the change to being your own boss?

Ongoing Training This ensures that franchisees and their staff are kept up-to-date and provides an opportunity to share solutions to common problems. It not only helps maintain standards, but can also build relationships with other franchisees. Running a business by yourself can be a lonely experience, but being part of a franchise means always having someone to share your triumphs and disasters with.

Purchasing A sizeable franchise can negotiate good bulk-buying arrangements not only on product and equipment but on services such as insurance, telecommunications, IT, fuel and financial services. In some franchises, the discounts available can effectively pay much or all of the ongoing franchise fee (royalty). Read more about this at

Management & Business Advice Experienced franchisors increasingly provide assistance in areas such as goal setting, cash management and exit strategies – think of it like having your very own business coach or mentor at no extra cost. In addition, standardised computer systems make it possible to ‘benchmark’ your business against others in the system, enabling you and your advisors to see at a glance what you are doing well and where you might find room for improvement.

Compliance With increasing legislation in areas such as health, safety and employment making life more complicated for the individual operator, being part of a franchise that works out systems for you can be hugely valuable.

Product Development While franchisees focus on the customers, franchisors focus on the future to ensure that products or services are constantly improved or replaced where appropriate. The franchisor will also monitor the competition and advise franchisees of any developments.

Staff Matters Your franchisor may provide assistance in the recruitment and selection of staff as well as advice on pay rates and contractual matters. Hints on how to keep staff motivated and reduce staff turnover also help the franchisee maximise profits.


It’s clear from the above that for anyone looking at leaving a job behind and moving into their own business, franchising has a lot to offer. You’ll have the support and guidance of the franchisor behind you, and you’ll be provided with systems to help you handle most of the practical obstacles along the way. You won’t have to create products or services to sell, won’t have to work out where to source them or how to price them, and you won’t have to start advertising from scratch – you’ll have the benefit of an established brand name that will bring customers to your door.

But the success of your business will still depend very much on your own efforts, and that’s where your own determination and commitment

matter more than anything else. Franchisors and advisors alike say that the biggest single obstacle which faces people moving from employment to self-employment for the first time is the need to change your mindset from ‘doing a job’ to ‘managing your own business’.

‘There’s more to it than just getting used to the idea that you won’t be getting a regular pay cheque every week,’ said one. ‘You have to accept that if you want your business to grow, it’s up to you to grow it, and if you have a problem, it’s up to you to fix it. With a franchise, you always have someone to turn to for advice – but you have to make that mental shift to get the best out of the opportunity.’

Read more about how to become a high-achieving franchisee on page 62.


The other key factor in your success, you might be surprised to learn, will be the extent to which your family and friends support you. As one franchisor puts it, ‘Franchisees who have the active support and understanding of their family in establishing their business will out-perform others. Where the franchisee’s family is unsupportive or opposed to the business, it will almost always turn to custard.’

It’s something which was confirmed in a major study carried out by the highly-regarded Franchise Relationships Institute – in fact, the study found that Family & Social Support was three times more powerful in predicting franchisee performance than any of the other characteristics measured, including practical intelligence, service orientation, sales potential and drive for success.

And, of course, when you do create the lifestyle and income you desire, it will be your family who reap the benefits. They’ll get to see you more, have you available for school sports or other events, and enjoy a bit more personal and financial freedom. Just don’t expect all this from the very start.


Moving from employment to self-employment isn’t exactly a walk in the park – there are too many things to think about. Owning a business means responsibility as well as freedom. If you choose the right business, buying a franchise can help you learn to enjoy both.

As Philip Morrison says in his article on page 33, it’s important to balance the risks and rewards so that you feel comfortable and have the opportunity to make the changes you want.

That’s how you can use a franchise to help you live your best life.


Bakers Delight owners bring new energy to a long-established and trusted franchise brand


When asked why Bakers Delight has performed so strongly in New Zealand since the franchise came here in 1995, Craig Notman will tell you that it comes down to four things.

First, it’s a result of consistently delivering delicious baked goods made from high-quality ingredients. Second, Bakers Delight has a strong identity, with a commitment to baking fresh products every day. Third, there’s the dedication of franchisees to their businesses and customers and, finally, there’s the level of assistance provided by the support office.

‘Our core mission is to help our franchisees achieve their dreams,’ says Craig, who is the company’s Managing Director. ‘That’s why Bakers Delight is the world’s most successful bakery franchise.’

Long time fans

Bakers Delight was founded in Australia in 1980 and now has over 700 locations across Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. In 2022, the master franchise here was bought by Craig along with Ben and Lucinda Frewin, who have considerable experience in the food industry locally.

The trio had long been fans of the brand and its products, which include freshly-baked bread, artisanal loaves, pastries and a wide range of ready-to-eat treats. With a firm focus on operations, franchise support and customer experience in order to maximise efficiency and minimise costs, they are now ready to appoint new franchisees. ‘That means there has never been a better time to invest in the Bakers Delight franchise.’

Exceeding expectations

Owning a Bakers Delight franchise has certainly exceeded the expectations of Christchurch’s Paramjeet Singh and Harjinder (Harry) Singh. Both in their 30s, they had already spent six years working at Bakers Delight in Christchurch’s Northlands Shopping Centre before the opportunity to take over the franchise and start their own business together came up. ‘We were attracted by the established brand, proven business model and support system – and, of course, we knew just how popular Bakers Delight is,’ Paramjeet says.

The pair have a shared love of baking. On any typical day, Harry bakes while Paramjeet manages front of house. They describe their partnership as a smooth and effective collaboration, and both take great pleasure in knowing that their freshly-baked products are so popular with customers.

‘Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they enjoy our baking brings us immense satisfaction and joy,’ says Paramjeet. And with their first store going so well, their goal is to open multiple locations. ‘We aim to continuously improve our operations and customer experience to ensure success and growth,’ says Paramjeet.

A recipe for success

‘Paramjeet and Harry’s partnership is a perfect example of how the franchise appeals to a new generation of franchisees who have the drive and energy to become entrepreneurs,’ says Craig.

‘Just as yeast makes bread rise, our proven training programmes and support systems help your business rise, too. No prior baking experience is required, and you’ll be mentored every step of the way. Everything Bakers Delight does, from marketing campaigns and social media support to product innovation and local area promotions, is designed to drive customers to your bakery. In addition, franchisees can now engage more with regular customers in New Zealand through the new Bakers Club loyalty programme.’

While early mornings generally see franchisees busy baking and working ‘in’ the business, Craig says they encourage franchisees to work ‘on’ the business during the rest of the day. ‘That’s how you develop your business to become not just a valuable asset but also one which gives you a balanced lifestyle and plenty of time for family and friends,’ he says.

‘You also play a valuable role in your local community, which is incredibly satisfying. Aside from donating leftover baked goods to charities, our franchisees also work with schools, clubs, and organisations to raise funds.’

Franchise opportunities

If you’re looking to invest in a Bakers Delight franchise, you’re encouraged to contact the team and learn more. After an initial assessment, you’ll then have the chance to talk to existing franchisees and perhaps spend a few days on the premises helping with baking duties. ‘You’ll be able to experience life as a franchisee for yourself, and see if you love what we do,’ Craig says.

‘If you have energy and enthusiasm, and dream of owning your own business, get in touch – Bakers Delight could be the right franchise for you.’

Bakers Delight Contact Advertiser Info Opportunity: Food & Beverage
Paramjeet Singh (left) and Harry Singh

NZ’s first Micro-Roasting coffee franchise

With 18 operational stores a round the count ry and 5 forecasted for the next yea r, Black & White Coffee Cartel is NZ’s fastest growing coffee franchise. Put your margins back into your pockets by roasting your own coffee beans onsite.

Turnkey Solution

Lower Entry Fee

Buying Power

Initial Training & Ongoing Support

Improved Margins through Onsite

Micro-Roasting (extra $25k/year on average)

Unique Look & Feel (check us out on Google or Facebook)

The Highest Customer Reviews Of The Coffee Franchise Industry!

1x Auckland 15x Christchurch 1x Ashburton 1x Timaru
Nationwide Opportunities Available ENQUIRE NOW! Contact Tony Yin: 022 630 6622 OR


Ezy Kitchens brings sparkling fresh options to homeowners and entrepreneurs alike

New kitchens, DIY kitchens, and renovations are always in demand. That means Ezy Kitchens franchisees enjoy a variety of income streams including kitchen cabinetry, refaces, installations and appliances, which has helped the South Island-based franchise establish a strong network from Nelson to Invercargill. Now they are looking for franchisees in regional centres throughout New Zealand, with both an innovative mobile-first model and a traditional showroom model offering different investment options.

Ezy Kitchens was founded in 2007 by Ricky Pont and Cheryl Petterson. The Invercargill couple had a very successful kitchen business within another group, but when the original franchisor folded, Ricky and Cheryl got the franchisees together and established Ezy Kitchens with business partners Richard and Sonya Hill, owners of a leading Christchurch joinery manufacturer. This ensured consistent production quality and supply chain reliability and gave them a philosophy which has served them successfully for 17 years: ‘Made here. By us, for you.’

Ezy Kitchens is also a member of the Betta Electrical group, which gives stores better buying power and allows them to buy brands and models not available to other kitchen retailers.

Thriving in regional centres

Dushay Pont shares his parents’ passion to make Ezy Kitchens a leading brand nationwide. As Franchise Development Manager, he has no doubt the country is ready for Ezy Kitchens, with opportunities in both new and existing markets throughout New Zealand.

‘We’ve found Ezy Kitchens thrives in regional centres where sophisticated social marketing and other activities quickly establish and build brand awareness,’ says Dushay. ‘That makes the franchise a great opportunity for a local person who is sales-focused and determined to offer top-quality service. We provide proven and constantly-upgraded systems processes and product, established supplier support and buying, and economies of scale achieved through our centralised manufacturing.

‘Ezy Kitchens franchisees offer a total package of design, supply and install of cabinetry, benchtops, appliances and accessories, with options for every home. The renovation market is also huge, with property owners and landlords adding value through upgraded kitchens.’

Another major revenue stream for franchisees is the DIY sector. ‘Our Ezy Express Kitchens service doesn’t do flat packs or import from overseas –instead franchisees can supply made-to-measure, assembled moistureresistant cabinetry, along with hardware and appliances. Our full service offer means either we can manage the installation or leave it to the client to arrange themselves. The combination makes for a business which offers a very good return on investment for franchisees.’

Two investment levels

Ezy Kitchens’ practical approach extends to the business model itself, with new franchisees able to choose from two different investment levels.

‘A kitchen franchise usually requires investment in a showroom, which can be quite a big investment in the current economic climate,’ Dushay explains. ‘We offer you the option of starting out as a vehicle-based mobile franchise with just two people and installation work contracted out, then opening a showroom after an agreed period when the business is ready. This allows you to get into business for around $50,000 with a further $50,000 minimum working capital.

‘Alternatively, you can choose to open a showroom from the start, which requires a larger investment of around $100,000 with a further $100,000 minimum working capital. The initial fee can be spread over an agreed period for the right people.’

Full training is provided, with on-going systems, procedures and product development, marketing and advertising, and ‘no limit’ support services all being funded from designated supplier rebates. ‘No royalties,’ Dushay points out.

Just follow the process

Alisha Simpson only bought her franchise in July 2022 and has seen rapid growth since – thanks, she says, to sticking with the procedures the franchise has developed over many years.

‘From my experience of the kitchen industry, Ezy Kitchens has the best systems out there, along with amazing advertising and marketing,’ says Alisha. ‘Ricky and Cheryl, Richard and Dushay make a great, always supportive, franchisor team. Dushay is always one step ahead with information, pricing and other technologies that further help franchisees grow their business asset.

‘Do I recommend Ezy Kitchens as a franchise opportunity? Absolutely! Contact Dushay and find out more.’

• Established business model and robust systems • Customer service focused • No Industry Experience Required • Ongoing training and support • Comprehensive marketing support • Strong supplier relationships • Opportunities across New Zealand Email us at or apply now at ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY? FANTASTIC Opportunity: Home & Building
Ezy Kitchens & Appliances Contact Dushay Pont M 021 898 0583 Advertiser Info
12 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 WWW.TRIDENTHOMES.NZ LOYAL COMMITTED RESPONSIBLE SUSTAINABLE READ OUR FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY BOOK ON OUR WEBSITE OR GIVE US A CALL DAVID PICKLES P. 021 330 732 NEIL HAWKER P. 027 532 1191 CHOOSE YOUR FRANCHISE LOCATION AVAILABLE IN GREY BUILD YOUR CAREER & BUILD BEAUTIFUL HOMES JOIN THE TRIDENT HOMES FRANCHISE TEAM! Is your software lagging behind your business growth? Time for an upgrade to HarmoniQ! HarmoniQ is a customisable, franchise-focused management software designed to enhance efficiency, strategic decision-making, and overall business performance for growing businesses. HarmoniQ lets you: • Easily view data for complete control over sales, accounting, and business management for each location • Streamline stock ordering, warehousing, and delivery processes for enhanced operational efficiency • Make well-informed decisions by easily comparing performance across store locations • Forecast costs and profits for each store ensuring smooth financial management. Contact us now to book a complimentary 60-minute assessment of your business systems and processes. 0800 564 471 |

Real estate icon puts 135 years of experience behind every franchisee


Do you have experience in real estate? Are you a successful entrepreneur with a reasonable amount of equity? Or are you driven to succeed in New Zealand’s real estate market? Can you visualise progressing from sales consultant, to manager, and then on to owner of your own agency?

‘A lot of our franchisees and multi-unit franchisees have progressed this way,’ says Aaron Davis. ‘They’ve worked hard, enjoyed a great income and built an asset for life.’

Aaron is Network Development Manager for one of the country’s bestknown real estate brands – Harcourts. ‘Real estate doesn’t discriminate,’ he says. ‘As people’s lives change, there are always thousands of properties being listed and selling so, whatever your background, if you’re likeable and work hard then you can be very successful and ultimately achieve financial independence.

‘With a 135-year pedigree, Harcourts has all the know-how to help you succeed. The career path is there waiting, and the point of entry is easier than you might expect.’

Realising the dream

Husband-and-wife team Richard and Abbey Humphreys have found Harcourts lived up to expectations. The couple were able to put their real estate sales experience to good use after they took over the Epsombased Harcourts franchise in early 2020 – just as lockdown hit. However, being in a robust industry with the backing of a rock-solid real estate franchise gave them confidence that they would come through it.

Looking back, Richard says that while nothing quite prepares you for that leap into business ownership, ‘The support from Harcourts corporate office has been fantastic right from day one and, despite Covid, the whole bedding-in period was seamless.’

Richard and Abbey were immensely grateful for the support and advice they received from other Harcourts owners, too. ‘Even the largest franchises were generous in providing advice and insights, as well as cooperation where required over things like auctions.’

Ongoing benefits

Being part of the franchise has ongoing benefits too, quite apart from the massive value of the Harcourts brand. ‘Harcourts regional managers are always happy to act as sounding boards and provide immediate feedback for all the franchisees, and there are regular conferences and networking events for franchisees and staff as well. These are opportunities to benchmark yourself and your business against others to see exactly how you’re tracking.’

And, of course, while real estate is very much a people business, Harcourts franchisees also have access to the sort of technology only large companies can develop.

That includes new cost-cutting technology which Richard says has had a big part to play in their success, as well as CRM software linked to phones which keeps all franchisees and staff constantly informed

and able to act on opportunities. ‘It makes the workflow through our business faster and so much more precise,’ explains Richard.

Lead your own team

Richard and Abbey still market and sell properties personally, but they also have a team of sales consultants and admin staff, so having management skills is an important requisite for success. ‘Our responsibility to our agents is like their role to vendors – we’re here to help them as much as we can. If you understand this, you’ll get good longevity from your team.

‘It takes compassion and understanding to deal with situations as they occur,’ Richard says. ‘However, real estate agents can take time to transition to the role of business manager so it’s also important to have your “business hat” on.

Reflecting on their first four years, Richard and Abbey have a lot to be thankful for. They’ve successfully established a busy, and lucrative, property management division, and helping transition several of their agents into award-winning sales consultants has been another deeply satisfying aspect of Richard and Abbey’s journey.

‘That’s almost our favourite part of being a Harcourts franchisee –watching people step up and really perform well. Our vision is being realised.

And they believe that 2024 is a great time to learn more about a Harcourts franchise. ‘Those green shoots in the market have made it a little easier to get on a career path of your own,’ says Richard. ‘There’s plenty of fertile ground for heading in a new direction, so if you want to find out more, we’re happy to share our experiences.’

Where would you like to start?

Aaron Davis says that, with 198 franchises across New Zealand, there are many opportunities to own a Harcourts business – either through buying an existing franchise or starting a new greenfields location, particularly across Auckland’s central hub. Investment is from around $200,000.

‘With so many established franchises, we have a full support structure to wrap around newcomers, including a leadership programme and special training academy. There are around 30 people dedicated to supporting our franchisees and, unlike some overseas companies, they are locally-based and understand the New Zealand market so they are very hands-on.

‘And of course there are multi-platform marketing channels and all the tools to help you progress and write your own success story as part of the Harcourts family.

‘Remember, opportunities are never lost – they’re just taken by somebody else! If you’re committed, not just curious, now’s the time to get in touch with us and find out more.’

Opportunity: Real Estate
Harcourts Contact Aaron Davis P 0-9-520 5569 M 027 275 6165 Advertiser Info
Epsom-based franchisee Richard Humphreys (left) with Aaron Davis of Harcourts


Demand for smaller pools and spas means big opportunities for Poolpac licensees

Kevin Horan is used to guiding people to success. As a marine pilot, he helps navigate large vessels and cruise ships through protected coastal areas and marine parks. Now he and his wife Anita are looking to guide licensees into their own profitable businesses with Poolpac.

Since Anita and Kevin founded Poolpac in 2008, it’s grown into one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of swimming pools, spas, swim spas and pool equipment. ‘We’ve been helping families transform their backyards ever since,’ says Kevin. ‘Whether above or below ground, on level or sloping sites, we have a wide range of pools that will work every time.

‘We supply the best available products on the market. Classic Pools is the largest-selling modular pool supplier in Australasia, and has won awards every year since 2001. We supply flat-bottomed fibreglass plunge pools, tile-lined and fully-tiled pools from Igui in South America – the world’s largest swimming pool manufacturer. In addition, eight years ago Poolpac acquired the rights to the Dutch-owned Passion range of swim spas, fitness spas, ice baths and saunas.’

‘We are confident the Passion Spa collections offer the most complete range of spas in New Zealand. The support we have received from Passion Spas over the last eight years has been superb. As a nationwide distributor, we couldn’t have asked for better, and these benefits will flow on to our licensees.’

An asset and investment

One fast-growing part of the business is plunge pools, which enable people to have a pool in their yard even if they don’t have space for a traditional full-size swimming pool. ‘People love their own pool as part of their private oasis, and most sub-divisions today suit smaller pools and/or spas,’ Kevin explains. ‘At Poolpac, we can supply a pool for every location, and people see them as a great addition to their outdoor lifestyle.’

Pools need to be chosen and installed properly, and that’s where the licence opportunity comes in. ‘When we started Poolpac, 80 percent of the Classic modular pools we sold were installed on a DIY basis by our customers – we sold them the pool kitset, provided video/written instructions, and they did the rest. Today, 80 percent of purchasers want their pool installed for them. Many Kiwis now seem less inclined toward DIY – they don’t want to spend their valuable spare time doing work like this.

‘It means there’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded people who have the desire and vision to build their own business as Poolpac licensees. Is it successful? Well, our first licensee in Auckland has installed 100 pools in under four years and has rapidly built a very profitable business. A team of three people can easily install two pools in a week, so this is a very viable opportunity for the right people.’

Exclusive products, exclusive territories

Poolpac is offering exclusive territories all over the country. ‘Licensees will have the sole agency to sell and install Classic, Igui and Passion pools, spas and saunas throughout their area.

‘Licensees will need good sales skills as well as being practical, handy and enjoy the process of putting things together. We will be providing some leads from our own marketing, but you’ll also need to promote and sell locally – the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

‘Poolpac licensees could operate as a stand-alone business or as an attractive add-on for a landscaper, pool shop or similar. Previous experience with swimming pools is not necessary as we offer complete training. Installation is a physical job, so you need to be reasonably handy and fit or, if you have a small team working for you, then you could concentrate on sales. The choice is yours.’

Poolpac is looking to appoint up to five licensees in the South Island and ten in the North, including several in Auckland. ‘The investment levels start from $30,000 +gst, depending on territory, and licensees will also need working capital.

‘This is an opportunity to grow your own profitable business with toprated products that have been proven globally. It’s a fun business, but we are looking for serious entrepreneurs who can visualise the potential and make it happen. Contact us today to find out more.’

Opportunity: Home & Building
Poolpac Contact Anita Horan M 027 255 2308 Advertiser Info

Franchise New Zealand is much more than a magazine. If you want to keep up-to-date with news about franchising in New Zealand and some of the more interesting stories from overseas, go to, sign up for our free newsletter and follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Here’s a summary of some recent news stories.

Outlook improves for NZ franchisors, franchisees

For the 13th year running, Franchize Consultants’ annual Franchising Confidence Index has measured the mood of the sector, revealing predictions and insight from franchisors and specialist service providers.

After the turbulent times of recent years, responding franchisors were much more positive about general business conditions, access to financing, franchisees, and suitable staff. They were also generally more positive about franchisee topline sales levels, although there were concerns for franchisee operating costs and the resultant impact on franchisee profitability levels.

Franchisors were also more positive about their own growth prospects, seeing opportunities for improvement with technology, increased benefits associated with franchising (from a franchisee vs independent business perspective), growth and marketing. Key challenges included access to finance, franchisees and staff.

They identified the top trends impacting franchising in New Zealand as the future regulatory environment and changing customer expectations. Other notable trends included Artificial Intelligence, changing demographics and diversity, changing community expectations, supply chain transparency, trends related to climate change, water and other resource management issues.

General Business Conditions

Franchisor outlook for general business conditions showed good improvement from a net negative 38% in January 2023 to a net positive 26%. Service Provider sentiment reflected franchisor sentiment, but grew to a far more positive 63%.

This improvement in confidence from franchisors mirrored other research with general businesses. The latest ANZ New Zealand Business Outlook showed business confidence at positive net 37% in January 2024 – up from a negative 52% in 2023.

Similarly, the NZIER Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion showed much improved business confidence, albeit negative, rising from -73% (January 2023) to -10% (January 2024).

Respected economic consultancy Infometrics is forecasting an improved economic outlook for New Zealand, with better GDP growth and inflation coming under control sooner than previously forecast.

Beer boss goes to Hell

Hell’s new CEO, Josh Drake, is swapping craft beer for pizza as the former Panhead GM takes on the challenge of leading one of New Zealand’s best-known franchise brands. He says that while Hell is an irreverent brand, its commitment to sustainability, ethics and premium pizza is what drew him to the role.

‘Hell has broken ground time and time again, from ethical and

free-range ingredients to catering for all dietary requirements and leading the way on sustainability commitments. It’s always stood out to me as a Kiwi success story.

‘I’m excited to meet the teams at each of our 77 stores and work alongside Hell founder Callum Davies and our talented support office to grow Hell’s legendary status among existing and new customers.’

NZ home services group hits half-billion heights

Not Authorised for Reproduction

Kiwi franchise group Traffic has reached a major milestone this March, with over half a billion dollars of work completed and a new franchise brand opportunity being unveiled amid global expansion plans.

Traffic’s franchise brands, Refresh Renovations, Zones Landscaping, and Oncore, have collectively delivered over half a billion dollars in renovations, landscaping, repairs, and reinstatement services across New Zealand. And a new brand called We Sort It has been launched to add to Traffic’s home service offerings in New Zealand. (see page 42)

Announcing the milestone, Traffic says, ‘This achievement represents the trust and satisfaction of our customers. With over 21,000 jobs completed, our brands have transformed living spaces and enhanced outdoor environments across the country.

‘As we celebrate surpassing the half-billion-dollar milestone in New Zealand, we acknowledge that we could not have done it without our incredible franchisees. ‘We’re now expanding our presence across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and North America.’


Franchise New Zealand has joined forces with Eden Exchange to take its multimedia platforms into a new era. The sale to Eden Exchange NZ Holdings Ltd took place before Christmas, with ‘business as usual’ being the message from all concerned.

Simon Lord, the founder of Franchise New Zealand, says, ‘Our media have always focused on promoting franchising, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise model, and educating potential buyers about what is available and what to look for.

‘Eden Exchange continues that process at the next level, bringing together franchise buyers, re-sellers, franchisors and brokers in a way that streamlines the process for all concerned without taking away that all-important human element. We’re looking forward to learning from each other and enhancing our services.’

16 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 UPDATES FROM OUR WEBSITE news Our pick of the top news stories from and our newsletter

Mitre 10 is changing the names of some bathroom products because they are culturally insensitive. Mitre 10’s imported Legacy brand was using te reo Māori lake and river names for items such as toilet seats, toilet roll holders, robe hooks, grab rails and towel rails. The names, apparently used for five years, have now been covered with stickers using English language versions until current stock is sold.


A report from business brokers ABC shows that demand for business sales has reached historical highs, with 30 percent more confidentiality agreements signed in the 12 months up to the end of 2023 over the same period last year.

An increase in confidentiality agreements signed would usually result in increased completions.

However, actual business sales were down 7 percent over the same period, which ABC attributes to cautious purchasers delaying decisions due to uncertainty in an election year, as well as valuation gaps not being resolved between purchasers and vendors.

The company suggests business prices will bounce back in the first quarter of 2024, with both volumes of signed confidentiality agreements and prices already showing increases. ‘We are forecasting a 5 to 7 percent annual increase in business prices in the next twelve months,’ says Mr Small.

In Brief

New data from a highly-respected research company has shown that franchises in the US are continuing to defy economic hurdles with higherthan-expected growth.

After seven years of pioneering plantbased fast food in New Zealand, the local master franchisees for Lord of the Fries are selling the business.

Bruce and Baksho

‘The key drivers behind the increasing prices will be:

• Ongoing record immigration;

• A flood of Merger & Acquisition activity previously on hold due to the October 2023 election;

• Investors feeling more confident about acquiring new businesses and meeting price expectations given interest rates are now forecasted to decline;

• An expected increase in unemployment.

The report suggests the average pre-tax yield for investing in a privately-owned business equates to 29 percent, compared to the average residential property yield of 4 percent, term deposit of 6 percent or the NZ share market at 3 percent. However, it acknowledges the higher risk profile of business ownership.

Craig opened their first outlet of the cult Australian brand in Auckland in 2016. There are currently seven stores here.

A Christchurch entrepreneur who was stripped of three real estate franchises in 2017 owing to breaches of the franchise agreement has now had two gyms closed because she failed to pay franchise fees. She had also allegedly failed to pay rent.

Burger chain Wendy’s plans to trial an Uber-style pricing strategy in the US, with the price of menu items varying according to the time of day and/or demand. From 2025, it will make digital menu changes based on real-time trends, consumer demand, and supply chain issues. It says this will enable stores to lower prices when traffic is low.
Call the Coach Stewart Germann +64 21 276 9898 The Franchise Coach, Stewart Germann will walk you through the process of becoming a franchisor from initial enquiry through to opening the doors, including for overseas brands setting up shop in New Zealand. Khushbu Sundarji Partner khushbu@ Stewart Germann Partner and Notary Pubic stewart@ Are you ready to turn your business into a franchise? Recognised in Celebrating 30 Years 09 308 9925 We are widely acknowledged as New Zealand’s leading franchise law firm and can provide you with expert legal advice in all areas of commercial and business law including franchising and licensing. We are passionate about business and franchise law


Bracken is an easy-touse, flexible online learning management system specialising in delivering simple learning solutions that work for your whole team.

Are you a franchise owner looking to streamline your operations, enhance employee training, and maximise profitability?

Look no further than Bracken, the cutting edge Learning Management System designed for New Zealand franchises.

With our state-of-the-art platform, you can take your franchise to new heights by providing comprehensive training, ensuring consistency across locations, and empowering your workforce.

With Bracken, you can drive operational excellence and boost customer satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and brand loyalty.

Bracken offers a wide range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of franchise businesses. From centralised content management and easy course creation to real-time progress tracking

We are proud to partner with these brands

and customisable reporting, our platform puts you in full control.

Seamlessly induct new employees, deliver engaging training modules, and foster a culture of continuous learning within your franchise network.

Join the ever-growing number of successful franchise owners who trust Bracken to enhance their training and onboarding processes.

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Living in Argentina, Sebastian Jolly was fascinated seeing videos from New Zealand showing farmers riding motorcycles to herd dairy cows. Although he grew up in an apartment block in Rosario (Lionel Messi’s hometown), Sebastian’s family has a long association with farming, so in 2009 he decided that for his OE he wanted to see this for himself.

