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Growing Without Schooling 84


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$ Chrls Mdkc ts among thooc who Toward a Goal."


for thls lssuc's Focrrs,

Inside this Issue News & Reports p.2-4 Homeschooltng tn lreland, Supportlve Superlntendent

Slngte-Parent Eoneschoolers p. 5-6 Challenges & Concerns p. Z-9 When Young People Leave Home, Mother's Work Helps Klds Meet People, Respecttng

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Llberattng Teenagere: Intervlew wtth Grace Llewell5rn p. l8-2o Resources & Recommendatlons p. zo

Book Revlews p.2t-24 1992 Dlreetory of Fa'nllles & Organlzatlons p. 25-38


In the "Common ObJectlons to Homeschoollng- chapter of TeachYqtr Own" John Holt lncludes a serles of challengfng questlons that a mother once asked hlm, and hls answers. One questlon ls, "\illll [homeschooled chtldrenl have the opportuntty to ovelcome or do thlngs that they thlnk they don't want to do?'In hls reply, John says, 'If the questlon meâ‚Źrnsl, wlll unschooled chlldren knowwhat lt ls to have to do dlftcult and demandrng thhgs tn order to reach goals they have set for themselves, I would s:ryyes, llfe ls frrll of such requlrements. But thls ls not at all the same thlng as dolng somettrlng, and tn the case of schml usuall5r somethlng stupld and borlng, slrnply because someone else tells you pu'll be punlshed tfyou dont." So many of our soclet5/s notlons about the nature of work and of chlldren, are wrapped up ln that mother's questlon that It's no wonder we contlnue to hear the same concern ln one form or another from people who ask about homeschoollng. School tdes to lmpress upon chlldren the value of dotng what theydon't want to do, but lt nerrcr sleerxr to dl,sttngulsh between the demands of the task ttself and the arbltrary demands of another person, or between goals that cttlldren have set for themselves and goals that someone else has set for them. School doesn't operate as though these dlstlncUons are tmportant, but they are. For thts lssue's Focus, we asked several young GWS readers to wrlte about worklng to meet goals that they have set for themselves, and to tell us about dlftcult or unpleasant tasks that they may have to do as part of achtevtng those goals. Thefr letters show that, tJgfintttw chrrnc, cttlldren can respond to the demands of the work ltself, and notJust to the threat of punlshment or hope of reward. -The pronunclatlon ls dlfrcult,'Apdl Johnson wrltes about learnlng Spanlsh. But because she really wants to learn the language, she keeps pracUctng. 'All of the work ls worth lt," concludes Gtnny Hood after descrlbtng what goes lnto audtttonlng for theatrtcal roles and rehearstng the plays. Her brother Sam wrltes, aboutJolntng a swlm team that turned out to be more difrcult than he had ecpected, 'Although lt would have been eaqr to qutt, I declded not to." Why nof? Because Sam ls determlned to become a llfeguard, and he ls wllltng to do what that task demands of hlm. He doesnt need someone else to prerrent hlm ftom qultflng: ttts own deslre to achleve hts goal does that. After descdbtng how hard she had to work to learn to slght read muslc, KIm Kopel concludes, 'I do thlngs that are dlfrcull or that I really don't lllre, for the sarne reason I do anythlng else: because IVe declded they're lmportant.' If only schools could understand thlst Young people are capable of decldlng what ls tmportant or neceesarlr, and crce tltq ttalue decldd" they are capable of worklng much harder than we tmagtne. Schmls, after falltng to glve chlldren the chancc to declde what ts tmportant to them and to understand the relattonshtp between thelr chosen goal and spectllc tasks. then conclude that chlldren arelazy, no good, unmotlrrated. Llsten to the young people ln thls lssue and you'll see that thls assumpilon couldn't be more unong. Susannah Shefrer




& Reports

Office News


[SS:l Asurc go to press, Pat Farenga ls preparlng to speak at Camegle Hall ln Nes' York Clty, as part of the e'vent organlzed by John Taylor Gatto (sev€ral others wtll be spealdng as rell). Well glve you a report ln the next lssue ofG\[S. Shart Hen5r (MN) wrttes, 'Had to let you lorowJust how much I'm enJoylng A HJe Worth IJufg, flnally ln from my llbrary. We're putflng a note about lt ln our state newsletter to urge others to check tt out. I'm flndlnS tt to be one of those llfechangers ofa book. In one letterJohn Holt remarks about a book'spealdng to hfs condtdon,' and ln so nrany ulays I feel that way about A l$e Wofth Ltulng.' Shart frequently lets us know that she has persuaded her libnry to order a smallpress book about horneschooling or by John Holt, and ure hope her efforts wtll trsplre others to do the sarne. Now and tlren urc hear a comrnent that goes somethlqg llke tlrts: 'I lorrc GWS; I borrow my frtend's lssues all the flrne' or "My frtends are always borrowlng my lssues.' Such comments put us ln a blt of a blnd. We believe ln sharlng tnformatlon, and we certalnbr urant lnterested people to


& Arrnouncements

be able to read GWS. So

ln that sens€. vre're

happy to hear about people borrowtng or lendtrlg thetr lssues. On the other hand, our Ilnanclal sltuaflon brcee us to be anrare,

contlnually, of howmuch nx)ne securewe would be lf all those people who borrow lssues uiould take out tlrelrown subscrlptlons lnstead. the comrnents urc hear suggest that often, people stmply forget tbat wery patd subscrtpdon really does make a dllTerence to us, and that tfyou nrant us to be able to contlnue to publtsh the magazlne throughout the comlng years, encouraglqg people to take out thelr own

subscrlpdons ls tmportant. That's why we'rc taklng sonre spaoe now to remfied you of the sltuatton. Obvtous$ you can't (and wouldn t want to) stop lendtng out tssues enttnely. But perhaps tf you keep h mnrd that subscrlpflons really do afrect our abtlty to condnue our urork, you wtll be able to encouragp others to eubecrtbe when It seerrs approprtate to do so. And dont forget our nenr olfer: people who brtng lrt new subscrlb€rs recefirc a $5 sedttwtth us (see GWS #82 for a complete deecrlpdon of thts ofrer, or look at tlre 'subscrlpdons and Renenrals' lnformatlon on page 39 of

thls lssue). GWS #85, our next tssue, wlll have our

complete ltsts of cerHlled teachers, helpful lawyers, and so on. It occurs to me that there are nrany rnorle cooperatlrrc school dlstrlcts out there than we hanrc on our 'Frlendly School Dtstrtcts' ltst. We ha\rc had storles tn the rnagazlne about rryonderful relaflonstrlps betwEen homeschoolers and school ofrctals, for orample, but those dtstrtcts don't appear on our llst" If you llve ln a dlstrlct that ls coopcratlrrc and ftendly tourards horrschoolers, please send us the tnformatlon (name and address of dtstrlct, nane of contaet p€rson lf avatlable) rlght away (we wlll be laSdng out the next lssue ahortly after you recelrrc ttrls one). Make sure tlat the school dtstrtct agr€es to belng lfsted,

in Ireland

Mary Delnuge Slr,elran fircland) r.orites.'

Irlsh homeschoolers harrc Just produced thelr llrst newsletter, &Bholle (at home), whlch we hope wtll untte and streng;then the homeschoollng nrcnement here. Now thatwe are starflng to organlze a horneschooltng group, the full ortent of homeschooling is becomlng apparent and It is clear that lt has been gotng on qulet$ and successfulbr for rnany years. Recently, sonre famllies dectded to see tf there rras any lnterest tn starHng a group, and they put together a newsletter whlch was sent out to about slxty famtltes that were known to be tnterested tn the subJect. One of the maln reasons for puttlng out the newsletter nras concern over posslble changes tn the educadon laws tbat could alTect parents'rlghts to educate thelr

chlldren at home. In lreland, the legal sltuatlon dlffers from that |r the U.S. and Brttatn tn that the Irlsh Consdtuflon r€cognlzee that the famtly ls the rnaln educator of the chlld: Ardcle 42-L: -Ilrc state acknowledges that the prlnary and nahrral educator of the ctrlld fs the famlly and guarantees to respect the lnaltenable rtght and dut5r of parents to provtde, accordlng to their means, for the rellgfous and rnoral, tntellechral, phystcal and soclal educatlon of thetr chtldren.' Arttcle 42-2: 'Parents shall be free to provtde thle educatlon ln thelr own homes or in prlvate schools or ln schools recognlzed or estab[shed by the state.' At the moment there ls no &lucatlon Act as such, although there are a number of acts wtrlch deal wtth the dlfferent areas of educaflon (e.g. VocaUonal Schools Act, Unlverslfles Act). The tnost r€levant act for homeschoolers ts the 1926 School Attendance Act wtrlch cttea varlous reasons why a ctrlld rnay be excused attendancr from school. As urcll as slckness, etc,, lt states tlnt a chtld may be excus€d fr,om school |f

'the ctrlld ts recetvtng sultable elernentary educadon ln some n rner other than by attendlng a naflonal or other suttable school.' Of course'suttable elementar5r educatlon'tsn't deflned and ls open to lnterpretaflon. Responstblllty for enforclng thls Act lles wtth the local School Attendance OIIIcrr or pollce. At present lt seems that most flarnllleg recetve llttle

interference from the authorldes once they

are pracflclrg homescholtng; although a fenr have had problems.

Thts ts the legal sltuaflon as lt stands, but lt may change ln the near fuhrre as the Mlnlster for Educatlon, Mary ORourke, has stated her lntendon to brlng In an EducadonAct sorrr UrE tn 1992-93. Debate on the lssue has already started and ts belng followed wlth tnterest by the

homeschoollng famllles. Sorne famtltes are afratd that the new Act may affect the rights of parents to educatc thetr chlldren at horrr, espectally as sorne of the teachers'

unlons (whose members have hgh levels of unemployrnent) harc dectded that they urculd ltke to dghten thlngs up abtt. Howeru, any nrove to lessen the rlghts of parents u/ould be unconstltutional at the rnornent, and an arficle ofthe Consfltuflon can only be changed by a nattonal referendum. It seems unllkely that parents would vote to have thetr rtghts reduced, but prerrlous referendums on other matters have proved unpredtctable. The sltuatlon is belng nrcnltored by homeschoollng farntltes, who are conslderlng rnaldng a submlaslon to the Mlntster,

outllnlng thelr vlerrs. Ttre proposed &lucadon Act and tts posslble repercusslons nlas one of the toplcs dlecuesed at the flrst ollct"l g.ttogether of lrtsh hornegchoolers thatwas hdd recently tn Co. Clare. Seventeen farrriltee from all over Ireland attended durlng the urcekend - the flrst tlme of rneeilng for many of us, although some vrcre old frlends, Comnon factors seemed to be a relaxed atflhrde about chtldrearlng wtth an emphasts on ctrlld-ccntered learnlng combtned wtth an lnterest tn natural ctrlldblrth, breastfeedtng, etc. It uras an enJoyable tlnre of meettng and sharlng experlerrces and tdeas. Now that contact has been made and frlendstrlps started, hopefully mor€ lFt-togethers wlll follow. Although lt ie not legally enforced, attendance at school s€erns to be pretty much autornadc for nnst chlldren. The reacfion of school-gotng cldldren to horneschooled chlldren usuall5r seems to be, 'Luclry Udngl'and the r€acflon from adulte ls slmilar - 'Good tdea.' My son Patrlcl( ts onlyJust 2, yet tt amazes me honr already so many people refer to trts schooltng. 'He'll be at school before you lorow lt' or 'Ie he tn preechool yet?' For the ttnr betng we have no lntentlon of sendtrg trlm to etther, bellevlng that the usual echool entry age (4 l/2) ls tu young and dso that gelf-dlrected learnlng ls better, Werve not been'teachtng' Patlck anythlng tn the formal sense of tlre word, Just tr;dng to ensure that he has an tnteresdng eawtronrrEnt and plenty of ttnc and space to oqplore lt tn tds ouln uray. He lorres urorHng tn the garden, dtggtng, weedlng, and looktr4 under stones for tnsects. He also ltkes cooklng and has recently mastered the art of cracldng an

lnto a bowl rather than all over his trouSera. We llrrc on a street full of ctrtldren, eo sociallzatlon lsn't a unrry - ln fact, nerrcr havlng any peace ls the btgger problernl egg

Patrlck'g beet frtend ts a 7-year-old glrl who ltvee nearby. She geefts to be popular xdth hlm becaus€ she nelther rrothers hlrn filke some of the o0rer glrls do] nor npnopollzes hts toya (ltke somc of the younger clrlldren do) but treatg htm hke an equal. They play very happlly together, relnforcfng my theory that chlldren can often IInd

what's rrght for them lf left to tt. IVe reallzed that lt rpould probably nwer have occurred to nrc that thls 7 year old could be a frlend for hlm tf I had had to organlze tt. Desplte no attempts to teach hlm letters, he amazed rrr at twenty months by Growtngl

Wthout Schooltng #84

3 suddenly polnflng to the letter'D' and saylng'Dadda"' He has done lt several tlmes stnce, so lt waan't a flukc. Insplred by thts, I trled to teach htm some other letters, but hewasn't lnterested so I dropped lt. He also knows serrcral colors, and lf he doesn't knonr the name of an obJect, he referg to ft by fts color. The otlrer day whlle outslde ln the garden hts T-shrrt gotvrct, and not the rord -Tshlrt'he called to me, 'Blue one *:et.' Agaln, we\rc rnade no attempt to teach hlm colors, but as an ardst I'm very amre of colors so perhaps I mendon them tn conversaflon spre than I r€allze. To me, all thts ls testlmony to a young chlld's

abtltty to absorb lnformadon. Patrtck also enJoys looHng at books by htmself and belng read to. He goes about trts ltfe so happlly and bustly that we can't help but feel that thts approach of tnvohvtng hlm ln our llveg, provldlng htm wlth tnteresflng materials, and allowlng htm to set the pace fs dght for htrn and urc hope to contlnue lt as he grours.

Morg wdtes tlrat unfl t



lonuschooliung grotry daldes on a enlrral adrtress, In4uhles can fu dbwted, b lrrlr at 14 Glenrrrd MonaValleg, Tralce, Co. KenV,


Supportive Superintendent Ellle


(PN unltes:

In thlnldng and readfng about homeschoollng orrcr the yeare, lt lus occurr€d to rrre that often we are prone to take a defenslve stance tn preaendng our:8€hree to the authorlUes, and Justtllably ao. Gfiren the scrutlrqr, aueplclon, lgporance, and fear of new ldeas on the part ofnelghbors, frlends, relaflrrcs, the NEA, and our local educators, tn marry casce lt haE been hard not to feel otherwlse. Our famlly tras been fortunate from

the very beglnntng (Geoffrcy is 12 and lkte ts 5) to harrc, wtth mlnor excepflona, avery

poslWe relattonstrlp wlth our local school authorldes, After an lntflal 'SetUng to

know you' Frtod, eyEryone has bcen vrry supportfue. ln my mlnd, at least, therewas no rleason for thc authorldeg not to trreat us urcll. There are very few horcchoollng famllles ln our dlgtrlcL Eo we are no threat. Thle eltuadon hag alloyrcd rre to harrc a rrcry dlfferent attrtude and appmach

toward ttre authorldes. At flrc, thelr acceptance, tnrst. respect and olfers of help havc actually made thtngs morc dlffIcult. I hanrc nerrcr had any battles to fight and hanrc nerrcr felt threatened or

challenged tn arry ray. Ttrouglr of course I appreclate thla, tn sorc ways tt lras meant that I have had to flgure out for myself

what homcschollng rneana and howl wtll do lt - lt has rneant that horcctrooltng ts strtpped dorrrr to a stnrgglebetween rrre and syself, rather than re and a school


It would be hard to pull apart all of the factors that harrc led to what has beconrc a

splendld unrldng reladonstrtp wtth our dtstrlct, but I can at least present our slde. Flom the outsct qrc were careful ln our

nretlngs to present oursehres as responstble, carlng parents wtth lots of thouglrtGrowlng Wthout Sctrooltng #84

fully urrltten materlale wtrlch qrc sent out atread of each meetlng. In addlflon, I felt

about a better world. Because of thls, we have valuable tnslghts to sharc wlth

that ltwas cruclal to pursue an even closer rclattonshtp wlth our superlntendenl so that both stdes had a chance to get a feel for the reallty of the other. I fndted hlm to our horrr for dlnner (and conflnue to do so), sent hlm lnformatlon to tnclude ln our Illes, brought proJects to trts olnce, lent hlmbooks (and vlce-versal. I have let htm know that hts lnput ts valuable to us. Thls

others. Through the urcekly records, the scrapbook, photo log and samples of work that I have subrnttted over theyeart, I hanrc shar€d sonre of these tnslghts wlth our superlntendent and ev€n snuck tn rqy phllosophy of educaflon. Ttre payolf tras been rronderfirl. Alter rnalntalntng cordlal communlcaflons throughout Ci€olhcyb elemntary sclrool years, the prlnclpal s€nt hlm a dtploma. Our relaflonstrlp wlth our superlntendent ts muhrally tueUqg

was not done as sonrc sort of ploy, but because I belfeved that not onbr wele \rrc dolng the rtght thtng by honreschoollng. but thatwe had somethlngvaluable and tnteresdng to olfer. I alurays sensed that I had best keep the most detatled and tnter,esUng documentaflon of our actMdes, wen before our


state law, wtrlchwas pass€d fn 1988,

rnandad a forrnat for recordkeeptng. Thts

ls probably because I'm the ldnd of person who ercpecta the axe to falll It nercr occurred to me to be lax fn thfs area- Otlrer honreschoolers often san 'If pu do too

much lt rnakes lt harder br ottrers' or iJust gfve them the mlntmumr or 'If they don t ask for thlrgs, don't offer.' I have

nqver agt€€d wholeheartedly wlth thtg stdrce although I understand the radonale and am qrmpatheflc to the feellngs that mght engender these posluons. I have alurays trted to frare the recordkeeplng prooees posltfircly and constructlve$ - l.e. the acrapbooks, photo albums, recorde, etc. urcre really br our famt} to enJoy ftromyear to year. However, errcn wlth all of tlrle, the *ort of recordkeeplng was sorcdrnca e<haustlng. Ttls year I hopc lt wlll bG dlfierent I trsrrc dqrrscd a format wtrtch so far has been nearly patnleae. lt lrrcorporatea all ofour recordkeeplng lnto one wkly sheet, 80 that at the end of our sctrool year I wlll no longer harrc to root through rry log book ftecause the eheet ls my log), and I won't have to recopy, reconstruct, or rercmber I harrc rnade a form Orat has slxteen spacrs, ln the left-trand column, for spcclflc aubJect areas. For those ofyou who have to or chooee to follow gtrtct currlcular gutdeltnes you *ould slmply ltst the subJects. For thosc who oomlxrs€ thelr own

*E do) lt wlll uortJust as are ltsttngwhatyou do durlng the rrcek ISS: Tfu subJects ltstcd lndude'bookstore,' for Geoftry'a wort at thc local booketore, 'karate,' 'personal crrrrlculum


rcll. Baslcallyyou

proJects,' and 'photograptry,'

mre tndtdonal

ln addlflon

eubJects. Ttre form Itsts the days of theweek fn a grtd pattem so that Ellte can check offwhat was done cach day. At thc bottom ofthe page ebc hae spaccs ln whlch to llgt 0eld trlps, dlscus-

to the

slons, and book8 and magadnea read.l Nowat the end ofeachday and eomeflmealn bctwn, I ask Geoffrey what he hag been up to. reord our scheduled actnldeg. wrlte sonre notes lf I feel llke tL At the end of the weck I end up wtth neatly organfzed docurrntatlon wbrtch lncludeg boks read, 0cld trlpe, etc. Honr doea all of thfg relate to our

relattonshlp wtth the authortdes? Ftom rrry perspecttrrc, we are all dolng somethtng very spcdal wlth and for our drlldren. Often lt to a stnrggle. Ilnanctally, emdonally, and tn other waya. We are dofng tltls *r car€ about our ctrtldren and, I


suspocl becausc

urc hanrc some


and respectfirl. He tras read parts ofour reports to the school board, asked lfhe could refer homescholng queedons to us, and found blts of lnformaflon tn our reports that he thoughtunuld appeal to hts

own cldl&en.

Of mre tmportance, I thtnk, [8 thc apprecladon urc each have now for thc oosldon of thc otlrcr. Itlore than once he iras rernsrked on the arrpunt ofurork I have to do and the arrpunt of drre tnrohrcd ln creaflng programs for and wlth ruy chlldren. For my part, I recognlze that tttls man ls a good person, a comrnltted and creatlve educatorwho tras a dernandtrgJob and nunrcrous consttalnts underwhlch he funcflons (ag do all school teachert). I hgrrc corrE to see that our pa.perwork and docurcntaflon, and thc strength of our personal convlcflons and gucc€socs as r€Ilected ln thls documentatlon. can contrtbuG to tbc effort tryarrdg accptance and reepect for the horeschoollng optlon"

More on Testing in Washington Tte stay'Pofi/alnrs ttilthTesdtq In dewlbd lrl'p lwrcsr;hdh1g pents lrale had' dfibtfu ofunttlds,tertg standatdlzd tests b tMr ount chlldrenbaattsc ol d$erW hterprctallrrts oJ tle stalz's rqutenle.rt thot tests b odntlnlstd W quat@ tdrn&uls. Jqrwaftcs (WAl rcnt wltcs tlrmt btltls q{nlcrr, 'ate poft&rt oJ tle sldc qeatd W tle d^sfu ofi of patent'adnnnstetd Ests anld, b t&ea up fo nore aeaflin u.x Washbtgtdt tn CII4S *8{l

oltle tculvr


qtb{ Ik


las etat6 "that an annual aEacaathe shrdcnfs academtc progrees ts wrltten by a ccrdflcatcd pcraon who lr currently *rrhng tn the ffeld of educaflon." The *ords "currently," \nrHnXf" and 'fleld" canbe amblguous. Sorr trave The


fntcrpretcd tlrte to rean

employed," or, secf,i more rcstrlctlve, "currently empb5Ted by a public or prlvatc sch@I." Otfrcr homaechoolers deffne the€c

words broadly. tbcrtty dlowtng alrrlrgf arry crdflcd tcachcr to dve asscssrurts. I bellerre that tf the bglslahrc had santcd cRowNG WITHOUT SCIIOOUNG *E4. Vol. 14. No. 6. lSSil{ t(X7S5tn5. Rrbtdrcd bl-nothly by llolt Aeoclata, 2269 Malaadtuscttt Avc. Cembrldge MA Cnl4,O. 125 lyr, Detc of lelrc:

Dcconbcr I, l90l. Sccond-cla$ Pcr'g. peld at

Boeton. MrL FOSII{ASITE& Scod addreee dungca to OWS. 2269 Marsechurttt Avr. Cambrldge MA @f 40. ADVERIISGRS:




are thc lSOr ofodd-

4 horneschoolers assesscd by publtc or prtnate school teacher:, the lawwould harrc sald so. Because ther€ are now thr€e waya

clrtldren may be legally taught tn wastdngton (publtc, prtrrate, hom), therc are three ldnds of worldng teachers as well. Interpreted thts *a1t, homachool parents may assese other parents wlth cerdflcates, and many do. It ts supportable that arryone gMng asseesrcnte is, by dofng so, currently uortdng tn the fleld of educaflon. Thls allows retlred tcachers or thos€ on leane to asscslr. One could also aqgue that stnce there ts no r€qutrent that the crertlflcate

be from Washlngton, thoee wlth

state ccrdflcates could qualfy.


Local News For addresses oJ statc ard la,al organlzatlorls, see our Dlter;W oJ Orgst{zallorrs, ln thls tssue. t anr Honrg,*hoplhg Resa w I;Isl anollalile Jor $2.5O.

Llwr to bc Rc'vbcd

Uedtobr: Ttre lawa gorernrng educaflon ln Manltoba wtll bc rcvtsed fn 1992, accordtng to the Scptember




the ltlanltoba Associatlon for Scholtng at Home neweletter. The Manttoba &lucatlon and Tlalntng Department has issued a pap€r on educadon leglslatlon wtrtch lnvltes recomrcn&tlons for leglslattve changee. Glnette Le Moullec of MA.SH says she plans to collect home-echoolerg' recommendaflons to present at one of the , upcomfng hearlngs.

Eoncrohoolcs. DltglblG for Sohool

Actlvltlcr tcs fcdco:

lnstrucdon advlsory group, and that group

Homeschoolers ln mtddle and hlgh school arc now speclflcally elfgble to partlctpate ln school errcnts such as sclence falre, the Natlonal c€ographlc G€ography Bee, the Sclence Olymptad, etc., accordlnt to the September 1991 lssue of the NqrMerdco Famlly Educators newsletter. NMFE erylalns that these schol wents are regul,ated and

addnfstered by the New Meidco ActMfles Assocdaflon, and t}at shrdents must attend a school whlctr ls a membcr of thls orgardzaflon tn order to be eltgtble for tlreec actlrrtfles. The NMAA has now agr€ed to treat NMFE - the homeech@ltng orglrrlz flon - as arrember school so that horcschoolers can be ellgtble for tbe varlous actMflee. Horcschoolers trave to submlt to the NMFE, whtch wlll then provtde a Lctter ofApproval to Pardclpate. Ttrts albwe honschoolers to pardclpate errents as organlzed by horrrschol support groups or to approach the

ln these

local school prlnctpal for permlsslon to pardctpate ln errents held at the school, Ifs posslble for the prtnc'tpal to deny a chtld permlaeion to pardctpate tn a epeclflc acdvlty at a spcclllc school - apparently the nenr rrles only g,rarantee general


Eoncraboollng Advlroqr Group f,crw Yort: Ftom the October l99l lssue of the Horc Scholers'D<change rrershtten'Followtng a recornmcndailon tn a May l99l report to the Board of R$nts, Deputy Comntssloncr Arthur L ll||pn of the Nery York State Educaflon D@rb€nt recentl5r appotnted a horc

held fts flrst nrcung on September 26. The advlsory group iE composed of twelve home educators, three representatlnes ofthc New York State School Boards rdrsoclaflon, and three representaflves of the School Admlnlstrators Aseocladon.' HSE goes on to report tbat the gtoup dts-cussed the posstblllty of rwtslr1g the state's home educadon procedures and lssues concetmtng the homeschoollng of dlsabled clrtldren.

Protcrtla! Blllr rt Publlc Ecrrlagr Vlrcondn: Trn hundred and 0fty

people atterrded a publlc hearlng on November 4th ard many spoke agdnst October Spedal Seeslon Senate Bllls l, 2, ard 3, accordlng to a rrclllng from thc

ll|lgconstn Parente Assocladon. Thc blllg urculd rcqulre echool boarde to 'conduct a dereloprrent asaesarcnt of, and derclop and tndMdual puptl portfollo for, each chlld who resldee ln the school distrlct and tras attalned the age of 3' (lncludlng homeschoolers): lorper the compulsory school age from 6 to 5; expand the'tnstrucdonal program'of the pr.lblc echools to tnclude such tlrtngs as'family reladonslrtps' and 'personal gowth,': tncr€ase requberrents for standardlzed te8flng, tarry lkscrnan of the Urisconstn Parents Assoclatton told us that a couple of daye after the heartngle, he rctwtth the clralr of the Senate Educa$on Commlttee ad the governot's alde and leamed that thcy had agred that the btllg would not affect horroctroolen. larry says that he consldctl thls avtctory but that WPA wtU *atch to see what happcns througtrout thc rcet of the legl,elattve Process.

Clonlara School Home Based Education Program is one of a kind. It provides home education families with a comprehensive, innovative program. With Clonlara School, home educating parents have CHOICES gaiore.

Clonlara School Home Based Education


Enrollment in Clonlara School gives families the peace of mind that assocation with a fully-functioning, innovative, private school provides. Parents receive help in designing and operating an individualized home based education program. Counseling and guidance on every :uipect of educating are as near at hand as parents need for them to be and ask for them to be. All dealings with outside officials are handled with and for a family by Clonlara staff (if necessary/desired by parents). Clonlara School Home Based Education Program serves all age ranges - early education through secondary. In short, ALL of the benefits of private school en-rollment are available to home educating enrollees.

For more information send this ad along with your name and address to: Clonlara School 1289 Jewett St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Pat Montgomery, Ph.D.

Director (313) 7694s15

Growtng tr4thout Schooltng #84

Single-Parent Homeschoolers People often assume, wrongly, that homeschoollng ls lmposslblc for rlngle parents. IFc havc prlnted several letters from rlnglc parents ln the past, and for thls lssue, we asled three of the parents who have bcen on our "Slnglc Parent" resource llst for sonc tlmc to tell us thelr storles.

Wasn't Willing to Stop Homeschooling Fton Eilate McNelI o/


I've been a stngle parent for slx years. Int[ally I managied to stay home by befng onwelfare. I stayed on lt as long as I could talk my tntake worker lnto lettlng me do It. She was very helpful and dtd her best to

work wittr rre. At one polnt the state of Wsconsln satd rve could stay horne wtth our chlldren unfll they were 6, but then they swttched tt to 3. At that tlme my youngest was 3 I /2, my oldest was I I, and the otlrers lrcre 9 and 5. My lntake worker told me tlrat I would now be rcqut€d to get a full-tlmeJob. I e4plalned that I had alr.ady stgned the horneschoollng afndavtt for that year, so t had already rnade an a€r€ernentwtth the state to provtde homesctroollng and lt would be much harder to do that |f I had to get a fulltfrnJob. She talked to her supervlsor and nothtr4 happened, so I gueee thry declded to leave me alone. About ayear and a half o8o tlre state flnally sald I had to ffnd aJob. I harrc worked at ayacht club and ln a gtft shop, and ttrls past surnmer I dfd babysttflng tr my home. We llrrc ln a resort area so there are a lot of famllles here durlng the summer. When I was worldng outstde the home I rehed on my farntly for help wtth the ldds. I have a brother and slster-ln-law who llve nearby and who also teach thea own ldds, so that uras perfecl The younger ldds would spend ttrne wlth thelr couslns wtrlle I worked. By thts tlme, my two oldest had dectded to go to publlc school. When my par,ents morred up to thls area, they helped too. My rnother's an ar6st so the ldds would do lots of art stlrlf wtth her. Now IVe agreed to go |rto the dalry farmlng buslness wtth my parents. I ltrrc on the farm that they own, and I uras ln thls buslness wtth my ex-husband, so I have experlene {'tth tt. The ldds spend sorne tlrrrc ln the barn wlth rrr, helptng out orJust talHng to me. They also spend tlme ln the house by themselrrcs. Thry'll ltsten to muslc and play garne€, or work wtth paste at the ldtchen table. They do a lot of playlng wtth books, too. They're Hndergarten and second gradeage now, and lt's enc.ouragtng to sec hownrcll thry are able to use thelr dme alone. They are also really good at gnbbtng whaterrcr free Ume I harrc.

Growlng Wthout Schoo[ng #84

We do a lotof readtng together, and we tell storles, work on rnath, do other thtngs. I don't flnd that I have to spend serteral

hours a day teachfng. When I flrst becarne a stngle parent I had no ldeawhat I was gotng to do. IJust sald to myself, homeschoollng ls as tmportant as can be, and I'm gotng to ngure out away to do lt erren lf lt's not the w"ay I

thought tt was Sotng to be. I Just wasn't wtlltng to gfve lt up, and I'm really gfad I dtdn't because I see the reeults now ln the uray my older ldds arE able to handlc school. My son tells the younger lilds not to go to sch@l too early, but to be glad that they have thts tlrre at home. I lrarc made extra elforts to flnd other people for the klds sornedmes. lfy son ts reallSr lnterested ln rockets and model planes, and I'm not. My brother, who llves six hours away but vtslts durlng the summer, loves rockets and planes, so I

brought them together.. My brother was thrtlled. He doesn't harrc chlldren of hls own, so he sald, 'Thts tB a chance of a Mettme for rne.' My older daughter ls tnterested tn horses, and I found her a rtdlng tnstmctor who hrrned out to be arrentor for her, who gave her morc than the lessons. Ifs really tmportant to flnd other adults when ldds want them. because one parentJust can't do eveqrthing or be lnterested ln everytlrtng. An lssue for nre ls be|rg fsolated. Ifs been a struggle for nr to ta*e ttrne away from rny lddg and spend tt on myself. Singfe parents harrc to carry that burden of

gutltaboutwanttng to meet the needs of the ktds all the tlrne. We don't have anybody to hand lt olf to. But lf you don't take care of

yoursefi, you won't be able to take care of tlre ktds as well. I've learned to say to tlre ldds, 'IVe gpt to do thls for myself.' I Jolned a chotr, and sometlmea I wlll say, 'I can't do that tonlght, IVe got rehearsal.' They don't argue wtth rne about thls, and I can tell by thelr relrons€ that they're happy I'm gotng out to do thfngs for myself. They don't llke to sce thelr parent draggtng around saylr4, 'I glve you everythtng but I don't get anythlng for myself.' It's really hard on them to have a parent feellng that u/ay, so tt's better for dl of us if I have a couple of thtngs that I do for myself.

Brought Kids to lVork Ftom KarcnTwner (CA): My ldds are l5 and 13. They urcnt to school tn ktndeqgarten and flrst grade, and the older one has trted Junlor hfgh and hlgh school for halfa year each, but he dectded to horneschool agaln. Up undl a year and a halfago I earned rrnney by cleantng houses. Now I'm on welfare, and I'm looHng to start a home bustness wtth weavlng and sptnnlng. When I was dotng housccleantng the boys would conr wlth nr, and etther help rc or brlng thelr own work to do. Theyd brlng books or art supplles, whaterrcr they were ln the rnood to nrcrk on that day. Sorrrttnes lt was hard to be lntermpted when they had questlons or wanted to

showme somethtngl but I would tryto rernember that they had to come 8rst. They understood that I had work to do, so th€y qenerallv wouldn't bother rne too much.


w,ire rrcry self-modrrated, and urculd help each other out, t@, tf I nasn't avatl"ble. I ltked belng able to check out what they urere dolng and to be part of tL Sonrttrnes they stayed honr lf they dtdn't feel ltke comtr4 to work wlth me, and I'd beJust a phone call away' I Glt comfortable wtth thls once they 1rcrc about 9 and 7. The netglhbors were close by and I urasn't that far away. One dtlBcultlr wlth betng a sln$e oarent ts that tfs hard for them to have itty m. to rel5r on. We\rc made an elfort to flnd rnale frlends br them so they can have rrrn ln thetr ltrrcs, becausc thafg becomtng more lmportant now as they get older. I also look for other people to help them ln speclllc areas, My older son ls tnterested ln computers and I'm trytng to flnd someone for htm to work wlth on ttrat. My slster ls a spec-tal ed teacher, so she has accegs to nratertals and was able to provtde books, yrcrksheets, and so on when the ldds rlrcr€ younger. She uras very supporttve. At flrst my hmlly wasnt sure about honrcschooltng, but now they see I'm golng to do lt an5nrray, so they rnlght as well help out. People are alnrays armad that I can horreschool as a slr4le parent, but Iuras always so determlned to do tt that I knew I wouta nna auray. I presented lt to the ldds as an opdon and they declded they vranted to do tC and they kneur they urculd have to about comlng to Yrork wlth


'I'm in This None" oJ Cal{at'ia: Flolm Chttstlre Wlllrrrd


a stngle mother educaflng my ctrlld

at horrr, I share rnore wlth all horneschoolers than I dtlfer from them. I read GWS and tdent$ wlth other famtlteg' problems, Howwer, I do so ftom the perspectftrc of a str4lle rnother, wtrlch ls

dlfferent from that of a mother who ts part of a couple urorldng on aJolnt rrcnturc' I'm

tn thls alone, wlth all the responslbtllty

for ererythtng and no one to share mY cornrnltment to my daughter and our llfe together. Befng a slngle mother ls never the flrst cholce, but rnany of us end up wtth tt, elther through chance or because other parts of our llves harrcn t worlrcd out the way we'd hoped. The most lmnrdtatc ne€d ts to flnd sonE way to flnance thts part of our llves. Bccause my husband dted, rrry daughter and I recetrrc Soclal Sccurtty. llrere was also some lnsuranc=, wtrlch won't last forwer and I dread lt runnlng out. I now rent a house rather than ownlng one, and we hanrc morred to an area wlth a lower c.ost of lMng than the one we Lved ln before. The obvtous soluflon to flnandal problems ts to take aJob outslde the horne, but unless close relatfires or frlends can pmvlde free care for your chlld whlle you are awEry at worh school becomes the

6 cheapest daycare provlder. Some mtlrere have found uork to wtrtch tlrelr ctrlldrcn acoompany them. Thls ts aluays hard for 6 [s lm8fne, as I\rc always found that ry daughter takea all ry attendon" but I'm glad t}at eom€ harrc been able to

arange thfs. I tnve the sarm dtlffculty wlth the'urcrk at horc' ldea. My daughter ie now 9, but I sflll flnd tt a challenge to

fnd enough {ulet tlme to pay the btlls or

make a fw short phone calls. As she gets older, I look forrrard to havlng dme tn whlch I can puraue some o4pnlzed acfivtty forwtdch I uould be patd mon€y. I fecl strongly opposcd to sctrool for ur5r dauglrter, Hor*rrrcr, I also r€altze that flnanclal prleasur€8 may sorneday rnake scndtng her to school tlre most senslble step, so I try to keep uryeelf ptrtlosophtcally ready for lt. I hope, tf that happens, ehe wtll have been rnade stronger I her yearc at horne and better able to cope wlth school. I also hope ttrpuld notbe fornery long. As tt is nm/, I'mJuet glad for e'ery year I'm able to keep her out. I see school nx)re as a last resort than a posttlve support for stngle parente. IfI thought schol provtded a beneficlal experlence, ry daughterwould be there nonr. School Itself doegn't tmprove ln Ore eaqe of whaterrer clrsumstanceg nray lead to your b€comlng a slngle parenL

Myhusband dledwhen my daughter was 3. Some months later, after shed turned a very firacdous 4, I turned to a local Montessorl school for help. My neryes urcre pr€tty fraz,led,. and havlng a fenr hours wtthout rry daughter'g contenflous personaltty at least gav'e rne some qulet



Hosr6r€r, I was nc.rrcr happy wtth the atdtude ofthe teachere, who eepoueed resp€ct for lndMduallty but obJected to my

dauglrte/s qulrke of attlre (mdn}

tras had trtp surgery, helptng


urcarlng her shoee on the \rongl feet. and once errlng oo far as to appear ln echool wtth a ladybug palnted on her face). The dlrector also tnformcd rre that they had nerrer had a cl'rtld tn the school who was sflll nureing. Although lt was not expll-

household work, and a local college student has talsen on a role as rny daughtet's oompanion for a fenr houre one ortuo days aurcek She sometlmeg plays wtth cldldren on our street, but thls seerxrs to requlre regular adult attenflon at frrequent tnterrrals. so



stad, I felt my daughterwas vtdd as Bomcryhat abcrranl The ech@l and I cqm to a pardng of thc ways Eonre spnths later and I waa r€ltored I hadn't depended on school to get us through. As a stn$e pa.renl stne no one ls comtng horrr at the end of the day to gtrc you a brealq you hanrc to arrange thtngs for yourself. Ttrts lB certalnly tnre of nnthers who hanrc aomsone comtrg home, too. It Juet eeerns a llttle rrpre lntenee when yourne on your ounr. You're already ln the safety net, such as lt ls, and youJust have to tt worlc One of the best thlngs l\rc found ls to occupy myeelf and my dauglrterwlth thlngs I enJoy as much as she do€s. The telephone ts also very tmportant to mc, my connecdon to the outglde world. I'm generall5r eo Ur€d at ntght that I fall asleep wtth ny dauglrter, but I usually rrake before her tn the mornlng and can take advanraSe of low longdtstance rates to talk to frends on thc eo.t coast. I harrc ttme for m5raelf wtren she ls sleeptng and arry ttnrc that shc may spend wlth someone else durlng the day. She has not been happy spendfng tlme auray from nrc, wtth sltters or erren at frtends' hornes,

learn &





a comolete line of quality pioducts sized and weighted for young children, For gardening, carpenrry and helping around the house, these functional tools are thoughtfully seiected for safety and ease of handling




each other. Isaues can't go unresolved, bccause allqre harrc ts each other and we Just have to be able to flnd a oomrrnn

ground. Thts ts not a recommended way of llfe. Ctrlldren need mre adults around them to fornr relaflonshlpg wtth, and one person ls reall5r wcrburdened wlth all thc responslbilfty for errcrythfng all the ttrrr. Hoperrcr, It's the uray some ofus end up, and we can doJust ffne. On the poottlve stde, I rnake all my own declelona. I don't harrc to argue for my posldon ln the pull and tug of cloee

For more letters ftom slngle parents, see GWS #72 *74. Ourcomplete ltst of stngle parents wlltng to corrcspond wlth others wtll be publfshed tn GWS #85. Also, we'rrcJust learned of a new netmrk: Slngle Farents Eclucatlng Ctrtldren ln

(408) 286-9770 po Box

mlnlmum family goup, and sometkres lt ls rather claustrophoblc. We are alnnye wtth each other. On the other hand. rrrc have stmpl5r had to leam to get alongwtth

where she could take lessons. She often wanted to spend tlmeJust hangtng around the ranch, and *= gradual! got to know everyone who keeps a horse or takee leesone ther€. She becarne frlendly wlth the ranch manager and helped hlm feed all the horses. Ttren one day, a rather neglected old nrare needed a honrc. and slnce we needed a pony, we found each other. Havtng a hors€ has been a wonderful exq>erlenoe for us. It gtves us a focus other than each other, and we have nnde many frtends who share thts lnteresL So that prett5r much fllls up ow llrrcs. I'd ltke rnore flnrc to work on rny own wrrflng proJects, but I dtd managc to wrlte a short story last summer, whtch I was later lnvlted to read at a local tlreater, and now I'rrc wrltten thts. So thtngs are loosenlng up. I'd llke to be relleved of flnancial *orrleg, but I'm sur€ I share that wtth pcople who ltrrc ln larger fantlles. Belng a slngle parent is not a path l would hanrc chosen for us, but we are travellng ttJust fine.



tnvohrcd wtth her at

As mydaughtergrorrs up, ehe ls bmnchlng out to other adults for reladonstrlps. She has always lorrcd horscs. After we rnoned, we wene able to flnd a ranch

"" 43 ,(;? "

ft ooling Around carries

lm not dlrectly

those tlmes, I'm not able to work acrtoualSr on any of ury mm proJects, etther. She ls now able to occupy hers€lf for an hour or so wtrile I spend ttrnc at the $rpeurtter, as she ls dolng wtrtle I wrlte thts. I look fou.ard to the futurewhen she may be more consumed by her tntcrests and wlll allow me to pursue my orrm. As a wtdow wlth no close fr,mtlSr nearby, I have felt that havtng sonrone who was not ernflonall5r lnvolved wlth ue would have rrade a btg dtllerence to us. Ag a rrotlrer and daughter, we are tlre absolute

personal relatlonshlps.



but at ttrls age she ts branchlng out rrprc. Lately she tras spent ^trnewlth a frlend who

720100. sAN JosE, CA g:ri2-0100


Altemaflve l€amhg TSPECIAL), elo Amy.. Vanorlo, 2 Plnevtenr Dr, Arnelfa OH 45102,

Growlng V/tthout Schoo[ng #84


Challenges When Young People L,eave Home furvq

My daughter Brttt uras 20 when she

slgnlllcant enough that


India. It ura,s sUU rerrember

the sunrlse on the nnrnlng she headed east. I may have felt small pangs of apprehenslon, but not enouglr to hold her back: my prlmary feelfng was of admtraUon for her adventurous splrlL When Maggle at 16 headed out lnto a snowstorm on her flrst dogsled race, lt was seven hours before I saw her agdn. I remember havlng a sttnglng behtnd my eyes and a lump ln my throat as I uratched her passage lnto thts Me tlrat she wanted, but more strongly I felt admlratton for her splrltedness. Ttrts past fall, the thlrd of our flve chlldren, Dan, now 17, took the eame llnd ofstep as trls slsters had taken when he dectded to attend an tnsfltutton to further hls work wtth hts cello. Ttrls tras been the hardest passage for rne to handlerthus far. The ffrst daya were dlffIcult for Dan and for us. Dan was to attend Interlochen Instttute for the Arts as a post-gpaduate, whlch ncant hls course ofstudyurculd notbe geared for graduatton, and tlds meant he could stud5r course€ all related to muslc, wlthout any requtred academlcs. TWo weeks before Dan uras to be at Interlochen he was sent hls schedule wlth all of the muslc subJects he had requested flUed ln, and a notc saylng that at least one academlc subJect vras rcqutred for every studenl When myhusband Rlcharrd called and talked to tlrem he was told that rrye could take lt to the board, but the rcqulrement had never befor€ been untved. Ortglnally thc cello professor for whom Dan audtfloned had safd that hewould not need to take an acadernlc course,

saytng, "I don't want you to go to an

lnstltutlonl' ln mtd-September Rlchard drorrc Dan to lnterlochen - a 0ve-hour drftrc from our wlnter horrrc tn Upper Penlnsula" Mctrt-

Brrtlcer (OH) utdtes:

dec,tded to travel alone to


but that

had been months earller. After dlscusslon wlth scneral pleasant and helpful people tn the admlntstratlve offlcc, Rlchard yras dlrected to the professor of ecologr who ltves on a small fannstead on the edge of the Interlochen campus. Because Dan's breadwlnnlngwork ls tn the 0eld of outdoor leadershlp, tt rras thought that thls partlcular course and professor would be a rratch for Dan. It seernedgood.

The next hole tn the road came when Dan found out the day before hts deparhrr,e that he couldn't talre hfs kayak Interlochen ls on a lake: Dan ls used to a lot of and canoetng tn hts ltfe. I felt like crying. Rlchard gave nE a look that satd, 'The wzry you handle tbts wtll alfect Dan's attttude grcatly.' Dan and I have the klnd of relatlonshlp ln whtch our Gellngs about thlngs lead to a mutual s5rmpathy, rather than to calllng on the other's strengfhs. So, I helped tdm unpack trls spray sklrt, nose cllp, and kayakfng helmet, and sald, 'Oh urcll, Dan, thered be only about slx mor€ weeks of kayaldng weather at the most.' I really felt llke

Growtng Wthout Schooltng #84

gan. He help€d Dan settle tnto hls roonL then noflced an otl leak tn hls van and had to learrc the campus qutckly ln order to flnd a rnechantc to dtagnose the problem. The v'an had to be left nearty at a garage, whlch meant anottrer trlp to Interlochen on the followlng day. The next day I surprlsed Dan by knocHng on the door of trts room ln Plcasso Hall. From the dark, srnall, sllent room emerged an unhappy looklng Dan. lt uras afternoon, and had he been home he would have been ln hls part ofthe large

room he shares wlth trls slbllngs, etther playlng trls crllo or ltstenlng to cello muslc. Here at thts flne arts lnstthrflon, he was asleepl I felt tears sdnglng but fought hard for control. I looked around hle barc Itttle room and show€d trlm how to prop trts sleeplng bag behtnd hlm for cozlness when readlng tn bed and put the nrg I'd brought from hte bedslde at the cabtn beslde trts nervbed. Rlchald and I urallced outslde where our other clrtldren, Ben, Jonah, and Maggte, and homeschooltng hend Brtdge! were explorlng. We uralked across the campus to thc car. I dlscovered Dan had hard$ eaten a thtng stncc Rlchard had left htrn I gave htm tu/o btg sllcee of the black bread Maggle had baked that mornlng and sorne cheese. He seemed a ltttle better after that. Wewalked aome nDne. We met Dan's roomrnate: Dan tntroduced htm carefully to each farnlly rrcmber. He uras an arrogant lad who to work ln the htgh scores he'd made on the SAT tn the ffulst two mlnutcs of conversatlon. My heart sank at the thought ofDan shartng a room wlth thls person for nlne nronths. Dan has never had any trouble betng away from us, desplte hls closeness to the family. Thfs past summer he spent on$ threenreeks of the surnmer at home: the rest of the tlrne he was elther ofr studytng muslc at a strlngs prcgram or runnfng arr outdoor dog trel':klng program wtth Maggle and Ben. But I could tell he dldn'turant to part from us tbls aftemoon at Interlochen, and yet urc had to go. He kept thlnlrfng of things to show us, thlngs to talk about, tn a sort ofdeprees€d fastdon. I thtnk the tnstttuflorralncss of thls place rcally offcentered hlrn I hugged trtm goodbye, as dld Rtchard and hts slbltngs, and urc drorrc off. At thle polnt Rchard took my hand and I broke tnto the tears I d been hoHfng back. I kneq, Rchard nrasnt Celng too cheery about lt elther but when I'm weak, he shores rrrc up, as I do htmwhen he ls tn the rnore nrlnerable mood. ThIs parHcular sepa.raflon liom one of my chlldren was wr,enchlng rne. I asked myself why. My answem to myself: It nras the ilrst ttrrn I had dealt wtth an lnstttutlon tn llfteen years; ttwas aratny, drearyday; Danwas the flrst of my sons to go a\pzry; but most of all, I was seelrqg Dan's struggle. When Brltt had a temperature of lO5 degrees and was dellrlous ln Indta, I heard

of ltoSenntds. When Maggle outon the frozen trall vas trytng deaperate$ to get her dogs acroaa awooden footbrtdge pulltng her sled and hers€lf o\rcr a gully ln a snowstorm, I utosrttttere. But because of that surprtsc r€turn to Interlochen. I saur Dan's sufrerlng; I thlnk I wtsh I hadn't, because I can't protect trtm from lt. He has got to go through ft. As Brltt vnote to mc:

I reallze why you feel badly. I probably feel much the same heartng about thlrgs llke loneIlness ln my slbltngs - I get t€ary, saddened. Butwhen lwas thelr

that I uras sulfertng. I}eep tnslde I knew

age, I xrasr awar€


had to be. They are precloua, beautlful people, Penny, and becausc of thelr alfrness, they wtll cllmb dark rnountalns, search out thelr own gllnts of sunltght, and thrtve. Bellerre me, I brorl each shade ls rnerely a shfvertng-spot to enhance the s,"annth of the eun. Your chlldren are wtldflowers. They wlU tltrfve. They lmow tt too. lnstde they know tt. Don't bc too concemed. She's rlght, I know. Tlme is already provlng thaL Dan has now been auray nearty tcro months, and trls last letter was fllled x/tth the performance the orchestra uras travellng to Chtcago to ghrc, the f,ne muslclang tn trts charnber group, the good dlscugglons hed had f,'tth hls ecologr professor and the good chalr he d eamed tn the orchestra (whlch IJust learned he lost, and has moved downwards). He also reognlzed tn trts last letter that serlous young people are gtlll rarc but that they do eldst and that tt lB hard to eat as healthtty thcrc as he ls used to. I thfnk tftls paeaagerfl:f

work out too.

