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Growing Without Schooling 78

Screna Gtrggold ls among thosc who urrltc for thls lssuc's Focus.

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1991 Dlrectory of Famllles & Organlzatlons p. 2Z -38

Some people accuse homeschoolers of shelterlng their chtldren and allowlng them access only to the vtews and optnlons of thelr parents. These crltlcs say that homeschoolers will nwer get a chance to hearabout differtng oplnlons, much less form some of thelrown. Of course, thls @uldbe true. Llke so many of the criUcisms of homeschoollng, lt would have some \alldlty lf homeschooltng meant keeplng klds ln the house all day, noses ln thelr workbooks, unaware of the outslde world. But any ktnd of closer look at what homeschooltng really lnvolves shows how lnaccurate thls plcture l,s. When we asked several homeschooled children and teenagers to tell us what they thought of ttris critlclsm. and to defend themselves agalnst tt by descrlbing ho$' they get to hear about and fcrm optnlons that dlffer from thetr parents', what was most conslstent in thelr replies was their lndignatlon at the question. 'It makes me angry,'writes Amber Clifford,'when people who actually know nothing about homeschooling ,rssume that I rely only on what my parents tell me. The truth ts that I am more aware of dllferent oplntons now than I ever was tn public school.' Jeremlah Gtngold echoed that feeltng when he wrote, "I thlnk that the questlon ltself... ts totally absurd." Whenever we want to address crlUclsms of homeschooling, I always enjoy gotng stratght to the young people themselves for Ernswers, because tlelr responses do such a good Job of laylng the concerns to rest. If parents were wrltlrg about how they made sure thelr children knew about other oplnlons, lt would be less persuaslve than hearlng the conllrmation from the young people themselves, although tt would also be good to hear. It seems to me that there is nothtng as strong as the kids speaking to the lssue dtrectly and clearly. Thetr surprlse at the questlon because lt seems so obvious to them that they hear all sorts of oplnions - and the many examples they offer, go farther than any parent's defense could go. Reading these letters, I was struck by how much a part of life other people's oplntons really are. The thiregs the llds described - readtng newspapers arrd magazlnes, hearlng relatlves or frlends of the famlly discuss current lssues, meetlng other people through groups and communlty acttvlUes - are so much a part of ordtnary llfe that tt's not as lf homeschoolers have to go to great lengths to set up situatlons ln whlch theywlll hear a vartety of oplnlons. Of course, some ldds do make a speclllc point of seeldng out thls lnformaUon, but agAh, what struck me was how tntegral to regular daily Me tn a communlty most of thetr examples were. It shows how limlted ls the notlon that without school, young people wlll bâ‚Ź deprtved of a variety of vlews. It would be more accurate to say that without a community of other people, and perhaps wlthout access to books, magazines, and newspapers, such deprlvatlon could result. Or, perhaps even more central, wlthout the sense of oneself as a peron capable of havlng oplnlons and thlnking lndependently. This. more than anythlng else, ls what these young people tell us they have. It's tnteresttng to thlnk about how they managed to get lt. Susannah Sheffer


Wheneverwe r€cefirc adonadon, nrc put the money lnto a glft eubscrlpdon fund

+t * John Taybr Gatto vlslthg our ofrcc.

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& Announcements ISS:I We welcome lbtherlne Dooltttle to our shipptng department. l(atherlne's farnlly are the creators of the Hlbnaster, the gadget that helps ctrlldren pracflce baseball hndng (avallable through our

catalog). By now many ofyou have probably seen the artlcle about homeschooltng ln the November tssue offlarpels. I hope sorrrc of you who saw lt and ltked tturote to say so. ?ffnenagazlne also publtshed a shorter and lese comprehenstve artlcle ln Its lO/2219O lssue and ran letters from Pat Farenga and GWS reader.Ian Hunt ln




As you can see by the photo, New


Ctty Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto, whose speech we quoted from ln GWS #76, vlslted ouroffIce when he was ln the area (speaktng to a 4!oup of homescholers, among other thlngs). Gatto ls very supportive of homeschoollng and of brlndng ctrlldren lnto the workplac=. Chlld's Wotk by Nancy Wallace, and A I$e Wofthlhbg, the book of .Iohn Holfs letters, are olf to gr€at starts, and we thank those of you who hare already helped us publlclze these booke by asldng your local bookstores to carry them or by ollertng to revlew them for local newspap€rs ormagazlnes. We hope otherreaders

wtll follow thts


Mbhfgan reader Terl Jtll Mullen

urrltes, Your last lssue of GWS [#72 tnsplred rne to help som@ne. It had an lntervlenr wtth a honrschooler who galned accese to a btologr lab. I am acqualnted wlth a homeschooler who is lnterested tn chemlstry, and I harrc a good Hend who ls a chemlst. I asked my frtend f she would allow an I l-year-old boy toJust hang around whlle sheuprked. She asked her boss, who was oncc a college professor. He uras uery lnlerested and now thls I l-yearold honreschooler has acteaa not only to a chemlstry lab, but to arrcry educated, frtendly chemtst. Certalnly a boy hts age tn schml urould not 8nd tlme forJust hanglng

around and watctrlng someone work.' We lone hearlng these storles, and hope that Terl's enmple wlll lnsplre others ofyou to thfnk about connectlons thatyou canhelp sct up beturcenadults and chtldren. You don t need to llnd an apprenflceshtp program: Just thlnk about people you know and the work they do.

wtrtch allows us to offer GWS eubecrlpttons to people who wouldn't otheru/t8e be able to alford them. Ttrts fund l,e getHng low though, so we askyou to constder helptng us rnalrc these dft subscrlpflons arallable. Even addt4g on an extra $6 or $ lO when you place abook orderorrenewyour subscrtpilon wtll help. Thanke rrcry much. We are beglnntng to collect materlal for trlo booklets that urc are onslderlng brlngfng out dudng f99 1. For one, we are tntereeted ln wrfdng by horcchoollng chlldren about thelr slbllnge. We know that horrrschoollng atbltngl are often closer than urc tradtdonally erpect elb[ngs to be, and that they spend a lot of flrrr together and eo get to learn from each other and uratch each othcr grow. We d ltke to hear storles about this frrom t}le Hds


For tlre other booklet, lrte are looklng for storles about ways that chfldren have eamed thelr ovm nnn€y, and thetr thougtrts about earntng npn€y and the opportunldes (or lack thereof that young people harrc ln thie regard. We're especlally tnterestea h storles from chlldren under 13, becauee we're thtnldng of offerlng thls booklet as a companlon to the Tenoge Elthepretlcul, s Gude tlat we already sell. We'reJust ln the very early stages of conslderlng whether theee proJects are feastble, ao even lfyou don't have flme to wrlte us somethtng rtght away, drop us a note and let us knort lf you thtnk you wlll want to wrtte eorrethlng (or be tntervtewed) later on. ThtE u/t[ help us gauge how much tnterest and potenttal materlal ls out there.

In Memoriarn: James Herndon We onbr recently leamed the sad news OratJarxres Herndon dled thls past January. Hemdon was the author of Tte Wag It Spzd to Be and Hout to Surultn hYour Nattn lard" srcd hke John Holt he had the abl[ty to see through to what uras really golr4 on tn the classrcom. Here ls a passage konn Hou to Surufile ht YourNatfise Landthat shows thls well. Hemdon and another teacher had devtsed a spectal class, called Creatlrrc Arts, forJunlor high school etudents. They planned to flll the class wtth all sorts of creatlve proJects, and to ellmtnate the restrlcdons of grades and compulsory attendanc.e, bsulng Pernranent Hall Passes so that anyone could leave the class at any tlrrrc. To thelr dtsmay, the ldds weren't tnterested ln doing the creaflve proJects that shrdcnts ln thelr regular classes te prevtous years had apparently enJoyed. All thesc ldds seemed to want to do was use thelr Hall Fasses to urander ln and out of the classroom:

"[Als a lesson plan, there ts nothlng I can recommend qutte so htghly as a Permanent Hall Pass. After a wtrlle, Ftank and I, on the edge of complete despatr' began to flgure out what uras wrong wtth the tdeas that had rvorked so well ln our regular classes. It was rrcry stmple. Why dld the ktds ln regular class ltlre to do all that tnrrcnttrre stull? Why, only because lt uras better than the regular stull If you vrnote a fake Journal pretendfng to be Tlrtankhamen's favorlte embalmer' lt uras better than readtng the dull Text, anewerlng Queetlons on dltto sheets, DlscussIng, rnahng Reports, or taktng Teets. Sure lt was b€tter - not only that but you knenr the teacher ltked tt better lior some tnsane neason wtrtch you dldn't have to understand and you uould get better grades for tt than you were us€d to gettlng tn soctal studtes or Engltsh. But that only applied to a regular class where lt was clearyou had to (l) stay there all pertod and (2) you had to be dolng somethlng or you mtght get an F. Take arvay those two ltems, as Frank and I had done, and you get a brlef vlslon of the truth."

And laten "A farnous rat peychologtet has been trytng for some )rcars to conduct elgerlrnents whlch would show hlm how to ratse the IQ of rats. One mlght wonder why he uranted to do that constderlng that them rats uaould stlll be funcflonal r€tardates no matter how srnart they got. Neverthless he persevered and set up lab

sltuatlon after lab slhratlon and educattonal envlronrnent after educaflonal envlrronrrrent and the rats never seemed to get arry srnarter. Flnally, and qutte recently, he lssued the statement that the only thfng he could dl,sclver tn ten years wtrtch made rats any srnarter uralt 'to allow them to roam at random ln a

spacloue and vartegated envlronment,'"

Growlng Wlthout Schoollng #78


& Reports

News from Spain A gear


lr. Ct{4S *7 2, EIsa Haas

unote a&rontt horrc*Mlry lrt Spaln Esa pu4lshes tIE Sprilsh-lairyuqe rnslorr ot Gl{4S (se 'Organlznflons orfts&dc U.S.'at

tle fukolthls



Renfly sle unob

I\rc sold somenrhere around 7OO or 8OO coplea [of the ffrgt edtdon of Aprenda Stn Escuetal, rmstly at alterzrathrc falrs (wtrtch lnclude thlngs ltke natural food, rccyc[n& handtcrafts, etc.) At a falr tn Allcantc I nrag lnvlted, along wtth Waldorf school pcople and otlrers, to parttclpate ln a roundtable dlscusslon on 'educatlon basod on rcspecf (respect for chlldren, lt wae understood). At a falr ln Castellon I gave a threeday uorkshop on deschoollng, and they errcn patd nrc for tL T\rclve-flfteen people carne each day. One day, I hardly bad to apeak because a urornn who had horneechooled tcro of her ctrtldren showed up and told me and the others about her errperlences. I've also sold a farr number of coples through the bulletln of the Asocla$on Andpatrtarchal, an organlzadon ln fanor ofthe rtglrts ofrnlnors. I enclose a copy of the rnost recent ardcle IVe wrttten for the bullettn, ln wtrlch I crtflclzed a propsed reform of the educaHon system wtrlch would, annng other thtngs, ralse the compulsory schoollng age llmlt from 14 to 16 0 still tnalntatn that the law really fs not very char about whether lfs schoollng, spect8cally, or etmply educadon, thafs compulsory). The total of knounr homeechooltng famllles fn Spaln wlth chlldren of school age: fhrc. Another farnt$ has two ctrlldren

who are sltshtly orrerl4 but who only went to ech@l rrcry brtefly rnany years ago. None of tlreee familfes has had legal problems. IVe heard about serrcral other famtlles, but haven't gotten tn touch wlth them dlrcctly or conirrned that they really are homeschoohng, One of the fathere told rne that htg farnlly has good reladong wtth the teachere ln the area. but t}tat when he trted to get a crrtaln school ollcial to allow trlg daughters acc=gs to an exam so they can get a dlplorna of sonrc l{nd, the ollctal told hlm not to rnake trouble. He satd that he uns wtlllng to look the other nray about the fact that the glrls aren't ln school, but not lf he gsts any publtctty about lt or has to

put anythtng In wrtdng. The parents tn the horncschooUng farntlles I knour of make thelr lMnge

through cerarnlca, psychoanalysls, transla$ons, teachlng tn language achools, and urcrklng a.E an ernergerrgr-vetrtcle dlspatcher, anro4g other thlngs. One of the parents le from Austrra and another !s from lreland. One famlb ltrrcs tn a mtddleelzed clty, onc ln a ennll ctty, three tn tovns, and one ln the country. ln all of thls. I'm not tncludtng the fantltes, mostly squattera lMng ln abandoned vtlages tn the mountalns, who are eo tsolated that the gonernrrentJust sends a teachera fw tlrnes ayear to gtrrc the ldda erems. These people are not necesaarll5l horreschoolers by cholce, and sorc are looldng for other

Gron'lng Wthout Schmllng #78

famlltea wtth ctrlldren oo they can get together a group of etgfrt, apparently the mlntmum needed for the gorcmnrnt to oPen a school. One of the horcctnollng mtlrers told rc that a prteet carc to her houee )'eal€ ago to askwhether lrcr Hds u'ere out of school for lack of urcney. When ehe sald that thcdr homeschoollng was by cholce, he urcnt auray, Thc fact tbat there isn't much persecuflon of horcchoolers her€ may make them less motlvatcd to get organlzed. Also, slnce the law doesnt speclflcally permtt alternattrrcs to school, fh6 famlllee rnlr6 homgchool harrc to go out on a llmb, and 8o tend to be fndepenrdent t5rpeowho may not feel much need for a ncwsletter. The fact that most rellgloue people tn Spaln are Cat}oltc and there are plenty of Cathollc scholg meana that people who decl& on horechoollng do eo br secular reaaona.

Getting Permission to

Join School Team l)om @etclrln Spfur

oJ W{sons{ru

Our daughterJesste has been taklng gymnastlcs slnce she was 5. ln our communtty they have a young chlldren's grmnaetlcs club that He tnto the htgh school grmnastlce tearn, so tlrat when ktds reach hfgh school age there ls no longer a prlvate club avallable - all that's avallable l,e the school teant" .Jessle hced ttrls sthratlon turo years ap, and had to declde what to do. We thought of drtvlnf, her to lessons fn Madtson, but ltwould harrc been much rnore expcnslve. We're a low-lncome famfly and Jessle had always pald for her o*m grmnasflcs lessons by babysttflng, but tf she vrent to Madtson the cost would go from $2O a rnonth to I 18 a urcek We called the Wtsconsln Interscholasdc Athletlc Associaflon and asked them lf there urcre any posslblltty of a horneschooler compeflng on the hlgh school team. They were very short and unpleasant wlthus. At theend I thought thatperhape they Just dldn't understand homeschooltng; so I asked them lf they had 6rer gotten a call about thls before, and they safd they get about ten calls aweek. It rvas clear that theyJust dldn't nrant to deal wtth horneschoolers. At the tlrrrc I dldn't know of any other homcschoolers who had been able to play on a schol team ln Wsconstn. Jessle flnally dectded to go to school full-ume for ntnth grade, solely so she could be on the gymnastics team. They uranted her on the team, so there was no problem wtth getdng her enrolled tn the school - they rolled out the red carpct for us. She dtd qulteurcll thatyear, both academlcally and soctally. But when lt carne tlrne to go back ttrls year, she began to bc neluctant. Ttrts surprlsed us, because all summerlongurc had thouglrtthat she vrculd go back for tenth grade, but about a ureek before school atarted she told us about thc doubts she'd been havlng. She sald she had thought she could Just tlg to school for grmnasttcs and be

detached fr,om errcrthtng else, but she found that that uras lrnposslble. She knevr lntellechrally that lt rvas stupld to care about thlngr lrke tests and grades, but she found that she ended up x/orrylng about them anyqray. She also satd she felt that she was no longer part of our farntly, and we had felt that too. We urere alurays enthuslastlc about hergrnrnasflce, butwe found thatwe dlstanced ourselves from her schooltng

because, forenmple, we couldn't getall excilted about hergood grades becausethat to ue would lmply that we should get upset about bad grades, and we stmply dtdn't belleve ln that, We dtdn't urant to be criUcal of her sctrooltng, but wlthout meanlng to rr,E became altenated from her.

Her thlrd rea,eon for not wantlng to go back uns that she'a nery lnvolved tn professlonal classtcal theater, ballet, and muslc, and she wasn't havtng ttme for those thlrgs. Durlng the school year she had to drop pLano lessons, and was onl1r able to go to ballet onc.e a week lnstead of trpo

or thrcc. The ntght before school was to start

t}llsyear, she dectded not to go. Wthln one ureek she got a call from the gymnasflcs coach, pressurtng her to go baclc Thts was \rcry upsettlng to her. We setup a meedng dth hfr& wtth all of us presenL She felt that he hadn't e4pected her parents to be there, and that f she had gone ln alone he

unuld have trled to tndmldate her, but wtth all of us there he becarne wllfng to look at other alternatlnes, especlally when tt becarne clear that she wouldn't go back. Also, the asslstant coach wa,s extremel5l favorable to homeschoollng, and kept saytng, -Now, why can't sheJust be on the

team?' We started rneettng wtth tlre superlntendent, looktng turto all the posslbllldes. One ldea was to have her be a home-bound student tn the dtstrlcL but WIAA wouldn't go for that. They safd ttnt tn order to be on the team shed harrc to b€ In phystcal attendancr at the school twent5r hours a rrcek They do rnalrc cxcepflons for Hds

enrolled tn techntcal school, but they umuldn t gtve us the sarne status. Then nrc subrrdtted our homeschool plan to WIA.{. Eachyear the ctdldren and I dtsctrss our goals and urlte them down, so that's what u/e g1arrc. After they saw lt they were wtlltng to conslder us a school, to conslder that our methods of waluatlon uaould meet thelr rcqulrements. Another problem had bccn thatyou have to have a crrtaln Grade Potnt Average to parflctpate ln team sports, and they dtdn't know how that could apply to us, but flnally they sald they would conslder us as havlng a program that could meet thetr requlrements. They flnally made an ofer whtch we GROWING WIIHOUT SCHOOLING #78. vol. 13. No. 6. ISSI{ #O74$5905. Publlshcd bl-monthly by Flolt Aaooclata, 2269 MasEachurctts Avc, Cambrldgc MAtnl40.$25lyt. Datc of Issuc: f,lcccmbcr I, lgSO. Scc.ord-class posrage pald at Bcton, MrL PGSTMAS'IER Scod addrcss chargcs to GWS. 2269 Massachusctts Ave. Cambrtdge MA 02140. ADVEI(IISERS: Elcadltrcs ar€ thc l5th of oddnumbcrcd months. Contact Patrlck Farcnga for retca.

4 have acrcepted: they are wtltng to conslder her a transfer student. She can transfer to the school one week befor€ the ffrst meet, take turen$r hours of elecdves, and thereby be there for the ttnrc needed to be allowed to play on the team. She doesn t have to take cor€ subJects, and she can arrange tt any way she wants - three full days a week, or four hours a day, ffve days a ureek. She'll contlnue tlds tlrroqh tlre gymnastlcs season and then learrc, and for non/, she can go to practlces wtthout gofng to school at all. At ffrst we were angry about thts. It seemed ridlculous for her to have to spend all that tlme there dotng thtngs that have nothing to do wlth belng on tlre gymnasflcs team. But she feels OK about lt for now, because tfs better than golrg full-time, and she'll take some thlngs she wants, llke an art class and drlver's ed, and she can take

study halls. We're not nnfshed llghung

ttrts, but for the ttme belng we can llve wlth thls compromlse.

Speaking to Groups about Homeschooling Tom Berry oJ lllbtots urltes:

Thls letter ts prompted by a recent panel dlscusston that I chalred at our church. Thls ts the thlrd ttme that I have parHctpated tn a panel dlscusslon whose toplc was homeschoollng. The llrst one was at our local publtc ltbrary. It was a nrarm-up exerclse because although the dlscusslon was open to the publtc, the bulk of our audlence nras made up of other achral and prospectlve homeschoolers. the second dlscusslon that I parttctpated tn was at ala L€che kague areaconference. Ttrts was a rewardlng dlscusslon. Each panel member spolc about an aspect o[ homeschoollng that was Lnportant to hlm or her, The quesflon-and-answer poruon was the most rewardlng because of the lnterest ln homeschoolng tlnt the questtons tmplied. (As an astde, a wnman who had attended thls dlscussion sought out my wlfe at thls year's IIL conference to tell her that our panel dlscusslon had gfven her the confldence to start homeschooltng.) At this rnost r€cent dlscusslon. at one of the Sunday momlng Adult Forums at our Unltarlan church, my wife and I assembled a panel of three Moms who attend our church and homeschool thelr

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ctrtldren, and myself. I knwwemuld be facing a soptrlsflcated audience that would be made up of many teachers and admlnlstrators ln our local school systems. All of us preparrd well. I started thturgs offby spendlng about elght mlnutes olfertng some general demo-

graphlc and stattsttcal lnformatlon and dtscusslng some of t}re and phllosoplrtee of John HolL I concluded my tntro' ducflon by reading excerpts fromJohn Taylor Gatto's New York Clty Teacher of theYear acccptancc speech. The other panel members followed up by dlscusstng thelr personal perspecflves and o<perlences. We tlrenopened the rernahfng half hour to quesdons. The results that I observed from thts dlscusston wene vrery graUfylng. As urc rnoved tnto the quesdon-and-ans\rr€r sesslon, the mood of our audlencc ranged from relaflvely posltlve on the part of one womanwho attended because she lg consldertng homeschoollr4l, to tolerant but neutral wtrlch was the stance of the maJortty of the audlence, to rrdldly negatlve and agitated as was a school librartan. By the end, we had found some surPrlsing alltes, lncludln! a retired schoolteacher who made the obsenadon, 'Most liamllles who send thelr chlldren to school spend lots of ttme undoing the undestrable behavlors that thelr ctrlldren learn at school.' Even the school librarlan commented, 'The publtc schools never dld anythfng very great for my daughters... I am confused." t'm ollering thts descripdon of my experienc=s to glve others an ldea of what they may expect tf they elect to go lnto thea communltles to dlscuss the bene8ts of homeschooling. I hope the posldve expertences I have had will encourage others to lntttrate and parttctpate ln public dlscusslons concernlng homeschoollng.

TN Registration Deadline lsn't So Firm After All Shcnron Storcg


Tentesse tultes:

InGWS #77, youdtscussed the homeschooltng law ln Tennessee and said that parents who missed the August I registratlon deadltne had to elther enroll thelr chlldren ln school or homeschool lllegally. Ttrts ls not strlctly true. I know, because I nrtssed the deadllne oneyear (l mlsunderstood the rule). The man tn chaqge of homeschmllng tn our coun$l sard that I could sfl.ll homeschool lf I reglstered as a satelllte school of a rellglous school. I called the state bur€aucrat ln charge of homeschoollng, and whlle she uras lnlledble about the deadllne, she dtd adrrdt that I could be a satelllte ofa Chrlstian school. I was able to arrante thls wlth a Chrtsttan school, and whlle the arrangement nras not very satisfactory, lt dtd allow us to homeschool that year. A frtend of mine who moved from one count5l to another also mtss€d the deadllne, but as tt was partly because her matl dtdn't get forwarded, the coun$l onerlooked her mtsstng tt by a few days. I'rrc also been told by my county's schml bureaucrats tlrat tf my chtld wanted to tr5r school, I could reglster blm for homeschool before August I, put htm tn

school, and then wtthdraw trim later school dtdn't work out for hlm.


State News For arlA.esses o;f state rrnd'lrr,al organtzatbns, sae o,tr Elontrschoolbg Resonrce Lfst, prtntd' ln thts lssue. Tte Ust ts updatd.tlwonglodthe year and sdd sepantelUJar $2.5O. - Conacctlcuh The State Board of Educatlon on November Tth unanimously

approved new state gutdellnes for home educatton, accordteg to Jan llomts of the CONNECTICT,.IT HOME EDUCAf,OR'S ASSOCIATION. The board doesnt have the pourer to lssue r€gulauons, butJan told us that most local supertntendents follow the gutdeltnes as though they were regulaflons. Under these new gulde[nes, homeschoolers file an annual notlce of lntent and chlldren wtll be consldered truant lf thelr parents have not llled the notlce. The state b requfred to not$ parents who have not Illed of the requlrement, and the parents then have ten days ln whlch to IIle. Under the old gutdelines, Parents had to submit a currlculum tn addttton to the notice of lntent, so Jan says that homeschoolers conslder the new guldellnes an funProvement ln this respect. The gutdelines also say that parents wtU rrntntaln a portfollo of the chlld's work throug;hout the year, and will meet onoe a year wtth the local superintendent (or someone from that ofllce), who will rs'lew the portfolio and determine whether educaUon ts taldng place. Nothtng ts spectlled about what wlll happen lf the superlntendent does not thlnk educaflon ls

taldng place.

Idgho: Reader Llz Cannon-Hubbell wrltes that her dlstrlct, Boundary County, fuetroduced and adopted a restrlcflve homeschooling poltry at [he start of thls school year. The poliry requlr,es Parents to submit a wrltten rcquest for exempdon from the compulsory attendance law to the board of tnrstees, wtrtch lists, tn addttlon to basic lnformafion about the farnily, the names of the textbooks and materlals to be used, the schedule of tnstructton'by hour, day,

and ureek,'and the methods 'bywlrtch actrlerrement will be measured.' Llz wrote' 'As of yet, we have no ldea how they tntend to enforce thfs pollcy or even how they'll let lndtvtduals know lt's ln effect. One woman on the school board has changed her mlnd about the supposed benellts of ttrts pollcy stnce talking to some of the homeschoolers here. As she says, none ol the board knew anythtng about homeschooling really, and thls ldea sounded OK so they passed lL Now they're havtng second thoughts (a few of them anyuray). I don't know lf lfs too Late or f maybe they'll dectde to get some tnput from


Nort! Datota: Some Publtc school admlnlstrators have lmposed requir€ments on homeschoolers that are not actuallv ln the home school law, accordlng to the September/October lssue of the NORT}I DAI(OTA HOME SCHOOL ASSOCLATION neursletter. For e:ample, the law

reoulres that publtc school olBclals rr-lrutor home schools for an average of one hour a weck, but doesn't sPeclry when or where lt wtU be done: the monitor and the parent must negoUate thts. The NDHSA

Growlng Wthout Schoollng *7 I

has heard of one monltor arrMng at a home unannounced. Ttre law also requlres that horneschoolers elgn an alfldavlt agreelng to be ln s€oslon for four hours a day, 175 days ayear, but does notrequlre that horneschoolers submlt a school calendar to the count5r superlntendent {as prtvate schools do). The NDHSA reportg that'at least one admlntstrator has demanded that a homeschooler submlt a school calendar to the publlc school.' Ohlo: Fbom the Noverriber newsletter of the HOME EDUCATION LEAGUE OF PERRY'ISBLJRG:'Under the gplse of toncem'that horrr educated chlldren may not be receMng the 'htghest advantages ln educatlon,'the Ohlo PIA ts recommendlng that the State Board of Educatlon rcqulr,e rrcnttorlng to assure that state rcqutrenrents are being rrrt. Itwould tnclude semlannual honre vtslts by a truant offlcer over a two-year pertd. The propo.sed resoludon was scheduled for a note at the Otdo PTA convenflon on October 2l-23. 'ln a letter to Patrtcla Mttchell, Presldent of the Otrlo PTA Horne Education Acdon Counc{l of Otrlo's Executlve Dlnector, Dlana Fessler, states: 'Slnc.e the proposed obsenradon ts to detertntne lf state requhernents are belng met, such bbsenraflon is a'search'as deflned by the Untted States Consfltuflon. The Fourth Amendment of the ConstltuUon prohlbtts unreasonable searches and s€lzures. Accordtngly, before tnrradlng the sancttty of the honre, government workers must Ilrst satts$ the Court that there ts 'probable cause'to beltwe that a statute cr properly enacted regul,aflon ts not betrng met. Accordfn$y, Lake County's resoluUon urglng the State Board to requle

\rnannounced seml-annual observailon' ls a recommendaUon for the Board to take acdon that ls forbtdden by the U.S.


Orcgon! Klm Gordon of the OREGON HOME EDUCAf,ORS ASSOCI^|$ION wrltes: "In response to fear that Oregon's School Cholce Inttladve wtll pass, the state Board of Educatlon fs dghtenlng horneschoollng regulauons. Tte new rules wlll ralse the standard for'satisliactory progress' for homeschoolers (dghten t$ting requtrements), shorten tlrrr llncs, and for homeschoolers wtth dlsabtltttes, expand thc school dtstrtct's lnvolvemenL" Contact

OHEA for more lnformadon.

Where Do You Go To School? A

Calfibrrnrr reader utrltes:

We recent$ ran acrloss a couple we had not seen stnce our oldest chtld, now 8, was Just crawllng. He is a retlrcd laniyer, and to them educatlon nrcans attendtng the most prestlgfous schools from preschool

through post-post-gnduate lerrel. Almost the flrst toplc of conversatlon was addressed to the chlldren thus: 'kfs see, some ofyou mustbe ln school now.' Our Syear old promptly ptped up, 'We homeschool.' Mrs. B responded, The Wee Horne School. I harrcn't heard of that one before. It must be sorneqrhere close to where you

llve...?' Growlng ${thout Schoollng #78

Watching a Child Teach Herself Sue Radostt MJ unltes:

I harrc tr,ouble explatntng to people other honreschoolers - that I don't feel a need to teach Adrtanna (almoet 4) the baslc 'preschool sldlls.' In the flrst placc, we hane a 4-month-old daughter now also, and frankly, lfs all I can do to get Adrterren

anna dressed and fed nrcst days, let alone rvorry about teachlng her the alphabet. She ls also a typtcal 3 year old, resl,stlng any adult help that she doesn't ffrst request so arry ellorts on my part to lnstruct her ar€ met wtth lndtgnadon (at bestl). Sornetlmes I try to explatn thlngs that we encounter ln our readlng or tn the urorld, Juet because I thlnk she mtght be tnterested or to clear up sorne obvlous oonfuston ln her mlnd, and she usually ac.cepts that as a rnatter of oourse. Butwhen lt comes to academlc-type slidlls, the only teachlng I do ls to answer her quesUons, bastcally because she doesn't need me to teach herwhen she ls teachrlng herself more rapfdly than I can keep track ofl Adrranna pracUcally llved ln our bookstore for her flrst two years, and there's no denlring the lnlluence that has had on her dorelopment, ln terms of her vocabulary and her sentence patterns. Ifs been easy to hear the manyways she imltates and leams from the books we read her, but lt all seems to flow so naturally. We don't read to her because we want her to have a precoclous vocabula4l. We read to herbecause we ltke to read and she llkes to llsten, and sometlmes for the rrcry pracflcal neason thatwe need to be farnillar with the books on our store shelvesl We also ltke to talk, so she's been surrounded bywords, words, words from blrth. I won't tr5r to pretend she's not a brlght chtld, but I thtnk that only speeds a pnooess that she would be engaged ln an)rqray: fltdng tnto her envlronment. It makes me sad when I try to erylaln thts to people, and all they can see ls that they should be rcadtng to thelr chtldren more. They usually say It wtth a ltttle stgh of reslgFatlon, as though they are tnmHng of lt as a duty they are ne$ec$ng. Even when I tell them that Van and I almost n6rer lnldate our readlng ttmes wtth Adrtanna, they don't s€em to understand that lt tsn't an 'acdvlty' we engage ln, any more than we sct aside ttme to lsten to the muslc that ts always playlng ln our home. I'm also confounded by an arttllclal approach to 'skllls' llke color and shape recognltlon. Personally, I can thtnk of very few flmes tn my ltG when lt was tunportant to me to know ttrat a trlan$e ls called a trtangle. so I have tntendonally avolded teachlng shape concepts to Adrtanna, but she has ptcked them up any$ray from the toys and EFrnes glven to her by a grandmother who bellevee that all toys should be'educadonal,' bless her rvell-meanlng hearL As for colors, Adrtanna leamed these qulte easlly from normal day-today erposure to them, through conversatlon. her arturorh and

storles ute read. She urcnt through a pertod when lturas otxrlous that she understood that dilferent colors had narnee, and unnted to knorrwhat theywere, and she nrculd askaboutthemas sheused her crayorrs. Itwould harrc taken a much mre onsclous elfort on my Part to sbp her from learnlr4 them than to teach theml But of course when she could tdenU$ hrquoise at age 2, people would alurays say, You can sure tell that you rvork wtth her at horne.' Wtrlch brlngp to mtnd another funny thlnghrc nodccd. We get the mostPr€ssure frompeople to put her tn preschool whenghe ls dernonstradng that she has no need of tt. If she already knows about turqullse' whyurculd urc send her somewhere to be drlled ln the recognlflon of red and blue and green? Yet we have frequently been told,lShe's so brtght, she really should be ln preschool.' My response ts usua$r somefttng bdllrant [ke, 'oh,' stmply because I can't llgure out how on earth to exolatn somethln{ that seems so obvlous to me. And tf the Ipeaker has chlldren of hls or her own tn preschool, lt s€errrs so arrogant to say that Adrtanna doesn't need


These past slx rnonths, Adrlanna has been learntng how wrltten language rvorks. and lt's been fun to nratch her. I was busy belng pregnant when she started comlng to me wtih scraps of paper wtth ctude letters

prtnted on them and asklng what they

ipelled, and I dtdn't really thlnk about how she got started wrtttng. She has an

alphibet p"zle and rnagneflc letters on the refrtgerator (both from Grandma, of

course) but we'd never worked wtth her

wtth thern- Agatn, I had purposely fgrored


So I'm not sure how or even when the

wrlttng bug struck her. Her narne was the flrst rvord she expressed lnterest ln' so A was the llrst letter I remember her trytng to wrtte, but then sheJuet seerned to ptck the ones that were easlest to draw: H, E, n T' L. I - the ones wlth Just stralght ltnes. 0 love

the uray she still rnakeg her E s. She adds as many bars as she wants, so that tt often looks llke half of a centlpede when she's donet And yet, when she asks how to rnake an F, and I respond that lfs an E wlthout the bottom bar, she knows Just what I mean and draws a perfect F.) I had read whatJohn safd h laan{ng NI tle ?Irne about 'readlng' the strlr4;s of

letters that ctrlldren wrlte, so I would do rny best to pronounce the words Adrlanna brought to rne on her scraps ofpaper. One day when we were packtng clothes for our rrprre, Adrlanna wanted to label the bo:<es for me. She would wrlte some letters and then ask what they sald. One 'word'uras 'HHR}I,' and when I trted to say lt wlthout

tnsertlng vourcl sounds, her response was' 'Oh, lt says treathe't' Slmllarly, when I pronounced'BRR' for her, she crted' 'Oh' It sayo'cold'l' It took me a rnorncnt to llgure out that she uras stmply assoclatlng the sounds wtth famlltar words. dolng her best to make sense out ofnonsensc. I dldn't comment, and nowJust 0rrc rrpnths later

6 she has progressed to where she's sa5rlng thtngs llke, 'P ls for Peter, and E ls for

eater.' If she can't thlnk of a word that beglras wtth a sound that ts ltke the pronunclatlon of a letter, she makes one up: 'R ls for arter.' Needless to say, she's a ways from understandlng that E can dso be for elephanL but the tmportant thfng to me ls that she ls explorlng and experlmentlng and sharlng her ldeas wlth no arilffcfal nodons of 'leamfr4.' What ts lnteresdng to me ln uratchtng these proc.esses ts that there lsn't necEssarlly an orderly progresston of skllls. Adrtanna can nowwrlte her name, and she loves to slt on rry lap when I'm typfng and let me dtctate the letters I need (whtchwas deflnftely her tdea - lt's not my ldea of a good tlrne, taktng ten mlnutes to t5rpe one sentenc€), but she can't r€ctte the alphabet correctl5l. Strnilarly, she can read numbers well enough to dlal the telephone but lo Itkely to mlx up the names of the numbers. Whlchbrtngs us to numbers and counting and addtng. Grandrna proudly taught Adrtanna to count to lO when she was only l8 or 19 months old, not noflclng or carlng that the worde were only so much gibberish to her and that she couldn't really count anythfng. Ifs only ben ln the past four months or so Orat she has had a llrm grasp of the idea of one-to-one correspondence, but once she understood that, she qutckly began playlng udth addidon, saylng tldngs llke, 'There are four people ln our famtly. When Daddy goes to work, there are only three, butwhen he crmes home, there are four agal4l' She comes to me often to ask how marry ffnger:s she ts holdtng up. She was thrllled when I

told her tlrat she could llgur€ lt out herself by counUng them all together, and so now she comes to announce, 'You knowwhat, Mom? Tbo llngers plus llrre ffngers rnakes scrrcn ffngprsl' Nour she nrants rne to add numhrs fn ry head for her entertalnrnent 'Whafa 2 plua 2? Then what's 4 plus 4?Thenwhat's 8 plus €fl'and so on, doubllng the equaflon each tlrre. I tnstst on qultflngwhen the numberg get so bU that I can't rercmber the one IVeJust r€ctted, usually around 32,OOO or sornethlng. I wonderwhat her mlnd malree of those huge numbersl Agar$ here sheiE playhg wlth addlflon ard subtracflon, and yet she can'tcount to 20. I rccently sharcd a lot of these expertences wlth a frlend who aslcd about horneschooltng and after I had talked and talked, ehe sflll fnsistcd, 'But thenyou really are teachlng her.' I dont know how to make the dtsttncflon clear to euch people. IVe secf,r Adrtanna gFow \rcry qutet and res€ntfiilwhen a gchool-t aahlng aunt trles to malc a nlce leeson out of errcry game they play together, unfll she f,nally tunes out entlrely, and I lorow the same would happen tf I trted to teach her about addtng ffngers. Parflctpattng ln a conversadon about numbers ls so dlfferent from


The ready answer lve llnally come up wlth when deallng wlth horne educaflon vs. preschool ts to explaln that Adrtanna lorrcs to dance and ls so free and spontaneous about lt - quallfles that I fear could be

deetroyed by formal dance lessons. Most people understand that, and so I go on to say that she takes the sarne open, Joyous

and that I rvould ltkewlse not want to make her s€lf-consclous about lt by enrolllng her ln preschool - or even by formallzlng our horne learntng envlnonrnent The arguments don't necessar$r end therc, but I feel sattsffed that hre expr€ssed the essence of what home educatlon ls all about for us. A funny story: Once last sprlng, when Adrlanna nras Just orrcr 3, I saw her trSrlng to cut wtth a palr of ctrtld-slze sclssors. She was holdlng them very awkwardly and wasn't havlng much suctess wlth her taslq so I satd sonrethtng to the effect that she dght nnd lt easler to hold them thus (demnstraflng!, and uralked away. A few mtnutee later, she called out to me, 'Momny, ts tt OK lf I hold them n5r own funny rvalr?' She tsnt alnrays so poltte about tt now. Yesterday she was urfung her name on a thankyou card wewere preparlng to matl to a frlend, and I could see that she u/as gofng to bedn too near the center of the page and would run out of spac= before compleflng her nanne. I rnenfloned that fact, and she stghed wlth exasperaflon and sad, 'fll do tt my way and you can do tt your way.' She dtd tndeed run out of space after only four letters, but lt dldn't seem to uiorry her. SheJust started over agaln. The pnocrsx] seemed much more tmportant to her than the result, so while I was cringtng oner the 'rness' she was maktng of the card, she was qulte sattslled wtth tt. It rnade me reallze, asharnedly, that I had been thfnldng more about tmpresslngl our frtend wtth her wrltlng abtlt$r than about tlre actual purpose ofthe thankyou card. Ktds can humbleyou so deftlyl

approach to aII of her leamtng and dolng,

cLoDLr; sckrool Home Based Education Program Crealu your own home school currlculum wllh the holp of Clonlara SchoolFlome Basocl Educallon Program, lhe well.balanced home $chool program offorlng flexible or slandard approach. "C--lunlala sllesses nranipulative leatrring tuols and real.llfe experlences In place o.f endless wor.lboolery....You creale ygur own individualized program wilh lhe help of the Clonlara curriculum.

The clonlara slaff ls avallable to answer quos$ons over lhe phone or by mall. Any concorns famlller have whlch rolalo lo home oducaflng can be addressrid.

Clonlara graduates rocelvo our prlvalo school dlploma and tull kans.ctlplo. Clonlara graduales have gone lo colleger ahd unlversltlec, to mllltary 8oMco, lo the nrlnlslry and lnlo lhe work force. Clonlara atlonds to all of the admlnlslratlve dutles aisoclaled wlth homo educatlnq wlth and for our enrolloec. We know lho rogulallons In overy stato and counlry. wo handlo conlacts befryeen school ofllclals and our 0nroll6ot. Thal leavas parenls fiee lo atlond lo thdlr home educallng.



Bis Book of lloma Learnins

l2E9 Jewctt Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan 4810{

Pat Montgomcry, Ph.D. (313) 769-{5r5

Dlrector Growlng Wthout Schooltng #78

Observing Without Interfering or Judging Finding Things Out Wendg Marl,yno. oJ Col{ornla senl us *tool fuprirt- she'd unllten at tle end oJ tle gean $ne ererpts:

the "Hone

We often play what urc call 'The Quesdon Game,' where one of us poses a

quesflon (usually of central ptrtlosophtcal tmportance) that the others each get to answer ln any way they ltke. Examples: "What ls bart}r?' "Why do people not know that the Earth fs allve, and hurt her?' 'What t8 tlnre?'The other day, 7-yearold Mlles' question uras. 'What ts srnart?' and our ansurers reflected a deep sens€ that knorvledge ts only part of srnartnesa. Br5m (lO) satd that some people thtnk smart ls knowtng lots of thtngs, ltke tlrtngs you memorlze or leam ln school. We all agreed

that gmartis knowlnghowto ind out things, and knowtngwhatyou do not know, and belng wlllfng to not know I recently read pa.rts of a book by Rtchard Saul Wurman, It{omtattort Al'L{rtA, wtdch assesses the overwhelrnlng quaUty of the lnformaflon ure are oonfronted wtth dally, and deflnes 'InformaHon Arudety' as the gap betureen what rpe know and what ure thlnk urc should knonr. He says hts father taught htm not that he should know erreqthing tn the encyclopedta, but that he should lsrow how to flnd tt. When I observe Bqm'a and Miles'learnlng prooess, I see no an:de$r about what they do not know (except ln the momentaqr fmstratlon of tr5dng to solve an tmmedl,ate problem before thern), and I s€e great sktll h llndfng out what thcy need or urant to know. I also see an lntense commltment to leanrtng, and an lndtufdual sense of flmtng that gutdes thern Miles can spend an hour or more lmmersed tn readtng a TInTLn adventure book, and not errcn hear gs calllng trlrn" The next day, he may spend that same lntense hour expertrrrndq;wlth a mylar danclng rlbbon on a stlck,

watchtng and controlltng the many pattems and rnoflons lt can make (and telllng me about tt as he does). Both of them follow thetr heart when lt comes to leamlng - wtrtch may mean\rantlng to do a math urorkbook fn the can on Sunday when we're drtvlng somewhere. You nerrer know What you can count on ls that they are dolng, most of the tlrne, what thry urant to be dotng, for thelr own reasons, and findfng meaning - a sense of tnternal purpose - ln dotng lt.

...Both the ctrlldren ltke to have assl6pments when tlrey ask for ttrenL or

when I olfer them and they agree. They do not reslst structur€ or erraluaflon, but rather are free to enJoy tts pleasures, because lt cornes purely, wtthout strtngs, When I made up a worksheet for them - one on TtnTIn books, one on Madeletne LEn$e - they couldn't uratt Ull they urere printed olf the computer to start on them, .,.Whenrrc areuratedng the garden, weedtng the strauberrtes, bernoanlng the gophers'holes, studylng the rebtrth and unfoldtng of a calla ltly, t ,e are often taken afleld (or 'agarden') lnto other dlscusslons or experlments. And nrc end up learntng

crowlng Wthout Schooltng #28

qulte a blt, leamfng


away that mtght

take us back tnto a book. or a drawlng. But that uras not the polnt, or errerr tlre purpose. The polnt rvas to urater the garden, or \rleed

the straxberrtee. ltre leamtng, ultlmately,

ls not extractable from thc unfoldlng of the CIrpertenc€, so that to tell about tt 18 dtfferent than tt ung. But to tell about lt tn theae otherways also carrles a tnrth - tt te a

tnrth that

belonts to reflectlon aftenaards (ae when one, at 38, comea to undcratand tn qulte a dtfferent uray what one was dotng at l9).

Thts iB why *! dont hcar our*lvee eaylng, '\[Iell, now we are havlrg a legson ln physlcs'wlth that'Irt'8 tun to chapter 3. tone of'nolce, but rather find oursehyeg lookfng well lnto the learntng ltself, a8 tt emerges out of the trrth of the rnornent. Loohng back and reflecdng on tt the lesson may *ell harrc much beyond physlcs tn tt - what mlght bc call€d ltteratue, and phtlosophy, and btologr, and much more. That doesn't mean that the children - or Btll or I - wouldn't hear oursehyes saylng (ln wonder, sometlmes, orJust aa a comment on the sltuatton), 'Well, here nrc are talktng about geography nowl'But lt wouldn't be that snealry Hnd of creeptng up and pounclng on'the teachable moment,' stlll assumlng that learntng needs to take a specllled form and be caught tn the act before lt can be satd to have occurred. In fact, the phrase'the teachable moment' s€erns to fmply that sornc rpments ar€ not teachablel or worse, that teachtng ts sornethtng that needs to be dAe4l to tIrc rnornent, rather than dlscovered wlthln tt. ,..Fletenflon. Comprehenslon. Thes€ thlngs becorne natural byproducts ofthe kfnd of learning they expertence. I was readlng a book aloud to both of them, and Miles had read to hlmself another of the books ln that serles. I had unndered tf that book was too dlfflcrrlt for hlm to read, but he sat and read lt rtght through. I wondered lf he had retalned tt, but I found out wtthout asklng or testtng, As I r€ad the other book aloud, he conttnually told ug all that had happened to cach ofthos€ characterg ln the other book, and hte oplnlon on what had happened. And Bryn r€counts plots ln compelltng ways, when she ls done wlth or erren mldway through her boks. And Miles ts the rnaster of TlnTtn de+atl - lf we play '21 Sluesflons' about a TtrrTln facl Mlles ls the acknowledg€d nraster of us all. TlnTln remlnds rne of somethlng

that's also fundarrrntally tmportant to our homeschooltng proccss. That ls the role that Btll and I play, as teachers and leamers and parents and companlons. A mlx of roles that dters accordlng to rnood and context, but that reduces down to a deep sensewe both have thatwe ane prMleged to all be on ttrls Joumey together. When I found myself yrondertng what Mtles wa"s seetng tn thesc rnany TtnTln books, what was absorbtng htm so, and found also that I uras nrorrted about the racial stereot5rpes tn the boks and the ocraslonal use of vlolence, I dtd sorne research. Ofcourse, we talked about the raclal stereot5rpes and that became a chancc to recognlze themwhen they occur,

espec{ally ln subtle forrn" and tn trtstortcal contexL But tlrere was more I wanted to knorr, that he was not lntereeted tn explatntng (rohg he llked them was not

interesttng to hnm at the tlme, only tlut he Itked them). ln the llbrary reference room I looked up the author and xeroxed pages of btographtcal trformadon, and then found about twent5r pages ofcrlttcal essays ooncrmlng ThTfn h the Book Revbut Index In readtng these, I learned a lot, and what I leamed deepened my understandtng of the

mythic qualfty of the TlnTln adrrcnture, and helped to ansurcr rrqr quesdons, to sttmulate my reflectlons, not Mlles'. It was to sattsS my need to know, not trls. Becauseurc try to keep that vlew ln mfnd - that tt ts our questions and our leamtng that are also lnvolved ln homeschoolrng, rrc help ourselves avotd the trap of Gelfng selfsacrtllclrg, gtven the enornx)us comrnltrnent rcqutred. We try to keep the sense of prlvllege allve. It ls the sarne as wlth belng parents - culflvatlng not a sense that we are 'dolnS all thls for you,'or errcn the oppostte, that they are dokrg tt all for us, that we are only anrcd wltnesses of the rnagtc that cl'rlldren offer, It ls, rather, somethtng lntegrated, somethlng tnseparable. Flom a laterletter Werdg lurtote us: You asked me to tell you exactly what the 'Horne School Report' was uirltten for. Our Independent Home Study Program ts alltltated wtth the Loma heta School Dlstrlct. They requlrc that urc submlt monthly or quarterly r€ports, and these need to lnclude the things the ctrlldren have been doing or worldng on tn sclence, rnath, language, etc. I have alnays llsted errents and acdvldes tn a long llst under each category (alurays struggltng to recrnstnrct what I should have kept more careful track o0, and then felt so much vras

mlsslng from that kfnd of r€porL So, last June, I was worldng wlth some nirtflng I uras dolng about our llrrcs, and decfded to submlt that along q'tth tlre ltsts. Ttds report, then, was submttted as an offlctal r€port, and ocrurred ln response to that asetgnrnenl But lt went beyond the bounds of the asslgnment and was tnrly done for nre.


