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By Kevin Cain



ne of the delights of writing this column is getting the opportunity to meet fascinating people who help make Pattaya tick. Nearly all the people that I have had the pleasure to interview I have never met before and each time have come away from the meeting enriched and enlightened.The one thing they all have in common is that Pattaya is a more beautiful place for their dedication and love of the city.

This month I made my way down to Pratumnak on a mission to meet up with a young lady named Amy who works at the Centara Grand. I must admit I had never been to this hotel before and was very impressed with the airy Lobby and the underwater-world theme, including a resident shark tank. Wandering around in confusion as to where my interviewee might be found, I was brought out of my daze by a very glamorous lady, immaculately dressed all in black, calling my name. This was my first ever meeting with the delectable Amy and within minutes she was looking after me. She ushered me to a chair promptly plumped up the cushions and ordered a cold beverage for me. In fact it is clear that Amy likes to take great care of both her guests and visitors. Although she is the Social Marketing Director for the Centara Grand you could easily be forgiven for thinking that she has doubled up as housekeeper, receptionist, waitress or any other member of staff at the ready to look after a needy journalist. So it was that I sat down to the job at hand which was to ask Amy questions for this article and usually on these sorts of occasions it is normally my job to put my interviewee at ease and put any tummy “butterfly flutterings” well and truly to bed. However for some reason the roles seemed to be reversed as it was Amy that was determined to ensure I had everything I needed and was as comfortable as possible. Amy was born in southern Thailand and she explained that she learnt her superb English at school as she was growing up there and then later at college. She humbly explained that she was not as bright as her sisters and had to struggle hard at her studies, I dismissed this comment instantly as modesty on her part as it was obvious that I was having a conversation with a very erudite lady..Amy then moved to Bangkok to attend university for four years carrying on for a further two to obtain a Master’s degree in Public Relations and after hearing this I firmly put her prior comment in the waste disposal ! After university a job opportunity came around to work in Dubai in the hotel industry with Sofitel and she took to the work diligently and with enthusiasm.A further five years were spent back in Bangkok again in the hotel industry and in 2009 she found herself for the first time of her life in Pattaya. Immediately the city had a big effect on her and the formation of a love affair between Amy and Pattaya started. She joined the Amari Orchid as the Social Director and at the Mantra Amy's fame for relationship building and scrupulous care was becoming well known throughout the industry. It is Amy's attention to detail that is one of her best attributes, she makes every person she meets believe she is there just to serve them. “I am deeply attached to my job, as it gives me an opportunity to give back love and appreciation” Amy proffered, as she believes that Pattaya and the people who work and live there have given her so much.



Issue 2016 Issue193 192| NOVEMBER | OCTOBER 2016

COVER STORY In 2013 she was invited to join the management team at the brand new Centara Grand in Pratumnak and so she moved from the Amari as a favour to a friend who desperately needed her expert services at this plush,exciting new hotel where she greets each new visitor with the gracious ease of an elegant hostess welcoming you to into her home. As Amy has a demeanor which is particularly unusual, she is a highly professional person but manages to carry out her duties in such a natural way that she uncomplicates situations and puts everyone instantly at their ease.This friendly efficiency also drives her private life where her work with the Rotary club and Chaine des Rotisseurs is all about putting something back into the community. The latter is devoted to elevate the dining and drinking experience within Pattaya by establishing better standards for everyone. Amongst a general attitude of pessimism it is extremely refreshing to hear Amy’s optimistic views and her belief that Pattaya is full of beautiful people (both inside and out) She is also a firm believer in promulgating circles, to develop networks in order that more and more people can have a chance to meet. She understands the need to bring foreigners and Thais closer together and to have a better understanding of each other’s cultures. Amy is certainly a lady on a mission to do as much as she can to help and improve her adopted home of Pattaya which she believes has given her so much in her life. As I looked up from my writing, I notice that my drink had been replenished and cushions freshly plumped. This I now knew is typical Amy, the comfort and love towards looking after her charges is always paramount.Asking what job she would like if she were ever to leave the hotel trade, her response did not startle me one iota. “If I ever did leave the Centara and the Hotel Industry, I would like to be a kindergarten teacher.” Amy is a remarkable lady, and well worthy of a place as a Pattaya Personality. Her love and devotion to her work is purely based on serving her community, to make Pattaya a better, happier and more loving place. In this world of doom-mongers and cynics we need the Amys of Pattaya to stand up and be counted.So as I hailed a taxi after departing the Centara, I could not help but feel slightly smug with myself. It was a feeling that I was in some way special and loved, and I knew who had imparted this feeling as I hopped on to the back of the motor bike with a broad grin on my face.



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CONTENTS COVER STORY 0 Amy our Pattaya Personality

Hi Readers The Pattaya Trader welcomes the glamorous addition of the lovely Amy to our pages for this issue’s Pattaya Personality . Known by many here in Pattaya and certainly anyone who has ever visited the Centara Grand in Pratumnak Amy is certainly the most gracious hostess.

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FOOD AND DRINK 28 Turkish Delights in Istanbul

Then there’s a plentiful array of sporting activity from Cricket to Snooker, Fishing to Motor Racing to Sailing - so enjoy !

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Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016





Issue 171 | JANUARY 2015




Cheese burger Monday

Where: Dicey Reilly's Cheese burger with a soft drink for 199THB Time: from 10am

Happy Go Lucky

Where: Latitude Lounge and Infiniti forensics, Sheraton Pattaya Resort Buy 1 Free 1 (choice of drinks in the list). Time: from 5pm

News Steaks & Grill

Swedish Meatballs 12.00-4pm 199 THB incl tea or coffee

Frasers Bar & Restaurant Free desert with every main course.

FOOD AND DRINK Pizza Tuesday

Where: Havana Bar, Holiday Inn Hotel 279THB for signature pizza Time: from noon

Happy Go Lucky

Where: Latitude Lounge and Infiniti forensics, Sheraton Pattaya Resort Buy 1 Free 1 (choice of drinks in the list). Time: from 5pm

News Steaks & Grill

Breaded Dory 12.00-4pm 199 THB incl tea or coffee

Frasers Bar & Restaurant Delicious Burgers 170 THB



Robins Nest

Chicken Breast Chasseur with saute potatoes 199 THB

Pizza & Pasta Buffet

Pattaya Bridge Club

Monday Quiz League

Where: Altos Restaurant Time: from 1pm

Fixtures list available by email: Time: from 8.30pm

Game Night

Where: Thai Garden Resort Poolside Great buffet for 399THB omly Time: from 6pm to 9pm

Where: Aqua Bar, Mercure Hotel Darts, table football and pool. Buy one beer, get one free. Time: from 5pm

Themed Buffet

Nine-a-Side Football

Where: Tavern By The Sea Different theme every night Time: from 6.30pm


Where: Bira Circuit Motorbike practice. Time: from noon

Dicey Reilly's

Spaghetti Meat Balls Special 320THB

BBQ Buffet

Where: Thai Garden Resort Poolside Great buffet for 399THB only Time: from 6pm to 9pm

Wine Night Promotion

Where: Access Inn All bottles 999THB, all glasses 99THB. Buy one bottle and gent terrine, cheese or French Fries for free! Time: from 8pm

Robins Nest

Chicken Breast Chasseur with saute potatoes 189 THB

8-ball Pool League

12 Pattaya bars playing on a home/away basis. www. pool_league Time: from 8.30pm


(Ovwe 35's) Where: Planet Football, Soi Phon Praha Nimit 34 Time: from 6.30-8.30pm

Ozone Live

Where - Hard Rock Hotel 8.45pm

Zumba, Jazz, Hip Hop Classes

Where: Tony's Fitness Center (3rd Road) Time: from 7.30pm to 8.30pm

SPORTS AND LEISURE Bira Car & Truck Day wher: Bira Circuit Car and truck practice. Time: from noon

Pattaya Darts Double-In League

Visit: Time: from noon

Yoga Class

Where: Tony's Fitness Center (3rd Road) Time: from 6pm to 7pm

Expats 6-A-Side Football: Where: Planet Football, Soi Siam Country Club Time: from 6.30pm.

