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FRIDAY MARCH 15 - MARCH 21, 2019

Royal Emblem for Coronation ceremonies unveiled

Election Commission puts polling place at Redemptorist college Story on page 3

The government has unveiled a Royal Emblem for the Coronation ceremonies for His Majesty King Rama X. Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam gave a recent press conference to unveil the Royal Emblem to be used for the auspicious Coronation of His Majesty King Rama Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun. The government is inviting public agencies, private firms, and the general public to set up worshiping altars and a portrait of His Majesty the King, along with the Royal Emblem at offices and houses to show respect to the monarch. The Royal Emblem can be used for the promotion of the Coronation ceremonies, such as in publications, on the national flags, on arches, signs, altars, and at public venues, houses, and government offices, from April until 4 May 2019. The Royal Emblem can be perman e n t l y p l a c e d t o pay respect to His Majesty the King at buildings specifically built to mark

the auspicious occasion, or incorporated on items such as shirts and hats. The Royal Emblem is prohibited from being placed on breakable items such as glasses, bottles, dishes, utensils, vases, and pitchers, as

well as bracelets, pendants, and boxes, except for those related to the Coronation ceremonies. Government agencies, private organizations and associations who wish to place the Royal Emblem at their

offices should send an official request to the Office of the Prime Minister’s Permanent Secretary at Government House, Dusit, Bangkok, 10300, tel. 0 2283 4228-9, fax. 0 2283 4248-9 during 13 March - 4 May 2019. Regulations related to such requests can be found on His Majesty the King has granted permission for the making of commemorative brooches to mark the auspicious occasion of the Coronation ceremonies, which will be organized by the Prime Minister’s Office and sold to the general public. Proceeds will be submitted for His Majesty’s charitable activity. The Prime Minister’s Office is designing yellow polo shirts to commemorate the Coronation ceremonies, which are to be offered for sale along with the commemorative brooches in early April. A pre-sales event will be held on 31 March 2019 for the first 20,000 sets of shirts and brooches at the Public Relations Department’s auditorium in Bangkok.

2 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019


Chalermprakiat 8 made bumpy to slow speeders


Central Pattaya residents challenge Big C building permit

Jetsada Homklin

Pattaya installed speed bumps on Soi Chalermprakiat 8 to stop people from speeding down the residential street.

Pattaya installed speed bumps on Soi Chalermprakiat 8 to stop people from speeding down the residential street. Jirawat Plukjai, president of Chumsai Community, had requested that city hall have workers turn the smooth pavement into a “washboard” in two spots that force both cars and motorcycles to slow down. He said many locals residents and children walk along the road and speeders were putting them in danger after school.

Public health workers hit Nirun Condo after dengue report Jetsada Homklin Pattaya public-health officers sprayed pesticide and educated Nirun Condo residents after a case of dengue fever was reported there. Technical officer Tapanee Srita along with Disease Control Department and public-health volunteers fumigated the condominium’s property and dropped abate into standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Officers distributed pamphlets and talked with residents about the perils of dengue and what can be done to prevent it, such as eliminating the watery breeding rounds where mosquitoes multiply.

Jirawat Plukjai, president of the Chumsai Community, and local residents are challenging a permit issued to retail giant Big C to demolish a sidewalk and uproot trees for a new minimart on Third Road.

Jetsada Homklin Central Pattaya residents are challenging a permit issued to retail giant Big C to demolish a sidewalk and uproot trees for a new minimart on Third Road. Jirawat Plukjai, president of the Chumsai Community, said March 8 that the permit presented by Big C Super

Pattaya public-health officers sprayed pesticide and educated Nirun Condo residents after a case of dengue fever was reported there.

Health officers also advised people of the symptoms of dengue – chronic fever, nausea, red spots,

bleeding and joint pain – and advised anyone experiencing such ailments to seek medical care immediately.

Center Public Co.’s Pattaya construction chief was “unclear” in some regards regarding its approval and asked Pattaya City Hall to again review the permit. The challenge came after Big C began work demolishing a footpath and cutting down trees for a new Big C Mini shop on Third Road at Soi Chalermprakiat 16 without a permit.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawat halted work on the project to clear an entrance for a parking lot, until the proper paperwork was obtained, which it was quickly. Jirawat complained that the work removed shade trees that residents liked and created commuting problems due to the demolished footpath.

Nong Plalai offers health advice for local elderly

Beach, Central roads closures continue through Wed. The partial closures of Central and Beach Road will continue through March 20 as the Provincial Electricity Authority continues its work to bury overhead power and communications wires. PEA crews have been sinking 22-kilovolt distribution systems and underground cabling since March 11 on Beach Road between Central Road and Central Festival Pattaya Beach. Half of Central Road from Sukhumvit Road to Beach Road also has been closed during weekdays, with the other side open to two-way traffic, cutting the arteries

vehicle capacity in half. The closures will continue through Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Signs and detours already are in place. PEA construction chief Thanu Surachaiwit said testing on the new underground power system began March 11 and the utility will test it for two months. If everything works as planned, all aboveground power poles will be removed, although those needed to support cable-television, telephone and internet services will remain, he said. (PCPR)

Nong Plalai’s oldest residents were advised how to protect their health and finances at a sub district-organized workshop for the elderly.

Warapun Jaikusol Nong Plalai’s oldest residents were advised how to protect their health and finances at a sub district-organized workshop for the elderly. Deputy Mayor Lae Boonsang opened the March 8 talk for 80 Nong Plalai residents 80 or more years old. The seminar is part of Nong Plalai’s Elderly in the Community project launched to address the growing numbers

of older people in society. Staffers from the Ban Banglamung Social Welfare Development Center brought in lecturers from the Ban Rong Po and Nong Huarad health-promotion hospitals to teach the seniors how to protect themselves and their health. The sub-district’s program aims to address five areas in which senior citizens may be challenged: health, society, economy, environment and technology.

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FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 3

SRT continues public hearings on new rail links on the routes and options for rail grade crossings. Four different designs are being considered for places where tracks cross streets, including train bridges, vehicle bridges, underpasses and U-turn bridges. Pedestrian and motorbike overpasses also are being planned.

Warapun Jaikusol The State Railway of Thailand continued public hearings for its project that will see new rail lines connecting the Maptaput industrial zone with Bangkok. Chonburi Province Office Director Supot Phumkiatkajon opened the March 8 meeting at the Asia Pattaya Hotel, the second in a series of six scheduled through the week. The final hearing was in Chonburi March 13. The hearing addressed the project’s feasibility study project, which began in October and runs through September. It assesses the appropriateness, design and environmental impact of the passenger line linking Bangkok’s Airport Rail Link station in Hua Mark to Chachoengsao and Sriracha,

Chonburi Province Office Director Supot Phumkiatkajon (center) presides over a March 8 State Railway of Thailand public hearing to discuss new rail lines connecting the Maptaput industrial zone with Bangkok.

and double-track freight rail between Laem Chabang Port, Sattahip Commercial Port and the Maptaput Industrial Estate. The logistics upgrade is

part of the government’s Eastern Economic Corridor project and lays the foundation for later rail links with Myanmar. Representatives from public

organizations, local academic institutes, state enterprises, local administration organizations, private businesses and community groups heard a presentation

Election Commission puts polling place at Redemptorist college educated students – most of whom had never voted before since Thailand’s last election was in 2014 – on the dos and don’ts of casting ballots without giving any information or preference to candidates on the ballot.

Warapun Jaikusol Students at Redemptorist Technological College won’t have to go far to cast early votes in Thailand’s general election after Chonburi’s Election Commission put a polling station on campus. Baworn Moonsaku, the EC’s director of Chonburi Constituency 6, set up the voting station March 7 ahead of the March 17 vote for those casting ballots away from their home province. He said about 45,000 Pattaya residents registered for early voting, requiring the EC to open polling stations at Banglamung School and Pattaya School No. 2, as well as senior citizens homes and the disabled-students school.

Baworn Moonsaku, the EC’s director of Chonburi Constituency 6, set up a polling station at Redemptorist Technological College and educated students – most of whom had never voted before since Thailand’s last election was in 2014 – on the dos and don’ts of casting ballots.

The Redemptorist polling booth allows disabled voters to cast ballots easily

without traveling far to ballot boxes Baworn said. While there, the EC staffers

Chonburi giving seniors election refresher Warapun Jaikusol With voting in Thailand’s general election set for the next two Sundays, Chonburi’s Election Commission gave senior citizens a refresher lesson in casting their first ballots in five years. Commission staffers informed the seniors who was on the ballot for parliament March 6 at the Banglamung Social Welfare Development Center, taking no sides, but offering factual information on where to vote March 17 and the steps to properly mark ballots. Polling booths at the senior centers are equipped for the elderly, with magnifying glasses and additional lighting.

With voting in Thailand’s general election set for the next two Sundays, Chonburi’s Election Commission gave senior citizens a refresher lesson in casting their first ballots in five years.

The numbers of seniors eligible for voting in the preelection totaled 31 people

inside the constituency and 91 people for vote-casting outside the constituency.

During construction the SRT plans to install temporary noise barriers and will hose down construction zones twice daily to mitigate air pollution from dust. Opinions collected in the hearings will be forwarded to the Transport Ministry for consideration while drafting the final feasibility study.

4 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



Thai court disbands Thai Raksa Chart Party

Leader of Thai Raksa Chart party Preechapol Pongpanich, center, leaves the Constitutional Court in Bangkok, Thursday, March 7. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

China cancels plan to blow up Mekong River Bangkok - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says China no longer intends to blast rocky islets in the Mekong River after Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos raised concerns about possible after-effects. Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai said that China had agreed to drop its plan to blow up outcrops and islets in the Mekong River to clear the way for large vessels, after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who paid a visit to Thailand last month, was informed of the three nations’ concerns about the potential negative effects of the blasting. According to Don, his Chinese counterpart accepted

those concerns with understanding and was told that explosions would affect the ecosystem, wildlife species in the area, and people’s livelihoods. Don pointed out that blowing up the waterway could potentially change the course of the river which flows towards the South China Sea and passes five countries of Southeast Asia. The Mekong is a transboundary river in Southeast Asia. It is the world’s twelfth longest river and the seventh longest in Asia. From the Tibetan Plateau, the river runs through China’s Yunnan Province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. (NNT)

Bangkok (AP) — Thailand’s Constitutional Court has ordered the dissolution of a major political party ahead of this month’s general election because it nominated a member of the royal family to be its candidate for prime minister. The Thai Raksa Chart Party on Feb. 8 nominated Princess Ubolratana Mahidol as

Thai Raksa Chart leader Pre e c h a p o l P o n g p a n i t avowed his group’s loyalty to the King and the monarchy following last Thursday’s ruling. “I and the party’s executives have the utmost regret over the party’s dissolution, which affects the fundamental political rights and freedom of the party members and the people,” he said.

Thanking their supporters, he added that “For me and the party executives, no matter what our status is, we will act for the benefit of the country.” Thai Raksa Chart is aligned with former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and its dissolution is expected to hinder efforts by parties loyal to Thaksin to form the next government.

Deputy PM Prawit visits southern communities following bomb attacks Bangkok - Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, and his entourage on Monday (March 11) visited southern Thailand to give moral support to civilians and officers, following a series of insurgent attacks in Satun and Phatthalung provinces last week. The Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Lt. Gen. Kongcheep Tantravanich, said Gen. Prawit and his entourage inspected an area damaged by a bomb attack in Phatthalung and gave moral support to a group of students and teachers af-

5 arrested for dealing meth Boonlua Chatree

Pattaya police announced the arrest of five men on charges of selling methamphetamines.

its candidate for the March 24 polls. However, her brother His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn later that day issued a royal order calling the nomination highly inappropriate and unconstitutional. The court’s ruling last week, March 7, also banned members of the party’s executive board from political activity for 10 years.

Pattaya police announced the arrest of five men on charges of selling methamphetamines. Nattapong Noylamai, 37, Saisamphan Sakaew, 26, Amhae, 36, Adulyasak Muhamattahead, 40, Akapol Sarttaruji, 41, were taken into custody with 295 grams of crystal meth and 2,568 ya ba tablets. Police did not release details on when, where or how they were caught.

fected by the incident. The Defense Minister and the team of high-ranking officials then traveled to Satun to observe the damage caused by the insurgents and meet local people. During the visit, Gen. Prawit said he would like to thank the officers from all units for working together and doing their best to ensure the safety of the general public, as the situation has steadily improved. According to investigators, the bombings could be related to the insurgency in the three southern border provinces of Narathiwat,

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan visited communities in Phatthalung and Satun on Monday, March 11.

Pattani, and Yala. The attacks came after authorities had carried out operations

to crack down on drug trafficking and other illegal activities in the region. (NNT)

Foreigner found hanging from Pratamnak Hill tree Boonlua Chatree The body of a foreign man was found hanging from a tree on Pratamnak Hill. Authorities were called to a wooded area off Pratamnak Soi 6 around 8 p.m. March 4. There the body of a mid-30s man around 185 centimeters tall was found hanging from a three-meter-long nylon rope tied to a tree branch. He had been dead about two days. The remains displayed no other sign of injury or assault.

Police inspect an area where the body of a foreign man was found hanging from a tree on Pratamnak Hill.

Police are checking missing persons reports and other

sources to determine the man’s identity.

Naked Thai man trashes Pattaya hotel room, injures 3 cops Teerarak Suthathiwong A naked Thai man wanted for a 2005 attempted murder injured three police officers while destroying his Pattaya hotel room. Songkarm Saksri, 42, was finally subdued and arrested March 7 at the Mike Orchid Resort on Second Road after he trashed his room and locked himself in a bathroom. Ten police broke through the door, but the large, tall Rachburi native fought back, smashing officers with a wooden bar and throwing broken glass. Pol. Cpl. Athorn Wongsing

suffered a cut to the head and two other officers also needed first aid. Songkarm, wearing not a stitch of clothing, attempted to escape while still wielding the wooden club. But when he got cornered in a dead end he used a cart to break a window and jumped to a lower floor, incapacitating himself. Police have no motive for Songkarm’s outburst. Hotel staffers said they saw him calmly head to a restroom and, the next thing they knew, he was going mad. Songkarm tested positive for methamphetamine use

Pattaya Police attempt to subdue Songkarm Saksri at the Mike Orchid Resort on Second Road after he trashed his room and locked himself in a hotel bathroom.

and was named in a 2005 arrest warrant for attempted murder. He was charged

initially with illegal drug use pending further investigation.



Endangered turtle freed from fishing net

FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 5

Red Cross comes to aid of abused disabled infant

Patcharapol Panrak An endangered green turtle stuck in fishing boat was rescued and set free again by the navy. Rear Adm. Apakorn Youkongkaew, commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command, ordered forces to assist a 10year-old turtle, which had become entangled in the net from a sunken fishing boat in Samae San. Saved by beachgoers, the turtle was cut Saved by beachgoers, an endangered free by sailors and the turtle emerged ungreen turtle was cut free by sailors. It was injured. It was then set loose to go back into the sea. then set loose to go back into the sea.

Nongprue club celebrates International Women’s Day

The Banglamung Red Cross delivered diapers, food and other necessities to a Pattaya woman caring for her infant grandson, who was disabled by an attack from a nanny last year.

Jetsada Homklin

The Nongprue Women’s Development Group, led by chairwoman Jamnien Chaiyanit (2nd right), celebrated International Women’s Day with a meritmaking ceremony.

Warapun Jaikusol The Nongprue Women’s Development Group celebrated International Women’s Day with a merit-making ceremony. President Jamnien Chaiyanit hosted the event March 6, two days ahead of the official IWD, giving alms and dried food to nine monks from Sutthawat Temple that

will make its way to bedridden and poor sub-district residents. Jamnien said the club always recognizes International Women’s Day to celebrate female success in economics, politics and society. The Socialist Party ofAmerica organized the Women’s Day on Feb. 28, 1909 in New York and, a year later, the International

Socialist Woman’s Conference suggested it be held annually. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations. While today it remains a public holiday or day of protest in some countries, it is largely ignored elsewhere.

Thousands enjoy Sutthawat Temple Fair

Thousands of Buddhists and other Pattaya-area residents made merit and enjoyed food and games at Wat Sutthawat’s annual temple fair.

annually, but this year’s March 1-8 celebration aimed to raise funds to build a new buildThousands of Buddhists and other Pattaya- ing at the temple’s kindergarten, as well as area residents made merit and enjoyed food and office space for the Office of the Sangha. games at Wat Sutthawat’s annual temple fair. The fair included entertainment, games and lots The Luang Pho To Gilding festival is held of booths offering food, clothing and souvenirs. Jetsada Homklin

The Banglamung Red Cross delivered diapers, food and other necessities to a Pattaya woman caring for her infant grandson, who was disabled by an attack from a nanny last year. Imjai Buranacharoenkit and other Red Cross officials delivered the milk, small mattress and some cash to Rachinda Ruscell March 4. She has been caring for year-old Thanakrit Maneesai since his mother abandoned

him following the debilitating abuse in November at a Pattaya-area daycare center. According to a medical report at the time, the child was beaten to the body and head, burned with cigarettes and cut. The child developed critical brain swelling that has left him both mentally and physically disabled. He consumes only a liquid diet, suffers frequent fevers and is in need of further surgery to reduce cranial pressure. Rachinda has done what

she can to care for the child, but has had to quit her job and is now four months behind on rent. Neighbors have contributed to care of the child, but it is not enough. Anyone wanting to donate large-size diapers, BlenderaMF dietary supplement, S26 Progress milk formula 3 or any other supplies or cash can do so by calling Rachinda at 089-438-280 or donating at Ban Euarthorn Naklua, Building 23, Room No. 104/21.