PATNNAS RESOURCE CENIIER a lamilyodenled educal'nnal r€source oonter HOME SCHOOUNG





EUJCAIIOMI ATRf{AIIVES nondscrlmlnqtory cE to rcFe, rellglon, sax, or nol'tond orlgln

Sondro M. Hurst. Director RD.. GLENMOORE, PA 19343 (215) 45&5138


Not on Display oJ

Ftum c loger Ontatlo sent us.'


that Jutta Ma,wr

lnslde our house, actMfles are not noted do*n, nor are they marhed. If one of the chlldren doeg a puzzle or reads a book there ane no congrahrlattons or prlzes; lf sonreone makes a mtstalrc there may be regret, but wtthout publte humtltaflon. The chlldren look out at the unrld wlthout a sense ofbetng on display. As I wrlte thlg, on a FYlday mrnlng. I'm sttflng ln frcnt of the flreplace bestde my daughter, who ls readlrq; a norrcl. Her brothers are at the table, playlng chess. Outslde the wtndow the dog te gnawlng at a stlck. We're at a cottage, ln the woods. If *t urcre at horne, I mthtbe typlng fnto the computer, and the Hde mlght be walhng over to the groery store to do thc urcekly shopplqg (the store dellvere). Or ry younger eon mlght be roartlng around the back lane wlth hls frlende, wlth re mahng suppcr ln thc Htclrcr\ Tle Mogb Ftute on the tape deck, the older ctrtldren mlmfckhg the opera slngers for my amusemenl We pass ln and outof one another's occupatlons and nobody ls noflng down the hours ofmuslc appreclatton, phystcal fltness, ltterary studles, grocery math, or geography. My younger son oorrea to me wlth trlg hands full of rnatchboxes, to tell rne that lf all the boxes are full, he hag 2lO matches. He shows me, grlnntng, how he flgured thfs out wtthout countlng each one separately.

GREEK ROOTS AND THEIR MODERN ENGLISH SPELLINGS A DictionaryOf Roots Translitated From Ancient Greek With Their Modem English Spellings

ByRaymondE. Laurita


500 modem English roots with


their original Greek rneanings Thousands of modern English words with General Spelling Processes clearly illushated


Clarifies relationships between spelling, meaning and grammar


Appendices with modern meanings and spellings of 1,000 Greek prefixes and suffixes

Softcover- $18.95 (Add107o Postage Please Check or MO only)


IOtXTOyf, HGrS, tY r059t

Arcr glnce he was qutte small he'e alwaye looked out for numbers and the orderlng of thfngs. Thls doesn't mean he'll one day be a mathemadclan, nor euen that he'll be recognlzed as'good at math'lt meane nothtng orcept what tt te: his pleasure at flgurlng out the number 2lO. In the sam way, ouroomlngF togetherln the hous€hold at vartous frmeo of the day nreart nothlng more thanJust the pleasure (or, at other ilrm, the dlllcultyf of each other's @mpany. The space tnslde our houschold fe peraonal, not pub[c, and unmnttored for productMty. But all of us can do thlngg there that tnterest ue rrcry much. Thfs lls at our best, and alter sorne atruggle. As a graduate ofyears of compulsory schooltng, I am used to looHng outslde rryself for professlonal sancdon and appronal ofwhat I do. I us€d to spnltor ry ctdldren os thor4ghthercwaa an lrMetble school oftdal boldng orter my shoulder. Tlre cldldren's comments about numbere or stars or lns€ctsu/ould olten be channded lnto furtlrer questlons about mathematlcg or astrono-my or zoologr. ThIs slou,ed downwhen I noHced the children were avotdlng rne, My daughter dtdn't rnendon numbere for over a month when I once used a quesflon she asked me as an opportunlt5r to show her the mlntstry guldellnes on prlnrary grade rnthematlcs. I took her reactlon ag a caudon rather than a challenge. School ollclals canne to our house to check our ctrlldren s rnath proflclency. The ktds were rrystlfled by the strange plasttc npnry the ol[clals brought, and could hadly add slxand slx (after rrpnths of the nrost complex allonrance transacdons). I took thfs as another cauflon. My daughter reslsted even my feeble attempts to get her to read, untll she was 9. Then she began to read, not 'Dtck and Jane'books, but her favorlte norrcls. Now she reads hster than her father, who reads for a llvlng. Il{y next chtld, ln the meantlme, eat tn hls room and ftgured out how to read by htrnself, before I really noUced. I'm not sure what trls rnethod nras. Here nras a thlrd cautlon to nre. In our faml$1. learntra to read turned out to be ltke leamlng to walk and

to talk - weryoneJuot errcnhrally doee tt. A.s my Instrucilng dtminlshed, our conrrcrsaflons expanded. Ttre connersadons flourtshed the more they *ere unplanned. An engaglng toptc c'ould strlke at any flnr: wtrtle walldng the dog, drfvfqg sornewhere, wlndlng donrn for bed, havtng lunch, dtggtng tn ttre garden, openlng the rnall, havlng an algurnenl As the years nx)ve on, I am somednrs astontshed at the prMlege I harrc of seelng how thes€ thrce young ones unfold and take tn the world around thern I1rey learn next to rre but only aorneilrnes, at thelr own chooslngS, because of me. And they learn plenty. Some people maywonder howwe can sattsff the homeschollng reguladons wtthout nottng down our chlldren'e

actMdes and eyaluatlng them. In Ontarlo the regulatlons are stlll pleasantly vague. The mlntstry of educatlon is rcqulred to rnalrc eur€ that'saflsfactory educatlon' ls belng provlded for each chtld, but'satlsfactory' ts not deffned. So the school supertntendents ofeach area hanre to lnterpret thts themselves. They are very busy people, as are the consultants they s€nd out to vlslt homeschooltng farntles.

I have trted to take advantage of ttrts buslmess by preemptlng any school lnltlatfircs to structure our actlvltles. TWlce ayear I send a fat essay to the school offIctals, a rarnbllng tale about what the Hds haveb€enup to ln the previous slx npnths. They dldn't ask me to do thls - I dectded on thls rouUne myself. I dtvtde up my narrattve any \rray I ltlre. At the begtnnlng I sorted our acMdes by school subJect category; liater on I sorted more by trry own lncllnaHons. Wrtflng these reports has been fun for rne because I have chosen to be fairly franlg and also because I get to go on at length about our advenhrres, It's not often thatyou hane a captlve audience to talk to aboutyour ldds. Because each of these documents hae been at least ten pages long, I lrnagfne they Ste a pleasant bulk to the school's flles on the children, hopefully sattsffng the bureaucratlc requlrenrent for urcll-ftlled flles. I don't have the lmpresslon that the school ofllctals read wtiat t *rtte nery carefully; lt's the form, not ttre content, that counts. Whererrer the kldg could be seen ali

noflceab\r'behlnd' standardlzed


leamtng schedules, such as tn thelr late rcadlng, the absence of formal math leamtng, and thelr lack of French, I try to explaln ttrls as a careful declslon by David and rre. Betng on the offensive rather than the defenslve seems helpful here. When the absence of readtng, rnath, or French tnstrucflon are presented as an lntenHonal part ofwhat the school offIclals can

trngtne as our'currlculum' (aword that I

avold llke the plague), they can IIle us under the category ofeccentrlc educatlonal phtlosophy, rather than child ne$ecl So far thts has worked out for us: we have been left lnr peact. llaere's no lnsurance that lt wlll contlnue to work, but I have chosen to apprecliate the grace of the present rather ttran to anflclpate the troubles of the future. ISS:I Readers often ask us how they can clalm to be teachlng reading, and thereby satlsfitrlg that part of thelr state's homeschoollng regulattons, lf thelr child tsn't readlng at all. We usually glve Just the advlce that Jutta gfnee: you urant, above all, to anold gtvtng the lmpresslon that you haven't nodced that your ctrlld tsn't readlng (or whatelrcr tlre subJect may be), don't thlnk tfs tmportant, etc. That's Just too much for school olllclals to understand or accept, erren il tt may be true. You don't urant to s€em to be neglectlng your ctrlld, as Jutta says. But lfyou can make lt clear that your ctrlld's late readlng (or, at any rate, your bellef that tfs OK tf ctrlldren read at later agss) ls an tntegral part ofyour educatlonal bellefs, eupported by the foll'owlng studles, aouroes, and so on, that rnakes a dtlference. If thts lsn't true - that ts, lf you really do wlsh your chlld were readtqg - you can sflll protect him or her from further pnessune by makrng clear what you plan to do about readtng for the folowtng year: 'For Johnny's IIfth grade year, wr wtll be readlrg aloud from the

followlnS books. vtsttlng the ltbrary regularly, dtscusstng the dally newsPaper...' etc. The polnt ts, you can make lt clear that you are Svfng readtng some Ume and attentlon wtthout maklng anY promlses about oractly when your chlld

wlll be readtng on hlg ovm. Growlng Wthout Schoollng #78





The Socialization Question

Lany uud9usanKasemads neto bolc, Taking Charge Ttuough Homeschoollng, btcbtdes c sectlon abft srcIlrkzafion bg tJelr l&-year-old. d.aughten Beth atd un ercerpt tftat sction lrrlte. 71le boolc fs


o} lomr.sclul,&qg as grassr@ts

pd|tual act&rr atd. ts subtlda4 'krsotlol ard, fullfrcol nnpunrnent' Ifs atnllaWe

Jor $12.95 Jron l(oshlonong Pnrss,

2545 Kosliantorg Rd, SlblttglltortWl 53589: When I was about etght and hadJust started homeschooltng, I thought that tf I went back to publtc sctrool (or arry school, for that matter), I would harrc about ten really good frlends (the ldnd that you tell eve5rthtng to and who are alnrays rricre to you and you ne1rcr get slck o0. It nllas tlnt stmple. But I dectded that maybe Orere were bad parts about school too, and that I dtd already have some frtends, so I let the ldea drop for a wtrlle. Now at etghteen I have come to vlew meanfngful frtendstrlps as somethlng that requlnes a lot of ttme and elfort and ls an ongotxg process wtrlch going to school wtll not necessarlly help at all, 'Soctallzatlon" ln our soclety has becume equated wtth havtng a lot of peers with whom one has mfnlrrnl contact (because of such lfmfted ttme, etc.) but from whom one can clialm f;dendshlp. In the area oftons offrtends and lots ofpressure from them, I have'mtssed betng soctallzed,'but healthy ftendshlps (and sonretfunes lt takes a long tlme to flnd/create one) requlre a lot more than stmple acqualntance through school. The need for poslflve contact wlth other human betngs ls unlversal. Often people vterv tt as sorrrthfng that one ls elther'gtuen' or not. By golng to school one is 'glrrcn' the 'soclallzaflon' necrssary to be a'soctallzed person,' people thtnk, and yet we have a hard time flgurlng out what that rneans, and an

harder ttme becomtng'soclalzed people.' erren

As a horneschooler I have aluravs been asked about'soc'lallzaflon' and'malAng frlends,' more than any ottrer quesilon,

and tt has had many tmpltcaflons. 'You're got gotng to be able to functlon ln soclety

becauseyou have been kept away from tt.' 'Well then you don't harrc any frlends.' 'Because of you the socfety wtll be less able to get along.' But rnost comrnonry, 'Gee, tt's too bad she doesn't have a chanc= to make lots of frlends and have all ttre fun of school.'At ttmes I haven't mtnded the quesflon; at other tlmes IVe hated tt. But often IVe wondered what wtll happen to thls socletSr lf the uray of bctng 'soctaltzed' ls by attendtng school. Our soc'tety mfght be worrted about anyone who lsn't 'soctdlzed'because by not betng 'soclalzed' fn the regularway, the person could also bc free from the trap that makes them conform wlthtn our soctety and thus not threaten lts stmcture. My ldea of soctallzaflon lncludes betng able to get along wtth people of all ages, races, culhrres, etc. and ln rnany dillerent sltuadons tn wtrtch I am able to

Growlng Vltthout Schoohng #28

8et auray from belns the peer or the daughteror the shrdent orwtlatarer and

play other roles. ltlaybc I strould coll thts 'culturaltzadon.'In thts area I feel that I have had a muchmore complete expooure to people, human tnterac{lon, and frtendshlps than I errrcrupuld harrc had lf I hadn't been homschoollng. I\rc becn able to rrcrk, learn, lnstrucl hclp, phy, enplore, etc., wlth all Hnds of pcople at


abilfty lerals, and thcsc frlendshlps I nalue


hlghly. Homeschoollng lras eorettmes b€en thought of as somethlng that keeps chlldren separate from lots of peers and prerrcnts peer pressutc (lt docs, to sorc extent), but bastcally horcchoollng opens up a peIxnn's opportunltles for lntcractlon and helpe peoplc leam to tnteract ln a soc{et5l where urc geem to harrc few good frtendstrtps, partly becau* people are labeled and categorlzed ard put lnto boxes. Thls seems like a dangerous thtng to hane happen, and sornehow ag homeschmlers we harrc to take on sonre responslbtlity for changtng lt, Human betngs are rneant to be lntegrated, not kept tn bo:<es by age or other categorles. But ln order for tntegraflon to occur, ctrlldren need to be gtrrcn nrore respect and trust than they are today. As wlth any alternadve, horneschooltng wtll alurays be looked upon as sontthtng that should be tnspected, espectally ln the area of human relaflons. And bclng 'soclallzed' ls not as stmple as knortng the alphabet, or belr4 able to add. It ts sornethtng that one has to contlnually releam. A horneschooler has to accept that espectally because she has been homeschooled, she wlll be asked about tt. But really, I feel that my soctal lnteractlon wlth people ls what I value the most and the area ln whlch I want to work the mosL If people can get along and lnteract urcll together, then there must be hope for the rrcrld. K. P@dotrtDrcte [rrthc &tobr/ Norpm}rr {ssue oJEducatlon Otherwlse, the Brltish Horneschmlltg publbalbrc

I harrc three ctrlldren at horne, tnru who have attended school. I found that whlle they urcre at school, the chtldren dtd appear to have lots offrlends, but the frtendstrtps wrr€ v€ry translent, and now they have fallen by tlre wayslde dtogether, although urc dfd try to keep tn touch. I do flnd thatwlth them belng at home they get lonely and they harrc to make a real effort to harrc fiends, as there ls not the day to day contact ofschool. BuL I llnd now that the frlends they do have are rrcry speclal to thenr. Ttre soctallzlng that they do now ls dtlferent too: lt ls much fi:lendIter; they are mone trterested tn people as people, and not the 'I'rrc got a so-and-so' msnraltt,r of school contact. I harrc found that stnct they left school they are more ln touch wlth thelr feeltngs, as before they seerned to be bombarded wlth emodonal experlencrs of all klnds and coped by cutting themselrrcs oIIto a certaln degree. Whtle my son uras at school he dtd not soctaltze, heJust fought a lot slnce he left school, he has leamt and I d

also say Jelt aHe, fs talk and cooperate rnore wlth other cblldren. I feel thatyes, ctrildren do mlss out on the soctallzatton they would have at school, but that'mtsstng

out'ls avery

thtng. I know rr5r chtldren rvould not wlsh to return to tL I know for a fact that keepfng my chlldren away from po.stttue

school tns made them better able to handle the rough and hrrrble of llfe, because they have dme to rrcuperate. Wtrlle tlrey were at school they becanre onerloaded; they dld cope tn thelr ounr urays, but to the detrtnrnt of part of themsehcs. They had to hide thelr softer, Hnder sldes to keep'tn' wtth the other ctrlldren. My youngest daughter has ne'rrcr been to school and I flnd that she ls the rnost capa.ble and reetltent of all nry three ctrlldren. When she has been nronged, she ls much npre confldent and determlned to see Jusdce than ts my thtrteen year old, and she ls only flve.

AndfiomChalLorp (CN: I uranted to tell you how we hanre some-

what sohrcd the problem of soclal tsolatlon. Solon ls an only chlld, although he has a step-slster whom he now sees one urcelrend out of the month. We llve ln the countr5r wlth no nelghborhood |r wtrtch to forge frlends. But wery weekend ure go to

the local, falrly large, flea market, where

d.y selltng clothes. We have "ll thls for near\r four years now. been dotnf, Solon has lots offilends there ofall ages and natlonalldes, who go r€gular$. Therc ls avldeo g;ame roomtherewhere he spends a lot of tlme wtth hts frtends and a pond/ forest ln the back where they can play games and catch frogs and llzards. We also ftnd the flea market a gr€at placc to llnd all ldnds of educadonal rratertal, I already harrc collected textboks for the next fcr grades tn all subJects - 25 - fia each. We also ffnd tnexpenstrrc art supples and costumes fordress-up, dra:rra, we work

and ptcture-taldng. We don't belteve ln separadng the faml! for uiork or school, We do not attend adult functlons that exclude chlldren, We are told thaturc are sornewhat llke the Astrans who take thelr entre famlly wtth them errcrlnrhere th.y go. Solon does, of

clurse, choose to go on urcurstons wlth fdends away from the fam$, but he is alnrays welcome to Joln us. Because of thts, he ls often wlth us to experlence real-Me

sltuadons that most chtldren are not allourcd to experlence or obsen€. Foi trstance, he attended the rnany farnf$ court s€sslons wlth us tn the past years tn whlch our abtltty to be responstble

parents for hls step-slster uras dlsputed by the other parent, wlth Solon's hornerhoollng and the Mestyle around homeschoollng a focal polnt. Slnce we are on a rcry llmtted budgeturc could not afford a l"nty.t, so Mtchael represented hknself. Thls garrc Solon a chance to read errcry court paper from the other party as nrcll as all the responses Mlcha€l prepared for court sesslons througfr the years. Solon uras totally fasclnated wtth the Judtctal pnooess, although he somedmes

lo had to stt wltlout us (nrc urere up front) |rr the court room, whlch I'm sure uras a llttle scar5r. Howerrcr, theJudge actually commented durlnt the lnqt court sesslon that lasted dl afternoon on how Well behaved' Solon was, 'better than most ctrlldren.' Ttrls was muslc to our ears after havlng

had to listen to an afternoon ofcrtucal remarks from the other party about Solon and tris llfestyle. We urcre rrcry proud of htm that day, and he proved to theJudge that homeschmled clrtldren can be qutte socially adept.

Two-Career Families Andrea Rustn 0I) wdtes lrr r€sponse to Tanvng Maltby's leter ln GWS *76 rrfutt tanu'school/ung whh a fuo-caterlr Jonflg (for nore ontle su$at, w GWS {77): We too are a two-career homeechool family wtth no nearby relatives and a Ught budget. Bellerre me, there are days when I shar€ Tamny's feellngs of frustratlon. My husband Dave ls a math professor at the local unlverslty and I am a soclal worker. Undl last Nonember, I was the dlrector of a shelter for the homeless. Now I have reslgned from that poslflon to start a new soclal servlc€ agency to empovrcr tndividuals to move from homelessness an far back tnto the malnstream as they can. Stncr ttris agency ts Just begtnning, tt ts really only a ltttle rnore t}an half-tlme. However, slnce I am also a EFaduate student

I am commltted to essenttally full-ttme acflvlfles outslde tlre home.

Managlng thts Mestyle requlres a curlous blend of tlerdbilfty and rtgtdtty. In part, our sltuaton ts workable because of the flodblltty of our emplo5rment. The only hours that Dave must be at the unlverstty are when he Is teachtng or scheduled for ollce hours or aomrnlttee rneetlngs. Of course, he ts commttted to performlng a crrtaln amount of urork - and really enJoys tt anyway - but no one ls watching oner tds shoulder determlnlng how the work gets done. Consequently, he ts avallable to ptnch htt for ctrtld care and

school-tlme. I use the rnomlngs to be wtth the ctrildren (Vtctorla ts 8 and Ntcholas ls almost 6) and do school-tlrne. I really do bellerrc that chlldren are learntng all the ttme. I am by no means convlnced that thts school-time ls the most educaflonal part of thelr day. Nonetheless, lt ls the tlrne that I have scheduled to be avatlable to tlrc chlldren wtth my full attentlon. Under other clrcumstancrs I probably would not be so rlgld about ttrls school-flme, but tt ls not as though there ls another flme-slot to put lt tn. If ure don't do our work ln the momtngs, ttJust does;.r't get done. The afternoons and errenlngs are my tlrrres for school and work Three afternoons a week, Nlcholas Soes to the chtld care crnter on campus for a few hours. Vlctorla helps me

ln my ollce, rporks on her ov,rn thlngs, or vtstts wtth frtends. Tammy's sltuaflon ls somewhat dtlferent, but there are also pa.rallels. If the nurslng shortage ts for real, lt seems as though you mlght be able to negotlate sorne fledbllfty trto your schedule. A frtend of mlne - a sln$e mom - works as a nurse rrcry close to forty hours all on the weekends. Clearl5r such an arrangBrnent ls not

wtthout drawbcelr, luf lf l6svss thcnrceks free for her to spcnd wtth trer children. Itlodbtltty ts lmportant agaln dtfi

regard to currlcrrlum- We don't uec a prrpackaged currtculum. Ttrere are days when I am so muddled that I feel llke I want sorrreone to tell me what to do wtth the

chtldren. I know, ho*=rrer, that I r€al} couldn't stand anotlrcr stack of ortcrdue

papermrk and asslgnrnts. We dcvlse our currlculum together and lt !s mor€ or legs an ongolng prcoeas. Sometlrc the chlldren slmply harrc no dea of the brcadth or lmportance ofa partlctrlar subJect. For these toptcs, I dont feel comfrrtable

u/alilng undl they ask for lnformadon. Other flmes, the tnterests of the ctrlldren are so clear that to do anythlrg other than

study thoee toptcs lo abeurd. But tlren, lf I on not absolutely rtgtd about some thtmge then I know from experlence that urc will start ntnnlng ln clrcleg, Schol-ume ls when I am avallable to the chtldren: t an ready and wllltng to ghrc them rny undlrddcd attenflon. Whcn I am at wor* - erren lf I am slttlng tn my olllce at home wlth both the chlldren on the floor at my feet - I am not arratl,able. It works the otherway as urcll, Many of my colleagues know that I am at home ln the mornlngs, and feel cpmfortable calltng rrre there. After all, I'm not at work so I can't be busy. The wtsest iilrcstnent urc ever made was the ansrrerlng rnachtne. I Just don't answer the phone before l:30. Thls arrangement sounds more harsh than tt feels ln pracflce. The llne that I harc to u,alk fs that I urant to olfer my childrcn that they need, but I also want to be recognlzed as fully professtonal tn my chos€n fleld. One queetlon that I have to ask myself ts why I contlnue thte way, My lncome rnakes so ltttle dllference rn the famlly Ilnances that there must clearl5r be another reason. If I urcre to stay at horne full-ttme wlth the chlldren, ln a very few years I uiould be all alone. Wtth luck, the chtldren urculd be the lndependent, capable adults that I lorow they harrc the potentlal to become, and where would I be? Too old to start sornethlng? Maybe nol but I thtnk I would feel somebltterness. B€caus€ I feel that I too have contrlbuflong to rnake completef aslde from the contrlbutlons tlrat I rnalre as a parent, I let thts crazlnesn

contlnue. I guess the potnt I am trylng to rnake ls that as famllles urc all have to devlsc ways to takeparenflng - and educaflng our chlldren ts part of that - serlously. We know that models of dropping slx-weekold babtes at full-tlme chlld care are unsattsfactory. Yet I - and all uromen - need to be taken serlous\r as well. Both the work world and famtly Me arc golng to have to adJust wtrlle we flgure out models that nrcrk. I saw a bumper sflcker tn Caltfomla that satd, 'Subrrcrt the domlnant paradtgrr.' It rnade me laugh, but tsn't that really what we arc doing? I harrc to say, too, that sornetlrrrcs none of thls flodbtltty or plannlng works at all. Sornettrnes I harrc to scrarrble to get a babysttter bccause, perhaps, Vlctorla refuses to go to one mone brlng rneetlng. And then therewas the drne when they both had ctrlcken pox - not at the same drne, ofcourse, but sepanated by a fewdays ln order to prolong the frustradon. On

those days, I am not creafln! neu/ paradtgms at all; I amJust platn old nuttyl And

Illtnots: ages

fion llndsey Halpern-Gtuens


I am homeschooltng four ctrlldren, 8,6,4, ard 2. Iworkanumberofpart-

ttrne lobs that I have been able to schedule arouira my ctrlldren and/or lnclude my ctrlldren ln. I am shartng a part-tlme Job as a Dlrector of Reltgtous Educadon at my church (ffrrc hours arveek). I teach classes for adulte shrdytng to obtaln a GED and

non-nadve Englfsh-spealdng adults at my local communtty college, Thls schedule varles. and at certaln tlmes and/or locatlons, chlldcare ts avatlable (four to elght hours aurcek). I was also asked to coordtnate a farnlly ltteracy Program at rr5r college (Ilfteen hours aweek), but my boss allows nre to do all my paperwork at horre. Flnally, I teach CPR, Flrst Atd, and ctrtldbtrth preparatlon classes at a local hospttal. ThIs schedule always varles and can be as nrany as turcnty hours a month, or as few as four. These cliasses are taught ln the evenlngs or on Saturday rnornings, and my husband stays wlth the clrlldren.

Thls schedulehas seemed OK, butl have lately been feeltrng extremely stressed. Whlle we ane not "structured' tn our school approach, what disturbs me most ls tlre lack of tlme we have to sit down and read a

book, As far as other children for your ldds to see - are there any parks nearbf A local park dtstrtct wtth daydme classes? A local homeschool group tn our ai:ea has trted organtztng a dayttrne class for homeschoolers. We have a small group that conslsts of honreschoolthg moms and lidds who meet once a week to play, do a craft proJect, or perhaps shane favorlte storles. Do you know of any other homescholers ln your area? Ifnot, maybe a La Leche L€ague leaderwould knowof some. We hane no help from our famllles, or really arryone else. Most of the schooling ls left to me, although my 8 and 6 year old

take a prlvate art class wlth other home-

schmlers. We have been ustr4 llterature lri place ofbasal rraders, and have been prfmarlly focusing on the ljl|d.e llouse on tJE Prrfuiefuks as our currlculum. We

have supplemend thls wlth other books found at the llbrary such as Joshua's WestutotdJotnteg and Pany Reed's DolL The bottom llne for rrre, thouglt, ts that I feel totally suramped, I harrcJust been to the llbrary and found some books on worklng at home. I feel I must change somethtng, or at least cut back. I wtll probably dve up my postflon as fam$ ltteraclt coordlnator by December (anen though I do sorne of lt at home, tt ls the largest flrne cpmmttrnent). I am looktng for tlme to explore my opflons and come up wlth a bustness orJob I can do at home and tnnolve the chlldren tn. As for Tammy: could you posstb$ work as a vtstttng nurse goirilg to people's homes, provtding ln-horrrc care? Or could youwork at assigntng suchjobs to other nurses? I know an RN. who dld thaL Could you teach some ctrlldren a parflcular sldll or offer some other s€rvlc! and barter wtth rprrrcone who could provide you tutorln4f As frustratlng as thls t5rpe of sttuaflon can be, thlnk of yourself as a trallblazer -

Growlng Wtthout Schooling #78

u howyou manage, and the fact thatyou share yourconcerns wlth other GWS readers, ts helpful, as ure all learn from each other.

Recovering ftom School Rladc Roch (PEtr) urltes: I am prompted to respond to 'Helphg Klds Recover'byJfm Beqgtx and Judy Gawey l'From School to Horneschoollng,' cWS #761, as I am somewhat dtsturbed by the statement ln tt that "erren the most tender, lovlng parents cannot undo what has already been done to thelr ctrlldren lln schooll.' I thlnk that tf I'd had thls pesslmlstic vlew, t mtght nerrcr hanre taken my thnee sons out of gchool last year, at ages 12, 9, and 6. I would hate for other prospectlve homeschoolers to be so negattne$

lnlluenccd, as I flrrnly bellene errery chtld ls worth resculng at all costs. I cannot proye my chtldren's lndlvtdualtty Is the same as ttqrould have been had they never set foot ln school. I'm also the llrst to admtt that there wene many things my chlldren needed to be healed of when they left school. But lt uras, and still ts, my ffrm convlctlon that the damage done could be undone.

My chtldren's splrttual well-belng

seemed to sufer ln school, as does rnany

children's. I wttnessed this malalse among students when I taughL Natural learntng systems cannot functlon properly when the totallty of the chtld's belng ls under duress. There are thosewhose systems have been aamaged before they set foot


school through harsh treatrnent or slmllar dlre clrcumstances. Over the years, the divlston between the healthy atmosphere at home and the not-so-healthy one at school becarne trrcreastngly lntolerable to my ctrildren, Much of my ttmewtth themwas spent trylng to undo the damage done to them at school. Ttrls usualV meant tr5lng to rebuild crushed self-esteem ln some way, Inevltably, somethlng had to change. As tt happened, we felt that tt was rtght to remove them from school, no matter how long they had been there. We also felt that their brulsed and battered splrtts would heal natural$r as th€y found themselyes ln

a sltuailon whtch lacked hsenslflve

treatment. Thls ln fact ls what happened, and I do feel I have back the h.ppy, enthusiastlc tndivldu ils lt was once my prlvtlege to know. [ year, our lbst year at home, t]re boys spent a lot of dme brlndng out lnto the open and golng orrcr agatn and agatn the lncldents of cruelty they had elther wltnessed, been vlcdms of, or at dmes been perpehrators of themselves. They lfterally spent hours rehashlng all the llttle and not-so-little traumadc tncldents therr were lnvolved tn durlng thetr school ltves-. Ttrts tncluded going rtght back to thelr earllest school days. I let them talk, rmnderlngwhen they would be able to put tt all behlnd them, as these lncldents had nothing to do with their present r€altty. As the peaceful days gr€w lnto months, they becarne more and more able to engage themselves wholehearted$ ln the present. The process was completed, and lm grateful urc undertook this venture lf for no other reason than

Growtng Wthout Schooltng #78

thts. The rermval fr,om the deadenfng and tnsensltlrrc behavtor that goes on ln moot schools has released them ftrom the constant pressure that gcs wlth ltvlng fn an atrrnsphere agalnst whtch one ls urrable to protect oncs€lf. That thfE atrrnephere has perrnanently damaged my chlldren, though, I cannot accept. I harrc only to look on thelr brtght eyes, faces shhfng wfth enthuglasm, boundless energy and zest for llfe, to know thts ls a lle. They do not feel they are fallures for leavlng school - qulte the ontrary: they feel more happy. rrcre alrrc, rrnre truly themselrrcs than they have been for ages. It was ln school that they were rnade, too often, to feel ltke fallures, and ttrts, tnteresttn$y, tn sptte of the fact that they got hfgh grades. The euggestlon thgt older chtldren get tnvolned ln sorne urcrk they enJoy te a good one. I made the rrtstake of more or less havlng schol at hore at Brst, but I\/€ leamed from thta and I thfnk chlldren are

rerrnrkably reslllent" When you're

honestl5r trytng, they put up wtth and forglve an awful loL As ttne went on, the rlgid structure began to cnrmble as the boys began to lnlflate nrore and more, and, by

consequencr, to reslstwhat I thought thry should be dotng. We could perhaps have speeded up the process ofdeschooltng had they embarked on work proJects ltke Jtm and Judy's son Matthew, but nonetheless the proc.ess began tn splte of me.

After the lnstltutlonallzatlon th€y

have already been subJected to, I reallze the need for me to take my lead from them, rather than they from me. Horrr else can they rebulld conJldencc ln thelr vtenrs, vlslons, and slidlls? However, as an eternal optlmtst, I am sure lt can be done, and I tmplore others nerrcr to gfve up hope of dolng the same,

Rloda's sots addd. thelr own tlanghts, Fhst, Jtorn Nbholas.' Homeschooltng ls very dlllerent from school. There ls no tlme [rntt to do thtngs, no speed tests, no flghts, lfs not as nolsy. When you homeschool you can go on nature uralks and mornlng btke rtdes. There's no puttlngyou down a grade; lfyou

fall tn homeschool you fall yourself.

Ktdswho go to school say to me that they wouldn't homeschool because you don't hane many frlends, but what about enemles? When I went to schol, asr snon an I got there I uras tested - not a test on math, Engltsh, art, or muslc, but a test on how stroq!, tough, or aggyesslne I was. If you were not tough, strong, or a€Etresslve, you would be consldered a dropout.

And Jiwn


Belng a homeschooled puptl, I am much freer to make my own declslons rather than conslstentl5r belng told what to do, how to do lt, etc. Comparlng rrr to those who are convenflonal-br scholed ts like compartng the freedoms of a wtld stalllon to those of cattle ln a feedloL In 'normal' school (whtch really ls complete[ abnormal), you are stuffed wtth facts whetheryou really want them or not In horneschooltng you learn what you have been moflvated to dlscover. In other words, you learn what you earn. The lnformatlon

you harrc acqufred ls yours.

nom Rqgg

La uzon oJ Massachusetts:

It's 9 AIVI and Chandt (8) hae alr,eady r€ad two chapters ln her new "chapter book,' leafed thmugh tlre 1985 Pontlac Parlslenne Servtce Manual for twen$t mlnutes, equaly dtvtded breakfast food lnto four portlons wlth one left over for sleeptng Noah, taken (ln lvrtflnd a phone messrage, dtscrrssed wtth Hannah the dlference betnrcen coollng with a fan and heaflngwtth the oven, and lnspected our lirrc caterptllar collectlon for changes tn oo@on status. She then plcked up ayellow penc'il and announced, Thls pencll says, 'Also ldeal for Marklng Blueprlnts.' I'd better study,' She sat down at the table, stralghtened her chatr, and then sat stffly uprtghL She opened the s€rvlc€ manual agaln, and wtth aJerky motlon and volce satd, 'Um hurl' and rrnde a checkmark, 'um hum'and then another checkrrrark, and so on for about two rdnutes. 'Ah, thafs enough studytng," she satd, and dropped lnto bed wtth her chapter book. It nerrer falls to atnaze me how much her two years of(staggered) forrnal educatlon harrc lnlluenced her attltude about

learning/studylng. She sttll ocrcaslonally

asks when we wlll 'start our proglrarn'and then nrc remtnd her that we are all leamtng together, because Me ls our program. For a whlle, after she left school, we had to heavlly monitor the type of tyranntcal'school' play she would subJect her stbltngs to. We actually satd to her, 'If we uanted Hannah and Noah to experlenct that, as you dtd, we would've sent you all to schooll We took gou out to protect you from that, and we do not want them to be hurt llke thaf ' But weVe been able to llft the rnoratorlum off the game "kfs play

school,' although oc-castonally I sdll Joldngly tnterject (fdtatfng her e:caggerated hand-on-htp and shaklng llnger), 'Now class...'. Her volaflle behavtor torvard her stbllngs ts dllfustng dally. No more, 'Hannah, look at your paper.' No more, 'Noah, don't scrtbble out of the lines.' No more, 'Flnlsh your spelling or you'll mlss funttmel' Her tone of volce is becomtng less condescendtng. She ts rarely trrttable anJnnore, unless hungry or tlred. She laughs raucous\r again, sornethtng that had stopped for almost two years, and we thought at the dme that she had srmply

outgrown lL Ttre other day she made a curt, demandtng comment to Hannah, who began to cry. Chandt retorted wtth, 'Well that's the way Me 1s...', and then cut herself off, loked at me and said,'Oh Mom, I soundJust llke Mrs. E'(one of her old teachers). She then comforted Hannah and thcy urent outslde together. The changes are slow and steady. Elery day shows lmprorrcment. Her llvely lrnaglnadon ls resurfacing, her eyes are brlght and clear, her self-tmage ts again strong. As her parents we have become grateful for her tremendous capaclt5r for seU-heallng through self-teachtng. '{nd, fiom

Jean Reznc:



I harrcn't been to school slnce ldnder-

t2 gprten, but thte year I declded to by nfnth grade. I uantd aome nx)re frlends, I wanted to pLy socoer, and I wanted to try school and prove that I could do tlre *ork. I guess I alsoJustwantcd to s€ewhatlt's llke. I was uprrled because I'm ueed to belng on my own, but I knew I ould always qult If t hadn't had that opdon, tt would be awfrl now. I only urcnt to school for four days. I rnnted to leave after the flrst day, but ry dad satd go for a couple of daye and sce |f tt gets better. IJust couldn't lmeglne the ldea of staytng for four yeara, though - I Just couldn't talre tL I knew I dldnt urant to stay, so I left. Ituras reall5r strange. Each dayuaas so long: lt felt ae thouglr you had nrrcd a whole daybefore lunch. I uras so Ur€d when I got horne at ntgtrL and then I had acouple of hours of homeu,ork, All the other ldds rvere us€d to lt, but I wasn t. lfe funny - my brother goee to sctrool nonr, and he tras adJusted r€ally rrcll, but I dtdn't urarrt to. After I left I realtzed that I really don't need that many frlende. I have a couple of good frtends and I'm sattsflcd. When I compared the opHons ofgotng to school or maybe havlng a couple more frtends, golng to school dldn't seemu,orth tL I found out that echool tsn't all tfa cracked up be. When you read about tt or s€e lt tl npvles lt looks llke a gr€at ttrne, dl thee€ frlends paUtng around, but lt's not llke that, and I had to s€e that for ruyaelf. I'm sorry to lose socc€r, but I can play tn the tonnr league tn the sprlng. Unfortunatel5r there's no town league here ln the fall for ldde rny age.

Homeschooling Children

With Disabilities

nast:tltolU Fllstr;n&rlry (W'N unttes: We are enJoylng our scrrenth year of horneschoollng. Itrtany of my turcnt5r ctrlldren harrc dlsabtltfles, aa I am an adopttrrc par€nt. Thelr ages nrn from 2-24. Only ffve of them are tn the &18 rangp, who mustbc r€gtstered wlth the state. Only recently hatrc I been able to fnd much urrttten by or for parents who are

horrrschoollng ctrlldren wlth dtsrhflttles.

had to bralnwash parents of drtldren who harrc a dlsabtltgr, lfs a wonder anyone ercr dares to chalenge tt At blrth, the rnother-child bondfng ts often lnterruptcd by well-meantng professtonals who teach the new mtlrer that her mother-tnstlncts aren't good enough for thts chtld. When ctrlldren arc youngl, the school programs (called lnfant stlmulaflon) lnrplrc the parents. By the tlrrrc the ctrlld ts 3, hourerrer, sornehow tlre parents aren't Soctety trleg so

cHoME ECnoor

8orcryra@, aa tlt "EINCATTC/fdL SO?N|nE





2O.6BOX 339



tmportant arryrDr€, c:cept to 8et thelr ctrlld out the doorto the bus and to reel the chlld back ln elght hours bter. I eent ry chil&en to eclroolbccausc I belleyed, ltke msL that I had no drolce. For fourteenyeara, I had contactwtth over 144 tcachcrs, as*=ll as atdce, therapigts, bue drtverE, and all the others tnvohrcd tn ry chlldrcna educaflon. (Itrat'r leavlng out all the doctors, nursea, etc. who kept fn contact wtth the school from the hoepttal dtntcgl) I hated tt all the uay, but I kept ellent. I llved for aumrnera. I had abumfng deslre to have Ume to enJoy ry ctrlldren, to knor each one well. In the summergurc read books. urcnt camplng. talked endlegsly. We play€d together ln a tdnd of non-etop marathon to make up for lost tlmc. l{Ie all elept together ln our huge ltvtng room at tlree, tn a gtant slunb€r party, Juat for funr'^^h chtld made progreee ln thc sumrcr, eepedall)rwfth speedl Thcy grcw closc to each other. Ttrcy had Um to becorc tnre frlendg wtth each othcr. Tlrey stopped sltdng llke lumpa ln front of the TV.They began to play crea$rcIy, to show lnter€sts tn thlngs that they hadn't before. Joy sparkled fn thelr €yes.Th€y dropped all the urclrd behavlorg they had learned from thelr cliassrnates and from the ctrlldren on the buses, They becarne lnterested ln storles I read thern Ttrey no longer acted exhausted and burned-out.

E\rcry fall, they all sltd downhill agafn. I knal sornethlqg was terrlbly u/rong. Whyuould they leam all these good thtngs, and make these rnar:veloua chang€, ln the sumrner, whenallwewere dotng was playtng? Why drd they NOT make thes€ lmprovements durlng the nlne rnonths t stnrggled to keep tlrem nrcll, ln thetr classee, color-coordlnated, and wtth a q/arm brealdast tnslde? Was all thls effort nrorthwtrtle? I knqr the ansnrer vras no. The only thtrlg mtsslng was a solutlon. A crtsls brought lt dl to a head. One son had been sexually nroleeted tr htg

malnstueafiFd mlddle school by'norrnal' boys. Afternrc kept hlm horne as he sobH out hts angutsh forurceks, a lady at church happened to tell rc that she honrschooled. I knew tmmedtately that thts was what I had u/atted fourteen longyeare to hear. I felt exclterrent, fllled wtth hope hope that lt uras, after dl, poselble to change thenrrong to rlght. And tt ha8 nprked out Just that uray, It ls a gr€at prMlege to uratch nry chlldren leam at honr. Ttrey harrc leamed better, rnore, and wlth wtder orperlenccs than crrer before. Ttrey have learned to be klnd and good frlends wtth each other. We have all the

beneflts of summer, and more, year round. My mother and three relatlrres are all teachers. I gr€atlyvalue thetr help and supportbecause of ry famrly slze. Children wlth dtsabiltses are ctrlldren llrst, and handtcapped second. Any parentwho l,s tnterested and concerned, and who wants to horneschool. ghould feel gccure that tt x'tll work Each hrnlllr denelops the stylc that mrks beet for thelr chlld. tll brfefly oover our style. We spend a lot of dme preparlngi and looHng forqrand to each nqr season. each new hollday, each nen'famlly acttvtty. We work together, play together, love each other, and leam together. My mother, a cerHfied teacher,

does all the requlred professlonal assess-

menta. Ttranks to GI{IS, we harrc learned how to makc learnlng fun and natural. Every day I keep careful records of tlrrrc spenl ycar round, for the ctrlldren who are ln the age range forwhlch the state has tlme rcqulrements. Readlng together every day ls one of our rmst tmportant actMdes. We leam rneth tn many dllferent ways. We have countlesg books and textbooks. We own urcll o\rcr tnto hundred educatlonal vldeos, as \pell as vld€os for enJoyrnenL We almoot nerrer uratch TV an5rrrnre. Our computer te alrrpst alnrays fur use. A lovely ffnd ruas the free books-on-tape program through the rnatl for tlre drsabled. We lorrc to slng together, though rnany of the ctrlldren cannot carry a tune. We dance, and harrc a rhlrthm band. We enJoy r,egular drese-uP ''nea, and never seem to outgrw tlreur. We color, Palnt and work wlth dllferent art materlals. We go to chuch, and ourfatth ln C'od has avery vttal part tn our llvea. A favortte ac$vlt5r ls vlsldng frtends who are also horneschooltng, often clrlldren wlth dfsabtltfles too. We u,alk to the llbrary, love the sclence center douintown, and have a rlch and narted aseortrrnt of other places to go. We use our playground equlpment and a l,l-foot sunken trampoltne a great deal. I hane, over the course of the years, enrtched, changd, and tmproved each ctrlld's homernade currlc,ulum unfll I can say each ls excellenl Ttrls ls the Indtvtduallzed Educatlon Program at lts bestl I upuld be happy to utrtte to anyone who npuld llke to correspond.


Tlrrlse reoders hatx questbns

uwidllke otler


rcaders to ans,rEr. We uslll lorurud, maII addressed' to ttem ad ruolll prht the rcpltes that are of tle nost gercrd tntercsL { Van gtpe us permlss&cn (plclrse tcll us uietlar X's OK to ux gortr na,ne, tm).

fiotn Dlanrr Cross

oJ Caryonia:

What does GWS ofier to sorneone who

ls not homeschooUng? Well, I am homeschooltng tn a uray - as do rnost parents for a tlme - since I have a 3 year old. And even though rry 12 year old ts tn publtc echool, there are a lot ofhoure when she ls out of

school and so I'm also homeschoollng then. Aborrc all, I'm really enJoylng readtng a forum for people wrlttng about alternattrrc (to the malnstream) urays of ttrtnk-

tng and ltvtng. It's erctflngl I hane toyed wtth the ldea of no publtc schooltng for my daughter, but she is on the shy slde and I thtnk a place where she can sse a lot of the same klds year after year ta reassurlng and comfortable for her. ln the rnany groups outstde ofschool she's b€en fn, people orc and go a lot nnre (although she's now attendtng a ballet sch@l wherc tt looks llke she mtght have that conttnulty of frtends as a lot of the glrle have been there for years). t'm curloug as to whether there are other GWS subscrtbers who are not homeschoolers but who ffnd rralue tn readlng

lndependent" thoughtfu I remarks regardlng the rearlng of chlldren.

@ftntdqtPage 27) crowlng Wthout Schoollng #78

JOHN HOLT'S BOOK Alt[D MUSIC STORE NEW \IIRITING AI\D HISTORY BOOKS Market Guide For Young \triters by Kathy Henderson #1498 $10.95 Have you ever dreamed of geuing alnem, stcy, or bmk review published? Of people rcading it and saying, "Hey, that's pretty good!? I have, many times, and ttrat dream came true for me when I got ahold of Markzt Guidc for Yowg Writers. I used the listing of magazines that like !o get kids' material and found out about Sronc Soup. Storu Soup is a magazine for and by kids which is put out by the Children's Art Instiurtp in California I have goffen a book review and some drawings published already and I'm still submitting stuff. And I'd never heard of it before I fotxf, M arket Guide for Young Writer s. But this book isn't just a book of magazines and contests. One of the sections is "Profiles of Young Writen." This part has interviews with kids who are doing very well with their writing. I liked this section because it got me motivated. I said, "Hey! I could do that, too!" It's also neat to know that there are other kids who love to nrite as much as I do. Anoher helpfut section is the "How to hepare Your Manuscript" section. That sounds pretry boring, but really it's a lot of things you should know if you're going to submit some writing. It tells you how Eo edit your wuk, what to send where, how to keep track of what you've submitted, and much, much more.