Pattaya Chess Club

Where: Brau Haus Everybody welcome. Lessons available. Boards and clocks provided. Time: from 6.30pm

Ladies 9-ball handicap Where: Megabreak Pool Low entry fees and great prizes. Time: from 8.30pm

MUSIC & SHOWS Ozone Live

Where - Hard Rock Hotel 8.45pm

Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016

FOOD AND DRINK Pizza Margarita

Where: Dicey Reilly's 199THB Time: from 10am

Wednesday Special

Where: Robin’s Nest Beef & Tomato Lasagne with garlic bread & side salad 199 THB Time: from noon

Frasers Bar & Restaurant Chef's Plate Specials

News Steaks & Grill

Grilled Chicken Fillet 12.00-4pm 199 THB incl tea or coffee

Happy Go Lucky

Where: Latitude Lounge and Infiniti forensics Sheraton Pattaya Resort Buy 1 Free 1 (choice of drinks in the list). Time: from 5pm


Thai Contemporary Night

Where: Oceana Restaurant, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Enjoy a selection of traditional Thai dishes such as som tum, tom yum goong, choo chee curry, pad Thai and the Essan grilled specialties and Thai contemporary dance. 800THB per person. Beverages not included. Time: from 6pm

Multi-Cuisine Buffet

Where: Thai Garden Resort Poolside Enjoy live music and delicious cuisine for 399THB only. Time: from 6pm - 9pm

SPORTS AND LEISURE Pattaya Bridge Club

Where: Altos Restaurant Time: from 1pm

Happy Go Lucky

Where: Latitude Lounge and Infiniti forensics, Sheraton Pattaya Resort Buy 1 Free 1 (choice of drinks in the list). Time: from 5pm

Sangria Night

Where: Aqua Bar, Mercure Hotel Sangria only 150THB per glass. Buy one, get one free. Time: from 5pm

Training Soi Siam Country Club 7yr olds - 15yr olds Boys and Girls

Ozone Live

Spinning Class


Where: Tony's Fitness Center (3rd Road) Time: from 6pm to 7pm

Polyglot Club

Where: Anchor Coworking Space, Chaiyapruek Rd. Language exchange club. Free and open to all. Time: from 7pm

Where - Hard Rock Hotel 8.45pm

Motor auction

Where: Collingbourne Auctioneers

Motorbikes and cars! Don't miss the best deal! Time: from 4pm to 6pm Rotary Club of JomtienPattaya meeting

Ladies Cocktail Night


Time from 7:00 pm

Pasta evening

Chicken Cordon Bleu 220 THB

Planet Football's - Football

Where: Royal Cliff Beach Resort Time: from 6.30pm

Dicey Reilly's

Frasers Bar & Restaurant

Soi Siam Country Club 4-6 yr olds, 4pm - 5pm

Where: Pullman Pattaya Hotel G Featuring Lorenzo Santos. Enjoy live music and Tapas and free flow wine or draught beer for 899THB Time: from 7pm to 10pm


Where: Megabreak Pool

All you can eat Pizza 250 THB

Beef & Tomato Lasagne with garlic bread & side salad 199 THB

Planet Football's - Mini Kicks

Bodega Fever

10-ball handicap

Where: Breeze Beach club, Centara Grand Pratumnak Only 250 Baht for Free flow cocktails. Hang out by the beach with your girlfriends and enjoy the "breeze". And for the gentlemen all local beers only 100 Baht from 5pm to 10pm

Robin's Nest

Low entry fees and great prizes. Time: from 4pm

Pattaya Archery Club

Where: Pattaya Shooting Park, Huay Yai All welcome; equipment and coaching provided. For more information visit the website: www. Time: from 10am to noon

Pole Dancing Class

Where: Havana Bar, Holiday Inn Hotel Live music. Pasta and glass of wine for 450THB. Time: from 5pm

Where: Tony's Fitness Center (3rd Road) Free for members. 99 THB per class for non-members. Time: from 5pm to 6pm

Theme Buffet

Pattaya Panthers Rugby Club

Where: Thai Garden Resort Poolside Enjoy live music and delicious cuisine for 399THB only. Different theme every night. Time: from 6pm to 9pm

Where : Horse Shoe Point, Soi Siam Country Club New players always welcome. For more information contact Damian McCoy 086 111 2816 or Adrien Simon 095 705 0822

MUSIC AND SHOWS Thursday Night

Where: Mixx Discotheque DJ domination (winner best DJ in asia, winner best video DJ in the world!) DJ eddie pay (from pay & white ,official fashiontv DJ duo) + mixx djs team Time: Happy Hours from 10pm to 12 am - buy 1 get 1 free

Ozone Live Where - Hard Rock Hotel 8.45pm


Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard meeting

Where: Siam Bayshore Pattaya Hotel http://www.rotary-es.

org/rotary-new/index.html Time: from 6pm




Fish & Chips 199 THB

News Steaks & Grill

Pasta with Beef Pepper Sauce 12.00-4pm 199 THB incl tea or coffee

Mojito Night

Where: Aqua Bar, Mercure Hotel Mojitos only 150THB, buy one get one free. Time: from 5pm

Thai Buffet

Fish & Chips 299 THB

Where: Thai Garden Resort Poolside Enjoy live music and delicious cuisine for 399THB only. Different theme every night. Time: from 6pm to 9pm

Frasers Bar & Restaurant

Seafood Evening

Dicey Reilly's

Chargrilled Wagyu Steak 350 THB

Happy Go Lucky

Where: Latitude Lounge and Infiniti forensics, Sheraton Pattaya Resort Buy 1 Free 1 (choice of drinks in the list). Time: from 5pm


Battered Fish & Chips 199 THB

Frasers Bar & Restaurant

Chicken Parmigiana or Cordon Bleau 180 THB

Happy Go Lucky

Where: Latitude Lounge and Infiniti forensics, Sheraton Pattaya Resort Buy 1 Free 1 (choice of drinks in the list). Time: from 5pm

International Buffet

Where: Thai Garden Resort Poolside Enjoy live music and delicious cuisine for 399THB only. Time: from 6pm to 9pm


International Tennis Players



Where: Havana Bar, Holiday Inn Enjoy live music and Seafood platter for 1200THB. Time: from 5pm

Ladies Night

Where: Access Inn Come with your friend and BUY 1 BOTTLE AND YOU GET 1 FREE! Time: from 8pm


Where: Ambassador City Tennis Courts For children and teenagers aged from 10-16 of intermediate level skill. Time: from 8.30am

Planet Football's - Kiddy's Kickers

Where: Soi Siam Country Club. 4 Yr olds - 7 Yr olds Time: from 9.00-11am.

Soccer School

8 Yr olds - 13 Yr olds Time: from 9.00-11am.

Pattaya Archery Club

Where: Pattaya Shooting Park, Huay Yai All welcome; equipment and coaching provided. For more information Time: from 10am

Pattaya Cricket Club Practice

Where: Horseshoe Point All welcome. For more

SPORTS AND LEISURE Pattaya Bridge Club

Where: Altos Restaurant Time: from 1pm

Expats 6-A-Side Football:

Featuring Lorenzo Santos Seafood buffet and free flow wine or draught beer for 799THB Time: from 6pm to 10pm

Sunset Sessions

Where: Planet Football, Soi Siam Country Club Time: from 6.30pm.

Where - Hard Rock Hotel Eclectic DJ's, Cool Sunsets 5.30-9,30pm.

Yoga Class

Blues Marchine

Where: Tony's Fitness Wongamat Time: from 7pm to 8pm

Fight Night

Where: Pattaya Boxing World Real fights. No show! Tickets at door


Where - Mood Blues Cafe, Soi 6 Pratumnak Live performances from Top Blues four piece band. For more info contact 084459 040 nfo@ Time: from 8pm - 12 pm

Sunset Lounge

Latino evening

Where - Hotel Baraquada DJ Yui - Upbeat House 7pm-11pm.

information visit the website: Time: from 3pm

Hotel Special Mojito cocktail for 159THB. Time: from 8pm


Where - Mood Blues Cafe, Soi 6 Pratumnak Live performances from Top Blues four piece band. For more info contact 084459 040 nfo@ Time: from 8pm - 12 pm

Where: Siam@Siam Hotel


Where: Momento Beach Club The best house music around in the coolest spot in Pattaya. With Marco VDB, Large DJ and Rich Mander on duty. Free entrance. Time: from 2pm

The Pool Party

Where - Hard Rock Hotel 9.30pm -1am 380THB incl. 1 drink

Bodega Fever

Where: Pullman Pattaya Hotel G Featuring Lorenzo Santos. Tapas and free flow wine or draught beer for 899THB. Time: from 7pm

Latin Night

Blues Marchine


Auctions at Collingbourne

Where: Soi Chaiyapruek General Sale auctions are held every Saturday at 11.30am Prior to the General Auction we have the Motor Auction at 11am; On Wednesdays we sometimes have clearance and no reserve sales, where you can grab a bargain. 11.30am

Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016 Where: Havana Bar, Holiday Inn

FOOD AND DRINK Time: from 10am to noon

Where: Dicey Reilly's Special carvery buffet for 399THB. Time: from 12-4pm.