‘I did better than just see it – I got a job doing it on a farm near Methven,’ laughs Sebastian. ‘Most herding in Argentina was on horseback, so getting on to a motorcycle was quite a novelty!’

Sebastian returned home after a year, but New Zealand had won his heart and he returned in 2011 to work on a dairy farm near Hororata, 50km west of Christchurch. Through the Christchurch Argentinian community, Sebastian met his wife Dani, and the couple now have two sons, Simon and Thomas. Since 2019, he has been making the most of work/lifestyle opportunities as a Jim’s Mowing franchisee in the Canterbury town of Rolleston.

Problem – little time for family

Sebastian says he originally planned to become a sharemilker and perhaps even own a farm, ‘But the reality was that, even working 60 hours a week, those dreams looked increasingly distant. More importantly, leaving home at 4am and not returning until 7pm meant I had little or no time to enjoy with the boys, and Dani was doing all the parenting.

‘After nine years on farms, we could see it was time to get into a business that would give me the flexibility and income to do much more with Simon and Thomas, and enable Dani to get more involved in her counselling studies and career as a social worker.’

Sebastian wanted a business that kept him out of doors. ‘Like most people in New Zealand, I’d seen those green trailers with the yellow face, and it didn’t take long to find out that the face was Jim Penman, who founded Jim’s Mowing in Australia in 1982 and established it in New Zealand in 1994. It’s now the largest mowing and garden maintenance franchise in the world, so how could I not be impressed?’

Solution – become a Jim

Fortune took the Jolly family to Rolleston where, by coincidence, a Jim’s Mowing franchisee was so overwhelmed by local demand he was selling off work to create a whole new opportunity. Since the early 1970s, Rolleston had been promoted as ‘Town of the Future’ but it wasn’t until after the 2011 earthquakes that thousands of people began re-establishing their lives on the flat, stable land by SH1. With a modern population of almost 30,000, that means enough work for a number of Jim’s Mowing franchisees.

‘I spent several days on the job with the Rolleston franchisee followed by three days training at Jim’s Mowing in Auckland,’ recalls Sebastian.

‘Becoming a Jim means learning how to introduce yourself to potential clients, how to be a team player, and learning the various systems and procedures for running your own business – as well as how to represent the Jim’s brand in the community.’

The Jim’s Mowing Pay for Work promise guarantees new franchisees will receive at least $1200 of work per week. ‘Taking over some existing clients meant that I was immediately earning more than that, but it was good to know it was there if I needed it,’ says Sebastian.

‘And the support never stops. Even after five years, I still get a lot out of two-monthly team meetings where it’s great to catch up with more experienced franchisees and learn from them. There are also monthly catch-ups with my regional franchisor, and even access to Jim Penman himself. I’ve emailed him a few times and he’s responded almost immediately.’

Unlimited potential

The Jim’s Mowing franchise is not just mowing lawns on domestic and commercial properties: it can also include weeding, hedge trimming, irrigation, pruning, landscaping, rubbish removal and gutter cleaning services. Sebastian has a mix of clients, mostly residential, although commercial clients now account for 35-40 percent of his business. Whatever franchisees choose to do makes no difference to the franchise fee or fixed rate royalty payment.

‘Being able to set your own working hours is another big benefit,’ Sebastian says with relief. ‘I used to work around 60 hours on farms; now I work 36 hours for a similar income, and none of the stress. That gives me plenty of time for the family, and also the opportunity to get properly involved in the community.

‘For me, the grass is definitely greener as a Jim!’

Make a change for the better

In 2024, Jim’s Mowing is celebrating 30 years in New Zealand. The company is still growing, and has new and existing opportunities nationwide with customers waiting.

‘We’re looking for self-motivated, customer-focused people who want to run their own successful business,’ says Stephen Kirby, Jim’s Group NZ Manager. ‘We provide support and assistance every step of the way to help you build your business to the level of income that you want while working the hours that suit you.

‘If, like Sebastian, you want to make a change for the better, give us a call.’

Opportunity: Home Services Former farm worker thrives as Jim’s Mowing franchisee THE GRASS
Jim’s Mowing Contact Stephen Kirby P 0800 454 654 Advertiser Info


Top names to take centre stage at connectXperience – the 2024 National Franchise Conference

Two of the biggest names in US franchising will be in Tauranga this July to participate in the National Franchise Conference.

Mary Kennedy Thompson is Chief Operating Officer of Neighborly, one of the world’s largest home services companies with 19 brands and 5,800 franchises serving over 10 million customers across 9 countries. Those brands include Mosquito Joe, Mr Rooter Plumbing, Real Property Management and Window Genie.

Mary served eight years in the US Marine Corps as a logistics officer. She entered franchising almost 30 years ago as a multi-unit franchisee at Cookies by Design, leading the company in market penetration and sales, and earning numerous top-performer awards. After selling her businesses, Mary joined the corporate headquarters to build Cookies by Design’s field support programme, eventually leading the brand as its president. She joined Neighborly in 2006.

The USA’s International Franchise Association (IFA) awarded Mary with the William Rosenberg Foundation Leadership Award in 2023 for her outstanding contributions and leadership in advancing the mission of

the IFA Educational Foundation. She currently serves as an IFA board member as well as being the 2024 Chair-Elect, and will talk about Leading with Purpose.

Matt Haller is President & CEO of the International Franchise Association. Under his leadership, IFA has seen annual double-digit revenue increases that have led to a significant increase in member value as a result of new programmes and services to support franchising.

Matt continues to defend the franchise business model vigorously through IFA’s advocacy, taking on the tough challenges facing the franchise community. Through lobbying, coalition building, grassroots, research, and communications, Matt and the IFA government relations team have a long-standing record of protecting franchising. In recent years, they have successfully staved off the joint employer threat, negotiated a major compromise to protect franchise businesses in California, and ensured franchises were eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program and other relief efforts during the pandemic.

Learn from the best

‘We are delighted to be hosting both Mary and Matt at the National Franchise Conference,’ says Robyn Pickerill, CEO of the Franchise Association of New Zealand. ‘It’s a rare opportunity for franchisors, master franchisees and franchise advisors to discuss the challenges and

20 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
Matt Haller Mary Kennedy Thompson
Franchise Association News

opportunities expected over the next few years, and to learn from those who are leading the way in the USA.’

The 2024 Conference will take place from Sunday 28 to Tuesday 30 July at Baypark in Tauranga. This year’s theme is connectXperience – where making connections and sharing experiences take centre stage. Earlybird tickets go on sale on 29 April.

Apart from the US visitors, keynote speakers will include Greg Nathan, the man who literally wrote the book on managing the franchisor/ franchisee relationship. There will also be round tables, panels, networking opportunities and workshops catering to differing areas of interest for franchise support office personnel.

‘The Conference is your chance to engage with industry leaders and likeminded professionals,’ says Robyn. ‘With years of collective franchise knowledge, each connection is an opportunity to gain valuable insights. Emerging franchisors, this your chance to connect with experienced franchisors and advisors and get answers to those challenging questions to help you on your way.

‘Expand your network, hone your skills and immerse yourself in professional growth at connectXperience 2024.’

Last year’s Conference was attended by over 200 people, and more keynote speakers and topics will be announced in the coming weeks. Go to for more details.

Awards 2024

Entries open on 19 April for the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. Now in their 29th year, the Awards recognise and celebrate the very best of franchising in New Zealand. They also provide franchise systems, franchisees and specialist service providers with the opportunity to reflect on achievements, identify strengths and weaknesses, and receive feedback from a panel of respected franchising and business leaders.

‘Franchisees, this is your year to shine – we have categories especially for you,’ Robyn says. ‘If you are proud of what you have achieved, how you engage with your customers and serve your local community, if you’re a franchisor with franchisees who are beating sales records or bringing on young teams, get involved with the Awards.’

Entry is open to all members of FANZ and franchisees of members – see the website for more details.

Reminder on employment issues

FANZ is in regular contact with MBIE and the Labour Inspectorate, who are keen to encourage franchisors to educate franchisees on correct employment practices. ‘In the interest of your brand and all your franchisees, it’s wise to have procedures in place to ensure that your entire network is compliant,’ says Robyn.

‘MBIE has a very informative website at with resources for the employers’ role and obligations, as well as resources for vetting prospective franchisees and franchisors. We encourage all franchisors to share this with your franchisees.’

New members

The Franchise Association has been the voice of franchising in New Zealand since 1996. It operates a self-regulatory framework which protects franchisees and franchisors alike, and provides members with the credibility that comes from its Code of Practice.

The latest members to join are:

• Eden Exchange (t/a Franchise New Zealand media)

• Spot X Cleaning

FANZ members are clearly marked in the Directory at the back of this magazine, starting on page 68.

Events Calendar

19 April

8 May

14 June

9 November

The event calendar is regularly updated, so for the latest details of what’s on around the country, please visit the Franchise Association website at, email contact@franchise. or phone 0-9-274 2901.

National Awards registrations and submissions
Auckland FANZ
National Awards entries close
National Awards registrations close 28-30
Tauranga National Franchise Conference
5 July
Auckland Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards


The hardest part of owning a Speed Queen self-service laundromat is deciding how you will spend your “work” day.

If you are looking for a truly passive income with an excellent return on investment, get in touch to fnd out more about Speed Queen laundromats.

0800 77 333 7 |

Live life

Speed Queen-equipped laundromats deliver impressive returns for investors

Shaneel Kumar fits more hours in the day than most people. In addition to his career in health & safety, he also volunteers with St John and the Red Cross, and serves the community as a Justice of the Peace. Oh, and he’s recently started a thriving laundromat business on the side. ‘Hopefully, my laundromat will allow me to give up my day job and concentrate on volunteering,’ Shaneel smiles.

Shaneel’s business came about after he started looking at buying a house. ‘Within the same development was the option for a commercial space, and I thought, “Why don’t I invest in a business instead?”

‘With a full-time job, I looked for something that could run pretty much on its own. A café would be a huge commitment and I’d need to be fully involved, so I rejected that. But the idea of a laundromat quickly grabbed me – I reckoned it was an ideal spot with a semi-captive market, and my research for equipment led me to Speed Queen.’

Helping set up successful businesses

Speed Queen has been manufacturing commercial laundry equipment for over a century, and combines robust reliability with the latest technology to enable investors to maximise their return from each machine they install.

‘We are not a franchise – every owner trades under their own brand – but we are much more than just an equipment supplier,’ explains Royce Little, Speed Queen’s laundromat sales manager.

‘We help people set up successful businesses by providing lots of support, including help with everything from site selection to design, building consents and fit-out.

‘We have equipped over fifty outlets in the last two years and can offer cash-free operation and online management software which lets you stay on top of your business from anywhere in the world. Our speciallydeveloped customer apps increase efficient use of the machines as well as building customer loyalty.

‘All this means you can invest with confidence in your business then sit back and relax – or, like Shaneel, get on with other interests – while enjoying the rewards as the machines work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.’

Proven formula

One of the keys to building a successful laundromat is finding the right location, and Speed Queen have a proven formula to assess the suitability of any site for demographics, parking, accessibility and many other factors. ‘It’s never let us down and, in Shaneel’s case, it confirmed he’d found the right spot,’ says Royce. ‘His Takanini laundromat is in a growth area, right where the customers are, easily accessible and with plenty of parking.

‘Parking is critical as people have to carry baskets of laundry from the car, so very few if any of our laundromats are sited on busy high streets. We’re a destination business so less-expensive sites with adequate parking are ideal – Shaneel’s is surrounded by houses with a dairy and a nail salon alongside.’

Remarkably easy

Shaneel spent a lot of time visiting other laundromats trying to visualise how his might look and work. ‘I found it quite hard to imagine,’ he admits, ‘but Speed Queen have clever software that does 3D layouts and enables the maximum number of machines to be fitted into the minimum of space in the perfect combination to ensure it would be a sound investment. The results were excellent.

‘The whole set-up and fit-out process was remarkably easy. Speed Queen put me in touch with a finance company which knows the business inside-out and understands the model. They were very comfortable, and I was able to open for business in November 2022.

‘It’s been growing ever since. I get new customers coming in every week, many recommended by friends or family. Many have come much longer distances than you’d think and passed a couple of other laundromats en route. Word of mouth does work!’

Maximising a good investment

So what is the key to the Takanini Laundromat’s success? ‘I keep it clean, tidy and inviting,’ says Shaneel. ‘Everything is very bright, with LED lighting and stainless steel counters. Then there is the personal touch – 60 percent of my customers know me, and the resounding feedback is, “We come because your place is clean.”

‘That’s nice to hear, because I do the cleaning myself at the moment. I really enjoy being in the premises occasionally and meeting my customers, although like many Speed Queen owners I will get a cleaner in eventually so I can do more of the things that are important to me, like St John. After my first year it’s looking promising and I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good investment.’

Royce says that, ‘With Speed Queen behind you, you can replicate what Shaneel has achieved. This is a near-perfect passive investment opportunity with returns in the region of 20-30 percent – some owners are doing even better than that. A medium-sized investment is between $250,000 and $300,000, with a deposit required of $75-100,000.

‘To find out more, give me a call. We have opportunities all over New Zealand.’

Opportunity: Retail
Making money 24/7
Speed Queen Contact Royce Little P 0-9-528 5600 Advertiser Info
Clean, tidy and inviting: Shaneel’s Takanini Laundromat


How can embracing sustainability benefit franchisors and franchisees, as well as the planet?

With the drive towards sustainability continuing apace, franchisors, existing / potential franchisees, and the wider public care more than ever about the impact a business has on the planet. Last year, the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards introduced a category for Excellence in Sustainability for the first time. It’s an indication how important the issue has become for franchise brands and franchise buyers alike.

According to, making your business more sustainable is about looking at what you do, what you buy, and how you use and dispose of things. Customers are increasingly expecting their favourite brands to take a responsible approach to the environment and, with last year’s weather events still top of mind, to do their bit towards addressing climate change. Brands are also coming under increased scrutiny from the media, industry partners, organisations and their own employees.

In many ways, franchises are ideally positioned to do this. While supply chain management and system development are handled by specialists at the franchisor end, the actual delivery of the products or services is handled by franchisees – local business owners who can have a real impact in the communities they serve. They can ‘think global, act local’, as the old saying puts it.

All this means that if your franchise embraces sustainable practices, you can both preserve our planet and power a profitable business. In addition to doing your bit for the environment, you can also boost reputation, loyalty, and generate advocacy for your brand.

But true sustainability is about much more than supermarkets removing single-use plastic bags, or cafés switching from plastic straws to paper ones. We talked to the winners of the inaugural Excellence in Sustainability Award to find out more.

Thinking ahead

Paramount Services has been recognised for its pioneering work in sustainability spanning several decades – founder Galvin Bartlett was outlining the commercial cleaning franchise’s environmental initiatives

24 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
Franchise Development
Experts in nationwide franchise signage. Try, buy and brand workwear and apparel all in one place. From design to installation, we offer a complete signage solution to ensure your franchisees are brand compliant, right throughout the country. Trade Show Displays | Neon & 3D Letters | Illuminated Signs | Banners Vehicle Graphics | Building Signage | Digital Signs | Retail Signs | Safety Signs We make it easy for franchisors, with both physical showrooms and online ordering for your franchisees. Caps & Hats | Corporate Wear | Promotional Products | Jackets & Vests Healthcare | T-Shirts | Polo Shirts | Safety Wear | Sportswear | Hospitality DEAL WITH ONE PERSON AND ENSURE BRAND CONSISTENCY ACROSS YOUR NETWORK For all your branding needs, call our National Accounts Manager, Peter Smythe 021 993 800 NZFranchise-91x273-BlackSpeedy.indd 1 2/11/2022 11:47:36 am

in Franchise New Zealand magazine over 20 years ago. Today, Avi Rao, one of the company’s directors and Sustainability Lead for Paramount, praises Galvin’s vision, which he says paved the way for the franchise to position itself as an early adopter of sustainable practices in New Zealand.

‘Sustainability has been at the forefront of what we do because Galvin has always been ahead of the game,’ says Avi. ‘We were the first New Zealand commercial cleaning company to go palm oil and microbeadfree, and we have continued our commitment to minimising our environmental impact – and that of our clients – since the mid-1990s.’

Engaging KPMG as advisors, Paramount set about an ambitious target in 2019. ‘We wanted to become carbon neutral by 2025, and they helped us come up with a plan which involved compiling a detailed carbon inventory through a significant screening tool to assess all the carbon we needed to be charting.’

Avi sees this work as falling under four banners: chemicals, waste-tolandfill diversion, climate change, and having a holistic approach to sustainability across the business. It paid off: the concerted investment of time and energy has seen Paramount Services gain Toitū net carbon zero certification.

‘It takes a lot of offsetting,’ Avi explains. ‘We believe we need to keep ourselves honest in that space and we are very serious about achieving carbon neutral status.’

Action on the ground

In looking for ways to reduce the company’s environmental footprint for itself and its franchisees, as well as its clients, Paramount has introduced organic waste recycling; champions EV vehicles and charging points throughout its network; focuses on landfill waste diversion and wastewater reduction; and is an advocate for sustainability.

The future-thinking franchise has engaged in significant research to ensure its sustainability credentials span all aspects of the business. It also prides itself on partnering with its commercial clients to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Working with its supply partners, Paramount Services has created its own Paramount Care range of cleaning products to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Used by all franchisees to create a credible, consistent approach to eco-friendly cleaning, these products have Environmental Choice Accreditation. The company also introduced a Brush No Flush system for wastewater reduction, which requires fewer toilet flushes during the cleaning process. Little things like this can have a surprisingly big effect across a large franchise.

‘This alone is helping Westpac save 3.58 million litres of water across its New Zealand sites annually,’ Avi is proud to share.

Bringing clients along with them on the sustainability path isn’t always simple, however, he says. ‘While Westpac are keen to adopt new ideas, with others it can be an exercise in patience,’ Avi smiles. ‘As much as we want to do our bit to change the world for the better, it’s sometimes a slow process to convince clients to share in that philosophy.’

And sustainability is about more than being green. Avi is also proud of the progress Paramount is making in its support of ensuring Kiwis are paid a ‘living wage’ – something he sees as an important part of the bigger picture. ‘We offer our clients a costing model which is about reallocating more to all the hard-working people who are out there making it happen.

‘It’s about building relationships and collaboration among everyone involved, but we have a strategy, and we provide transparency. We also have a compliance team with their fingers on the pulse to ensure that all these benefits are actually being delivered at site level.’

The importance of being honest

Doing what you say you do is vital. ‘Greenwashing’ is a word that has the power to do great damage to any brand. Suggesting that your product or service delivers a greater level of positive environmental impact (or lower level of negative impact) than it actually has, can create mistrust, customer loss and negative publicity.

It can also lead to legal action, as was evidenced in the first greenwashing claim lodged in a New Zealand court late last year by lawyers for a group comprising Climate Action New Zealand, Consumer New Zealand and the Environmental Law Initiative. The action claims Z Energy breached the Fair Trading Act 1986 by misleading the public with its environmental messaging. Z Energy denies the claim. Lawyers suggest a High Court ruling in their favour would both hold Z Energy accountable and clarify the law on greenwashing in this country.

Read more about the dangers of greenwashing – and the associated concept of ‘greenhushing’ – on page 27.

Strong selling point

When you can prove your sustainability credentials, as Paramount has, it can be a strong selling point when it comes to attracting franchisees, in Avi’s experience. ‘When a brand is out there, being successful, with excellent systems and innovations, people want to come on board. If you have sustainability as such a high priority, that’s another enticement for people to join us. It’s not just about generating more business: it adds to the offering. it adds to the feel-good flavour.’

The judges in the 2023 Franchise Awards said that Paramount, ‘… demonstrated an understanding of sustainability, and an impressive commitment to all areas of it, from sourcing products, through to supporting their team and franchisees.’

Looking ahead, Avi says Paramount will work tirelessly to ensure the company achieves renewal of its Toitū Net Carbon Zero Organisation certification – an annual process requiring concerted effort across the business. He also feels a focus on ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) reporting will help inform, solidify, and further accelerate Paramount’s progress on sustainability. ‘We’re looking at how we can achieve even more impactful social outcomes in the diversity space, as well as environmental areas.

‘We see ourselves as waving the franchise flag in the sustainability field. It’s about inspiring people and inspiring the whole franchise community to join us on this journey.’


Over the last few years, there has been a major focus on greenwashing – misleading environmental claims that businesses make about themselves and/or their products to represent themselves as more sustainable than they truly are.

Environmental claims have been a priority for the Commerce Commission, and businesses have been educating themselves about avoiding greenwashing and the damage it can cause, whether through fines or negative publicity for their brand and reputation.

What is greenhushing?

While businesses focus on avoiding greenwashing, those efforts have given rise to concerns about “greenhushing”. This is where businesses are hesitant to promote their climate initiatives as they are worried about scrutiny by the public. Some businesses are reportedly halting their climate initiatives altogether, or choosing to keep quiet about their sustainability goals, to avoid being criticised for not doing enough. Unfortunately, this can lead to businesses missing important opportunities to share their sustainability progress and goals with customers.

Greenhushing may be particularly problematic for franchise networks, especially if some franchisees are greenhushing sustainability initiatives while others are not. This can lead to inconsistency across the franchise and make it more difficult and confusing for both franchisors and franchisees to communicate their sustainability efforts openly.

Take action

Franchisors and franchisees need to strike the right balance between avoiding both greenwashing and greenhushing. Customers and other stakeholders (such as suppliers) are attracted to sustainability efforts and, if the right balance is struck, this can help grow demand for the business, improve brand reputation in the market and influence others to contribute positively to the sustainability movement. Our best tips are:

• Revisit the franchise’s sustainability strategy and ensure it sets realistic sustainability targets that the franchise network can commit to;

• Be accurate and transparent about any sustainability claims and the network’s sustainability progress to date;

• Effectively communicate the sustainability strategy to the whole franchise network;

• Upskill franchisees and staff to understand the strategy through further training and keeping operations manuals up to date;

• Consider obtaining sustainability certifications (eg. the internationallyrecognised B Corp process) to give customers confidence;

• Closely monitor that the sustainability strategy is consistently communicated to customers across the network by franchisees.

Law firm Wynn Williams encourages franchise networks to proudly promote their climate initiatives as an important tool to convey the values of the franchised brand and build trust with customers. Its experienced team can advise and assist with reviewing product packaging, branding and marketing collateral to avoid greenwashing and help you to confidently promote your business’s sustainability strategies.

Wynn Williams Contact Katrina Hammon P 09 300 2647 M 021 221 8847 katrina.hammon@ Advertiser Info NZ Enquiries: P: +64 887 9444 ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH with a future proof franchise business at DELIVER THE DIFFERENCE WITH PACK & SEND Find out how the PACK & SEND franchise system can bring your business dreams to life. Contact us now! Join PACK & SEND, a globally recognised franchise with a dynamic business model equipped to provide 5-star solutions to the parcel, freight and logistics markets. Extensive national network (and growing) L Multiple revenue streams L L Asset light business model – No fleet of vans or large warehouse required Part of the $3 billion+ parcel industry L SCAN TO ENQUIRE Franchise Management
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VOIDECK® is an innovative new safety product now available in the New Zealand construction industry. It was awarded the New Zealand Workplace Safety Award for innovation in 2020.

The VOIDECK® system eliminates the risk of workers falling from internal voids on construction sites.

Because the VOIDECK® working platform is suspended off the building structure there are no obstructions or hazards for workers above or below the void. This also

ensures the best utilisation of clear working space, which is often at a premium in small builds.

Since its introduction to the Wellington Region in 2020 there have been no workplace injuries related to falls from heights where the VOIDECK® system has been installed, ensuring that everyone working on our void platforms returns to their families unharmed at the end of each working day.

VOIDECK® temporary void platform franchises are now available nationally.

If you have construction industry experience and are committed to improving safety in the industry, register your interest today to become involved in the growth of this multi award winning, innovative void protection system.

Please contact us at Jury - 0212 864 335


Franchises planning conferences and events around New Zealand can experience something out of the ordinary with a special offer from EVT Hotels & Resorts

One of the benefits of buying a franchise is the community you join – there is always someone you can talk to who can empathise with your experiences, celebrate your successes or commiserate when something goes wrong. That’s why it’s important for franchisors to bring their teams together in person on a local, regional, or national level, to keep morale high, ensure everyone is working towards the same goals and stay connected as a business.

‘There is an art to delivering events that inspire, reward and galvanise teams,’ says Tracy Martin, National Director of Sales & Marketing, New Zealand, for EVT Resorts & Hotels. ‘People want to feel that coming together has an impact and clear purpose, and differs from business-asusual. To make the most of any event, small or large, you need to have the right location, the right venue, the right atmosphere and the right support team. And that’s where EVT Hotels & Resorts come in.

‘This year, EVT is kicking things up a notch and offering added value to every conference booking.’

Options for every budget, industry and location

EVT has a range of properties around New Zealand that can accommodate anything from an intimate team meeting to a large national conference of 500 attendees. Their brands include QT Hotels and Resorts, Rydges Hotels and Resorts, Atura, The Independent Collection and LyLo.

‘This means that there are options fit for every budget, industry and location,’ says Tracy. ‘Across EVT, there are properties in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, and the group can also offer access to sister hotels in Australia and Singapore for conferences, meetings or incentives.’

With Conference and Events specialists at each property, EVT has built a strong reputation in the industry for executing high-quality functions and providing incredible service and value, delivering everything from small team gathering to multi-day trade shows. The nature of EVT venues means guests can work, stay and eat on-site, with exceptional food and beverage offerings and quality accommodation.

The personal touch

Each property in EVT prides itself on offering a personalised approach to event organisers and guests alike. ‘We’re a company that knows customers and communities,’ says Tracy. ‘That means we can work with local and national organisations to give franchises the elevated experience they are looking for.’

For 2024, EVT has something new to offer the market – a package designed exclusively for conference and event organisers called Your Event, Elevated.

‘Book an event at any of our properties in 2024 and we’ll gift you 10 percent of the booking cost to spend on selected upgrades,’ says Tracy. ‘It’s a way for us to add value back to the client whilst supporting local businesses. It’s a great way to elevate your event by locking in those extra ‘surprises and delights’ you might not have otherwise been able to justify.’ The offer applies to any booked event, from a half-day meeting to a three-day conference.

‘Whether you want to add a welcome cocktail party to set the scene for your event, an extra dish to your awards dinner, reward and incentivise franchisees with room nights, or simply make sure coffees are taken care of, our team have plenty of ideas to help you create a package for your brand that makes the event one to remember.

‘Raise the bar with quirky luxe and be surrounded by inspiring artwork at QT Hotels and Resorts; impress with a slick event complemented by fantastic fare that celebrates local suppliers with Rydges Hotels and Resorts; get down to business in the heart of Wellington with Atura; immerse your team in the community with longer stays at The Independent Collection such as the Museum Apartment Hotel; or enjoy iconic scenery and budget-friendly accommodation at one of LyLo’s three locations.

‘Whatever takes your fancy, this is your opportunity to put “above and beyond” on the agenda.’

Central point of contact

Tracy says, ‘Regardless of your needs, we offer a centralised point of contact so that you can access the facilities across the whole group and build a relationship with the EVT team. We can assess your priorities and tailor-make packages to suit your franchise.

‘Get in touch and we’ll make sure it’s Your Event, Elevated.’

Advertiser Info

EVT Hotels & Resorts

Contact Sikati Felise

National Business Development Manager – New Zealand

M 021 496 584


Benefits of Franchising

In New Zealand we have over 600 franchise systems, making us one of the most franchised markets in the world per capita. There are no guarantees in business, but with a recognised and established franchise like Streetwise Coffee, you’re on the right track.

ASB and Franchising

Our specialist franchise team has been proudly assisting franchisees and franchisors in New Zealand since 2003. With three full-time franchise specialists, we have over 25 years experience in franchising combined. The team assists ASB’s Business Managers throughout the country who are ready to listen and help you achieve your business ambitions.

Funding and Transaction Banking

In some cases, ASB can fund up to 100% of the ingoing costs to purchase your franchise. This can be achieved where you have sufficient equity in property that you own, or a mixture of cash, equity and some funding against the business value itself.

ASB will provide a competitive offer that will include:

• A local Business Manager that understands your business to assist with the transaction

• A broad suite of business lending products designed to meet your funding requirements

• Competitive interest rates and fees

• A user friendly online banking platform with excellent functionality and integration with most cloud based accounting software

The Process

1. Discuss your needs with an ASB Senior Franchise Manager

2. Introduction to a local Business Manager

3. Complete a Business Loan Application

4. Credit Assessment process begins

5. Business Manager advises outcome

What next?

Simply contact Rohann to get started.

Rohann Dobbin

Senior Franchise Manager

021 942 178

ASB Bank Limited 56180 26812 0324 ASB’s lending criteria and terms apply.