Mother's Work Helps Kids Meet People Arrya rn |J'.rllfs:

*alo@te of Washlngtrrt

So many people ask mc how my Hds are gofng to be orposed to people of dtlferent backgrounds when thry don t go to school. Thry havc to get out there sonrtlrrr. You can't keep them from the real world.' [As tf a clasgr@m of 2G,lO people

all the sarre age all readlng the sam

sentence at t}re eame Hme was any orample

of the real world.) At flrst I dtdn't urcrry about lt much; I flgured thryd met ldds at playgrounds and such, and our nelghborhood olfered qutte a dtverstgr. I began worrylng about lt a blt when tt became evldent that my ctrlldren preferred golng to the park ln the rmrnlngwhen ltwasJust about empty. And I must adtntt, I sHll don't enJoy explalntng that erren when there are flfty klds around, elglrt ttrrre out of ten my ctrtldren prefer to talk to adults that happen to be tn the vtclnlty. Age preference dtdn't really bother me, but the fact that they dtdn't seem to be gettlng much expo-

8 sune to dlfferent waye of llfe would occastonally gnaw at the back of my mtnd when lwas tr1r|ngto go to sleep. Surprtslngly, the anscrcr carn when I

ms on\r thtnHng of rryeelf. I needed

desperately to get out ofthe house and feel a part of a larger urcrld than ry onin four walls. Most of my frlends, at thts polnl had rnoved out of the area. I dldn't harrc arry ctrlldcare around that was afrordable or that I reallywanted to hand orrcr the retrs to. My mother-tn-lau/ dtd occaslonaI$ come and babystt but she ltved too far away for sre to ask her all that often. So I dectded to do volunteerwork. The first thlng I took on naas unrHng at the food co-op. Ttre work maybe wasn't the rrost lnsplrlng, but I got to talk wlth other

rnothers. lvty daughterJotned a playgroup led by a dlfferent rmther each rreek There were farnllles from rnarry atates, countrles, and dlets $rcgetaaan, macroblotlc, omntuorous, etc.) Asyou mtglrt guess, the problem was the urcrd 'led.' I urasn't tnto structurlng pla)rtlme, and our best urceks were the oncswhen so fap rmthers shoured up that the lddg were left to themselves and

It dldn't 'seem worthwtrlle' to structure the tlme. IVly eon, who was almost 3 then, wanted no partof the group and would

comewatch mework, The other tfthg I got ln/olved ln was 'transltton counsellng' for new Rrssian lnilmtgrants. Ttrls uras organlzed through .Jewtsh Famt$ and Ctrtldrens Sendces and we urcr€ the onl5r nonJewtsh famlly I kneq/ of to be lrn ohrcd. Obvlous$ thc Hds were e:rposed to dlfferent languages (Russian, Ytddtsh, and a ltttle Hebrcw) and to dlfrerent customa. An example of ttrls uras that on hot days a roomful of womcn stunp$ rernov€d thelr ehlrts. You don't experlence {or errcn telk about) that tn publlc schools. Ttrere are also other rnore otndous ocamples of exposure that the ktds wouldn't harrc gotten ln school. We urere able to talce aurcekend trlp to Quebec, stayIng the nfght ln Montreal, at a Ume of year

when lt wasn't orrcrnrn wlth tourlsts and

lng our

for errergenctes. Nelther chlld seerrs dtssasttsfled wfth the arrangernent they accept lt as a norrral part ofthe day. The older ctrtld is grateful for some tlme that she needn't debnd oSolnst the encroachnrnt ofthe younger. I also fnd lt helpful to state clearly my wlsh to be alone at other tlrnes ln as poslflve a way as I can. I tell the ctrlldren I need some unlnternrpted tlrnc to do sorc speclflc task orJust to unrk on my feeltngs. They seem to accept thls better than belng vaguely brushed olf, and they have learned to say that they need alone-flme, too. Even my younger ctrtld wtll say he's gotng for alone-dme when he's on the verge of lostng hls temper. Bccause he has soen nE go to rrry room for the aanne rreasor\ he secs lt as array to cope lnstead of as a punlshrrrnt. He also trandlee the crlsts better If he chooses the tlrne out lnstead of havlng lt lmposcd. I feel that tt ts lmportant to respect whaterrer prlwcy needs the drlldren erpress. I{nowtng that getttng alone-flme ls somettrlng they can do too helps them acceptwhen I need tt. I also notlce that they especlally enJoy tlme I choose to spend wtth them and actMtlee I euggeet tnstead of reluctantly agreelng to when I was tn the mtddle of sornethlrg else. After Ilntshtng somettrlng wlthout hassles or lnternrpflons from thero I gladV dve them my undtvtded attendon and urc all enJoy that mre. Ifurc weren't home togetlrer so much, *= mfght not hanrc learned to talk dtectly to each other about our ttrrr. My husband has the hardest tlme salrlng when he wants alone-flmc. He also ls more apt to be dlsconcerted lf he has flrre to spend wlth one of the ctrtldren and ls told they are dolr4 aornethlqg alone

rlglrt now. We rnade a slgyr for htm to use,

but he felt uncomfortable wlth that too. Ttre Hds llked the tdea and nrade slgns for thelr doorknobs. One slde hae a welcoming rnessage and the other a request for prtvary. Ttrey ltke to use them and rcspect each other's nrssageE. Ttrls all seems obvlous, but has worked for us. Of coursc urc tranre occaslonal dlsaglreements about what consdtutes a valtd reaaon to tntrude on another's alone-tlme, but they are fenr.

Living With Little oJ


Wants Ttne Alone,' GWS

apy *a9:


Krisdn Wllllarns M0 also sent us oJ



le.tter slre rl.rrnlte to Raln Mako:

I have slx chtldren from ages 2l to 4. lhrc are turo and a half to three years apart the youngeet is aknost glx years ]rounger. Wtth the flrst four, I don't renrember feelfng overwhelmed by the demande on my atten$on. lt may have been because I wasn t trylng to do arrythlng that I dldn't mtnd tntermptlnf,. It may have been because they all had someone who qras glad for a playrnate as they got Ttre

Readtng your letter ln GWS thls rnorntng, I thought of the rnany tlrnes people have asked howurc copewlth havlng our chlldren at horne all the ttrne tnstead of Just for school vacaflons. F'lndlng ttrne alone was a challenge when nry chtldren werre as young as youns are, but I began back then to talk about needlng alone-tlrne. Now at ages 5 and 9, both chlldren understand tlrat nrc all need alone-tlrne. They usua\r respect mlne, know how to get thetr owrr, and know how to use lt For rc starttng ear[ was lmportant. ... At llret I used thelr nap tlm6. When they outgFew naps urc conflnued wlth a qulet tfme rlghtafter lunch. We all do qulet ttrlngs and leave each other alone encept



older. Wtth rry fifth and slxth chtl&€n, I dtd nodce that at about the age of3, they seemed to urant to be around me or sorneone else fn the famtly all the ttme, and

n6rer to want to play alone. When my llfth rras that age, everyone else was ln school or atwork, so ltwasJustme, and Iwasrrcry busy wtth an at-honr dollrnaktng bust-

ness. I felt Uke I was gotng to go batty. I trfed babysffth4, but nel0rer he nor I llked the ldds I was babysttttng, so that dldn't help. He went to preschool for awhtlc, but got bot€d wtth thaL

Thenure moved. Il{y husband dtdn't flnd aJob for a wtrlle and was vrcrldng around the house, dofng repalrs, putflng up stdtng, etc. Ttre then-4 year old stopped hangtng around rne all the ttme and started tryrng to do whaterrcr tds father was dotng. When my husband got a1ob, my srcn

conflnued to occupy hlmself wtth dolng puz,les, buildrng wtth blocks, etc., and after he leamed to read, wtth readlng to hlmself for longer and longer perlods. People vtstdng would comrnent on how he amused htms€E and I reaUzed that he dld. Whewl

Wlth the slxth befng so far from the


aep, nte had the sarne sltuaflon. We were learnlng at honrc by then so he unsn t the on$ ctrtld at horne, but he was the only onewho was so small. He dldn'turant to play alone, and vrc often took turns playlng

wfth hfm, readtng to trtn" or havtng hlm

help us. It seemed ltke tt would never endl Sometlmes we alljust wanted to do what wewanted and not hane to cronslder hlm. But slncr hewas there, thls was not easy to do. One thtng I notlced was that lf I uras cooldng or sewlng or gardentng, he was pretty content to play around me, talldng to nr, showtng me thlngs but not dernandlnS rny total attenflon. And tn thes€

sltuauons, I dtdn't mlnd talldng to hlm because I could prettyurcll keep onwtth what I uras dolng. But lf I was urtflng

letters, palnflng a rcorr. readtng, or umrldng wlth eomcone else on somethln& then I mtnded belng tntermpted and he got upset and I got upsct and tt ended up pretty unpleasant wlth both of us feellng put upon. At one potnt I found rrryself angry and putttng hlm tn hlg room scveral tlrnes a day, and I reallzed I dtdn'turant a house llke that. So, I stopped trytng to do those thrngs tlnt took total attendon when he was awake, Slnce I often fell asleep when he took trts nap or nrcnt to bed, I dldn t get a lot done. We also had hlm sleeplngwtth us and I qras gettfng urcary wlth that. One thtng urc dld was keep hlm ln the same roomwlth us, but move hls rnattress across the room from ours. I sdll lay down wtth hlm to put trtm to sleep, and he could come lnto our bed lf he uroke up (or I'd go to hts bed), but my husband and I had a btt of ttrre and space done. About a year tras gone by, and he usually sleeps tn hls ontn bed undl 5 o16 AIUlnow. Another thfngwas that I began to take hour-long walks dally, usually when he rras napplng. .Iust getflng out ofthe house helped. I have nottced that ln the last few rnonths, slnce henras about 4, he's bcen playlng alone by cholce more. He sornettmes lookg at hls books or playe legos or wtth the computer for perlods of ttme. He canJotn ln rnore wtth the older klds at thetr games. He sHll demands (I rnean dernands, too; he's no shrlnldng vlolet when lt conles to lrts needsl) attenflon when he wanrts/needs lt and urc Slve tt to hfm. I abo flnd drnc to read and yntte and work on dolls agatn on a npre regular basls.

It e€ems thatJuet ae you fe€l Uke thfy will never beconrc rmre lndependent, they Growtng Wthout Schmllng #84

9 bedn to.Wtrcn ttrey're Uttle tt scerna Uke



a huge chunk of very qulet

rthrals llke'tlre supPer tabb'do rpt r€present the only ttm our family fns to Jg"! b. togcther,' I don't harrc to Pqn gry

Mothers More fime Motbn @len




PemsglDatto' sent

slre rlllotc

terc tle partoJ



canfitd tttc


Second only to the perennlal'soclal-

lzatlon' comments, the most comnnnbl

expreseed doubt about horrrcactrooltng that I hear from non-homeeclroolerc le some

vartant of, 'How can you stand belng honr alone wtthyour bde 24 hours a day"'And lndccd, thls typc of ompbtnt tg often heard from horneschoolera thcmselves:

'Ifs Juet so hard.' 'I'm so tlred.' 'l nerrcr get ttme for nryself.' In other wordg, horrrschool burnout. On the other hand, rnany homeschoolere haw testl8ed to Just the

opposltc. Horrrcsctroollng rnalcs thlrtga eosbrlor sonre; the 'Hom and stmpllctty' (as Dtana Baseman, author of ?Tra

ennsyluorrra arrd co-edttor






b Horlt

Fdrrcotbrlileuts putr l$ has r€sultcd fn rrcre free flrrE, and space, for rrpthcrs. ln Tllc C.icrltlruum fupL Jcan Lledlofrdeecrtbes the Yequana lndian rrnthcrs who'wear' thelr bables and toddlers - 1.e., keep them wtth tlrcm contlnrrcuely - and at the same ttme go about whaterrcrurork or play they need or want to do. The ctrlldren g;ow up seelng these acflvldes, graduaUy and lovlngly taktng part ln them more and rnore, tn step wtth thelr abtltty, curloelt5r, and natural deslre toJoln thelr communlty. ln fact, tn our own less 'prlmlttve' aoclety, ft fE becomlng more and rmrc the vogu.e for nmthers and fathcrs to have home-based buslnesses or to takc thelrbables ard young chtldren to umrk wtth them. In my own sltuaflon, I do much of my wrtung wtrtle my ldda are around (whether awakc and playtng or, llhe thla mlnutc,

arry othcrburnout, tn our hlntly.

wrlflng orJust-rclanlr4 dnE. Also, becauac

whole day around Eupper, nor rr5l whole \rcek around rrcekends: I often, ln fact, rnake supper at all ttJuat lsn't that ftrc harrc what we call -Tteasure teland' we pretend we're manoncd on an unpopulated fsland, and c/eVe dtscorcred ttrti *hote frtdge stocked wlth foodl). Also, because Bret tras eeen that I can do ry uork wtth my loved ones around, he knows that he can do trls urcrk (rmstly maglc trtcks, thes€ days) wlth trls 5-year-old brother ln the room. So 'stbllng rtvdry' is

another term our family llsnt terrlbly concemed wlth.

Also, our horrr has become a center for many exclUng thlnga: honpschoolers' nrceUngs, Sterra Club meeflngs, WellSpouse meedr4p, Chrlstmas carollfng parfles, AIDS berrcltt poctry readlngis, Phyllls the soprano over to tr5l out a non dr.ret fiom taTfardafe Borlu the phystctst over everyurcckend, all weekend, to wlte papers wtth JeIf. And then there's Aurcllo. He's Br€t's bcst frlend, 22 years old. He shows up about oncc aw€ck and tfs understood that he'll stay unfll he and Bret have had enough ofeach other for a whlle, whlch ls usually e€\reral daya. Aurelto teaches Bret (and any other ldds ntho happen to be at our houac) coklng, uroodshop, storyteUfng, and every Sunday he takeg a group on a trtke to the parh ard th.y do rock-clfmbhg and untch h|m wrlte ln hle notebook. Once an adultwho uras vtsldng ua rcrnarked, -lVhat a neat ldeal Do you charge the parents?'Aurello appeared completely etrocked by the !dea: he doea all thfs becauee he llkeg tt, as much as the ktds do, He is nelther teachlng norbabyslttfng hc ts playlng, ard tbat's why the klds rcspond to htm so much. Because our klda leam eo much from all thls naturally wohrtng everyday actlvIty, th€re ts no rreed or destne for schcduhd legeons, currlculum, expenstve rnaterlals, ctc. And theie le no homeectrool burnouL 0f I hadn't heard otlrers use thc tetm I

Queries We

ufllJaurud lfrerc b



otd, prht ang tlu.t are oJ gercrd lntercst ({yat gt E us perrdsstor{. b'tam

Jara Folrenun'Sd,l oJ Callf*

nla: About ffrrc weeks ago my 9-ycaroH son Cody was playlng at a frlcnd'e house


hts frtend shot hlm tn the qewtth a BB gun. The fnJury rcquted €tncrgenqf surgery and then another surgery *teks later. It nray rcqutrre anotlrcr sdll. It h88 bcen an ordeal. Cody *on t go outsHe an5rmone, I gueas becausc ttJuat doesn't feel eaft to htm. He has had acouple of frtende who orrr orrcr, Otherg *= harrcnt heard frromor sccn. Wewould ltke to hearfrromanyothcr folks whosc ltvee havE b€en lrrevcablr ctrangd becauee of rnJury to thdr chlld or chlHren. Cody ould probably uc a poer who hae had a slmtlar erlrerlcnce to talk to.

FturltCtdlTntrl/r(FL): Are thcre anywonrnwhocmuld ltke to form a book dlscusslon round-robtn? I do not havranyorrc to dleqrEs g@d b@kg wlth, but would bc wlllng to wrttc to oth€rs wlth thfs hterest. Maybe *= cpuld takc turns sclccttng the books ard serrd our thoughts to tlrc next person on the ltetwho uould add hers atrd then ssld tt on.

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iiof iir-ioi""?n{

slceplng). If and when I nccd to, I feel free to ask the ktds not to be around, or slmply not to bc around mysclf. 'IJust gpt an ldca for a pocrn,' I say, 'eo l'm gotng up to rry

attlc for a wtrlle.' I know that thcy, havlng scen nE at my rrork urderstand tt, and are not fearful of ry Sglng oll to do a mystcrlou8 actMty. ttlore ard mre oftcn, though,

tt is Bret (f 2) who actuall5l cornee up to rne and asks, 'Mom, canwc 8o up to my r@m and all bedotng ourorrnwork - ya know, you wrlte and Dentn draw and rrn do my rnagtc trlcks?' My wrtung - and mY stngtng, plano playlng, and thrlftshopplng - and rny husband Jeffs physlce and solar energf wrrk, ard Brefs rnaglc trlckc, and Denln's drawlng, are all part of the Me whlch ts thelr t€acher. We don't thlnk of 'teachtr4' as any btg deal, and the same wtth 'talCng care of chtldren,' Sorrr other nice consequenccs ofour llfestyle: our ldds usua$r don't have to bc up, for school or other scheduled actMtlcs, so th€y usuall5r slcep unttl ll:0O or noon,

croqrlng lVlthout Schoollng #84

conttnually asrcssfng ttrc true needa of our chlldren, how much tlme, rnoney, and energr thcy truly need. Our trlck ls not to rnakc a blg deal out of everythlng fnoMng chtldren. ln our cclety thlrr requlres a lot of thlnklng; and of questtonlng authorttSt not only authorlty ln the form of schools, but also authorlty tn the form of llfestyles and roleg - of motherg, fathcre, chlldren, work, and play. I belteve ft fs thts quesdonlng of authorlty - orqucsflonln& Perld that has prevented horncschool burnou! or

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Homeschoolers Starting Early Dalllo.@e oJlndlana uto tl;rote abut lrer tlf,crest In aft. nansb, and,

llteratute in CII4S *81,

rllolut un'Ites:

I wanted to shale rry good nenrs wlth you. IVe been accepted to Indlana Unlrmstty at South Bend (ffnally) as a spectal studenL I qlll get full credtt for all the courses I wtsh to take, and, when I arn old enough to take my GED, I mfght alrcady

have enough cr€dtts to be a ollegeJuntor

or senlor. I


to take etght credtts for my first sercater, but thts comlqg sprlng I plan to take the ltterahrre claso I\rc been warrflng to take. oroly allourcd

Arl.d.Jrun a later


My flnt day at IUSB was pretty hecdc, and I can't Inagtne what tt unuld harrc b€en Uke |f I wasn't ak€ady femlhar qfl$1 the college. Becausc I alrcady had shrdted algebra and Ftrench qultc a btl ry academlc classcs s€rc easler to llet used to than lf I had gone lnto tlre claseroom knowlng rrcry Itttle. So, perhaps I was less confused than nost people. I sdll lnve to re-adapt to thte more structur€d systern, though. BIg orams loom ahead of nrc. and ercept for the placernent test, I haven't taken any formal exam ln threc yeara. College ls a lot dfiferent (and better I rntghr add) than thc ottrcr formal sch@l I remcrnber. ln a uay, lt le morc relaxed and lenlent No teachcrrntches me to rrake sure I'mdolngwhat I'm supposcd to ard belng a good httle gtrl I'm responstble for ry ocm learntng. In that nay, sollelle l,E

rmre llke


horresclrooIng tlnrr



other ldds, and urc dtd not trarrc the equtprcnt for shop at home. My mther etarted calXng tlre school board rtght after

Chrtsbas break, and th{ admlntstrators

dld not gfve us a declslon unfll the school year walr almst over. Shop and xr€{ght [fflng have helped rrpre than any otlrer oouraes. The sldllB ane npre useful ta the real urorld. Ttre students tn those classes tended to be poor and unrcdvated tn school. l,taHng frtends wtth thesc students was as valuable as theclasswork When theboys sawthat I

rras really trtereeted ln the elass work, they qutt pulllng my long halr, helped me saw Intrlcate pteces of wood and put anray tlre heavy rrclghts. The football coach tauglrt urclght llftlng and was lntrlgued when I shocrcd the clags hory athledc ballet is and hour sonr ofthe technlques help football players. I hane taken three years of Lattn. The teacherexrere ntce and had adrranced degr€es but$€r€

notfluentln thc

I dtd not understand baslc gramrrar (decllnlng nouns and conJugaflng rrcrbs) unUl anothcr shrdent ocplafned tL Last year I was ln the gllted advanced Latin class of 14 students. The eo-called best students tn the school knew leas about the real world than the klda ln shop who were frequ.ently labeled the worst of the school. The college prep shrdents e€emed to feel mre threatened by dtlferent llfestyles and new ldeas. Thte lntolerance was dleappolnflng and surprlelng to me, When the sch@l olfer€d glfted L^atln, I wae rrcry exc'lted bccause of thc potcnttal for class dlscusslons on unusrrrl Eubjecta euch aB female authors tn thc Roman Emplre or how Roman and Egrpflan mythologl had

elernentaqr school uras.

lnlluenced Chrtsflan theologl, but both the

Tgking Classes at


Brortuyn Jocfcson oJ




I am 16 and trarrc been a homeechooler for nlne years, stnc thlrd grade. llrrec years ago I *anted to go to htgh school part-tlme to rok ncnr frtends ry age, not Just ktda who were horeschoolers orwho went to the sam ballet studlo. I olso thouglrt tturould bc fun to rqke Launwlth

gart€n through third grade students. With adult guiduce, Melody Lane tcachee basic muic theorymd appreiition. The vido courge is lively, entertaining, and of exellent quality. Both the mat€rial preEented on video md that foud in the l1o-page guidebok have ben uitt€n ud reeearched by education ud nusic prcfearionals. The stsdards of the Day Schol and the reputation ofnearly 85 yean in home instruction are your guaretce of aedemic excellence. Writc or ell for

fre infomation.!ilSchol, o€f, . Gt/V$f LT6cany



tD2t2t0 (S1 )24+6@

shrdento and the teachers squelched oftlresc ldeas, thcorles, or

dlfferent persFctlv€s from thc tradtdonal texts ard the


Blble. I was

loohng forcnrd to sharlng what I had read and shrdted ln htstory and mythologr durlng rny homeschml years. Ttrey preferred to talk about thc pep rally or hall npnltont. As a result I looked forward to

thc unfuerslty. P'al sruollmnt

lB a s@al program for teenagere ready to work at collegele'el. Studente roke cours€8both at htgh school and at a publtc unlvcrstty. For regular publtc hlgh school ehrdents admtsston to the prograrn ts easy: you are rcqulred to have a 3.2 GPA and be a rtstngJunlor. I rras the flrBt hossctroobr acceptcd lnto the prcgrarrl [{th padence and perslstenoe rrSr parents ard I hclped sercral byers of admlnlstrators ffgure out wbat they needed to lct re lnto Flortda Statc Unfverstty eeecntl,ally an lntcnrlw and a riork portbllo. Iibw I am dlou,Ed to take two

clas€cs a Eemtcrforcredtt ard to audlt as rnany as Iwant. t ha\rc to 1ny fulflon, whereas the regular shrdents do not. I hope

thts wtll clunge. My parenta pay sdrool taxes Just ltlre Publtc achool fanilies. The classes at the untrrcretgr were ddlnltely a step up frrom the htgh school. I have made all Ae. I met people from all over the U.S. and from many forelgn

countrles. I also play the harp wtth the untrmstt5r symphony and ffve other bands and orchestraa, Wrtttng papers for agraderras a nenr expert€nce. In horrrschool I had T/rttten books that my parents read and corrected, but they nener ga:rre an actual grade. $rdttng papers for a gpade ts harder thanJuat urrldng, Havlng polnts taken ofr for spelllng and mtsplaced comrnall rras porrcrful nrofliraflon for completlng tlre punchradon book gatherlng dust on rrgr shelf. Tlrls sumrner I took an adrrand art hlstory claqs. lf was much harder than the other classeg, but my farnrlte. Onl5r scrlous students took tlre coursc. Ttrey were


art and art htstory rnaJors who terrd to bc Itberal and tolerate dllferent klnda of llfeatylee. At the untverslty there are sttll many shrdents who learn onV what wtll be on the test; howwer, tlrere are otlrers therre to learn as much as they canand to conslder n€nr ldeas. It te a pleasure to be

wlth people who enJoy leamtng. The admlntstrators and teachers whom I crurk wtth, both fn hlgh school and college, are a dlrrcrec gmup. Some are

curloug about horneschoollng and want to help, but others are afraid because honrcschooltng l,s new to thern One succesgful uaay to work wlth the stubbom ones ls to actcute and c,eakand dumb and let thcm thlnk thcy are helplng a poor lost soul. Ttds nulees ne ntdlWhy shouldn't I be smart eapcdally elnae I ha\re had the bcgt leamtng opportunltles? Ferhaps these admlnlstrators and teachere are also afrald ofbetter educated and younger pcoph; playlng dumb workr and sornetlrnrs gets thlnge done rnre qulckly than asserfi\rcrress or comp€tency, but thts tit hard to accept. At ttmes ttwas lnporbnt to keep qulet fr clasE when I knenr more than the teacher. bccausc tt tlueat€ned hts authortty and my grade. Betrlg bold and asldng for help are also very effecttvr nrethods of mrldrg wlthpeere and teachers ln college, thougtr. In the mlddle of nry flfteen-page mytholog/ terrn paFr, the ltbrary completely swltched from standard card catalog to LLJIS, a computcr progpam. I had to ask for trclp weral tlrrrs to glet the omputer to wort Homescholtng dlocrcd rne to get out

snd tclk to adults. Departnent chatrpcrsons lntlmtdate mst students. When I nr tnto the clralr of the Humantfles Departrnent whlle researchlng a Lattn paper, he

helpd me fud books on nry toptc and I {tnfBhed ny paper faeter. After thr€e years of hlgh school I am nourhere near flrrcnt ln tadn (so I plan to wort on Latln at horc thfeyearf and the maJortty of ry frlendo are college age or older. Golqg to htgh cctrool and college has bcen a good lesson ln paflence. Non'I knm' howto play thc gamcawlth tcachcrs and admlntgtrators, whcn to lllrt, when to play dumb, when to be asscrtfrrc, when to be quiel and whcn b spcak out. None ofthlg ts falr or rlghl but tt te bcst to be abb to understand how the syetemurorts ard be able to use lt to your advantage. Today thert are sevcral homesch@lers ln tlre ooun$ uslng the speclal programs that

Growtng Wthout Schoollng #84

ll used to be open onb/ to publtc school

shrdents. The admtnlstntore at the dual enrollment offlce at FSU all know me by ry flrst nanrrc. IVe persuaded them to let rnc enroll ln an honors courae, and they have offered to wrtte letters of r€comrpndatlon to the prlvate colleges wlth ttlgtrcr academlc stardards I want to atterrd ln another year. I hopc ry experlence wlll be h.lpfui to other t€enage homeschoolers.

Math & Science Acadeny Accepts Self-Educated Student Bgdl/eHouse(D0 utrltes: Recently, my sons educadon has taken an unueud and lnter€stlng turn, whlch may prcve encouriaglng - even fnsplrlng - to otlrer aelf-cducadng young people. About aycar ago James, now 16, began an earnest, tntcns€ study ofmath and phyaica. Up unfll that UE, hc had proceeded no further ln math tlran long dMston. ln a matter of days, he was *=ll beyond any potnt I had reached tn rry forrnal, tradldonal schollng. He was dellnnely on tds ow'n. He worked though college algebra, plane, solld, and anal5rttc geometry, trlgonometry, all lerrcle of calculus, dllferentlal equaltorrs, garnma and besscll fucdons, Fourler analysfs, calcrrlus of vrarlaEons, vector anal5rsts, Laplace transforrrs, as s€ll as Sofng deeply lnto the shrdy of ptrystcs, lncludlng mechanlce, thcrmdynamtce, sound, lluld dynamlcs and stadcE, electnostaflcs, ltght and opdcs, gas laws ard statiotlcal mcchanlca, magnetlem, and other rclated toptcs. In trts studtes, he rellcd onbooks he checked out of the publlc llbrary, the BuIIalo Creek Cornmuntty School llbrary, and books hebought. After eetrctal months of work. Jarres exprcssed an lnterest ln flndlng sonrc way of earnlng credlt for hts studles as well ag

ffndtng someonewho could gulde hrm further along. About that saoe flme, we read an ardde ln a local rrcvspaper regardtng the Toes Academy of ltlath and Sctenc€, a state.funded prcgtramwhereby ehrdents wlth a deep tntcrest tr and a talent for math and sclence can, by lnvltaflon to the proganu complete thelr flrlst tulo years

of college slmultancously, whtle attendlng the Unfverafty of North Toras. About tslo hundred students peryear are accepted tnto the program. ln sptte of the fact tbatJareg has had no graded coursee. tnnscrtpte, etc., slnce slxth grade, he was accepted b5r TAMS on the basts oftrle SAf score, letters of

recommendatlon from three teachers, an $say, a letter from m, a pcrsonal lntcrvlew, and a dlagnosflc math teet deslgned by TAMS. Instead ofa transcrtpt ofgrades, or any other record ofecorEs and enaluattons, TA[{S accepted a lctter fnom.Ians outllnlng trls rcthod ard couroc of atudr along wlth ttts eldene|rrc readlng ltet br thc ycar. TAl,tS boks for atudents wlth

eclf-mtftBflon. rlarc tras tborougpy demnstrated that quattty. I hope thls ocamplewtll bc helpful to famllles who fear that thclr ctrlldren wtll

be unable to malte flrc shfft, |f they ghould so choose, from horre school to college.

Growtng Wthout Schooltng #84

Watching Children Learn Learning Together Sr.rsan

Krotts of Mlssourl urt'Ites:

Caleb (4 does all Hrrde of math ln hts head: addtdon, subtrac{lon, even mulflplt-

caflon anril dMslon. He dcent lcnour that he s dotng these thlngs, he doesn t know what the boks cdl tt. but he haewonderfulc-ommn senseabout numbcrs and how

vtoltn wtth Jordan as she leams, and I'm to slt ln on college Gerrnan classes. Solng-fact le that homeschooltng !s contaTtre doue. Llfe ts octflng. Ifs rronderlng and asHng and learntng and tt's for errcryone. No lfveg ofqutet desperaflon at our house, and I suspect fr,omthe back lssueE ofG\[tS that marry other fantltes out there ftcl the samewaJr.

Itorn a larcr lztten

toworkwtth them. When hewas 6, he and two other ctrtldren nrcrc pretendlng they

urcr€ runnlng fromadragon, butwere dtsagreetng aboutwho got to do the achral flgfuUng. I suggested tlrey trrngfne more than one dragon. They thought that trras a great tdea arrd crcltedly started dfscusslng tlre poselbtltflee. Vety eoon Caleb asked, 'Mom, doea lO 8o tnto 3?'He was t5dng to flgure out what number *ould be dMstble by 3. I toH trlm9 was, ard hc ffgured out that tlreywould each trarrc thrce dragons to flglL fm not trSrln! to say that Caleb ts

4llted and knowg more math than other kas. Uy pofnt ie that he l,e learnlng these math concepte wlthout anryone teachlng them to htn:" they are a nahrral part ofhts Itfe. lust llke palnte and hamrrrrs and bo[s. He leains to use whaterrer tools wtll help hlm solve probleme and get on wtth hts lfe. No, I dtdn't say that qufte rlgbt. Sohdng tlre problenrs ls get$ng on rvtth hls


Caleb le not readtngyel He docen't scem at all both€r€d or embarrass€d about tt. When tt come up heJuet says he can't read yet but hell learn eonrcday. I asked

hfm ff hc'd xke to lcarn thts wlnter, and he agr€cd to spend sorrc dmeatlL Heand I Just started taHng karate lessons together and l\rc encouragd htm ecveral ttnres by saytng that lots of thlngs take a whlle and qutte a btt ofelfort ln order to be able to do tlremwell. Tbat helps ue kecp plugglng away at our *trk-outs. I thhk he llkes tlre tdea that he can learn to read a ltttle at a tlrc. Thatway he docsn't rlgk fatlure as muclr. We lra:ve sat downwtth rtrJmtng worde a



drce (mat, eat, faL etcJ,

Caleb and I are dolngver5rwell ln

l€rate. We're ln our thlrd month atd wlll be tcsung for the first b€lt $ellon{ ln a couple ofweeks, It has been hard worh and

I do;'t thhk etther of us would harrc ehrck wtth tt lfwe hadn't bothbcen golng, $tc errcourale cach otlrcra lot" Ouirnstructor offerg a family dlecount. Tbts rEalty €rtcourages famlttcs

to iofn ard karn tolethcr. I thlnk tfe rdl good for the Eas to ecc adultE h^"ng to c/ork hard and gcteat to learn sorrcthtng. Sorrr ofthe adults get dlscorrraged and frustrarcd, but so far ttuy\rc k€pt trylng, and we're all getdng bctter. I llke foi cileb to see perseverance ln thesc days of lnstant grattflcaflon. He rcally wanb t9 b€ abb to SrEakboards and Hck hlghard all thc othcr nlnJa hrrtle shrfr, and hc unntg b beable to do lt now, wlthout worldng at tt br hourc flet donc yeare). But I feelfn my bonee thatrc're both golng to stfckwlth li ard Calcb sccxms to bc reaUrU that tt mtghtbc hard but lfs worth dhe *ork tf that's what hc want& Anottrcr good thlng about o"r taHnS lsrate together ls that Caleb catl do rnarry

thlnfa better than I can, ltke elt-upe.

We are

rprd on an equal bodng rn karate ttran he sees us at otlrer tlmes. We're both leamfng sorrethlng new, and we both barrc to work

barder tlran *= urant to, and the dbctpllne of the class applbs to 6,er!tone. Calcb ha8 seen rc reprtmardcd br epcahngout of turn, wtrtch cans I havc to obcy thc ruIee lust llke hc dcs. XIds don't oftcn feel tlat


betn8 tr€atcd the


as the


and ascar€fulae amnotto push orbc lmpadent, I thtnk trc h8E fdt bad that he

arourd thco" I dont thlnk

dldn'tJust catch on and start readtng everythtng tn slghL t<nowtng that he cart

have to barn and pcrform a kata, a scrles of mrtly defenstve blocks thst drmet look Uke a &ncc srhcn pcrformrd. Our


l€al.n brt by blt" urcek by wteh mves th€ goal of'readlng'to a gafer arlrd l€ss

threatenlng fu hrrc date. I\rc been tcactrtng both Caleb ard Jordan (4 Germanand hopc to speak ft mrewlth them thtsyear. l& formr German profeesor has ofu to let rc slt ln on hls classes so I can get unrusted 0 hatrc a German rnaJor but banren't done muchwtth It for orrcr ten years). I -ct year I tutored a

hlgh scholgtrlwhowanted to lcam

German. and chc hasasked m to teach her mre thle ycar. It's a gr€at lncentftrc to glet rc etarted a&ln. In addlEon, *e have three Fo"t G,&man stu&nts at thc bcal college thla hll, ard Im cxdtcd to make

frlerds rdth thcm ard harrc an opportuntty to apeak Gcnnan



My frlcnds harrc tcascd


tbat I must

bc h{vlng gomc sort of mld-lfe somethlng or other, because at 35 I Juet etarted ptano

and karate, I'm plannfng on learnlng

tn order to test for ayellow bclt'


ffrst kata contatng about twcnty moree' all whlch ha\tE b be done tn apecfc stances ard dtrccdons. I barncd lt by watctrlngl our lnstnrctor ard walHng through tt rtttlr hlm a fw tlrc. Ther\ at hoc. I taught lt to Caleb, by ctranung thc mrrcg orrcr and over ln a ldnd of rhfdhm. He harned lt the way hc*ould leam a aong. T1rc ottrcr people tn the class *cre waldr4; for our lnetructor to dtrc thcm wrtttcn hretruc' tlons. Caleb 6uU ao thc kata tnto urcckt before anvone ln the dass could. He docen't knsw ho; to read yctard so docan't rely on thc wrtttsr word. of

My plano haeons arc golng 8r€aL tttY

ptarp teachcr rcallzcd, pracocally beforc I

dtd, that I unrrtcd to be abb to plry beaudful, scrlous mush. ShCeagood teachcr fn that shc knowl t wltl play longer ad bcttcr tf I errJoy wtrat I'm ptaylng. Jordan has bccn Setdng out hcr rdo[n

t2 and screechlng away at tt whlle I'm plrylng

lt took re ry plcs. ghe



Um to reallze she ls mldnll beautlful a long

muslc,Juat llke the muslc she hears on the radlo or at the concerts she lraa attended. Horr neat to trave so much c-onfldence tn yoursclf. My ntece iB gMng Jordan Suzuld vlolln lessons, and I1l letyou know how that goee. I thlnk tlrat uslng a young student mtght bc mre alfordable for other GWS famtlles. Cory ls 13 and tras been ln the SuzuH program for ten years. She's dotng a greatJob teachlngJordan, ctrargee much less ttran the profeeslonal tnetnrc-

tors tn town, and Jordan isnt tntlmtdated

wlthShakeapear,e atage 8 and rcad sev€ral of hts pLays tn a huge complete book of Shakespeare that stts on our bookshelf. She thoroughly enJoyed seetng a stage

survhnlcarnplng. I can usc canoes and pourcr boats wtth radios and f,sh Srders,

producflon of TleTenynsL Shewas the envy ofher older brother and elster because sheand I hadhad funreadfngand rereadfng Tle Temfst prlor to seelng tt


performcd. A couple of tlms she gleefully wtrtspered who hadJust entered the stage. She dtd not have the dtllculues her older brotlrer and sleter were havlng wtth understandlqg thc plot ae tt happened.

by her. Cory ts also more UkeV to +qke hy suggpsflons about trow Iurant the clegses to go than many muslc teachers would bc.

lYants Outdoor Apprenticeship

Trusting ,Dreaming


Stages" Agnes Lelsllo (CA) unltes: Rg;ht now Suaan ts tn a drearmlng stage. I nerrcr knowwhat to expect of her when thlg stage come8 to frutflon, Sornettrcs there ls a qulet adnance that I can

easlly mlss unlese I om sp€clflcally observtng, Other tlmee ehe outrvardly starte producfng some etlrrlty about whlch there lg no doubt that lt came from the dreamlng stage. I honestly do not thlnk ehe lB aware ofwhat the end reeult ofhcr perlod of drearnlng wlll bc. Ttre few tlnps I quesflon her as to what she fs thtnldng about I alnost neuer rBcclve a c.oncrcte ans$er. Usual$r lt te eonrthtng ltke, 'NothInS tn pr0cular.'Ard ry lmprcsslon le tbat ghe ts belng total$r honestwlth 'ne - errcn to her, nothtng sccrns to be happenfng. I qm'rcry grateful that GWS gav€ our address to Ptvl,*ttg Tlrl'rgllds rn Elztne (Box lOO4, Auetln MN 560 12) becausc tt has Itterally turned Susan on to er<plortng nav thlngs and ergressfng the depth of understandfng ehe ha8 oftbe uorld around her. ltrls summcr ahe was tn aprolonged

Itwae eo pmbnged I began to get nry u,sualsorry abouttnrsdng Suean to dream1r etage.

dlrect her oum l€amtng ln a rrpnlngfirl uray. [n away I gueee lt la a good thlrlg I do have ry pertodsofdoubtbecause then I don t becore too complacent ard t also obeerve what happene more closel5r.) Our eecond lseue of Prornldrg Thottghts arrfved Frtdry afternoon. All day Saturday Suean eat at the t5rpewrtter compostng slx dlff€r€nt urays to ffnlsh a story that *as startcd tn that tssue. She rould perbdfcally glggle ard VF h8t€r. That errcnlrg shc shar€d herrork wlth me (I try not to rcad anythfrg thc youagstera wrlte unle$ they lnvtte me to read lt). As I read her dtlferent rrcrslons of thc story endlng, I ma,nrclcd at her nocabulary, at her clev€r tsrtsts of worde ard thouglrta, and at her sldll at entcrlng lnto the emoflong of the clraractere lnrlohd. I was

seelng a stde ofSusan that ehe does not often reral to anyonc. That day of wrldng was worth mre than a full5rear of attdng ln a claesrcom wrldng coryoeltlons. Susan tq"ght h€rgelf basb ltallan a

couple ofyears ago bccauscwc happened to ffnd a book that taught ltallan throuSh slmple songs. She has notpursued ltmuch lately, but I ttrlnk lt wtll conrc up q{lFrn ht sorre way latcr on. She aleo fell fn lorrc

MafrlEurfurgln RR 1Bo):ZIOH" Sutry O/ng, sent us aleter tlvt tc lro's been sendlr1g,, InvafuusJmns, to F@e wlo @rtDe rrHe b otferl&nanapprcnltushlp. We prlntltlere Drfhas agd.tffi,

oJ such a


GI{4S reade'rs



ba;attsc tlerc mog


Mp fuIolt}vw:


I a'n 14 and have had a lot of orpertenccworHng alrcady. Now that I am trfg;h schol age, I am ready to bok for apprenflcestrtps array from home. My parents are helplng rrr wtth my plans and transportatlon. I would ltke to work tn the outdoors: on a ranch or farm, at a park, hdptng wlth horesteadtng, at a wlldMc refuge or anlmal rehabilftadon locaflorl at an outdoor sun^ral sctrcol or at arry ldnd of recre'

ational hctllty ttrat olferl outd@r advenhrres - rafttn& backpacHng. canoelngr

muntaln clfmbhg. nshtng. hunflng. I want to wort tn erclrange 6r rmm and board ftutmyparentewlll help mwtth thes€ co8t8 lf neceseary). I could *rrk br a

weeh a monttu or eeen bn6er. Durlng the past three yeare I have bcen an apprenflcc to a man here ln lfialne who flrst had a ta:ddenny buslne$ and nry ls a pmfesstonal landscaper. He start€d paytnt


durtng tlre sum[Ers two years ago, and I worked rlgfut alongwlth the otlrer men. Althougb I'm young I'm slx feet tall and can Stve sorrene a full day'a wort, along wlth a bt of enthusiasm. I *tuld be wllltng to try an apprcntlceahtp for a fwdaye and tf lt dtdn't uork out there would be no hard feeltnge. Her,e are some of the thlnge I can do pretgr urcll professtonal landscaptng, tncludlr4 clearlng planflrg. deelgnlng, fenclng butldlng rock wallc and walks: carpentry - IVe hclpcd wlth house con-

structlo& boatbulldlng, ard furnfhuc, and

I can use mst po$€r tools lncludfng a upod lathe whcre l\rc made bowls. I dso

Itke to carvcurcod. I can usc mst gasponrcred tools and machtnes ltke chatn saw8, bmsh-wackers, tracton, 4-wheelers,

snonnrpbllcg, ard harc dorr marry lawns, lots of haullng ard cleartng ard snow pbrylng. I e- famlllar wtth all types of hundng, ardcanclean guns ard do sorrr rcstoraflon. I harc flshcd all over Malnc and ln Fbrlda, lnclrdlng be Sotdng and Ity ffshlng, arnl harrc learned to do lotg of fly tylng; I knof,t how to aldn anlmals, prcpqrc ttre rcaL ard tan thc sHns. I can do full talddermy on blrde ard emall game and can asstst a tarddcrrnfEt wtth large Samc ln Me-alze rrpuntg, nrgs,


rrnuntg. I Lrarrc donc bte of longdtstance backpacffng, horeeback rldlng, and

and I llke many sports llke crose-country ehtng and runntng; downhtll and water If anyoneurante to tqr me out as an extra hand I would real} llke the chance for the e:<perlence I would get at )rour crork. I qm a hard worker and am not afrald of baslc chores ttke cooldngf dtstrwashlng, crrtflng xd, or carlng for anlmals. I wll be dofng my htgh echool ahrdtes fndcpcndently at the same flme tbat I am urorldng at an apprenflceshfp. I wtll be happy to send rrcre lnformaflon about mysclf to anyone who ts lnterested.

Decides to Cut l)ovm on Computer Games MoretranMarfrrtColen: Bret, who }ast year butlt hlmself a color TV out of a broken VCR and a rmnltor, and who bought Nlntendo wtth moncy he earned babJrsltHng, teactrlng classcs on Ba$ball Card Ttsadlng at a llttle local place called the Mt. AIry lerntng Ttee, and behs hf" dad's part-ttrne careglver (hte dad has M.S.), hasJust today dectded to sell hls Ntntendo (plus garncs) to a local vtdeo place. Not to btry the forthcomtng SuperNtntendo, as I had thoug;ht, but because'I want to gradualy get rld of these thlngE.' Part of hts oplanatlon te, 'I'll hanrc mrc flrE to 8o meet people. And I'll go outand mcet people becauee therewon' that Nlntendo.'Ifg not ncceesarlly the best rleason, nor the Snal dectslon, but tt makes rre feel good to scc hlm naHng such lmportant dectetoru about hle Me. WcVc alwaye bcen the ldnd of parents who dld not restrlct TV, on the grounde that we tnrgted our chlldr€n to com out all rlght evenwtthTV. We tnreted them to wlthEtard the bralnwashlng. etc. We vrcren't at all sur€ we c,er€ dolng the rtght thlng, but lt's what happcned to dc,rclop ft qy'frmlV. So I feel gr€at tbat

Bret at

12. ts

conterdlngwtth theoc loeues

ln sudr a rcsponslble, thtnHng


Mone Sensible Letter Reversals F\wr WedS Wesfrtrrd. (I,N) : .IugtthlssEek, Phoebe (6) added a

balloon to a collage of a rrrcusc to ehov tt equcahng. She pastcd her mouee tn thc center of the papcr, mrmg b the left. She ffgurcd out the spelllng ISCWC,' cut out tlre balloon, and pasted tt to the lcft of thc

rpusc, polndng toward lts rputh.

Imrncdlately ghe becam fruetrated and pulled tt olf thc page, €xplatnlng tlrat tt was Sofng the u/rong rray, though It read orrectly left to rlght. Tlren she rewrote the sarE letters, rlShtto left CWCS, and pastod tha nenrbalbon ln tlte sac pooldon; In thfs way, she oglalncd, the beglnnlng of the *ord was cbs€r to thc rpuse's rputh, and tlrc end of thc sord was furtlrer away - thc loglcal way fora word to enrrgel TtrlnHng of reverealE remlnda me of a palnflng Adrlenne (now I l) created wtcn shc was about 5. Seated at a table, wlth a

Gros'lng Wlthout Schoolng #84

l3 large rectangle of paper spread out tn frront of her, she palnted a plchrre wtth ground,

slqr, trees,

pple enflrfu upsdedoutrd

She placed the'foreground'detalls at the far edge of the paper, the 'slry' at the edge closest to her, and thg 6thg1 dshrls h the prrrper posltlons when vlenred frcm the other slde of the tahle. where I sat. I remember at the ttnrc betng arnazed at her abtllty to adapt to thts rray of seelng and thtnhng, and r,eallzlng that I dldn't want arry school experlences to drt\rc out ofher

the rermslbtllt5r of thtnldng that allowed her to create ln thls rnanner. I don't thlnk I errer wltnegsed thls ldnd of reversal before or slnce ln her urcrls Perhape lt uras Just a one-flrne e:rperlrncnt tn creattng from a

dlfierent perspecttrrc.

Barban Needlurn






Reversals' tn

GWS #82: I thfnk lt ls more amazlngwhen chlldren who are begtnntqg to read don't reverse letters. lourcr case letters are

probably the flrst thfngs tn a chlld's experlence that do not retaln ldendty when thelr posltion is changed. I am encloslng pa.per coples of the urooden letters that my ctdldren used when they were ltrst learntng. One ts obvto\rsly a 'q,' but wtrlch of the others ts the 'b,' 'p,' or'd'? WeJust made arbltrary declslons. l'n not sure I errcn declded tlre sarc way each Umeurc used them. f ttrvas dlfflcrrlt for me to flgure tt oul I wonder how hard tt rnay have been for them.