I liked Ka0ry Henderson's easy-to-read style. She obviously knows what she's miting about and has surely had lots of experience.

All in dl,I think this book is an invaluable ool that everyone who loves to wrile must have. Then you, like me, can make your dream of becoming a published writer come true. -

Mika Perrine

How Writers Write Pamela Lloyd, ed. #1486 $12.50

When I talk to groups of parents about children's writing,


say that we should let children see that adult writers struggle

over early drafts, revise their work, rely on the help of others. If kids only see published books, it's easy for them to conclude tlnt wriuen works appear by magic. They may think that only children have !o write several drafts and make changes and

corections. There are many ways to read about how writen work and to facsimiles of early drafs. We had never seen a collection in which authors of classic cftlldren's books described how they worked, though, until we discovered How Writers Write. In this see

wonderful book, well-known and beloved authon such as lvladeleirp L'Engle, Beverly Cleary, Lloyd Alexandeg and Arnold Iobel talk about how they get their ideas, what they do when the writing isn't going well, why they write in the first place, and how they revise their wort and use their editors. Here is Arnoldtnbel: The ideas for my slories are always related to my own life. They come from a collision of all differcnt kinds of things, like a patchwork quilt. The Frog and Toad sories began when my daughter had a pet oad, but all the incidens in the books are expressing and bad feelings that I had about my life.


And Beverly Cleary:

My characiers come from both what I've seen and what I've imagined. Henry Huggins is really a composite of some boys I knew in school when I was growing up. In early childhood, I was very much like Ramona, but once I started school I quickly turned ino Ellen Tebbits, he most autobiographical of my characters. How Writers Write includes authors of picure books, humor, fantasy, historical fiction, adventure stories, poetry, and non-fiction, so there's something for everyone. I can imagine parents reading to their young children about authors they will already recognize Qike Lobel), and older children reading about some of the other authms on their own. It could also be fun for families o read aloud a favorite book ogether and then dip into How Writers Write n see what the author has to say about that book. One of the most useful parts of ttris book is ttre chance to how see different writâ&#x201A;Źrs handle tough spos. Picture-book author Steven Kellogg says, "[Sometimes] I can't think of the words, or the words and picnres don't tell the events and the feelings the way that I want the rcader to see them. If that happens, and I can't wort my way through it on the spot, then I sop and do something else. Usually I do something totally away from writing a book " It may help children !o know that adults do this, and that it's a fine way to handle being snrck. Humorist Max Dann, on the other hand, says,'"lVhen I can't get any ideas, or nothing is happening,I always push on anyway. It m@ns, nevertheless, tlut I might write fq nvo days or two weeks and hate everything I do. But I know I have to push myself !o go on, because eventually it's going !o break and I'll be happy witlr what I'm writing." So there are many ways !o handle the same problem. I don't want !o give away any more of these interesting

.Iohn Holfr Bool rnd Xurlc Stolc

2269 Massachusetts Ave.

insighs and revelations; I hope you will eni)y discovering thern for yourselves. I'll just add that I don't think tttis book will be interesting only w children who like reading and uniting.It would be valuable to any child who is curious about fte process behind finished products and who would appreciate rc,assurance that adults don't always get things right the fint time.

by Natalie Goldberg #1526 $9.95

I]W w


I have been hmked on "how to write" books for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I seem to qpend more time reading about writing than actually writing. But for the frst time ever I've found a book that had me

picking up pen and pper


write - not worrying about iaw I was going !o write, but just doing it.In fact, I could hardly decide whether to continue reading, or to put the bmk down so I could write. I finally decided !o try out Natalie Goldberg's fifteen-minute'lractice sessions" in benveen reading chapters of this wonderful book. Robert Pirsig, authtr of kn and thc Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, comments onWriting Down the Bones: "1\e secret of creativity, Natalie Goldberg makes clear, is to subtract rules for writing, not add them. It's a process of 'uneducation' rather than education. Most people are baffled as !o how tro teach this, since teaching and 'uneducation' appear contradic-

tory." Advocates of homeschooling can understand ttris concept easily, and ttris is the perfect book for those who advocab unschooling - letting kids experience, rather than'learn about,"


writers strare. This fear has kept me from writing what I really want to unite. This book gave me permission o write badly - to get the garbage out of my system so that I will be able o write good stuff. The author sees bad writing as a kind of fertilizer for ttre gmd nniting that will evennrally come with enough practice. *composting": She calls it

Susannah Sheffer

Writing Down the Bones


Cambrldge, MAO2l40


Although the book is aimed at adults, urging them to follow an "unleaming" process, I see children benefitting from parents who realize ttrat they don't have to encumber their offspring with their hangups about spelling, punctuation, and editing as they write. The authu pierces through tha layers of apprehension that keep us from'\rriting down the bonqs" - that simple, clear, writing from our hearts that is so hard to do. I used 0o sit down with the intention of doing some imporrant writing, and would quite literally freeze up. Sometimes, after trying o get starM on a big project, like the book I long to write, I couldn't write anything at dl, not even letters 0o my friends, for days. Needless to say, I have never been able o write abook. I think I was always reading books about writing in the hope that someone would give me some magical instructions on how to write. Although they write books loaded with rules about how nol to write, most authors wind up telling you that writing cannot be taught - that either you have the alent or you don't. Natalie Goldberg, on the other hand, tells you how !o free yourself to write. I lnow my worst fear has always been that I'll write something really bad; I think that's a fear most would-be

Our senses by themselves are dumb. They take in experierrce, but they need the richness of sifting for a while through our consciousness and through our whole bodies. I call this "composting." Out bodies are garbage heaps: we collect experience, and from the docomposition of the thrown-out eggstrells, spinach leaves, coffee grounds ard old steak bones ofour minds come nitrogen, heat, and very fertile soil. Out of this fertile soil blmm our poems and stories. But this does not come all at once. It take.s time. Continue to turn over and over the organic details of your life until some of them fall through the garbage of discursive thoughts to the solid ground of black soil.

I've leamed so much from Natalie Goldberg: to trust in myself as a writer, to allow myself o fail, not to expect geat rvriting right away, and o give myself time. Those are the same lessons I've learned in homeschooling my kids, but I had never been able b apply them !o my writing until I read this book. Gingold


Sing for Freedom by Guy and Candie Carawan #1516 $14.95 Cassette Tape: #1517 $8.95

I'd almost forgo$en, till I opened this book, what a powerful and important force music was in the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties. Edilors Guy and Candie Carawan, musicians, educators, and social activists, have given us the history of that movement through the songs that emerged from and inspired it. The spirit of the era is brought further o life through eloquent firsthand accounts and 135 stunning documentary


All of ttre 115 songs include lyrics, melodies, and chords. Some of them,like'We Shall Overcome" and "If I Had a Hammer," are world-famous. Others are little lnown, and might have disappeared forever but for the Carawans' foresight in recording them. Many were made up spontaneously, on the spot, 0o boost morale along arduous protest marches or while serving prison sentence.s. Often they were written by adding new lyrics o old hymns, blues melodies, labor songs, and even tock 'n' roll tunes of the period. They reflect the emotions of people in the act of sruggling for social change - the passionate idealism, the furious defiance, the stubborn belief in the possibility of a better worldNo words can do proper justice !o the photographs, which more than once brought me to tears. But here are excerpts ftom one of the personal accounts, a letter from a young freedom fighter in Mississippi:


John Holt'r Boot end lf,uslc Storc

69 Massachusetts Arre.

Dear folks.

Iast night I was a long time before sleeping, although I was extrernely tired. Every stradow, every noise - the bark of a dog, the sound of a car - in my fear and exhaustion was hrned inO a terruist's approach. And I believed that I heard the back door open and a Klansman walk in, until he was close by the bed. Almost paralyzedby the fear, silent, I finally shone my flashlight on the spot where I ttrought he was sanding. I tried consciously !o overcome this fear. To relax,I began o breathe deep, think the words of a song, pull the sheet up close to my neck. The songs help o dissipate the fear. Some of the words in the songs do not hold real meaning on their own, others become rather morplonous - but when they ar€ sung in unison, or sung silently to onself, they take on a new meaning beyond words or rhythm.... There is almost areligious quality about some of these songs, having little to do with the usual concept of God. It has !o do with the miracle that youth has organized tro fight hared and ignorance. It has to do wiilr the holiness of the dignity of man. The God that makes such miracles is the God I do believe in when we sing, "God is on our


Singfor Freedon recalls vividly an important era in American history. Yet these songs are more than just history; they are part of a continuum; they are still alive. 'We Shall Overcome" began as an Afro-American spiritual and became a theme song for union activists before its appearance as the anthem of the Civil Rights Movemenl Since then, it has been adopted (and further adapt€d, no doubt) by South African freedom fighters, Chinese students, and striking Appalachian

Cambrtdge, MA02140

It makes me happy o imagine that somewhere a kid with a guitar will discover Srng for Freedom, try strumming one of the songs, and go on to give it new lyrics that will inspire a whole new movement for saial jutice. It makes me hopeful !o think of these songs re-ernerging in different forms, among different people in different parts of the globe, as prt of a common, ongoing struggle !o create a better world. the Shgfor Freedom documentary cassette tape includes 26 of the songs frorn the book, with extensive liner notes. Although the cassette wasn't available to me atreview time, I am sure that hearing these songs, as they were rurally sung at meetings, marches, and rallies, would be a valuable enhancement to the book.


Katherine McAlpine

Maus by Art Spiegelman

#l5m $9.95

When I grew up in tlrc Bronx I knew an elderly couple who ran a candy store down the block from my dad's office. I qpent a fair amount of time in their store while I waited for Dad o finish his work.I remember the delicious egg cream sodas they made for me at their fountain, their big inventory of candy and comic books, but what I remember most of all was when I noticed that each had serial numbers carved into their arms. I must have been about 12 then, and I was aware of World War II frorn TV and games, but this was how I gained my first awareness of the Holocaust; it made an indelible impression on me. Now thu the few remaining survivon of the Holocaust are quite old,I am struck by how important books, tapes and films about the Holocaust are, since they will become the primary way our children will be able to learn about this tenible chapter in modern hisory. Books like The Diary of Awu Frank, Man's Searchfor Meaning, and all the other fusthand accounts of the Holaaust are therefore even more important

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to us now than ttrey were when they were first published. But among all these fine books,Mara stands out as an incredible and different one. Art Spiegelman, the authq/artist, has crcated a rmique personal memoir, not a political polemic. The bo* fauses on political events from the point of view of the "little people" who are affected by them. The sory unfolds as a series of flashbacks told by both father and son. It starts with the son's visiting his father in presentday Queens,IfY. We learn that he and his father really don't get along, but that he wants to writo a book about his father's life in Poland during World War tr. The

!rbrE$$tA fiil\? ySn6[Sr 1!@ hgmE.Urr arcnE f,rE VERY Rrfl lE$lt ltov{ lE91 lL tott{o$iec -.

futrer finally agrees to tell his story. The words and pictures shift back in time as they do in movies - sometimes with the presentday father's voice being heard over the past-tense scenes we view, more often with the ctraracters from the past speaking and acting as if they were living out their sories befce our eyes today. When ttre sory gets too intense, or the father gets tircd, we shift back o presentday Queens, and find the son now grappling with his conflicting emotions about his father. His view of his father as an obstinate authoritarian is gradually tempered as he gains insighs into the difficult and sometimes gruesome times his father survived. But ttre tensions between father and son are more difficult to resolve than this facile description might make you think; while this book has wonderful narrative clarity, it does not slip into simplistic comic book presentrations of family relations or of the HolocausL The subject matter is very mature and the comic book format should not lead parents o give this book to children who are not ready to handle this opic. The father's tone of voice and dialect are beautifully renderpd throughout this tale, and the black-and-white illusnations add a force and dimension to the words that I cannot describe. The Jews are &awn as mice, the Nazis as cats. All else, like ttre stry itsell is pre.sented realistically and actually took place. The page I've chosen to give you ttre flavor of this book illusrates the regisration of Jews at the Dienst stadium in Poland. Jewish families with lots of kids, old people, and people without work cards are sent o the left side of the stadium; the others have their passpors stamped with a big'T" and are sent to the righr Vladelq the author's father, and his wife Anja arc sent o the right: {rrft



out weunerruo



As you san se€, 0re reader encount€rs huge swaths of as part humanity in this tale, prcsented as vignettes, subplots, of the main story. F<r instance, we see ttre Spiegelmans get their business nrnning successfully, only to have it ruined by the Nazi occupation of Poland; the friends of the family slowly and subtly avoid and urm against ttre Spiegelmans as anti-Jewish propaganda floods their city; Poland's gradual slide into the Nazis' power; the relucant but often kind and unexpected assistance of people who aid the Jews in their auempts o avoid being sent to concentration camps; and, most disressing of all, the berayals of those hiding from fteNazis. The book ends with Vladek and his wife Anjabeing loaded onto trains o Auschwitz, and tle son and father - well,I don't want !o give everything away. The book promises that Part Two' 1944 to Present, is forthcoming. After readin g Maw I think you will anxiously await, as I do, he last half of this incredibly Pat Farenga moving and unique book.



GWS Back fssues, Indexes, and Binders Back Issues: We srongly urge you to get the back issues of GWS, especially if you plan o begin homeschooling. lvlany of tte articles are as useful and important as when theywere printed, and we do not plan to repeat the information in them. Very little of the material in GWS loses its value over time. We can no longer afford o reprint early issues as stock runs out. We will phooocopy them as needed, but the reproduction is not as good, so we advise you to act now and order while the highquality stock remains. Rates: $130 plus postage for a complete seL For any other combination of back issues, mailed at one time to one address, the cost is $2 each plus $2 per order.

Indexes !o GWS (specify item number): #380Index o GWS #1-30, $2.50; #382lndex !o #31-40, $2; #3U lndex to #4 f -50, $2; #385 Index o #5 I -60, $2; #381 Set of all indexes, $5.

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Learning About Other Opinions Sonc peoplc vorqf that homeschooled chlldren ead teenegers nevcr gct r chancc to hear ebout vlcwr or oplnlonr that are dllferent fron thc oner ttelr parente hold. To show that thls ls often not ttc ceser wc rsked several homeschoolers to descrlbc how they are ablc to hear about other people's oplalonr and, sonetlmes, to form dtfferlag oplnlong of thelr own.

'We Don't Live Bubbles" llorn





o.f Mlssol,lrL

I have been horcschooled for slx yean. I uras ln publtc schol through the fourth grade, and then rny par€nts took me out, It makes rne angry when people who actually lorow nothlng about homeschooltng assume that I rely only on what my parents tell me. The tnrth fs Orat I am nprle aurare of dlfferent oplnlons now than I errcr waa ln publtc echool. My parents lrave alurays talren spcc'tal care to se€ that I knar dtlTerent vlews on a subJect. I also realtze that rmst people my age 0'm almost 16) are already leamtng about dtfferent vlews by themsehrcs. Those thlngs don't change the fact that tlllnforrned people stlll thfnk that I lve fn sonrc sort of sheltered envlronrnenl I leam dlfferent vlenrg fmm lots of placee. I belong to a large 4-H club, where u,'e

all talk about almost ercrythlng, I don't

thhk t}nt

arry of ua hold the sarne oplnlon. I also read newspapers and books, and I uratch nerys pFo1Fams all the tlme. I harrc lots of dlscusstons wtth my frlends and farnlly. Recently my Aunt Vlclgr came to vtstt. She has a dellnlte oplnlon about everythlng. Sorne of the talks my mother and I had wlth her about poltUcs, fantl1l, and school harrc changed the uray I thfnk about those thlngs. On thts vtsltwe had lots oftalks about the Fersian Gulf crlsts, and lts sfunlllarldes to the VletnamWar. My mother and I have talked many tlrnes aboutVtetnam, and tt was tnteresflng to hear another person's polnt of vtery, whether I a€r€e wtth tt or noC I also have a close ftend whom I tFlk to about Vletnam. Nelther one of us wtll have to go to unr (hopefuW), but rrc sfill talk about our worrles about the Perstan Gulf, and our knowledge of the Vletnam War. I take speclal care to sce that I don't have a one-slded oplnlon. I harrc known many homeschoolers, and onbr a handful of themurcre not open-mlnded. I thlnk that a lreraon who thtnks horneschoolers rely onbr on thelr parents'oplnlons should get to know home-taught ldds and thelr envtonnrent better. We don't llne ln glass bubbbe.

Listening to Discussions llom Arlello Atchlsn-Nevel (H): I'm 12, and only brtefly harrc I ever Gros'lng Wtthout Schooltng #78

been to sctpol. Before I got your lett€r I

nwer really garrc any thought to the subJect but now that I tldnk about lt I reallze I 8et many otherrrlews and oplnlone from rrnny thtngs, such as the newspaper, TV, frlends, relatfues. and books.

Here'a an aample of a tlrc I got to hear another'e oplnlon. I uras ln my gfandIiather's r€staurant when a frlend of the famlly came and sat down wlth us. Somehow ttre lssue of the death penalty carne up betrveen my dad and the farntly frtend, who

ls an asslstant dlstrtct attorney. The asslstant DA satd that fn the Blble It says, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,' and to trtm that meane'a llfe for a Itfe.'But my dad satd that lf the Blble had meant'a Me for llfe'tt would harrc satd tL and that'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' means a certaln llntt of what the punlshrnent rnay be. ThIs has happened many ilrnes on many dtllerent subJects. Often when we have farntly gathertngs all of my reladves have pollttcal dlscusstons and most have dlfferent oplnlons on all the subJects.

Disagreements lYithin


N\om Antbr Helnb-brger oJ furnsyluanta: Dlfference of oplnlon occurs qulte often ln our famlly. It rnay be a slmple thlng, such as decldlngwhat to have for lunch or what movle to watch, or tt mtght be dllferent oplnlons about the sltuadon tn the Mddle East. The day before urc recehrcd the letter from GWS lnvlUng us to wrlte about fis, my famtly had a dlscusslon about tlrls tssue. lr{y rnot}rer ls concerned that my brother and I thtnk for ourselves lnstead of

stmply acrcepUng her oplnion. We read magazlnes suchas Neursu.reeh ?Irne, and Natlonal@ruplrir,. We nntch the errcnlng nenrs and read the newspaper. All of these rlelpuroea help ue to derrclop our own oplnlons about current events. A few weeks ago we rlad TtE Ptlrre

ard tle Paupr. My rrcm dtdn't rea$ lfke the story or tlre use of olde Engltsh, but she Itked the soctal rnessage'bchtnd' the story. I happened to llke the story, and I enjoyed flgurtng out tlre words and phrases thaturc no longeruse. We ag;reed, howerrcr, that T\rraln's story ls as lmportant to read today as lt was when lt nms wrltten, I harrc a horse that I rlde tn combtned tratntra, It ts a really fun sport, but tt can also be dangerous. I u,ould llke to compete

ln the upper levels of comblned tralnlng som day, but my upmworrles that I

mfght get hurt" I understand her potnt of vlew, but I thtnk that lf you take lt one step at a flme and nener try to do more tlranyou are capable of, tt's pretty safe. Our oplnlons dlfrer on thls, but wE are taldng lt one step at a tlrre, too. lndMdual oplnlons are lmPortant to ue, ae they should be for everybody. I mean, lf ercryone thought tlre sanne way, thts would be a pretty bortng world to ltrrc lnl

Thinking for Yourself Ftrom




oJ Pervr

I feel that the ldea that homeschoolers do not hane thelr own oplnlons ts wrong. I thfnk that homeschoolers hane more oplnlons of thelr own than ldds who go to regular school, because they do not have to deal wlth so much peerprcssure. My parents thlnk that lt ls very fmportant for rry slster and rne to have our owzr optnions. The day before urc recetved your letter, nrc had a talk about how lmportant tt ls that urc tlrtnk for ourselves. Rtght now we are constderlng movtng to North Carollna, and my pa.rents often ask me what I thfnk about thls. We recelrrc rnany magaztnes, such as Nerrstr.peh whtch I enJoy readtng. I also watch the news and read the newspaper. It helps to know about what ts happentng tn the rvorld tf you are gotng to have an

oplnlon on lt.

Rlght nowwe are studytng World $/ar

I, and my mother ls often asldng our thoughts on thlngs ranglng from the Germans stnHng the Lusltanta to the Fourteen Polnte, Prestdent Wlson's plan for Peace.

Earller thls month I had to take the

CTBS test. I thought that tt should bc an essay-gqpe tcst tnstead ofmuldple cholce. I feel that multlple cholce tests ane a very lnaccurate way to determlne a student's

tntelltgence. The pleasant way that the test was glven changed my optnlon about taldng tt. It nras not as borlng as I thought

ttwould be.

It ls rrcry tmportant to tlrlnk for yourself and to harrc your own oplnlon. Wtthout thatyou are notyour own perslon.

Different Religious Beliefs

FtolnBrer;reg Cautlen(GN:

I flnd othens'oplnlons ln many


By readtng the paper and watchlng the newa you learn theJournallsts' and reporters'vIervs. Betng ln clubs such as Glrl Scouts, youth gnoups, 4-H, and others, you often harrc group dtscusslons and spectal

speakers. Older frtends and netghbors harrc dllferent vlews and often don't mlnd ahartng them. I\rc found rellglous oplnlons are the


l8 ones npst dlfferent. I\{y parente bclleve tn gotng to church and ar€ strong Bapdsts, whlle seneral of rrry frtends don't bellerc tn church or even C'od. Every day I'm ln contact wtth others'


Everything Isnrt Black and White Florn Ecadofl /r,lesloln Nlt'N:

I nodced that dllferent pcople harrc dlllerent ldeas when I was 13. It ldnd of frlghtened rrrc. Ttrere was a flnre when enen my Dad scared rne because I cxas afrald rny ldeas urere dlfferent from hts. At ttnt Urne I ltved ln a secluded part of town that conslsted rrnstly of retlred people. I dldn't know many people and I spent rnost of my tlrrre on a nearby wtldMe refuge. I had thtrty pen-pals but rrnst of the flrne we wrote about our pets or collecdons, and the ones who dtd wrtte about thelr tdeas I found a llttle fnflmtdattng. There w.ul one publtc schooler lMng next door who uras the same age as me. He gane me the lmpresslon that publlc schoolers are no! tn general, ntce people. I dtdn't consclousl5r thlnk about tt but I armtded contact wlth school-age people. Whenwe moved to a more


area, my famtly Jofned a homeschollng support group. I uras the oldest student (bestdes my slster) and one of the ferv nonrellglous homeschoolers there. I felt

slChtly out ofplacg but I sttll enJoyed myself. I ltked lfstentng to parents talk about thelr experlencea and theortes. I asked my parents about these theortes and although I got obJecdve arxlwers they were sflll from rr5r parents' polnt of vtov. When I got aJob tn retall, I soon dtscovered whole areas of tdeas I had nerrer heard before, ltr/orldng at a used bookstore, the best thtng I dtd uras becom€ a good llstener. People love to talk. I soon realtzed not weqrthlr4l ls black and whlte, nor as easy to asslmllate as my parents make tt

seern Then the bookstore started selltng baseball cards and I got my flrst real eKposure to publtc school ktds. They came ln after school wtth a wlde varlety of optnlons and sornc went out of thetr uray to tell them. Recent\r, I rnet a glrl at my gymnasUcs class who lnvtted me to a school football game. It u/asn't as fun to me as hlldng or explorlng, but I dld enJoy myself and I rnet some neat people. I'm stardng to mtngle wlth dlllerent types of people and, for a change, I'm enJo5dng tt. I stll have most of the ldeas my par€nts have, but I'm leamtng to apprectate others' oplrdons as well.


to Information

N\om Jeremlah Ctngdd" (CN:

I ftfnk that the quesilon ttself, of whether or not horneechoolers can get oplnlons other than thelr parents', ls totally absurd. It should be obvlous to anyone tlrat there ar€ as nurny oplnlons on any gtrcn subJect as there are people ln ttre world. I am 14. I have bcen horneschooled for my whole Me up unfll thts year, when I started attendlng a srnall altemadve publtc tdgh school part-dme. I have been

extrerely aware of othera' oplnlons for as

people dtsagree wtth thaL Most pa.rents

long as I can reroember. My parents are

harre to explaln to thelr ktds that these other people have dillerent oplnlons. One of the first tlmes I can remember leamtrg about dlfferent oplnlons ls when I fltst got lnterested ln poltflcs. I must have

polfflcal actMsts, and I alurays harrc acoeaa to a lot of Informadon" from all sldee, on any subJect from abortlon to the

cun€ntcrlslB ln the Mtddle EasL t getmy tnforrnadon from books, TV, radlo talk

shows, magarfncq neulapapers, and, more oftcn than not, ry parents. My parents harrc alunys bcen maJor

provlders of tnformatton, etther b5r dLectly ansurcrlng ry quesdons or b5r

referrlng lm to Placcs whcre I can f'd rry own answera. Ttrey have aluraye done thelr best to make sure tbat I get all sldes ofan tssue. They have tauglrt rc that nothfng lls black and wtrlte, and you must explore each eubJect thoroughly to derrclop your own oplnlons. In my fanlly we all develop our oplnlone together, gMng each other lots of tnput as urc dlscusa lseuea. We lfterally saturate ourselrrcs wlth furformatlon from wery posalble sounce. We llsten to lfberals,

"People alwayr say I should go to school so I can learn about the real worl4 but I'n llulng ln the real world." conservaflves, and rnoderates talk on the radlo and on TV. Even after ourvlews are formed, they are sflll subJect to change, or at least modlficatlon. When ure hear our oplnlons challenged we are forced to retdentf them ln our own minds, and clartfy them by puttfng them lnto words.

Living in the Reat World Ftom Serena



I'm really surprtsed that anyone would thfnk homeschooltng Hds don't know that other people have other oplnlons. In my experlence lt's the school klds who don't reallze that other people have dlllerent optrdons. Perhaps tt ts only llke thts here, but IVe found that the ktds who go to school choose thetr oplnlons tn the same way they chose thelr clotlres the same as e\reryone else's. In school the teachers are not encouraged to gfve thelr own oplnlons, or the parents around here complaln. And now they are c€nsorlng books - how wlll these ldds ener learn dtlferent tdeas? I thfnk tlrat school shorlld be a place to leam dtlferent oplnlons, but ln many cases tlrlsJust lsnt so, My famlly and I run a horrrschooling

newsletter called flonesc@ers tor Peae Pen PaI Netundc Ttre ldds who wrtte for lt have marry dlllerent oplnlons. They share themwlth others who rnay or may not agree wtth what they say. The klde read what thelr fellow members wrlte and get several dllferent oplnlone. Thls, ofcourse, ls not the only uray they get thelrvlerns. In order to urrlte about your oplnlons you have to be really clear about howyou feel. Sometlmes thls takes a lot of rpork research and dlscusslon. I thfnk most homeschoolers learn about oplnlons at an early age, Juet because they ARE homeschoolng, and nrany

been about 5 years old , and we were uratchtng the Dernocraflc Natlonal Connenflon on TV. I already lorew that my par€nts nerrcr a€Fd wtth Ronald Reagan, and I nras totally arnazed by Jesse Jackson's speech. I remember belng struck by the fact that he had many of the same oplnlons my parents dfd. That got nre so exclted. When I llret learned about the polltlcal parfles I used to look at them tn very stmple terms, ltke the Republlcans were the 'bad guys'and the Democrats were good. But soon I learned to llsten to what the people were achrally saylng, and I found that there ls a lot more to oplnlons thanJust labels. Sornetlrnes my grandrna says to me, 'But of course you belterre this or that - our farnily has always belteved thatl' and I have to explaln to her that tn our family we all have our own oplnlons. Lately IVe become tnvolved tn local poltflcs, due to an election for school superlntendent (my frlend ran for and won the ofllce). There's been a lot ofdlsagreernent tn our tonnr about the election, I've wrltten letters to the edttor about my opinlons. You really learn a lot about optnlons when you publtcly volce your own, I've also been publtcly crtdclzed, and my count5r falr proJectswere censored because they were 'too polldcal' (actually because I was too poltflcal for a Hdl). One letter ln the paper crltlclzed me for betng a lidd and IwDW oplnlonsl People always say I should go to school so I can learn about the real world, but I'm bW ln the real worldl

Disagreed About lce Skating F'rcm

Janile Smlth MD):

I do so many actlvltles that IVe alnrays gotten to know a lot of dllferent people. Also, Just from readtng newspaper and magiaztrees, I see so many different

oplnlons. My parents llst€n to classlcal music, and to the oldles staUon on the radlo, and I know a lot of other people think that's stuptd. Tteey thlnk that you should llsten to what's new. I hear that optnton all the tlme, errcn though I ltke the same klnds of muslc that my parents llke. I lsrow there's lots of controversy among par€nts about vlolent toys. Some parents say you get vlolent feeltngs out whenyou ue€ them, othere sayyou shouldn't let chtldren have them. We've

never had a lot ofvlolent toys ln rny farnlly, but rry parents don't forbtd thern When I nras really tnto Robfn Hood years ago, I had dtfferent bows and arrows. I thtnk lfs not that the toys are vlolent, lt's the nray ctrlldren use tlrerrl I know that a lot of chlldren do use them vlolently, but you could use water guns, for example, so they're not vlolent - you cnuld Just squlrt a drink of nrater lnto someone else's mouth or sornething. But I know that many people have a dlllerent oplnlon about vlolent toys than my parents do,

Growlng Wthout Schooltng #78

l9 A couple ofycars agg I uns dotng a lot of compettng tn lce skaUngi, and I was spendtng a lot of tlme at tL I\{y Dad kept saylng, 'I never s€e you anJrnDr€, you're

always travellng around and not spendtng enough tlme wtth 11p fanlv, and lt's so expenslve.' I dtdn't want to stop competlng, though. Dad talked wlth someone else about tt, and ended up saytng tt $rds OK. Now I'm competlng less, but because I'm rrnvlng ln dlfferent dlrecdons ln lce skattng, not becaus€ I changed my oplnlon to be the sarne as Dad's.

'My Parents I-€t Me Be My Own Persontt Fltoln funI Carnalun

of Wasl&gtnt:

I rnay not be of arry help ln answerlng thls queeflon becauae I do take two classea at a publtc school ln the area- But when I homeschooled, there urere tnany rleasona that I developed my own set of oplnlons. My parents encouraged rne to do so, and I had my own frlends. If I'm lucky, some of thelr ways, beltefs, and values rubbed off onto me, I also had church, books, youth group, and oh-so-many otlrer thtngs. My homeschool gnoup, the Blble, frlends, oornnx)n sense, church, and my parents as rrell, helped me realtze that mlne and try parents'vlerrrs n er€n't the only odsflng tnrths. Also, I urcnt to a r€gular school'dl serrcnth grade. Not, howerrcr, ttrat that helped matters,.. My parente, though they helped me derrelop the vttal prtnctples and my trfgh standards, let mc be my own person, to derrelop my own character. Some parents urculdn't do that. I'm a lucky one ln every ten or so, I gu.ese,

Learning Through Music Flom Ntca Cfulsten*n oJ Wlsconstru

I dont thfnk tve got any polfdcal

vlews that are dlfferent from my parents', but I do harrc dlllerent muslcal lnterests. I don't know how I got lnterested tn Woody Guthrle, but I thlnk ttwas a Larqr Long tape, 'l^arry lrng, Trtbute to Woody Guthrte.'After ltstentng to that tape, I started really getUng lnto dlllerent muslclans who I learned a lot frorn For tnstance, Fete S€eger ls alnrays flghtlng for the rlghts of rvorklng people, and often he des lt through song. So, llstenlng to hts and other folldes' muslc, I learned a lot about unlons, strlkes, and vomen's rlghts. I reallzed also that there were marry oplnlons about thes€ thlnga. I enJoyed leamtng about them, and stnce llstenlrg to muslc at least once aday ts a habtt of mlne, I really feel llke I leamed a lot. Woody also wrote about the dust bowl and the Depresslon, and betng tnterested ln hfrrl I read hts books. By the uray, ft mfght be helpful to know that I play banJo and ftddle. I have researched many books on the dustbowl and Depresslon and lt ls one of my fanortte ttme pertods ln U.S. hlstory. I'rc developed these lnter€sts on Irry own, and because I homeschool I've had drne to follorv them.

Growtng llrlthout Schoollng #78

Rethinking Mathematics: Interview with

William Higgrnson ISS:J



*63, Aatwr FaI}d,

abut lrl'tt nvllenu,l/r;s @rU b





seen os


ln on

ttenfuw fn Gl{ils *65, dtrcafioul tlwrlst *gnwt Paprt (autlor oj Mlndetorms/ tnllcd ob)tuilV Wle hqtrculhre ate a {rufd oJ nrrltn. atd wtlot mlglrt b doe abut lL futhAarurl-'s atd *ynour

Pqperfs @llrurents FneruPa a W oJ rcqton;r,etrcrnour rcaders, andhtlc frJb yeans slne tlenun twn sfintd,b rrrrelltx, atd to pttl{. letrlts a}rl'ttrlurtrat nlrrrhrcally fs, horo srrle;rp4llefurc



afi parnel*'orlclrns abut

IL To gererute sonc dtscusston oJ tlrese lssnes agafu\ lnclorpatlrlg sewrul oJ tlre tlwt porerXs lvnn asked over the past cortple of gears, up htenldeurd Willfan Hlggfnsoa o mathemafrcs dtrcatlon pro;fessor at Quen's UnJuersitg frr Kbtgsto& ozttrrilo ard atrqrrcnt vlshor to Paprt's l2arn@ atd. lplstenolqy group at MIT, and aslerd Aarcn Frl.Ibrl toJotn the dtscuss{on as rllell

Aurennrh Shcficr: Do you


the same dlstlncUon that Sryrnour Papert makes beturcen school math and real math?


ElEglnson: Very much so.

"School math' ls a sbange and not very wonderful collectlon of rltuals and perversltles that are tnlllcted on almost wery chlld. There's very little ln common between what the rrast maJorlty of the populatton thtnks of as mathemadcs, and what the dtsctpltne realry fs.

8S: How dtd that happen? WII: There's a number of possible answers. One ls a polidcal power lssue:

nathematlcs has become a way of erectlng a barrler for a lot of chtldr,en; lt has sen ed the purposes of some members of the culture who need ways of convlnclng other members of the culture that they're not capa.ble of certaln ways of thought, shouldn't feel they can understand thlngs but should slt down, shut up, and do what th.y're told. School math has become the way of learnlng that message. And then, as John Holt so sensltlve[ documented, we get thfs resule chlldren desperately trylng to get out from under the pressure ofhavtng to be rtght, ln a terrlbly arbttrary and sltuatlon.

Aeron FrIbcL Seyrnour Papert has a dfferent lnterpretaflon of why school math ls the way tt ls. whtch doesn't ln any uray detract from Btll's, He says that tfyou look at the technologl of school, and the env[onment, you essentlally have a classroom. a desk, a pencll, and paper. Wtnt type of mathernadcs can you realtsttcally do wlth that? Well, you can do surns, you can do all sorts ofllgurtng on paper. Ttrat type of mathematlcs - or, actually,

l,s what predomlnates ln school. Ifs easy to organlze, to grade, to gt\rc tests on - lt's the type of mathematlcs ihat best flts ln wlth the way school works'

artthrnetlc -

WE: Much as I admtre Se5pmour's lnstChts tn many vrays, I thtnk tfs sorrrwhat natrrc to thfnk that technologr ls automattcall5r golng to make a btg dlfierence. The teacher who ts golng to be able to use the computer ln tmagfnadve nrays ls probably dready uslng the PaPer and pencll tn lmagtnaflve ways, but the teacher who feels tlrat mathemadcs with paper and pencll la about sums, and lots of emphasls on technlque, and right and wrong, and dtvtdlng ldds tnto smart and dumb, ts not gotng to change that perspecdveJust because there's a computer ln the classroom. That computer may be capable of runntng some rnawelous software, but It's also capable of runntng software that ls conslstent wtth the old 'paper and pencils and qulzzes' rrentaltty. In thls sense, lt seems qulte llkely that putttng computers ln classrooms wlll Just ampli$ what already e:dsts there. AF: Yes, lt may have been tme at some potnt that school math dertved from the nature of the technologr that was avallable, butJust changtrg the technolory won't necessarlly change the mindset of the people tn school. SSI: For people who have trouble tmaglntng any of thts, can you glve an example of how school math dlllers from

what rnatherratlcians really do?

SE: t thlnk the general publtc has a hard ttme getttng a grasp of what lt ls that

mathematlclans do thes€ days. lf betng good at mathemaflcs means betng good at sums, then sure$ Texas Instruments has put mathemaflcians out of busteess ln recentyears. One can't blame people for

thlnldng thaL But the realfty ls that being

good at mathernatlcs has much more to do

wlth a sensltlvt$r to pattern than lt has to

do wlth calculadon. Now, those of us who take thls perspectsve don't mean that we don't want ctrildren to be good at dolng sums, butwe want them to be good at doing

sums becausc they llnd them tntrtgulng,

because thcy look for pa.tterns and try to prove that theec pattems must be struc-

tured tn parHcularways, and they nodce them occurrlng ln nature - llke the example of pa.tterns occurring tn ptnecones, tn that ntce book by Mark Wahl that you sell lA Matlemafrcal Mgstery Towl. For better or for worse, our soclet5r has becorne rnathematlzrd ln recent decades,

and I thtnk that tnstead of asldng, "Will my chtld harrc a neason to use mathematlcs?', we need to ask, 'If chlldren don't understand some fundamental mathemaflcal ldeas, ale they tn a Posltlon to make lnforrned declslons about a number

20 ofstgnlllcant lssues that arc gofng to face soctet5r tn the next few decadea?'The result of the tradttlonal teachtng of mattrerna$cs ls to convlnc= a large rrnJortty of ctrlldren that they are not competent, that thls ts an area nrhere they should not attempt to understand what is golng on. SS: When Aaron {rrote. back tn GWS

#63, that mathemaUcs qns about noflclng pattem, thts exctted nrany of our readers, and one reason ft dld, I thfnk, was that people who thougtrt thelr ctrlldren had not been dolng muchmath could nonrsee math ln other acflvltles. They mtght 8ay, 'My child loves muslc, or puzzles, or qutldr4;' and feelJusttlled ln seefng that as matlremaflcs. But I thtnk sorre people uionder whether thafs cheadng; whether tfe really OK to llst those actMEes under 'Math' ln a report to school offtctals.

UE: I don't thtnk mere$ obseMng

the pa.ttern ls enough to call tt nrathernatlcs. I thlnk you must hanrc sorrr degrre of analysls or attempt to underetand why the pattem ls generated tn that partlcular way, and how tfa ltkel5r to oontlnue. But lf you're dolng ftat wlth weavlng or qutltlng

orcomputergraptrlcs, thatwould be a good example of dotng mathernadce. Rather than thtnktng, 'I can do these marvelous, open-ended, creatlrrc acflvlttes *fth my chlld tn muslc, art, and Language, but for rnath I have to go back to the textbook,' parents should realge that mathemaUcs has the sarne potendal as these other

dlsclpllnes. SS: If parents nrant to do math wlth thelr chlldren ln more lnterestlng nrays, what mtght they do besldes sttttng down

wlth a bxtbook?

AF: Here's a good erample: I was slttlng ln the ltvlng room of a farnfly fn Denmark, none ofwhom would have at all descrtbed themselves as mathemaflcians. One nember of the hmlly had a large otn collecflon, and sorrrcone else spontaneous[ wondered how rnany cotas ehe had. We all began thinHng of dlfferent urays that we could determlne how many colns there were, wlthout actua$ countlng thern" That s€erns to rrr to be e:cact$ the type of ttrlnklng about pattern, thtnktng about strrchrre, wondertng about a formal way of llgurtng out an answer, that we're


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Box 1083. TonaskeL WA 98855

dlsctrsslng here. Some people sald maybe could welgh the box, and then rrelgh a fes cotns and extrapolate from thcre. Otherg trlcd to calculate the geometry of the bor lf the box ls so blg, and the cotns take up thts much rootrl honr many cotns *ruld there be? I thfnk thts type of rnatbcmatical uondertng dcs happcn naturally a lot of tlre tlnrc. urc

9S: It seems to me that 6ren par€nte who qrcr€ not pardcularly comfortable wlth math could take up a quesdon lke ttnt and try to answer tt wtth thelr

chlldren. What about klde who havc had a bad expertenoe and been turned offto math? Thts unfortunately happens to Hds who don't go to school too, sorcUrcs. rFlE: One of the thtngs about home-

schooltng that has alurays tntrtgued me and slmultaneously saddened nrc lB the extent to wtrlch parents who have reJected a system whlctr doeg not treat thelr drtldren as whole people, whlch ts fragmented, compeilU\re, unattractlve ln many ways, then tmport sonr of thos€ thtngs lnto thelr home, thmugh the rnedtum of rnathernattcs. Ttrls may be consclous or unconsclous. It's understandable, of course: we have the problem of getdng out of a cycle, slnce parents have been taught nrath tnJust thts nray. There cu€ some very good resources around, though. Harold Jacobe' books are very good. There are sonr publlc televlslon programs that attempt to lessen the fear assoctated wtth matherrradcs. I\fartlyn Burns, the author of The I Hatc MathenrrrJbs booh has produced sorne good rnaterlals. We're tn a transtUonal stage, though; there's a tendency to overplay the fun elernents, the rnotlnatlonal elerrnnts, wlthout followlng up on them or understandtng the powerful ldeas that are emHded ln those actlvltleg. There are many chlldren's games that embody qulte adrranced rnathemattcal tdeas - trc-tac-toe, for e<ample, f you look at lt tn a parttcular way, thfnkhg about what the rrartous stardng morres ar€, and gfven a pardcul,ar stardng potnt, what the next rnorrcs ar€. Questlons around mathernadcal ldeas of s5rmmetr5r come up very


SSI: Gotng back to school math for a mlnute, lt seems to me that a btg problem wtth tt ts that rrath teachers aren't alurays mathematlcians, and rnay not even know what's wrong wtth the uray they're


WB: As someone who works wlth teachers professtonally, and has rnany frtends who are teachers. I tend to be charltably dl,sposed to them as trdlvlduals. But havlng sald that, I do thtnk that rnore than tn other subJects, people who teach mathemaflcs don't do mathernadcs. And unforhrnately I thlnk mathematlcs often attracts authorltarlan teachers. If you're teachlng llterature and a chlld has a dllferent oplnlon about a booh there's not much you can do - that's the ctrlld's vlew. But lf a chlld says that 3 plus 4 ts 2, the chlld ts wrong and the teacher ls rtght. Too often mathernadcs becomes a way for a teacher to assert authorlty.

38: I'm not even sure that Gachers of other subJects do pracdce what they teach, but I guess the really lmportant polnt is that even lf they do, chlldren ln school have so llttle opportunlty to see them dolng It. When a wrltes to me and says, 'I'm not cornfortable wtth n'rtdng,' I can reepond wtth seireral suggesdons about

how that chtld mlgfut hanre acress to practtctng wrlters. What would be ways for ctrlldren to s€e rnathenrauclans at work? Can ctrlldren apprendce themselves to

mathematlclans? AF: Rlght now tfs hard to tmaglne a ctrlld uanilng to do that, because so much of the rnath that chlldren come ln contact wlth fs so ofrputflng. But suppose a chlld starts asHng quesdons about probablltty, and suppoee you as a parent can't answer that. Where do you go? There are mathematlclans, sclentlsts, engfuceers, who could answer that, who could rvork wtth the chtld, and in ansurcrlng the quesflon mlght lead lnto all sorts of other thtngs, and a

relaflonstdp, an apprendceshfp, mlght dwelop. 8S: I thtnk ln our culture we harrc to work extra hard Just to enable ctrildren to see people who love math, who aren't afrald of lt.

WE: People are generall5r fasctnated, across age and soclal class, wlth puzzles of narlous sorts. Often the sldlls whlch are rcquircd to sohrc puzzles are preclsely thoge whtch ctrldren arc llndlng so unpalatable ln the authorltarlan conted of tlre classroom. S{t: I thtnk


safe to say that


understand that

there are r€al-ltG uses for baslc arithmetlc. They tend to be comfortable saytng that thetr ctrild wlll learn fracUons through coolidng, and so on. But then when lt comes to hfgh school rnath - often the poiret at whlch the parents themselves began to have trouble - they have a harder tlrne findfng those real-world connectlons, It's harder to see how one uses algebra" or

trtgonornetry. tn datly lfe.

!FE: One could functlon on a day to day basts wtth $Drds of one syllable, but tt would be preferable to have a broaderway of expresstng oneself, and I thtnk the same tg true wtth regard to mathemadcs. Maybe you could get by wlth very ltttle, but the npneyou understand, the moreyou can do, or say, or understand, One way to look at ttrls ts to ash 'What are the problems that face the world today, and whatdo I need, as a c{tlzen of the world who ts trylng to cope wlth these problems?' People wonder how calculus ls used. Well, at the root of many of our envlronmental problems, for e:rample, lles a fundamental mlsunderstandtng of the concept of growth. If calculus ls about anythtng, lt's about how thtngs change over tlrne. Another example ls that lt's very easy to be mtsled about all sorts of thtngs lf you don't understand some

statlsdcal ldeas. AF: Of course the words 'datly Me'

are a blt trtclcy. If you mean them ln the rnostllteral sense, then I would have to say

crowtng Wlthout Sctroolng *Ze

2l that I don't use algebra or calculus errcry stngle day. But lf by dall5r ltfeyou mean the nnrld around us as opposed to the ardflclalfty of the school cutrlcul"n, tlren of @urse wen'hlgher rnath'te all around us, and urc can use tt to underotand the world better. Before, I rrcnfloned probabtltty, and Just now Blll mentloned statlstrcs. Errcry day we are bombarded wtth stattsdcs nrarnhg us about the rtsks lnrohrcd tn eattng certaln fmds, or the chances of belng ln a plane crash, or the'safety'of nuclear ponrcr plants, or the chanceb of contnactlng some sort of lllness. How do we erraluate all of thlg? How do nrc knowwhat

to bellene, what ts statfsflcally relerrant? Should urc belterre what doctors eay about cholesterol? Thts 18 as muctr a matherraHcal problem as tt lB a nutrltlonal one.

YE: Most people harrc the experlenc= of drMng a car. When tt gets dark- whlch, by the uray, ts totally detarrdned by g"ornetrlc prlnclpleg - ure tum on our headllghtc How do those headltghts operate? That happens to be dtrectty connected to quadratlc equaHons. Or supposeyou take a carton of mtlk from the refrtgerator and open lt up, Inherent tn that act are a Iange of mathematlcal prtnctples, some of whlch we'rre known for thousands of years and some of whtch urc're sttll struggllng wtth. An o<ample of one urc're sflll struggttng wlth: when you pour that mtlk ouf of tlie olentng ln the carton, you're dealtng wtth thtngs llke flutd dynamlcs, and urc dbn't yet understand many aspects ofthat at all urcll. lf you look at the shape of the carton, y,ou can speculate about how lt nras produced, what sortof machlnenras used, or try foldlng paper to get the sarrrc shape. SS: So |f adults harrc the percepHon that they haven't used, say, algebra, stnc€ htgh school, ts that tnre? Or tstt lust that

they haven't used school algebra?

