Pathways to Aviation 2020 Annual Report

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Pathways to Aviation informs, inspires, and engages the next generation of aviation’s labor force. The aviation and aerospace industry, much like other skilled trade industries was experiencing significant local, statewide, national, and global workforce shortages before the COVID-19 pandemic. Pathways to Aviation is on a mission to prevent workforce issues from adversely affecting local communities post-COVID.

It is my pleasure to present our 2020 Annual Report. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 calendar year witnessed the most significant growth and expansion, since the organization’s 2004 founding. This followed an extraordinary year of growth in 2019. In just a short period of time, Pathways to Aviation has become a strong leader in the aviation and aerospace industry, mostly due to our career readiness training and mentoring program. I’m proud to say that Pathways to Aviation, led by its incredible board members and volunteer mentors, impacted a large number of high school and college students in the northern Nevada region through information, career event participation, and workshops. We’ve also established a wider footprint, by guiding students and job seekers in 36 states and six non-US countries.

Though we operate as a small non-profit organization, our impact far outweighs our small budget. However, the path we’re on is providing growth in many ways. Whether you’re new to Pathways to Aviation or have witnessed our sustained growth, you’re encouraged to learn about our purpose, programs, operations, and vision by reading this annual report. I then invite you to become engaged with our organization, and most importantly, the many lives we’re impacting through our programs. These young leaders represent the future of our local, national, and global aerospace communities. Yours in Flight, Pete Parker, Executive Director

Hart Fessenden Retired, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Josh Flatley President, XVector, Ltd.

Eric Henry President, Cornerstone Consulting Tom Hall Attorney, Law Office of Thomas J. Hall Bob Larkin Owner, Romeo Sierra Aviation

Paul McFarlane Executive Director, Fleischman Planetarium Greg Meisinger Pilot, American Airlines Marily Mora Retired CEO, Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority

Leah Ochs Engineer, RIX Industries Joe Rajacic Retired 747 Captain, United Airlines

There are many different career paths in aviation to follow: pilot, maintenance technician, airline management, software developer, aircraft and systems designer, flight instructor, investor, and even banker to name a few. Sorting through all these options and picking the best one is easier with an experienced mentor and guide. Pathways provides support for making the right decision and getting the optimal result. - Hart I love to see students get excited about opportunities they never knew existed, and encouraging everyone to explore the aviation industry! - Leah While experienced pilots, instructors, and owners provide the knowledge and capabilities to sustain aviation, it is the youth that provide the excitement and energy to advance aviation to new heights and opportunities. - Bob The aviation industry, most importantly the people, has been such a source of personal joy and ongoing lifetime fulfillment. A program like Pathways to Aviation was not available to me when I was younger and I am passionate about helping formulate the connections, ideas, and skills that open the doors to all facets of this industry for others. - Greg

I am pleased to be a part of such a unique, inspiring, and committed organization. You can see the eye-opening changes we’re making in the lives of many young men and women who a) want to be taken seriously, and b) are motivated to pursue exciting careers. A trustee since 2011 , the past four years have been particularly rewarding for me. When the Board of Trustees adopted a fresh vision and name, it sparked a light in many of us. For me, the decisions gave the organization new meaning and a clear direction. We may not show up on many radars because of the size of our budget, but I don’t know of any other non-profit organization which impacts as many students and job seekers on their career journeys and introduces these future leaders to businesses seeking quality talent. We know the days of flying under the radar are over, yet we’re poised and positioned for extreme growth. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Pathways to Aviation family. The 2020 calendar year was beyond remarkable. We hosted on-site career workshops and attended career events at area schools, then successfully transitioned to an online format at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We having a great deal of fun making a difference in the lives of young people. Each one deserves our guidance and we’re more than happy to carve a productive and rewarding pathway. A special thank you to the financial and voluntary supporters who made 2020 the most impressive year in our 16 year history. With their vision, passion, and investment, we changed lives. For this, we’re extremely grateful appreciative. Sincerely, Eric Henry Board Chair

Pathways to Aviation strives to meet workforce shortages and enhance economic development, which significantly impact the aviation industry and local communities. Objectives include:  Empowering a new generation of aviation experts and leaders.  Connecting employers to outstanding talent.  Awarding scholarships to students attending four-year, two-year, and specialty instruction.  Developing strong educational and industry relationships to open doors of opportunity.  Providing career readiness resources to high school and college career specialists.  Establishing inter-industry relationships resulting in internships and new hires.