6 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



Flight recorders found in Ethiopian jetliner crash

This photo taken Monday, Feb. 11, 2019 shows an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 parked at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Sunday’s crash was strikingly similar to that of a Lion Air jet of the same Boeing model in Indonesian seas last year, killing 189 people. The crash was likely to renew questions about the 737 Max 8, the newest version of Boeing’s popular single-aisle airliner, which was first introduced in 1967 and has become the world’s most common passenger jet. Safety experts cautioned against drawing too many comparisons between the two crashes until more is

Elias Meseret Yidnek Kirubel Ejere, Ethiopia (AP) - Authorities in Ethiopia, China and Indonesia grounded all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft Monday following the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jetliner that killed 157 people, and investigators found the flight recorders from the field where the plane went down. The new plane crashed shortly after takeoff in clear weather outside Addis Ababa on Sunday, and the airline decided to ground its remaining four 737 Max 8s until further notice as “an extra safety precaution,” spokesman Asrat Begashaw said. Ethiopian Airlines had been using five of the planes and awaiting delivery of 25 more. As Ethiopia observed a day of mourning, Red Cross workers slowly picked through the widely scattered debris near the blackened crash crater, looking for the remains of those aboard, while heavy machinery dug for larger pieces of the plane. The plane’s flight data and cockpit voice recorders were found, Ethiopian Airlines

Members of the Ethiopian community take part in a special prayer for the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crash, at the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Canada Saint Mary Cathedral in Toronto, on Sunday, March 10, 2019. (Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press via AP)

known about the disaster. Besides the groundings in China and Indonesia, Caribbean carrier Cayman Airways temporarily grounded their Max 8s. People from 35 countries died in the crash six minutes after the plane took off from Ethiopia’s capital for Nairobi. Ethiopian Airlines said the senior pilot issued a distress call and was told to return but all contact was lost shortly afterward. The plane plowed into the ground at Hejere near Bishoftu, scattering debris like a shredded book, a battered passport and business cards in multiple languages. “I heard this big noise,” resident Tsegaye Reta told the AP. “The villagers said that it was a plane crash, and we rushed to the site. There was a huge smoke that we couldn’t even see the plane. The parts of the plane were falling apart.” Kenya lost 32 people, more than any country. Relatives of 25 of the victims had been contacted, Macharia said, and taking care of their welfare was of utmost importance.

said. An airline official, however, said one of the recorders was partially damaged and “we will see what we can retrieve from it.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity for lack of authorization to speak to the media. Ethiopian authorities are leading the investigation into the crash, assisted by the U.S., Kenya and others. “These kinds of things take time,” Kenya’s Transport Minister James Macharia told reporters. (Above) Rescuers work at the scene of an Ethiopian Airlines flight crash near Bishoftu, or Debre Zeit, south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Monday, March 11, 2019. (AP Photo/ Mulugeta Ayene)

Wreckage is piled at the crash scene. (AP Photo/Mulugeta Ayene)

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“Some of them, as you know, they are very distressed,” he said. “They are in shock like we are. They are grieving.” In Addis Ababa, members of an association of Ethiopian airline pilots cried uncontrollably for their dead colleagues. Framed photos of seven crew members sat in chairs at the front of a crowded room. Canada, Ethiopia, the U.S., China, Italy, France, Britain, Egypt, Germany, India and Slovakia all lost four or more citizens. Leaders of the United Nations, the U.N. refugee agency and the World Food Program said colleagues had been on the plane. The U.N. migration agency estimated that 19 U.N.-affiliated employees were killed. BothAddisAbaba and Nairobi are major hubs for humanitarian workers, and some had been on their way to a large U.N. environmental conference set to begin Monday in

Wreckage lies at the scene of an Ethiopian Airlines crash. (AP Photo)

Rescuers work at the scene of an Ethiopian Airlines flight crash. A spokesman says Ethiopian Airlines has grounded all its Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft as a safety precaution, following the crash of one of its planes in which 157 people were killed. (AP Photo/ Mulugeta Ayene)

Nairobi. The U.N. flag at the event flew at half-staff. The crash shattered more than two years of relative calm in African skies, where travel had long been chaotic. It also was a serious blow to the Ethiopian Airlines, which has expanded to become the continent’s largest and bestmanaged carrier and turned Addis Ababa into the gateway to Africa. The state-owned carrier has a good reputation and the company’s CEO told reporters no problems were seen before Sunday’s fight. But investigators also will look into the plane’s maintenance, which may have been an issue in the Lion Air crash. The plane was delivered to Ethiopian Airlines in November. The jet’s last maintenance was on Feb. 4, and it had flown just 1,200 hours. China’s Civil Aviation Administration said that it ordered airlines to ground all 737 Max 8 aircraft as of 6 p.m. (1000 GMT) Monday, in line with the principle of “zero tolerance for security risks.” It said it would issue further notices after consulting with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing.

China Southern Airlines is one of Boeing’s biggest customers for the aircraft. Chicago-based Boeing said it did not intend to issue any new guidance to its customers. It plans to send a technical team to the crash site to help Ethiopian and U.S. investigators, however, and issued a statement saying it was “deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the passengers and crew” on the Ethiopian Airlines Max airplane. The 737 is the best-selling airliner in history, and the Max, the newest version of it with more fuel-efficient engines, is a central part of Boeing’s strategy to compete with European rival Airbus. “Safety is our No. 1 priority and we are taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this accident, working closely with the investigating team and all regulatory authorities involved,” the company said in a statement. Meseret reported from Addis Ababa. Associated Press writer Niniek Karmini in Jakarta, Indonesia, and AP Airlines Writer David Koenig in Dallas, Texas, contributed.

Airplane parts lie on the ground at the scene of an Ethiopian Airlines flight crash. (AP Photo/Mulugeta Ayene)



FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 7

Year in space put US astronaut’s disease defenses on alert Lauran Neergaard & Seth Borenstein Washington (AP) - Nearly a year in space put astronaut Scott Kelly’s immune system on high alert and changed the activity of some of his genes compared to his Earthbound identical twin, researchers said Friday. Scientists don’t know if the changes were good or bad but results from a unique NASA twins study are raising new questions for doctors as the space agency aims to send people to Mars. Tests of the genetic doubles gave scientists a never-before opportunity to track details of human biology, such as how an astronaut’s genes turn on and off in space differently than at home. One puzzling change announced Friday at a science conference: Kelly’s immune system was hyperactivated. “It’s as if the body is reacting to this alien environment sort of like you would a mysterious organism being inside you,” said geneticist Christopher Mason of New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine, who helped lead the study. He said doctors are now looking for that in other astronauts.

Since the beginning of space exploration, NASA has studied the toll on astronauts’ bodies, such as bone loss that requires exercise to counter. Typically they’re in space about six months at a time. Kelly, who lived on the International Space Station, spent 340 days in space and set a U.S. record. “I’ve never felt completely normal in space,” the nowretired Kelly said in an email to The Associated Press, citing the usual congestion from shifting fluid, headaches and difficulty concentrating from extra carbon dioxide, and digestive complaints from microgravity. But this study was a unique dive into the molecular level, with former astronaut Mark Kelly, Scott’s twin, on the ground for comparison. Full results haven’t yet been published, but researchers presented some findings Friday at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. A number of genes connected to the immune system became hyperactive, Mason said. It’s not a change in DNA but in what’s called “gene expression,” how genes turn off and on and increase or decrease their

In this March 26, 2015 file photo, U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly, right, crew member of the mission to the International Space Station, stands behind glass in a quarantine room, behind his brother, Mark Kelly, also an astronaut. Nearly a year in space put Scott Kelly’s immune system on high alert and changed the activity of some of his genes compared to his Earth-bound identical twin, according to a report released on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/ Dmitry Lovetsky)

production of proteins. Mason also spotted a spike in the bloodstream of another marker that primes the immune system. Yet at the same time, Kelly’s blood showed fewer of another cell type that’s an early defense against viruses. It’s not a surprise that gene activity would change in space - it changes in response to all kinds of stress. “You can see the body adapting to the change in its

Mars lander starts digging on red planet, hits snags NASA’s newest Mars lander has started digging into the red planet, but hit a few snags, scientists said Friday. The German drilling instrument on the InSight lander struck what appeared to be a couple of stones. It only managed to burrow between half a foot (18 centimeters) and about 1 ½ feet (50 centimeters), far short of the first dig’s goal, said the German Aerospace Center. The hammering device in the “mole” was developed by the Astronika engineering company in Poland. “This is not very good news for me because although the hammer is proving itself ... the Mars environment is not very favorable to us,” said the company’s chief engineer, Jerzy Grygorczuk. Over time, the team is shooting for a depth of up to 16 feet (5 meters), which would set an otherworldly record. The lander is digging deep to measure the planet’s internal temperature. InSight landed on Mars last November. Flight controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California sent commands to the lander Thursday to begin digging. It’ll rest for a bit

This photo provided by NASA/JPL-Caltech shows an image acquired by NASA’s InSight Mars lander using its robotic arm-mounted, Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC). The image was acquired on March 1, 2019, Sol 92 where the local mean solar time for the image exposures was 16:53:31.055 PM. (NASA/JPL-Caltech via AP)

before burrowing again. The spacecraft already has a seismometer on the surface, listening for potential

quakes. The lander is stationary, but has a robot arm to maneuver these two main experiments. (AP)

environment,” Mason said. The good news: Most everything returned to normal shortly after Kelly got back on Earth in March 2016. Those immune-related genes, however, “seemed to have this memory or this need to almost be on high alert” even six months later, Mason said. “On the whole it’s encouraging,” said Craig Kundrot,

who heads space life and science research for NASA. “There are no major new warning signs. We are seeing changes that we didn’t necessarily anticipate” but don’t know if those changes matter. From four Russians living in space for more than a year, NASA already knew prolonged time off Earth is possible, Kundrot said, adding, “We also aim for more than just possible. We want our astronauts to do more than just survive.” Ultimately, the twin study gives NASA a catalog of things to monitor on future missions to see if other astronauts react the same way. Astronauts on future missions will be able to do some of this testing in space instead of freezing samples for scientists back home, Mason said. Immune issues sound familiar to Dr. Jerry Linenger, an American astronaut who spent more than four months on the Russian space station Mir. He said he was never sick in orbit, but once he came back to Earth “I was probably more sick than I was in my life.” Astronauts launch into

orbit with their own germs and get exposed to their crewmates’ germs and then after a week with nothing else new in the “very sterile environment” of a space station “your immune system is really not challenged,” Linenger said. A human mission to Mars, which NASA hopes to launch in the 2030s, would take 30 months, including time on the surface, Kundrot said. Radiation is a top concern. The mission would expose astronauts to galactic cosmic radiation levels higher than NASA’s own safety standard. It’s “just a little bit over,” he said. On Earth and even on the space station, Earth’s magnetic field shields astronauts from lots of radiation. There would be no such shielding on the way to Mars and back, but tunnels or dirtcovered habitats could help a bit on Mars, Kundrot said Kelly, who turns 55 next week, said he’d go to Mars. He said a trip that long “wouldn’t be worse than what I experienced. Possibly better. I think the big physical challenge, radiation aside, will be a mission where you are in space for years.”

Scientists see evidence of underground lakes system on Mars Frank Jordans Berlin (AP) - Scientists say images of craters taken by European and American space probes show there likely once was a planet-wide system of underground lakes on Mars. Data collected by NASA and ESA probes orbiting the red planet provide the first geological evidence for an ancient Martian groundwater system, according to a study by researchers in Italy and the Netherlands published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Francesco Salese, one of the scientists involved, said in an email Friday that the findings confirm earlier models and smaller-scale studies, and that the underground lakes may have been connected to each other. The notion of water on Mars has long fascinated scientists because of the possibility that the planet may have once harbored similar conditions to those that allowed life to develop on Earth. Patches of ice previously spotted on Mars provide tantalizing hints of a watery past for the arid world. Researchers said flow channels, pool-shaped valleys and fan-shaped sediment deposits seen in dozens of

This undated photo provided by the European Space Agency, ESA, shows the surface of Mars. Scientists say images of Martian craters taken by European and American space probes show there likely once was a planet-wide system of underground lakes. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via AP)

kilometers-deep craters in Mars’ northern hemisphere would have needed water to form. Co-author Gian Gabriele Ori said an ocean some scientists speculate Mars may once have had between three and four billion years ago could even have been connected to the underground lakes. The researchers also saw signs of minerals such as clay on Mars that would have required long periods of exposure to water to form. Ralf Jaumann, a planetary

scientist at the German Aerospace Center who wasn’t directly involved in the study, said such sites are a good starting point for future Mars landers to search for signs of ancient life. However Jack Mustard, a professor of geological sciences at Brown University who also wasn’t part of the study, questioned the paper’s claims, saying he didn’t see evidence of underground lakes in the data. “But I am probably just a skeptical Martian,” he added.

8 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019


Odds and Ends The Associated Press

Wyoming district will open 1-student school next fall Laramie, Wyo. (AP) - A Wyoming school district plans to re-open an isolated school to serve a single student entering kindergarten this fall. The Laramie Boomerang reports Cozy Hollow School is about 60 miles north of Laramie. A modular classroom is already there but hasn’t been used for about a decade. It will be the second one-student school in the Albany County School District. They’re only a few miles apart, but connecting roads are impassable much of the winter. Wyoming law requires on-site education for isolated students when it’s impossible to transport them to other schools. The district tried live-streaming classes for isolated students but it didn’t work well, especially for young children. District officials say it will cost about $150,000 combined to educate the two students next school year.

Ratatouille? Tourist in Boston videos gull swallowing rat Boston (AP) - This rat is getting a lot of mouse clicks. A British tourist visiting Boston captured on video a hungry seagull devouring a dead rat in a single gulp and posted it on social media, prompting thousands of horrified comments. The video shows the gull pecking tentatively at the rodent before picking it up in its beak and swallowing the entire animal. The bird then flies atop a parked car on Salem Street in the heart of Boston’s North End, popular for its dozens of Italian restaurants - the rat’s tail hanging from the gull’s mouth. The unidentified Briton who caught the beastly breakfast on camera can be heard exclaiming: “Oh my God, it just swallowed it whole ... Ratatouille?”

Moove on: No more ‘cow-tipping’ shirts at Oklahoma airport Oklahoma City (AP) - The mayor of Oklahoma City is celebrating the completion of a personal mission: ridding the city’s airport of cow-tipping T-shirts. Mayor David Holt said on his Twitter account Thursday that after months of trying to end sales of shirts reading “Nothing Tips Like A Cow” at Will Rogers World Airport, the clothing has sold out and won’t be restocked. Airport spokesman Josh Ryan said Friday that the shirts with the shape of the state and a cow lying on its back were “pretty popular” for over 10 years, but that “the joke has run its course.” Cow-tipping is a largely debunked legend in which rural youths sneak into a pasture at night and push over a cow that is standing but asleep. Debunkers point out the practice is unlikely to succeed, largely because cows don’t sleep standing up.

Crossword No 1337


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Massic Travel

Across 1 Chief of the Greek gods (4) 3 Adversary (8) 9 Design (7) 10 Slimming courses (5) 11 Raise, set up (5) 12 Brownish crimson colour (6) 14 Meaning (6) 16 Unmarried (6) 19 Apprehensive, edgy (6) 21 Quilt (5) 24 Rot (5) 25 Naturally grown (7) 26 Late afternoon church service (8) 27 Small room (4)

Down 1 Airship (8) 2 Loosen (5) 4 Central American Canal (6) 5 Command (5) 6 Soon (7) 7 Piece of work (4) 8 Court entertainer (6) 13 Upright (8) 15 Dashing manner (7) 17 Colour of the spectrum (6) 18 Business magnate (6) 20 Chasm (5) 22 Meeting place (5) 23 Brink (4)

Last week’s answer Across: 1 Pegasus, 5 Ready, 8 Louse, 9 Tempted, 10 Reactor, 11 April, 12 Marred, 14 Candid, 18 Fatal, 20 Useless, 22 Theorem, 23 Route, 24 Hated, 25 Tidiest. Down: 1 Pilgrim, 2 Gouda, 3 Sheathe, 4 Saturn, 5 Rumba, 6 Altered, 7 Yodel, 13 Retreat, 15 Averred, 16 Dissect, 17 Summit, 18 Fetch, 19 Lured, 21 Elude.

Ten-Minute Sudoku An easy Sudoku puzzle that should not take long to complete. The rules of Sudoku are simple. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Each row must contain one of each digit. So must each column and each 3x3 box. Answer next week.

Last week’s answers:

(Will Rogers World Airport via AP)

Teen girls, ages 14 and 15, charged with robbing bank

No. 240

Fall River, Mass. (AP) - Police in Massachusetts have charged teenage girls ages 14 and 15 with robbing a bank. Fall River police say the 14-year-old girl walked into a BayCoast Bank branch in the city on Wednesday afternoon and told a teller she would “blow everything up and kill everybody” if the teller did not hand over cash. A bank employee handed the girl an “undetermined” amount of money and she left. The girl was seen on surveillance video getting into a black Toyota Camry outside the bank allegedly driven by the older girl. Police got a look at the license plate and traced the car to a home in the city where they found the girls. Both are charged with armed robbery. Their names were not released because of their ages.

Portland Trail Blazers stuck in elevator going to practice Boston (AP) - The Portland Trail Blazers might want to use the stairs after the squad got stuck in an elevator. They were headed to practice Tuesday at Emerson College in Boston when the elevator stopped between floors. Center Enes Kanter tweeted a video in which team members looked at their phones and talked about “survival mode” as one held a candy bar. They said it was hot in the elevator. Center Meyers Leonard tweeted video of the tall basketball players climbing out of the elevator about 30 minutes later. No one was hurt. The college apologized and in a statement said it hopes the team “takes it easy on the Boston Celtics” Wednesday. Online: 1100481174563106816

Answers next week.



FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 9

Medical Snippets The Second Opinion

Treating Family

I do recommend to patients that they consider a second medical opinion, especially if the correct diagnosis could be heralding something major, or even life or death. The most amusing second opinion I was asked to give was when I was working in the UK. It was a two doctor practice, with the senior being a delightful older doctor, who ran a private practice, which was very rare in those days, with the patient paying for consultations. As the second (and younger) doctor in the practice I looked after the National Health patients, who were seen with no charge at the point of service. One morning, my senior colleague came to see me, which was a rather rare occurrence. Without sitting down he said, “I have Lady Ponsonby Smythe (not the real name) in my room with abdominal pains. She wants a second opinion. I say Cholecystitis.” I did follow him back to his room and I did examine the upper class abdomen, and pronounced her condition was caused by Cholecystitis. My function being over, I went back to my own consulting room. However, I have often wondered what I would have done if I had disagreed with my senior doctor’s diagnosis?

Many of you have asked me over the years, “Why do doctors not treat their family but get another doctor to see the patient?” The best explanation I have ever heard came from a retired doctor in Queensland Australia. “If you don’t refer the family patient to another doctor, then you go to the samples cupboard to look for some suitable medication. When you can’t find some suitable tablets, then you change the diagnosis to suit the samples that you do have!” I must admit that the above has happened to me with my children over the years. They have survived, and so have I.