WE: They havent used school rnathernatlcs, probably, but errcry drne you malre a declslon about whether you'Fe gotng to be able to cr,ose the road wlthout gettfng run down, you'r€ maktng a \rcry sophlstlcated serles of mathemaUcal calcula(ons about speed, dlstance,

acceleraflon, etopplng abllty.

_ SS: Ofcours€, you rnay be dofng that wlthout knoudng how to urlte lt out or thlnk about lt tn forrnal terms.

VH: WeVe had a tradtdon tn the

lVestern urcrld for quttc sorne Urrre to say that the uno<amlned lfe ls not uaorth Itvtng, but what urc\rc succeeded ln dolng ts convlncteg a hfgh percentage ofthe popul,atlon that a oertaln strarld of our llfe ls so palnful and so dtllcult that tt shouldn't be thought about, and I don't thlnk tfs to strong to say that that has aspects of tragedy about lt. Mathemaflcs could be another area tn whtch people feel they underetand how the niorld nrorks, and how they urcrlq and yet ft's behg systernadcally denfed, and I thtnk that's very sad. Sce

ourJohn Holfs Book and Muslc Store

.atalog for several good books for thinktng about and dolng mathematlca.

Growlng \lllthout Schooltng #78

Enjoying Mathematics Math More

soMng the puzzle ls nrore an lntellectual, logtcal sort of satlsfacflon. Yet tt requlres leaps oftntutdon and I suppose what psychologtsts rpould call rlglt and left

Games fiom Shanron Storcy:

You asked to hear from peoplewho math and dld ft fn otherwaye than textbooks, Stnce I bame a homcschool teacher, I harrc been enJoylrg math mre than errer before. It may be bccause my son Wlll parHcularly enJoye ganre of logtc and because he's good at math and ltkes rnatdng mon€y. But I thtnk tfs also because uslqg the nw math materlals, espec'lally mantpulattvea, has shounr me the fun slde of math, lte beaut5r and s5rmrctry, and the element of play ln real math as opposcd to mere artth'rpflc. I'm startlng to see that mathema$c.lano who yrcrk wtth pure math theory at the hlgher enJoyed


are probably rnatn\l spcndlng thelr

ttrre playlng.

We etart€d out

wlth Cutsenalre rode

whenWllwas 5. Many GWS readers know

about these, but I can't recommend them too hfghly. Wtll and trts ftends played wlth them a lot, Just maktng destgns that u/ene sometinres insplrlng to the qutltrnker ln rne, remlnlscent as they were of the LogCabln patterns. We also used them rrnne formally, to learn about the propertles of numbers. I r€memb€r Wlll's dellght when he lined up thrce turo-rods above two three-rods and saw ftat two thr,eeswas the earne length as three tnros. 'I can't e:cplatn why lt ts,'he satd, 'but I can see that lfs


One of the most fun Culsenalre ganres ts Hldden Rods, Htdden Numbere. You

It uslng a book of that narne (avatlable


from the Cutsenalre Company, 12 Church St, Box D, Nery Rochelle NY lO8O2: l-8OG 237 -31421. "Ilrcbook glves you clues about a set of rods, such as 'no two altke, traln adds up to 25, the longest rod ls hrdcr as long as the shortesL'Wtll got good at ttrls, ard tnduc€d the game to otlier lilds. One Juntor-htgh-school-aged boy nras entranced by lt and spent a lot of ttme ofr ln a

corner by trimsef wtth the book and the rods. Another farrcrtte garne was 'Go for Broke,' played wtth Fowers of Ten blocks, whlch are a llttle dtlferent ln that there are onb four ldnds of blocks: a one-crentlrneter cube, a lO cm rod, a loo square cm flat plece, and a IOOO cublc cm c'ube . You start out betng gtven the cube, or IOOO cm, sort of llke betng lssued MonopolSr money at the begtnntng of the ganre. Then you roll two dlce of dtlferent colors - one ls tens and the other ones, so that when you roll them you get a twodtgtt number. You then have to subtract that number from IOOO, by tradlngyour cube tn for lOOs and lOs and ls and maktng the necessar5r subtracdon. The obJect ls to get to zero.

We\rc also enJoyed pattern blocks and the actMty cards that go wtth them. Thos€ acdvldes rnatnly stlmulate the aesthetlc rnathematlclans tn us - w€ copy each othet's deslgps or start a sequence and let the other person contlnue lL For a wtrlle we wer€ also really lnto tangram P '*les. Ttrese are a llttle rnore auster€ than pattern blocks and Culsenalr€ rods, belng one color, so the pleasure of

braln hemtsphere cooperaflon.

Our favorlte game ts Equadons. Ttrls can be played at vlrtually arry level of mathernattcal sophlsflcatlon, and I can see ttrat u,E will use lt foryears. You roll up to twenty dtce, wtrtch harrc numbers and operadons (+, - x, etc.) on them. The goalsetter selects a cube or cubes to be the goal say, 8 - wtth an equaflon ln mtnd that can be

madewtth theothercubes to equal 8

fitke 4 + 4 = 8). lhe other players thlnk up equadons to equal 8 ustng the cubes, write thern prtrrately on thetr scratch paper or tn thelr heads, and then take tums plactng the cubes ln the forbldden, permltted, or requlred secdon of the board. If someone places a cube ln the requtrred secflon that ts not part of tlre equadon you were ttrtnktng of, you harrc to elther rethlnk your whole equadon, or challenge them. Thts game has really advanced Wtll's understandlngl. It has taught hnm the ldea ofwrttlng equaflons to show the order te whlch operatlons should be done, and lt has rnotfirated trlm to learn math facts (whtch I haven't made htrn learn by rote). When he nras worldng on hls regular workbook math the otherday, he lmked up from tt and remarked, 'You know, Equatlons has really helped me wtth my math.' He couldn't explaln e:ractly how, but I thlnk he rrrant lt garrc hlm a sort of context or global scnsc of what math ts all about. The lnrrcntors of the game say not to worry tf the squarle root or 'to the nth power' slgn comes up and some people playlng don't know ttrose concepts - that those people wlllJust put them tn the'forbldden' part of the board. Wlll and IJust rcll agaln tf those oome up. The lnventors also say that lf one person playtng knows these concepts and uses thern, shewtll gradually ralse the congclousness of the other players about the uses ofthose operatlons. Thaturculd be lnteresUng to see. I have seen It happen to some degree tn our games - I started uslng zemes to compllcate my equadons, and lVtll thereby leamed pretty flrmly that anythfng multlplled by


The address for Equatlons ls WFF'n PROOF LEARNING GAMES, I 49O South Blvd, Ann Arbor MI 48 104-4699; 3 13-6652269. It cost $13 two years ago. Ttrey also

sell a computer program that teaches you We haventordered lt, but I'd be


lnterested fn hearlng from anybody who has.

'?art of Everything I


Kate Vallrl|ur utote ln the *ptenrfur I99O issueo/The Learnfng Edge, tle newslettcr oJ the ClorilanHone Based

Edtrcottort hqranre-

It wasn't undl I started keepfng back of houre spent 'dolng math' that I reallzed rnathemaflcs ls a part ofJust about enerythtng I do: managtng horses, scrutlng, belng a 4-H rrrcmber, malntalnlng cars,

22 woodworklng, cooldng, urcrHng puzzles, playlng card games, shopplng, banklng, budgetlng, uslng the ltbrary, soMng problems, organtdrtg, classlfylng, shootlng darts, learntng to Juggle, ustqg secret codes, learntng nragtc trtcks, worklng Rtrbtk's cube, ustng rnaps, shootlng pool, plaldng chess, sewlng,

qutlUng, knttflng, urcavln!, maldng hunches, oglorlng muslcal rhythms, keeptng a Urrrc sheet where I nolunteer, taUytng gdds, cartng for pets, and ustng

c$mputers. For example, tn 4-H *= had to ftgure out the amount of sheetlngrrc needed to cover the back walls ofslx stalls at the state falSgrounds tn Rlchmond for tlre State Horse Show. We also needed to flgure out the amount of patnt to purchase to cover slx bushel baskets and the amount of lumber to order for butldtng our tool racks, tack boxes, and saddle racks. In Glrl Scouts rve're lrrvolved tn a lot ofbusfuress rnath connected wlttr our fundratslng proJect selltng calendars, wlndsocks, and cooldes: keepfng records, calculattng orders, and handllng money. (We have fundratslng acdvlfles fn 4-H, too.) As an asslstant leader of a brownle troop, I also had treasurer dutles. And thls year I'm tr€asurer of my senlor Cadette troop. When I helped Mom rellnlsh the porch we had to ftgure out the arrnunt of paint to purchase for the area to be palnted, the amount of screentng to purchase for the area to be screened tn. the dtmenslons of the screen to be cut for the areas to be covered, the lengths urc needed to cut the half-rounds tn the mlter box, etc. And when I helped Dad rebulld the Ikrmann Ghna urc used rnetrlc tools. In horse rnanagement I keep records of hours spent tratntrA and dotng general care as well as the cost of feed, tack, board, vetttng, farrler work, dental work, etc. At tlmes, I need to add a certaln amount of medlcatlon to a horse's feed dependlng on tts wetghl Also, I feed each horse a certaln amount of food dependtng on lts condldon (lts welght and the ldnd of urcrk lt does). In February of 1989 I watched the PBS Computer Sclencc Course dtled -The Nen' l,lterary: Introductlon to Computers.' And although Mom says lt's bus5rwork, I tke to pncUcre dolng problems from my dad's algebra textbook (he taught nlght courses) and ln the GED prepa.radon book I checked

out frrom the llbrary.

Playing With Numbers Ftom Judy TontpHtrs

of IIIbaIs:

Rebecca, now almost 7, enJoys

werything, lncludtng rnath. When she was 3 and 4 rve would do rnental math when


]I] IL I)REN'5


,rf ncu h,rok:


nrrn-htrtrk nl;tteritrl: firr

rtlirilablt t,rr ritle:. SLrh. Sltr/vr (ltr isLre') t,,: CLJ, Dcpt \1,9J5 Capit,rl oiTcxa' Hur. S, =F-110, ALr*in, TX i8?46. prererlJe rs thnruuh YA. Teirching materials


ln the car. I would encourage her wttheasy ( I + l: 2 + 3f problems and lavlsh pratse. We progreased to'doubllng'- an tnrrcnted garrr where she umuld start a nurnber and I upuld double lt, and she upuld double that, lf she could. Nowwe go up to the mllllons. No paper allowed but oounung on flngers ls OIi She'g leamed to 'sFak'numbers - saylng'two two turo two' l,s not allonrcd; she must say, 'T\tto thousand tnio hundred and turcnty-tuo'or -TWent5r-two dollars and turcnty-tttio cents,' wtrlch tn hrrn fadlttate readlng numbers. She has rremorlzed the mul$pllcaflon tables by belng challenged,' Count to 20 by 2's' or'Count to @ by 6's.' Ifs alurays fun (and catchlng Mom ln a mtstake when lt's her turn adds splce). I glve her hornemade xeroxed grld paper 80 she can multtply 3- or 4dlgtt numbers - I gtve perhaps half adozen wrltten problems a urcek, Just so she can keep thetr rnechanlcs tr mlnd. Many tlrnes I wrlte for her as she dlctates: '3 - 7 you can'tdo so borrowone, now l3 - 7 te 6; wrlte a 6 tlrere.' She dlrects each step. We do thls only three or four dmes a month. Stlckers (a favorlte req/ard) are often gven for wrltten work for we both know how hard her muscles mustwork. We use math dally - rulers, taPes, etc, are ahrays at hand, and sewtng, carPentry, cooldng, etc. all pnrvlde opportunitles to use thls math. Graphs, ttmehnes, fracflons, geometrlc shapes, and all the other "math lessons'are touched upon as a natural part of everyday ltvtng.

OK to Explore from all Angles F-tom Ro'rder Thomas Yonttg (C,A):

A 7 year old asks questlons about Pearl Harbor, the uray the braln works, or Charles Dickens. and nrc tell h'im (excuse my mascullne prronouns - I have three sons), or we make a trlp to the ltbrary or the encyclopedla, or we have the pleasure of readtng Great Eryatallons together. We do not say no to Pearl Harbor unUl you're thoroughly farrdlfar wlth Andetam. We do not say we'll talk about the braln once you can dtagram melosls, or that we'll get to Dlckens once youVe flntshed Shakespeare (or Flqg andf@4. karnfng ls a creadve proc=ss of

maHng lndtvldual connecilons that lead us frpm one place to another. Tlils summer

we pl,anned to do a survey of maJor Amerlcanwars. We had read and talked qulte a btt about the Revoluflonaqy War alleady, so we rrranag;ed to get to the Ctvil War fatrly qulckly. World War I, honrcver, led us from the Archduke's assasstnaflon to the battles to the Me of Woodrow Wllson (horneschooledt) to the Russian Revolution to the trtstory of Europe's poltdcal geography to deflntng Democracy and Mardsm. So much for the summer and survrys. The fall brought the PBS serles on the Clvtl War, a btography of Frederlck Douglass, and we keep pushing further back. Not unusual progresslons and regresslons for homeschoolers. Exc.ept, that ts, when lt comes to math. Famtlles that long ago abandoned textbooks and workbooks as unnecessary tncludlng us - contlnue to cltng to them for

math, It's not really such a bad Idea to have all those ready-made problems to be solved. FarnilIes - tncludlng us - who would nerrer conslder followtng a preset chronologr often do so wtth math. Quesflons about calculus and trlgonometry are apt to get a

vague rcsponse llke, Thafs somethlng you'll get to later on," rather than a trlp to references. Desplte the constrlctions, our boys have always ltked rnath well enoug;h, but one day my oldest son, William, was doing gorr 'rows' and sald, 'This stufr ts all connected,''Ofcourse tt ls,'I responded. "I told you.' But of cour."se, telllng hlm wasn't enoug;h; I should have been allowtng trim to rnake his own oonnecuons, to sldp forward, baclrward, and sldeways. My mtddle son, Alec, recently completed a workbook tn one month that took hls older brother about serren months to complete, ThIs wasn't becaus€ of a partlcular dlllerence ln ablllty, but rather due to more excltement and control. That's due, ln srnall parL to an attltude adJustment on my part, and, more lmportant, to Alec's havtng an older brother's shoulder to peer over, Slvtng h,im more places tnto wtrtch to dtp and choose. If he should dip lnto some dilflculty, he can always take a few steps back. Mathemaflcs ls more thsn qalsrrletlon. It has trlstory, phtlosophy, politics, colorful characters, Just like everything else. Albert Etnsteln annoyed his schoolteachers wtth his slow calculatlon; lt didn't stop hlm from belng a sturudng

mathematlclan. My ctrildren have never disliked math, but now they are exclted by tt. Alec, whomwe can only describe as math-mad, wanted to wrlte you himself, but there ls a new comlc book to be written and divlsion to be done, so he put the task to me.

Love at First Sight Ilom Madon

Cotrrln oJ PerasYlvania:

I want to resopnd to your call for people who enJoy math. 'EnJoy' lsn't thewond. 'Love'would be mor€ accurate. And love at llrst stghtl I was hooked the moment I opened my first algebra book,

about thlrbr-ffve years a€lo, back tn

seventh grade. Before then I had always

found math to be fun. I remember nodclng patterns tn the &ttmes tables and experimenttrng wtth them ln my notebook, while the teacher was explalntng somethlng else. What I nodced was that the sum of the dtgtts of the muldples of 4 went ln sequence: 4, A, 3, 7,2, 6, l, 5.... I mlght have Seen trytng to flnd a generallzatlon to 'Mr. Madc 9' [you know, how the sum of the dtgl-ts of tie multlples of 9ls always 9). The thfng ls, untll I was ln serrenth grade I had believed that mathemadcal pa.ttems ln general were colncldences; I thtnk I Just sort of took that for granted' When I took

alAebra I reallzed there were reasons for all tlie cute ltttle math tricks I knew' Thls was

the begtnntng of takfng math seriously. Al-thougF I did spend a falr amount of tlme tn at least some of the 'normal" teenage actlvltles, the tlme I actually preferred was spent tn dolng math. I wen ivrote tn my dtary about lt, thtngs like' There are-two titngs that fasclnate me: (l) Any three potnts can be the verHces ofa

Grmdng Wthout Schoollng #78

23 trtangle: (2) lbo clrcles can tntersect'and 'You hrow, fdlng ln love ls somethlng ltke solvlng a polynomlal equatlon' and 'Everythfng I look at rnakes rne think of math. I ltke lt that nray.' Yes, math dellnftely desenres a large chunk of the credtt for helplr4 mc suMve adolesccnc=, So serlous were my feeltngs about math that sometlnres I could hardly bear to talk about lt, had to errcn r.rrlte about tt

under cover of darkness, and dldn t pardcularly llke ansnrcrlng quesflong aloud ln math class or telltng people ttrat I planned to'go tnto math'when I'grew up.'It seemed to me then that utterlng math-words spotled thelr fraglle beauty. To thls day I feel grateful to rry parents and teachers for respecttng these feellngs, and for not lnvadtng them by thnrsdng adrranced math books on therrL or encouraglng me to audlt college courses, and so on. Instead they stood aslde

paflently wtrlle I dld thlngs [ke constnrct an elllpse out of cardboard, thumbtacks, strlng, and pencll (even though I already knew what an elllpse looked ltke), or, rather self-centeredly, dtled my flrst math paper, 'My Very Own Systerrl'and wrote what I called my -Ireatlse,' tnvendng new 'a:doms' ltke 'A clrrcle ls curved and not stratght," 'A stralght llne has two endpoints,' and'Space edsts, ls threedlmenslonal, and can be filled.' Thev let me go my own wEry, let me wrlte ana iUa my orrirr books, let rne browse for hours ln the math secilons ofthe largest bookstores I could llnd. I uranted and needed to be alone wlth math, and they knew tt and I

thank thenr.

I dtd go on to rnaJor tn math at NYU, to get graduate degr€es at Wesleyan Unlverslty,-and even to publtsh a ferv pa.pers ln academlc Journals. But I nras ln many ways

still tsolated; I remember wrttlng, for example, that lf a parUcular madh ldea tumed out to be nrrong, or obvlous, I sflll found lt beaudful. And I nerrer felt tlnt I had truly learned a subJect unless I had completely rewrltten the text, tn my own way, leavlng out the parts that seemed less relcvant to rne, and of course addtttC plen$r. Ercnhrally - gradually - thls poeilc slde of my tnter€st tn math predomlnated. The adolesccnt diaqr-exccrpts found thelr way lnto poenrs, and I also wrote new poe{ns, and pmse, whtch nrcre lnsplred by math, and some poerns and prose not tnsplred by math. In short, I've become a poet and wrlter. If anyone asks, I explaln thls ernoUonal lnvolvement wtth math by saylng,

'lfs ltke sclence flctlon; tt expresses, atleast for nre, the sarne uronder, same angulsh, same onder, same dlsorder, and

prolably sonr personal and psychologlcal stutr too.' I teach a Math Anrdety work-

shop and sometftnes I brlng tn my math poems for students who seem Lnterested, or who mtght beneflt from seelng that lfs posslble to feel sornethtrg for rnath (even lf they don't). I'm wrttlng thls becaus€ I feel l\rc not only leamed math tn sorne different ways, but also, perhaps, vtew tt ln a dllferent way. I also want to cpmmunicate that tt lsn't alurays 'enJo;rment' or'fun' that both chlldren and adults can get from an Interest tn math (or anything else); tt can also be somethtng profound,

Growlng Wtthout Schoollng #78

\ilatching Children Learn OK To Use Other Teachers: For Math... Pqrents somednes ask us wlwttheg { tMr clr/ld tpants to learn wrcthlt1g thrrt tle patetd's drrtttolrl.t) rrurchabut, q {.fq some reosorr;xtnent

agdn tn the same words, and ltwon't get through to you, but tf you hear tt tn dtfferent worde then all of a sudden lfs like a Uiht bulb golng on. and you understand lt.

slrorid do

Usually the concepts she asks me to help explatn are concepts IVe learned a month or so ago, so they're sttll pretty freeh tn my

atd cldldJhd t Ufuult to unr/r on a poficular subJet tqether. Tlere are o.f


ourse seueral qttons ln srrch cases,. one !s tD help tle clfld.fird. &m@ne else to urr*.

urltlu Sonretlnres X takes aVqttg prlr*nto renrdrld us tlrrrt thls ts lrdd, avlaHe opttort ottd dor,sn't ln arg wag rcJlcct bdly

on tle lrrnily's tone*lwlttg. Tte

Jdlourbg story fiun Antatldrr BergsonShllek (PN makes tlrIs ptnt unh Last May my parents and I talked tt over and dectded that tt rvould be good for rre to be getttng some mre mathexpertence. Mom has helped me wlth math thmuqh the years, thmugh vears. but I felt llke I was rer ready to move on to a dtfferent perspn to help me wtth the more adrranced math, On some days Mom and I would rvork really well together, but on other days rve would both acctdentally trrttate each other, and when you're crabby and tlred lt's much harder to understand a math conc.ept. We sflll work together on lots of thlngs, but I Just felt like h"vtng someone else for math. Also, when we flrst got the math book that we were gotng to use from the local school, Mom said, 'I'd like to read through thts book and do these problems on my own for a whlle, ffrst, because IU Uce to refresh my memory.'I satd, 'Well, you know, I'm really ready to leam some mone rlght now, and you're so busy that ft wlll be dtfficult foryou to llnd that tlme, so would tt maybe be easler lf we found somebody else who was already tnvolved ln math,' Mom wa.s really nlce about understandhg that and not gettlng olfended. She asked around and found that one of her frtends had a frlend, named Cheryl, who was a tutor for Hds who are havlng trouble with math tn school. Mom sald to her, 'My daughters aren't havtng trouble with math, but they would Uke to have another person to help them along, go through thfs book wlth them and go as fast or as slow as thry need to.' Cheryl ended up cornlng over for an hour-and-a-half sesslon wlth me and my younller slster, Emtly. We both thought she uras really nlce, but Emtly dectded that she d rather keep worlidng on her own, and with Mom, and I decided that fd Lke to go on working wlth Cheryl. She comes oncre or hvlce aweek for an hour, now. We go through the math book tbat we got from the school, and also use some other materials that she's brought because she thought they rntght lnterest me. Sometlmes she glves me homework, and sometlmes I do tt, sometlmes I don't. She teaches math at her local mtddle school, and because she thlnks I have a klnd of logtcal mind, she asks me to help her ftgure out ways to oqplatn thtngs to her

students. If she's havtng trouble orplahfng a c€rtaln concept, she'll ask rrre to help her thtnk of a way to rephrase tl stnce I lorow

howyou can hear somethlng over and over

I know lidds my age are dolnt a lot of rnath fur school, and nnnted to feel that lf I worked on a llttle btt each week I'd be keepfng up wtth thern- I'm not trJrlng to compete wtth errcrybody else, and I don't care |f I'm exactly at grade lerrel or anythtng, but I uranted to know that I wouldn't get to the end ofhtgh school and suddenly have to catchup.

I ltke to play around wlth algebra, mahng up problems tn my head. Sometirnes I play games wtth Emfly and her frtends - Ernlly wtll say, "Amanda, glrre me an algebra problem,' and they'll Just work It out for fun, ltke a puzzle.


for Reading

Panelo Hatres oJ Pernsytvanla usrl.tes:

I'm dtscoverlng that a child and a parent, home alone, with parent trylng to teach chtld, regardless ofhow hard we work or how well-lrtentioned we are, ls not always the best sltuatlon. Other aspects of our reladonshlp can get tangled up wlth the leamtng procrss - our dtsappolntrnents ln each other, our Gars around the tmpltcaHons ofnot sucreedlng. It was very useful for us, this sllrnmer, to arrange for our son to spend some tlme wlth a frlend who ls a r€adlng spectaltst getttng some tutorlng (we called tt'spectal ttme'wtth her). I don't thtnk she actually dld much that we ctuldn't have done, but the contextwas dllferent. Thelr reladonstrlp wasn't as loaded, and lt nras easler for hlm to focus on the skllls. We traded ume by having her son over to play, and errerybody vras pleased. (And hfs reading ls gotng better wlth us thts fall.)

Finding an Internship |SS/ Last tolnter, JeanRezoc (MA) wrote aslcJltg tor help nlbd.hg an bternshlp ht whlch she crni.d unrk wlth horces. I repVd utlth several sugrgestions, ad the rent ttt E I spolce ulthJean I baned that she had monogedto anange an hternshlp lrrlrself, close to hone. Rrcenty I askd ler law tthad, unrked out,

atd.slla rcpltd:

I ended up dolng that lnternshlp thts past summer. IVe always llked horses, and I had taken rldlng lessons when I was Itttle. I uranted to get back tnto lt, and I was looktng for somethlng to do outslde of home. My Sunday School teacher has a horse, and I talked to her about what I uras looktng for. She satd I could help wtth her horse ln exchange for lessons, because she was s(x)n golng to have a baby and wouldn't be able to spend tlme taldng care of her horse. So durtng the summer she gave me lessons and I took care ofher horse for

24 threeweeks. She had shonrcd



howto do

Then she tntroduced me to another lady who buys horses who have been mtstreated, tralns then and sclls them tn a few years, for a good proflt. I spent three yrceks helplng her wlth the barn work, and got lessons tn exchange for that" I bad a wonderful ttme. I learned so much - there were other people rrorHng there too, and so whenener I dldn't know eorcthlng lJuet asked questlons. If other homeschoolers are looHng for somethlng to do outslde the horre. I d say flnd sonrethtr4 and go for tt At flrst I was really ner'eoua. I thought, lrhat |f ehe says you'ne no good wtth horses?" But


worked out rea$l nrcll, and next sumrrrer I'll probably go back.

(PAJ wrTtes:

You asked about thewrtflnggroup

fmm the real world. I made the eam sort of fllght tn ctrlldhood and have not burrowd myuray out of ltyel I'm not the


capable gutde when lt


to fortl-

Slng tender mtnds agalnst the odstence of uar and raclsm and other wtls. Refuslng to leam about them ls not the answer. I rendoned thts to an trtstortan I know, and she satd, There ts absolutely no need for a chlld to read about the horrors. 'She



attend. I met another homeschooler, Jonathan Apple, durlng testlng by the Rlchmans lastyear. We had a lot ln common and a lot of fun. My rnother and hls rrotlrer talked to each other and we dlsconered they ran a wrlUng group. I asked lf I could corne for a couple of tlmes andJust llsten. The group met the flrst and thtrd Monday of the month from l:3O to 3:OO. After errerythlng had been read there was a snack and ttme to play. There were appro:drnately flfteen ctrlldren, at the rrpst, and thelrageswere 6 to 13. The younger ctrtldren who couldn't wrlte drew plcture storles. After I went for a few ttmes I dectded that I wanted to be part of the group. I found that ltstentng to other people's storles and Itrstenlng to the other chlldren's and parents' posltfue comments and tnteresttng quesHons opened paths oftdeas ln my head - e.g. 'what happened to the falry?'or

'Do you plan to contlnue thts stoq2' or -Do you thtnk tt's posslble for a car reall5r to harrc lerrttaHon povms?' All of these comments were tn good splrtt and never a crltlclsm. I feel that because of thls the ctrlldren alurays rvanted to wrtte more and read thelrworks to the group.

After I went to school fcr half of my fourth grade year, I left because I dtdn't ltke tt at all. I dtdn't wrtte as much as I had before, but I started to r€ad erren rrpre tlan

was norrnal (someflmes IOOO pages a day), When I look back upon thls I reallze that tt uras ldnd ofstrange and probably had somethtng to do wtth my school experlence, whlch was horrtble. I found that rn school tdeas were stlfled - 'Slt down and wrlte eomettrlng about llfe ae a candted apple'as an ocample - not the shrff great llterature te rnade oll It took a long dnrc for me to want to wrtte as much as norrnally I

dld before.

Reluctant to Study

History Flom a lorger lerer In wlich Mblrrelc Mauer oJ CaltdorrrJa uns dtscnsst4g her son's rc|luctane to sf.tdg htstorg.'

I found out that Joel's dlstaste for

whlle longer. There ls some potentlal here for serlous golrrg-wron& for headlong flIght

promised to send rne a readtng ltrst of htstorlcal norrels. td llke to hear anyone elee's ld€r on thls eubJecl

E{oys Writing Group @olIreg Lrtunclc

hlstory ls partly based on emtional paln. Readtng about slavery hurts. No rrnre Rec-onstnrctton or Book ofJudges fior a whlle, thank you, MomruSr. No u,onder he |ls so krmers€d tn the development of Batrran and Splderman corfcs. I suppose urc had better sttck to hero etorles for a



About htstory and retreaUng from the real world: certalnly the real world ls not ontgt the horrors. I can thtnk of sorne very tmportant ne:upns for learnlng about bad thtngs that have happened - to try to understand thent to thtnk about how hurnan belqgs can llve together and what makes thtngs go wrong sorneflmes. But why ls slavery any realer than Laura Ingalls Wtlder (for example)? HLstory ts about thtngs that harrc happened, and all sorts of thtngs have happened. Iviaybe Joel rvould be tnterested ln the trtstory of comlcs - how dtd they begtn, what were the ardsts'llves lke, what problems dtd they encounter whaterrer. There are sorne good hlstorlcal novels and books, too, as your historlan frtend wlll no doubt suggest to you. We sell a book called thts ts tlc Wag lt Used to fu htle Eouly lgOos that ls extrernely popular wlth our readers. And of course there's also rnore recent hlstory - your own chlldhood memorles, the trtstory of where you


As for Jocl's senstflvtty to the darker

sldes of hlstory, I wouldn't be quick to force trtm to deal wtth quesilons that cause hfm too much paln rlglrt now. One thlng

that may help ts to let him know about thtngs people have done, or are dolng, to make thtngs better. Ctrtldren who are upset about the erdstence of nuclear weapons or wars that are belng foughl for example, often very much [ke to knour about peace rnonrments, and erren to Jotn ln that work Chlldren who are upset about hunger tn the world rnay be relterted and lnterested to know aboutwhatnrork ts betng done to address that problem, And so on. We'ne added a book to our fall catalog (and revtar ln thts tssue) about the songs of the Ctvtl Rlghts MovemenL Ifs lnterestlng to approach the study of raclsm from that an$e, because muslc was very tmPortant to that movement and rnay be an easler way forJoel to bedn to learn about lL lfyou Itke thls sort of thtng, you might be tnterested ln folk muslc, lfke Fete Seege/s, whtch deals wlth some dlfflcult things tn a posldve, strengthentng vay. But, agatn, lt can bc werwhelmlng to a chlld to thlnk that when we say hlstory' we mean urarar oppresslon, etc., onlgt, as thouglr that's all that ever happened tn the

rorld. Hlstory canJust

as eastly be the study of how people llved, worked, played, dressed, ate, etc, That's what the history books rn our catalog gener:ally focus on. So, agatn, how dtd the Sptderman character develop? How dld the cpmlc book lndustry grow'?

Ftom a later letter oJ Mtchaeb's: Your c.omments about the studY of

trlstory are well-taken. For record-keeptng purposes, I am counflng as 'history' any ittenuon pald to anythtng that happened before Joel qras born. Thts week alone, that lncludes uratchlng Klss Me, Kcte, on vldeo tape (trig$ recomnrended for people who doh't like muslcals, as I don'$, er(amrnrng a collectlon of Llttle Nemo comlc strlps, and checklng out an adult book on Leonardo da VInd. Weapons lnterestJoel. I got hfun to read about Japan brtefly by flndtng him a couple of lavtshly tllustrated books that featured samural weapons and armor' He ts careful to orplaln that he enJoys guns as machlnes but does not aPProve ofthetr purpose, let alone thelr use'

How Adufts Can Help In GI{IS ure oJten talk abplut laut go'uur.g pple achletp tlelr oun goals, as opposd to setltttg guls for the clildren and tlen tglrlg to get tlem to ISS:/

a.lritc gqlllelp

achletp them. We alsotrrlk abuttow rrdt;dts can suggestor lMuce ildngs to

pple ulthotttfubg owrfuadng or rqubltg tle tntlg tt qr.rcsdott When Ktn yortttg

Kopel (MO) utrote to nle

lrcal cfolr,

obutJobthg a story lllusfated

I t}rnght ler

bthtlcse prwsses

her lJ we oiuld prlnt

so urell t]-rlrtl asked

tlut paft


ler letter:

I am now a nrember of the St. louts

Chlldren's Cholrl l\rc always liked slngtng and muslc, although IVe never had any volce lessons, muslc lessons (excrpt for Suzukt vlolln when I was 6), never sang ln publtc, can only sort of read muslc, and play the ptano by ear. I'd talked wtth Mom ofr and on about dotng somethlng with stngtng, and awhlle ago - maYbe slx months - she crrt an arttcle about the St. Louls Ctrtldren's Cholr out of the paper and gave lt to me. I thought tt sounded tnterestrnS, but I didn't do anything more about lt at the dme; I llled the arttcle away. Then a couple of weeks ago I began thlnldng serlously about lotntng a cholr, and I went and got that afock, reaa tt agatn, and asked Mom to call the phone number llsted for lnforrnadon and audlflons. Ttre last audltlon for thls year was the very next dayl I wasn't sure about gotng to lt - I hadn't llgured audldons would be comtng up so soon, and I'd planned to work on readlng muslc better and stull Uke that before I audi-


I surprtsed myself, and dectdedto go. I

dld pretty well at the audldon (whlch was cry ftr:s$. t nras surprtsed that I could read mustc and slng from tt, wtthout heartng sonreone else stng tt, or hearlng tt played

fllsL The rpoman-who audtdoned me sald I had a very wtde range, and a great ear,


that I couldn't read note tlrnhg very weU.

So slncc the audltton IVe been rvorklng wtth Mom on readtng the tlmtng - rhythm -

Growtng Wtthout Schooltng #78

25 of notes, and now I knmr I could hatrc gotten rtght the rhythm I had to read at the

audldon. Undl rehearsalE start, I'll be worklng on that - r€adlng muslc and sfn$ng from tt, and Just platn slnglng.


Ellen Pelate oJ Vbglnb wdles: Today I found a


1985 tssue


mqge"Cne, as I cleaned houac. I ehoured lrtflcs (f 2) the photo of lehmael ard


I'he King Brothers at lVork F\wr Catlry

be so scared an5rmore?'The source of thls fear and andety hrrned out to be group quesilon and answer sesslons ln his

Practicing Marathon

VltaWallace and told hfm that they had tnsplred me to horcsctrool orlglnally. Mlles read tlre ar$cle and sald, 1\Iowt Ishnael pracflces for 0ve hous a dayl' I rercmbered how mudr I'd dcalred that Mlles could llrc a slmllar sort of llfe to the ltfe that lshmael and Vlta led when they urere ltttle. They always oeemed to

,rurtfiur oJ tle Klry 'No Cal'r;rs,'r.ue sell

Brotlers (wlose top, lere: *7ffi4, $7 +psL):

Your desc,rlpdon of 'No Corrers' tn your fall catalog rcnflons tbat you don't know how Bt$r and lGrrny came to be maldng thelr own cassettea. Although Bllly has ghown sorc fnterestlng mustcal abtllty stnce age 2, tfe mostly a etory (now famlllar to you, I'm eure) of kfds betng

hanrc a

lot ofspace and prlvacy, and



After r€adlng the artlde, Miles asked permisslon to harrc a'practtcing maratlron'for one month. He urante to drop hts other schoohrrcrk and pracdce gultar for ffrrc houre a day. So we looked at ttrc calendar and marked a day tn Norrcmberwhen Mtlee would r€turn to the algebra and language arta requtred by Vlrglnta- ftIe alwaya Bcones ayearor so above hfe grade level on standarrdlzed tests, though he only works for two or three hours a day.) For the rnonth of October, he wtll only work on muslc. Mlles, aknost from the tlme tlrat he began to learn the classical gultar at 9, has played beauHfully, so he achrally has done rrany of the thtngs that I had come to belteve he would. Hls brother, James (6), ls

glven space and reaouroes to pursue thedr

tnterests and dlscover the{r sb,er€the. Because nqr huebard l(en and I terrd to mlue creatMty over rDalerlal gmds, rrc dtd make some cholcca that probably encouragied Bllly's mustcal path - llke buylng a pl,ano before we had tndor

plumbtngl If Btlly had been tn school, he probably sdll x/ould have been muslcal (rnybel), but he rpouldn't have had the ttrne and energf to take tt so farby thls age. For enample, thelr latest tape ts largely the result of a tenday loan of a sophtsttcated k€Vboad by a rrcry nlce muslcal acquatntance. Bllly had ten days to flgure out the rnachlne (the muslclan was out of town so couldn't be asked

attracted to vtolln muslc, and lnslsts that he wants to learn now. The ctrlldren have been able to llve very creaflve llves because ofthe support ofothers, and because they

have thetr

quesdons) and create the muslc, Hls concentradonwas awesorne - he was 12 at the ttme. But he was havtng a gr€at ttrne and I thtnk the muglc he created reflects hls pure enJo)nnent of tlre entrre pnocess. Hls brother Kenny sat by trts slde and they ggCled through much of the pnooess.



Scared of lYrong

Answers Rebeea lownoJ Motgland wrltes:

As an tnterestrng homeschoollng detatl, I thought I urculd rnentlon that Bllly and Kenny are not really a muslcal monollth. Kenny enJoys the muslc and wrltes great songs, but has a rlch artlsilc and trnaglnailrrc pcrsonal ltfe that ure value Just as much as the obvtously sucrcessful muslcal accompllshnrnts (that are so connected to Btlly's energr). Many ttmes IGnny prefere to draw orJust thlnk rather than do muslc, and our deslne ls to stay senslthrc to the space that he needs.

My son attended ktndgarrcn last year (because he lnslsted), though he ts home-

schooled thls year, My prlnrary reason for homeschooling has always been the selfesteemlssue. I Jotted down the followtng statement he made lastyearbecause lt so alarrned me: 'You know, I don't really know any answers I should know, I don't know all the answers I should, I am not really very smarL Instde, I amJust a scard ltttle lrdd. When wtll I know all the answers, and not

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Growlng Wtthout Schoolng #78

classroom. More subtly, the next day, he began a game wtth me where he was the driller of ouesdons and I nras the studenL Thercwas 'if you have flrrc thtngs (holdtng up flrre llngers on hts hand, exactly as trls teacher does), and you take anray three, how many doyou harrc left?'When I reeponded

cornectly, he klndly and enthustasdcally exclalrned, 'Rghtl', and thlg went on for several mlnutes before he tfted of tL Ttris game was rrcry sadsftng for trlm because lt empowered him; he was Teacher. I have now read the followlng words from John Holt'e flou, Clildren lzan- | was shaken to reallze how much the reladvely ltttle schooltng had already negailvely alfected my son: 'lChtldrenl llrrc ln perpetual uncertalnty anduronder, and unless adults are always asktng them fool quesdons to test theh knowledge - thrive on tt.'And agatn, later: 'He ts bold, He ts not afraid of maktng mlstakes. And he ts patlent. He can tolerate an extraordtnary amount of uncertaint5r, confuslon, lgnorance, and suspense. He does not have to have lnstant meanlng ln any new sltuatlon. He ts wtllhg and able to walt for meaning to corne to htm - errcn lf lt cornes slowly, whtch lt usually does.' My son's teacher uras very ldnd, maternal, and physlcally allectlonatc tourard her students. However, the damage

to self-lnragle ls tnhercrtr tn the typlcal schol settlngl, where therc are constant quesdons wltlr sorne chlldren respondtng corrcctly wtrlle others respond lncorrectly or not at.ll. My son, though only ln klndergarten, was already sulferhg from the pressure to please Teacher wlth correct

answers, To be falr and to take parttal blarne, I confess that when my son states a mathemadcal (or other) truth, I sometfunes wellmeanlngly say, 'Rtghtl'and You're so smartl', setttng myself up as the authortty on what ls truth and what ts not. Though I try very hard to go together to outslde r€sources for answers or to say, 'Yes, that ts true,' wlthout all the emodonal extras, I stlll occastonally sltp. I thtnk lt ts lmportant to note that my son felt fearwhen he did not know the answers. I suspect thts stems from the emotlonal exclternent, on ttre adulfs part,

Ane you Int€p€steb In cR€atrve €oucatron?


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26 wtrlch accompantes oorrect ansryers from the chtld. After all that pralse and approrral, a ctrtld lB \r€ry au/ar€ tlrat there ts none forthcomlngwhen he does not know the ansurers. The nahrral confuslon when factng unkno*rne ls no longer tolerated well but lnstead turns to fearwhen the ctrtld feels he wtll loee adult approval tf he doesn't know all the ansurcrg. Thts ls the opposlte of what John Holt descrlbes when wrtdng about the healthy learntng style of young chtldren. A soluflon mtght be to respond ln a nrore low-keyed vray to rry son belng 'rtght' or \vrong.' Instead, tt upuld probably help to stmpl5r share the exc{tement I feel ln my ovm leamtqg, that I do not have all the answers and that I Gel OK about that. Of course, maldng hfs educatlon enen rmre of a partnerstrtp, wtth both of us equal partners, ferreflng out lnformaflon from resources and shartng tn the excltement of learnlng thlngs together, would also rnake nre much rnore r€altsilcalbr less of an autleorlty (full of rlght answers) ln trta eyes, I can tmagfne and hope ttrls problem wtll get ealder as my lxln grows older and naturally beglns to sec adults as falltble, and trlmself as more powerful than when he was younger. I do not assume all chtldren ale as sensltlve to adult approrral as ts rrry son but I feel for hlm a less authorltatlve response would be

helpful. Any suggesuons? [SS:l I thfnk you're on the rfght traclc The kry, lt seems to me, ls not holdlng ctrlldren ac-countable for lorowledge before they feel sure of that knowledge and ready to talk about or demonstrate what they know Chlldren ln school are frlghtened of uncertalnty because they know they wtll be for lt. They can't llve wtth tt because they aren't allnud,to ltve wlth lt, A chtld readtng stlent$ to herself, comtng acrDss an uniamillar urord, can eastly sklp over lt, or let lts meanfng become clear through context, or even spend som€ ttne trylng to flgure out what lt says - but there's no pFessure to come up wlth the rtght arxrwer lmmedlately. A chtld readlng aloud tn school ls ln a rrcry dlfferent sltuaflon, one ln whlch the uncertalnty ts agonlzhg.

Serious About Ballet In CI{/iS *73, UllIan 9g (BC) unote thatter snMatthew uns thbrl&tg oJ

o,r.dtflolndtq.fq tle Narfonal Bdlet *hd" she was ancen'ed abut luutttg


lingofiomblng a hor.rc*lwler to afretdfry afudbg schdSOOO mlles uoag. We aslced IllIIan { Mafrleut hd gorc to tle sr'lwl and lou: tlut had usorkd"ouL ond sle rcplId:

Matthew dld audltlon for the Nadonal Ballet School and was accepted for thelr summer school program. One hundred gtudents go to the surfiner school and about thlrty ofthem are asked to attend the full schoolyear. Wtratupuld urc do lf they nranted hfm full-ttme and he uranted to go? Stayfng here on the west coast and only seelng hfm s|xweeks ayearwall unthlnkable. Movtng to Ontarlo nras problemadc. The cost of ltvlng lls btgh, the vacanc1r rate ls zero, td harrc to abandon my mtdwtfery practlceJust when tt uras orpandlng ntcely wtth two new, and weVe ltved

there before and dtdnt much ltke lt. I uras oncemed about the school part, too. The NBS followe the Ontarlo publlc school currtculun though academlc aucess ls not necessaql forcontlnued acceptance. Sktpplrg class€s or pursulng tndependent eh.rdy are not consldered to bc optlons. (Ihe people I asked crouldn't scem to belteve or understand what I ung ashng.) I nras rrcry uncomfortable wtth the thought of Matthenr leavlng home, and b€comtng lnvohrcd ln eomethlng so stnrctured, tlm-consumlng, and tntenslrrc. But what about Matthenr'g say ln the dtrecdon hls llfe took? ln the eprlng *e got a pa*et of lnforrnaflon about the school. A sctredule uras lnduded. The summer eourxded greaB three houre of danc€ a day, lots of outlngs to placea ltke the Sclence Center and the museum, opHonal crafts, drama, $vlmrnln& etc. The school year sounded grfun Every mlnute from 7 AM to lfghts out waa accounted for. Ttrere was eom free tlme on thcweekend. Thts sounded to re llkeway too much for an I I year old who has always had scads of free flme. I decfded that tf Matthewwanted to attend a full year there (tf they asked htm to), tt would have towattundlhewasolder- 14or 15. I rehearsed a'I'm sorry but I think he ls too

young'speech. We sent him olf on the alrplane for the sunrmer program and mtssed hlm more than I expected for the slx weeks he uras

they told only the glrls.

Siena Club \fants

Young Environmental Activists Pam Glngold (CA) sent us a nodce

from the Slerra Club'e newsletter saybrg that the club te looHng for young envlronrrental actMsts, The nodce says, 'We niould llke to start producfng a llttle fourpElge rn(liazlrrc-$rye neursletter wtth arucles unltten by ldds or teachers/youth leaders and for ktds,/teachers/youth leaders... The purpose of a newsletter... would be to putyoung actlvlsts ln touch wlth each other. Itwould be auray of keeping these chlldr€n together and


Teach Your Babv To Read-

gone. He had a grcat tirne arrd was disappolnted not to be asked to attend the full year there. I didn't have to use my prepared speech. Ttrls tsn't totally resolved.

Mattlrew wants to audltion agoln, and I'm not golng to say no. I sdll Gel strongly that full-ttme attendancc at a school on the other slde of the country wtll have to watt undl he ls h hls mld-teens, butwe have not yet had to deal wtth a sltuatlon where he ts wanted by a school and stron$y deslres to go. I think I would say no, but I r€alze tt would really come down to whtch of us was most determlned.

Mottlvut amnents: I'm glad I went. I had a good ttme. I had lots to eat and my body felt llke tt uras havtng a good ume. Most of the glrls

thought boys wereyuck - thatwasnt ntce. I thlnk lt would be ntcc to go tlrere for a whole year. I might mtss betng home for holtdays and btrthdays. The grade 6 work seemedway too easy. Ballet ts a lot of work but lt makes you feel good about yourself. I ltke the challenge. The shows are always fun. I had three dtllerent teachers and two helpers who were tr:alning to be teachers, At ffrst one class was really borlng, but I ftgured out lt was helplng me qutte a blt. The lrtds were dllferent from homeschooled ktds. They watched lots of TV. Most of the shows I dtdn't [ke. Most of them couldn't belteve that I nras homeschooled. They safd, -Ibat's lmposslblel That's lllegall If the govemment found out theyd flne youl' There were a lot more glrls than boys. The boys were expected not to do thlr4ls Chtna wtth the girls. drls. I didn't get det to go !o to chtnatown - some of the gtrls dtd, but the boys wanted to go to the park. Itwas the same wtth cooking. I only got to do tt once'cause

This is the classic book that for more thana quarter of a century has brought mothers and children doser together. It is the first in the Gentle Revolution Series andan international bestseller. Translated into 18 languages, millions of mothers the world over have read the book and discovered that the greatest joy in their lives was teaching their children and grving them the gift of literacy. CaIl for a free catalog about teadrtng your chfld athorneand forlnformation on the tnt€mattonally acdaimed one week counse for parents.