The entire world experience a unique year in 2020. For Pathways to Aviation, the year brought extraordinary change. Rather than shut down programs or downsize operations, we chose to make the pandemic work to our advantage. Our on-site workshops, which attracted local students and job seekers, expanded our reach to an international footprint. By the end of the year, students and job seekers located in 36 States and six non-US countries registered into our Career Ready Portal and attended our workshops.

AACT High School - Abeka Academy - Academy of Law and Public Safety - ACE High School - Alfred University - Arizona State University Auburn University - Aviation High School - Blue Mountain High School - Buena Regional High School - California Aeronautical University California State University - Fullerton - Carson High School - Central Bucks West High School - Central Florida Aerospace Academy - Central Oregon Community College Central Texas College - Clover Park Technical College - Colorado Mesa University Community College of Beaver County - Crossett Brook Middle School - Damonte Ranch High School - Davidson Academy - Dayton High School - Delcastle Technical High School - Douglas High School - Eagle Ridge High School - East Cobb Middle School - Eastern New Mexico University - Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell - Elizabeth City State University - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - FlightSafety Academy Florida International University - Forest Charter School - Galena High School - Georgia Southern University - Grand Blanc Middle School - Hallmark University - Hillgrove High School - Homeschool - Hug High School - Isla Grande Flying School - Jacksonville University - Jesuit High School - John F. Kennedy High School - John P Stevens High School - Kathleen Senior High School - Kutz Elementary School - Lacey Township High School - Lenape Middle School - Liberty University - Magruder High School - Metro Academic Studies - National Aviation University Kiev - North Tahoe High School North Valleys High School - Northern State University - Northwest College - Oregon State University Penn High School - Pima Community College - Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics - Purdue University - Quinsigamond Community College - Rancho High School - Rancocas Valley Regional High School - Reed High School - Reedley College - RISE Academy - Rock Ridge High School Saint Louis University - San Diego Miramar College - San Jose State University - Schoolcraft College - Silver State High School - Southern Utah University - Southwest Aeronautics Mathematics and Science Academy Spanish Springs High School - Sparks High School - Swope Middle School - The Greene School - Tome School - Truckee High School - Truckee Meadows Community College - University of Arizona - University of Dubuque - University of Mary - University of Maryland Eastern Shore - University of Nebraska - Omaha University of Nevada, Reno - University of North Carolina - Charlotte - University of North Carolina Pembroke - University of Oklahoma - University of Oregon - University of Southern California - University of Texas, Austin - Veritas Classical School - Wake Forest High School - Walla Walla University - Wallace State Community College - Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre - West Shore Christian Academy - Western Colorado Community College - Western Governors University - Western Michigan University - Western Nevada College

Meet Robert… This recent Arizona State alum was among the first to attend the online workshops last April. When he shared his connection to the Truckee area and voiced his interest in securing employment with a great company, we connected him to Mountain Lion Aviation. Soon after the introduction, he interviewed for an appealing job, which allowed him to reconnect with the area. “It is because of you and Pathways to Aviation that I ended up landing a CFI job. Again I owe a lot to both you and Pathways to Aviation for preparing me to get my first aviation job.” Robert (Certified Candidate) Meet Chioma… This amazing leader was the first to sign up for our first online workshop. She found herself at Pathways to Aviation as student seeking her doctorate in Philosophy, after earning her Masters and A&P certificate in Nigeria. She will definitely make an indelible difference in aviation! “Thank you so much for your feedback! No one has ever taken the time to do this for me in the past, I am beyond grateful.” Chioma