The Murderer When doctors go on holidays, most will employ a replacement (locum). This gives some sort of continuity while the principal is away. I too have done stints as a locum with the most memorable being in a sleepy rural practice in one of the UK’s counties. I had just come from a 12 month contract in Gibraltar and saw that a locum position was being advertised in the British Medical Journal which I applied for. Asked to come for an interview I was walking down the driveway and met another young chap coming out. He asked if I was applying

for the locum position and when I said I was he replied, “Hit ‘em high!” and walked away. The interview panel seemed to favor me and they then asked what sort of salary did I expect. Remembering “Hit ‘em high” I quoted a figure much higher than usual. When they readily agreed I then added in fuel and accommodation and they agreed to that as well. The length of the time there was to be three months, so I was set. I had been there about six weeks when I asked the staff where was the doctor I was standing in for? Embarrassed looks all round and didn’t I know about the principal? When they found I had been overseas for the previous 12 months they then told me the sordid story. I was standing in for a lady doctor who had been murdered on the golf course. Everybody in the village “knew” who the murderer was – a man who the doctor visited every Thursday morning. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him, so the Thursday visits continued. I began to hate Thursday mornings, knocking timidly at the door to his flat and waving my stethoscope around the door before I entered. It turned out that this was the reason for the “Hit ‘em high” as the English locums knew about this practice and the principals could not attract a locum. Being overseas I did not know. But then I came as a godsend for them!

New sensors monitor sick babies without wires blocking hugs Lauran Neergaard Washington (AP) - Peek into any U.S. hospital’s baby ICU, and you’ll see sick and premature newborns covered in wired monitors that tear at fragile skin and make it hard for parents to cuddle their kids. Now researchers have created tiny skin-like wireless sensors that may finally cut those cords. “This need was so compelling,” said John Rogers, a Northwestern University bioengineer who led the sensors’ development. “Without the wires, it’s much easier for the parents, mothers in particular, to interact and hold their babies.” Nearly 300,000 U.S. newborns wind up in neonatal intensive care units each year, because they were born prematurely or with serious health problems. It’s critical to track their heartbeat and other vital signs so doctors and nurses can rapidly spot if their youngest patients are in trouble. But today, that means sticky electrodes tethered by wires to a variety of beeping monitors that surround

A soft, flexible wireless sensor has been applied on the chest of a family’s baby, who is involved in the clinical trial at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. This kind of sensor could replace the tangle of wire-based sensors that currently monitor babies in hospitals’ neonatal intensive care units. (Northwestern University via AP)

the incubator. The nest of wires impedes skin-to-skin contact with a parent that’s known to help preemies thrive, much less rock a baby or breast feed, said Dr. Amy Paller, a Northwestern pediatric dermatologist. And no matter how carefully doctors and nurses remove the electrodes, preemies whose skin isn’t fully developed are prone to injuries and scarring. Going wireless in the NICU

is a lot harder than, say, measuring a jogger’s heart rate with a FitBit. First, Rogers’ team developed ultrathin sensors made of a flexible silicone that moves like skin and clings without any strong adhesive. Then the researchers embedded the sensors with spring-like electronics that flex as the body moves, and are waterproof and made with materials that - unlike

today’s NICU monitors don’t interfere with X-rays or MRI scans. And key to being lightweight, they don’t need batteries. Under the crib mattress sits a transmitter that wirelessly charges the sensors much like some smartphone chargers while simultaneously relaying all the sensors’ measurements to hospital computers. Replacing today’s multiple monitors takes just two wireless sensors - one made for the chest or back, and one to wrap around a foot - that work together. For example, the upper sensor measures heart activity, while the foot sensor uses light to measure blood oxygen levels. How long it takes a heartbeat’s pulse to reach the foot corresponds to blood pressure, Rogers explained - no bruising blood pressure cuff required. How reliable are they? Researchers put the wireless sensors on the bodies of 20 babies in Northwestern-affiliated NICUs who also had the normal wired monitoring. The wireless sensors worked just as well, Rogers and Paller reported Thursday in the journal Science.

Officials see no link between miscarriage risk and flu shots Mike Stobbe

A nurse prepares a flu shot at the Salvation Army in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman, File)

New York (AP) - Health officials say further research has not found a miscarriage risk for women who get annual flu shots. Two years ago, a puzzling study found women who had miscarriages between 2010 and 2012 were more likely to have had back-toback annual flu shots. So experts urged more research. This week, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

officials said a larger and more rigorous study found no link over three subsequent flu seasons. Meanwhile, the CDC raised a question about a new shingles vaccine. A preliminary study found two cases of a rare paralyzing condition among more than 100,000 people who got a Shingrix shot. But one of the two may have started developing symptoms before the shot. Officials say they’re doing more research.

“This is a promising technology and may eliminate stick-on sensors,” said Dr. Rosemary Higgins, a neonatologist at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, who wasn’t involved with the research. The studies are continuing and Rogers said the sensors now have been used on about 80 babies with similar results and no sign of skin trouble. “It’s really amazing,” said Theodora Flores, as she held one of her twin daughters, Genesis, in the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago this week. Genesis is part of the wireless testing and the new mom said fewer wires would mean, “I can move freely with her a little bit more.” It would take far more testing for Food and Drug

Administration approval of wireless sensors. But Rogers said the bigger need is in developing countries that can’t afford today’s wired monitoring even for preemies. He estimates the new sensors could be made for about $10 to $15. With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Save the Children, Rogers is preparing for a pilot trial of the wireless sensors in Zambia in April, with the goal of testing up to 20,000 sensors in India, Pakistan and Zambia by year’s end. The technology “has great potential impact on monitoring practices all over the world and may give many neonates a more equitable opportunity to survive,” Dr. Ruth Guinsburg of the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, wrote in a commentary in Science.





217 Pattaya students St. Patrick’s Day Parade complete D.A.R.E. course Derek Franklin

More than 200 Pattaya School No. 8 students were taught to “just say no” to drugs after completing their 13-week Drug Abuse Resistance Education course.

More than 200 Pattaya School No. 8 students were taught to “just say no” to drugs after completing their 13-week Drug Abuse Resistance Education course. Deputy Mayor Banlue Kullavanijaya handed out certificates to the 217 fifthgraders March 4 at the South Pattaya campus. Also attending were top local government, police and education officials. D.A.R.E., founded in 1983 in the United States, came to Thailand in 1999 and works to give kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence. Lessons aim to give children the skills needed to recognize and resist the subtle and overt pressures

Kids, happy they now have the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence and a certificate to prove it.

that cause them to experiment with drugs or become involved in gangs or violent activities. School No. 8’s courses are

taught for an hour each week by Pol. Sr. Sgt. Maj. Panisara Kampasirikul and Pol. Cpl. Napat Tapimai from Pattaya Police Station. (PCPR)

The annual Pattaya St. Patrick’s Day Parade, now in its ninth year, will be taking place on the afternoon of Sunday 17th March, and once again it will be traveling along Beach Road from four o’clock in the afternoon. All are welcome to join in the fun and help raise funds for the Father Ray Foundation, Pattaya’s largest charitable organization which currently cares for and educates 850 underprivileged children and students with disabilities. The parade is organized by the Father Ray Foundation, the Irish Society of Pattaya and City Hall, and once again the parade will be led by the band from the Royal Thai Navy. His Excellency Mr. Tony Cotter, newly installed Ambassador at the Embassy of Ireland in Bangkok, together with Mrs. Marie Cotter, will be joining thousands to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. You don’t have to be Irish to join in the fun, but you are expected to wear something green.

Have fun and help the children of Pattaya.

St. Patrick himself will be making an appearance.

2,000 compete in School No. 8 sports day

Education Ministry’s big data system ’ready for operation’

Deputy Minister Surachet Chaiwong said the big data system of the Ministry of Education is ready for operation.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Gen. Surachet Chaiwong, said the big data system of the Ministry of Education is ready for operation. Gen. Surachet officially launched the big data system of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Career Center on Wednesday (Mar 6).

He said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has assigned the Ministry of Education to conduct manpower development for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The ministry has then set up TVT career centers to collect information on the demand for workers of enterprises nationwide.

A database system on the labor market and vocational training was developed. As of February 2019, a total 129,341 enterprises registered with the database. Gen. Surachet has instructed the centers to ensure that all information will be available before the start of the academic year 2019 in May. (NNT)

More than 2,000 students competed in six sports at Pattaya School No. 8’s 39th annual sports day. The school’s marching band kicked off the event with renditions of the Maharuk song, Thai national song, and sports marching song.

Jetsada Homklin More than 2,000 students competed in six sports at Pattaya School No. 8’s 39th annual sports day. Noppasitcha Na Nakorn of the Pattaya Education Department and school Principal Aporn Janthai opened the March 8 Pattayanukul Games, named after the school’s original name.

A grand opening ceremony kicked off the event, with the marching band leading a parade of 2,000 students and 100 teachers and staff onto the South Pattaya school’s field. Following speeches, students raised flags for their school and team color before four pupils engaged in a torch relay race. Then it was time to get down to business.

Eight teams competed in co-ed volleyball, chair ball, takraw, tug-of-war and flag races, with boys competing in football. There were no points or trophies. The day is organized each year to encourage exercise and wise use of students’ free time. It’s also an opportunity to learn good sportsmanship, leadership and unity, school officials said.





On a cloudy day

We have had more than our fair share of grey days recently (50 shades of Grey?) The PM 2.5 air pollution has meant we didn’t get to see the clouds, but clear days are coming! This week I want you to look up in the skies and start putting together a portfolio of cloud formations. The reason for this is just that having choices of cloud formations can elevate a very ordinary shot into something quite dramatic. How do you photograph skies and clouds?

You can never have too many photographs of clouds, skies, sunsets and sunrises. No longer do you have to wait for the weather to be interesting to make a truly spectacular image. As long as you have plenty of cloud formations in your cloud portfolio, you can simply Photoshop the sky right in! Here are the best tips for photographing clouds and sky photos, but be warned, this will make you use your filters and fiddle with ISO levels. And all your lenses, telephoto zooms, wide angle lenses, general lenses, and zooms. Learn how to get photographic panoramas, and as I have written many times shoot them both in portrait mode and landscape. But mostly shoot them wide and get as much into one scene as possible. You can always crop and

Dear Hillary, I have wondered what it must be like to wake every morning to a pile of complaints from (usually) the love-struck members of our community. When do you start? As soon as you wake up or after breakfast? I’m sure others would like an insight into the life of the Principal of Pattaya’s College of Disaster Management Every Friday (PPCDMEF). Jeremy Dear Jeremy, I don’t really know what other Aunts do, but I start as soon as my eyes are open. Note I didn’t say what time my eyes open, as some days this can be quite late and depends on how many bottles of bubbly I have managed to swill. Four bottles in one day really isn’t really ‘drinking’. I was correct in calling it ‘swilling’. Unfortunately, the number of times I have four bottles in the fridge are few and far between. I get lots of promises, but not lots of bottles. I note you didn’t send any. Dear Hillary, My 12 year old daughter is starting to take an interest in boys. Is this dangerous or not? Grant Dear Grant, What do you think I am? A child psychiatrist? A family psychologist? How can I possibly suggest anything for a 12 year old? That’s your problem, not mine. Get your wife to talk to her. It is normal for girls to show an interest in boys as they grow up. Dear Hillary, Every time my Thai GF goes up country to see her mother, the five days always turns out to be a week at least. There is always a ‘good’ reason for this. Like her dog got run over, or an uncle is sick. She even sent me a photo of a

resize as you wish later on. This is how you get blue skies in Bangkok – pack as much sky as you can into your 35 mm frame. Wide angle is the way to go. What kinds of cloud should you have in your cloud portfolio? Photograph all types of clouds. Dark angry clouds always look good, fluffy clouds have the best updrafts for glider pilots, Cirrus and Cumulus and CumuloNimbus if you know how to identify them – remember these are for your cloud portfolio, so you don’t need to name them – it’s how they look that is important. Overcast days, sunny days, rainy days, just keep shooting whenever you see a dramatic sky formation. You can photograph your clouds at any time, at sunset, sunrise, midday or even midnight (but you’ll need a tripod).

Set your camera’s setting to 100-200 ISO. Personally I use 200 ISO for just about everything. That way you are not likely to be troubled with digital camera ‘noise’. Next, use a polarizing filter to help bring out as much detail as possible and get rid of reflections. Keep photographing clouds and the sky from every direction in reference to the sun and lighting as well.

coffin to go along with the ailing uncle. Does this sound kosher, Hillary? Or should I worry? Bill Dear Bill, How long has this been going on? Obviously she wants to be your GF, hence the excuses, but like you, I think she is hiding something. Do not use the services of a PI as they work with the person being spied on, sharing the money you pay as a fee. The best is to ask your maid. She will know if the GF has someone on the side, up in the village. Money better spent than on a PI, my Petal. Dear Hillary, I am trying to avoid the well documented pitfalls that you highlight in this column – and thank you for some good advice over the years. I will be coming over again this year, but I read somewhere that all Thai girls want is to get their hands in your pockets, and once they have cleaned you out, that’s it. “No Money, No Honey” as the T shirt says, but is this really true? I have met a few nice girls every time I’ve come over, and although I pay for everything when we’re out together, I think that’s natural. I pay for everything here at home when I take out a woman, so what’s the difference? Confused Charlie Dear Confused Charlie (as opposed to Cheap Charlie), There will always be some payment down the line, Charlie. In the hard light of day, after the commerce of the previous evening, you have to remember that your young woman has been working. That is her job, and that is how she pays for her room, buys food and sends money back to the village so that her mother can look after her baby. Now, would you

When you insert a new sky in post-production, the lighting on the main subject needs to match the lighting on the sky. After all, you want it to appear believable. Set your aperture wide but make sure you are focused at the lowest aperture f-number possible. A sky or cloud formation is so far away your camera aperture setting becomes virtually unimportant. You can even try A for Automatic. Just make

sure the camera is focusing on the actual sky and not a nearby tree. The reason for having this portfolio of clouds and skies is because inserting an appropriate cloud formation can actually rescue an entire photo-shoot and re-shooting commercially can be expensive if there are models (‘talent’) involved. You never know when you will need a sky background. Get in the habit of regularly photographing clouds and skies and making your portfolio. For many weekend photographers, you can shoot like the pros, no matter what the weather is like – provided you know how to insert the sky in post-production. Go to a class or photography club and a whole new world will open for you. Constant practice will result in believable pictures. Start this weekend.

continue to work for a company that doesn’t pay you? You might even wear a T shirt which says “No Salary, No Slavery” or something similar, would you not? In reply to your questioning whether all Thai girls want to get their hands in your pockets, the answer is an emphatic No! But that is when you are talking about all Thai girls, and not just the Thai ladies of the night. The answer would be somewhat different then. Enjoy your time here, you sound like a gentleman. Dear Hillary, Can you help me please? I have found that Thai people all seem very direct and ask you personal questions all the time. Things like “How much money you make? You married? You got wife Thai? You want girlfriend? You want me to go with you? How much money you got?” Apart from the fact that this is considered a very rude way of starting a relationship in the US, I also find it very embarrassing when I am over here. How do I get these people to stop doing this? You seem to have the answers for everyone else, so I hope you have some for me too. Jim Dear Jim, It is very easy to stop people asking you these direct, personal and embarrassing questions – stop frequenting the beer bars, Petal. These are stock bar stool questions that every new bar girl learns from a book, during her one week apprenticeship at Lucky Legs a Go-Go. Yes, there is a book that they learn from, and the same book also shows the begging letters to be sent after the customer goes back home. “I lub you too mut, teerak.”

12 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019


China touts engineering feats of new international airport

Tourism Dept pushes for Thailand to become international film destination

The Tourism Department will organize the Thailand International Film Destination Festival 2019 (TIFDF 2019) from March 25th to April 2nd. Since 2013, the annual event has been a vital force in promoting Thailand as a prime location for shooting international films and helped to generate income for the Kingdom. It has also drawn foreign tourists to the country’s famous attractions being featured in these films. The department’s data shows that a total of 714 films were shot in Thailand last year, generating 3.1 billion baht in revenue. The Thai government’s policy to attract international filmmakers through various incentives have also contributed

to the figure. According to Director-General of the Tourism Department Anan Wongbenjarat, the 7th Thailand International Film Destination Festival will feature a competition on short films in Thailand being held under the concept “Beyond Destination Thailand.” He explained that these films had been shot in secondary destinations, which is part of the government’s policy to promote 55 lesserknown provinces. The result of the short film competition will be announced on April 2nd. Free viewing of international films being shot in Thailand will be held from March 27th to 31st at Siam Paragon Cineplex. (NNT)

Destination LONDON

Beijing (AP) - Construction of a new airport in China’s capital that promises to be one of the largest in the world is speeding toward completion. Construction of the Beijing Daxing International Airport is slated to finish in late June, project manager Li Jianhua told reporters at the site Friday. It is to open at the end of September - less than five years after building began. Situated in the city’s south, the airport will serve 200 million people from 28 cities in and around Beijing, Tianjin and the northern province of Hebei, according to Beijing authorities. The terminal building’s size of 1.03 million square meters (11.08 million square feet) will make it the largest single airport terminal in the world. Li said the airport’s size won’t impede travelers from walking through it efficiently. The farthest distance between the terminal and any given boarding gate will be 600 meters (1,970 feet), or an eight-minute walk.



20000 37500 12000 15500 15500 15500 12000



++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++


12M 12M 3M

18000 ++ 17500 ++

21D 1M

25500 ++


16500 ++


12000 ++ 13000 ++

1M 1M ADV. 7D

29500 ++


65000 ++


23900 ++



10500 ++ 6000 ++ 15500 ++

1M 12M 14D


16500 ++ 12000 ++ 14800 ++





6200 4400 6000 5800


8000 ++ 6000 ++

3M 1M

16500 ++


3000 ++ 6000 ++

3M 1M

++ ++ ++ ++


87500 ++ 59500 ++ 88000 ++

7D 14D 4M 14D


86000 ++

1M 1M 3M

++ ++ ++ ++



12000 ++ 12500 ++ 12000 ++



The Daxing project is meant to alleviate some of the stress on Beijing Capital International Airport, the world’s second-busiest airport in 2018 after Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

1M 2M



Workers pass through the terminal of the Beijing Daxing International Airport under construction on the outskirts of Beijing, China, Friday, March 1, 2019. Construction on the new airport in China’s capital, which promises to be one of the world’s largest, is speeding toward completion. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

80500 29500 60500 67500





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FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 13


On the podium

Composer and conductor Gustav Mahler.