L-800-344-tEAicrt crowlng Wtthout Schooling #78

27 malang them feel a part of the Slerra Club and lts purposc. Wewould encourage them

to becorne Junlor members.' The noHce




Directory of Families

what sorts

ofwork or projects would count as envlronrnental acflvlsm, but lf youVe done anythfng that you thfnk flts thts descrtption, wrlte to Bob Vlakahts, 8 Glen Htll Ct, Shoreham Ny I 1786. The nodce asks that you lnclude your phone number so they can talk to you as s(x)n as posslble.

Here is our complote 1991 Drecory. lf your entry erriwd att€r our cut-otf date (octobor 15), it vrill appear in GWS s79. Tho Dreaory of Families doesnl list honoschooling organizations and support otoups unless they Ire part ot a hmily's listing. To find groupe in your stale, see the Flomesdroolirq Oganizadons list fiat begins m page 36. Our Dredry is mra list of all subscribers, but lbred, so fut ofpr GWS only of fnse wrp ask b read€rs, or olhsr intorestod people, may get in oudr wih fiem. lf you would liko b be irrcluded, deaso s€nd the ontry hm or e 3x5 card (ono htniv per card). Ploaso take caro b include all fp inforrnation last narne, full address, and so m. Tell us if you world rathe have your phone number and town listsd instead of your mailing addre$ (we dont haw ep*e b list boh). lf a Direcory listing is bllowed by a (H), hmily is willing b host GWS ravelers who mak advance arrangoments in wridm. lf a narne in a GWS sbry is bllowed by a stato abbreviabn in parentheses, that porson is in lho Directory. We are happy to foruard mail to those whose addresses are not in he Direc-tory. lf you want



continued fron page 12 Barfura Kopp*h Senn ll\l@ un'Ites: Are there arry Nmr Modco readers who have applted for the knmunlzadon walner (tmmun9aUons are requlred for homeschooled ctrlldren)? I have reeearched how to do lt and what the offlctal papers say about tt, but before urc submlt our appllcatlon, I rpould llke to know of sorneone else who has actually done lL I'm tntereeted ln tearntng how detatled the applcatlon needs to be, how much the state lrrvestlgates each appllcailon, and how strlctly they interpret the letter of the Law.

Pen-Pals Chlldren wantlng rhould wdt. to thoo. llcted (don't just sond in your own name,









tap, sin€ing, animals.- NORTHRUP,6042 S Crestview St, Litdeton CO 8o120: Camdh (9) reading, biking, music; Carey (12) rocksB, cornot, Souts Shona PATERSON (8) Star Rt Box 14, Woodurard PA 16882; reading, ponies, piano .- Kate MENDEFRIDKIS (4) Rd I Box 713, Jobslown }{J 08O41 ; drawing, helping people


Gros'lng Wthout Schooltng #78 -

u8 to brward the l€ner without rsading it, mark the or/lsrde of the envelope wih writer's name/desoipfon and he issu€ number. lf you want us b read the letter and fien tonivard it, please enclose anoth€r slamped


pl€ase - wrile to someono who ia already listsd, bo). To b€ ligtod, please send nams, age, address, and 13 words on int€rests -. Angelique ZIMCOSKY (6) 7289 llonticello, Rawna Oll 44266; books, horseback riding, cats .. Jessica RIVERS (16) 1276 Via Rancho Pkwy, Escondklo CA 92029; animals, reading, rock'n'oll Rebekah LESHER (9) 29S3 Springer Dr, lvlcKinleyville CA 95521 ; ball€t, animals, roading -. KNICKERBOCKER,5304 Eorcot Rd, Whidbey lsland WA 98249: Hoidi (10) gymaslics, drama, riding; Vanessa (4 horses, animals, mafi .- Jqshua BORRUD (7) 34708 lvleridian Rd, Woodburn OR 97071; ninja turdes, dftilirE 8ACON, 153 Angel Bluff Dr, Gurley AL 357|8: Abram (11) ninton-do, dogs, gardening; Rhiannon (6) animals, roading, dolls -. HON-MES, 1719 School, Walh Walla WA 9€K'62: Chrb (7) legos, feading, sports; Steve (7) l€gos, reading, socor Kedron MILLSPAW (7) 522 N. Elmer Av, Sayre PA 18&dO; cattl, balbt, soc€r Diana LOZANO (8) 750 E Bonnen Av, Glendora PA 91740: cats, books, fantasies Ben RALSTOI,I (10) Rt 1 Box 190, C€ntsrlown lrro 65023; camping, nature, riding SllIttlONS, 12962 Arch€r, Lemont lL 6m4i!9: Juliet (11) do$, dolls, roading; Nora (14) horses, eading, 4-H; Anastasia (7) Barbies, animals, models -. GILBERT,422.3 Lemp Av, Sudio City CA 916o4-82i Kellin (5) nintendo, animals, lantasy; Eban (8) nintor|do, animals, tanasy -.1yl-OR, 4965 Lexington Rd, Ath€m GA 30605: Astra (1 1) animal rights, reading; Sunny (8) dancing, singing, animals; Aler (6) ylJeo games, animals, dancing BUBRIS, 2415 &nherst Rd, Mddloton Wl 535182: Lynda (11) scienco, Scout8, reading; Ebnald p) computer3, stutl€d animals .- Michael NEEDHAM (9) Rt 1 Box 25O, Bhro Creek OFI 45615; snak$, swimming, exHUNT (9) PO Box $106, Bend OR doring 977O8; science, oomput€rs, l€go Emma SALETAN (6) 6502 Bradley Dr, Austin TX 78723; dding, crafts, nature -. GOCEK,g,f.|{l Cathylvood Dr, Santee CA 92071: Ted (12) jel8, logos, carboning; Melissa (6)



When you send us an address changs for a subscription, please remind us if you are in the Drecory, so we can change it her€, too. Please remember hal we can't control how th€ Direcory is used: if you receiw unwanled mail as a result ol boing listed, iust bss it out.

AL Loren & Susan BACON (Abramr/9, RhiannorvS4) 153Angol Blufi Dr, Gurley 357a8 Phil E Lee GONET (JessirS0, Patriclv&)) THE VO|CE, PO Box 742, Tallass€e 36078 P€rry & Nancy GOODSON (W€ndy/8o, Derel(83, Dylarv86, Daren/ 89) Rt 1 Box l+0, Rockford 35136 Robort E Sharon HEYM (Bhk€/85, Kyle/8g) 605 Whispering Hill cir, Hartselle 35640 (H) Ingo & Linda IIEYER (Angshr7s, Johry7S) 9.|6 Pinevisr Dr, Alexander City 35010.- Buddy & Sheny SCHENCKER (Laura/88) Rt 5 Box 600, Talladega 35160 .- Kahie & Al SHULTZ (Peterng, MartirvS2, Katina/84) 4810 Pearr€€ Ct, Tuscaloosa 33105 Ric & Cynfiia SMITH (Flannail 85, Emma/88) 13S5 Beaumont Dr, Montgomery 361 1 1







(JakatSS,Zoeyt AK -Jim E Becky COIINEF 90) Bor 900188, Univ ol Alaska, Faifianks 99775 l(ad & Nancie ELLIS (Anikt84) PO Box 22, Kasilof 99610 -. Debbie GMVEL peter DWYER (Trisrarv 8ll, Gaslen/8s, irolli6/89) 7941 S Tonga$ l-lrfly, Ketdrikan 99901 (H) -. Rodrelle FIARRISON & Philip SHOETiAKER (T4t&z,Tiat8/.l PO Box 273, King Salmon 90613 -. Paul & Pat LUGIN (!latv81 , Katey Mark 84) 1934 Tall Timbers Dr, Fairbanks 99709




SOGGE & Cecity STERN (CaidirvS4) PO Box 696, Hain€s S1827 (H) Gregory & Gayle TIPIADY (Allie/ 75, Conno/81, GrahadS2) PO Box 3i169, Palmer 99645 Stew & Christino WARREN (Ging€r/8o, Mariah/8:|, Msty/86, AarorvSS) FO Box EDB, Ketchikan 9{D5o"0o4o (H} Paul & Gayle YOUNG (NaharySo, Tamar/8{!, Hilary/86) Box EO05, Port Alexander 998(b (H) Richard & Carol ZDANOVEC (Kimbedy/82, irarni/8s) 6855 Counuy Rd, Salcha





99714 AZ Cafiy ALGER & Ed CUMMINS (Elil86, KaelirvSg) Grand Canyon Nad Pk, Tuweep Ranger Stephen E Reb€cca Stn, Fndonia 86022 (Hl CORWIN (Brmlv8l, Hearv8s, For€sV8g) 7342 E Ron & Terry ilontecito Dr, Tucson 85710






DELONEY (Johrv80, Jason/8il) 1607 E Palo Verde St,

-. Anne & Jim DORRE (lratthewS, AndrovSl) $t9 Buck Hill Rd, Prescott 86303 (H) "' Bow & David GYOI.IGYOS (Megadgit, Katelyn/86) Yuma 85365

9138 N 8{lrd St, ScotBdale 85251 .- Will & Thea l-lOFFl{AN (Briar/78) 14:10 Camino Amapola, Sierra visra 85635 -. Gary & Gwenn lvlcCALEB (Eryrtrn, ]&istatTr, JessicdSg) Box 295, Nutrioso 85912 (H)

Jool & Margie LESCH (Aaon/79, SetH AR 82, Caleb/8s) 5 Knightg Ct, Russellvills 72801 (H) Tonr & Julie O'DAY ([bghannr/9, Kaherino/8i, &idgeu&4, Timohy/87, Conor/8g) Rt 1 Box 417,



clinbn 72ts1 (H) Ronnie & CA, NORTH (zlpc 94000 & up) lrlaoha (llovdStl) Puppy School, 225 Estatos Dr, B€n Connie ADAMS (Joyna, iilaggie/ Lomond 95005



Tl , Ryant8o, Shaun/8o) 747 Broatway St, Fairlield Debi & Bill ALAMEDA (Nhndyt79, riolly/ 9453t1 (H) 83) PO Box 10572, S LakeTahoe 95731 .- Valerie ATKfNSON (AshleigHS6) 440 N Winchostet Blvdfl62, Sanra Clara 95o5o -. Tim BAILEY & Kitty GARRETT (Sierra/82, Sofv83, Zander/8s) 1611 GrantSt, B€rkoley 94703 -. Jane & Sam BECKTEL (Edward/ 81, lvlolanidSs) SANTA CLARA VALLEY HOMESCH@LERS,795 Sheraon Dr, Sunnyvde 94087 -. Ann & Pet€r BODINE-BONYHARD (Johnz4, Karina/ 7s, Davidt?g) SOUTH VALLEY HOMESCHOOLERS ASSN, 12840 Stewns Ct, San lvlartin 95046 (H) -'Jill & Greg BOOl.lE (CrisdozS, PauUSO, Curlis/83) PENINSULA HOMESCHOO{-ERS, 479s Lage, San Jose 95130.- John & Bony BRINGHURST (Sarail 80, BenjamirvS2, SamueU84, Hannah/87) ,O Pershing Ave, Woodland 95695 .- lvlarla & Craig BUSSOFF (Oril&2, Zolil8{i) 1 I 0 Camino Dol Sol, Santa Cruz 95065 (H) -. Gary & lvlelisa CLARK (Amy/85, Nidohs/88) PO 8ox 8&4, El Dorado 95623 -. Karen CLAUSSEN E David BOSTEDER (Nicholas/83) Slaf Teni CONNOR & Akmal Routo 1, ilcArfiur 96056 KHAN (Devin/86) 24{16 Chardonnay Way, Livermore 94550 -. Gilbert & lhry COONLEY (Jimr/o, Kahl€oM/3) '15*g2nd Ave, San Francisco 94122 Joellen & Kevi n COVEY (Megarv8s,Jasorv88) 1363 Arleen Av, Sunnyvale 94O87 -. Jan CRAWFORD & Shawn MILEY (Noai/82, Nora/88) 1781 Santa Lucia Dr, San Jose 95125 (H) .. Denicp CRESMER (Branv 84 1C8,07 &dy Av, Cupsrtino 95014 -. Catol CAUTHORN-IVIAYER (Johrv83, StewrvSs) 71 4 Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvale 9+089 -. Glen DAIS & Debra CALDWELL-DAIS (Jared/84) 2it0 Poplar, Lora a.te DALTON (Ehina/ tvlant€ca g5:t35 (H) 83, RoberySS) 15 Rudand St, San Francisco 94134 -. ilargarete & Paul DAVIS (Johanna/8s, Michela/8g) 2523 Am€hyst Dr, Santa Clara 95051 -. DAYSPRING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, PO BOX 60956,









Starla EIEAN (Christy/8o) 181 12ul

Mike & Angie DEPEW Av, Santa Cruz 95062 (H) Oaylor/8.t, MasorV84, Klatut87l PO Box 2591, Lake lsabella 932lo (H) -. ltlarlene & Clyde DIAS (Brendonz9, AlyshdS3) PO Box 1128, Ben Lomond 95005 (H).- Sam E Jackie DICKER (Michaeu84, Jeseica/8| 275 14t1Av, Sana Cruz 9567 (H) -. Rid( & Ca]ol EDSON (Shaund83, RosalidSo) 5195 Diano Ct, Livermore 94550 (H) -. Steven & Kahleen EMtilER (Matthow/8s, Elliot/88) 1168 Corle lvladera Av, Jean FEARINGTON & Jim Cort6 Madera 94925 BURGESS (Franlt/86) 847 L€wis Ave, Sunnyvale 94086 -. D€olynn FIELDS (f/hrkrrc, iranhswrrS, Johry84, Luko/85, Andred88, Nathan/go) 747 Wdget Lucy & Frank FLANIGAN Dr, San Jose 951 1 7 (Danieu82, BonedicuS4) 1473 Norman Dr, Sunnyvale 94087 -. Kahy & Jim FMNDEEN (Blair/84) 2001 Pau Hana, Soquel 95073 (H) -. David & lvlatgatet FMNK (Jolilarie/66, Annllarie/68, Uy83, JacldSS) PO Bor 102, Walnut Creek 94597 (H) -' Sharon &




%) David FREEMAN Oyler/gl, Bott/8e, Jessed8g) 8ox 157, Truckee 9573a (H) .- 61nnt FREITAS (Stevier 84, Mary/86) 1434 Eossom Hill Rd, San Jose S51 18 .* Karen E lvhrrin FURUHJELM (Elinor8S, Elizabe$/ 871 44028 Lauml Canyon Way, Frornont 9{539 (H} Lyn E Ken GATES (Kire/84, SophidSg) 136 12 Vemon St, Santa Cruz 95060 (H) Mdi & Dana



GltLAM (otionl87, Auoral88) 3$55 T,iniy Wey #4206, Frernont 94538


GINGOLD (Jeremiahz6, Serenaf/8) YOSEMITE AREA HOMESCH@LERS, PO Bor 74, Mddnos 95345 Kim & Court GMFF (J€hua/8l, Zedarialv &4, HannaU87, SaralvSg) 2921 Frcedom Evd, Wabonville 95076 lrihrianne & St€ph€n GREENBERG (Liana/86, TobiaslE4 919 Taylor St, Albany 94706 (H).- Paul & Lisa GREGERSEN (Saran9, Ae)@2) 15850 lhtcolla St, San Leandro 94578 lblissa HAIHEWAY Kevin lihDOl'INELL (Sean/83,





Collir/8s, Glynnis/87, LlowellyrvSg) 311 l-lorvad St, Perduma 94952 (H) -. Shara Lee HIXSON (tlonovarfr9, Deonal) 1497 Gray Av€, Yuba City 95991 -. Kahleen & Stephen HUNT (Hucklobony/84, HallidS6) 13f8 lraplo St *lll , R€drrood City 94063 Sherriee JONES (Amber/86) 3225 Bonb|l, SanlB Clara 95051 -. Kevin & CherylJUST (Trevor/80, &en/82) &810 Almaden Hd, San Jose 951A) Celeste KENT (liraurico/&4, Shaurv87, Kadey/go) 279 Jad<son St, Sunnwab 94O86 .- Terri K|-|AN (Devirv Lirda 86) 2436 Chardonnay Way, Livemore 94550 KNEPPE R (Dian€/8s, Tomas/86, Williar/88) 31 96 San &an Av, Santa Clara 95051 Bandv & Lynne KNOVT LES (AnthonynT, Jennyng, Jp,tmal'34., Arly/86, ElspetlvSS) 14556 Litd€ Greenhorn, Grass Valley 5945 (H) -Judy E Kon KONDO (Sanayc/81, Asad Ann 85) 7.14 Pierino Av, Sunny\rale 94086 KOSITSIry-HA|IIAN & Peter l{AllvtAN (Aaron/82, Jo.*ru8l84) 10fl) Mller Ave, Befieley 94709 (H) Andrea & ldarvin LAURENCE (David,@a, AbxislSS) 426 S 7f| St, San Jose 951 12 .. Lanis LgBARON E Hank AIRICH (Wlin,m, Shaklri/80, ilhressd82, Tessany/84, Kyhru89) PO Box 869, Greenvill€ 95947 (H) Tom & Annene LESHER (Rebofail81, Sarail 83, CaleUS6) 29St Spdrper Dr, lld(inleyville 95521 -. Jon & Dana LEVINE (Nafiant6, lregaM/g, Oflon/ 85) 916 Pendegast St, Woodland 95695 (H) Beverly & Peter LIBAIRE (lart84) 1829 San Ramone Ave, Berkeley 94707 -. Goorge & Julhna LOCKWOOD (CameorvSs) 300 Bereslod Ave, Redwood City 94061 Mary LOIBL & Frank LOMELI (Cad€lba/ 82, Yara/8tl) 1422 Nurnog Ln, Davis 95616.Deborah & Roger MANN (Rob€oca/8s, Landon/88, Jennifer/90) 78 Muh Av, Santa Clara 95051 -. Hany & Mchaole MAURER (Joot?6, Doidre/8s) tl6 Jefferson St., Flayward gr45^44 .- C€rollrn & David IikCARTER-RIBAKOFF (l'lavar86, Simha/88) 1 432 Sebastian Way, Sacramenb95864 -John tAnn McCHESNEY-YOI NG (Dani€l/82, Amber/85, lilary/ 88) 2120 th St, Borkeley 94710 (H) Sharon & Rich MOLDOVAN (fvistina/87, TraviCSg) 24il Bright Slar Rd, Valley Springs 95252 -. Florenco & George MUSSER (Amy/86, Andy/88) Ail HondoBon *134, Sunnyuale 94086 -. L.B. NELSO.I & G.L. CAVIGLIA (Adriannoz6, Aarm-Jamosng) PO Box 1991, ftlorgan Pam & O'B NEITVMAN (Abraham/ Hill 956&1954 .|2458 Fiori Ln, 81, gmeod84, JonaJ86, EfiA8) Sobasbpol 95404 -. Mike E lloira NOBLES (Samanfiaz8, Chrisbphor/8o) YOLO COUNTY FICITESCHOOLERS, PO 8ox 30s, €sparo 95627 Kahleen O'BRIEN & Paul LAUGHTON (Saratv82) 7062 Chhh Ln. San Joso 95129 Torn E Jackie ORSI (Janoht9, CarolindS2) 76 Procita Av€, libss Bsadr S4098 .. Joan E Nick PASCH (LaurervS0) Pat & Daw 1470 De Solo Dr, Paifrca 94044 (H)
















PATANE (Samu€U8o, Nidrolas/8l) 1218 Woodlawn Av, San Jose 95128 Dennis PEACHEY & Barbara NEU (Celia/8s, lrbil/87) 16073 Gnmefcy Eh, San Connie & Russ PFEIL (Grotcherv Loandro 94.578 7t, Shawil8o, Sarau8g) 3345 Santa Paula Dr,




Maty e Todd PHOENX (Sarah/8s) 707-7*6228 (Foruna) Leonad E Barbara RIITER (Aamln, ApriU80, Jererny/82, }lelene RacheuSs) 220 Bolling Dr, l{ovab 9.1949 ROCK ([f,8/87) 1048 Border ttd, los ADs 94024.Janet A Pebr RUDtlOl-M (Sh$hannd8z, Corsl/8o) 1954 Bunorlly Valley Rd, Orinct S97l LeCie SAI ZAR (AarorvS+, ShdmAS) 7gl Sunb(@k Ct San Jose 951 1 1 Lee & Trirura SANDERS (Prad€epns, Hamsar/T, Jayantt8) 9800 E Zayante Ellen SAWISI-AK & David Rd. Fdbn 95018 ALBERT (Aliah Shanta4 PO Box 582, Ssnta Cruz 95061 .- Carclyn SCHIIIANDIE (lrisa7, llatlu€ritd Laun & 89) 3mO Lucas Ct, San Joso 951,0&3145 Steve SHITANfA (SusarV86, Amya9) 721 Vh]{wie, San Joso 95130 .- Frathleen SIN]{OTT (Jo€yAO) PO Gmg E Paigo SMIH flF.xgP7, Fdbn 95018 (H) (Ed/81, Mark/8s) PO Box 2125, TrinkJad 95570 (H) Susi SOLER (Erirftg) 14liloonan Ranch Ckclo, Santa Rosa S+G! Kdfi E Pam SPARKS (Whih6y/&{, &andorv8s) 653 Roble Ave fC, Llonlo Park 9.()25 Susan t Jm STEPHENSOI{ (N8rda/65, Ufsuld69, MdraoUSz) MICHAEL OLAF IIONTESSORI Julie & CATALOGUE, PO Box 'l162, Arcata 95521 Xim STUFFELBEAM (Katid82, ilafi8rv84, Ann€AO), SONOTIA COUNTY HOMESCHOOLERS, 8600 Templeman Rd, Forestville 95472 (H) .- stisal SWECKER & Jack ROGERS (Lukez8, SparklerSl) Star Rt Bor 1068, Bridgeville 95526 (l{) -. Dennis & lhren SWEET (faml,|Tt, Adad7g, JasorvSl) 899 Rebecca VAN Hillswood St, Oakdale 95361 (H) Ron & LITH, 14636 G|ove St, Healdsburg 9$a8 Laura ttt/ESTON (Waltsr/&4, Avery/8a 1352 iranino Rd, Latayetre 945a9 (H) -..1e6 t Julia wHIrT (JeremynT, Jenneil8/,l62 Shetfield Dr, Daly City 94015 (H) Robert & Naomi WlLLlAllS (Slorm/88) Eill & Valerie 216-8 Haz6l. Santa Rosa 95401 WfNTERBERG (Sarah/8o, J{aafJ.eil8,2, Billy/86) 5fr5 Janioe & Dennis Laswell Ave. San Jose 95128 WRIGHT (Naharv82) 1719 Rose Ave, Santa Rosa 99007.- Eve YAZEMBIAK-THOMAS (Ew8q PgA Wulf ZENDIK (Fawrv W 4fi Avo, Stevinson 95374 76, Ra/80, Ezzit&o,Evl't&2, Colv82, Teca/83) 1 1475 Tiena Del Sol, PO Box 11216, Boulevad 97005 (H)






Jndy GILLIGAN & David KLINE (Zachary/8o, CaidirvSS, SandylEs) 1416 llonardt Ln, Devis 5616 (H) Pam Craig


Concord 94518 (H)













Doug & Nalalio CA,9OUTH (zlprlo 9{000) AHLSTROM (&inneyl8s, lafl.t85l722 E. Palmdah Av, Orange 92665 (H) -. JanotASIAIN (Margarih8l) 86 W€st St Apt A, Salinas Sl90l .- lvlaurie & Marilyn BEIDLER (Joshuaz8) PO Box 3(X, La Q/inta 92253 (H) .- Philippe & Evelyne BERTHIER (Pascale/8o, Nicolas/82) 3032 Militafy Ave, Loa Angeles 9O0Sa John BOSTON & Stella OCARROLT (Soarv69) 9942 William & Gyn Country Ln, Escondido 92026 (H) Mdrelle BUSH (Jeremiatu86) 2374 Sbnyvale Rd, Tujunga 91042 .- Deanna CHEUNG & Rasoul SHARIFI (Marind8s) ALL!\NCE OF CONTINUUM SCHOOLS, 3118 lroqtpis, Lorn Beach (H) .. Russet & Connie COLTEN (Chrisr/l, Shawnn4, DeviM/8, Donika/83, Trevor/88) I 19 Inyo Ln, Oceanside 92054 Adrian & Shirley CRAlvlER(K$nyml 4224 Lyndak Dr, Claremont 91711 -. Stanley & Yvonne CRANE (Kevirv82, ileghanrvSs, KollirVSS) 123 Lorim€r St, Salinas s1901 .- llancy E Greg DUKE (Jadson/8o, Sara/8l, Elizabeh/87) 1468 S Lilac Av, Bloomington 92315 .- Cahy EARLE & Jm MI,TSCATO (Mndy/82, Lin&eyl&4) 1602 Naco Pl, Hacienda Hts 91745 (H) -. Stewn & Alonna FARMR Oara/8l, Zeveril83) 678 tucot Or, Vista 9208t1 (H) Constance FERRER,6590 Camino Caven, Carpintaria sol3 -. Steve & Kad€ FLEMATE (Alisia/84, ArrdidSd) 5730 Fair Av, N Holfnvood 91601 -. llorey FUGATE (Christopher/76) PO Box 7482, Spred<els 51962 .- Mcha€l GOCEK & Deborah CUNEFARE FAng, Molissa/84) 944i1 Cafiyrvood Dr, Sante€ 92071 -. Michael & Carcline GORDON (Kenny/87) 1401 Ambassador St*4-104, Bill & Jill HEASLEY (Brcdt|T|, Lce Angolos 90045 Loganz9, lvhKay/&4, Tylor/851 4312 E Bud<ingham Way, Fresno 9t726 -. Luana Gary HOTZER








(William/83, JoeetST) .|8527 Edgebrook Ln, Huntingbn Beadr 92648.- Paul & Paricia HYDE (Emi[28, Data/8l) 2661 L€e St, Simi Valley S]065 Steve & Tilly KETTERING (Claire/84, Hanna/86, Emily/89) 614 Mnnosota St, Fallbrook 92028 (H) Larry E &cqie LAllts (Alexander/80) 1149 Luneta Dr, Dde Agnes LEISTICO (James/ Del l'lar 92014 73,LEMemm, SusarvTg) 313 Somerset Pl, Lompoc s4tb (H) .- Nick & Karen LOCKWOOD (Cryslalns) PO Box 95, Los Oinas S441 -. Al & Chrbdne





LOZAI.IO (Dianaa2, Marcud8s, Alexiat&l) 75o E Pat & PetE Bennett Ar€, Glendora 917rO (H) LUBOFF (PaladirffS, Poppor/81) 930 &€tt St, Robert E Chris LYNDS (Iaryrv lngl€vrood 90002 78, Shaw8o) 96 W 12fi St, Paso Robles S446 Parich MILARAK (Johnr7s) 34 Third St, PO Box 721 l, Sprec|<els 91962-721 1 -. Jim & Eileen MNCE (Jordarv81, RoU&4, Kird88) Tl2San il,lartin Pl, Tetty & Dsbra NEWBY Tlrousand Od€ 91340





(fHb"ea/88, Wesl€y€O) 21n 235t1P|, Tonan€ Robort OTT E Lenore I-IAYE$OTT (NigeU 90501 &4) 228 Cotona Av, Long Beach 908&l .- Dimiri & Ruh PAPADATOS (Antonia/82) 8451 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Wost Hills 913(X -. Mad<, E Bewrly PARKER (Bryem,, Chatlone/86) 38724 Tassaiara Rd, Carrnol Valley C'924 -. Bill & Sally PECK (Davidt77, SaraMS, JonaharvS0, Amy/83, Laura/8s, DanieVSS) 6t9673€556 (Polay; -' 56n & Rebecca PREWETT (irathew/8s, Midarv87, lsaac/ 90) 3913 Manhanan Beadt Blvd, Lawndale 90260 Camy MNDOLPH-GILBERT & Jadt GILBERT (Ebarv 82, KellirvSs) 4223 Lemp Avo, Studio City 9164-2922 Erika THOST Oristan/86, Thomas REAPER Clancy/87) 3866 Conler Ave, Santa Barbara Sll 10 lhry SARGENT & Jo€ MULLENIX (Dillod8s, Travis E Je3sd89) 2057 Ceno Gordo St, Los Angeles 90ff19 Cecil & Candy SNYDER (Julian/82, Johnny/86) 20556 Entradero Ave, Torrance 90503 -. Bob & Debbi€ STAGGS (Laxa&2, MichaoyST) lFlC - 1 Box 5952, Yucca VdW 52284 -. Rod Denise STANFIELD (Camilla/&4, NeaU8S, Seren€/87, Joshua/ 89) 14451 lvbrcor st, Arleta 913{11 (H) -. Jay E Renee STONEHOCKER (Tyson/78, JustirvS2, Alana/ 85) 11976 Redbank St Sun Valley 91352 -'Stevs & Lynn THOMPSON (Michael/84, DanieUSS) 10710 Esther Aw, Los Angeles 90064 -. Robert TIDWELL 1n Krueger St, E Marina CURTIS (Teddy/88) Culwr City 90232 (H) -. gt1" n Cher TOWNSEND (Soarv80, l,lelissa/85) PO Box 1085, ldyllwild 92349 Rbk & Susan TRUDEAU (RobervSll, lvlonique/86) 6094 Via Navanjo, La Verne 91750 (H) -'Jim & Joni WARE (Alisorf/9, ttlogatvS2, BridgouS6, lad88) EAST VALLEY HOiIESCHOoLERS. 6046 Riwrbn Ave, N Hollywood 916O6 -. lttux & Karen WEISS (Ell€nr7s, Darf/g) 189,| Ringst€d Dr, Solvang Sz163










Peter & Valede BERG (1oifl85, l,toaU88) CO Kara 1495 Riverside Avo, Boulder 808O4 BERTHOLF & Paul BENDT (li,lelissa/83, Nevia/85, .|29, Hesperw81326 (H)






E Pat EVEREST (Erin/83, Mathow&4, BichardS6, Mictrael/89) 2914 Ricftard Dr, Durango 81301 (H) Judy GELNER, COLORADO HOMESCHOOLING NETWORK,7490 WApache, Sedalia 80135 Randy & Wendy HAMWK (JosM/8) 11 Animas Pl, Jim & Judy HOLMBOE (Carti€/ Drrango 81301 (H) 85, Laura/68) 850 Kalmia St., Boulder 80904 -'Fr€d & Laurie KEESAW (Jess€/8,4, Nicona/86) 26800 Hwy 9,8oulder Creek 95mG (H) .- Ron & Brenda KIESTER (Sst|A4) 13'l County Rd 1 I, Gunnison 812$ George & Kahy LORENTZ (Evanrrs, Amanda/80, Tyl€rl&4, Erid86, Hannah/90) 31 Pin Oak David & Cheryl NORTHRUP Dr, Lirdobn 8o127 (Nathanf/S, Grahamf/6, CareynS, CamolldSl, JonafiarvSS, lGra/88) 6092 S CresMew St, Udeton 80120 -. Lori t Joe PARKER (Carolyrv84, Julie/87) 9(D S Quince, &303, Denver 80231 -. Shell€y & Ridard PARTRIDGE (Ryatv86) lt/bgnolia St Rt, Joy & Henry SCHULTZ Nederland 80466 (H) (Aaron/86, Jami€/88) 13386 Oto€ St, Pine 80470 (H)







Growlng Wthout Schooling #78 - 1991 Dlrectory



Davo & Anna SHERMAN (Katy/86, Ilolly/go) 120 DoW & Kelly YOU}JG (J€nniter/82, Chris/88) 1 1 16 Wesrnoor Dr, C;olorado Springs 80004

Ninh St, Gold€n 80lo1



CT Donald & tlancy BUTERA (Danny/83, David/86) 32 Grove Pl, tlanbury 06810 Alhn E Lois Lake CHURCH (Allar/66, l,lathaniet?2, Josiauz, Juliane/8s, Vicbria/84 14 Trumbd St, lrroridan 0Oa50 .- Yitrchal & Tzipka COWEN (Pnind84, Yehuda/86, Eli/88, Upa/90) 1406 Troutbroolt Dr, W Flardord 06117 (H) .- Eill e Elizabefi ELDRIDGE (Bryoil8l, Sarah/86) 47 WonMorfi Dr, Souh Win&or 06074 .- Kimberly ENDAHL E f/btk TSOCANOS (Nina-Alexandral&1, Nikolas/86, SobastiadSg) 11 Charlos St, Darien 96820 Lydia & John FLYNN (Mchaoy84, CaidiryS| 9 Codnne Dr, Tolland 0608a -. Jon & Sugan FREYER (Emily/87,





HanidSg) 63 Laksside Dr, Plynnuh 06782-1512 Susan HOLCOIiIB (Arborr/8, Zacharyl8l) RR1, Winstod 06098 -. lvlark & Joan lOt'll{O (Lukd84, Peter,go) 41 Woodland Ave, Bloomfield 06002 Jean JAKOtsOSK| & Alan DUBIM (&stirfg, Aarory 83) 113 Trckje Rd, N Wrdham 06256 (H) -. Kevin JONES & Karen GUMPEL (Vida/84, CharlottdSs, Caleu87, Babylgo) 120 Bmdloy Rd, lladison (b443 Paul & Laura MASTROPOLO (Lid83, Anna/86) 224 Br€wster Rd, &isol Oe010.- Theresa & Duright NEEDELS (Thea/82, ConidSs) 15G6H Bunin St, Plantsvillo 06479 (H) -. Earl & Ellen PAPPATARDO (D..U83, Ev€/89) 950 Farmington Ave #A-35, l,l€w &itain 06053 (H) Choryl & Frank POilIERANTZ (Sarah/81, JacoUS6) 39 Sbrrs Fleights Rd, Sons 06268 -. Stephen & Lisa SARFATY (JosepU8a) 283 Talmadge Rd, Cheshirs 06410 -. Linda & Dck SCHROTH (Alisorv8l, JonatnrVS2, &iarv84) 48 Long Hill Rd, Cobah ()6414 (H) Luz SI{OSIE & N€d VARE (CassidyfT9) 628 lunhrop Ave, New Haven 06511 (H) Lisa SPECTOR (Danica/84) 121-8Paln! St, Unioovillo 06085 (H) ll€n€ TMIGER & Joseph S,HAPIRO (Annef/9, Sally/82, Clala/&2, Nahan/89) 125 Stonocrest Rd, Ridgefield 06871 -.D. WILSON, 16 White St, Rockville 06066







- Russall & Anna KMPP (Jasory84, &nnifer/87) 118 Glen Rock t)r, Claymonr 1970it DE

DC Ezequiel & Teresa TORRES (LisanezS, GabrioUSS) 1At0 Harvard Sr f210 NW, Washingron


20000 (H) Robert & Ginger WELCH (Riat/76, C>orbr78, MarO/81 , TraverVSS) 1624 Rosedale St NE, Washington 20002 FL Robert E Adrienno BUSHEY (Daniel/81, Amy/84) 2836 L€nt Rd, Apopka 32712 -. Gary & Joyce BUSSELL (Danieu8s, Alaina/88) 11/O NE Town Terr, Jensen Beach 31957 (H) Suzanne CARTER & Paul BURKETT (lant7l, ShauntS, Paricu86, L[ollyl88) 101 Aledo Aw, Coral Gables 33134 Paricia & Steven COOPER (Jaime/83) 12887 fbnd Apple Dr, Naples 3t1909 -. Gary & Leslie




COTTOII (Analyssa//6, Gabielf/S, J€nna/8l, Katye/ 82) 1150 o|d Dixie l'lwy, Tiusyillo 327$ .- Jean CUNNINGHAM & Jose CAMBALLO (Danie[/8, LidtaI7g, Damiarv8s) 17802 NE 21 St, Gainesvillo 32600 (H) Karen & R1:h"'d FMNKLIN (ooan"Tt, Jessica/8o, Ctuistoph€r83, Andre*8S) 3S9 Winfield Rd, Boynon B€adr 33.|{16.- Barbara & Bob FREEMAN (Sam"8) 523 N lleridian St Tallaha,*s€e 32301 -. Henry & Pani GERSON (NiE/86, Robin/8g) PO Box 2700, Nevr Smyrna Beadr 32170 -. Mike & Amy GRIGGS (Mkez7, Jako/83) 355 S Highhnd Av, Goen Cove Spgs 320€ -. Steve & Cheryl I{ATFIELD (Joh.v8s, Dres/86, Chy/88) 920 SE 17fr St, Deerfield B€rch 33441 .- Vidie & Curt HOLIIIESIVIORRISON (Eamorv76) 455 &rnerfly Forgst Rd, G€n€va 32732 Jamal & Dana HUSSEIN (Santv 80, lvhhmoud/84), FAMILY LEARNING EXCMNGE, Kahleen & Chip 2020 Turpendn€ Rd, Mms Ql54 IACONA (G\nen/8o, Anna/8l, John/8fl 3895 Hield Rd


NW, Palm Bay 32907 (H) .- Anrine & Lury GNIZIO (Grahanr80, Dr6w/83, ChirdS4) PO Bor 29'1, B€nlamin & Rebekah ISMEL Ode$a 33536 (RachoUSO, Arid88) 3816 Cattail Manh Ct Apt 254, Palm Fhrbor 346&4 -. Alan & Grace JUSTISS (SuzanndSl, lloneuSo) Rt 2 Box 19G8, llawfiorns Ctr€ry| e Pobr KOZAI(EWICZ (l.lafud 3a64O (H) 78, &rdarv8o, SardS:!, &sskld8s) 1453 Ahbama St, l{avarre Beacfi 32566 (H) .- LANlER, PO Box 724, Oaldand 34760 Eiloen & Mchad t cELU,EE (Patidd81, M€ryanndSal, Elizaboh/8s, tlavk /88) 5l15 Pina Vista Dr, lrolboumo 328{ (H) Gren a John MEEMN (Pauid<|/6) 1520 Brierdiff t)r, Orhndo 3286 Dan & Jano NEVEL (ArioilazE, Orimao) Kim & 10395 NE lah Av, Miami Sho.€s 33138 Carol POWELL (Reef/86, Dund88, B6adr/90) 22 N lrlaflin E Flelen Palm Aw, Tiulsville 327$ (H) RUBIN (DanbUTl, Aloxander/8l) 921 SW 18 Ct, Ft lilark & Dam WIDENER Lauderdale &t315 (Chrbtophe/85, MichaeuS4 7240 Adolo Ct,







Jad<sonville 3221.| Lou BECKER & Jonnio WEST (JoU82, 31 078 (H) Joe€ph & t)eborah BRODNICKI (RoborttTg) Rt'l Box 1151-2, Gainesville 30506 .- lvhry Ann & Stanley CAUTHEN (Becky/7s) 260 Donald Lamb Rd, libreland 30259 Susan & KurtC,ONOVER ([iacAdanfrS, Kalerv8o, Cady/8i!, irolly/8g) 3469 Chesrlut Dr, Doraville 3G340 -. Vanessa & lan COWIE (Nalasha/8s, Tristan/8g) Rt 3 Box 3171, Dawsonville 3O53a -. Jill E Jetf HERBST (Johnt8, Jettrey/84, Jacqui/88) COBB COUNW HOMESCHOOLERS, 813 tryynuick Dr, Kennesaw 30144 (H).- Jerry ard Jane Prest HOLCOMB (Dustin76, GraysonlSo) PO Box 2161, Columbus 31902 lvlark E Dane JOHNSON (Lindsey/82, tula'klU, Ale/86 Llahew/SS) 1410 Bovood Trace, Aflorfi 30.|0.| (H) -. Ma* & Dane JOI{NSON (Lindsey/82, Mad/84, A10,/86, MafieW 88) 1 41 0 Boxwood Trace, Aovorh 301 01 .- Mark & Velinda MITCHELL (Emilyn7, fubnitf/9, Cory/80, lvtriadS2, Eirene/8s) 3004 Erik Ct, Augusta 30906 Rob€rt & Cathy [tlORRlS (tJpganm, Robl79, Andy/ 84) 211 Earlwood Dr, Dublin 31021 Bobby & lilarfia PENNEBAKER (LeigM8, Seil82, ErirvST) PO Box 250, Barnesville 30204 (H) .- Cecelia Tim RIFE (S€an/81) 190 Hircfiing Posr Ct, lrari€tt8 30067 -. Tracy & Aviva ROMM (lyahl8s, Yomima/88) 361 Sterling St, Adanta 30307 (H) Greg & vicki sCoTT (MichaenT, David/8o) REACH,617 Colony Ct, Woodstock 30188 (H) Valaie & Will TAYLOR (Asratg, Sunny/82, AlexlS4) 4$5 Lexingbn Rd, Athens 30605 (H) Sprros & Dale VOSTrSANOS (Sashar/g) Oak Springs Rd, Rl 4 Box 4(X6, Clarkesville 3O523 -..lim & Susan WYI,iAN (FleaW 7r, Christopher/8o, Greg/83) 400 Raven Dr, Canbn 30.| 14 Glenn & Rorder YOUNG (William/81, Aled


Cron'lng $4thout Schmllng #78 -



Aaoril88) PO Box 447, Roborta










83, larv88) 1420 ShentaOak Dr, Norcoss 30093

l{l Sarah & John CASKEN (Phili/&a, Pautr 87, DamierVSS) 650 Kanaha St, Kailua 96734 Dright D'ARMAS & Tina SIERM (Ku'uloi/87) 2s58 Ainaola Dr, Hilo 967rc (H) -. Linda INOUYE (Katy/84, Emily/87) FRIENDS LEARNING AT FPlt E,94-416 Kiilani St. Mililani 96789 -. John & G KIRKLAND (Tracyl8s, AlsxdST) 326 Lanipo Dr, Kailua 9673 Janet KRUSE & Brent BLACK (Laureu83) 1 164 Bishop St SU124-10!1, Honolulu 96813 -. Terra & Newman LOVE (Forest Grayl8l) 511 Olinda Rd, irakawao 96768 -. Gary & Lynne IvACK (Skip E Bodhi) 1427 Hono Ohala Pl, Kapaa 96746 -. Gail & Jordan I{AGASAKO Ohumpor/83) i/AUl HOIIC





Tl7 Koluti St, Wailuku


Angela & Charlos OTT (Christind82, CarervSs) 381-C Reasoner Rd. Honolulu 96819






Donovan E Linda

BMltlWELt (Erika/76,

Christianf/8, &iarv80, JordarvS2, lsaac & Alev86, Jessica/88) ?22N3220 E, Lewisville 83li!1 -. Mke HUBBELL & Liz CANNON-HUBBELL (ChrisrrS, Lori/



81, KorryET) Rt 4 Box 6i7, BonnsB F6try 83805 (H) Gerald & Aflon ONDRTCEK (Cry$ang) 850 E. Counryside, ldaho Falls 83404 (H) -'Jayns SORRELS (Ryan8a, Jilhyne/85) 1802 W Washingbn, Bciso 83702


William E Katprine BLANCHETTE lL (Candacd8s, AndrewSS) 209 Aquarius Dr, Shiloh Brue E Sharcn BOYD (Branduittf/8, 62269 (H) Autora/8l, Mariah84, JarorVSS) 1321 4$ St, Molino Terene BURKE E June lvlclNTOSH 61265 (H) (l.hnnah/86, Jessie & EllervS9) 5522 S Kimbark Av J2, Chicaoo 60637 -. Lindsay & Matk CATLIN (Pet€r/ Peter &4, Ardrow/8g) 738 Fkst Ave, lvlorris 6M50 E Elizabefr CLETAND (Jack/86, Sarah/9O) 1054 Golf Ave, Highland Part( 8o0s5 (H) -. Michaet & lkhryn




CO{-BRESE (Eganm, Anna-MariarB, Paul & Mdraen4, ErinIls, Colleen & Davidz6, Michaelazg, Daniey81, JohrySS, ld,eril76l 2@7 zJ7fn St N, East Cafprine COX & Alfred FRYDRYK tloline 61244


(Jano/83) 200 Lee St, Park Forest 60466 .- Mike & Ann DCICCO (Phifip/8z, AndredS6) 17068 Ochard Elizab€fi ELITREBY Ridge, Hazel Crost 60429 (H) & Douglas SEARLES (Mackenzid8S) DEVELOPING MAGAZINE, 105 Pl€asant, Mt Carroll 61053 (H) }lary & Chndr FRIEDL (Nahanz6, Adamtg) 1313



Cfevehnd. Evansbn 6020,2.- Louis & Jennifer GORDO}.I (Katie/81, Patty/84) 520 Gregory, Wilm€no 60O91 .- Louis t Jennifer GORDON (Katie/81, Patty/ 84) PO Box 755, Lombard 60128 -. Paricia & Philip HAHN (Andyt6, JeremiahlTl, Katherine/83) 3426 W 166 St, lvtarkham 6(X26 (H) -. Dan & Canie Lynn HUEBNER (Anthony/84, Amb€rlyn/87) 295 Abbeywood Ln. N Aurora 6O542 -. Don E Calol HURTIG (JennielSl , Amanda E PariclvS2) 1500 Tyrell Av, Park Ridge 6O0o8 .- Bruce & Debbie I(APLAN (Brian/ 78, KevirV8l , Amy/8/t, Jacob/87) 31 2 Bell Dr, Cary 60013.- Bill E lvhrian KRIPPES (Biily?s, SaraMS, Robertr/9, Jarnesaa 12 Hinkl€ Ln, Sdeumburg 601 gl (ll, -. Leonard & Joyce KUHL (Nahan/8l , JohrvS4) 635 Superix Ave, Calum€t City 6&09 (H) Rodn€y LANDRUM & Leigh Ann CARDERLANDRUM (Christophor/86, Patrick/go) 340 N Waiola, Lacrange Park 60525 .- Jane IvIASTERSON E John TREDON (Rachel/8s) 5107 S Blacksbno *1006, Chicago 60615 -. Ramachandran PUTHUVAL & Terry QUAIN (Sarala/8i!, KannarvSs) 105 S Ellsrorth St, Apt 1, Naperville 60510 (H) -. Andrea & Dave RUSIN Uictorial82, NichohgS4) 604 N 6h, Dekalb 60115 (ll) Rosalie SCHULTZ, 3755 N Kedzie Aw, Bruce & Karen SMITH (Elizabetu Chicago 60618 80, JoAnna/8s) PO Box 2&4, Hampshir€ 60140 Carol & iihrtin STIIT (Jasorv8s) Rt 10 Box 72, John & Thoresa THROOP Carbondale 62901 (Johr|r/s) 30S W lvhson, SpringfieH 62702 Stev€ & Bonnie VERHULST (Lorir83, MidaeyS6) r€ ilathew Charfeston Esates, Springfiold62707 lHl & lvfarilyn WqJDAK lJana178, Brian/80, Ben/82, J€ssd84) Rt 1 8ox 89, &ighton 62012 (H) .- Pat & Tom lttOODS (J€remyng, Emi[/81, Erin/85, EbaaT) 8dl W Chkago St, Elgin 00123 Susan & Jeffrey ZACI-IARAKIS-JUTZ (Francey84, RsubortS6, G€orgs/88) 135r5y4 Flagg Rd, Rochelle 61068 (H)









fil Terry & Pam AHEARN (Ttr|r'71,Dant7s, BridgevTl, Brendanng, Mylo981) 7048 Fofest Aw, Hammond a6924 -. Paul & Chudy DWYER (PauU 79, Miko/82, !irggie/8s) Box 638 RR2, Itlonticello 47960 Teny & Alice lNillAN (Radret/7s, Chrisb phernS) 7602 St G€orge Blvd, Fish€B €0{18 John KLYCE E Penny IIARSH O€d/82, Johd84, Jetf/84) Grcy E Gail 7070 N Caldlv€ll Rd, Lebanon a6o52 LARSEN (RobirvA4, gri/86, Mika/88) 8929 South Shore Dr, Unionville 47468 (H) .- llark & Shitley LUTTIO (Jacob/8o, tJ€,rcial'3/., lsaacJS4 1 548 Wildllower Way, South Bond ,16617 (H) -. Gerald &





lbrdee PAGAC (BtookJTl,Zadxrtq RBI Box 215A, Pittsboro 46167 -. Sheryl E Stephon SCHUFF (EmiliEng, Roubon/8l) 8156 Lieber Rd, Indianapolis 4626O -. &mie & Kemit THOMPSON (Soan/84,