Pattaya Sports Club Softball Recreational pickup games

Carvery Buffet

Robin's Nest

Three Course Cavery 12-9pm 299 THB

Frasers Bar & Restaurant All Day BBQ 12-8pm

Sunday Calling

Where: Momento Beach Club Djs and Barbecue at the swimming pool. 290THB for all you can eat. Time: from 2pm

Happy Go Lucky @

Where: Latitude Lounge and Infiniti forensics, Sheraton Pattaya Resort Buy 1 Free 1 (choice of drinks in the list). Time: from 5pm

Themed Buffet

Where: Thai Garden Resort Poolside Enjoy live music and delicious cuisine for 399THB only. Different theme every night. Time: from 6pm to 9pm

SPORTS AND LEISURE Pattaya Archery Club

Where: Pattaya Shooting Park, Huay Yai All welcome; equipment and coaching provided. For more information visit the website:

Where: Thai Polo Club New players welcome. For more information, contact John: Time: from noon

Where: Tavern By The Sea Time: from 10.30am

Pattaya Expats Club

Where: Mercure Hotel Time: from 11.30am

Rules will be explained by game master Kaizoku in just five minutes. Games designed for 10-15 players, last approximately 30 minutes and will be run in English. Time: from 7pm

Werewolves Game

Where: Anchor Coworking Space

Pattaya Cricket Club Practice

Where: Horseshoe Point All welcome. For more information visit the website: Time: from 3pm

9-ball handicap

Where: Megabreak Pool Low entry fees and great prizes. Time: from 6pm


Acoustic by Yves Baron

Where: Oceana Restaurant & Hotel Atrium Centara Pratamnak Time: from 6.30pm

Blues Marchine

Where - Mood Blues Cafe, Soi 6 Pratumnak Live performances from Top Blues four piece band. For more info contact 084459 040 nfo@ Time: from 8pm - 12 pm


Pattaya City Expats Club





Alangkarn Theatre (variety show), Sukhumvit Road (at 155km marker), Na Jomtien. Open 6pm onwards Thursday-Tuesday. Tel: 038 256 000 or 038 825 6007, Alcazar Show (cabaret), Second Road, North Pattaya. Open 6pm onwards. Tel: 038 410 2247 Ankor Night Club & Lounge (nightclub), Walking Street Soi 16 Aqua Bar (nightclub), Mercure Hotel, Soi 16, behind The Avenue, South Pattaya Bamboo Bar (live band), South Pattaya Road (20m to the left of Walking Street sign) Blues Factory (live blues band), Soi Lucky Star, off Walking Street. Open 8.30pm. Colosseum Show Pattaya (cabaret), Thepprasit Road. Open 6pm. Tel: 038 906 530, email:, Differ Pub (nightclub), North Pattaya. Dusit D2 Baraquda Pattaya (live band), Second Road, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 769 999, email: FLB (live band), Walking Street Flexx Club (nightclub), behind McDonald’s, southern end of Walking Street Hopf House (house band & Italian tenor), Beach Road (cnr Soi 13/1) Insomnia (nightclub), Walking Street. Jazz Pit (jazz music), Soi 5, off Second Road, North Pattaya. Lima Lima (nightclub), Bali-Hai Pier end of Walking Street. Tel: 089 990 2447 Lucifer’s Disko (live band), Walking Street Malibu (cabaret), Second Road, cnr Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office) Mixx Discotheque (nightclub), Bali-Hai Pier end of Walking Street. Garden Resort). Cross Colours Band starts 9pm. Tel: 038 370 616, email: Play Club (nightclub), Soi Lucky Star, Walking Street. Open 10pm-6am every day Roija Gentleman’s Club (live music, soul), Thepprasit Soi 7, South Pattaya Rolling Stone 2 Bar (live rock n roll band), Walking Street, cnr Soi 16 The Pier (nightclub), Walking Street. Tel: 080 480 6661. Open

7:30pm to late The Rendezvous Resort, Lake Mabprachan Tiffany’s Show (cabaret), Second Road, North Pattaya. Open 6pm onwards. Tel: 038 421 700, Tony’s Entertainment Complex (live band), Walking Street. Tel: 038 425 795, Utopia (live band), Soho Square, Walking Street

THE BIG GAME I-Rovers, Soi LK Metro, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 489 494, Jameson’s Irish Pub, Soi AR (Soi Sukrudee), Central Pattaya. Tel: 038 361 873, email:, Kilkenny Bar, Soi LK Metro, South Pattaya. Email: info@, Legends Pool & Sports Bar, Pattaya Klang (nr Third Road). The Players Lounge, East Pattaya. Witherspoons, Soi Buakhow (nr Soi Lengkee), South Pattaya. Tel: 038 721 121,

FOOD & DRINK Access Inn, Third Road, nr Soi Lengkee, Akvavit Grill & Bar, Jomtien Beach Road. Open 9:30pm to midnight. Tel: 038 233 672, Bruno’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Thappraya Road, Pattaya. Tel: 038 364 600, Dicey Reilly’s, Second Road, next to Royal Garden Plaza News Steaks & Grill, Thappraya Road, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 267 174, Robin’s Nest Restaurant & Guesthouse, Soi Diana Inn. Tel: 038 720 194, Tavern by the Sea, Beach Rd, North Pattaya Tel: 038 418 418 Wine Cellar, Naklua Soi 12, North Pattaya Tel: 038 226 054 or 080 204 5551

PLEASE NOTE: All dates, times and details were correct (to the best of our knowledge) at the time of publication. Pattaya Trader is not responsible for the postponement, cancellation or relocation of events.



Issue Issue 170178 DECEMBER | AUGUST 2015 2014 Issue 193 | |NOVEMBER 2016

Big C Cinema, Big C Shopping Mall, Second Road, North Pattaya Major Cineplex, The Avenue Mall, Second Road, South Pattaya. SF Cinema (6th Floor CentralFestival Shopping Mall), Central Pattaya.

SOCIAL SCENE Anchor Coworking Space, Chaiyapruek Road. Tel: 038 231 540, CouchSurfing, Triangle Bar, Soi Chaiyapoon, South Pattaya. Havana Bar, Hilton Hotel, Beach Road, South Pattaya Lions Club, Jomtien Branch,, email: Momento Beach Club, Theprasit Soi 8, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 422 114, Pattaya Expats Club, Pattaya City Expats Club, Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, Siam Bayshore Hotel, South Pattaya. Rotary Club, Jomtien-Pattaya, Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Pratamnak Road. Royal British Legion, Tropicalbar Thailand 39/132-133 Moo 10, Boonsumpan, Pattaya 20150 . Meeting every Last Saturday of the month. Tel 089 807 2335 or 038 361 887 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Soi Diana Inn, South Pattaya.

SPORTS & LEISURE Archery Club, Pattaya Shooting Park, Huay Yai. Backgammon, B.G. House & Restaurant, Thepprasit Road, South Pattaya. Tel: 081 664 9085, Bira Circuit, Bridge Club, Altos Restaurant, Thappraya Road (nr overpass) Cheers Bar, Pattayaland Soi 2 (Soi 13/4), South Pattaya. Monday Quiz League and Wednesday League, Chess Club, Brauhaus Restaurant, Second Road between Soi 7 & 8 Cricket Club, Horseshoe Point. Email: Darts, Hash House Harriers, PH3



Hash House Harriers, PBH3 Bush Hash House Harriers Hash House Harriers, PJMH3 Jungle Monkey Hash House Harriers Hash House Harriers, PJH3 Lawn Bowls (indoor; for school-age and college children), Coco Club, behind Phoenix Golf, Baan Amphur. Sue: 087 1358357 Megabreak Pool, Soi Diana Inn, South Pattaya. Tel: 086 033 6617 Muay Thai, Pattaya Boxing World, Sukhumvit Road, North Pattaya. Tel: 038 726 203, Nervous Wreck Bar, Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1), South Pattaya. Monday Quiz League and Wednesday League, pattayaquizleague@ Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Sukhumvit Hwy (km 157), Jomtien. Tel: 038 237 310, Palmers Bar, Pattayaland Soi 2 (Soi 13/4), South Pattaya. Monday Quiz League, Petanque, email: Planet Football, Soi Siam Country Club, Eastern Pattaya Tel: 038 248 212, Pole Dancing Classes, Tony’s Fitness Wong Amat Gym, Naklua Soi 16 Polo, Horsehoe Point, end of Soi Siam Country Club, East Pattaya. Tel: 081 835 2419, email: Polo, Huay Yai. Tel: 02 663 045; 02 258 0194. Pool QueenVictoriaInn,Soi6, Wednesday League, Rest Stop, Soi Chaiyapoon, South Pattaya. Monday Quiz League and Wednesday League, Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Pratamnak Rd, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 250 116, Rugby (Touch), Horseshoe Point, next to Siam Country Club. Email: Seafari Dive Center, Soi 12, South Pattaya. Shenanigans, Jomtien Complex, Thappraya Road, Jomtien. Open 11:00am until late every day. Tel: 038 303 490, Softball, pickup games at Thai Polo Club. Email: scrabbleking@ Tennis, (for children and teenagers 10-16 only) Ambassador City Tennis Courts, Jomtien The Londoner, Soi Post Office (soi 13/2), South Pattaya. Monday Quiz League and Wednesday League, pattayaquizleague@ The Ranch, Third Road (opp. The Village), South Pattaya. Monday Quiz League, The Sportsman Pub, Beach Road Soi 13, South Pattaya., Tel: 038 710 609 Yoga, Balaji Studio, Soi South Pattaya 24. Tel: 089 748 6204,




18 18


By Kevin Cain

Issue Issue 193190 | NOVEMBER | AUGUST 2016






attaya International Ladies Club welcomes ladies from all over the world with a common goal “a wish to create a social network with lots of friendly faces”. In fact “lots of friendly faces” will be there to greet you whenever you attend PILC function such as:

PILC Coffee Morning at The Havana Bar There was a fantastic PILC Coffee Morning at The Havana Bar , Holiday Inn Pattaya beach road with a delicious selection of food and some beautiful Chinese silk scarves. A new member Shinta was introduced to the group as was Khun Nung from Boon Chou Home who came with Rosy from Women with a Mission. She was there to thank PILC for their donations enabling the charity to buy a wheelchair for him and the event ended up with a raffle raising a further 6,400THB for more good causes.