A few days ago someone asked on Quora, the question-and-answer website why an orchestra “needs a conductor, when most of time the conductor seems to be doing nothing.” It’s a good question, because the role of the orchestral conductor is not widely understood outside the classical music world. Even less so in the rice fields of Isaan, for someone from the region once asked me why “there’s always a man dancing in front of the orchestra”. The tasks of the conductor depend largely on the type of orchestra. A youth orchestra conductor for example, has much more work than a guest conductor of a professional orchestra. Youth orchestra conductors usually have to select the music, hire the scores and parts, audition the players, book the rehearsal venue and deal with dozens of

minor matters. They might even have to set up all the chairs and music stands in the rehearsal hall. And you might detect the voice of experience here. The conductor also has to find time to study the music. Conductor and orchestra might rehearse for many weeks or even months before a concert performance. In contrast, conductors of professional orchestras sometimes have only a few hours rehearsal time available, occasionally even on the day of the concert. Conductors have many more musical tasks than merely beating time, partly due to the limitations of musical notation. Instructions in the score are usually in Italian and often vague to say the least. Expressions such as “a bit slower” or “gradually getting faster” are quite common. Printed music doesn’t tell you exactly

how loudly or how quietly a piece should be played, how short a staccato note should be, or how a musical phrase should be “shaped”. As a result, one of the most challenging tasks in performing music is not necessarily playing the right notes in the right place, but deciding how to play them. Musical decisions define a performance and it’s the conductor’s job to make them. It takes certain personal qualities to convince the members of a sixty-piece orchestra to “play it my way”. Some conductors manage this with ease, tact and consummate charm. Others are less successful in the personal skills department. There are several wellknown conductors who are heartily detested by members of the orchestras they conduct. But as my father used to say, “No names; no pack-drill.” Competent conductors study the orchestral score for weeks or months before rehearsals begin. The score shows what every instrument in the orchestra is playing (or is supposed to be playing) whereas the players see only their own part. The conductor is expected to know every detail of the score intimately and some conductors, notably Gustavo Dudamel commit the entire score to memory. If, at a

concert it looks as though the conductor isn’t doing much, it’s because most of the work has already been done. Even so, at performance the conductor still needs to give cues, control tempo and dynamics and ensure that the orchestral balance is appropriate. Some conductors have the gift of pulling that little bit extra out of an orchestra at the concert.

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): Symphony No. 1 (Rehearsal). National Youth Orchestra of the USA cond. James Ross (Duration: 1:10:46; Video: 1080p HD) This is a splendid example of a typical youth orchestra rehearsal. They tend to have a high element of training, so it’s start-stop-start-stop all the way. Notice how the conductor brings a sense of phrase, shape and balance to the music. He addresses the “how to” aspect of the music and takes the young musicians beyond the printed notes. And notice how James Ross does this with such apparent ease, keeping the musicians on their toes and yet continuously giving encouragement. Incidentally, when

Mahler started this work in 1887 he was deputy conductor of the Leipzig Opera Orchestra.

Samuel Barber (1910-1981): Adagio for String Orchestra (Rehearsal). American Symphony Orchestra cond. Leopold Stokowski (Duration: 08.46; Video: 480p) This rehearsal couldn’t be more different. It was filmed in 1968, as Stokowski and his orchestra were preparing for a concert in New York City. At the time, Stokowski was 85 years

old and no time is wasted with superfluous words. Instructions are typically given as the musicians are playing. Stokowski wanted the maximum tone from the string players and continuously pleads “piu, piu” (“more, more”). You might be surprised to know that despite his peculiar accent, Stokowski was of English birth. His father was half Polish and his mother was Irish. He was to become one of the great conductors of the twentieth century. But how do conductors achieve “greatness”? Let’s leave that until next week.

To watch these YouTube videos, either use your Smartphone to read the QR codes or go to this article online, click on the “live” links and go direct to the videos. If you have a laptop, sound quality can be improved significantly by using headphones or external speakers.

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‘Malta Exchange’ is blend of history and thrills Jeff Ayers Steve Berry’s pragmatic hero Cotton Malone soon regrets taking on what is supposed to be a simple mission in “The Malta Exchange,” the latest blend of history and thrills. Malone has retired from his job at the Justice Department so he can run a bookstore in Copenhagen. He freelances easy assignments for extra money, and when he’s asked to recover letters in Lake Como, Italy, that were supposedly written between Winston Churchill and Benito Mussolini, he jumps at the chance. It’s nothing more than meeting with someone who has the correspondence and then taking possession of the letters. He doesn’t expect another person waiting to grab them or the steps they will utilize to insure that he fails in his endeavor. The hunt for the letters that have historic significance leads to a vast conspiracy involving the election of a new

pope and the Knights of Malta, an organization that’s been in existence for centuries. Malone’s easy payday has become a battle for survival. Long-buried secrets are revealed and the consequences of failure could impact history and many cultural traditions. He receives help from agent Luke Daniels, who works for Malone’s old employer. But even help comes with a price when Daniels’ covert operation is quickly compromised. Trust and loyalty are merely optional in Berry’s fun and engaging tale. Elements of the story echo Dan Brown and Berry’s first Cotton Malone adventure, “The Templar Legacy.” What makes his novels stand out is the level of research to make the foundation of the story solid and then adding some mayhem and chaos. After shaking them all together, the result is a thriller that intrigues and provides historical context. Berry is the master scientist with a perfect formula for the best-seller lists. (AP)

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‘Captain Marvel’ gets an average introduction Lindsey Bahr Los Angeles (AP) - If there is one thing that’s true of most of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s that they have life and spirit to spare. It’s a kind of an intoxicating joy that dares even the most comic bookapathetic to get onboard and delight in the spectacle, and it usually comes down to the characters. You might not care about whatever Earth-threatening foe is at large this time, but you care about Captain America, Black Panther and Black Widow and enjoy spending a few hours with them. I spent over two hours with Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers and I still have no idea what her personality is. Sure, there’s a lot more going on

in “Captain Marvel ,” but it’s a pretty egregious failing considering that the creative bigwigs at Marvel had 10 years and 20 films to work it out. It’s hard to say whether that’s a flaw in Brie Larson’s performance or a failure of the script, but I came out of the film from writers/directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck not caring all that much about her beyond what her dazzling powers might mean for the next Avengers film, which is perhaps the lamest way of all to experience these movies. The story drops you in the middle of things and gives Carol Danvers a convenient case of amnesia as she tries to piece together her past by dreaming of Annette Bening while training to be a soldier with Jude Law on the planet of Kree. She is told at least 10 times in the first 10 minutes of the film that she needs to control her emotions, mostly by Law. This

This image shows Brie Larson in a scene from “Captain Marvel.” (Disney-Marvel Studios via AP)

is a charged thing to say to a woman, but also confusing because “emotional” is the last word I would use to describe the character as she’s presented. She’s more impulsive and bullheaded than anything else. Emotions and heart don’t seem to have anything to do with her decisions. At times it even seems like she’s channeling the Terminator. But this is also a script that has Larson delivering eyerolling lines like “enough of your mind games” with a

straight face. She’s a great actress, but that’s a tall order for the best of them. The film is meant to be disorienting, especially at the beginning. She’s confused and so the audience must be too, I guess? But things start to come together when she crash-lands on Earth in the middle of a Los Angeles Blockbuster Video somewhere around 1995, which you know because there’s a “Babe” poster and a cardboard display for “True Lies.” The filmmakers have

fun with all their mid-’90s references from computers to musical cues (if you like angry ’90s girl pop anthems you’re in luck), but I wish someone would have been paying that much attention to the continuity of Larson’s curls, which change even in the middle of scenes. In LA, she comes across a young Nick Fury, played by a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson, whose infectious liveliness is a godsend. Together they try to both track down shapeshifting alien invaders called the Skrulls (led by Ben Mendelsohn) and also get answers about her past, which honestly sounds a lot more interesting than her present. But this is the origin story they went with and it does not include Bening teaching Larson how to fly a fighter plane. There are some twists and turns and a scene-stealing orange cat that would be difficult to discuss here without

spoiling everything. All-inall it’s fine, but nothing to get too excited about. And it could have and should have been so much better: The cast was there, the cool directing talents, the budget and the “brand” goodwill. Halfway through most Marvel movies I don’t often find myself dreaming up some other Brie Larson, Jude Law, Annette Bening, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn and Gemma Chan movie (oh right Gemma Chan is in this as a glorified extra), but it happened in “Captain Marvel.” The first female-led movie of the MCU deserved more. “Captain Marvel,” a Walt Disney Studios release, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for “sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief suggestive language.” Running time: 124 minutes. Two and a half stars out of four.

Ex-Fox executive banks on crowdfunding to produce MH370 movie Veteran Hollywood executive Darlene Lieblich Tipton is driven by the fact that the friends and families of the 239 passengers and crew on-board Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that went missing on March 8, 2014 “need and deserve closure”. With never-before seen MH370 pics and video taken after the plane disappeared, Tipton has launched headfirst into MALAYSIA 370 – a feature film project “dedicated to the heroic actions of the 239 passengers and crew on board Malaysia Airlines #370.” Crowd-funding activities were activated on October 1, 2018 with Tipton investing most of her personal funds into the production. “So far I have raised over USD 1.4 million – USD 500,000 from my retirement savings and the rest from friends, family, and supporters of my last movie,” Tipton said, adding that most of the funds raised so far were from people who have worked with her personally in Hollywood.

Debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is displayed during a Day of Remembrance event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sunday, March 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

Darlene Lieblich Tipton.

Tipton said, “The minimum production budget is USD 7.5 million, with a maximum budget of USD 30 million.” Tipton offered several unique perks to crowd-fund the project. Her

preference for financial support is to have users download the movie’s hauntingly beautiful theme song, “Remember Me”. The song is a tender message from a

passenger on MH370 to bring comfort and closure to a loved one left behind. This song has been recorded in English, Mandarin, Greek, Spanish and Russian. Tipton would also like to have a version recorded in Bahasa Melayu recorded under a paid contract in Los Angeles with a full orchestra. Acknowledging the presence of naysayers and trolls, she said the negative media

reports used details that sometimes have put a 180 degree spin on what she actually said. “I was not given the opportunity to correct the inaccuracies, and once something is on the Internet it becomes a lasting piece of incorrect data.” Once the financial target is achieved, Tipton wants to give the first and full priority

to the talent and crew – above and below the line production positions – who have been banned from China. The list includes Oscar-winning film director Martin Scorsese, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Harrison Ford and musical stars like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Bjork. “There is no major Hollywood studio that will let us shoot on their lot... Shooting the movie at an indie production facility like Amazon’s Culver Studios would be a dream come true,” Tipton concluded. Crowdfunding efforts thus far are a multi-pronged approach of donations, sale of memorial coins and theme song downloads. Tipton said, funds received from the sale, rental, and distribution of ‘MALAYSIA 370’ will be allocated to the 239 families affected. “The goal is to be able to give each family USD 100,000 for a total output of USD 23,900,000.”

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Rory Gallagher: ‘Photo-Finish’ “Photo-Finish” was Rory Gallagher’s ninth studio album (if you count the two he made with his previous band Taste) and out of all of them this one is my favorite - perhaps because it has such a ‘live’ feel about it or maybe because so many songs on this album became stage favorites. There was a two year gap before this album was released after “Calling Card” came out in 1976. An album had been recorded under the title of “Torch”, but the results were so dissatisfying that it was shelved (the album sounded great to these ears when it was posthumously released in 2011 as “Notes from San Francisco”.) Gallagher decided to change

directions after “Torch” and while he retained long time bass player Gerry McAvoy, he dispensed with the services of keyboardist Lou Martin and drummer Rod de’Ath, bringing in Scotland’s favorite percussionist Ted McKenna (ex-Sensational Alex Harvey Band), tightening up the sound and revert-

ing to a power trio format. The three musicians encamped in a studio just outside Cologne, Germany and set to work, with a very close record company deadline hanging over their heads, hence the album title. The results were stunning,

just straight ahead Rock & Roll and the opener “Shin Kicker” gives you an early taste of Gallagher at his best in this stripped back format. Joe Bonamassa calls this his favorite Rory Gallagher song and often plays it in his live set. There follows a lesson in Rock music as one classic leads into another. “Cruise On Out” is a pure rocker while “Cloak and Dagger” touches on Rory’s love of spy mystery stories whilst giving plenty of room for some guitar pyrotechnics. “Overnight Bag” chronicles the life of a travelling musician and “Shadow Play”, with its infectious beat is a great stage number often drawn out to over ten minutes in the live arena. Perhaps the centerpiece of the album is “The Last of the Independents”, the story of a bank robber who has served his time, but still knows

where all the loot is buried. The final song “Fuel to the Fire” is a smoldering number where Gallagher begs the indulgence of his two band members to take long solos. Although this is a Rory Gallagher album, the playing of both Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna should be also held in the highest esteem. If you buy the CD today there are a couple of bonus tracks tacked onto the end. Both are rather throwaway. Album Rating: 5 Stars Track List: Shin Kicker Brute Force and Ignorance Cruise On Out Cloak and Dagger Shadow Play Mississippi Sheiks The Last Of The Independents Fuel To The Fire Rory Gallagher Band: Rory Gallagher- vocals, guitar and harmonica Gerry McAvoy- bass guitar Ted McKenna- drums

Rory Gallagher in 1982.

Queen of the keyboard

Regina Albrink. (Photo/Ben Hansen)

Colin Kaye Enthusiastic applause greeted Dutch pianist Regina Albrink when she appeared at Ben’s Theater Jomtien to give a much-anticipated piano recital of classical music. She performed the entire concert from memory; a wellbalanced programme of varied piano works which ensured that there was something for everyone. The recital opened with Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 12 in F (K. 332), which was published in 1784 and thought to have been written the previous year. As was customary at the time, the sonata was written in three movements with a slow one in the middle. Regina gave a rhythmic performance of the opening movement with good dynamic contrast and a clear sense of phrasing. I enjoyed her delicate and thoughtful approach. The second movement was given a rather more romantic treatment and would have sounded familiar to anyone who had seen Immortal Beloved, the 1994 movie about the life of Beethoven. The lively, galloping third

movement was technically impressive with fast passage work in the right hand which Regina handled impeccably. Many pianists regard Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58 as something of a beast, on account of its many challenges. It’s considered to be one of the composer’s most difficult works, both technically and musically. It’s a challenge for the audience too, but I couldn’t help noticing that everyone in Ben’s Theater was listening throughout with rapt attention. Dating from 1844, the sonata is cast in four movements and Regina seemed to be much more at home in this work. The first movement requires a fair amount of physical strength and I was impressed by Regina’s confident and powerful playing and her ability to bring out the melodic elements. There were many charming moments. The second movement is a brief yet sparkling Scherzo played at a hair-raising speed with many virtuoso finger-fracturing passages. Regina handled the challenges with consummate

ease and with superbly crisp articulation. Her playing of the lyrical middle section was magical. But for me, one of the highlights of the evening was the third movement which lies at the heart of the sonata, with subtle use of rich, sometimes unexpected harmonies and a beautifully poignant melody. When this melody returned later in the movement, the moment was sublime indeed. Regina seemed in her element in this movement giving a remarkably poetic performance. She launched confidently into the turbulent fourth movement, and brought drama to the work with an infectious sense of rhythm and sparkling articulation. Regina has had a busy musical career. After finishing her studies at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, she took part in many concerts and theater productions in the Netherlands. She performed Chopin’s First Piano Concerto at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt and at the Concertgebouw inAmsterdam. In 2002, her recording of works by Gottschalk was well received by the press. For some years, Regina has given an annual Christmas recital in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. Louis Moreau Gottschalk was a 19th century American composer, who achieved fame as a performer of his own piano works and he was the first to make use of Afro-American folk melodies. Regina played three works by Gottschalk, beginning with the tender Berceuse (Lullaby); a lovely sensitive

performance in which she brought out the melodic lines clearly. The fast and exotic movement Manchega, seemed to have the flavour a Mexican dance and Regina gave a tight, spirited and rhythmic performance. Souvenirs d’Andalousie is of course named after Andalucia and just oozes Spanishness. George Gershwin’s Three Preludes were premiered by the composer 1916 in New York City and demonstrate his characteristic style of piano writing. Prelude I features intense rhythm and energetic syncopation which Regina performed splendidly. Prelude II, has the feel of a blues but with dreamlike, shifting harmonies and Prelude III has a brash, lively feel which exudes the energy of 1920s New York. Regina seemed to enjoy performing this lively colourful music and the audience responded warmly. Her playing of the somewhat ungrammatical I Got Rhythm was typically lively, rhythmic and technically assured. It’s said that Ira Gershwin, George’s elder brother and lyric-writer found that writing the words for this melody was unusually difficult. Astor Piazzolla was born in 1921 and became the world’s best-known composer of tangos. He elevated this simple dance into an expressive art-form which incorporated elements of jazz and classical music. Oblivion was composed in 1982 and it’s his most famous piece, with harmonic sophistication and a brooding sense of melancholy. Regina gave

a compelling performance of this surprisingly complex and expressive work. Her recital concluded with Piazzolla’s Libertango, a lively and rhythmic number from 1974 which seems to capture the very spirit of Argentina. As an encore, Regina chose the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor. She gave a beautifully restrained performance, bringing out the melodies clearly

yet controlling the smooth reflective flow of the music. Back in 1852, the German music critic Ludwig Rellstab likened this musical effect to “moonlight shining upon Lake Lucerne”, unwittingly creating the nickname by which the sonata has been known ever since. After the angular, vivid music of Piazzolla, the sublime Beethoven was in perfect contrast and made a pleasingly tranquil ending to an exhilarating concert.

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Diana Group MD celebrates 75 years

Diana Group Managing Director Sopin Thappajug (3rd from left in front of monks) celebrated her 75th birthday by making merit for 16 years of the Diana Garden Resort.

HHNFT Director Radchada Chomjinda (left), HHNFT Asst. Director Siromet Akjrapongpanich (2nd left) and Drop-In Manager Pirun Noyimjai (4th left) and officers say happy birthday to Diana Group MD Sopin Thappajug.

Jetsada Homklin Diana Group Managing Director Sopin Thappajug celebrated her 75th birthday

by making merit for 16 years of the Diana Garden Resort. Area government and business leaders and community leaders attended the

March 4 ceremony and party where monks first chanted to bestow blessings on the hotel and Sopin for continued good health.

Pattaya reporters celebrate National Press Day Jetsada Homklin

Area government and business leaders and community leaders attended the March 4 ceremony and party.