Learning to Ride a Bike Flom Sharl IkruV MN): Once ogel'r I am remlnded that chlldren are the best ga.uges of thelr ounr readlness, that they wtll learn a new slidll tn thetr own flme, wlth very ltttle adult lnterference. I rerrember learntng to rlde a blcycle at averyyoung age, lut t}lgn agah, I was a newy llttle Hd. When T..J. approached that pardcular age last sumrter, I asked hlm lf he wranted the tralnlng wheels taken offhts btcycle, and he stmply but emphaflcally sald no. The follrowtng sprtng he uras stlll enJoylng hfs kahfng wheels undl, one day, Ttm (my husband) backcd oner the blke ln hts ptck-up tnrck. Replaclr"g the backwheel and repalrlng the chaln ran about $35, and urc explalned to T.J. that ure could flx those ltems but ttrmuld be another couple of creeks undl cre could alford new tralnhg wheels. Ttrere uras no rnanlpulaflon tntended here; we were slncerel5r dtsmayed at tlre cogts of the repatr. TJ. replled that he dtd not need the

tratnlng wheels anJnnore. Taldng hts reply as our clue that he uranted to leam to rlde trte btke, and stnce we have no sldewalks and llve fn a htlly nelghborhood, urc packed eyeryone up and headed to the nearest blg empty parking lot ln town. B€kah (2) ran olf to a nearby $vlngset, Ttm unloaded the blke, and T.J. fooled around tn the back of tlre rran. Tlm and I glanced at each other, surprtsed, as TJ. emerged from the rran, Here tturas 85 degrees and TJ. had put on long pants, leather $oves, a hat, and a heavy, padded Jackel He was terrtfled of fallfng, but ure

Gros'tng lVlthout Schoollng #84

perststed. For the next flIteen mlnutes Tlm held up theblkewhtleTJ. pcdaled. We clapped, cheered, encouragled, andyes, erten pushed. Ftnally, T"I. burst tnto tcars and we all urcnt honre, defeated. That was the end of our olllclal btke rrdfng lessons. For the next fewureeks, T.J. tvould often head out the door to 'rtde hls btke.' SonretLncs he urould straddle the seat and dptoe alongl; other drnes he would uralk dongstde the btcycle. He would do thls alone or tn the mtdst of hle nelghborhood pcers as they pedaled around the block. I could bare! stand lt - dl that rnoney lnrrcsted tn a btke that was not getttng any use. Tlren therewas the teaslng from the other chlldren. Interesdng[, the two who teased most relentlesslSr had Just leamed to rtde thelr blkes u/eeks earller and were older than T.J. But, undaunted, T.J. continued to rtde hls way. One day, I ums about ready to olfer nenr tralntng wheele agaln when I noflccd tlnt wtrile he sat straddled acrose the s€aL uptoetrg along, he would occastonall5r ptck up trts feet and coast a blt, trylng to feel for balance. Then lt occurred to rrte: T"t. had been rfdhg hls blke all along. In the same nray, John referred to a pereon playtng muslc the ffrst Urrrc they plck up an lnstnrrnent and begln meslng around wtth tt. What a fool I had beenl What better use could T.J. have been getung from hts


A fenr rrpre weeks urcnt by and once ln whlle T.J. uDuld ask rne or tds dad to hold the seat of trls btke whlle he pedaled a fen' feet. That vns tt - all the help he urand - and he would go back to hls uny of practtctng on trle own. One afternoon TJ, commented tlat tt would be a lot faster |f he could pedal hfs btlre to hfs frlend's house, and I agreed. He askcd nr lf I urculd help trfm pedal up to that house and I agr€ed to go along. Sorrrcthlng cltcked. Once we got home, slnce my backuras Ured. TJ. aslced hts dad lf he could hold the geat wtrllc he rode. Once or hrlce up the strect and backagaln and that uras tt. Tkn ran along as T.J. rode a few rrpne urnes, and then we were not needed an5nnore, except for occastonally helplng htm to get started. Needless to say, TJ, was ecstaUc about hts neirr sldll. and he should have been. He had urorked serlously, tn hts own way, ln hts oum drrr, to accompltsh the goal he had set for trtmself. a

Sharing Love of Fiber Crafts with Children Sturnon Storlrg (fN) wdtes: I loved the Focus ln GWS *82 on how clrlldren flnd a teacher when they dlscover tn themsclves a passlon for a certaln body of knowledge. It was lnsptrlng to us adults, to make oursclnes more avallable to ldds. I was parflcularly graflned to see that serrcral ldds unnted to leam to knlt, crochet, and sew. I had aluays thought that my fasclnauon wlth all fiber crafts rvas sort ofeccentrlc and rare, erren though flber ts so baslc to hurnan cultures everywhere. Many adults s€em to regard my total preoccupaflon wlth splnnlng, w€avlng, dyelrg, knltEng, feltlng, etc., aa sorrrehow lnapproprlate tn an educated adult tt's an OK hobby, they thlnk, but not a llfe's

work. Errcnwornen seem to see lt as sort of retro, not what hlgtr-ponrcred women of the '9Os should be Into. fMore recently, femtntst thlnlrcrs have redlscovered the rralue of worren's tradldonal contrlbuflons to culture - worrrcn's nurhrrlngrrcrk, women's lil€nuon of hordcrrlhrre, women's art. Qutlts are now femlnlet art. But rnany uromen here are stlll unaurare of thls

change tn thmlang.) But ofcourse ctrlldren arc not as hung up on what's polldcally correct. Recently t was knltdng durlng one of rr5l son's socc€r games, and a llttle glrl came and sat down beelde rrr. After awhlle, she sald, "I thlnk that ts so lnteresdngt" Oh boyt I thought. A fellow ftber freak. I explalned to her bow kdttfng ts a bunch of ltttlc loops and shoured how they were hoked together. She trted lt. but lt ung a ltttle too had. So I Aot out a crlochct hook and urc crocheted Iogether for a wtrlle. She operated the thread and I nrorrcd the hook After a wtrlle sorrr other glrls startd uratchlr4 and becomfurg tnterested. After urc nrade one croctreted frtendstrlp bracelet for Mary, the ortdnal flber fr,eak rpe nrade sorne for her stsGrs. Then they rnade some for thernselrrce. I had a good ltttle collecflon of yam scraps tn my bag that they could choose frorn" Tlrey had good taste, lt turned out: they rrere surprtslngly sophtsdcated tn thelr sensttMty to dlllerent yams' colom and textures. After a wtrtle, Mar5r sald tn her shY, almost lnaudtble volce. "I thln& tt urculd be really fun to come over to yourhorrsc and stt on your ltvlng room rug and do thfs aU day." I satd, 'Me tool" So we worked lt out wt[]r her dad that she and her slsters would orrr over the nxt Saturday after the SOOCerSame.

So they dtd. T?rey urcr€ hunedlatelY drawn to the splnntngwheel, and they ended up havtng the moat fun wlth the drunrcarder that we usc to blend dtfrerent colors of wool tnto bats for sptnnlng. Mary leamed to spln on a drop sptndlevery fasL

and she learned to operate my btg S;urcdfsh floor loom slrglehandedly tn short order. It uas arnazlng to s€c thls tlny 7 year old sltttng at thc bU loom that alrrpet filh the room. rrcarrtoel wlth total comrnand and conlldence. I thlnk now that I wlll put a nodce ln our local honreechoolers' nelvslettcr olferIng to help ctrlldren wlth learnfng to knlt, or spln, orweave, or sew.

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FOCUS: Working Toward Sone peoplc say that honeschoolers don't have thc experlence of dolng somethfng dtfflcult ln order to reach a larger

goal. We egked geveral 5roung GWS reederg to tell ur about hos, wlthout belng forced to, thcy do what l,r neeessar5r to reach goab tbat they have set for thenselves.

Becoming a Lifeguard Flom Sqm


a Goal

would dellnltely be an asset ln the horse world, not onV for a veterlnary buslness but as a rlder as well. It's hard work, but I enJoy tt. And IVe already learned a lot about baslc nutrlflon, health and dlseases, and treatrnent of rnlnor wounds whlch wlU make studylng veterlna4r medlclne a llttle easler. Of course, I have other goals too, Rlght now I'm tratntng my horse for charnplonshtp horsc tdals at the end of the month. I'm also urorldng on my plano so that I can play urcll at the recltal ln December and tmprovlng my tennls sldlls so that I can get together wtth my frlends for an occaslonal match. Homeschoollng takes a lot of self-rnotftratlon, and though lt may be tough sometlmes, the results are always worth the efiort.


One of my goals tn Me ts to becorne a Meguard at age 16, I am so I harc three years to butld up my abtltty lerrcl. I knorv lt wlll be hard, but I thfnk tt wtll be worth the work. There are unbeltevable chances for ltGguards. They are h hfCh demand, so they arc almost nerrer out of work. Thetr uages are not bad, elther. I worked on my goal all surnrner. I had plenty of chances, stnce we went to the pool frequently. Then I heard about the YMCA swlm teart the Ptranhas. I stgned up eagerly, belfedng that I would be a falr swlmmer by thelr standards. Then came my flrst practlce. Boy, was I wrongl I was tlre absolute worst swlmrner on the team. Coaches tmmedfately started rnaking excepHons for me, allowlng rne to do easy strokes whlle ottrers dtd the rnore dffIlcult ones, but I sflll couldn't keep up. I had to rest often, and was alurays the last one to arrfue at the end of the pool. My rnom watched all of ttrts from the pool's balcony, and she uras e:gecflng rne to turn tall and run. Although lt rpould have been easy to qutt, I declded not to. I am awatttng my next rreet, wlrlch ls

l3 now,

tontght, and I really do thlnk I am gotng to lmprove great$ over the next fewweeks. The hds mlght taunt me and the oaches mtglt yell at rne, but I urant to contlnue. I'll focus on ny goal and sttck wtth tt to the end becaus€ I really want to be a ltfeguard,

Preparing for Veterinary lVork F)om Ambr Hehbbryer oJ Nofth Catollnrr: One of the neasons that we homeschool ls that we have the freedom to choose our own goals and then work toward them ln our own uray, So many of my frlends who go to school depend on other people to make declslons for them and then to stay dthnr t}le restrlcdons that the other person rnay set. A goal of mlne ls to becrme an equlne (horse) veterlnarlan some day. Though I have rnany cholces for a career, thls one corresponds well wlth my tnterest ln horses, Because of thls, the dLflIculty ofvet school doesn't seem ltke such a huge obstacle. To go to vet school you need a good baclground tn rnathematlcs and sclence. I am current$ teachlng myself algebra- It's nery dlfllcult; I often have to go back and reread secflons ofthe book to make sure that I understand what I'm dotng. La,st year I became confused and got so fri.rstr:ated wtth tt that I ne$ected my work, so I have some catchtr4l up to do now. I'll keep my goal tn mturd, though, and keep worldng toqrards those trtgher levels of math. As for sclence, blologr tsn t a problerr, real}. I enJoy readtng about tt and studylrlg f! wtdch ls pretty easy to do because we have some very good books avallable betureen home and the local lfbrary. Next year I'll be old enough to start taldng a fenr classes at the nearby Isotherrnal communlt5r college. They have a laboratory, so I wll be able to get some experlencr ln chemistry, too. I have also galned lnvaluable experlence througfr our Pony Club. They have a ratlngs systern, wlth the D levels belng the lowest and the A lerrcl the htghest level of actrlevement. I am current$ a C-3 and worldng towards ruy B level. Another goal I have set for myself ls to bemme an A ls'el pony clubber. Tbis

Using Spanish Tapes l\om Aprll Jofuson


Thts year ls my flrst year tn homeschoolteg and I have dectded that I would llke to learn a forelgn language. French sounds beauflful, but I thtnk that Spantsh wtll take me farther. Slnce nelther of my parents ever took Spantsh tn school, my mom talked to our nelghbor about teachlng me and my brothers, Dale ( I f ) and Kyle (8), Spantsh. It rvould hane been perfect slnce he speaks Spantsh fluently, excrpt he ls very busy addtng on to hts house. We were klnd of on hold undl he flnished hls addtdon, so I dectded to go on myself. Nobody errcr told me that I had to learn a foretgn language. For thls reason, I believe I am leamtng more, because I am enJoytng myself. If I qras attendtng publlc school I would be e:qlected to learna Language and Iwould notbe havtngas much fun. I would probably be bored. My parents have been a lot of help ln gettfng me started. Thry helped rne get my hands on books, tapes, and enen another person to tutor nrc ln Spantsh. The ladywho ts helpteg rne says that I am dolng really well. That ls because I urant to learn tt, not because I am betrg forced to. Some parts of learntng Spanlsh are hard: the pronunciatlon te dtfflcult for me, but IVe b€en gotng over the vowels ard IJust keep pracHclng. Some ofthe tapes are hard to understand, too, and you have to out what they're saylng. But I really want to learn Spantsh, so I don't mtnd dotng these thlngs,

lVorking Hard at German Studies Flrom Chrts McKee NVI):

When I rccelved GWS's letter asHng me to wrlte about sornethtng that took a lot of determlnaUon and hard work to reach a goal, I thought of my German studles. The work that ls tnvohrcd wlth ttrls ls often very hard, but because I want to speak fluently I am wtlltng to go that extra mtle. For the last two years I hane been taHng German from a tutor' Ttrls year her class load at the trlgh school nras too btg for her to condnue wlth rrrc prtvatd, In order to condnue studJdng wlth her, I dectded to take German at the trlgh school. We began the class by studytqg a new tense, the stmple past. It ts slmple tn the sensc that you do not have to add any words to the sentence, but strnp} change the sufilx of the verb. New concepts llke t}ls have alnrays been hard for me to plck up qutckly. My strong Potnt ts rny ear. I usua$r rel5l on tt to plck up the fonns ofverbs lnstead of re\dng on a textbook ltke most people do. Once I ptck up averb forrn, tt ts not llkely that I wtll forget lL Ttrts ls my norrnal leamtng pattern: a new oonoept ln German ts tntroduc€d, generally I wtll not do well ln tt at flrst, but give lt a week and my grasp of the concept wtll be falrly good and I wlll be dofng much better. Now, a couple of weeks after the stmple past was llrst tntroduced to us, I can speak tt pretty urcll. The rnoral ofthe stoq/l Keep uorktng and tt wlll come to you eventually.

Growlng Wthout Schoollng #84


Meeting Writing Contest Deadline F,rornVaIIle Rqnulrnd (WN: I am 12 yeare old. For tlre last fen' years IVe enJoyed u/rtdng storles, poetry, and letters. One of the thlngs lVe done wlth my wrfdng ls to enter tt ln the Centralta \lrdtlng contest whtch ts put on by Centralia Collegs. The ffrst year I wrote a falrytale and laet year I wrote a book of hathr. I r€ally lfke the wrtflng, but meetlng the deadllne fs tough. I tllustr:ated both books myself and both years IVe ended up dolrg artuorkand maklnga coner the day before lfs due. Sdll, errcn though tfs tough, I'm wtlling to unrk to make the deadlfne. When I see rny *ork all ffnfshed ln a book tt feels good. The oontest has beenworth the effort too, becaus€ l\rc won a flrst and thlrd cash prlze.

r.spired to Work at Dancing F'wrr ErrU Folrban cs qf



I thfnk that horneschooltng ktds can and do do what's necessary to reach goals that they have set for themselves, Four years ago, IJotned the Donna Dancers, shortly after seetng an artlcle on Ukrantan lmmlgratton wtth a photo of the Veselka Ukranfan Dance Tloupe of Vlctorla. I dont even remember wherc I saw thls, but I dec-tded that I y/ould someday dancc ltke thern. I am stlll worldng at lt, part$ because I lorrc danctng, and also because I want to dancc llke the Veselka.

Willing to Assist DifEcult Teacher llont Tt/anl WIIIIons M0: Rtght now I am an asslstant teacher for a rellgtous educatlon class. I help wtth the preechool class. lltre lady I uiork wtth ts not one ofmy favortte people, but I condnue to help because I get patd for helpiqg and that makes lt worth tt to rne. She ts always tellfng the ldds, 'Color ln the llnes, lf you don't, you won't be able to get

tnto preschooll' or You can't color

tlnt htty

purple, kttflea

aren t purple.' She goes stratght by the book, nwer dolng any-

thlng orlglnal or lnter€sflng. I'm not Just ln lt for tlre nnney, though. I also enJoy uiorldng wtth the chlldren, and often IInd myself planntng thtngs that I mfgbt ltke to do wtth them. Somethtng that I enJoy dotng and dtd on my own was learntng about dogs. I would ltke to get adog someday so, on my ovm, I read books on dogs. th€ rtght ways and vnong urays to traln your dog, etc. A frtend of mlree has the ldnd of dog that I would ltke to get so she told mewtrlch books nould be good and I ordered them from the llbrary. I dfd that because I wanted to learn more about dogs, and I dtd learn a lot about dogs.

Homeschoolers Push Themselves Flom Latd. IlebtEbryer oJ Nofth Cadhta: I feel that the tdea that horneschoolers have no goale and push thems€lve ls deflnltely r,rcng. I thfnk that homeschoolers have to push themselyes nDre than klds ln school nerrer have to

do, because horneechoolers do not hanre anyone else to push them. I do thtngs I would rather not do sometlrn€s. For lnstance, I

rlde competlttve\r tn horse klals and I am an actlve rrrmber of the U.S. PonyClub. One of the thtngs I compete tn ts dressage. Dressage ls a French word meanlng'Bastc rafnhg of the horse.' Although most dressage is deffnltely not baslc, lt ts all hard work and not rrcry fun But I thfnk tlnt lt has really lmproved all of my rldlng. Some goals I harrc for ry ddfng are to get my C-3 raflng tn Pony Club and move up to the tralnlng lerrel of compeHHon. Another thlng I harrc been mrldng toward ts playlng Beethoven's Moonllght Sorrata- IVe been playlng the ptano for about fouryears now, and the Mmnllght Sonata has alurays been a hvorlte of mtne, Betr4 able to play lt tras been my goal ever slncc I started to play the piano. So, all the tlrnes that IVe played scales or other o<erctses, they do not seem bortng or tedlous becausc IVe

Grondng lVlthout Schoolng #84

always felt ltke I'm worldng toward a goal. Another tht41 IVe had to *ork really hard at, but tlat I thlnk taught me a lot, uras a sclence proJect that I dfd ttrls sprlng. Thete uras a sclence falr that dl the local schols urcr€ PardctPattng lrr' and our horncschoollng group was lm'lt€d to enter proJects. I dectd€d that I would llke to enter a proJecl It uras the firgt ttme I had errer done sornethlng llke that, and tt was rrcry hard, but I really learned a lot from the experlence. Homescholtng ts hard somedmes, and tt's alurays a lot of nnr*, but you atways have the freedom to set your ounr goale, and that'8 reall5l what horneschoolrng b all aboul

Sletting Goals Becomes a Habit Ftom Soraft Sndfh (MO): I thlnk setttng goals ts one of thc rrnst tnportant parts of honrechoollng. Take feedlng and carlng for ruy anlmals, for tnstance. If I don't tend them, they wlll dte, and carlng for them ls good experlence for worktrg wtth anlmats later ln [fe. Tltts brtngs me to another goal I'm unrHng on. I uould llke to work wlth anfmals ln a ratnforest or sorte gtmtlar envlronrnent sorneday, and ln order to get the sclence educatlon that I wtll necd, I have to ha're a good background tn math (deflnttely not my favortte subJect). So when I get ttred ofworklng on algebra, I cart thtnk atread to my long-term goals. I thfnk ldds tn school don't r@ll"E that they are ururHng tonard goals. To them tfs Just another algebra problem they have to do or a book they are forced to read. Even when they reach the goal, they mlght not realtze tL But when one sets a goal for hlm- or herself, then lt ls rrcry fulflUlng to reach tt, and that pushes one on to other goals. A goal I harrc already aclderred ls playlqg the piano. I\rc taken lessons for etght yean, and now I'm at a polnt where I can slt dontrr and really enJoy slght r€adlng and Just playlr4. I'm tahng volce lessons nowbecause I enJoy them, but I don't harrc any pardcular goals ln volce, I Just ltke tt. I thlnk that setttng and achtevlng goals can alrrcst beonre a habtt fn errcryday Me. I ffnd lt very easy to urcrk for goals wlthout belng made to, because l\rc had to be lndependent through honreschooltng, and that's what I lorrc about Ifl

Proving Oneself

in the Theater

Flom Ktra Erdsley (OIil: Ttrls past surmer I audldoned for the mustcal Aqthtng Goes at a theater tn Mlchtgan. I really don't know what happened at the audlHon, but by sorrr mlracle I got cast ln a muslcal wlth otpert dancers, when I had tahen tap lessons onl5l tntermttGntly. I thtnk my sfngfng audltlon ts probably what got me tn. At the flrst rehearsal the choreographer carne ln and eatd, 'Pay attenflon, I

l6 unntyou to be able to do thts nextweek.' Sheurcnt through an tncredlbly complex number that I couldn't follow at all. I dldn't tnow how I was golng to learn lt I werrt home and thought about tt, and I dectded to do errerythfqg I could to learn tt. I asked sorne of my frtends who were ln the show to lrelp me. I also had someone nrrlte down the steps. I really made an effort. At llrst the choreographer was dlsappotnted at havtng one glrl ln the showwho wasnt up to par, and she achrally vocallzed her disrnay, wtrtch only made rrrc work harder to prorrc that I could do thts. For a whlle when we dtd the dancc durlng rehearsals I was alvrays a ltttle behlnd, but a week before the show nrcnt on I thlnk I

knerv tt as well as errcryone else. Learnfng thfs was hard, but I stuck wtth lt because tlre show was fun and I had a lot of support from frtends tn the cast Also, I have hig! regard for thls parficular theatrlcal group. I thought that lf I dropped out, next ttme they mlght not cast rne. I dtdn't urant to gfirc the lmpr€sslon that I couldn t hold up my end. I dtdn't really do lt for the choreographer, I dtd tt to prove to myself that I could do lL Acflng" and all the thlngs that go wtth tt, ts what I warrt to do for the rest of my ltfe, so lf I urant to make tt I have to learn these thtngs. I harrc to learn to deal wfth eltuatlons that arent always easy.

"All of the Work is Worth If, F}om Glrurg



One day I was looldng at the 4-H nqrsletter and noflced that The Ktds on the Block (a handlcapped puppet tnoupe) was holdtng a small audltron. Betng lnterested fn acdng and stage rrcrk, I thought thts sounded ltke fun, so I wenL That day uras fun, but I came home wlth a long, hard scene to memorlze. It had been a

long, tlrlng day, and I dldn't feel llke memorlzlng. I worked hard, rrcrrnrlzed all of tL and nrore myself out, but I dtdn't get fn. Stlll, lturas worth tt, because I uras learnlng about theater, and rV goal fn Mc ls to becorrr tnvolved tn theater. A couple of months later, Mom was looldng tn the nanrspa.per and read that a professtonal theater group, Theater on the Htll, uras holdtng audtdons for ??€ Wlzatd, oJ Oz Of course, I rvanted to be ln lt. Mom called thc stage rnanager and asked what I had to do for audltlons. I had to prepare a short rronologue and song. I chose two poerne and -The Slmple Joys of Matdenhood' from CurcloL When the Urne carrc, Dad took rnc to the theater. The plano player played rry song so fast that I akrpst couldnt keep up wlth the muslc. 'Uh oh,'I thought. There goes rrSr role.' But I sUll trted my hardest. About an hour alter the audlflons we got a phone call asktng me to return for callbackg. Callbacks ur€re easler and had fewer ldds than the ortglnal audldons. About a half an hour later, the theater people called me and asked whether I would be ln Itre Wtzord- I couldn't bellerre ttl My flrst audlflon for a play and I got tnl I was so surprlsed that I could barely stand up. I played four dlllerent roles: a munchkln, a rrrcnkey, a cltlzen

ofEnrrald Ctty, and aJttterbug.

Enery day urc sang and danced and rnenrcrlzed and blocked soenes. It wzrs fun, but lt was also a lot of work That play ended about two rnonths ago. Rfght after lt was over, I was very sad, but then I head about a new suspense play starHng, called Nbhtrl atclu There weren't any roles avatlable, but I was able to get tn backstage. Backstage vrork can beJust as much fun. Norv tt's true, no one wlll clap for you, but theater lsn't Just actlng. All parts of lt aren't alurays fun or reurardlng, Just ltke the puppet urorkshop urasn'L But I thlnk all of the urork Is worth lt because I really want to be tnvolved tn drarna.

Getting a Ham Radio License F\omJelIWartes (WN: I dtsagree that horneschoolers don't do dtllcult tasks unless forced to do so. T\po o<amples from my own e:gerlence.rre my ham radlo llcense, wtrtch I recelrrcd when I was I I, and Quest NW, an envlmnrnental program I have gone to oncr every two weeks for the tnrc years. For my bam radto llcense I had to pass two wrltten electronlcs exams and get elther one mlnute of perfect Morse code copy or seven out often quesdons correct from a text sent by Morse code at flrrc mrds a mlnute. My reward for passtng these tests was betng able to talk on sct frequencleg on anrrateur radlo. I have enJoyed thls prtvtlege, but tt uras a dtlllcult test to take and requlrred many hours ofstudylng. Quest NW ts a fun place to go and do hands-on sclence, and I Itke my teacher and the other homeschooled frtends who attend, but one requlrement ls that q/e wrlte a r€Port on a glven toplc wery two weekg. Sometlrnes these toptcs are not to my ltldng but I do tliem because I enjoy gohg to fluest. Even though the teacher onl5r rcqulres thaturc turn ln a plecc of paperwtth the toptc, narne and date, to show that we remembered the r,eport, I feel an obllgafron to go ahead and wrtte the best report I can.

Deciding That. Sight Reading is Important Flom KIrn Kopl [MO):

last fall I audltloned for St. Louis Ctrlldren's Cholrs and was accepted tn Chorlsters, the thlrd of flrrc cholrs (wtth cholrs four and flve the rnost adrranced). When IJotned SrcC I couldn't stght read and I dtdn't know the flrst thfng about readlng and coungng rhythm. Moet of the other Chorlsters knew as llttle as I dld, so our dtrector, Fled, started us at the very beglnntng. At flrst I dtdn't s€e any rh5rnrc or reason to muslc r€adlng at dl. It seemed so mysterlous and confuslrg to me, and I wasnt rcally lnterested ln ffndfng any pattem or loglc to tt. It Just wasn t that lmportant or lnteresdng to rne, so I dtdn't want to spend a lot of ttrne and energy on lt. I dtdn't mlnd the hard work what I mlndod was the hard work that seemed to be for naught. I guess Fred must have known that qutte a few of us felt that way, because he began to try to ocplaln how tmportant betng able to stght read well was. He told us that tfu/e could stght read well, we wouldn't nraste so much t|rne gotng over our parts, playtng each note over and over a€laln, and so we d hanre more tlrne to spend on Ilne tunlng the muslc. I dectded that was a good reason to learn to stght read, so I started really trylng to understand and becorne better at tt. If Fred sald somethlng was tmportant, I took trls word for tt - I knew I could trust hlm. ,{,^g far as I'm concerned, t}rere are cholr dtrectors, and then there's Fred; he loves muslc, and lt shows tn the nray he dlrects, It meant a lot to rne to have a dlrector who loved what he was dotng, and to know that he achrally enJoyed belng there, dfrecdng and teachtng us. Hls love for muslc was contagtous and tnsptrtngbecause ttwas real - hewasn't pretendtng muslc was fun ln order to trlck us lnto worlidng and dolng what he asked at rehearsals. He showed us, bye:cample and atfltude, that he belteved ln glvtng ercrythfng he had to the thlngs he loved. So lt rvae easy for rrle to learn from hlm - here was sorneone Growlng Wtthout Schmltng #84

t7 whose tdeals I shared, sonreone I could understand and respect. About halfuray tluough the ffrst s€rnester I nnally began to see some serule tn muslc r€adfng and started ptcldng up the baslcs.

At the sarrr ttrne I found myself getdng really annoyed wlth rnany of the other Chorlsters, bccause they wouldn't rncrrprlze thelr muslc or concntratc and ltsten durlng rehearsals. They weren't any better at muslc readlng than they had been at the begtnntng of the sernester, so they *eren t ready to leam rmre, wtrlch meant I couldn t learn more, elther, erren though I uns ready to. I c"onsldered sertously tlre ldea of k5dng out for Concert Cholr (tlre next level) the follmdng semester. Ttre onl5l thlng that kept rrr from setdng up an audlflon rtght then and therewas the knowledgc that tf I uns accepted, I'd no longer harrc Fred as a dkrector. I ffnally worked out a oompromlse wtth myself: Id audtflon for Concert Cholr, and lf I rnade tt, I d then audldon for Chamber Slngers (the level ltrre cholr), whlch Fted dlrected ln addltlon to Chorlsters. I knew I had to lmprone rny stght and rhythm readtng even rnore lf I had any hopes of rnaldng tt tnto elther Concert or Charnber. So rtght after I set up an audlflon, I got out our songbooks and sheet muslc and pracflced slght readlng through them. It was hard work - a lot of thlngs urcre sttll confustng to rne - and I often felt ltke throwtn$ the books (and the ptano) at the wall. At Ilrst I dtdn't seem to bc rnatAng arry progress, wtrlch made lt extremely hard to keep practtclng, but I rnade myself sflck to lt because I knew I had to tf I warrted to nxlve up, By the tlrrr my audldon rolled around a fenrweeks later, Id actually lmprorrcd sorewhat, so I felt satlsfl€d. I knqr I sttll had a lot to learn, but I'd done the best I c.ould tn tlp tlme I had, ard that was all I could do. In the end I was happy I hadn't throunr the ptano at the umll and glven up on slght r€adlng, because I waa accepted tnto both Concert q/dChambcr for the second sercater.

I thlnk I tmpmrrcd my slght readlng lO0l6Just durlng tttat second serneater (erren thougtr I dtdn'twork on lt much at home) because I had so many opportuntdes to slght rcad at rehearsals. But although I learned a lot, I nerrcr fdt completcly sure of \r'hat I d leamed, or confident fn my abtltty to use lt. So thfs serrcster I dectded to take a muslc rcadfng class because I ura,s tlred of belng muslcal$r llllterate. I uranted to be able to stght r€ad sell enough so that I could get rtlythsrs rlght th€ flrst urrrc I read through a song, and *vuldn't harrc to keep referrtng back to the plano for pttches. I couldn't reach that goal mrHng on my own - there are too rnany thtrlgs tlnt are extrercly hard to understand unlesa someone ocplalns the logtc and method behlnd them. So I decrded that betng able to slght rcad well was trnportant errough to put nryself through the grlnd of a one-and-a-half-hour weeldy class. Besldes, Fbed was teachtng the class, so tt couldn't be that bad.

A fery mlnutes tnto the flrst class I found - to my complete surprls€ - that I ullas achralty havlng fun, and by the end of tlre class I wae looldng fonilard to the next one, I'm learntag so much from the class, and I r€ally enJoy the challenge mustc readtng gfves me. I can see the logtc to lt now. It feels good to knowwhafs gotng on, and to be able to r€ad mustc falrly well now. It dso makes cholr a lot easler for me - as Fbed pmmlsed, I can spend a lot more flrne on fine hrnlng thc muslc. Readtng muslc sflll lsn't a br€eze for nrc by any rrcans. There are nrany tlfiles when I'm sick of the extra trassle and c/ork lt takes, and would ratlrerJust forgst about the classe or anJrthlng havlng to do wtth readlng muslc. But I don't qutt because I lorrc sfngfng and cholr, and I can s€e that bclng able to rcad muslc 18 rcry tmportarrt to ry Etngtng and that tt enables me to ghrc more as a membcr of tlre cholr. It's ltke wtth anyttilng else IVe donc there's always a part that I'm not tbrtUed about and *ould llkc to Just learrc out tf I could. Ttrls ls a cholcc l\rc made: to spend my tlrc on muetc readlng ren though there are other thlngs I tlke to do better, becausc I eventuallSr want to slng fn an adult choral group. lt q/as an easy cholce to make, becausc I could s€€ for rryB€lf why belr4 able to r€ad muslc was fmportant, and that there were real consequenes that camc wtth not befui1g abb to read muslc. I don't thtnk I rrculd be getdng so much from muslc readlng classes |f so@ne bad satd I had to take the classes, I npuldn't have been able to come to the corrcIuslon that I should go, and I

Growlng Wthout Sctroollng #84

would have no gmd reas)n forbelng there. I do tlrtngs that are dlf8cult, or tlrat I r€al[ don't llke, for the

saaE neason t do anythfng else: becaus€ IVe dectded thq'rc hPortant. They rray be lmportant for dtlferent neasona - muslc r€adhg class ts tmportant becausc lfs h.lprttg m to reach a larger goal whereas slnglng ts lmportarrt because I love tt - but thcy're all stll


lYanting to Play Beautifully Flrorn Lolra Ksley oJ Mlssoutg

An orample of eomettrtng ln my llfe that I harrc done for my own personal bcnellt uras learnlng to play the ptano. Yes' I oft€n do complaln about havlng to pracflc= wery day. After a whlle, plano would seem to be bortng; but when I urculd buy a ptcce of muslc because I unnted to ptay tt beauufu$, I would shonr lt to nry ptano teacher and together we unuld perfect tt and then lt uras beautlful to play. I set a goal. workcd to actrtcrre l! and dtd achlerre tL I decfded, when I started phyfqg the plano, to keep on unfll I would be able to play a ptect of muslc that someone garrc me, errcn lf I'd never seen tt beliore. Well, I'm sttll unrHng on lt, but I'm getdng clooer to my goal every day.

Leaming to Play the Hom Florn Alns&eU Stowr MN:

I ltke tnetrurEnts that you blmr on, esP€dal$ horne. Tte problemuras that I dldnt have a horn, and I hed no trdea how to play one. Last year, when I was 8, t saw my uncle'e dtgltal horn. I really Uked lt and eo he let rrr pl,ay on tt. Because I enJoyed lt' I decrded to san € up mJr mn€y for a hom of my ounr. I asked permtsslon to take my nnn€y out of my savlngs acount to buy tt. My parents satd yes, enen though tt*ould take errery penrSr I had' I felt llke I was putflng rry rnoney tnto sontthtng rmrthwhlle. I bought tlrc horn and brought lt horc that nlghL Now the problem *as that I dldn't know hoqr to play tL I looked through my rnanuals, and rnst$ looked at charts that show the tnrmpct flngerhg for certaln notea. I located buttona on the slde of the hom to change the volunr, to transpose the scale, and errcn to change the type of lnstrument (tt pl,ays a flute, a sax, a tnrmpet, a synth-reed, a clartnet and an oboe). I etart€d out playtng etmple eong. Wh€n I ggt to tltlngs t couldn't flgure out from the rnanuals, I aeked rry uncle. He declded to tcach nE rpne. He had rrr playtng bluea aonE, and I really ltked It. Now I would really ltke to learn out of a nery blues book that Mom and I found. My goal l,s to keep on leamtng thfs horr\ and tf I can earn enough rroney, maybe someday I can get a brass alto aa:ophone. Currently, I am tr5lng to carn nDncy for that by helptng rry dad wfth cleanlngJobe and keeptng up wlth housc chores. Uetrerlng for a qrmphony wlth my fantly, I was able to see all tlre dtfferent horns us€d tn an orchestra- Also, Solng to a Wtnton Mareals concert gave rr lxrnE rrew tdeas forJarunlng.



Liberating Teenagers:

Interview with Grace Llewellyn

Wc bevc bccl crcltcd rbout Grecc LlcscllSza'r bool, Thc Tcanagc Ubcret:lon Eandbook IIIASO, 914.95 + poct.l, cac rlnoc rc rew lt

ln anan|lcrlt*. fho-tr lt lr rddrcrcd prlnrrlly to tccnrgcr tn rohool who rrc coarldorlng lcrvlai,

lt dlt bc vcry urcfrrl to long-tcrm honorchoolcn u wcll, crpcclelly, pcrbepr, thorc vho uc fccllng rtuct ln onc rpry or enothcr rad ncod .oEG asr ldcer end cnthudun. Wc rpolc wlt'h Gnac to lcern hov rbc rlot from bclrg r chrroon tcrcbcr to e homcrcboollng rdvocrtc rqd to dlrcur much of

It about tt that rnade senee to you? GL: At tlre tlme, I dldn't knonr

about homeschoolfng. It had

oonre up brtelly fur rr5l educaflonal ptdlosophy class and been dlsmlss€d tmmedtately. But the part that rnade sense to rneuras the ldea thatwhen people dlrect thelr own ltrrcs, and do what they rvant to

do, they're leamlng and growtng, and that tn school people's lves are controlled and so they're really not learnlng. What he satd about dolr4 ard I - how they should be the sarne but tn schol they aren't treated that uray - made me do a

tbc prrtloulrr lrucr thrt rfcot bomcrcbooltng tccnegcn.

Sureanrh Sbcficr: Ltke John Holt and so marry others, you start€d out as an enthustasflc classroom teacher and then becarnc dtsillusloned wtth school and a stong aA/ocate for horeschoollng. But you scem to have morred through thle prooess so much more qulckly tlran others dld - you only taught for three years before you got tnoh/ed wtth horeschoohns.Utly do you thlnk you were able to move so faaf?




Not belng at school doesn't mean you have to be at home arc manlr wayr to bc -outthere ln the world. ... When I asled about thc edvantagerof homcschoollng, almoet

all thc answers


"Frcedom" and "TlmG."

I thlnk one

slmply that others had done lL I dtd go tnto teachkrg rrcry enthuslasflcal$, but I uns subsflhrte teachlng at fflrsL so J neason ts

bttwlth sorc ofthe hardest aspects of teachlng rlght away. I thlnk that made rr


start thlnldng about alternatlves


the systen sooner than sorm other pcople do. Also, Just from a pcreonal standpotnt I wasn't sur€ that I llked mrklng wtthln a btg lnsdtutlon: I uranted to be mre tndependent. So I thought about stardng a

tlny alternatlrrc school ryaelf,, and that'a

when I ran lnto John Holfs uork. After that -xrcll, he had thought through a[ these lssues, so I dtdn't harrc to spend twenty years AgurlnS them out.

Wasn't lt had to gtve up the career you had planned on, though? I thtnk a lot ofpeople sLnp$ flnd lt hard to change course even lfthey begln to doubt the @urse they're on. SSI:

GL: Yes. I read.Iohn Holt and uras an

tmmedlate cornrcrt, but then I sort of fought rryself for tlre ncxt nlne mnths. I dectded I crasn't golng to be a teacher, but was a reall5r hard for re becaus€ I



tnventory of rry own past. I dtd u,ell tn school, but I d nerrer thought beyond the gradea thernsehres. Id nerrcr thouglrt aboutwhat Id gotten out ofschool. I assumed that slnce I d gotten unstly As, that rneant that I uns educated. But when I stopped and thoughL 'What dld I actually leam tn sdlool,'I cam up empty handed. I dldn't feel ltke I'd learned to r€ad or wrlte ln school, for enmple. I learned to r€ad when I was 3 wlth my rnotlrer, and I have strcng rremorles of reachers tn grade school complalntng that I r€ad too much, read when I uras supposed to be dolng sorrrtlrtng else, So school cnrghed a lot of that for me. And the other thlngs that I felt llke I kne{r how to do, I hadn't leamed tn school clther - muslc, dance, outdor stuff. Iuras ov€rwhelmed by thewasted Urne tn rry ourn llfe. 3E: When you began the tun-year teachtngJob, dtd you hope to put any of tlrese ns ldeas and realzatlons lnto pracflce there?

GL: I really dld have a bt of hope, becaus€ the sdrool waE sroll, and there was a very creaffrrc, hurnanltarl,an feelfng to lL go I thought a lot of 6ood thtngs could happen there. I sflll do belterrc tlrat a lot of

honestly dtdn't know how to do arrythlng clse, and I felt thatl had to teactr because that's what I bad pr,epared to do. I ffnally dld get a teachlngJob ln Colorado, and stayed there for trrryears. In trlndatglrt I sce that I was sorethlrlg of a trSpocrtte ftom the beglnntng. but at tlle flme I talked rrysetf lnto lt, andyou can Boe on my appltcatlon for thatJob tbat I was actually rrcry enthuelasflc and tdeallsflc.

gmd thtngs happen there. After I had been there awtrile I b€gan to thfnk that the echool rvaan't so fundamentally dlfferent from other schools, but that becausc I had eo much frecdoa and ould deslgn rry onnr crrrriculum, maybe I could

a9: Gohg r'eck for a mlnute - when you flrst read.Iohn Holfs *ort, whatqras

dent shrdy program tn wtrtch people could do anythtng they wanted, as long as tt was

sdll sork

dthfn ft. I deefgncd an lrdepen-

language arts and tecluded both readtng

and urtflng acffnl[es. What I dtdn't undentand at thc flrne was that not erreryone wants or needs to do somethtng wtthtn the realm of language arts for an hour every day. I thtnk the prognmuras a suocess for the people who were reall5r dr:awn to readfrg and rr'rldng, because lt gave them credtt, and ttme, for what they dld genutne$ vrant to do. But that was only about one tn five lidds. 8S: When dtd the turnlng potnt come for you, then? GL: I descrtbe thls tn my book one eyenlr4l, when we were tn Washlngton, D.C. on a fleld trtp, the Hds got angrtly scolded because they weren't paldng attenflon to a borlng lecture on how a blll becomes a }aw,

and suddenly the lnJustlce of tt all

onerryhelmed me. It was Just a feeltng of,

'Enough is enougfu' Before thls lncldent I had occaslonally alluded to homeschoollng wlth the ktds I taughl If they sald, 'I hate school,'I uould say, 'Well, you know, you don't luue to go,'and theywould say, 'Of coursewe

do, otherwtse urc1l be dropouts, qrc'll be fallures,' or theyd say, 'Ifs legally rcqutred.' I urould start to say, 'No, lt tsnt, rea$r,'but then I would back offbecausc I *ould feel tbat I uras getttng lrto sorncthlng I shouldn't be getdng tnto, professtonally spealdn& After the D.C. tnc'tdent, thougb, I began to feel rnore strongly that teenagers should know what thelr opflons are. I dtdn'trrnnt to say, Tou shouldget out of echol.'but I wanted them to know that ltc,as posslble, and I wanted them to know enough about lt so that tt realf wouldJeet posElble to thern That's when I got the tdea for the book. S8: As you weFe begtnntng to learn about homeschoolng; were there any thlngis you were concerned or skepflcal about?

GL: At flrst I rryas a llttle concemed about the Late readere I read about Just becauseIwaB anearly reader and maybe had a preJudle that there were some thlngs you learn better at early agea. I guess I thought there nrtght be eome car€leasnegs ln homeschoollng. But I don't feel thts way anymore. Ifs clear to rre that not only can people learn to read at arry age, but also that fn tnany oanes people benejtftoa

waltlng. I also uprrted about the tssue of people protecflng thetr Hds from knowlcdge that they thoughtyras harrnful, ard I admtt that I gttll do havc some dlscomfort wtth thlE, but no more dlscomfort than I trarrc wlth the school eyatem. 88: Wtrat madeyou declde to focus on teenagers? GL: I had alrays been tntereeted ln teenagera, whfch is wtry I

rcrldng wlth

Growlng $4thout Schoollng #84

l9 taught mtddle school tn the frst place. I also thought teenagera uould be rrpre

b pelfixdas old enough to make declslons on thelr own. I thlnh younger Hds are perfedly capable of maldng declslone, too, as long as they have the support they need, but I dtdn't thlnk the general publlc urculd recelrrc a book ltlc ttrts dtlected toward younger Hde as well as they mtght recctrrc a book dh'ected toward older ldds. llkely to

you thtnk there are epecl8c trs bad for teenagers, Hnd of as a subset of the ways that tfs bad ln SSI: Do

ways that school general?

GL: I thfnk adolescenct ls an espectally powerful tlme of llfe whlch ln other cultures ts recognlzed as a dme ofvlslon, a tlrne of lmportant transforrnadon. In our cultur,e nrc eort of recogntzc that but also block lt by rnahng tcenagers stt sdll and do the exact sarrr thtng as thelr peers, tnstead ofencouragfng them to orplore and dellne themselves as tndMduals. SS: One uray tn whlchyourbook ls

dlfrerent from GWS ts that tfs prlrnartly

addresslng ldds who are ln school and are consldertng leavhS, People often say tn GWS that homeschoollng ls harder for ldds who harrc been ln school for a long tlme, and I wonder fyou thought about tlre pardcul,ar challengee that the ldde you were addressfng umuld have to face tn

homeschoollng. GL: Yes, tturas apparent to rne that ldds who had nerrcrbeen to school had so much less to dealwtth ttran Hds who had spent a long ttme tn school - less gullt, fewer unnecessary complexes. I trted to address thts tn the chapter called The Importance of the Vacaflon,' whlch talks about the fact that fyouVe spent a lot of tlme ln school, you wlll need to hanre a

translHonal tlme tn wtrlch you essendall5r deschool your head. I thlnk tlrts ts really cmclal and that lf people don't recognlze the necd for thtg, they won't harrc as guccesafu I an experlcncc. In a uray I was r€ally taldng to rryself ln the booh to the person I rras fn hlgh school, knowlng that I would harrc needed

thls ldnd of lnformaflon and that ldnd of reassurance, but that I upuld have cranted to homeschool.

SS: Yes, I felt lt was a r€al strength of thebook thatyou dldnt hurry oagt the oonoerns Hds ln school wtll be ltkely to have about horneschoollng. As commltted as youVe beconr to hormchoollng, you haven't foqgotten all the questtons and doubts that these ldda may harrc, and you address each one. GL: The blggBet concem I anflc'tpated uras that hds *!uld feel that tf they qult

school they uould etmply

faI fn soctety, fn

Me - that werythlng would be over. One day when I rras sflll teachtng, I tok my seven advlsees out to breakfast, andJust casua$t I asked, 'If you glrqrs dtdn't have to go to school, would you?' Slx out of s€\ren sald theywould. When I asked why, they sald, -To get a good Job' or -To get lnto college.'When the one glrl sald she wouldn't go, e\rcryone elee looked at her

Gro\rlng Wthout SchooUng #84

dlsapprovtngly and asked why not, and she satd, 'Becaus€ I hate tL' I eald, "$rell, what would you do lnstead?'She answered, 'Rde horses." later, when I sent out noflccs about the book to my former students, she ordered tt rtght away. I lmaglned that the next concern urculd be about frlends, and I addressed

to do tt. So I uns aware that ldds rntght uorry about thls, and a lot ofthe suggestlons ln the book are thtngs that are out ln the world. Also, so rnarry of tlre homeschoolers that I heard from eatd that they got along wtth thetr parents rrcry urcll, that horneschoo[ng trtprolrd thelr relatlon-

that too.


SS: I thlnk you help your readers undengtand that tfthey becorne legal horrrschoolers, th.y're not gotng to be ln the sanrnray that dropoute are percelrrcd - theyrion't hanrc the same sflgrna. A couple of Umes IVe gotten cnlls from teenagers who are past the ompulsory school age, and so are able to drop out of school wlthout dofng anythlrg further, but I told them ttrat I thought ttuould be nrorth the hassle of becomtqg a legal horneschooler anyway becaus€ of the nray dropouts are percelrrcd ln our soclet5r. Thls

8S: The part of the book ttnt I thfnk wtll be especlally useful for long-tlrne

School doegn't own academlc subJccts. Even lf rchool hm to romc degrec de8ned them, thc dlsclpllner uc ody ways of looltng at thc world, and thc world lg not tchool.

horneschoolen ls the 8€cffon on 'unschoollng' all the academlc subJects. How were you able to learn so much about what all ttrose subJects are really about? GL: Itwas hard,

butl feltltwas

lmportant. Wlth some of the subJects En$tsh and the arts - I had some solld Inound. I felt that I kneqrwhat thosc Jubtcts vrcre ltkc ln the world outgldc of

sctrbt. But for somc of the others,


sclence and nrath, I dtd a lot of research,

and relled on ftends' knowledge. It was a blg educaflon for rrre to llnd all the material for those chapten, probably a hundred flmeg nnre valuable than ruy hlgh achool educaflon. - I wanted to convey that echool doesn't own thoee sublecta. Errcn |f sclrool has to sonrc degrec d;trned them, the dlsdplrnes are only unya of looHng at the world, and the world ta not echool. So there are nrany npne ways to wor* wtth thosc subJects tlran thc ways that the lnrsdtudon happens to work wlth them. 33: Why dtd you dermte so muchsPace

to suggesdons for volunteerlng atd 0ndlng

worthwhlle unrlr? brtngs up the lssue of needlng Parental approval, though. One dlflerence betrcen droppfng out and horneschoollng ts that for homeadroollng, you need your parents' support and lnnolverrrnt - for the legal aspcct of lt at the rrcry least. CrL: Yeg, I don't knouryet whether tlre chapter I *rrote about getdntyour Parents' support and the cbapter that I addresEed to parentE, wlll bc enough to help a teenager convlnce reluctant parenta that horrechooltng ts OK So often tn horneschoollng ltteratu€ I conr across dlscusslons about parents' rtghts, meanlng as opposed to states'rfghts, and I'mall for that. But then there's the lssue of ctrlldren's rlghts. I do thlnk teettaSlerg should have more autonomy, more legal rlghts, mre ponrcr to make dectalong about thelr own ltves. So thls is a touchy lssue. Maybe sonrc r€adero wtll be offended by my book because thry wtll feel tt undercuts parents' authorl$t.

8g: What about lilde who feel that they don't get along wlth thelr parente

pardcularly well? They mlght thlnk honrechoollng rneans that they have to be horrr all day wtth thelr parents, or have to do what thelr parents tell them. GL: I try to stress tn the book that not belng at school doesn t nmn you have to be at home, that there are rnanry ways to be out ln the world. IfI as a teenager had heard of horneechootng and thought of lt only fn terms of staylng horre and havtng rrry parents teach rne, I ctouldn't have nranted

GL: An tmportant reason that horrrschoollng can bc good for tccnagers ls that they're r€ady to contrlbute to the rorld, and |f you don't let pcople contrlbutc when they're ready, you're onlY blocHng thcm and encouraelng them to be ln gangs or do somethlng horrlble because they can't do aourthlng good.

86: I'm tnteregted tn the resPonaes you got to the survey tbatyou sent to homeschooltng tcenagers. Was there anythtng that surprtsed you? GL: The comnrnt about getttng along urcll wlth one's parents, wltlch canrc up agatn and agaln. I ltked tt, but a part of rre was a llttle nervoug about lt bccauge I thought that teenagers who cIErc tn echool

and who had a atereotSplcally dilncuh relattonetrlp wlth thelr parente mlght not relate to tlroec comments. I thought sch@led teenagert mlght dlsrntss the horneschoolerB as a bunctr ofgoodlegoodles. But lt rlas char that manJr of the

horschoole$ alfurtd Orclr good famlly reladonslrlpe to horcschoollng tn an atrnoephere of ruet and Hom. So I felt I couli offer some hope to Potcnual homeschoolers - alter all, rmst peoplc uronf to get dong wlth thetr parents. 88: What s€cm to be the igsues ln

horrrschooltng tcenagers' lfiree, bascd on the reeponseelou got?

GL When I asked about the advantages of horrechoolln6, almoet dl the

20 anawet! *ere'Freedom' and


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When I asked about the drauibacks, a lot of hds sald ther€werle norrc, but arrron6 those who ltgted sore, the rmst comlrpn was that other ktds u/ere dl tlr school, tlnt thelr frtends dtdn't harrc enougfr ttrne to spendwlththem. No one sounded as though that made thelr llfe terrlble, but tt dtd s€em to be on thelr mlnds. Ifs a frrstradng tsaue becauee lt'e not as lf schools achrally provlde you wlth frtends autorradcall5r or that most horneschoollng teenagerswould ratherbe tn school, but schools take all the Hde away, lxl lf you're horrrschoollng tbat may be the one lure of school - stmp$ that thafs where most ldds

89: What klnds of r€acdons to the book harc ltou ptten? OL: I\rc gotten a oouple of lettere from ldde who had been honreschoolers but then

new French course and video supple-

they and thelr parenta urcren't sur€ how to

ments. Optional Advisory Teaching Service offered. Our diverse student body has included over 350,000 stu-

do tt once they became tcenagers, so they went to echool, but now my book has

dents from missionary, sailing,

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tunity institution. Write, call, or fax for free information.

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helped them to tqr homeschoolng agah. I've also heard from a 16 year old who dropped out ofhtgh school and lg now tn college. He told rrre tbat rcadlng my book helpcd rnake lt clear to hfm tbat he doesn t urant to be lncollege, t}tathewould rather be taldng a bllc trtp from Mssourl to the Weet Coast, and he hopee ble rnotlrerwtll let htm do that" I\le h€ard from a lot of adults, t@. wtdch has aurprlsed rc. Tlrey\rc told me that the book has changed thefr perepec-



the Joba they'rc ln nour, and thetr ltrrce tn

general. The only really negattrrc response IVe gotten so far was when I uns getflng prtce quotes from prlnten. One, who onl5r saw the fltle, ynotc to mc that tcenagere were 'freak slckoa'who nauscate thelr parents. ES: Howdo you thtnk the book can reach the ldde tn our soclety who are labeled dropouts? GL: The beet lead l\rc comeup wtth so far ls to contact GED programe and let them know about tt. I doubt hlgh schoole wlll want to put the book ln thelr llbrartes, but maybe people who are already worHng wtth dropouts wtU bc tnterested. SS: I wonderwhetheryou'd bave arry

luck wtth hlgh school gutdancre counselors. If they have a Hd tn thelr ollce who te about to drop out, they rrtght appr€clate ha\dng sonrethlng postttrrc to olfer at that


Flnally, I thlnk ev€n ercFrlenced homctmllng par€nts rrorry aomedrncs about borncsch@ltng tcenagers. YouVe hearrd Arom a lot of Hde - do you harrc any uDrdg of reaseuranoe or encourag;errcnt?