Over summer, the whole Franchise New Zealand team took a break in Otago, one of the most beautiful parts of this beautiful country. And there was one landmark we were particularly keen to visit – Big Fig. The Wanaka eatery has an almost fanatical following, as we have discovered since first covering their franchising plans last year. But could it live up to the hype? We made an incognito visit to find out and discovered that yes, dear reader, it could. As a result, the first franchisees to take Big Fig to other parts of the country will find even more fans waiting for them.

Big Fig opened in 2016 under the slogan slow food, served fast. Owned by Lebanese sisters and based on home cooking recipes, its hot and cold display cabinets are filled with Middle Eastern meat- and plant-based dishes: delicious slow-cooked meats, tagines, braises, pilaffs, salads and more, all ready-to-go. ‘Customers simply choose a plate size and tell us how they’d like their plate filled,’ says Chrissie Lahood, one of the founders. As our team can confirm, it’s all delicious.

Good systems and good food

But a business has to be about more than its menu if it’s to become a successful franchise. Calling in on a café in a tourist town over Christmas week is a bit of an unfair test of anybody’s systems but, despite a queue

We had the big plates!

that stretched to the doorway, Big Fig could take it. After hours of rush the staff were still smiling, the kitchen was constantly refreshing the cabinets, and the customers were happy. And it’s those years of experience, as well as the brand’s reputation, that Big Fig is franchising.

‘The Big Fig package doesn’t just offer a great concept and delicious recipes, but all of the systems, tech and support needed to run and grow a successful food business,’ says Chrissie’s sister Karen. ‘We brought in the award-winning team at Franchize Consultants to develop the franchise model, and now we are looking for the right people to share Big Fig with passionate fans all over the country.

‘Depending on the location and premises, people can get started for anything from $150,000 to $450,000.’

See for yourself

While many food concepts come and go, Big Fig has a long track record of success – despite the havoc in the hospitality and tourist industries caused by the pandemic. Having eaten there ourselves, it’s easy to see why.

We sent Chrissie some photos of us enjoying our lunch. ‘Is that the big plates you’ve got there?’ she asked. ‘Er… it all looked so delicious, we couldn’t resist,’ we confessed. So yes, believe the hype.

Contact Karen Lahood to find out more – or go to Wanaka and see for yourself.

Big Fig

Contact Karen Lahood

M 027 902 6593 Advertiser

Fig’s fans want you to open a franchise near
Opportunity: Food & Beverage
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100% behind Your Local Community & You

Locally Owned. Friendly People. Great Advice.

As a cooperative-franchise, Paper Plus combines the expertise and support of a large, nationally recognised brand, with your entrepreneurial drive and a passion for retail, to create a successful, long term business.

Paper Plus and its members are more than just business partners, together in towns and cities throughout New Zealand, we’re a key part of communities, schools and local businesses.

Member opportunities available nationwide.

Talk to us about whether a Paper Plus cooperative-franchise is right for you


Philip Morrison has evaluated more franchises than most. Here he shares some of his experience

Whenever I tell anyone that I’m a specialist franchise accountant, I always get asked the same question: ‘What’s a good franchise to buy, then? You must know, you’ll have seen heaps.’

Well, yes, I have seen hundreds of different franchises, and I’ve seen thousands of different franchise buyers, too. And that’s why my answer is always rather unsatisfactory:

‘It depends.’

You see, what defines a ‘good’ franchise depends as much on the individual buyer as on the franchise itself. Everyone has different skills, everyone wants different things from a business, and everyone’s financial profile is unique to them. That means what works for one person may not work for another.

Benefits and drawbacks

Franchising offers a lot of potential benefits for a new business buyer. You’ll be selected for your ability to run the business; trained how to run it successfully; given proven systems to follow; benefit from group buying power and group marketing; and have ongoing support to help you maximise sales and profitability.

But at the same time, any business – franchised or not – has risks, and you have to evaluate those, too. You also have to be aware that franchises have some specific limitations: you can’t usually change the system or the products to suit your own desires, you may have a limited marketing area and, of course, you will have to pay ongoing fees in one way or another to fund that support.

Whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages is something you need to weigh up with the help of an experienced professional advisor.

Unicorns don’t exist

Of course, what everybody is ideally looking for is a high reward, no-risk business. I’m sorry to tell you that, like unicorns, they don’t exist. If you want no risk, put your money in the bank or in government bonds, but be prepared to get a very low rate of return. As the old saying goes, ‘Without risk there is not, and cannot be, any reward.’

It’s therefore important that, when choosing a franchise, you have realistic expectations around risk and reward and can find a balance that you are comfortable with. As far as the risk side goes, there are two areas to consider: your own level of comfort with risk, and the risk profile of the business you are looking at.

Your appetite for risk

If you haven’t been self-employed before, moving from the ‘safe haven’ of a job to the excitement and uncertainty of owning your own business can involve a major leap of faith. It can be a time of great personal growth when you leave your comfort zone and put your trust in your own abilities. If you are buying a franchise, you are also putting your trust in the franchise system, people and process.

Buying a business is often the second-biggest financial decision you’ll make after buying a house – and it could be larger. So you need to

apply a mix of logic (facts and figures) and emotion (fear, joy, anxiety, excitement) to your decision. You also need to be honest about your appetite for risk.

Someone with an extreme Risk Averse profile will look for a ‘no risk’ proposition where they can guarantee or control all of the elements in the business mix: elements that will work perfectly and generate predefined, predictable and stable financial rewards.

Someone with an extreme Risk Taker profile won’t worry about that –they will believe that they can cope with whatever happens and if it doesn’t work out, so what?

I just wish I’d listened

As an advisor, one of the most worrying things I hear is when someone says to me, ‘I thought I’d better get you to look over the figures, but my mind is pretty much made up and I’m going to buy this business anyway.’ That’s a reckless Risk Taker for sure – and, all too often, the outcome is a remorseful client saying, a while after, ‘I know you told me – I just wish I’d listened.’

But the opposite also happens. If someone proceeds in buying the franchise while still feeling extreme anxiety, their focus on the new business can be hampered by sleeplessness or health issues. That’s a tell-tale warning sign that not enough homework was done to mitigate their concerns.

Most people, of course, fall somewhere on the line between these two extremes. They are comfortable with a certain level of risk, but no more – and they also want a certain level of security. The trick is to ensure that you are comfortable with the level of risk involved, and have done the necessary homework (and taken the right advice) to have a clear picture of what the business involves and what you need to achieve over what timeframe in order to succeed.

How risky is the business?

New Zealanders have a big appetite for franchise businesses, both as franchisees and as customers. But not all franchise businesses are

Buying a Franchise

created equal. With new franchise systems coming on the market almost every week, there is an abundance of choice.

Some are new models from overseas; others are home-grown. Some suit owner-operators, others suit investors. Some are proven brands, others are new to the market. And even within a franchise network, some areas will perform better than others. Is that down to the location or the franchisee? It’s good to find that out before you buy, especially if you are purchasing an existing area. Could you do as well – or better?

Franchises available now. Do you want to earn $100,000+ per year? The amount will depend on your efforts.

Have you been thinking of a career change or owning your own business? Are you tired of making money for your boss instead of yourself? We are offering the right candidates the opportunity to invest in a turnkey franchise business focusing on the huge demand for home building inspections.

We provide complete training and qualification along with uniform, equipment, systems, marketing support and insurance. No formal qualifications or experience are required to join. Although certification is not yet mandatory in New Zealand all our inspectors will be trained and fully qualified to the same standard as the certified inspectors operating in USA & Canada.

We are seeking independent contractors to work in some of our franchises. Become part of an international franchise network of around 200 inspectors.

Call or email us now to request more information.

A proper detailed analysis is required. Is it a viable proposition, will it make money, and what are the chances of losing your capital or getting your money out? These are important questions that a financial analysis or pre-purchase evaluation should cover. To do so, you will need to know what to look for, what questions to ask, and what the risk analysis and profile shows. That is where experienced franchise advisors are worth seeking out.

Sometimes, new franchise concepts genuinely are the ‘next big thing’ to come to market, and it will pay you to get in early and take the best locations while they are still available (and before the price goes up). Other times, they may involve a certain amount of wishful thinking, so getting help in evaluating the business risk is important.

What to look for

Here’s an example from when we evaluated a brand-new franchise system coming to market. They were recruiting their first franchisee, so our profiling identified that there was a potentially high risk that needed to be mitigated. What did we look for?

• The franchisor had invested in taking good advice from reputable industry advisors and lawyers in building the franchise – so it wasn’t a DIY franchise system cobbled together.

• The company had been in business over five years and was profitable – so it had a strong financial base. You could draw the conclusion that they were going to be resilient and in business for the long term.

• The franchise had taken time to run two pilot operations over two years to prove the business model in different locations before it started to recruit franchisees, so they weren’t testing it out on the first franchisee.

34 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01

These factors provide some risk mitigation to potential franchise buyers, and give you a taste of the types of things you would consider when balancing risk versus reward. An existing brand with a proven track record would also demand analysis, but the questions are different. Is the brand still in a growth phase, or has it passed its peak? How well has it adapted to changes demanded by new technology or growing competition?

A good advisor will ask all these questions and a lot more. Don’t be tempted to cut corners on taking advice, and beware of buying a franchise on its reputation alone. A good reputation certainly helps, but any investment requires that you carry out proper financial due diligence.

A balanced scorecard

Getting the balance right between risk and reward is the tightrope you always walk when buying a business.

We call this having a balanced scorecard, and it comes from doing your homework, undertaking full due diligence, identifying risks and assessing possible rewards so that you can make a fully-informed decision. Some of the elements on your scorecard will be around the amount of risk capital you put up to purchase the franchise business versus the expected returns. You can never eliminate risk entirely, so the aim is to find a balance that matches your personal comfort level.

The following examples are in general terms to provide a rough guide. They are not comprehensive, and have been simplified to illustrate general concepts. A good advisor will include many more elements.

Example 1 (an established brand or business)

This shows that risk capital of $500,000 is required and potentially generates a 10% return.

Typically, we would see a return of 10% as being at the lower end of the spectrum. You could say it’s just ‘buying a job’ and deem the returns too low for the capital invested; however this could be balanced by a reduced risk profile and/or marketplace evidence that businesses of this type are very saleable. In these circumstances, it may be that the increased likelihood of getting your money back or making a capital gain upon sale would offset the low returns.

Example 2 (a new start-up)

This shows that risk capital of $200,000 is required and potentially generates a 25% return. Typically, we would see this level of return as being more attractive; however, there may be increased risk from a new brand or location.

Another factor that might reduce your appetite for the higher return is, for example, if this business worked anti-social hours and meant you never saw your family in the evenings or at weekends. Is that a trade-off you would be prepared to accept? This last point is important because it demonstrates that calculating risk versus reward isn’t just about money – it can be a mix of financial and non-financial measures.

Making the call

When weighing up the risk versus reward of a franchise business purchase, you can never eliminate risk completely. As the above shows, however, how much risk is acceptable to you depends on a range of variables.

If it’s your first time owning a business, then not knowing what you don’t know can increase that risk. Whether it’s a small home services franchise or a million-dollar restaurant, it will always pay to seek out help.

Experienced franchise advisors, accountants, lawyers and bankers are part of the process of creating a balanced scorecard for your assessment. After all, the less you worry about, the more time and energy you’ll have for building your new business and living the life you want. That’s what buying a franchise should be all about.

About the Author



35 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS Harshad Shiba is known for his specialist expertise in franchise law having advised many of New Zealand’s leading franchise brands over his 18-year career. A: Level 10, 43 High Street, CBD, Auckland P: + 64 9 302 0070 W: E: Your business is unique. Allow it to flourish with bespoke, targeted legal advice. We work with a small but select client base enabling us to deliver meticulous advice and strategy designed to meet your commercial objectives. BESPOKE
( Reward) Risk Capital $500,000 Earnings to owner
Return on Funds Invested
Risk Capital
Earnings to owner
Return on Funds Invested 25%
Elements Return ( Reward)
principal of Franchise Accountants, a specialist accounting practice which has worked with over 250 different franchise brands throughout New Zealand.
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Early birds for The Local Guys reap benefits – and a guaranteed return

Some people know a good opportunity when they see it – but they don’t always like to be first off the block. Twelve months ago, Noel Ovington became just the second Test & Tag franchisee with The Local Guys in Sydney, and that opened the floodgates. ‘When I joined, the franchise wasn’t doing any advertising in NSW because one franchisee couldn’t handle all the work that was coming in,’ explains Noel. ‘With six of us now, the business is racing ahead. I made the right choice.’

It’s a story that’s very relevant to New Zealand. The Local Guys launched its Test & Tag service here last year, and work is already flooding in. That means opportunities for franchisees all over the country to enjoy the same rapid growth as Noel.

Demand for The Local Guys Test & Tag service is driven by Health and Safety regulations, which require the testing and tagging of most electrical equipment in the commercial sector every year, six months or even three months. However, franchisees don’t need to be electricians, as Noel explains.

‘I spent 25 years as a journalist then moved into the corporate world as a media manager,’ he recalls. ‘It was getting really pressured and I wasn’t enjoying it. I came home one evening and said to my wife I’d had enough; it was time to buy a business.

‘I didn’t want to hang around, and obviously I had a price range. I quickly decided on a franchise because I reckoned the chances of being successful with the support were much greater. I knew testing and tagging was growing because of the regulations, and I also knew this generated ongoing business.’

Thinking it through

Noel researched several franchises and quickly singled out The Local Guys as his best option. ‘They were a young company with good, forward-looking people. They were already well-established in Adelaide so they had experience, but with only one franchisee in NSW they offered the opportunity to choose my area and establish a thriving business.

‘With my journalist’s enquiring mind, I thought it all through in detail. I could see getting in at ground level would have big advantages, and I very much liked the idea of a B2B business which I could operate myself, rather than relying on staff.’

Noel contacted franchisor Jarrad Goulding who, after a long chat, suggested, “Think about what I’ve told you and give me another ring in a week.” So Noel did, and the result was the same – he wanted in. ‘I started with The Local Guys less than three months later, and haven’t looked back since.’

So successful it’s guaranteed

Jarrad and his wife Stacey have established a successful formula for service franchises over the last ten years. The couple know franchising inside out, having previously been franchisees themselves in the hospitality sector, and found The Local Guys’ approach ideally suited to the Test & Tag market.

‘Noel has proven our formula works in a greenfield site. The demand is there, as demonstrated by the growth that Noel’s joining spurred, and it’s only going to increase. We expect the same to happen in New Zealand, and are so confident that when you join us we’ll give you the security of a $1,100 per week work guarantee for your first year.

‘Our philosophy is “Franchise Partner First”. We look on every franchisee – we call them franchise partners – as a member of our family, and we are committed to help them achieve success.

‘As a mobile-based business, you’ll benefit from high profit margins and low overheads. There’s full training for all parts of the business from administration and marketing to in-field technical skills, there’s ongoing support, and an easy-to-use dashboard to help you amplify your income and expand your business.’

Fast-growing business

Noel found his business grew quickly. ‘The franchise started advertising locally while I went out cold-calling and leafletting. I had a handful of jobs in February, more in March, a healthy bunch of national clients through the Adelaide office in April, and from then it was on a roll. I’m now picking up all the repeat business from those first jobs a year ago, so it’s growing and growing.

‘I’ve found the whole experience to be very positive. I had hands-on training with the franchisor and several of the other franchisees, and as a result I started very confidently. The franchise deals with queries immediately and, as franchisees, we help each other.

‘My advice is don’t be afraid to ask questions – there’s always help from the franchise when you need it. Do all the jobs that come your way –experience and contacts all count. Put in the effort and it will probably take off more quickly than you think. Frankly, it’s exceeded all my expectations.’

And Jarrad encourages anyone looking for similar opportunities this side of the Tasman to get in touch.

‘We’ve got a great formula, so give us a call and find out more. Opportunity awaits!’

Opportunity: Business & Commercial
The Local Guys Contact Franchise Team P 0800 733 858 Advertiser Info
Noel Ovington


Pukeko Rental Managers lets you change career with an award-winning business opportunity

In a former life, Karl Jackson was both a primary and a secondary teacher. In one particular job, he had the opportunity to get involved in property management for the school, along with managing its IT systems and security. Five years ago, he started looking for a way to apply his problem-solving, people and communication skills in a business of his own. He explored the building, homes, and property management sectors, and discovered Pukeko Rental Managers on the Franchise New Zealand website.

Pukeko offers property owners a high quality, personal, property management service with a rental guarantee scheme which helps it stand out from the competition. Founded in 2010, it has over 30 franchisees around the country, who also offer property maintenance management.

For franchisees, it’s a low-cost way to start your own business, with opportunities available from just $18,500 +gst. Instead of a traditional office-based, multi-tier management structure, Pukeko franchisees operate from home, cutting down overheads while using intelligent and well-supported cloud-based systems. It’s a combination that saw the company named Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year in 2019.

Everything I wanted

‘For me, Pukeko ticked all the boxes,’ says Karl. ‘The franchise would provide me with all the training, operational processes and promotion I needed to get started, as well as the support to develop my skills as I grew the business.’

Karl met David Pearse, the founder of Pukeko Rental Managers, and also talked to an experienced Pukeko franchisee. Having seen the passion that they had for the property management industry, and how franchisees support each other, he then got professional advisors to look at the figures and the franchise agreement. Checks complete, he signed up for his East Auckland franchise with total confidence.

From rookie to rewards

David Pearse delivers full training to new franchisees in person, covering all the aspects of property management, how to use Pukeko’s bespoke software, and how to interact with clients. Karl was impressed: ‘There is full guidance, education, and support on the sales side, too, so the training and following the process gave me the skills I needed to begin a successful business. This means no worries if you lack experience in computers, sales, or maintenance – all you need is the personal motivation to get out there, meet people and build a strong network.’

And that’s exactly what Karl did, using the Pukeko framework to create a highly successful and rewarding business. Since starting in 2019, he has won numerous awards within the franchise, including Tenant Satisfaction 2022, Operational Excellence 2023 and Property Manager of the Year 2023, as well as being named the national Residential Property Managers Association (RPMA) Regional Property Manager of the Year

He’s also given back, becoming part of Pukeko’s Franchise Advisory Council to help and represent other franchisees, and being part of the RPMA Council.

Words of advice

Karl’s advice to anyone keen to change their own career and join Pukeko is to conduct full due diligence, ask tons of questions and think about what you are good at.

‘Speak to existing Pukeko franchisees to get a true picture of what it’s like to be a property manager. Property management relies on being able to build great relationships with owners, tenants, and contractors, so you need great communication skills.

‘You also must be organised,’ he adds. ‘If you can organise your day successfully, and prioritise, then Pukeko Rental Managers could be for you. After almost five years, I am very pleased with my new career. Pukeko is a great opportunity, backed by award-winning processes, and it’s enabled me to build a great business.’

David says that there are currently opportunities for new Pukeko Rental Managers franchises in many parts of the country. ‘Karl and our other franchisees have shown what can be done, so if you’re ready for a change and think you have what it takes, contact me personally and find out more.’

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Pukeko Rental Managers

Contact David Pearse

P 0508 785 356

M 0274 809 534

Opportunity: Business & Commercial
A profitable business, shaped by you. Discover Pukeko’s franchise opportunities, offering excellent support and profitability, enabling you to be your own boss with financial security, while enjoying a flexible work-life balance from home. Join the Pukeko family today. e.
Karl Jackson: ‘Pukeko has enabled me to build a great business’
SCAN NOW TO FIND OUT MORE Join our Kitset Network and put your skills to good use: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE AND MAKE TIME FOR LIFE Backed by our proven business model and systems World class direct-to-customer Online Booking Portal Retail and Supply Partner job referrals Marketing & business-growth programmes Ongoing business guidance & advice Customers love us … you’ll love us too! FRANCH ISE TERRITORIES A VAI LABLE THE NEW YOU? Startup Kitset Uniform and Identification Badge UNIFORM L Social Media set up, including Facebook location page SOCIA MEDIA One week intensive training at HQ Support Office HQTRAINING r Three weeks 'On theJob' taining, in the field with FranchiseTrainers SITETRAINING MARKETING Individual Site webpage showcasing exclusive work & feedback TOTAL PACKAGE COST $45,000* INCLUSIONS CALL WILLIAM +64 27 492 6667 VISIT WWW.TEAMKITSET.COM/FNZ/ *Price excludes GST Launch into local territory with Franchise Manager & Field Trainer support LAUNCH MARKETING Initial Local Area Marketing collateral & printing Establishedmodelforsucce

Toyworld offers many advantages for retail entrepreneurs looking for great new opportunities

turning delight INTO SUCCESS

In the vibrant landscape of today’s retail industry, merely meeting customer expectations is no longer the benchmark – it’s about creating unforgettable experiences. Enter Toyworld, a distinguished brand that has mastered the art of merging joy with profitability.

With a rich heritage spanning nearly half a century, Toyworld has become synonymous not just with toys, but with happiness, trust, and community spirit – and it has opportunities around New Zealand for experienced retailers.

Founded in 1976, Toyworld is a co-operative owned by its members and supported by Associated Retailers Limited (ARL), one of Australasia’s largest independent retail groups with over 400 stores across a number of brands. There are 27 Toyworld stores in New Zealand and more than 100 in Australia, giving members access to considerable buying power as well as big-company systems and expertise.

Best of both worlds

‘It’s a combination that gives Toyworld members the best of both worlds,’ says Terry Worthington, ARL’s National Operations Manager. ‘They own their own businesses and enjoy an unparalleled blend of autonomy and support, ensuring that each store is a beacon of both fun and financial success. Here’s why Toyworld stands apart:

• Empowerment through cooperation Toyworld thrives on a co-operative model that fosters mutual support, idea-sharing, and collective decision-making, all while simplifying administration so that members can focus on what truly matters – their customers.

• Exceptional brand partnerships Relationships with top toy manufacturers like Lego, Hasbro and Mattel mean Toyworld stores are always stocked with the most sought-after products, making them a one-stop haven for quality toys.

• Comprehensive marketing support A robust multi-channel marketing strategy, encompassing national TV spots, digital marketing, social media and captivating retail catalogues, drives consistent traffic and sales, supported by ARL’s expert analysis and business management tools.

• Innovative Retail and Online Synergy Toyworld embraces the digital revolution, offering an extensive online selection that complements the in-store experience, seamlessly integrating the convenience of online shopping with the tactile joy of brick-and-mortar stores.

‘Discover the Toyworld difference and explore how your entrepreneurial spirit can thrive in a retail landscape that values fun, community and innovation. Contact us to learn more about the vibrant opportunities awaiting you at Toyworld – where the business of play transforms into the joy of success.’ Opportunity: Retail

‘When Toyworld Waihi changed hands last year, the new owners were blown away by how much others wanted to help them.

‘And when it comes to online sales, orders are fulfilled by stores within the group, rather than a central website. That adds millions of dollars’ worth of sales every year, and because we are a co-operative, every member benefits.’

Experienced retailers for good locations

Toyworld is now looking for passionate retailers ready to bring joy to communities in key locations from bustling urban centres such as Auckland and Wellington to scenic destinations like fast-growing Queenstown and Nelson. With opportunities for both mall and ‘big box’ store formats, multi-store ownership is also an option – as several existing members have proved. Investment levels start from around $500,000 +gst, with no upfront fee.

‘It all adds up to a flexible platform for entrepreneurial success,’ says Terry. ‘We will help you with site selection, lease negotiation, store fit-out and initial stock. We take store development to the next level: your customers will be greeted by a well-planned and organised store with vibrant colours, designed to be bright and friendly to encourage customers to move throughout the store and enjoy their time browsing and shopping.

‘There is full training and familiarisation with all the systems and processes, and ongoing support from the offices in both New Zealand and Australia. In addition to the regular contact between members, we have an annual conference in Taupo, and an annual trip to the Melbourne Toy Fair which informs what goes into our catalogues as core stock.’

A source of happiness

‘If you are an experienced retailer who dreams of owning a business that’s not just profitable but also a source of happiness and community engagement, we want to hear from you,’ Terry invites.

‘Toyworld is the local toyshop that has delighted children, parents and grandparents for generations. Joining the group means embarking on a fulfilling journey, where every smile on a child’s face reflects the success of your business.

‘For members, our Point Of Sale and data mining systems deliver immediate, accurate and up to the minute information about sales, customer trends and stock position,’ Terry explains. ‘There are monthly and annual statistics that let them benchmark their sales against the group and see where the opportunities are and, because it’s a co-operative, there’s fantastic collaboration between members.

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Toyworld Contact Terry Worthington M 021 935 362


With over half a billion dollars in sales under its belt, the group comprising Refresh Renovations, Zones Landscaping and Oncore Maintenance is one of the largest franchises in the home & building sector in New Zealand. It’s so successful that they’ve also expanded to the USA, the UK and Australia – a great achievement for any Kiwi company.

Now there’s a new addition to the Traffic Group, which created the three brands. We Sort It is a one-stop-shop for every household’s needs, designed to make life easier by taking the hassle out of those timeconsuming little everyday jobs. We Sort It franchisees benefit from the same systems, marketing expertise, support and buying power that are behind the success of the other three brands.

How successful is that?

‘Here is the actual Profit & Loss statement for one of the group’s larger franchisees for 2023,’ says Traffic Director Dan Vincent.

‘It makes pretty impressive reading, and shows that, if you’re prepared to put in the effort and maximise the opportunity, you can get great results from our franchise model. And with our four brands covering everything from Home Services to Property Renovation, we offer a variety of entry levels.’

We Sort It

We Sort It is designed to provide busy households with reliable and professional services. It offers a range of business opportunities, all under the same brand and supported by the same systems. You select which services you’d like to provide; there’s also the opportunity to work together with other franchisees and share customers. Services available include:

• Lawn Mowing

• Gardening

• Dog Grooming

• Pool Cleaning

• Rubbish Removal

• Car Cleaning

• Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

• House Cleaning

• House Packing & Unpacking

• Kitset Assembly

• Building & Renovation Worksite Clean-up

• Appliance Installation & Removal

‘We Sort It is perfect for anyone who wants to be their own boss, replace or increase their income while doing something they enjoy all day,

and build a valuable business asset for the future,’ says Dan. ‘To be successful, you’ll need strong communication and customer service skills, the ability to follow proven systems and processes, and have the motivation to build your own successful business. And there are three more compelling reasons to find out more about We Sort It:

Free Leads We’re so confident in the business that we’ll guarantee you 50 free customer leads to start with, and the opportunity to make up to $160,000 per year in owner’s earnings.

Income Guarantee If your business’s income is less than $100,000 in your first year, then we will pay you up to $500 per week to help make up any shortfall (subject to terms and conditions).

Interest-free Instalments There’s no need to apply to a bank or finance company – you can pay your franchise fee in 12 monthly instalments interest-free. Investment levels start from $19,000 +gst.

‘To help you find out more about We Sort It, we run a 30-minute Zoom presentation where I talk about everything you need to know. Contact us today to register.’

Refresh Renovations

Refresh Renovations was where it all started, when the founders of the Traffic Group recognised that nobody was providing a specialist service to help property owners renovate their homes or rentals. Instead, regular builders would take on renovation work when business was slow, often without having the systems and processes required.

The home renovation sector is now valued at a massive $8.2 billion in New Zealand and, with 44 franchisees nationwide, Refresh Renovations is the clear market leader. There are still areas available for new franchisees around the country.

‘This is an opportunity for people with proven business skills to put together a multi-million dollar asset of their own,’ says Managing Director Lal Meyer. ‘It’s a highly-scalable business using our customerpleasing, highly-differentiated approach. With support from industryleading online platforms and technology tools driving efficiency, you will lead a team of trusted specialists and contractors to deliver your customers’ projects.

‘This is for managers, not tradies – swinging a hammer is someone else’s job. Our most successful partners worldwide come from a range of professional backgrounds including finance, manufacturing, military, education, real estate and more. They combine their great customer and business management skills with our proven model to build successful, fast-growing businesses.’

Investment levels range from $100,000 to $300,000 +gst, depending on territory.

Zones Landscaping

What Refresh does for homes, Zones Landscaping does for gardens offering homeowners and developers a range of services including: landscape design; creating outdoor rooms and kitchens; pergolas and deck; planting; installing swimming pools and spas; lighting and lawns – along with elements such as driveways, paths and retaining walls.

‘This is another major industry that had no national specialist brand until we created Zones,’ says Matt Steele, the franchise’s Managing Director. Today, the sector is worth over $1 billion and there are 25 Zones Landscaping franchisees around the country.

‘Like Refresh, we’re looking for people with strong management and leadership skills. You don’t need any prior building or landscaping

42 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
Opportunities: Home & Building Profit and Loss Oncore Franchise - Year 3 For the 12 months ended 31 December 2023 Account Jan-Dec 2023 Trading Income Total Trading Income 5,217,674.19 Cost of Sales Total Cost of Sales 2,855,246.27 Gross Profit 2,362,427.92 Other Income Total Other Income 5,096.07 Operating Expenses Total Operating Expenses 1,305,205.83 Net Profit 1,062,318.16 Plus Shareholder Salaries Paid 470,000.00 TOTAL OWNER'S EARNINGS 1,532,318.16
Four different home & building brands based on the same proven system deliver impressive returns

experience because you’ll have a skilled team around you to provide the expertise in each of the specialist areas. Your role will be to meet the customers, make the sales, and lead the team to deliver with a professional, customer-focused approach.

