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Once the largest music retailer in the world, Tower Records is synonymous with record store culture and performing arts as an industry. The historic chain shared its moniker with several businesses at the Broadway and Land Park Drive intersection, including the illustrious Tower Theatre. “Land Park Driveâ€? is the Urbs Indomita reader’s guide to the Sacramento-area performing DUWVVFHQHIHDWXULQJĂ€OPDQGDOEXPUHYLHZVXSFRPLQJ performances and talent bios.

Land Park Drive

A look at Sacramento’s homegrown artists 10

Upcoming Tower Tuesdays: Jessica Chastain: Sacramento City College alum, one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most ,QĂ XHQWDO3HRSOH in the World. “ April 29

Robbie Jones III: Rancho Cordova, Calif. native, starred in Tyler Perry’s “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.�


May 6

May 20


Crosses– Crosses is a side project by Chino Moreno of Sacramento’s Deftones and local DJ/Producer Shaun Lopez, who performed at Launch Fest in Ceasar Chavez Plaza last summer. The group released its ÀUVW/3LQ)HEDQG recently perform at Ace Of Spades downtown.


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Exploring the Disney world’s many connections to the 916, including The Bee and an early 2000s hit comedy.



Last Man Standing–

Saving Mr. Banks–

This primetime show airs Friday nights at 8 on ABC and features William Land Park native Amanda Fuller as Kristin Baxter, daughter of Mike Baxter (Tim Allen). LMS LVLQWKHĂ€QDO weeks of its third season (second featuring Fuller) and is also available on 1HWĂ L[

Available on DVD, this box ofĂ€FHKLWVWDUV2VFDU Award-winning Sacramento State University alum Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. Based on true HYHQWVWKHĂ€OP tells the story of Disney’s quest to FUHDWHDĂ€OPDGDStation of the book “Mary Poppins,â€? a personal favorite of his daughters.


A Book of Common Prayer– Written by National Book Award-winning Arden Area product Joan Didion, whose ancestry stretches back to the Donner Party, this timeless 20th century novel will soon be adapted LQWRDÀOPVWDULQJ SAG Award-winning actress Christina Hendricks.


Spring 2014 issue

April 18


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Land Park Drive

Sexy Feminism

Your guide to Sac Town’s homegrown performers.

Brooke Purves reviews a book by American River College adjunct Heather Wood Rudulph.

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Consumer Review Foothill high school student judges downtown-area donuts.

Oak Park Outreach

Page 8 The Cimorellis are proud to have been made in the 916.

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Scouting Report Profiling Autumn Sky’s new status and EP.

Online Goodbye, K Street Mall

Community-supported organization reciprocates for those in need.

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Beyond the Arc Are Vivek Ranadive and the Sacramento Kings brass up to Jorden’s challenege?

Page 7 Notes From Our Native Children There’s no place like home!

Publishing April 24 3

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