The following are the ten most desired career interests, as identified by the candidates using our Certification Pathway. Pilot-Fixed Engineering Avionics Management Technology Mechanics Manufacturing Sales & Marketing Administration Unmanned

56.1% 36.8% 28.4% 28.1% 26.3% 22.8% 21.1% 19.3% 17.5% 17.1%

Meet Michael… He may be retired, but he’s a very active leader of young men and women through the Civil Air Patrol. He serves on CAP’s national governing body and regularly participates in our weekly workshops. “I have been working with this organization on and off over the past month or so and have found them to be an excellent resource for our cadet/senior members considering a career in some aviation/aerospace related field. The weekly Wednesday evening programs are invaluable no matter what the age group as it fosters solid interpersonal skills when writing a resume, job applications, or that all important Interview.” Michael

Meet Jackson… This 2020 Galena High graduate began attending our on-site workshops during his junior year. At the time, he was balancing AP classes, basketball, and student government, while training to become a pilot. He landed the offer of his dreams to attend the University of Texas to pursue a career in aviation. “I’m very excited to be named a Stamps Scholar. I could not have gained this honor without all the individuals in aviation I’ve worked with along the way including you. Thank you and thanks to Pathways to Aviation.” Jackson Meet Corey… When this future commercial pilot began attending our weekly online workshops, he had already accrued over 1,100 hours. The Ontario, Canada resident operates as a survey pilot, and is patiently awaiting his opportunity to fly commercially. “I really appreciate all you have done. You guys are doing an unbelievable job.” Corey (Certified Candidate)

Students and job seekers utilize our career readiness programs to advance their career aspirations. Candidates like those featured through these testimonials... • Secure internships. • Launch careers in aviation. • Acquire jobs in industries outside of aviation. • Receive acceptances to universities, community colleges, and trade schools. • Earn scholarships to pursue diplomas and certificates. Our career readiness program is a successful component to advancing career journeys.

Meet Jenna… She began attending our workshops, but was well ahead of her peers with her career readiness. This sharp and polished young leader will achieve all her career dreams. “Everyone within Pathways To Aviation has made me feel welcomed and inspired me to keep pursuing my dreams in aviation. If you are looking for help with your future career or looking for support, then look no further. They will help you build knowledge, confidence and a community that is in continuous support. A huge thanks to everyone within Pathways to Aviation and everything they have done to help me!” Jenna

The workshops and special events were major successes thanks to the outstanding participation from the aviation and aerospace industry. Key leaders engaged with students and job seekers through panel discussions, live interviews, workshop presentations, and mentoring. The following displayed exceptional guidance. Nikki Antone Doug Carlton Larry Cheek Larry Crapo Phil Derner Jessica Fay Kendall Folds Ryan Goertzen Jacob Hammons Janet Hutchins Logan Krantz Greg Meisinger Neita Montague Lee Oscar Jacob Peed Philip Rhodes Torry Thompson Eddo Weijer

Jill Atkinson Michael Castania Elizabeth Collins Jo Damato George DeWees Josh Flatley Sean Gallagan Michael Golden Eric Henry Abbey Hutter Sally Krasevic Ben Miller Sandy Munns Max Palmer Marlys Pryor Kevin Smith Jessica Walker Brian Willson

Chris Barbera Gus Chavez Mark Covey Jason Depew Jason DuVernay Richelle Floyd Tim Genc Dan Gudgel Jake Henry Eva Komandyan Crystal Maguire Ken Moen Leah Ochs Pete Parker Joe Rajacic Ceci Stratford Ed Warnock

We’re fortunate to be aligned with exceptional supporters who believe in our mission of introducing aviation to young people and providing guidance toward impressive careers. Though just a handful are described below, the success of our programs is generated from the many organizations involved within our programs.