Hampton Educational Center Dept. G 120fi) Wabana Lake Road Grand Rapids, MN 55744-9200

GL: Oh, yes, I thlnk peoplc are dolng a greatJob. I'm lnsptred by wtrat I barned from tlreee ldds, and errcn though I can't go bacl( ard be a teenager Eyself, learntng about homeschoollng tus gtv€n m bts of ld-. for rqf q/n llfe. I thlnk homeschoollng, or unschoollng, ts really a way of Me that lasts far beyord the age of 18.

Resources & Recommendations Out of-Print Book Sen'ice In GWS #82 Jan Hunt asked about sourses for out-of-prtnt books. GWS reader Debra Elsenmann told us that she op€rates a free s€arch servlce for out-of-prlnt books. 'If I don t flnd the books qranted, no fee,' ehe wrltes. 'IfI do, lJust take the usual trade markup on the cost.' Debra's brochure says that eustorrrrs should llrst check Books fn Hnt to rnke sure that the book they urant l,s not arrall,able through the usual channels. lf tt ts tmly out of prfnt you can call orwrltc to Debra and ask her to search for tt, allowlng slx weeke for the results. If she flnds the book, shewtll buy tt and then btll you. She saye that all ordere are subJect to a $10 mtntmurr\ and rnost out-of-prtnt hardbacks cost betn Een $lO and $4O. BARNHOI r TRBOOKS, HCR73, Box 160, Drury MO 65638; 4 17€79-339 l.

Useful History Resource tuthtt

Nerrdham oJ



I harc been er{ofngrcry much your E€cdon,'Hlstory Wthout Textboks,'

parHcufarty the btter Aom Jane [4lson tn

GWS *82 l'Hfstory f8 About People'|. I wtsh she'd been rng hfstory teacher.

Abook we found belpful forAmrlcan

trtstoqr ls


Anetta as Sbrgt - Htsffirrtr

tuonda.ry Sctnols, publtshed by Amerlcan lJbrary rtssociadorL Chlcagg & london, 1988. It ts a blbllography of htstorlcal flcflon 'of Xterary quallty.' LTctlorr

Although the book is ortented to the plasorwnr. wtth sHppable'Suggesflons for Reporte and Actlrrl$es,'urc found tt ne'rrcrthelese useful for the bookltst and revte*r. We

*cre lntroduced to some authors


mlght not have found otherstse. Booke sensltlrrc to BlaA and Nattrrc Amrlcan trletory are tncluded ae


aa ux)re

'tradtflonal' htstory. We bund carller sesflons more helpful than the last,

'Amerlca ln the Modecr World.'

Pen-Pals Chlldroa



should Trttc

to thocc lrstcd. To bc ltstcd. acrd namc, agc. addrcss, ard l-3 words m tntocats .- Allrlaa REID 16) 2,t&ACasados. fbnte Fc NM 875O1; coobng, rEadhg, datrlng.o RobilD FAY {7 67q) Dodsmb Closoed, Hltl$orouglr liIC 27278t, outdocr, akat boardirg Indl'nbead! -.Enlly LINN (f 4) 9f2O Drplght Dr, Dctro[t MI 48214: art, ttcrature. mudc oo GIILIE. 60l Robtn Dr. Ellcttrvllb lN 47429: llc4fil (f a) Espatrl, vloln,

hoccs; Jamcs{ll) S5', s&G. canp4gi Graham (8) r..+rqn cerds. cport!, tttc. r- llac:f TIIoM Gf ?24PartSt" Stought@Wl 5358& rcadng; dmoe. g@cr ooKEILER" 2ll9l{orth Dr. Ptrchlo COafdlE: Brfan (f D Gomputct!. trevcltDg. tttntcodo. Zek (9 computcn. frrhlog.

Scrablc oPARfIIAIL. 4f Celhoun.hrbbC!

61fi)l;.Iulfc (15) musb. ryhmtng, ohqg Bccey (fO r*16ntlg. drtldrto, rcadDg: Xqgin


swtmmlqg, ldtdrcry. Eadlng Devld


socccf, MDt ndo, drmlqg -.ss1p1lr\tE (12) FO Bq 2(XiS. Gtsncvtlh CA95446: vldco Eianct.


Crowlng Wlthout Sctroollng #84

JOHN HOLT'S BOOK AND MUSIC STORE The Kid's Guide to Social Action by Barbara A. Lewis #1602 $14.95 Do you ever feel that you can't make a differerrce in the world? That no one will ever listen to you and your ideas because you'rejust a kid? Tlw Kid's Guide to Social Action is the book fm you! Every kid (and maybe every adult) should own a copy. It's one of the best resources I've ever come &ross. It tells you literdly all you need o lnow to become politically and socially active. As smn as I started flipping through my review copy of the book, I decided that I wanted it forkeeps. It is forkids who want to do things that only aduls usually do. Kids who read and use it will get ttreir foot in the door of the adult world. The book is filled with case hisories of kids who made people in power ake notice of their important concerns. All of the kids are just normal, everyday kids like you and me. They leamed how o petition and lobby and get something really necessary done to help their community, state, and sometimes the whole nation. The book gives examples and word-for-word instnrctions about how to write to your political leaden ard local newspapers, how to brainstorm ideas, how to start your own watchdog group for your community, how to get TV coverage, and mrch, much more.It is jam-packed full of ideas. In the back of ttre book are forms to use for writing up petitions, surveys, interviews, grant applications, proposals, etc. If you're interested in learning how to tafte action, whether it be building safe playgrounds u stopping a war, you're going to love this book and want it for your own. Serena Gingold


Pam Gingold, Seretu's motlwr,


In my experience, most adults do not have any idea how to go about making their voices heard in goverilnent. Over the years, through our Homeschoolers for Peace newsleEer, we've received scores of letters from people who want o be involved in peace, justice, and environmental issues but just don't lnow what Eo do o help. This book is the most compretrensive tool ['ve eyer seen. In clear and simple terms Barbara I-ewis explains how the government operates at its various levels. How proposals become bills and how bills become laws makes fascinating reading when you're trrcing it ttnough the experience of a bunch ofkids trying to solve a pressing problern, rather than

through a boring government textbook Barbara Lewis has incredible respect for kids, which comes through in her every suggestion. This is not the kind of book yorn kids will throw down in iniatim because it tatks down o them. Instea4 the author inspires kids toward practical application of her ideas. As she says, "You have nothing to lose and everything to gain frrom the exper:ience." What a way for kids to leam that our govemment is really run by the people. The author makes it clear that kids don't have to feel responsible for solving all the wmld's problems while they're still kids, but whatever small difference they make will empower them forever. We in the homeschmling community could put this book to good use, learning how to get positive media coverage and lobby ourepresentatives to get liberal laws. But most of all, providing our children with the tools and resources !o tate charge of heir own lives and their own world is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. I srongly recommend this book to every person who cares about children and suppcts their



speak for themselves.

Everyday Law for Young Citizens by Grea & Eric Lipson #1592 $l1.95 *-ffiur**


Imlurutw ilillmt


.Wffi .i.,,,

ruFrn r;,F]v!l trt -. il'! &;,*iS [ | ''i !S

p"-'ll "{{



Imagine this scene: a boy named Willie takes a shorrcut

through a neighbor family's brckyad, rct knowing that the

family has recently gouen a fierce warchdog to fotâ&#x201A;Źct their property.When he tries to climb over the fence !o get to the yatd, the dog aurcks him. Willie

hisiuns are shredded, he surrenders one of his sneakers to the dog, and he is very manages to escape unhurt, but

frightened. Who was at fault - Willie, for reqpassing, or the family, for not warning people about their dog orp'reventing it from attrking? Doâ&#x201A;Źs it matter that the family had a ferpe around their prqerty? If Willie tried !o sw the hmily, who would be likely to win? Would it make any differace if lVillie had been a newspaper carrier and had come to the front door irntead of fie yard?

This is a story from Everyday l-owfor Young Citizens,and the book explains the law's answer to each of these questions.

Fint, though, it invites readers to form their own opinion about


siulation, and of course one's own opinion may end up

conllicting with what the law rclrally says. I can imagine families or friends reading one of the scenarfox alou4 discussing ammg themselves what seernp-d to be right, ard only turning

John Holt'r Boot

2269 Massachusetts Arrc.

ud furlc

to the book's description of what the law says when they were ready !o. The siurations fre not always clear-cuq sornetimes it's easy to see tllat each side has a good point, and readers might be surprised and interested to learn what the law actually says in

Cambrldge, MA02f4O


Unpuzzling Your Past: A Basic Guide to Gmealogy by Emily Anne Crmm #1636 $9.95

each case.

I particularly like the way the bmk invites readers !o think furttrer about each situation by asking what would happen if various factss were changed. In one story, a Strl in a sttre slips

I have been researching my family history for yers. It is a

some fudge ino ha pocket bocause her hands are full of the other items she is buying and she has forgocen to use a shop ping basket. When she is accused of sttoplifting, she argues that she was planning to pay for ttre fudge. The bmk discusses this and then asks, what if stre had forgotten about the fudge and walked out withoutpaying for it? \Vhat if she had paid for it but was then seen slipping it ino her pocket and was accused of shoplifting? In each case, the interpreation and tlp conse-

fascinating and somewhat addicting hobby thatruns in spurts.I bury myself in letten, records, and dates for a month, and then I stuff all my research into a drawer and take a breather. Recently I had been taking a break, trying o forget I'd ever heard ofgenealogy, when I got a copy of UnpuzzlingYottr Past.Within minutes I was qening file drawers, digging outphoto albums, beginning my endless

quences are slightly different.

treaure hunt once again.

tvlany of the sinrations in the book take place in school, which of coune is common in bmks that are meant for a student audience. But I dqr't think this will bother homeschoolers very much, because so often the schml sihntions have elements that could exist anywhere, and the underlying principles are compelling enough o be worth ttrinking about no matter what the context. Fc example, one scenario has to do with students who plan to wear arnrbards o schml to show their suppct for peace and nucler disarmament. Hearing of the plan, the principal makes a nrle forbidding shdents to wear armbands, but these students wear them anyway. The First Amendment issues that arise here - especially when the surdents ae suspended for wearing their armbands - can apply to so many situations that I didn't feel I was reading about something ttnt was strictly a schml issue. (There lear one scenario about which I could clearly imagine homeschmlers disagreeing with the law - the question of whetherkids who are not in school arc autornatically suqpect!) Often the book refers o acrual cases which serve as

precedens for the law's interpretation of a particular situation, and includes the full ciations. It's nice to see ttut the writen of the bookrespect their young readers enough to include tlnt sort of informuion. Wi0r it there, anyone who becomes seriously interested in the law can pursue the interest firtherby looking up the cases o which the book refers. Even if young readers don't do this right away, they may find tlnt the case names or the legal terms feel familiar when they oome across them at some liatertime. The book includes suggested activities u the end ofeach section, and, as with all such activities, they probably lose ttrcir apeal quickly if they are made mandaory and followed to the letter, but in fact several of them lmk interesting and families might find that some of them - like the role-playtng and the mock rials - are truly fun to do together. The book's title remfuds us that children are citizens, and therefore have as much right as anyone to evaluate the laws of the land - to consider which ones apply !o sihrations in their own lives, to argrrc over whether they are ruly jtst, and so on. Taken in this spirit, Ev eryday Law for Yowg Citizens makes a good companion aTlw Kid's Guidc to Social Actbn Both are about Susannah Sheffer being a real part of the serious adult world.


Unpuzzling Your Past is the most comprehensive guide o genealogy I have ever come ircross. The book is wriEen for the beginning genealogist, but it is also a wonderful addition to an e:rperierrced researclrc'r's library. Navigating you through an adventure in time, Ms. Croom describes numerous sources of information and how to get to them. She talks about family, local, staie, and federal sources and includes a national listing of hisorical libraries and archives. [f you're planning a rip to your ancestor's homelown, the chapter on local sources is trlpful. IV[s. Croom gives advice on researching in courthouses, graveyards, churches, and libraries. Another important aspect of family history and often the most fascinating one is interviewing olderrelatives about their lives. Ms. Croom writes extensively on this, including liss of questions and tips on conducting an interview. The chapter I use most is titled,'"!Vhere Do I Lo* fa That?" It brings ogether all the sources of information, providing answers to qpecific questiors. Fa example, if you're lmking for your geat-grandmother's birthdate, jrst check under birthdatâ&#x201A;Źs, and there's a list of places you can look. At the back, there are twenty different fcms !o help you organize your research, ready

o be photocqied.

Ms. Croonr shares herown experience with family hisory throughout the book, getting you excited and ready !o start digging. UnpwzlingYour Past is a real gold mine. - MikaPerrine

Number the Stars by Lois Iowry #1618 $3.50 As soon as I read this scene in the opening pagesof Nwnber the Stcrs, I was caught up in the sory:

"IIaltE!" the soldier ordered in a stern voice. TheGerman wordwas as familiar as it was

frightening. ... Arupmarie

John Holt'r

2269 Massachusetts Arrc.

Once Upon an Eskimo Time &r #16?I $ 12.95

stared up. There were two of them. That meant two helmets, two sets of cold eyes glaring at her, and four tall shiny boots placed firmly on the sidewalk, blocking herpath !o home. And it meant two rifles, gripped in the hands of the soldien. She stared at the rifles first. Then, finally, she lmked into the face of the soldier who had ordered her to halt.

by Edna Wil

I used to visit the American Museum of Nauual History in New York, as well as other museums and exhibitions, and lmk through the glass cases at the collections of American Indian or Eskimo arts and clothing and tmls. No matter how mrch I

It's 1943 in Copenhagen, and for three yean there have been cruel Nazi soldiers on every corner, tqking gyer the lives of everyone in Denmark. The Nazis decide the Jews must be

collected and put into concentration camps. Annemarie Johansen realizes with horror that her best friend, Ellen Rosen, is a Jew. The Johansens hide Ellen from the Nazis, pretending she's a member of the family. That night, the soldiers come pounding on their dmr, suspicious at not having found the Rosens home. The next day the Johansens and Ellen take the rain o say at Annemarie's uncle's house in the country where they will be safe for alittle while @llen's Frents are hiding somewhere else). Soon, the Rosens and many otrer escaping Jews must make the final joumey across tlrc lvat€r to freedom in Sweden, a journey that cannot be completed unless Annemarie risks her life to bring a vital packet to her uncle. The sory is so real and suspenseful, it is impossible to put down.I have always avoided histry, finding detailed information and specilic datas boring. Reading ttris book really opened my eyes, and I realized that history can be all Dztboring! It was amazing to think that people actually went through these experiences. Some biographies make you feel like you're lmking through a window at the person, but Iois Lowry is such a descriptive writer, I felt likel was Annemarie. This book is a real nail-biter! Sarah-Kate Giddings


lnew about the things in the museums, how many books I'd read about Eskimos or [nuits, or how many lifeless dioramas I pondered over,I never felt I could create a picnre of the Eskimos' lives in my head, like I can picure the life of my family and the people around me. When I first read Once Upon an Eskinu Tittu , the stry of an Eskimo family living in the vill4ge of Rocky Point, Alaska, only then did I feel as if I knew the Eskimos. The book gives one of the bast pictures of Eskimo life I have ever encountered (and probably ever will). It is a rue story sold by a woman known locally in Fairbu*s as "Grandma Trrcker." ln 1967, when she was 109 yers old, strc told her daughter Edna Wilder of the year 1868 when she was a l0-year-old girl living at Rocky Point As interesting as Grandma Tucker may be (she didn't die until she was estimated to be 121), her sory of Eskimo family life on the beaches and andra of Alaska before the white man came is a valuable and scientific

narrative, as well as an entertaining sory. The book serves as a record of the stories ard sonp told by her people, as well as a detailed accormt of the animals ftey hunted and the methods and tools they used. In clear and urcluttered text, the book shows that ttre Eskimos lived differently from the way some people imagine, especially those who are familiar with the cartoon-type Eskimos who live in an igloo in the middle

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John Holtrr Eoot rad Uudc Storc

69 Ma.ssachusetts Arrc.

of nowhqe with penguins waddling all around. The book shows an Eskimo family !o be much like a homeschooling one: the children helping tlre parents in the collecting of food - frorn hunting seals to picking benies - and the parmts always answering their children's questions. Nedercook appears to be a child who leams frorn naffie as well as from the old people of her village, and it is to her that her father tells the stories that were meant to be passed down the generations. Nedercook is a very bright, energetic girl who huns (there were no restrictions against women and girls hunting, and Nedercook was praised and encouraged by everyone) and joins in all the family's projecs, always willing !o learn how to cook and hunt and dance and tell the stories. The Eskimos of Rocky Point lived in underground houses called innes, not in iglms, and much of the book is set in the summertime when the days are long and there is no snow. The book is filled with accounts of many different kinds of animals, from mice ard stuews to beluga and killer whales. And it tells of the holidays and festivals in the village of Rocky Point, such as the day before the fint winter snow when all the chil&en go from house to house (inne o inne!) with wmden plates, collecting bits of frsh and berrie.s - lgtttcenurry Eskimo trickor-treating. Although this book is of good use !o som@ne who is studying Eskimo life and culture, it is also a beautiful sory and very well-written, and would make an excellent book to read aloud or for kids o read by themselves. Edna Wilder's illustrations are very welldrawn and complement the story. Anne Brosnan


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lgg2 Directory of Families Here is our complete 1992 Dnory.Jtyanr entry arrivd after our qrt{tr dato (hr Ocrber), it will appear in GWS ,85. Tho Direcbry ot Farnilios doosnt list organizalionr and supporl gloups unless thoy ar,o part of a hmilys listing. To find goups in your stato, see fie Flomesdroling Organlzations list hat b€gins on page 35. Our Di.ecbry is rpta list of all subscriberg, fut only of those wrp esl( b llstd, so that othor GWS readers, or ofier inter€stod p€ople, may gpt in budl wifi tpm. lf you wouH like b bo includ€d, ploase send he entry lorm or a 3x5 card (orn lamily per card). Rease ake care b include all he information hst name, full addpss, and so on. Tell us if yor would phon numbe and town list€d rather ha\€ instead of your 'Durmailing address (we don't ha\€ space b list boh). lf a Direcbry listing ie bllorcd by a (H), he family is willing b host GWS rawlorc who make advance anangemenB in writino. lf a name in a GWS sbry is bllow€d by a state abbreviation in parenhese, hat ge€on is in tho Directory. We are happy b brurard mail b hoso whose addresseg are not in he Drecfory. lf ypu want us b fomard the lettor without reading it marlt the orrtsrdoot the enwlope wih wdter's namddescription and fie issue numbe. lf yor want w b road lhe lotter and ften fomard it, please endoso amthor stampod envelope. When yul s€nd us an addresa change ftr a subsoiption, please remind us if you are in the Directory, so we can changp it here, bo. Please remember fiat we can't conrol how fte Directory is used; if yorl receive unwanted mail as a resull ot b€ing lbred, just bss lt out


AL Loren & Suaan BACON (Ab,ram29, Rhianrcn/84) 153 Angel Eufl Dr, Gurley 357€ -. Phil & Lee GONET (Jessa/8o, Parki(a3) Rt 3 Box 37-8, Tallasseo @78 -. Peny & l,laney GOODSON


(Wendy/80, Dercldel, Dyl8rw6, DarerySg) Rt 1 Box 4a0, Rockford 35136 Robort E Shaon HEYM (Eat€/85, Kyb8g) 605 Whispering Hill Cir, Hsrtsslle 35640 (l{) -. Georgann & frhd( JOFINSOI,I (Jasmind 86, RhiannorVSo) 530 30 Aye NE, Tuscaloosa 35aol (H) -. InSo a Unda IGYER (Ang€lans, Johnrrg) 916 Pineview Dr, Alexarder City 35010 -. Buddy Sherry SCHENCKER (Laura/88) Rt 5 Box 600, Talladega 351o0 -. Kafiie E Al SHULTZ (Pel€,tng,),atnil82, Katina/84) tlS l 0 Peaffee Ct, Tugcaloosa 39O5 Ric & Cynthh SMffH (Fhnnah8s, Emmaa8) 1355 B€aumont Dr, lronEo.nery 361 1 1




AK Valerie ATKINSON (Ashleigh/86) 4313 Vanco Dr fr107, Arrchorage 9&508 -. Jm & Bedty CONNER (Jald8s, Zmyt9f)) Box 90O188, Univ of Alaska. Fairbanks 99775 -. lGd & l,lancie ELLIS (Anild84) Box 2n, Kasilof 99610 .- Debtrie GMVEL Poter DWYER (Irisad8, Galed85, [tollie/8g) 794,| S Tongass l-frry, Ketdikan 99901 (H] -. Rochelle I{ARRSON a Philip SFIOEIi,IAKER (Tay' $2,Tial8/.l PO Box 273, King Salnnn 99613 Paul & Pat LUGIN (1ilat/81, KateU&a) 1934 Tall Timbors t)r, Fairbanks 90709.- f/brt SOGGE & C€dly STERN (CaitlirvS4) PO Box 6$, lhines 9gAZl (H) -. Gresory & Gayle TIPIADY (Allid?S, Connor/81, Graham/82) PO Box 3369, Palrner 90O45 -. Stsve & Christine WARREN (Ginger/8O, [,tariah/&t, Msty/86, AarorySS) PO Box EDB, Kotdrikan 9995G0o4o (H) PaJl E Gayle YOUNG (l{athan/80, Tamarr&t, Hilary/86) Bor 8m5, Port Al€xand€r 908:5 (H) Richard E Carol ZDANOVEC (Kimbedy82, Mami/8s) 1453 Bkchwood Dr, Fairbanks 99709






Growtng Wthout Schoollng #84


ALGER & Ed CUlill{lNS


l(aelidS9) Grand Cenym l,l8d Plq Tuwe€p Rang€r Sm, Fredonia 86022 (H) -. lrlarua & Tom BROOK (Evaru€3, Trowr/85, tluren 88, Colir|E 1) 118 E Fairmont Dr, Tempe 85282 (Hl Steph€n E Rebecca CORWN (Book/81,l-lo&v8s, ForesvSg) 7342 E Ron & Terry Montocib Dr, Tucaon 85710 D€LONEY (Johrv8o, Jasoil€{t) 1607 E Palo Verde St, Yuma 85365 .- Anne & Jim DORRE (lilatilp$,n8, Andrewl8l) Sg Br.rd Hill Rd, Prescon 86(lCXl (]0 Botty DavH GYONGYOS (ilegarv8s, f\atelyrm6) lMll &Thea 3138 N Sttrd St. S@ttsdale 85251 HOFFIVIAN (&ialw8) 1 4{D Camino Amapola, Sierra








Stew &Jeddo.O}|NSON Oobyt78,

85$1 .- Gary & Gwenn IIcCALEB (Erynm, Krtetarz, J€okxl8g) Box Nurioso 85€X!2 (H) L6vi/84) 33233 N 224 Av, Wtrnann


- Tom & Julie O'DAY (M€ghannzg, lGhorin€El, &ktgeu84, Tirmfiy8T, Conor89)


63 Box /O0, ClinDn 72cKl1 (H) CA, NOFTH (zlpr 0{000 & up)- Ronnie & lilarsha (Novd83) Puppy Sdrool, 225 Estatos Dr, Ben Lomond 95005 Connie ADAIIS (,btn4,ltaggtet77, Ryet/80, ShaurVS0) 747 Bto,adlilay St, Fairfield 9453i1 (H) -. Detx t BiIIALAIEDA (),euldyns, r|o|U/83) PO Box t(872, S Lako Tahoe 95731 Robanne & Stevbn BACKMAN (Cayld88) 1680 Casro Dr, campboll 95m8 .- Tim BAILEY & Kiny GARRETT (gorrd82, SeW8{t, Zande/85) 1611 Grant St, Bedoley 947@ -Jane & Sam BECKTEL (Edward 81, I|elanidss) SANTACLARA VALTEY FOITESCFIOOLERS, 795 Shoraton I)r, Sunnytale 9a087 -.Jill & Gree BooNE (Cristior/S, Paul€o,



Cunisa3) PENINSUI-A |-|O!|ESC|-IOOLERS, 47s Lage, San Jose 95130 Mtdr & Donna BMDLEY (Aruerv87, Mrabel/89) 2732 Karine Way, llountain


.- Jolm Befiy BRII.IGHURST (Sarah/8o, Benjamin/82, SamueU84, llannah/84 40 Po€hing Ave, Woodhnd 95695 llarh & Craig BUSSOFF (Onl8,z,ZdVfl6'l110 Carnino Dol Sol, Sann Cruz 95065 (l{} -. Gary & lleliea CI-ARK (Arny/85, Nidolas/88, Thorn$/g1) 86tl Ds Bemardi Ct, Rsrville 95667 (H) -. ltuen CLAUSSEN E llavlJ BOSTEDER (Nidrohs/8S) Star Route 1,llcArhur $O56 -. Terri CONI.IOR Akmal KI{AN (Devid86) 2436 Chardonnay Way, Livermore 94550.- Edn COOIIBSfRIEDIIAN & Craig FRIEDMAN (Annie/89) A276 Sarilson Way, San Jose 95124 Gilbort & lrary COOIILEY (JimnO, lGtrl€€nr/it) 152332nd Ave, San Francisco 94122 -Jan CRAWFORD & Shawn ]{AILEY (Noal/82, tlora/88) 178'l Santa Lucia Dr, San Joso 95125 (H) -. Donna & Tom CROSS (Joanna/78,





Gregory/84 258 Pameh Dr *53, llountain View 9aO.O -. Glen DAIS & Debra CALDVIrELL-DAIS (Jar€d/84) 24O hpler, Manteca 953:b (H) -. Lora a Joo DALTON (Ehina/83, FloborvSS) 15 Rud8nd St, San Frarrcisco 9413{ Starh DEAN (ChrisV/8q 181 1ah Av, Sante Cruz 95062 (H) -. llarlene & Clyde DIAS (&endonzg, AlyshdStt) PO Box 1128, B€n


Lornond 95o(E (H)


Sam & Jackie DICKER (irich8eu84, J€ssicann 275 14f| Av, Santa Cruz 95067 (H) Rick & Carol EDSOf.l (ShaunelElt, RosalidSS) 5195 Elane Ct, Livemore 9455O (H;



Stetbn E Kathlo€n EfrlrER (lhfiew/8s, Elliot/88) 68 Coro Madera Av, Coro l,ladera 9{925 (H} -. .le* FEARINGTON & Jm BURGESS (FranU86) &47 Lewis Av, Sunnyvale 9'1086 *Jrdy FIhNDES (AndreaZg, MaryA3, TheoA$ 19008 Ty'or Foob Rd, l,levada City 95959 Lucy & Frank FLANGAI.I (DanioU82, Bon€dicu84) 1473 tlonnan Dr, $rnnyvale 94O82 Kahy & Jim FMNDEEN (BlaiilBq ?}O1 Pau Fhna, Soquel 950;'3 (H) -. David & Margaret FMNK (Jolhrie/66, Annlrarie/68, D!83, JacktS8) PO Box


1992 Dtnectory






view g4orao

102, Walnut Cr€ek 91597 (H) -. Shaton & David FREEIIAN fiyler/8l!, &ett/86, Jeg!oe/8g) Box 157, Trud(eo 95nX (H) -. Karcn & Marlin FURUH"EI-I, (Elinor83, Elizaboth84 4l|()28 Laurel Canym Way, Fronpnt 945ttg (H) -. &dy GILL|(iAN & Oavid KUNE (Zacfiary8o, Caidilr'83, Sandy/8s) 1416 Monarch Ln, Davis 95616 {H} -. Pam t Craig GltlGON-D (JsrcmlahzG, Serene|/q YOSEMITE AREA HOIESCFIOOLERS, PO Box 74, Mdpines g53a5 Sugan GOEPEL (Loia/&f, Gemma/gO) George Kim & Court 10880 Wundedk$ Dr, Cupertino 95014 GRAFF (Joshua/8l, Zachadaha4, Flanneh8T, Serah/ 89) 2921 Freedom Blvd, Wabonville 95076'l,ledenne E Stephen GREENBERG (Lian8l86, Tobitd 84 91 I Taylor St, Albany 94706 (H) -. Paul & Lisa GREGERSEN (Sererrg, Ale)ta2) 15850 llarceilaSt San Leandro 9{578 .- Jeen FIANSON (Uo8oy85) David 5509 Easridgp tr, Seratnonb 95842 HENDERSON & Alitton UIOOD (Sophie8T, Eeniamitv



90) 2478 Walton Ay, Cenrd Vall€t 96019 (n Shera & L€o HIXSOI{ (Donovanzg, Deon/8l) 1497 Gray Ave, Yuba City 95sl .- Anitr & J$otl FIOLLISTER (Seatv8s, Tery/$) 28(n Ju[o Av, Satl Joso 95124.- lGhleen E Stephen HUNT (Huckle lF,flylm, Hallie/86) 1548 lraplo St *11 , Redwmd City Georye JO|FINSON lfiVilm,Dsiht 94063 -. Grete 80, KyleB{l) 16765 Skyline Blvd, Loq Gans S0Kn Dane E Charles JOLISSAINT (tlavidl7S, Madv8l) 795 Kevin & Ch€rylJUSr Eolfair Ct, Sunnyvale 9/087 Orevor/8o, &ot!A) 20810 Amaden Rd, San Joso 95'l20 -. Charlee & Susan KIRKIIAN (Renaiitr72,




Vishnw74, Rajani/8l, Radhiki82, K8la/&{, Shuggie/ Lynne 87) g)6 S 18$ St, San Jose 951 16 -. Randy KNOVITLES (AnhorytTl,,lennyt?9, Jorna n, AdYn6, Ebpoil88) 14556 Little Groenhorn, Gnss Valley 959,f5 (H) .lrdy & Ken KONDO (San8yoa1, Asad Ann 85) 744 Pierino Av, Sunnyvale 94086 KOSITSKY-F|AIMAN & Peter FIAIMAN (Astoil8z, JoshuelS4) 1O$ Miller Av, Borbby e170g (H) Julie & tarry KROGER (Iravir8S, Marte Rosel8| 555 Tom John Muk Dr f615. San Francigoo 04132 Annette LESHER (Robekahr8l, Sarail83, CaleUS6) Jon & Dana 2903 Springer Dr, lldftleyville 95521 LEVINE (Nahann6, tlege'lrrg, ori,erv8s) 916








Pondeg8t St, Woodlend 95695 (H) -. ner",t a t"r"t LIBAIRE (larv84) 1829 San RamoneAv, Bekaley 94707 -. Goorgo & Julia'|al@Klt OOO (Cameroa tlaty 85) 3m B€(osfotd Av, Redwood Oty e4{b1 LOfBL E Frank LOI,ELI (Cadelbd&2,Yarel8fJ)112, Char llchaol LOVE Nurneg Ln, Davis 95816 (Solonr/S) FO Bor 265, Grcmeville F{4E (H) Linda MAHER (Danieller/g, Cal€b/el, Sarahr86, jlsft Ffennah8g) 3761 Roeding Rd, Coreo 95307 E lvlichaol€ IIAURER (JoeU76, Efeido/83) 546 Jeffersm St, l-hyvatd 94544 -. Carolytt thvkl MCCARTER-RIBAKOFF (Fhv8/86, Siimhe/88) 1€2 Joltn E Ann Sobastian Way, Sacramenr 95864










(Ilaniey82, Atflbet/8s, l'laty/ 88) 21 20 Sttr St, Borlteloy 94710 (H) -' gob 3 Jane, IIENSCHEL (Chambea!) PO Bor 2369, Cirus Fleighr 95611 -. Sharon Ridr IIOLDOVAN (Kristina/87, TravivSg) 243 Bti0ht St r Rd, Vell€y Spdngs 95252 -. Debbie E Robort IIIANSEN (lan/80, L.B. Tyleil8{l) 725 Ro3e Ln, Loc Albe 9O24 NEtSOl.l & G.L. CAVGLIA (Adrianrnrr6, AatonJatnesng) PO Bor 19t1, l'lorgan Hill 95038-195a iIcCHESNEY-YOI




Pam & OB NEVVIIIAN (Abraham8l, Siimeon/&'t, Jonas/86, E|it88) 12458 Fiori Ln, Sebarrpol 934O4 llikB & Mdra NOBLES (SamanthazS, Chrbbphor/lo) YOLO CPUNTY llOtlESCHOOl.ERS, FO Box 305, Esparb 5627 .- ]&thleen OtsRlEN Paul l-AuGHTOl.l (Saratr/82) 7062 Chiala Ln, Ssn Joso 95129 -. Tom & Jadie ORSI (Janellor7g, Carclinoa2) 76 Frrodta AvE, ltloss B€adr 9468 .- Gina E &ian PAISLEY (Eliov83, EmilylS6) 18813 Part Treo Ln,



26 Somma 95{76 Joan E Nlclr PASCH (lauron80) 1470 Do Solo Dr, Pedffca 94014 (ll) -. Pat t Daw PATANE (SamueUSO, Nidrohsl8l) 1218 Woodla$'n Av, San Jose 95128 -. Dennis PEACHEY & Barbara NEU (Celia/8s, N€il/84 16073 Gramercy Dr, San Leandro 94578 -. Connb & Russ PFEIL (Grotchen/ 7/, Shawn/8o, Sarah8g) 3345 Ssnta Paula Dr, Concord 9,1518 (H) -. llary & Todd PtlO€NlX (Sarail 85) 224 Hud8on St, Rodwood City 9a062 -. Befi ROVTEN (Amberr/s, Olivor'9) 253 Cascade Dr, Peter RUDI{OLM Faidax94$10 -.Janot (Shoshanna82, CorallSg) 1954 Buna@ Valley Rd, Ouinct 95971 Dave & Xim RYAN (lblisse/83, Dyl8nl87) 7O7A22-1US (Arcata; .- 16u t Tripura SANDERS (Pradeepns, Hiltsen7, JayannS) 9860 ETayanu Rd, Felrn 95018 -. Ellen SAWISI-AK E David ALBERT (Aliyah Shanfl87) PO Box 582, Santa Cnv 95061 Laura & Steve StlilANl,A (Susary86, Amy8g) 721 Viali|aila, San Jos3 95139 -. Greg & Paige SMITH (Ed/81 , lilarU8s) PO Box 2125, Trinidad 95570 (l{) -. Susi SOLER (EtirtnSl 14 l{oonan Randr





Circle, Santa Rosa 954CKl

.- Kdh & Pam SPARKS 6$ RobleAw t€, llenlo

Ovhihey/84, B.andornq Parl94025 -. Parick & Nsncy STEINER (Jaredr/6, ChristinazS) 5807 Mdffiley Dr, Garden Valley 95633 -. Susan & Jim STEPHENSOTI (Narda/65, Ursula/69, MidraeVS2) MICHAEL OLAF IIONTESSORI CATALOGUE, PO 8ox 1 162, Arcata 95521 -. Susan SWECKEB E Jad< BOGERS (Lukon8, Sparkldsl) Star Rt Box 1068, Bridgeville 95526 (H, .- Dennis & Karen SWEET $ amn7, Ad,al'ing, JasorvSl ) 899 Hillewood St, Oakdale 95361 (H) -. Hoy & Susan TANIGUCHI (Sally/8s) gl91 Florin Rd, Sacrameno 95829 -. Kaen TURNER (Rammana6, D.barfrS) PO Box 622, Redutry 95560 (H) -. Rebeoca VAN LITH, 14636 Grow St, l'lealdsburg 95448.- Ron & Laura WESTOI{ (Walter/&4, AveryN|!- | 352 Martirb Rd, Lafayone 94549 (H) -. Jbft e fiia WHffT (JoromytT, Jennor8S) 62 Shoffield Dr, Daly Cily 94015 (H) -' Robed & Naomi WILLIAMS (Sbrd'8) 216-8 Hazol. Santa Fiosa 95r0l .- Bill & Valerie WINTERBERG (Sarah/80, Fbatpr/82, Billy/86) 555 Laswell Aw. San Jo8€ S5128 Janie & Dennia WRIGHT (Nahan/82) 1719 Roso Ave, S:anta Fliosa 99107 -. Eve YAZETTBhK-THOTTAS (Evd83) 22929 W 4ft Ave, Stevinson 951]74 -. Wulf ZENDIK (Fawr/ 76, Ra/80, Ezzil8o, EvV82, cp/.tJ&2, T *l,t83') 1 1 47 5 Tiena Del Sol, PO Box 1 1 46, Boulovad 970OS (H)


CA, Sotth (zlF lo 04000) Nahaniel & Jano ADAM (fvlta/80, LitytS2l 1$72 Salt Water Cir, Huntingbn Beach 92618 -. Doug & Naalie AHLSTROM (&innoy/8s, Wt86l 722 E. Palmdale Ave., Orange 92665 (ll) -. Barbara a Ahn ALWARD (Nicky/83, SuzanndS6) 356 Santa Bar Shr3 Dr, Gol€ra gll 17 (H) -. Janet ASIAIN (Margarita/8l ) 86 West St AptA, Salinas 93901 -. Brian & Deborah BARTLE (Jacob/83, RadretrSs) THE REMISSANCE SCHooI, PO Box 80&4, Cresdine 92325 (H) -. lvburice & Madlyn EEID|-ER (JoshuaZS) PO Box 3O4, La Ouinta 92253 (H)... Philippe E Evelyne BERTHIER (Pascale/ 80, NicolagS2) 3032 lvlilitsry Aro, Los Angelea 9003+ .- John BOSTON & Stolla OCARROLL (Sead69) 9942 Cyn Counry Ln, Escondido 92026 (H) Wendell E Linda BRAINERO (tuny/82) 28{15 Verde Vista Dr, Santa Barbsra gllO5 .- Darnell & Deborah BURTLEY (Cl€d80, YwnoAS, Onar/84, Heahor/86, baac/8g, Baby/gl) 13Og La lhndla Way, Ontario 91754 -. Wllhm & lv|ichelle BUSH (Jeremiah86) 2374 Stonyvale Rd, Tujunga 91(X2 .- Deanna CHEUNG E Rasorl SHARIFI (illarinal&5) ALLIAI,ICE OF CONTINUUM SCHOOLS,31 18 koquois, Long Bead (ll) -. Colin & Cheryl CHRISTIAN (Briarv87, Mathew/9o) 10 Hancock, lrvine 927z) Russol & Connie COLTEN (Chrisrrl, Shawnt4, DevirwS, Donika/83, Trevor/88) 1 19 lnyo Ln, Oceanside 9A)Bt -. Adrian & Shirley CMMER (Kenny|m 4224Lyndak Dr, Claremont 91711 .- Stanley E Ywnne CRANE (Kevirv82, Meghann85, KollirVSS) 123 Lorimer St, Salinas SKl901 Sunny DAUN & Philip SI-IOFNER





(&hr/85, Joidan

S9) 1AB4 Marst|8ll St, Culwr Cily Angie DEPEW (Tay'or83, Mason84, Klarl/84 PO Box 2591, tal(e lssbelh 98240 (H) Janeen DIMICK (Janaoz6) 19002 Racano Dr, lrvine 92715 -. Carol DooSE (&iarv88) Flores Flab, Gibraltor Rd, S8||ta Barbara g1106 .- Nancy & Greg tXrKE (Jadcoil80, Sara/8l, ElizabefiA7) 1l|68 S Lilac Av, Bbomingbn 92316 Cafiy EARLE & Jim







MUSCATO (Mindy/82, Lindsey/B4) 1602 Naco Pl, Hacionda Hrs 91745 (H) ". Nancy & Ahn EDlrnJNDSOtl (Chrbtyr64, Alisha/86, Bradley/89) 1 228 Calle dol Sol, Santa Barbara Cl1 01 (H, -. John Ann ENDAHL (Jessa/86, Oiyor/88) 15781 Plyrmuth Ln, Hunringbn Boadt 92e47 (H) -. Etill E Karen ENOCH (Christophor/84, Stephanie8T, Rebeccargo) 5803 Garber Way, Bakersfield $ttl07 (H) -. 11666 FARRAR,454 Papaya St, Vi$a 9A)83-5614.Constanco FERRER, 6590 Camino Cavela, Carfintaria 9X,13 Scon Jan FI.EETFIAM (Craig/ &{, Christina/87, Al€xander/g1 ) 91 28 Coker Rd, Salinas Cl9O7 Steve & Kade FLENIATE (Alisia/84, Andie/86) 5730 Fair Av, N. Flollywood 91601 ilancy FRIEDLAND & Alan IICSES (Maina/84, ErhadS4 259 SaIalo0e Ct. GoleraSl117.- llorcy FT GATE (Chrbtopher/7o) PO Box 7€2, Spreckels S962 -. Mdaol GOCEK E Deborah CUNEFABE Fodz8, lhlbsa84) 9443 Cahyflood Dr, Santee 92071 -. Mdrael Caroline GORDON (Kenny/84 6153 Coral Pink Ck, Woodland Hills 91367 Ell & Jill








HEASLEY (Wdn, Logarf/9, lJd(aylBa, Tybrl8s) 4312 E Buckin0ham Way, Fresno 91726 -. Luana &

Gary FfOLZER (Williany83, JoseilSn $527 Edgebrook Ln, Huntingbn Beadr 96a8 Paul & Paricia HYDE (Emilyr/8, DardSr) 2061 Loo St, Simi Valley Sl(b5 Timohy Sheni JACKSON (Shelley/86, Ste@y/88, Stephanldgo) 141 Shapley Way, San Clomento 92672 .- Susio V. KAUFI,AN (&retr LennorvS2) 18850 Vists dol Cstton, Sanla Clutta91321-290 -. Janning E Scon KENNEDY (Iyle/85, CaidirilS/- lnng Pesann Rd, Salinas S907 (H) -. Stew & Tilly KETTERITIG (Claird&4, Flenna/86, Emily/8g) 614 Mnn€sora St, Fallbrook 92028 (H) Jaoqio & Larry l-AlfB (Alexandofl'.) 1149 Lumb Dr, Del Mar92014 Ilale Agnee







lsTr,o (JarnsrB, LawenonT,SusarvTg)

31 3 Nick & Karen LOCKWOOD (Crystalts) PO Box 95, Los Olinas $,441 -. Al E Christin€ LOZANO (Diana/82, Matd/s/ 85, AlexiaaT) 75o E Bonnen Ays, Glendora 91740 (H) Pat Pere LUBOFF (PaladinnS, Poppor/8l) S0 &on $, Ingle$ood 90002 Robert & Chris LYNDS (Tutrtt7g, Shtr /80) 96 W 12fi St, Paso Robles 3446 -. Charlie MILES & Richard PRYSTOWSKY (Sarnard&4, Cobby/8q 73l m Whihoy Circle, Corona 91719 -. Paricia MlL^AMX (Johr/7s) PO 8ox 721 1,


Somors€t Pl, Lompoc ao€6 (H)





Sprcd<ells $152 Jm E Eil€on MNCE (Jordarv81, Bob/84, Kha/88) 772 San lvhrtin Pl, Thousand Oaks 91360 -. Terry & Dobra NEWBY (i/blissd88, Wesl€y/ 21n ?3,Sfl. Pl, Torrance 90501 .- DEbtie OI-SEN & Phil MARTINEZ (Cecella/86, Andreas/89) 231 Hillandale Ct, Riversido 92507 (ll) Robeft OTf & Lenore MYES€TT (NigeU84) 228 Corona Av, Long Boadr 90803 .- Dmiri Rufi PAPADATOS (Antonia/ 82) 8451 TopangaCanyon 8h,d, We3t Hilb 91304 l,latt & Beverly PARKER (Brycerl, Nemi/8o, CharlottdS6) 38724 Tassaiara Rd, C€nnol Vall€y S1924 -. Etill E Sally PECK (Davidm,Sar$t78, Jonathan/80, Amy/83, Larrd85, DanieUSS) 61 $67+ 8556, (Povay) 92004.-John & Rebeea PREWETT






(luathsv8s, Mriarn/87, lsaac€O) 3O13 l/hnhanan


Beadr Blvd, Lawndale 90260 Csnry RANDOIPFIGILBERT & JacI GILBERT (Ebarv8z,Kelliv0sl 42ZJ Lemp Av, Srrdio City 91604-2922 -. Cahy Keny RATHSAM (Manzs, ChrisrBl, lif,chaouS4 5265 Ave de Despacjo, Yorba Unda 92687 Thomas REAPER & ErikaTF|OST (Tristary86, Chncy64 3866 Conter Av6. Santa Barbara $ll 10 -. Paula & Jeff REMMEL (Tonie/82, Chdstophe/87, Saramaridgo) a872 Royal Greeng Pl, San Diego 92117 .- Ken t Connie ROTH (Lisa/84, Jenica/8g) 53il N Yale Av, Fullerown 926111



l|ary SARGENT e Joo MUIIENIX (Dilloil8s, Travic & Jessa/8g) A5l Certo Gordo St, Los Angeles 90039 -. Cecil t Candy SNYD€R (Juliad82, &hnny/ 86) 20556 Enradero Ave, Torrance 9o5ql -. Robert & Elizaboh SOUZA (Jasonts, Jared/8o, Jagmin/82, JilliarvS4) 2923 Michaol Dr, tlewtury Patt 91320 (H) Bob E Debbi€ STAGGS (Lawat82,l/Schaoy87) l{C - 1 Box 5952, Ytrcca Yalley 9nU -. Rod & Denise STANFIELD (Camilld84, NeaU85, Sorene/87, Jehua/ 89) 14451 M€roor St, Arleta 91*11 (l{) -. Jay & Ranee STONEHOCKER Cfysonz8, JustirvS2, Alana/8s) 11976 R€dbank St, Sun Valley 91352 .- l-lalstiln E Ha STMLBERG, 1lo1 Hill St, S.nta llonice 90405




Stew & Lynn TF|OMPSOI,I ([NchasU84, DanieUSS) Robert 10710 Esher Ave, Los Angelee 90064 TfDWELL & l{adna CURTIS F€ddy/88) 90,41 1t2 Krueger St, Culver City 90232 (Hl -. Eric Cher TOWIISEND (S€an8o, [reli$a/8s) POBox 1085, Hyll'*ild 98a9.- Rid( SUSSnTRUDEAU (Robory 83, Moniquo/86) 6094 Via l,layanjo, L8 Veme 91750 (H) -. ltlax & ltuen WEISS (Ellod7s, Denr/9) 1891 Elizabefi t Teiy Ringsted Dr, Solva4 Sa63 WOODFIELD (Serah/84, lGtherine€8) 3701 Parhrieu, Ln t88. lrvine 92715





GO Fblly & Ell BENDER (Lanoelov90) 400 Whispering Pines Rd, Boulder 80302 (H) -. Perr a Valerie BERG (Leif/8s, l,loah/88) 1495 Riverside Ave, Fwa BERTHOII-F Peul BENDT Eoulder 8&lO4 (ltolissa/83, Nevia,85, Kyld88) 3780 CR 129, l'lesperus 81326 (H) -. Terrell t Cafi COHEN (Jeffreyr/s, TamaralT4 149'J S Lima St, Aurora John & Pat EVEREST (Eri./83, 8q)12-41311 MathowA4, RidrardS6, MichaoUSS) 2914 Ridatd Dr, Jdy GELNER, COI-ORADO Durango 81301 (H) I{OIilESCHOOLING NETWORK, 7a96 [l lpeche, Sodalh 80135 -. Randy t Werdy FIIRAWK (Josh/ 78) I 1 Animas Pl, Durango 81301 (Hl -. Jm & J.ldy HOLI,tsOE (C8rtid85, Laura/88) 85O lGlmia St, Boulder SGXX Fred & Laurie KEESAW (Jess6/84, NicondS6) 26800 l-{wy 9, Boulder Creek 95006 (H) Deborah t John KELLER (tlp,r{76,Bnenr79,Zakt8P'l 21 19 l,Iorfi Dr, P$blo 81008 (H) -. Ron E Bfenda KIESTER (SofiA4) 131 County Rd 11, Gunni0on 81230 -. Gooroe A Kathy LORENTZ (Evsnas, Amanda/8o, Tyleil$4,Etitl|,,l, Hannahrgo) 31 Pin Oak Ek, Litd€ton 80127 -. David & Cheryl NORTHRUP (Nahan/r/s, Grel1E;mn6, CaretnS, Cameila/8l, &naharu86, Kara/88) 8092 S Cre3tviow St, Litdebn 8O120 -. Lori e Joo PARKER (Carolynl&4, Julid84 900 S Quinoe, &303, Denwf 80231 .- Sharry









Randy PARSFIALL (&li€t76, Beckyn, Moganl8o, Oavkl/82, AlisoryS9, lhtheu,g1) 41 Calhoun, Pueblo 81001 -. Shelley & Ridrard PARTRIDGE (Ryarv€e) lbgnolh St Rt, Nodorhnd 80,166 (H) -. Joy & l'enry SCHULTZ (Aarorv86, &mie/88) 13386 Obe St, Pine 80470 (H) -. Dave & Anna S,l'lEBlvlAN (Katy/86' lrolv€o) 120 Ninh St, Goldon 80|01 .- Amy &

Mdraol WAGNER (Alexander/85, Samrr€U87, Matia/ 90) 7235 Robb Dr, Arvada 80005 -. Mikelyn & GreS WARD (til€garf8, Keny/8o, NialUSz) 13400 Rd 32, Planeville 80651 (H) -.Jm E Joni WARE (Alisonzg, Megarv8z, &idget/86, hn/88) 1420 N Chesr|ul St, Colorado SpringB 80007 DouC & KelV YOutlG (Jennifor/82, Chrb88) lt16 Wosrn@r Dr, Cobrado Springs goooa -. Kurt & TiSho YOVANOFF (&enna/ 79, Maddy8l) NORTI{ERN @ HOIIE SCHOOL ASSOC,,16gl Skyline Dr, FortColliru 80526



CT Donald l.lancy BUIERA (tlanny/al, DavHAO) 32 Grow P'1, Danbury 06810 .. John & Wendy CORMIER (Nicobz6, JasonzS, Tyle788) 662 Highhnd St, Wetrersfield 06t09.- Yiedtak & Tzipka