Claudia BARBER




(Danien4, Dayidz6, Adsnr/8o, ElisabowS2) 910 Rider St, lerva City 5224€ lH, Willhm & Robons BERRY FhomaJSg) 1118 42nd St, W tles lloinos

50265 .- Janine & Doug CALSBEEK (Johrv88) PO Ridnd & Shaotr Box 185, orango City 51041 (H) CARGIN (Luke82, Levi/86, Timofi/88) 256ft Av NE, Steven IIOORE & Patla LeMarc 51031 (H) LAWSON-I{@RE (Benjamin/82) Rt 5 Box 238, bra City 5?24o.- Sylvia & Bon ON-SOttl (Sky/82, Granu 85) RRI Box 114, Pocahontas 50574 (l{).- Sue & Van MDOSTI (Adrhnna/86, l(ay Lea/90) 100.1 South St Mary's, Sbux City 5l too



KS Eileen & I,tark FORTUMTO (Michael/82, Katie/86) 7148 Buena Vista, Prairie Village O6208 Phil & Julie NORRIS (tlavid/83, AbigaiUS4, l-lannalv 84 73il N 5h St, Sterling 67s79 (]l)


lla4aretTRlBE & Dan GOLDBERG KY (Noahrrg, WilliadSS) 770 Rodry Hill Rd, Columtria 4nn Pat Gr€g WIILIAMS (Camr/g, Evar|/8z) Rt 1 Box 3O2, Grav€l Swirch 4()328



Gonoral Eweil, Bussier CiVT112 -. lvlarie BREAUX (Gerard82) 1204 Frcnt St, ltibrgan City 70380 -. Sherri & Darrell DAIGLE (Rosv82, Lucas/83, CamirSS) 622 Stool€ Blvd, Baton Roug€ 70806 -. Mick A..hrdy GAMBOA (Mguel/81, Saratv 84) 900 Ev€rgt€en Dr, Greha 70053 -. Rhonda & librphy SERIGNET (MJz8, Derrick/79, Rachol/81, Justin/8s) Box 158, Pointe Ah l-lache 70082 Thomae SHERRY (Jenna/8s, JacoUSS) Traoey 6055 General Meyer Ave, l,lew Orleans 70131 (tl) 11613





BERGIN & Judy GARVEY (Matfttr


Z/, DanieUS0) RRI Box 105, Blue Hill 04614 .Sharon E Harold BTAKE (Janef/s, Grahamf/6) I 102 Norh Rd, Readfield 04355 -. Debbio CHRISTO & Jason F]ELD (Z*.lwyn4, Gus/90) RRI 8p,r2g20' Exoter 04435 -. Nanc, DEWEY & Michaol WOOD (Llegan&4, FelicitylST) PO Box 235, Deer blo 04627 .. Daniel & llarion FOSS (Amy/80, EberVSl) RR 1


Box 67, Deer lsle 04627 Eileen & Wally GARROWAY (KatezS) 7 Whites Bridge Rd, Standish 0lt{)&4 irarha & Walt GRADY (Ryan83, Jessie/ 86) 14 For€sid€ Rd, Topeham 04086 (H) -. Charles KAUFTiANN & Ann TFIOMPSOI.I (Nichola,s87, lhniaslgo) RR 2, 15 Whittenhills Rd, Kennebunkport tX{)46 (H, Tim & El6n KETCHAM (Susanns, DonaH,:lT,Ja''l,aslTl, ColirvSg) RFD 4 Box 5500, Farmingbn o4S8 (H) .- Janie IVIATRISCIANO & Joe EDWARDS (Jamie/8s, lraddy/84 Rt 1 Box 483, Readfield &355 Em Craio MdAITHLANNELSON (Nbold83, JGhudS6) RR 1 Box 469, Rob & Andrea ROSENBERG Anson 0491 1 (H) (Noah/7g, Laurd82, Annio/86, Tommy8g) 1859 Congress Sr, Portland 04102 (H) Ma0gi€ SMITH & John vanSUlrillvlERN (Lucyl83, Mdra€l/8s) 1 52 &unswid Ave, Gardiner 04345 (H) -. Earl & Linda STEVENS (Jamie/80) TALK ABOIJT LEARNING,25 B€lmoado Rd, Pordand Oa101 -. William E Lily TURNER (Katd86, Kirk/88) RRI Box 445, Naples (M05s (H)







llD Mdrael ABRAT{AMS & Susan WHITE (lvlirandd8s, Rosa/88) 19920 White Ground Rd, Boy& 20841 (H) .- Glsnn & Ramona ANGUS (Sarahzg, Morgarugo) 992 Waterview Dr, Crornsville 21032 -. Robort & Audrey BANKS (&endanrrg, Ayssa/8l) 2018 Sutlolk Rd, Finksburg 21028'- Lois BLUMENTHAL, 1132 Boodrwood Dr, Hagersbwn






Daniel CoATS


Benjamin/8l, Molly/86) 2939 A 2nd Army Dr, Ft








Bob & Leigh BOLING Oitrv81, Susan/&4,











Ann t Chris DAVIS (CalidaaS, t{eado &755 Leif Jordart/86) 1152 Fbaps tld, Sheot 2l |54 (]l) GARBISCH & Kerry FLETCHER€ARBISCH (Atnatan8T, JkindSg) PO Box 66, Trappe 21673.John & Sarah GMCE (t'laomir82, Bod84, Fredr86, G8briey80) 29(E Gibbons Ave, Baldmoro 21214 Nancy Ell GREER (Glerv88) 354 Beaghan t)r, Glen Bumio 21061 -. Jm & Kahy HECKMAN (Lara85, Jeanni€/88, Noiugo) 3101 Cabin Run, WoodUrr 21797 st,san & Ed F|ocHSrEDT (Ki'slen/8t, Ed 83, Erik/87) 56 Cherrnrood Ct, HunlValley 21dx) Roy & M8ry l'looD (Samr/8, Ginny/8O, tlarlEll, Laura/86) 1,O Bond St, Wesrninstor 21157 (H) Cathy & Thomas HUDSON (Carl/84, B.dley/86) 6018 Timohy Old Leuuyers Hill Rd, Elkidge 21 2n (Hl Sherd JACKSON (Sholl€y/86, Stac€y/88) $41 Bass Ct, Waldorf 20603 .- Rita E Mchad I-ANE (&ondarv 82, JuliandSs) 827 Ludty Rd, Severn 21 144 (H) Jim E Janet LATMN (Corinna/o7, Caf|orinerro, Kennethz8, AllyssarS0) ANTIETAM FAMILY EDUCAT|ON, 41 8 Robinwood Ck, l'lagerstown 21 740 (H).- lvlko E Robyn LUEDERS (Jacou8s, Bonjamin/ 87, AbraflV8g) 4 fkvatd Rd, Glen Burnie 21060.Larra LYNDS & Charles BRENTO|,I (Arn€li{v86) 316 tbt & K€rry lst Av SW, Glon Burnie 21(bl IfCDOMLD (Mchaer/6, Llf€,JTl, Ev8'vTgl 54.10 Jean & Dean Tilden Rd, Bladensburg 20710 (H)


Ryan€s, Kyld88, Kory€0) 3435 N Ru$oll Rd, Bloomingbn 47408 -. Stevo & Parnola WIIEELER (scow83) 601 l,riddle sr, l,lewburoh 476110 (H)

PFEIFER (Justin/T7, Flollyl7S, Fawn/l9, Lancel8l, Dr€s/87) 322 Laburnum Rd, Edgewmd 21(X0 Frank & Laura SCOTT (JonafnrVSs) 9419 Chadburn Pl, Gaihersburg 20879.- Fred E Thelma SCOTT (Phoebeflo, SaaM/8) 10058 Watorford Dr, Ellicott City 210,€ (H) -. Manfred & Jeannie SMITH (Jamie/ 7t, Josse/81 , Daryt87) Ii|ARYLAND HOME EDt CATION ASSOC, 9085 Fhmepool Way, Columbia 21O45 -. Gayle E llark TANENBAUM (Yoniv86, lr€tav/go) 7 Amtianco Ct, l.lorth Pobmac 20878 Law & Peggy WATKINS (Nahanief74, Sophiatg) 23615 W Hanis Rd, Dickerson ZJ8+2^ Wayne & Sandy WATKINS (Timz2, Jasorflg) 4501 Roop Bd, )'Itr Airy 2'tTl'1 .- Jm & Cathy WILLIFORD (Jirv8l, Cory8s) 10229 Nolan Dr, Rod<ville 20850 (H) Nancy & Burger ZAPF (ViviennT, Melanie/84) 858




Coadway, Annapolis



llA Eric ALBERT & Margatet PRIMAK, 14 Flancock St, N€wbn 02166 (H) .- John & Linda ALICO (Laneyn8, ChdstindSl, lrolly/83, Travis/87) Janis Chris 15 Mill Pond Ln, Duxbury 02332 (H) BAKER (Stephanie/68, Michael/82, Alexander/86) 25 James Way, Scituate 02066.- Phoebe BARNES & tlonald PEDICINI (Jame€la/82, Ratael/8s) 5,|4 Susan & Peter Franklin St, Cambridge 02139 (H) BARNES-BRoWN (Dianaz7, Julh & DavidSg) 195 Hayward Mill Rd, Concord 01742 -. Grogory & Nicki BRAIHiALL (Allisorv82, Deyin/83) 19 Srawbeny Hill St, Dowr 020tn (H).- Sheryl & QuintCALDWELL (Johrv82, BrandorVS4, &ittany/8g) 234 Middlo St, W Newbury -. Lyn Wll CLARKE (Chelsed&4, Racha€U87) 28 Longview Rd, N Falmouth 02555







Cyndie & Jim CONNOLLY (Jg3sd82, Kyral86, Ffannat/89) 25Cadat St, Hingham 02Oa3 .- Mdtael Dian€ DARCANGELO (Juliez5, StephanierZ,


Elizab€t|zg, Michell€/8l, Midaeu83, Jimmy/&5, Jos€pil86) 94 Hillside Av, lt enimac -. Leslie E Paul DOBBS (Adanv86) 63 Draort St, Dorchostor 02124 vicky E scon DoFtAN (Katelynl8o, And€w8g) Ellen EPSTEIN 14 Arwood st. wakefield 01880 (Eiyt82l Box 12O, Vineyard Hawn 02568 (H) .- Pam E Marc ERNSTOFF (Kobtr85, lt artta/88) 2 Webb Rd, Sharon 02067 (H) -. Michael & Nancy FIERO (Mkahz6, NahanzS, lt6lriv8,z, Narin/8s) 87 Snell Ave, Brod<on O24O2 -. Ginger FIIZSIMIvIONS (Jsnniferf/9, Alex/8l) 14 Concord Rd, Watorb$,n Peter & B€tr FURTH (Salinv82, Keziah/8s, 02172 Evang€lind88) 3l Batos Rd, Milbn 02186 (H)






Susan & Midrael GARFIELD'WRIGHT (Hanail8l, Leail86) RFD f1 Box 51, Charbrnont 01339 (H) Adele & David GARLICK (Shaynd8s, Joshua/8g) 96 Jeff & Befi Coolidge Circle, Northboro 01532



GlDDlt,lGS (Sarah-Katez9, Annid82, Patricl/8s, }largarcU$) 61 Cros3 Rd, Roch$ter 02710 (H) Dave & Sue GIULIANO (Jess€/7g, J€nn8/82) 31 Quail Trail, WosFort02790.- l(atileen A Richard GORE (Zudrat81) PO Box S, W Boxford 01885 '- David & Rscftof GUIDETTI (Emilym, DavidS0) 136 Meadowb,rook Rd, Springfield 01128 -'Carol & &hn I{AHNFELD (Ra.ft€l8O) 81 Blue Hill Ter St, llilbn


02186.- Nicky HARD,ENBERGH & Gardd< COLE (Fonesbr/8o, Saoe/8g) PO Box 1514, Manchoster


Bill & Lorena HEUER (fadtTl, Jed/ll2) 16a 01944 tlortolk St, Flollisbn 01715 (H) -. Cynfiia HUARD & Larry HAIiIBERLIN (Dayid) 17 Milbn St, Arlington PA.T. & Bridg HUNT (S€lina/8l, Marlir/ 02174 (H) 85) PO Box 6{3, Chatlostown O2129 -' Pattie E Geof KOI.ITJE (Elijah & R&ng, Nisa/83, MarliruSo) 50& 6gl-5494 (Marfia's Vineyard) (H) .- Carol & Davia KRENTZf/AN (Jennyt78, Nellie/81, Sanv83, sophie/ SS) 97 Woodland St, S Natick 01760-5437 -'Marie & Don LATINO (Vitia/8s, &1W89) 2 lsab€lla St, Worcestef 016092123 .- Ina & Joseph LoVANGIE (Danien6, Joshua/79, Joseph/82, Josso/8s) PO Box 274, Wondoll -. Flealher LIITLE-ANDMDE (Jesse & Raqu€V82) 2878 Elm St, Dighton 02715 -'Paigo LUSSIER (BofEny/81, GabrieUS3, cal€u86) .{42 Eliehop's Ten, Hyannis 02601 -. Tom E Mary finHER (Scodzo, ilandytTs) 30 Park St, Wakefield 01 880 Roy & Cindy IvIAURER (Aarorv81, MaryarrvS3, Jamila/ Eg) 13 Slafford Rd, Wales 01081 -'Bonner IIIcALLESTER & Joo BAKER (Sudi/&4, Cora/86) Hupi Rd, Monterey 012,15 (H) -. Don iIcBRIDE & lvtalinda MEYER (Nicholay8s, Amanda/8g) 18 lvest Dr, E Falnpuh 02536 (H) .- Andy & Channing MIGNER (Christophor/87, Taylor/8g) 39 Harvey St, Cambridge 02140 -. Growr & Roxanne MOONEY (DamianrB) 1 1 Nil Whitn€y St #$5, Boston 021 15 (H) -' Don & Joan MURRAY Fegar|f7z, Tara & JannaM4) 87 Fayerweather St, Cambridge 02138 -'Judith & Tom lrluSCO (Lydiarts, Tay80) N FiEwilliam Rd, Royalston 01368 -. Faih Jones OZAN (Aydirv84) 7 Lincoln St, l,ls,buryport 01950 .. Lance & Linda OZIER (Ovonrrg, Drsv83) 61 Hastjngs St, W Roxbury 02132 (H) .- Martin PEARLIIAN & Jean RIFE (Anna/87) 45 Kilgore Av€, lvledford 02155 Jonahan & Nancy PERRY (Rachel/8l) 47 Rice St, Petet & Karen POWER (Bridgev ttlarfboro 01752 74,MNVn8l6 Pa*man St, Dorchestet 02122 Elizabofl & Brian PRESCOTT (Luket6, TarnasrtS, MdlaeVSS) .lO Phillips St, flr 1, Greenfield 01301 Roy & Wanda REZAC (Ronf/4, Jeartn6, Caherine/ 80, Pelerl82, David85) METRO WEST HOMESCHOOLERS,379 Concord Rd, lilarlboro 01752 Poggy & David ROtsERTS (Emmaz6) Jewell Hill Rd, Ashby 01431 -. Jack & Maggi€ SADOWAY (Solor/ 79) Cleawator Natural Foods, Lenox 01 240 (H) Suri & Candy SASTRI (Malinit76, Baky/82) 10 Bicontennial Dr, Lexington 02173 -. Zack & Holly S,HAI-TZ (Chrbbphetng, JonahatvSl ) 9338 Perimotor Rd, Ft Dewns 014i13 -. Daphne SLOCOMBE & Nym COOKE (Thalia/87, Kostreygo) 2 Stratham Rd, Lexington O2173 .- Valerie VAUGFIAN (GakiolzS, Soad8s) 7001 Riwrglade Dr, Amherst Phosbe WELLS & Tadek GAJ (Eoirv84 1 9 01002 Fbrene St, Cambridge 02139 .- Susan WOOD & Jonafian WINFISKY (Jennifer/82) Ponerg Bd, Legate Hill, Charlemont 01339 (H)





'" -'



f,l Ernest & Fran€s MUER (Andreaf/S, Wad/en7, Bussell/84, Abby/87) 15O Chipp€lta, Pontiac 4834'l -. llark BEISSEL E Ellen RENWICK (Briarv81, Kevin/84, Gu{ynns/87) 17675 Heim Rd, kene BTANCHARD & Jon Chels€a,|8118 (H) PUMPIIN (Nafiarv8z, Berv8s) 528 Elizabeh St, E Lansing 49623 (H) -. Frant & Theresa BOLIN (JoeU 70, Pe|,otrrS, Oavl|dns, Jacintan'|, Josephtg, Mdrasu82, John84, Louis|/86, Dominic/88, Rob€rt/go) ?p,701 27 Mile Rd, New Haven 48048 (H) -'Mike & Karla BRONICKI (HolV/8s, Angela/88) 584 &ush Trail, Niles a9120 -. Jo DOZEI/IAN (Adelle/8l, Havalah/&4) 309 E 18th St, Holland 49423 (H)



Growtng Wtthout Schoolng #78 -




3l Scon & Susan EVANS (Lukern, Jossozg, MaryareU 82, KahryrvS6) 10755 Hibner Rd, Hanlsnd 48353 (H) David & Reb€cca FLAGEL (Benjaminr/8, Sarail 80) 1,161 E David Flwy, lonia 4816 Carl & l,lancy JOI{NSON (Jessirxf/6, Jeremiahn6) 5901 County Line, Buddey 4$20 (H) Uga & Ken KANDER (B€h/81, &cob/83, Adarn/86, Clalro/8g) 21 2. )]p,us€r', |blly 48112 (H) .- Lyle & &liet ](/AUFFI/IAN (Caitlid 8it) 132 Grand NE, Grand Rapkts 49503 J. cary KNOVILES, Prog in Educ Sndieg, Sch of Edrrc, U of Irifidr, Ann Arbor 18109'1259 Ray e l$ari KRUMM (oren/8o) SUNNYRIDGE ALTERMTIVE LEARNING CTR, HCO 1 Box 1S4, Pelkie 49958 (H) .- Thomas & Dane LfNN (Emi|1,m, Sarah/8l, Andrew83, Roberu 86) 91 20 D$,ight Dr, Derdt 4821 4 (H) -. John e Bonnie MIESEL (Jonniferr/s, JossicazS, Andrea/8o, Daniol/8g) 1111 Crbklewood SW, Wyoming 49509 Marybeh IIYSLO Thomas ANDERSON (Andrew/ 88) 315 Fourh St, &dson 49201 -. John & lrfuriel PALKO (Simonf76,Zo€,t|,/'') 321 N Wlliam, Ludingbn 49431 (H) i,leil & Ellen PUETZ (JorcflVn4, j,,'t*J Z/, MichsouS4, Jolf/88, Kati€/go) 1(xE Wighr Sr, St Johns a8879 (tl) Chester & Diano ROLI(A (Lukd 82, Emily/8a, Simorv87, Camoton/go) 1414 N Scon Rd, StJohng 18879 Scon & Jule SADGER (Jordanaf/9, Chrb@horl81, Afldt84l 21{o Mller Rd, Buchanan 49107 (l{) -. Dennig SCHRANTZ & Nicki WOOD (Aaorv78, i.ilegary83, tloah/8s, Kali Rase/89) 4907 Coopet Rd, Jadson 49201 (H) .- Stan E Carol TIEMAN (Matfi€w83, Alyssa/86) 4346 N 37h Sr, Galesburg 49053 (H) Natalie & Joge VALLE (Elend86. [hnueU89) 317 N Mulberry St, lrlarshall 49068













- Cheryl & Joff BERG (Emivt&2, Olivia/86) RR 3 Box 77, Red Wng 55066.- Karl & Grace BUNDAY, l00ll 29h Ave SE, Apt A, Mnneapolis 554'14-2742 (H) .- Libby & Kevin CONLEY (Nora/79, Madefoine/8l) 24740 Amlee Rd, Shorewood 5S331 Lowell & Audrey DITTBERNER (Foresttg, Selena/82) Rl 1 Box 43, Parkers Prairie 56361 Karhy & Bob



DOTEZAL (Karinar,s, MaryrosdZ/, Theresa/8o) HOME BASED EDUCATORS ACCREDITING ASSOC, Rt l Box 381, Cam&idge 5g)08.- Chris & Vivienne EDWARDS (L€oni€/7g) 872 Co Rd 92, Llaple Plain 55359 Chris & Susi€ FRENCH (Sara/ 80, Briary8s, Davirt8S) RR 1 Box 65, Tracy 56i75 Wayne JENNINGS, 449 El$noyer, Sr Paul 55ioa Leslie LAVANDER (Joy/8O) 9037 14h Av Soufr,



Danar83, Aba8g 5652 N Pike Lake Rd, Dulutr 55811 -. Mary & Ed RYAN (J€rv77, Ed78, Annd8o, Johrv82, Nidd&4, Gworv8s, lrary crace/8g) 67A0 Galpin Blvd, Excelsior 55txl1 Sharleon STUELAND & Don WCKSTROM (JerislS0, Br€w83) 5()6 Hugo St NE, Minneapolis 55a32 Kafiy & John SZYMANSKT (John Jayl78, lrarkl8l, lvhry/83, new baby/go) RR 2 Box'l@D, Alden 56009 -. Unda WINSOR E Andrew PROKOP (Louis84, Evaril87) 1927 James Av, Sr Paul 55105 (H)




1719l+ry 19 N

*16, Iteridian 3gKl07-5312.- Mchael & Elizabefr FOSTER (Elona/8s) 84 Saragossa Rd, Narchez Vblti & 16ron FIALL Adar/8') 241 1 Shady Ln, Picayune 39466 (l{) Don & Becky POTTS (Mapb/81, Linden8it, Crd,ulan lo8i] Robin Dr, Jad<son 39206 (H)

39120 (H)


(htn, -


Gary E Jean BLACKWOOD (carohr/6, Gileg82, Tegan/87) Rt 3 Box 290A, Canhage 64836 (H) .- tleb & Ell BURLll,lG (Amid84) 280s E Caralpa St, Springfiold 65804 -. Rex E Anna CARUTHERS (Kenft8, Douglas/&|, Tyrono/8s, tlfilliant8,,.l 227 Straight Oah Ct, BalhMn 63021 .- Pam & Tony DAVIES (Micah/8l, Annie/&4, Kioy8s) Bt 1 Box 489, Goodman 6484{l fibrk FAEGRE & Donna CULBERTSON (Amber/85, RyarvSS) 20i10 N Pichridr, Springfield 65803 Jocetyn & Stevo KOPEL (Kirnn4, Bunrrs, Sard8l, Kalie/&4, Paul/88,




Gro$'tng WthoutSchmllng #78 -





IT lGfry & tlon I-IARLAND (l<anln,Cadot 78, BrookdSo, Dary83) 512 Bhd( Jack Rd, Plaing 59859 .- toti NEWIVIAN & Win PETERSON Gnard 87, baby/9o) 5808 N Klement8, Florenca 598:!3 (H) Charles E Emily RINGER (tMllornS,Z&t79, TahmindS2) 8ox 75, Joliet 59(X1





Rit$ & Dett EDELITAIER (Sarahrt9, lary

Box ,|8, Garhnd 68it60.- Tom E Pat FUENNf NG (rwortn8, Joshua/81, AnnalEil, lsaac/86, Soh/86, AbigaiUS9) 1209 Peach St, Lincoln 685O2 Duane & Kathy I-ANGE (Jacobn7, Joey & St€verv 79, lilad80, lvlaria/83) PRAIRIE CHRISTIAN HOt E SCHOOLS, Rt 3 Box 73, Ord 68862 .- Tim & Cindy PRATT (tyler/85, Shayna/87) 26,4i S 8h, Lincoln 68502 Don E Patsy URMNOVSKY (Dl,erlaTl 1910 Pacific, Lincoln 0850o -. Dick & Rose YONEKUM (Josht74, Abin7, Tessa/8o, Darcyl83) 7141 E Avon, Lincoln 68505 82) Rt




Chor & Ed BATENTAN (Jebz5, DanieFz, Kelsio/8s) PO Box 323, Glenbrook 89413 -. Paul & Cindy BODOR (DanisUSO, Jasory82,EriVB7l lbritr Wy, Ivft Charl€ston 89124 .- Mark & Kaye BULLOCK (Sarat8, Josh/8o, Jamie/ 83, Brmk€/8s) 6758 Oak Valloy Dr, Las Vegas 89103 (H) Ka€n GALLEGOS (Aaron25, Randy/78, Sco$t9, Alyn/8s) PO Box 00153, Las Vegas 89160 .- Jm & Terry PENLEY (Seary81, Beaut&2, Whihey/88) 1350 Rancho Rd, Fernley 89408 (H) NV



llH John & Susi BROMM (John/76, KahyL78, Elizaboh/87) 3 Beacon Dr, lvhnimack 03054 Dianne & &ian CAHILL (lvlidraeU81, &tfreyl8il) 16 Winter Cir, RFD 3, irbndrester 0310{l -. Arhur & lrlarie GALLAGHER (Christophor/8i, DanieU83, Sara-Beh/8s) 8 Hayes Pl, Porarnouh 03801 Doris & Paul HOHENSEE (MichaouSo, EintSl,Kiat 83, Douglag8o, Gr€gory/88) 9 Blueberry Ln, Nashua 03062 -. Stephanie HURLEY & Robort BOLT (Elissa/ 83, Julia/86, KristiryS6) RR 1 Box 1.16, Nerv lpswich 0it071 (H) '- James & Susan KELLY (Erid88, BrendarvSg) 819 2nd St Ste 8230, lvlanchester 03102 .- Michelle E Tim KINSELLA (Ryar/8l, Aidary83, Nikki/8g) 57 Long Hill Rd, Raymond 03077 .- Anne ItilOCK (Rachell79, Toby/81) RR 1 Box 105, Tarnvortr 00886 -. Ann & Andrew PODLIPNY (Lkta/80, Lucid 82, Magda/8it, Micaela/86) 159 Doarbom Rd, Auburn


59125.- Ell & Susan REES (Davidrrc,




-. -.



Dave Bryar}go) 3{50 &adbury Dr, St Loub 63'129 LT CKENBACH E Janice LORRAIN (Saralv82) Rl 1 Box 3$1, Aw 65608 (H) .- David & tloniso MAIER (PeuU&!, Se€h/84, K€rry/88, Paige/go) 5800 Timberview Dr, Elkridge 2127 (Hl Jim & l(aftl O'DONNELL (llargaroyS6) 47 Clormont Ln, St Lonis 63124 -. G€o.g€ OCEAN & Codbg SCMEFFER (Fonestl86, llelody/8g) FICR 64 Box 221, W Phins 05775 (l{l Roce OLIVA (CrFtal8l, Eli/86) East Wind Community, Rt 3 Box 682, Teormgeh 65760 (H) tlill & &n PIERCE (Sonnetr76, l.lerni/8o, Evd82) Rt 1 Box 69, Eldrktge 65,063 (H) Kim & Diana MLSTON (Sod8O, Sarah/81) Rt 1 Box 190, Contortiln 65023 (l{) Terry & Janey S[tlTH (SaratrtT6) 6 Cent€r Rd, Kirksyille 63501



08ctit2 NJ T€d & Mary CAMPBELL (AllisodS:!, Naharv8s, Trevor/88) 35 Elm St, Allendale 07&1 Joy & Paul COHEN (MchaeuS{t, Bary/8g) 39 Skyline &, Upper Saddls River 07458 -. Ken & Marilyn DAHL (SanV80, Jool/83) 187 Nursery Rd, Titusville 08560 -. Gretdren & Porry DENNISTON (Laurolt76, Autrmnl&4, Sky/80) 122 Grow Park, Ft Dix 08640 Arhur & Marlane EDELMAN (Jessica/84, Heaher/88) Llewellyn Park, Wost Orange 07052-4909 .- Karen




GARC!{ (AUTI,Frarc*,srang) RD *3 228 Maple Ave,

-. Alan & Emily GINDER (lsaiah/86, Ezralgo) 49 Kor|er St, Bloomfield 0700i! (l{) Lyn HAMILTON & Richard EVERT (WilliamnS, Alico/82) 249 Mt Lucas Rd. Princeton 085a0 Richard & Bedin 08009





vicbria l-lANBpKl (Bnka/80) Po Box +32, Three


lMlliam HEMMERLE & Brenda SWARTZ (Lakota/8s, Thor/88) 474 Ja|is Rd, Siicklerville 08081 (l{) -. Laura & lvlarc JOHNSON (Danieu8s, luidraol/86) 76 Manning St, Red Bank OTTO1 -. Jeny & Ann LAl,lGlN-HooPER (Stephanie/ 81, Joo/83) 1 18 Powd€r Horn Dr, Phillipsburg 08865 Renee LEAVY & Stewn KOHN (Rob€cca/88, I'hnnah€0) 11 Bowfoll Ct, Wayne 079iO -. James & Mcftolle II|ALOtIEY (Leda/80) 432 Donaldson St, Brandy MARIAH & Joff Highland Park @904 SAXTOtI (Jasmino & Dimeri/8g) 6(XIA Shaler, Ruth & Terry MATILSKY (Sara/ Ridgefiold 07657 79, Jacot/82, lbth€yr/8g) 9 Ri€der Ct, Som€rset 08873 -. lGren IIIENDE-FRIDKIS & Larry FRIDKIS (l(abl86, Jacob/8g) UNSCHOOLING FAM. ST PPORT GROUP OF CENTR. NJ, RD 1 Box 713, &bswn 08041 (H) .- Floward & k€n€ MOTT (Misty/ 7/, Wockliffe/79) 10 Lamb€rt Rd, Blairstoivn 07825 -. Nancy & lvlalcolm PLENT (Erict12) UNSCH@LERS NETWORK,2 Smith St, Farmingdale 07727.- Diane & l/lalcolm ROBERTSON lBryc€,ng, irorgan/83) 11 Bruce SANFORD, PO Batos Rd, Jackson 0$27 8or 54, 103 Church St, Windsor 08561 -. Doug & l,lary SCHNORR (Becky/8l, WilU84, Erkv88) 1301 Rahway Rd, Soorch Phiru 07o76 -- Mdrael & Jane SlSKlN, 20 Kndlwmd Dr, Livingston 07039 -. Carol E Mchasl STEIN (Jenni/86, LaurdST) 7lo S 6th Ave, Absecon 08201 -. Cindy & Bill SUDIA (&iann€/87) #2 Edgemere Ave, Plainsboro 0&536 -. Carol WADE & Ell FIAK (AuUmrVSo, Harmony/84, llariah/87) Rd 4 Box 1 26E, Boonton Twp 07005 (H)

&idges 08887






Ell & Botsy BARTELS (Jesse/8s, Liarv


LEARNTNG COOPEMTIVE, 2463 Ellen Camino Capitan, Santa Fe 875OS (H) BECKER (Jessoz8, Luks/8i) PO Box 5851, Santa Fe 875O2 Vincant & Janna BOOKS (tasha/8o, Chelsed&4, Gon€vi/88) Rt 2 Bor 30+8, Sana Fe 87505 Stephon Calol INGMHAM (Sarah/86,




Emily/88) Box 162, Rehoboft tlS22 lH',.- Carol & Graham lvtARK lz8aharlng, Jesse/82, JacoUS6) NG 4701, Los Alamos 87544 (H).- Charles a Shalisha MULLIGAN (Jesse/90) VEGAN HOMESCHOOLERS, 5313 A Fleritago Way NE, Albuquerque 87109.- Chades E Shalisha MULLIGAN,5313 A Fleritage Way NE, Alhlquerque 87109.- Ross & L€e Ann ROBERTS (lvlidrellelSl, Rachel/88) 6000 Topke NE #256, Albuquerqu€ 87'109 -. Greg SENN & Barbara Klapperich SENN (Jennifer/85, Jacob/88) PO Box 96 1 , Portales 881 30 -. Tom & Sandy SHEATY (DavidS 1 , NatharySs, Joanna/8g) I 065 Fairway Terr, Clovis 88101 Louise & Al WILLIAMS (Evarv83) 1 11 Yosomite, Los Ahmos 87Ag (H) Karen & Gary WILLIS (JohnlSO) 3396 Solaridgo, Las Cruces 88001



NY l|ary BALFOUR & Andri GONCAROV (Alexandre/86, Violev8g) 5331 Heverv Rd, TruCahi E Dana BELCHER mansburg 14886 (H) (Chrisbphor/86) RD 2 Box 21 lP, Ski Run Rd, l,lancy BRESLOW & Ted Bfoomingburg 12721 GOTTFRIED (Sydollo/8g) 318 E 11 St, Nfl York 1O0Gt -. Claudh & Larry BROST'IAN (Anne?7, Gaea/ ,|1702 (H) 79) Tho Croscent, Babylon -. SulV CANNON-DANS & Ron DANS (Christinaz6, Peter/ 84 210 Springville Rd, Flampon Bays 11946(H) -. Priscilh & Hank COI-LETTO (Marld88) 4211 Rt 13, Truxton 13158 (H) -. James & Trac€y COVELL (Jam€s/&4, Johil87r 24 Ctal'}et Rd, Poughkeepsie 12603 (H) -. Vicrorh DePERSIIS & Kenny CON-E (Julianna/86) 570 Van Duzer St, Staten lsland 10304 (H) Tom e Cheryl DOERFEL (T.188, Kimboily/g0) PO Box 190, 104&5 Park St, N Collins 1411 1 (H) -. Susan DUMTFIAN & i,lan LAWRENCE (i/hr84, Albert & Clar€/8s) 13 Oxbow Dr, Oswego 13126 Keny FARAONE (Chadietg, Cody/83, Kaitee/86, JossdSg) 2O7 Wake Ave, New Rochollo 1o8o5 Skip & Barbara GUERIN (Joshuaf72, Elizab€til8l) 2105 Westside Ave, Schenodady 1 23oo -. Teresa E David MLPERT (SanV84, Claire/8s, Abe/88, Jake/








90) 120 Mo8s Hill Rd, Fbseheda 14845 Lou Sue HEAVENRICH (Couhe/86, Toby/g0) 115 Hubbard Hill Rd, Candor 1374{l (H} Ro-Ann & Max HEINR|CH (Craie,68, tlelisazl, KbBbnA4) 16,4 Argyle Rd, &ooklyn 11218 (H) Linda FIOLZBAUER & Kenny RITTER (Grace81, Nay84, Annal86, Eleanoo&) 607 Cascadilla St lh*a 14850 Shaon FIOTCHKISS Dave KAMP (Gelor/83) 133 Leroy St, Potsdam 13676 (H) Katharine HOUK & Seh R@KIAJLLER Fahra60, Benjamirtr|9, Emit/ 82) HOl,tE SCHOOLERS'EXCI'IANGE, RD I Box 172E, E Chaham l2OcO (H, .. Kim & Gordy ILOWIT (Micah/8l, lsaiah/8s, Ar'ranne/88) RD Bor 56, Oneonta 13820 (ll) M,ehmed & Hulya llAltlOVlC (Ehlimana8o, Ahmed/8z, Zetrrs84) 55 Shedand Dr, Williamsville 1421 Potor & Barbara IRV|NE (Ericd 79, Phili/8r, Nicholal/So, Joanna8S) 522 Noning ham Rd, Syraorse 13210 Jerry & Leonor KENNELL (itolly/82, Luc83/84, Greg/&4, Jofrrv8s) 11 1 Flower Ln, Kingsbn 12401 -. Jonathan KLINE & Flora litARM,t'lCA (Leahl83, Aphrd85, lvlanaS0) 5066 lilon Evam Rd, Trumansburg 14886 Jenny & Vi$arion KOffiNELIS (Laumrt/8+) 62 Todd Ct, S Huntingbn 11746 John & Jano LAITPKIN (Jolie/8o, J€mma/84) 59 Rte 306, Suffom 10001 .- Llart|a & Bany LASH (RadreUS{r, l.lann8il8l) RD 1, Afrod Station 14808 (H) -. Betty & Frank LEPORE (Mike/ 80, Annd82, Parru84, Mary86, ChrbbpherlSg) 69 Contro Dr, lvlanhassot 11(x!0 -. Butdr E Carcl LoROY (Butch Jrn1, FranMrg, Jeanone/82) 1028 Afbany St, Schonedady 123o7.1W2 Edna & Siimon LIITEN (Annazo, Dann2, Reubenno, Emily/ 81) PO Box 48, Altamont 12000 (H) .. Tom & Annllarie LOt GHLIN (Jonna/80, Briad83, Erid8fl 105 W 4h St, Dunkirk 14048 (H) Frank & Pat LYONS (Chrisopheil7g,&lheytBzl 'l7 Runyon St, Bayshore 11706 (H) -. Roben & Silko l'l,All/ARDY (Ibrganl&4, Galon/86) Box l+5, RD *1, lvhrtin Rd, Cleveland 13O42 Debra & John llcDEVffT (JP/81, irelissa/8tl, tlebral84) 921 Little Neck Av, N Bellmore 11710 lvhrvin & Bevedy MALOV\IITZ, KINDERI(ARE, 25Ol Lac De Ville Evd, Rochester 1/t618 Alyson & Emilio l,tEtlONE (Andr€a/83) 2 Sheffield Dr, Endicon 13760 .. Allison & Bob lvtEStlARD (Natafio/8s, Lonora/84 RO 28ox244, Grippen Hill Rd, Vestal 13850 -. lrilarguedte MILLER & Sreven IIOTOVY (llark/84, LeaU87, PaJl/8g) RR 1 Box 4, 15 Part St,, Moravia 13'l 18 Theresa MORRIS & Gerald WEINER (!iona/8r, baac83) NYC HOIVE EDUCATORS ALLIANCE,341 E 5h St, l,lew York 100G1 -. Asrid NILSSEN & Michael STOLZER (Erky 80, Ali,/84) PO Box 32, Flobart 13788 .- Pal & Jeff NORDSTROM (KuttlT|, TrishdSl, Chrbtin€v8s, baby/ 90) AX) W 108fi St Apt 2A, l,lew York 10025 (l{} Tiemey & Brad O'BRIEI$DOVAN (l'leathor/80, ltlolly/ 84, GracdST) 290{l Clovor St, Pinsford 1a$a -. Joe e Lisa O'REILLY (Rebocca/8l, Bdanna/&4, Christophe/86, JonafiarvSS) RR 1 Bor C]0, lrish Capo Rd, Napanodt 12,f58 (tl) .- Wayne & Diane PERRY (DanieuSl, Will/88, Abigaiugo) e007 W Scon Rd, Homer 1307 .- Glenn & Eoryl POI-IN (Andr€g 85, GinnylSS) 190 FfCvryood Aw, Crestwood 10707 .- lvan E Kahy PURDY Oemail8o, Erend8l, Arlarv 83, Taliha/8s, LachladST, Cadoncaf/q RD ill Box 33a, Chenarpo Forb 13746 .- Kathy E Gary RICFIARDSON (Samanfid84) 6325 Babcock Flolb'fl , Bah 14810 .. Hank E Jane ROBERTS (Mary/85, Jacob/8l) 6(tsl Brook Rd, Trumansburg 14886 (H) .Jim & Shoila SAVII'IO (Gabd82, lihriril87) 45 Seqeant St, Sodus 14551 -. Jrdith & P€tor SCFIMF (AndrewrSo, Chlodg0) 697 West End Aw, l,lew York 10025 Pam & Stew SITNICK (lanrr8, Dylan/8l) 1022 Wostninster Av, Dx Hills 117,16 (H) .- Kahleen & John SMEE (Ryarv8l) PO Box 520, l{ew Woodsbd( 13122-0520 Elissbah E Brian SMRR (Bo.tand/8s, Boarr'88) 91 +941-7180 (Briardiff Manor) (H) -John & Cindy SOEHNER (Shan€181, Nidold86, William,8g) 16 Kenilwotth Dr, E lbtthporl 11731 (H) Linda TAGLIAFERRO & Frederic TI{ORNER (Eric/8l) 2rl&44 Theb$ Ave, Liile Neck

























lGren TENNEY & Mchoal DOTMANSKI RO 2 Box 6A{, Couosldll 120,03 (H) George & Liga TRECHLER (DorohylSo, Elizaboil 83, William/8s, Chades/88) 8Gt3 Van Amburg Rd, l-hmrnondsport 14840 .- Wayne & Peggy WEBB (Lena/83) 212 Williarn3 Ln, Kin0sbn 12/01 Wendy Jefierson WESTTUOOD (Adrienrd8o, ptpoOetaS) 53 Maple Ave, Fredonia 1a069 Chds WHEEIIR (Eharv84, Arnanda/8g) PO Box 24, Rto 13, Sylvdl Boedr 13157 Dadene ZAI(AI-A (NalharfT) 211 Ko$uh StApt2, Romo 1344S1O@








Jocelyn zuTtER E F€ryl MASIERS (Duncanag, LlMl82, Mdah/86, Ulanlgo) 717 W ?d sr, washingbn 27889 (H' tynda txY,219 skeot Cstol dePOX (Edrv Club Rd, Hbh Pdnt 27265 (10 79) PO Box 4 78{t, Chapel Hill 27515 Loubo & Mdrd DUSABLON (Sarar/9, Xavierl8'|, GabrioUSS, AugustirvSs, S€bastiarv87, Lydbt"9o) Rt 2 Box 3258, Be;ilq 27807.- Francis EDGERTON & tleboreh JOIIES (Csidinl8O, TsJraryt84, tlarcy/88) 323,2 Lee Rd, Claybn 27520 -. Jane FLEMER (Emmd&4, NelU 84 580 Old l{wy 44, Wame 28900 -. Bob & Kahryn HERRMAN (Bsrbara82, Gr8ysod84) 905 Indian Hill Rd, flendersonvillo 28739 (H) Radpl & Bhir HILL (Zadrl84) 570$17 Wlndlesraw Dr, Durham Zn13 Joan & David HUMPHREYS (Jwlirv84, SamuoUST) 1166 Windsor Rd, Asheville 288O4 (H) -. Ron Deanie HYDLER (Jennyf/9, Justin/8s, Summ€r/8s) Diane IGTZ & 320 Whitehead Av, Spencer 28159 Philip BIZZARRI (Elia/84) 123 Justice St, Chapol Hill 27516 (H) Kafileen Goorgo KING (Joseptv83, Lesle[/86, MidreeuSg) 1106 E Socord St, Ayden 28513 (H) .- Susan LASWEII (Soarf/4, Saratf/7, Amy/80) 8312 Sidbury Rd, Wilmington 28405 (Hl Beh & Sadler LOVE (Kelly/8s, KatelyrvS4) Rt 2 Box 2972, Cdumbus 2872.-. Bob l(aren IIcALISTER (Jenny/8l, WnV84r 2222 Moma Dr, Albermarle 28001 (H) .- Glerda r Mdtad MDEAU (Philli/85, Henry/ 87, Lauronc€/8g) 1805 Princess St, Wilmingtofl 28405 Bob & Susan NOFFSINGER (Danielf/4, Keolyt76, Saraftg, Eenjamirv&4) Rt I Box 741-D, Mant€o 2795z1 (ll) -. Patrict & Peggy NUGENT (Julid87, R€be@a/ Dan C 89) Rt 1 Box 252-D, Climax 27233 (H) Suzanne PMTT (Char[eB2, OllielSo) PO Box 2411, Asheboro nn4 (Hl.- Sam & Cyd REYIiOIDS (l\Myn4,Carcyt79, WilU82) 5201 Flazel Ln, Wake For$t 27587 -. Trish SEVERIN Dorrg W@DWARD (Aut/mrv83, For€sU86, RivorgSg) 68
















Lynon€ itzu -. Emmd 21s11 Logarv86, e Leahrrg, a N & Terry WO6DFIELD (SarailB4, i.itr.rinaeay ros Hillary place, C{y 27515 - Xate ZUHCX i.lett STILLSON (MdraeUSa, Luke/84 375 Old Leicsster Rd, Ashevilte 28SOa (H) -

GreS & Lakey Creek, Franklin 28734 (H) 5HAULL (Ross/8l) 3o1 Lity Dr, k"rn"r.itt" Beth S Randy STEVENSON (MacKenzie/82, el, Fhnnatvdel 1410 Greenwood ck6p,,Canl (H) Lori & Will WAGONER (Braolyn/84, AmorVgS) PO Box 44{t, Olen;t ZgSZr (}l) JUafn Charles WELLMAN (Collie/8i, Etanr&+, Polleril83) Rl #1 Boi 45, Tyner 27980 iX) .- t-r. Scon WELLS (Madeteind8s, paridvei) i re Buchanan Blvd, Durharn ZnOl (Hl -. dtzaUetr

OH John t Juditt ALLEE (l.lancyl80) 15055 Gayle & l'hry &ushy Fodt SE, i,lewark 4{X)56 (H)



AMICK (Joshua/8i, Jesso/86) 5544 Columbia Dr, Christopher & Janis BAKER Bedford Hts 44146 (Stephanid68, Mchael/82, Alexander/86) 7nO Vicir De| Dr, lvlad€ira 452a3 .- CHRISTIAN HOME EDf,TCATORS OF OHIO, PO Box 1224, Kent44240 -" Laurie & Jim CLARK (Titfany/8s, Konny/86, Danny/84 258 E Dominion Blvd, Columbus 432142707 (Hl -. Ted & Penny COFFMAN (Dustin/8s, lsaac/87) 16 S Maple St, GermanFrrn a$27 ". Mdraol & Karen DICK (Raymond8<l, WilliarvS6, David/8g) 1/180 Waterbury, Lakewood 44107 Rmdd & Nancy DORTON (Robocca74, tleborah/ 76, Davidrr6, Sarab84, Jonafn VS4 6685 Gibler Rd, Hillsboro 45133 -..,im & Ann FINGAR (Dianal78,