Soi Khopai rallies against drugs

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawat and neighborhood president, Wirat Joyjinda, welcome people to the event.

Jetsada Homklin Soi Khopai Community celebrated unity and raised money for charity projects at the South Pattaya neighborhood’s annual anti-drug rally. Pattaya Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawat and neighborhood president, Wirat Joyjinda, welcomed local politicians and community leaders to the March 8 party.

The Soi Khopai Community has been nationally recognized for its grassroots anti-drug campaign with authorities calling it a model for all neighborhoods to follow. The fourth anti-drug rally celebrated the campaign’s success and reinforces the idea of unity in the community, Wirat said. The party attracted guests from across the province,

including members of the We Love Chonburi and We Love Pattaya groups, plus political candidates and local officials. Tickets to the party were sold for 200 baht each with plenty of food and beverages provided. Money from the ticket sales will go to the village fund and charitable events over the coming months.

Journalists hob-knobbed with their government and business sources as the Pattaya Press Association celebrated National Press Day. Banglamung District Chief Amnart Charoensri and press association President Samart Thongrad welcomed members and top local police and government officials to the March 5 party at the Rose Maldives Resort in Nong Plalai. Everyone enjoyed a large buffet and beverages before checking their raffle tickets to see if they won one of many prizes including electronics and home appliances. National Press Day commemorates the founding of the Reporters Association of Thailand on March 5. On March 4, 1999, the association merged with the Thailand Newspaper Association to become the Thai Journalists Association.

Banglamung District Chief Amnart Charoensri, Pattaya Press Association President Samart Thongrod and Vice President Warapun Jaikusol welcome guests to the party.

Pattaya Mail stringer Teerarak Suthathiwong won the grand prize of a 40” Full HD TV, presented by Nongprue Deputy Mayor Niyom Thiangtham (right).

Journalists hob-knob with their government and business sources as the Pattaya Press Association celebrates National Press Day.

Over 300 youths from the Soi Khopai community celebrated unity and raised money for charity at the South Pattaya neighborhood’s annual anti-drug rally.


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Geneva International Motor Show

Volvo’s Polestar unveils electric car touted as Tesla rival Frankfurt, Germany (AP) - Volvo’s electric performance brand Polestar is unveiling a battery-powered compact car touted as a rival to Tesla’s Model 3. The Polestar 2 is a five-door vehicle with a panoramic glass roof, an all-vegan interior and a battery with enough capacity to drive 500 kilometers under European tests for range measurement, or 275 miles under U.S. testing rules. With 408 horsepower, it should accelerate from zero to 100 kph (0-62 mph) in under five seconds. Polestar said Wednesday that the car’s U.S. price for the launch version will be $55,500 after tax incentives; later a lower-priced

Volvo Polestar (Photo: Polestar via AP).

version with less range is envisioned. The car shown at this month’s Geneva auto show becomes available in 2020. Volvo Car Group, headquartered in Goteborg, Sweden, is a subsidiary of Chinese automaker Geely.

F1 2019 kicks off this weekend F1 Schedule and no, Thailand is not there Aug. 4: Hungary, Budapest 8 p.m. yet. The Buriram circuit is all ready for F1 Sept. 1: Belgium, Spa 8 p.m. accreditation but there is a small problem with Sept. 8: Italy, Monza 8 p.m. mega dollars before we would get the nod. Sept. 22: Singapore 7 p.m. The mega dollars figure has been enough to Sept. 29: Russia, Sochi 8 p.m. see Malaysia pull out and Silverstone pull Oct. 13: Japan, Suzuka 12 noon out as well next year. Oct. 27: Mexico City 2 a.m. March 17: Australia, Melbourne 12 noon Nov. 3: United States, Austin 2 a.m. March 31: Bahrain, Sakhir 10 p.m. Nov. 17: Brazil, Sao Paulo 12 midnight April 14: China, Shanghai 1 p.m. Dec. 1: Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina 8 p.m. April 28: Azerbaijan, Baku 7 p.m. Indeed a crowded calendar, but some of May 12: Spain, Barcelona 8 p.m. the circuits produce deadly boring motor May 26: Monaco 8 p.m. races. However, Silverstone and Spa are June 9: Canada, Montreal 1 a.m. still in the schedule. Monaco is a waste of June 23: France, Le Castellet 8 p.m. time as is Singapore, unless you are into June 30: Austria, Spielberg 8 p.m. singers and rock groups you’ve never July 14: Britain, Silverstone8 p.m. 8 p.m. heard of. Lewis Hamilton will be at home July 28: Germany, Hockenheim 8 p.m. amongst the rappers.

BMW and Daimler team up on automated driving technology Frankfurt, Germany (AP) BMW and Daimler announced Thursday they will work together on developing the automated driving technology expected to transform the industry in the years ahead as automakers try to fend off competition from tech companies such as Uber and Waymo. The two German companies said it would be a “long-term strategic cooperation” to more quickly come up with advanced driver assistance systems, automated driving on closed spaces such as highways and automated parking. The partnership comes as automakers face new rivals in the business of getting people from one place to another such as Uber and

Waymo, which are both working on autonomous driving. BMW and Daimler last week launched a joint venture in auto-related digital services such as car sharing, ride-hailing and ticketless parking. Ford and Volkswagen have said they are talking about teaming up on developing autonomous and battery-powered cars. BMW and Daimler said that by working together, they can shorten development cycles and make “nextlevel technologies widely available by the middle of the coming decade.” The cooperation for now focuses on automation that falls short of fully self-driving vehicles that do not

Autotrivia Quiz Last week I asked, what happened to the Porsche 901? That was easy, as the 901 was never released. It was intended to and the aluminium crankcase was even inscribed 901. What happened? Peugeot advised Porsche that it had taken out trademarks on all the three number combinations with a zero in the center – remember the 203, 503 and others. Porsche had to quickly rename the (stillborn) 901 as the 911, but did not have the time to recast the

crankcases. This is why you will find early 911s (long bonnets) have 901 crankcases. So to this week. An engine designed by Dr. Porsche, six cylinder in line and the sedan was built by another manufacturer. What car was this? Clue 1937. For the Automania dehydrated beer this week (just add your own hops and water), be the first correct answer to email automania@ or viacars Good luck!

have a driver, but could be extended to that level in the future. Autonomous driving is part of a wave of technological change expected to shift the auto industry toward offering the use of a car as a service through smartphone apps as an alternative to car ownership. Klaus Froehlich, chief of development for BMW, said that “combining the strength of our two companies will boost our innovative strength and speed up the spread of this technology.” The linkup doesn’t cancel any work the companies have going with other partners, such as Daimler’s pilot program with technology and parts supplier Bosch on self-driving vehicles in California. BMW is working on developing autonomous cars at its campus in Unterschliessheim, north of its Munich headquarters. Daimler is headquartered in Stuttgart.

Geneva this week, and Bangkok International Motor Show two weeks after that. Both motor shows but both quite different. If you are interested in the new Bugatti La Voiture Noire which will set you back a cool USD 18 million then Geneva is the place to strut your stuff. If, however, you are in the market for the latest four door pick-up or the top of the line Toyota, then come to Bangkok. Not that there is anything wrong with our local show, it’s just a different marketplace. We do not have vehicles like the Koenigsegg Ragnarok with its engine that develops 1,360 horsepower or so in Europe, or the Pininfarina, a

Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

bargain at USD 2 million which develops 1,900 horsepower and is an electric supercar capable of 400 kph. Just what you need on Pattaya’s North Road.

Going to the Singapore Grand Prix? The Singapore Grand Prix is held later this year. However, this is not the first race in Singapore. Far from it, and in fact, the island state has been host to motor racing for many years. There was a race meeting held on the airstrip at Changi in 1957. The meeting was held in aid of the Soldiers, Sailors Air Force Association, a charitable body helping ex-servicemen. It was quite an event for post-war Singapore. The first Grand Prix in Singapore was held in 1961. It was called the Malaysian Grand Prix and the name was changed to the Singapore

Grand Prix from 1966 after Singapore attained its independence in 1965. The circuit was a road course, just like the 2019 course will be, and the first Grand Prix in 1961 was won by Ian Barnwell in an Aston Martin DB3S while the first Singapore Grand Prix of post independence Singapore (also run to Formula Libre rules) saw Lee Han Seng win in a Lotus 22 Lotus-Ford, and the final race in the series was won by Aussie Vern Schuppan in a March-Ford in 1973. The event was discontinued after 1973 for a variety

of reasons, including an increase in traffic and the consequent inconvenience of having to close roads for the event, and fatal accidents during the 1972 and 1973 races were producing a public outcry. Against that background, we now have today’s Singapore Grand Prix, now part of the F1 circus. As spelled out a few months ago, the timing of the night event means it can be broadcast at a convenient time for European TV audiences. According to the F1 Singapore Grand Prix website, the start time of the race will be 8 p.m. local time.

More recalls for Hyundai, Kia Tom Krisher Detroit (AP) - Hyundai and Kia have added more than a half-million vehicles of U.S. recalls for engine failures and fires. The companies have now recalled nearly 2.4 million vehicles for fire and engine failure problems since September of 2015, and they are under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for potentially being slow to fix faulty vehicles. In addition, the companies are doing a “product improvement campaign” covering another 3.7 million vehicles to install software that will alert drivers of possible engine failures and send the cars into a reduced-speed

“limp” mode if problems are detected. The largest of three recalls posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website Thursday covers nearly 379,000 Kia Soul small SUVs from 2012 through 2016 with 1.6-liter engines. Documents show that high exhaust gas temperatures can damage the catalytic converters, which control pollution. That can cause abnormal combustion and damage pistons and connecting rods. A failed connecting rod can pierce the engine block and cause oil leaks that can cause fires. In addition, Hyundai and Kia are recalling 152,000 Tuscon SUVs from 2011 to 2013 and Sportage SUVs from 2011 and 2012 to fix an

engine oil pan leak that also can cause fires. All Souls with 1.6-liter engines made from July 8, 2011 through August 11, 2016 are being recalled. Dealers will replace a computer that prevents the catalytic converter from overheating. They’ll also replace the catalytic converter and the engine if they have been damaged. Letters will be mailed to owners starting April 12. Documents in the latest round of recalls don’t mention whether there have been any fires or injuries. In January, Kia said it had six reports of fires among vehicles being recalled for possible fuel leaks, while Hyundai said it had no fire reports. Neither company had any reports of injuries.

2nd Classic Car event a great success The Classic Car Friends Club organized their classic car display in the Asia Pattaya Hotel grounds. 92 vehicles were on display and ranged from an Austin 8 to a seven liter drag racing Mustang, three MGAs, three Ford Escort Mk1s (including my Escort race car sponsored by the Riviera Group, B-Quik and Casa Pascal restaurant), 10 Alfa Romeos, E-Type Jaguars and a ‘for sale’ XJ Series III. It was a great day for the auto enthusiasts. 2000 visitors came to the display, with many from Bangkok, while 35 cars went on the parade. A Charity dinner had 262 guests with the proceeds going to the Human Help Network charity.

92 vehicles were on display, including my Escort race car sponsored by the Riviera Group, B-Quik and Casa Pascal restaurant. It was a great day for the auto enthusiasts.

18 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



Ann and Allan’s ‘Social Event of the Season Lunches’ hailed a social triumph

Ren Lexander, Tony Portman, Archie Dunlop, Marnie Kregor, Michael Todd-White and Allan Riddell.

Ann Ensell The third of Ann and Allan’s ‘Social Event of the Season Lunches’ was held at Bruno’s Restaurant on Friday 8th March and was an enormous success. Originally the brain child of Ann Ensell and Allan Riddell, the lunches have proved to be very popular. “We enjoy bringing a varied collection of individuals together, from all areas of society,” said Ann. “Our aim is to enjoy good food and enable the interaction and the forging of new friendships and acquaintances through light conversation.” The guest of honour for the March luncheon was 96

year old Archie Dunlop. In all, 21 individuals attended, including the wonderful Managing Director, Publisher of Pattaya Mail, Peter Malhotra. It was no doubt the best to date! The conversations initiate in the bar half an hour before the lunch begins. “We tend to restrict table numbers to 6 or 7 people. This enables everyone to be able to converse. Ann makes out a table plan and name cards, so it is unlikely that partners will be seated together,” explained Allan. Social interaction is also helped along by the swapping of seats between the main course, desert and coffee. The next of Ann and

Pat Glynn, Ray Woods and Ben Hansen.

Gino Bonetti, Ann Ensell and Tim Watton.

Allan’s ‘Social Event of the Season Lunches’ is planned for September. Ann will start sending invitations out about a month beforehand. Ann and Allan would like to thank everyone who

came for their support. They would also like to thank Fredi Schaub and the staff of Bruno’s for all their hard work, which helped make it such an enormous success.

Judith Edmunds, Barbara Erickson, David Wordsworth and Laurent Dupuis.

Maureen Stachan, Les Edmunds, Anne Smith and Lou Dupuis Chen.

Ann and Allan’s friends gather for a fun group photo.


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20 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019


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22 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



Robbins stars at Pattavia PSC Golf from the Bunker Boys Monday, March 4, Pattavia - Stableford 1st Tony Robbins (20) 37pts 2nd Les Cobban (8) 34pts 3rd Raleigh Gosney (22) 33pts 4th Brett Chan (19) 33pts 5th Jon Dean (9) 33pts Despite a big exodus last week we were still able to muster up twenty-two golfers for today’s round at the very popular Pattavia course. As always the course was in nice condition although the greens were again a bit slower than we have come to expect. An empty course meant that the speed of play was excellent with all finished in just over three hours. Tony Robbins took the honors today by a margin of three on thirty-seven points and it looks like time for a significant cut in handicap is in order. Les Cobban steady as always took second with thirty-four points

Robby Watts.

and three were locked together on thirty-three points, separated on countback in the following order; Raleigh Gosney, Brett Chan, and Jon Dean. Jon also managed to snare one of the three near

Tony Robbins.

pins won, with Geoff Cox and Tony Robbins taking the other two.

Wednesday, March 6, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford 1st Geoff Parker (17) 40pts 2nd Michael Brett (15) 36pts 3rd Neil Carter (11) 35pts Life is full of surprises and today the Bunker Boys enjoyed two at the same time. First, by using PSC vouchers we received a competitive green fee and second,

Xin turns up the heat at Pattana PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group Friday, March 8, Pattana - Stableford A-Flight (0-13) 1st John Davis 40pts 2nd Landis Brooks 37pts 3rd Tom Herrington 35pts 4th Steve Truelove 35pts B-Flight (14-22) 1st Dennis Eager 37pts 2nd Alan Sullivan 37pts 3rd Mick Coghlan 31pts 4th Andre Van Dyk 30pts C-Flight (23+) 1st Frank Xin 41pts 2nd David Bailey 37pts 3rd Karen Brown 32pts 4th Graham Buckingham 30pts This Friday the Tropical golfers had a treat as they went to the ever-popular Pattana course. A full signup sheet meant you had to commit early, and with good reason; Pattana is one of our favorite stops, and it was in its usual excellent condition. This day we played the “A”

Frank Xin, Mickey and John Davis.

and “B” courses. At least we didn’t have to start on the intimidating B side this time. That is a tough opening hole! Pattana is a slightly tough layout, but the good condition and interesting design usually motivates some good scores. As you can see from the scores however the range of winners was quite wide,

going from 30 to 41 points, so never give up. The best score of the day was turned in by Frank Xin, while Dennis Eager and Alan Sullivan went to countback in the B-Flight. Consolation ‘best nine’ awards went to Richard Kubicki (19 points), Brian Gabe (15 point) and Don Carmody with 16.

the course was in the best shape anyone could remember for a very long time. The fairways were lush, green, and well grassed, the bunkers tidy and well raked and the greens were just about the best we have seen at any course for a long time, even

the caddies seemed to be of a higher standard than most courses. Geoff Parker, now enjoying a rich vein of good form blew away the rest of the field with a score of forty points, a winning margin of four over second placed Michael Brett. In one of his last games before his return to Canada, Neil Carter took third place on thirty-five as well as a near pin. He also had unbelievable escape on the tenth hole when his shot to the green somehow missed going in the water only to run up to the green and stop three feet from the pin for a birdie putt which he converted. The remaining near pins went to Jon Dean, Keith Norman, and Michael Brett.

Friday, March 8, Mt. Shadow – Stableford 1st Robby Watts (9) 38pts 2nd Tony Robbins (20) 35pts 3rd Michael Brett (15) 33pts In our last game at Mountain Shadow, before the

course closes the back nine holes for renovations, we had a frustrating game and encountered several stoppages in play so it was hard to develop any momentum. Always a challenge the course was the winner today with only Robby Watts able to master the conditions taking first place with thirtyeight points. Most others failed to make the adjustment to slow greens but Tony Robbins did well enough to come second with thirty-five and Michael Brett rounded out the winner’s list with a lowly thirty-three. Craig Dowd was on target with the near pins taking two, with Raleigh Gosney and Tony Robbins taking the remaining two. Shot of the day went to Daryl Vernon on the par three fifteenth when he bounced his drive off the rocks beyond the water and his ball ran up onto the green to near pin position, unfortunately for Daryl, it didn’t stand.

Karen beats the boys PSC Golf from Café Kronborg Monday, March 4, Pleasant Valley Stableford A Flight (0-23) 1st Henning Olsen (22) 33pts 2nd Lotte Boskov (23) 32pts 3rd Ronnie Ratte (21) 31pts 4th Rob Brown (5) 31pts B Flight (24+) 1st Karen Brown (32) 36pts 2nd Gordon Clegg (24) 33pts 3rd Steen Habersaat (25) 32pts 4th Jan Lovgreen (24) 31pts Near Pins: Lotte Boskov, Tom Powers, Jan Lovgreen. Long Putts: Kenneth Madsen, Lotte Boskov. Cafe Kronborg played Pleasant Valley on Monday and found the course in good condition with fast greens... yes fast greens at Pleasant Valley! Couple this with pin placements which maximised the effect of the slopes, a putting roller coaster of a day ensued. Back in the clubhouse the cards evidenced the golfing carnage, with only one person matching their handicap and noone beating their handicap.

Henning Olsen (left) with Karen Brown (right) and Dave ‘The Admiral’ Richardson.