COWEN (Pnine84, Yehudd86, E[/88, Lipa8q 1.mG Troutbrook Dr, W Flstford (b1 17 (Hl -. Bil a

Elizabefi ELDRIDGE (Bryoril8l, Saralw6) 47 Wontsor$ Dr, Soutr Windsor 06074 Kimberly


ENDAHL & Mark TSOCAIIOS (Nina-Alexandrd84, Nikolas/86, Soba$iary€S) 11 Charles St, Da.ien 06820 Peo FEUREY & Jm KITTLE (hn/8s, Byron8q 87


GrowlnglVlthout Schmllng #84 - 1992 Dlrectory

27 Knollwood Ln, llew Canaan 06840 -. Lydh eJohn FLYNN (MidueUS+, Coltlin34 I Codnne Dr, Tolland 060&{ -. Sugan HOLCOMB (Arbefi|,Zadloryl81l RRl, Wlneted 06098 -. Mark & Joan IONNO (Luke/ 84, Peter/go) 41 Woodland Ave, Bbomfield 06oo2 Jean JAKOBOSI(I & Ahn IXJBI}.IA (JrstiM/g, Aarorv 83) 1 1 3 Tuckle Rd, N lMndham 06256 (H) -. 6ev;n JOIIES l(aren GUMPEL (Violal&4, CharlondSs, Cal€U87, Baby/go) 120 &adley Rd, llhdison 064213 -. Lisa & Norman LoDOUX (Jillian/82, [rogary86, B€trany/88) 37 Powin Ay, lroosup 06354 (H) Paul & Laura IfASTROPOLO (Ua/At, Ann€t8,'l?24 Browster Rd, &isbl 06010 Joseph E Donna ITCDONOUGH (lilathssr/84) 154 l"laverford St, Hamden 06517.- Thereaa & tlwight NEEDELS Ohed82, Conie/8s) lsGOH Burrift St, Plantsville 06479 (H) -. Ead & Ellen PAPPALARDO (4y83, Evs/ 89) 950 Farmingbn Av tA-35, New Briain 06053 (H) -. Cheryl & Frank POMEMNTZ (Sarah8l, &cob/86) 39 Sons Heights Rd, Sbns 06268.- Stephen & Lisa SARFATY (JGepU84) 2&l Talmadge Rd, Cheshire 00410 -. Linda E Ddt SCI{ROTH (Alison/8l, Jonahary82, &iary84) ,f8 Long Hill Rd, Cobalt 06414 (H) -. ltlarion & !$chael SHEEMN (Danaf/4, Emily/ 86, Behany89, Kyle€l) 11 Florence St, Moosup 06354 -. Luz SHOSIE & Ned VARE (Ca$idyag) 628 Winhrop Ave, Nsw Havon 06511 (H) -. 1-eu;r. SIENER (BoverarE) Wykeham Rd Box 1002, washington 06791 Suzette stlow€oBB Stephen COBB (tristanas, A\€rya8) 35 Dopot Rd, Uncasville 06382 (H) -. Liga SPECTOR (Danica/84) 121-B Pery St, Unionville 06085 (H) -.11"nr;"1 Susan STCKNEY (Jotrnaq CONNECTICUT HOI,E EDIrcATORS ASSOC, 6g Sdndrift Ln, Guilfcrd ma37 .- llene TMIGER & Joseph SIIAPIRO (Annarrg, Sally/82, Clara/82, NahadSg) 125 Sbnecrest Rd, Ridgelield 06,877 -. D. WILSON (Angelica/82) 16 Whito St. Rod<villE 06066









3895 Hiold Rd NW Palm Bay 32907 (H)


Antine & Lury IGNIZD (Gnhar60, I)reryl83, Chkd

84) PO Box 291, Odessa 3:556 .- Beniamin & Rebekah ISMEL (Radreu8o, Arie/88) 3816 Canail lvlarsh Ct Apt 254, Palm Harbor 34684 .- Alan & Grace .LJSTISS (Suzannd81, lronevSo) Rt 2 Box 1908, Flewlhorne 32640 (H) -. Cheryl & Peter KOZAKIEWICZ (Nafnr/78, JordsrvSo, Saral&!, Jessica8$ 1,15:l Alabama St, l,lavane Beach 32566 (H) -. LANIER, PO Box 724, Oakland 34760 -. Ralph & Mrginia LeBRUN (Aalonr/s, JotrnpauuSt, Jacob86, Rufi/9o) Rt 2 Box 785, Cr€scent City 321 12 .- Eileen & lvlichael IICELWEE (Pauidl8l, librysnnd&!, Elizabeth/8s, David/88) 51 15 Pina Vista Dr, lvlelboume 32934 (ll) -. Gwen & John IIEEF|AN (Pe[iddf6) '1520 &i6rditf Dr, Orlando 32806.- Sude & Ken MICHAEL (Dar|/85, Ste\rd84 2311 Chorrywood Ln, Olando 32803 (Hl -. Lyn MILUM & John IilcGRATH (Arwon MairvSO, MichaeUSS) 1219 Timborland Trail, Altamonto Springs 32714 Dan E Jane NEVEL (tuieilaz8, OrbrVSo) 10395 NE 12h Av, Mami Shores 3{1138 -. Kim & Carol POWELT (Reet/86, Dund88,

Hl Sarah & John CASKEN (Phili/84, PauU87, DamktrvSS) 650 Kanaha St, l(ailuag6734.- Delayne & Daniel COATS ffifianytn, Benlvnirv8l, Moily86) 8{t1 C Plurneria Loop, l'lonolulu 96818 (H) -. Otiligltt D'ARIIAS & Tina SIERRA (Ku'uleil87) 2558 Ainaoh Dr, Hilo 967& (H) -. Unds INOUYE (Ka,y/e4, Emily/ 84 FRIENDS LEARNII,IG AT llOlre,9+208 PEeli Pl, Mlihni 5789 .- John & G KIRKLAND (tracl8s, Janet AloxaET) 26 Lenipo t)r, ]Gilua $734 KRUSE & Brent BLACK (Laureu83) 1 164 gshop St Su12+109, Flonolulu $8'13 -. Terra & i,lewman LOVE (Fo|9st Gray/8l) 511 Oinde Rd, lrakawo s768 -. Gary & Lynne lilACK (SkiP Bodhi) 1427 llom Ohah Pl, Kapaa 98746 .- Gail & Jordan MGASAKO flhumper/83) ltAul I{OIIE EDT CATORS,7r7 Kolani St, Wailuku 96793 -. Angela & Charles OTT (Christind82, Carett/85) 381-C Reasoner Rd, Homlulu 96819





Beadt/g0) 22 N Palm Aw, Titwville 324 (H) -. Eric & Barbara REINFIARDT (Annd86, Sarah/g0) 8512 Sunsot Willow Ct, Orhndo 32835 Rosanna & Dave RICHMOIID (Kyld8s, Doviry87, S,hailalgo) 2785 SE Carroll St, Snrart 34997 -. lvlartin & Flel€n RUBIN (DanieF/7, Alexande(tBl)921 SW 18 Ct, Ft Laud€rdale 3i1315 -. llarha e Lary SHEA (Eleano/ 88, RuhA9) lGt37 Vanderbilt Dr, Naples 33963 (Hl -. Lynn & Tom SOUTHWORTH (Lin&ayl84, Nidrolas|/Sc) 3623 Mamaroned Ct, Greon Co\,e Spgs 920,€ -. Kafty E Tony SI,JERGIU (Elizabeha2, JulisttdS5) 1510 NW 17 St, Flofltestead 3$3O Chet t Tery TFIOMPSOII (Dre#88, WadeAS, Coryl 90) 1 16 E &lh St, Peily 32347 .- Mark & Darn WIDENER (Chrbtopherl8s, Mdrael/87) 7240 Ad€l€ Ct., Jacksonville 322i 1






DC Ezequiel & Teresa TORRES (LissuorrS, Gabrieu8s) 1650 Harvard St*210 NW Washingon 20009 (H) Patrice WALKER (Adrienne/80) 311 1 Walnut St NE, WashinObn 20018 Robert & Gingor WELCH (RiaM/6, @rW78, lhra/81, Trawn/8g) 3507 20th St NE, WashingPn 20018 (H)





Karen & Ralph BOVE


Bonjamin84 2tl3 Plumoea Rd, DeBary ilp713


Roben E Adrienne BUSHEY (DanioU8l, Arnyl&4) 2836 Lent Rd, Apopka Sn12 cary & &ye BUSSELT (DanieU85, Alaina/88) 1 l40 NE Town Ten, Jensen Boach 34957 (H) -. Suzanne CARTER & Paul BURKETT (lad71, Shaun/aS, Parkjv86, MollyrSS) 101 Aledo Aw, Goral Gables 33134 .- Melody & Caroy COOPER (AarorM8o, Crystau8S, Jeremy/88) PO Box 542290, i,lerritt lsland 329t1-2299 (H) Patricia & Staven COOPER (JairnolES) 12887 Pond Apple Dr, Nades 33999 -. Gary & Leslie COTTON (Analyssd 76, Gab.ieltS, JonndSl , Katye/82) 1 150 Old Orie Flwy, Tiusville 32796 .- Jean CUNNII'IGF|AM E Jose CARABALLO (DanielZS, Lidiazg, DamiadSs) I 7802 NE 2lst St, Gainesville 32809 (H) -. lhren & Ridrard



FRANKLIN (Adaff/7, Jesskg8o, Chrisbpher/8.!, Andre*8g) 39i19 Winfield Rd, Boynrn Boach 334i16 -. Barbara & Bob FREEMAN (Samr78) 523 N lileridian Sl, Tallahass€o 32301 .- Flenry & Pani

GERSON (Nita/86, RobirySg) PO Box 2700, New Smyrna Beach 32170 Stove Choryl HATFIELD (Johrv8s, DtEwl86, Chy8g 920 SE 17th St, Doorfield Beadr 33441 .- Vickie & Curt FIOLMES-MORRISON (EatnoryT6) 455 Butterfly Forost Rd, Geneva 32732 Jamal E Diana HUSSEIN (Sarah/8o, iilahmoud/&4, Nadia E l-hnnah€o) 2020 Turpentino Rd, Mims 32754 -. Kathleen & Chip lACOl.lA (cwory8o. Annd8l,




- Lou BECKER & Jennie trtlEST (Jarl,W&2, AaorvSS) PO Box &47, Roborra 31078 (ll) -. Bob A GA

Chris BISHOP (Curriong, Bohany/8l)THE HALL COUNTY HOIIE EIXJCATORS, 11439 Lako For$t Dr, Oahood 30566 -Joseph E tleborah BRODNICKI (RobertrTg) Rt I Box 1151-2, Gaino3ville30506.lvhry Ann & Stanl€y CAUTHEN (Becky2s) 260 Donald Lamb Rd, lbrcland 30259.- Susan & Kurt CONOVER (MacAdarntS, Kal€rv8o, Cady/83, Molly/ 89) 3469 Chesrtut Ck, Doravillo 3(B4O Vanessa & hn COryVE (Natashd8s, TrbtarvSg) Rt 3 Box 3171. Drysonville 3)53a .- Jll t Jeff HERBST (Johr/78, Jefir€y/&4, Jacquil88) COBB COUNTY HOI,ESCI.{OO|-ERS, 813 lrryntrc'k Dr, Kennesry 3O144 (H) -'Jery and &no Prest llOLCOlrB (ttustinrro, Grayson/8o) PO Box 2161, Columh8 31902 -. iihrk E Dane.lCtlNSON (Lindgey82, MarU &4, Aler/86 lilah€d88) 1410 Boxwood Trace, Afforh 30101 (H) -. l'lark & Velinda MIICHELL


Gnni! m, lJnrnffi I, elry M, Mirhm82, EirendSs) 3004 Erik Ct, Augusta 30006 Robert & Cahy [fORRfS $lqenm, RobZ9, Andy/84) 211 Eadwood



Bobby & l|atdta PENNEBAKER (LeigM'8, Sofv8z, ErirVST) PO Box 250, Barnesville a)2(X (H) -. Cecelia E Tim RIFE (Sead8t) 190 Hitching Po€t Ct, Mariena 3(x)67 Dick & Parn ROE (Richard/82, Kate/86, Emiy/88) 22O Lamont DrAptC, Decatjr 3OO3O (H) -. Tncy e Aviva Rofrf, (ryail8s, Yemima/88) 361 St3rling St, Adanta 30i107 (H) Greg & Viclti SCOTT (l|l|idt8€!77, David/8O) REACH, 617 Colony Ct, Woodsbck 30188 (H) -. Vahrie a Will TAYLOR (Astsaf/9, Sunny/82, Ale)d84) 4965 Lexingbn Rd, Ath€ns 30605 (H) -. Sdroo A Dab VOSTITSANOS (Sashef/8) Oak Spdngc Rd, Rt 4 Box 4(X6, Clarkesville 30523.- Robert & Colleen WILL|AMS (Ryarv8l, hd83, KalhryS6) 759 l-lenderson Falls Rd, Toccoa 30577 (H) -.961 3 Susan WYIVAN (HeathrtT, Chrisbpher/80, Greg/813) 400 Raven Dr, Canbn 301 14 .- Glenn & Ronder YOUNG (William/8l, Aloc/8s, lan/88) 1420 Shenta Oak Dr, t{orcross 300&l Dr, Dublin 31021

Growtng \[4thout Schoollng #84 - 1992 Dlrectory



BMMltllEtt (Erikaz6,



Jo3sba/88) 322 N 3220 E, Lewigville 83411 .- Mke HUBBELL & Liz CANI{O|,I-HUBBELL (Chrbt8, Lori/ 81 , )<erryl84 Rt 4 Box 61 7, Bonners Feny 8i18(E (H)





(CrFdl7g) 850


CountrFkto, Haho Falls ${Oa (H, -. Jayne SORRELS (Ryar/&4, Jilhyn€/85) 1802 W Washing

bn, Boise 83702 lL

Amy BARTOT{ (Rachel24, SatahZT,


Hannail86) 4119 N Claromont, Chicago 60618 -. Cheri BJORK (Caidir68) 766 Souh St, Elein 6012$ 6222 -. Wlliam & Kathedne BLAI{CHETTE (Cardacd8s, Ardrew/88) 209 Aquariuc Dr, Shibh 62269 (ll) -. &uce E Sharon BOYD (Branduirf/8, Aurora/81 , Mariail84, JaxorySS) 1321 4fi St, lroline 61265 (H)


Greg & Linda BRUNET (Kimberlyl8s,

Aissd87, Paricialgt) 1351 Ulac Ln, Csrol Sream 601 88

Gary E Sally ANDERSON (Korinng, Tomil€/81, Malia/8s, ElV88, lsalv90) 214 Hazel Ridge Dr, Wilmingnn 19810 -. Russoll & Anna KMPP (Jasorv84, Jennifer/87) 118 Glon Rock Dr, Chynont DE

Donovan & Linda

Christisnt8, &ia|V80, Jordan/82, baac


Toronce BURKE & June IIoINTOSH

(Fhnnail86, &ssie & EllorvSg) 5522 S Kirnba* Av t2, Chicago €O8:t7 -. Keifi & Elizabeth CAIEROII

(Cttoryu8o, PaullS4) 8fi Clovor Ln, Mahomet 61853 (H) -. Lindsay E lla* CATLIN (Peb/81, Andre9Sg) 738 First Ave. lilonis 60450.- Peter Elizsbotl CLELAND (Jacld86, Satatv9O) 10&l Golf Aw, Highland Park6{D35 (}ll -. Mdtad & }(atlryn COLBRESE (Egartn2, Anna-Marialf3, PEul E MchaeU74, Edrf5, Colleen & Davidrr8, l,fchelat7g, Danieu81, John/8:!, Adarnn6) 2607 207h St N, East iibline 61244 -. Cafpdne COX & Alfr€d FRYDRYK (Jand8{l) 2@ Lee St, Park Fo.€!t60468 lfike & Ann DiCICCO (Philip/82, AndredSo) 17(n8 Ridgo, Hazel Grest810429 (H) -. Elizeboth ELITREBY & Douglas SEARI.-ES (l'ladenzidSS) DEVELOPD.IG MAGAZINE, 105 Ploassnt, lft Catrdl 61053 (H, Jeff & Jme FLEMII{G (JuetintS, Jasonao) 6 Lardt Dr, Olnoy 62450 -. ltlary & Chuck FRIEDL (Naharv 76, Adarwg) l-lot SE, '1313 Cleveland, Evansbn 6O202 Rhonda GOEBEL (Shawv88) 3542 S Darnen - Coacfi Fbwe, Chica0o 60609 .- Louis &


-tunrd -.


&nniferGORDON (Keti€/81, PatryA4) S&Grcgory,


Wilmotte 6o091 -. Paricia Philip |.|AHN (Andyn6, Katherine/83) 3426 W 1EC St, llarkham 60426 (H) -. Karen HESTER (lhrcl84, AlotdS6) 4918 N Oakl€y 11, Chirxgo 60625 .- tlan & Carde Lynn


HUEBNER (Anhony/84, Amb€dyr64 2{E Abbeywood Ln, N Aurora 60542- Don t Carol HURTIG (Jennie/8i, Amanda & Parida4 lso0Tyrell Av, Park Ridge 6(X)68 &uce ! Debbie ]OPLAI{ (Wian[7g, KevirvS'|, Amy/84, Jacoh84 312 Bell Dr, Cary 6@13 .. tlill t lihdan KRIPPES (tlillyrrs, Sarah/ 78, Robonng, J8fit'ost*2l 12 Hinkle Ln, S<fiamburg 801 C] (H) -. Leonard t Joyoe KUHL (Nahatv81 , JohrvS4) 635 Superior Ave, Calurnot City 60100 (H)



Rodney LANDRUM E Leigh Ann CARDER-LANDRUM (Christopho/86, ParktCgo) 340 N Waiola, LaGrange Park @525 -. Jane MASTERSOT{ & John TREDON (Ractr€U8s) 5107 S Bhd(sbno#1006, Chicaoo 606.|5 -. Karen MUNDT (Sonjaz4 2505 N Bernad, Chicago 60647 Bamadnndran PUTHWAL & Tery CUAIN


%t (Saralergt, l(annan/8s) 105 S Ellglyorfi St, Apt 1, Naperuille 60Am ($ -. Andrca a Dave RUSIN (Viclorial82, Nicholas/84) 604 N 6$, Dekalb 601 15 (H) Rosalie SCHULTZ, 3755 N Kedzie Aw, Chir4o 60618 -. ltrhak & Gidr SHEPEaD.IG (Avi/84, Ahazod86, Stilorm/88) 730 Esingbn Ln, Buffalo Gow 8d)89 (H) -. &uco a Karen SMffH (ElizabeW 80, JoAnnaAS) PO Box 284, l-hmpghke 601,O.-


Carol E Martin STIrT pasodSs) Rt 10 Box 72, Gatbondale 62901 (H) -. 56n & Pet TETZI-AFF (Johr|Eo, tlanny/84, Lesh8q 1424 Loch Lomord t)r Crystal Lake 6d)14.- John E Theresa THROOP (Johrtr/S) 300 W lhson, Spingfield 62702 Sbve & Bonnie VERHULST (Lodns, lichsUS6) *8 Charl$ton Estabs, SpringfieB62107 (H) -.8€sy WILFONG (Sarah82, ErkxAT, Ad.ienndS9) 6155 N Moody, Chkxgo 6O6a8 lbtf|ew & llarilyn WOJDAK (Jonart8, Brien/8o, BenA2,3ss/t4) Rt 1 Box 89, &ighbn 62012 (H) Pat E Tom WOODS




(Jeremyn9, Emily/8l, EdnAS, Elsa/84 86it W Chicago St, Elgin 60123 -Susan f &ffrey ZACIIARAKI$JUTZ (Francee n, ReuberVS6, GeoOeAS) 13531 Fhog Rd, Rodelle 61068 (l{} Terry & Pam AHEARN




Crysd CARTIIELL e Mdnd CASSADY (Skyler/

78, Jerod/8z, Lako84, Rogs86, GalenAS, Mason/g1) 6785 LarnpkiB Rklge Rd, Bloomingbn 47401 -" Paul & Claudy DWYER (Pautr/9, ifrkot82, Maggie8s) Box 638 RR2, Monticollo 47960 Catherino HESS (AstaralE6) 2300 N l-leadley Bloomingon lz408 Terry E Aice ]NMAN (Recfiolr7s, ChrbbphernS) 7602 St Goorge Evd, Fishers 4AB8 .- John KLYCE & Penny iIARSH Oed/82, Johry84, Joff/84) 7070 N Grey & Gail LARSEN Caldwoll Bd, Lebanon e0052 (RottrM84, Siiril86, lll€68) 8929 Soufi Shoo Dr, Unionyille 47468 (H) -. llak C Shirley LUTIIO (Jacob/8o, Marcja/84. lsaadE4 1 548 Wldllowor Way, Soufi Bend.16617 (H) Rk*urd & Sandra MERRfON (Robz4, Reboccazt, TiftanytS2l U3 S 300 E Rd, Danvifie a5122 Crerald & liardee PAGAC








BRl Bor


54, Pinsbo'o



Shetyl Stophen SCHT FF (Emifeag, Roubertal) 8156 Liober Rd, lrdianepolis 46260 Jarnio & Kermit THOMPSON (Searv84, Ry8rtas, Kyld88, Korylgo) 5864 Old lilorgsnbwn Rd, llartinsville 46151-9061 Stew & PameIaWHEELER (Sco083) 601 Mddlo St, Nervburgh 476$ (H) l'leather a EillYOUl.lG (Stuaru88) RR 1 Box 7/, Bowlirq Green 47833 (H)







(Danien4, DavHZ6, Adam/80, Elbaboh82) 910 Rider Sl. bwa City 522,06 (H) -. Wlliam e Rob€ra BERRY Ohomas/8g) 1 1 18 42nd St, W Des Moines 50265 -. Janine E Doug CALSBEEK (Johnl8q PO Box 185, qrarEp City 51041 (Hl -. Steven lilOORE & Paula I-AWSOI*MOORE (B€njarnidS2) Rt 5 Box 238, lowa Ciry 522a6 -. $ylvia Ben OLSO|{ (Sky/82, GranvSS) RRI Box 1 14, Pocahontas 50574 (H) David E Teny OWEN (Mdteil6Z8, Vane$afl9, Jenette/81, Amanda/€6) 730 W 1 t h St, Wabdoo 50702 -. Sue & Van RADOSTI (Addane/86, Kay Led 90) 1004 Souh St Mary, Skxrx Ciry 51 106



KS Eileen E Mark FORTT }.|ATO $f,chdl82, KatidS6) 7148 Buena Viste, Pmirie Village 05208.Phil E Julie tlORRlS (Davidr8s, Abigail/&4, Fbnnahr 84 7ts3 N 6th St, Stodino 67579 (H) -. Tom PETERS & Barbara MICHENER (Arthu.Ea, JNephin€/84 RR 1 Box 496, Porry 66073 (H) -. Elaine & Mke WILLIAMSON (lGrio/8l, Bobny/83, Wllo#86, Jonafian Pippin8q ft 1 Box 130, Lyom 67554 (H)



tl -

Bob & Leigh BOIING



Andres&I) 4613 Gonorel Eweil, &sder Citl71112 .- Marie BREAUX (Geard82) lzx FrontSt, lbrgarl City 7{X180.- Sheri & t}arrcll DACLE (Ross/82, Lucas/eB, Canti/88) 622 Sbde Blvd., Babn Rougp 70806 -. Mdr I Jrldy GAMBOA (MgtnU8l, Sarah/84) 9(D Evergreen Dr, Greu|a 7005{l .- Rhonda E llorphy SERIGNET (MJr/8, Derdckrrg, Radr€U8l, Justir65) Box 158, Pdnb Ah l-|ade 70082 Tracoy


(lhtfnw -Jim BERGIN & Jrrdy GARVEY Z/, thnieUS0) RR1 Box 2lo1{, Surry (X6&{.- Sharon IE

(nff71, Danrrc,



(Sarah84, Peter/88, Elizaboh8l) lAM Crcsby Ct, Lexingbn 4{817 (H} -. Leslie IJcCOLGIN t Geoqe KENNEDY (Candrd84, Cderta4 RR I Box 167, Cunningham 42q!5 (H) -. lvlargaret TRIBE & Dan GOLDtsERG (tloahzg, Wlliam/8il) 7./0 Roclq Hill Rd, Columtia 42728.- Pel & Greo WltLlA,[fS (Carn?g, Ey{v82) Rt 1 Bor 3O2, Grewl $vitdr .lGl28


& l,larian BEVER (lrarkl78, DavidSl) 7869 N 1O(x) East, Wilkinson 46186 (Hl Rbhard & Sharon CARGIN (Luke^2' Levi/86, Timthy/88) 256fi Av NE, Lelilars 51(ts1 (H)



Thomas SH€RRY (&nna/85,Jpb88) 6055 General iley€f Av, New orleans 70131 (H)

Bondarff9, lrybs/8l ) 7(X8 For€st Aye, Harnmond 46324 .- Barbara & Craig BENSO}.I (Davkil86, Alexander & AndrowlSg) SZl E Slab Rd 45, Unionville 47468 (H)

KY Clar.dh t tary BROSMN (AtlEtT7, Gaoazg) 5&49 Snyder Ln, Petorsburg 41080.DonaH e Carol zuRRIS (Lyndazg, tbnaldlSs) 707 Caldwell St, Corbin lo70,| .- Geoff t Almuth KOBY

& Harold BI-AXE (Janet7s, Grahamzo) 1102 Nortl Rd, Roadfi€ld 04355 Debtrie CHRISTO & Jason FIELD (Zadnryt74, G$,90) RR1 Bor 2820, Ereter Mbhad WOOD (lrogarv O++35 -. llancy DEWEY &{, FeliciryA4 FO Box 235, Deer lsle (X627 -. Pam & Bryan DYER STEWART (&sse/81, Geno/8:!, Hald 85, SarnAO) RFD 1 Box Bl, Haringbn O464il (H) Thorn$ & lJary ECKSTEIN ([ftcfi*U8:!, llario/86, Peter/88) RR 2 Box 51, Sebago Lake Oa075 Eileen & WdV GARROWAY (Katez8) 7 Whitos Bridge Rd, Standish O4084 l,larlha e Wa[ GRADY (Ryail8tl, Jesskx/86) 14 For$kto Rd, ToFharn (X086 (H)







Elizabofi GRAVALOS & Arthur IIARVEY (EmiVr/6, lra/80) Cenbn (H) -. Sean Wotf HILL & Desiree POWEBS (Anyd85, Flenry/8g) 42 CoH Brook Rd, l{ampdon 0a4a (H) -. Kon & ConstBnoe JO.IES (Andrcw8a, AhnBS) 127 Lelard St, Pordand (XlGl .- Chades KAUFI,ANN & Ann II{OMPSOI{ (Nbhohs/8T, Maniaspo) RR 2, lSUrhitt€nhilb Rd, Konnobunkport (XO.IO (H) -.11t & Ellen KETCMM (Susarws, DonaldZ/, JameszT, ColirvSg) RFD 4 Box 5500, Fsrmingbn 04s8 (H) -.&nb TiATRISCIiANO & Joe EDWARDS (J8mid85, lhddy/84 Rt I Box /t89, ReadfioH 044155.- Em & Cnig tld-At CHLAI$ NELSON (Nico|e 3, Jo3hrr8l86) RR 1 8ox t169, Anson (X911 (H) -' Sune E Paricis NOREEN (Ro.8/81, Lisd86) Jonesport Shipyard - lrain St, PO Box 214, Jonesport (X649 {H) -. Bafiara a Rick PROEE (Sophia/88) 14 Gage St t4, Bridobn 04009 (H) -. Rob t Andrea ROSENBERG (!{oahr79, Laurd82, Annid 86, Tommy/8g) '185€ Congrers St, Mand (xl02 (H) -. tIaSSi€ SMITH & John vanSUlr['/ERN (Luq/83, MdrmUSS) '152 &unswick Ave, Gardiner (X345 (H) llarybeh & David STETSON (fi|egh8nr'9, Emily/ 87, Rachsl/go) Rt 2 Box 78, Gaidinar Oa3a5 fi) Earl & Linda STEVENS (Jami6/80) TALK AEOI T LEARNIIIG,25 Bolmeade Rd, Pordand 04101 William & Lily TURNEF (Kat€/86, Khlt/88) RRl Box 445, i,laples 04055 (H)






Mbhel ABRAT{AIF & Susart U,HffE

(Mranda8s, RosalSS) 19920 Whito Gound Rd, Boyds 20841 (H) -. Glenn & Rarmna Al,lGUS (Sarahr/g, lt o0arugo) 902 Waterview Dr, Crownsvillo 21G12 Roben & Audr€y BANKS (Br€ndaru7g, AlyssalEl) 2018 Sufblk Rd, Finksburg 21048 -. Lcis BLUITENTI'IAL, 1132 Boochtiood Dr, Hagersown 21740 -. Ann & Chris DAVIS (Calida&1, Jordan/86) 1152 l-loaps Rd, Sreet 2l'154 (Hl -. Leil GARBISCH & Kerry FLETCHER-GARBISCH (Amararv87, Jkina/ 89) PO Bor 66, Trappe 21673 -. Jotrn & Saratl GRACE (Naornil82, Berv&l, Fred86, Gabriomg) 2905 Gibbons Ave, Eallirpre 21214 t{ancy & Ell GREER (Gl€rv88) 354 B€aohan Dr, Glen Bumie





Sugan & Ed

I{OCHSrEDT (Kirsbn81,

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8lt, EdkA7) 56 Cheny$rood Ct, HuntVdl€y 21G10 Fby & llary I-IOOD (Samz8, Ginny€o, Den/&|, Laurd 86) 140 Bond St, Westninstor 21157 (Hl -. Cafiy & Thomas HUDSOI{ (Cailtu, Bradl€y/86) 6018 Old



Rit8 Micf|aol Lawyers Hiff Rd,Elkndfpz1?27 (tl) LANE (&€ndan82, JuliandSs) 8z, Lucky Rd, Sevem 2114r'. -. .lim & Janet LATFIAN (Corinnd67,


Cath€rin6r/0, Kennethf/8, AllyssdSo) ANTIETAM FAMILY EIXJCATIOI.I, 41 8 Roun$ood Dr, Fleeprswn 21740 (H) -. K€nny & Befiy LINDSAY (Ginnyn6, EddiezS) 14420 Tattyard Rd, Upper |,s]nbF,rczJ7|z.- Mke & Robyn TUEDERS (JacoU 85, Benjamir/87, Abranr'89) 7!09 D Reed Cl, Fod

lleade 20755.- Laura LYNDS




(fuilolia/86) 316 lst Ay SU Glenburnie 21061 Teiy & Jm IIAYOR (Jennifer/r8, Kevin/84) 26824 Fforrard Chapel Dr, Damascug N72-1247 {H) -. Dot Kerry McDOMLD ([i$cfiaet//6, LisazT, E\ranzg) 541 0 Tild€n Rd, Bladensbury 2071 0 (H) -. Jean & Dean PFEfFER (J.r8tt'17i7, ]{p//.yn0, Fawnn9, Lancer 81, Drew/8f 322 Labumum Rd, Edgntood 2l0to Frank & Laura SCOTT (Jonafian/85) 9419 Chadhrm Frsd t Thelma SCOTT P'f , Gaithersburg fr879 (Phoebot6, SaraM/8) 1q)58 Wstorbrd Dt, Ellicon ciry 2104i] (H) -. Jane E Chrisophe SHIPLEY (RosalindzS, Petor/81, Trercr/8s) 117 E 25fi St, Baldrbro 21 218 (H) -. ltrnfrea t Jeannie SMITH (Jsmbtil, Jesso/8 1 , Dnrtq/an MARYLANDFIOME EDuCATlOl,l ASSOC, 9085 Flamepool Way, Columt*a 21(X5 -. James Judih Kaphn WARNER (Susannail8s) 11865 Old Columbia Piko, Silwr Spting 20S04 (H) -. Law & Peggy WATKINS (i,lethenio|rt4, Sophkftg) 23615 W Flarig Rd, Dckerson ?J8/2- Wayne & Sandy WATKINS mry Aity21771 -.JimE 72,,lasortnSr,ls0l Roop Cahy WILLIFORD (Jinv8l, Cori/83) 10229 l{olatt Dr, Rockvillo 2085{, (H} -. Nsncy Burgor ZAPF (Vivied Z', t elalie84) 858 Coadway, Annapolis 21401








Caolyn & Rodney ADAMS (Elizaboth/

whib sr, Arlingbn 02174 (H) -. Eric ALEERT a llarys|€t PRIMAX, 14 l|anood St, tl€wbn 02166 (H) 80) 4

John & Linda ALICO (Laneyf78, Chriathe8t, Molly/ 87, Shore Rd, Pocssset 025593435 (H) -. Janis & Chris BAKER (Stephanie,€8, LfichaeU 82, Alexand€r/86) 25 James Way, Sdnl8b 02066 Phoobo BARNES E Donald PEDICINI (Jatnoola/82, Rah€y8s) 514 Franklin St, Cambidep 02139 (H) 9rs8n Potor BARNE$BROWN (DhnarTl, Julh Davki/89) 195 l-hyyrard Mll Rd, Cotlcotd 01742 Gregory & Nidd BRAM|'|ALL (Allborv82, Ilevinl€3) 19 Stnawborry Hill St, Dowr 02Gn (H) -. Susan t Gene EURIGRT (Ilavid/8s, DanieUSs) 6 FlemlodrTen, Walham 0215{ (H) -. Sheryl & Quint CAtDltEtl (Johrvs2, B.andoil84, &inany/8g) 234 tf,ddle St. W l,lorbury -. Lyn & Wll CLARKE (Cheleea/81, RachaoUST) 28 Longview Bd, N Falmufi 02556 Terry & lhthy COI-BERT (Sar8U82, SananthalS6) 74 Old Stags Rd, Chdmsbrd 01824.46{F -. Cyndie &


&1, Travis/87)


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Jim CONI,IOLLY (J$se/82, Kyral86, Flannah/8g) 25 Codar St, Hingharn 020€.- Mdrel & Diane D'ARCANGELO (Jrrlior/s, StephanietTT, Elizabefir/g, Mdrolle/8l, lvlchaeuE3, Jimmy/8s, Josoph/86) 94 Hillsido Av, lbrimac Leglie & Paul DO88S (AdarV 86) dl Drert St, Do.chdter 02124 (H) -. Vid<y E Scon DORAN (Katovrv86, Andrcv8o) 14 Am@d St, Walofield 01880.- Ellen EPSTEIN(|uayt&z') 22 Webb Sr, L€xingbn 02173 .- Pam & Marc ERNSTOFF (Kobi/86, frarhatrS) 2 Webb Rd, Sharon 02067 (H) tf,draol & l.lencil FIERO (Mkahz6, N8th8tw8, l|atiU 82, Nsrir/8s) 87 Snell Aw, Brod<rn 02,l{}2 -. GingBr FfiZSnrn|Cf,tS (Jennifert73, Alod8l) 14 Concord Rd, G€oOe & lloniq,p FOURNIER Waterbwn 02172 (Sarah/Z/, lrtollyl8l, AirnodS4) RFD 2 Bor 101 , &imfieH 01010 Peter a Beh FURTH (Salitt82, Keziah/8s, Evangeline/8S) 31 Bates Rd, Mlbn 02186 (ll) -. Susan & Mchml GARFIELDWRGHT (llsnalv 81, LoahlS6) RFD Box 51, Charlornont 013t19 (H) .- Adele & David CTARLICK (Shayna/8s, Joshua8g)






GrowtngWtthout Schooltng #84 - 1992 Dlrectory

m 96 Coolldgo Circle, Northboro 01S12 .- Joff E Bot GIDDINGS (SarahKaFng, Annio8l!, Paridd8s, litaryareugo) 61 Ctoss Rd, RodnrterOZ7'O 1H; Dave & Sue GIULLAI,IO (Josson9, &nnd82) 31 Ouail Trail, W€sport 02790 Betcy GO{-D8ERG e Ahn BRISON (Reb€cca88, Diana/go) 61 7-58&0912 (Brokline) (H) -. Kahleen e Rklhard GORE (Za6rat 81) PO Box $, WBoxford 01885 Don & GMNT (ApriU81) 2aTrumbull Rd, Norfiampbn 01060 Devid E Rachel GUIDETTI (Enltym, fhvid/80) 136 Meadilbrook Rd, Springffeld 01128 .- Caol & John FIAHNFELD (Radpt/€o) 81 Blue Hill Terr St, Mlbn 02186 -. Nicky I{ARDENBERGH & Ganid COLE (Fono3brl8o, Sa0d83) PO Box 1514, lvhndresbr01944 Bill & Loreaa HEUER (Taln, Jod/82) 164 l.lorblk St Hollilbn 01zrlo (H) -. gyndia HUARD & Lefly MMBERLIN (thvkl) 17 Mlton SL Arlingbn 02174 (H) PA.T. & Bdde HUNT (Solina/ 81, lrardnl8s) FO Box 64{t, Charlegrwn 021?9 Cyndi E Len JARVI (Jonafiary84, Jafte/88) 251 Boutolle St, Fidtburg 0l4a) -. LrJch & Thomac JENKINS fiayhl80, KyldSil, Alexiel&{, Zldtal'ytB8, Cameon/91) 16llawthome St, Walofield 01880 Carol & Dayid KRENTZIVIAN (Jenny78, tlollio/8l, Sary83, SophiolES) 97 Wmdhnd St, S Narick 017SG 54{!7 Valerie LAGORIO (Jay65) 14 Oxbrd Park, Rovore 02151 .- Made & Don tATltlO (Viria/8s, Jutia/ 89) 2 lsabella St, Worcest€r 016(8.218 ltla & Joseph LeVANGIE (Daniefr6, Jcahus79, Josoph82, JesedSS) PO Box 274, W€rdell .-Jim & Kristin LEWIS (Nils & ErilU86, Annal8g) 7 Lily Pond Rd, W Boxbrd 01885 Fleatpr LIflLE-ANDMDE (Jesse & RaqueuSz) 2878 Elm St Dighbn 027t5 -. Paige LUSSIER (Befiany81, cab.i€U83, Caloh/86) 442 Bishop's Terr, Flyannis 0260i Tom & Mary IIAHER (scotzo, l|andyrrs) 30 Psrk sr, wakefield 01880 Roy E Cindy ITIAURER (Asron8l, Maryarn/8{|, &rnila 89) 13 Stathd Rd, Wdes 01081 }lalinda IAYER & Don tlcBRlDE (Amanda80) t8 lrolt I)r, E Faknoufi 025!b -. Bonner McALLfSTER e Joe BAXER (Sudi/ 84, Core/86) ltupi Rd, lbntor€y 01245 (H) -. John a















Mlva IIcDOMLD (Justhe8s, ErEISn Rd, Newbn 02165




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Andy & Channing MIGNER (Chrisbphe./87, Tayk/89) 39 Hatwy St, Cambridg€ O214o Growr & Roranne lvlOOllEY (DamiantS) 1t New Whih€y Sr f505, Bosbn 02115 (H) -. gs6 E Jean MURMY (f€9ail72, Tara g &nnaht4) 87 Fayorweathor St, Camhidg€ 02138 .ldifr & Tom tfJSCO (Lydial78, Tai,8o) N Fitrnilliam Rd, Roydson 01368 Faifr Jones OZAN (Aydin/84) 7 Llncoln St, l{ewburyport 01950 -. Lan€ Unda OZIER (Orcnrt€, Drcw6it) 61 l.lsstings St, W Ro,6ury 02132 (H) -. llarrin PEARLIIAN e Joan RIFE (tuna84 ,|5 Kilgp€ Avo, lJedbrd 02155 -. Jonathan 0 Nanct PERRY




(Rachou8l) .17 Rie st, lrsrhom 01752 Pebr a }Gten PO$/ER (f3rirdgaW1, Dannyr2) E Parlman St, Dorchorbr 02122 Elizabefi & Brian pRESCOTT (Luke|/6, TamarZ8, IlkhcrcS),O Phitlips St, ir 1,


Greenfield 0l30t - Stevo t lihrtine PROUTY 85, taurarS8) 62 S Spenoer



Rd, Sponcor 01562 Laurcl PROVOST (Kevtuuet) 13O Roger! Av, W Sprinofiold 01089 (H) -. Celia PURRINGTON e Hobed O\/ERI{O|TZER (crotden€3, ilafiani€U8s) 8pI207,?!4Hlgh St, S Hen&n 0e341 (l{) Roy S Wanda REZAC (Ronn4, Jeena6, Cathedner$, peter/ 82, DavidSs) 371Conood Rd, l{arlboro 01752.Jad( e li|aegie SADOW Y (Solml79) Ooarwaner l,laural Foo&, Lemr 012,O (l{) -. Sud Candy SASrH (r/hlinl76, Raky8a 10 Bk,.nbnniC Dr, Lexingbn 02173 Zack & l-blly SHALTZ (Chrbr ph€rr/g, Jonafian/8l) gItB Perimotor Rd, Ft Elovons 01.t3{l t}aphrn SLoCOilBE E Nym COOKE (Ihalial87, Kesrel/go) 2 Srafiarfl Rd, Lerdngon 02173 -. Laura Procter SMITH (CharledSg, LeighbdST, Corneli{ygo) Berkctrire Scfpol, Shetfi€td 01257 -. Valerie VAUGFIAN (cabrHrrE, Soarygs) 700L Rberglade Dr, Amhent 0l @2 .- John & lrary WALLACE Fmyn8, fbnicalE4) 54 Lact St, N








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Ssn & lrene ANDZELEWSKI (Slmon/el, Aleina,8S) 16924 FrandslGct, MembTwp 48044 Tony E Shor'ri€ ANKNER (Aarcnrt9, Andr€w186, AdamAg) 125 E Fenn Rd, Coldnalor49Gb (]l) Ernost E Frances BAUER (Andt€ar/s, W8d,dTl, Russ€ly&4, Abby84 15O Chippowa, Pontiac 48041 Mart BEISSEL & Ellen REI{WICK (Briad8l, Keyir/ 8.1, Gnynno8A 17675 Fleim Rd, Cheba 481r8 (Hf




l.bllig BENNETI e Rocemrde BREN}{AI* BENNETT (tuhley/87, J8lon/88, beby8l ) 8685 Tamarad< Dr, &ighbn 48116 (H) -. k€n€ BLAt{Cl{ARD E &n R MPLIN (Nathar62, Bon8s) 5P8 Elizabeth St, E LanCe a9823 (H) Franf a Thereca BOLIN (Joolf7o, Pebrl73, Davidf75, J*intd n, JofF/fim, Mbhmll82, Johry84, Louis/86, Dominic8S, Rob€rt,g()) 2B7O1 M/la Rd, Nar lhven 48048 (H) -. Mhe & Ksla BROtllCKl (FtCly/8s, Angelal88) 584 &ush Trall, Nibs a91a).- Kathy & John DON,IAHTJE (Erid8z, KatidS3) LEARNING TREE RESOURCE CENTER, Box 80"8 S Superior Rd RR I, Atlantic Mne 49905 -. Jo DOZEMAN (Adolld8l, Fhvalahaa) 3CXl E 18h St Holland 19423 (H) Scon & Susan EVANS (LuketTl, Josser/g, l,Elrguav 82, t66ryry86) 10755 Hibner Rd, Hardsnd.18353 (ll) -. Davil & Rebecca FLAGEt (BenjaminrrS, SarailS0) 1,{€1 E David }try, lonh.18846 .- Sarah HURLEY E George LORD (Z*.tE,r,ilU, Awtiry86, lleg/8g) 3730 Easbn Rd, Oflosso l88OZ (10 Cad llanct JOf{NSO{ (&ssicar76,,Jp/t€fiiehl76) 5001 County Line, Buddey aS20 (H) -. Uea & Ken ]GNDER (8efi41, Jab/ag, Adanv86, Chke60) 2122 l'lou€r, l5|t 18442 (H) tyle & Jutiot KAt FFIIAN (Caitlirve!) 132 Gratd t{E, Grard Rartdr aSO|| Frarcina & WdoTKMLL (Slunnod8s, c€o{ftryl87) 15380 Evergroen Rd, Demft 48221 (H, -. J Gary









rlES, Prog in Educ Sudies, Sch of Edtlc, U of Mdt, Ann Arbor a81091259 .- Ray & ltlad KRUliOl| KNOI

(Samanha/8i) 124 Fordham Rd, W l.l€rirbfi 02165.-


Andovor 01&45 Floward & l'larbn WEBSTER (Jak€y,go) 5 Cl€wland St, Adingbn 0217a -. Phoebe WELLS & Tadek GA, (Eoin84 19 Floronco St, Cemhidgo 02139 &san WOOO tJonathan WINFISKY (Jennifer82) Potters Rd, Logato Hi[, Chadomont 01339 (H)

(orenl8o) SUNNYRIDGE ALTERNATIVE LEARNING cTR, llCO 1 Box 134, Pelkio 49958 (Hl -. Mko & Ru0t TAPEYRE (JaaCuosr80, LotftAq Coco/8s, llade/8g) 708 Gerdenia Av, Royal Oalt ,t862 Thomar Dene LINN (Emltn7, Sar8h/8l, Andres/ 83, tloboruS6) 91 20 Dright Dr, Do[rtt 4821 4 (H] Jeannie Md€OO & lonrcio V[.f.A (Mebo€s, Cdr|ild 88, Peblo,g1) 12291 FeoEn Rd, Floly 18442 (10 John & Bonnie MIESEL (Jennihrts, Je8icaf78, Andree/U), DmiC8g) 1111 $,V, YUyo.nlng 4509 Ma.ybefr MYSLO I Ttpmer ANDERSON (Andrew8S) 315 Fourth Sl, Jedrson 49201 -.John & lturiel PALKO (Simonfl6, ZoeA4) 3:ll N Wllliarn, Ludingbn 494:t1 (10 -. Neil & Ellen Pt lEfZ (.lerenryna, MidnoU8a, Jeff/88. Katidgo) 1flE Wght St, St Johns 48879 0t Angolica ROBERTS e Francis BMNCIO (lra/8{!, tuigi/$) 7416 S.lh St, lihtrila'|49071 (H) Chosbr & tlano ROL(A (Lula/tll, Emily/&4, Siirrcn/ 87, Camerme) 1,f1,f N S@t Rd, StJohns a8879 Scott & Jule SADGER (Jordan 29, Ctrisbphe/8i, Ari€U8,4) 2f /O Mller Rd,8udt nst,tgl07 (H) Donnis SCHRANTZ t ili*i ftOOO (Aelutrrg, Megary 83, NoahAS, KC Rose/8e) 4S7 Coop.r Rd, .bdrron 4mfi (]0 -. lGtla Ror SZAMFINSKI (Flsw8r, hruls, U.rce,89) 5()5 lfttr.rno, Jor|o.vilb,rg25o (H)












CaoITIEMAN Ohuh€w/8|t, Atlsat8o) 37h St, G8l$bure 4$53 (]ll -. Nadie a Joso VAl.l€ (Elena/86, lIanueuSg) 317 N ltulberry Sr.