Luncheon at Indian by Nature Recently the PILC luncheon took place and one of the club's favourite restaurants: India By Nature located just at the entrance to Chateau Dale on Thappraya Road Jomtien. As usual nothing had been left to chance as the room and tables looked lovely with the usual attention to detail. There were 3 food stations the starter section had a very tasty prawn kebab with accompanying sauces and flatbreads, the main course section some delicious fish, chicken and rice and the dessert section a rich chocolate mousse. The meal was rounded off with a choice of tea and coffee and was a tremendous success as many members had been away on holiday and so it was a great opportunity for everyone to catch up. Don't forget newcomers coffee mornings are held from 11 am at Casa Pascal every last Monday of the month. For more info go to :



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016




n Saturday December 10th Kombat Group is hosting a Muay Thai open house for school-aged girls and boys (3-18yrs) from 16:00 until 17:00. The free event is to introduce youth to the ancient art of Muay Thai, but all skill levels are welcome. The session will cover basic Muay Thai skills and techniques such as stance, guard, and movements. Because Muay Thai is the art of eight limbs, children will learn to use kicks, knees and elbows in addition to hand strikes. At the end of the one hour session, there will be a celebration with cakes and beverages and the announcement of a special training promotion to allow children to continue training at Kombat Group for a discounted rate. And why continue? Getting regular exercise allows youth to stay physically fit while improving coordination, strength, agility, and motor skills. Not only is Muay Thai great fitness for kids, but it also helps develop character and inner strength while having fun and making new friends. Muay Thai is traditionally taught at an early age so that children develop self-confidence, mental focus and integrity all while improving their physical abilities. Also at the event Kombat Group is hosting a children’s charity drive for the holiday season. Children are invited to bring old toys and/or clothes to the open house to be donated to a Pattaya orphanage.

To confirm your attendance or get more information call 089 543 3450 or ID LINE kombatgroup.






Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016




By Kevin Cain


ather's Day in Thailand takes place on the 5th December, and this year it will have even more significance for the people of the Thai nation. As like Mother's Day in Thailand Father’s Day takes it’s date from the monarch’s birthday.

Elsewhere in the world how and when did Father's Day get entered on the world calendar?Well It is hard to believe that some historians actually believe that the custom of honouring dads on a special day is over 4,000 years old. Some scholars say that the true origins date back to Babylonian days when a young boy called Elmesu carved a Father's Day message on a card made of clay. The young son wished his Babylonian father good health and a long life. It’s Hardly surprising that the modern version of Father's Day originated in the United States of America. From a country that would commercialise the hiccup of a frog, it is easy to see how America developed such an auspicious reminder of dads around the globe. Apparently the world owes its thanks to a Mrs Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, a loving daughter from Spokane in Washington. The idea came to her when she was listening to a Mother's Day sermon back in 1909, and she wondered why dads were excluded. She wanted to honor her own father William Jackson Smart who was an affectionate man, a Civil War veteran and had taken care of his family or five including a newborn baby for several years after his wife died in childbirth. Mr Smart then remarried. Ellen Billingsley a widow with 3 children of her own. The two families were combined and then added to with the birth of their daughter Sonora and a further three sons bringing the family’s total number of children to 12! Then, in 1898, Ellen died and the oldest child 16-year-old Sonora, watched with admiration as her grief-stricken dad kept the family together. She would later say he became “both father and mother” to the six kids still under his roof. The determined Sonora kept up her campaign. Congress squabbled about making Father’s Day official but the then president of America, Calvin Coolidge supported Mrs Dodd's idea of a national Father's Day in 1924. After a further forty years of debate and argument, Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation that the third Sunday of June should be observed as Father's Day and this was upheld by Richard Nixon who established a permanent national observance of Father's Day in June. Mrs Dodd was given recognition of her tireless effort to get a day dedicated to her dad at the World's Fair in Spokane in 1974 at the age of 92, four years later she passed away.



Father's Day will be most poignant here in Thailand, and in some ways will be a perfect time for the remembrance of Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX not just now but in the immediate coming years. A time when parents can explain to their children who the great father of Thailand was and to celebrate his works and deeds.

Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016





By John Borthwick


ongratulations to our long time contributor John Borthwick who has recently won the prestigious ‘gong' of Travel Writer of the Year in the Australian Society of Travel Writers’ annual awards. Ed.

An archipelago of cathedrals and beauty queens, spas, bars and whale sharks. Toss in fiestas, coups and volcanos, and the Philippines can seem like a brew of magical realism. So go see for yourself. This nation of almost 100 million people with over 7,100 islands and a brand new, loose-cannon president greets you at its super-sized capital, Manila — a vastness of people and jeepney jams, glittering wealth and its grinding opposite. Just keep moving, through a few of these easier alternatives.

Baler (pron. Bal-air) is where you go if you love the smell of surf in the morning. This little-known town in Aurora province on the east coast of Luzon was invaded by Hollywood in 1975 when Francis Ford Coppola spent 11 months there filming Apocalypse Now. On endless Sabang Beach, Coppola’s apocalypse is long gone but the Pacific waves still pump and the locals are cool. Way back in 1899 Baler was the scene of the most famous military siege in Philippine history. For a full year Spanish soldiers held-out inside its church, refusing to believe that, after 400 years, a ragtag gang of Filipino rebels had kicked Spain out of its Asian feudal fiefdom. Banaue, a day's drive north of Manila, is famous as the home of "The Stairway

of the Gods" — thousands of hand-hewn rice terraces notched into precipitous slopes. Construction began 3,000 years ago and still continues — the longest "Men At Work" project in history. Ifugao tribal folk decked in hornbill head-dresses sometimes plonk themselves in the middle of your vista for "twenty pesos a picture" photo opportunities. One of them assures me that, "If you place all these terraces end-to-end, they would reach more than halfway around the world."

Boracay, 350 km south of the capital, is the country’s best-known resort island

and its four-kilometre White Beach is one of the most photographed in the Pacific. So they paved Paradise and put up everything but a parking lot … scores of small hotels, boutiques, dive shops and bars have sliced and diced its celebrated strand. The island has some 30 other beaches and coves, plus sports galore – diving, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking, even golf.



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016


Cebu, the second largest city, is the hub of the central Phil-

ippines. "Unfortunately, we murdered our first tourist," your guide might joke, referring to navigator Ferdinand Magellan, the first European to land in the Philippines, who was felled in 1521 on nearby Mactan Island. These days visitors receive a friendlier welcome. Cebu, like Manila, is an excellent shopping destination; think shoes, clothing, furniture and handicrafts.

Calauit Island

at the north of the Palawan chain is home to giraffe, zebra, antelope and a slew of non-predatory African species. No kidding. President Ferdinand Marcos parked them there in the 1980s so he could go shootin’ without ever needing a passport. He’s long gone but it’s too far for his stranded critters to swim home.

management and communal support El Nido has been preserved from logging, dynamite fishing and cheapjack development. Southern Palawan is less spectacular than El Nido, but so are most places on earth. Its claim to fame is the Underground River, the longest navigable cave in the world, which flows through limestone tunnels for eight kilometres. You can explore the first kilometre by canoe.

Vigan looks like a slice of old Spain that the colonists left


near Legazpi, has the highest concentration of whale sharks anywhere in the world and they linger here for almost half the year. Swimming with whale sharks – butanding — is very well organised. From small boats visitors slip into the water and snorkel beside these gentle giants, the largest fish in the ocean. Moving majestically, the whale shark often cruises just below the surface, allowing you to swim eye-to-giant eye with the it. The season runs December to June, but avoid the Christmas and Easter crowds.

behind. One of my favourite places in the Philippines, this World Heritage-listed, 17th century town is the capital of Ilocos Sur province in northern Luzon. Pony-drawn carriages still clatter along its cobbles, shaded by iron lace balconies. The Spanish built massive basilicas in this fertile but earthquake-prone Ilocos region, with the huge stone belfries set well apart from the main churches. Should the bell tower tumble it would not crush the church — an architectural style called “Earthquake Baroque”.

Marinduque, a short flight south of Manila, is a small, tranquil island of waterfalls, sleepy villages, jungles and old Spanish churches — in short, authentic, regional Philippines, untrammeled by resorts, go-gos and bogans. Nothing truly special to do: a few good resorts and just you and the blue Sibuan Sea. Palawan,

the long archipelago stretching southwest towards Indonesia, is rich in everything — uninhabited islands, unsullied nature and clear waters. Its stunning El Nido Marine Reserve has a score of pristine dive sites and secret lagoons. With a handful of upmarket resorts, this is, for me, the Philippine’s most outstanding island destination. By good


This is a year-round destination but seasonal variations are significant: March—June is the hottest time, June—July the wettest and November—December the coolest.