Elizaboh82) 57 Cenral Av, Ahons 45701

Bdan &

Gina GEORGE (PhillipS4 Lot 187,5965 HarrisburgG€org€sville Rd, G.ow City 43123 -. Star & Mks I{AMILTO}.| (Rosalio/&f, tily/84 14830 Fossil Rock Rd, Afi€ns lt5701 San HESS & Roger ROUSE (Alvorna/8s, Woodser84 14980 S.R. 150 S.R.550, Ath€n8,15702 (H, Ellen & Wll HUNT (Andrerv/&4, Susannaha4 56 E Orange, Chagrin Falls 440221H1 Ford E Pam KEBIGR (Erid8O, Melissa/83, David/ 86, PaulrS8) a)g 1l$ Sr, Genoa €430 (H) -. Paula E S@tr KOWATXE (Peterr/g, AdanvS2) 5998 Taylor Rd, Paineaville 4/()7/ F Th€odore Susan |ANDOIL (Jamesas, JoAnns/81, Anastasia/84 3791 Karen E Brad LEPPER N SR 53, Tiftin 44883 (H) (BonFmin8q $$t Ulny Rd, Westervills 4{1081 Sto|g & Sydn€y MATHIS (Lauren/8l, Adama4, Evarv 85) r(x26 Lochcrest Dr, Cincinnati 45231 (H) .Ch€ryl & Dan McCORMICK (Livid82, DsvirVST) 8340 W Barcoft, Toledo 43617 (H) -. lylaggie t.,im IIEYER (Erk//6, Anna€l, SsronalSs) 11054 CB 54, &mes & lvlarilyn NEEDH,AM Findhy CgeO (tikhaov81, John82, ..bstin/86) Rt I Box 250, Blue Drk a Barbara PETER (Gregory/ Creek 45616 (Hl 85, Jordan/8g) I 126 Bodford Woods Dr., Toledo 4{b15 -. Matgie PICKENS, 120 Prentiss, Munroe Falls 44262.- EJill RuFFlN, PO Box 3&3c7, Cirrcinnati 45236 .- Daniel & Elizabeth RYAN (Ruberv8s, Raphed8g) 458 Wesl Hin€s Hill Rd, Hudson 44236 (H) .- Erin & Amy SCHRAM (Shatattail86, Fiona/87) 70 E Panerson Ave, Columbus 43202-2945 (H) -'Jim SHAW & Louann REBBIN-SHAW (Jone/8l ,iftelylal 87) 6038 Indian Bluff, Dayton /15424 -. Barb & Gil SHERMAN (Jennif€r/81t, ColleervSs, Dan'tol/88, Anna/ Ben & 89) 2169 lvlars Aw, Lakewood tl4l07 Debbie STINNER (KtistindS5) 8237 Smucker Rd, Smithville 4462 -. Amy VANORIO (Joshua/84) CREATIVE THOIJGHTS FROM OHIO HOIilE SCHOOLS,2108 Kemper Ln, Cincinnati 45206'Stevo & Dianna ZIMCOSKY (Arhna/8s, Anoeligue/84) 7289 irontic€llo Way, Ravenna 44286










OK Lynn & Nancy CHOWNING (David/85, )J€itylg7) 7.|1 Cenu/ry Dr, iibore 73160 -. llolany E Pete CUEVA (Chtubpher/82, Kario/83) 2310 NE gfr Chud< & Paulet GARRETT St, Lawton 73507 (H) (Zadrl86, JoshudSg) n32E 68th St, Tulsa 74136 Laura A Philip WESTERVELT (Amandart6, Atioail/ 79) Rt I Box 142, lvbridian 73058





& Maty ANDERSON (Virginid80' Sandy 97055 Gary & Lynn APSEL (Nisis' NaorniEl ' NahanieU85) 1389 Poarl St, Eugene 97ro1 -'Gen€ & Dana BASKIN (Li$an2, CharliafTS' Matla/86' Paniebuff & Rt 1 BoI 2'15A, Banks 97106 ll'na/8g) Ridt rd BEAR (Micah/8o, Bjornr$' Emily/86) 464 S Lyrda BROW\I & 41st St, Springfiold 97476 (H) OR

lvhtthila2, Brighv8S) 52501 E Sylvan Dr' -



l'lank BERSANI (Lisaa1, Alennd€r/8s) 1580'18$ st NE'Salem 97901'1400 (ll) -'Michael & Sue ot GGAN (Jes.sbd87, Andrew/90) 3690 Hill view Dt SE, Sal€m 97302 .- Ohndo & Bonnie GOI'IZALES (Mcftaet?2, lilatf|ewr/s) 63676 High sEndard D' B€rd 97t01 .- Rbhard & Suzanne GREEN (ilonica/ 76) 51433 Jory Rd, LaPine 97rc9 (H) -' Jill HUBBARD E Bill GRIFFITHS (EvarV8O, irorgan/86) WILLAIIETTE I{O|VIESCH@LERS, 245 W 27th Ave, Eugene 97ro5 (H).- Marcus & Jan HUNT (&son/ 81) BEND HOMESCFIOOLERS, Bor g106, Bond 97108 (H) .- Ann & Alan HUSTER (Angeld8s, Abby/ Maggie 88) PO Box 1561, Albany 97321-0467 (H) JIHAN & Carneron SMITH (Rivannaf/8, tl€sa/7g, Seh/82, Avery/8g) l-lC 63 Box 55$N, Chiloquin 97624 (H) Jane JOYCE, THE LEARNING CONNECTION, PO Box 1091 *196, GrilE Pass Penny & Philip IGVAN (Johrv82, Annd8s) 97526 David & 8075 NE Parren iftn Rd, l,lewberg 97132 Karlyne LANDRUM (liblyssa/8l, Laryssat8) 62541 Waoonor Hill Ln, Summerville 97876 -. Mchael & Catherine LANE (Diane/83, J€ssicd87) 921 SW l-h,ry Grace LLEWELLYN, 184 E 101, Lincoln City 97367






Growlng Wtthout Schmling #78 -



33 (lshms|rrl, VitaITq 2424 Psnarna St, Philadelphia 19103 Denise ZBOZI{Y & Jetf GEORGE (Eliou84, Ssrail8s) Box 235, Bea 15358

26 St, Eugeno 97405 (H) lhrilyn LOlttG E Craig COWAN (Abral82) 1295 lvlarshall Dr SE, Sal€,m 97302 Kahy & Tony Mltlcl (J€sory 78) 126 Jefferson, PO Box 69, Latayono 97'127 E Paul REDll.lG (Paul David82, Arryr8s, PeterAT, Amber Rosd8g) 2006 NE Lib€rty. Pordand 9721 t -5$19 &uce e WeMy REININGER (Erk-SO, Lara/86, Luke/ 89) 19592 Alsoa Flwy, Aboa 9732a (H) 1"6",t" n Ell SMYIH (RosharvT/, RornarilSo, llannah/81, Kaylan/8s) 9115 Lower River Rd, GranE P83s 97526 Gary TFIOGERSOT{ E Susan ]UAAS (Bryerv83, Erikt',fj) 275?5 SE Carl St, c.eshem 97080 Msry & lhrk VAN DOREN (Hobn83, Greral86, Atico/lBg) 19589 Alsoa l'lwy, Alsee 97324 Kalen U,EAVER (scory82, Crysral/&4, Edc/90) 1548 NE 14rh Aw, Hillsboro 97124 (H) Paui e Parid WNTERS






(H) Rl Sherwood

Betsy CAPEZIO, FIOME SPUN NEWS 4 - Aw, Waruick 0288E - &ffrey E Evplm WELLER (Kristart4, ScoU77, Amber/8l) t35




Rod Rd. Exeter 02822


3C Jm E Carolyn BROTYN (&nny E Cafi erin€r/g, RarheU82, &lio/83, Laurd86, Robert/ 84 16117 Yellow l.buse Rd, Wadmdry lsland 29.187 (H) Dave & &an GROVES (nmon?s, AustiryS0) 2Oa &andyrine Dr, Summerville 29485 Wayno & Be*y HENRIIZE (Radpu8s) 418 Highmarkot Sr, Georgebwn 29440 (H) .- Joan MILLER E Carl WHITNEY (Max/85, Emrw88) 1352 Fbrmitaoe Avs, Charleston ?f412 Merike TAMlvl & Jadr SEITZ [eksia9, AttCarUS3) 7r' Hillview St, Sparunturg




(Ganetu87) 3585 SW 123d, PA



Boavorbn 97qls



(Amandat6, Emiryn8, Julia/8l, 1;,*|o|s,64) 31a Bryn


lilarr Ave, Bryn lilarn 19)10

- Annie BEYER 149 E &irham St, Philadophia 191jS (H)

(Casey/8l) Ed E Kay BROiTFIELD (Sbphanklrt2, Sh8ri4) 1329 Eue Mt Dr, Danielsvillo 1868 .- Thornas & Pamela BROl.lSOt'l (SamrcU8s, Elize/gO) 218 S 4grd St, Philadelphh 191(X -. Sbve E Pany BULACK (Jonahary8s, Alen€/86, Chelsea/88) 4920 Pine St, Philadelphia 19143 .- Bill & Puddy CLARK (Mtev8i, Julia/8{l) 631 Kromer Av, Beffyn tg!j2 (ll} -. Fullis & Bob CONROY (fi|er€dith/80, Fiona/gt, Silas/8s) RD 5 Bor 286, WilliamslF''t 1TtO1 (H) .- l"tarvey & E[ie DUNHAM (Zachary/&}, Calyiryg6, Flannatu88, Tessa/ 90) 506 Carllon Ln, West Chester 19382 Ann & Bob EARLY (Nidtolas/80) 70i Fern6 Dr, Kinanning 16201 -. Phillip & Gwen ENGLAND (Sarah & Josoph/ 80) PO Box 197,N2 Flolicong Rd, Hoticong 1992S (H) Badara a David GMNT (Amara/8s, Dana Rose/8g) c/o Suehling, 186 Bladtberry Ln, lvlalvern 1$155 -. Pamola |lAlNES & Chudr ESSER (Iirnofry/ 82, Andrefl8s) 9i9 S Fansgut St philadetphia 191€ (H) -. ka Robyn JOSEPHS (Ross/83, Ray/85, FaiilV84 10 Applebough Ln, Rose Valtey 1$65 (H) David & Karen LEVENTRY ([rant6, Wad€Dg, Louis/8{!, Sareh/8s) Box 191, Summerhill 15958 Gerald & Ellen LIIWACK (Geotfteyfzg, Kate/86) Si7 S RoborB Rd, Bryn lhflr t9O1O .. John E ltlarcia LOUGHNER (KylelSt!) RD 2 Bor 1335, tvhnsfietd '16933 -. Jonnifer & Srevon IIcCARTHY (KaidirvSit, Anna/86) ENDLESS ITOUNTAINS HOMESCI.{@LERS, RD 6 Box 19ts, Wellsboro 16901 Carol liblLVAlNE &.Im UTYCKOFF (Teat/S0, ClaeV82, Rebe@aAS) Box 190, Shawnee m Dehware t8356 (H) -. Gary & Shari MILLSPAW (KedrorvS{t, Togan/ 86, Sam/89) 522 N Elmer Aw, Sayr€ 1g&40 -. Tom & lvfadalene l,f,rRPHY (Er'ivm, Christianf/5, Clarer/g) RD 6 Bor 24, Wellsboro 16901 (H) William E Anne O'BRIEN (Johrf/g, Carhednd8g, Sylvia/87) 1 342 iibnk Rd, Gladwyrn 19035 .- Chud< & Barbara PAGE (Charhy/83, Alexander/8s, Chrisrian/87, Olivor/ 89) 205WVkginiaAv, Munhall 15i20 .- Ron & lhrilyn PEREIM (JosM/3, lrbly-Anrrri./, Jock/75) 8801 Stonbn Av, Philadelphia 191 1 8 .- Bill E Lorotta PIETMNGELO (Ldat7g, William/Sz) 56 Paut Cirde, Glen Miflg 193r.2.. Susan & l-brrard RICHIIAN (Je3s€/z, Jecob/8o, I|o|VA3, HannahtST) PENNSYLVANIA T|OMESCHOOLERS, RD 2 Box 117, Kinanning 1620i Wlliam ROGERS & Eilen STMTS (Nlghilowerna, Chrigrinez8, Jlsrirv8l) 1625 &g Rd, Dovor 17315 Cad & LuAnn RUMBALSKI (Carl/ 78, Kalina/80, Yuri82) Box tB, li|ackoyvill€ 17150 (ll) Pani SCMEDER & Rid( BARKER (DanieU85, ldoflyBf 920 Lewis Ln, Rosemont 19010.- Debra SHUMAN (Dawntn, MbsZ8, Zadlerryt8zr 226 E Ciorgas Ln, Phihdelphia 19119 Donna STEWART Rick MULLER (Biily/SO,














SaraU8l, Joehua/&4, JohnEn


Mitt Rd, Hiilrryn, Porkasio 18944 Kevin & Pani VAN BUSKIRK, RD 1 Box 868, l,lewfoundland 184.f5 (H) Bill & Brenda VAN MATRE (Elly/8s, Emily/87, Lydia/8g) 331 Venargo Av, Camhidg€ Sprin$ i64@ Nancy




Growlng Wthout Schooltng #78 -




4441 Paula Ln, Chatranooga 37415 (l{) Suzy Elmore DODD (Mikor'72, Erinf/S, Amy/79, Levi/8it) TENNESSEE HONVIESCHooLING FAMILIES. 1 16 Richads Dr, Oliver Spgs 3784O Peter E Donna GIBSON (Cartor/82, Blake/84, criffi ry86, ConradrS8) 2517 O\€rlook Dr, Germantown 38138 .- Judy FI,ARDIN & Bruce BOTTS (Kimrey/83) Rr 11 8ox 92, Grcsneville 37743 -. Mary e Rir:hard MACIIANOFF (Kadez9, Zrcharyt82, Emily/84) 4O8 Valloy Dr, Oliver Springs 37840 Scon E Carote MILLER (&ad/83, lvhdena/8s, Jenniter/88) €56 Shasra &, Old Hickory 37138 (H) -. David OI-IVE & Jacki WILIARD (James/ 84) 3135 Lakeland Dr, Nashville 37214-3312 (H) lGren SMITH (Alissaf/g, Rhianna/8{t, Derdre/87) 2202-4 Greenkiar Cir, Johnson City 37601 Bob WALLACE & Lin KEMPER-WALLACE (Jeomy/8o) 214 Park Ln, Oliver Springs 37840 (H)






TX Pora & cerald APPELSTEIN (J$sica/a4, Jasory87, Janna/8g) eO02 Upper Lake Dr, Humble Z/346 (l{} -'Lunne BAILEY (Amo176, Krbti'/8) Rt 3 Box 540, Nacogdoches 75961 (H) .- Carotyn & Rudan BETTELHEIM (Joanna/87) 328 Shrike, Buda 78610 (H) -. Gregg & Shenie BROWN (Andreu/82, lrtegad8s, ZachuylST, Mari€/go) rt001 Shady Valley Ct, Arlingon 76013 (ll) .- Sam E Terry DIERSCHKE (Taylo/86) 2137 Wnrock, Houston 2t057 (H) Stephen & Holly GODARD (Andrea/84, Rob€ry87) 1 1805 Gats Way, Austin 7e727 lH, -. John & Bevedy GO|.DEN (Judifv8l, Gabrieu83, Zad'ruyt&S, RactraeU 89) dll1 Shadow Bend, Austin 78745 (H) Greg & lvlary Ann HARBAR (Nid/80) 10Og Podsn, flousbn 27006 Karen & David HENDLEY (Flans/81, Lonora/ &4) Rt 4 Box 131, Rusk 75785 (H) Granl Donna LOVEJOY (Meredif/84 3z)1 Marrin Lydon, Fort Worth 76133 -. John McCOY, REI.IAISSANCE pteas CHILD, PO Box 141365, Ausrin 7871&ig65 & tlebbie Md(EE (Joshua/83, Adrienne/85, Benjamir/ 86) 2118 Pdm St, Abilene 79802 -. Sr.rsan [hKNfGHT (TrewlTl, Shauna/81) 1908 W Second St, Arlinglon 76013.- Mike & Lisa METCALF (Judifv 78, Jessica/8o) 821 Filmore, Ptano 75025 Chad & f/hrty IiOGNETT (Simone/82, DominiquerSs, luarielle/88, &vary8g) Rt 2 Box 14',lffiJey 77447 Stevo E Danielle IrcNSON (kuliaryS6) 1601 Cricket Hollow, Austin 78758 (H) Sharon E lvhrrin NELSON (SarahnS , Virginia/8o) 4i59 W€dgmnr Cir S, Ft Worth 76133 Paul E Rebeca PERRY (hd 87, Heaher89) '128 Ridge Way, Red Oak 7515a Jean & Ed ROORIGUEZ fiimofryrTS , BonjanirvSi, Lydw8s) 3003 Tanglewood Dr, Cornmere 75428 (H)














Stew SAMPLES (1.1osu85, Berv87, JacoUSS) 13331 Wefla Riwr Dr, l-lousbn Tt0/.l-5/,,sz .. Flawey & Pat SCHULTZ (Aahley€4 PO Box 8, Rainbov 76071 -. Jad( frary SEAGROVE (Jo€n3, Arnyns, Michelle/


78,Jottey&2, Allison/8s, Tommy/89) 2024 Pier Ln, El Paso 799b.- Cerelle & Tomas SlMlilONS (Arie|ri8, Lauoy82, Hunto/8s) Rt 1 Box 61 A, Alodo 76008 -. Vahrie & Steve SIMS (Rehoms, G'eail$n7023 Riyor Mll, Spring 2378.- Tam VOYNICK & Paul SALETAN (Emma84, BorV8| AUSTIN AREA FIOi,IESCHOOLERS, 6502 Bradley Dr, Austin 78723 UT Stov€ E Unda BUTLER (JessicdSl, Ract|ou83, Matfpw8T, hond8g) 90 E Contor St, Pfeasant Grove 84062-Fred & Connie HADDEN (Serahl8,l, Clitbrd/86) b\717, Mdway 84049 (H) Scon E Kim SMITH (Samuel/8l, Dani€U82, Ammorv



83, Elisabetil8s, John84 66 Norh 900 Easl, Springville 84663 (Hl

Til Lynda & Stoph€n ANDERSON (Nafrarv 78 , LeaM0, Rad€U84) Ral,4OO East End Rd, Strawborry Plains 37871 (H) *Wllkvn & Judith BEAL (Lrxius/78, ForesUSl) Rt 1 Box 347, Dowelltown 37059 -. Robsrt & Janet BELSER Ooril 84 4711 Richmar Ct, Nashville 37211 Bruo & Badara BROWN (Annarrg, Joshua/81, 7,adaryt8'l


Chr/ck & Judy ROSEN (Nahanz6, Levi82) 2gtl -Ocean Way, Loagu€ City 77575-9209 Cindy &


W Terry & Will BARRY (1i4€agan/85) RFD 1 8ox 81, Boolfield 05O:r (H) Dde E Anne BltlGFlAM (4ndrcfl8s, LinleylSS) RR 1 Box 1635, Franklin 05457 Kevin ELLIS & Kimberly ||ACKETT (Jad(son/86, Phinoas/8g) RD 2 Box 1850, Norfifield 0566it (H) Elizabefi & Lenny GIBSON (Nahanie' &4, ThaddeuyS9) RD Box 25568, Pawlot 05761 (H, &anna & Duane GORMAN (Rowen/84, Asa/87) RRI Box 1 147, Ludlow O5149 -. Wally & Chris JENKINS (Peter/86) PO Box 3, 70 East St, Huntington 05462 (H) Debtie & Randy KNIFFIN (Seroonaz6, Emily/8o, Richis/83, l!lidrella/88) VERI,IONT HOI/GSCHOOLERS ASSOC, RR 1 Bor 6680, MiddleEwn Springs 05757 (H) Mary METCATF E Thomas SHEA (Oli\€r187, baby/go) RD 3 Box 3843, Lake Rd, Vergsnnes 05491 (H).- gen 9.1"IIJRRAY $egann2, Tara & &nnah/741 &2-7679279 (Rochesto4 (H).- Erik & Barbara NIELSEN (6rat79, Christina/&4, Ingrid/87) PO 8ox 265, E Randolph 05041 (H) Dane & Invin POST (Naharv 82, BnantE4') Rt 2 Box 447 A, Bethel 05032 (H) Cheryl E Scon SAUTER (Kyle/8s, Tyler/87, Kiera/go) RR 1 Box .|01-8, West Danvillo 05873 (H) .- David & Ginny SCHWINGEL lLarcltTl, Katid8o, Rogor/8s) LIFE lS VALUABLE EDUCAT|ONI, RR 2 Box 2898, st Albans 05478 (H) Edward & sylvia sMrH (Lin&eyl84, l,lahani€y86) RFD Box 1fft3, lilarshfield 05658 .- Deb & Fred STIEGLITZ-SHELL OIwm, Sarar/g, Emilyt82, Eva/84) RR 2 Box 289€, Polly Hubbard Rd, St Albans 05478 (H) .- glyde WATSON & Denis DEVLIN (Julianf79, Rosey/82) RR #2 Box 10&C, Noilich 05055 (H)












VA Daie & Adele ABRAFIAMSE (Gussie/ 78) 714 Locust Av, Charlonosville 229O1 -. Dana & Philip B|EI-ATA (Phili/84, Jeromy/8T, Sonny/8g) 1821 Sydenham Trail, Virginia Beadr 2gail lHl Heidi & John BRENMN (Chad€y84, Marianne/86, Cara/8g) 36Oa N Uphnd St, Arlington 22fr7 Jp,ny & Carrnef h CIE[8.|Y (Gracd83, Caralinat86) 1 2767 Gazebo Ct, Woodbddge 22192 .- Kevin CROWE E Linda GETW (KaiA3, &ary86) Rt 3 Box 324, Amh€rst 24521 (H) George & Linda DOtsY (Allyson82, Elizabefi/8s, llarldSg) Rt 1 Box 56, Spout Spting 245Ct (H) Sally & Franklin DOMfI\IGUEZ (Benjamir/76, DarieV 781 7O2. Stanford Dr, Alexandria 22307 -. Tammy & Tom DMKE (Steverf9, &adleyZ7, JuslirvS4 Rt 3 Box 117, Luray 228'5 (H) Jacquelyn FARNEY (&iary 79, Emily Anno/81) PO Box 382, Phenix 23959.Dan E Th€o GIESY (Danile/65, DarrirV6T, Susan/69, Anital7z, EllerySS) 441 1 Colonial Ave, llorblk 23508 (ll).- Wlliam a Mary F|ALL (Raphaeu8l, Michael/8:}, Gabri€U87, Ariel/9o) W471-5741 (Vkginh Boacfi; -. Hugh e Carla HALLER (RuW82, Hannail87) Rt 3 Box 868, LovetBMlle 2z)8O (H) .- Cyndy & Dave HOYT (Sara/82, Amy/86, Judi/8g) 21 12 Weybddge Dr, Virginia Beach Stophen E Lynne JOFINSON







H* -

u (ColirVSO, Vasudeva|vSo) 1282 tlsple View Dr, Charlottesville 2esfi (H) Jarn$ JOfiIES E lGren NUZZO (Goss/fit, GaneySfl Rt 5 Box 256, Bedbrd 24523 lHl Linda E Fr€d JONES (Alisoil83, C€soy/ 85, lirolly/86, T$v88) Rt 1 8ox 312 BC, Pilot 24138 -. Andrea e Kad KEII-ER (P€ra/gt, Thaneas) ,f424 Sudley Rd, Gainesville 220e5 .- &ne Mke KIRK (Davo/ 78, Mdelbl8l) NORTHERN VA HOftlE-




SCH@LERSLEARN. 4o00 Tenace Dr, Annandale 22()0S -. tlavkt & Vkginh LOCKETT (SamanthdS2) The Lockon Farm, Rt 5 8ox 136, Staunon 2e101 Mark & Tammy IIALTBY (Jo€y/83, Julhn/8s, Joshud 90) 827WBoved€y St, Staunbn244Ol -.John E Suzanne IilEHFOIJD (G€orgennd82, Paticld8s,


Collins/8g) 565 Hanover Rd, Sandsbn 23150 (H) Annotto MILLS & DavU ECKERT (Marta/82) 1og W Kim E Wesrnorehnd Rd, Falls Churdr 22046 (H) Leslie PAYNE (Flelenn6, Leeng, &an Anno/81, Safl/ U,|trerry RadroUS8) 7zl8 Waterbrd Dr, Spotsylvania 22553 -. Adel & Ann SARRATZADEH (SolmaazlSl, Shamo€nV8s) 2105 Birdt Leaf Ln, BhcksNO 2,(b0 (H) Biff & Lee SCHARF (llwtin{7z, Luker/9, Lynnr Jm & Lalah 82) Rl Box 21 1, t t JadGoIl 22842 SnrcOE (Dani€U8z) 164{t Townwood Ct, Chstlott€8BeBy e Mke SKELTON (Kimb€rly/84) villa2901 12350 NatJral Bark Dr, Chestetti{d 23832 (H} Daniel E Daya SOI-OMON (Dsvd84, ltleera/87) 144 Hilton St, Alexandtb22S14 (H).- Kip a Uni SORENSEN (Kierv8o, Nikolas/69, Wintort7S , Biorrv Rid<y & Claudia 80) Rt 2 Box 488A, Crozet 22932 STOVER (Adriennd 78, Aineley/8l, S€arV84) Wheefers Cove, Rt 1 Box 302-3A, Shipman ?2971 (Hl .- Jon & Brenda THOMPSON (&ian/85, Josso/88) PO Box 1223, Gloucester 23061 (H) -..|scgu€ Fred WILLIAMSON (l.lahadz/, Ryanzg, RadpU&4) Rt 2 Box 3408, Ctozotzzs,2








WA Amelia & ileldon ACHESON (Alazel/67, Taliha/f1, Eleadari?4) 6575 S Contral Ave, Clinon Naomi & Fhrvey ALDORT (Yonalarv86, 98236 (l{)


Lennon80) 357 S Forest St, Bellingham 98225 (H) -. Joe & Pani BIYSTOIIE (Setil80, SoatVS{t, Dylarv84 CLARK CO. HOIIE EDIrcATORS.28823 NW l/hin St, Ridgefreld 984{2 -. Joe e Befirda CHAMBERS (Greg/80, KeitilSa!, Erkv8s, Teresa/89) 1511 Lily Lake Trail, Bour 98232 -. Mike & Chris CONROY (.tusdrv 84, GabrieuS8) 260 N OJb(is Rd, tuiel 98603 (l{}.Donald & Jj FALLICK (Karinat6, AmoliaI/S, Taliha/ 81, Amanda/83, Halley/8s) Rt 3 Box 72F, Dawnport 99122 (H) -. f{osomary FIRSTENBERG (Julir69, Nooffezl, Chadl7z, Kyleu3, CheriseflS, Skyla & Tofiry.nB, Star/7S, Katid82, Jordan84, ManhewrSo, Sarah & Sh€ena/87, MbhaeUES) PO Box 25266, Seatde 98125 .- Diane & George GEANULEAS (Jenny/81, MarU83) 1363$1791h Ave NE, Rodmond Davkl & Robin GtmRSOtl (Taybt/8l, 98O52 Travig83, Fl€nry/8s) 13024 Venice Loop, Bainbridge b 98110 (Hl Gene & Sandi F|ALL (Kylo/8l, Cassie/ 82) 2gIl5 2a4h Av SE, Ilade Valley 98038 Ridrard t Cafierine FIAYWARD, 1(X)5 K€y Sl, Bellingham 98?25 -.lvhrk & Helen HEGENER (Johr/ 74, Jim?6, JodyAO, Christophor8l, Mdueu8s) F|oIi|E EDUCATION PBESS, PO Box 1o8a], Tonasket Lisa & Ted HILE (Danicd86, Marty/88) 98855 (H) John & Pat 8216 271st Av E, Buckley 98321 FIOLII|ES (Chris8s, Stoyd8{!, Naharv86, Emily/87) 1719 School St, walla walh 9€K162 (H) -. Eric & Toni JOfINSON (Ianyd83, l"tolanidS6) Rt 1 Box 355, Vall€y 99181 (H) .- l.lervman & Tena LOVE (Foosv 81) PO Bor 1474, Eastsourd 98245 .-Julie & David LOYD (Charlid84, Petor/86) General tleliwry, llary Beft WaHron bland 98297 (H) -. Mk:ltael MACKSEY (Atiutam, Alexandra/8l) SEr Rte Box 182, Olga 98279 Bob & Kahleen MCURDY (Johry62, Jearv65, Jim/67, Jo€,''s, JossorrS) Nl677/ Darford, Spokano 99208.- Einer & Natalie IilORTENSEN (ArieF/S, Kellon/87, Tristan/go) 560 E I'bwbn Rd, CouDeville 98239 -. Sheila NAST, ISSAOI AH LEARNING CTR,25123 SE t.l6 Sl. fssaquah 9&27 -. Pet€t llegatl NORDLUND









(Philofft, The.osd86, Danioilo8g) 916 Bluo ll€ron Rd, Bfl 98232 Rod &Arleno PAYTON (Robenr/s, Shanmn?6, ChrisbphorrSo, Stoph6n/86) 20tE|0


lbster Rd NW, Ponlsbo 98370 (H)


Rod E Atlene PAYTOI{ (Robert"s, Shannonrt6, Chrisbpher/8o, StephodSo) PO Box 1315, Kingston 9834s1315 (Hl Laura PRITCI}|ARD (thnieLTl) FO Box 58002, Matcy tlark RAY (Alev Seatde 9813&1m2 (H) 82, ColirilStl, Thomasaq 7037 ntd Avo NW, Seatde Marcy E }lark RAY (Alexr@, Colitv8s, 98117 (H)






Crnedr: ALTA


Joanne E Ricfiard ARES (Mchelle/8s,

ilonhuo/87, AimedS8) 7308 154 St, Edrnonbn TsR

lGfi a Oart Torv88) 20G78$730o (Soatde) (H) RAYr'rcND (Sof/75, Vallid?9, tydidS6) 811 U St,




Zen & Cada SE]D€L (Jerffiy/84, llelissdSo, Cherlotto/go) 838 W Axon Jamea & Tara Rd f55, Bollingham 8?26 SENNETT (Gina82) 15506 19h AYo Ct E, T@ma Scon &Julio SESSIONS (JodiaZ8, Cara/80, 98445 Lukd8lt) W}|ATCOM HOIvIESCFIOoL ASSOC, 595 Gary & Cahy Trout Lake Rd, Bellingham 98226 SLY (JBtirvSO, BrandorvS3, Jordatr8s) 28518 SE 228h St, ltaple Valley 98(X18 (H) Jefi A Cindy THELEN-CLEMIIPNS (Iheresd86, Tottt/89) 33113 lGrl & Ellen Gde Pl s fz!, seatd€ 98144 (H) THOMPSON (Samu€U80) 4295 t)eming Rd, Everson 98247 (H) Jon & Wendy WARTES (Jetn8, Jtrlie/ 81, Mikd8s) 16109 NE 169 P'1, Woodinville 98072'Leslie & Dusty WILLIAMS (Jessd80, RadreUS4) 1889 H St Rd, Blaine 98230 -. Susie & Joe WINTERSIECK (Azal83, Allail84 PO Box 1317, Vashon lsland 98070 -. Frank & Deborah WOSil-UM (lhtth€wt78, Barry/80, Brennar/g) PO Box 826, Graham 9833&0826 Port Townsend 98368

WY Randy E Cindy HOV|/DYSHEII (Jooy/83, Keiry/8s, BonwyrvST, fbrhh/8g) Box 28{1, Hudson 82515 (H) .- Les & lirary PPKRELL (Andred8o, Velerio/Al, Mcfiaem6, Ch.btopherag) 28 Knodo Rd, Sherklan 82801 (H) .- FboH & Sharon YOUNG (Aexz9, Arfiur/8'|, Emrnd8tl, Dorofiy/&5, ThealSg) 173 Grasc Vall€y, Evatrsbn 82€XD (H)





1Rs Lesli€ AYREJASCHKE & Eric JASCHKE (Pauu7g, l|atf/8a 1040T101 St, Peaco River TgS .|11 Doothy & Geothey BlSl-lOP (Orina4 1K7 Pat & Gort 32nd Ar,e NW, Calgary T2M 2n zuTSEI-AAR (Parick Mdraonq Box 7456, Peace Maun DONEC'AN-RYAN & Joseph River T8S 1 K7 RYAN (Frances/8l, ilatthedS{!, MargareyS6) 10647' J€tf & Sarah GOLDIE 61 Av, Edmonton T6'11 118 0tfegarv83, Edn/85, Ailish/8S) 1082.1-62 Av, lbS HAINES (Bobbyr7g, Edrnonton T6H 1Nl Cassy/82, Matt/84) 11851-71 St, Edmonbn T5B 1W4


Ul -'





Sholaoh HAMILTOII E Flarvey CHIIilERA (Sarafv 80) 163&61 Ay, Edmonbn T6H 117.- Quintan & Cheryl MICnK (Ctomwelu&4, Lota/87) 8754 Connors Rd, Edmonbn TGC aB6.- Sylvie RAY & Robort WRIGHT (GabrieU86, OiorvSg) 606F lVlichener Park, Edmonton T6H 5Al -. Bob & Kahy RO{-LHEISER (Krist8, Lisa/80, Brev84) 101 11-105 Ave, Peace Vicki & Bob RUSSELL (Jackie/80, Rirnr T8S lK8 lilaria/84) ?2?37lwp Rd 5.|4A, Shenrood Park T8C




- Wiflhm E Matianne HT GHES (Gregory/ Tt,Clar€i;lg]' HCR 25161 Box 157, l{eYv Martinsville WV


Bill & Diane LEED (Ehmn8, Emma/8o, Woody/81, Elijah/86) Bor 114A, Friars Hill 24939 Amy ODEAN & Pat LOWRY (NelsodS0, FlannatvSil) Rt 1 Box f46A, R€€dy 25270-9724 (H) .- Barbara a John PLUNKET lOrionlTfl, Jad478) Rt 3 Box 816, Harpers Feny 25425 (H) .- Mary Ellen SULLIVAN & Donald FISHEL (Jake/8l, Doug/82, ltDd8s) Rt 2 Box I 13, lvlannington 26582 (H) .- John & Jeeraporn WARFIELD (ChristiarvSl) Rt 1 Box 9l-A, Great Cacapon 2il22lHl 26155


lhrie BAKER & Dave JAMIESON (Saral/ Wl 79, B€cky/&4) RR 1 Box 65, Dodgeville 53533 Elizabeh BARR (JordarVSS) 309 S 11th Ave, Wausau 54401 (H) -. Donald & Carol BURRIS (LYnd€,ng, DonaldSS) 2415 Amherst Rd, Mddleton 53562 Bruce CASNER & C. L€e DUCKERT (Dan/85, BerV 81 28 Borkeley St, Neenah 54956 (H) -'Nick & Nancy CISAR (lagusa/8l) 2510 Kendall, Madison Wlliam t Cheryl DANZ (LoreleirtS, 53705 (ll) Valori€ 81) 1324 Concord Way, Or€ida 54155'- Jim & Jan ERDi/tAN (f/hnirfr6, Wily78, RylandSl) 1317 lnleadorr Hill Dr, lvlenomoni€ 41751 (H) -'Larry e Susan KASEIi4AN (Bethl72, P€torns, Gr€tcft€nn8, ltlegarvST) 2915 Koshkonong Rd, Stoughton 53589 (ll) -. Alex & Brenda KRAiIER (hd&4, ElizaboilSs) PO Box 237, Cornucopia ffi27 -. Richard & Nancy PEIDELSTEIN (Alica/8z, Aril/87) 614 Ridg€ St, Baraboo 539i3 (H) -. Karen & Gerard SCHUBERT (Nikki/86, L&/an822 PrcspoclAw, Oshkosh 94901 .- Lloyd & Donna SCHULTZ (Noah/8l, Loail8s) N9595 E Hubbloton Rd, Waterrown 5309[ -'Mke Linda SfrIEEHY (Brianr7s, BrandodT8, &ooke/81 ) 629 Piper DI, lvladbon 53711 -. Stew & Julie SORENSEN (Roryn8, Flannah/81) Rt 1 Box 120, Pzul & Lttis SOUKUP (Paulal72, lvhson 54856 )linlener'73, LaU75, Coryn6,Janat8, Aden & EVn9'l John & Ellie N1810 l.lwy HH, Lyndon Stadon 53944 THOIASON (Adele/81, B€cca/8s) Rt 1 Box 91-8, l,lason 54855 (H) -. Jim a Susan VANDEGRIFT (Jesserz, Kali€/81) 201 S Jefferson, Vsrona 53593 (H).- Gene & Botty WALTON (NicM/6, Kata/8o) 812 W Cramer, Fort Ad<inson 53538 -. WISCONSIN PARENTS ASSOCIATION, PO Box 2502, lvladison









Dennis & Dawn CLEMENS (Ryar/82' BC Kelby/84, iratikJS6, BenjarnirvSS) RR #1, Duncan VgL lM{l .- Stephen & Carolyn FATITJCETT (lilaurice/8lt, Dekao/86) Box 1 1 98, Kaslo VoG 1 [m (H) '- 1ua1;ta & Alex FIADDAD (Nicob/78, Tacyl80) COWICHAN VATLEY HOMELEARNERS SUPPORT GRP, RR 7, Nicole HAlilAN E Robin DASS Duncan VgL 4W4 (Sasha/Sl, MischdSs) 19677 21 st Av, Langley V3A 4P4 (H) -. Stephanie JUDY & Jony WALKER Oessa/ Sandy KEANE 82) Box 40, Slocan Patk VOG 2E0 & Michael MISKIN (Neay8s, Nidrolas/8g) 6332 Argyle Ave, W Vancouver V7W 286 (H) -'Jan & Ron KIRKBY (Loren/80, Jessd83, Brady/86, lrolody/8g) RRl, Pender lsland VON 2lJ0 -'Barbara LlcLEAN & David SHEBIB (Lauraz6, Jamesf/8, Elizab€dv8o, AndrewlS4, AlisorVST) 586 ltlountain Dr, Oean Falls







Rotrin ROBERTS & Diana DENNY

(Clior/8, Joshuazg) 4421 Chartwell Dr, Vicloria V8N Rulh & Julian ROSS (Noalv82, Josse/86) 2R2 (H) RR *1, Winlaw VOG 2J0 (H) .- Mscha & Dana SANDBERG (Sonja/8:!, Sabrina/86) 240N Howard Ave, Bumaby VSB 1J7 (H)'- Sean & Lillian SLY (Andr*ttTl, lvlatthettng, FleafierlS2) 2950 Colman Rd, RRI , Cobblo Hill VoR 110 -' Jack & Denise STURMWIND (Noarv82) 37 Beadt Dr, Victoria VBS Lynne & l.lana THUNDERSTORM (Leafnl, 213 Raveil80, Fod87) Gen€.at Delirory, Telegraph Creek VOJ 2W0 -. Alice WHIIEHEAD (Lucia/82, HazeVS4l 202-930 Convent Pl, Victoria V8V 2Y8



fAN Charles E Lily SMALL (Jetfy/8l, Benjy/ 83, Shawna/86) 1Og1 Dorchester Ave, Vt/innipeg R3M 0R1 (H)


NB David & Sally BREWER (H€idi/&4, Nevirv 86, Tristarvlgo) Sito 2, Box 6, RR 1, Grand Bay EoG



ilF - Paricia MULDOWNEY & Ford DOFIERTY (Liad84, MadelindST, Maura/go) 11 ll€modd Dr, GanderAlV 1A3 8ob & Abbie MLPERN (Mdrasn4, NS ld]€elatTl, PaIhaI7g, B€rv88, Jamos/go) 1548


Vemon, Halifax &lH






(Willov&4, RowarVST) Bhck Avon, RR#2, ll€ah€rton BoH 1Ro (H)



Growlng Without Schooling #78 -



35 (Cassinz9, Barrio E Rory/8s, Leight8T) PO Bor I 1gg, Antigonish B2G zLG (H) Bruoe & Carolo SKINNER (fi|aru69, Nidolas/Sl, NaS|ani6U82, Joshud&4, Sarah/84 RR#1, Hubbards BOJ tTO .- Jan TAYLOR & Torn zuSHEIL (Emilyt&t, Treyat8g) Box 9202 Sr| A, Hatihx B3K 5il8 (H)


ONT Mko & Louise ATFIELD (Atexandrer/S, Philiil8o, iilarikarS3, Juliary8s) 97 Boadt Ave, pO Box 413, Deep Rirer KN 1P0 (H) e 1fi76ry SLll(!, 17 lr,lohawk Ale, Port Credit LsG 3R5 Glen & Chris DICKSON (H€ledrB6, Brkn68) PO Box 1914, Marathon PoT 2E0 -. Deboratr & l,lorrnan GOLLEDGE (Jamio/83, Taylor/88) RR 2, UneBon pOB 1M0 Flerb e Barb JONES (Otive/81 , Anna/8s) RR 1, Gananoquo K7G 2V3 (H) Teresa PTTMAN (r,Itafrra,ilm, LisafrS, Dani€U81, Jorernyl&4) 1235 Redbank Cres, Oakville L6fl tYa Wendy PRIESNITZ, CAMDIiAN ALLIANCE OF HOI|E SCHOOLERS, 195 ldarkville Rd, Unionviile LAR 4V8 lhrie PRINS & Edward MGEDORN (Jesso/8t, ArdervSo) RR t2, 45 Parliarnent St. Colbome KOK 1S0 (H) -.1ry1s QUICK Jm ROSS (Poily/St, Jonny/83, Chrbty/86) I 1A W Lynn Ave, Toronb Il4C 3V7 -. Chris & Grange SMIIH (Iiemey/86, Kery/g0) 24!t Hanna Rd, Toronto ir4c 3Pg








- Pam & Roji lilARTtN (Seamus7s, 78, MkEt'/80) Box242, Cornwall @A iHO (H) PEI

Sag€/ -. paul

& Hiada ROCH (co,littt7, Nidrotasr/g, Chrisrophe/ 8Q a0 Martin Bnrx242,C.nrrwalt COA 1l-O (H).- Bev & Chris ROUMBANIS (Cecilyna, baacrrD 48S Sr Peter's Rd, RRtt, CharJonebwn CtA (H) Connie E Ron SIEMENS (Luko/83, Amy/gg, Naatie/ 86, KristorvS6) 7 Glencove Dr, Souhporl C1A 7T4



QUE Gordon & Honriene SNIEDER (Timorhy/ 89) 1635 Erin Pl, Donal H95 156 (H) Borsy THOMAS & Jmnry BAKOI-IiIS (Srasi,Bs, UtyssegST, Nidolastgo) 4655 Boyor, Montrod HZJ gEs



SASK Rebecca HANKTNS-VOPNI & Derek VOPNI (Alicia/8o, David/82, Aarory8s) Box 486, Tisdale SoE 1T0 (H) -. lsabel FIANXINS-W|LK & lvhrvin WILK (Kara/82, J€ssica/8z, Jasoryg6) Box 486, Thdale SoE 1T0 (f0 -. Ono SCHNTRER Sylvia BUTTNER-SCHNIRER (Maire25, patri*rg, Stephen/84, Katya/83, AntonidSo) 47 Broadvierv Crescent, St Albort T8N 0,81



OTHER LOCATIONS: Aultr.ll. Anna E Jim ADAMS (t*ym, DanieUSO, Jessica/&4) 282 Kabomba Sr, Kabomba 2780, NSW Jim & Anna ADAMS (fobym,Dannyl 80, Jossica/84) 282 lGtoomba St, Kabomba 2780, NSW -. Debbi€ Magdy ARIIAN|OUS (Etizabstr/S0, Luke/82) 2 Melua St, Doll's Point -. Fleafier MRTON (CampbelllSil) 31 Shatp St, Newtown, Geelong, Victoria 3220 -. Greg & JeAnne BEIRNE (cregory/ 80, Rebecca/82, Steph€n/84, Mary-Boh/Sg) 10 Amold Ave, Kellyville 2153, NSW (H) Joanne & Jaap BRI,TGMANS (Kylie/8it, Sr6phervS6, Nioto/8g) Sphinx Rock, Kyogle Rd, Via Uki, NSW 2,tS4 (lt) Jo & tan IIARPER (Leonie/7S, MchaouSo, Stephanie/gg, MirianVSg) 1 Basil St, Rirorwood 2210, NSW.HOTI,IESCHOOLERS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, PO Box 346, Seven Hills 2147, NSW lfonkx HUDSON (s children,85,87,90) 41 W€st St, Bdgodam Fleights 20S3, NSW.- Eve & John LUTCK (Jactd84) 40 Len St, Katoomba, NSW 2zB0 -. James MILLER, Lot 25, Bishop Rd, Beachmere, Queensland,tslo.- LiV e Poter NESEIfT-FIAWES Fimohy/84, Laura/87) NSW CENTRAL COAST HOIIESC}IOOL GRP, RMB 6346, lvlacDonalds Rd, Lisarow NSW 2250 -. Robert OSI/AK, BRISBANE HOMESCH@LING GROUP. Lot 2, Caboolnrro Riwr Rd, Upper Caboolu.rro 4510 June & Mattpw SCRIBER (3 drildren) 24 Homan Close, Umina 2257, NSW.- Karen & Dale WILLIAMS (GranU81, ElisatS3) YARRA VALLEY HOrrESCHOOTERS, 9 Salisbrrry Sr, Wsrburbn








England Ralph LATTII,ORE e Abon LATTIMORE-FIORRIDGE (Finniaru8s, Toilgn cto Ralph Lanimore, Wolfson C,ollege, Oxford O)Q 6VD (H) Candis LITSEY E Edward YOUl,lG (EBnA2, Sa.atu8s) t0 Fairfar Rd, Chiswid<, London W4 lEW (H) RO & Barbara SHEPPARD (Ellier,8o, lJadw 83, AlfbB4 18 Quoon Katherine St Kond€|, Cumbria, Enghnd [Ag 7OG (H) eob & Sareh TAYLOR (Lulie/8g) 23 Whidoy Rd, London N17 sRJ (Hl







Frank DONEGAN (Seary8O, Aidan/8g) Drumbuoy, Newowrrcunningham, Co. Don€gal (H) John & Cindy DRING ([fogarf/6, Siirmnr/g, Ehsn/83, cvery 85) The Farm, iloydrllen, Co.Galway (H) BrendaryStl,



&pan Takeshi & Barbara }|A}.IAOI(A (Kiny/ 86) T665 Takarazuka-stri, l,lakayama Soon 2 ban 1S So -..,rrdih e Ashloy LYE (Kk8riry8g, Matheu/gs) & 4-9 Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158 Loren & Jennie SCHMIDT (Jonathan/85, AlexandertsS) PSC Box 7737, APO San Fnncisoo, CA $2Ct (H)



EISEWHERE: Kelvin & Noeline BARKLA (ElizabedvS0, Jand 83, Thomas/84 17 Morernore Rd, RD 12, Flswora New Zeatand .- Elese COIT & cary SCHULLER (tlagali/88) 30 Rue des Mimosas, 10in Brussols Bclglum (H) .- John E Beverly GOLDEN (Judith/8i, GabrieUSil, ZacharylS8, RachaeU8g) PSC Box 868, APO New York 09291 (Crete) .- Etsa l-lMS, APRENDER SIN ESCUELA (Spanish cWS), c/ Hortaleza, 4, quinto izquierda, 28004 Madrid Sp.ln (H) Davia & Fiona MNCOCK (Laura/8s, crahary


86) 08 Calle Gardenh, San Francisco, Rio Piedras Puorlo Rlco 00927 V|€ity Pat & Charnchai KEI.IGIHNA (Lucas/85, Nidrolas/87, Duncan8g) 2nd floor, 1 1A Stanl€y Beacfi Rd, llong Kong .- C"rri" &andon KI{OX (Cor€y/82, SamatldSg) cro Whispeing Pineg Rancfi, Red Rod( TX 78662 (Costa Rb.) l-fopo & Einsr KNUTSSON (lrySgin4, f\aWm Aessufell 4, epl2F , 1 1 1 Rekjavik lce land -.




chrisbphor llAt{ot{EY & caEtyn coHEN (Brary8s, Tara(PennDAT) USDA-APH|$|S, Amerban Embassy-Hagw, APO NY, NY 09159-7021 (Nelhethnd.) -. ltlichel & Clairc IIANGION (Mafiisu/86, Geoffroy€7, Clohidla/8g) Allee de la Marthe, 01480 Villeneuw, Fnncc (!l) .- Joaquim & Flory IIOIITEIRO (Myohz6, lryrorvSs) PO Box 7682, Dubai, Unltcd Anb Emlretcc (H) -. Lynda & NiSol NORTOT{ (lsalah/8s, Ruyd88) PO 8ox 607, Colonia, Yap, Wostem Caroline hl, lllcroneeh Khalid & Terrio RASHEED (Abdullah/83) PO Box 25239, Riyadh, 11,f66, Seudl Areble (H) .. Gary SCHULLER & Elese @lT (Magalil88) 3Sl Rue du Tilloul, B-1 1,O Brussols, E.lglum (H) .. William & lbde STIGLIANI (lrarisa/82, Claire/83, Emilid85, Caterina/87, Anhony€o) ottensteinstrasse 123, Sudstadt A2344 Audde (H) -. Fayga & Chaim TAVENS (Chaitre/86, EfrayidSS) 16 Tiferet Yisrael st,97500 Jerusalem, lcrael -. Margy Di€gnar WALTER (Cani€/8l, Ingo/84, StevervS6) Finkonweg 14, 731 1 Flcchdorf, West G.rmany .. Law & Peggy WATKINS (NatnnieF74, Sophia/7g) NangareiJ, lvlalakara via Edayaranmula, 6895tt2 Kerala lndla -. Jill & Peter WHIIIdORE (Tom2s, bttTt, Annal&8r3 Thompson Rd, Panmur€, Auckhnd 6 Ncw Zeatand (H)



Directory of Organizations The following lists are updated periodically and sold separately as our Homeschooling Resource List, available for $2.50.