‘As with all Traffic Group franchises, you’ll stand out from local operators and be supported by industry-leading online platforms and technology tools to help you build and run your business. You’ll also have the benefit of the massive buying power our brands enjoy from some of the biggest names in the business.’

Investment levels range from $100,000 to $150,000 +gst, dependent on territory.


Oncore offers both residential and commercial repairs, maintenance and installations including painting, electrical, plumbing and building work.

‘Our aim is to be the leading provider of repair, maintenance, Healthy Homes and insurance reinstatement work in New Zealand,’ says Dan Vincent. ‘Maintenance is a hassle for many property owners, requiring them to find and co-ordinate a wide range of tradespeople. Oncore solves this problem by providing a single point of contact to stay on top of possible problems and deliver jobs on time and on budget.

‘Our 33 franchisees benefit from strong nationwide partnerships with insurance companies and property managers, and an inherently strong brand which generates a high number of leads and a built-in customer base. Starting in year one with you, a builder, a maintenance person and part-time admin support, within 5-6 years you can enjoy potential net profits of over $300,000 per year.

‘There’s world-class training and ongoing support, and you have the ability to invest in your business as it grows, with no upfront fit-out or premises costs required.

‘We have opportunities available right now throughout New Zealand, with upfront investment from $62,500 +gst. As with all Traffic Group franchises, full training, support and coaching is provided.’

Drivers of success

While the four franchises cover a huge range of services from rubbish removal to home renovation, they share many factors in common.

No industry experience necessary All franchisees are backed up by strong and proven systems and support. Combined with excellent training, these mean that franchisees can concentrate on growing and managing their businesses. If you have the ability to manage people and projects in any sector, you can change careers.

Marketing and sales focus Refresh Renovations, Zones Landscaping and Oncore already have national reputations which bring in word-ofmouth referrals, and are supported by professional and social marketing campaigns. With that level of expertise, We Sort It is likely to grow fast, too. For new franchisees, getting out there and telling people what you can do for them is critical.

Great customer service skills The personality of the franchisee matters. Are you reliable, unflappable and organised? Professional and well-presented? Can you stay on top of the detail? Do you give people confidence?

Driven to achieve The four brands offer different investment levels and different types of opportunity, but there’s one factor that successful franchisees have in common – commitment. Commitment to the system, commitment to the clients, and commitment to maximising the opportunity.

‘If you want to build a business of your own with the backing of one of New Zealand’s most successful franchise networks, contact us today,’ invites Dan. ‘Between them, We Sort It, Refresh Renovations, Zones Landscaping, and Oncore offer a huge range of opportunities, so call us and find out more. We have customers ready and waiting!’

We have a range of franchise businesses to suit everyone

Refresh is a design and build home renovation company

Investment range: between $100,000 and $300,000 (plus GST)

Franchise fee: ranges from $50,000 to $200,000 (plus GST)

Target revenue: ranges from $3-$5 million

Franchisee benefits:

• Largest global residential construction company

• Differentiated and proven business model

• Comprehensive six month training and onboarding programme

• Bespoke CRM & Project Management system

Get in touch today: 0800 568 014

Zones is a design and build landscaping company

Investment range: between $100,000 and $150,000 (plus GST)

Franchise fee: ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 (plus GST)

Target revenue: ranges from $1-$3 million

Franchisee benefits:

• NZ’s largest residential landscaping company

• Differentiated and proven business model

• Comprehensive six month training and onboarding programme

• Bespoke CRM & Project Management system

Get in touch today: 0800 900 096

Oncore performs repairs, maintenance, insurance work, and installations

Investment range: between $62,500 and $90,000 (plus GST)

Franchise fee: $50,000 (plus GST)

Target revenue: ranges from $1-$5 million

Franchisee benefits:

• Low start up costs & high profit margins

• Training and Support

• Established relationships with insurance companies, property managers, body corporate managers

Get in touch today: 0800 001 048

We Sort It offers a range of professional household services such as: Lawn Mowing, Carpet Cleaning and much more...

Investment range: between $29,750 and $35,000 (plus GST)

Franchise fee: ranges from $19,000 (plus GST)

Target revenue: ranges from $100,000 - $500,000

Franchisee benefits:

• Very low start up costs & income guarantee

• A range of service options to choose from

• Full training

• First 50 leads free

• Interest Free Finance

Get in touch today: 0800 35 00 42



With our expert, natonwide support and award winning systems, YOU are equipped to succeed as a Rodney Wayne business owner, even without prior hairdressing experience. YOU can shine with the exclusive benefits that come from joining one of New Zealand's most trusted and beloved brands - Rodney Wayne is the winner of the 2022 Franchise System of the Year Award and has been voted Best Hair Salon by the readers of Remix Magazine for three years running!

YOU can enhance your business growth by tapping into the additonal retail opportunity that caters to the demand for at-home haircare. When you own a Shampoo 'N' Things store, YOU will have special status access to the world's leading professional salon-quality brands.

The Rodney Wayne formula has consistently led to success for over 40 years, and now, it's YOUR turn to be part of that winning phenomenon. We are here to support YOU every step of the way.

For more informaton, contact

Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2022


Long-term V.I.P. Home Services franchisees

put family first


Aidan and Emma Lawrence bought their V.I.P. franchise in 2016, and it’s been so successful that they’ve just renewed their agreement for a further seven years. ‘We can’t say anything negative about the franchise – buying into V.I.P. was quite the best move we could have made.’

The Lawrences had previously lived on the East Cape, but with four daughters they wanted more all-round opportunities for their girls.

‘We were two hours from any named town, and we realised a bigger community would offer them different things as they grew older,’ says Emma.

Aidan takes up the story. ‘We decided to move to Whakatane, and we were open to options. We looked at buying a café, but I’d had a lawnmowing business and we’d heard so much about V.I.P. and the flexibility the franchise offered that we decided to investigate.

‘We very much liked what we found. We talked to Estelle and John Logan, the New Zealand franchisors for V.I.P, and found them entirely open and honest. They gave us the phone numbers of all the other franchisees in the area, and suggested we talk to them. We did that, and felt that we knew exactly what we were getting into.’

Financial benefits

Moving to Whakatane meant getting a mortgage, as Emma explains. ‘We had a small pot of savings with which to buy the business, but because V.I.P. provided a client base from day one as well as a paid training period and an income guarantee, we could secure the loan to buy the house.

‘Any worries evaporated rapidly as the work flooded in. We had a constant stream of leads from the franchise, as well as people approaching us from word-of-mouth and referrals. These days, we are averaging $12,000-$16,000 per month, and our best week ever is $6,500 – not bad!

‘All these enquiries have enabled us to take on more work in other areas near our own and then sell the surplus for new franchisees to handle. In fact, we’ve done that three times so far, and we now have clients ready to go to a new franchisee in Kawerau, too.’

Estelle Logan says that this option to sell work back to the franchise is one of the big advantages of the V.I.P. system. ‘It allows new franchisees to start with ready-made clients and also gives the sellers a nice capital gain. Emma and Aidan have taken full advantage.’

Aidan & Emma: ‘Work flooded in’

The arrangement applies to both V.I.P’s services: outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and outside jobs) and indoor (all types of cleaning). ‘In both services, franchisees will always have work,’ says Estelle. ‘The result is that we offer solid business opportunities that you can tailor to your needs and interests.’

Working together

What has made the Lawrences so successful? ‘We are prepared to work, and we like working together,’ says Emma. ‘If there is a key to the business, then I’d suggest consistency. Clients always know when we are coming, and many love to come out for a chat. We are friendly people and we like to create a rapport with our clients. In the early days, we took our girls round with us during school holidays. We loved it, as did many of our clients who spoiled them with lollies.

‘These days, Aidan goes out while I get the school run organised, then I join him. We both work on the tools as required, then I collect the girls for the afternoon. I also do 70 percent of the bookwork. We’ve worked together ever since we met, so it’s an ideal business for us.’

A real blessing

While lawnmowing can be seasonal, Emma and Aidan have found other outside work more than makes up for it. ‘There are always hedges and trees in need of attention,’ Aidan says. ‘V.I.P. allows us to do our own quoting, which isn’t the case with all franchises, and we are not limited to domestic work – we also have contracts with DOC, a school and retirement homes.’

Emma continues, ‘Another big benefit is our family of franchisees. We get together for dinner now and again, and if we have a breakage then we borrow equipment from each other. When Aidan had a health issue, the support from both the franchisor and other franchisees was incredible.

‘Our V.I.P. franchise has more than met our expectations, which is why we’ve renewed it. As well as the financial security and friendships, the greatest benefit is that we’ve never missed a single sports day or prizegiving at school. It’s a real blessing that we’ve not had to sacrifice any of those special moments.’

Flexibility & security

Estelle Logan is proud of what Aidan and Emma have achieved. ‘They have built a highly-successful business while putting their children first. We have franchisees from all walks of life who have done similar things, and enjoyed the flexibility and security that V.I.P. offers.

If you want the same for your family, give me a call – we have growing demand in many areas.’

Opportunity: Home Services
V.I.P. Home Services Contact Nationwide Enquiries P 0800 84 74 96 Advertiser Info
Happy family: Danniella, Miriana, Emma, Aidan, Eden and Katie
7 reasons to talk to us BEFORE you sign up Comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation reports Business structures to minimise risk, maximise protection Proven solutions and systems to save time, money and tax Specialist advice complete with listening and understanding Specialist franchise mentoring and ongoing support The knowledge and experience of New Zealand’s premier dedicated franchise specialist A New Zealand franchise industry award-winning service Reduce the risk when buying a franchise. Use our new online pre-purchase evaluation platform to fnd out if buying a franchise is the right ft for you! Enter your details into our purpose-built platform and get a full, comprehensive report, including fnancial and lifestyle evaluations, that will tell you if buying a franchise is the right choice for you. Developed by Franchise Accountants, with specialised franchise experience, this platform is the only one of its kind that compares your data with like-for-like franchises and businesses, along with your personal expectations and fnancial position. 0800 555 8020 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Service Provider of the Year 2011–12 Winner 2015–16 Winner 2017–18 Winner 2018–19 Winner 2019–20 Winner Know before you invest! Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2019 Winner Service Provider of the Year


Over the years, Franchise Accountants has worked with over 1000 franchisees in New Zealand. ‘Many of our clients have been new to business ownership, so part of our job is to help them understand what they are getting into,’ says founder Philip Morrison. ‘The other part is to keep them out of trouble.

‘Research shows there are two main reasons for business failure. One is being undercapitalised – going into a business without doing your sums properly (you can read more about this in What Can You Afford? at But the second reason might surprise you – it’s defaulting on your tax obligations.

‘In any business, tax payments place pressure on cashflow,’ Philip explains. ‘Cashflow varies depending on the type of business, the payment terms you offer, and the seasonality of your sales. However, there are set time frames for payment of different tax types that are fixed and non-negotiable. This means that knowing the numbers that count, and building these into your cashflow plan, are critical.

‘Here are 10 tips to help franchisees avoid a fate worse than death. Stick these on your wall – and call us before it’s too late!’

1. Know your responsibilities

As a business owner, you are responsible for all tax compliance. Broadly, tax types fall into two broad categories:

• Indirect taxes, including GST, PAYE, withholding tax and non-resident withholding tax.

• Direct taxes, including: Income tax (based on the profits of the business), Dividend withholding tax.

2. Know what tax to save

Many new franchisees move from being a wage or salary earner to being self-employed. This can change the way you pay tax. Most franchisees become what are called ‘Provisional Tax’ payers, which means paying tax three – occasionally four – times a year. It’s the responsibility of the business owner to save the money to pay the tax when it is due.

3. Invest in the right software

While income tax is calculated by your chartered accountant, indirect tax requires you to have the right software in place to operate your payroll and calculate PAYE, KiwiSaver etc. There are many payroll providers to choose from, so do your homework and ask your franchisor or your accountant for guidance.

Calculating GST requires accounting software which captures the transactions that attract GST and helps compile a GST report. Again, there are several popular systems to choose from – in order to help benchmarking across the network, some franchises mandate the software system to use, so check this out first.

4. Diarise your payment dates

Don’t miss a tax payment date by being too busy running your business. Late filing penalties can compound, depending on how late you are. Know when tax dates fall due and enter them in your diary, or use Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar reminders.

5. Learn some tax terminology

Taxation has its own terms and naming conventions – for example, ‘terminal tax’. No one dies when you pay this tax – it’s a top-up income tax which applies when you have not paid enough in any given tax year. ‘UOMI’ stands for ‘use of money interest’, which is applied when you have not paid enough tax and the IRD charges you interest on top of your base tax. Knowing these terms will make your life easier at tax time.

6. Undertake tax cashflow planning

Tax planning and cashflow planning go together like a horse and carriage. Investing some time with your accountant is money well spent. It will ensure you know your working capital needs, breakeven position, cashflow pinch points and overdraft requirements. This removes financial stress and helps you make better informed decisions.

7. Understand Provisional Tax

There are a range of provisional tax methods to choose from, each with pros and cons for your cashflow. Some have different payment frequencies, some offer refunds quicker than others. Ask your franchise specialist accountant which is best for you.

8. Understand GST and select the best method for you

In the same way, there are a variety of GST payment methods and frequencies. These can also have an impact on your cashflow, so consult with your accountant (see GST for Beginners at articles/2561).

9. Select a tax-friendly business structure

What entity you choose to set up to purchase your franchise can be an important decision. Different entities can have different tax rates applied, with different rules and tax options. Seek advice before you buy to ensure that you have the most cost-effective structure for your particular business.

10. Be tax wise

As the above shows, tax can be complex and have a real impact on your cashflow. Good tax advice should pay for itself many times over so, before you buy a franchise, seek out an experienced franchise specialist accountant who can assist you with the decision and guide you through the process. That will help you relax, run a better business and enjoy more of what you earn.



Running a Franchise
Franchise Accountants addresses one of the main reasons for business failure
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Thinking of buying or selling a Franchise?

Franchising Law is a specialised field so it's vitally important to take advice from a firm with the right expertise

The Franchise Law team has over 25 years experience in New Zealand, working with major Franchise brands

• We work with Franchisees

• We work with Franchisors

• We provide supporting legal services

Thada is qualified to practice in New Zealand, USA (California) and South Africa. Franchising is her specialist area of law and she brings extensive experience.

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How do you decide whether a franchise is right for you? Here’s where to find the resources you need to make the right decision

In New Zealand, there are almost 600 different franchised brands and 32,000-plus franchised outlets. That means that there’s a massive choice available to you, whether you want a brand-new start-up or an existing business; something part-time or full-time; mobile, fixed or home-based; working alone, with family or with staff; city-based or regional. The only question is: How do you choose?

Here’s our guide to help you answer the big questions and break the process down into bite-size chunks.

1. Learn how franchising works

How does franchising actually work? The basic principle is that someone develops a business format and an operating system which has some advantages over existing businesses. By franchising, this person (called the franchisor) then replicates or clones his or her business in other geographic areas by granting the right to another (the franchisee) to operate the same business system under the same name. It’s important to note that this right is usually granted for a fixed term, not forever. The franchisor gains income from an initial fee paid by the franchisee to gain access to the franchise brand, training and systems, and from ongoing fees paid by the franchisee. These ongoing fees also pay for ongoing training, coaching and mentoring for franchisees.

Here are some useful articles which explain more about franchising and offer some examples. In each case, enter then the number shown – eg.

2. What type of franchise would suit you?

If you think that buying a franchise would help you achieve your business, financial and personal goals, then you first have to work out what type of business you want to own.

If it’s something related to your previous experience, be aware that owning your own business is very different from working for someone else, and may mean learning more skills. You might be great at sales, but what do you know of business management, for example? A franchise is a good choice, because it will give you training, support and systems in those areas.

If you’re going for a complete change, you might want to follow a passion (eg. for food, fitness or education) or you might be motivated by a change of lifestyle (eg. getting out from behind a desk to mow lawns or moving to another region). You might even be seeking a semi-passive investment opportunity. Whatever the goal, look for a business where your skills will become real strengths.

Here are some articles to help you work your way through the maze:

48 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 is a division of A multi-award winning team
Franchising for beginners 81 Fresh start after redundancy 3242 What’s the point of franchise fees? 368 What to think about when buying a franchise 568 Ten key stages in choosing the right franchise for you 639 A buyers’ guide to different types of franchises 2890 The advantages of moving to the regions 3398
Buying a Franchise START

3. What can you afford?

Franchises are available in a huge range of industries, and vary in cost accordingly from under $5000 to over $1 million. You may have savings or investments to draw upon, an inheritance or a redundancy payment. In many cases, though, franchisees require some sort of additional finance. This could be funding from a family member or a bank.

What matters is not how much you have to spend, but how much debt your new business can afford to service. Don’t try to borrow more than your business can repay – lack of capital kills a lot of businesses.

Decide what your own goals are. If you operate them properly, most franchises should provide a fair wage for the hours you put in, a return on investment and a potential capital gain when you sell them. What do you realistically want to achieve in each of these areas? Can your chosen franchise deliver it?

You can only answer all these questions by careful research, and an honest evaluation of your own situation. Here’s how to start:

49 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS 10 financial reasons to buy a franchise 2790 What can you afford? 2397 Funding your franchise business 3616 • Van, stock, training and more from under $30,000 • 5 days a week • Build your own business • Sell solutions not time • Proven business systems SHOWERFIX.CO.NZ DAVID - 021 544 060 MAKE FAMILY TIME START YOUR FRANCHISE JOURNEY TODAY JOIN THE LEADER IN GARDEN EQUIPMENT RETAILING STIHL SHOP is a nationwide network of locally owned stores offering a wide range of high quality garden equipment, supported by fully equipped service workshops. • Join a network of retailers committed to customer service excellence • Be supported by a team of people dedicated to your success • Reap the rewards of a well-established, profitable business model Opportunities are available for new stores in locations across New Zealand. For more information on the STIHL SHOP Network visit Own-a-store LOVE YOUR LAND

4. Evaluate the options

After going through the first three steps, you should have a pretty clear picture of the sort of business you are looking for, and the level of investment you can afford. The Directory on page 68 lists almost 300 different franchise opportunities. It’s a great place to start and, to make it even easier, the online version is searchable by:

• Price Range

• Industry

• Company Name

Here are three articles from our Advice section on How To Buy A Franchise that will help you evaluate the options available to you and avoid disappointment:

5. Will it make money?

Although there are many reasons for wanting to buy your own business, no-one goes into business to lose money. This means looking at lots of figures, which is why you need to invest in a professional advisor to analyse the figures, minimise the risk, look after you, educate you and, eventually, to help you set up the business in the best possible way to suit your individual circumstances.

If you are buying a new franchise, franchisors should be able to provide you with figures based either upon the performance of an existing franchise or company-owned outlet, or with figures based upon an average of stores.

If you are looking at buying an existing franchised outlet, there should be lots of information available on its trading history, including Profit & Loss accounts, a Balance Sheet and a Cashflow Report.

6. Don’t cut corners – get professional advice

Before making up your mind, there’s one further stage to go through: getting the details of your potential purchase checked out by an accountant, a lawyer and, if you are seeking finance, a banker.

It’s important that each of these professional advisors should have franchising knowledge, as it is a specialist area and an inexperienced advisor may either miss or misunderstand some element. Franchise specialists know what to look for, and will probably have background knowledge of the franchise you are considering buying. That could help reassure you, or save you making a mistake. In either case, it will be money well spent.


There are three key parts to having a successful franchise business, and two of them are set in stone before you even open the doors on your first day. These are:

1. Choosing the right business.

2. Having a clear understanding of what the business involves.

If you follow the above steps and follow the advice in the articles referred to, you stand the best possible chance of getting these right.

The third step is making it all work, which will take dedication, hard work, and listening to the advice of your franchisor team – but that’s another story. To read more about that stage, turn to page 62.

50 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
How to spot a quality franchise
Researching your franchisor 446 Danger signals 622
Will it make money? 40 The beginner’s guide to understanding the numbers 36 Why buy new? 2724
What is due diligence? 2320 Why use an accountant? 807 Why use a lawyer? 806
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New Zealand’s MOST AWARDED Café Franchise

The Coffee Club Success Story: New Opportunities Available:

Ÿ 67 cafes in New Zealand & 450 worldwide.

Ÿ Most recognised cafe brand in New Zealand.

Ÿ Continued growth and expansion planned.

Ÿ Flexibility & life balance with an established brand.

Ÿ Excellent training and ongoing support.

Ÿ Preferred bank finance arrangements.

Ÿ National marketing benefits.

Ÿ 7 time winner - F&B Franchise System Award.

Ÿ 2 time winner - Supreme Franchise System Award.

Ÿ 4 time winner - Supreme Franchisee Award.

Ÿ 3 time winner - Contribution to Community Award.

Ÿ Winner of the Media Campaign Award.

Highbury Shopping Centre, Auckland

Northlands Shopping Centre, Christchurch

Morrison Street, Nelson

Fraser Cove, Bay of Plenty

Yaldhurst Park, Christchurch

To find out more contact Brad on 027 526 3333 or thecoffeeclubnz


Aramex looks for talent from within as courier franchisees develop into managers

Looking for a business opportunity that offers you a career path to the future? That’s exactly what Aramex has developed, identifying and encouraging those franchisees who are ready to progress and realise their true potential as part of the franchise’s operations management team.

Aramex New Zealand CEO Mark Little has seen that progression play out many times over the past 10 years. He personally worked his way through six different roles in the company to reach his current level, and is proud to see others do the same.

That includes people like Alex Chang, a former courier franchisee in East Tamaki, who progressed steadily through the business to become head of Aramex North Shore and has just taken up the role of National Franchise Service Delivery Manager.

‘Funnily enough, Alex was my local courier when I was a customer of Aramex back in the day,’ recalls Mark. ‘It’s great to see him putting his knowledge and ability to such good use.’

Then there is Danny Murphy, who began his career as a courier franchisee in eastern Christchurch in 2011. He transitioned into an operations role within the local depot, quickly became operations manager, and steadily progressed to his current role of Franchise Support Manager for Aramex in the South Island and Wellington.

‘At Aramex, we believe that someone at the coalface who knows our business, knows the importance of retaining customers, and knows how to train couriers, has to be the best person to nurture others,’ Mark explains. ‘They know the operational side of the business better than anyone.’

Tapping the talent pool

Mark says that he’s constantly looking for talent from within. ‘In my view, the best talent is the talent you’ve already got. Both Alex and Danny had grown their businesses substantially; they had entrepreneurial mindsets and the necessary skillset; they knew how the business flows, and they brought those business lessons with them to help others do the same.

‘Applying those lessons helps make the whole Aramex business incredibly stable. We don’t have a glass-tower big-city corporate office – our people all work out of various Aramex depots spread right throughout the country, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, as well as in Australia, so we can share the knowledge.

‘It means that when we progress our people, we still have hands-on training for the next person to move up to new roles. Everyone says that being in business is about looking after your people, and that’s so true – the longevity of staff, particularly in middle-level roles and upwards, suggests that we’re getting it right.

Alex Chang a journey of growth

On his journey from courier franchisee to National Franchise Service Delivery Manager, Alex Chang has enjoyed a number of challenging roles within Aramex. Today, he supports and advises courier franchisees and regional franchisees on issues such as investment, compliance, growth and territory management. He also helps improve efficiency and growth by reviewing current business models, income, revenue, costs and making realignments.

Alex’s advice for other courier franchisees interested in moving to an Aramex network employee role is to be confident in themselves. ‘Don’t miss any opportunity to continue your career at Aramex,’ he says.

‘Gaining new knowledge and management skills will provide another level of business success and can certainly help you pursue a new career with the same company.’

Danny Murphy recognising his abilities

Having started out as a courier franchisee with Fastway Couriers (which later became Aramex), Danny Murphy soon found his career took off. He’s had experience in operations and sales, served as a business manager for five years, and was the General Manager for Aramex in Christchurch before taking up his current role as Franchise Support Manager.

Today, he oversees the operations of branches in Wellington, Dunedin, Cromwell, Christchurch and Canterbury, and provides support to the Invercargill, Nelson, and West Coast branches. ‘My goal is to drive franchisees’ businesses forward, ensuring streamlined processes, structure, and alignment with future direction.’

Danny says his time as a courier franchisee taught him a lot about time management and prioritising tasks, and has proven invaluable in his current role, helping him to deal with tasks as they come. ‘Skills such as maintaining an open mind and moving forward are crucial.’

Advertiser Info



P 0-6-833 6333

P 0508 NZ Aramex

‘It also means that there are excellent progression opportunities for those who want it in both Australia and New Zealand,’ he says. ‘Join us as a courier franchisee and you can certainly build a good, profitable business, but that’s just the start. If you want more, then your talents will be recognised and you can build a whole career in a fastgrowing industry. Give us a call to find out more.’

Danny’s advice for courier franchisees looking to progress to a management role is to learn about the complexity of the courier business beyond parcel deliveries.

‘Seek insights from experienced colleagues, be pro-active, and ask questions to understand the decision-making process. Also, prioritise decisions that benefit the overall business, think strategically, and plan with a forward-thinking approach by setting end-goals and working backwards.’

Mark Little Aramex NZ CEO

The help you need

Daniel Cloete of Westpac looks at some of the financial considerations when buying and operating a franchised business

The latest Franchise Confidence Index (see page 16) has found that, at the start of 2024, Franchisors and Service Providers are more positive about general business conditions, access to finance, sales, system growth and access to suitable staff. However, there are still concerns about the impact of current inflation on operating costs and profitability – factors which directly influence business finance. As a result, access to finance is seen as one of the biggest challenges for franchise growth. Higher interest rates also mean that funding costs have become a real expense that need to be considered when buying and operating a business.

The good news is that banks will generally be supportive for funding profitable businesses from reputable brands – an area where franchising scores highly over independent businesses. This may enable you to fund setting up a new franchised outlet, or even buying a larger enterprise than would have been possible when just using your own resources.

Going into detail

As the banks have found, franchising is a great model for someone wanting to get into a business for themselves. It differs from other types of businesses in that you can get some real, up-to-date information from several sources:

• Franchisees who are already running exactly the same business you are looking at;

• Franchisors who know the business model backwards and have lots of information about how it operates, along with facts and figures gathered from real experience;

• Specialist accountants, lawyers and bankers, who may already know the franchise system quite well and can help you through the due diligence process.

This means that after you have found an industry and a franchise which appeals to you, there are plenty of people you can approach to help you make the right decision. Asking the hard questions when looking at a franchise dramatically increases your chances of buying a profitable business. Here are some examples of questions you should be asking.

Ask other franchisees

Franchisees normally love to talk about their business, and you can learn a great deal from them, from what’s really involved in running the business to information about profitability, typical cost structures and the support provided.

• Is the franchise what they expected?

• What sort of hours do they work?

• How supportive is the franchisor?

• What do customers think of the franchise?

• Does the franchise have a Code of Practice? How is it enforced?

• Are they prepared to talk about profitability, margins, and other things?

Find out more about questions to ask franchisees at www.franchise.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your legal needs 09 308 8070 We know franchising like the back of our hands We’re highly experienced and passionate about all aspects of franchise law. ASCO Legal has a long history with franchising and authors franchising resources for a market-leading publisher. We work with people in many different fields to assist them with their franchising needs as both franchisor or franchisee. 6 Uxbridge Road Howick, Auckland 2014 Proud member and supporter I bought a Pit Stop franchise and I’ve never looked back Franchise opportunities nationwide. Call Stacey 027 406 3744 for a chat. Visit 54
Buying a Franchise
Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
Daniel Cloete

Ask the franchisor

Just as you want to make the right decision, so does the franchisor – they want to appoint the right people with the right skills to succeed, so they should be able to provide you with all the answers to these questions and more.

• What are the fees payable, both initially (the franchise fee) and ongoing (royalties, marketing fees, etc.)?

• What are you getting for these payments? eg. training, use of intellectual property, lower prices on goods and services purchased, a strong brand, coordinated marketing and advertising, etc.

• How many franchises are there? Have any failed, closed or changed hands? If so, why?

• What evidence is there that the franchisor continues to invest in the system?

• What levels of support are provided?

• What are the requirements/restrictions when the time comes to sell your franchise? Do these impact business value?

• Is there an exclusive territory? How are online sales handled?

• Is there the opportunity to own multiple units?

• Does the system measure Key Performance Indicators to help you manage your business?

• Is the franchisor a member of FANZ?

• Do they have a disclosure document?