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lrar3ho|l 4s068 -&rnet & l&istin wltttAMS (Jibn0, It{13, Ayunar76, TL{ar*?8, Jerne./82, 5621 S Lake Shoo t)r, ldlewild 49642


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Deborah AMAZ &


86, ManhAS) RR 3 Box 116, Fossbn 585f2 (H) Cheryl & Jeff BERG (Emitl82, OivldSs) RR 3 Box

Growlngll4thout Schooilng #84 - 1992 Dlrectory

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Red Wlry 55ffi .- Ann Potor BODINEBONYHARD (JohnrT 1, Kartuia,t7s, D.vidrtq 73gg Gallaghe t)rfiXXlD, Edina 554i15.- Kad zuNDAY, 10Gl 29th Ave SE, AptA, lfnneepollr 55/.1+2142 (}|) Jane a $rn BT RGESS (Abbhr86) 4445 Elrnwood Dr, Loreno 55357 Ubby & Kevln CONTEY (f'brazg, Medel€ino8r) 24740Amlee Rd, Shorewood 55€Kl1 Lovell & Audoy DIIBERNER (For€stng, Selona,84 Rt 1 Bor43, Pafieo Pra&ie 5otl61 -. Kafry & Bob DOLEZAL (Ketinazs, Vpltt t@m, TMresaA0) HOME BASED ETXJCATORSACCREDITII.IG ASSOC, Rt I Box381,


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CamMdgp 55qlE -. Chrlr & Vivienne EI)IYARDS (Leonid?3) 872 Co Rd 92, t@le Phin 55ll5e Chris & Sulio FREIICH (Sara/80, Briad8s, Divid/80) RR 1 Bor 65, Tracy 56175 Slwl flEilRY & Tim JO.IES G..U85, Rebeloh/89) ,f872 lrompufi Rd, fbund 55iB{ (H) -. Wayne..ENN|I{GS, a,l9 Dosnoyer, St PaI 551O{ .- Aler & &enda KRAI|ER (hnA4, Eltrabetv8s) 5,t E Kont Rd, Duluh 55812 tlew & Beth KRON-AK (B.iarvgl, JohrvSS) 617 28fi St NW, Rocfiosbr 55901 (H) -. 16.1i" *VANDER (Joyl 80) $37 1,f$ Ay Soufi, Boornimbn 55425 Ba'b & ATtMADSEN (Krisu8s, DanirUE8) g)2 E Harcy, Ely 55731 (H) -. Llane & Thomas PETERSEN (Samrrey 81, &hrWE, MedCSg) 2018 l{W 20 St, Rocfieorr 55901 (H) -. Ell & Suran REES (OeviCnS. Dman3, Alew85) 5652 N Pike Lalre Rd, tl.rlutr 55811 Kafiy E C€ig RUND€ (tilatf|ewl8o) 4945 37h Ave S, Mnneapolis 5E417 t!'glrV t Ed RYAN (Jed77, Ed 78, Anno/8o, John/8z, Nid(l8,f, Grcn 85, fhry Grm/ 8S) 6730 Galph Bvd, Exoelskr 55331 -. Shadrn STUELAND t llon WICKSTROM (Jelr[0, BreO83) 5(b Hugp St t{E, Mffteepolis 53132 tGfiy I John SZYIIIANSI( (John Jeyf78, }lad</81, lhry/8!, mr bqby€O) RR 2 Bor 104), AHen 5609 .- Unde WNSOR t Andrew PROf(OP (Loulr8r, End84 1927 Jarnes Av, St Pari 55105 (H)









Deria CAPOCASAI.€, 1719 Flwy 19 N 3&107-5012 Mk$rl Ellzrbedr FOSTER (Elena/8s) Er Saragosa Rd, N.drez 3e120 (10 Vldd Adon lliAtl (Bed77. Adamr8) 2al I Shady Ln, Pbayune 39lOO (H) tlon & Bed(y POTTS (1ilap1d81, Lindcr6al, Ceder/E| |0gl Rotin

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Dr,Jad€on 3S26(H)



Karen Fn*ALPERT(Betrya7,Ahrv 89) 121& Odcvilde Ct, t&ryland Fhlgm ma3 Gary & Jert BLAO(|TOOO (G.tchAO, Gib.A2. Te0sv87) Rt 3 8ox CarfiS 64fiF (O D€b e m zuRLING (16{strf) 28{E E Cehe St, Spriirgfiold 65801 Fox t Anne CARUTIIERS (KenU U, Dougla./Al, Tyrm./8s, Wllia|lyt8) 227 Stralght Od( C1, Ballwin 6tp2l Jamet tfma CLFFORD (Amborn l, Aultiilmft1Bor 87, Knob ilorter 05336 (Hl -'Mdnel $ran CLO.{TS (&id'en8' Stophank$g) 1Gl E Vine, Sullivan dtSO Prm & Tony DAVES (Mcd/8l, Ailfo/84, lC€185) Rt I Box ,189, Godman 6{84} -. trla* FAEGRE e Donnr CUIAERTSON (Amber85, Ryad88) AXnil Pidolidq








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Andenon Av, Colur*ia 652G1.- Xim, Oline, & Chadec GREGSOTII (JomihUE) 1307 &od<, St Louir 6313e .- Joel I Kaon IERIIIAN (Ped85, DyLrl$) 631 W tog.n, lbb.rly E6gt0 (H, llancy KIEV]r fien y/81, HiLryrt3, Fs€.!€8) Rt I Box 7, Jffii..wr O50aO (H) -.$olfn t Srvo KOPET (Kkflrt,l, Burtfls, Sere/El, Kdi.A4, P&UE8, &ys€o) 5450 &adbury I)r, St l-ouir 6M2e lbw LUCKENBACH & Janlco LORRAIN (S.ratr/82) Rt 1 Box 3el, Ave 65608 (Hl -. DavlC I Donbe MAIER (Pa/el, Sarama, Kenyr€8, PeigelE)) 5So Tlmberview t)r, E|I|.tldg. 21Zt ll{Ir Jm l(.ilrl ODONNELL (fkoereu86) 47 ClcnrE rt [n. St Louis 63124 -. George OCEAN Corlrr SCHAEFFER (Fon$t/S, Melodyr80) SS Rt Bor 221,lv..l Plinr 65775 (Hl -. Ro.e O{-Ul (CrytbuEl, EI,S) Wnrd Community, Rt 3 Bor 682, Tecrmr$ &t/€0 (H) Elh S@n PEARLSTONE (Eva€8, Nahreo) 601








30 Wickfud Way, tlandt€8tet 6g)21


Blll & Jan




I,URK (Zachatyfl9, Jeese/82, Jecoh/86l20in 47tdl', Shdbha Loe Ahmoo 879t4 (H) -. Chadeg

Wlliam CAI8RE


rrrLtGAl{ (Jo$ergo)

CAMPBELT (Allbm/83, l{afiatv8S, Trevor/8S) 5 Elm Joy E Paul COIIEN (MlchaoV St, All€ndale 0740t gl, Bany/8g) 39 S$ine I)r, Upper Saddle River07458 Lynne COLLETT & Tri i|Gt YEN (Erid86, EmiV/8g) lEl Washingbn I}, Wadtung 07060 (H) -. Davkt a

UndaCOOPER (PauM88, Enolrts, Lauo!79) 65 Phil E gare Tenssw Dr, Blowrs Mlls 00015 (l{) CooPER (Lane/86, bna/88, Tesaa/90) 102 Clay St, Ken & llarilyn DAHL (SamA0, JooU Mllbwn (m50 83) 103 Nuruory Rd, Thrsville 085tt0.- Gret*ren Peny DENNISTON (Laurefa8, Auumrl/84, Slryl8o) lratbne Arthur 122 Grove Padq Ft EXx 08640 EDELMAN (Jossica84, fbafier/88) Llewellyn Park, Karen GABCIA (AU7t, Wost orenge 07052-4909 Francescazg) RD*t 228 Maplo Aw, Bedin 08d)9 Alan & Emily GINDER (lsehhl86, Ezral00) 49 Koher St, Boomfield 070txl (H1 -. 1yn I'IAMILTOI'I & Ridtard EVERT (Willianf/8, Alkd82) 249llr Lucas Fd, Ridrard E vkmia FlANElcKl Princobn 085(' (Bnl6/80) PO Bor 432, Thre &idgea 08887






Ridr tlau EDELMAER (Sat8hrtg, hrv NE Tom Par 82) Rt 1 Box 18, Gedand 6A50 FUENNIIIG (Aeront78, Joshua/8'l, Anna/8{!, lsaa./86, Seh/86, Attigeit/89) 1209 Peadt St, Lincoln 68502.-



Dnne & lGhyLAtlGE (Jobul,&ey t Stownn9, lhrs€o. lhrie/83) PRAIRIE CHRISTIAN llol,C SCHOoLS, Rt 3 Box 73, ord e88o2 .- Tim & Cindy PRATT fiybrlBs, Shayna/84 2E{1 S 8h, Uncoln


68502 -. Don Palsy URBAI,IOVSI(Y (Dowr87) 1910 }lary Sam WETSCH Pacific, lincoln 6856 (Danieu8z, Emlerlgs, Peter/go) Bt 2 Bor 25A, Fhrtingbn 68i€9 (Hl Did( Roge YONEKUM (Jo3h/74, Atit71, Tes8a/80, D8'ryAg) 7/4t E Aron,




linookr 68505

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Ed BATEMAN (Jebrrs, tleniorrT, Kelsld8s) Pc) Box 323, Glenbtook 8&413 -. Peul & Clndy BODOR(Dstdet/0(),.h!on/82, E.iltt8| 23 fbdtr liry, Mt Charl$bn 89124 -. llarlt t Kaye BULLOCK (Serefr8, Josh/8o, Jamier Slt, Blool€/85) 6758 Oal Valley Dr, Lag Veelal 891(xl (H) -.l(aren CTALIEGOS (AamrfS, RandyaS, Sofftg, Atyxras) FOBox 601 53, Ler Vegrar 80160 .- Jim & Teny PENLEY (Sean8l, Bos/811, Unriheyr€8) 1350 Ran6o Rd, Fernley 89108 (10

lfH Joln f Suai BROAI (Johna6 ,l<alryn0, Elhabeh/84 3 Beecon t)r, llerima* COS4 Danne I Bdan CAHIU- (Mcfie.U8l , Jeffroya3) 16 Earbea Ufnbr Cir, RFD 3, tlanctpcbr dll(ts



t Stoph€n tlAVlS (Cleytm/84, Eliza/e) PO Box S Cold Fond Rd, Aororfi CXl601 (Hl -. Leura t Stelan

FOLEY-SHIARFF (Aemnl8l, WtliryneS) RR 3 Box 90, Arfiur e lbtio GAlltGl{ER Comigtr dl7,l5 (CM!bph€r/8l, Darbu83, Ss&Befi€s) l'lays Pl, Katen PRICE Ken MEDRICH Porbrnourh G801 (Bonl8l, Toss/Ul, Alison,8T, S.til89) PO Box 101,






tbia PaLd HOHENSEE (lrichmU Rwnney G1288 80, Erh/8l, Kke/At, Dougbsn8, Gregpty,88) Euebery Ln, l,lashua ql00A .- Sbphanle HT RLEY Rob3rt BOLT (Elissd83, Julia/t6, Kris|inoo) RR I Box 1,16, l{ef,, bsddt CX}?f ($ -."56er & Sulsl XET-LY (E lrv88, Brondrvo) 8rg 2d St Sto 82tt0, lran6o3br 031 02 Micfrcllc & Tm KpISEL|J (h/.d8r,€3, NikldS9) 57 tone tllll Rd,




cnz - Mlevr t Eqom L@ (Ibvid8l, Ih|c84, lroilher8, CM!bph./8c) tg lbnbr t)r, Bov GIIIa - Annc [,oCl( (Redtelrrg, Toby8l ] RR Raymond

Bor t05,Tenwo.h03886 -ArnlAndow FOOLIP$r (LHCAO, Luci.A2, Maeda/83, lf,ela/8o) 159 De&bom Rd. Arburn BGz.- Jendfer WRG'HT e Slrn llcct IEER (Vne!.a,t9, Ilevid8s, Willis/8q llc 80, Box 50, Ouakcr City, Chrrleabw't 0{5(xl (H} 1

lU Am Bll{G}lAll t Jo. TAt{ZlNl (tflner?9, tlomeniq'ro82, SllvbAS, Chttl[o/87) 49 lrLlda Ter,




fT David e Beth BRoWtl (JeremynS, Eleanor/80, Egtrer84, EmryA8) PO Box 1841, Kailspell 59903(H) -. &yan & Elaine GREEN (AndrewZS, tlanieUS0, Str.rm2, Kafied,to/86) 224 N Riding Rd, Kallspoll 5990i -. Kafiy & Don HARLAND lKarVTl,e*rdpnl Brooke,80, Dad83) 512 Blad(Jeck Rd, Plairu 59850 -.9rsan e Bob RATNER (Joshud 76, Shanarrg, lificahal, Ilona/gl, Rebo€8h/86) 4520 Charl€s & EmiV RINGER Toym Dr, Billimg 59106 (tMllovr/7S, Zebag, T$mlna/82) Box 75, Joliet 50041 lGthleen SlNl.lOfT (Joeyr8o) PO Box I 112, Big limber SEDl l-l I 12



fflrphy/83, Chrisdna8T, Shayanne/go) 16 Sugarbush Rd, Flil€ll 07nll - Ted & llary


Wanensburg 64003



B€d Benk 07701

PIERCE (Sonnetl76, llaomU80, Eva/82) Rt 1 Box69, Kim llena RATSIoI{ (Berv Eldridge 65+63 (Hl 80, Sarail81) Rt 1 Box 190, Centetbwn 6Fn23 (H, Leonerd & Eerbara RIIIER (,sf!t]'m,Aptrlt'l(J, Jeremy/8z, Rad|eu8s, Laura/$) 7157 94ar Spring Co, St Louis 4n129 -. Teoy & Jan€y SMITH (Sdafv 78) 0 Cont€r Rd, Kid(lville 63501 .- Tom & Shaon Tl{OtilPSON (Ardrew/8ll, StevDrfis) RR 6 Bor 314,










willhm H€ltilERLE Brende SWARTZ Gafob/8s, Larra Thor/88) 47.f Jetyir Rd, Sidleryille 08081 (]l) & llarcJOllNSOl{ G}anieU8s, Mi$sU86) 76 lbnning St, Rod Bank 0Zl01 -. Jery t Ann LAl{GlNI{OOPER (Sbphani€/8l , Joa/83) 118 Powder Flom Renee LEAW & Steven Dr, Phillipsburg 08865 KOFIN (Robeea8g) 1080 F arildh Lalos Rd, F anklin Lakes 07a17 -. lGttdeen LOf'uSClO (Mi$ael/&{, Rslph/8s) 206 Ancfior Av, Be*tiilsd 087X1Jern$ & tiilcfielle IIALONEY (Lsrlal80),132 Brattdy DonaHson St, Flighland Petk OggX MARIAFI eJefiSAXfON (Jesmino & Exmeri/8g) 6{x)Carol Pobr A Sluler, Ridgpfiold 07657






(llathev8l, ClristidS4, f,IdEel/86)


Rttfi t Tery -hura/6, Mathexrlt0) 109 S,lfi Ay, Highlend Pk 0804 - Karen MENDE(Kab/86, J&u89)

Walhimton St VenDn 07462 MATILSKY (Sanrr9, Jacob82,

FRIOKS e Lary FRIDKIS UNSC}IC)LIITG FAM. SUPPC)RT GROI'P OF CENTR. t{J, RD 1 Box7l9,Jobsbn 08041 (H) l'lonad kene IIOTT (Mietyt71, Woddiffezg) 10 Lambert Rd, Blalrsbwn 07825.- Fred Frarcine NELSOI{ (JaneU82, Amande,Bs, LogadSS) 11 lrldhnd Bhld, Maplemood 07O10(H) -.;{a6y 3




lblcolm PtEllT (E ktA IJNSC,FIOOI'EBS NETWORK,2 Smih St Fsmimdde 0772l'- Rugc &

Slrzenne MPPEL (Chebc./86, Ctidin/8S, Olivhr9)) 1 Ridrbr Rd, Jad€on 0852t -. Roben & Meoatot REffH G|Elyn/81, Andr€wl8a) 40 N 17fi St, Pto3pod Part 07508 -. Dano tld@lm ROBERTSON (8tye/ Btuce 79, tb€a.t,Et) 11 Bab. Rd, &dron 08527 SAIfORD, PO Bor 54, rO0 Chuttfi St, l|tttdlor 00501 -. Doue Mary SCllt{ORR (B€c1ryr81, WilU84, EriaAS) Rehwry Rd, Scodt Pldnr 07076'Bob & s|zenne SERO (J.nniferl78, Elizabofiao, Sttaron8) iCl lLiderCl, lrl(ohuat(}87txl .-Gail & Art SrcHEL (Corianna8S, AmaryndvSo) 1'122 B Broad Mdtad e Jsne SlSKlN,20 St, HillsHe 07205 fvp|htmd Dr, Lh,hestm 07G19 -. Carol & Mi.$sl STEIN (JervrU86, laura84 7,[(l S 6h Ave, Abeocon 08201 -. Cindy & Bfll SUDIA (Btis'v'erCn t2 Edgemen Aw, Plaineboro 08536 -. Christin€ TFIOMPSON f Chsle3 BARRANCO (Chds@h€t 83, Csd Emty/88) 0 Wb{r$etAv, Ewhg {!8610 W DE Bil HAK (Aunnr/El, llrwmynr, MadaH 84 RD 4 8or 126E, Boonbn Ttrp 07(xE (H)








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Bill 8ory EARTELS (Je!.4/85, tj.ttt/ SANTA FE LEARNII{G C@PERATIVE,246tt Camho Capltln, Santu Fc 87505(Hl -'Elten


(Je.dr8, Luk€Al) flct 8or 585r, SanhFe -Vinornr & J.nn B@KS FelhaeO, ChC.c.A4, G.n vy88) Rt 2 Bor 3O$8, Satrtr Fe 87505 -. Snphen t Cetol h|GRAl{ M (SeraH86, Emty/88) Bor t8ll, Rohobofi 8nj'z2P+t -. Lide & BECfiER



LUFOYI ITZ (Adannalzl, Sion Betr/q), Mg)(/84) Cgol e Grahsr PO Box 2075, @rahl 87Oa'8




Ross 5313 A Horitaoe Way NE, Altuqwrgue 87109 & Lee Ann ROBERTS (Mdrella/&4, R*heu88) 6000 Greg SENN & Topko NE t25S. Atbuquerquo 87100 Barbara XLAPPERICII SENN (Jennfiet/8s, Jacob/88) Tom & Sandy PCI Box 961, Portal€s 8813() SHEALY (Devld81, Nathad8s, Joannsne) 1065 Faimay Ten, Clovis 88101 .- Dan Flatdet SHULTIS (ltcdarB, Slr Lancelof4, RoOertzS) PELONCILIO Loub€ a PRlliARY, PO Box 91, Rodeo 88056 (H) Al WltIlAlilS (El,arfi3) 121 Azt€cAv, LoeAlamos 87544 (H) -. Karen & Gary Wll.Lls (Joltrta0) Rid|ad Kstolyn Sohridop, Las Crucos 88001 WILSON (Emilyl83, KadnaAS, LIVA7, LatrreU90) GLORIETA FAMILY ETXrcATORS, SbT Rt I BOX IIO4, Gloriera 87535 (H)








Mety BALFOUR I Andri GONCAROI/ llY (Alexandran6, ViolovSg) 5331 Fleverly Rd, Trumanehrrg tlo8e (il -. Cafif & Dana BELCHER (Chrisbphor/8s, l{oalvS0) l{OtrCSCt{ootERS NETWORK OF THE MIT}I{.|DSON VALI"EY, RO 2 Su & Box 21 I P, Ski Run Rd, Bbomiwbr$g 1m21 Rose BERNSTEIN (Soat 88, Lashanna & A$leytS) Anne t Pad 62 East St, Elimhambn 13004 BOi{APARTE-KROGH (t{8rya3, Kadd8s, pnoeOenO) 413 Mtcfiell St, lfiea 14850 -. Nancy BREStotil & Tod GOTTFRIED (SydelldSg) 318 E 1t St, NerYork 1d)Gl -. gre t Tom CARBo}.IE Fy'err8.l, ChCsoc 88) 8tt N Airnront Rd, Suthrn f m01 (H, -.1{8ncy & luir C]IAVEZ (ElizabefiA7, Fhnnahlg0) 14$28 aotl





Av, Fluslrirp 11355 (10 -. Mke l{ary CLARKE (U6ule/87, Co.ans) 5619 Eft Av*tL, Btookfm 1f 220 (Hl -. Kennefi C(l-E & Vicbria DEPERSIIS (&lhnndss) 570 Van Drzer St Strbn hland Rt (H) -. Prkxtlb a Hgrk COIIETTO (lihtlo/88)



Trurbn 13r5s (H1


-.56o t Trrcoy @l/ElL

(James/84, John84 24 Cramer Rd, Po4hkeepoie 126{xl (H) -. Tmr & Cheryl DO€RFEL (TJ/88, Kimbedy/9O) PO Bor 1$, rO,€5 Petk St lil Collin LAWREt'lCE 14111 (Hl -. Susan DU}.|ATIIAN e (tvhd84, Clate/8s) rg Oxbqv Dr, Osrego 13'126 Albei & Keny FARAONE (Charfi€ag, Cody/83,



Kaitee/86,Jes$/€o) ar7 Drate AYe, Ne* Rodtelle 1086 -. Salli t Luis GAIIEZ (Enthuc67, Afianfd llnda 89) 30.16 Bruner Av, &mx f OaS

GooOiIAN,33 W SummitAv, grip




& BerbaraGt ER|N (.,bthua/n, EfiztbefiAl)

2105 WesBide

Aw, Scftenoctady 12300'- Terssa &

Davk MLPERT (Sanv8a, Chire€S, Ab.A8, JelteDO) 120 ttos! Hill Rd, Fbrlehosd8 ra8a5 -'Joan I{ARRISS SJim lf,rRPl{V (K.vin84, S.tCr/$, Moty/

$) r4fl) Rideo Rd, lloruehedr



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lb/6, Tobyr$) 1'15 llubbrd Hill -. Pr+lnn t lhr ]EINRICH

HEAVENRICH (Cot Rd, Candor 137€ (H)

(Craiys8, ttlelira/7l, KkrsbnS4)


11218 (10


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Iem l{ElrER



ISABEILA (Roborvso) 125 WasHngbn Pl tlD. t{ew York 10014 -. Linda HOI2MUER t Kemy RiTTER (Grs/81, Nat84, Anna/86, Eleamr/Eg) 607


1,1S50 -. Strarcn I|oTCIKISS & Cagcedilla St, Dave ](AMP (Galed8g) '1&t Leroy St, Potld$l l3dl6 (11) -. ](8tharine FIOUK & Sofi ROCXtf,rtl.ER Fehrar@, Bonjelnhrr9, EmilYA2) HOME SCFI@IERS'EXCMI{GE, RI} t Box 172E, E Ch.lhsn 1aF0 (Hl-. 166 & Gotdy [-OWff 0/fc.H Box 56, oiteonti 81, l|aletv8s, Adstna8S) RD 13s2(} (10 -. llehmed ltulye hAlrcV|C (Eh[m$a/ 00, Atm€ds2, Z.hra/ef) 55 Shodand t)f. WftgltlYi{o Pebr & Barben lRVf.lE (Etica2g, PhfpEl. 14221 Nid|oh3a6, JoannaaS) 522 tlonheh.r'| Rd,






- lsry t \tltghleXEI{)R|CK-

BOwSER (EY€o/A!) stlg ll.lh Rd, Elbtidep lg)60(H) Jony & Leonor KENl.EL[ (f,HV/8i!, ttrca/8{, GFe/84, JohnAS) 111 Flower Ln, Kholbtl l2,Ol Jonailran KLll{€ Fbn IARRAI{CA (L.r}t/89, Aphrs/8s, Mafre8/80) 5006 lbtrEven Rd,




Trunanrburg 1a886 -Jenny &


GrowtngSrtthout Schoollng #84 - 1992 Dlrectory

3l KOKKINELIS (Lauren84) 62 Todd Cl, S Hunringbn 1t7,16 -. Chris & Gina KROL (Emity€8) 2fl)a RoUns St, Endwell 13760 -. John Donna KURTZ (Kirston/ 80, &red/82, Gunther/&{, AbradS4 RD I Box 61, Andover tl8o6 (H) -. John & Jane I-AMPKIN (Jotid 80, Jemrna/84) 59 Rb 306, 9,[fem 10901 ltlarha e Bany LASH (Racfioll8o, FlannaUSt) RD 1, Alfrcd station 148d1(H1 Cyndie I-AWRENCE (Cassidy/8it, ShanmrUET) 13 Oxborv Dr, Oswego 13i26 llark Gail LEE (Jonnyr8s, Sucannah8T, Cafiorino/Se) 4






Winsbn Dr, Rhinebedr 12$/2 (ll) -. Betry a frant LEPORE (Mkel8O, Annet82, Paul/&4, Maryl86,

Chrisbpherag) 69 Cenro Dr, Manha$or 11090 Butdt & Catol LoROY (&/tch Jrt7 t, FrenM/{l,


Jeanette82) 1028 Albany Sr, Sdrefi€ctady 120071502.- lilargha E Gary LICI{OROWIC (Nitsl8tt, Luc,

84 4475 Lirrckleon Rd, Cazemvia 13035


Edna & Simon LIITEN lAtr]€ITO,DE'tVZ2, Reubont6, Emily/ 81) PO Box €, Aharnont 12009 (H) -. Torn E Annlilarie LOI,JGHLIN (Jenna/80, Briadet, Eridg7) 105 W 4fi St, D.nkkk la0a8 (ll) Flobort & Slitko lvlAl-liARDY (frorgart/84, Cralenl86) Bot 45, RD ilartin Rd, Clevelend 13(X2 Oaudia Cain Btl MALONEY (Genra/86, Jactson8S) 205A W lhpto Av, Monsey 10952 lbrvin Bewdy IIALOWITZ, KINDERKARE,2501 l-.$ De Ville Blyd, Rodroster 111618 -.Alyeon Emilio tGlrcf.lE (Andr€a/8S) 2 Sheffield Dr, Endicon 13760 -. Allieon & Bob







iTESMRD (Naralid85, LenordST) RD


Grippen Hill Rd, Vesral 13850.- Roger & Fteather MILLEN (Ianner8T, Lo98ry89) (X9 Eaboock Fbtow Rd, Codland 13X5 -. Marguedre MILLER & Stevon HOTOVY (Mart/84, Leail87, pa#89) RR 1 Box 4, 15 Pa* St,, Lloravh 13118 Theresa [lORRlS & Gerald WEINER (lrlona8t, baacrE3) NYC IIOME EDUCATORS ALLIA}.ICE,341 E 5h St, Nfl YOfK 100€[1 -. Connie NERNES (Emilyft9, Davk!8l, StephodS4 360 Turin St, Rorne Asuil NILSSEN S lildrael STON-ZER (Erio8O, AlidS.t) PCt Box 32, l'lobaft 13788 Par & Joft I{ORDSTROU (KurrTl,




Trishd81, ChrigdndS5, bag90) AX) W r08fi Sr apr 24, N€w Yolk 10025 (H) Tremey S &ad OtsRlEt+



DOVAN (l"loaher80, Mo[y44, 2*t(l Cbver St, Pittsbrd 1453a -. Joe tisa O'REILLY (Rebeocar 81, &ianna/84, Ch.isbpher/86, Jonahoryss) RR 1 Box 930, kish Cape Rd, Nspenodr 12458 (H) -. Vince E Renee PENZARELLA (Eriana/S6, Ashteyr8g) SOO West Erd Aw apt 6A, New Yort td)24 -. Wayno E Diane PERRY (D8nieu84, WrillAS, Atrigeitpo) SOOT W Scon Rd, Flomer 't3077 Glenn & Bery' POUN (Andow85, Ginny/88) 190 Fbllyrood Aw, Cre3Hood 10707 -. lvan & Kathy PURDY fiemarv80, Erend8l, ArlanAS, Taliha/8s, Ledrlan8T, Cadoncortg) RD #1 Box 39a, Chenango Forkr 137a4 -. Carot Mirjrel REfFF (SimorWO,Zontli!.l552 LaGrnnlia pl, New York 1@12 -.l(afU e Gary RICIIARDSOi{




(Samanha&a) 6325 Babood( l{olbr, Bah 14810 Flank & Jane ROBERTS (MeryAs, &ooUSt) 6dll &ook Rd, Trumansburg 1.1880 (H) -. Jm E Sheila SAVINO (Gabd82, fibJdnrrST).15 Serleant St, Sodus 1a551 -.Judirh E Pebr SCIIAAF (Andrew86, chtod 90) 697 West End Ave, l,lew York 1d)25 Pam & Stew SITNICK (lsrf8, DylarySl) i022 W8Eninstor Av, Dx Hills r 17{6 (H1 -. 1166hen & Jo}rn SilEE (Ryad8l) PO Box 520, New Woodsbck 1g1Z.4S?o .- Elisabeh & Brian SMRR (Borfand/8s, B€auS8) 914-941-7180 (B.i{ndift Meno.) (H) -. &hn & Cindy SOEHNER (Sh8ne/8l, Mdplo€6, W{ti8nr/Sg) t6 Kenilworh Dr, E tlorthpon 11791 (Ht -. Linda TAGLTAFERRO E FredcdcT}|oRNER (Eri.rS1) 2.|& {4 Thobes Aw, tido t{ed( }(rren TENNEy




e lt|cheal DOIIANSKI (Elhaboh/S5) RD 2 Box 6&{, Cobleskill 12043 (H) -. Urcndy TREFEINER Arr STEINI{AUER (Dustirv8z, Raf.As) g4 l,brbn pt, Chappaqua 10511- Georgs LiseTRE|CHI"ER (Dorofiy80, Elizaboh/el, WrllianyS5, Chad6/BS) 8G3 Van Amburg Rd, Hammondsport trrS4O Wayne & Peggy WEBB (Lena/83) 212 Wilhmo Ln, Kingsbn 1261 Wendy & &freruon WESTW@D (Adrienne/8o, Phoobo/8s) 53 lhple Arp, Fredonia





1aO63 -. Chris WHEELER (Ehary8,f, Amsnda/8g) PO Box 24, Rte 13, Sylvan Beedr 1315/ Tammy

2s15 Csrnden-

WlttLAlJS (PerryA2, Ashby/8s) Taberg Rd, Camden 13318 Darlene ZAIGLA (Naftad7a 21 1 Kossufi St apr 2, Rorne 't&44+4o(xt


llC Lynn e Bob BALLARD (Jonafrorras) t j Norh Lmg Branch Rd, Marshall 28753 .- Casey Mllie BOROiTIAX (Net shs/84) Rt 12 Box 25OA-2,



Jocoh BUTLER & Feryl MASTERS (Duncarfg, Lrca/82, Mdah86, Lihni€O) 717 W 2N St, Washinotm ?889 (H) -. 1-ttt6. pO", 219 Skeet Club Rd, High Point 27265 (Hl -. Ca'ol dePOlX (Erirv79) PO Box 4783, Chapol Hill 27515 Louise & Mchd ItuSABLON (Sara?g, )(aviern1, Winsbn-salem 22107



GabrieUS3, Augusrirv8s, Sobasriad8T, Lydia/9o)



Box 3258, FJdby nnz .- Chudr & Donna EARNEY (BanettrrT, Oliwr/8z) 15a Spring Cmek tn, Wilmingbn 28405 Frarrcis EDGERTOII E tleborah JONES (Caidlr/8o, Z*fwy/84, D€ltcytB8) 3232 Lee Rd, Claybn 27520 Wayne E Terry FARMER (Sbphon/8l, ChrbWS2) Rt 1 Bor iOSD, Erwin 28$t9 -. Jane FLEII€R (Emrnd84, 1.lolu84 580 Old l.lryy 64, Warno 28€09 David GRANT Barbara STUE|-|LI.IG (Amara/8s, Dana Ro3a/Ag) 81s





Gdrd3irtf Rd, Bumaville

2871.1 (H)


& Kafiryn

I{ERRMAN (Barbarr'8z, Gray3on84) 905 kdian }litl Rd, Hendersonville 28739 (H)


Rac*rel & Blair HILL

(7jrJ1ll,/.l570$17 Wrdlestaw Dr, Anham


Joan & Davkt HUMPI{REYS (.bstir64, SamueUS4 .166 Wndsor Rd, Asheville 288(X (H) -. Ron Dosnie HYDLER (Jenny/79, &srinl83, gnmer/8s) 320 Whilehod Ay, Spencer 28159 (H) Tim & Ria JOYNER (Chrbr/s, SothtT4 PO 8or 302,620 Stadoatd Dr, Arcn 27915 (Hl -. Diano KATZ & Philip BIZZARRI (EbA4) 123 Jusdco St, Chapol Hill 27516 (H) -. Kahleen t ceoqe KllG (Jo.optv83, LeeleirSs, Mdr$U8O) 116 E S€oo.d St, Ayden 28513 (H) fugan IASIIELL (So.nl74, Sarail7t, Arny/&) 8312 SiidNry Rd, Wlmingbn 2E405 (H) -. Borh E Sadtor LOVE (KolYA3, Ka!elyr64) Rt 2 Box 2972, Columbug aKeren IIcALISTER (Jonny/8l, WtU Ulzz,)lwrz.a Dr, Alborn|8 le 28m1 (H) -. 65t6" & lrk*leel MDEAU (Phillid8s, llf/rytBz, Laurencd 89) 1805 Prinoecs Sr, Wllmlmbn 28405.- Bob e Sr.rssn IIOFFSINGER (Drnietrz, KeoUA6, Sararrg, BenjamiryS4) Rt 1 8ox 7410, Msnteo 27S54 (H) Patid( E Peggy Nt cENf (&lid87, Robocca8g) Rt l Box 252-D, Climar 27"rx3lH} -. Dan Suzan PMTT






(Chsrfie/82, Oivo/86) PO Box 241 1 , Asfuro It2M (H) -. Sam E Cyd REYI{ON.DS (Y\&lyn4,C,i'F,ynS, Will/82) 5201 Flazcl Ln, Wake Forest 22587 -. Trish SEVERhI & Doug IVOOOVT ARD (Afimn/€Kt, Foresy 86, Riyon/8g) EE Lsfoy Cr€olq Frantlin 2373{ (H) Gr€g & Lmene SHAI (Ro83al) 30r uy t}, Kemersville 272&4 TC E l{inetb SOI_I (Krisrat8l) Rt 1 Box 3i10, Sbkos 27884 (H) -. Sam t &ne SPICER (PebA4 lh[/84, Alery87, Kk{cgS) SSoi Oek guf [n, Yl,ihrington 28,|{}9 .- Boh S R8ndy STEVENSON (Ms.r(et|zie/82, Emm./&4, I'hnnahaS) 1410 Gmenwood Crde.Ary 27511 (11) -.1o,; g *,,' WAGONER (&rlyru8l, Logary86, AmrmlSS) PC) Box 44{t, o'ionral28571 (Hf Mglin & Charles h,ELLMAN (Collio/8l, Elan84, Leaht7g, Pollon/83) Rrrl Box lts, Tyne 27180 (H) r. Lua & Scon WETIS (Madoteind 85, Paridt/88) I 16 N Br.rdranan BM, Durham 2Zl01 (D -. MdnC & WerS ttEST (tlaefr&{, Soarv87, Chsdio/8g) PO Box 1424, Candler 287i5 Gary 0 Laura WI,KINS (Rtutrard80, JanetH8z, DenktUSS) 218 Satara t)7, Wlkningbn 28412 J.n ZAWACKI & Edwad llALACllott SKl (toda/s6,Jay/8S) tOg W Ald€n Dr, Wldrcod Spdngs,, Carboro ?510 (H) Keb ZURICH Jelf STILLSOI{ (Mdraou84, LutrdS4 375 Od Lebeobr Rd, Asheviile 2880{ (}l}











Phil Janet GERLA ffirrcfiy/8l, Andy/ 84, ParU87, R€beoce€O) 711 25 Av Sor.rfi, Gand Forkr 58201 (H) OH




Wthout Schoollng #84 - 1992 Dtnectory

Judifi ALLEE (l{ancy/8o) 15055


&ushy Fork SE, Neflark 43OSE (H) Ciayle & lhry AMICK (Joshua/8i, Josso/86) 5544 Columlia Dr, Eodbd HB 441,16.- Chrisbph€r E Janis BAKER (Stophaniol68, McfiaelrS2, Alexandet/{,/',l 7nO V,€]l Del Dr,




Ridrad E Penny BARKER

@.iU68, Ma0gier73, DanZ4, B3rv78, Jonah?8) THE C,Ot NTRY SCI{OOL,522r Townshh Rd 123, Mllersburg 44654 o. John & Diano BEi{GSOI{ (Shauril8{t, JoeV88) 4386 Knob Hill Or, B€llbrook .5305 -. Laude t Jm CTARK fnf.nyl8s, Kenrly/ 86, Danny8| 258 E Dorninion Bvd, Columhs tl321rl2707 (l{) -' T€d E Penny COFFI1AN (Dttsdn's, baac84 46 S Msd€ St Gormanbwn 4iiJgl Mdrad & Karen DICK (Raymondl83, Williarvl6, Dayk /89) 1480 Waterhiry, Lakemd,{4107 Ronald & l{ancy DORTON (Reboocaz4, Debordtr'o, Davilr/6, Sanh8l, &nafi8n/84 0685 Gibler Rd, Hillsboro 45191 Dan t Teni ENDSI.EY (Andewr^l, Kirazs) 139f7 Fivo Pdnt Rd, Perry.hJrg 43551 (10 Jim & Ann Fll,lGAR (Dienaz8, Elizaboh/82) Contral Av, Aften! 45701 Bdan t Ghs GEORGE








(PhillidS4 Lot 1 87, 5SS Fleriabu&Georg$villo Rd, Gtol€ CXy €123 Star & Mko }|All{-Tctil (Bosalld




Lityt8;l') 1,|810 Fosil Rod( Rd, At|em 45701 San HESS & Roge R0,JSE (Alwrne€s, ttbodse/87) 14980 S.R. 550 S.R. 550, Alhens a5rc2 (H) -. 615q 3 Will HIJNT (And€u/84, Susenneh8| 58 E Oange, Cha6rin Falla lHl -. 7n6 g Pgm KEBKER (Erky8o, lilelirsalql, tlgvid86, P8uU88) 209 11fi St, Genoa €43O (Hl Psuh Scot XOWAUG (Pete/ AenvS2lsg$Taylor Rd, Paine.ville4407/ Paul lhureen KUEBLER (Mk$eel/85, ElizabeddST) 1€ CornellAw, Elyrh 4485 Theodoo & Suran TANDOLL (Jamesr/s, JoAnne/8'l, An.|rld.n4 3791 N SR 53, nffin ++883 (H) -.8radley ltucn I€PPER (Benjamin8g) l la Jeffeoo.r Rd, Newadr a3055 Pauh Jeff LOl.lG (ibtid82, Oiver/84, Orlln AialhdS8) 313 Tappsn Sr, Cdu|$ur ai120t (Hl













Elizsbofi tO,l/EN (lGtherinenl, Bodq/73) 5028 llomingsk'e Dr, FairfieH 45ola Sun t gdney MATHIS (Laulen/8l, Adadv&4, EvarvSS) rO42E Lochcregt Dr, Ciminnati a5A1 (Hl Cheryl f Dan lkCORMrcK GiviaA2, Delrin/E4 8340 W Benqof! Tol€do ,lt!817 (H) -. MaOde & Jim IEYER (EdcU6, Anna/8l, Serona/Es) 1 105,1 CR 54, Findlay 45&4O Jamer A Marilyr NEEDI|AII (Ml$a.U81, &hr62, J|l3dnE6) Rt I Box 250, Bluo Crc.k,tSEl3 (t0 Kiyo t Peggy NlSHll(AWA (Kar€d&{, SEy/88) 9483 Mllcroft Rd, Pedy$ul! ltts6t (10 -. Dkk e





Ba'bara PETER (GrDgpry8s, Jordan8o) 1 I 20 Bedbrd Woods t)r., Tol€do.(515 Manb


PICKENS, 120 Pronfrl, ltunra Falr 44262 RUFFIN, PO Box 363{7, Cindnnati 45236



- Ihnlol E Elizrboh RYAI{ (R'.bor65, RaphrU89) 458Weet llnee llill Rd, Fbdson lrd (H - Erh t Amy SCHRAM (Sharavah/S, Fbnt87l 7! E Pemrron Aw, Columhrs 43202-2945 (f0 - Jm S}|AW I Louann REBEllTSllAW (Jono/81, lLryb/84 6(B8 hdian Bltfi, Dqybn 4&121- Barb & ct S}€RMAN

(Jennife/&}, Colloer/8s,€l/8E. Ann

l,fan Ave, Lalewood 11107

-Ben t

Aq 2t6g

Debbi. Sf F{NER (KrislinalSs) 8237 Sflrudcr Rd, 9nithvlfle 11E77 -. NnYVANORIO (Jo.h,ra84) 2 Phcvbw I)r,

Amelia 45102 .- EXdr Debtie WESII{E|IER (GabioUSO, Naf|8il8l, FlannatyS8, Er,dfi) 1305 Lake Allyn, Batevia 451Gl (H) -. l/ldnel Lerley



WESTRUM (lladolino/80, &meC81, RcbolrCr n, nacheuAs) Rt 4 Bor 482A, PortunJ[| a5682 Stew E Dianna ZhIEOSKY (Marr/8ll, Aiteolhuo64) 7280 }lonticello Wry, Rawnna 4,l2EE



Lynn & l{anq Cl{OVlNlilc (Dsrrid86, 1,1Eiry[i4711 Centwy Dr, lloore 73180 Lleleny & Peb CUEVA (Chris0opher/8z, 2310 1€ eh


Lson 73507 (10 -ctud< t P1IIGARRETT Gadr/e,Jo3h.LA9) fB2 E 66fi St,Tub|741S.Ridard t Suzanno HILL (Andoat7o, Cbre,oo) 3013 o|d Malsrd, Edd 73703 - Ed A Crd TGANI st,

(Jegon80, Aaron/8l) LEARNII|G

Canyon Oekr Dr,










32 WESIERVELT (AmandaaE, Abigalrtq Itleridian 73058 OR



Box 142,

llark E llary AND€RSON (Virginia/80,

i/|ath€url82, &ighv88) 52501 E Sylvan Dr, Sardy 97055 -. Gery & Lynn APSEL (Nisit7s, t{aomi/8l, NafranieUSs) 1389 Peetl St, Eugene 97401 .- Gene & Diana BASKIN (Us€,nz,C ailb,n&, Matla/86, Annd .| Pattiolxrtr & 89) Rt 8or 21 5A, Banlo 97106 Ridard BEAR (Mcah/€o, Bjffrv83, Emily/86) 444 S 41st St, Spdngfidd 9747E (H) -. Stefana BERCEANU & Aloxandru MTTARU (Mebll8s, l[e44, Pat/€U86) 425 sw 150fi, B€av€rbn 97006 (H) -.1y6. BROUTN & Hank BERSANI (Usa8l, Alexander/8s) 158G18fi St NE, Sdem 97301-1400 (H, -. Kim & KentCUMBO Pat€d.n4, Brendon/8z, Slenna/84, Dylen/8g) 1 1055 SE liladison Dr, Pordand 92118 (]l) -. Mdnd & Sue DUGGAN (Jeeeic8a7, Andt€w/go) 36g) Hill Vies Olando & Bonnie GONZALES SE, Sdem 97302 (Mchaolf72, l'latfi€ryns) 03676 High Stardatd t'., Bend 97701 .- Ridnrd t Stzenno GREEN (lbnicd 76) 51 433 Jory Rd, LaPino 9Zl30 (]l) -' John t Anne HILL (Chri8tind82, Chadiol8T, Karen84) 21505 S ClolNd View Dr, Oegpn City 97o45 .- Tom HINKLE & Sue SCOTT (Jegga?S, Lukerr8, Jlll8t, Annd86) Jill HUBBARD 1980 N 5h St, Springfield 9742 llill GRIFFITHS (EvanA0, Morgan€6) WILLAIIETTE HOIilESCHOOLERS, 2,f5 W U/h AYo, Eugene 97405 (H) lhrcur eJan HUNT(Jason/8r) BEND HOI/ESCHOOLERS, Box 8(b, Bend 97108 (H) Ann & Alan HUSTER (Angel&85, Ab$/88) PO Bor 1561, Albany 97321-(XE7 (H) -. ChrbU II,IGRAHAM & Parvh lilOGFlADt)AS (Catlin8s) 9216 N Leonard St, Pordand 97ZXl -. }laogieJ|}|AN & Camerm SMITH (Rivilnez8, l.losser/g, SefiA2, Averya9) FIC 63 Box 555-1.1, Chiloquin 97624 (ll) -. Jane JOYCE, THE LEARNIIIG CONNECTIOI{, PO Bor 1001 *1S, Penny & Philip KAVAN (Johtv Grants Pass 975a6 8i!, Anna€S) 8075 1€ Panet Mm Rd, l{ewberg 97132 .- Rick t Ann I-AHRSOI{ (Alkp78, Erinal) 5360 SW l92nd. Abhe97(X)7 -. Mdtael t Caherine LAl.lE (Dkma/€3, Jos3i(:aAD SW Flwy 101. Uncoln City 97367 -. Grae LIIWELIYN, 12Zt W BtoaAlay, Eugeno 97402.t531t.- }bd[n LOWE t Craig COWAN (AVa1841295 lihtCrsll Dr SE, Sdem 97302 KatV & Tony MIiGL (JesonrrS) 126 Jeffeaon,











Florenoe & Geone PO Box 69, Lafayeb97127 in SSER (A|fry/86, AndylSS) 315 E sfi St ]{eubefe 97132 -.furril & Paul REDll{G (Paul Davktl82, Amy/ 85, Pete.E7, Amber RoeoAO) 2()06 NE Liborty, Bruce E W€rdy RElNll.lGER Pordand 97211-5iX]9 (Efi:aao, Lara/86, Luka,8g) 19592 Aeea llwy, Alsea 97324 .- Lehana Bill SMYTH (RoshetvTr, Ro.natv 80, Hannahnl , l@hn/85) 91 t 5 Losor Riwr Rd, G.ants Pa$ 97526 Jadt Kh SUGRUE (Eril(en6, Gaty ChrisAS) PO Box 2.11, YechaB 92108 grsan MAAS (Bryatr8l, Edd88) THOGERSOTI llerk 27526 SE Carl St, Greshdlr 97080 -tlnda TORREL (ChandraAl, SoU84) 12,O [le.t C€ok Rd, lhry & lra* VAN DOREN Sdma 97538 (H) (Heler$s, Greta/86, A[€/80) 19580 Alree Hwy, Alsoa 9B2a -. ](8ten WEAVER (Scotu82, Crystal&4, Erid Patd a 90) 1546 NE 14h Aw, Hillsboo 97124 (H) Parick WINTERS (Ganetu84 729 Gales Ctft Fd, Forest Grovo 971 16













& Larnio ADAIr€


BairAO) 1 12 lnwood I} *1, Edit$oo 1o412 Ctrist'na & Joo BARRY (Kab,85, HdraoUS4 r05 RonsE e Dena lrarie Dr, Pltbburgh 1#17 BASEMAN (OMert8, tldiaa2, GebftU86, Raphe.U 88, Larissargr) PENNSYLVA}IIA llOllC EDUC,ATIOi{ NEWS, lOGl Atborrod Dr, Gibconia 150,l,t -. Pebr BERGSO|.I & Sulan SHILCOCI( (AmandartE, Emlly/ 78, JrJIaAl, p164a3|8a) 31a Bryn lilawr Ave, 8ryn Amtie BEYTR (Cagoy/8l) 149 E Itawr 190t0 Ed Kay Du,ham St, PlriLd€ptfa rgr19(Hl BROf,f Et-D (StophanblT2,Shsttlll 1329 Bhre Ml D., Dsniolsvlllo 18(B8 -Thomar & Pamela






BBONSON (Semtreu86, Eltse,go) 2r8 S ,fgrd St,

Phllad€lphia 191Ot


Sbve & Pary zutACK

(Jonafran/85, Alene/86, Chol!od88) 4923 Plno St, Philadelphia 191€ -. FJill & Puddy CLARK (Mib8/8l, Jufia n] 6511 Klom€r AY, B€ilytl 1C112 (H] Fullis & Bob COIIIROY (frer€dihao, Fiona/al, SiilastSsl 1724 Smoky Cornors Rd, l'Villhtnsport 17t0r ($ -'Jon &


liary CORMDO (Carol/r/8s) 3325 Arlingbn St, Reding 1$05 - tloug & Trisha CROCKETT (PatrU

&1, Peter/8s, Bob€@a/88, Babyrgo) 507 N choster l'laftey & Ellle DuNl-lAM Rd, Swarfrmom 19081 (Zdraryl8S, CalvirvS6, flannatvSS, Tessa/90) 506 Ann & 8ob EARLY Carlton Ln, Wost Ch€sb. 1S82 (Nicholas/80) 701 Fome Dr, Kittanning 16201 Phillip & Gwen EI.IGLAND (Sarah E Josoplv80) PO Box 197,2942 l.lolicong Rd, Hollcong 18928 (H) lGd GLESSNER (Caniel86, Jacob/8g) RD 2 Donna Fern & Tottt FIARRIS Bor 3lt8D, Friedens '155{1 (Cas€y/s2, Chrissyas, ElizebetvSS) t905 Bradhy Dr, Kathy I.ION.LEGER Flarrieburg 17110.- Randy (Ilary/85, DanneET, ParW0) 31tb Swede Rd, ka & Robyn JOSEPHIi tlonisburn 194cxt (]l) (Rossl83, Rayl8s, Faith84 l0Applebough Ln, Rose Vell€y 196s (Hl -. Gina KELLOGG & Chip l.{Ol,tlSTER (Danieu81, Lucas/8s, Lily/84 RDg Box fl!, colulr*iecross Rds 16914 (l{ -'t}avftJ & Karen









LEVENTRY (fhfft6, Waden9, Louia/el, Sarati/8s) Box 191, Sumrneftill 15958.- GeraH Ellen LrWACK (G€ofireyng, Kab,86) 517 S Roborts Rd, Jotrn E ilarcia LOT GHNER Bryn l/hwr 19010 Jennifer (Kyld83) RD 2 Box r3K}5, lhnsfieH 1883 & Steven IIoCARTHY (Kaidilv83, Anna/8o) ENDLESS IIOWTAINS I{OIIESC}IOOLERS, RD I Box 198, Wdlgborc 16901 .- Carol llclLVAlNE Jm WYCKOFF (Ieatr8{}, Clrs/82, RebeccaaE5) Box 199, Shari Shawnee on Dehnare 18356 (l{) -. Gary MILLSPAW (Ked.on/83, Te0an/86, Saml8g) PO Box 44t, Wbffird 14441 -.Tom & lladalene Iil'JRPHY (Emiyz2, Chrislhnna, eJFlto/7g!- RD 6 Box 24,






W€llsboro 1sq,1 (H,

-.Trrclhy tJanet


(Boftf7l , lla00i/75) RD f5 Bor

6i16, Car&polis 15108 Anne OBRIEN (JohM7g, Caheine/&l, ryhia/84 1342 lronk Fd, Gladwyne t9035 Josoph E Flelen OI,|.OR (J.R.rrg) 1Z' DotrE Hill Rd, l+lrmod 17532 Chuck Bgrba.a PAGE (Chstby/ 83, Alolandor/8s, Chrigthn8T, Oliver89) 205 W Rott & llarilyn VkginhAv, ltunhd 15120 PEREIRA (JoahrB, f|o|t-AnMr/, JockZs) 8801 Flill & Lootta Stenbn Av, Philadelphia 19118 PlETRAl,,lGEtO (Lorazg, Willistn8A 56 Paul Ckcb, Glen tlilb 193t2.-John & Laua POIO (Fab.iziv8l, Aneolo/83, FlavbBs) PO Bor3{D, Edhboro 1a{12 Suran E Florysd R|CHIIAN (Jossd7t, Jecobao, ltlotfn3, Fhnnah8f PENNSYLVAT'IIA HOIiGSCHooLERS, RD 2 Box 117, Kittanning 16201 William ROGERS & Ell€n STMTS (Nl0ht[d€rn4, CM!dn€t8, Jj.tir|,8l) 185Jug Rd, Dover 17315 Cad & LuAnn RUI,B LSKI (Catft8, Xalind80, Yu.V E Lora 82) Bor 18, ttladreyvillo 1250 (H) SAIBER (Br€U85, Leer80) PO Bor 515, Sercnbutg ta05S (H) -. gs66 SHUMAN (tlatmrTt. Mbsa8. ZarjwytS? 226 E Gorgas Ln, Philedelphkt 19119 Ridt l,ilrltER (Billyl80, Sarail81, Donna STEWART J€hual84, JohnET) 1734 Mill Rd, Ffillbwn, Perksie t8gl44 Paul E tiibyl THOITAS (David87, Uam/9l) Kevin & 130 Jono3 St, Bale Cynwyd 1S00+1821 Patd VAN zuSKlRK, RD I Box 868, tlewbundland 184,15 (H) -. Biil & Brenda VAI{ MATRE (BilUAs, EmilyA7, Lydia/8o) &tl Venango Ato., CutuUge Spdrnr -. Nancy WAU.ACE (blxns!?r, Vita/ 7g 2424 Pensne St, Phihdelphia 1 91 03 llork & Joso&r WARFEL (&cobrr8, tll.|ra8l) RD I Box 395, llenryville lSitSit .- Oifrord WRIGHT-SI I{FLOWER &

-Wllhm t
















Lob BlAlilOlrl-SUMLOU,EB (Boorn78, PlnoberTg, Bo.leleillal, 1{o.il84) 2371 W Bost Rd, Br$ 18014 (Hl -. i,lorma e Lorcn YOUNG (Jelry/E5) 1755 Fels