Correspondence Schools or Curriculum Suppliers Alpha Omcga Publlcatlonr, PO Box g15g, Tsmpe AZ 8528f ; 602-4*2717 Altr Vlsle Collegc Prccr Home School Currlc, pO bx 222, lledina WA 98039; 2O&45$7&48 Amerlcen Homc Acadcnry ilatcrhlr,2770 S 1000 W, Perry UT 84302 Amrrlcan School, 850 E 58h, Chicago lL 60692 (high school)

Aecoclated Chrletlan Schoolr, PO Box 271 15, fndianapolis lN $227., 917-881-1132 Brlgham Young U.Dept ol lndependent Study, 206 Harman Continuing Ed Bldg, Povo UT 84602 Catvcrl School, 105 Tuscany Rd, Baltimore MD 212',t0

Chrlstlan Llberty Academy, 5O2 W EuclirJ Ave, Arlingron HE lL 60004 Chrlethn Llght Publlcatlon., PO Box I 126, Harrisonburg V A 22.801 -1 12fi 70943+076A Clasclc Cunlculum, Dept G, PO Box 656, Mlford Ml .18042; 31&481-7008 or 1{0G34&6688 Educaton Publlshlng Servlcr, TS iloulton St, Cambridge iilA 02238 Glenn Olstrlbutorr, 725i Ba$ Hwy, St Cloud l,S.l 32769

Hcwltt Reecerch Foundatlon, PO Box 9, Washougal WA 98671;20S83$8708 Homr Study Alternatlv. School, PO Box 10956, Norvport B€ach CA 92658

Homc Study Dlrectory: Nat'l Hom. Study Councl!, 1001 18h St NW Wash DC 20009. Home Study lnstltut ,6940 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park MD 2o912202-7/&WO

Gro$'lng Wthout Schoollng #78 - f 99l Dtrectory

Int.m.tlon l Inrtllut.,

PO Box 99, Park Ridge tL


Kolb., 1@0 F St, Napa CA 94559 Lrarnlng Ai Horr, PO Box 27GG, fbnaunau Hl 96726

llcGufley Acadrmy, 2213 Spur Trail, Grapevine TX 76O51; 817-'81-7008

Llvlng Hrdtagr, PO Box t/t38, Lewisville TX 75(b7

Netlonal Book Co, &13 SW Park Ave, Porthnd OR 97205.37e4; 50r}228€84,s

Ork Ieedow School, PO Box712, Blacksburg VA 2tO63: 70iL552€263



ol Vlctory School, PO Box 5181, Mssion

Hilb cA 91345

Prrlacoh Chrlcthn Conospondence School, Box '18000, Pensacola FL 32523

Phocnk Spcclel Progremr,3132 W Clarendon, Phoenix AZ 85017 (high school)

Bod & Sletf Publbherr, Crockon KY 41413; 6Oe 522-434/8

S.lon School Homr Study, One Kidd Ln, Front Royal VA 2263G3332; 70+6:16-9900 Educatlona! Sewlccc. Box 1079, Sunland CA 91olt{) 81&352-2310 T.rtboolc P.r.nt , Box 209, Kendrk;k lD 83*t7:



n*27&4721 U ot Nebrask. Indcpendenl 9tudy Hlgh School, Cr Rm 209, Lincoln NE 68583

Continuing Ed

For h[h sclrool, college and grad courses, soe PETERSON'S INDEPENDENT STUDY CATAIOG, availaue from Holt Associat$, 2269 Massachusetts Ave, Camkidge lvtA 02140 for $1 'l .95 + $3 postage.


36 The Volcr, (Newslettor) POtlF,x742, Tallass€e 36078; 205-283-5018 !f,: Alerle lbmccchool A$oc, PO Box 87()75, Wasilla 99687; 907-3ig

Helpful Private Schools Privde schools enrolling or helping homeschoolers in various


A& Arlzsre FdnllLr ior llom. Educ.tlon,639 E Kino Dr' llesa

ways (curricula, legalhelp, support). Send SASE.


Abbott Loop Chrbtlen Glr,626 Abbon Rd, Anchorag€ AK 90507 Ablngilon Acrdcmy, '176 llain St, Ysrmouthport llA 02675 (Capo Cod only)

Prnnb Asoc ol Chrlrtlan llom. SchooL, 6166 W Highland, Phoonix Tucron llomr Educrtlon l{.tsort. POB 58176' Tucaon 85732-8176

Aloh. Kldt,4640 sw 182, Alohs 0R 97007;50:Ie42{}9a local Alph. School, Rt 1, Perry KS 66073; 91&597-5822 Amcrlcen llorltegr Cftrl.l||n Acedcmy, 9027 Calvine Rd, Sacrameno CA 95829;


Penvrl Setollltr Schoolr, 91+232-9721


Calumd School, RD 1 Box 95, Smyma tlY '13464 Carcadr Cenyon School,45S3464 (San Anselmo, CA) Chrlrthn Chepcl Schoolr, 1920 S &ea G1n Cutotf Rd, Walnut CA 91789; 71+ 59&9733

Chrlrthn Frmlly Educetlond Servlcc, PO Box 47159, Ptronix AZ 85068 Clonhr. tlorm Bucd Educrlbn Prognm, 1289 Jewen SL Ann A.bor Ml a8t04; 31&7694515

Clrlchn Ac.dcmy, PO Box 60956, Palo Alb CA g/|{no Dlscorcry Chrlctlen Sctrool, 5547 Ahbama Dr, Concord CA 94521; 419672Daysprlng 5670

G.A,T.E. School, 1725 N Date #43, ilesa AZ 85a)1; 96s4821 Grassrootr Frcr Sctrool, 2458 Grassroob Way, Tallahassee FL 32301; 904-65e 3629 tltgh llcadow,60 Gatehouse RD, New Pdtr NY 12561;9.|4-2598842 Homc4cntcrcd Lremlng, PO Box 92, Escondklo CA 92025;61s-74$,|522 Indepcndencr Prlvrt. School, c/o Principal: M. Black, 45 Albert Sl North, Orilla' ONT LgV slG. Canada Thc l..rnlng Communlty,9085 Fhrnepool Way, Columbia MD 21045; 301-730' 0073 Llndcn School, 572 Militaty, Batde Creek Ml 49015; 61 e96S2877 Llttle Plney School, Rt I 8ox 20, Newburg l;|o 65550 Lltlh B.d Hqnr School, $69 E 123rd, Flastings lt N 55G13;437-3049 taglc llcedow 9chool, PO Box 29, N San CA 95960 lfctrr Schoolr, POf,p,x427, Rosharon TX 77583 lfomlng Glory Prlvetr School, PO 8ox 20, Ft White FL32028 llounl Vcmon, 1&4 Vino St, Murray UT 84107 llt Cermcl Acedemy, RD 1 Box 1737, Waterville W 05492 lluncb chrlrthn school' 23o s 65h' Kansas city Mo 6611 1; 91$78&3018 North long Beech Cdvery Ch.p.l, 132 E Artesh Blvd, Long Eeadl CA 90805;

21+428-51s6 pllgrlm Chrlstl.n School,3759 E 57th St, liiaywood CA 90270; 213-58$3167 Pflgrlm sctroof,531 N Balna, Pororville CA 9%7;209-782'0402 Plmuood School. 112 Road D, Pine CO 80470; 309-838'4418 Plnrburgh Urbrn Chrldhn Co.l. School, 412422-|B,24 PAI Rocky lolx|trln Hlgh Acdcmy, PO Box 418, Flora Vista NM 87415 Saddlebrck Vellcy Ctr, Box 91 2, El Toto CA 92630; 71 4-85$8003 sedr Fr communhy school, rc8ox2241, Sana Fe NM 87501; 50$471€928 Scedllng, cro Joy Reit€r, 69 Sanderson Crescent, Richmond Hill orilado L4C 5L5' Canada Sldney lrdror School,33 Overland Dt, Don Mills, Ont, Canada lfitC 2C3;41& 447-5355 Snohomlsh County gchool, 1215 Olympic Ave, Edmonds WA 98020; 2o/o-^711-1793

$oncmoo. HllL School,3 SbniEmoor Dr, Pueblo CO 81m5; 3@561-3510 Summlt Chddhn Ac|, 13789 i.lo€l Rd, Suite 10o, Dallas TX 7524(} Sycemorr Trr, 2179wat Pl, Costa trlssa CA 925,27i714€504&to TEACH,4350 Lakeland Ave, N Robbinsdale MN 55422 WhoL E.nh Fenn School,3661 SerninolE Rd NE, Silveron OR 97381

Homeschooling Organizations lf you write to lhese groups, please send a SASE. Use International Postal Coupons outside of U.S. These groups will usually be able to refer you to smaller, more localized support groups.

State or Local Groups: (alphabetically by state)



Ar*rnrer Chrlclen tlorm Educetlqr Ar.oc, PO Box 50i' Litdo Rod 7?2:0ts,i5o1-75+91il 9A: Cellfomle Co.lltlon. PALS, PO Box 92, Escondido 92025;619-749


@rt.3 lor Educ.Uonel Guldencr,


PO Box 445, N San Juan 95960; 91e292-

Chrlrtbn Femlly Schoolr, PO Box 2368, Son Joso 951593068 Homr Edrcltorr ol CA,

PO Box 28644, SanEt Ana 92799|l644i714'


Communlty Educ.tlon Gazd!., PO Box 445, N San Jlan 95960 Eert Velloy Horncchootcr.,6046 Rivorton Av' N I'bllywood 9t6o6 Iontcrcy dounty tlomc b.rn.|t, PO Bor 4667, Salinas 93912;40&66$5324 l{orth Sentr Clan Vall.y Homcrchoolcn, Tg5 Sherabn Dr, Sunnyvale 9'{87 l{orthem Celllornh Homccchoolcn A$oc,33'15 Sana Paula Dr, Concord

.tt$7+1294 Prnln$Ir llornchoobtt, ttTss Lago, San Joso 95130 srn Dlcgo liom6chool.F, 3581 Mt Adare Ave' San Diego 92111 Sanlr Clan Yellcy ]lomcschoolcrr A$n, 795 Shorabn Dr, Sunnyvale



qt136 Sonom. County Homaechool.E, 3600 T€mpleman Rd, Foreswilb South Sl C.ntr., Box 261, Boulder Creek 95d)6 (resource cf tor families) South Velley Homecchoolerl A38n, Box 961, San llartin 95046 Yolo County Hom6chooletr, PO Box 305, Esparto 95627; 91&787-3613 Yoecmlte Arce Homeschoolerr, PO Box 74, Midpines 95345 Qo' Colomdo Home Educaton' Assoc,30$65G883!t Colorado Hom. Schoollng N.twort, 7490 W Apach€, Sedalia 8O 35; 30S6881


Colondo Sprlngr llomeechoolen,2g06 Marilyn Rd, Colorado Sgings 80909; 71953&8444' Nodhcm Colorado Home School Acroc, 4633 Skyline Dr' Ft Collins 8o526 g[i Connectlcul Hom. Edrcalor. Asroc' 4 Hudson St' Enfield 06082; N+745-2848



Femlly Lcamlng Erchangr, 2020 Turpontin€ Rd' Mims 32794 br Schools rt Hom., looo Devil's Dip, Tallahassee 3?3o8;87&

Florlde Aseoc

278 Florlda Parcnt-Educelorr A$oc, 118o1-5 28th St N' St. Petorsburg 3{1716 GA: Cobb Corrnty Homecclroolctr, 8't3 \,ynu/d Dr, Konnesaw 30144 Georgfanr lor Fr.cdonr ln Educ.tlon,209 Cobb St, Palm€tto 3rJ,268;$+a633719 REACH, c/o Vidd s@n, 617 colony

ct, wmdsbck 30188

Chr|rllan Hom.lchoolet ol Herall,910824 Oama St' Ewa Esach


$706;6896398. Fdcndr Learnlng rt Hom., c/o Linda Inouye,94'416 Ki'ilani St' Mlilani 96789; 62$0445 Hewall blend Homr Educalon, 58-8076 or 96$9002 Hawall Honreechool A$n, 66960 Kueua Dr' Waialua $791 lfanf Honrr||, 777 Kolani St, Wailuku 96791:.80&2a24?25 lowe Famllle lor Chrlcbn Educallon, RR 3 Box 1€, Missouri Valley



lowe Homr Educaton Assoc, PO Box 213, Des lbines 50301 lDi Home Educ.tors ol ldeho, 361E Pin€ Hill Dr, Coeur d'Alene &1814;208-

657-n78 fdaho Home Educeton, PO Box 4022, 8r,irF83711-40,22; 20&t182-73:16 fLi HOUSE, PO Box 578291, Chicago 60657{291t912'92s.6723 llltnol. Chrtstt.n Homc Educatorr, PO Box 261' Zion 60099 mte: horneschoolers in southem lL can also get support ftom the souhern lndiana Support Grp (see below) lndlanr Arsoc ot ]lonro Educeton, PO Bor 50524, Indianapolis '1625o southem lN Support Group, 118 E Water St, P.incabn 47670i812'8*4176 f,,$, Hcsston/Canton Homo Educalo6 A38oc' 314367€205 Kaneane br Alt3rnatlY. Educatlon, 199&5 Bonnor Rd' Spring Hill 66083 913-



Ianhattrn Par.nt Educator., 91 3-53+3641 Wtchhr Teachlng Patcntr, 31e264-963 KX, Kentucky Hom. Educatlon /lesoc' PO Bor

81 ,

Wlndlester 40392-



331 o lllinois Ave, Lot tigville 4021 3 noto: homoschoolers in Kennrcky can also g6t support fro{n the Southern Indiana Support Grp (so€ above)

Kmtucky HomoschooleF,

Alabemr Hom. Educ.tor., PO Box 16091' Mobile 36116 llom. Educrton

1125 E Ouk* Draw Pl, Tucson 85749



Thr Archcr. POB 58176, Tucson t885732-8176 Arlvce Communlty Sclpol, PO Bor 24, ArivuaAz 85601 glG Beldwln Prrk Chdclen School, 139,() E llerced, Ealdntin Park CA 91706; Celr

]lom. School Suppll-,



Turcaloocr At r, Rt 3 Box 6g!' Cottondale 49153

Gros'tng Wthout Schoollng #78 -






87-Zn$3@ Hom. Schoof.n Erchengr, RD 1 , Box 72E , E Chat|am 186O; 518-392-42T1 Long l$nd l{qncrchoolrc Ar.oc, 4 Seville Pl, Massapequa Park 11762;51679$5554 Lovlng Educetlon At Homr, PO Box 332, Syraone 1320$0332;51&337-6019 Ncw Yort Oty llomo Educrtoc Allhncl, do Ther$a Mords, 341 E sth St, New York 1flXXt:21247+7173 Thqner Io.. C.lhollc llom. School Supporl Grp,248 E 2(N St, Bronx 1



Cltlz.n to. Hotn. Educetlon,3{X

Van Buren. Beker 70714; SOG


ffi: llelnr Homc*hod A$ochtlm,

PO Box 3289, Auhrm 04212in7-TT7-


Southrm llalnr Homr Edrretbn Suppod Grp.25 Bdmeade Rd, pornand 04't01: N7-TI+7053


Seltlmon ]lomcchoollng Co|tst,




Eastom Aw, Baltimore





Chrldlen Hono Schoob of W.d.m ID, PO Box 564, Cumberland 21502; 301-



ll.ryland Hom. Educ.tlon A..oc, 9085 Flamepool

Way, Cotumbia 21045; go.t-

NY Hodr.choollng llduorlq'119 Cook Ay, Jarn€stown 14701;716-

!9Frmlly bemlng Erchengr of llC, Box 5825, Wrightsville Boach 28450 llorth Cerollnanl ior llome EdrceUqr,204 tlorfi Petson St, Raleigh 27601;

tlontgom.ry Co Support Group, 2s824 Floward Chapol Dr, Damascus A)872-

91+83+NCHE [Dl Nodh Drkoh l{omo Sctrool


70'f "4,1&91C1




PO Box 539, Turtle Lako 58575;


Prrcnlr lor Homr Ed|rcetlon, 1304) Bhirnore St, Boltsville 20705:*1-572-5/,,27 Prlncr Gcorger Support Grcup, 34$6482 ilA Applr Country llomcchootlng Aseoc, PO Box 246, Flarvard 0j451; 50&45S3688 Fnnklln Co Femllle ior llomr Ed,41&62$6566 Greatcr Bo:ton l{om. Educ.toil, 617-26-265 (Wakefreld) Homccchoolert ol llas. Edrrcetlon Club (Boson area), 72 Dale St, Roslindale

Ql[ Chdrthn Hotn Educrtor! d Ohlo, rc bx P24, Kent 44240 Chrlcllan Peretilr A3roc,310 Bkr€bonn€t Dr, Findhy 458a0 (bcal only) Cr..tly. Thought. lrcm otrlo llome Schoolr, c/o Amy Vanorio,2108 Kemp€r Ln, Cincinnati 452(b Growlng Togcthe., c/o l,lancy lvlcKibbsn 1676 Trendril Ct, Columbus 43229 ]l,omo8escd Educrtlon Lcaguo ol Perrysburg, c/o Terry Endsley, 13947 5 Pl

02131; 617-32$1119.

Hom. School Rcrowcr ctr, 1444 Gurley Aye, Akron ,[4310; 21&63&3160 Ohlo Coe!. o0 Educetlonrl Allcrnetlvc llow, PO Box 094, Thompson 4086 QKiTh. Femlly Lrernlng Conn.ctlon, PO Box 1$8, Dwant74702

Kltchcn School Group, PO Box 96, W Boxford 01885;508352-2023

llasr ]lomc Lumlng A..oc,

PO Box 1976, Lsnox 01240 Melro We.t Home8chooLr.,379 Concord Rd, lvlarlboro Ot7S2; 50&l|8S2949 North thoro Suppoft crp, 5@46&4663 or 50&65&8970 gouth Shor Homeechoolcrr,8T Sn€ll Av, Brockron 02402; 50&588-1529 Worcerter Aree l{omcchoollng Org.nlzatlon, 2a6 }hy St f2, Worcostor 01602; 5O&75995511 ilL Bey Chy Homechoollng Supporr crp, 517-99&7608 Inlormatlon Nctwork ior Chrbthn HomG, 4150 Ambrose NE, Grand Rapids 49505

Sunnyddg.Alternatlvr Lcarnlrg Ctr, HCO 1 Box 194, pelkie49958 [!li Femlllea Nuilurlng Llblong Lcamerr, 2452 Souhcr€sr Av, iihplewood 551 19

Fergo-lloorehead llonrcrchool Assoc, 19098h St S. lrloorohead 56560 HomrBaced Educator. Accndhlng Assoc, Rt.t Box 981, Cambridge 55008 lllnn. Acsoc Of Chrlstl.n Honr Educators, Box 1 4326, MinneaDolis SS4t 4 illnn..ot. Homachool Allhncr, PO Box 281, lritaple plain SSg59; 612-479-4391

lllnnctote Homo Schoot Nctwork,9669 E 123rd,


Mlcalsslppl Homcochootcrt Arsoc,

Hasrings 55O33;612-437-3O49

Rr 4 Box 436, pass Christjan



Famlllec ior Homc Edrcatlon,4400 Woods Rd, Sibloy 640S8 Sprlngfleld Aree Homeechooler., Rt I Box 1gt, Fair Grow 65648 Sl Loub South County Support Grorp,601 lvladison, ArrpH 6tlolo f,I: Veltcy Honrcschoolers Aeen, Kalispell, gga-4fi52 Thc Grapevlno (i,lontana lbmeschool News), 1702 Hwy Bg North, Seeley Lake 59868; e6&754-2a91

Hom..chool.n of lloilan., Box 40, Billings 59101 llontan. Homsschoolon As€oc, PO Box 95, UIM MT STATES N.O ilELLEARN,


OK Central Homc Educaton Conrochllon, PO Box 270601, OKC73137 Oklahoma Chrlstl.n Hom. Educator. Ascoc, PO Box 102, Jenks 74037 9&, Avalc lremlng Center, PO f]E.x7OT78, Eugons 97401 Cenfr.l Oregon Hom.schooleF, PO Box S06, Bond 9TI0f,.;**824*l tlouglas County Hom.schoolor. Connectlon, 40Sl Hanna St, Roseburg 97470 HomeechoolcF ol Lene County,38(XO Psngra Rd, Fall Croek 97438;50$Sl7-

271 Thc Lcamlng Conn.ctlon, PO Box 1091 #196, Granls Pass 97526;5&1476-5686 Oregon Home Educato[ Alsoc, c/o Kim Gordon, Oregon Yacht Club *D,

Pofiand97m2 Percntr Educetlon Acroc, PO Bor lrl&!, Beaverton 97075;509645-3209 Portlend Arce Trl€ounty Hotneschoolen, c/o Susan Jorg, 28901 S. Davis


Estacada 97023: 50S63G4935 Homechoolcn,24SW 27tr Av, Eugene 97405

STATES P.W P!; Chcstcr County,

PO Box C, Paoli lSX)l RD 6 Box tgB, W€llsboro 16901 Pcnnsylvanla llome Edrrcatlon Newe, 41 1 N Duft Rd, Euder 1600i Pcnnsyfvanfa Homeschoolcr., RD 2 Box tt7, Kinanning 162O1;412-7838512 Homc Spun Newr, 4 Sherwood Av, Warwid< 02888i 4o1-781-5gTT P.r.nt Educatoc of Rl, PO Box 546, Cownfy 02816 Rhode lsland Gulld ol Honr Tcechcn, 272 Poquot Av, Waruick 02886; 40t737-22:65


llountalnr Hom.schooler,


Rhode lslandcrr lor Conetltutlonal Educatlon, 1 Solar St, Providence 02903; 401-861-9685 SCi Carollm Femlly School Assoc, Rt 2 Box 17, Sr Stephen 29479 Sq, South Dakote Honrr School A:roc, 8801 E 3Sh Sr, Sioux Falls 571 03 Homr Educatlon Accoc of Trnn (HEAT), 367/ Ricfibriar Ct, Nashville



E A\on Ln, Lincotn 68505;402-4A4-OSS1

l{ebrask Indep. Horneschool.r. N3tf,ork,8010 Lillibridge St,

Rd, Penysburg,|{!551 ; 419874-2148

Lincoln 69506


OPEI{, 7930 Raven Oaks Dr, Omaha 68152;402-SZ2-BS1S Prelrb Chrldlan Homr gchoolr, Rt g Box 73, Ord 69862 lllIi Hom. Schoob UnhcdrVcgar Vall.y, pO Box 268i i , Las Vegas 891 26; 702-87G9566 !f,: Ncw Hampehlrr Hornr School Coalltton, pOBox2224, Concord

Homeschoollng Femlllc, 116 Rictrads Dr, Oliver Springs 37840;435-t667 tr& Austln An Honr.lchooler|, 6502 Bradley Dr, Austin 78723 Famlly Homo Educator. of Dallet, 21+f',o8342 Home-(klenled Prlvatc Educatlon lor Tcxa., PO Box 43887, Austin 78745-OOl


Terar Homeschool Coalltlon, W797-4927 lfl: FCLA utah Splcc croup, 1510 W 500 N, Provo 84601; W1-37t-4728

New Hampahlrc Homo Schoolr Newrlottcr, pO Box 97, Center Tuftonboro 01t816


Famfflcs Lramlng Togethcr, 11 Bates Rd, Jackson OBS27



Homc*hoolrn olSouth


Rt 2 Burnt House Rd, Vincentqvn 0809g

Jcr'ey Shon Ghrlctlan Hom.rchooler. Assoc,65 Middles€x Rd, lvhtawan 07747-3ry30

NJ Frmlly Schoola Assoc, RD t2 Box 230, Catilon 07830 Su.rcx County l{omt Educatlon Orgenlzatlon, g7$617g

Unrchooferr N.twork, 2 Smifi St, Farmingdale O-r727 ; N1 -9&2473 Unrchoollng Femr. Support G,p of C.ntnl NJ, RD 1 Box 7.r 3, Jobstorf,n

ooo41 ;


il& ilcr llcrlco Ftmlly EducatoE,678 Lisbon Av SE, Rio Rancfro 87124 texlco Homc, PO Box I g38it, Albuquerque g7t 92 Chrlsthn llomr Educetlm, 7417 Sanra Fe Trail NW, Albuquerque 07120

lJtah Homc Educatlon Assoclatlon, 1099 S 200 E, Farmingon 8a054; 801-€& 3676 IL, Lfh lr VelurHe Educatlon, RR 2 Box 2898, Sr Albans 05 478; 802-5271674 Yermonl Homc:choolcrr Assoc, RR 1 Box 6680, Middletown Spgs 05757 XAHom. EducatoE Aeeoc of VA, PO Box 1810, Frcnt Royal 2263G1810; 70&59G9048 Hom. Educators l{ctwork, 3320 Waverly Dr, Fredericksbutg 22401 Home Instructlon Suppo.t Group, 217 Wllow Terr, Steding 22170 ilonh VA Homorchoolerr l{.stlett.r,2519 Buckdew Dr, Falls Churdr 22046 Northem VA HomccchoolerCLEARl{,4q)0 Tenace Dr. Annandale 22d)3 UAI Clark Co. Hom. EducatoE, 28823 NW lvlain Sr, Ridgefiold 98642;




Famlllec leamlng Together, Box 10 Tiger Star Rt, Colville 99fi4 Famlly Academy, l,16 SW 153rd #290, Seatde 98166 Famlly Leamlng Organlzetlon, PO Box 7256, Spokano 99207-0256; 509467-

Sente Fo Lremlng Coop.r.tly.,2463 Carnino Capian, Santa Fe, 87505 Flngerlaker Un.chool.rr Nctwork, 607 Cascadilla St, lthaca 14850:


Growlng Wlthout Schoollng #78 -








PO 8ox 413, l,laplo Valley 98008;



N.tur.l [..mlng t{.modq 5725 N Elgin, Spol€ne Trechlng P.nntt Altoc, Werhlngron Hom..chool

90205; 53&8'110 (attor 5 prn) 16427 28tt Dr SE, Bothell 98012; 20S4896e42 Orgnnlzrllon, PO Box S8, Maple Valley 98O38;20G


Wh.tcon Homcchool Ar.oc, 595 Trout Lake Rd, Eellingham 98226 ll Frmlller In SchooL d fbm. (FISH),4639 ConesbgaTrail, Coll'oo G]ow 53527

lK)ilE (l|.dLon Ctt pt .l,57115 Bitrefsw€et Pl, Madbon 53705;608-23&3tD2 HOIIE ]{Cuorf, 1.128 W@dland, Eau Clait€ sru'l Wbconrln P.ilrt. A.|oc, PO Box 2502, lradison 53701

W. Altrrnetlvr

In Eduoetlon, Rt 3 Box 305, Chloe 5235: 30,1-65S7232 Chrlctlen Homo Edrcrton otlfrd YA, PO Box 268, Glenville 26351;304a1628296 lv.c VA lbm. Educrtor. A..oc, PO Box 75(X, Charlosbn 25356; 30+7334735 lllfiwyomlry Hqnmolpolon, Box 1386, Lyman 82S17; $7-787$728

Natlonal or General Homeschool Groups:

Yulon llomr Educ.tor.'Socldy,8 Nomandy Rd, tlUhitoho€e YT Y1A 3C5

Eleewherc: Acc.Li.!.d Chrblen Educetlon,

PO Box 10, Shafipino, Old., Australia;07 205


Alt.rn tlv. Educ.tbn Fr.ourcr Grcup, 39 Wlliam St, Flawtlome,

Victoris, 22, llolbourne, AuEr8lh Aprrnder Sln Erurlr, crHodaleza,4, quinb izquierda, 280O4 Madrid, Spain Bdrbrm llcrehodlng Grcup,Lot 2, Caboollrre Riwr Rd, Upper Caboolure



Educrtbn Oth.ilb.,25 Common Ln, Flemingford Abbob, Cambs PE 18 gAN England

lbtnochoobn Audnlh Pty Lld,

PO Box 346, Sewn Hills 2147, NSW Ausralia Enfentr D'Abord, 18 Grde Rue 26000, Frano llSW C.ntr.l Ccd lbmorchool Grp, RMB 6346, llacDonalds Rd, Lisarow NSW 2250, Ausralie Prnemr Support Group, PSC Box 15/8, APO Mkmi, Florida 94001 (Ft Amador,



Prun ., 120 Eskdab Rd. Auckland 10 l.lou Zosland Puerto Rlco llom..choollng Barbe St, Sanurce 00912 Pu€rb Rico

^..oc,503 World-Wldr Eduallon l S.rvlc., Srode l-buso,44150 Osnaburgh St, London All.m.tly. Educ.tlon Sourcc,

PO Box 172, Unionville lN 47.168 PO Box 610589, D/FW Airport TX 752f,1:'21+46,2-19r'9

NW1 3l,lN England

Bmfc Educdlon, Cethollc llomr School l{.w.lctt.r,688 1th Aw NW, tl€yr Bdghon lnt 55112 Chrlellen Ll|. Workrhope, 180 SE Kane Ave, Grosham OR 97ffX) Cr.atfv. Lsrnlr|g llagarlnc,473 Elly Mitchell Rd #3, San Antonio TX7822*



These educational, child-raising, or self-reliance organizations are good sources of help and allies. Again, a SASE is appreci-


C.nt.r.d Lmmlng Altcm.tlv.r,

l-lCR 63 Box 713, l.laselle WA 98638;

zo,e.4€,+3252 Growlng Wllhout Sclroollng,2269 Massacfiusetls Aw, Cambridge MA 02140 Hom. Educ.tlon Prs, PO Box 108{1, Tonaskot WA 98855; 509,4e1351 Homr Educetlon Wor*rhopr, Homesoading Sdrool, RD 2 GW, Oxford NY 138{X)

Homo Educatorr Slngl. 9813&1716;

P.r.nt N.twork,


Homr Educelon Comput.? b872-1247 ;



NFIA, PO Box 58746, Seade WA

eiroup,26824 l.loward Chapel Dr, Damaso.rg


Homr gchool Grzctlr, PO Box 359, Burtonsville [,lD 20866; {1-421-1473 ]f,omr Schoof Lrgaf Doirnr A$oc, Paeonian Springs VA 2129;7@$2-3818 lfomr School R.s.archc?, 25 W Cremona, Soatde 981 19; re28l-2210


llomrechoolcr.,9 Salisbury St, Warburbn, Ausralia

other Organlzallons:

ated. Alllarrco

br P.r.nt l Involv.mcnt

ln Edrrcetlon, PO Box 59, E Chatham NY

1206G0O59; 51&392€900

Altornatlv. Educatlon Rerourcc Organlzatlon,4lT R$lyn Rd, Roslyn Hghts NY 'l152l; 514621-2195 EVAN€,977 Keel€r Aw, Berkeley CA 94708 (corporal punishmont) !e Lechc L.agu. lntcrn tlonal, 961 6 lVlnneapolis Av, Franklin Park lL 601 31 Llcdlofl Contlnuum l{etwork, White Elephant, 6, lssaquah, Waldo Pt. Hatbor, Sausalio CA 94$5;4.|53:12-15rc (peodo intor$t€d in lho Continuum ConcopD.

llafl Accoc ior thr bgd Suppod ol Alt. Schoolr, PO Box

2823, Sana Fe NM

8750 1 ; 50$471 €928


Natlonal C.nt.r tor Felr and Open Tccllng (FrlrTal), 342 Broadway, Cambridge ltlA 02139; 617€64-'1 410 l{.t'l Coalltlon Of Alt. Communlty Schoolr,58 Schoolhouse Rd, Summertown TN 3&agg; 615-964-3670 These lists may be reproduced in full or in patt only if fio source is cr€dited as GROWING WITIIOUT SCHOOIING, 2269 lrilassachusetr Avsnue, Cambridge

Jcwbh l{omr Educ.tor'. ll.twork, 1028 Albany St, Schonectady NY 12307-



U.S. Postal Servioe STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, IiIANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION (requked by 39 U.S.C.3685). (1A) Tide of publication: Growing Without Schmling.9lB) Publication No:07455305. (2) Date of filing:92&90. (3) Frequency of issue: Bi-monthly. (3A) Number of issues published annually:6. (38): Annual subscription prie: $25. (a) Complete mailing address of knorvn otfce of publication: Holt Associatos,2269 Massachusettrs Avenuo, Cambridge MA 02140. (5) Complete mailing address of fre headquarters of general business offi€s ol tr|e publisher: Sarne. (6) Full names and complete mailing addr6s ot publishor, editor, and rnanaging edibr. Publishor: Holt A$ocht$, 2269 Ma$. Ave., Cambridge MA 021€. Editor: Susannah Sheffer,2269 lrtlase. Ave., Camuidge MA 02140. lvlanaging Editoc Parick Faronga, 269 lvlass. Ave., Cambridge lilA 02.|40. (7) Owner (if owned by a corporation, its name and addressed musl be stated and also immodiatoly thereunder fie names and addresses of stockholders owning 1 porcsnt or morg of btal amount of sbck): Holt Associatos, Inc.,2269 lvtass. Ave., Camhidge lilA 02140. Patrick Farenga, 2269 Mass. Ave., Cambridge [,lA 02140. Donna Richoux, 2269 Ma$. Aro., Cambridge l/tA 021,O. Susannah Shofter, 2269 llass. Ave., Cambridge l,lA 021ilo. Tom and lhry Malpr, 3() Paft St, Wakefield lrA 01880. Nancy Wallace,2424 Panama St, Philadelphia PA 19100. Matk and ldary Van Eloren, 19589 Alsea Rd, Asoa OR 97324. (8) Known bondholders, rmr€aoees, and oher security hddert owning or holding 1 poroent or mofo ol lotal amount of bonds, morlgages, or other securitigs: Nono. EXTENT AND NATURE OF CIRCULATION: (A) Total l'lo. Copies (net press run): Average no. copies each issue durirq preceding 12 monfis:5692. Acud no. copies single issue published noarost b filing date: 5650. (B) Paid and/or roquosted circulation: 1. Sales hrough dealets and carriers, stre€t vendols and oounter salEs:0. 2. lhil $rbsctiptkrn: Average: 4632. Acual: 4547. (C) Toal paid and/or r€qu€st€d ciranlation (sum of 81 and B2): Averago: 46a12. Acural:4917. (D) Freo distsihJtion by mail, carrier, or other meang, samples, complimontary, and otrer free copies: Ar/orage: 9'1. Acn|al: 99. (E) Total disribution (sum of C and D): Average: 47?f. Ae)al4646. (F) Copi€s not disrihrted: 1. Oftice use, hft owr, unaocilntd, spciled atte' printing: Average:969. Actlal: '1004.2. Beurn ftom n€trc a0ents:0. (G) Total: Arorage:5692. Acujal:569). I certily hat t|o slatements made by me above are oorrect and complete - Paltick L. Farenga.

Homcchoolcn br Pceco,

PO Box 74, Midpines CA 95345

Homcrchoolcn Tnvrl l{rtwork, PO Box 58746, Seatd€ WA 98138-1746; 20& 432-1544

l{omr Swrt School, 1919 W Mekose, Chicago lL 60657 lrlemlc l{omachool A.roc of l,lorth Amcrlce, 1312 Plymouh Ct, Raleigh NC

Ioon Fouldatlon, Box'1, Camas WA 98607 Nat'f A.coc ot llormon Honr EducatoE , ZnO S 1000 Wost, Peny UT A€02 Nat'l Homoechool As.ochtlon, PO Box 58746, Seatde WA 9813&1216; 20e



]let'l Homrcchool s*vlcr, PO Box 167, Rodoo NM 88056;5O9557-2250 Nat'l lndltut lor Chrlatlan l{omr Edrcallon, Rt 3 Box 543, Rusburg VA 24588 Trfk Abord lremfng, 25 Belrneade Rd, Pordand O41O1; n7-774-7053 Thr Trechlng llomo, PO Box 20219, Pordand OR 972aI0219 Yogrn llomlchoolon,5313 A Heritaoo Way NE, Albuqueque NM 87109

Homeschool Groups Outslde of U.S. Canada: Albcrle Homcchoolhp Inlo lbrvlcr, 16 Foflda Clos€ SE, Calgary T2A 6G3 Crnrdhn Allhnct of Hom.&hoob't, 195 lvhrkville Rd, Unionville, Ont L3R 4V8;416.42-34{1 Cowhhrn Y.ll.y llomclc.m... Support Grp, RR 7, Duncan BC V9[- 4W4 Educ.tlon Advleory, %7 Kkrgs Ave, W Vancouver BC Canada V7V 2Ct Gnrtrr Vamowcr Homr Educ. Support Grp,6B-22&1939 Homr Lrernlng Borourcr C.ntr., Box 61 , Quahiaski BC Canada VOP 1 N0 Homcchoolcn Aceoc ol North.m Albcrte, 1 1415 43rd Avs, Edmonton Ta, 0Y2;4565741 lhnltobr A$oc fror Schoollng rt Homr, 89 Edkat Cros, Wnnipeg R2G 3H8 Ontrrlo l{onrcrchool.r|. Box 60, 260 Adelaide St E, Toronb ltlsA 1N0 Orllh Honr..choolc|t'guppod Grp,45 Alb€rt St l,lorth, Otilla Ont L3V sKg Quobc llomcctroollng Advbory,,1650 Acadia, Ladrine, Que l'ET 1N5; 514637-5790

Srlrtchrwen Hon|}B|r.d Educaton, Box .|13, Neville, Sask SoN 1T0 Ylctorlr Homr*hoolrn, 10G290 Regina, Victotia, 8C VBZ 6S6


Growtng Wthout Schoollng #78 -





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UNIOiI ACRES IiITENTIONAL OOIIU}IITY . Beautiful mountain homesites for sale rrar Srpfty llountain l,lational Park. Rt 1 Bor 61J, Whinior, ]rc 2878t9.704-4974964.

COfi'[IUNfi IN NORTF} ERN CAIIFORNIA. Three hmiliee wifr yorp drildren seek oher families interested in humanistic tunesdooling and organic marbt g8rdoning m 100 rcres of beaudlul hnd just east of the coastal bwn of llendocim. We have established a rural cornmunity wifi a balance betwe€n individual hornes and shar€d hcilitiea. Loving respea for orjr drildon, ourselves, and lhe hnd guides olr overall visbn. For inhnutirn sond a legal-sized 45c SASE to Comptch€ Community Farms, PO Box 167, Comptche, CA 95427 or call Russ end Jane 707-937-2315. }IOIESCHOOI.ING FARM

ALGEBRA FOR 3RD GRADERS & UPI 4x+2-A+10 B now child's day wih his patent€d, yisual/ kinesthetic system. Used in more han 1,0q) homeg nationwide. llANttsON EOUAnONS is availabl€ for S34.95 plus S4.50 S&H from Borenson and Associatos, PO Box 3328, Dopt. GWS, Allentown, PA 18106. 21982G5575.

SIJPER0R FOOD PROtvtOTES COhTENTRATIONI Prepare children for learnirq. Sucessful, nag-free rnethod b improve heir diet. $5.0O. FREE RECIPES. L-SASE: Doby, Route orp, Box 56c, Spout Spring, vA 245Ct.

lessons. LernMusic System of Music Instruc$on, Box 1834, Carmichaol. CA 95609.

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Crcatlvr Solutlons for challenging children. Grea selection of educational rosour€8 families.


efbrdable prodrcb. Sond SASE dotails or fll.95 ppd, Satisfaction Guannteed, INNOVATION STATION Box 6AnG. Laverkin. Utah 84745.

llomlgrorrr, Thr


Wrltton by llom+

.choolor. The artideg and drawings they

creatg aro

hom heir home sndies. l,bmeschoolers can learn frcm and teadr ong snothor by sharing wha they are loarning. lfs for kl'3 E road and paronts to read lo fioir youngstorsl Sample copy $2, one year subscription $10. Payable to Learning Together, Box 586. Plainfield. tl, 07(}61 {586. APPI"E ll USEB9: I|O|{ITOR YOIJR CI{ILOREN'S IATH PROGRESS. One 5 1/4'disk containg randomly generated practice problem3 and tesB on all middle sdpd bpica ercept g€omery, wod problems. Resulls of t€sts sbred on disk br parent monibring. Excellsnt for skill developmen1 maintenane, reinforoement. Comprehensive preparation for sooondary mah. Teacher creaied, dassrmm rofind. Diek, documentation, 065. Miko Collins, 17623 County Rd 9. Avon. l,S{ 56310.612-',4+29107.

Femllhr Lcrmlng Togcth.r - n€w statowido homescfrool goup. Contact Doug Woodrvard, 68 Lakey Creek, Franklin l{C 28734. RUBBER STAIPSI Natrrdocology rubber stamps; hrgs variety of inspirational teadref stanp (ex: €ood Jobl'); non-toxic washable inkpads. Pan of sales proceeds benefi ts EcoTeach (envircnmental education). Caalog $1.0O (refundable wifi oder). Flerbarium-GWS, PO Box 246836, Sacram€nb, CA

95824. FREE ART I,IATERIALS CATALOGUE. Special collection of art and craft supplies to inspire creativity. Uniquo ert book wrinen for children. Write A.G. Peunia Art Wo*s, 56O5 Keysone Pl. M., Seatde, WA

98103. Your drild can leam It t LTIPLICAT|ON wifr lluSlC. Choose liodern or Gospel songs. $1 1.95 bt SongbooK Cassone, Worksh€€ts PPD. MMATH, POB 216, San irarcos CA 920790216. Cl(lrrlO/VISA or oALL TOIL FREE t-8d)-338-9s39 (vrSA/MC)

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HEARTLEAF: HOilETADE llUSlC, AFT, e llOVEllEt{T... because horne is where tho art is. Free caalog of books, tap€s, and music. Heardeaf, Box rO-A, Slocan Park, BC CAMDA VOG 2E0.

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Now Available! aaaaaaaaOaar

nr bundcd l^ l9T7 by Jobn Eolt. GSlg

A Llfe Wortt Llvlng: gelectcd Ietters of John Eolt

Edttor - Susannah Shelfer Publlsher - Patrtck Farenga Contrlbuttng Edttor - Donna Rlchoux Edttorlal Aselstant - Mary Matrer Edttortal Consultant - Nancy Wallace

edited and wtth an tntroductton by Susannah SheIIer (Ohio State Untverstty Pness) . #L494. $18.95 + postage

"AffeWorthhultg ls a movlng and fnsfhtfirl collecilon of letters, fllled wlth

Offlce & Subecrtpflon Manager - DaY Farenga Book Strtppere/Recetrrcra :- Ihtherlne

all klnds of theoretlcal and polttlcal Udbtts. Oncc I started readlng lt I couldn't put ltdovm. To be able to see Holt derrcloptng hls thoughts ilthfn the tlnes ln whlch he llved, to almost feel hlm stryggllng wlth new ldeas, argfulr4l wlth trls contemporarles, to sense the passlon that tnsplrred hls wrlilng as part of a wlder hlstorlcal and pollUcal proJect makes thfs Henry Gtnoux book flrst rate readtng."

Dooltttle, Ihthy Munro, Janls Van Heukelom Offtct Asststants - Irnard Dlggtne, Mandy Maher, Iv[ary Maher, Phoebe Wells Shipplng Assistant - Glngcr FltzstmmonS

Holt Assoclates Board of Dlr,ectors:

Ann Bar, Patrtck Farenga (Corporate


Prestdent), Tom Maher, Donna Rlchoux,

Susannah Streller Advtsors to the Board: Mary Maher, Ste\re RuPPr€cht, Mary Van Doren, Nancy Wallace

Chlld's Work: Taktng Chlldren's Cholces Serlously. by Nancy Wallacc (Holt Assoctates).

# L 47 O, $ 12.

95 + postage

Copyrfght @1990 Holt A.ssoc{ates, Inc.

All rlghts

"I found Cttllds Work enthralllng. It l,s extremely well-wrltten and never for a moment borlng... Nancy descrtbes her doubtlng moments honestly, but shows how she learned on theJob. Her deslre for knowledge ls as tnsatlable as a healthy chlld's. Always she holds fast to the truths she feels she has dlscovered, but she ls, as the same tlme, Allson Stalltbrass completely open-mlnded."




! \?K) xt: 16ti



Order these books frorn John Eolt's Boot snd Muslc Store (see order form on page 15 of thls lssue of GItrSl.


rerrv a subscrlptbn

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If changc of addrcgs, what was old dp 12 lssucs.

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City, Statc, Ztp or Postal Codc:


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Addr€ss (changc? ycs/Do)

6 tssucs,


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l8 lgsucs, $60


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-Group sub:

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Copy ALL numbcrs on top linc oflabcl (for rerrwals):


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coplcs - O $18 cach, for a total

It fs OK to rcnt my narnc ard addrcss to othcr organlzadons:

Yes- No-


Growlng \lrithout Schmltng #78



xxg il H!9 7 Fj: 3'c !



Growing Without Schooling 78  

The First Magazine About Homeschooling, Unschooling, and Learning Outside of School.

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