A Flight struggled a bit playing off the blue tees, some of which were on the black tees. The flight winner was Henning Olsen, with a respectable 33 points while Lotte Boskov was second with 32, Lotte hitting some form and making the podium 2 times in a row. Third and fourth places were decided on countback with 2 players having 31 points. Ronnie Ratte

edged it with a countback of 14 points, relegating Rob Brown into fourth with his countback of 13. Karen Brown was the winner in B Flight with a sterling 36 points, the score of the day. In second was Gordon Clegg with a respectable 33 points, third place was claimed by Steen Habersaat with 32 and fourth went to Jan Lovgreen with 31.


FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 23


Tip’s team triumph at Phil’s Birthday Bash PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society Monday, March 4, Laem Chabang Stableford A Flight 1st Petur Petursson (6) 39pts 2nd Paul Smith (4) 38pts 3rd Tom Herrington (13) 38pts 4th Alan Thomas (6) 37pts 5th Peter Park (4) 37pts B Flight 1st Barry Cunningham (21) 40pts 2nd Terry Mangan (21) 40pts 3rd Nigel Harrison (22) 39pts 4th Paul Chesney (21) 38pts 5th Bart Bingham (20) 38pts Phil Davies decided to celebrate his 60th birthday by inviting 84 of his good golfing buddies to share his big day with a game at Laem Chabang. Thanks to Phil’s generosity the cost was no more that 2,000 baht all-in for each player and included a sumptuous smorgasbord dinner at Links Bar in the evening. At the course there were prizes on every hole and a competition within the competition - a normal individual stableford round plus an Irish stableford team event. We got to play on the newly renovated “A” course plus the B nine. Laem Chabang

Birthday boy Phil Davies.

is considered by those who know these things to be an excellent and challenging layout, and with fairways and greens in top notch shape we expected some very good scores, and there were. The individual results are listed above while the team honours went to the quartet of Tip Briney, Nigel Harrison, Barry Oats and Iain Jones, who edged out the second placed outfit comprising Len Jones, John Mason, Mike Firkin and Bryan Barrell.

Wednesday, March 6, Greenwood B & C – Stableford 1st Mitchell Carlon (11) 37pts 2nd Tony Browne (17) 37pts

3rd Tip Briney (27) 37pts 4th Darren Beavers (17) 36pts 5th Andy Kelleher (10) 35pts 6th Phil Mitchell (24) 35pts The management at Greenwood, who are always good and helpful, gave us a twotee start today, which also enabled everyone to finish and be back in town much earlier. The course was in fine condition and did not have the wet patches as per our previous visit. Greens on both nines, B and C, were in good shape and ran nicely. Mitchell Carlon came out blazing from the off, bombing 300+ yards off the tee that had Tip Briney in awe. Tip saw them even though he wasn’t in the same group! Good putting helped also and Mitch won the day and the Green Jacket, his first, in a closely fought threeway countback at the 39 points mark. Tony Browne has been in good form of late and continued to be right up there, taking second ahead of Tip Briney. We went one flight with six places and Darren Beavers had enough “flashes of brilliance” to grab 36 points and fourth place. The final two

Derek Phillips (center) with Tony Browne (left) and John Evans.

places had three players in contention, but one had to miss out. Andy Kelleher and Phil Mitchell both scored 35 points, with Andy having the better back nine. Consolation nines went to Stu Brown (front, 22pts) and Richard Dobson (back, 18pts).

Friday, March 8, Eastern Star – Stableford A Flight (0-16) 1st Brian Beaupre (7) 36pts 2nd Tommy Marshall (7) 34pts 3rd Jon Dean (11) 33pts 4th Pete Seil (3) 31pts 5th Connie Walsh (14) 29pts

B Flight (17+) 1st Derek Phillips (19) 36pts 2nd Richard Dobson (30) 34pts 3rd Nigel Harrison (22) 32pts 4th Tony Leng (26) 30pts 5th Len Jones (31) 30pts Forty golfers took the opportunity to play Eastern Star at an extremely generous price. The course was in fine condition and the greens are running well. Some bunkers seemed overfull but generally the course is well set up. The field was set in two flights, cut at sixteen and under and both flights enjoyed

a tough joust in hot conditions. In the top flight Connie Walsh took fifth place with 29 points, three behind Pete Seil on 31. In third was American golfer Jon Dean with 33 points, one behind runnerup Tommy Marshall on 34 points. The flight winner was Canadian Brian Beaupre whose annual visit saw him win the flight with 36 points. In the second flight things were even tighter with Len Jones staking fifth place on countback with 30 points. One point better was Tony Leng with 31 and Nigel Harrison took third with 32 points. Second place went to Richard Dobson, his back nine impressing as he reached a total of 34 points. The flight winner was Irish golfer Derek Phillips whose 36 points gave him the Green Jacket on countback from top flight winner Brian Beaupre. The near pins awards went to David Pettit (3), Andy Kelleher (6), Paul Durkan (13) and Pete Seil (17). The consolation of the best front nine went to Murray Edwards (18 points) whilst Chris Walsh took the backnine award with 19 points.

Booth sinks an ace, bags the loot The Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, March 4, The Emerald – Stableford Division 1 1st Paul Colfar (3) 37pts 2ndMartin Cooper (04) 35pts 3rd Al Marumoto (12) 35pts Division 2 1st Gary Borrows (18) 34pts 2nd Seamus Farrell (29) 33pts 3rd Peter McGinty (23) 32pts At Emerald we had our usual two divisions and in division one Paul Colfar, who has been playing some amazing golf lately, continued his winning form by scoring two-under par off the stick and taking top spot with a brilliant 37 points. In division two it was the TRGG’s newest member who stole the show. Gary Borrows wanted to impress his playing partners with his golfing ability but could only manage fifteen points on the front nine. Undeterred he found the golfer within and romped home with a further nineteen points to finish the day with 34 and his inaugural number one position.

Tuesday, March 5, Green Valley – Stableford 1st Ian Hunt (14) 36pts 2nd Paul Durkan (12) 36pts 3rd Paul West (11) 36pts Green Valley saw all three podium places determined

rocketed to the top of the leader board with 40 points whilst in the third flight Bart Bingham took the coveted first place with 37.

on count backs. Emerging the victor was Ian Hunt, our loveable “Yam Yam” from Wolverhampton. Ian doesn’t make it to the podium that often so it was great to see him finish in first place.

Saturday, March 9, Pattavia – Stableford

Wednesday, March 6, Greenwood – Stableford Division 1 1st Ian Bell (7) 32pts 2nd Joe Stranks (15) 31pts 3rd Steve Carleton (10) 31pts Division 2 1st Jim Swander (18) 39pts 2nd Kevin Peggs (18) 36pts 3rd Ted Senior (16) 35pts Today we were back to our regular two divisions and the lower handicaps obviously struggled with the course. The winning score came from Ian Bell who was gob-smacked but very pleased when he realized his 32 points put him at the top of the leader board. In division two the scores were much more creditable with our friend from Phnom Penh, Jim Swander, finishing three shots better than his closest rival.

Thursday, March 7, Phoenix Gold – Stableford Division 1 1st KwonYoung-Jun (13) 39pts

David Booth (center) receives his reward after recording a hole-in-one at Pattavia.

2nd Ian Hunt (14) 39pts 3rd Wayne Lloyd (11) 38pts Division 2 1st Lawrence Lee (15) 38pts 2nd Jim Cooper (20) 38pts 3rd Stephen Devlin (15) 36pts Kwon Young-Jun is probably the most excitable and demonstrative person in the club and today his delight was there for all to see after he heard his name called out as the division 1 winner. In division two his fellow countryman and a lot more reserved Lawrence Lee saw his name atop the leader board with very fine score of 38 points.

Friday, March 8, Burapha – Stableford Division 1 1st Klaus Fast (3) 39pts

2nd Mike Rushant (10) 38pts 3rd Neil Wilkinson (12) 38pts Division 2 1st Peter From (14) 40pts 2nd Derek Thorogood (16) 39pts 3rd Gary Warburton (16) 38pts Division 3 1st Bart Bingham (19) 37pts 2nd David Booth (17) 36pts 3rd Heo Gil-Sik (19) 35pts With 52 players in the field the management at Burapha gave us a two-tee start on D & C and C & D courses. Klaus Fast is one of the most consistent golfers around and today’s performance saw him par the course off the stick, which was an incredible achievement. In division two Peter From

Division 1 1st Mike Rushant (36) 38pts 2nd Peter Peturson (21) 34pts 3rd Ian Bell (03) 33pts Division 2 1st Jim Cooper (20) 40pts 2nd Scott Baumgarten (22) 35pts 3rd Colin Smith (12) 33pts We finished the week at Pattavia, a course renowned for its slick greens that strike fear into the heart of most golfers.

David Booth, who had been struggling with the greens all day, decided to take the putter out of the equation and slam dunked the ball in the hole for an ace on hole number 17 to earn him a 10,000 baht reward from the Travellers Rest. In division one Mike the “Machine” Rushant was oiling the cogs and set up a brilliant victory with a great score of 38 points. In division two, Jim Cooper the man who strives on stress and had more than his fair share of it today, proved he was up to the task and smashed an incredible 40 points to finish with the equal best score of the week.

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24 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



O’Sullivan shines at Silky Oak The Tara Court Golf Society 30pts keeping Jack Fetherston (12) out of the prizes. B division was won by 6 shots with Donal McGuigan (18) having a superb round of 41pts. In second was Frank McGowan (25) on 35pts, third went to Ted Murphy (24) with 34 and fourth to Pat Cullotty (23) on 33. The big winner was Fred O’Connor with the only 2 for the day.

Thursday, March 7, Greenwood Stableford

Kevin O’Sullivan.

Sunday, March 3, Green Valley/Silky Oak - Stableford For the first time this year we had so many players we had to split the group up and play two different courses, both Green Valley and Silky Oak. The largest part of our group played on Green Valley and here we had three flights with the cut for the A flight coming in at thirteen, the B flight at twenty three and the C flight twenty four up. In the A flight Lawrie McBride (H’cap 13) was the winner with thirty seven points, Jack Featherston (12) came second with thirty six and Craig Hitchens (11) third on thirty three. In the B flight Russell Gilroy (15) showed that his new reduced handicap is no problem as he came out the winner with an excellent thirty nine points, a score which will reduce his handicap even

Fred O’Connor.

more for next week. Ken Hole (21) was second on thirty three points and Terry Mangan (19), who was also off a much reduced handicap, still managed to make third with thirty one points. The scoring wasn’t as good in in the C flight and here Joe Peters (24) was surprised to learn that he was the winner with thirty two points. Pat Carty (24) also had thirty two but lost the countback to Joe and John McGarry (24) came third with twenty eight. We had three 2s today, from Russell Gilroy, Lawrie McBride and Jack Featherston. Over at Silky Oak we had only one flight but still got good scores on a course which we are not used to. Kevin O’Sullivan (15) seems to like this course and came out a very clear winner with an excellent forty points. Paul Claffey (17) also played very well and took second with thirty six and we then

had a countback for third on thirty four which went down to the last hole. Declan Kelly (12) birdied it and took the bronze while Jerry McCarthy (17) had to settle for fourth. Jerry also had one of the two 2s we got today, Michael Byrne recording the other one.

Like its sister course Mountain Shadow, Crystal Bay is also showing signs of wear & tear and a good general clean-up is required. The greens here are usually different speeds from B course to C course, and today was no exception. TheAdivision scoring was not great and Francis McGuigan (13) on 32pts beat Barney Sheedy (11) on countback. Nick Caulfield (7) was third with 31pts while 4th place was also decided on countback with Joe McArdle (14) on

PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya Monday, March 4, Pattavia - Stableford

Thursday, March 6, Eastern Star Stableford Eastern Star was our venue on Thursday and the course

Paul Davies, Bob Edwards & Willem Lasonder.

was in good condition, but already with dry on some spots showing. With the low season vouchers this course is really value for money. Bob Edwards has been in good form of late and today he played a solid round and won with 37

McGowan (25) took third with thirty six. Peter Hudson (18) won a countback to claim fourth on thirty three points George Pearson. The scoring wasn’t quite as good in the A flight and Craig Hitchens (11) was the winner with thirty five points. Kevin Blake (7) was second on thirty four, Declan Kelly (12) took third with thirty three and Francis McGuigan (13) made the fourth spot today and had the only 2.

We played the B and C courses at Greenwood in that order and had two flights

Rudi on a roll, wins back-to-back The Jomtien Golf Society

Tuesday, March 5, Crystal Bay Stableford

Davies burns up the course This week we played our first competition on Monday to avoid playing 3 days in a row, because many took part in the PSC Charity Classic. The Pattavia course was in good condition with plenty of roll on the fairways. Paul Davies was in top form this day and racked up a fantastic 40 points to head the field. Runner-up David Smith could not match Paul but still did enough to take second on 37 points while Paddy Devereux took third with 35. The near pins went to Paul Davies, Stan Rees and Sam Gettinby.

with the cut for the A flight coming in at fifteen. Fred O’Connor (H/cap 30) had a serious problem a few years ago which meant that he had to have a leg amputated. He’s been coming to Thailand for many years and this year he has played his best golf ever. Today his thirty eight points won the B flight and was an excellent score. In second place was Glen Armistead (17) with thirty seven points and Frank

points. A modest distance behind Bob was Willem Lasonder in second with 33 points and third place went to Paul Davies on 32. The near pins were claimed by Jonathan Pratt, Stan Rees, Bob Edwards and Dave Smith.

Rudi Schaefer (from left) with Pete Sumner, Ron Miller and John Carlin.

Monday, March 4, Mt. Shadow – Stableford The numbers are starting to drop slowly now so there were only two divisions out today with the cut at 10-16 and 17+. Some of the greens here were quite slick and others very slow and it was very difficult to work out which was which until the first putt on each green. The difficulty of the greens was reflected in the scores today with 33 points the best in for Rudi Schaefer to win division 2. Steve Harris was second behind Rudi on 32, Jerry McCarthy was third with 29 and Paul Young finished fourth on 27. Pete Sumner topped division 1 with 32 points, John Hughes took second one point behind, Dennis Scougall came in third with 29 and occupying fourth place with an amazing 25 points was Bob Comartin. Near pins went to (Div 1) John Hughes, Bert Mittendorf and Pete Sumner (2), and (Div 2) John Carlin, Steve Harris and Paul Young. Bert Mittendorf birdied the 15th for the only ‘2’ in division 1 and in division 2 Steve Harris birdied the 5th and Paul young the 15th.

Wednesday, March 6, Pattavia - Stableford An almost similar field as of Monday but in division 1 the cut was 7-16 today and the scores were a little higher, with Pete Sumner, in his last game with us for six weeks, winning division 1 with 37 points. Bob Comartin took second place, beating Ron Miller on a 20/17 back-nine countback after two 34’s were returned and Steve Godfrey came fourth with 32.

Rudi Schafer again won division 2, edging John Carlin on a 11/10 back-six countback with 18/18 on the back nine and 35 points overall. Leo Adam came in third on another countback, beating Paul Young 20/18 on the back-nine after they both scored 34 points. Near pins were claimed by (Div 1) Bob Comartin, Ron Miller and Pete Sumner (2), and (Div 2) Leo Adam and Rudi Schaefer. Three 2s today came in the two divisions, Tony Molloy on the 4th and Pete Sumner on the 7th and in division 2 Paul Butler on the 7th.

Friday, March 8, Eastern Star - Stableford As always the highest turnout of the week and we teed off 15 minutes ahead of our allocated 9.15 schedule but there were four threeballs in front of us playing so slow that is took us over four hours to get around. Thirty-nine points was the best score of the day, with Ron Lavett posting that to win division 2, six points ahead of second placed Paul Young. Tony Thorne came in third on 30 points and the organizer Glyn Evans took fourth with 28. The social workers entrepreneur Dennis Scougall claimed division 1 honours with 36 points, and two arch rivals were fighting for second place; Gerry Dooley beat Frank Kelly on a 20/18 back-nine countback after two cards of 34 were returned. In fourth place Colin Aspinall edged Per Forsberg 19/17 after two 32-pointers were returned. Only four near pin winners today with eight up for grabs; Colin Aspinall, Dennis Scougall and Les Smith in division 1 and Ron Lavett in division 2. There were no 2s in either division so all to play for next Friday.


FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 25


Lambert storms home at Phoenix PSC Golf from The Billabong Bar Monday, March 4, Phoenix Gold Stableford Six groups out playing at Phoenix Gold today and the course was in great condition although the greens on one nine were not quite as fast as the other. The scoring today was unbelievable and Brian Scott took 4th place with 38 points, him beating Paul Greenaway on a countback having 20 points on the back to Paul’s 19. Third place went to Thiery Petrement with 42 points, him being edged out on countback by Julie Battersby. The little French general Gerard Lambert scored a whopping 25 points on the front nine but could only manage 18 on the back to record 43 points and take the top spot. There were six 2s, coming from Lloyd Shuttleworth, Paul Greenaway, Dave Kellerway, Gerard Lambert, Julie Battersby and Thiery Temime.

Wednesday, March 6, Green Valley – Stableford One strange thing has pricked



Gerard Lambert, Julie Battersby and Thiery Temime.

our curiosity today. The cards, the concrete disks on the tee and the board on each hole have measurements to the middle of the green, so why have Green Valley suddenly altered the fairway distance markers to measure to the front of the green. The familiar markers, which could be seen from everywhere on the course, have been replaced with a stick which resembles a cricket stump. Strange! It seems that 36 points was the favourite number today in the men’s competition, for

FRI 15

SAT 16

there were four of them. Douggie Crowe (H/cap 8) stood on the 16th tee with 35 points fully expecting a successful day but 1 point on the last three holes placed him in 4th place, losing out to Jeff North (10) on the last 6 holes who stumbled on the back nine with 3 points in 4 holes. Lloyd Shuttleworth (4), whose putting (in his own words) was shocking, had to wait until the last hole to find the long awaited birdie for 36 points and 2nd place. A visitor from UK, David Kellerway (9) despite

SUN 17


Bunker Boys


and Neil taking 3rd much to his club mates amazement. There was also a count back between Jason Schembri and the man of the moment Dougie Crowe with Jason taking 2nd spot and Dougie 1st. There was only one 2 recorded, coming from Steve Dodd.

Friday, March 8, Burapha - Stableford We played C and D loops at Burapha for a change today. The course was in great condition but the rough was a bit on the heavy side and hard to get out of. With a depleted field of only 5 groups we got away right on 9.30, there were no holdups and the golf just flowed along.