Dedce ZBOZNY t Jetr Rd, Pennsbr.rq 1&}73 GEORGE {Elitt/&r, Sr$€5) Box 235, Roa 15336 (Hl





Sherwwd Aw, Waffid 02888 .- Jeftey & Ewlyn WELLER (ltbtaz4, Scottrz/, Amberar) 135 Ten Rod

N,Erctot02822 BROWN (Jennifera9, SC -Jim & Caolyn Cafierinerrg, Racfiom2, Jrlie/8s, Laura/86, Fobery 87) 1637Yellow l'buse Rd, Wadmalaw bland 29487 (H) -. Carolyn & CaIn HENDERSON (Wendyt9.


l.lancya4) 107 Eckott St Waltorboro 29188 (10 Wayne & Bodv HENRrZE (Redro65) 418 Highmerket St, Georgebwn 29440 (H) -. &al MILIER & Carl WHrrNEY (lla?8s, Emma/88) 1352 l-brmitage Ave, Charlosbn 29412.- lbdko TAlil & Jad< SEIIZ (Lekgit9, Abigail/83) 77t Hillviery St, Spartanbu€ 29102 (H) Devid & Connlo ALLISON (PE idtl87, TN DaviJ/88, GwyndolynSg) 1516 Brcfiwood Or, Franklin


37044 -. Lynda & Stephon ANDERSON (]il8t|enr/8, Leahl8O, Ra.fieU84) Rt#l, 400 East End Rd, Strawbory Phins 3/871 (H) -. Wlliam t Juditt BEAtt (LuciustS. Foo8U81) Rt 1 Box 347, Robert t Janet BELSER Fo.i/ Do$,olltown 37059 8n 4711 Ridrmar Ct, l'lashville 37211 &uce & Barbara BROWN (Annal7g, Jorhud81, Ze.hetyns)




Pauh [n, Chanattoog8374ls (]0



Elnrore DODD (Mike/n, EriMl5, AmyA9, tevi/&l) TENNESSEE HOI,|ESCHOOLING FAMILIES, 1 16 Ridrar& Dr, O{iror SPgs 378/n -. Jdy HARDIN & Bruce BOTTS (Kimmy/Al) Rt 'l I Bor 92, Greencvi[e Cnag-.lhry & Rk*rard ttlACMt'IOFF (l(d€r79' Zuhtyt82, Emily/84) 4Og Velley Dr, Oli\DrSpdngs Scott & Cetole MLLER (Brad&|, Ilatlend 37sa0 85, Jennifer/88) 48tlt Shasta t)r, Od Hid@ty 37138


-. Davkl ON-IVE & Jadd WIARD (James8a) 3135 Lakoland Dr, Naghville 3721 4-*'12 (l{) -' Karen SMffH (Alissazg, Rhianna8S, D{f,tdtotSTl 2M-4 Bob WAII-ACE Greenbriar Cir, Jotrnson Ciry 376o1 Lin KEMPER-WALI-ACE (JeomylS0) 21a P.rk Ln' Oiror Springr 37840 (H) (ll)



Pore & GeraH APPELSTEIN (J$ica/84' TX JasonAT, Jenna6g) 6(X)2 Upper Lalle Dr, Hu.nttle Lunne BA]LEY (ArnonE, Xtillkf8) Rl3 1846 (Ht Box 5,1O, l,lacoedodres 75S1 (H) -' 66,o1tn a BETTELHEIM (Joanna/84 328 Shriko, Brda 7Er0




(H)-. lrhrgg etaChadee



Kefiryn/7.l, Slephoil76) Rt lBor 212'R, D.le 7:8616 (H) Grecs s Shorrio BROWN (AndrewlS2' Megsrv S',Tad:€itytg7,Ifarie/go) lO01 Shady Valley Ct Bll & sheron CRANE (Etse/ Arlinebn 76013 (11) &1, gorrdSg) 1455 Lal(osile ElL Drt116, lbutbn 7/042 -. Sam t Teny DIERSCHKE fiayla/86) 2137 win ook l-bu3bn 7/057 (H) -. snphefl e Hoily GODARD (Andoa/84, RoberUST) 11gE Gab Wey, Austin 787f, (H) -. John Bov€rt GOLD€N (JudiW S1, GabrieUSS, Z*hary/8s, RsdraouSo) 03ll Shadow Jey & Botsy GOREE Bond, Ausdn 787.15 (H) (Dosryag, SEarv8o, DuA4) PO Box 1533. Oeburne ?6031 -. t!il & t).btio llAtlliGRclrlsT (Pcbr/82. l.lolarylET) 8O(F Vernon Dr, Rorylen 25088 Nicole Greg & lvlary Ann I'IARBAR (NbldSO) 1000 Poden, Ffousbn Ttoo6- Denny & &erda }IARDESTY (DorySs) 7EE DoncalEr, Alctin 787t15'- Ketsn E Davit HENIXEY (Fhn!41, Lonora/8{) Rt4 Bor 131, Rurk757s5 (11) -. Bede HOUSE (Jatn$n4, Sally/ Ray & Vidie ;€) 513 W C€lotte, Gstlsnd 75011 Ht CI(ABAY (Ccenrrg, Hosfi/84) 5so7 *e€ilnd, Spdne 77373 (H) -. Grant & Ilonne LOT EJOY (fbr€difiA4 3201 lhltin Lydm, Fort Worth 71613K!'Jotrn llcCOY, REMISSAI{CE CHlLD, PO 8or








141305, Au3tin 787'l+13o5.- Ples's t Dobble MdGE (Jochus€il, AddenrnlSs, Beninitv$) RR I

Box231, Campbell 79[22 (Hl -. Sucgt lldfiGHT $tov8r'77, ShaJnalSl) lSO W Seoond St, Adingbn 78013 -.lrtke t Ura TCTCALF (.ldittrr8, &.dcd g)) 8il1 Filrnre, Pbm 75025'- Chad t tlgty

ttPGNEfi (SrFne/82, Ibmhlque/t6, Usti.llcr€8,

Sre & JavadSo) Rt 2 Bot 145, Hoddey 7ttt7 Ilani€lle llo}.lSON (lrulied8o) 1601 Cticket llol|or,


GrowlngWthout Schoolng #84 - 1992 Dlrectory




Austin 78758 (H) Shaon Martin NELSON (Sarail 78, Viroinia/8o) 4l39WodgmontC)ir S, FtWonh 76133 Paul & Robe€a PERRY (hn/87, Hoafter/8g) 128 Ridge Way, Red Oek 75154 -. Jim & Nancy P|"|AUP (Jonahiln7) 731 Sanb Dolores, Kingsville 78t!63.Jean & Ed RODRIGUEZ (Iimothyf/8, Benjsminal, Lydia/8s) SOtXl Tanglewmd t)f, Commerco 7t128 (H) -. Chuck Judy ROSEN (Nsfrerf/6, Levi/82) 2Cl1 Ocean Way, Lea0ue Cily 775799200 -. Cin4 E Steve SAMPLES (1.1e8y85, BonA7, Jacob/88) 133i11 Wells Rircr t)r, Housbn ZO4'l-5852 Harvpy E Pat SCHULTZ (Ashley€f PO Box 8, Mnbow 78077 David SCHWENDNER & Brook MNDAL (Alex/86) 510 Patk Blvd, Austin 78751 -.&d< & lhry SEAGROVE (Joon3, Arnyn5, Mk*dbz8, Jethey/82, Alfison€S, Tommy/89) 20,21Ptot Ln, El Pago 79gb Cerelle Tomas SlMMOl.lS (Ariolt8, Lanrel/82, Hunter/8s) Rt 1 Box 61 A, Aledo 76008 -. Valede E Stew SIMS (Rechel85, GreerET) 7023 Rivcr Mill, Spring 77379 Gayle & tlark TANENBAUM (Yoniv 86, lut€tav/go) 784i1Candle Ln, I'busbn 77071-2113 Tam VOYNICK Paul SALETAN (Emmal&4, Borv 84 AUSTTN AREA HOTilESCI{OOLERS, 6s02 Bradfey Dr, Austin7878










UT Steve & Linda BUTLER (&s3kn/81, Rachel/83, lhttpwl87, lrcnal8g) 90 E Contor St, Pleasant Grove &4062 .- Fred & Connie I"IADDEN


Springvillo 84663



([bagarv8s) RFD 1 W -Teny & Will BARRY Box 81, Brookfield 05036 (H) -. Osle & Anno Bll,lGFLAM (Andred85, UnleylSS) RR I Bor 1635, Franklin 03457 -. Jane DWINELL Slty YARDLEY (Dana/87, Sayer80) RD 1 Box 37, lrasburg 05a45 (H) -. Kevin ELLIS & Kimberly FIACKETT (Jacksory86, Phin€at8g) RD 2 Bor 1850, tlorhfield 05663 (H) Elizabeh E Lenny GIBSO{ (Nahaniel/84, Thaddeus/ 89) RD Box 25568, Pawlot 0576'l (H) Joanna a Duane GORMAN (Rowery84, AsaA4 RR1 Box | 147, Ludlow 05149 -. Stephen e Roborta HISLOP (TirnhyaQ PO Box 308, Randolph 05060 .- Wally & Chris JENKINS (Peterr86) PO Box 3,70 East St, Huntingbn 05462 (H) -. Debbie & Randy KNIFFIN (Emily/80, Rklhid83, MichelldS8) VERlilOl.IT HOIiESCI{OOLER'S ASS@, RR 1 Bor 6680, Mddlerwn Springs 05757 (Hl Bothany Kl.lOWl.ES & Mchael TllOfrlPSOt'l (RaymondSo, Wrenrutil82, Behany/87, Tessera€O) RFD 3 Box 988, Puutey





0$a6 -. lJary liETCAL-F & Thomas SHEA (Oliwr/87, baby/gO) RD 3 8ox 384i1, Lake Rd, Vorgonnes Ogl91 (H) -. Josoph & lhrylou MILLER (ChelsealSl!, Julianne/8s, GavinAo) RR I, West Danville 05873 (H) .- Erik & Barbara NIELSEN (CoraZ9, Chrislina84, IngridST) PO 8ox 265, E Randolph 05oll (H) Dane & lruin POST (Nathad82, &i:tnl&+) Rt 2 Box


4474, Bsf|el 05(x12 (H) -. t an a Scout PROFT (Silav86, UrielU88, EbonrSS) RR 1 Box 707, E lbrset 05253 (H) -. Cheryl & Scon SAUTER (Kyle/8s, Tyler/ 87, Kiera€0) RR 1 Box 101-8, W€st Danville 05873 (H)


David & Ginny SClMlli,lGEL

(Larern, lGlie/

80, Roger/8s) LIFE lS VALT ABLE EDUCATIONI RR 2 Box 2898, St Albans OAl78 (H) -. Edward & Sylvh SMIIH (Lindsey/84, tlathanieUS6) RFD #1 Box 103tt, llarshfield 05658 -. tleb Fred STIEGLfTZ-SHELL Nlad7|, Sarafr9, Emi!/82, Eva/Af) RR 2 Box 28$C, Polly Hubbatd Rd, St Albans 04t78 (H) -. gsrofine TASSEY & Kevork SPARTALIAN (Sirnod80) 11 Bilodeau cr, Burlingbn 05401 clyde wATSoN A Donis DEVLIN (Jirliaff/g, Rosoy/82) RR #2 Bor 108C, Noruictr 05055 (H,



VA Dale & Adelo ABRAMITSE (Gussien8) 714 Locust Ave, Charlofiosville 22€n1 Dana & Philip BIEIATA (Phili/84, Jeremy/8T, Sonny/8g) 1821


Ariol 986Gt (H) -. Sheilyn CUNNll.lGlLAM e Sn srt GARDIN (Heafier/80) MP 1.54, Smih€ripe Rd, Wadtougal 98671 (H) -. Ilean e Jufte DRAKE (Jami/ 81, tunandal82, Jodi/8s, Doannd87, tlaniou8g, Aarorv 90) 4268 Van lbrn Ln, Bellingham 98226 -. Donald & FALLICK (Kafinaz6, Ame$at8, Talifd8l, Amerda/83, Flalley/8s) Rt 3 Box 72F, tlawnport g12.lH, Rosemary FIRSTENBERG (Juli/60, |.{rF/lla|71, Chadrn KylenS, Ch€rFozs, SSa & Tcrry.n6,Starrt8, Ketie/82, Jordatw4, Matfi6ry/€6, Saah & Sheene/87, MdaeU8S) PO Bor 252E6, Seatde 98125 -. Efiane & George GEANUIfAS (Jenny/8i , Madd83) 1 36t15-1 79h A!€ NE, Redrnond 9809 -. David E Robin GUTERSON ffay'ot/8l, Travis,8{!, FlenryA5) 1$24 Venice Loop, Bahbtidgo ]s 981 10 (H) Gene & Sandi HAII (Kte/81, Co33id tGitr 82) 23i135 264rh Av SE, Maple Valley 9888 & Barbsre |-|ARRIS (AbbytS, RehoU83) 34623 l@h Pl SE, Aubum 94n02 .- Ridtad & Caherine Alism IIAYWARD, 1m5 K€y St" Bellinehstfl 98225 HEDLUND & Do4las WARREN (Colin/87, Benjamid 89) s25 55th St Port Towngend 98{}68 (}l) -. l,lark & Flelen HEGENER (Jotrnt4, Jimff6, Jody/80,

HOI,ESC]IOOI-ERS/IEARN, 4o0O Tenace Dr, Annandab nO@ .- David & Mrginia LOCXETT (Samantha/82) The Lod(ett Farm, Rt 5 Box 136, lihrk &Tammy MALTBY (Joey,83, Staunbn 24401 Julianns, Joshualgo) 827 W Beverhy St, Staunton 24401 -. John & Suzanne IEFIFOUD (G€organna82, Paricl</8s, Collins/8g) 565 Hanovor Rd, San&bn 23150 (H) -' Anneue MILLS & Ds'id ECKERT (fihna/ 82) 109 W WosEnopland Rd, Falls Churcfi 220,16 (H) ]Gren NUZZO A Jameg .ptlES (Crosde!, Geney 84 Rt 5 Box 256, B€dftrd 24521 (H) -. Kim E Leslie PAYNE (Holor|r/6, Lee?9, Jean Anne/81, Sarn84, lhry Rachel/88) Zl48 Wetortord Dr, Spotsylyanh 22553 -. Addnne & Soo[ QUIGLEY (Jonattpn84, Erid86, Logan/88) 870 Luces Croek Rd apt t78,

(Jonatnnn9, Bethany/8l, Zachary84 8@ hdi8n Ten, Bellingham 98226 -. Eric & Toni JOIINSON ffanyalSS, lfehnie/8$ Rt 1 Box 355, Valley SO181 (H) John Oren t Joyce LACKEY (Jasort/82, Jtnen9, Oion€O) 121 Alder Dr, Sedlo Utloolley 98i!8f ilflrmen &TenaLO/E (Fore3l/81) POBox 1tl7t1, Eastsound 98245 -. &lie & David LOYD (Chadb/84, Pet€r/86) Geneal llelivery, Waldrm hbtd S,D7 (H) MdraC E lihry Be$ MACKSEY (At'rutd77, Einer Aexsndrs/81) Stat Rto Box 182, o|ga $?/8 A Natelie MORTENSEN (Ariens, K€llen87, T.istan/ 90) 560 E l-lousbn Rd, Coupeville 98230 -. Shila MST, ISSAQT'AH LEARNII'IG CTR,25123 SE 146









(Sara|/84, Clifbrd/86) bx717, Mdway SaOaO (H) iilary Ann & Jim HUBBELT (Gordorft4, ]Gfe Spencorr/o, Erikr/g) 3136 Soufi 2000 West, Logan 8rt{t2'l -. Scon & Kim SMffH (Samuell81, DanieU82, Ammorv8s, Elisab€h/8s,Johry84 66 Norh 9(n Edst,



Sydenham Trail, Vkginh Beadr 2346a (Hl -. David Shery BOYD (Canier80) Greenfield lrlr| F8rm, Rt2 8ox 262, Atton 22920 (H) -. 156i John BRENMN (Charles84, Marianne/86, Cara/8g) 3604 N Upland St, Arlingbn 22207 .- Jerry Carmelh CIE[f,.lY (Grrcd 83, Caraline/86) 12767 Gazebo Ct, Udoodbridge tinda GETW (Kair83, 219P. Kevin CROWE BremlS6) Rt 3 Box 32,1, Anherst 2/1521 (H) -. George & UndaDOtsY (Allyson/8z, ElizabofiAs, Mar{o$) Rt 1 Bor 56, Sporrt Spring 24599 (ll) -. SalV & Franklin DOMD,IGUEZ (Benlminl76, DanbtnS) 7022 Stanfo.d Tom DRAKE Dr, Alexandria 22307 .- Tammy (Steventg, Bradleyrz, &gtirv87) Rt 3 Box 117, Luray 22835 (ll) -'Jacquelyn FARNEY (Bdan"9, Emily Annoal) PO Box 382, Phenix 23S0.- Roborl E Dorofiy GIANSIRACUSA (Flesctrl/81, ibah84) 10812 Vorde Viste t)r, Fairfax 22030.- Dan & Theo GIESY (Danile/65, Danin/67, Suean69, Anital|2, EllerUSS) 4411 Colonial Ave, l,lorblk 3508 (H) Hugh & Cada FIALLER (Ruha2, Fhnnah8f Rt 3 Box 868, Lowttsvills 2Z)8O (H) -. Cyndy Dave I'IOYT (Sara82, Arny/86, Judi/8g) 21 12 Weybridge Dr, Virginh Beach 23491 .- Steph€n & Lynne JOIINSON (Colirv8o, Vasr/devan8o) 1282 t aple Viow D', Charlottesville 22901 (H) -. tinda & Frod JOa.lES (Alison/83, Casoy/8s, lrolly/86, Tesd88) Rt 1 Box 312 BC, Pilot 24138 Andrea & Karl KELLER (Pera/8s, Than€/8s) ,f424 Sudley Rd, Gainesville 22065 -'Jano & Mke KIRK (Davez8, Mdrolle/8l) NORTHERN VA


Growtng Wthout Schoollng #84




i,l€wPort l,lews 23602 (H) -. Babara I'bward ROBINSOI.I (Alsntg) Rt I Box 65, Floyd 2.()01 Adel E Ann SARMTZADEH (Solmaaz/8l, Shamoed 85) 2105 Bkdr Leal Ln, Bhcksbn.g 24060 (H) -. FJill 8 Lee SCFf,ARF (ltuinn2, Luke/79, Lynn/82) Rl Box 21 1 , Mt Jacbon 228a2 -. Jim & Lalah SnrcOE (Dani€U82) 1643 Townwood Ct Chedottssvill€ 22901 Betsy Mike SKELTOIII (Kimbedy/e4) 12350 l,laural Bark Dr, Ch€storfield 23832 (H) -. Daniel a Daya SOLOftlOlrl (Deva84, ff€eral84 I'14 Hilbn St, Aloxandria 22314 (H) -. Kip & Leni SORENSEN (KierlU60, Nikolas/69, Winte/78, Bjorn/8o) Rt2 Box 4884, Croaetz2$2 Russ & MaryJano STONEKII{G (Kesi/81) PO Box 322, Lacey Spnng 2.&3 -. RkJry & Chndh STOVER (Mrhnn€zE, Aimby/8l, Soan84) Whoelers Coyo, Rt 1 Box 3023A, Shiprnan 22971 (H) -.8ob & DanSSURRUS@ (Nicole/86, Evan/8g) 1015 Ethelwood Rd, Glen Allen 23060 (H) -. Jon & Brenda THOMPSON (&iarv8s, JessdSS) PO Box 1223, Gloucesbr 23061 (H) Jaoque E F]€d WlLLlAlrSOl.l (Nafiail77, Ryant9, Rachef/84) Rl2 Box 3408, Ctozsrz?fI3P.








Am€lia & lJekCon ACHESOiI (Alazell67,

Talithar/l, EloadariA4) 575 S Cenrsl Ayo, Clinbn 98236 (H) -'Nmmi t tlarrey ALDORT (Yonatatv86,


Lonnoilgo) 357 S Forost St, Bellingham 98225 (H) Tom & Donnell ALIAN (Emilyn, NaomitS, Josepf/ 80, Jesse/8t|, Scoty86. Kaherine/89) 2301 13th Av, Mlbn 98354 -. &e Pani BLYSTONE (S€W80, Soarv83, Dyhd84 C|ARK CO. FIOI,C EUrcATORS, ru23 NW )Iain St, Ridgefield 98042 Joe & Eelinda C||AiTBERS (Greg/8O, Koih/83, Eric/85, TeresdS9) 1 51 1 Lily Lake Trail , Bo* 98232 -. Mko & Chris COiIROY (JtstiruAl, Gabriol/8E) 260 N Dubds Rd,



1992 Dtnectory






Mi$ru8s) llotG


PRESS, PO Box 10€Kt, Tonasket 98855 (10 -. Usa a T€d HILE (Danba/86, lhrty/88) 8216 271 !t Av E, Buckloy S8321 .- &hn Pat l.lOLllES (Chris/At, Steve/8{1, tlafiarl8o, Emilttt841719 Scttool St, Walh Walla 9S62 (H) -. l(afty E Bruce FORNBERGER






St, lssaCuah 98027


Petor & lrogsn IiIORDLUND

(PhilorTl, Thereeaa6, DanielldSg) 916 Blue lloron Rd, Bow 98232 Rod & Arlene PAYTON (Roborv7s, Shannon76, Chrisopher/8o, Stepheil86) PO Box Laura PRITCMRD 13r5, Kin$bn 9834e1315 (H) (Ilani€n7) PO Box 5d)02, Seatde 98138-1002 (H) lhrcy & lirail RAY (Alexr82, Colin/tXl, Thomas8S) 7Gl7 22nd Avo NW, Soade 981 17 (H) -. Kah t Dan RAYMO}ID (Sefirts, Velfiezg, LydidS6) 811 U St, Po.t Towm€nd 98358 .- Zen E Cada SEIDEL (Jenmy/84, lrolissa/86, C'harbm/go) 8ll8 W Axbn Rd #55, Bollingham 98226 .- Jamer E Tara SENNETT (Gina/82) 1 55Oo 1 gth Av€ Ct E , Tacoma 98445 Scon tJulio SESSIONS (Jodien8, Cara/&, Luke/&l) W}|ATCOII FIOICSCHoOL ASSOC, 505 Trout Lakp Gary & Ca$y SLY (.lletirv Rd, Bellinghem 98226 80, &andoryl4l, Jordarv8s) 28518 SE 228dt St, Maple Vsll€y 98(Xl8 (H) -. Jeff & Cindy THEIEIS CLE[fircNS OholosarS8, Toflv8g) 545 19lh Ay, Seade 98122-573O (H) -. Karl E Ellen THOIIPSON (Samuol/8o) ,1295 t)e.ning Rd, Everaon 982a7 (H) Jon E Wendy WARTES (Jeft78, $li€€l, MkeAS) 16109 NE 169 Pl, Woodinyille 98072 -. Baki t Bailey UTHARTON (Autrmn81, Qrinn/8T, Matuhno) 363c Woodlawn Av N, Soedo 981CKt (H) -. Loslio E DtFty WlLLlAllS (Je3so/8o, Rehol/84) 1889 H St Rd, Edne 98230 .- Sugie & Joe WINTERSIECK (Aza/83. Fnnk A|hnA7) PO Box 1347, Vaohon lsland $070 & Ileborah t'llOStUM (f,lafieut78, Beny/80, Bmnnd 79) PO Box 826, Graham 98El&0826










}taggi EIIIOTT Wilson BASLER (Johrv 81, EnaA4) 106C Indian Mills Rd, Indhn Mils24949 (Hl -. U,illiam e Marianne HIJGHES (Gregoryt7-l, Clad79) FICR 26181 Box 157, tle|w Maninrville 26155 (H) -'Nattcy & Ilavkl lll1OFF lLi8e.72' Modano) 3{36 Lea Hill D., Huntinobn 257(E Hll & Dhno LEED (Elarnr/E, Emma/Eo, Woody/8l, Elijah/


u -. John E lvlarha SFOE (Chrieoph orno, Bfwtr7f,, Matfiori,t4, &anniaf/6, Beniaminr'S, Nidroha/8o, Tony/88) 29 RosemontCt, Huntinobtt 25t(E (10 -. llarie & Parick 88) Bor 114A, Friars Hill 24gtg Mf

NIES (Andow60, Arnrndana,

Zecfiarya4 Rt 2 Box


30 H, Alderson 2a910 -. Amy ODEAN Pat LOVT RY (NeborySo, Hannah/8it) Rt I Bor 1,f{lA, Rsedy 25?G 9724(jll Barban &Jotrn PLUNKET (o'imn6, Jadf/8) Rt 3 Box 818, l'larpers Fefly 29425 (H) Amie & Bemie SHEPARD (AndredA4, Adam€6) PO Box 1243, Pobrsbting 26847 (l{t -. Mary Ellen SutllvAl{ t Don FISHEL (Jd(e8l, Doueta2, fhrtas) Rr 2 Box 113, tlamhgbn 26582 (n -. John & Jeeraporn WARFIELD (Christian/8l) Rt 1 8ox 91-4, Gr€at Cacapon 25422 (H)



Wl Suanne ASKEY E flavid FOSS (BerY87) Ilari€ BAKER & 544 Elmside Bvd, Medison 53t7O4 Dave JAMIESC|,I (Sa,ehr/o, B€cky/84) RR I Box 65, Dodgeville 535*t.- Elizabeh BARR (JordarVSS) 300 BI-ACK & S 11h Aw, Wauesu 51401 (H)



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Kahle€n PTUNKETT€LACK (Lodn29, Chdsmphor/


82, Geofftoy,84 ft 2 Box 205, Arkansaw 54721 (H) lhry & l,larv BTOEOOW (Jasonl&l) 1165 Joffery Blvd, Cumberhnd 5482€ (H) -. Buca CASIIER & C. Lee D(rcKERT (fhn/85, 801lE8), Neenatr 54956 (H) -'Nbk & i,lenq CISAR (Katju8a6l) 1Ct6 Commornyedfi, lladbon 53705 (H) -. Wlliam & Cheryl DAl,lZ (Loreler/8, Valerie 81) 1324 Concord Way, Onkia 5a155 Jm g SpOlilAN (i/hnirv 76,WtlW8, Ryland/8l) 1317lleadow Hill Dr, lvbnomonio 54751 (H) -.9""i6 & Rachel GMPENTINE (t)evilM82, ErbA4, tMlU87, Jacob/9l) Rt 1 Box449A, l'lapl€ 5,189t Ann tJohn HIPPENSIEEL (William/84, llargrefid87, baal<aO) Hid< 2499 Lal(eshofo Rd, Grafrm 53024 (H) Peg€y .EBAW (Bryan/84) .0423 56th St" Kenosha 53142(H, -'larry & Susan XASEMAN (Beff/2, Pobrr/s, Gretd|enr/S, Megan/84 2t[5 Koshl@nong Rd, Sbughbn 5i589 (H) -.Annie & Ridatd KRUPNOW (lsaac/83, SashaaT, new babyl9l) .- Alison Wl174 Hi.J@ry Rd, St Cloud 53079 Davkl ltilcKEE (Chrisbphorn8, GsrgindS2) Bittorsweet Pl, Madigon 53705 {H) Richard'/45 E Nsncy PEIDELSTEIN (Alicel82, Apriu84 614 Ridg€ St, Baraboo 53913 (H) -. lGren & Gerard SCHUBERT (Nikld/86, L*187] 8?2. Prospea Ave, Oehkosh 54901 .- Lloyd & Donna SCHULTZ (tloah/8l, LeahAS) N9595 E Hubblobn Rd, Wsterbwn 53004 Mke & Linda SHEEHY (Bdanl7s, BrendontS, Brcdd81) 629 Piper Dr, Madison 53711 Sall!, SHERMAN Ohed 84) RETREAT FARM BED BREAKFAST, PO Bor 6, Rereat St. lraty, &maha (H] Steve & Julie SORENSEN (Ro[l.n8, Hannah8t)Rt 1 Box 120, lvhson 54856 Paul Lois SOUKUP lPaulan2, lr/hdenerr3, l-'.U75,C.Hyn6, Jen8r/8, Adon & Elyl79) Tom E Nl810 FLvy HH, Lyn<lon Station 53944















(JacohnO, Sehr/tl, Jessicaz4,

Gretdren SPCER baacr/S, Es8u/81, ltlorhh/84 Rt 1 Box 15, Avoca 53506 (H) -. John & Ellie TFIOIIIASON (Adeld81, Becca/8s) Rt 1 Box 91-8, }tason 5a856 (H) Jm a Susan VANDEGRIFT (Je$€n, Kade/8l) 201 S Jefferson, Verona 535C1 (H) -. Gene & BetU WATTON (Nkif/6, Kare€o) 812 W Cramer, Fort Atkinson 535{18 -. Phillip & Janie ZINDEL (Sarah/ 87) 85 S Surnac Elr, Janegville 5li8t5



(Peung, LlsrL/82) 1040$101 St, Peece



(Alerf/9, Arhur/8l, EmruES, 173 Grass Valley, EvansDn

Doohyl8s, Thea/8g)







BC Barry & Tery BEER (Jodytn, Rokriru86, gssln;3 Kyle) General Delivery, Lund VON 2G0 (H) e Dsurn CLEIilENS (Ryerv82, Kelby/8a, lradlv86, Boniamin/SS) RR Duncan VgL 1[|3 -. Stephen & Carolyn FA$JCETT (Maurbo8t, Delrae/86) Box 1198, Kaslo VOG l im (Hl -. Jualitr & Alex IIADDAD (Nicobz8, Tacyl80) COWICFIAN VALLEY HOMETEARNERS SUPPORT GRP, RR 7, Duncan VgL 4W4 -. Nknle FlAlitAN & Robin DASS (Sa.fia/ 81, MschaAS) 1$77 21 Av, Langl€y (H) -. Stephanie JUDY & Jery WALKER (Ieasd82) Box 40, Sbcan Park VOG 2E0 Sandy KEANE l,f,chsl MISKIN (l,leall8s, Nichohe8g) 1163 Ur€llingbn I}, N Van@uver WK lut (H) Jen Ron KIRKBY (Lored 80, Jes3o/83, Bradyl86, fbbdy8g) RR1, Pendar lsland VON 2lil0 Catherine LEBREDT E l\|ikp WOODS (Apiu8s) Bor 483, Tofim V0R?ZO.Barbara MCLEAN & Devid SHEEIB (tauran6, Jamec 78, Elizsbeh/8o, Andreiv/84, AlisodS4 5d6 lbunnin I)r, Ocean Falls VOT 1P0 (H) -. Lynn & David MIDDLETOI{ (Andreryr/l, Jonathana4, EoniamintaS, l(atie/81) a)95 Flynn Pl, llorfi Vanoouwr WP 3l{8 (H) liiv PALUeREN & Rudy FRIESEN,31810 po6;n Charlotta Av, Cloarblook V2T 4.E| (H; ROBERTS & [Inna D€NNY (Oioz8, Joshuatg) ,[421











charrrell IX, viaoda v8N 2R2 (11) -. nr RoBERTS I JanetCURR|E (llerarf/7, Eli8aal, Stehtt/8s, Linnea/8g) 100 ViaductAy W, RR f7, Vicfixia V8X 3X3 -. Ruh & Julian ROSS (l.loah/82, Jo$o/86) RR

f,l, Winhw


2r0 (H)


Mgcfn & Diana

SANDBERG (Sonia/83, Sabrina/86) 2,O N Floward Av, Bumaf VsB 1J7 (H) -. Soen E Lillian SLY (AndreV

Tl,]t,atf].awn9, Heafier/82) 2950 Colman Rd, RRl, Cobble Hill VOR 1t0 .- Jack t Denis€ STURMWIND (tloarv82) 37 Bosch Dr, Vl:Drh V8S 43.- Grant E Csrofe TMCKER (Reb€ccaz1, Tyla|/m 46421kmin St, &rrnaby VsJ 1X9 (H)



Lynne l{ava THUNDERSTORM (Lea|f/l, Raverv8O, FoxE4 Cieneral Deliwty, Telegaph CreekVOJ 2ttt) -Joan WARREN & Leg cARLSottl (Edmund88) 2095 E 51 Av, Vancouvor V5P 1W2.- Lee WEHRVT/EIN & John GILBERT (Saoward8l, Sasdra/gl, Obarv86, Thed8g) C€ RR frl Dover Plae, Cianges VoS tE0 (ll) -.4;ee WHIEHEAD (Lucie/82, Flazol/84) 202-gn Conwnt Pl.

vicbfiav8v 2Y8 IAN

Rsndy E Cindy I{OWDYSHELL (Jooy/8it,

Keiry/85, Bomvyn/87, libriah8g) Box 283, Hudson 82515 (H) -. Lee Ma4 PICKRE1. (Andred'', Valerio/83, lvlichaoUS6, Chrisbphor8g) 28 Knodo Rd, Sheridan 82801 (H) FhroU & Sharon YOul,lG


1K7 Ilorotly E Geotftey B|SHOF (OinA4 111 32 Av NW, Calgery T2M zPg (]l) .- Pat & Gert zuTSELAAR (Parid( l'f,dreo!?g) Box 7456, Po& Ritor T8S 1T1 -. llaun DONEGAN-RYAN E Joseph RYAN (Franoer/8l, Mathewfit, Marg6EU86) 16476t Ay, Edmonbn ToH 118 Jetr & Sarah GOLDIE (t egarl/83, E irv85, Ailislr/8S) 1082+62 Ay, Edrnonbn T6lf 1N1 1tle0 I{AINES (BobryZ9, Cassyts2,}Js,rv 84) 1 1851-71 Sr, EdmonUn T58 lwa -. Sheheh HAMILTOI{ Haw€y CHII'CRA (S8r8hA0) 1063&61 Av, Edmonbn ToH 1L7 .- Js|et & Ray XEIP (Jairnd 85) Box 509/, Peae Riwr T8S 1 R7 (H) -. Ouintan E Ct|oryl MICIAK (ComlelU84, Lota84 8754 Connors Rd, Edmonbn T6C 4BG -. Sylvie RAY & Robort WRIGHT (G8brieU86, otion8g) 6(bF Mdtener Parh Edrnonrm T6H 5Al -. Bob & lGhy ROTLHEISER (Kriez8, Lba8o, &ev81) 10111-1(EAv, Pem Rivpr T8S IKB .- Vicki E Bob RUSSELL (Jackie/80, Maria/ |&.l?22F7Twp Rd 5t4A, Sheru,ood ParkTSC 1H4


& tlonaH DUNN (Leanno8s, - Brenda 1022, Russell ROJ lWO tlr) .- Ga,t g b\

Sandy HO{-T (J€hud8O, Tssha/8l, Benjamin/83, Sunshino/86) 190 KiEon St, Wnnipog R2H OZa Ron E Lillhn t EISTERS FristarvSl, PenislSs) Box 4348, The Pas ROA 1R2 -. Ctnrles & LiY



(Jery/8l, BoniAS, ShawE/86) 1 Gl1 tbrchostor Aye, Winnipog RllM oRl



- Joanne & Rk$ard ARES (Michelld83, llonhuo8T, Airnoo8q 7308 154 St, Eddronton TsR 1R5 - Leslie AYRE-ASCHKE & ET|cJASCHKE ALTA

llB David E Sally BREUIER (Floidi/84, t'leyin/ 86, Trbtailgo) Site 2, Bor 6, RR I, Grand Bay EoG



NS Bob E Abbie HALPERN (Md1dt74, AngglalTT, Pa|ha/7g, 8er|/88, James/go) I 518 Vermn, ltlichrl Bernadetr t ART[.| l-lalitu BsH 3M7 (Gillhril&4, Alox8nder/87, Annie Fosal8q RR 1 Tetarnagoucho, BOK 1V0 (H) -. Siian Httgh f,lcLEAN (Willowl&4, Rowail87) Black Avon, RR*2, Heatheron B0fl 1R0 (H) -. Gail REBBECK &od( ELLOTT (Cassin?9, Banie & Roryrgt, teighl8| PO &trce & Cerole Box I 138, Antigonish B2G 2LB (H) SKINNER (f/|,arl</69, NidlolaJSl, Nahaniom2, Joshu.l84, Sarah84 RR#l, Hubbada BOJ 1T0 (H) Jan TAYLOR Tonr BUSHELI (EmiV,&4, Treta89) Box 9202 Sm A, Flslitax BsK 5ll8 (10









ONT Mike & Louiso ATFIELD (AloxandmnS, Philip/8o, [taril€183, Julian/8s) 37 Beadt Aw, FO Box BLAKE, 17 413, Deep Rirer KoJ t F0 (H; -. lbhawk Ave, PortCredit LsG 3R5.-Glen tChrig DICKSON (Flolerv86, &hd88) PO Box 1914, Barbara GAUTHIER (B.ettiql, lihrathon PoT 2E0 Siimon/7g, Lewbl8l ) Box 627, Van Kl€€k Hill K08 1R0 Deborah & Nornan GOLLEDGE (Jamie n,Taylor/ 88) RR 2, Utbrson PoB 11110 -.Tim FIARRIS (Zanet 83, Zadnryl&4) ?38 E Balbur, Sault Ste tlatie P6C 1X9 (H) -.&nn1fer FIART (&etu8c, RR 3, Celodon &spor E Jane HOOGENDATI Ea$ LoN 1E0 (Philipr78, Flannah & JordanlSl, Solite/8g) RR ,6, Cobourg KgA AJg (l{) -. Flerb & Barb JOIIES (Oliver/ 81, Anna/8s) RR 1 , Ganenogue K7G aA (H) -. Alea IGRSTAD & Frederick SCHUELER (Jennie[6) Elishops Mlls, RR 2 Oxfod Station, KoG 1T0 (l{l Teresa PITMAN ([hnhowt77, Liser/8, t]anieuS'l, J€remyl84) 1 235 Redbank Cres, Oalvllle L6ll 1Y4 W€rdy PRlESltllTZ, CAMDIAN ALLIANCE OF HOI,C SC|,|OOLERS, 195 ttlartville Rd, Unbnville LgR 4V8 .- Marie PRINS & Edetard MGEDORN (&sse/81, ArdervSo) RR f2, 45 Petliarnont St, Colborne K(X 1S0 (H) -. Anne Ot ICK & Jim RO6S (PolVA1, Jenny/8s, ChrisryAo) 1 lA W Lynn Are, Toronb M4C 3W .- Jan & Len ROACH (tilafienleU 79, &onwon82, Kendra/8s) 75 StErtAv, Wllolvdale lr2N 182 Linda SEPP (Slqd84, KlirvSS) 1844 Bloor St W, Toonb ll6P 3lG (H) -. Chrir Grange SlllTH fiierney/86, Keny/9O) 24t Fhnne Rd, Toronb M4G 3P3






-. -'




Pam Reji ltlARTlN (Seamu3/7s, S80d PEI Paul 78, lt;cah/80) 8or 242, Cornwall @A 1tl0 (Hl & Riada ROCH (cn//iv7i,, Nbhoh5r/g, Chrisbphera2)


/o l&rtin


Box 242, Cornwall

@A 1H0 (H}




Chris ROt lrtBANlS (Codlyz4, haacrr4 485 St Potorl Bd, RRl, Charlonebwn CIA 7Jl (H) Connie Ron SIEI,IENS (Luke/83, Amyl83, Nalalie/ 86, KristervS6) 7 Glencoys Dr, Soutrport ClA 7T4




Gordon & Fbndene SNIEDER

Fimohy/8S) 1635 Erin Pl, Doryal H95 1SO (H) BoBy Tl-lOilAS & Jmrny BAKON-I{S ($aias,


Ulysseg87, Nicholas/go) 4655 Boyor, llonreal Ha, LeslieTrCOIBE & Bill PRATT (Adriennel&1, 3E5 Jossa€6, &onnan8g) 6328 rue de la Riviere, Val llodn JOT 2R0 (H)


SAE( Robecca I'IANKIN$VOPNI I Delek VOPNI (AlidrAO, Davidl8z, Aatm/8s) Box 180, Trsdale S0€ 1T0 (l{, -. babel I{ANKIN$WLK & ilarvin WLK (lGral82, Je$icd82, Jason86) Box 486, Tisdale SoE 1T0 (H) -.6ab SGHNIRER I Sylvia zuTTNER-SCHNIRER (lilai.ens, Pariddrg, Stepherv &4, Karyea3, Anbnio,8o) 47 Broadvi€w Cre3€flt St Alb€nTON 081


(Xhr Locrtlor:

Audnlle Anna t Jim ADAI6 Fobyln, Daniou8o, J€$ica/84) 282 lGtoomba St, l(8bomba 2780, NSW -. Debbie & lfagdy ARMANIOUS (Elizabeft/80, LukeAQ 2 Malua St, tloll's Poinl l{eathor BARTON (Campbe[83) 31 Shatp St, Greg &JoAnrp l,lowbwn, G€olong, Vieria3220 BEIRNE (Gr€0ory/80, Hebecca/8z, Stophen84, Maty-




GrowlngWthout Schoollng #84 - 1992 Dlreetory



B€W89) 18 ArmH Aw, KolWille 2153, NSW (H) Joanne & Jaap BRt GlilANS (Kylb/83, StephenlSE, Nicole/89) Sphinx Rod<, Kyogle Rd, Vh Uki, NSW 24€.4(H'l -.Jo hn MRPER (LeoniezS, lf,chaoU80, Stephanie S, Mriarn/8g) 15 Bradley Rd, Ntr Ridrmond 2794.- llonie HUDSOT{ (3 dtild€n,85, 87, 90) 41 West St, Balgowlam Heighb 20S1, NSW .Eve & &hn LUICK (Jadd84) 40 Letr St, Kabomba, NSW 2780 -. Jarnes MltlER, Lot 25, gshop Rd, Beacfimere, Queendand 4510 -. Lily & Peter NESBITT-I{AWES (Iimthy84, Laura/8f NSW Contral Coast Fbrneschool Group, RltlB 6346,



lvlacDonaHs Rd, Liearow NSW2250.- Bary Dawn NEWELL (Bont77, Tlm6O) Mt Srornlo Obsenrabry,

PB Wesbn Creok PO ACT 2611 .- Robert OSirtAK. BRISBANE l{Ot ESCt{ GROUP, Lot2, Caboolturs River Rd, UpporCeboolur€ lt510 -June & trilatthew scRlBER (3 driHren) 24 Fbman cloge, Umina2257, NSW Karen & Dale WILLIAMS (crany 81, Elisaa(l) YARRA VATIEY HOIGSCHooLERS, Salisbury St, Warburton



Great Brlleln l,loga & David CONFINO (Benjamirv88, Jacob,90) I Orako Rd, &ockley Pafi, London SE4 1OH, Enohnd (Hl -. Roben & Jill GILLINGS (Jon/79, Lianv83, Zoel8s) Balhgbnney,


Ronagle, Arbory, lsle of lilan Bdtish leles .- Ratph LATTIMORE & Alison I-ATTII,IORE-HORRIDGE (Finnian/85, Tor/84 c/o Ralph Lanimore, Wolfson College, Oxford O)Q 6VD (ll1 -.6st6ig LITSEY & Edward YOUNG (Evarv82, SarahAS) 10 Fairtar Rd, Chiswid<, London W4 1EW (l{) -. Jsan LOVIUS (tuno/69, llarl72,,bn5, Annang) 21 Deqnstrke Rd, Liwrpool L83TX England (H) Rob Babara SHEPPARD (Ellie/8o, lhrfia/8{!, Alfid84 8 Ou€en Kahorino St, Kendal, Cumbria, Enghnd LAg 7OG (H) -. Bob & Sarah TAYLOR (Lulie/89, Lib6rty/91) 29 Whidey Rd, London N17 6R , England (Hl



lreland (Se8rV80, -Jane & Frank DOiIEGAN Brendan83, Conor/&4, Aidan/8g) Drumbrcy, Newbwncunningham, Co. Donegal (ll) -.56n 3 Cindy DRING (Megann6, Simon/79, EharVS:|, GVon/ 85) The Farm, lloyallen, Co. Galway (H) -. Roger & iilarie IJONKTELO$/ (lihnhew8o, Ruari/83, NialUST) 29 lvloneywidr Rd, Randalstown, Co. Anrim BT4t 3HW (H) -. liiary t John SHEEMN (Parick/89) la Glenard, Mona Valley, Traloe, Co. Keny (H) Japan




88, Teryrv90) 624 l{akada, Toyoda-cho, hrata-gun, Shizuoka-ken 7438 Hea0pr & Jarnes HACKETT (ilhni/84, tloa€1) l',hfayagiri 3OF1, Matsudo, Chiba 271 .- Taksshi & Barbara F|AllAOl(A (Kitty86) T665 Takarazuka-rhi, l,lakayama Soen 2 ban te go Judhh & Ashley LYE (Kirstir63, llatthew8s) 8.4-9 Fukasawa, Sengaya-ku, Tokyo tSg .- Sandy i/|ATTHEWS & Chris GlLlilAN (Caidid8z, Corinn€/83) 7-1-49 Midorimachi f201, Kile ku, KOBE 651-12 Debbie TREUS & Todd EGGER (Koi/88, Teryn/go) 624-2 Nakada, Toyoda+ho, lwata-gun, Shizuoka-ken 7438 (H)




Elsewhere: Kelvin & l'loslin€ BARKLA (Elizabotr/80, Jano/8:t, Thomas/87) 17ll€rsmore Rd, RD 12, l,lawera lhw Zcaland -. Elege COff & Gary SCHULLER (fihgali/ 88) 30 Rue des Mimosas, 1(ts0 Bruasela Bclglum (H) Debbie & Foncis D€SllOuLlN (Stophanet8s, Afiz€o/88) 1 allee Condorcat Aplg7,Tt20plo/.q Francr -.John & Beverty GOLDEN (Jrrdith/8l, GabrieUSS, Zadraryl88, Racfiercq PSC Box 860, APO NewYork09291 (Crrt ) Liz E Pieter



GROENVELD (tizyt87l F€€yd/huishan 31,2131 BG Hoofddorp Thr ll.[h.rLnd. (H) -. Dave & Leora GROVES Oin|onr/s, AusrirySo) PO Box 2692, APO Neif York 09224 (turkcy) Elsa FIAAS, APRENDER SIN ESCUELA (Spanbh cWS), Fbrraleza,4, quinb izquierda, 2809 iladrid, SFln (H) Davkl & Fiona |-{ANCOCK (Laura/83, Gr8harn 86) 08 Call€ Gardenia,



Growlng Wthout Schooltng #84

San Frarrcisoo, Rio Piedras Pnrio Rlco d)927.Dan & Gbria FIARRISOI{ (Elizabethr/4, Anbniat8, Anna & Sophh84) American Embassy, PSC 83, Box R, APO AE 09728 (Porrugd) (H) ltlafl e Kery KANTOR (Grace/8s, lleilell/go) 1344 Paradise Dr, APO San Frandsco CA $93+5000 Ilary Pat & Charrrchai KEIIGMAM (Luc8s/8s, Nidrohs8T, DuncadSg) 2ndfur,11A Stanl€y Beadl Rd (llone Kmgl 11o* Einar KNUTSSOII (fryggnnl, Y\abnn Aessulell 4, apt 2F, 11 1 tukjavik h.hnd Chrisbptr€r IIAFIONEY & Carolyn CCHEN (&arv85,






Tsra(P€nnyy87) USDA-APf{lS-lS, Arnerkun Embassy-Hagm, PSC 71 Box 1dD, APO AE 007i5 (l{dh.drnd.) .. Chre & Mdld I|AI{GION (li,lathieu/ 86, Geothey/87, ClothiHdSg) All6e de la Mar€,01 48O Villeneuw Fnncr (H) -. Joaquim & Flory lrOtlTElRO (Myo|ar/6, ltyrcnl85) PO Box 7682,


Dubai Unllcd Anb Emlrelr (H) NiSel Lynda I.IORTON (lsaiahlBs, Ruyd88) PO Box 607, Cobnie, Yap, Western Caroline ld (l|brcnch) James


PETRAIT, StJos€ph High S<fim|, Plot3, Rt2, Frederikst€d, St. Goix Ylryln lrlendr 008a0 -. Khalid & Tenie MSHEED (AbdullaMtl) PO Box 25239, Riyadh, 11466 (S.dl AnH.) (H) -.TSOI lks. Jeck SARTORIS, PSC Box 2928, APO AE 0qn0 (G.nn ny) .- Jennifer Loren SCHMIDT (Jonaftatt 85, AlexardeT€8) 42 tlaso Ct, Ylgo, Gurm $929 Willhm Mario STGLIANI (Marba/82, Chire/€Xl,





Emilb8s, Catedna8T, Antho|ryEo) O[e.]doinst8se

123, SudstadtA2344 Aurtft (H).- Channa t Bany VALLEN (ShmueU87, Erny-Briatv8g) 12 Scon St, llew


iltw Zmlrnd






WALTER (Cani€/8l, hgo84, St€ved86) Finkernog 14, 731 1 l-loctrdorf

(W..1 G.rmmy)

H La



WATKINS (NathanieF/4, Sophkf/g) Nangsreu, lvlalakara via Edayaranmuh, 689532 Kerala lndlr Jill & PeterWtlffl|oRE (|s, Bona7, AnnaAS) 3


Thonrpoon Rd, Penmure, Aud&nd 6

il.w Zd.nd



Directory of Org anizations The folbwing lists are updated perbdically throughout the year and sold separdef as our Homeschooling Resourcs List, available for $2.50.