Words and pictures by Julie Lythgoe


stanbul offers a fusion of Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Balkan cuisine resulting in a diverse and expansive variety of luscious delicacies, it is easily possible to bombard oneself with a culinary feast. Like Thailand food plays an important role in the daily lives of Turkish people, everywhere you go in Istanbul there are restaurants, cafes, shops and street sellers offering a mouth-watering selection of traditional Turkish dishes, foods and snacks. It is certainly very tempting to try them all but it is virtually impossible to sample everything. I passed on a couple – the roasted lambs’ head and the lambs’ brain were just a little too much for me! Lamb is an extremely popular meat in Turkey but be aware as it tastes quite different to what is available in Thailand, it has a very earthy strong taste and it is sometimes quite heavily salted. Like any other big city Istanbul has its fair share of trendy eateries, traditional Turkish restaurants (Cicek Passage is well worth a visit for the architecture alone) and cafes. Eating out in Istanbul is more expensive than eating out in Thailand but it is still quite affordable. The menus tend to consist of meatbased dishes and vegetables are used extensively as is olive oil and mixed salads. Seafood is also widely available with an excellent variety of fish on offer – some are even caught in the Bosphoros Strait. Fresh, grilled anchovies are delicious as is the seafood casserole which is served in a clay pot, really enjoyable with a glass of Turkish beer. Like Thailand, Istanbul has a great many street food vendors offering roasted chestnuts, Turkish bagels (simit), barbequed sweetcorn and fresh almonds to name but a few. Baked potatoes are also very popular in Istanbul, the potatoes are enormous and are filled with as many fillings as you can pack in, including chicken, ham, beef, cheese, coleslaw and a variety of sauces and salads – really delicious! No visit to Istanbul would be complete without sampling one of its famous kebabs - beef, chicken and lamb are all widely available and unlike many that I have seen, the ones in Istanbul are packed with large pieces of meat threaded onto the skewer, during cooking they offer an alluring aroma and an appetizing view. Also not to be missed is a Turkish breakfast, to say it is substantial is an understatement. It consists of white bread and croissant type pastries accompanied by a selection of small dishes: scrambled eggs, meat salami, green and black olives, feta cheese, sliced tomatoes, yogurt, honey and strawberry and sour cherry jam. This is not for the faint hearted and it will certainly set you up for a day’s sightseeing – that is if you can move after all that food!



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016


Turkish meze is another traditional dish that is worth trying. Meze is usually an appetizer course consisting of hot and cold, fresh and fried dishes accompanied by fish, meats, pickled vegetables and dips and sauces. Try the local Efes beer with your meze, they complement each other very well.Fish bread (balik ekmek), as it is known is alsovery popular in Istanbul and consists of a generous piece of white baguette loaded with salad and freshly caught barbequed mackerel. The elaborate, colourful boats that sell the sandwiches are moored close to the Galata Bridge and I would say that it is definitely worth a visit to try this Turkish favorite. Turkish, like Thai people have a very sweet tooth, they adore cakes, desserts, chocolate and especially Turkish Baklava which is made from thin layers of filo pastry with chopped nuts such as pistachios, walnuts and almonds. The mellow, sweet smell of Turkish delight (Lokums) will set your mouth watering in anticipation. There are countless flavours to choose from but it is possible to sample before you buy, shops are only too happy for you to try as many as you wish. I chose a small variety box which allows you to buy different flavours without buying too much. Ice cream in Istanbul is wonderfully creamy and comes in a variety of flavours. When you order you also get a sort of magic come juggling show from the street seller who is dressed in traditional Turkish dress, it’s very entertaining. Well worth buying an ice cream to watch how nimble-fingered they are with a cornet! Homemade lemonade soon became my favorite after the local Efes beer, Turkish lemonade has a clean, crisp, slightly sour taste and is extremely refreshing, perfect during a days shopping or sightseeing. Fresh pomegranate juice is also very popular.I have to say that I have never been a lover of black tea but I really enjoyed the Turkish tea. It has a smooth mellow taste and is not bitter at all, you can add sugar for a sweeter taste if you prefer. It is consumed by the gallon and you are offered it all over Istanbul served in small glasses. Turkish Raki is a very popular drink amongst the locals. It is similar to Greek Ouzo and is made from various grape varieties and aniseed. Turkish people dilute it with a little water before drinking which is probably a good idea due to its strength – take your time with this one! Another popular non-alcoholic drink is Ayran which is cold yogurt drink mixed with a little salt, I know this sounds very unappetizing and it’s certainly not at the top of my list but it is consumed in copious amounts every day by the Turkish people – certainly a healthy option! It is possible to find Thai food in Istanbul if you get the craving for something spicy. Just off Istiklal Avenue close to the Mamara Pera Hotel is an authentic Thai restaurant which boasts its own Thai chef. I tried the som tdam, yam wun sen talay and a massaman curry. Overall the food was good especially the massaman, the other two dishes could have been a little more spicy, probably a good idea to let the chef know your preference if you like really spicy food. Istanbul is as exciting for the palate as it is for the eyes and like Thailand it is possible just to live off street food alone such is the quality and the variety of what is on offer. I hope that it will not be too long before I can enjoy authentic Turkish food once again!






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By Kevin Cain


he English Cricket team is scheduled to tour India between November 2016 and January 2017 to play five Tests, three One Day Internationals and three Twenty20 Internationals.All the five day Tests will take place in 2016 and the full itinerary is:

November 9th-13th Rajkot, November 17th-21st Visakhapatnam, November 26th-30th Mohali, December 8th-12th Mumbai and December 16th-20th Chennai. The ODI's and T20's are all played in 2017 after the test series has finished. One Day Internationals are on: 15th January in Pune, 19th January in Cuttack and 22nd January in Kolkata.The cricket ends with three T20 games starting on the 26th January in Kanpur, then on the 29th of January in Nagpur, and the whole tour concludes on 1st February in Bangalore. The three month long tour will give India the opportunity to retake the World No.1 ranking from their arch-rivals Pakistan if the results are favourable to them. On the other hand England will be hoping that they can put together similar performances to that of the 20122013 tour. They went on to win the four match test series 2-1 and then completed the rout back in England with a convincing 3-1 victory in the 5 match test series. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced the dates and added six new Test venues (Indore, Rajkot, Visakhapatnam, Dharamsala, Ranchi and Pune) to be used from 2016. England will play at Rajkot and Visakhapatnam for the very first time before moving to more familiar grounds in the last three tests. It will be similar to the 2012 series between the two teams as England will play all five day test matches, then return home to return to the subcontinent in January 2017 and finish off the One Day Internationals and the T20 games.



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016


The captain of India, Virat Kohli welcomed the announcement by the BCCI and said he was looking forward to an exciting contest. “This is going to be a competitive series. Both sides like to play hard fought cricket. England is one of the better sides in the world. So we can expect some high quality cricket even though we are playing at home.” Kohli said from the West Indies.Indian coach, Anil Kumle also welcomed the news of the tour, remarkably the great player was never involved in a five-match Test series at home whilst he was playing. “I have been involved in many Tests against England as a player but this is the first time that I will be involved in a 5-Test series as a coach. I am really looking forward to this contest.” he said. India have found England a tough nut to crack in the recent past, in fact the last time the beat England in a Test series was back in 2008-2009 when the little Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar took center stage and inspired a 387 run chase in Chennai. England will feel confident going into the series, but it must be noted that currently India are No.2i in the world test rankings. England's position of number five would suggest that they will have their work cut out and every player will have to perform if they come away with a series win. Andrew Strauss, the director of England cricket suggested that there was no reason why Alastair Cook's team could not emulate the 2012 series, in which England won 2-1. A big concern for most England fans would be the obvious problem the team have at number three in the batting. The persistence of playing Joe Root there, purely because of no better solution, is damaging the form of one of England's best batsmen. One solution is to take a gamble on a County number three, and releasing Root to play back in his best position at number four. This way if the gamble does not pay off, Root can anchor the innings and England do not lose two players. The form of Joe Root could be a vital factor if England win or lose.

Another problem area is England's bowling attack, all-time leading wicket-taker James Anderson will definitely miss the first test and is a doubt for the second in Visakhapatnam. Alistair Cook leads an unchanged squad, that means that Jake Ball remains with the squad fresh from the tour of Bangladesh. Cook has been quoted as saying that players are likely to be rotated this winter.To England's advantage is their plethora of all-rounders, which provides a number of options. The return of Ben Stokes will be at number six, and it looks as though Moeen Ali will be pushed up the order to accommodate an extra spin bowler. This also means that Jonny Bairstow will possible go to number four, if the Root debate cannot be settled. This all gives possible encouragement to England: Stokes and Buttler are explosive batsmen, able to win games almost single handedly, whilst Ali and Bairstow are in the best form of their lives with the bat. They have all played a great deal of test cricket so the argument for a rookie to come into the side might be scuppered. In the ODI's and the T20's, England have a hard task ahead, India are ranked four and two respectively with England's rankings far behind. The sub-continent has always proved to be a hard hunting ground for English touring sides, the slow wickets and preference for spin is not something England are particularly fond of. But this young England team does have guts, it does not have disruptive superstars like Kevin Peterson to rip dressing rooms apart. England are very much “a team” these days, and if Alistair Cook can lead from the front opening the batting, then who knows what may happen.

Anybody fancy a curry?




By Glenn Cowan

Has Snooker Lost it’s Loopiness?


his month sees the start of the 2016 UK Snooker Championships, which of course for monetary purposes has the official name of the betway UK Championship. If you don’t actively follow snooker then you might not know that this is the 2nd biggest ranking tournament after the World Championships, and is one of the Triple Crown Ranking events.128 players from around the globe will be vying to stay in the tournament right through to the final, which takes place on Sunday 4th December.

What to Expect

Without question the usual array of snooker super-stars will be on show at the Barbican in York.Expect to see the likes of John Higgins, Marco Fu, Ali Carter, Mark Selby, Mark Williams go far in a competition that will see the eventual winner pocket a cool £170,000, out of a total prize fund of £850,000. Not bad for a couple of weeks work ! The real serious snooker will no doubt start somewhere around the Last 16 round or Quarter Final stages. These are scheduled to take place from Wednesday 30th November through to Friday 2nd December as the fight for the championship starts to heat up.