Find out more about questions to ask franchisors at

Buying an established business

If you are looking at buying an existing outlet, be aware that the increased cost of living may influence sales in certain industries. Accordingly, don’t just rely on annual financial reports – look at up-todate management reporting when doing due diligence. Oh, and check with the franchisor whether a) you would be an acceptable franchisee and b) whether there is a re-fit or re-image requirement on any change of hands.

Running the business on an ongoing basis

Once you own your own business, you still need to keep it running as efficiently as possible. After Covid, many businesses need to review their funding structures. With higher interest rates, the wrong structure could be costing the business a lot.

Examples include:

• Funding the business on an overdraft instead of a business term loan where appropriate;

• Funding assets like vehicles or equipment (depreciating assets) over the wrong term, so you are still paying for them after their useful life;

• Funding assets with overdrafts instead of equipment finance or other less expensive options.

Talk to your accountant and banker about this.

Get professional help

If this all seems challenging, get the help of a franchise specialist accountant and lawyer who already know the industry and can add value. It’s important to understand the figures yourself, so get them to explain the key numbers.

A specialist franchise bank can add value and offer lending options and transactional solutions tailored for your business.

Engage with a franchise business banker early, as you may be able to fund partly against the business/brand rather than your needing to find the equity yourself.

About the Author

Daniel Cloete is the National Franchising Manager for Westpac. For more information, contact your local Westpac Franchise and Business Banking Specialist on 0800 177 007 or email: franchising@westpac.

The information contained in this article is intended as a guide only and is not intended as an exhaustive list of matters to be considered. Persons entering into franchise agreements should seek their own professional legal, accounting and other advice.



Get into partnership with Woolworths as a FreshChoice franchisee

FreshChoice is a fast-growing name in the supermarket sector. Not only are they opening new stores – the latest in Wellington’s Cuba Street and Huntly – but Super Value stores are also being converted to the FreshChoice brand. There are already 74 stores around the country, with more to come.

That means opportunities for hands-on retailers to own and run their own supermarkets all around the country. And they’ll have the backing of one of the biggest names in Australasia – Woolworths.

‘FreshChoice franchisees operate community-based supermarkets in smaller towns and suburban centres across New Zealand,’ says Operations Manager David Callaghan. ‘We are now looking for franchisees for both new and existing locations.

‘Our recent television campaign has been excellent in increasing the general awareness of FreshChoice. That’s worked in perfectly with the expansion of the brand, and means new franchisees will have a valuable opportunity to build something big.

‘In addition to individual stores, multi-ownership is an option – several of our existing franchisees have two or more stores, which can provide some economies of scale and potentially an even greater return on investment.’

Investment levels start from around $2 million, with some personal equity required, ‘although this is negotiable on a case-by-case basis,’ says David.

Buying power and expertise

New franchisees have access to considerable resources through Wholesale Distributors Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Woolworths New Zealand. David explains, ‘There are distribution centres around the country, and the company’s size enables it to purchase stock, provide plant and equipment, and source technology efficiently and cost-effectively.

‘There’s a range of support services with regular visits and business advice from an experienced retail team, a dedicated IT department and, of course, a whole range of advertising and marketing support from group-wide and national promotions, point of sale, social media and e-commerce.

‘Merchandising expertise is another key area and, of course, FreshChoice franchisees have access to Woolworths own-brand ranges, WW and Macro – an ever-expanding range of organic health food and cleaning products.’

Hands-on opportunity

‘This is very much a hands-on business which requires a hands-on manager, not a passive investor,’ David says firmly. ‘Small stores are a 7-day operation, 10-14 hours a day, turning over $5-6 million a year.

‘A lot of people like the idea of owning a supermarket, but success doesn’t happen by accident. We’re looking for people who understand the robust requirements of running your own business, day in, day out. You need business acumen, the ability to read and interpret a lot of data, and make good decisions based on that data. You also need the ability to build and lead a team of 10-15 people or more, and to understand the obligations that come from that.

‘While retail experience is valuable, some of our franchisees have come from many different businesses and professions outside the retail industry. They understand the importance of systems and routines,

and are used to handling pressure and dealing with people and situations. That’s why each new FreshChoice franchisee goes through an individualised training programme of between 12-24 weeks according to their experience. That way, they learn every aspect of running the business – and, of course, they can then call upon expert advice from our teams on an ongoing basis.’

A rare opportunity

FreshChoice franchisees are encouraged to share ideas and experiences with their peers, and to learn from each other. ‘There are a number of full group meetings a year for all franchisees and senior members of the franchisor team, and an annual conference to review progress, plan the year ahead, discuss new developments and network,’ David explains.

‘The new focus on FreshChoice means this is a rare opportunity for franchisees to build a sizeable business of theirown, while being backed by one of the biggest names in Australasian retail. Have you got the skills and commitment to take on the challenge and succeed? Contact me to find out more.’

Advertiser Info



David Callaghan

P 027 494 8361

Wholesale Distributors Limited (WDL) is the franchisor for the FreshChoice group of supermarkets. WDL have supermarkets nationwide, but are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand throughout New Zealand.

WDL is a division of Woolworths New Zealand (WWNZ). WWNZ in turn is 100% owned by Woolworths Limited which is one of Australasia’s largest retailers.

All our stores are locally owned and operated. Our owners and store teams care about building strong connections to the communities they serve, and are constantly striving to inspire and engage customers. We are proud of the passionate people that represent FreshChoice, and they in turn are proud to be advocates of it.

If this sounds like an opportunity your interested in, please get in touch with Operations Manager David Callaghan from the contact details below:

are you Interested in becoming a local Supermarket owner? 027
494 8361
/ \ -------

What to ask about support

What help will you get as a new franchisee? Here’s how to find out

One of the benefits of buying a franchise is that you should receive ongoing guidance to help you succeed and get the best possible return for your efforts. That’s why it’s important to have good support from your franchisor, both over the phone or video link, and in person in your own area. So if you’re looking at an opportunity, what questions should you ask to make sure you’ll get the right support? Ask the franchisor:

• Where is your franchise support office based? What does it consist of? How many people are employed by the franchisor? What do they do? How many are in direct support roles, rather than in administrative roles? Can I meet some of your staff? Many franchises in their early stages have very few employees – however, as a franchise grows it requires additional support staff to ensure existing franchisees continue to receive service.

• Exactly what level of support can I expect? In what areas? Is there any technical support, or on-going research and development? These are areas that can change fast. Do you have specialists in individual functions as well as generalists who understand the overall business?

• What support would I receive during the opening period of my business? What on-going support services do you provide? Do you have a programme of visits and meetings to monitor progress and advise on improvements? How often would you visit me and for how long? What can I expect us to cover and achieve through your field visits? How are the visits structured? Are they results-focussed?

• What specific business planning tools and guidance can I expect throughout our relationship from start-up to exit? What would happen if I had operational or business problems that I was unable to solve? What help would I get?

• What systems do you have in place to support key processes – eg. accounting, lead generation and management, benchmarking? How will I know how well I’m doing? Are comparisons of performance across key areas available to all franchisees? Is there help in analysing areas for improvement? This should be a key advantage of franchises over independent businesses. Technology makes benchmarking easy and is part of most good franchise systems.

• Is there any formal support system between franchisees? (eg. mentoring, a buddy system, franchise advisory council, WhatsApp group). Other franchisees can be a valuable source of help and support.

• What topics are covered in the franchise manuals? What format are they in: paper, online, other? How many pages? How regularly updated?

• Do the manuals provide clear guidance and tools for local marketing? All franchises require the franchisee to be able to grow their business locally, so this is a critical area.

Don’t be shy to ask these questions – support should be a major advantage of buying a franchise, so you want to be certain you will get what you need. After all, it’s one of the reasons why franchisees pay ongoing fees.

Find 250 Questions to Ask Franchisors before you buy at

Buying a Franchise
Commercial buildings and business premises need regular exterior maintenance. Crest PropertyCare franchisees provide profitable services like Pure Water Window Cleaning, grounds maintenance and exterior cleaning. Our franchisees receive a high level of operational and administration support. We invoice the customers, remit contract payments twice per month, and look after your accounts and GST returns, allowing you to focus on growing your own successful business. Like working outside? A Crest PropertyCare franchise could be the key to securing your financial future To find out more call for an info pack on 0800 273 780 |

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Choose Choices Flooring for business growth in the fooring industry

The opportunity you’ve been searching for.

Our network ofers a unique business proposition that places our members in a position of strength, independence, and technological leadership.

Whether it’s our brand strength, online dominance, innovative store designs, purpose-built business operating system or our own training academy, Choices Flooring will help diferentiate you from other fooring retailers in your operating area.

Be part of the most progressive floor coverings group in New Zealand.

• Over 75 exclusive product lines

• Brand strength

• National marketing & advertising support

• Online dominance

• User friendly mobile applications

• Personalised CRM

• Purpose built business operating system

• Commercial flooring specialists

• ISO 270001 accreditation

• Being part of a progressive network

• Our retail strength

• Innovative store designs

• Registered training organisation

• Networking events

New opportunities available including Northland, Auckland, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu-Whananui, Wellington, Marlborough, Canterbury and Otago

For a strictly confidential discussion about the future direction of your business, please contact:

Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive Ofcer Phone + 61 400 400 036

John Nicholls, GM - Retail Development NZ Phone + 64 27 322 8679

Do you want to own a business?

Having been in franchising for almost 30 years as a franchisee, franchisor, broker and consultant, I’ve seen all sorts of people find great success in their chosen business. I’ve also seen some who never quite achieved everything they could – or should – have. What are the factors that made the difference?


Successful people need qualities such as focus, self-reliance, direction and determination, but in many ways the single biggest predictor of success as a franchisee can be summed up in one word – passion.

If you are absolutely passionate about your business then you are far more likely to succeed. You need to truly love the brand, the business and what you do.

If you are doing something that you love, then you won’t feel as much of the stress and strain as many business owners. It takes hard work and long hours to make a business work, especially in the early days, but if you love it then you’ll have a more positive approach.

Your passion and commitment to excellence will rub off on your customers and staff; people will want to work with you and customers will want to spend money with you. Passion focuses you on delivering the best service and looking after your customers. That’s what generates sales, and without sales you don’t have a business. Everything else follows.

Passion comes before money. If your decision to invest in a particular franchise is driven more by the thought of making money than by a passion for that industry, you won’t achieve the same results as someone driven by passion. Passionate franchisees do much better – and have a whole lot more fun – because they are working at something they love in a business that matters to them.


Sometimes, when we try something new, it is more difficult than expected. In any business, getting started and getting up to speed takes time.

Don’t expect to be operating at peak capacity and efficiency on day one, with all systems in place and everything firing on all cylinders. Even with all the training and support you’ll get in a franchise, that probably won’t happen. You need to allow time for customers to get to know your business and products or services. You need to build awareness in your local community and grow your customer database. It takes time for staff training to kick in, for certain tasks to become instinctive and for your team to gel.

You may be new to the industry, to managing people and to running a business so give yourself time to find your feet. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved overnight or without effort.

Don’t expect there to be no hiccups along the way – they are inevitable. The recent pandemic and cost of living crisis are classic examples of left-field events impacting businesses in unexpected ways.

Expect the unexpected. Can you persevere when the going gets tough? Remember, it’s not what happens; it’s what you do about it that counts. What will determine your success is your ability to think on your feet, to pick yourself up and keep going.


Be prepared for the reality of the small business lifestyle. Are you anticipating business days filled with serving customers, meaningful meetings, business wheeling and dealing and money rolling in? Nice thought but, in reality, you’re more likely to find yourself up to your neck in all the other things that have to be done. You’ll be wearing many

62 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
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Riley offers advice on how to make the most of any franchise opportunity Buying a Franchise Glenice


hats: marketing, dealing with suppliers, doing paperwork, managing the business and your team if you have staff, putting out fires, making your own tea and working long, unsociable hours. You’re it – the buck stops with you.

Can you remain positive throughout the bad days, the grouchy customers, the mistakes and the constant interruptions? Your outlook and attitude will impact all those around you, your staff, customers and the franchisor, and your success will be a reflection of your outlook. Is your glass half full or half empty? Will you look for ways to make things work, or look for someone to blame for things not working?

When you are facing issues in your business, you need to be able to look at the reason for them and take ownership of them. Things go wrong sometimes: accept that, learn from it and move on. That’s what the high achievers do.

Focus on what matters

Apply the 80/20 rule – spend 80% of your time on the 20% of the tasks that are going to produce the biggest results. As a business owner, you’re like the conductor of an orchestra. To make the best music you



need to be focussed on marketing, sales, providing fantastic service, looking after your customers, inspiring your team and inspecting what they’re doing to ensure your standards are maintained.

It’s easy to become bogged down with bookwork and administration, but this is not an area that makes you money (although it can cost you money if it goes wrong). Can you entrust these tasks to someone else? Being in the back office, or being a keyboard warrior, won’t build your business as much as being on the front line and driving sales with your team.

Manage your business by walking around. Check what’s happening and keep your team accountable. Pay attention to every aspect of your business, maintain high standards in everything and insist on delivering only the best that you and your team are capable of. Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.

Follow the system

It seems really obvious, but follow the system you’ve paid for. Would you pay to lease a building then not use it? When you invest in a franchise business, you are buying a tried and tested system that has been proven to work in other successful businesses. Others have already done the

is booming and we’re looking for great people to join our Helloworld Travel franchise. Be a part of an award-winning travel network and bring a new Helloworld store into your community. Excellent returns to be made, so...
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Need funds for your business?

hard work for you to find out which systems and processes work and which don’t. You’ve invested in learning from their mistakes – don’t invent new ones of your own.

Accept that being a franchisee limits what you can and cannot do in your business. You must be willing to provide the product or service at a standard that is consistent throughout the whole franchise. Don’t cut corners or change ingredients. If you are not willing to work within the boundaries that are provided by the franchisor, then there is little point in your buying a franchise.

The most successful franchisees are the ones who execute the system best. They focus on putting it into practice rather than wasting their time and energy trying to change it. They still think about what they are doing constantly and contribute new ideas to the franchise, but they don’t reinvent the wheel.

Look for continuous improvement

When you become a franchisee, you become part of a group using the same brand, products, services and systems to operate your businesses. Despite this, you won’t all be getting the same results. By sharing information with other franchisees, you can learn what you are doing well and where you have room for improvement. Even better, by learning from those franchisees who are doing well in areas you’re not, you can find out how to make those improvements in your own business.

Talk to a lending specialist today.


Some of the most successful franchisees I’ve seen are those who constantly seek out ‘best practice’ information. Regularly review your business’s actual performance against your own goals and against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the group. Identify the areas of your business to improve and talk to the franchisees who are doing best in those areas. Set aside time every week to talk with high-performing franchisees in your system.

Be realistic

You are less likely to fail if you have realistic expectations from the start. In my experience, franchisees often have unrealistic expectations as to how much money they will make (and how quickly it will happen), and

64 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
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and standard credit criteria apply.

how much the franchisor will do to build the business for them. The more you talk with the franchisor before you start to ensure that your expectations are aligned with reality, the less likely you are to have conflict with your franchisor later on.

This is another area where talking to other franchisees in the system, both before and after buying the franchise, can be helpful.

Understand the money

There is plenty of advice available regarding the financial resources that you’ll need for your business; needless to say, having sufficient capital to purchase and set up your business is essential. So is having enough money to live on until you break even, but people don’t always allow for this. No business will make money on day one and it may be some time before it is actually able to pay the bills, let alone a salary for you. Don’t let this put you off, though – plan for it.

When you start your business, understand that there are three different levels of break-even and set yourself targets for each. These targets will be the number of dollars you need to be making and the date by which to be making them.

Break-even No.1 This is when your franchise is generating enough revenue to pay all the costs in the business except paying yourself.

Break-even No.2 Your franchise is able to pay all the costs in the business plus pay you a reasonable market salary appropriate to the position that you hold within your business and the industry that you are operating in.

Break-even No.3 Your franchise pays all the costs for your business, plus an appropriate salary for yourself, plus a return on the capital you have invested in setting up the business.

By knowing these three targets, you’ll have a better understanding of exactly how your business is progressing. It also helps you be disciplined: don’t expect to pay yourself until your business reaches the required level. Taking money out of the business too early will cripple it.

Know who does what

Although the franchise brand will have value and any national marketing will help to bring customers to your door, your franchisor is not solely responsible for your success. Think of it this way: when you buy a franchise, the franchisor provides you with a toolbox containing the brand, systems and procedures for you to run your business.

However, you’ll be the person on-site actually operating the business on a day-to-day basis. They can’t do it for you, so don’t expect the franchisor to run your business. You need to open the toolbox, pull out the tools, roll up your sleeves and use them. Don’t expect to open your doors, sit back and wait for your till to magically start ringing.

Be clear about the franchisor’s obligations and your own. Both of you have a vested interest in your building the most successful business possible. Working with them produces the best results.

Have family and friends behind you

Even if you’re working hard and having fun, you’ll still need the support of your family and friends to help you keep up the effort involved in starting your own business. Your family needs to believe in what you are doing and be prepared to provide the support you need, whether by working in the business themselves or by taking on more responsibility at home. If they are not fully supportive of what you are doing, or not appreciative of the effort that is required by you to get the business off the ground, it will be detrimental to your success.

How high will you fly?

Nobody said creating a successful business was easy – if it was, everyone would be doing it. But by buying a good franchise, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

All franchisees start with the same tools in their toolbox, but some use them more effectively than others. By identifying the factors that high achievers have in common, I hope I’ve helped you work out how you can join them. You’ve bought the franchise – now make it work for you and get the maximum return.

About the Author

One of New Zealand’s most experienced franchise executives, Glenice Riley has been a franchisee in two different franchise systems and worked alongside new franchisees and franchisors. She is now Working Group Chair (collaborative forum for franchisees and franchisor) for FAB NZ, which owns the Caci franchise.

All franchise agreements put a lot of power Auckland Phone 09 303 3764 North Shore Phone 09 414 9800 FRANCHISE LAWYERS
LEAP Franchising is a powerful way of doing business, but the same forces that make franchising great also create vulnerability and risk. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to respond to the issues that arise. We help with: · Assessing franchise opportunities · Advising on franchise agreements and other contracts · Franchise sales and purchases · Dealing with difficult situations before you buy LISTEN
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The recent Franchising Confidence Index survey by Franchize Consultants (see page 16) paints a vivid picture. While there are many positives, the outlook for many business growth drivers remains challenging. Elevated inflation, high interest rates, softening demand and profit compression are all causing uncertainty.

Consequently, many franchisors have concerns about access to finance, franchisees and staff, and worry about established franchisee operating costs and profitability trends. Key trends seen as impactful in the longer term include the regulatory environment, changing customer expectations, AI, changing demographics and diversity.

Great franchising in a tough environment requires clarity. Here are some lessons for prospective and established franchisors and franchisees.

Franchising a business

Successful franchising needs a rock-solid, successful business model capable of delivering good returns in tough times – enough to support a solid franchisee Return On Investment (ROI) and, once established, a solid franchisor ROI. A comprehensive feasibility study is the first step in establishing an optimal franchising structure for a business. Once committed, decisions need to be systemised and documented in the franchise agreement, franchise manuals, and development tools – to mention just a few.

Established franchisors

Established franchisors will benefit from a tailored focus during these challenging times. In particular, there’s a heightened need for longterm franchise system planning coupled with short-term management execution. Franchisors should take any opportunity to review and improve their business model, including carefully researching and planning required changes for implementation.

It is crucial that franchisors work closely and cooperatively with franchisees – not only to optimise individual performance, but to explore potential improvements and changes to the whole system.

Buying a franchise

If you are about to buy a franchise, it is essential that you learn about what franchising involves. Do the Franchise Association’s free online training for prospective franchisees and explore the advice on Franchising and You at

We also suggest that you research franchises from more than one sector. This will enable you to compare business models and franchise structures, and recognise the differences. You’ll make a better decision, and may find a type of business you’d not thought of previously.

Established franchisees

Take time to develop – and operate to – a comprehensive business plan. Incorporate your goals and aspirations, along with insights from your franchisor team, professional advisors and other high-performing franchisees. Take time to build clarity around your objectives and action plans, covering the key functions and success factors for your business.

Final thoughts

Franchising can be very rewarding for franchisors and franchisees alike. In challenging times, it is important to have strong foundations, clear strategy and focus.

Six-times Service

of the Year, Franchize Consultants has been

medium and multinational businesses for 35 years. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 What’s available? What does it cost? What do they do? How many are there? Who do I contact? company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information Over 275 different franchises
Directory 68 9Round Health & Fitness $200,000 Total body results in a quick, convenient kickboxing and functional fitness workout. 10 700+ M 0061 27 672 2312 AA Auto Centre Auto Services $150,000 Become a premier provider in the vehicle service, repair and inspection market. 38 38 P 0800 500 333 option 2 AA Driving School Leisure & Education $30,000 New Zealand’s leading driver training organisation seeks motivated driving instructor franchisees. 120 120 P 0800 723 239 A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections 34 Home & Building $72,500 Proven international franchise operating in 19 countries around the world. The house inspection industry is rapidly growing with pre-purchase inspections, P testing, asbestos testing, maintenance inspections, Healthy Homes and Safe & Sanitary reports. We are now looking for further inspectors nationwide. 18 200+ John Goodrum M 021 945 140 E W Accessman Home & Building $1,000,000 New Zealand’s leading hire company supplying scissor lifts, cherry pickers and knucklebooms. There are exciting new franchise options available throughout the
A unique opportunity
North Island.
exists for
right person to work their way into a franchise ownership role.
8 Lena Harrington
3566 M
361 622 W ActionCOACH New Zealand Business & Commercial $70,000 Join
P 0-3-341
ActionCOACH in New Zealand for a fulfilling career as a business coach. Transform lives and businesses with a guaranteed business model and extensive support. Be your own boss and enjoy the rewards.
W Active+ Health & Fitness $20,000 North Island-wide chain of physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, offering multi-disciplinary services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pilates and exercise rehabilitation, ACC rehabilitation contracts, health and wellness services. Operating since 1990. Previous health services experience preferred.
1100+ Kathryn
P 0061 1800 508 364 E
22 Mike Bignall P 0800 224 486 M 021 1672 888 E W Altitude Pole & Fitness Health & Fitness $125,000 Altitude Pole offers pole dance and fitness-based classes in studios nationwide. 11 11 P 021 880 345 Anchor Franchise 63 Food & Beverage $750,000$1.2m Market leader in sales and distribution of dairy products and beverages throughout New Zealand including Anchor, Primo, Mammoth, Mainland, and Kapiti. National franchise structure operating since 1992 offering exclusive territories. Looking for people with business and sales acumen, a can-do attitude and great leadership qualities. 50 50 Shannon Davidson E W Anytime Fitness Health & Fitness $500,000$700,000 Anytime Fitness provides 24/7 high value training environments with top-of-the-range equipment. 58 5000 M 021 226 7186 Aramex 53 Business & Commercial $20,000 Aramex, formerly Fastway Couriers, is an award-winning franchise system that provides local and national courier and freight services at competitive prices. Over 35 years’ experience, multiple industry awards and franchisees across New Zealand, Aramex is one of New Zealand’s most successful and trusted freight companies. 275 1600 P 0-6-833 6333 E W Armstrong Smarter Security Business & Commercial $150,000 Armstrong for smarter security. Retail and mobile locksmith and alarm specialists. 18 18 P 0-9-415 0585 At Your Request Franchise Group Home & Commercial $14,000 NZ’s premium home, commercial and lawn service franchise system. 200 200 P 0800 297 297 Autoblast 31 Auto Services P.O.A. New Zealand franchise Autoblast has perfected a new method for vehicle underbody rust removal and rust prevention. We are seeking partners who firstly believe in customer service excellence, and who have an appreciation for all things automotive and their aesthetics. 1 1 David Kirkham P 094 443 6574 E W Baby On The Move Retail $350,000 Specialising in rental and sales of baby and toddler car seats and other products. 14 14 P 027 472 7040 Bakers Delight 9 Food & Beverage $250,000$400,000 With over 30 years of experience, Bakers Delight is a successful franchise business with a growing network of over 700 bakeries spanning across four countries. Bakers Delight has a proven business formula which provides comprehensive training and on-going support. 20 700+ Craig Notman P 021 984 541 E W BarberShopCo Health & Beauty $50,000 Join the fast-growing men’s grooming industry. Looking for people and leadership skills. 25 25 P 022 046 3372 Bedpost Retail $150,000 New Zealand’s premium specialist bedding and bedroom furniture retailer with a focus on superior customer service, top brands and expert advice. Looking for motivated owner operators passionate about selling and providing a high level of customer service. 16 16 Graeme Doak M 021 665 923 E W Beds R Us Retail P.O.A. Join NZ’s largest independent bedding group. Franchise opportunities available with full support. 46 46 P 0-9-972 3022 Biform Home & Building $45,000$65,000 Biform offers an environmentally friendly, low maintenance, alternative to traditional hardwood timber. Strong presence in the industry in a market with growth potential. Offers composite decking, screening, and flooring solutions. Multi-generational family-owned business operating successfully since 2004. Full training provided. 5 5 Tau Aupa’au M 021 640 006 E W A-B Franchise and Business Opportunities

Bricks 4 Kidz Leisure & Education $75,000 Be part of an established and globally awarded children’s education franchise. Over 10 years, Bricks 4 Kidz has developed a unique and inspiring business model. Make an impact on our future generations and receive the support of training, resources and expertise. Come build with us!

Brumby’s Bakery Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 Brumby’s has been part of the New Zealand bakery market since 1995, serving local communities wholesome, natural baked goods. Brumby’s artisan approach to baking utilises only natural ingredients, with no preservatives or additives, and products handmade fresh from scratch every day to our exclusive recipes.

BurgerFuel Food & Beverage $500,000 BurgerFuel is a leader in the gourmet burger market, dedicated to serving high quality burgers in an atmosphere as charged as the food. Combined with fun and irreverent marketing campaigns BurgerFuel creates the perfect environment for franchisees to grow and enjoy their business.

Burger Wisconsin Food & Beverage $150,000$250,000 At Burger Wisconsin, it’s always been about the food. Now is an exciting time to join us, with new sites planned throughout New Zealand and an existing store refresh programme underway. It’s a gourmet opportunity for operators with good taste.

Caci Health & Beauty $150,000$300,000 At Caci, we love what we do! Helping New Zealanders with what we call ‘skin confidence’. Now is your chance to join the team, become a Caci clinic owner and enjoy the benefits of being part of one of NZ’s best-looking and successful businesses.

8 P 0-6-834 0537

8 750 Lorraine Yu P 0800 LEGO4K M 021 222 6033



6 250+ Alistair Boyd P 022 165 6649



56 79 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632



24 24 Brittany Jackson P 0-9-973 4559



85 85 Penny Chapman P 0800 266 119 M

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information
of Franchising 69
by industry
opportunities into ten main industries.
look down the third column
of business you
interested in. You can also search the Directory by industry online at Choose by investment
the fourth column
equipment, working capital
other items
specifically included. You should confirm such items direct with the franchise concerned.
by type
We have divided all the
the type
The ‘Investment’ figures quoted in
are for guidance only and
not include GST,
The description contains a brief description of the franchise and may include information on the type of people the opportunity is best suited to. More information can be found online at Note
Franchise and Business Opportunities 68 Specialist Advisors 78 Other Services 80 Looking for a business opportunity but don’t know where to start? Big Fig 31 Food & Beverage $150,000 Big Fig’s ‘slow food, served fast’ concept is a Wanaka legend, thanks to delicious, authentic cooking, family vibes and ready-to-go-convenience. Now we’re looking for energetic folks to join the family and give the rest of New Zealand the incredible big Fig experience. 1 1 Karen Lahood P 021 902 6593 E W Black & White Coffee Cartel 10 Food & Beverage $350,000$450,000 Join the third wave of coffee today. Exciting opportunities to join NZ’s rapidly growing first micro-roasting coffee company franchise. Offering turn-key cafés with a competitive operational model. Full training and support provided. We have brought the independent coffee shop to the masses.
17 Tony Yin M 022 630 6622 BoatsmartHQ Auto & Marine Services $20,000 Unique franchise opportunity to manage a fleet of marina
drystack-based boats. 9
173 0938 Breakers Restaurant Food & Beverage $100,000$450,000 Relaxed, NZ beach-themed family restaurants. Fast
affordable dining
Listing information is supplied by that particular entity. The symbol in the FANZ column denotes a member of the Franchise Association. You are advised to confirm the accuracy of the listing and the membership status of any entity. Neither the sponsors of this Directory nor FANZ nor the publisher accept liability for any omissions or errors.
021 959 933 E W Café Botannix Food & Beverage $480,000 Contemporary deli cafés serving organic coffee and organic food options in Palmers garden centres. 9 9 P 021 483 500 Café2U Food & Beverage $82,000$160,000 Follow your dream of business ownership with the support of the world’s largest mobile coffee van franchise in the fast growth coffee industry. Café2U provides opportunities for small business entrepreneurs to deliver great coffee and food to businesses, events, and functions. 11 240+ Andrew Morgan P 0-9-973 4823 M 022 419 3156 E W Cambridge Homes Home & Building $150,000 Offering driven, motivated people the opportunity to become a Cambridge Homes franchisee. 7 7 M 021 409 763 Carl’s Jr. Food & Beverage $1,000,000 We are looking for enthusiastic franchisees to join the Carl’s Jr. team. 18 1300+ P 0-9-525 8700 Carpet Court Retail $250,000 New Zealand’s largest flooring retailer. The size of the Carpet Court group means that Carpet Court franchise partners benefit from the advantages of scale when it comes to all aspects of business, including buying power, marketing, product range and other business support services. 57 57 Colin Jones M 027 453 4876 E W Cartridge World Retail $100,000 The largest most experienced printer cartridge retail and refilling company worldwide. 14 600 P 0061 1300 767 223 Cash Converters Retail $650,000 Looking for an exceptional return on your investment? We’re New Zealand’s favourite place to buy and sell, the world’s largest second-hand dealer and market leader in short term credit services. With more than 700 stores internationally you’ll be buying a tried and tested, well respected brand. 28 700+ Colin Mahoney P 0-9-281 7334 E W Central Landscape & Garden Supplies Home & Building P.O.A. Landscape and garden supply yards providing bulk and bagged products. Pick-up and deliveries. Will suit hands-on owner operators with a passion for excellent customer service who take pride in customer satisfaction. 9 9 Mike Armour P 0-9-273 5352 M 0274 506 639 E W Choices Flooring 60 61 Retail $200,000$250,000 Be part of a new flooring retail opportunity in New Zealand where you will become part of an innovative and successful flooring brand. Choices Flooring offers the systems, training, marketing and online support needed to be a successful retailer in the retail flooring industry 7 140 John Nicholls P 027 322 8679 E W Franchise and Business Opportunities B-C

premium café franchise. Highly recognised and trusted brand offering customers

coffee and chef-prepared food. Supreme Franchisee of the Year and Food and Beverage Franchise System of the Year 2015/16. Suit owners with passion for coffee, food and the value of customer relationships.