E.L. Cord Foundation Inspiring K-12 students with basic aviation education is a primer to launch fulfilling careers. The E.L. Cord Foundation has invested in our quest to inform, inspire, and engage the next generation of leaders. From our days at the air races to our monthly workshops to our 24/7 availability to young people, support from the E.L. Cord Foundation has directly impacted roughly 75,000 students. ISTAT Foundation The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading believes in the future of aviation. Through its Careers in Aviation videos to the scholarships awarded to young leaders, the ISTAT Foundation is a leader in inspiring the industry’s next generation. The Foundation’s support of our career mentoring program allowed for exceptional growth since its creation in 2017 and, most recently, ignited our vision to expand to a national footprint. In addition, a group of ISTAT members, whom we affectionately call the Royal Order of Aviation Aficianados, continually inspires the advancement of our career mentoring through their financial support and active involvement. We’re proud of this incredible alliance. National Business Aviation Association We believe in business aviation, which is why we’re active NBAA members. Starting with their commitment to young professionals, they endorse workforce development, particularly on the high school and college levels. The reasons, and more, have inspired activation of NBAA staff and fellow members to actively participate in our workshops and special events.

Truckee Tahoe Airport District Not only is the airport campus spectacular, you can’t beat the views! Even more impressive is the leadership. Airport Manager Kevin Smith and his entire staff have been very active with our career mentoring program. Though we were only able to host three workshops at the airport in 2020, the alliance developed with the airport has been second to none! Martis Camp Community Foundation Working closely with funders who aspire for educational and career excellence is truly rewarding. The Martis Camp CF invested in our career mentoring program to educate and inspire opportunities for students in the Truckee area. Their vision is impressive and we’re excited to be working alongside an incredible organization.

TTUSD and Sierra College The team at the Truckee Tahoe Unified School District’s Career & Technical Education department help impact Truckee area high school students to a greater level. Serving on its advisory committee opens doors of opportunity for each student through relationships developed within workforce development. Similarly, the career educators at Sierra College have been instrumental in allowing us to connect with their students over the years. We’re very proud of this alliance. Workshop Locations We miss hosting workshops at local airports. The pandemic limited our on-site workshops in 2020, but the alliances with local airports have been instrumental in allowing us to provide career mentoring guidance to local high school and college students. Special thanks to airport managers and staff at the Reno-Tahoe International, Carson, and Truckee Tahoe airports. We hope to return soon!

Pathways to Aviation has always operated on a shoe-string budget. Until 2017, a significant portion of funding was received through the specialty license plates. As we transitioned toward a more privately funded model, we recognized the benefits of operating on a small budget. The organization is managed by one part-time staffer, who allocates the vast majority of time to program management. This focus on programs recognizes the significant difference each dollar places on the students and job seekers impacted.

We express a very kind thank you to Vanessa Virden and the Eide Bailly team for managing our finances.

We are extremely thankful for the generosity of outstanding benefactors, whom we credit our success. Their endorsement and support of our quest to inform, inspire, and engage the next generation is simply incredible.

Walter Andrushenko Cameron Burr John Culkin Jared Dowell Hart Fessenden Josh Flatley Tom Hall Eric Henry Joel Hussey Doug Kelly Harold Kugelman David Kulowiec Robert Larkin Zack Lawrence Ian McDonald Paul McFarlane Greg Meisinger

Marily Mora Pete Parker Joe Rajacic Edmund Tatar Steve Williamson

Click Bond, Inc. Cornerstone Consulting E.L. Cord Foundation ISTAT Foundation Johnson & Johnson Foundation Martis Camp Community Foundation Network for Good Royal Order of Aviation Aficianados Sierra Aero Truckee Tahoe Airport District XVector, Ltd.

Carson Airport Reno-Tahoe International Airport Truckee Tahoe Airport Designing Destinies Jenson Consulting RenoType Synergy Communications

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