Previous Winners

Last years event, the first sponsored by betway saw Australian Neil Robertson take the title in a reasonably comfortable fashion from China’s Liang Wenbo. The Aussie running out 10-5 winner. This was the second time that Robertson claimed the top prize having beaten England’s Mark Selby 10-7 in the 2013 final. Another first from last year was that it was the very first time that a UK Championship final had been contested by two overseas players. Is the UK’s domination of the green baize starting to finally wane? Steve Davis still commands the most amount of wins from this tournament. Romford born Davis played in the final an unbelievable 10 times, running out winner in 6 of these.It should also be remembered that Ronnie O’Sullivan (2014 winner) is just one win behind Davis in the all time winners chart. O’Sullivan has had slightly better luck than Davis in the final, having not been beaten in 5 previous attempts. Winners with an impressive 100% final record include previously mentioned Robertson and China’s Ding Junhui, these two have won both finals they played in. Other winners with the same 100% record are John Virgo (England) and Patsy Fagan (Ireland), younger readers will probably have to Google these names!

Chinese Invasion

Interestingly Snooker in the far east, notably China seems to be on the up and up.The world’s largest population have a knack in recent times of producing some high quality snooker players. Aside from Junhui and Wenbo there are a few names that should be worth following. Tian Pengfei has lept up 34 places in the world rankings to sit inside the top 50 for the first time. With others like Xiao Guodong, Li Hang, Zhou Yuelong, Yu Delu, Zang Anda, Cao Yupeng, Zhang Yong and Lu Ning all rankings inside the top 100



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016

By Belinda Wilson


it's no wonder that snooker is bracing itself for a potential chinese take-over.

Has Rocket Ronnie Run Outta Fuel?

Its pretty hard to tell just which Ronnie O’Sullivan will turn up to major tournaments nowadays. It’s also pretty clear that the five time World Champion isn’t in it for the money, an impressive £8M or so in the bank from prizemoney alone is likely to be provide an insight into this. So just does make the Rocket tick? That question is likely to lead to being the perpetual showman in a sometimes interesting sport ! Will we see the O’Sullivan that has rattled in no less than 13 ratified maximum breaks in professional competitions? Will we see the O’Sullivan that holds the 3 quickest competitive maximum breaks, with the final black being sunk in the fastest one in a mere 5 mins and 20 seconds? Or will we see the O’Sullivan that shook snooker when he deliberately missed the chance of a 147 in the Welsh Open upon discovering that the prize was a “paltry” £10,000. Readers might recall the furore in the media after O’Sullivan opted to take the Pink instead of the final Black as he went on to record 146. Whichever O’Sullivan turns up, let's hope that he adds his own form of magic to the tournament.

World Rankings

Mark Selby heads up the rankings at the time of writing, with a huge lead over Stuart Bingham. Selby has amassed £827,942 prize money in ranking events versus the £545,846 that Bingham has collected.Judd Trump isn’t too far off the pace in 3rd position, having earned £516,499. The first of China’s superstars follows Trump with Ding Junhui picking up a tasty £443,925.Shaun Murphy, John Higgins, Neil Robertson, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Joe Perry and Mark Allen make up the remainder of the top 10 World Ranked players. For those who aren’t familiar, the World Rankings are made up of all prize money that has been earned from events that carry a ranking status. However, this doesn’t include invitational events such as the Masters, Championship League events or the Champion of Champions. Neither does it include prize money gained from maximum breaks or high break prizes.

New Direction of Snooker?

There is no doubt that the influence from the far east, with notable Chinese players in the running to pick up tournament wins along the way.It isn’t quite the same for Thailand;however, they do have a couple of players inside the top 50, with Thepchaiya Un-Nooh currently enjoying the heights of being ranked 32nd in the world. Other names to watch out for in the future include, Dechawat Poomjaeng, Noppon Saengkham, James Wattana and Akani Songsermsawad.Could one of these Thai names become a household name and win a major ranking tournament, perhaps not, but time will tell.

Watch this space, folks!!





i Folks, the last few trips to Koh Hoo Chang have been disappointing with fewer and fewer big snipe being caught. As this size of snipe are spawning fish maybe their season is over? So after the last disastrous run out Frank and I decided to split the next fishing trip into bottom fishing at the reef Hin Pra Nang on the dropping tide and when the tide starts to rise troll the south end of Koh Krok for small queen fish (bpla sala) and horse mackerel (bpla thoo). When we got to the reef the tide was in full flood which means the fish will be on the feed close to the main head. I planned to keep the engine running, get close to ten metres deep and fish until we got into six metres deep, then motor back and start again. However this time we could not hold bottom for very long, even keeping the engine in gear when fishing did not do any good. I have fished here on many different tides but this time I was perplexed. I told Frank that low water was 12.30 and by 11am we should be fishing straight up and down. 11am came and went, still the boat was going south at 2 knots. Finally at 12.30pm I noticed a current in the deeper water rushing southwards. This was early October and the flood waters were entering the gulf and causing this current. That meant a change in plans, trolling was out of the equation due to the debris on the surface but bottom fishing close to the south end of Koh Krok looked good as the surface current would push us southwards away from the rocks. And so it was, we ended up with over 150 small snappers. Not what we planned, but we adapted to the change that was forced up on us. I have been going out to Koh Loam, some 11 miles from Naban on Koh Larn for big fish. After a good start last month I had a few blank trips. A long way to come back with no good memories! I went and checked the tides, the time I got fish it was on a day when the tides were getting bigger. And when we got nothing the tides were getting smaller, so

38 38


By Roger

I planned a trip on a rising tide day. It was stormy when I got out there, I even put a buoy on the anchor rope in case of a quick getaway. After I put out three rods with floats set at 90ft with a gap of 15 metres between floats and a bottom rod all baited with live fish, I started bottom fishing. I was not hopeful as the bottom bite went right off, then one rod arched over as the clicker screamed. A large queen fish broke the surface right in the middle of the floats. It quickly dove down taking line and I noticed one of the other lines going funny. So I held one rod and tried to reel in the other line. At this point the fish did a beautiful curving jump and threw the hook. Bugger, and to make things worse when I reeled it in the other line was not tangled at all. For the next couple hours nothing was doing, I noticed that a rod tip bent over and stopped so I reeled the float in and the bait was gone. I put another fish on, and let the other two float lines go further out and this new bait would be closest to the boat. That’s when the middle float rod bent over, I stopped and flicked the lever to put the spool in gear and grabbed the rod. The fish did not fight that hard and came meekly to the boat after ten minutes, the 3.5 kg queen fish had wrapped the fluorocarbon leader around it’s tail and I was able to reach over and grab the fish’s tail and lift him into the boat. The day started to look a lot better. After checking the wire trace, I baited up and let the other two floats go out as I let the new bait go down. Just about the time the stop knot hit the float the rod bent over, I still had the rod in my hand so I flipped the lever. This fish was pure joy, he ran at right angles to the boat away from the other rods. He jumped and dived taking line, jumped again, I got some line back on, jumped and took line. Finally he jumped not 2 metres away, straight up and did that body wiggle then crashed back, and soon he was in the net. A nice 5kg queen and I got to see all his jumps and feel the power of the fish in open water, pure joy. Have fun Roger.

Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016





SS was joined during the last round at Bira Circuit by the Caterham Motorsport Championship, a so far Sepang Circuit based series exclusively reserved for the historic Caterham Seven single seater racecars, which slotted into the overall programme as a ‘guest’ series. The Caterham Motorsport Championship is based on a similar series held in the UK, the original home of these cars, and first kicked off last year so this was its second season – and the trip to Bira Circuit was not just its first visit to Thailand but the first time the series had ventured outside of Malaysia. The cars are broken up into two classes with two very distinctively different powered versions of the Caterham Seven. The top class is contested by the ‘420R’ which features a 2.0-litre dry sump engine with 210 hp mated to a 6-speed Quaife-sourced sequential transmission and that means this lightweight ‘rocket’ is good for a top speed of 230 km/h and a 0-100 km/h time of 3.8 seconds. It also adds up an impressive 400 bhp/tonne and means the 420R can blitz its way round Sepang Circuit in a very handy 2 minutes and 22 seconds. The second string class is powered by a 1.6-litre engine coupled to a 5-speed manual gearbox; it has 140 hp on tap and can reach 205 km/h while making the dash from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. The Sevens are pretty well kitted out too with a plethora of track specification parts including a lightweight racing flywheel, side exit exhaust, limited slip differential, beefed up cooling system and quick release steering wheel while on the safety front there is an FIA homologated rollcage, race seat with 6-point harness, plumbed in fire extinguisher system and electrical cutout switches.


The championship’s first race outside of Malaysia didn’t fail to surprise and historic Bira’s short and narrow characteristics perfectly suited these small, lightweight and highly agile racecars. The drivers’ reported that they loved the different feel of the cars around Bira, most notably the kart-like handling while speeding around the Double Apex and through the S1 and S2 Chicanes. There was also some local TSS flavour thrown into the proceedings as B-Quik Racing’s Shaun Varney signed on in the Supersport class with the aim of racking up some extra track time as the Super Car GTM Porsche driver was in fact making his first visit to Bira Circuit. The New Zealander would make a big impact as he won both races in the Supersport class, his second victory coming at the last gasp following an audacious dive down the inside of his rival out of the double apex during the dying seconds of the race. In the 420R class both victories went to Tan Pye Sen, his second win coming after the first driver across the line, Arnaud Dupuis, was handed a post race time penalty.