MON 18

TUE 19

WED 20

THU 21

Mt. Shadow Bangpra

Cafe Kronborg Colin’s Golf

FRI 22 Silky Oak

Eastern Star

Royal Lakeside




Crystal Bay

Green Valley

Growling Swan Le Katai

There were some of the lads from Geralton making up the numbers today and one of the lads got the NAGA prize. The scoring wasn’t that flash with a count back between Jack Piercefield and Neil Herd both on 33 points with Jack taking 4th place

The next PSC golf tournament will the Club Championship at Bangpra G.C. on April 2 & 4

Apple’s Irish

Billabong Golf

only 2 points on holes 14-16 had 37 points to win the day. Miss Ooh (21) had 4 onepointers on the front for 36 points and 4th place whilst Miss May (11) had 8 pars and 1 birdie in her round but most of these were on the front 9 so 17 points on the back restricted her score to 38 points and 3 rd place. The ever-present Miss Porn (21) had a much improved back nine to claim 2nd place with 39 points but the runnerway leader Miss Pin (19) had 3 birdies and 4 pars in her round to finish with 45 points. There were four 2s today, from Miss Pin, Miss May Douggie Crowe and Jeff North.



Pleasant Valley



Siam Old Course

The Links

Treasure Hill




Green Valley King Naga


Burapha Plutaluang

Khao Kheow

Pleasant Valley

Pattaya C.C.

I Rovers Retox Game On Siam Country Sugar Shack Harry’s Golf The Golf Club

Valley View Hackers

Pleasant Valley

Royal Lakeside B’pakong/Pattaya CC

Pleasant Valley

Pattaya C.C.

Crystal Bay


Silky Oak

Green Valley

Khao Kheow

The Players Lounge Tropical Golf

Pattaya C.C.

King Naga

Khao Kheow

Crystal Bay Pattavia Khao Kheow

Bangpra Eastern Star

Pattaya C.C.



Green Valley Pleasant Valley Green Valley

Bangpakong Green Valley

Treasure Hill Green Valley

Green Valley

The Bunker Boys meet at Woody’s Bar on Soi Skaw Beach for golf outings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ( or call 094368 3580, 081 788 2338 or 087 693 7803. Transportation leaves from Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana Inn at 8:15 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, (contact Dave on tel. 038 602 2117). Colin’s Bar plays golf Sun/Mon/Wed & Fri ( The Growling Swan plays golf on Monday & Thursday ( Lewinski’s in Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3), play Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Transport is available, call Marcus on 089 503 9179 for further information and booking. The Pattaya Links Hotel Golf Society departs from Soi Buakhao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call Phil on 0625 933 380 or visit The Golf Club is located on Soij LK Metro. Call Phil on 090 769 3778. Tropical Golf meets at BJ’s Holiday Lodge at 8am on Tuesday’ & Friday. Call Derek on 089 034 0629

26 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



Peter & Eddie on top at PSC Charity Classic 2019

The 2019 PSC Charity Classic champions, Peter LeNoury (left) and Eddie Beilby (right) receive their award from PSC Golf Chairman Jack Moseley.

PSC Golf Chairman Jack Moseley (left) presents a prize to runners-up Fumio Kakegawa and Satosi Kawakami.

Khao Kheow was the course chosen for this year’s Pattaya Sport Club Charity Classic, playing the ‘A’ and ‘B’ nines with a 2-tee start on Wednesday, March 6. Tim, Nigel and Ing from the PSC office were at the course early to prepare for registration of the 85 players. As usual the course was in fine condition, the weather was hot – but dry - and with the very helpful clubhouse staff everything was set for a good day. The tee-times ran reasonably smoothly with Tim, the starter on ‘B’ and Jack the starter on ‘A’ but perhaps it wasn’t made quite clear enough that A was the first and B was the tenth. It will be corrected next time. The Golf Hub sponsored the near pin competition on the island B8 green, as well as providing 2 very able ladies who orchestrated a “keep your ball on the green” fun game. If your ball did not go in the water, your ticket went into a raffle, drawn in the evening. If it did go in, you could have another go at a price! It was a great idea and very good for the charities. All the other par-3s were also sponsored; two of them by Tyrone’s TPR Golf Academy at Siam Country Club. Other sponsors for the day included Chris Dodd, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Casa Pascal Restaurant, The Classroom, Walter Baechli, 4 golfers from The Kronberg, Diana Garden Resort, Roman Golf Shop, Avani Hotel, Sinco, The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant, Mediterranean Garden Resort and of course many of the local golf courses; including Khao Kheow, Phoenix Gold, Eastern Star, Soi Dao, Pattana, Pattaya Country Club and last but not least Angkor Golf in Siem Reap. The evening festivities started at 6pm, with the excellent choice of buffet food provided by the wonderful Thai Garden Resort. After most of the 85 guests had finished eating, the resident band moved away and Nigel called everyone to order and introduced the 2019 PSC Golf Chairman Jack Moseley. However, a surprise visitor to the evening was Peter Malhotra, the PSC President and Jack passed the microphone to Peter for a few welcoming words. Jack then expressed his appreciation for those taking part with a special mention of the many generous sponsors. He also thanked Tim, Nigel, Ing and all the PSC office staff, for all the

Near-pin winner Noksa Amphai.

good work they did in staging this event. He also welcomed the Japanese contingent, ten of them, the many new faces to Pattaya and finally thanked the long-standing members. It was then back to Nigel to announce the winners and it was last year’s runners-up (definitely not new faces) who got over the line first by just one shot. After an indifferent but solid front nine, Eddie Beilby got his act together on the back half to produce his ‘A’ game, helping him and Peter LeNoury post, not only the best score of the day (46 points) but also the first score of the day; first off on course A and around in under 4 hours! In second place were Fumio Kakegawa and Satosi Kawakami with 45 points on countback over Lance Nomeland and Brenton Shaw, and Ning Neal and Onsee Lakda who finished in that order. Karen and Robert Brown placed fifth with 44 points, edging Chop Daprakhon and Galer Duangden into sixth on another countback Unfortunately, the ‘near pin’ results were incomplete as someone decided to ‘kamoy’ the pin markers. We were left with only one on B8 and none on A3, so those prizes will be carried over to the next event at Bangpra. The near pins which remained

PSC General Manager Ingkarat Chaimongkon (right) presents to third placed duo Lance Nomeland and Brenton Shaw.

Fourth placed team, Ning Neal and Onsee Lakda.

Ingkarat Chaimongkon (right) rewards another nearpin winner.

were won by Mikael Anderson & Albert Bruce (A5), Andy Spence & Ning Neal (B3) and Noksa Amphai (B8). The next PSC golf event is the annual Club Championship, to be held at Bangpra on 2nd and 4th April. The first round is medal (stroke-play) for all divisions before putting

the leaders into a second day of medal and the remainder into a ‘plate’ competition, playing stableford, having had their first day’s score converted to points. The evening event will be held at either the Barracuda on The Mercure. Check the PSC website for details.

All smiles as PSC golfers prepare to tee-off at Khao Kheow G.C.


FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 27


6N: Wales survive Scotland to set up Grand Slam shot Foster Niumata Edinburgh (AP) - Scotland on form offered to be merely a pothole in Wales’ drive to Six Nations glory. The thing about potholes though, is they can be bigger than expected. Wales were cruising by halftime at Murrayfield last Saturday, the 15-6 lead flattering the Scots, who were coming off two bumbling losses to Ireland and France. Wales coach Warren Gatland said none of his team was “blowing” in the changing room, and all felt comfortable. He and his assistants urged the team to put on a show. But a different Scotland came out for the second half, and Wales had to survive an onslaught to prevail 18-11. Wales return home to play defending champions Ireland for the Grand Slam this coming weekend in Cardiff, relieved to get out of Edinburgh still unbeaten after four rounds. “Any team that’s won a Grand Slam, and I think back even to last year with Ireland and that Johnny Sexton drop goal, you look back at certain games and know you’ve had a little bit of luck,” said Gatland, on the verge of his third Grand Slam. Scotland virtually owned the second half, playing with all of the ball, forcing

Wales’ George North collects the ball during the Six Nations rugby match against Scotland at BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, Saturday March 9. (Ian Rutherford/PA via AP)

penalties, and pinning Wales down. Grant Gilchrist was held up over the line, then Darcy Graham finished a brilliant backs move, and Scotland trailed only 15-11 with 22 minutes to go and their crowd roaring them on. The revived Scots, who have beaten Wales only once in 11 years, threatened an upset until each threat was ruined by errors; a spill or bad pass or turnover. Wales’ renowned defense bent but didn’t break, having to make 138 tackles in the second half after 66 in the first.

A compelling match finished with Scotland, frustrated and patched together, back in their 22 for the first time since the end of the first half, and Wales flyhalf-cumfullback Gareth Anscombe kicking a second penalty to complete their record-extending 13th straight win. Also last Saturday, Manu Tuilagi scored two tries in a dominant display as England thrashed Italy 57-14 to keep their Six Nations title hopes intact. Wing Joe Cokanasiga was equally impressive as England repeatedly breached

Maw comes up trumps PSC Golf from The Growling Swan Monday, March 4, Mt. Shadow Stableford 1st Dave Maw (19) 34pts 2nd Keith Buchanan (14) 33pts Near Pins: Keith Buchanan, Kae Dayton, Colin Banks, Dave Maw. Long Putts: Kae Dayton, Martin Todd. We had thirteen golfers head out to Mountain Shadow for today’s game where we played off the blue tees at about 6200m. The course was in really good condition; fairways were mowed and tidy, greens ran true and bunkers were clean and raked as well. All in all the opportunity for some good scores one would think, or was it? Dave Maw led field back home with a modest 34 points but it was enough to get the job done. Keith Buchanan returned a shot in arrears to take out second place, the only spot left on the podium.

Thursday, March 7, King Naga – Stableford 1st Ian Ward (12) 39pts 2nd Bernie McCart (28) 36pts 3rd Keith Buchanan (14) 35pts

Italy backed up their prematch promise to attack England when Tommaso Allan cancelled out Jamie George’s opening score to level the scores after 12 minutes, but that was as good as it got for the winless visitors. England secured a four-try bonus point by halftime with further scores from Jonny May, Tuilagi, and Brad Shields, who claimed his first international try. To win the title, England need to beat Scotland and hope Wales slip up against Ireland in the final round this weekend. Defending Six Nations champions Ireland finally turned up last Sunday in mastering France 26-14 in Dublin.

Ireland’s Keith Earls celebrates with team mates after scoring a try against France during their Six Nations rugby union international match at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland Sunday, March 10. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

the Italy defence in an eighttry victory at Twickenham. “It was an unbelievably physical England,” Italy coach Conor O’Shea said. “We were overpowered.”

Armed with easily their best performance of the championship, the Irish will finish in Cardiff on Saturday with an outside chance of retaining the title against

Grand Slam-chasing Wales. Ireland need to beat Wales, and England to lose to Scotland. The Irish were shattered by England in their openingmatch defeat and struggled to piece themselves together against Scotland and Italy, winning only because their opponents were even poorer than themselves. Everything finally clicked in place as Ireland dominated France to earn a bonus-point fourth try inside an hour and lead 26-0. At half-time Ireland had enjoyed an incredible 94 percent territory and 82 percent possession. France had to make 125 tackles in the half, Ireland only 21. “To dominate like that in a Six Nations game is rare,” a delighted Schmidt said. Having scored four tries against France for the first time in 13 years, Ireland’s bench was emptied when they substituted players to save them for the showdown with Wales. France replacement prop Dorian Aldegheri was sinbinned for repeated scrum infringements, but with eight men against seven, Ireland’s put-in wasn’t hooked and the pushover attempt was thwarted. Then Larmour stepped defenders in a rousing 20-meter run to the tryline, only to become isolated and turned over. That was Ireland’s last shot. France somehow conjured up late converted tries to Yoann Huget and Camille Chat, ruining Ireland’s golden chance to blank them for the first time since 1928.

Zidane back as Real Madrid coach Tales Azzoni

Dave Maw (left) and Keith Buchanan.

Near Pins: Keith Buchanan, Martin Kempton, Ian Ward, Martin Todd. Long Putts: Don Richardson, Dave Maw. The course at King Naga was in good nick today and offered plenty of run. Although a little dry they were putting plenty of water on the course, bunkers were clean and raked, fairways tidy, but the greens were a little slow and putting from the fringes was difficult as the buffalo grass certainly took the speed from the ball. All in all, this course is priced right, and Bt.1090 all in is great value. With fourteen players we

had five groups and teed off about 10 min earlier than our allotted tee time. We played just one flight with three places on the podium and all novelties in play. Ian Ward that took the top prize as his return of 39 points set him apart from the rest. Bernie McCart came in second with yet another reasonable score of 36 points and we then had a bit of a log-jam for the third place on the podium as three golfers all returned with the same score only to be separated by the countback system. Keith Buchanan got the nod for the bronze position over Dave Maw and Martin Todd, all on 35 points.

Madrid (AP) —Zinedine Zidane is returning to coach Real Madrid, the club he led to three straight Champions League titles before quitting while on top nine months ago. Madrid announced Monday that Zidane accepted an offer to replace Santiago Solari and signed a contract until June 2022 to try to get the club back on track after a disastrous season. The coaching change came less than a week after two losses to Barcelona and another to Ajax — results that eliminated the club from the Champions League and the Copa del Rey and virtually ended its hopes of winning the Spanish league. “I’m very happy to be back home. I’ve recharged my batteries and now I’m ready

Newly appointed Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane smiles, during a press conference in Madrid, Monday March 11. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

again for the experience of being Real Madrid’s coach. I’m motivated to be coaching again,” Zidane said. “What I want to do now is return to work and put the club back where it belongs.” Zidane, who won the 2002 Champions League while

playing for Madrid, said he was never in doubt after receiving the offer from Perez. “I love this club, and when the president called me, I couldn’t say no,” Zidane said. “I’ll give everything I have to make this club better.”

28 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



Rafael Nadal, of Spain, serves to Jared Donaldson at the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament Sunday, March 10, 2019, in Indian Wells, Calif. (AP Photo/ Mark J. Terrill)

United States’ Mikaela Shiffrin speeds down the course during the second run of an Alpine Skiing World Cup women’s Slalom in Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic, Saturday, March. 9. (AP Photo/Giovanni Auletta)

South Africa’s Stedman Gans (left) evades a tackle by France’s Gabin Villiere during the championship final at the World Rugby Sevens Series in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Sunday March 10. (Ben Nelms/The Canadian Press via AP)

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford (left) celebrates with teammate Mason Greenwood after scoring his side’s third goal during the Champions League round of 16, second leg match against Paris Saint Germain at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris, France, Wednesday, March. 6. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Kyle Busch (front) drives out of Turn 4 during the NASCAR Cup Series auto race at ISM Raceway, Sunday, March 10 in Avondale, Arizona. (AP Photo/ Ralph Freso) Francesco Molinari, of Italy, poses with the championship trophy after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament Sunday, March 10, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Australia’s Ashton Turner hits a six during the fourth one day international cricket match between India and Australia in Mohali, India, Sunday, March 10. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)



FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 29


Events The next meeting of Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) will be held on Sunday, March 17. The PCEC program varies, but usually involves a guest speaker on a topic of interest to Expats. The program starts at 10:30 am with a buffet breakfast available from 9:00 to 11:00 am on the 4th floor of the Holiday Inn’s Executive Tower located behind the Holiday Inn’s Bay Tower on Beach Road. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17. A colourful Paddy’s Day parade will start moving from the front of the Alcazar cabaret show lounge on Pattaya 2nd Road at 4.00 p.m. before turning down Soi 4 onto Beach Road, then heading towards Walking Street and ending at Muang Pattaya 8 School. There will be more than 30 floats, along with a marching band from the Royal Thai Navy Band and from schools in Pattaya. There will also be an opportunity to but raffle tickets to help support the education fund of the Father Ray Foundation. A Joint Chambers Eastern Seaboard networking evening will be held at the Myatt Hotel Pattaya on Friday, March 15 from 6.00 p.m. – 9 p.m. (last drinks at 8.30 p.m.). Entrance cost is THB 500 on the door for members and THB 1,000 for non-members. Admission includes freeflow drinks and finger food. The Eastern Seaboard Businessmen’s Dinner is a monthly event taking place at the Mantra Restaurant at the Amari Pattaya Resort on the last Thursday of the month. It brings together

business leaders from various backgrounds including Automotive, Aerospace, Real Estate, Architecture, FMCG, Electronics, White Goods, Logistics, Recruitment, Legal, Consulting, and others in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in attending please contact A Farmers’ Market takes place every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Holiday Inn hotel on Pattaya Beach Road from 10.30 am - 3.30 p.m. Products range from wellness items, jewelry, freshly prepared food, organic vegetables and fruits. The next market will be held April 13. A stamp market is held every Sunday from 10.00 a.m. till 3.00 Rahnpintang Moe Kata Restaurant, Panji Place, on Soi Ponphraphanimit 7 (200m from the Bangkok Highway underpass). Here can you exchange stamps from the whole world. Call 089 091 3418 for more information and directions.