$70,000 Cookright, the kitchen hero, saving kitchens time and money. Deepfryer, overhead filter and hood cleaning. Cooking oil filtering. Oil and kitchen consumables product sales. Cookright has significant income potential with minimal competition for motivated, hard-working, practical operators who can sell and are well organised.

71 71 Jon Hassall M 028 8500 1300


31 31 Steve McMullen

P 0800 804 104 M 029 770 0994

E W Corporate

Cabs is New Zealand’s most professionally driven






Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 70 Cleancorp Business & Commercial $22,000+ Cleancorp offers commercial cleaning franchises. Seeking committed people to deliver great service. We source and acquire commercial cleaning contracts for our franchisees who are provided with full training, ensuring the same professional standards are offered to all customers. 111 111 Anilcy Verghese P 0-9-304 0599 E W Clean Planet Business & Commercial $20,000 Work for yourself with the support of our proven processes and systems. 130 130 P 0-9-622 0828 Clean Rite Home & Commercial $15,000$55,000 Home and commercial cleaning – no job is too big or too small. 21 21 P 0800 101 216 Cleantastic Commercial Cleaning 62 Business & Commercial $18,000 An established, award-winning franchise with nearly 300 franchisees operating throughout NZ. This cleaning franchise offers quality cleaning at competitive prices. Franchisees utilise the well-developed systems and technical expertise to become successful business owners. Comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms and business cards are provided. 280 280 Greg Paget P 0800 800 055 E W Cobb & Co. Food & Beverage $500,000 Welcome back to Cobb & Co., New Zealand’s original restaurant chain. With unbeatable brand recognition, enviable buying power, proven profitability and on-going support from Cobb Group, it’s not hard to see why owning a Cobb & Co. is a special opportunity. 8 8 Ben Gower P 0-7-281 1197 M 0204 1007 007 E W Coffee Culture Food & Beverage $350,000+ Coffee Culture is the South Island’s leading boutique group of coffee shops. We’re currently expanding and need passionate coffee lovers to join us. With over 22 years’ experience, we offer support and training that’s second to none. 20 20 Sacha Coburn P 0-7-855 3996 M 027 475 0390 E W Coffee News NZ Business & Commercial $15,000 A staple in New Zealand hospitality venues for over 20 years. 22 580 P 0800 22 77 82 Coffix Food & Beverage $100,000 Offers exceptional Fairtrade coffee at a fair price. Ethical and environmentally responsible company. 15 15 M 021 287 2220 Colourplus Retail $200,000 Colourplus offers a
of top
decorating accessories. 29 29 P 0-9-818 9215
Coffee 14 Food
Time 20 Food & Beverage $100,000
E W Cookie
A Cookie Time franchise offers business ownership plus support from an iconic Kiwi company, home to much-loved brands including Cookie Time, Bumper and OSM. A select number of rare opportunities available to become a franchisee distributing snacks and smiles as long-term franchisees retire from business.
Kitchen Services Food & Beverage
45 Dawn
P 0800 266 543 E W Cookright
cab service. 200+ 200+
789 789
2 Business & Commercial $10,000 Get
708 Sam
P.O.A. Corporate
P 0800
your work-life balance right with a
cleaning franchise. If you are looking for a simple business with low risk and a high profit margin, a CrestClean franchise ticks every box.
of the 2021 Westpac
Franchise System of the Year award. 708
P 0800 273 780
PropertyCare 59 Business & Commercial $15,000 Grow
with a Crest PropertyCare franchise. Working side by side with CrestClean teams to provide quality outdoor maintenance services through our franchisee network, Crest PropertyCare offers a business opportunity with the flexibility to suit your lifestyle. 23 23 Sam Lewis P 0800 273 780 E W Crewcut Home Services $16,000 Crewcut is a lawn and garden maintenance franchise with businesses for sale. For over 26 years we’ve had operators providing lawn mowing, hedge trimming, section clearing, and gardening to Kiwis all across New Zealand. Buy a business with support, strong branding, and values. 260 260 Pauli Horgan P 0800 800 286 E W Cutshop Home & Building $450,000 Own and manage a Cutshop programming and production team, producing high quality cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes, garage shelves and more. Cutshop franchisees provide bespoke products in a vibrant new-build and renovation sector where existing trade production can’t keep up with the growing market. 4 4 André Hofer P 0-9-666 0632 M 021 879 413 E W Design Builders Home & Building $160,000 Thriving, established business with an outstanding reputation for our quality of work. 10 10 P 0800 456 456 Diamond Fusion Home & Building $50,000 Seeking motivated people with great sales ability and focus. Full training provided. 8 8 M 021 234 4170 Donut King Food & Beverage $280,000 Seeking fun franchisees with a customer focus to serve our famous, fresh donuts daily 5 300+ M 022 424 6528 DrainPro Home & Building $40,000 DrainPro specialise in residential new builds, tank installations and light commercial works, with franchise opportunities available nationwide. Whether you’re an existing business struggling or a tradesman looking to go out on his own, Drainpro have the experience to help you develop a successful business. 4 4 Nathan Williamson P 0-3-342 1278 M 021 217 1616 E W Dream Doors Home & Building $75,000 Sales of made-to-measure replacement kitchen doors and benchtops for retail and trade customers. Seeking hard-working, sales-driven, computer literate go-getters who are willing to follow a dynamic international business model proven
E W Crest
a profitable business and enjoy a flexible workday
on three
60+ Derek Lilly M 027 213 5133 E W
Miss Daisy New Zealand Home Services $40,000$45,000
Miss Daisy is
service. Currently we have 80 territories
NZ’s No.1
If you are interested in becoming the next Daisy in this growth industry, call us today. Our NZ franchises are an extremely affordable small business option.
117 Jack Harper/Ange Mill
021 503 325
66 Home & Commercial $100,000$750,000 Ecomist is an exciting business opportunity, based on both website and face-to-face sales of automated insect control and odour control fragrancing systems and products, to both commercial and residential customers; accompanied by the provision of residential and commercial pest control services.
Ian Robertson M
433 4513 W
Education $100,000 EduExperts offers a variety of after school tutoring programmes for primary, intermediate and high school children of all nationalities, aimed at helping them excel in their education and overcome any learning difficulties they may have.
14 Jenny Jin P 0-9-520 1800 M 021 229 5378 W
Retail $25,000 Seeking people with passion and ambition to be a specialist e-bike retailer 11 11 M 021 644 405 EmbroidMe Business & Commercial $150,000 EmbroidMe is New Zealand’s largest uniform and promotional products business. EmbroidMe focuses on the business-to-business market providing apparel for uniforms and branding them. Low stock, low staffing, high repeat, high margin, Monday to Friday business. We’re looking for business-minded people, no industry experience required.
300 Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123 E W Epiphany Café Food & Beverage $200,000 Epiphany Café are seeking people who are committed to excellence. Our point of difference is unique products such as homemade artisan donuts. This is more than just a business venture, we work hard, enjoy what we’re doing, and know how to have fun while achieving our goals. 28 28 Jeths Lacson M 021 337 329 E W Esquires Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 At Esquires Café our franchise partners tailor their food to the local market from our extensive menu library. We don’t dictate the menu, we allow the freedom for you to be a true entrepreneur while ensuring you have comprehensive support from our team. 21 100+ Andrew Morgan P 0-9-973 4823 M 022 419 3156 E W C-E Franchise and Business Opportunities


café brand with a proven

model and support systems. We are searching for franchises with the desire and drive to run a successful, fun business, partnering with us to grow the brand in NZ.

9 900 Stuart

400+ 400+

for Kiwis. 6 50 M 027 255 0000

Guthrie Bowron Retail $250,000 The number one home decorating franchise in New Zealand, specialising in paint, wallpaper, custom-made curtains and blinds, flooring and decorating tools. Franchisees benefit from an established name, a strong support system, central purchasing negotiation and active national advertising campaigns.

Habitual Fix Food & Beverage $185,000 Our purpose is

45 45 Alan Heatlie

P 0-9-306 1040



Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 71 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. TALK TO OUR FRANCHISE SPECIALISTS TODAY ON 0800 177 007. Exceed Home Services $60,000 We are the largest franchise group providing window and door maintenance services to homes throughout New Zealand. The Exceed franchising model is designed to give our franchise owners every opportunity for success with over 30 years’ worth of tried and trusted systems. 29 29 Travis Sherlock P 021 0222 7719 E W Ezy Kitchens 11 Home & Building $100,000 Ezy Kitchens take great pride in the quality of service we provide our retail and trade clients. We’re a full-service retailer seeking sales-driven and enthusiastic individuals. You’ll work within our reliable systems and receive the dedicated support you need to achieve your business and personal goals. 7 7 Dushay Pont P 021 980 583 E w Fibrenew New Zealand Business & Commercial $90,000 Home-based, mobile franchise - experts in leather, vinyl and plastic restoration. 10 245+ P 0-3-374 3366 Fifo Capital Financial Services $49,500 Provide working capital funding for small businesses. 6 60+ P 0-9-302 0949 FiSBO Property Home Services $50,000 FiSBO is New Zealand’s only hybrid real estate marketing company, replacing what agents do with our proven technology and marketing services. We are looking for like-minded people to grow the brand throughout New Zealand. Full training and ongoing support. No real estate licence needed.
1 Ben Keehan M 021 738 769 E W Fix It Building Services Home & Building $5,000 This franchise takes care of everything from building repairs to renovation and additions. 11 11 P 0-4-566 0297 Flex Fitness Health & Fitness $300,000$650,000 Flex Fitness is a New Zealand owned and operated 24-hour gym franchise. 35 35 P 0-7-850 5556 Flooring Design 8 Home & Building $150,000$250,000 Flooring Design has centralised systems, creating powerful and efficient business practices, leading to profitable franchisees. Full industry and systems training is provided along with ongoing sales seminars for franchisees and salespeople. Successful applicants are driven to work with our systems to drive their new business.
23 Jeremy Yeoman M 022 602 8482 E W Footloose Shoes Retail $150,000 Need a passion for fashion and the desire to own your own business. 19 19 M 021 934 080 Freedom Companion Driving Services Home Services $32,000 Freedom Companion Driving Services provides transport services for those requiring safe, caring transport. With the population of New Zealanders aged 65+ projected to double over the next 25 years there has never been a better time to own a Freedom Drivers franchise. 31 31 Julian Smith P 0800 333 499 E W FreshChoice 57 Retail $2,000,000 Wholesale Distributors Ltd is the franchisor for the SuperValue and FreshChoice group of supermarkets. All our stores are locally owned and operated and totally community focussed. We are looking for franchisees who are customer-focussed with proven business experience. Opportunities available nationwide. 33 33 David Callaghan M 027 494 8361 E W Fritz’s Wieners Food & Beverage $80,000 Exclusive bratwurst sausages served in a fresh baguette. Excellent return on investment. 7 7 P 0-3-789 5078 Generation Homes Home & Building P.O.A. We build houses for clients all over New Zealand for a fixed price and on a time guarantee. 14 14 M 0274 908 399 Giggle Entertainment Network Business & Commercial $100,000$175,000 Giggle boasts over 1,200 locations with over 1,000,000 people p/w past our screens. 16 16 P 0-6-355 3480 Gloria Jean’s Coffees Food & Beverage $300,000$500,000 Gloria Jean’s is
be an energetic, international award-winning
Green Acres Franchise Group Home Services $24,000 Green Acres was founded in 1991
is proudly kiwi
experience we are one of the longest running NZ-owned franchise
400 franchisees controlling their own future path. Ask about our Big Business
Howard P 021 800 769 E W
owned and operated. With 30 years’
systems. We have over
model today.
Hill P 0800 692 643
Green Homes NZ Home & Building $20,000 Design and build sustainable, high performing
energy efficient
to turn the world into fresh and healthy food fanatics. 10 10 M 027 442 9531 Harcourts 13 Business & Commercial $200,000 Harcourts seeks accomplished sales consultants and achievers across all industries, exploring real estate business ownership. We value goal-driven, entrepreneurial individuals who crave challenges, recognition, teamwork
future stability. Eager
growth, they’re intrigued by housing
business trends, prioritising collaboration
personal/team fulfilment.
879 Aaron Davis M 027 275 6165 E W Harrisons Carpet & Flooring Home & Building $150,000 Harrisons Carpet & Flooring is one of the most successful franchise businesses in New Zealand and is experiencing very high customer demand across the country. We are looking for passionate people to join our nationwide Carpet & Flooring franchise network. 50 50 Dan Harrison P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131 E W Harrisons Curtains & Blinds Home & Building $45,000$70,000 Love fashion, interior design, and have a flair for sales? Own your own business doing what you love, supported by the most trusted franchise network. We are looking for passionate people to join our 20 strong nationwide Curtains & Blinds franchise network. 33 33 Dan Harrison P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131 E W Harrisons Solar Energy Home & Building $40,000$80,000 Harrisons Solar Energy is one of the most successful franchise businesses in New Zealand and is experiencing very high customer demand across the country. We are looking for people passionate about sustainability and technical sales to join our nationwide Solar Energy franchise network. 24 24 Dan Harrison P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131 E W HB Laser Skin Clinics Health & Beauty $20,000 Opportunity for state-of-the-art therapeutic laser training from leaders in the industry 6 6 M 027 357 6272 Health 2000 Health & Beauty $70,000+ The Health 2000 group comprises members who have a passion for natural health. 52 52 M 021 655 920 Hell Food & Beverage $200,000 A brand with attitude that cannot be missed. Our damned fine gourmet menu, coupled with sophisticated systems and support, make this a wicked opportunity. Hell is looking for new franchisees with a passion for our brand and a willingness to learn. Opportunities available nationwide. 76+ 76+ Mark Hohneck M 021 226 6669 E W Helloworld Travel 63 Retail $100,000 Join helloworld Travel, one of New Zealand’s premier retail brands offering fully franchised stores around the country. Combining national and local marketing support, helloworld Travel offers our franchisees ‘best in market returns’ and the opportunity to share our passion for travel with your community.
330 Shaun Muller M 027 258 1778 E W Heritage Homes Home & Building $25,000$50,000 Heritage Homes are NZ’s leading master builders specialising in brand new character homes built for the future and inspired by the past. We need passionate people with good business sense, goal driven, who have good communication skills and are ambitious. Building background not essential. 6 6 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747 E W Franchise and Business Opportunities E-H

InXpress Business & Commercial

$30,000 Global logistics and freight sales consulting franchise. InXpress allows you to build a successful and profitable business with the security of one of the world’s largest franchisors of global courier services. Proven business model and training provided. Low risk with a strong return on investment.

Jamaica Blue Food & Beverage $280,000$450,000

Jani-King 83 Business & Commercial

Bring your enthusiasm, ambition and passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Enjoy world-class training with ongoing support and together you have the ingredients of a successful Jamaica Blue franchise partnership. Opportunities nationwide with a brand you are proud to call your own.

$35,000 Jani-King is known as the world’s number one commercial cleaning franchise company providing full operational sales administration support for franchisees. There has only been one name to turn to for quality and value in the commercial cleaning services - Jani-King, the king of clean.

Jesters Pies Food & Beverage $200,000$280,000+ Jesters Pies are offering new store opportunities on a turn-key basis. We will provide training, ongoing support and the tools required for you to maximise your investment. Seeking passionate franchise partners prepared to work in the business who are committed to excellent customer service.

Jim’s Mowing 19 Home Services


Mowing/gardening franchise offers an attractive mix of both lifestyle and income. Be your own boss. Choose when and where you want to work and how much you want to earn. Selfmotivated, hard-working, customer-focused people wanted. Excellent training and ongoing support provided.

Jim’s Test & Tag / Jim’s Fire Safety 64 Business & Commercial $60,000 The leading provider of electrical testing and tagging services. Are you ready to be a part of this highly successful brand and create a new future for yourself? Jim’s Test & Tag gives you the training, support and systems you need to succeed.

Just Cabins Home & Building $500,000+ Just Cabins provides portable cabins for rent which are just perfect as sleepouts, extra rooms, portable offices, or as storage at your home or business. Long-term cabin rentals provide a passive income, excellent growth and are easily run by one person part-time.

Just Cuts Health & Beauty $170,000$270,000 Be your own boss and get all the support you need. You don’t have to be a hairdresser to own a Just Cuts, but you do need a passion for people and the ability to follow a proven system that has worked for over 30 years.

Just Kidz Leisure & Education $400,000$800,000 Just Kidz is a leading early childhood education brand dedicated to providing high-quality preschool education and care. Franchise and partnership options available for people with passion and commitment to supporting families’ educational and care needs. Offering a vibrant, social, rewarding business within your community.

Katsubi 38 Food & Beverage $350,000$500,000 Your chance to be a part of one of the most successful New Zealand local hospitality franchises. With more than 20 years of experience in the food chain industry, Katsubi is now inviting our potential partners to build your dreams and succeed with us.

Kinetic Electrical Home & Building P.O.A. Professionally planned franchise system, fully documented to help you work smarter not harder to reach full potential of your company’s experience and expertise. Kinetic Electrical is a franchise for owners of existing electrical contracting companies with a passion to grow their business.

Kitchen Studio Home & Building $150,000 New Zealand’s kitchen design specialists. Designing and installing custom-made kitchens throughout New Zealand since 1984. Enquire now for details of what location may suit. Join a motivated, professional, well established franchise network.

Kitset Assembly 40 Home Services $45,000 Kitset assembly is our business and demand for the service is extremely high. We have a strong foundation and partnerships with well-known New Zealand retailers. This offers our franchisees a good volume of work and a steady customer base from which to grow a successful franchise business of their own.

Kiwikrane Leisure $50,000

Kowhai Roof Coatings Home & Building $20,000

Kumon Leisure & Education $30,000

New Zealand’s crane amusement machine franchise. These stand-alone machines contain soft-toys, chocolate and jewellery. Franchisees enjoy part-time, flexible work and operate machines in an exclusive territory. The Kiwikrane franchise also provides advice on how best to locate and operate machines successfully.

The Kowhai guys have been restoring and recoating roofs in most regions of NZ since the 1980’s. We have a proven and exclusive Kowhai coating system. Experience in roofing or coating systems required. Limited number of areas available now for suitable candidates.

With over 3.5 million students worldwide, Kumon is the world’s largest provider of individualised mathematics and English programmes. Founded in 1958, Kumon has generous subsidies and low start-up costs. Join Kumon to make a difference in your community by developing students into confident self-learners.

La Porchetta Food & Beverage $400,000 Join the largest Italian restaurant chain in Australia and New Zealand. You will love taking part in serving our guests quality Italian food, to order, using fresh ingredients. We are looking for passionate individuals with a strong work ethic and drive to join our family

Landmark Homes Home & Building $175,000

Laser Clinics New Zealand Fitness, Health & Beauty $375,000

Landmark Homes is recognised as an industry leader in top quality, new home design and construction. We are searching for highly driven and motivated people (preferably with building industry knowledge) to join our growing franchise network throughout New Zealand.

Partner with an award-winning franchise. Laser Clinics New Zealand are proud to be the global leaders in our industry, providing laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, skin and body treatments at affordable prices. With a unique 50/50 business model, we are in this together!

0800 486 434

8 460 Ryan Bohm

P 0061 7 3490 3333



8 169 Tony Brusch

450+ 6,600+

M 0061 401 989 547



P 0800 526 454


14 40+ Susie Higgins P +61 8 9309 2200

M +61 402 047 982



100+ 3000+ Stephen Kirby P 0800 454 654



35 185 Malcolm Bradley P 0800 454 654



54 54 Fenton Peterken P 0-9-889 8776

28 200+



Anthony Lamanna P 0800 100 114



7 7 Gavin Muldoon

M 021 649 186



21 21 Andy So

M 021 881 302



25 25 Vicki Bambry

M 0274 852 010



16 16 Dawn Engelbrecht P 0800 177 177



37 200+ William Flew P 027 492 6667



51 163 Thomas Felton P 0-9-846 2800



19 19 P 0-9-636 1357

48 24,700



Bobby Nyoto M 0061 431 492 624


4 43 Brendan Flanagan P 0061 3 9460 6700



14 14 Gary Woodhouse P 0-7-578 2295

20 200+



Liz Seeto

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 72 High Performance Training and Coaching Business & Commercial $60,000 Business training and coaching franchise opportunity, delivering the well-known High Performance programme. 8 9 P 0-9-215-6525 Highmark Homes Home & Building $35,000 Benefit from proven systems and central office support, including designers and quantity surveyors. 6 6 P 021 388 626 Hire A Hubby Home & Building $32,000 New Zealand’s first choice for professional home maintenance projects, building and renovation services. Kiwi-owned Hire A Hubby has built a reputation for being the go-to solution for jobs around the home. Customers trust us with full project management. We offer customer payment convenience with Afterpay. 60 60 Jason Hill P 0-9-845 2640 E W Hire A Maid Home Services $15,000$35,000 Hire a Maid is an experienced, fully supported and professional provider of high quality home and commercial cleaning services. We are seeking motivated franchise owners who have the drive to provide exceptional services to their clients and be your own boss. 68 68 Ron Chauhan P 0800 110 095 E W Humitech Business & Commercial $90,825 Simple, effective panels to reduce commercial chilling costs and improve performance. 8 8 P
P 0061 405 966 490 E W Laser Plumbing & Electrical Home & Building P.O.A. Our multi award-winning Laser Electrical and Plumbing groups have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. Laser Group’s market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service. 105+ 250+ Franchise Team P 0800 BUY LASER (2895 2737) E W Latitude Homes Home & Building $150,000 A trusted national brand with a family feel and proven rewards. 11 11 M 021 286 9007 Lawn Rite Home & Commercial $15,000$65,000 Join the professionals taking care of residential and commercial lawns and gardens. 19 19 P 0800 101 216 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information H-L Franchise and Business Opportunities

Majestic Food & Beverage $250,000$450,000 Majestic is a premium boutique café brand creating exceptional experiences for locals across New Zealand. With a unique point of difference and a vast range of products available, take advantage of a brand that is bringing something fresh to the industry in so many ways.

McDonald’s Food & Beverage $1.5m




15 15 Chris Cox P 0-3-423 9760 M 021 521 669



Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at 73 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. FIND OUT HOW OUR EXPERIENCE CAN HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED, ON 0800 177 007. LCF Fun Languages NZ Leisure & Education $2,000 We offer language clubs for children in childcare centres and schools. 7 5000+ P 027 717 1284 Life Maid Easy Home Services $30,000$50,000 Are you looking to secure a guaranteed income and grow with a vibrant company? This is your opportunity to run your own business and be part of one of New Zealand’s residential cleaning companies. Visit our website for more information. 2 2 Maggie Mao P 0-9-909 6560 M 021 372 766 E W Liquorland Retail $300,000 Looking for customer-focussed retailers with a passion for our industry 130 130 M 027 457 2210 LJS Seafood Restaurants Food & Beverage $190,000$230,000 The largest NZ fast-food chain of fish and chips and associated seafood stores. 13 13 Ben Frewin P 0-9-530 8090 E W Lone Star Food & Beverage $400,000$700,000 Lone Star is New Zealand’s largest restaurant & bar concept. 25 25 P 0-3-374 3208 Luxurious Spa & Nails Health & Beauty $150,000 Be your own boss with Luxurious Spa & Nails, a New Zealand-owned nail salon franchise system in the booming beauty market. Full training and support provided. Great return on investment, with opportunities for franchisees throughout New Zealand.
2 Aniket Kumar P 022 176 0919 E W Mad Butcher Food & Beverage $350,000$450,000 One of New Zealand’s best-known home grown franchises, trading since 1971. 20 20 M 021 725 458 Maintain To Profit Home & Building $59,000 Maintain To Profit is New Zealand’s leading property renovation and maintenance business. It is primarily a sales and project management licence business opportunity. A passion for renovating, property or trade background are advantageous. Contact us for your next business or career move with unlimited potential.
11 Mark Trafford P 0-9-929 4546 M 0275 736 688 E
Seeking highly qualified applicants to apply for our 12-month franchisee training programme. 170 38000 P 0-9-539 4300 MeloYelo E-Bikes Retail $13,500+ MeloYelo has established a work-from-home distribution channel for selling and servicing e-bikes. 18 18 M 021 728 875 Mexicali Fresh Food & Beverage $375,000 Mexicali Fresh has led the Mexican evolution in NZ since 2005. With giant American-style burritos and Mexican beer in a colourful, casual atmosphere. We are recruiting energetic, enthusiastic franchisees with a passion for great food and excellent customer service for our turn-key restaurants. 12 12 Brittany Jackson P 0-9-973 4559 E W Mexico Food & Beverage P.O.A. Seeking people with a passion for hospitality. Full training and support provided. 12 12 M 028 8500 1300 Midas Auto Services $100,000 We are looking for franchisees who are ‘drivers’ and truly love helping people. 12 2000+ P 0-9-415 0235 Mike Pero Mortgages Financial Services $20,000 Our franchisees work in partnership with the franchisor to build a rewarding business. 60+ 60+ P 0800 500 123 Mike Pero Real Estate Real Estate $75,000 20+ years’ experience helping home buyers with their home loans. 68 68 P 0800 500 123 Milestone Homes Home & Building P.O.A. Milestone Homes delivers a proven and smart franchisee package nationwide. 8 8 M 027 220 1377 Mini-Tankers Business & Commercial $75,000$150,000 The only on-site diesel refuelling franchise in New Zealand. 70 70 P 0-9-622 2671 Mister Minit Retail P.O.A. Mister Minit is a shoe repair, key cutting and engraving business franchise specialising in corporate giftware solutions. Franchises are currently open to existing Mister Minit team members who are fully trained in the business. Franchise opportunities will be available in the future for outside recruitment. 37 238 Maria Walton P 0061 2 9521 9100 E W Mizin 34 Home & Building $300,000 New Zealand’s premier portable room hire business providing recurring weekly income with limited labour input. Great extra retirement income and/or an opportunity to buy into an essential services business ripe for expansion, which provides you an immediate financial return via a proven business system. 12 12 Gordon Green P 0800 46 49 46 M 027 437 3441 E W Mobile Hand Car & Marine Grooming Auto Services $10,000$39,000 Mobile grooming and detailing service providing professional, environmentally friendly valet services. 17 17 P 0800 803 737 Money Metrics Financial Services $50,000 A team of home-based chartered accountants who utilise technology to provide pragmatic accounting solutions to small business owners. Enjoy the support of working with like-minded colleagues with the best tried and tested systems for operating a public practice business.
3 Cassandra Park P 0800 638 7427 M 0274 544 255 E W Moving On Home Services $50,000 Moving On is a complete relocation service specialising in assisting those downsizing or moving to a more supported living environment. The preferred supplier of several retirement providers. We pack, relocate and unpack. We care and put the heart and soul into moving challenges. 3 3 Katie Fitzpatrick P 0800 000 484 E W Mr Green Home Services $20,000 Franchises available in lawn mowing and gardening, commercial and home cleaning, handyman services. Founded in New Zealand in 1992 and still New Zealand owned. Weekly earnings in excess of $2000pw. Low royalties. Many franchisees have been with Mr Green for over 20 years. 200 200 Mark McIlroy P 0800 MRGREEN M 021 196 2196 E W Mr Rental Home & Building $600,000 Make the sale once and get paid over and over again. 17 89 P 0061 7 3622 2888 Mr Whippy Food & Beverage $50,000 Mr Whippy is looking for new owner/operators nationwide. 40 40 P 0800 494 4779 MTF Finance Financial Services $250,000 MTF Finance are looking for hardworking people with lending and business management experience to join our nationwide team of franchisees operating from Whangarei to Invercargill. Using MTF Finance’s system to market, approve and originate loans, you’ll manage your loan book using our web-based management system. 47 47 Brent Dunshea M 021 855 877 E W Muffin Break Food & Beverage $250,000$400,000 Build a life you love with Muffin Break! Benefit from the comprehensive training and support from a reliable and trusted franchisor, growing businesses in NZ for more than 25 years. Muffin Break is expanding and we seek enthusiastic and customer-focussed franchisees throughout the country. 34 271 Tony Brusch M 0061 401 989 547 E W My After School Headquarters (MASH) Leisure & Education $30,000$35,000 Make a difference in children’s lives today with our out-of-school programmes. 28 28 P 0-3-366 9408 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information Franchise and Business Opportunities L-M

Real Estate P.O.A.