Relentless drive to the title Winning Thailand Super Series’ Super 2000 title means you are a pretty special driver, the top table in Thailand’s hectic ‘touring car’ racing is reserved only for the best. It’s arguably the most fiercely competitive category nationally and the roll call of champions backs that up. At Bira Circuit Kittipol Pramoj Na Ayudhya added his name to that roll call – and he did it in real style, only rarely in Super

Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016


2000 has a champion been crowed during the penultimate round of the season. However this year Kittipol did it with the two races in Bangsaen next month – and where there is a maximum of 50 points on offer – still to spare. Kittipol turned up this year superbly prepared. His fitness levels were impeccable as he’s added a second string to his bow alongside racing by becoming the paddock’s pukka ‘marathon man’. Mentally he has Super 2000 worked out while in terms of his car, once again driving a Honda Civic FD, he chose to pursue absolute reliability over trying to squeeze extra horses out of it – when a championship is fought over just eight races even a single DNF can crush title aspirations. He didn’t put a foot wrong all season and the rest is history. At Bira Circuit he played a careful game focused around the needs of the classification, as he explained afterwards. “My strategy for the weekend was to collect as many points for the championship as possible which meant finishing the races, not really aiming for outright wins as that would have been difficult with a heavy car and a bumpy track that would punish you if you are too aggressive,” said Kittipol.

his. However in Sunday’s race he enjoyed another productive afternoon, finished runner up and the title was his. A perfect mix of speed, tactics and intelligent thinking combined with slightly conservative and reliable car has been the ticket to the title and clearly he’s delighted to have ‘got the job done’. “It's been a good year for me this year having secured two firsts, two seconds and two thirds – and more importantly finishing all the races so far,” he reckons. “That was the strategy that we aimed for – to finish the races while not aiming for outright wins. We sacrificed power for durability for the engine while we changed the gearbox to a sequential to prevent a miss-change but haven't quite got the gearing right for this lower powered engine. And of course, driving as conservatively as fast as possible – if that makes sense! It worked. And we have secured the championship! I’m very happy indeed.”

In the first race he avoided incidents and accidents to finish in third place which handily equated to the points for second as the race winner wasn’t registered to score any and with his only serious remaining rival, Toyota’s Manat Kulapalanont, retiring from the race it left Kittipol poised on the brink of securing the title. His rival’s chances were at the extreme end of any mathematically possibilities – but the title still wasn’t official




By Glenn Cowan


ormula 1 sees its final race of the season taking place on the 27 November at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.A tight race season has seen both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton fighting it out for the honours. As usual F1 never strays far from controversy, with either it’s owners or highly-rewarded drivers shying away from the spotlight.

While, as previously stated it seems like a foregone conclusion that a Mercedes driver will win the overall championship, future Formula One titles might well have a new name with the Australian Daniel Ricciardo definitely looking like destined for success in the very near future. It’s highly likely that the talented Aussie would do even better if he was able to make the switch to a slightly more competitive outfit.

Yas Marina Circuit

Designed by Hermann Tilke and getting its name from the location on Yas Island, the testing circuit brings the curtain down on a Mercedes AMG Petronas dominated season.The circuit was opened in 2009 at a cost of $1.3 Billion USD. Twenty-One twists and turns await the drivers as they hurtle along the 5.5 KM track, with crowds of close to 50,000 people watching in awe.The longest stretch of just over a kilometer (1140 metres to be precise) should provide drivers plenty of opportunity to overtake as they battle into turn 7 out of the 21 available. Also the marina based development includes a water park, residential areas, hotels and a theme park. If you ever needed a tiebreaker for a quiz, you will do well to remember that the circuit has been constructed with a permanent lighting system in place and currently holds the title as the largest permanent sports venue lighting project in the world! Don’t say these articles don’t provide real value!

2016 Season Highlights

To suggest that Mercedes have dominated the season could be a bit of an understatement. But with the German firm’s drivers occupying the podium in virtually all races it isn’t hard to understand their constructor supremacy. Rosberg scored maximum points in the first 4 races and it wasn’t until race 6 in Monaco that Hamilton was allowed to take the spoils. The Stevenage born driver got his own back on Nico winning 4 races on the turn, including his home GP on round 10. There hasn’t been much to separate these guys this season, even taking into account some of the technical issues that Hamilton has had to drive through.The only other winners of a GP (at the time of writing) have been the Red Bull Racing -



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016


Tag Heuer duo of Max Verstappen and the Aussie Daniel Ricciardo, such has been the nigh on total dominance of the Mercedes drivers.Pole position winners haven’t provided any more variation either, with only Hamilton, Ricciardo and Rosberg being able to start the races from the front of the grid ! Let's hope that the new 2017 offers a little more unpredictability, for the benefit of all race fans around the globe!

Snap Chatty Lewis!

Like him or not, Lewis Hamilton’s technical ability and skills as a professional driver are never in doubt. However, as with many top sportsmen he seems to suffer from an air of petulance, bordering on a sometimes childlike peevishness. . Winning margins don’t come much smaller than in the fastest sport on earth and Hamilton has shown his frustration when things don’t quite go his way. Questioning the reliability of his ride after the Sepang GP, a disconsolate Hamilton was demanding answers from the Mercedes camp.Suffering from reliability issues this season, the F1 team were unable to provide an explanation to Lewis. Sadly this left the driver suggesting that there were “greater powers” trying to prevent him from winning. To be fair, Hamilton has had more than his fair share of reliability issues to contend with this season. While it is near impossible to determine just how many points have been lost this term due to mechanical faults, there are some commentators who believe it could be as many as 40. Surely, those points (had they come his way) would have seen him comfortably claim a hat-trick of GP successes. Hamilton the showman has brought additional exposure to some of the press conferences of late. Spending almost the entire time “snap-chatting” on his phone, was picked up by the world's press. Something that many people external to Formula One had suggested was in poor judgement. A bit of humour, or Lewis throwing his teddies out of the pram? Probably the latter, but his skills as an expert Snap Chatter are in no doubt! Lewis may also have reduced the number of Christmas cards he needs to send out this year after exploits at the Mexican GP. It would seem that Daniel Ricciardo was left seething at both Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton gained a somewhat unfair advantage during the race. With another twist after the race, the Aussie was lifted two positions when time penalties were introduced to both Verstappen and Vettel. Who said F1 was getting boring!!!

Life After Ecclestone

It would have been hard to miss the big F1 news back at the start of September with Bernie Ecclestone rubber stamping the sale of his beloved sport to Liberty Media.The deal brokered by the diminutive supremo will see Liberty shell out a cool $8.5 Billion USD over two trances; however Ecclestone has engineered the opportunity to stay on as Chief Executive Officer of F1. That guy knows how to structure a deal! The Brit will still remain a key player in the world of F1, keeping his 14 percent share, 5 percent of which is owned in his own right and the remainder through his family trust Bambino. It is thought that day to day there won’t be too much initial change under the new regime; however, the new owners will be looking to grow it to a wider global tv audience. Could well be a case of the fat cats getting fatter - watch this space !



44 44


Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016

By Kevin Cain


Ocean Marina and the Pattaya Boat Show 2016


he Pattaya Boat Show 2016 will take place for a fifth year at Ocean Marina Yacht Club between 24th - 27th November. At the time of going to print there were over 50 exhibitors already confirmed, many of course from the world of marine and everything related to boats. Also, however, there are some distinguished exhibitors from the world of real estate, and other premier associated businesses. As well as a packed exhibition hall the show will highlight free yacht cruises, the Boat and Yacht Thailand Conference, trial kayak and paddle boat, a food and drink festival and a games station featuring a jetpack flying board.

For those readers who have never been to the Ocean Marina Yacht Club I can seriously recommend a visit. It is so simple to find, just off Sukhumvit Road in NaJomtien and throughout the year, Ocean Marina Yacht Club host many small and large scale events. From private receptions, music concerts, and yachting regattas to large expositions. There are also regular monthly sailing and cruising events organised to provide sailors with exciting competition. The extensive Marina also houses a variety of shops all related to sailing and related products, services and accessories. There are plenty of tenants who can supply technical aid for owners of boats and yachts should the need arise. Ocean Marina Yacht Club also has an onsite hotel that provides accommodation for either businessmen or the leisure traveller. The hotel has fifty rooms all with a nautical theme, a grand lobby, a restaurant & bar, meeting rooms and a fully equipped sports complex for the use of members and guests.If you are considering a more lengthy stay, more affordable bungalow type accommodation is also available. Ocean Marina actually own 5 yachts that are available for charter, ranging from a twenty six foot catamaran to the very elegant fifty three foot Fountain Pajot Marquises catamaran. There are also two power boats and a forty eight foot motor yacht. The islands off the coast of Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand, prove highly popular cruising destinations, and offer excellent scuba diving amongst the coral reefs and the odd shipwreck.Therefore if you are fortunate enough to take a charter, upon your arrival a golf cart will be waiting to escort you down to your boat. Catering can also be supplied, from an exotic meal on board to a simple picnic that you can devour on a secluded tropical beach. For both sailing and non sailing enthusiasts, those visiting The 5th Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show will have plenty to see and do. Then afterwards perhaps a visit to the magnificent hotel for a drink or dinner at one of its restaurants or bars. .





Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016

By Dave Thrifty


Does your bank think

you’re a “Muppet?”

(Greg Smith resigned as Goldman Sachs executive director and head of the firm’s US equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This is an edited version of an article he wrote for the New York Times on his last day.) “Today is my last day at Goldman Sachs. After almost 12 years at the firm I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its identity. And I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.To put the problem in the simplest terms, the interests of the client continue to be sidelined in the way the firm operates and thinks about making money. The firm has veered so far from the place I joined right out of college that I can no longer in good conscience say that I identify with what it stands for.The culture was the secret sauce that made this place great and allowed us to earn our clients’ trust for 143 years. I am sad to say that I look around today and see virtually no trace of the culture that made me love working for this firm for many years. I no longer have the pride, or the belief. When the history books are written about Goldman Sachs, they may reflect that the current chief executive officer, Lloyd Blankfein, and the president, Gary Cohn, lost hold of the firm’s culture on their watch. I truly believe that this decline in the firm’s moral fiber represents the single most serious threat to its long-run survival.I have always taken a lot of pride in advising

48 48


my clients to do what I believe is right for them, even if it means less money for the firm. How did we get here? The firm changed the way it thought about leadership. Leadership used to be about ideas, setting an example and doing the right thing. Today, if you make enough money for the firm (and are not an axe murderer) you will be promoted into a position of influence. What are three quick ways to become a leader? 1. Execute on the firm’s “axes”, which is Goldman-speak for persuading your clients to invest in the stocks or other products that we are trying to get rid of because they are not seen as having a lot of potential profit. 2. “Hunt Elephants”: get your clients – some of whom are sophisticated, and some of whom aren’t – to trade whatever will bring the biggest profit to Goldman. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like selling my clients a product that is wrong for them. 3. Find yourself in a seat where your job is to trade any illiquid, opaque product with a three-letter acronym.

Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016


It makes me ill to hear how callously people talk about ripping their clients off. Over the last 12 months, I have seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as “muppets” . It astounds me how little senior management gets a basic truth: if clients don’t trust you, they will eventually stop doing business with you. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. Goldman Sachs today has become too much about shortcuts and not enough about achievement. It just doesn’t feel right to me anymore. I hope this can be a wake-up call to the board of directors. Make the client the focal point of your business again. Without clients, you will not make money. In fact, you will not exist. Weed out the morally bankrupt people, no matter how much money they make for the firm. And get the culture right again, so people want to work here for the right reasons. People who care only about making money will not sustain this firm – or the trust of its clients – for very much longer.” This is a heavy handed edit of the original but I think it important to give an overview of what the largest investment bank in the world thinks about its clients. Since that article he has written a book “Why I left Goldman Sachs” It’s worth a read.

Does your broker consider you a Muppet?





Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016

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Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016

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Teaching Thai Language For Foreigner

Scarce Japanese Yen Meiji Year 3 (1870) Dragon One Yen Silver Coin Type 1

My lessons are customized for each individual student. You do not need to follow any already-made lesson plan. Your class will be unique, not like any other students’. You can design your own lessons, choose your own learning materials and your own pace of study, together with me. Everything is very flexible, so I make sure that your lessons really help you reach your goals and work the best for you.     350 THB Email:







Finished the crossword? And the Sudoku? And the quiz?

Why not play

the Pattaya Trader Game? Grab a partner, a rope and your copy of the Trader and go to YouTube to find out how to throw the best party in town!

Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016







1. Afternoon nap in Spain (6) 4. Wide street (6) 9. Coherent (7) 10. Speak (5) 11. Playing card (3) 12. Exactly the same (9) 13. Not as strict (6) 15. Armed thief (6) 19. Set up or found (9) 21. Australian flightless bird (3) 22. Stories (5) 23. Chosen by vote (7) 24. Fervid (6) 25. Basement (6)

1. Consigns (8) 4. Upkeep (4) 8. Majestic (5) 10. Young swans (7) 11. Svelte (7) 12. Short letter (4) 14. Musical interval of eight tones (6) 16. Plant fibre (6) 19. Long narrative poem (4) 21. Kind of nonfictional prose (7) 24. Nonattendance (7) 25. Sound (5) 26. Large woody plant (4) 27. Mental state induced by suggestion (8)

Banglamung Police Station Sukhumvit Rd, Banglamung Tel: 038 222 100 Banglamung Post Office Tel: 038 428 225

Sukhumvit Rd, Banglamung Tel: 038 221 000 Pattaya City Helpline Tel: 1337

Pattaya City Hall Chonburi Immigration Office North Pattaya Road Soi 5, Jomtien Beach Road Tel: 038 253 100 Jomtien Post Office Soi 5, Jomtien Beach Road (to 4.30pm Mon-Fri) Tel: 038 231 944 Naklua Fire Brigade

Pattaya City Hospital Soi Buakhow Tel: 038 420 562 Pattaya Electricity Banglamung office

Tel: 038 221 007 Hotline: 1129 (for electricity failures) Pattaya Fire Brigade Third Road, South Pattaya Tel: 038 424 678

1. Save from destruction (7) 2. Bird of prey (5) 3. Haptic (7) 5. Strongroom (5) 6. Observed (7) 7. Join up (5) 8. Hints (5) 14. Resolved (7) 16. Sports contestant (7) 17. Booming noise (7) 18. More judicious (5) 19. Additional (5) 20. Large shaggy bovid (5) 21. Exalt (5)

1. Ridicule (8) 2. Still legally acceptable (5) 3. An extreme attainment (6) 5. Alarm (5) 6. Facilitate (4) 7. Order of business (6) 9. Outstanding (5) 13. Famished (8) 15. Empty (6) 17. Confronted (5) 18. Seldom (6) 20. Ski run (5) 22. Public transport (5) 23. Immense (4)

Tel: 038 429 325 Pattaya Post Office Sukhumvit Rd (nr Na Jomtien) Tel: 038 429 341

Pattaya Health Department Tel: 038 429 374

Pattaya Tourist Police Pratamnak Road, nr Fitness Park Tel: 1155 Tel: 038 429 371

Pattaya Memorial Hospital Tel: 038 429 422

Pattaya Water Works Tel: 038 222 462

Pattaya City Police Station cnr Beach Rd & Soi 9

Sawang Boriboon Rescue Service Hotline: 1669



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016



oday, Thailand has 20 constitutions and charters since the change from absolute monarchy in 1932.Up to the 24th of June 1932, the Kingdom had an absolute monarchy, when a bloodless revolution took place by a group of young intellectuals seeking democracy. The group was named the People's Party and was led by Luan Pradit Manudharm.The monarch at the time, King Rama VII agreed with the revolutionaries' demands and handed over the first constitution of Thailand although the King was still to be regarded as the head of state,head of the armed forces and the upholder of all religions. The power of the King emanates from the Thai people, even after the revolution,took place the monarch continued to be held in great admiration to their monarch. His position is protected by the constitution, being regarded by his people as a symbol and character of stability for the country as a whole.The constitution in Thailand acts like it does in any other democracy, it provides the basis for the rule of law for the Kingdom. Before 1932 the Rattanakosin Kingdom and the four previous kingdoms, collectively known as Siam, had an uncodified constitution. In 1908, King Rama V actually stated that “In ancient times the monarchs of the Siamese nation governed their people with laws which were originally derived from the Dhamasustra of Manu, which was then the prevailing law among the inhabitants of India and the neighbouring countries�.What King Rama V was inferring, long before the bloodless revolution, was that the Kingdom was governed by ancient laws of another people. He was preparing the way for some new sort of law, one that would be more aligned to the modern country he now ruled over.

By Kevin Cain

interpretation of the constitution by different factions. Arguments and discussions can arise due to different understandings of the usages and customs and how the constitution should be implemented.Some people would regard this as absolute democracy and it is the foundation of many of the laws around the world. It could be said that Thailand has the best of both worlds, with a constitution and a strong monarchy. Infact as the introduction of democracy to Thailand was by the Monarchy itself, the 10th of December is more of a celebration of the granting to the people by the Monarchy, the right to have a constitution. In Thailand's case democracy was given and not taken, hence the harmony between the Monarchy and the people. Although this year the celebrations may be slightly muted, for understandable reasons. Most of the ceremonies will take place around the great monuments and the premier government buildings. Usually in Bangkok this would be at the Democracy Monument and at the Royal Palace, although confirmation has yet to be given about this.

However, democracy is not all plain sailing, the difficulties of democracies and constitutions all come down to the



Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016


he daily excursion from Pattaya to Bankok and back is becoming more and more popular as the demand is getting greater.There is growing commerce between the two great cities in business as well as tourism and as many Thai residents are buying a new or second homes in Pattaya it is increasingly popular to travel between the capital and the seaside resort. Development and upgrading of the motorway network, namely Highway 7 has been a boon to road transport. However, commuters should be aware that using this route is soon to get more expensive as a new toll has been constructed a few kilometers from Pattaya.


So what options are open to the traveler should he wish to travel from Pattaya to Bangkok? Most westerners would automatically think of the train but do not expect Thai train services to match that of Europe or the Americas. Even though it is the cheapest option the fare being just 31 baht, the daily





Issue 193 | NOVEMBER 2016

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