Dining Throughout March and April, Horizon Rooftop Restaurant & Bar at Hilton Pattaya invites you to experience the succulent taste of ‘Giant Lobster’ while enjoy a stunning view of Pattaya Bay at one of the best rooftop restaurant & bars in Pattaya city. Try Lobster Thermidor served with 3 flavors of dipping sauces including BBQ sauce, Thai seafood dipping sauce and mango salsa, with a choice of your favorite side dish selections include Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Truffle, Sauté Heirloom Potato with Chimichurri Sauce, Grilled

Fax: 038-427596

Pear with Fennel Salad, Saffron and Lemon Rice or Baked Macaroni and Cheese. A set of Giant Lobster Thermidor is priced at THB 3,250 net per set. Horizon is located on level 34 at Hilton Pattaya. Open daily for dinner at 6pm – 11pm. For more information or reservation, call 038253-000 or Email bkkhp. Persimmon restaurant at Pattana Golf Club & Resort offers 3 weekly theme nights for customers to enjoy exciting dining concepts. Pizza/ Pasta Night, 299 Baht net per person, every Tuesday invites you to personalize your favorite Italian dishes. Wednesday is Seafood Night, 399 Baht net per person, with unlimited amounts of the freshest seafood from the local market. On Fridays, enjoy a variety of barbecued meats during the Carnivore Night at 499 Baht net per person. Book your seat prior and enjoy your dinner at Tel. 038 318 999 ext. 11230 or email to: L’Olivier Restaurant invites you to enjoy a daily cold buffet and 4-course menu comprising soup, salad bar, main course and dessert for only 395 baht. The buffet menu is changed every two days. The restaurant specializes in French Provencal cuisine, traditional Thai food

and rare Vietnamese dishes. Dine in air conditioned comfort or on the terrace. Located on Jomtien Walking Street between View Talay 2 and Jomtien Complex on the main taxi thoroughfare. For reservations, call Ms. Wan on Tel. 061 854 4848 (French, English & Thai spoken). The Bay Grill & Buffet at Dusit Thani Pattaya: Dine with a sea view and enjoy seafood and meat barbecue accompanied by Thai and international items from soup, appetizers and main courses to dessert for only THB 1200++ per person. Free flowing beverage for additional THB 599++ per person. The Bay is open daily from 18:30 - 22:00. Call 038 425 611-7 ext. 2149 0r 2150 for more information and reservations. Saturday Night Buffet is back at AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa. Experience regional favourites galore, street dishes an artisan desserts, as you relax with classical Thai dance and live music. Every Saturday night at Sala Rim Nam Restaurant from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Priced at THB 599++ per person. Kids under 5 eat free. For more information and reservations, call 038 412 120 Big Fish restaurant at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya enhances its seafood

buffet with more premium catches and live music entertainment. The restaurant offers a nightly Seafood BBQ Buffet at only THB 777 net or THB 1,099 net with free-flow wine. Enjoy highquality, premium seafood cuisine as you listen to acoustic guitar and piano music from prominent local artists. Seafood BBQ Buffet at Big Fish is available every night from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. For reservations call 038 930 600 or email After 14 years as the Landlord of an Irish Pub, the name Kim Fletcher has not disappeared. Kim may have gone from Jamesons, but his wife Goy has ensured that the name Fletcher has not died by opening Fletchers’ Folly, a boutique pub on the Dark Side. Kim is trying to get used to being retired, but the new ‘pensioner’ loves regaling the drinkers with stories from his lifetime in pubs, punctuated with his characteristic laugh. Fletchers’ Folly is on Siam Country Club Road, opposite Maxxis tyres and 300 meters before the “Chicken Crossroads”. Food and drinks at very reasonable prices.

Pizza and Pasta All You Can Eat at Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien: Twist Restaurant features Italian classics like creamy Carbonara or meaty Bolognese with a choice of pasta, or the delicious Prosciutto Pizza with your choice of regular or whole wheat dough. The menu also includes original Thai-fusion pizzas and pasta such as the Tom Yam pizza with chili paste, prawn, squid and Thai herbs or the tasty Green Curry Pasta. Available all day from Sunday – Thursday at only THB 500 per person, with a glass of soft drink. For more information or reservation, call 033 078 888. The Thai Garden Terrace Restaurant offers nightly dining presentations with different themed “all you can eat” buffets at the resort poolside: Monday – Italian buffet; Tuesday – BBQ buffet; Wednesday – multi-cuisine buffet; Thursday – German buffet with roasted pig; Friday – Thai buffet; Saturday – international buffet; Sunday – steak & skewers buffet. The buffet starts from 6 p.m., runs until 9 p.m. Continued on page 31

30 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



A Night in Bordeaux

Guests enjoy the exclusive ambiance of the Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar. Allan Riddell, Elfi Seitz, Panga Vathanakul MD of Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Richard Smith enjoy the cocktail reception.

After a long break during which time the main building of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group underwent extensive renovations, the ever so popular wine dinner for the members of the Royal Cliff’s deVine Wine Club was held in the elegant Royal Grill Room and Wine Cellar.

This time centered the event was called ‘A Night in Bordeaux’ and was overseen by Sunthorn Lapmul, a man who never ceases to amaze us with his knowledge of wines and the hospitality business, not to mention his canny sense of humour. Sunthorn started his service career in 2003 at Dusit

Thani Bangkok as a restaurant supervisor then moved up to become the restaurant manager of D’Sens where he learned about French fine dining. In 2005 he began his studies at the Italian Sommelier Association where he completed levels 1 to 3. Having worked on cruise ships and advancing his training though the years, he came back to Thailand, worked at the Mandarin

Panga Vathanakul together with GM Prem Calais of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Jan Lorenzen, RM of the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel and Thibault Sellier RM of the Royal Wing Suites and Spa congratulate Executive Chef Peter Held and Sunthorn Lapmul for a superb evening of fine dining and wines. Anirut Posakrisna (3rd right), chairman of Wine Dee Dee Co., Ltd. was also in attendance.

Oriental and finally joined Dee Dee Group as the Director of Marketing. A Bordeaux wine is any wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France, with a total vineyard area of over 120,000 hectares making it the largest wine growing area in France. Average vintages produce over 700 million bottles of Bordeaux wine, ranging from large quantities of everyday table wine, to some of the most expensive and prestigious wines in the world. The vast majority of wine produced in Bordeaux is red (called “claret” in Britain), with sweet white wines (most notably Sauternes), dry whites, and (in much smaller quantities) rosé and sparkling wines (Crémant de Bordeaux) collectively making up the remainder. Bordeaux wine is made by more than 8,500 producers or châteaux. After the welcome cocktails, which was a Montaudon Brut, Réserve Premiere Champagne NV and canapés, the members of the deVine Wine Club and guests made their way to the Royal Grill Room and Wine Cellar, one of the many restaurants within the Royal Cliff’s ambit with its wooden ceiling a masterpiece.

Jan Lorenzen – RM of the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel, welcomes guests to ‘A Night in Bordeaux’.

Sunthorn Lapmul expertly introduced the various wines of the evening.

One of the factors towards the enjoyment of a wine dinner is the matching of wines and food, and executive chef at the Royal Cliff, Peter Held is a master of the art form. The dinner began with the seared tuna loin niçoise with white anchovies and capers. This was paired with La Valinière Blanc, Graves Bordeaux 2016, a light wine as a palate cleanser. The next course was an eye-opener, a cream of roasted mushroom soup with truffle oil which proved to be quite popular with the wine club members. This was married to the Domaine Michel Thomas, Sancerre Loire Valley 2015, a wine with good body and finish. A little breather and a raspberry sherbet and we were ready for the next course, the duck confit, herb and salt marinated and slow cooked in duck fat on roasted vegetables enhanced by the Château Tourteran, HauMédoc Bordeaux 2010.

Now we were primed for the main course, the grilled Australian beef sirloin served on roasted garlic and mashed potatoes, ratatouille and shallot jam. This was paired with a Château Lynch-Moussas, 5ème Cru Classé Pauillac 2005 which having been opened 4 hours prior to the dinner was perfectly enjoyable with the beef sirloin. The grand finale was the Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream, baked French apple turnover paired with Château Lamothe Guignard Grand Cru Classé, Sauternes 2013. The deVine Wine Club was launched on April 28, 2001 as the visible face of the resort’s enthusiasm for promoting wines and hosting wine-related events. Today, membership has grown substantially and it is now Asia’s leading wine club which hosts popular gala dinners. If you would like to know more about the deVine Wine Club you may contact the GM Prem Calais, prem@



FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019 31

E-mail: From page 29 All this for just 399 baht net per adult. What you see is what you pay, no additional service charges or VAT. For reservations call 038 370 614 or make your booking at under “buffet reservation”. Thai Garden Resort is located on North Pattaya Road, 200 meters from the Dolphin roundabout and 200 meters before Tesco Lotus. Yupin’s Restaurant in Jomtien Complex offers some fabulous culinary options including Fines De Claires Oysters arriving fresh ‘Par Avion’ from Normandy in France. Served on ice with lemon and on request a spicy Thai sauce for dipping. An amazing experience. Only 595 baht per six oysters. Yupin’s fantastic French onion soup is now available again! For more information or reservations, call 038 250394 or visit website: Linda’s Restaurant is large with seating for 200 people, with a covered al fresco verandah outside for those who wish to smoke. Inside, in air-conditioned comfort, there are comfortable chairs

and decent sized tables, with white starched napery. Linda’s Restaurant is located on Thappraya Road opposite the Jomtien Complex. Open seven days a week from 7.30 a.m. until late. For reservations, Tel: 038 252 726, visit, or Email linda@ Yamato Restaurant located on Soi Yamato has been around for more than 39 years and the soi was named after its oldest tenant. This is a restaurant to take a few people with you. The prices are certainly not over the top, and the quality is superb. Yamato Japanese restaurant, 219/51 Soi Yamato (13/1), close to Beach Road end, telephone 038 429 685 or 038 421 618. Open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. for dinner. The legendary Somsakdi Restaurant has been in operation in Pattaya for more than 40 years. Proprietor and Chef Somsakdi is still cooking and running his amazing restaurant at 78 years of age. The menu is probably the largest in Pattaya, with 374 individual items. Each dish is in Thai with an English explanation underneath.

Musaman Gai – a milder curry This dish from southern Thailand uses coconut milk to produce a thick creamy curry. Musaman takes around two hours to cook correctly. There are many curry pastes on the market but Maesri is a consistent tasting brand. Like “stews”, it is cooked when the potatoes are soft when prodded with a fork. The quantities in this recipe are for four people and you can keep it gently simmering for quite some time till all the guests arrive. Serve in a large bowl in the center of the table and eat with steamed jasmine rice.

Ingredients Chicken drumsticks (skin on) Musaman Curry paste Coconut milk Potato (quartered) Onion (roughly chopped) Roasted peanut Fish sauce Sugar Tamarind water Oil Water Peanut paste

serves 4 8 60 gm 600 ml (tinned) 250 gm 200 gm 100 gm 50 ml 4 tbspns 50 ml 50 ml 200 ml 1 tbspns

Cooking Method Take the drumsticks and stew gently for one hour. In a big pot fry the curry paste with the oil for two minutes over medium heat. Add onion, chicken, coconut milk, potatoes, peanuts, water and peanut paste. Stir, bring to the boil then cook slowly over a medium heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally to stop burning. Now add the fish sauce, tamarind water and sugar and simmer gently over a low heat. Serve with rice.

Fax: 038-427596 Rather than be swamped by choices, let Somsakdi guide you. After all, who knows his dishes better than he? Somsakdi Restaurant, Pattaya Soi 1, tel. 038 428 987, 038 423 284, 038 429 869, limited parking plus on-street parking in the soi. Hours 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days.


5pm. For more information, call 038 930 600. Enjoy great music from Thomas Reimer, one of the most famous European Jazz guitarists, playing live every evening (except Tuesday) from 6.00 p.m. - 10 p.m. at the Sugar Hut restaurant on Thappraya Road, call 038 364 186 for details.

Popular Thai singer Wonderframe will be appearing in concert at the Hard Rock Café Pattaya on Saturday, March 30. Tickets are priced at THB 580 and include 1 drink. Call 038-428755 for more information and ticket reservations. Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya invites all ladies to a special “Ladies Night” on each Friday night throughout March. Buy 1 drink get 1 free for all the Ladies both wine and cocktail every Friday day in March from 9 pm – 12pm at Red Coral Lounge, Ground floor. For more information, call 033 078 888. A three day theatre show by Siam Drama Studio will take place at Ben’s Theater in Jomtien on Fri. 29, Sat. 30 and Sun. 31 March 2019. Ticket price THB 600 incl. drinks of choice. Note: curtain time: 7pm. For information and reservations, email to benstheaterjomtien@ Despacito Fridays at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya –Start off the weekend with a sensual step Latin night at the Roof Sky Bar, every Friday from 4pm – 10pm with DJ Ro-Bi-El Gordo and DJ Rocky, plus zumba classes. Free admission, ladies enjoy a free drink until

The North Star Library on Sukhumvit Road, north Pattaya holds regular Thai language classes Mon - Fri from 10.30 a.m. till 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. till 2.30 p.m. Cost of admission is 100 baht per session for library members and 200 baht for non-members. Private lessons are also available for 200 baht per hour. In addition, the library also holds Yoga training every Tuesday from 1 - 2 p.m. at the Father Ray Foundation. Cost is 1200 baht for 6 sessions (first session free). For more information, call 081 575 4854 or email Alcoholics Anonymous: The Pattaya Group meets Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 5 p.m., Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. All meetings are closed (alcoholics only) and are held at Soi Skaw Beach (off Pattaya 2nd Rd). Contact Carl 08-456-31671. The Good Morning Pattaya Group meets 9 a.m. every morning. All meetings are ‘open’: contact 084 564 8479. The Jomtien Group meets every day at noon at Jomtien Long Stay Hotel: Contact, Andrew 086 107 6631. The Scandinavian Group meets on Tuesdays

Community Services

and Fridays 6 p.m. at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church, Thappraya Road Soi 7: contact Hans 085 135 7755 or Rune (Rayong) 089 754 9515. 10.30 a.m. meetings every day at Satree Pattana Centre on Soi Skaw Beach off Second Road. Call 084 564 8479. The Samaritans of Thailand English Help Line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support to the expatriate community. English-speaking staff, trained in crisis intervention will provide active, non-judgmental and empathetic listening services on the phone. All calls will be handled on an anonymous basis and are

free of charge. (02) 713-6791. Overeaters Anonymous The ‘Up to You’ group meets Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the housing area just behind Pan Pan Restaurant in Jomtien on Thappraya Road. Call Steve at 038-364-207(h) or 089-250-1359 (cell) for directions or more information. Narcotics Anonymous Hotline: 082 811 2686. 3 English speaking meetings in Pattaya near Central Festival and 2 in Jomtien each week. Also regular Thai speaking meetings at 12 noon every Sunday, and Persian Farsi speaking meetings at 5.30 pm on Thursdays. Please call the Hotline for details.

What you need to get checked up, when and why What vaccinations are you behind on? Think, when did you last have a tetanus shot? What vaccinations should you definitely seriously consider when you turn 65? Hint, over the age of 65, pneumonia becomes seriously dangerous. How often should you be checked for bowel cancer? Maybe not that often and getting it checked may not be the most fun thing you’ve ever done, but definitely more fun than getting the cancer. When should you stop getting checked for possible problems? At 75? Sure, as long as you are intending to die within the next 10 years. On Sunday 3rd March, at the Pattaya City Expats Club, Dr Areeya Thondeethae gave the latest in a series of stunningly informative

talks by doctors from Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. She not only shared from her own training and experience but went around interviewing specialists at the hospital so she could give an amazingly broadranging, but still impeccably detailed, overview of preventative screening and how to catch an issue early so it doesn’t become a catastrophe! See the interview with Dr Lexander here: https:// v=_McyQlUYqOY Her whole talk can be seen here: https://www. v=vaaU7DnoRmo Plus you can see her wonderfully informative Powerpoint Presentation here: .com/watch?v=7xJ7EAJ TMx8

32 FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2019



Pattaya streets aglow as city stages 2019 Night Run

Youngsters had a great time on the The 5km course featured many colourful Night Run. tunnels and attractions.

Thai weightlifters barred from Pattaya world championships and Tokyo Olympics Thailand has volunteered to ban itself from the Tokyo Olympic Games weightlifting competition next year because of doping, another blow to a sport whose place on the Olympic program is precarious. The self-imposed ban also means Thailand will still stage the world championships in Pattaya in September this year but with no home competitors, the International Weightlifting Federation announced last week. The decisions follow eight failed drug tests for the Thai team that competed at the last worlds in November, including doping cases against three women who won world titles. Among the eight lifters facing bans are Sopita Tanasan and Sukanya Srisurat, who won Thailand’s two weightlifting gold medals at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Thailand is a traditional power in weightlifting, especially in the lighter classes, and the IWF says the cases have “potential consequences that seriously damage the

Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural event, Pattaya City hosted its second annual Pattaya Night Run on March 2 and more than 4,000 athletes of all ages and fitness levels got into the spirit of the occasion by decking themselves out in reflective clothing and glow paint. Upon registering, participants on the night were issued with special LED shoe clips, bright fluorescent bibs, glow sticks and reflective tattoos to transform the whole race route into a sea of colour. The 5km course, which started and finished at Bali Hai Pier, took the runners around Pratamnak Hill and the Big Buddha temple and included special fun features such as ‘the twisted tunnel’, ‘the illuminating path’ and ‘the power of light tunnel’. Back at the main start-finish area, athletes and spectators were able to enjoy a neon-lit entertainment zone with games, food fair and a free concert by popular Thai hip-hop artists Southside. Chonburi vice-governor

Organizers set the runners on their way with a cloud of confetti.

Thammasak Rattanathanya oversaw the opening ceremony and start of the race and said that the event was a fun way to encourage people to exercise and had

proved so popular with the public that it was likely to remain a regular highlight on the Pattaya sporting calendar. (Photos courtesy Pattaya Night Run 2019)

Participants are all smiles at the 2019 Pattaya Night Run on March 2.

Asian beach soccer finals this weekend In this Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016 file photo, Sopita Tanasan of Thailand competes in the women’s 48kg weightlifting competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

integrity of the sport.” All of the doping cases involve at least one substance of the banned adiol type, with some lifters testing positive for multiple drugs. Thailand’s doping cases were a fresh embarrassment for weightlifting, which is under pressure from the International Olympic Committee. Weightlifting has only a provisional place on the pro-

Peter & Eddie on top at 2019 PSC Charity Classic Turn to page 28.

gram for the 2024 Paris Olympics on condition it cracks down on doping. Dozens of weightlifters who competed at the last three Olympics have later tested positive. Russia and China were among nine countries banned from international competition for a year in 2017 after racking up numerous doping cases. Russia and Bulgaria also missed the 2016 Olympics over doping, and countries with major drug problems will have fewer qualifying place for next year’s games in Tokyo. (Source: AP)

The 2019 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Beach Soccer Championship is currently taking place at Bali Hai beachfront in Pattaya from March 7-17. This is the ninth edition of the tournament that features Asian men’s national beach soccer teams. There are 15 nations taking part this year including Iran, UAE, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, China, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kuwait, and Thailand. The hosts got off to an unfortunate start in the opening game on March 7 when they were defeated 5-2 by Palestine and two days later were effectively eliminated when they were on the wrong end of a nine-goal thriller against Malaysia. The visitors were 5-1 up in the dying stages before Thailand scored three goals

Thailand and Palestine battle for the ball during the opening fixture of the 2019 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Beach Soccer Championships at Bali Hai, Pattaya, Thursday, March 7.

in the blink of an eye in a superb comeback which fell just short of forcing extra-time. The top three teams in rank from this competition will be selected to represent the Asian zone in the World Cup Beach Football Championships 2019, to be held

in Paraguay from November 21 - December 1, 2019. Spectators are invited to attend the final matches this weekend. For information about upcoming fixtures, visit website: www.the-afc. com/competitions/afc-beachsoccer-championship.

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