New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty (NZSIR)

Night ’n Day Foodstores Retail $300,000

Natural ice cream, frozen yoghurt, smoothie and juice parlours. Level of investment depending on store location and turnover history.

New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty was founded in 2005 by Mark Harris and Julian Brown. Still privately owned, run and operated, the company holds the exclusive rights to the Sotheby’s International Realty brand in New Zealand. Franchise territories are available.

The Night ‘n Day Foodstore franchise, NZ’s leading convenience store chain offers group buying, uniformed image, full staff training, assistance in shop layouts and designs, profit reports, assistance with staff rosters, group advertising and full accounting facilities. New sites and conversion of existing businesses welcomed.

8 300+ Dipak Chhima

21 1000+

P 0274 872 071


Bec Williams P 021 246 9260



54 54 Nicky Gibbs



Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 74 M-P Franchise and Business Opportunities MYGuy Home & Building $41,950 MYGuy is New Zealand’s leading residential and small business property maintenance company, with a focus on quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and a healthy work/life balance. No business experience required with full training and ongoing franchise support included. Be your own boss today! 2 2 Leon Allen M 0275 058 236 E W Narellan Pools Home & Building $50,000 Looking for highly talented and passionate people hungry for success. 19 80 P 0061 402 425 794 Navigation Homes Home & Building $125,000$250,000 Navigation Homes are offering an opportunity to own and drive a profitable house-building franchise. Proven management systems, support, and the best national supply prices. Extensive range of designs to offer customers. Get off the tools and build an asset for yourself. 11 11 Aaron Hall P 0-9-298 5972 M 021 477 506 E W New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Food & Beverage $220,000$350,000 New Zealand Natural Ice Cream is a global franchise network based out of Auckland, New Zealand. It operates as the franchisor of the New Zealand
Novus Auto Services P.O.A. Auto glass opportunity offers
2100 M
228 7395 NumberWorks’n Words 55 Education $100,000
027 4737 919 E W
business model with a nationally recognised brand. 58
Are you passionate about teaching but have had enough of the long hours and extra paperwork? A proven after-school tuition provider delivering exceptional results, is looking for education experts to join our expanding franchise network.
68 Jo Powell P 0-9-522 W NZ House Surveys Home & Building $26,000$39,000 Reputable, trusted house inspection business. Quality pre-purchase surveys and multiple income streams. 7 7 P 0-6-354 9194 NZ Proud Property Improvements Home & Building $50,000$80,000 NZ Proud is NZ’s leading property improvement specialist created by talented Kiwi builders. Step into a business built to succeed, backed by a leading brand with all the tools, processes and ongoing support to hit the ground running and shape your future.
4 Johnnie Saunders P 0-4-298 8714 M 0274 136 456 E W Oil Changers Auto Services $150,000$250,000 Oil Changers provide the convenience of drive-through vehicle servicing. No previous experience required. 14 14 P 0-3-343 6080 Oncore 42 43 Home & Building $50,000$75,000 One of New Zealand’s leading companies in the $3 billion repair, maintenance and insurance reinstatement market. Oncore is part of the franchise group that includes Refresh Renovations and Zones Landscaping. We’re looking for professional people with transferrable skills to join our brand as franchise owners. 29 29 Dan Vincent P 021 443 143 E W OPSM Retail P.O.A. You don’t need to be an optometrist to enjoy the amazing financial and professional rewards of running your own optical business, you just need strong business acumen and the ability to motivate and manage a sales team. Rachna Singh E W Oxygen8 Consulting Business & Commercial $25,000 Build your own portfolio of clients, working alongside a highly experienced consulting team. 20 20 P 0-9-215 7186 Pack & Send New Zealand 27 Retail $190,000 Pack & Send move and handle local and international freight through a network of retail stores with a professional custom packaging service. A one-stop shop for retail and business customers. We are looking to grant franchises to those who are prepared to embrace our ‘no limits’ culture. 21 140+ Shauna Naidu P 0-9-887 9444 E W Palmers Retail $600,000 NZ’s largest chain of standalone garden centres, helping grow great gardens since 1912. 12 12 M 021 483 500 Paper Plus 32 Retail $350,000 100% locally owned and operated, Paper Plus is a co-operative franchise combining the expertise and support of a large, nationally recognised brand with franchisee entrepreneurial drive and passion for retail. We offer full training and support. Franchise opportunities available nationwide.
100 Carrie Welch P 0800 727 377 M 027 570 7112 E W Para Rubber Retail $150,000$250,000 Iconic New Zealand retailer dominating the market in sales of foam, foam mattresses, rubber, mats, and Para pools. Looking for energetic people serious about customer service and looking to build a successful business through determination. Opportunities available in South Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Dunedin. 10 10 Vaughan Moss P 0-9-532 8794 M 021 921 976 E W Paramount Services 26 Business & Commercial $30,000 A Paramount Services franchise is a safe and affordable way to own your own business. When you become a franchisee we will provide you with enough cleaning contracts to support a stand-alone franchise business. Established in 1979, Paramount Services has 160+ franchisees servicing 2,000 clients. 160+ 160+ Bill Wu P 0-9-376 7850 M 027 588 3126 E W Pegasus Rental Cars Leisure & Transport $20,000$70,000 Offering the best value-for-money car hire in New Zealand for over 30 years. 14 14 M 027 257 4500 PeopleCare Business & Commercial $195,000 Mobile clinic franchise providing workplace health monitoring and testing on-site at workplaces. 2 2 P 0800 50 80 30 PERL Plumbing & PERL Electrical Home & Building $10,000 PERL is a professional franchise model for ambitious contractors looking to start their own business or supercharge their current one. PERL provides ongoing superior support and business education, exceptional supplier pricing and discounts, innovative integrated operating systems, and coordinated national sales and marketing. 8 8 Andrew Cochrane P 0800 438 7375 (GET PERL) M 027 616 0433 E membership W W PinkFit Home & Building $30,000 Licensees provide insulation service to new home builders and retrofit existing homes. 19 19 P 0-9-525 9563 Pit Stop 54 Auto Services $100,000 The largest automotive service franchise in New Zealand. Pit Stop is an automotive service and repair franchise which specialises in vehicle servicing, brakes, exhausts, suspension, WOF checks and general auto repair. 45 45 Stacey Bree P 027 406 3744 E W Pita Pit Food & Beverage $300,000$500,000 Serving the best-tasting, freshest pitas and salad bowls in NZ since 2007. 80+ 500+ M 021 355 880 Pizza Hut Food & Beverage $450,000$500,000 A new format is enabling franchisees to maximise returns from a smaller footprint. 109 1000+ P 0-9-525 8700 Platinum Homes Home & Building $100,000$250,000 Seeking people ideally from a construction or sales background. 17 17 M 021 535 031 Poolpac 15 Home & Building $75,000 Dive into the opportunity of a lifetime. Carve your path to success by launching your very own Poolpac swimming pool, spa and swimspa sales and installation business in an exclusive territory. Seize the opportunity to own your destiny and make a splash in the industry.
1 Anita Horan E W Poolwerx Retail $89,000 Award-winning opportunity. Well known for its creation of the world’s first structured career path in franchising, enabling franchisees the opportunity to grow within a single marketing area or to develop a million dollar business with multiple vehicles, retail stores and marketing areas. 8 350+ Mike Geddes P 0800 888 031 E W Prestige Home Groomers Business & Commercial $30,000$60,000 Prestige Home Groomers is a New Zealand-owned company. We are a cleaning business with a difference. We predominantly clean only new premises cutting out the dirty work. The worst mess you will have to deal with is sawdust shavings and dusty windows.
8 Kim Buttery P 0-7-543 2090 E W
0800 E


Quest Serviced Apartments Business & Commercial

$150,000$600,000 Quest Serviced Apartments is the market leading franchise in accommodation for primarily corporate extended stay travellers. Franchisees benefit from a high level of brand awareness, full training, and ongoing support. The Quest franchise also provide franchisees with computer systems and manuals which cover business plans.



33 150 Adrian Turner P 0-9-366 9680



Quinovic Property Management Business & Commercial $50,000 NZ’s preferred national residential property management service since 1988. 29 29 P 0-4-801 7880

RaD Car Hire 27 Leisure & Transport P.O.A. Join the car rental and travel industry services with one of NZ’s largest locally owned and operated systems. Self-motivated team builder? Like dealing with people and showing off your country? Own your own future. With no two days the same, your adventure starts with RaD!

Rainaway Spouting on the Spot Home & Building $45,000

Refresh 42 43 Home & Building $100,000$300,000

RE/MAX Real Estate $55,000

Realsure The House Inspectors Home & Building $35,000

A re-spouting service franchise for new and existing homes and commercial buildings. Spouting on the Spot is the perfect franchise opportunity for franchisees who want to keep their hands on the tools. Become a Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot franchisee today

Own a thriving business in the $8.2 billion renovation sector. Utilise your leadership skills to build a world-class renovation business with Refresh Renovations. No need to swing a hammer – our unique model sets us apart. Limited spots available, so contact us now to secure your spot.

At RE/MAX we believe in working for yourself, but never by yourself.

The only ISO9001 registered, industry assessed brand providing Standard-compliant property reports.

Red LBP Home & Building $55,000 Red LBP is a property inspection franchise offering quick-turnaround, comprehensive reports using an online booking system and report-building software. Minimal computer experience needed, building experience compulsory. Family-friendly, highly supported, a great way to use a builder’s knowledge without early mornings and bung backs.

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters Food & Beverage $450,000$600,000

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters operates New Zealand’s best-known and largest chain of retail café franchises. Proven success in cities and provincial centres nationwide. We look for team players with high standards in presentation who have customer service experience plus the ability to work with people.

20+ 26 Steve Whyte M 027 257 4500



10 10 P 0-9-265 2147



41 83 Lal Meyer P 021 443 143



32 8600+ P 0-9-393 8478

7 7 P 0508 732 578

20 20 Matt Jull P 0800113191


35 35 Rebecca Robins P 0800423267

Rodney Wayne 44 Health & Beauty $100,000 Rodney Wayne is the largest hairdressing franchise in New Zealand. You do not have to be a hairdresser but strong people skills combined with an excellent customer focus and management expertise are all critical elements that make a successful Rodney Wayne franchisee. 51+

a new technology learning centre with the goal to help youngsters love, use, and

opportunities with technology including coding, robotics, 3D design and printing. We are expanding, and looking for future-focused people with a passion for technology to run their own centres.



Julie Evans P 0-9-358 4644


021 878

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 75 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. WE TAILOR FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS TO FIT YOUR FRANCHISE. Get in touch on 0800 177 007. Franchise and Business Opportunities P-S Prime Strategies Group Business & Commercial $27,000 Recognised leader providing world best-practice business management advice to NZ SME businesses. 40+ 40+ P 021 782 853 ProGroup Home & Building $39,950 GroutPro franchisees maintain and restore indoor/outdoor tiled areas. Deck&FencePro franchisees, including GrassPro, GaragePro and LouvreRoofPro, turn backyards into amazing spaces. Both franchises suit enthusiastic self-starters comfortable with tools or with strong DIY skills. Low entry cost, low fixed monthly fees, training, systems and support second-to-none. 65 65 Duane Moul M 022 477 6477 E W Property InDepth Home & Building P.O.A. Residential valuation franchise, customised technology, fantastic business systems, awesome nationwide team. 25 25 M 021 477 673 Property Service Franchise Systems Home & Building $16,500 Commercial cleaning business. Wide range of property services. Waikato based business with opportunities in Hamilton city, Cambridge, Te Kuiti and Te Awamutu. Basic package starts at $16,500 +gst. Enquiries welcome. 19 19 Michael Parton P 0-7-847 2737 E W Propertyscouts Property Management Business & Commercial $27,500$35,000 Propertyscouts is 100% dedicated to providing end-to-end property management. In the industry for over 18 years, our franchisees benefit from clear systems, comprehensive training, uncapped support, and empowerment to achieve business success. There are still opportunities available throughout New Zealand, start a conversation today!
20 Ryan Weir M 022 657 9432 W Provender NZ Food & Beverage $89,000$195,000 New Zealand’s leading supplier of workplace refreshment vending. Home-based, profitable franchise. 50+ 50+ P 0800 661 663 Provista Balustrade Systems Home & Building $25,000 Provista Balustrade Systems are New Zealand’s leading independent balustrade and pool fencing specialist. 18 18 M 0275 961 264
Rental Managers 39 Business & Commercial $18,500 Specialist residential property
management. Lucrative business model with coaching and
Be the best property manager in your region with significant points of difference. Be a part of the award-winning Pukeko team.
21 David Pearse M 0274 809 534
Rugbytots NZ Leisure & Education $7,500 Rugbytots is the world’s
7 50+ M
335 Saddlery Warehouse Retail $300,000$460,000 Leading equestrian retailer. Supplying all the items
rider. 7 7 P
Leisure & Education $120,000 Scratchpad
favourite rugby play programme for 2 - 7 year olds.
needed for horse and
W Select Home Services Home Services $13,000 Select Home Services offers you the opportunity to be your own boss. 160+ 290+ P 0-9-278 4930 Shake Out Food & Beverage $400,000 Shake Out is a brand proudly developed in-house by the team behind BurgerFuel. Shake Out serves up a simple, yet premium fast food solution, combining quality ingredients and frictionless technology. Shake Out are looking for new franchisees to become part of their successful network. 4 4 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632 E W Shed Boss Home & Building $95,000 Shed Boss are suppliers of high quality steel frame buildings. 10 37 P 0-7-579 1525 Shoe Clinic Retail $200,000$250,000 Shoe Clinic is NZ’s leading sports footwear retail store. Proven system. 19 19 M 0274 462 997 ShowerFix 49 Home & Building $32,000 Manage your own bathroom maintenance business specialising in fixing leaky showers. Tried and tested model. Initial training and ongoing support provided. Good margins and low overheads. Would suit plumbers, builders, or a skilled handyman. Locations available throughout New Zealand. 6 6 David Howe M 0274 820 667 E W Sierra Boutique Café Food & Beverage $250,000$450,000 Network of premium cafés specialising in gourmet coffee and freshly prepared food. 32 32 P 0-9-451 9102 Signature Homes Home & Building $150,000 Winner of the 2016 FANZ Supreme Franchise System award, we have 34 years’ experience building homes for Kiwis from 11 franchises supported by a National Office. If you have building or construction management experience and are looking for your next opportunity, please contact our CEO. 11 11 Paul Bull P 0-9-415 2468 E W sKids Leisure & Education $45,000 Established in 1996 and now in over 100 schools offering before-school, after-school and holiday programmes for primary school children. Would suit people who are looking for a change in lifestyle and who enjoy the company of children. 100+ 100+ Holly Strever M 021 974 221 E W
5 Vijesh Nangia P 0-9-216 9400 M 021 431 930 E

SmartGrass Home & Building $120,000 The artificial grass industry is growing exponentially. The SmartGrass brand and solutions are at the forefront. Be your own boss and in total control of your financial future. We’ll support you to grow a highly-regarded, profitable business and you’ll never be short of great projects.

Smith’s Sports Shoes Retail $200,000 Smith’s Sports Shoes’ biggest strength is the relationship between franchisor, franchisee and suppliers. What you can expect from the Smith’s team includes integrity, fun, and profitability. We focus on team building and provide support and training. Seeking people with vision, great attitude and communication skills.

Snap-on Tools Auto Services $52,000


A unique opportunity to own your own business, built on a sound foundation of almost 90 years of experience. Snap-on franchisees are independent business people, controlling all aspects of their franchise and working flexible hours as needed to accomplish their personal goals.

New Zealand are leading optometrists and eye-care specialists. Now also offering audiology services.


Spot X Cleaning Business & Commercial


Proven systems and sound business practices with a focus on high quality and excellent service set us apart in the signage market. No prior experience required.

$30,000 Spot X Cleaning is a renowned 100% New Zealand-owned commercial cleaning company based in Auckland, delivering top-tier services since our inception. Join us as a franchisee and become a part of our trusted team. Our comprehensive training and background checks ensure excellence in service delivery.

Stihl Shop 49 Retail $400,000 Stihl Shop is a nationwide network of independent, locally owned specialist outdoor power equipment retailers. Every Stihl Shop is operated by friendly approachable people who are passionate about outdoor power equipment. Full training and on-going support. Sites with real growth potential available across NZ.

Stirling Sports Retail $340,000 We play to win by delivering world-class retail experiences, inspired by sport, executed with style. Stirling Sports will provide all the training and support to build and sustain your business. Opportunities available throughout New Zealand. Retail experience is an advantage but not essential.

Storage Box Retail $150,000 The preferred home and office organisation specialists providing solutions to New Zealand customers.

Streetwise Coffee Food & Beverage $180,000 Streetwise Coffee operates designer-built, takeaway coffee outlets. Specialising in coffee for people on the go, we sell on average 1.5 million coffees a year. Our successful and profitable model has proved hugely attractive with 15 franchisees operating 24 locations around the country.

15 15 Chris Smith M 021 733 981



14 5000 Stacey Gilbert P 0800 762 766


27 750 Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123



16 16 Romano Choi P 0800 00 99 36 M 022 188 4809



83 83 Darryl Perkins M 021 543 576



55 55 Geoff Young M 022 417 3127


Stonewood Homes NZ Home & Building P.O.A. We are now expanding and seeking builders and construction entrepreneurs throughout the regions. 19 19 M 021 668 244

P 0-9-271 1025

20 20

Wholesale Distributors Ltd is the franchisor for the SuperValue and FreshChoice group of supermarkets. All our stores are locally owned and operated and totally community focussed. We are looking for franchisees who are customer-focussed with proven business experience. Opportunities available nationwide.

Swimart Pool & Spa Services Retail $50,000 Australasia’s most experienced chain of pool & spa specialists. Swimart commenced business in Sydney in the early 80s and since that time has grown through the provision of expert friendly advice and superior customer service to be the market leader in the pool and spa service sector.

The Alternative Board Business & Commercial

$83,000 The Alternative Board, a leading international franchise organisation, seeks franchisees to facilitate peer board meetings and offer executive coaching to local business owners. With a background as an executive, coach, consultant or business owner, you will help businesses achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfilment.

The Cheesecake Shop Food & Beverage $200,000 You don’t need to be a baker, our excellent training course teaches you how.

The Christmas Heirloom Company Retail $40,000 Providing high quality, luxurious

39 39 David Callaghan

027 494 8361


6 78 Sam Benner

13 300+

33 220

M 027 368 6877



Alfredo Puche

M 027 427 9172



Colin Mellar

M 021 390 954



Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 76 S-T Franchise and Business Opportunities
NZ 31 Business & Commercial $92,000 Solutions
New New Jason Goldfinch P 0508 754 778 M 021 335 941 E W
service for slippery flooring surfaces. We specialise in providing
anti-slip treatments, coatings and compliance testing for residential, commercial
industrial markets. Full training will be given. Operates in 40 countries under different trading names.
4 Jack Kennedy P 0800 887 369 M 027 822 9006 E W
Snap Fitness Health & Fitness $450,000 Internationally
agility 56 2000+ M
recognized brand that proves innovation is the key to brand
0061 435 841
Audiology Retail
Laundry Services
Enjoy true passive income with a Speed Queen self-serve laundromat. With our turn-key service, you’ll be up and running in your own profitable business in no time, backed by the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. 100+ 1m+ Royce Little P 0800 77 33 37 E W Speedy Signs Business & Commercial $150,000 New Zealand’s largest
network uses
Specsavers Optometrists &
52 1700+ Partner Recruitment Team E anz.parterrecruitment
W Speed Queen
22 23 Retail $75,000+
signs and graphics
the latest technology in an exciting
24 24 Meredith Taylor M 021 209 9496 E W Stroud Homes Home & Building $95,000 Stroud Homes offer a fresh approach to building new homes for your customers. 6 36 M 027 606 0063 Subway Food & Beverage $250,000 The world’s largest quick service submarine sandwich and salad franchise. 238 37K+ W Super Liquor Retail $400,000 Super Liquor provides ‘Super Service’ and a ‘Super Range’ of products in 180+ stores throughout New Zealand. If you are energetic, ready to take on a new challenge (or maybe you are already in the liquor industry), then we want to talk to you. 188 188 P 0-9-523 4064 E W Super Shuttle Business & Commercial $90,000 Super Shuttle has grown into New Zealand’s favourite airport transfer business. 120 120 P 0-9-522 5100 SuperValue 57 Retail $2,000,000
Christmas decorations. A profitable seasonable business. 10 11 P 0-7-839 6209 The Coffee Club 52 Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 One of NZ’s largest café and restaurant franchises, The Coffee Club have a comprehensive menu and offer relaxed dining experience. Take advantage of a proven track record, great training and ongoing support. Ideal if you are passionate about people and building customer loyalty. 67 450 Brad Jacobs P 0-9-304 0008 M 0275 26 3333 E W The Coffee Guy Food & Beverage $55,000$120,000 The Coffee Guy is New Zealand’s largest mobile coffee franchise system. The secret to our success is ensuring our franchisees have the support that they need to operate a successful franchise. New and existing franchise exclusive territories are available nationwide. Join our team today. 29 29 Andrew Morgan P 0-9 973 4823 M 022 419 3156 E W The Interface Financial Group Financial Services $39,000 The Interface Financial Group provides debtor financing service to the SME business. 9 150+ P 0-9-302 7704 The Leather Doctor Home Services $80,000 The Leather Doctor is New Zealand’s largest mobile leather and vinyl cleaning, repair and restoration network. Leather Doctors are provided extensive training and can undertake an array of commercial and private work. No previous experience required. 8 100 Kim Bennett P 0061 408 066 950 E W The Local Guys 36 37 Home & Commercial Services $27,900$44,900 The Local Guys are a service-based franchise operating three divisions: Electrical Test & Tag, Pest Control and Cleaning. Our company motto is ‘Franchise Partner First’ as we look at every partner within The Local Guys as a member of our family, not a sales transaction. New 40+ Elenora Lawrence P 0800 733 858 E W The Office Professionals Financial Services $30,000 The Office Professionals presents an ideal opportunity for those with a finance background looking to supplement their income with a profitable, flexible lifestyle franchise that promotes a healthy work/life balance. 1 1 Cheryl Roberts / Nicola Bow M 027 280 8599 M 022 194 8747 E W

leading network of independently owned irrigation water services solutions with over 60 stores. We specialise in the design and implementation of the most water-efficient irrigation and water management programmes for clients.

Tint a Car Auto Services $25,000 Experts in car, home and office window tinting for over 50 years.

Touch Up Guys 50 Auto Services $88,000 New Zealand’s premier mobile paint and bumper repair franchise. High quality car paint restoration services to commercial and private customers. Professional, reliable, cost effective and convenient. No industry experience required. Comprehensive training and full ongoing support provided. Great opportunities are available throughout New Zealand.

Toyworld 41 Retail

$500,000 New Zealand’s largest independent toy retailing group has been in operation since 1976. Toyworld stores span the length of the country with the biggest and best range of toys in New Zealand. Toyworld is “where the best toys come from.”

Transform Clinic Health & Beauty $80,000 Transform Clinic is a well-established, successful appearance medicine, laser and beauty franchise.

Trident Homes 12 Home & Building $50,000

Two Dollar Things Plus 58 Retail $125,000$450,000

100% New Zealand-owned Trident Homes are seeking skilled, experienced trade-qualified craftspeople with a good reputation who want to build a sizeable asset with a respected, experienced and growing brand. Excellent systems, full training and ongoing support will help your business really take off.

Seize the opportunity to be part of New Zealand’s biggest discount store brand where quality meets affordability. Having established 31 thriving stores across NZ and Fiji in just 12 years, Two

22 64 Patrick Mulcahy/Digby Seales

P 0061 477 995 378 M 021 557 686



8 133 P 0-9-442 4195

13 120 Martin Smith P 0800 286 824 M 021 721 430



27 125+ Terry Worthington M 021 935 362



7 7 M 027 355 8115

11 11 Neil Hawker M 0275 321 191




Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 77 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED. Get in touch on 0800 177 007. Franchise and Business Opportunities T-Z The Shed Specialists Co Home & Building $25,000+ Join a business that is cutting-edge, with a distinct advantage over competitors. Work directly alongside manufacturers and customers to construct custom-made, fit-for-purpose sheds. Highly profitable business model with excellent support systems in place, customers ready and waiting. Investment covers fees, tools and equipment are additional. 5 5 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747 E W The Wheel Magician Auto Services $69,750 We have developed a system which provides mag wheel repairs to a very high standard in a short space of times. This means you have delighted customers and complete lots of jobs in a day. Well-established franchise opportunity available for the right person. 14 14 Alan Thomas P 0800 537 233 E W Think Water Business & Commercial Retail $250,000$350,000 Think Water is Australasia’s
Dollar Things Plus has proven
you ready?
systems and
know-how. Are
31 Hyun Lee M 021 543 273 E W Ultra-Scan Agriculture $80,000 An innovative mobile franchise whose core business is confirming the pregnancy of farm animals using real-time ultra-sonic equipment. Becoming
franchise network enables the franchisee to run a low-cost, high return business
an exclusive territory,
proven business system.
19 P 0508 858 727 E W Valentines Buffet Restaurants Food & Beverage $300,000$400,000 Iconic buffet restaurant seeking hospitality-minded franchisees with drive, passion and energy. 5 5 P 021 522 720 Venluree Home & Building $40,000 A unique opportunity to be part of an iconic New Zealand company and build a real business of value. 16 16 P 0-9-913 4185 Versatile Home & Building P.O.A Your chance to own your own business without the challenges of going it alone. 35 35 M 027 481 5880 V.I.P. Home Services 45 Home Services $20,000 Professional home services franchise providing flexible, multi-serviced businesses for 43+ years. Exclusive territories, paid training, established customers, income guarantee. Indoor and/or Outdoor opportunities available nationwide. Actively seeking motivated franchisees wanting to succeed. Multi-award winning systems, ongoing support and business mentoring provided. 120+ 1200+ John & Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496 E W Voideck 28 Building & Commercial Services $116,250 Voideck is a game-changing franchise for the NZ construction industry. The award-winning lightweight modular temporary platform system is installed quickly and easily to make any void space on a building site safe and to improve site access for builders and tradies. Early bird special investment offer. New New Kevin Jury M 021 286 4335 E W Wardrobe World Home & Building $20,000+ Buoyant market. Bespoke designs via 3D CAD design package. Full training provided. 21 21 P 0-9-270 0278 Wash Rite Home & Building $45,000$70,000 We are currently looking for hardworking and dedicated people around New Zealand. 31 31 P 0800 101 216 We Sort It 42 43 Home & Building $29,750$35,000 We Sort It empowers entrepreneurs to shape their own destinies. With a diverse range of services like house cleaning, carpet cleaning and lawn mowing, select the business that aligns with your passion and lifestyle. Join us now - enjoy the liberating experience of being your own boss.
3 Dan Vincent P 021 443 143 E W Wet-seal Home & Building $25,000 Waterproofing with 30 plus years of proven dependability. With a profitable work from home opportunity, all you need is a suitable vehicle. Franchisees are fully trained and receive regular ongoing training and full support from our operations, technical, sales, marketing and IT departments. 6 58 P 0800 436 000 E W What’s Up House Inspections Home & Building $69,995 New Zealand’s leading pre-purchase home inspection company. 7 7 M 021 952 397 Wide Span Sheds Home & Building $95,000 Custom design, supply and construction of pre-engineered buildings. Limited opportunities in the North Island. 7 450+ P 0-9-889 2044 Window Treatments Home & Building $30,000 Sales and installation franchises available in New Plymouth and Gisborne. 21 21 P 0-3-343 1876 Winner Winner Food & Beverage $500,000 Owned by the BurgerFuel Group, Winner Winner specialises in the finest woodfired and crispy fried chicken. As it turns out, chicken is the fastest growing protein category globally which means there’s piles of opportunity right here, right now. 4 4 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632 E W Woolgro Home & Building $25,000$50,000 All-natural, proven system to establish premium lawns using innovative pre-seeded lawn mats. 6 6 P 0-9-570 1985 Xpresso Delight Food & Beverage $51,995 Xpresso Delight workplace espresso machines provide a semi-passive income with life-style benefits. 17 155 P 021 875 431 Zambrero Food & Beverage $300,000 Serving fresh, healthy and flavoursome Mexican food in New Zealand since 2014. 15 215 P 027 936 6455 Zexx NZ Food & Beverage $5,000$25,000 Providing a nationwide range of quality frozen fruit beverages and alcohol cocktails. 12 16 P 0800 556 022 Zones 42 43 Home & Building $100,000$150,000 Join Zones Landscaping and grow your business in the $1.23 billion NZ landscaping sector. No prior experience needed – we’re seeking individuals with strong management and leadership skills. Build a skilled team around you and benefit from our quality brand. Streamlined processes and customer satisfaction focus. Lal Meyer P 021 443 143 E W
a part of this
using a

Aramex see page 53 P 0-6-833 6333 E W

Chatime Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E

CrestClean see page 2 Grant McLauchlan M 027 479 6415 E W opportunities-nz

Duck Donuts Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E

Jim’s Test & Tag see page 64 Malcolm Bradley P 0800 454 654 M 027 450 1606 E malcolm.bradley@jimstestandtag. W

The Local Guys see pages 36-37 Jarrad Goulding P 0800 733 858 E W

V.I.P. Home Services

Business & Commercial Aramex, formerly known as Fastway Couriers, is an award-winning franchise system that provides local and national courier and freight services at competitive prices. Over 35 years’ experience, multiple industry awards and franchises across New Zealand, Aramex is one of New Zealand’s most successful and trusted freight companies.