Correspondence Schools or Curriculum Suppllers llphe Omrgtr P||bllcrtbn


Hills CA 913a5

Pmrcolr ChrHhn Corcnoofuro Sclpol,

, PO Box 31S1,

Tfiipo PO

Box 222, lledina WA 980{19; 20G4597848


S 1000

Phornh Sprclel Progrune, 3132 W Chnndon, Phoonix AZ 85017 (high sdbol)


Bod tletf Publbh.rt, Croclen KY 41413;00e522,f348 Scton Sclrool Hon gudy, one Kidd Ln, Front Royal VA 2263G3332 ; 703€(18-999)

Amrrlcm School,850 E 58fi, Chbage lL 60637


(high school)

91040 81&352-2310

AlsocLt.d ChrLthn tlchoolr,

PO Box 271 15,

$227 ; 317 -|a,'1 -7 132 Brlghrm Young U.ltepl ol lndeprrdent Study, 206


ndianapof ia lN

Flarman Continuing Ed Bldg, Provo UT &602 gchod, 105 Tuscany Rd, Baltimore lvo


Chdrthn Llberry Acedemy,5O2 W Erclid Aw, ArlirEton Hts lL 60@4

Chrlrlhn Ught Publb.tlon , PO Box 1126, f'fanisonbury VA 2W1-1 1fti 7@434{768

Ch$lc Cunlculum,

Dopt G, PO Box 656, Milford Ml

-7(ng or'l -80034&6688 Educ.tor PuUbhlng Srnh.,75 lloulrn St,



18000, Pensacole FL 32523

Allr Vlde Collogo Pnc lbmr tlctrool Cwrb, Amcrlcen H,om. W, Perry UT 84in2

Our Lrdy of Ylctory School, PO Box 5181, Mssion

31 91|81

Cambddgo l'tA 02238

EducrUon l




1079, Sr/nland CA

Percntr, Box 209, Kenddd< lD&1537;

?08.27&'1721 U ol llobnrh Indep.nd.nt Study Hlgh Scltool, Continuing Ed Cr Rm 269, Lincoln NE 68583 For high sdrool, college and grad oour8e8, 8eo PETERSON'S ]NDEPENDENT STUDY CATALOG. available from Flolt Assochb, 2269 Ma$adusotts Ave, Cambrilge llA 021lo for $11.95 + $3 posta0e,

Helpful Private Schools Priyate schoola enrolling or helping homesdroolers in

Glcnn DlCrlbutort,725l Bass ltuvy, St Cloud ln{ 32769 Hcwltt Rccearch Foundetlon, PO Box 9, Washougal

varh,r ways (c'unicula, legal help, wpport). Sand

WA 98671;20G83$8708

Anchoragp AK 99507

Homr Sludy Altermtlvr Sclrool, PO Box 10656,

Ablngton, 176 illain St, Yarmoulhport MA

tlowport Boadt CA 92658 llonr Study Dlruc-lory: llrt'l

Aloh. Kld.,,1640 SW 182, Aloha OR




1601 18th St NW Wash DC m009. llomr 3tudy lrdltut.,6040 Carroll Ave, Takorna Part lf,) 209'1 2: Int.m.tbn l Indltu!., PO Box 99, Park Ririge lL


Abbon Lo€p Chrlrthn Ctr,2626 Abbon Rd,

02675 (Capo Cod only)

970O7|W642-4O94 local Chrhlen gchool, Rt 1, Pery KS 66073; 913-



Atn.rlcen ]lrrltrgr Chrlrthn, 9OZl Calvine Rd, Sacrameno CA 95829;916€82-2382


Kolbr Acedrmy, 16(n F St, Napa CA 94559






PO Box 11{O, Ojril CA 93024 At ]lromo, PO Bor 27GG, Flonaunau Hl

%76 llcGutby Acedcmy,

Adyc. Communlty School, PO Box 24, Arivs AZ 85601

Bddwln Pert Chrhlen School, 13940 E llercod, 91e$7-8828 Celr Prrevd Srtollllr Schoolr, 91 $232-9721 (KS) C.lumd School, RD 1 Box 95, Smyrna NY 13464 Gercrdr Cenym School,45S3464 (San Aneelrn, Baldtrtin Park CA 91706;

2213 Spur Trail, Grapevine TX

76051 ; 81 7-481 -7008

Llvlng lbrltege Acedcmy, PO Box 1438, Lervisville TX 75067

Nrtkcnel Book Co,33B SW Pa*


Pordand OR


Chdrthn Chprl SctpoL, 1920 S &ea Cln Cutoll Rd, Welnut CA 91789; 714-59&9733

9720937&4;50$22&6345 Ork lcedow School, PO Box 712, Bladshrrg VA

Ctrlrthn Frn{ly Educetloml Scrvlcr,

2rO63; 70&552-3263

47159, Phoenix AZ 85068

1992 Dlnectory


36 ClonLr. ]lom.


Educ.tbn Progrrm, 1289J€yvetr St, AnnArbor Ml 4810{;

Sen Dbgc



lft Adare Ave,

San Diogo 94111

Sonom. County llomrcchoohr, 8600 Templeman Rd, Fo€sMlle 9313E South $ C.ntn, Box 261, Boulder Creek 950O6 (resour€ cr fur familio!)


Dryrpdng Chddhn Acrdomy, PO Box 60956, Palo Alb CA 94:loo

Box $1, San Martin 950,16 SPICE, c/o PO Box 282, Wlton 95891 Wlldflowr llomcrchoolcrr. 4572 El Dorado Ct, Pl€ssanbn 94566; 41$102-9516 Yolo County Homcchootcn, PCI Box 305, Esperb 95627; 91s787€613 Yoermltr Aru Hom..choolor., POEox 74, Mktpines 95345

Dlrcovcry ChrhLn Sch6l, 5547 Alabama Dr, Concord CA 90521; 41$€72-5670 G-A.T.E School, 1725 N Dab *43, ilesa AZ 85201; 969{821 Gr..rrooL Frt. Sclrool, 2458 Graasr@ts Way, Tallahassee FL @301; $+65& 3629 Hlgh llredw,60 Gabipuge RD, Nour Paltr NY 12561:91+25$8842 lfomc€ontorrd b.mlng, PO Box 92, Escondido CA 920?5:'61v-^74f}1W. Prlv.!. Sclrool, o/o Pdncipal M. Eack,45 Albort St t{orfi, Orilh, ONT L3V 5,1€, Canada Thc Lolrnlng Communlly,9085 Flamepool Way, Columbh MD 21045: 301-7tsG

tlorth Vdlry llomcechooten Asn,



Und.n School,572 l,f,litary, Betde Creek Ml 49015; 616-$$282 Llttb Plnry Sclnol, Rt I 8ox 20, l{ewtury MO 65550

Nodlrrn Cobnrdo Homc School Ar.oc, ,1633 Slryline Dr, Ft Collins 80526 gL, Conn dlcut Horn Educrton At.oc,63 Spindrift Ln, Guilfo.d CT

Hastin0s l,t{ 55tXt3;417€(X9 PO Box 29, N San.lnn CA 95960 lfetcr Schoolr, PO Box 427 , Rosheton TX 71583 llomlng Glory Prlvttr Sclpol, PO Box 20, Ft Whito FL 32028 Mount Vcrnon Acedcmy, 184 Vino St, Mrnay UT 84107 ilt C.rmC, RD I Bor 1737, Watorvillo W 05492 Iunclc Clrldhn School,23{t S 65ft, Kansas City iro 66111;91$788€018 ilorth Long Ch.p.l, 132 E Art$ia Blvd, Long Beacfi CA 90805;

00437: 20S457-1642

Llttlr Rcd ilomr Sclrol, $60 E 123rd,


Cdondo Homc EdErtort' At oc, 3o&65G883t]

Colondo ]lome Schoollng il.tworlq 7496


Apacfie, Sedalh 80135; 30&688-


Colondo Sprlngr llomcechoobn, 29(b Matilyn Rd, Colorado Springs


llrglc llcldow Sclrool,


Strt Homeechoolgr A..oc, PO Box 71€K1, Newark 1971+718 ELi Frmlty lremlng Erchm$, 2020 Turpentine Rd, Mru 34t54

DE: Td

Florldr Amoc ior SctpoL 2793 Florlde

213-42&5166 Pllgrlm Chrlrthn Scltool,3759 E 57h St, MeFvood CA 90270; 21$58$3167 Pllgrfm School,531 N Balna" Potiorville CA 93257ire7|P4&2


Pennt{duceto|t Aroc,

Grorglrne $or Frldom

20051 Quesada Ave, Pod Chstlotte 3i}952 Wyntud Dr, Kennesaw g)144 In Educetlon,209 Cobb St, Palrnono 30ib8: 404-48&


Th. H.ll Courrty l{omc Edrretorr,443g Lako Forest Dt, Oakwood 30588; 40e'


llorlh 9ld. Atlerle Honreschool.rr, c/o Jane KelV,414f Weuca, Ailenb 3842 REACH, c/o Vicki Scon, 617 Colony Ct, Woodsbd( 30188 Hl: Chrldhn llomeschoolrrr ol Hewell, 910824 Oama St, Ewa Beacft

Seedllng, c/o Joy Reiter, 69 Sendenon Cresconq Ridtmond Hill Ontatio L4C 5l-5, Canada Sldney Lrdron School,3tt Overhnd Dr, Ilon Mlls, Ont, Canada ltr3c 2Cll; 41&

57(b;6896398. Fdcndr Lcamlng rt Hom.,95-208 Paeli Pl, Mlilani $789 llewell bhnd Hornr Educaton, 5&8076 or 965F9002


CMrthn School,

1000 tlevil's Dp, Talhhasree 32308;

!l:Cobb Cornty Homclroolrn,813

Plmwood Sclpol. 112 Road D, Pine CO 80470:3&83&4418 Pfttrburgh Urben Chrhhn Co.l. S.fiool, 412422.-|3ts,24 PA) Rocky Houileln Hlgft fcedemy, PO Bor 418, F|ora Vista NM 874'15 Saddlcbacl Ydlry Cb, Box 912, El Too CA 92630; 714-855€dXl Srntr Fr Cormunlly School, POBox2241, Santa Fe NM 87501;509471-6928

Snohombh Counly

rt lbmr,

1215 OVmfic Ave, Edmonds WA 98020;

Hqnr*hool A$n,66960 Kuswa Dr, Waialuasi€l ]foil|. Educ.torr, Tl7 )Glani st, wailuk! 96N3;8a8-242-825 lAi lour Femlllce br Chdrrlen Edrretlon, RR 3 Box 143. li'fttouri Valley



M-771-178 Stoncmoor Hllb School,3 Sbnernoor Dr, Pcblo CO 81d)5; 3(F551-3510 Summlt Chr|rlhn Acrdrny, 13789 l.lo€l Rd, Suit€ 100, Dallas TX 752/0 Sycrmon Trrr, 21 79 ileyer Pl, Costa ilosa CA 9827i 71 4$5G446,8



TEACH,4350 takoland Ave, N Robbinsdale MN 55422 Wholr Eerth Frrm school,3661 Sominolo Rd NE, Siilvernn OR 97381

]lornr Educeton Asgoc, PC) Bor 213, tlos lbines

lE llom. Edrcrton

ol ldeho, 3618 Pine Hill



Coeur d'Alene 83814; 20&


ld.ho lfom. Educetorr, PO Box 4022, Boiso 8{t711-/O22in&4€,2-733lj


cro Mary Friedl, 1*11 Oewland, Evansbn 60202

Homeschooling Organlzations

llllnob Cfirldlrn Homc Educetorr, PO Box 261, Zion 60009 l&, Sodhryn lN Suppod Gmup, 1 t I E Wator St, Ptincern 47670; 812€89

lf you write to these groups, ploase send a SASE. Use Inlerna-


f,$, Flecton,canton Hornr Educttorr AEoc, 31s367-8205 Ienhettan Prronl Educatot, 91$$$3441

tional Postal @upons outside of U.S. These groups will usually be able to refer you to smaller, more localized support groups.

l[bhlle Tcchlng p.lrntr, 31s264-9063 fY.i Konlucky Homc Edmrllon Aroc,

State or Local Groups: (alphabetically by state)




toublrne Cltlzcm ior llomr Educ.tbn,

3404 Van Buron,

Babr 70714;

IE: Irlm Homochool At


Al$kr llomrcchool




Rt 3 Box 63t1, Conondele 33453 PO Box 874075, WasilleS6ST: 907-37$

$brgo trtr t|omc*lpolerr zJ7a424ffi


FlnllL. b. llom.

Hom. Edrc.tlon A!!oc, 9085 Fhmepod Way, (X5: 301 -73O-(x)73 Iontgom.ry Co Suppon Grcup,26,824 Floward Chapel Dr, Damasqrs 20872-


Hom. School SupdL., 1125 E qrick Draw Pl, Tucaon 85749 Perrntr Ar.c of Chrbrhn llom. Schoolr, 6166 W Highhnd, Phoenix 85ff!3 AB: Artrnrer Chrlctlan Homr Educetlon Agcoc, PO Box 501, Littlo Rod(




Opcn Supporl Grp,81$8:,$3454 Calltomfa Celhfon - PALS, PO Box 92, Eeoottdido 92f,25i619-74f}1522. C.nt.r tor Educ.tlornl Gulderrcr, PO Bor /145, N San Juan 95960; 91&292€623 Chlldrcn erd Communhy l{ducl, cr'o Lynno Knowles, 14556 Lide Gr€€nhom Rd, Grass Valley 95945

Chdrlhn Frmlly Schob,

PO Box 2368, San Jo€o 9515$368 Chdrthn llomo Educrton ot GA, PO Box 28644, Senta Ana g?99811i71+

2427 Gtandby, San Jose 951 30


1247:&1-25*5467 Perrntr ior lfrom Educatlon, 13020 Blairtlpre St, BelBville 20705i3I,1'572-5',,n Prlncr Gcorgc Sspporl Gtoup, 34$6487 Appb Counlry Homcchoollng A..oc, PO Box 508.{5&3688 Fnnklln Co Frmlll.| for Hom. Ed,41&6256566


Gmt.r Bodq| llomr Educrton,

llo|r|. fiooLr.




2t16, l-lannrd


7-24S2059 (W8l(efi oH)

Kltctr.r Schol Group, PO 8ox $, W Boxfo.d 01885; 317-352'2023 lle.. ]fomr l-ornlng fucoc, POBox'1976, Lenox 012/lo;41+637'2160



Educrtba Club (Boobn aroa), 72 tlele St, RoClndale

02131; 017-32+1119.







SupPort Gry, RR 2 Box 54, Sob8oo Lake OO75;

Sodh.ttr lelm llomr Educ.tbn Srppott Grp,25 Belmeade Rd,

Educrtbn, 639 E Kino Dr, llesa 85203;

Communlty Educdhn G.uJlr, PO Bor lllts, N San Juan 95$o Nodh Senrr c|rn Yellcy llomrechoolec, T9S Sherabn Dr, Sunnyvale 94087 ilorthcm Crllbrnlr ]bmochodon Arcoc, PO Box 431, Petaluma 9{95$O4{ll

ocletlon, PO Box 587, Unity 0498&0587i207-


Alebrmr llom Educrtoc -Tu.c.loar An.,




AL: Ahbrme llqno Educrlon, PO Box 16091, Motile 361.|6


PO Box 81, Wlnchosler /tdl92-0081


tro W.d llomcrchoolcrr. 379 Concord Rd, llarlboro 01752; 50&48$2949 Nodh Shor. Support Grp, g)&46&4663 or 508€5&8970 South Shon HonrcachooleF. ST Snell Av, Eroclaon 02402;50&58&1529

GrowlngWthout Schoollng #84 - 1992 Dtrectory




llonrochoollng Ogrnh|tbn, 246 lihy St t2, Urorcoster 01602;

617-75$9553 Bey Clty



Bluebonnot t)r, Flndlay 45ga0 (local mly) Nancy llcl(bbon 1676 Trendtil Ct, Columbuo /(l2g t{o|||}8...d Edrr tbn lreg|| of Prr.rl., PO Bor 98, Penyshrtg l||1551 l{om. S.r|ool il.hrcr|( 5165 Romohr Rd, Clnchnsli 452+l l{om. S.rr€l Rourco Clr, l+l.t Gudey Aw, Ako,n 44310; 21&8$3160 Ohb Ccl. of Educdlonrl A|t.rmtlvrr llow, PO Box 094, Thonpson tl4088 Qf,i Comordonr, I 1lt8 S Ofle$o Av, Tulga 74120 Thr Femlly Lremlrtg CorncUqr, PO Box tS8. Durant 74702 OK Crnrnl Hqnr Educ.tor Conrchtlon, PO Box 270601, ON(C 73137 o|rlehonu Chrhhn l{orm Educdorr Acoc, PO Box 471032, Tuls. 74147'1(82 lrrnlng Contr, PO Bor 70778, Eueene 97401 9&, C.|ilnf O.gpfi Hom..clpoLr., PO Box !100, Bend 977)8;5&3€12'15,47 Dougb Countt ]lomachoobt Cornrcdott, lo53 l"lenns St, Ro.€but! 97,li0

llorncfioollng Supporl

ilrfrc* br ChrHlm llonrq

Orp, 517-8&7608 4150 Amb.Ge NE, Grand Rafide

Lrlnrlng Tno Rourco


I, Adadic Mne

Box 8GB S Srrp€rior Rd RR

49005 90$48il-8it€X!

Allrmrllw l'Imlng Cf,

FrcO 1 Box 134, Pelkie 49958 2452 Soulhcrest Av, llaplewood

I&, Fmllbr llwlurlng Utbng lnrn r.,

551 19

Frrgo-lloonhad llomochool Agsoc, 1900€h St S, lloorehead 56560 l{om}B.r.d Edrcrlqr Accndhlng A$oc, Rt I Box 381, Cambridoo 55008

Ilnncdr llor|ncfiol Alllrrc.,

PO Box 281, lilcplo Plain 55359; 612-.07$.4301

Ilnnerde l{omr gclrool lldsorl, SOg E l23rd, Flastings 55fi13;612-4y-3O49 f,$, llom. Edrc.tor. ol Contnl tlolrdppl, c/o llc[bnald, 100 W Wllu

{8&9218 X9: Fenlllo ior l{om. Edncdbn.44{n Woods Rd, liibley 61088 O.rrk LORE Sochy. c/o Eisdrilann, llc 73 Box 160, Dru.y 65dt8;417€7$9191 Ct, Ridoeland 30157; 801

Sprlngflcld Arr l{ornlr|toobr., Rt 1 Box 193, Fair Grow 65648 $ Loulr South County Suppod Ctoup, 60l lhdison, A.nold d1010

fL: Fflthod Yelley Hanrdrdrrl Arrn, Kalispoll,

Thr Gnprvlm (lrontana


N€ws), 1702



llornchooL.r Et1

Th. Lrrnlng Conn .tbn, PO Bor 1091 *196, Grents Pars 9526: g8-07&5686 P.nil. Edrc.ton A..c, PO 3or 1{8a, Ben€rbn 97075;5(&44$97O Ford.d Arr T*Cosnty llom.ctpobn, c/o Suran Jo.g, 28901 S. D.l,b Rd,

Arooc, PO Box 95, UIM MT 59,18${x)95


Prmrytnnlr lbmochoolrn, P.nnt

tlcmcclmlor }{.tuoil,

E(X0 Ullibridgo St, Linooln 0850o

OPEll,79fl) Raven Oakc t)r, Omdrs 68152;402-572-8515


Prelrb Chrldlen lfomr Schoob, Rt 3 Box 73, 68882 llomo Scheb Untbdvrgnr Ydby, PO Box 681 t, L.! Veeel 80126; 702€7$9566 [H: ilow llrmpdrh. Hom. Schol Oorllilcr, rcrbxm4, Concord GXIO2 llw llampehlr. Hom. SchooL ]fuwrlottrr, PO Box 97, Conbr Tufbnboo 6816 !*, Femllbr L.cmlng Togdhrr, 11 Bate! Rd. Jad<son 085nin1-$7-



Homcchoobn ol3outh JrDy, Rt 2 Bumt lbuso Rd, Mnonbwn 08088 Jrncy Shon Chrblhn l{omcchooler. Ar.oc, 65 Mddlesex Rd, lhtanan 07747-3rxJ[)

Femlly Scbob lcc, RD t2 8ox 236, Celifm 07&t0l llorth Jcr..y llomr SchooL.l A..oc,.r4 Oak St Hilbdalo 0Bt2;201-666€OE Root rnd Wlngq RD 4 Bor 126E, Boonton Twp 07005 Su.3er Counly llom. Edrrc.lbn Orymlzrtbn,87Sf 78


ilArorlq 2 Smifi St, Famingc€/,e O77/7; 2O1-Nl&2473 Frnn Spport Gry otcontr.l }{], RD 1 Box 713, Job3bn

Sanh Fe Trail Nw' Alhrqmrque 87120 Srntr Fr Lremlng Cooprr.tlv.,2463 CsmhE Capiwr, Sanh Fe,87505 31

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Skle Hill Springc, Bedrer Rd,


Ffngorfrko Unrclpolrn l{rworh, 607 Cascadilh St,




79955t1 l'o'vltrg

Educ.tbnAt l{om., POBor 332, qrao/$ 132(rc32151&397d)19 AtlhlE., c/o Thereea Mo.rir, 341 E sfi St, l{ou

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Solsr St, Provideno


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gq,Sodh O.fob llomr Sdpd AEG,88ol E 38fi St, Sloux Falb '71(B DL l{om. Educ.tlm Aroc ot Trm (HEAT), 362/ Rkfibhr Ct Narhville


llomc.fioollng Fmllho,

116 Ricfiards I)r,

Oiror Sptotgc 378,O;43$t367

ItriAdln Arn llormrdpdm,6502 Brsdley [}, Audn 70723 Femlly lfomr Educrton of Drll..,2l+84G8Xz Horn .clnt.d Prlv.t Edrc.don lcrTrs.r, FO Bor,l3E87, Ardn 7Ur,l$t(bt8; 512-2&.5tg


llomcoc|rool Codlllon, g)c797'1'97

FCLf Uhh 3pb. O.o$, tSt0 W 500 N. Ptovo 8{601; 801 -En47n Udt l{om E4rcdon A..ehbn, 1099 S 200 E, F8rmlnebn 8164; d}1"18&



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RR 2 Box



c/o Liz $vift, PO 8ox

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IA llom. Ed|cilor. Aroc ol VA PO Box '1810, Font Royel ZdXr-1810; 7G59Gq)48 l{omr E{rceton ilcwork,3lA) Wawdy Dr, Fredetickrbur324ol lloor. ln lrudbn SupDod Group, 2l7 Wllfl Ten, Stolhg 22171) ilorrhrrr YA ]bmrchoolcn/tEARll,,(XnTens Dr. Attnsnd8le 220G1 U&, Chrf Co. lbmr Edurton, 28821 Nl,Y lbh St, Ridgpf€ld 986,f2; 20C



119 Cook Ay, Jamosbwn 1/t701;71&48+


[$Frmlllo l..IlntE Togdh.r,68

Lakey Creelr, Franklin 28234


Cerollnr br l{otrr Educdbn,204 tlorh Person

St, Rabigh






l{om. School A.ooc, PO Box ,t8S, }lendan 5858{: 701-

448-9191 or 44&2602


Chtudm ]lono Educrton ot Ohb,

PO Box 1224, l(ent


GrowlnglVlthout Schoollng #84 - l9g2 Dtrrectory

Str. Rl, Colvillo 90f 14


Hom-dlcobr.'SupDod Arloc, PO Box,f13, llaple Vdley 9868; S.{32-$05 P]ut A.FG, 1842/ 28fi I} SE, BoftCl S012ire4&l8An2 Wdrlng0on Hom-ofiod Orgnnhrtbn, PO Bor 918, f/hdo Vdl€y S(B8: a)& €:t3ct5

l{omrchol Arloc,


505 Trout Lake Rd, Bellingham 98ZZo

h Educ.lbn,

Chrhlrn llonr Educeton ol tTrt

RtO Box305,Cldoe 2#15:90+{{i&7&12 VA, PO Box 266, Glenville 8|51: AX-a62-


W.d YA lfom. Educdor. A..orD, 733.rns

PO Bor 3707,

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Furlly Acedmt, 148 SW l59rd f2gr, Seede SlEo Fenly lrrmhg Onrnnrbn, PO Box 7256, Spokane sl,fil425/8;,fi1tr{67-


Cdhollc llo|n. S.fiooa Support Grp, 2a8 E 2O4 Sr, Brcnx tolts8

W.rt.rn ilY llotnclroollng il.trcrL"

Femllbr L'Imlng, Box 10

275 Yarmouh Rd, Rochostor '14610;



bLnd.r. io. Cond[utlond Edrcalqt, I



llomr Educetlon Nduott ot lLu Ych Z/5 Yarmouh Rd, Rocheet f 1{510 lfomr Sclroobrr Erchengo,'RD 1,lb'x172f, E Chafram 1M;5183Q-1tTl llomcechoolort llM ol lh lld.lludeon YrlLy, RD 2 8or 2i I P, Ski Run Rd, Bloomirpfurg l$f 1?121 ; 91 rl-73Slo2 Long lrlrnd llonadodon, 4 Scvillo Pl, Ithssapoqua Park 1 1762; 51 &


H.nd Gulld olllqnr Torohrn,nzJ\qn/t Av,Waruld 02880;,l0t-737-


illf C|rruhn Hom. Edrc.tlon,7417 Emplt

Rhod. ?sas Rhod.



w-7*1521 df,i Olorbe Frmlly Eduortoo, Star Rt 1 Box 4(X, Glorieb 87535 Nrw l.rlco Fmlly Educdorq 878 Lisbon Av SE, Rio Randp 87124 llcr lrrbo llomr Edre0or., PCt Box 19183, Ahuqu€rque 871P


RD 2 Bor 117, Kitanning 16201t,t12-7896512 Spun Nrw., /t Sherred Av, Waruidt 02888;4o1-781-9Tl Educ.tor of Rl, PO Box 782, Glendslo 02826


[ELLEAB]|,7141 E Avon Ln, Linooln 6856;02-464{551


Av,Et4on 97,()5



UnrchoofoE Umchoollng


pf,Chrdr County llom.*hooLr., PO Box C, Peli 1801 dh.. llounblnr ]lomschoolor., RDo Box 198, Wellsboto 16901 Prmrytvmh ]lom. Educrlbn lLr|, rqBAoofivood Dr, Gib3onL'lgl+f

&&75#2181 HomccchoolTr ol llorlenr, PO Bor 681, Flolona 5962+0654


of Lrm Couny, 0O(X0 Penen Rd, Fdl Creek gtl38; 5l&gt7-

Seeley Lake


Iontrnr llomcchoolm


lU[bmdf. Homr.NnoLr.,245W

8924052, 75&2180



Ertrcada 97028; 5@€|D.1S5

(O.ark aree grp)



Growhe Togothr,





Chsl€lton 8$l-3707:3|}1-

reSg Cone.bge

Tdl, Cotaee

f{OIE (I.dLon Ch.0L0,5745 Bluoflseet Pl, libdion 53705;60$*92 Wbcondn ]trnnr. A..oc, PO Bor 2502. Ihdison 53701 IIY: Wyon{ne }bmcchobn, Box 1380, Lvnfi |lf?fEnt gL7U4'18

38 750tt

Natlonal or General Homeschool Groups


Alt.rmth. Educ.tbn Souc-,


PO Box 172, Unionville lN 47.168 Badc Eductbn, PO Box 610589, tyFW Airport TX 7ffi1 : 21+462-1W 688 11$ Aw NW, },lew Briohton l,t{ 55112 C.thollc l{om. Scfiool 180 SE lGne Ave, Groshstn OR 97GX, Chrlrtlm Uf. Wort C.lrtly. Lrrnlng ilegerlnr,473 tlilly liitchell Rd #3, San Anbnio TX 782291820 llCR 63 Box713, Nasolle WA s638; Frmlly Cartrrrd l...rnlng Alt rn

llrrdettr, lrp.,


re4843252 Growlq lflltha|t 3clrollng,2269 ilasse.fiusotE Aw, Cambrklge ilA 021,o l{omc Educ.Uon


FO Box 1(83, Tonaskst WA 98855; 509,f86-135'l

lbmesnading Sdr@|, RD 2 GW, Oftrd t{Y 138{lo llomr Edrcrtlon tf@, llomr Ed|rcetort Slngb Prrrril lldrort, NFIA, PO Box 290, Fleriland Ml 483530290: 31 $632-5208

Hom. Educrtor. Comp.lrr



Orcup,26824 lbward Chspd Dr, Damasans

2087i2-1217 i 3Ol -25S5467

llomr liclrool


Homr Schoof


Hornr Schol 97301-9192



20866; *1-421-1473 Dr0rner A$oc, Paeonian Springs VA 21?f;7@482-3,3BB Werbm Baptistcollege,5000 Door Park Dr SE, Salem , PO Bor 350, Burbnsvillo




Homelroollr lor


ilrw Enghnd,

1 1

6 Thkd Av, Aubum

]G. o{,210i

P.s, PO Box 74, Mldpines CA 96345 lldral, POBox 290, Flardend Ml 48353{1290;

Homc.chooLr.Tnvrl 5208





llqlh Amofu.,



Ct Raleigh NC

1312 Plyrrcuth

Jrwbh Homr Educdo.. lhwrldtT, c./o Ernsbff,2 Webb Rd, Shaon MA 0z)67 Thr lloon Foundrthn, Bor 1, Camas WA 98607 l|lt'l Aroc of lormon Hom. Educdorr , mO S 1 (X)0 Urest, Perry UT 8{302 Pafi Dr SE. Salom gnlol-c'ge


]bnachol Arehbn,

Sg ltvlllism St, Hawfiome,


Sln E*urh, cftlorffieza, 4, quinto hquierda, 28dX lladtid, Spaln Brhbrne Homochoollng Orcup,Lot 2, Cab@lure Riwr Rd, Upper CabooltJro ,{5l0Ausralh Educ.fbn oth.ilb.,38 Kinross st, Lesmingbn spa warts' UK cvs2TEe(n6 886840

llomrchooL?. Audnth

t-- Enbnl.

Pty Ltd, POBox 34O, Sevon Hllls 2147, NSWAusralia D'Abord, l8 Grde Rue, Valenco 26000,FrutcB

llSW Grntnl Cord lbnrorchool Grp, RMB 63,16, MacDonaHs Rd, Us8rfl NSVI, 2250, Austrslh Th. lLu Z..hnd ]lorm Sctroollng A..oc, PO Box Zt, Walmauku 1455ltlow Zeslend


Grcup, PSC Box 1578, APO Miami, Florida 34{nl (Ft Ame&r,


Purlo Flco llornehoollng A.-c,5Og ga6o

Wcldflldr E*rcrtloml S.n b.,

l{ltl 3l{N England Yrrr Y.ll.y llonrclpolon,I

Srode Fbulo.

St, Sanuroe 00012 Puerb Rico /14/50 Osnaburgh St,

We3tem Baptist Collego, 5m0 Doer

FO Box 290, llstdand Ml 48353{290; 3t$6112-


N.t'l Homrchol 3.n lc., PC, Box 167, Rodeo NM 88€6; 50&557-2250 t{rt'l lndltut. lor Chrldlm }lo|nr Educellon, Rt 3 Box tt3, Rus6|trg VA 24588 Trlk Abod Lnralng, 25 Bdmoade Rd, Pordand ME 04101: 207-7r+7053

Tcchlng Hom., PO Box 2021 I, Pofllend OR 9722CO21 I Vrgln llomlchoobt ,5313 A Heritagp Way NE, Albuquerque


NM 87109


Salishrry St, Watb(irbn, Ausrelia

other Organlzatlons Theso educadonal, drild+aising, or sdf+dhne organizalirns are good sources of h€lp and allies. Agsin, a SASE b apP€dated. Allhrcr lor Prnntrl ln Educatlon, PO Box 59, E Chaham NY


Alt.|n|tly. Educ.tlon Rceourcr Orgrnlzrtlon,4lT


il.t'l Horn Educdbn Rrrrch ln lltrt.,

Educrtbn Roourcr Grcup,

llelboume, Ausralie

Roslyn Rd, Ros|m HghE t'fY


EVAII€, 977 Koolor Ara, Berkeley CA 9a708 (coporal punishment)

b lmgrr Inlrrnrtloml, 516 Mnnoapolir Av, Franklin Pad< lL 60131 LLdbtf Cfitlnuum Ndwort, Write El€phant,6lgsaquah, Waldo R' llatbor'

Sauselib CA 9455;415€{E-15t0 (p6ple inbrested in fre Continuum Concep$' ild'! A|toc lor thr trgel Srpport ol Alt. tlcNroob, PO Box 2823' Sanlr Fe NM

875(X:g)9t07t€028 ilalond Crntrr br Frlrrnd Oprn Trdlng (FdrTdl,342 Brosdutry' Cambddge MA 02139;617{64-1410

lLt'l Co.luon Ot A[. Communlty gchoolr,

58 Schoolhotisa Rd, grmmerbwn TN

38481; E1$96+3670 Theae listB may be reprodu€d in full or in part on! if fie oource is cndited al €ROWll{G W|T|{OUT SCFIOOLII{G. 2269 f/bssechusetts Avenue, Cstnbtidgo



Homeschool Groups Outslde ot U.S. Canada: Albolt Hcn Educ.tbn Arroc, 6112

Cdg.ry Horn



c/o Alne SbsitrYich, Box 3451 , Leduc AB T9€|trnt


Rou|E. Sodry,

RR 6, Calgary AB T2M

Crmdhn Alll]rcr ol l{omoohoolrr., 195 lhtkvillo Rd, Unionville, Ont L3R 4V8; 41e171-s/1 Cmdlm Hom. Educdo.. Ar.oc ot BC, 4684 Darin Ct, Kebvrna BC VIW 283; erJ/,-7E,{-746,2

Coulchrn Yrllry llomrbrnrrn Support On, RR 7, h.ncan BC Vq- 4W4 Educrtton


KingrAre, WVancouver BC

V l 81

Crr.t.r V.mcuvrr llomo Edtc. Suppo?l Grp, 60+Z&1C19 llomo brmlng Brrourcr Grrtn, Box 61, Qttahiaski BC VOP 1M Honretroolrrr A..oc ol lloilhom Alb.d., 1OS8 - 35 Av, Edmonton TA, a,t} Irnltob. Arlc br Scftoolktg I llom.,80 Edkar Cres, Ulfinnipeg MG 3ll8 Iontrrl llcrnodpolon'Supporl Grp,5241 Jacques Groniet, Monreal PCI l{lW 2GE;51+481-843,5

tLu Brundlcl Anc olchrldrr Hqn ..NrooLrt, Hl[$omueh NB EOA 1X0;50G73+ffi3 ll,ovr gcclr Sqpod Orp, c/o llure Lrhlman RR

RR 1

Sitt 1r Bol


1, PleassnMlle NS BoR 1C$

Onlub llomroNroo|rtl, Box 60,260 Adelaide St E, Tormb lF 11,10 Orllh Hoit .d|ooL||.' 8upF.t G.p, 45 Ab€rt St t{orfi, orilh Ont UIV 5l€

Ouobrc ]fomcchoollng Advbort, 4650 Acadis, La.hine. Quo HoT I l,l5; 51a637-579'

S.tletclrsen llomr-Bud Ednctton, 116A sK s7t


l(|yh,yld t)r. N,


13, Sasl(8bofl

tlrlrcrt, t0e29o Regina, Vlcroda, BC VgZ 658 Edtrddt'9ochy,8 Normattdy Rd, $rhltehooe YT YIA 3C5

Vlctorh llomr l|.mlng Yukon tlorno

Elsewherc: Acc.L.|!.d ChrHLn Educ.tbn,

PO Box 10, Srathpine,

qd., Au3h.lia; 07 AE

U.S. Postd Sewice STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MAMGEIENT Al{I) CIRCULATION (Equired by 30 U.S.C.9685). (1A) Tide of pttuicatiotu Grwing Wifiout Srfioolirp. (18) PuUkxtion l.|o:07,f55805. (2) Date of filine : 1o10ts1. (3J Frequonq ot lsErJo: Eii+nonhty. (3A) lfumbor of ltstro published annually: 6. (38): Annual subsctption pnce: 125. (4) Compleb mailiru ddless of krnrn offa ol publication: Holt Assodafirs, 226S lhssadruaeng Avenue, Cambridge llA {l2f '|(). is) Cormten ndlim addregs of the hoadquarte6 of general business offices of fio njlti*rer: Same. (6i Full namee and comploftt mailing address of publirher' edior' and m*nging edior. Publishor: Fbtt Assodabs, 2269 Mas!. Ave.. CetnbridgB MA O2r,O. Editoc Sr.rsannatr Sheffer,22s0 Masg. Ave., Cambddeo ltA 0210. llan4ing Edlbn Parid Fateng8,2269 llass. Ave., Cambidge MA 02140. (4 , Offrer (lt owted by a corporelitn, hs name and addosged rrrst bs rbbd and elso knrncdiably ilbreundor fie nem€s and add'ecres of gbckhold€rs ownine J percont or notg of rnl gnount of !bck): Flolt Agsociabg, lnc., 2260 lhrg' Aro.' Cam' brHgc li[A 02l,lo. Parid< Farcngs,2200 Mast. AF., Cambddge llA 021&. Donna Ridtou& 2260 lhrg. Aw., Csmbridep MA 021,10. g$8nnah Shefhr' 2269 lhss. Ave., Canrhidgc MA 021/0. Tom and fbty M.her, 3o Pltk St' WekefiCd MA olsoo. Nerrt Wdl$,2421Panem St Phild€lPhh PA rgrcB. lr.tlsnd Mary Van Doren, 19589 Asea Rd, Abee OR 07324. (8) Kno$l bondholderu' morqagees' and oilter la,'lty holde€ owning or holdino 1 peront or rmre of btd snDunt ot bondr, rprqqec, or other soql.idea: l,lone. EXfENT AND MTURE OF CIRCULATION: (A) Total ]|o' Copi€8 (net p.e.. run): Awr{B m. copior eacfr iesue durir|e pleeding 12 monfi3:56(n' Acud no. copios dqle i!r|l. puUi.H nearctt b filing dab: 55m. (B) Paid andor requeard rirorletion: 1. Sale! dyowh deeloil end srieru, ltoet wndoc and oounEr !shs: Ayeraee:5. Actral 4.2. llall rubmrlpdon: Average: 4431. AcEal:4414. (C)IoElpold grdor requernd cirorlation (rum of Bt 8nd B2): Awr{e:4459' Acuel: i[418. (D) F €. dblibudm by tn8il, cardor, o. othe rneanr. sampbt,|lmont ry' and i|hor me oopfr: Average: P. Actral: r02. (E) Toal dirribudon (am of C and D): Averaes: .1551 . Actral: .1520. (F) Coples not disribubd: 1. Offi€ uee, left over, unaeonnted, rprtled afnr printhg: Awrage: 1U2. M)aliC72.2. Rcnlm frofll nem {ontr: Avraep: ?. Act,8l: s. (G) Tonl: Arerage: 5500. AcUd 5500. | ottify fiet fio-ltlFmontr made by me above are end ooflipleE ' Paldd L.

Growlng Wthout Schooltng


l9g2 Dlrectory



Subscriptions & Renewals Declassified Subscriptions start with ho n€rt issue publiehed. orJr qrrent rates are 025 for 6 lrsues, S45 br 12 issues, $60 18 issue3. Gtrrs lr published every ofier mnfi. A sinole lssue cosb 04.50. Group 9ub.crlpalom: We offer goup subscripdons, in which sevoral copies of oach lssue are mailed b one address. The prico b 0.|8 p€r person, and granps of 5 or more reoive the leader's subscription hee (in other words, e goup of 5 pays 4 x $18 ard recdwe 5 copies of eadt iserc). Pleaae pay


lor gralp obsaiptims wih onr chr*. Pleese send in he namea and addreeses of members of our goup sub, so thatwe csn keep in ouch wih fiem. Fonlgn p.ymcnt. must be oifi€r money orders in US funds or dr€cks drawn on US banks. We can't afiord to accopt poaonal drecks on Cartadian ac@unts, evon if fiey have US fund8'writron on $em. We suggest that heign subscribors uso lvlastercard or Visa if possibls. Rates for C.nadlan subscribers: $2&yr individual; 021 por porson fur group subo. For eubscribere oulrldr of llorlh

Amcrlcr: irdividual subs e'e f4o/yr dmail,32&!r surhce mail. Group subs a|9 821/yr per person


grorlp surfacs rnail. Aak us about air msil rates subs. Addrec Changcr: ll you're moving, let u3 know your new addres as soon as poasible. Pleaso encbss a rgoent label (or copy of ono), lssuos mi$od bocaBe of a drange in addr$s (thal wo werent mlified about) may be redaed br 92 eadr. Tho post offroo dosroys your missed issues and drarges us a mtificatigr fee, so we can't aftord b redece thom without dlarg€. Rencw.l.: At the bottom of th€ next pago is a form you can use b ren€w your subscription. Please help us by renewing eady. How can lou t€ll whon your subscription eroireg? Lmh at this semde lsbel:


1 E5






l|()IEllAIr€ lusrc,

AHT, IOVEIENT... b€ceuse home is whe,e f16 art ls. catalog of booka, apes, and music. lbardeaf, Box A, Sl&n pa*, eC'CAilAOl VOC



Fr€e 40-

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Stay home. make mney. Over 200 ompanies immodiar;tyt Cornplob ttorneryort inbrmslion."o8t&957€2€ ext.





EvERYTt{D{c YOU NEED FOR HOIIESCHOOLING. Our teachim gukles are tre beot-Free

TEARMNGIT HOtlE, Box 2TGgrvs -






FHEE Sclcncr llagadnr loaded wilh experimenE, TOPS ldoas, 10970 S lrtulino Rd, Canby OR 97013.

SEARCHING FOR HELP IN IIATH, ENGUSH, READING OR GEOGRAPHY? VIDEOTUTOR hA8 the answor. We olter t$gh quality, educatbnel vkt€otapes specidizing h hese su$ea areas. Video Tubr uged in thoussrds of horr|o3, schools ard libaries naionwide. l,ilost ttpes irdude compankrn rcrlbook. Video Turr can also povide vidootapos on awide variey of othe su$ects. For free catalog call 1 -8m-4t198{134 Ext. 4.

sPlNNll.lG TOP KIT: lhke wooden spinning bp with huncfior.6 y.8 +. $5.95 ppd. lloro kits, Fami[ Pastimee Gameg. dt€rnatiye hoalh poducts for

Caabg$l.(x); BrcdtureLSASE. llounain i/hdicinaycws (forndyTurde lsland), 1001 Mll St,


Efy, NV89301.

VlSl/llC 702-2896rw9.


The number fiat is underlined in thg eratnplo telb ho number of tho finel issue tor th€ sub8cripdon. The Smiths' sub exSlioe wifr lssu€ *85, lh€ n€xt issue. But if we woro b receive their r8neual bofrcro wg sent our final account changes to th€ mailing house (January 3l), hey would qualify br the free bonus t3su9.

R.u.rd for Brlnglng ln llcu Subccrlbon: ll you convince soneone b beaome a new $bscribor b take out an individual subscriptim at S25 a yrar you will receive a S6 crodit $hidr ypu c8n app! b 8ny John Holt'g Book and lrlusic Stote order or b your own subsoiption rsnewal. Ghed( the box under yorr mailing label b indicat€ hatyou are fie one who brought in lhis new subscriber, and then clip or copy the form and have your lriend fill it out and encbso fio $25 payment. We will pocess your friend'e subscrip tion and serd yor fie $5 crodit. This otfer doos not appty o gift or goup sub3criptions. For a fuller explanation, s€e GWS #82, p. 2.

:S?Sffi?ffitJffi:ff.Y'f** 60079.70&6298400'

ilake yal good cuniqrlum evtn betbr' indude you' oomnrbrl Bo adtgbr mgmber b €ducaliond newslettof br Macinbth familiee uih cftildren 8-12. Satishction ouaranb€d' f19'10lssue!. Deekbp S.fiooling, 1507 Brcd' St. Louia' llo 6M3g' THE SIIPLE KEY TO llOtrE SCflOOLlMllll A reJorence m8nual itduding: 'lUh€te Ib I Stad end Who ShouH n|ot? Cuniallum Guides' Cofl€lpondence Scfiools, Scheduling, Testing, Lews,'eb. Books available br complete s.f|ool yeet from IIARnNNS ALTERMTIVE EDt CATION SUPPLY llOlJSE. For manual sond 125 b Box 88413, Dept. GW$LT1, Indktnapolis, lN 4620e0413.

THE IACA|aNE FOR YOUNO WRITER9: R€d Aldor Trunk and the Young Wrioa Club cont$t CA$l PRIES. Semple $3: Brck i$ues a4; Subectipdon fl2 - 3 iasues yeady. Paysble: Land of ldear Indurtiee Ltd, PO 8ox 48652 Bentill Contt€, Vancouwr, BC, Canada V7X 143. Free



dectmh fulletin boad{ike lysbm

873-1 661.

SPANISII/FRENC'}| wondedd mid coursosl Leatn loB and quiddy. 10 lessona, odginel rongr, tlialoguel, supplemertary vocabulaty. Parentd guUe, coloring/ activity boolt. Fun and easyl tsost foGbn language resoure.'lbty Pride. Agec 2-15. 119.95 + S1.50 ch. OptimaLeaming Language Land, 8&D Bohrodore St, San Rafaef , CA 94901. 1&-672-1717 (ot bido CA).

classroom refined. Elisk, dodmontatbn - S65. Mike Collins, 17623 County Road I, Avon MN 5631 0. 61 2-


845-2907. Welcome Fbme is a32 page nnnfily n€wsloner devoted b he support of rnohers who dtoose (or would like o dpose) to stay home b nuru.tre their familios. Samd6 issuo: t2, l-year subscriptiofl (12 issuos): $15. WELCOME FlOiIE, Dept HS,83104 Od Courhouse Rd, Vienna VA 22182.

br honnscftool hmilies hr luppoc hiendship, daymatos. l{on-geaadan. ln area surounding St Cloud, Wl. ContrciAnnie l(rupnow 41.1-4006. SAVE $$$ ON MORETENSEN II,ATH UP TO 40% OFF REGUI.AR PRICE. T{OWAVAII.ABTE HOME MATH KIT ONLY 3190 + 1096 SHIP. TON-L FREE CALL VISAArc. FREE CATALOG CALL 1.8OOql89Ct9.

SHIIIER COLLEGE so€l€ applicatbns from homesdoolers. For-year libeal artr curriqJlum.

l-errnvlomr ioR


Usc thts form to send us a new entr5r or a substanttal addreas ctrange to be run ln the ncxt avallable tesue of GWS.

Adults (ttrst and last names): Oqgantzatton (""1y lf address ls sanre as famtly):

IVhen You Write Us Pleaso - (1) Put separate items of hrsin€$ on separate sheets of paper. (2) Put your narno and address at the bp ot each loner. (3) lf yw ask gmstions, enclrss a solfaddressed slamp€d enwlope. (4) Tell u3 it ifs OK to publish yqrr letter, and

b use your namo wih the sbry. Wo edit lotters for spaoe and cladty. (5) lf yor are wdtim b ono of us in partiollar, write ?lolt Associatos'or rGWS'on the enwlope, in addidon b fte individual's name. whether


Wthout Schooltng #84


groupr. People rot hmliet wifi computen ecpechlly wslcome. Expedence firot-hand hi3 nory bdlmlogy. Conrmunicab on your own sdtedule. lf enough people - 910 - are interested, Telecomp Corp will rhp anyvherc in U.S. up b lO l8pop tominals br tD obligadbn, freerial, tvreueek detmnsrafm of TC systofli using 8(x) number. Labr use trn ooltlpubr ard ret/m brminel. Tolocomp holpo wih ransidm and keeping down phone bills. Pay Telocomp mly 19.95 per mortr per etiw us€r. Call Mike Pearson 1-8qr'

APPLEII USER9: IONITOR YOUR CIIILOREN'S IATH PROGRESS. Ono 5 1/4'disk contains randomly geneated praaice problems and tests on all middle sdrd to5*x ercopt g€ometsy, word problems. pqront monibdng. Excellent Results sbrod m disk br skill development, roinboom€nt. Comprehensive prepaatior br socondary mah. Disk teadror ctoatod,




Rabs:7Qgnord, $1fford boldfp3. Ploase toll blks you law the d in GWS.

Ctrildren (names/brrthyears):

nrll address (Street, Clty, State, Zp):

Are you wtltng to host travellng GWS readers who rnake adnancc arrangements fn




Are you tn the 1992 Dtrectory (fn thfs tssue) Yes





Publlcatlons from Holt Assoclates:

GSIE nr frundcd ln l.s77 by Jobn Eolt.

Edttor - Susaffrah Sheffer hrbltsher - Patrtck Farenga Contrlbuttng &lltor - Donna Rlchoux Edltortal Asststant - Mary Matrer &lftortal Consultant - Nancy llrallace

Chlld's \[ork, by Nancy Wallace. *

tarnlng Our Own

Ofrce & Subscrlptlon Manager - Day

Money: Homeschoolers f3 and Under Tell Their


Shtpptng/ReceMng tvtanager - Janlg Van Heukelom Shtpplng Agsl,stants - Steptnnte D'Areangelo, Ibtherlne Dooltttle, Gfnger



Is Able:


Ofroe Asststarrts - knanl Dtggtns, Mandy Matrer, Maqr Maher, Phoebe ltrells nookkeepe.n Katherlne Doolfttle

Exploding the Myth of Learning Disabilities.

Holt Assoc{ates Board of Dtrectors: Patrlck Farenga (Corporate Prcetdent), Mary ltfiaher, Tom lVla]rer, Donna


Iloneschoollng ln the News-acollecUonof

Rtchoux Susailrah Sheffer Adntsors to the Board: Ann Barr (Clerk), Mary Van Doren, Nancy Wallace

articles from the popular press.

Copyrlght @1991 Holt Assoclates, Inc'

#1562 $6.95

All rtghts reservd.

Rcspondlng to Chlldren's Wrltlng. #666$3






5 9 D o



Sharlng Treasures: Book #1512$5.95

ta PO -ug

Hces do not tnclude postage. See



to GrorrkrgWthout Schoollng For rtocsals. clp thls form ln Its crrthcty (so thatyou lncludc your addrcas labcll and scrrd lt wt0r srour dreck c monc1r ordcr tn US funds. or call 617-864-3100 to subccrlbc or rcrrcwby Mastcrcard cVlsa. Ncw subecrlbcf,s. or thosc wtth a change ofaddrcss, should frll out thc form bcloq'. (Formore dctells about subocrtpflons ard rcrrcwals, scc pagc39.)

Nw $rbocrlpdoa


Gtft gubscrlpdcr to bc scrtt to ndnc ahown





€r T g €E FgD x



changs of addrcas, what was old


12 lssues,



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ac O g|

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Clty. Statc. Zlp orFostal Codc:


to F ;0 5t


Addrcss (change? Ycs/fdo)




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l8 lssues, t!6o



da I

FE llo

c rww a subslpflon


*F F r

chart on page 23 for shlpplng charges.

Usc thls form to bcgtn


Bfr* rFF

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€3 F:o Ir

Reviews by John Holt.







=FqtB =ih*!s or(,+u =f,1 *(rg*rnF {3





R #= IGH:nm

i+ rJ;l





Group Sub: coples O $18 each, for a total of $- (note: gyoups of 5 or nrore recelve leade/s sub -ft'ee) Please scrd us the narnes and addresses ofother group nrmbers. It ts OK to rent my name and address to ottrer organlzatlons: Yes- No-

Growtng $4thout Sctroollng #84

Growing Without Schooling  

The First Magazine About Homeschooling, Unschooling, and Learning Outside of School.

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