Food & Beverage Chatime have modernised the traditional Taiwanese tea culture. Operating in Australia since 2009, Chatime are fast on their way to achieving 200 Australian outlets. Secure the opportunity to grow Chatime in New Zealand as Master Franchisee or Area Developer.

Business & Commercial

Food & Beverage

Business & Commercial

Home & Commercial Services

CrestClean regional master franchises suit administrators, sales people or managers with people, business and accounting skills who are interested in working in the cleaning industry. Must be customer-oriented.

The fastest-growing donut shop in the US. Be part of the Duck Donuts family, bringing Duck Donuts to New Zealand. Duck Donuts are seeking a master franchisee who shares their vision and commitment of offering a welcoming, family-friendly and delicious experience to continue growth around the world. Join the growing success story and create sweetness and smiles with Duck Donuts.

Entrepreneur required to take this fantastic opportunity with passive income and potential to the next level. We are looking to appoint regional master franchisees in Auckland, Wellington and Taranaki to assist existing franchisees increase sales and market penetration, and be responsible for opening up approximately 20 new areas. Full training facilities are provided and back-up and support from Jim’s Test & Tag.

The Local Guys are seeking three regional master franchise partners for each of our three divisions: Test & Tag, Cleaning and Pest Control. With 150 territories across New Zealand, we have a rare opportunity offering multiple revenue streams including high upfront and ongoing revenue. Must have proven sales experience and a proactive attitude.

1,600 NZ$100,000

1000+ P.O.A.

625 NZ$250,000

100+ P.O.A.

200 NZ$100,000

40+ NZ$74,900


Baker Tilly Staples

Rodway Christchurch

Assistance with franchise purchases and ongoing accountancy and I.T. support in the franchise area. Over 15 years’ experience in franchising in the SME market, acting for both franchisors and franchisees.

BDO With 16 offices, BDO is NZ’s fastest growing chartered accounting and business advisory firm. Our franchise specialists offer bespoke services in due diligence; structure reviews; appraisals; agreements, strategic planning; full accounting, audit, tax advisory and support services; raising capital and finance. Smart New Zealand business, backed by BDO.

Blackler Smith & Co

Franchise Accountants 46 47 78

Very experienced and approachable chartered accountants. If you’re buying a franchise, what should you pay for it? Is this franchise any good? How much money will I make? How do I set everything up? I need help from someone experienced. Ben Blackler can help you buy a good business, set it up correctly and run it effectively. Award-winner – Professional Services.

Save time, money and tax by benefiting from our specialist franchise advice and proven accounting solutions. Your success is our business. Ring now 0800 555 8020. Specialist franchise accounting solutions including due diligence, benchmarking, budgeting, valuations, business mentoring, tax planning, cashflow management and reporting software systems.

Inspired Accountants 78 We are chartered accountants who specialise in franchising. Having a look under the bonnet (due diligence) is key when buying a business. We do this and set up robust reporting systems so you know how the business is performing. Inspired Accountants – Inspiring You.

Nexia New Zealand




Nexia New Zealand are franchise accounting and business advisory experts with broad experience in all aspects of franchising. If you own a franchise, are thinking of buying one, or want to franchise an existing business, we have all the expertise to help you succeed.

Orb360 provides franchise owners and prospective franchise owners with financial support from all angles, helping you stay on top of everything from cash flow and tax compliance to forecasting and future-proofing your business. Our franchise specialist accountants have over ten years of experience.

ANZ has a dedicated team of business specialists throughout New Zealand to provide support for franchisors and franchisees. They have also developed a range of tools and resources to make your franchising journey easier, including a free ANZ Franchise Guide.

South Island Jon Robertson/Dave McCone P 0-3-343 0599



National Tristan Will P 0-4-472 5850



Greater Wellington Ben Blackler P 0-4-555 9090


National Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020



National Craig Weston P 0-9-309 2561 M 021 309 309



National Scott Travis P 0-9-448 3232 M 021 414 569



National Sauvruth Sanjay/Jay Changlani

M 022 3456 107 M 0210 763 762



National Our Franchise Experts

P 0800 39 40 41



Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 78
see page 45 Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496 E W Home Services Regional master franchisees. Lawnmowing/gardening and home cleaning. Your desire to work with people and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will help you realise the potential of the business. A proven record of people management and sales experience together with sound work ethics honesty and integrity required. Suitable for couples or individuals. 1200 NZ$50,000$200,000+ Ziebart Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E Auto Services Ziebart is the world’s #1 franchise in vehicle appearance and protection. Master franchise opportunity now available in New Zealand, backed by over 60 years’ experience. Ziebart promise to provide exceptional customer service and the highest-level quality products to exceed all customer expectations. 400+ P.O.A. company get more information industry description number globally investment required Regional and National Master Licence Opportunities - find more at 7 Reasons to Call Us First Call Now 0800 555 80 20 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Service Provider of the Year 2011–12 2018–19 2015–16 2019–20 2017–18 You get pre-purchase inspection reports - we leave no stone unturned You minimise risk & protect your assets with the best structures for your business You save time, money & tax with our proven accounting solutions & systems You benefit from specialist advice – we listen, we understand You work with award-winning service provider 2019/20 - Westpac Franchise Awards You get specialist franchise mentoring and ongoing support You’re using specialist franchise accountants with the tick of approval – accredited members of FANZ & CAANZ • Due Diligence (should I buy this business?) • Budgets and Cashflow projections • Financial accounting and reporting systems • Benchmarking reports • Liaising with other advisors (banks, lawyers, consultants) • Tax Advice • Best structure for the business (company/trust etc) Inspiring You! Call us for a no obligation chat on 09 969 7450 | 021 309 309 | We specialise in Franchising and love to help Franchisors and Franchisees with: INSPIRED ACCOUNTANTS Find more info Specialist Advisors company page number description location FANZ get more information

Prospa 64 Prospa is NZ’s small business lending specialist. We’ve helped thousands of small businesses with funds for growth or to support cashflow. Our friendly team of Business Lending Specialists can help you find a solution that’s right for your business with funding possible in 24 hours.

Silver Chef Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality equipment funder in New Zealand and we have been providing flexible equipment funding to the hospitality industry for 30 years. Preserve your working capital with Silver Chef, and fuel your growth through our various franchise funding solutions.

Westpac New Zealand Ltd 54 55 84


Westpac is New Zealand’s most experienced bank in franchising and the only bank offering dedicated franchise specialist managers throughout the country.

Westpac has a high level of expertise in the franchise industry; this has been built up over the past two decades by working closely with franchisors, franchisees and industry specialists. The resulting depth of experience enables us to provide you with informed specialist advice regarding franchise funding and franchise specific transactional solutions.

Specialists in franchise financing:

Auckland/Northland - Sujam Ratnayake South Island – René Artz

Franchise Accountants 46 47 78 Specialist advice on franchise system development, feasibility studies, recruitment, documentation, manuals, ongoing mentoring, strategic planning and partnering to grow your business.

Franchize Consultants (NZ) 67 Specialists in franchise development, strategic planning, legal briefs, systems and manuals, recruitment processes and documentation, ongoing mentoring and sound advice on franchising and licensing. Recognised as New Zealand’s leading management consultancy specialising in franchise development. Experience with many of NZ’s top franchised companies.

Tereza Murray Franchising 56 We specialise in developing comprehensive and cost-effective franchise systems for small businesses needing a growth strategy that delivers profit, performance and scale.

The Franchise Coach 80 Comprehensive advice on franchise system development. Feasibility studies, manuals, documentation, legal briefs, franchisee recruitment, exporting and importing, mediation and ongoing mentoring to grow your business. The Franchise Coach has been a major contributor to the success of franchising in New Zealand since 1983. Consultants, trainers and speakers.


ASCO Legal 54 At ASCO Legal we have a fresh perspective on the practice of law, a client-centred one. Our team is friendly, approachable and efficient. We enjoy helping both our franchisor and franchisee clients get the most benefit out of franchising, providing quality pragmatic advice.

Brookfields Lawyers Expert franchise lawyers. Fixed price packages. Urgent advice is no problem.

Deirdre WatsonBarrister 25 years’ experience in litigation, disputes, court cases and mediation. Franchise dispute specialist.

Duncan Cotterill Enterprising full service law firm with offices nationwide. Experts in franchise system establishment, network growth and international expansion. Covering all your franchise and broader business needs, including distribution networks, supply chains, intellectual property, employment, health and safety, property/leasing, acquisitions and sales, immigration and dispute resolution.

Franchise Law 48 Franchising law is a specialised field - it’s vitally important to take advice from a firm with the right expertise. The team at Franchise Law have 25+ years’ experience, helping major brand franchisors sell businesses, and new franchisees buy their own businesses with full confidence.

Gaze Burt 65 Lawyers providing full legal services for franchisors and franchisees including advice and documents relating to franchise development, franchise evaluation, risk management, transactional management and dispute resolution. Our experience is extensive over many years and we understand the important and significant fundamentals required for quality franchising.

Gibson Sheat Lawyers 80 Comprehensive legal advice for franchisors and franchisees. All franchise documentation. We’ll sort out issues at the outset, before they become problems. If things have already turned pear-shaped our mediation and franchise dispute specialists can assist.

Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers 3 Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers aims to provide a modern, friendly, client-focused and efficient approach to your legal business requirements, with a genuine focus on adding value to your business.

Harmans Lawyers A Christchurch based firm offering comprehensive legal services for franchisors and franchisees including franchise and disclosure documentation, employment, leases, financing, dispute resolution and business structures. Full service legal firm that prides itself on being solution driven. Franchise specialists with a proven track record.

Jackson Russell Lawyers Your business needs specialist franchising advice and an experienced legal team that covers all areas of business law. Jackson Russell is a full service law firm that will get to know your business, tailor advice to your business objectives and guide you through the process.

Lane Neave Lane Neave is a full service law firm with offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. We have a dedicated franchising team experienced in advising both franchisors and franchisees on all their legal requirements. Our clients include large nationwide franchisor chains through to individuals.

Customer Service P 0800 456 687



National P 0800 005 797



National Nik Mimilo P 0800 453 010



National Daniel Cloete P 0800 177 007



National Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020



National & Worldwide Dr Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858



National Tereza Murray P 027 471 7337



National & Worldwide Stewart Germann M 021 276 9898



National & Worldwide Alistair van Schalkwyk P 0-9-308 8071 M 021 0274 2011



National P 0-9-979 2109



National Deirdre Watson P 0-9-309 6988


National Hamish Walker P 0-4-499 7809 M 027 288 2339



National Thada Chapman P 0800 Solicitor M 021 309 233



National Michael Bright P 0-9-414 9800


Greater Wellington Claire Byrne P 0-4-916 7483 M 029 916 7483 E W

National & Worldwide Scott Goodwin P 0-9-973 7350 M 027 700 7396 E


National Mark Sherry P 0-3-352 2293 M 021 524 890


National Darryl King P 0-9-300 6935



National Anna Ryan P 0-3-377 6395


Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at 79 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. WE TAILOR FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS TO FIT YOUR FRANCHISE. Get in touch on 0800 177 007. ASB 30 ASB provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions for both franchisees and franchisors including finance, insurance, savings and investment options, everyday banking and more. So if you are thinking of starting or buying a franchise, talk to our franchise specialists on 0800 272 476. National ASB Franchise Team P 0800 272 476 E W BNZ Talk to us about our wide range of specialist services that we can tailor to meet your needs as a franchisor or franchisee. We’ll use our 145 years’ experience in business banking, giving your business the support it needs to grow and succeed. National Greg Taylor P 0800 ASK BNZ W CFI Finance CFI Finance provides leases, loans and other financial products that help our customers establish new businesses or grow and develop existing ones. With exceptional service and an easy application, we are faster, more flexible and more able to meet the needs of our customers. National
company page number description location FANZ get more information
Specialist Advisors


wishing to set-up and operate, and for franchisees regarding all aspects of their franchise. Full range of associated commercially-focused and cost-effective legal services provided.

MST Lawyers Full service law firm established in 1975 recognised as one of Australia’s leading franchising law firms. Acting for franchisors, franchisees and suppliers to the franchising sector on all aspects of franchising, including regulatory compliance, drafting franchise documents, sales/purchases of franchises and dispute resolution.

North End Law Hamilton based law firm with over 25 years’ experience advising franchisors and franchisees. We can assist with drafting or reviewing franchise documentation and specialise in assisting with franchise disputes, franchise exits and all associated commercial advice.

Quantum Law 35 Specialists in franchise and business law. If you seek prompt and technically-sound legal advice delivered to suit your commercial objectives, please contact us. With a wealth of franchise, business and corporate law experience, you will be in safe hands.

Canterbury & National Kent Yeoman P 0-3-343 8453 M 021 517 601



Australia Raynia Theodore P 0061 3 8540 0242 M 0061 419 877 345



Hamilton, Waikato & National Justina Knox P 07 849 9726 M 07 849 9726



National & Worldwide Harshad Shiba P 0-9-302 0070 M 021 407 228



Simpson Grierson Specialists in franchise systems including structuring, documentation, human resources, property, taxation and transactions. National Richard Watts P 0-9-977 5182 M 021 895 931

Sladen Legal Provision of expert advice and legal services to private enterprise seeking to conduct business in Australia with specific expertise in start-ups, business law, property, intellectual property, employment law, taxation and superannuation, franchising dispute resolution and litigation. Service all of Australia; office in Melbourne, Victoria.

Stace Hammond Stace Hammond is a business law firm with offices in Hamilton and Auckland.

Stewart Germann Law Office, Lawyers and Notary Public

17 New Zealand’s longest established specialised franchise law firm with over 40 years’ experience. Expert legal advice to franchisors and franchisees nationwide. Winners of 2022 Global 100 – Franchise Law Firm of the Year – NZ and 2021 Global Awards – Leaders in Law – Franchising Expert of the Year in NZ.

Turner Hopkins A full service firm who can help you with all your legal needs. If you are a franchisor looking to develop a franchise system or a new franchisee looking to purchase a franchise business we can develop fixed price packages to suit your exact needs.



Australia Alicia Hill P 0061 3 9620 9399 M 0061 484 313 865



Auckland & Hamilton Patrick Learmonth P 0-9-306 6874



National & Worldwide Stewart Germann / Khushbu Sundarji P 0-9-308 9925 M 021 276 9898


National Phil Shannon P 0-9-486 9575 M 021 485 557


Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01 80 OTHER SERVICES ABC Business Brokers Business Brokers Specialist business sales company selling franchises for 20 years with branches nationwide. At all times, we place the greatest value on confidentiality, professionalism and innovation. Your business is our business. National Steve Smith P 0-9-630 3004 E W Bracken 18 Online Training Revolutionise your franchise training and onboarding with Bracken. Bracken is a cutting-edge Learning Management System designed for New Zealand franchises. With our state-of-the-art platform, you can take your franchise to new heights by providing comprehensive training, ensuring consistency across locations, and empowering your workforce. National Richard Fogarty P 0-3-479 2577 M 027 432 4234 E W Crank’d Brand Consultants We are brand experts, combining human-centered thinking and creative with emerging technologies to create exceptional brand experiences. We are a one-stop creative shop specialising in franchise systems and multi-store operations, providing strategy, brand, creative, web and marketing solutions. National Steve Goldie P 0800 CRANKD M 021 977 979 E W Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED. Get in touch on 0800 177 007. MacDonald Lewis Law Expert franchise lawyers who specialise in fixed price packages for legal services. A specialist firm based in Parnell offering sound, practical and timely advice, we can assist with all business legal requirements. National & Worldwide Tim Lewis P 0-9-307 3324 E W Martelli McKegg Lawyers Experienced franchise and business law advisors focussed on helping clients to succeed. All areas of franchising, including franchise
retail and commercial leasing, licensing, supply and distribution, brand protection, health
Cantonese. National & Worldwide Steven Lee M 021 728 892 E W
and safety, immigration, employment and dispute resolution. Advice in Mandarin and
McCormack Law Christchurch-based
advice for franchisors and licensors
franchise experts advising clients locally and nationwide. Specialist
W Wynn Williams 27 The Wynn Williams team understand franchising and have global experience advising brand owners/franchisors, master franchisees, investors and franchisees. We are known for our trans-Tasman expertise and can quickly assist you to assess and grow your business in the New Zealand market. National Katrina Hammon P 0-9-300 2647 M 021 221 8847 E W Claire Byrne | 04 916 7483 • Buying or selling franchises • Franchising businesses • Franchising disputes FROM CAPE REINGA TO BLUFF For 20+ years, Claire has advised on: The complete franchise resource Established 1990 We have helped over 150 companies develop their systems and pursue their franchising goals. Phone Stewart on 021 276 9898 We can franchise your business NZ’s dedicated franchise media 0800 FRANCHISE Only Franchise New Zealand combines digital, print, online and social media to reach potential franchisees throughout New Zealand – and beyond. Contact us now to promote your opportunity or service. REACH THE BUYERS Find more info Specialist Advisors company page number description location FANZ get more information

Cumulo9 Email Branding Cumulo9, digital solution experts ensuring your company communication is consistently and securely delivered. A complete omni-channel solution offering marketing campaigns, transactional emails, compliance, audibility, tracking and data management. A suite of products providing a cost-effective solution for seamlessly branded and deliverable business communication.

EmbroidMe 24 Corporate Apparel NZ’s largest uniform and promotional products business. We supply and brand quality uniforms, including polo shirts, corporate wear, sportswear, hospitality wear, plus a range of corporate gifts. Contact our national accounts team to help you manage your brand on a national basis.

EVT Hotels & Resorts 29 Conferences & Events

EVT Hotels & Resorts – Your Event, Elevated. Receive an extra 10% (terms and conditions apply) in added value when you book an event or a conference at any EVT Hotel & Resort in New Zealand. Includes: QT, Rydges, Atura and Independent Collection.

Excel Digital Printing & Marketing Excel Digital enables organisations to optimise each step of the communications supply chain from strategy and ideation through to creative, print production, storage and re-order. In 2019 Excel Digital merged with Perception Group to become one of the largest digital-first printing companies in New Zealand.

Franchise Association of New Zealand 20 21 Franchise Association

The peak body representing the franchise community. Franchise members are required to submit their agreement and disclosure documents to ensure compliance with our codes of ethics and practice before being accepted into membership and biennially thereafter. Affiliate members are suppliers to the franchise sector.

Franchise Media Training Media Training Franchise Media Training has two core services. It helps franchises grow their bottom lines by showing them how to generate their own news media publicity. Secondly it prepares franchises for possible negative media attention that can destroy entire brands overnight.

Franchise Relationships Institute Franchise Research & Development

Gallagher Insurance

Geotech Information Services 82 Network & Location Planning

HR Assured HR Management

Iridium Partners 4 Franchise Recruitment

Kauri Business Sales Business Sales

LINK Business Brokers Franchisee Resales & Recruitment

Logiq Group 12 Business Management Software

MYOB Accounting & Payroll Software

Franchisee selection systems, satisfaction surveys, recruitment and training for franchise management. Assistance with organisational change and restructuring, conference presentations on managing the franchise relationship.

Gallagher is one of the leading insurance broking companies in New Zealand. We guide master franchisors on the complex insurance and risk management programmes necessary for successful franchises and provide face-to-face advice to individual members.

Founded in 2003, Geotech provides strategic network and location planning services to franchised businesses across South East Asia. Our particular expertise utilises data and science to help underpin location planning decisions across the retail industry. We have worked with many well-known international brands.

A growing focus on compliance in the franchise sector has increased the need for best-practice workplace management across a franchise system. HR Assured’s combination of HRIS and telephone advice can help every franchisee navigate around complex workplace matters with confidence.

Unique in the NZ market. Experienced franchise recruitment, operational and HR professionals who connect franchise brands and potential franchisees. We work directly with a number of leading brands. Our networks are extensive, our proven expertise extends over commercial property, franchise growth, development and recruitment.

Kauri Business Sales is one of New Zealand’s leading business brokerage firms, advising our clients on selling and buying businesses. We specialise across a wide range of industries including education (PTE/childcare), healthcare, construction, professional services, engineering, aged-care, manufacturing, hospitality, etc.

We sell businesses. NZ’s most awarded business brokerage. 300+ sales specialists. 30,000+ owners have trusted LINK to sell their business. Whether you’re looking to grow your franchise, sell your franchise or buy a franchise, you’ll want to partner with LINK.

ERP consultants specialising in Harmoniq, the only business management software you will ever need. We take you through the process from initial requirements analysis, through implementation, training and support. Harmoniq is designed to help franchise owners have visibility and control over all store data.

MYOB offers easy online accounting software that has everything you need to take care of your franchise business, including POS and payroll solutions. Whether you’re a small or large franchise, or a franchisor managing multiple franchise sites, MYOB has the solutions.

Op Central Software Platform Op Central is an AI powered global software platform, helping businesses manage every aspect of their daily operations. Our software specialises in managing standard operating procedures (SOPs), training, audits, communications and incidents for franchises and multi-site organisations.

PCI Projects Fit-out/Project Management

Spaceworks 51 Retail Network Roll-out

PCI Projects are multi-faceted retail specialists in project management, construction and sustainability PCI work on an open-book, no hidden cost model. We provide expert advisory services in retail construction fit-out, project management, procurement. We provide advice in brand roll-outs, construction costing, and construction programming.

New Zealand’s leading full turn-key solution for design, construction and procurement throughout the franchise and retail roll-out sector. We offer fixed pricing solutions that guarantee an on-time, onbudget approach to roll-out. Spaceworks work with some of NZ’s biggest companies, developing and implementing their retail networks.

Speedy Signs 24 Signs & Graphics With 25 years in business, Speedy Signs has the experience, expertise and reputation in nationwide franchise signage. Contact our National Accounts Manager for a complete signage solution, from design to installation, ensuring your franchisees are brand compliant, right throughout the country

The Mediator Mediation

New Zealand & Worldwide Chris Hogg P 0-9-377 8885 M 021 345 690



National Peter Smythe P 0-9-577 4223



National E


National Anneliese Theron P 0-4-499 0912 M 027 811 8285



National Robyn Pickerill P 0-9-274 2901



National Pete Burdon

P 0-3-420 0300 M 029 200 8555



New Zealand & Australia Greg Nathan P 0061 418 157 701



National Paul Kuhn

P 0-4-802 0168 M 027 671 1122



South East Asia Jeff Vassel M 0061 421 684 444



National Mon Patel

P 0800 003 752 M 027 236 2253



National & Worldwide Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022



National Khushdeep Sharma P 0800 452 874 M 022 373 8555



National Nick Stevens P 0800 546 528



National Jeff Prestidge P 0800 564 471 M 021 228 4367



National Faris Mikdame P 0-3-669 8506



Worldwide Alexandra Laurence P 0061 499 519 886



Auckland & National James Cameron P 022 390 0895



National Bradley Keys P 0-9-551 6020 M 027 700 1555



National Peter Smythe P 0-9-577 4223



Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at 81
Franchise disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively via online or face-to-face mediations, saving your brand and business from potential harm. With 20 years experience in mediation and law, Trish Blyth, ‘The Mediator’, has been on the panel of Mediators for the Franchise Association for 10 years. Auckland & National Trish Blyth P 0800 02 MEDIATE M 021 677 950 E W Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre 20 Conferences & Events Hotel accommodation with fully integrated conference centre suitable for small meetings through to international conventions. Full food, beverage and leisure facilities complete the offering. “World famous in New Zealand”, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre is an icon in the mid-range meetings and leisure market. Greater Auckland Area Shelley Trutsch P 0-9-526 3008 E W Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. TALK TO OUR FRANCHISE SPECIALISTS TODAY ON 0800 177 007. company page number service description location FANZ get more information Other Services

time to QUIT YOUR JOB?

9 good reasons to start your own business – and 5 good reasons not to

Buying a business is a dream for many. Be your own boss, set your own hours, get all the rewards of your own efforts. But in the first few years, you’ll probably work harder than you ever have in your life. That’s why it’s important to buy a business for the right reasons.

Yes …

1. You’ve always wanted to own your own business. You want to control the decision-making and have a say in future plans.

2. You are determined to control your own destiny. You are happy to accept the mix of risks and rewards that come with self-employment.

3. You want to do something different. A franchise offers you the opportunity to work in a different industry, or work with your partner or children.

4. You want to use your existing skills for a new purpose. Most franchisors look for skills and abilities, not experience in a particular field.

5. You want to learn new skills. Franchises offer thorough training in their specific business, so if you have the ability to learn, a banker can become a renovation manager.

6. You want to do something you love before it’s too late. You’ve already had one or more careers but have a passion you want to follow.

7. You want to create something for the future – yours or your family’s. Franchising offers a wide range of opportunities suited to two-person or family operation.

8. You want to minimise the risks. Franchising is a lower-risk way of going into business than setting up from scratch or buying an independent small business.

9. You have the finance. You have some savings, or redundancy money, or equity in your house which make it possible to invest in a business at last.

… No

1. You’re afraid of being made redundant. Fear might get you out of your existing job, but if you are to enjoy having your own business, you need positive reasons, too.

2. You are frightened of change in your organisation. If you run your own business, you must be comfortable with change. Industry disruption is common and franchisors will expect you to adopt positive initiatives with enthusiasm.

3. You want to be the boss yourself. Being the boss means taking responsibility for yourself and for others – not letting others do the work.

4. You want to take it easy. If you buy your own business, you will work harder than you ever have – at least at first.

5. Someone is offering you this great opportunity. If you really want to be self-employed, make sure you choose what you are going to do – don’t let someone sell you something.

Now start looking

If you said yes more than no, research what’s available in our Directory starting on page 68, and see the online resources listed on page 28. Take your time and take advice – going into business is a big step, so tread carefully.

Data Drives Profitability for Franchises

Geotech Information Services help inform business decisions based on detailed customer data analysis, to improve the outcomes for franchisors and franchisees. We provide concise, reliable, useful information to give insights that have benefited NZ franchises like Kumon, Nando’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Burgerfuel and Kitchen Studio.

No matter how small or large your network, Geotech can help you:

Gain deeper knowledge about your customers’ behaviour

Improve sales forecasting accuracy

Optimize network performance

Quantify cannibalisation in the network

Plan & map equitable territories

82 Franchise New Zealand Autumn 2024 Year 33 Issue 01
Buying A Franchise
0800 526 454 | Tel: 0800 526 454 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards WINNER 2023 Supreme Winner Franchise System of the Year & Business to Business Franchise System of the Year. We’ve got franchise cleaning business opportunities available throughout New Zealand Join an award-winning team!
Whether you’re looking for a hand with business funding or payment solutions, get help from the most experienced franchise bank in the market. Get in touch at 0800 177 007 or SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services. Eligibility and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services. Westpac New Zealand Limited.
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